A Love to Kill

Reviewed by: sukting

October 27, 2006

Rating: two


This is Rain’s third drama and his role is a complete sadistic one. He is no longer the charming and cheeky role as in other dramas. Can you accept it?


Fu Jiu lies seriously injured on the grass. His eyes are filled with grief- this indicates that a hopeless love is arriving. A woman declares her love for him to get rejected so she intends to jump into the river. See heartless he is – when she up there, many can see what underwear she wears. She might as well remove her skirt to let every one look at her! Fu Jiu considers a long time before saving her. (This is a stunning scene to show how unfeeling he is.)

At the same time, En Xi is shooting a movie near the beach. She gets too carried away and goes deeper into the water. There seems to be a link tied between the two – even though their cars are away. She is a superstar but she is uninterested in anyone. Please note that Lee Byung Hyun is beside her!! She has been with Min Jiu when she is poor but why has he left after she is famous? She can’t forget him.

Fu Jiu is a boxer. His mind always rings this voice – don’t use fist to solve any problem or I will not return to you. This belongs to his brother. So he deliberately loses again. En Xi calls Min Jiu repeatedly to salvage their love. She gets drunk and a rich guy appears. Jun Cheng accidentally falls on top of her and someone sells the photos to the paparazzi after taking them. (This act is too fake to me…..)

Jun Cheng deliberately spreads the news that they are getting married. Duo Zhen grows up with Fu Jiu and she saves him from a fire when young, leaving many scars on her body. He is still remorseful to her till now but he doesn’t know that she doesn’t regret it. She is fierce to everyone except him. He helps her in debt collecting and she is grateful to him. He jokes that they can get married.

Because the ‘molest’ case in on the papers, Mr Jin throws Jun Cheng – his sole successor out of his home. How much is he wronged! He wants to settle with En Xi but she insists that he tries to take advantage of
her….unless he is also drunk. But he denies and both quarrel. He then suspects that this is her trap to seduce him. She gets impatient and tells him not to mess with her. (Sorry to say this but En Xi isn’t fierce enough to me.) The woman who tries to kill herself earlier informs Fu Jiu that she is getting married. He is unmoved and even congratulates her.

Mi Sook tells Fu Jiu that he has found Min Jiu. The two brothers finally settle their links but suddenly Min Jiu sees a notice of En Xi’s engagement with Jun Cheng. So he jumps down the building and Fu Jiu is helpless to see this. (This is sure a coward act!) Their father killed a person impulsively when young so Min Jiu doesn’t want the same to happen to Fu Jiu. But since he doesn’t listen, he leaves him.

Because Jun Cheng publicizes the wedding issue, En Xi confronts him but he comes to visit her parents. .Actually he makes the announcement because he doesn’t want to be chased out of his family. En Xi blurts out that she only has Min Jiu in her heart. Min Jiu becomes a vegetable and Fu Jiu accidentally discovers that En Xi is his ex-girlfriend through his pocket to find the photo and the cause of suicide.

En Xi is acting a part when she waits and finally gets to see her missing lover again. This reminds her of the past and she bursts into tears. Fu Jiu wants to bring her to see Min Jiu but is scolded by Madam Piao. She is the very same person to chase Min Jiu away. Fu Jiu is still angry with his brother – how can he forget him just because of a woman? (Very true, why pin for a tree when there is a forest?)

Fu Jiu decides to grab En Xi’s happiness to spite back at her. He notices that Min Jiu shows response when he places the photo near him. He learns that Jun Cheng has engaged a bodyguard for En Xi. So he fights with the man, injuries him seriously and uses all his savings to replace him. He shaves off his beard and cut his hair shorter. (What a change made! Initially he looks rugged and now so presentable.) He promises Min Jiu to make En Xi kneel in front of him. Jun Cheng is prepared to bring En Xi to meet his parents but she goes alone to watch a movie.

Fu Jiu drags her out and she melts upon seeing his smile – who is he? He fends off the cinema staff and she finds that he looks more like a killer. Is he having family problems? Regardless what she says, he is unmoved and she can’t get a way from him. (He wears spectacles here and looks so cool.) She drives fast but has an accident. Even though she faints. she still calls out Min Jiu’s name to make Jun Cheng unhappy.

