A Witch in Love

Reviewed by: sukting

December 28, 2007

Rating: three

Also Known As: Witch Ma

How long
16 episodes

Kim Jung Hoon starred in here after 'Goong'. This is also Dennis Oh's first attempt to speak Korean lines after his debut in 'Sweet Spy'. How do both compete with Jae Hee to woo the witch You Xi?


MK holdings successor and commercial company director, You Xi has the beauty and the qualifications. But she is very inflexible to be a very bad tempered person under Mr Ma's training. Her subordinates all call her 'witch'. In reality, she yearns for love and doesn't want to be Mr Ma's puppet. So she secretly goes for matchmaking. But she is so notorious that all flee and don't date her the second time.

Mi Long is a talented trainee chef who defies his parents to give up his medical studies to work in a restaurant. But his frankness often causes him to lose his job. His friend, Sheng Mei, who works as a captain in the restaurant, agrees to help him to introduce a job. Yi Long's friend, Min Cheng is arranged to meet You Xi. He forces Yi Long to go on his behalf. So Yi Long pretends to be a gynae to meet her. You Xi decides to make a change after so many failures.

She pretends to be interested in the topics he raises but Yi Long still falls asleep. She throws a glass of water at his face to wake him up and both have an unpleasant encounter. Yi Long looks at her old fashioned dressing – he hates conceited women. This makes her angry. Yi Long helps Mr Cai to develop sauce noodles and knocks into her car the next day. His lie is uncovered. She is displeased to know that he is 26 years old – a year younger than her!

She demands him to pay 4 million won for the damage within a week or she will complain him to the police. Min Cheng reveals to Yi Long's parents that he has quit school. His mother gets so mad so he has to lie that he is going New York. You Xi's character doesn't allow maids to work for her long. Yi Long offers to labour to pay off the debt so he becomes her maid. She is very picky – to only want him to get her a certain brand of mineral water to store in her fridge.

He gets so tired after cleaning the house that he sleeps on her sofa. This is so hilarious when saliva drips from his mouth to make her disgusted. Still, she enjoys his cooking. Mi Long is forced to sleep in the living room as Song Hua brings his pregnant girlfriend home to stay with them. Johnny comes to work at Sheng Mei's restaurant. All have thought of him to be an old and plump man when another man steps out. He gives You Xi a warm hug when he meets her. He is her friend and is working at Mr Ma's restaurant.

Many are amazed by his outlook and also his culinary skills. (This scene is breathtaking indeed as Dennis shows off his good skills.) Knowing that You Xi will be back late, Mi Long stays over the night secretly. She discovers him but faints due to gastric pains. She also wants to hire another maid. When she returns home, she tells Mi Long that. He has prepared porridge for her and she initially pours some away but keeps the remainder as she is too hungry.

Shi Na brings her boyfriend to visit You Xi. He is one of the men who has gone for matchmaking but flees when seeing how she kicks a lecher to punish him for molesting a waitress. (Ga In is good here in displaying the chops.) She is here to sneer at You Xi for not having a boyfriend. You Xi lies that she has and Shi Na forces her to bring him to their alumni dinner. Sheng Mei is about to introduce Mi Long to Johnny to make him as his assistant when he escapes upon seeing Yu Xi coming. You Xi has hoped that he can help her but he has to handle a dinner on that day.

Disappointed, she has to approach her previous 'suitors' to get rejected repeatedly. (I don't find it amusing when she has so many arrows shot into her chest. She is not cut out to be a comedian. ) She is determined to get one because her senior and ex, Jun He is going too. Mi Long can only settle part of the debt so You Xi wants him to pretend to be her boyfriend. He agrees willingly. He can't stand it when seeing her in the same dark outfit. Is she going to a party or a funeral? He refuses to go out with her so she has to give in.

He chooses a dress and dresses her up. He even breaks her spectacles to stop her from wearing it and releases her hair band to let her hair down. (Sad to say, Ga In doesn't look that angry in this scene.) All can't recognize her when she arrives. Mi Long claims to be a plastic surgeon to become popular. You Xi sees Jun He with his fiancée, Hui Zhen (My goodness – can't SBS get a younger actress? She looks so old!) and wants to avoid him when he calls her.

