A Gentleman's Dignity

Reviewed by: sukting

March 30, 2013

Rating: three-point-five


Billed as a male version of Sex and the City, A Gentleman's Dignity is about the careers and love lives of urban professionals. It tells the story of four men in their forties who have been friends since they were eighteen, as they go through love, breakup, success and failure.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Jang Dong Gun as Jin Dao Zhen

He is a confident ladies' man who is an architect and heads his own firm with Tai San. He is called the player poison tongue flower boy. His looks are overly perfect and everywhere can be his modeling stage but he prefers singlehood and is very fussy to be an expert in figures – even in love. Till he meets Yi Xiu who can’t be calculated using a calculator.

Dao Zhen has a memory loss problem in times of stress so he records everything in his daily life with a voice recorder pen. That is why he is quite dependent on it and even runs to Yi Xiu’s home to get it back. He loves his car and named it "Betty". He can get nasty when someone else drives it. Thus, he seeks revenge on Yi Xiu when she drives it away to place her clothes with salted fish.

Dao Zhen has a poison tongue and it is love at first sight for him with the strict high school teacher, Yi Xiu. To his dismay, she treats him transparent and doesn’t know that he is right in front of her. This is a big insult to this self-proclaimed flower boy. So he threatens to reveal her secret of liking Tai San to tie her close to him. He begins a one-sided love for the first time in his life and tries to win her heart. Even so, he doesn’t hide the fact that he is with different women’s company daily.

He wins Yi Xiu over with a pair of red high heel shoes. Trouble brews when Colin is discovered to be his son. He struggles through a new identity and only informs his son what he wants to do. As a perfectionist in design, Colin’s arrangement of the bedroom irks him and Colin also doesn’t seem to appreciate the new bright red sofa he gets for him. Yet, both become closer when he bails him out from the police station. He even teaches the attacker’s father a lesson for not guiding his son properly.

He knows that Yi Xiu needs him and proposes to her in a romantic way. This moves her and they get married. Where has the usually sweet and gentleman Dong Gun gone to? His first try at comedy is heart-warming and successful. He is only nice to his friends and treats women like playthings. I really like the way he acts although he looks a bit haggard and thin.

2. Kim Ha Neul as Xu Yi Xiu
She is a high school ethics teacher and also umpires amateur baseball games in her free time. She is not forceful but is adamant in her decision making in the game. She has some problematic pupils in her class and she often goes to the police station to bail them out. Yi Xiu has a secret crush on Tai San for three years. Dao Zhen only joins the team later than the other two guys but is observant to tell that within a game.

She often has trouble with her bottom whenever she sees him – once her skirt is shorten due to the loss of the thread by getting stuck to his bag and he has to buy a tablecloth to wrap her. Thus, she pretends not to know him. This offends him and he pretends not to forgive her students who beat him up, demanding for negotiations repeatedly.

She gasps when she orders flowers for Tai San when drunk and has to lie that they are for Dao Zhen. She stays with Shi La and is separated from her mother who abandons her to get married to a rich man when she is 12 years old. She has been independent for 24 years. Her stepbrothers keep threatening her as their father might leave inheritance to her mother. The 4 guys are peeved by the issue to beat them up. She is touched by their gesture.

Ha Neul has shed her usual demure image to look tough here although she still has her long tresses. It is funny to see how she gets herself stuck in situations to get Dao Zhen’s help. The two really complement each other in acting and pair up well in looks.

3. Kim Soo Ro as Ren Tai San
His name signifies the mountain. He is a partner at Dao Zhen's firm and is in charge of the construction as he is an engineer. He is known as the wild, innocent flower boy. He is often at the construction sites but is Dao Zhen’s problem solver. You will find fire in this man.

Like Hui Yin, he is very frank with his feelings. Tai San dates Shi La and is a member of the Blue Cats baseball team. He sees Shi La often getting close to men and is jealous. He wonders if there is someone else out there for him and has considered breaking up with her. He is baffled when knowing that Yi Xiu likes him. Still, love wins over all and he is clear who he likes.

Shi La has yet to meet his mother so he sets up a blind date with a hospital director’s daughter. She tags along. preparing to visit his mother, thinking that she is hospitalized. Tai San and Shi La have a good laugh when the woman declares that she is able to give birth to children soon. That resolves their conflicts. She has to put her career on hold as she gets pregnant.

