49 days

Reviewed by: cina

October 03, 2012

Rating: five

Aah another tear-jerking drama. Cried a lot with this heart-drenching drama. It's about life. How to live to the highest everyday and leaving the your loved ones beautifully. Cast was great and this drama had high ratings toward the end of the airing. Staring Lee Yo-won as Song Yi Kyung, Nam Gyr-Ri as Shin Ji Hyun , Jo Hyeon-jae as Han Kang , and Jung Il Woo as Scheduler/Song Yi Soo . I would totally recommend this to everyone to watch.

Shin Ji Hyun an adorable character and still naive. She's from a well off family and also have to “perfect” boyfriend/husband-to-be. She was driving and got into an accident. She woke up finding her body on the ground and then being transported to the hospital. There she met the Scheduler and was told her time was not up yet and have a chance to live by collecting 3 pure tear drops from 3 genuine people who truly loved her within 49 days. During that time she gets to use Song Yi Kyung's body while Song Yi Kyung is sleeping to complete her task. During that 49 days she found out secrets and that those who genuine love her don't exist as much as she thought.

Song Yi Kyung a convenient store clerk and does not care about her body and always seem to seek a way die. Ji Hyun get to know her more as she uses Yi Kyung's body and they begin to grow a bond together.

Han Kang a friend of Ji Hyun and secretly love her for a long time. As he watches the woman he love getting ready to marry his heart breaks but there's nothing he can do. He later found out that Ji Hyun is not dead even though she is in a coma. He also know her mission and help her in every way without revealing that he know the truth to everything.

The Scheduler/ Song Yi Soo my favorite character. He is a carefree angel that works like the Grim Reaper although he strongly prefer being a Scheduler and not a Grim Reaper. He is funny and super handsome. He is in charge of Ji Hyun's case and guides her. He is not allowed to help her in anyway but he sometime find himself helping her and getting in trouble by the higher up. He don't remember why he became a Scheduler but he chose to be one. He is under contract and after he serve his term as a Scheduler he will get his wish that he wish for when signing the contract but until then he don't remember his wish or his past.

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