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September 09, 2005

Rating: three-point-five

How long
11 episodes

Will a man work with his enemies when they end up in the same department? Will he be able to keep his job after offending his rivals? How will he improve on his working ability? How will people look after their makeover? This serial will be able to answer these questions.


1. Xun's career

Xun is 35 years old and is the top sales agent in Harris departmental store. He is very popular with women and also a slick talker who can turn any customer's bad mood around. He pushes his company to set up a Personal Shopper Department. He feels that all departments should work together. His senior, Yu Zhi supports him. Xun becomes the first person to be transferred to the NY headquarters. He thinks that the store is a garden to group women together to feel happy.

This incorrigible flirt teaches his junior how to do it by picking Fen as his target when both see her pedaling her designs on the street. But he gets her into big trouble when her partner steals her designs and flees. Xun has a one night stand with a lady he picks from the street. He realizes that she is the daughter of a big client and his junior sets him up to go to NY on his behalf.

Having lost the precious chance, he settles down in his new job as the head of the new Personal Shopper Department. He is not a person to admit defeat easily. Yu Zhi laughs upon knowing that the selection only includes females and teases him. Xun is alarmed when his ex, Mei Sha and Fen works under him. Worse when his no. 1 enemy, Xiao Ye Zi also joins the team.

2. Xun's new staff
Xun gathers his team and briefs them on their work. Though this is common in the U.S., it is the first time a Japanese store is trying out. Xiao Ye Zi is prejudiced of Xun because she has been cheated of her feelings before and she is divorced. She tries to make life difficult for him. Xun sighs to Yu Zhi - he begins to understand more on women now. They are suitable to woo but unsuitable to work with.

Xun also wonders - a person's clothes requires others to choose - will the woman be happy? Does a stylist work? Xun begins to lose his confidence. But if he gives up, this is admitting defeat. Fen is too absorbed with her designs to make his team a sloppy lot. On their first day, Mrs Gongbu comes so Xia Ye Zi and Xun choose outfits for her. Xiao Ye Zi feels that he doesn't know women's likes at all but he says that there is a portion of women where only men will know. Xiao Ye Zi then wants him to handle Mrs Gongbu.

Xun is disappointed that Gongbu rejects his choices of shorter skirts and suits to retain her old look from those given by Xiao Ye Zi. This woman gives a classic yell when Xun is too anxious to remove the curtain when she refuses to walk out when she is ready. She looks gorgeous but is uncomfortable in them.

If that's the case, what should a stylist do? He feels that clothes should be the key to the lock of the heart like a psychiatrist. Just when Xiao Ye Zi is triumphant, Mrs Gongbu returns all clothes and demands Xun's selections. Though eager for a change, she is too timid to try trendy things. On second thoughts on getting home, she changes her mind. So Xun is happy again when Xiao Ye Zi gives him a proposal on how they should be the clients' psychiatrist.

3. How to woo an ex?

Xun is successful making Gongbu change her style. So the planned ‘sinking' doesn't work and they attract more customers. They decide to use red this time. Fen is unhappy over the loss of her sketch book and can't come up with new designs. She often forgets that she is working and keeps sketches. Xiao Ye Zi complains about her and Mei Sha is jealous when Xun shows her concern. He is remorseful for making her losing it. Fen is angry that Zhen Sha Zi uses her works to win a competition,

She calls up the organizer, wanting to disqualify her and also resign to find the works back. Xun forces her to accept another assignment before she resigns. Xiao Ye Zi scolds Xu for giving a chance to a newcomer who has no desire to stay on. Da Xia wants a makeover after her ex-boyfriend comments her to be ugly to change his mind. Fen decides to help but Xiao Ye Zi feels that she is only seeking revenge.

Fen starts work and all discuss on how Xiao Ye Zi is cheated of marriage. Yu Zhi laughs upon seeing their proposal and Xiao Ye Zi scolds him for not understanding women. Fen looks around for Zhen Sha Zi. Xun finds out from Ma Li Jia what has happened so he gets Xiao Ye Zi to dispatch her friends to help her. Da Xia looks pretty when out but Fen is dismayed that she doesn't turn up for their meeting. She apologises to Fen - she doesn't want to deceive her boyfriend. But she is glad to be more confident.