Soo Ro is not really from the looks department to look a bit boorish and muscular in normal clothes. Thus, many will be clueless on how Yi Xiu can like him so much to ignore Dao Zhen’s existence’s completely. But when he is in a suit, the gentleman airs glows. He plays the part convincingly too.

4. Kim Min Jong as Cui Yun
Yun is known as the gentle and sentimental concerned flower boy. He is a quiet and reserved lawyer who is still recovering from his wife's death four years ago. His eyes gives warmth and they are watery at most times to cause waves in many women’s hearts. Unfortunately, the cause of the rainfall is from him missing his late wife. He avoids taking up cases involving deaths as that involves him too much.

He is popular among his friends not mainly because he suffers the most but he is the only person who can ponders over problems like a real adult. He has seen their weaknesses and helps them overcome them. However, his sanity is being tested by Hui Yin who keeps challenging him.

He is also a member of the Blue Cats baseball team and is Yi Xiu’s best pal. Thus, she knows Hui Yin’s crush on Yun. Even so, he doesn’t know her crush on Tai San although she knows Hui Yin’s obsession with him as her ex-teacher. Hui Yin tries to heal his heart even though she sees his wedding ring on his finger after so many years.

However, when he is with the other guys. he is no different from them to get attracted by pretty women. All of them nearly drop their jaws when he goes all out to get an autograph by Girl’s generation’s Soo Young. To the extent of dancing!

Yun likes Hui Yin but the thought of being older than her by 17 years stops him. Yin refuses to give into his feelings and jeopardize his friendship with Tai San. He even moves out of Tai San’s home to avoid her by staying with his mother-in-law. His mother-in-law is grateful to him for buying the apartment for her but wishes him to move on with life after seeing that he still keeps his wife’s belongings.

She even hardens herself to tell him not to see her again by asking his friends to pack his things. Thus, he has to move into Dao Zhen’s home. The other guys give him courage to get Hui Yin at the airport to prevent her from being sent overseas again. This provides him confidence and he confesses his feelings.

Min Jong’s acting is as powerful as usual. But it is harder to stand out from the rest as he mellows down so much. Still, it is hard not to ignore his presence as he is like a counselor to give them advice.

5. Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Zheng Lu
He is the timid lazy playboy flower boy. He owns a Mango Six cafe and is married to a rich and fierce woman, Min Shu. But he constantly flirts with other women and his friends need to cover up for him. He hides his wedding ring when with women and sometimes forgets to wear it back. He marries the older Min Shu for money but may lose his comfortable lifestyle in a divorce. Thus, he keeps coaxing her when she threatens to do it by complaining to Yun. This causes problems and trust issues in their marriage.

When he is really sincere to her, she signs the divorce papers. Thus, he has a hard time to woo her back. Since she wants everything back in three-quarters, he measures everything at home for her to take away. That sends laughter to Min Shu and she reconsiders her decision.

I have seen Jong Hyuk in ‘Green Rose’ before as a cold person so it comes as a big surprise to me in here. He provides so much laughs here. He isn’t that handsome too but the way he comes across as a romantic is quite convincing as well.

6. Yoon Se Ah as Hong Shi La
She is a trendy pro golfer and is Tai San's beautiful girlfriend. He doesn’t like her to dress sexily. You will be amused when you see Tai San putting his suit jacket over her to cover her bare shoulders but she keeps brushing it away. No one expects her to go to sports university to pick up the spot.

She is also Yi Xiu's roommate. Yi Xiu is sad when Tai San is interested in Shi La so she keeps the baseball gloves she buys for him under the bed. Shi La is furious when she finds out and both friends nearly fall out. Yi Xiu is hurt when she reveals her crush openly in front of Tai San and the rest.

Shi La also tells Tai San that she doesn't want to get married and he is mad. Her notion is to know more men to tell who the good one is. This offends Tai San and he keeps ruining her other dates before giving up not to call her anymore. To him, even her hair and shoulder belongs to him. Anyone who touch them needs his approval. They take some time to cool off to realize that they are really meant for each other. Tai San buys her car back from Ying Shu to help in her financial burden.

Se Ah is attractive and is quite fun-loving. She has a good sense of humour – I like the part where she wears shades at night to try avoiding Tai San in vain as she has a bruise eye caused by a younger golfer despite Ying Shu coming to rescue her on time. It’s like she’s another actress who isn’t afraid of casting in awkward scenes like Ha Neul.