When she wakes up, Jun Cheng falls asleep. She wants to wake him up but ends up falling on top of him. He asks if this is sexual harassment and that is what happens earlier when she is drunk. (Come on, this act is so deliberate.) She blushes and he claims to be the victim as she has ruined his reputation that he tries building for 10 years. Although he claims to know what love is, she says he doesn’t or he will not force her.

To get money for Min Jiu’s hospitalization fees, Duo Zhen brings his photos taken with En Xi to extort money from En Xi. But her family mistakens this to be Min Jiu’s act. En Xi doesn’t believe it and wants to look for him. Jun Cheng wants to buy a dress for Fu Jiu’s girlfriend but Fu Jiu turns him down. He will buy for his own woman. Jun Cheng admires him more and wants him to take good care of En Xi. (Fu Jiu has his own pride and will not accept anything outside his pay.)

He gets Fu Jiu an expensive tie. He wants to make sure that En Xi is the best and no other man will get close to her. En Xi is about to meet Duo Zhen and sees Fu Jiu outside her door. So he isn’t fired? She ignores him but he still follows him. En Xi has hoped to see Min Jiu but is disappointed to see Duo Zhen. She still gives the money and is disappointed with Min Jiu.

Mi Sook asks Duo Zhen why lie when knowing that she is committing a crime. Duo Zhen doesn’t want to gain sympathy but prefers to be a wicked person. Mi Sook presumes this is the way she also treats Fu Jiu. Duo Zhen is sad over it. En Xi gets too tired and slips to sit on the floor outside the café. Fu Jiu helps her up but she is ungrateful to him. She throws tantrums to him.

He forces her to fastern the seat belt with a straight face. (Rain is definitely very cool here!) She twists his ear and later hits him and wants him to fight back. But he only tells her that he is going to start the car.
Fu Jiu learns that Min Jiu is in critical condition and drags En Xi to stay outside the door while he goes in. She does not get to see his face at all as she only cries outside to tear the photos she has bought. But can she forget the past like this? She cries loudly upon thinking how harsh both guys are to her.

She walks barefooted and asks why he is against her? She isn’t behaving like a megastar anymore. Fu Jiu suddenly asks how she falls in love. She misses her dead mother till she hiccups and comes to the beach where she died. Fu Jiu suddenly hugs her and kisses her forcefully. When she knows what is going on, he suddenly turns to leave. Jun Cheng comes but he misses the scene. (Luckily, if not, Fu Jiu will be…..)

En Xi finds Fu Jiu questionable as he seems familiar. (She is sure a blockhead – how can there be no similarity between brothers?) His kiss cures her hiccups. Her past experience will only stop after 3 days. En Xi suddenly finds Fu Jiu missing from the filming studio. She can’t concentrate. He has gone to Duo Zhen. Duo Zhen has raised enough money for her skin operation but the person is a fraud. She thinks that she is unfit for him and decides to leave him. He stops her and kisses her. She thinks he is hers.

But unlike the kiss he gives En Xi, his kiss to her is only a short one. He tells her that he feels lonely. She feels down – he even feels this way even with her?! Is he having another woman? Upon seeing that En Xi hiccups with cuttlefish around, Jun Cheng gets his men to buy all the cuttlefish around her. He is sure cool! En Xi thinks of Min Jiu and can’t suppress her feelings to act poorly.

Jun Cheng accompanies her for a drink but says that he can’t take strong liquor. En Xi looks down on him and tells him that she likes the drunk Min Jiu. Jun Cheng gets very jealous and gulps the wine. (It is best not to provoke a man.) Soon he feels that his chest is burning. En Xi tells him not to try to hard on himself. He is not handsome at all. (Poor man to think too highly of himself to get ridiculed.) He gets drunk too. He wakes up and sees her keep calling Min Jiu’s name. He wants to make her his woman and tells Fu Jiu to send them to the hotel he stays. (Under liquor, anything can go wrong.)

He sees Jun Cheng carrying her into the hotel room and isn’t happy to see that. His eyes turn cold. En Xi is so drunk that she can’t even recognize Jun Cheng. When Jun Cheng is about to rape En Xi, Fu Jiu gets into the room. He is past caring of Jun Cheng’s threat to fire him and carries En Xi out. Jun Cheng hits him and this angers Fu Jiu to fight back. (This scene is a must-see for all.)

