Jimmy Lin Chi Ying 林志穎

Jimmy Lin Chi Ying


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Chi Ying
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October 15, 1974
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Singer, Actor, professional car racer
cars collecting, photography, outdoor sports, war games, guns collecting

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Jimmy Lin debuted in 1992 at the age of 17 with the album 不是每個戀曲都有美好回憶 when he was a student at the Hwa Gang School of Performing Arts. He became a superstar overnight and swept through Asia as the "Little Whirlwind". The following year he became the youngest artist to perform at the Hong Kong HungHum Coliseum and still holds this record. He went on to release 16 albums and starred in many tv series and movies. In 1994 he entered the army to serve 2 years of compulsory military service. After he was honorably discharged in 1996 he tried to relaunch his showbiz career but was not as successful. In 1997 he went into car racing to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a racer. In 2001 he won all 4 races in the Taiwan Supercar Challenge and became the Grand Champion of the year. In 2003/2004 he signed with the GT Radial Tire Rally Team and became a pro racer. In 2005 he continued with his racing career with the HongHe Rally Team and ranked 8th among all Chinese rally racers. He also placed 5th (out of 31) in the Zhuhai International Renault Formula Race, the best result among all chinese racers. In 2006 he formed the "Jimmy Lin Racing Team" and raced for his own team which won 3rd place overall in the China Rally Championship. In his 11 years of racing he has won 17 first place winner's cups.

In 2006 he released the album Jimmy F1ght(挡不住我). In 2007 he returned to showbiz with his first Taiwan idol series "My Lucky Star", which was nominated by the 2008 Korean Drama Festival in the Best Drama Category. He held his first concert in China on Oct 17, 2008. After the concert he announced that he has joined the China TianRong F1 Motorboat racing ZhaoShang Bank Team and will move his racing career to motorboat racing. On Mar 1, 2009 he signed with the Guangxi Speedone Rally Racing Team and will race in 3 rally races in 2009. He got 7th place and 6th place among all chinese racers in the race in Nanning and Beijing and won the first cup for the team. His new china tv series "Shaolin Si Chuan Qi 2" was released in Feb 2009. He remains active in showbiz and racing.

Jimmy will launch his 2009 Asian Concert tour with a concert in Shanghai on Nov 21, 2009. He also became a contract wedding photographer for the CHUECH Photo Studio in Shanghai.

On Oct 15, 2009 he announced at his 35th birthday party in Taipei that he and the model Kelly Chen had a baby boy a month ago in LA. He proudly showed off a hugh poster of the newborn. No wedding plans yet.

Jimmy is also a savvy businessman with investments in a restaurant, a sports car dealership, a Racing Advisory Company, a Formula racing team, an online shop that sells his JR brand of clothings and accessories. He also owns stocks and real estates in Taipei, Shanghai, and Beijing.

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Rainbow Sweetheart 2011 as Shao Feng (Taiwanese Dramas)

My Lucky Star 2007 as Zhong Tian Qi 仲天骐 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Strange Tales of Liao Zhai 2005 as Wang Yuan Feng 王元丰 (Chinese TV Series)

The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2003 as Duan Yu 段譽 (Chinese TV Series)

The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra 2002 as Na Zha (TVB Series)

Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng II 2001 as Lu Xiao Feng 陸小鳳 (Singapore TV Series)

The Lotus Lantern 2000 as Liu Chen Xiang 刘沉香 (Taiwanese Dramas)

The Handsome Siblings 1999 as Jiang Xiao Yu (Taiwanese Dramas)



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