7. Kim Jung Nan as Piao Min Shu
Min Shu is Zhen Lu's extremely wealthy wife who is 3 years older than him. She owns quite a number of businesses. Dao Zhen, Tai San and Yun rent their firms’ space from her. Thus, when she renews rental contracts with them and asks about their connections to flirt with women, they quickly wash their hands off. You will laugh when they claim that Zheng Lu is only their landlord or classmate but not a friend.

She has thought that money can control everything but Zheng Lu’s actions disappoint her. She isn’t aware that he loves her all along but he can’t change his ways. All of them are scared that they will not have a roof above their heads if they have a divorce. It is hilarious when she misunderstands Yi Xiu as one of Zheng Lu’s lovers and from here, she befriends the other 3 women.

She is tired of doubting him all the time. Moreover, the doctor has told her that her chance of getting pregnant is very low. So, she is determined to have a divorce this time. She feels relaxed and asks the gals out to watch sexy men dancing. All are appalled to see the 4 coming in instead. They are definitely mad – Yun the most as it is his wedding day the next day. The women are still adamant to go dancing.

The guys can’t stand this anymore to lead the rest out, leaving Zheng Lu and Min Shu in the dancing pool. Zheng Lu has decided to re-woo his wife again. All sprawl on the floor, laughing upon seeing the two dancing Macarena upon listening to the music together. Min Shu decides to adopt a child so that Zheng Lu can be a father. This actress also shines in her acting.

8. Yoon Jin Yi as Yin Hui Yin
She is Tai San's younger sister and Yi Xiu's past student. Hui Yin came back to Korea after studying in America and has an interest in bag design. She takes lots of pains to lose her weight. That is why the guys can’t recognize her when she is at the baseball field and Zheng Lu even tries to woo her! She even joins the baseball cheerleading team to make herself present in front of Yun daily.

She has had a crush on Yun for a long time. Unlike Yi Xiu who keeps hers a secret, she declares openly. Tai San opposes strongly as she is only 24 years old. She insists to get what she wants to work at the café. When she knows of Collin’s existence, she doesn’t mind looking after this ‘son’ of his to amuse him.

Others are on Yun’s side to approve and the siblings are in cold war. When the two are together, the other guys start teasing them when Yun starts to develop long-sightedness. They joke that Hui Yin has a lot more to worry about from then on. Jin Yi is a new actress but we can see how she improves along the way. However, her Hui Yin comes across very immature as compared to Collin and Dong He. It is hard to believe that she is 24 years old and is older than them.

9. Lee Jong Hyun as Collin
Colin is born in the US but grows up in Japan. He comes to Korea looking for the four men and claims one of them is his biological father with a photo of the 5 together. He has known from it all along that his step-father isn’t his father as he is a Caucasian. Before this, he has asked Hui Yin out to sound her out. This causes Yin to be jealous to lead her away instead.

His claim drops a bombshell among the four. The rest deny except Dao Zhen as Collin’s mother is his first love. He recalls what has happened between them when they are 22 after knowing his birthday. Yin also gets a DNA test to prove it.

Thinking that En Xi is here to get reunited with En Xi, Yi Xiu kicks up a big fuss. Collin observes and knows their relationship. Dao Zhen decides to be a good father to him. He gets Collin to stay in Korea and he ends up being Yi Xiu’s student. He likes music and puts up posters in his bedroom that nearly incurs Dao Zhen’s wrath as he wants ‘decent’ displays.

Collin gets close to Dong He and you will be amused when both claim to be flower boys to see who can get the part-time waiter job first in a fastfood restaurant. (Actually, they could have gone to Zheng Lu to save the trouble but they wish to try.) The owner can’t decide who to pick as one is diligent while the other is a sweet-talker! How am I amused by this role! Although Jong Hyun can be raw at times, being together with the veteran actors helps to make him develop emotions.

10. Kim Woo Bin as Kim Dong He
He is Yi Xiu's troublemaker student and is later found to be in love with his teacher. He comes from a broken family and has to work part-time to make ends meet. Dao Zhen is extorted by him and both get into a fight, Dao Zhen being the loser.

His mother leaves home while his father is a drunkard. He is amused that Collin is interested in Hui Yin initiallyand tells him that he stands no chance. Both guys are normally at loggerheads but can combine efforts when they are bullied. With two other classmates, they form their gang just like the older guys.

Splendid acting from Woo Bin – he is brilliant as the lazy student who creates problems for Yi Xiu frequently. His acting is better than Jong Hyun as he joins the rest earlier and there are lots of chances for him to develop his role. It is a pity that he has not won an acting award.