Shi Na runs to Jun He and accidentally pulls her skirt. The most unexpected thing happens – she wears Mickey mouse shorts underneath! Jun He stands aside, not knowing what he should do. (I could have accepted if she wears dark boxer shorts and isn't so childish – doesn't she wear dark clothes all the time?!) Mi Long runs to her, covers her with his coat and carries her out. You Xi gets drunk for disgracing herself.

Mi Long realizes that her ex is around and tells her to change herself to become popular with men. You Xi then wants him to help her with her makeover within a month to get a boyfriend to pay off his debts. He then lies to his family that he is going to New York to stay in her home. He dumps her old outfits and wants her to wear contact lenses. She also cuts her hair and her workers can't recognize her when she comes!

You Xi tells Mi Long to fetch her younger brother, Po Lan from school. Mi Long comes to the restaurant, requesting Johnny to keep him as his pupil. He makes a big blunder, thinking that he is an apprentice when he walks out from the kitchen! Johnny rejects him although he finds his snacks tasty. Mi Long helps to create a chance for You Xi. The man claims her to be different from the past as she is too stiff then. She tries hard to control her temper. When they leave, she nearly trips so he places his hand over her waist to help her up. She thinks that he tries to get fresh with her and throws him down!

Mi Long has to teach her that it is basic manners and she has overreacted. (I shake my head – she can't be so ignorant since she has gone out with so many men?!) When shopping with her, they meet Jun He. He is working at his future father-in-law's hospital. Mi Long tries to soothe her sprained ankle and she teases him for being a fake doctor. He admits that he has gone for medical studies for 2 years. He teaches her to be gentle and she tries it on Xi Jing. The poor woman thinks that she is going to get fired!

Johnny looks for You Xi and nearly can't recognize her. Is she in love or has someone performed magic? She knows that Mi Long is successful. Yu Xi wants to sign a contract with Johnny but discovers that her seal is at home so she wants Mi Long to bring to her. Mi Long then knows that they are friends. Mi Long requests You Xi to help him but she has not asked someone for help before. She rejects him to disappoint him. Mi Long thinks a feminine environment can help her to be gentle so he changes her home design and places rose petals in her bath. (Luckily Mi Long loves women or people will get the wrong idea.)

You Xi wants Wu Long to get a drink for her. He gasps as she is in the bathtub. He closes his eyes and trips into the bathtub. Her mother has wanted her to be adorable and gentle but her father doesn't think this suits her. Mi Long makes a cake for Sheng Mei's birthday but Po Lan lies that he is unwell to ruin his chance. He actually only wants his sister's attention. Sheng Mei explains to Johnny that Mi Long learns how to cook dishes from his father at a young age. Johnny has a better understanding of him now.

Po Lan brings Mi Long to the amusement park to meet Song Hua there. Song Hua agrees to keep it a secret. You Xi refuses to heed Mr Ma's command to go for matchmaking and gets drunk upon seeing Jun He with his fiancée. Sheng Mei learns from Song Hua about Mi Long after going to their home shop to celebrate her birthday. You Xi gets drenched in the rain to have a fever. Mi Long runs out to buy medicine for her and knocks into Sheng Mei on the way. Both do not know each other's existence.

He takes care of her the whole night but she beats him up, thinking that he has taken advantage of her. Mi Long apologises to Sheng Mei for not turning up. She is upset that he keeps the matter from her. Just then, the kitchen is shorthanded and Johnny allows him to help out. Mi Long is excited but has to agree when Shi Na asks him and You Xi out. You Xi reprimands him for making decisions for her and he can't wait for his act to be up. Mr Ma calls up all agencies to stop introducing men to You Xi.

Mi Long asks Min Cheng to help him – Min Cheng can't believe this – can a witch become a beauty and gentle? Song Hua can't bear Mi Long to work so hard so he tries to borrow money from Mrs Cai. Mrs Cai finally discovers that Mi Long becomes a servant and wants to drag him home by tearing the contract. You Xi keeps another contract so she has to give in. Seeing both leaving, You Xi suddenly recalls how her mother leaves her. She and Mi Long are too used to each other and both feel a sense of loss.

Shi Na reminds You Xi about their date. Mrs Cai doesn't allow Mi Long to listen to her call so she has to come with Li to the restaurant. Although Mrs Cai is hostile, Mr Cai still cooks noodles for them. Li threatens to bring Mi Long to the police station so Mrs Cai has to allow Mi Long to work for You Xi. Mi Long wants You Xi to help him to talk to Johnny.