The next day, Jun Cheng regains his senses and thanks Fu Jiu. It is lucky due to him that he hasn’t done anything stupid. (Not just in disgracing himself but also his family.) En Xi wakes up in the other room and hears Fu Jiu singing the song that Min Jiu always sings to her. (She is so ignorant not to know their connections till now.) Duo Zhen comes to the police station to want the policemen to arrest the swindlers. Fu Jiu drags her home and kisses the scars on her neck. She is stunned by his act when he doesn’t mind.

En Xi watches the kissing scenes on television and recalls how Fu Jiu behaves at the beach. She decides to ask him for an answer but he tells her to forget it. But how can she? But she runs away upon seeing him removing his shirt in front of her to have a shower. Fu Jiu uses Min Jiu’s handphone to call En Xi to let misunderstand that he is him. She yells at him – why ask her for money again? He then gets to read Min Jiu’s diary to know that Mdm Piao uses money to drive Min Jiu away from the woman he loves.

En Xi likes a black cat toy – it really looks like Fu Jiu. When En Xi is shooting the promotion trailer, she accidentally falls over the roof and Fu Jiu holds her hand. When he gets a call telling him that Min Jiu is going to stop his breath soon, he has the urge to let go but he still saves her. (That shows well the struggle in him.) Because of her, Min Jiu becomes the most fortunate person on earth. This sentence comes to his mind to save her. He immediately runs to hospital and is glad that he is out of danger. (Seeing how he sheds tears in relief will make you feel so sorry for him.)

Mi Sook asks Fu Jiu if he is attracted by En Xi and he must keep it from Duo Zhen. En Xi hugs the toy to sleep and Jun Cheng is moved. En Xi calls her toy ‘BERU’ – she dreams of Fu Jiu. She finds the flowers left by Jun Cheng. He says that she is so pretty that he wishes to kiss her and envies the toy. When shall they kiss? (When seeing Min Ah’s double chin, I….er hmmmm..sigh…. )

Jun Cheng gets along well with En Xi’s family to get close to her. He even learns to play chess. She drags him to an eatery but this time, he only insists of drinking coke. He doesn’t want to lose his senses again. Being embarrassed once is enough. He shyly admits what he nearly does to her and this causes ripples in her heart as she puts her arms over herself. Does she wish to hit him? She can but she should not call out Min Jiu’s name when drunk. She uses a metal rod to hit his head.

Fu Jiu gets beaten by Duo Zhen’s brother but he doesn’t retaliate. En Xi vaguely remembers how Fu Jiu saves her. She has wanted to ask him about it but ends up asking about the song. He denies in tears. Fu Jiu decides to become an underworld killer to raise money to treat Min Jiu and Mi Sook advises against it in vain. En Xi overhears it and gets worried.

She pretends to get attacked and he runs to her. She jokes that he becomes a changed person without the business suit. He fails in his attempt and gets hit by others. En Xi shields him and he tries his best to protect her. (What a touching act!) He is sent to hospital and she removes her precious necklace to place on his wrist. It is given to her by Min Jiu. It has a sword to fend her from all sorrows and she must wear it forever even though they part. She doesn’t hesitate to give to Fu Jiu.

Duo Zhen also gets worried and knocks into Jun Cheng’s car. En Xi can’t overcome the shock and faints. Jun Cheng gets very worried and sits beside her bed. He wipes off her sweat tenderly. He grumbles – even though the way she sleeps is attractive, she should not let him see too often. (That is sure a big joke!) She suddenly moves and remembers how madly she kisses Fu Jiu when he is seriously injured to wake him up.

Fu Jiu finally gets better but gets to see Duo Zhen’s concerned face. He will not dare to die since she is so fierce. Fu Jiu discovers the necklace on him. En Xi wants to see Fu Jiu as he is injured because of her. Jun Cheng tries stopping her in vain. He sighs – why is she reacting like this to bite his hand? Fu Jiu finally recalls how En Xi tries to save him.