Clothes can change a person's exterior and interior. She wants to work on the latter before improving on the former. Fen starts to think that she is right and never expects that she helps to remove the hatred in Da You. Xun passes her Zhen Sha Zi's address. But she decides to forgive her and tears it. Xiao Ye Zi still brings Zhen Sha Zi to Fen. Fen doesn't slap her but vows to come up with better works next time. But when she leaves, she hugs Xiao Ye Zi to cry.

Xun brings all to a pub for a drink. Yu Zhi comes late and Xiao Ye Zi forces him to drink. Xun shakes at his head after looking at his subordinates. Women are strange creatures - sometimes weak but reliable. He can't leave them alone but he might like them more. Zhen Sha Zi returns the works to Xun - she will run out of ideas after using them. That will prove that she has no ability at all. She uses the prize money to buy a necklace for Fen and wants Xun to pass to her. Fen is happy to see both things and Xun trips again.

4. Black and striped clothes

Mei Sha is Xun's ex 2 years ago and decides to tell him that she still loves him. Mei Sha wishes to pass to Xun the noodle shop discount coupon to have a meal together. Xun treats everyone equally - including a big client, Zuo Ye - this woman gives him a shock of his life by turning up in leopard striped clothes. All feel that she is unsuitable for it but Xun feels that they should accede to their requests. Mei Sha is tending to another customer, Zhuang Ye who only wears black clothes. Both customers are happy with the choices when Mei Sha suddenly tells Zhuang Ye to try other colours for a change.

Xiao Ye Zi reveals to Mei Sha that she is divorced with a 15 year old daughter. Her ex-husband has an affair and wishes her to forgive him. She is reluctant but can't face herself so she encourages her. Zhuang Ye is unhappy and Xun scolds Mei Sha. The next day, Mei Sha dresses totally black to work. Xun even thinks that something happens to her family but she claims to listen to him to accede to customers' requests. So she will dress like this to find out why she keeps dressing in black.

You will laugh - all women tease Xun to wear leopard striped clothes to understand Zuo Ye too. Zhuang Ye admits that she is a style writer. Many watch her to see how she dresses and this gives her a lot of pressure. Finally she doesn't know how to dress herself and only black is a safe colour. She thanks Mei Sha for reminding her how she dresses in the past and will change her style. Zuo Ye's neighbours keep laughing at her for wearing leopard stripe clothes and lodge a complain to Xun, wanting him to help her. Xun doesn't dare to let her know about it.

Xun tells Fen to choose suitable clothes for Zuo Ye but this time, she wants cow designs now. Xun manages to change her mind and all nearly sprawl on the floor. Mei Sha thinks that Yu Zhhi is Xu nand confesses to him that she still loves him. When she is out, she is appalled to see Xun, realizing her mistake. Fen is disappointed to hear that and flees.

5. Xiao Ye Zi and her daughter

It is close to exam time and business is brisk. Yu Zhi tells all to work hard. Hou Teng wants advice from them. Xun chooses a light brown suit for her but Xiao Ye Zi says that he has no knowledge in choosing dark suits for interviews. Later, Hou Teng says that she fails because of the suit and wants Xun to impersonate as her husband to take the exam.

Xun and Yu Zhi eat together. At first, Xun complains but later does his homework seriously. Fen asks Mei Sha anxiously if she will reveal to Xun her feeling s the next time. She doesn't answer. Xiao Ye Zi's daughter, Sha Qi is going through a test to get into a private school. Xiao Ye Zi is scared that her divorce is ruining her chances so she insists that Yu Zhi impersonates as her fiancé. Yu Zhi feels that Sha Qi is mature but Fen finds her too street smart when she goes with X un to meet them.

Xun gives an amulet to Hou Teng's son for the exam, treating him like his son and Hou Teng is touched. When he gets the call that he has succeeded, he sings, forgetting that he is working. Xun and Fen discover Sha Qi playing with some girls at a mall with thick makeup. She guesses that Sha Qi might not want to take the test and is under too much pressure as this happens to her before too.

Xiao Ye Zi thinks that Sha Qi studies hard so she returns late. Upon knowing what has happened, she slaps her. Xun and Fen are worried to see their relationship strained. Fen knows that Sha Qi understands her mother. Xun helps Hou Teng in the next exam again while Xiao Ye Zi is relieved that Sha Qi doesn't get into the school because she is really unsuitable.