Johnny playfully places his hands to cover You Xi's eyes at the lift area. As usual, You Xi thinks that a man is assaulting her and twists his hand. He feels the pain but teases her not to do it to any other man. (Well, he doesn't know that she has done it more than once.) Johnny is surprised that she makes the request for Yi Long and he is staying at his home. He already has the intention to hire Mi Long. Mi Long mistakens that this chance is due to her and gives her a warm hug.

She is taken aback by it. Johnny is satisfied with Mi Long's performance and Mi Long treasures the chance to work for him. Jun He and You Xi take the same lift – she is so nasty to close the door to disallow Mi Rong to join them! Be amused when she imagines that he kisses her in the lift and he is puzzled when she doesn't walk out with him!

The 4 young people meet and Mi Long secretly spars with Jun He. (It is funny to see how he grips his hand with both hands.) Jun He asks Shi Na why she hasn't told You Xi that he is also coming. She deliberately omits this as You Xi has disgraced herself then. Mi Long protects You Xi when she breaks wind suddenly but she is depressed upon knowing that Jun He is going to get married in a month.

Shi Na recalls that both men are doctors and asks Mi Long the hospital he works. He replies that he has resigned and doesn't tell You Xi as he is afraid of getting ditched. She heaves a sigh of relief. Jun He wants Mi Long to treat her well. Mi Long detects that she still loves Jun He and wants her to raise her standards. Jun He is only suitable for those women who are attracted by his appearance. He nearly ruins the car in shock when You Xi decides to bring him to Chairman Ma if she finds no one.

You Xi starts matchmaking again and it seems to go along fine. But Mi Long realizes that this man is arranged by Ma. Min Cheng tells him that. He quickly stops the dating process and beats the man up with Johnny. ( Or rather Johnny is stronger to beat the man into a pulp while Mi Long suffers the beatings.) You Xi is hurt upon knowing the truth and tells Ma off for intruding into her life. You Xi tears the contract and demands Mi Long to leave. Johnny consoles You Xi and offers his shoulder for her to lean on. Under such pressure, You Xi returns to her witch self and her employees avoid her at work.

Mi Long pastes the contract back and reconciles with You Xi by preparing her favourite dishes. He starts to ask her about her dream guy. She describes him as returned to Korea from overseas and is skilful with a knife. She is referring to Jun He with the surgical knife but he mistakens him as Johnny with the chef knives! He invites Johnny over for dinner, wanting to pair him and You Xi up. Johnny brings Sheng Mei over too. You Xi goes to the hospital upon knowing that Jun He's engagement is called off.

His future father-in-law has decided that the director's son is a better catch. But Jun He is unable to meet You Xi as he needs to handle an operation. She is angry to see Mi Long with Sheng Mei at home. Who says that he can bring a woman back without her permission? Just then, Johnny appears from behind. The four go for a sauna. You Xi gets a tray of eggs to crack on Mi Long's head to seek revenge.

Mi Long goes with Sheng Mei to Sheng Jun's new restaurant. Sheng Jun offers to hire him but he declines. He keeps worrying how Johnny's date with You Xi will turn out – imagining both to kiss. She gets sleepy and Johnny is about to take the glass of red wine from her when she accidentally pours it onto his shirt! Upon getting her call, Mi Long rushes home and is amused to see Johnny in his shirt instead. Shi Na shows interest in Johnny after tasting his food but he can't wait to get away from her.

Mi Long coaxes Johnny to woo You Xi with flowers. But alas, Jun He goes there before him to ask her out. He then lies that he has an errand to run. You Xi confirms that Jun He is single again and dreams to become his bride. Mi Long panicks when the television is out of order and he accidentally burns a hole in her nightgown. He imagines her to punch him with boxing gloves and threatening to release poisonous gas for his mistake. To his surprise, she lets him off easily.

Mi Long throws the nightgown away and You Xi hurries to look for it in the dustbin. Luckily, she finds it and takes it back home. Seeing her happy, Mi Long thinks that her date with Johnny works. But upon seeing Johnny serving the French cuisine to the pair, he realizes his mistake. He nearly blows up when hearing Jun He saying that he doesn't appreciate the food that much as he is more used to Korean food.