She sees him and is overjoyed to call him names – toy, BERU, uncle bodyguard, Mr Jiang……But Fu Jiu ignores her and he makes a choice – he wants to let her see how Min Jiu loves her in the past. He reads the diary to check the details. En Xi comes to look for him but she breaks her high heel. It doesn’t matter to her since she can see him. Fu Jiu helps her to fix it and flashes a smile. She is overjoyed to see him wearing the necklace. Then he asks her a question that Min Jiu has asked before to shock her – does she want to eat ramen? She feels that he is changed to Min Jiu.

She also notices that he knows how to smile and he even repeats the jokes that Min Jiu has told her. She nearly chokes on her food – are the guys twins? He then says that it comes from his elder brother. She asks if he is seriously injured. He tells her everything and she feels sorry for him. Both play soccer and he gets Jun Cheng’s call to send En Xi home. Fu Jiu allows her to lean on his shoulder – saying that he is the most fortunate person on earth and her heart beats fast.

She thinks that he is going to kiss her but he only wants to get the car keys to start her car. (Fu Jiu is so capable in creating surprises and disappointment.) En Xi wants to share the medical fees but he rejects. She is apologetic for hurting his pride but he smiles – he appreciates her help. She shouts to him that she is glad that he is alive when he sends her to her doorstep. Fu Jiu walks far and she still waves to him. This lets Jun Cheng notice the scene and becomes jealous again.

En Xi gets home to play with the toy again – she is actually concerned over Fu Jiu to make the suggestion earlier. She is afraid that he will be hurt again. Fu Jiu comes punctually to get her again to work. En Xi quickly gets him an expensive cup of Ginseng tea and Mdm Piao scolds her. She is a megastar and should not be with someone from a lower class.

Jun Cheng discovers that he loves En Xi and wants her to quit and become a housewife. She is uninterested in him. She kneels and asks for his forgiveness. He folds the paper cup in rage. He forces her to have an engagement ceremony with him and she should not watch Fu Jiu with her warm eyes or he will hurt him. One accident at the studio makes Duo Zhen discover that Fu Jiu becomes En Xi’s bodyguard. She nearly goes mad upon seeing En Xi’s intimate gestures on him. She chases him out of her home.

En Xi calls him but he chooses not to pick up her call. En Xi sends sms to him – she can’t sleep and is he already sleeping? He still ignores and hums the song. He finally calls her to hum it and she smiles. En Xi then hugs BERU and is in love with him now. Jun Cheng brings his father and the media to the studio – this is to declare that En Xi is his. Fu Jiu only stares at him.

En Xi asks what he is doing and tells him to stop it. But to make sure she doesn’t embarrass Mr Jin, she has to put up with the act and feels sorry for Fu Jiu. A crazy fan is about to attack her and Fu Jiu saves her. His concerned expression tells all. Duo Zhen sees this again and leaves in anguish. (Isn’t the studio heavily guarded – how can commoners come and go as they please?)

Jun Cheng comes anxiously to want to help her up. She pushes him away and gets Fu Jiu’s help instead. She doesn’t care if she is hurt but is worried if he is injured. He pushes her away to stop coldly. No one knows what he is thinking of. Mi Sook tells En Xi to give up on Fu Jiu. She knows that she has fallen for him. She smiles as she is a stubborn woman.

Duo Zhen throws his things out of the house but he manages to stay again. Jun Cheng tells En Xi – don’t let him sacrifice everything for a woman. This hurts his pride as she only loves a bodyguard but she simply ignores him – the man who can let other women kneel to him with just a sentence. (Isn’t this man conceited?) Jun Cheng knows that En Xi loves Fu Jiu now and insists that he marries her.

She is shocked by his love confession and she grabs the toy back. He seizes this chance to kiss her but she gives him a slap. She is the first and also last to slap him so she must marry him. He will regret his whole life if he gives her up. She wants to reveal the truth to the press but he dismisses it. He tells Fu Jiu to give him an invitation card if he wants to marry Duo Zhen.

Fu Jiu really knows how to seek revenge. He makes funny faces and sends to En Xi through his handphone. This makes her laugh but the poor Jun Cheng doesn’t know about it. Jun Cheng still maintains that no one will dare to snatch anything he wants but Fu Jiu still concentrates on his handphone. He suddenly asks – is the object belonging to him from the start? He doesn’t know how to answer.