6. A fickle minded customer

Ma Tian laments that her neck is too long and wishes to chop it. All laugh as this will change her from a giraffe to a leopard. San Zhi keeps changing her mind on designs and Fen is displeased with her. Initially, she wants conservative dressing and later revealing dressing. All feel strange. Xun says that it is normal for omen to be fickle-minded. Maybe she wants to challenge different dressing to make all learn from her.

Now she wants Italian dressing in green and Fen decides to quit - where on earth to find it? when she finally finds it, San Zhi rejects again and Fen flares up. San Zhi has wanted to turn up at the university
alumni dinner with her boyfriend but what is the point of going since they break up?

San Zhi apologises - she changes her dressing to fit each new boyfriend's needs. The last boyfriend laments that she can't be herself. So what must she dress then? To help her rebuild her confidence, Xun wants all to find a style that suits her. Fen thinks that he is too intimate to San Zhi and gets jealous. Mei Sha suggests knowing why she tries so hard to please every man to find the root of the problem. Xun agrees, much to Fen's displeasure.

All finally know that San Zhi had tried telling a guy when she is in Secondary one that she likes him but he jeers at her for having a small chest. This makes her lose confidence in herself. The women criticize men for commenting their figures. Xun feels that men look at women from a total view - not on the chest but feelings. Xun likes a soulmate - no matter how she changes later. A single soul becomes two when both are together but he has not found her. He sits beside Fen when saying this and she feels giddy over him.

Xiao Ye Zi finds a bra that suits her and Xun also wants her to choose a suitable gown that she likes to attend a dinner to let her boyfriend see how she looks now. (All should see the makeover - she is so stunning!) She recalls that purple is the colour he hates but Xun insists that she should go since he accompanies her. He even chooses a purple handkerchief to match her. Men should help her to regain her confidence to help her face them in future.

Fen and Mei Sha decide to tail them. Sure enough, San Zhi's boyfriend is jealous and boxes Xun on his face when he holds Mei Sha's waist and pretends to kiss her. Fen also gets angry and slaps him. You can't believe it - Mei Sha actually kisses him but he gets slapped by Fen again.

7. A style to save marriages

Mrs Yi Ze is very good in choosing clothes and all think that Yi Ze should also be stylish. But she says that he dislikes dressing up and is a computer engineer. With no interest to make up is about the same as no interest to be a human being to her. She feels disgraced by him.

So Xun offers to give him a new style. All have thought that this zone is for women and they should also work for men. Yi Ze comes and sure enough, all are shocked to see him in casual clothes and dark rimmed glasses. Xun coaxes him to try a red vest with a black jacket and that suits him. Mrs Yi Ze finds him better looking now. Xun wonders what is wrong although other clothes suit him.

He finally realizes that the problem comes from the glasses. So when he comes the next time, even his wife can't recognize him! Not even himself when he stands in front of the mirror. (You must watch it yourself to see how much he changes when he wears gold-rimmed glasses with neatly combed hair this time! At first, he walks clumsily but now he walks with confidence!)

Xun asks Yu Zhi - does he really feel safe to let his wife work in Paris? Yu Zhi smiles uneasily - what can he do except to trust her? He receives her call at night and is shocked to see the divorce letter sent to him. Xun is now looking at the photo that he takes with Yu Zhi and Xiang Zi on their wedding day.

Yi Ze is grateful to Nu Qi and Xun for helping him - the two men search high and low for different clothes as he becomes their regular customer now. He gives them a treat and reveals that his wife has an affair. He pretends not to know it as he still loves her. It will be their 10 year wedding anniversary soon but it is going to end soon. The two have a shock and expresses their wish to help them to choose suitable clothes to make them look like lovers on that day. Xun even arranges them to eat at the same restaurant where he proposes to her 10 years ago and Yi Ze approves it.

His subordinates disagree with him. How to iron out the problems when they have already surfaced? Xun still insists them to help although Xiao Yi Ze tells all about her failed marriage. Finally on this day, Mrs Yi Ze has the surprise to get dressed and have a meal together. Xun thinks that all works and discovers that he still has Yi Ze's envelope. He rushes there to give them a bottle of wine and the letter. But he never expects it to have the divorce paper in it!

Yi Ze knows that she wants to leave him and he has no courage to face it. But he straightens his mind and decides to release her. This is his present for her. His ability to dress now is like waking from a dream. Xun gets drunk and tells all the bad news. What has he done to ruin the day? He has another shock when Yu Zhi tells him that his wife also sends him the divorce letter from Paris. Xun tells Fen when drunk that Xiang Zi is his ex-girlfriend. He still loves her now and they have loved each other deeply in the past.