He feels sad for Johnny and tells Jun He off not to see You Xi again. You Xi scolds him and blurts out what happens to Jun He. She runs after Jun He to clarify that Mi Long has nothing to do with her but he replies that this is none of his concern. Mi Long lies that Po Lan is near the company and lures You Xi to go out with Johnny. Johnny kisses her forehead before leaving and she is taken aback.

Jun He gives You Xi a call and she rushes to meet him happily. Mi Long tails behind. Hui Zhen still comes to see him, wanting him to transfer to another hospital. You Xi leaves upon seeing them together. She is so distracted that she nearly gets knocked down by a car and Mi Long saves her. Sheng Mei is unhappy that Mi Long brings her to Sheng Jun's restaurant.

Johnny is unwell but comes too upon getting Mi Long's call. Seeing how close Mi Long to Sheng Mei, she gets jealous and dances with Johnny. Knowing that both women drink a lot of wine, he cooks soup for Sheng Mei and tells Johnny to do the same to bring to You Xi. You Xi imagines to see Mi Long's soup in front of her. Seeing how worried Mi Long is over them, Sheng Mei becomes insecure. She wants him to move out of You Xi's home but he dismisses the thought.

You Xi is about to retract from Johnny when he only touches her head. She is so adorable – how do all call her a witch? Although he feels unwell, they still arrange to meet at night. Mi Long is alarmed when Johnny nearly faints into his arms. He tells You Xi to visit Johnny as he has taken leave to rest early at home. Upon getting You Xi's call, Johnny staggers to clean his home. He collapses on the sofa upon Mi Long's arrival. You Xi asks him to come on her behalf as she rushes to meet Jun He. Mi Long looks at Johnny's photo taken with You Xi and knows his affections for her.

Mi Long is displeased that they are together when Jun He answers her call on her behalf so he exaggerates Johnny's condition. She rushes to discover Johnny sleeping soundly. She tells Mi Long seriously that both are only friends. Mi Long asks if she is blinded by her past love for Jun He – she asks him the same about Sheng Mei. He can't answer too. Jun He runs into Ma – he has gone overseas in exchange of leaving You Xi. Ma suddenly has a heart attack. Jun He hesitates but sends him to hospital later.

Johnny returns Mi Long's shirt to him – he has always treated You Xi as a woman and he knows that she puts up a strong front to conceal her weakness. Jun He asks You Xi out to tell her to take care of Ma. You Xi hesitates telling him that she loves him. Sheng Mei has a headache when Shi Na wants to see Johnny again. Mi Long goes on his behalf and his lie of not being a doctor is uncovered. You Xi spills the beans herself to her that Mi Long isn't her boyfriend. Shi Na encourages her to be frank to Jun He.

Johnny looks at You Xi's photos that he has kept in his handphone. Sheng Mei wants to return the money to You Xi on Mi Long's behalf but Mi Long chides her for not discussing with him. Ma dislikes Jun He and doesn't want him to see You Xi again. You Xi tests her declaration script out with Mi Long. She then asks Jun He out to take photos together. He expresses his wish to go overseas and she reveals her true feelings. He rejects her and calls Ma, telling him what he has done and doesn't wish to see him again. You Xi goes to Johnny, crying. Johnny wipes her tears and kisses her suddenly.

She pushes him and runs away. She then calls Mi Long but hangs up when hearing Sheng Mei's voice. Mi Long is distracted and leaves early to know of the outcome. He sees her crying in her room. He gets bewildered upon seeing her in the witch outlook again the next day. Ma comes to You Xi's home, wanting to matchmake her with a rich man. She lies that she is going steady with Wu Long. Anyway, she needs to be in love for a while as she wants to get the client's nod for a contract.

Johnny rests for a while and Shi Na pesters him. He slips away quickly. Mary is angry with Mi Long for wanting to pair him and You Xi up so she intends to hit him with a pan. But it lands on Johnny's head as he steps in first. Wu Long laughs if they are to enact the Marilyn Monroe's '7th itch' scene when her skirt blows up. But she will reveal her mickey mouse undergarment again. But acting as in Matrix will be more suitable for her. (the scenes are surely funny!)

