Taiyo wa Shizumanai

Reviewed by: sukting

December 02, 2009

Rating: three

Nao’s world changes when his mother dies. How is he going to pick up the broken pieces again? He decides to sue the famous hospital for negligence – will he be successful?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Masaki Nao – Takizawa Hideaki
He is a high school student who always supports his mother. Other teenagers will be loitering the streets after school but he will help in his parents’ noodle shop. His only passion is judo and his friends love his mother’s cooking.

Things change after her death. His family is no longer happy and Nao blames himself for not showing her enough concern when she developed chest pains earlier. Nao suspects there is malpractice by the hospital and vows to search for the truth along with his lawyer. During the investigation, he starts falling in love with the hospital owner's daughter.

The case takes a long time - 2 full years before the hospital admits its negligence. He doesn’t want any compensation as it has no value compared to his suffering, but he wants this to be made known to the public so that the same mistake will not occur again.

2. Isetani Ami – Yuka
She is the daughter of the hospital director. She studies in the same school with Nao and has liked him secretly all along. She feels guilty upon knowing the case and tries to make up to him as much as she can. She disagrees with her father’s doing and finally manages to persuade him to admit his mistake in public.

3. Masaki Teruko – Takeshita Keiko
She is Nao’s mother who manages the shop day and night. She has neglected her health completely till she collapses. She has overworked. Feeling guilty, Shiro sends her to the best hospital, hoping that she will recover soon. He never expects her to die during the process to bring grief to the family.

4. Minami Etsushi - Minami Masaki
He is Teruko’s doctor-in-charge. Her operation is a minor one but it turns for the worse suddenly and he can’t handle it. Panic stricken, he calls Akiko back. But both doctors are unable to salvage the situation. They decide to keep it under wraps but conscience pricks him and he decides to reveal the truth.

5. Masaki Runa – Inouoe Yuna
She is Nao’s obedient little sister. Nao feels very sorry for her to lose their mother at a young age. Thus, he is like a mother to her and looks after her daily needs from then on.

6. Masaki Shiro – Bito Isao
He is Nao’s father who is overly dependent on Teruko as he is a drunkard. He has to adjust to life without her and struggles with it. He doesn’t know why Nao is so persistent to seek out the truth while he will rather let the matter rest. But he later feels injustice for his wife and supports Nao all the way.

7. Isetani Keizo – Osugi Ren
She is Ami’s mother and suspects Nao’s motive for getting close to Ami. She doesn’t know that it is Ami who approaches him first and he doesn’t know her identity.

8.Kirino Setsu – Matsuyuki Yasuko
No one dares to take up the case except her. She is the only lawyer who decides to help Nao after seeing their sorry plight. The hospital will not reveal anything and she has to work very hard to get witnesses who are willing to testify for them in the end.

9. Isetani Akiko – Ito Ren
He is Ami’s father who is the hospital director and a dedicated doctor. However, he operates on Teruko after drinking some wine at a function. This affects his judgment and causes her death. He feels guilty over it but he can’t make a public apology as his hospital is at stake. He later does it and promises that his hospital will do better from then on.

10. Attorney Ikezawa – Tsurumi Shingo
He is Yasuko’s ex-boyfriend. He is a high flyer while she is only average. He doesn’t know why she wants to take up such a difficult case so he tries hard to dissuade her. Hostility ensues when he takes up the case for the hospital later.

11. Yoshida Kayo – Inomata Yuki
She is a nurse working at the hospital. Seeing how Teruko suffered till the last minutes of her death, she becomes Nao’s witness in the hearing.

Favourite character
Nao, he doesn’t give up easily and he is very determined to do what he sets his mind to do.

Most hated character
Ikezawa, he is a very selfish man who thinks that nothing matters more than earning fame and money. Yasuko finds him very cold so she breaks up with him.

‘White Tower’ offers a better plot as this drama is too long-winded and boring. However, it shows well how the poor suffer as the underdogs when they go against a rich organization. Nao’s family has to endure glances and poor business when they are in the news. No one offers to help them. Life is only back to normal after 2 long years till Nao gets into university. The family becomes even more close-knit after that.

Hideaki looks very smart in the high school uniform. This case drags long through the seasons. Thus, all can get to see him change from the dark long-sleeved uniform to a white short-sleeves shirt to match with dark blue trousers. This is simple wear but he is simply stunning in them. He takes his fans’ breath away. If Wong Hei is the best spokesman for uniformed personnel, he is the best spokesman for high school uniforms. He keeps me watching as he shows that he is not just a handsome face and acts naturally. All should watch this drama as it is truly his one-man show.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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