Fu Jiu asks En Xi to meet him at the boxing school and asks if he can like her. En Xi allows him to kiss him – this is her answer. Mdm Piao is sued for fraud and only Jun Cheng can save her. (As usual, this is the plot that most villains use.) En Xi’s family begs her to marry Jun Cheng but she refuses. Mdm Piao should get punished for her act. (See how selfish these people are.)

Fu Jiu asks En Xi out on a rainy day. She hugs him as she needs consolation. She is like her mother and he feels her sorrow. He recalls the past and helps her to roll up her slacks. He secretly warns her in his heart that she must remember this. En Xi is about to tell the truth to the press when Jun Cheng stops her. Fu Jiu sees this. (Things always happen at critical moments.) Jun Cheng thinks his ploy works but she vows to fight till the end. Fu Jiu is confused and touches the necklace. What kind of person is she? Is he wrong?

Mdm Piao plans to leave home. Upon seeing how Mr Che kneels to beg her to stay, En Xi finally agrees to Jun Cheng’s request. Jun Cheng brings her to the photo studio to try out the gown and deliberately arranges Fu Jiu to know of it. Seeing them in agony pleases him. En Xi wants to sit beside Fu Jiu in the car but he gets her to sit at the back. She suggests eating ramen but he pretends not to hear her.

He only gives in when she threatens to jump off the car. She eats fast and even completes Fu Jiu’s share. En Xi wants Fu Jiu to forget this materialistic woman. Fu Jiu hears this but still speaks in a soft tone. She vomits at the back lane but he kisses her at the back lane of the small eatery after that. (This is so disgusting!) Then he uses his handphone to film everything down to send to Jun Cheng.

Jun Cheng accepts the call and is in agony to listen to their kisses. Really a love to kill! They seem to enjoy but Fu Jiu’s eyes contains fury and evil. His revenge is getting to a higher stage. He will not succumb like Min Jiu. He refuses to let her go till his heart stops and she is in tears. Why does he sound like her in the past to tell Min Jiu all that?

Jun Cheng is burning with rage, wanting to knock Fu Jiu down but he manages to avoid the tragedy. En Xi still decides to save her family. She will find another job for Fu Jiu and thanks him for his help. He helps to put a coat over her but will never let her go. Jun Cheng smiles to him but he yearns to tear him to pieces secretly. Fu Jiu knows it.

Jun Cheng commands En Xi to listen to his calls no matter what happens and who is with her. He forgives her for once since she is pretty. No matter what she does and no matter she tries to stab him…..En Xi looks so pretty in the wedding gown and Fu Jiu can’t take his eyes off her. How can this escape Jun Cheng’s eyes? He deliberately asks Fu Jiu – has he seen such a pretty bride before? (But she still looks plain to me.)

He can understand as many will be moved by her. He knows that En Xi will want to taste the cheap new year cakes for a change. So is he going to continue? But he will have a sad ending. Men exist is to do what they can for their women to give them the best. Fu Jiu smiles – so he is going to fire him? What if he has the confidence to tide over this? He will look forward to the result. Jun Cheng’s smile freezes on his face.

He deliberately gets close to En Xi in front of Fu Jiu and the media. She is uneasy by it. Jun Cheng wants her to smile but she can’t till she sees Fu Jiu’s cold eyes. She decides to let him go for his own good. She even pretends that she has slept with Jun Cheng. Jun Cheng deliberately becomes intimate with En Xi – he wants to see how long Fu Jiu can endure. He even informs Duo Zhen that Fu Jiu intends to marry her to make her happy. (These people sure know how to deceive themselves.)

En Xi can’t stand how lowly Fu Jiu becomes in front of Jun Cheng. Doesn’t he have any pride? He says calmly – so it is about the incident? He knows the fact but even if it is real, it doesn’t matter as he loves her. She doesn’t know whether to get happy or sad over it. To let him give up is to see how her heart moves towards Jun Cheng but she knows she can never make it.

This confession is heard by Duo Zhen. She gets mad over it and both women do not attend the well planned dinner that Jun Cheng has arranged. Fu Jiu chases out to see both women leaving in both directions. Who should he run after – that is a tough choice. He doesn’t go after either and tells Jun Cheng that En Xi has gone home alone. He doesn’t want to play with Jun Cheng along in this childish game. He nearly wants to break Fu Jiu’s neck. How dare he touch his woman? Fu Jiu lets him do it and he nearly suffocates. He reminds Jun Cheng that he only knows how to snatch to ruin with his status and why has he asked Duo Zhen to come. He is really a jerk! (That is sure a good statement.)