Wu Long finds You Xi very selfish not to ask Johnny as she claims not to want to affect their relationship. Then how is he going to explain to Sheng Mei since he is attached? He can't bring himself to tell her as she is too busy at work. Lee comes to the shop, telling the Cais that Song Hua's chance of being a model is dim. They send him out for delivery as Song Hua is out. The poor man doesn't know how to ride a motorcycle well and returns late with dislevelled hair.

You Xi wants Mi Long to be her lover for a week. She wants him to send her flowers but Johnny comes instead, apologizing for his act earlier. Both visit the temple and she discovers that Johnny loves her when she sees the photos in his handphone. She is prepared to accept him if he says so. But the shy Johnny only says that he wants to be her friend. But he becomes frustrated with himself when he is back in the car. Mi Long is disappointed with the outcome.

Jun He is upset to see Hui Zhen, her father and her new fiancé in the hospital lift but he still bows to them. Mi Long knows that Ma's men are tailing them so he goes dating with You Xi. He even turns Sheng Mei's movie date down to be with her. Sheng Mei goes with Johnny instead. You Xi starts to fall for Mi Long upon seeing romantic messages with the popcorn. She accidentally kisses him and stands up. (I start to find Mi Long too much – he keeps saying that Sheng Mei isn't acting like her usual self. Any woman will be jealous when this happens to her boyfriend. This is a normal reaction.)

Sheng Mei sees her but not Johnny. Upon seeing both of them together when stepping out, she nearly faints but Johnny holds her quickly. She is badly affected by it. Ma warns Mi Long not to be with You Xi and he talks back at him. Sheng Mei drops the dishes upon hearing that. She runs out sadly so he has to move out. You Xi looks for Sheng Mei after knowing his decision and Sheng Mei splashes a cup of water onto her face. You Xi confesses to Ma that she is only acting with Mi Long. Mi Long then decides to stay on to fulfill his contract – he makes their relationship open by bringing breakfast to her. This confuses Ma.

Jun He is drunk so You Xi sends him home. Her heart beats fast when she comes close to kiss his face when both fall on the bed. She still loves him but he is indifferent towards her when he wakes up the next day. Jun He is dismissed when the director presses him to transfer fast and hatred fills his heart whenever he recalls the humiliation he suffers from both women's fathers.

Johnny and others go through Johnny's training. Mary sabotages Mi Long's fish by adding lots of salt but is dismayed when Johnny wants them to switch the food. Anything can happen in the kitchen so they must be prepared. Mi Long sneaks the resting time to send You Xi an mms to declare that he is her superman while she sends one back to say that she is his superwoman. Johnny is disappointed upon seeing this. Mi Long brings You Xi out and gives her a toy ring, wishing her to find a perfect man soon.

Mi long blames Johnny for his predicament. Johnny is silent but is concerned over Sheng Mei's feelings. You Xi expects Mi Long to book a whole musical hall for their date but he can only book a small restaurant to fill them with balloons as he has inadequate money. He gives her a new nightgown as hers is too old. She refuses to discard it. The nightgown and the musical box are from her late mother. She dies overseas due to cancer after her divorce with Ma. Mi Long wipes off her tears for her.

Mi Long still appears as her boyfriend on her matchmaking day that Ma arranges. He dreams that she is calling him for help and sure indeed, it is her wish. Li reveals to the Cai family that he is still single and the two are going steady. Li keeps coming because he loves the sauce noodles. Both deny although they turn up at the family restaurant as they are unsuitable for each other. You Xi's new proposal proves to be a success and her client knows that she is in love now.

Sheng Mei ignores Mi Long when seeing them so intimate. She even keeps his handphone. You Xi feels remorseful to ruin their relationship. Mi Long is distracted during the competition and is eliminated. He returns home late, to see You Xi washing the dishes after cleaning up the house. He offers to take over since it is his last day. Ma changes his mind and allows Jun He to date You Xi. He knows that he has left the hospital. Jun He asks You Xi out to attend a car exhibition as he has always been interested in cars.

This time round, she becomes distracted when thinking of her date with Mi Long so she leaves midway to meet him at the park. Jun He is disappointed and finds the handphone she buys for Mi Long in his car. You Xi prepares dinner but is touched when Mi Long still eats as he knows that she has tried her best. She wants to prolong their 'love period' and kisses him forcefully. Mi Long is overjoyed to know that Johnny gives him a chance to prove himself as the other apprentice injures his hand. Mary tries to speak up for him but Johnny reminds her that the hand is very important to a chef.