After breaking up, he has lots of girlfriends but the feeling is no longer there. What goes wrong? He is in tears and his words wound Fen deeply. When Xun returns to work the next day, he forgets what he has said and looks at Yi Ze's photo and frowns. Mrs Yi Ze comes and tells all to give her a makeover. She realizes her mistake and decides to win back Yi Ze again. All rush to get her the clothes.

8. Face up to oneself

Yu Zhi's wife, Xiang Zi suddenly returns from Paris. As Xun isn't in and Fen doesn't know her, all are attracted to her. Xun is curious to know who she is. When Fen knows her identity, she turns to leave. Fen wants to know why the two want a divorce and goes to Mei Sha. Both admit liking Xun and thus they are love rivals. Xiang Zi hopes Xun can help her find clothes that can find herself that belongs to 10 years ago. Xun is troubled - should they get beggars' clothes, baggy slacks and mini skirts for her?!

Xiao Ye Zi is alarmed to know that they have only 15 days left before they lose their jobs. Xiang Zi is a lamp designer and gives Xun ideas on Paris's latest fashions. (I don't think that she is that pretty. Though. She acts as Takeshi's admirer in ‘Double Score' if you have watched the serial.). Yu Zhi hopes that Xiang Zi will reconsider her decision but she is persistent to end it. She denies having a man or missing her ex-lover to end it. She says that how long a road goes will still end at the starting point.

Fen learns that Xiang Zi is the only person Xun has loved before. Xun will have a chance after her divorce. Yu Zhi fights hard to save the marriage and seeks Xiao Ye Zi's advice. She is at first happy when he ‘dates' her but is angry out for no apparent reason, citing him to be sissy. She tells him that a woman's decision is hard to change and he should look for another woman. Fen wants to know Xiang Zi better so she helps Xun. Xun looks at Xiang Zi's old photos for ideas. He gets real animal skin clothes to show a mature but pretty her. The two women press Xun for an answer. Is there any reason behind her request?

Yu Zhi and Xun are down upon Xiang Zi's return. Feng borrows the wedding photo and makes a wedding gown for her - the exact one having the same design. Xiang Zi looks at it and decides that this is a good full-stop to the marriage. They take a photo together after Yu Zhi asks Xun to be their witness to sign on the divorce papers. It is so funny when the men disapprove of her to be the first woman in history to wear a wedding gown but armed with a divorce paper.

Xiang Zi explains they are still having the memory 10 years ago so she wants to end it but Xun gets the wrong idea that she wants to restart from there. She can see that Feng likes Xun and suggests her to wear her wedding gown but she later shakes her head - it can give her bad luck instead. Xiao Ye Zi accompanies Yu Zhi on his first day to be single again.

Xiang Zi asks Xun where his happiness is. He can't answer her as he is too accommodating to others. He will never show when he is unhappy. Xiang Zi chooses Yu Zhi and doesn't regret marrying him because although he can be old fashioned and reserved, he can still tell her his thoughts. But Xiang Zi can never know what Xun thinks. Xiang Zi returns to New York the next day and both men see the plane flying. Xun has a shock of his life when both women declare their love for him.

9. The real personality of a future bride

The new theme for the month is to encourage all to recycle old clothes and the team gets busy. Although it is successful, the manager thinks that they are not earning much and they are going to close down in a month's time. Luckily a rich man, Wen Ye engages their help for their engagement to marriage. If this works, they can still continue working. Yu Zhi and Xun harbour high hopes for it.

Mei Sha's mother wants Mei Sha to go for a matchmaking session and Fen hesitates if she should go to Paris to study fashion designing. They love Xun but he only wants his assignment to be successful. Wen Ye comes with his mother and fiancée, Nai Yang Zi. Mrs Wen Ye has 3 sons and is happy to get a daughter-in-law so she looks at the clothes with interest. She chooses all the clothes for them.

Nai Yang Zi seems restless and all suspect that she isn't the one getting married! Mei Sha notices that her eyes are fixed on a pant suit so she takes her measurements. Feng asks Xun for his advice - does he think that she is fortunate? What happens if she resigns? Xun gets confused - what is going on? At the same time, Mei Sha requests for leave on Sunday to go for the matchmaking session.