Fu Jiu complains to Min Jiu. Why has he turned to be like this? En Xi looks for Fu Jiu and she admits the truth of loving Min Jiu who loves her more than himself. But she is still getting engaged the next day. He wants to keep his promise and will only stop loving her when he dies. Fu Jiu punches the sand bag in the boxing studio. If he is only acting, why is he angry and there are tears in his eyes?

On the engagement day, Fu Jiu stops her car and takes her away. He finally makes his decision. She also feels that she can’t leave him. Jun Cheng has sent men to follow them and sue Fu Jiu for kidnapping. He even gets En Xi’s family to lock her up to prevent her from eloping with Fu Jiu. En Xi still goes to the police station to look for Fu Jiu. She tells the police that they are lovers and starts to declare this to all.

Her image is affected and there is no turning back. Fu Jiu wants to end it and asks about Min Jiu. En Xi admits that she has forgotten and he gets angry. He only finds it funny to toy with her and he later runs to Min Jiu to tell him that he is wrong to get involved. Now he is hopelessly in love with her. En Xi comes to look for Fu Jiu to tell him that she will love him forver but he tells her that he is Min Jiu’s brother harshly.
In the meantime, Duo Zhen also tells Jun Cheng about Fu Jiu’s identity.

Jun Cheng checks out the suicide case. Fu Jiu finally knows that Min Jiu’s fees come from the extortion and En Xi says that he has forgotten Min Jiu because she thinks that Min Jiu asks her for the money. He feels that he has wronged her. En Xi visits Min Jiu daily and Fu Jiu wants Jun Cheng to take her away. But Jun Cheng also feels responsible for this accident and declares that he has nothing to do with her anymore.
En Xi gets weaker and faints. Fu Jiu feels the pain but decides not to see her again. He transfers Min Jiu to another hospital. Min Jiu suddenly gains senses but only looks at the photo and no one else.

A year later, En Xi is living a normal life. Fu Jiu works in a car garage and both meet. He tells her that Min Jiu is dead and wants her to forget the past. Fu Jiu tells Duo Zhen that he is marrying her and she is happy but he is still pondering. En Xi sees the photos of the brothers and suspects that Min Jiu isn’t dead. Sure enough, she finds him sitting on the wheelchair. She promises him not to leave him again.

En Xi wants to take him away although Fu Jiu wants to stop them. But Min Jiu is willing to be with her. It is Min Jiu’s birthday and both brothers finally trash things out. Although they are blissful, she is unable to let go of Fu Jiu whenever she sees him. So is Fu Jiu. Mr Jin wants Jun Cheng to ruin En Xi but he can’t bring himself to do it. He even hires her to be the lead actress in a new movie. Mr Jin is angry with him.

Fu Jiu doesn’t want to implicate En Xi so he shows his temper but ends up hurting her with the things he has thrown. He tells her to leave and give both brothers a quiet life. Min Jiu suddenly gets into a coma and his condition worsens to die anytime. Fu Jiu is by his side when he dies but En Xi is too late to arrive so she faints. Fu Jiu cries in front of Min Jiu’s photo at the wake. He recalls his last words – En Xi also loves him so he should replace him to love her and guard her.

Fu Jiu gives himself up completely after this to fight and change girlfriends daily. He thinks that Min Jiu’s death is due to him. En Xi pretends to be happy but she still misses Fu Jiu. She goes to see him but he is cold to her. When she is at her weakest moment, Jun Cheng comes to her but only hopes that she will not chase him away. Fu Jiu is at the KTV, drunk again. Duo Zhen goes to take him home but finds En Xi already there. She pleads with En Xi to be together with Fu Jiu to make him happy.

Fu Jiu calls En Xi not to look for him again and gets ill after that. He is sent to hospital and Jun Cheng visits him. He can retreat to give blessings to them. Fu Jiu tells En Xi what Min Jiu has told him. He will not follow his instructions. En Xi recalls the past with Min Jiu and realizes why Min Jiu is so harsh to her. He has wanted to help Fu Jiu and her.

