Kingdom Yuen King Dan 苑瓊丹

Kingdom Yuen King Dan


Last Name:
First Name:
King Dan
English Name:
Ethnic Name:
Date of Birth:
September 11, 1962
Place of Birth:
Blood Type:

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4 stars

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King Maker 2012 (TVB Series)

Cupid Stupid 2010 (TVB Series)

The Beauty of the Game 2009 (TVB Series)

Best Selling Secrets 2008 (TVB Series)

Speech of Silence 2008 (TVB Series)

The Green Grass of Home 2007 (TVB Series)

The Building Blocks of Life 2007 (TVB Series)

The Price of Greed 2006 (TVB Series)

Welcome to the House 2006 (TVB Series)

Women on the Run 2005 (TVB Series)

Virtues of Harmony II 2003 (TVB Series)

The White Flame 2002 (TVB Series)

Virtues of Harmony 2002 (TVB Series)

Let's Face It 2002 (TVB Series)

At Point Blank 2001 (TVB Series)

Seven Sisters 2001 (TVB Series)

Gods of Honour 2001 (TVB Series)

Game of Deceit 1999 (TVB Series)

A Loving Spirit 1999 (TVB Series)

Detective Investigation Files IV 1999 (TVB Series)

Moments of Endearment 1999 (TVB Series)

Old Time Buddy - To Catch a Thief 1998 (TVB Series)

Journey to the West II 1997 (TVB Series)

A Kindred Spirit 1995 (TVB Series)

Legend of the Yang Family and The Great General 1994 as Yeung Pai Fung 楊排風 (ATV TV Series)

Mythical Crane and Magic Needle 1992 (ATV TV Series)

The Blood Sword 1990 as 命煞 (ATV TV Series)

The Super Swordslady 1986 (ATV TV Series)

Sai See 1986 as Dong See 東施 (ATV TV Series)

The Golden Phoenix 1986 as Ha Hou Choi Ying 夏侯彩纓 (ATV TV Series)

Jade Bow Connection 1984 as 桑碧依 (ATV TV Series)

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