Xiao Ye Zi, Mei Sha and Feng go for a drink. Xiao Ye Zi stays on this job to support her daughter and because of her interest. Feng likes designing but she lacks experience. Mei Sha also wonders if she really likes this job. Xiao Ye Zi points out to her that it is a good start if she starts questioning herself.

Wen Ye and Nai Yang Zi know each other from a gathering. Nai Yang Zi is a gardening company's secretary and accompanies the CEO for the event. It is look at first sight for him and all guess that she might be pressurized by the family background. Xun wants her to be happy and later through going out to buy meals for his subordinates, He discovers that she is only a gardener. When she works, her body is full of mud but she doesn't mind it. Wen Ye has misunderstood her and she finds it hard to tell him the truth.

Thinking that she will resign after marriage, she wants to keep it from him. Xun tells her to be herself as they should understand her, quoting Xiang Zi's words. Nai Yang Zi thinks over his words and Xun secretly brings Wen Ye to her workplace. Doesn't she look prettier like this? Nai Yang Zi decides to wear a pant suit that she likes instead of the dresses they order. She wants Wen Ye's family to see the real her.

She will work after marriage and Wen Ye approves that. They feel bad having to cancel their orders to have their wedding in their home garden. Xun dismisses their worry - it is more important for them to be happy. Of course, the manager isn't pleased with this and wants the unit to be closed in 10 days!

10. The fate of Personal Shoppers Lounge

Xun and Yu Zhi are helpless against the management's decision so they have to break the sad news to the rest. Fen blames Xun for not trying hard enough but the others know that he has tried his best. They are disappointed but decide to come up with a new idea to please their customers for the last time. They pick on “Exchange Garment Campaign'. The customers have to pay 500 yen for altering while they can pay the same price for new clothes if they wish to get extra.

Xun looks as if he is having a headache after listening to their discussion as he is silent, sitting on the sofa. He is touching his forehead. The company will be losing money for three days. But all are surprised when he comes up with the title and all praise him for being cool for the first time. He looks at their group photo later, wondering how he is going to help them.

Of course, this idea is overruled again as Harris wants to promote their own manufacturing products. Yu Zhi is forced by the management to tell Xun to stop the idea. But he still decides to go ahead with it after seeing the notice promotion pamphlets that their section is closing soon. Yu Zhi is appalled - how can the news be printed in the news brochure without the management's approval? Now all have to go ahead with it. The staff is thrilled with the news but they do not know that Xun has to face punishment later.

All along, he has asked himself why he is so unhappy. He finally does something to rediscover himself. Upon seeing his smile, Mei Sha understands him and decides to find a road for herself now. Many customers feel that it is a pity for it to close down. At first, they are hesitant - does the tactic work? When the clock strikes 10 for the shop to open, Xun leans curiously to the side but a shock is in store for him - many people rush in! All still provide their best service.

The president hides in the crowd and nods upon seeing their good performance. The promotion ends and Xun gives all a treat. All are reluctant to see their banners removed. They will return to their respective positions after this. All give Fen money as a parting gift. She is so touched that she cries. Xun packs up everything and Fen comes to thank him for his help. Xun smiles upon recalling how he leads her to work. He is about to shake her hand with his when she suddenly hugs him, telling him that she likes him more.

Before the management can punish Xun, he tenders his resignation. He has thought that he is only providing service to the others but now he realizes that he also learns from them. He is disappointed with Harris not considering from the customers' stand to provide them the service. But still, he thanks them for letting him work here for a long time. He walks past all who are working in their original positions now. All hesitate to talk to him, except Mei Sha. Mei Sha decides to upgrade herself to learn pastel colour matching at night and Xun is happy for her. He walks into ex-working area to recall the past.

He is stunned to find the others behind him. All smile at him and Yu Zhi tells all the good news that the team is staying. Fen sends a letter to Xun before she sets off to Paris. So the team is back to work again - Xun gets another designer to replace Fen. All crowd around him - how does he get to know this woman who knows how to make kimonos? What relationship do they have? Xun tries hard to evade their questioning and leads them out to serve their customer. Will you visit their store next time?