11. Park Joo Mi as Jin En Xi She is Collin's mother who is the dream woman and first love of the 4 guys. The 4 women are jealous to know her presence and nearly go crazy after knowing that she has a son, wondering if their beloved has fathered him. However, only Dao Zhen manages to win her heart. She has asked Dao Zhen out to inform her of her pregnancy but he is ill to miss their date. Thinking that he doesn’t want to bear responsibility, she leaves for America and brings up their son, Collin.

8 years ago, she brings him back to Korea, intending to introduce him to him. This time round, he forgets to record it in his pen. She hasn’t given him a Korean name as she wants Dao Zhen to do it. Upon knowing what Colin has done, she chides him for disturbing the guys’ lives. She looks young as she is happily married. Yi Xiu is initially hostile to her but can later chat with her as she admires her courage.

12. Nam Hyun Joo as Teacher Park Xian Zhu
She is Yi Xiu’s colleague who often watches on her as she gets horrendous classes yearly. She likes Mango café’s coffee and often wants Yi Xiu to get for her. She complains about her class all the time and Yi Xiu is forced to be her listener as her table is beside hers.

Interesting scenes

A special part is at the beginning of every episode, a flashback is shown. It tells of their friendship through the years. It is hilarious to see them in high school uniform for some parts. All are comical except episode 16 – when they stand by Yun to shove their work aside. (It is quarreling with Ying Shu for Zheng Lu.)

Yun copes with the sorrow over his wife’s death but is not alone. Yun recalls how they turn up at the wake crying with the funeral bands attached to their arms. 2 stripes indicate relatives while 1 shows that they are friends. The prologues are not related to the previous episode's ending or the present storyline but are linked to each episode's theme. They can be read below :


Interesting facts

Ha Neul was nervous upon knowing that her co-star was her idol, Dong Gun. He was an international star but she found him approachable and knows how to take care of others like an elder brother. She got to work with younger brother actors in most dramas in the past. Now, she is being looked after by her seniors and she was very comfortable.

She did not know Dong Gun that well but they had romantic kissing scenes under the cherry tree on the first filming day. She was so stiff that she had many n.gs. Luckily, it turned out well.

Dong Gun cared about his son's feelings and told reporters that this would be his last doing so many passionate scenes in a drama. It took him 12 long years to decide on this drama as others were unsuitable works. The producer cut them into a trailer to show the curious So Young on how her husband would kiss another woman.

Ha Neul admitted shyly that she was like Yi Xiu to keep asking ‘What to do’ and her expressions of getting shocked was also similar. She belongs to the cherry group but often had n.g.s as it was really funny. Yi Xiu’s choice is Dao Zhen but her own selection will be Tai San. She likes innocent and frank guys. Dao Zhen is too sarcastic and it can be tired to be with him. However, the part of him getting a pair of shoes to reveal his felling really moves her. She admitted liking her senior and Maths teacher during high school and that was a special feeling.

Soo Ro is also an honest person as in the drama. His actress wife, Lee Kyung Hwa is also his university classmate after a 13 year courtship. He was sociable and generous. Thus, when he got married, his guests included his friends like Cha Tae Hyun and Lee Byung Hyun.

The series marks Jang Dong-gun's return to television after twelve years. It is directed by Shin Woo-chul and written by Kim Eun-sook, the same team behind hit dramas Secret Garden, City Hall, On Air, Lovers, Lovers in Prague, and Lovers in Paris. He wanted to be close to his family after filming overseas for many years.

This was his first time in a comedy so he was quite tense. He even asked pointers from Hyun Bin. He was shy at first on the parts but later understood why Hyun Bin was so happy shooting Secret Garden now.

He was also grateful to his wife’s tolerance as filming took months. The station fitted his schedule to delay the showing of the drama from Mar 2012 to May 2012. At first, he was duped to believe that he would not have kissing scenes but he realized that there were after he signed the contract. So Young was jealous when watching it. When he was asked whether he would allow her to act in similar scenes, he gave a firm no.

Dao Zhen’s significant line ‘just take it as…’ was named as the most trendy line of 2012. It showed how determined and overbearing Dao Zhen is from Dong Gun’s tone. Some also loved the lines that Dao Zhen told Yi Xiu when she went on a blind date – I want to start loving you secretly and just take it as you have not disapproved.

Another would be how he stopped her from getting into another man’s car by knocking Betty into it – Just take it as a man’s over-whelming feelings to spend abit of money by ruining the car. But he is jealous for the wrong reason as the other driver is Yun.