The two come to his grave but can’t reveal their feelings. Fu Jiu then asks if she wants to do something crazy with him. He will accept any punishment Heaven will give him. The two play happily in the snow and recalls the past. They don’t want to remember each other after this day to part their ways. So she returns to acting and becomes a couple with Jun Cheng.

Jun Cheng tells Fu Jiu that En Xi is missing. She has received psychiatric treatment the past year and has not really let go. He has decided to give her up upon seeing her so upset. Fu Jiu becomes frantic and finally finds her at the snow mountain. She has already frozen to death and Fu Jiu also hugs her to die together. (One of the silliest ending that I have seen besides ‘A Tale of Autumn’.)

Introduction on characters
1. Jiang Fu Jiu – Jung Ji Hoon (Rain)
He is once a boxer but turns to become En Xi’s bodyguard to seek revenge. He has once regarded life as unimportant and you will be appalled to see how heartless he is towards a woman who is willing to die for him. But he is apologetic to Duo Zhen to treat her well. His many facets cause 3 women to fall for him. Although he is no prince charming, he has the dangerous and luring power to sweep them off their feet.

The closest to him is his elder brother but his suicide attempt changes his life entirely. He falls for his girlfriend and tries so hard to suppress his feelings, afraid to let him down. That is why he heads for a miserable way to end his life.

Those who expect to see a prince charming Rain will be disappointed. But you will get to see many faces of Rain – happy, sad, cold and warm. From rugged to clean-shaven and neat. What a change! You will welcome this with open arms. There are many touching scenes which he does so well in wooing women with unromantic tactics and harsh ways. The women are still willing to get his attention despite this treatment. The crying scenes are splendid. Rain really works hard to scale greater heights in acting.

2. Jiang Min Jiu – Kim Young Jul
He is Fu Jiu’s elder brother who disapproves of him fighting with others. So he leaves him – that is the harshest punishment I have ever come across. Isn’t the elder brother supposed to take care of a younger brother? Why not stay with him to curb his violent nature and talk him out of it? He loves En Xi but also leaves her to give her a better future.

I hate this weakling. It seems that he only likes to withdraw into a shell. Only knows how to leave his loved ones. Just by watching the commercial can drive him to suicide. And to do this in front of Fu Jiu. What is this…..doesn’t he know that he makes En Xi miserable and responsible for it? What a stupid move!

3. Jin Jun Cheng – Lee Ki Woo
This snobbish rich man tries all ways to woo En Xi but fails miserably. He is not considered her boyfriend as they have not even started. He is sure oblivious to plant Fu Jiu by her side to protect her, not knowing that he is the matchmaker to make love blossom between the two instead. When he realizes that, it is already too late. Even though he tries to force her to get engaged to him, she runs away on their big day to make him a laughing stock.

This role is one-sided. I find him resembling the role of Tai Min in ‘Save the last dance for me’ but he lacks the rich man’s look. Ki Woo is too stony. The falling on top of En Xi and Tai Min’s drunk scenes are poorly done. He certainly has no chemistry with Min Ah and needs to work very hard to prove his worth.

4. Piao Mi Sook – Na Yoon
He is Fu Jiu’s close friend who grows up with him since young. Knowing that Fu Jiu is out to seek revenge, he helps him to look after Min Jiu. But he also tries to suggest better ways to solve the feud between him and En Xi. He is also caring to Duo Zhen and stops her from creating trouble for Fu Jiu too.

5. Mr Che – Park In Huan
This father of En Xi is totally under his wife’s control and is 100% pen-pecked. I do not feel any love coming from him at all, always forcing her to do things against her will.

6. Che En Xi – Shin Min Ah
She is an actress and is involved with the two brothers. But this is not her fault as she loves both deeply. Fu Jiu hates her for the wrong reason as she is truthful to Min Jiu. Misunderstandings create after the extortion matter but her love for him has never reduced. Fu Jiu’s appearance causes confusion to her and she slowly falls for him. But their love is unaccepted but at least both are in each others’ arms in death.

Her crying scenes are exhaustive but fail to move me in any way. It is a pity that she lacks chemistry with both actors. It is already unconvincing that both men fall for such an unreasonable woman. What’s more she lacks the character too – willful, demanding and also likes to compare them with Min Ju?!