€“Introduction on characters

1. Du Zhu Xun- Motoki Masahiro
He is a playboy but he treats his work seriously. So serious that he brings it into his personal life to save a relationship. He has a sweet tongue and can please customers very well. Others will envy him for getting attention from two pretty ladies but he doesn't know how to handle them because he can't forget his ex-love. Beneath a cheerful exterior, he is still nursing a broken heart for 10 years. Fen often slaps him while Mei Sha kisses him. What adverse ways do they use to show their affections for him!

When he gathers his thoughts to do something, he can be daring to go through all odds to make it come true. He isn't afraid to offend others. He is a department head but it seems that his subordinates take advantage of him and bully him most of the time. He apologises to customers on their behalf when they make mistakes or when they come up with crazy ideas, he has to face the music from the management.

I have not seen him acting before this serial but I must compliment him for acting well. He really plays Xun's comic and serious sides well.

2. Shen Yuan Fen - Takeuchi Yuko
She comes from a rich family and is very impulsive in doing things. She dreams to become a fashion designer and often picks on Xun although he bears with all her nonsense. When she discovers that she loves him, she is open and frank to let him know about it. Yuko's acting is acceptable although it can be overbearing at times because she tries too hard to act cute at her age.

3. Xi Tiao Mei Sha
She is Xun's ex-lover and he is very frightened to face her. Knowing that he has a way with women, she is jealous. She looks cold but is friendly to Fen when she needs help. The only thing I dislike about her is she smokes right in front of Xun and Fen although they dislike it at the rooftop when they often have chats.

However, she understands him more than Fen and thus they are closer than he is with Fen. She is interested in colour matching and also works hard towards her dream. This actress resembles Lau Yuk Chui in looks and I find her acting better than Yuko.

4. Cang Ben Xiao Ye Zi - Toda Keiko
The senior in the team with most experience in sales. She is divorced with a teenage daughter and all love to go to her for advice. Initially, she hates men and doubt Xun's ability. But upon seeing that he does have the capability and knows customers well, she changes her mind about him. It seems that she likes Yu Zhi and she gets angry when he asks her for advice to woo Xiang Zi back. But she looks too old for him.

5 Ji Chuan Yu Zhi - Sakaguchi Kenji
He is the unit's head and Xun's senior or love rival. He marries Xun's ex-lover, Xiang Zi but both guys are as close as brothers. He may look nerdy and old fashioned but he is also a helpful head. Knowing that the unit will be closed down soon, he tries his best to help them.

6 Nu Xi
The only guy in the unit who loves taking photos of customers after their makeovers. Although he is quite sissy, Xun finds him having good taste in choosing clothes for men.

7 Ma Tian
The assistant who serves them tea in the unit but she is very clumsy - often knocking into them and wetting their clothes.

Most favourite character
Xun, he is very flexible in doing things and is caring to each customer's need. The part where he plays the part of a customer's boyfriend will let you melt!

Most hated character
The top - they dislike Xun so much that they find all ways to dispose him. Making him the leader of Personal Shopping Lounge is their first step to close it in 3 months' time and to lose his job. How evil!


If you like clothes, you will like this serial. It offers many ideas for dressing. And how the customers change after their makeovers - not just for women but also for men! They look so different - I am utterly impressed! The team is like a group of magicians to make their wishes or dreams come true. The stories can be very interesting - you must thank the co-stars for giving such a wonderful performance. So many of them are not afraid of making themselves ugly and unappealing before their makeovers with their daring or unsuitable outfits to make a contrast after the change.

The fourth episode on black and striped clothes gives a very sharp contrast. One dons dark clothes while another fancies over colourful clothes. It is a big challenge to make them change their taste. The episode on how the woman tries to please her different boyfriends reminds me how the team tries to please customers.

But stressing on how to make the customers happy all the time can be boring - should the staff go all out for the sake of customers? I am not that sure. I find Japanese dramas unrealistic. Or maybe I am too practical. This serial offers comic relief for some episodes. It does show some realistic ways - if a style doesn't suit a customer, it is best to let them know and not to be afraid of offending them.

The main draw is Motoki. He is a fine actor - showing the rise and fall of Xun well. The others really pale in comparison. They play the second fiddles with their exaggerating acting so I don't like it that much. Another shortcoming is that the love relationship isn't being explored completely. Will Xun love Fen or Mei Sha later? Or will he still try to win Xiang Zi back? Will Xiao Ye Zi be with Yu Zhi? Maybe they are working out a sequel so I am looking forward to it.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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