It was Jong Hyun’s first attempt in the drama and he needed 7 takes to get chosen for the role of Collin. The selection crew gave him lots of chances to improve. He may look gentleman in the way he talks and behaves but in reality, he is a judo expert. Many actresses and female filming crew members rushed to the shooting venues when he was around. The part where he took a guitar to sing melted their hearts.

Any scenes of him shooting would have him being punctual and greeting the rest before reading his script diligently. All praised him for his attitude and commented that he would be the lead one day. Jong Hyun was shy and noted that he still had room for improvement.
His parents did not have courage to admit that he was their son when he first started singing. Although CN Blue also accumulated some popularity, his existence was finally made known when they now pluck up their courage to admit that Colin is their son. All know who he is through this drama and he was grateful.

As for Woo Bin, he was successful in portraying a rebellious student. He nearly became breathless when he acted with his idols, Min Jong and Dong Gun right on the first day of filming. He could not bring himself to be harsh in speech and later violent to Dong Gun so Dong Gun had to reassure him that he knew how to protect himself. Ha Neul described her scene with Yong Hwa from CNBlue (as Yi Xiu‘s ex-student to greet her) and Woo Bin (getting jealous) together in a scene to be memorable.

Jong Hyuk was a Casanova in the drama but his real life was innocent. He married his first love. He brainwashed her to marry him – he could be penniless but would get better but she would regret if she left. He was jobless for some time to become a househusband and his wife worked. He could even help her to blow her hair dry besides preparing her lunchbox. How sweet he is!

His take of acting with the rest – tired when filming but their chemistry was present to crack jokes all the time. He found it tiring as Zheng Lu often raises his voice to talk to show that he is a player. He normally got cold, sharp or evil roles and this time the viewers saw another side of him. Many found it amusing – that was also the reaction from his wife.

He is as cheerful and sometimes as immature as Zheng Lu. Zheng Lu married a woman older than him so he is scared of his wife. In reality, his wife is younger than him and they are close. He is not afraid of his wife. Having his own family is the best bliss as he has two sons. Many found that his physique and looks did not show that he is married – did he keep this as a secret image?

Jong Hyuk denied as he hardly maintained. If in the real life, his wife feels insecure, he will find it difficult to carry on with life. No matter how rich she is, they can’t be together. Love must be sincere to prevent being doubted. The filming scenes were near his residence so his family often came to give him support. If there was a sequel, he would want the filming to shift overseas to change the women as well like Sex and the city for a change.

A reporter found that Jong Hyuk was different from the jovial Zheng Lu. He asked long questions but Jong Hyuk gave very short answers reluctantly. He found him not telling enough – is he cool or is he not sincere enough? These are the questions that came to his mind. Min Jong was completely different when another individual interview was conducted. He made foreign reporters comfortable and even offered to take photos with them. He was the producer’s idol in her high school days so she invited him to act in this drama.

The producer wished to invite Girl’s Generation’s Soo Young for a cameo appearance. Min Jong’s call to her made her agree immediately. But Min Jong was taken aback when the producer asked him to dance girl’s generation dance in front of Soo Young. He quickly got the help of their dance teacher to practice the steps. The scene was hilarious indeed as no one expected Yun to have a daring side on star chasing.

When the 4 guys were filming at Hanyang university, hundreds of female students went to give their support. The guys were so thrilled that they took photos of their fans when they were in the bus after that to place on their blogs. (Many will think that this only happens the other way round.)

They were simply too excited. They urged Min Jong to get married soon and he envied them to talk about their families all the time. He also wished to get married whenever Dong Gun talked to his son over the phone and kept his son’s photo as the wall photo but will leave it to fate.

He had known the other two actors before this and Jong Hyuk was new to him. He did not get close to him initially as he acted as a hooligan before. It was Jong Hyuk to approach him first to tell him that he was Min Jong’s junior from the same university. After that, all were close and happy throughout the filming.

He admitted that he was like Yun to be quiet, Zheng Lu’s mischievous side and Tai San’s man. He would not be as frank as Dao Zhen. Yet, he found Dao Zhen cool and will want to learn how he talked and did when he is in love. He was approached to act as Zheng Lu but he chose Yun. He had acted as a comical role in Athena so he wanted to try something different.

If he is asked to act as Dao Zhen, he would have to memorise many lines so he turned it down. Dong-Gun initially wavered on taking the role, with Kim Myung-Min and Joo Jin-Mo considered for the role in his place, but Dong-Gun finally accepted.