Please pardon me but Min Ah lacks the makings of a great star. She has lots of baby fat on her face to casue her to look as if she owns a double chin and she simply lacks the elegance. I don’t expect to see an actress in gowns or lavish dressing all the time but more can be done to her hair, make-up and dressing! Simply everything! Take Hong Kong actress, Chan Wai Shan as an example – she isn’t very stunningly pretty but she has the charm to move all, isn’t it?

7. Han Duo Zhen – Kim Sa Rung
She is Fu Jiu’s childhood friend and Fu Jiu feels that he owes her too much to cause her scarred after a fire. She is a spitfire and declares him to be hers. That is overly possessive and she goes all out to get him. You will not like her because she is selfish to want to cause En Xi misery by asking money from her and yet claims to be Min Jiu’s doing. The poor man in coma takes the rap for her.

8. Mdm Piao – Yoo Hye Ki
She is En Xi’s stepmother who treats En Xi like a money tree. They are never close. Serves her right to fall into Jun Cheng’s trap to get arrested. Actually, En Xi should let her stay in jail to let her suffer since she is so nasty to Min Jiu.

Favourite character
Fu Jiu, although he has mistaken En Xi, he later tries to set things right. But all will shake heads at his act to give her to Min Jiu. Love is unlike giving gifts away.

Most hated character
Jun Cheng, he insists of being a part of the love rectangle. I really laugh when Fu Jiu deliberately gets intimate with En Xi without his knowledge or rescues En Xi from his claws!

Interesting facts

The start caused it to be the top among the three stations. But we know that the ratings went downhill later.

The ratings for this drama was poor. All have over estimated Rain’s ability. Many like to see a childish, comic and cute Rain – not a tired-with-life boxer with bruises on his face all the time. The old love triangle (including Min Jiu) lacks power – it never hit 17%. It was always about 15%. The 13th episode dipped to 13.4%. It was said that Rain had pinned high hopes on it and thus postponed his SEA concert plans.

The crew agreed that this role was tailor-made for Rain and he pushed himself hard. Many were won over by his earnest attitude although he is already a megastar. He was like a clown to them to cheer them up when they were tired or down. He went for many martial arts lessons (Taekwondo, karate, etc) for 4 hours and skipped 2000 times daily.

He has a marvelous body built but he still thought it wasn’t good enough. He wanted 6 biceps and even went sun-tanning till he often had nose bleeds. This is so different from his ‘Full House’ look. He even kept a moustache. Some felt that Min Ah's role was inconsistent so they did not blame her for not acting well.

Although he was exhausted, he was happy when he saw the clips. His weight dipped from 82kg to 75 kg. He trusted the scriptwriter and the director. He found his role sadistic and pitiful. He got tense when coming to intimate scenes.

He was glad this time for once to pair up with Shin Ah who is 2 years younger than him. She called him ‘oppa’ to make him grin non-stop. This was the second time they worked together as their first assignment was shooting commercials. He felt that she was prettier now while she joked that he had turned from a boy into a man to become more attractive now. Min Ah was serious and attentive in acting. Rain became distracted easily and thus had to tell himself that he needed to learn from her.

But alas, his slimming down and boxer training got him nowhere and did not win recognition from the viewers. He had injected many feelings to act – if he didn’t improve, he would feel disgraced.

Rain must be contented to win the Netizen award from KBS acting 2005 awards. It maintained his record for winning at least an award for acting since he starred in dramas. This drama also won 'the best drama' award in 2006 Asia Television Awards.


This serial is destined to be a flop right from the start. It is written by the same script-writer for ‘Sorry I love you’. That is why the sad story is lacking in many areas. It is refreshing to see Rain in a tragic role – pursing a difficult love and life. But the slow pace and predictable plot doesn’t go well with me. He has improved but he comes across expressionless in many scenes where he is supposed to show more emotions.

A suicide act plus the usual scheming moves cause misunderstanding – we have seen that countless times. How the men love En Xi leaves me confused too as she hasn’t done anything cute or go for an extra mile to do anything for them. I am unconvinced and thus give a low rating for this serial.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5) (largely for Rain’s sake)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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