1000 Years Romance

Reviewed by: sukting

December 05, 2005

Rating: one

How long: 10 DVDs/20 episodes

How does a princess in the past survive in present Korea? Will the men who love her in the past love her again 1000 years later?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Jiang Ren Che/Ah Li - So Ji Sup
Ah Li is a general who is also Fu Yu's bodyguard. He dies in Ru Shi's hands when trying to protect her. He appears as Ren Che 1000 years later as a clothes designer. But he is down and out as he only makes clothes for a dance hostess. He has thought that Fu Yu is insane after she is knocked out by Chun Qiu's men. He tries abandoning her but his conscience pricks him to bring her home.

However, you will scold him for being despicable to leave her with Chun Qiu. Upon seeing her trapped in a glass box to attract the customers in the nightclub, he feels bad and saves her. Meeting with Da Ye gives him a chance to become famous but both ex-friends become rivals because of Fu Yu. He later works with him to design clothes for his company.

He can't support her financially and has to give her to him. But she is insistent to return to him. He is upset when she decides to jump off the cliff to return to the past so he also sets his mind to look for her. Ji Sup is only ordinary in this serial. The sad part is - even though he is in here, I have to force myself to continue watching just for the sake of giving a fair review.

2. Teng Yuan Da Ye/Jin Ru Shi - Jin Nan Zhen
Ru Shi is a Japanese general who is a spy working in Ah Li's home as a servant. He overthrows the regime and he is interested in Fu Yu. But she is so adamant to be with Ah Li when he dies. 1000 years later, he is a rich man's son borne by the third wife. Thus he is unhappy to take up the manager job in the Korean branch to be away from Japan. He is in love with the princess in the drawing. When he sees the real person, he is determined to have her. When Mrs. Teng Yuan chases her away, he defies her to take her back. But no matter what he does, he can't win her heart.

But when she returns to the past and is found, Ru Shi betrays his own country to wander the world with Fu Yu. She can't bring herself to hate him anymore as he makes such a big sacrifice. Nan Zhen looks like Rain but he isn't Rain. He is so stony and wooden in all scenes ?unlike Rain who delivers a lively and realistic performance. Most of the time, I am only attracted by his stylish Mercedes convertible.

3. Li Xian
He is Ren Che's clothes designer friend and is interested in Yin Pei.

4. Dr Yan
He is Ren Che's neighbour and is a fortune teller. He can tell that the three have unusual identities in the past. He becomes Fu Yu's tutor when she wants to learn about the downfall of her father's regime.

5. Mr Gao and Mrs Gao
They are Ying Pei's parents who wish her to marry a rich man. They treat Ren Che badly as he is poor.

6. Jin Chun Qiu
He is the nightclub owner and is smitten with Fu Yu's beauty. He tricks her to sign a contract with him so that she must perform at his nightclub. But later, he gives up his love for her to help her return to the past.

7. Qiu Jing
He is Da Ye's faithful bodyguard who protects his young master well. He forbids him to be with Fu Yu but later gives in to him upon seeing him so miserable.

8. Princess Fu Yu - Cheng You Li
She is a willful princess but she changes after knowing Ah Li. She is good in needlework but lousy in cooking. She looks demure but she has a fiery temper. See how she scratches the dance hostesses? faces when they try to change clothes for her. Even Chun Qiu isn't spared as she uses the cutlery on him when he tries to get fresh with her. She initially stays with Ren Che but upon seeing him keeping her necklace, she gets so mad that she stays with Da Ye. But later, she forgives him and returns to him.

Her crying is so superficial - maybe this is why I can't concentrate when watching this serial.

9. Gao Yin Pei/Concubine Liu - Jin Si Lang
Her past is as Fu Yu's father's scheming concubine. She is often at loggerheads with Fu Yu and is killed in the war. She is pampered and thinks very highly of herself. She has dreamed to get Da Ye's attention but he ignores her. She mistakens Ren Che for a rich man since he is Da Ye's friend so she gets close to him. But knowing that he is poor, she ignores him. But later she falls for him as he is steadfast in love (But it goes too fast and I can't accept her change.) Very bland acting from her.

10. Yan Shu Hui
She is Dr Yan's daughter who dreams of being a model. So she drags Fu Yu for audition in Da Ye's company. She isn't selected but Ying Pei chooses Fu Yu.

11. Mrs Yan
She works for the Gaos as their housekeeper. She needs help so she gets Fu Yu but it turns out to be a big mess that she nearly loses her job. Fu Yu can't cook and the Gaos are angry as they have invited Da Ye as their important guest. Da Ye can't bear the sight of her working for others so he storms to leave.

12. Mrs. Teng Yuan
She is Da Ye's dominating mother who restricts his movements and he has no freedom. She has a group of Ninjas. She doesn't want him to marry Da Ye but is interested in the necklace that she owns. Her first attempt to grab the necklace from Fu Yu ends up in disappointment because Ren Che exchanges the real one because he is in need of money.

Interesting scenes

Fu Yu sees Da Ye to be reminded of Ru Shi. It is dramatic that she gets so angry that she faints in his arms and he carries her to place on his bed. Fu Yu sees her drawing in his room and grabs it from him in vain.

Fu Yu nearly burns Ren Che's home when she wants to cook a meal for him. if not for Da Ye to turn off the gas on, his home will be exploded to pieces.

Fu Yu likes the dress that Ren Che sews for her that she wears it for a few days and refuses to change it even though Da Ye tries getting her new ones when she stays with him. How dirty she has been - I wonder if she has bathed or wash the dress at all?

Ren Che teaches Fu Yu how to wear a bra. She wears it in the opposite direction.

Ren Che is shocked that she doesn't know how to recognize the Korean written characters but she only knows the Chinese characters.

The guys have to teach Fu Yu how to use western cutlery from scratch.
Mrs. Teng Yuan's ninjas do a poor job in following Fu Yu and the rest as they are often discovered. Fu Yu is surely stupid to think that they are taxi drivers to take lifts from them several times.

Da Ye arranges Fu Yu to work for him as his personal assistant but to Ying Pei's jealousy, she doesn't have to do anything but to stay in his office to play computer games as he doesn't want her to leave his side. Laugh when Da Ye always pulls the blinds down so she can see nothing!

Chun Qiu's nightclub isn't doing well so he devises a segment on Princess Fu Yu showing her martial arts talents. It brings business but the guys do not know whether to cry or laugh over it after reading the flyers and seeing her performance. Chun Qiu's men moan in agony as they are always getting hit on stage.

The guys are so stupid to think that Fu Yu is in Chun Qiu's hands when she runs out of Da Ye's home to return to Ren Che's home. They confront Chun Qiu at his nightclub to get beaten. They should have learned the lesson - the last time she has a quarrel with Ren Che - she hides in Dr Yan's home.


This serial offers the worst acting that I have ever seen - for the young and the old. They are either expressionless or stony. It is not helped by the lousy and lengthy plot. I don't know how I went through the 10 discs - half awake and half asleep most of the time to end up writing a short and confusing review. Please pardon me but I really do not wish to re-watch it again to rectify the facts. I am so sorry for my lousy memory but I can only remember the few comical or better scenes above.

I call it the 1000 years curse or sedative. Every time I start playing a disc, I end up sleeping. I have thought that I might be biased as I watch it after work. But the same happens to my friend who bought the discs. No wonder Ren Xu falls into a 1000 year sleep for not recognizing the princess. I usually admire Ji Sup's performance but he also fails me in here. The others are stony in acting so it is not worth mentioning. Only watch this serial if you have nothing to watch.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : * (Scale of 5)

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