Lee Na-Young was originally cast for the leading female role of Yi Xiu but dropped out after filming delays. ( I was quite glad as I don’t think she is suitable for it.) Min Jong would still choose Yun when giving the chance. He would not woo a woman who is much younger than him, especially if she is his friend’s sister even though he is grateful for this.

His most memorable scene would be Tai San pulling Hui Yin’s hand to lead her away and Yun stops him to tell him to release his hand. Many people love this phrase and he was delighted by the response as SM artistes also like it. However, he liked the glass kiss between Yi Xiu and Dao Zhen.

His previous roles are reckless and hotheaded guys. Yun likes to cry and is indecisive. Does this restrict him? He was worried initially of his chemistry with Jin Yi was she was a new actress. She was nervous to get many n.g.s. He suggested to her that she should act for the viewers and not for the director. From episode 4 onwards, she was very natural and many loved their romance scenes.

Was this his second spring in career? He shook his head – he had never recalled when his first spring was. He was popular but he cherished every moment. This drama was his unforgettable drama as he was happy to get the role and he made many friends. They thought it could be made into a sequel to work again. However, the possibility of them getting together again was small as Dong Gun said that he would not take up this kind of comedy romance dramas again.

Jong Hyuk was overjoyed when the other three seniors turned up for his musical performance. They became good friends after this drama. Min Jong mentioned that the mourning scene for Yun’s wife made them promise each other to be friends forever.

Ratings went from 16% to 29%. Although the viewership was not as stunning as expected, it won Dr Jin which was shown at the same time. The awards are shown below from Wikipedia – all were overjoyed that they got 13 awards in SBS drama awards :

2012 5th Korea Drama Awards – Nominated for best drama and ost . Won Best New Actress - Yoon Jin-yi

20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards – Nam Hyun-joo won Best Supporting Actress in a Drama

2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards –Kim Jung-nan won Female Acting Award, Yoon-jin-yi won Rising Star Award

22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards - My Love" – Lee Jong-hyun won best OST

2012 Grime Awards Best New Cinematographer (Hwang Min Shik)

2012 SBS Drama Awards

Top Excellence Award, Actor - Weekend Drama (Jang Dong Gun)
Top Excellence Award, Actress - Weekend Drama (Kim Ha Neul)
Excellence Award, Actor - Weekend Drama (Kim Soo Ro)
Special Acting Award, Actor - Weekend Drama (Kim Min Jong)
Special Acting Award, Actor - Weekend Drama (Lee Jong Hyuk)
Special Acting Award, Actress - Weekend Drama (Kim Jung Nan)
Top 10 Stars Award (Jang Dong Gun)
Top 10 Stars Award (Kim Ha Neul)
Viewer Popularity Award (Kim Ha Neul)
Best Couple Award (Kim Min Jong and Yoon Jin Yi)
New Star Award (Yoon Jin Yi)
New Star Award (Lee Jong Hyun)

Most favourite character

Dao Zhen, he is aware to know what he needs and wants. He will go all out for it.

Most hated character

Zheng Lu, whenever he has problems, the other friends have to rush all the way to cover up for him. One typical exam will be he is with a woman in the lounge when he lies that he is with his buddies. In the end, all have to drop their work aside to rush over.


The drama has two OST albums. The first part is "High High" by Kim Tae-woo and the second part features various artists including Jeon Geun-hwa with single "Beautiful Words", Kyung-woo with single "When I Look At You" and Park Eun-woo with single "Everyday". Actors Jang Dong-gun, Lee Jong-hyun and Kim Min-jong also sang songs to the soundtrack included in A Gentleman’s Dignity OST 2.


This drama creates a legend as almost all won an award. I enjoy it very much as the plot shows the valuable moments between the cast together. It is quite impressive and I never get dull. The actresses can be as hilarious as the actors to join in the fun.

The 4 guys refuse to succumb to their age. You will have fun watching a scene of them claiming to be in their 30s to woo a woman but to find out that her father is their university classmate. This makes many like their loyalty through their roller-coaster journey of love and friendship. Their experience is totally different from the normal younger couples.

It is a wonderful break from overly dramatic soap dramas. The different pairs look very matching together. I had the wrong impression that Min Jong and Ha Neul were paired up initially as they acted as a couple in ‘Secret’ before. I am only able to discard the feeling after 3 episodes. Still, the story is captivating and entertaining so those who have strong preference for comedies can watch this drama.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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