The Story of Junko

Reviewed by: sukting

June 26, 2011

Rating: two-point-five

How long
12 episodes

Japan used to come up with lots of tragic dramas. This is one of them. Are you interested to watch it? Very sorry for the short review as my memory of it is very vague and I don't have the names of the cast.

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Zhong Shan Shun Zi
She is a normal high school student A talent scout admires her talents and invites her to star in a movie. She is very hesitant about it as she is not sure if this is the kind of life she wants. Hao Er opposes to it as he feels that she is not ready for it. It is only then that she learns that she has her mother's hereditary heart disease. Shun Zi's life changes drastically after her father's imprisonment.

In order to pay off her father's debts and her stepmother's medical expenses, she signs a contract with the entertainment company. Soon, she finds love in acting and gives in her best in her debut movie. There are a few shots that require her to show her face in running and she risks her life to do the scenes. She watches the movie premiere with her parents. After the movie ends, her parents find her closing her eyes. She has passed away, with a contented smile on her face as she is happy that her dream has come true.

2. Zhong Shan Hao Er
He is Shun Zi's father who has never thought of remarrying. He also puts Shun Zi's wellbeing before himself. He has not told her that her mother dies young due to the heart disease. It leaves him shattered upon knowing that Shun Zi is following her mother's footsteps. That is why he is so protective towards her. Shun Zi knows she will not live long so she encourages him to marry You Li Zi. The three become a family.

His mis-manangement of his eatery causes him to run in debts and has to be jailed. When he is released, he is touched to know that Shun Zi has cleared all his debts. It is his biggest regret in life when he doesn't even know that his daughter dies when watching the movie with her.

3. Zhong Shan You Li Zi
She is Shun Zi's stepmother but treats her like her own daughter. Both are close after her marriage. But the happiness is short-lived. Hao Er is jailed while she is paralysed after a car accident. They move into a smaller apartment and she gives up on herself. Shun Zi takes good care of her and has to give her a lot of encouragement before she can stand up again.

4. Chun Zhong Zheng Hui
He is a dedicated heart surgeon who loves hiking. No one can tell that he is sporty as he looks gentle. Shun Zi is his patient and he knows right from the start that she has no cure. He is moved by her determination and courage to face challenges. He starts to court her and both are together for a while. He also opposes strongly to her acting in the movie as this endangers her life. Despite his busy schedule, he makes time for her to visit her at the studio to make sure that she is fine. He worries whenever she has hectic scenes.

He doesn't mind that their romance will be a short one. Shun Zi decides not to be a burden to him anymore so that he can return to Zhi Zi. She is adamant to break up with him no matter how hard he tries to dissuade her. Feeling terribly upset, he goes hiking and slips to the bottom of the cliff when his rope breaks into two as he loses his concentration. The break up saga is weighing too much on his mind.

Before he dies, he mutters his name and holds a bracelet that he intends to give to her. Shun Zi is totally shattered that Zheng Hui dies before her. She takes a long time to pick up again to continue filming so that she will not disappoint him. Ironically, she acts as a nurse in the movie and she often bursts into tears as she can't cure both of them. She attends the movie premiere, wearing the bracelet to signify that he is with her to watch together. She closes her eyes after watching it, joining him in the other world.

5. Tian Ye Shi Yi Lang
He is a talent scout and movie director who feels that Shun Zi is very unique. That is why he keeps going to Hao Er to get his approval to make her join his company. He thinks that it is a pity that Shun Zi dies young but she should leave something memorable for others to remember her. Thus, he manages to persuade her whole family into agreeing to sign her contract as she is still under-aged.

Knowing that Shun Zi runs into financial difficulties, he gives her a loan despite his company partners' disapproval. He knows that she will help him earn his money back. He comes up with the script painfully and directs it. He reduces the exhausting scenes to a minimal to give her more rest. He is pleased when the movie is well received and reports to Shun Zi at her grave.

6. Chuan Dao Zhi Zi
She is Zheng Hui's ex-girlfriend who is also a doctor in the same hospital. She is jealous that Zheng Hui falls for Shun Zi after their breakup. Thus, she keeps reminding Shun Zi that she has no future with him and will implicate Zheng Hui to waste time on her. She becomes the indirect culprit for his death but she puts the blame on Shun Zi.

Most favourite character
Zheng Hui, he is not just dashing but also caring. You will melt to see how well he treats Shun Zi.

Most hated character
Zhi Zi, she is very selfish. She doesn't want anyone to have Zheng Hui even though he is no longer her boyfriend as she still loves him and thinks that he belongs to her.

It is 'Heartbreaker' – which is a very touching and fast paced song.

As what you have expected from a tearjerker, the heroine in the drama suffers from lots of hardship but still encounters true love. Seriously, I feel that this lead actress is a bit fleshy and isn't a slim or attractive person. Neither does she have the 'x' factor. Her acting is only average – sometimes fake. Why does the director make her to sound so great?

But the development is unexpected indeed – Zheng Hui's death is something that I have never thought of and this creates a big impact in Shun Zi's life. I must confess that I watch it because of this lead actor. Why isn't he chosen to act in the movie? His expressions are so real and natural. The focus is totally wrong – he should be the one leaving a memorable work. I have lost count on the number of times I beat my chest. Other than that, it is only a lower than average drama with such a predictable ending.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : **** (Scale of 5)

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