The competition continues. Mi Long emerges as the winner of this round and Mary is very upset. Jun He brings the handphone to You Xi's home. You Xi quickly leads him out to drink coffee to prevent him from seeing Mi Long. Shi Na charges into the kitchen, wanting to ask Johnny out. May lies to her that Johnny is waiting for her at another place so that she cannot get close to him. The silly Shi Na still waits in the cold.

Mi Long encourages You Xi upon knowing that Jun He is now wooing her. The two miss each other when Mi Long completes his contract. Song Hua is nearly mistakened as a kidnapper when he comes to Bo Lan's aid. They go with Mi Long and You Xi to the playground. You Xi asks him to return to work for her and he agrees. (I start to feel that he likes the comfort of her home instead of loving her.) She gets so engrossed that she forgets that she has agreed to go with Jun He to the movies.

She sits with Jun He in the cinema, feeding herself to the whole box of popcorn, expecting to look for the love notes that Mi long will give. (Stupid woman – how can the two men be the same?!) Under Jun He's pressure, she brings him home. Mi Long returns to clean her home and the two are back. Jun He is sarcastic to say that he is overly multi-tasked. Mi Long gets the hint that You Xi doesn't want Jun He to know that he is staying with her so he walks out. Jun He kisses You Xi warmly.

Mi Long is nearly frozen outside the whole night as he forgets to bring out his wallet and handphone. He becomes sick the next day. Still, he insists of joining the contest but he loses as he guesses some ingredients wrongly in the food Johnny prepares. Mi Long wishes to explain to Sheng Mei about him still in You Xi's home but he faints in her arms. She takes care of him and asks what is holding him back to move out.

Sensing them around, You Xi throws away the porridge she buys for him and goes out to chat with Johnny. Ma asks Jun He how the date goes. Jun He replies that he should know since he has spies around them. He decides to woo You Xi – in exchange of Ma removing the hospital director from his position so that he can take over. To Ma, this is nothing but it is important to him.

Mi Long gets tense upon knowing that You Xi and Jun He are going to a holiday resort over the weekend. He informs Johnny of his worry and Johnny lets his imagination run wild, thinking that Jun He will force himself upon You Xi. Still, he thinks that it is best that they return home. Mi Long is dismayed when Mary and Shi Na want to join them to go to the resort. Sheng Mei's face is black when knowing from Shi Na that You Xi is there too. All squeeze into Johnny's car.

You Xi wishes to cook for Jun He but Jun He knows that she isn't a good cook so he will bring her out. You Xi is disappointed when recalling Mi Long's words. (A wise decision by Jun He – he probably knows that her cooking is terrible.) Mi Long interrupts their date with the others' arrival. Jun He is frustrated to see them but still has to act magnanimous to let them play the water sports in groups. He nearly bursts when the resort has no other empty rooms and they insist to join them for the night.

Johnny overhears Jun He telling Ma not to call him as he is with You Xi. You Xi warns Mi Long not to be funny since he brings a big crowd here. He requests Jun He to treat You Xi well as she is weaker than he thinks. Jun He snorts – what makes him think that he will forsake her. He is about to kiss You Xi after hugging her in his arms when they are alone when Mi Long shouts at them to go for dinner as he hides his grin. (This man is definitely a big spoiler!) Johnny is puzzled when You Xi tells him that Ma has not seen Jun He before. Then what is that call about?

After dinner, they play a 'tell the truth' game. Shi Na is too direct to ask what motive Jun He has to be with You Xi. She quickly changes her question to what he likes about her. He replies that she likes a useless him – that implies that Mi Long is also useless. Mi Long then asks if he is sincere to You Xi. Jun Xi evades that question and walks away angrily after serving the punishment of drinking the red wine.

Jun He walks into You Xi's room when she is sleeping. He deliberately does that when Mi Long sees him. He is there with a ring and kisses her forehead. He recalls the men's questions on You Xi – she is actually not a bad catch at all. She wakes and screams, knocking against the bridge of his nose. Mi Long charges in to beat him up but gets slapped by You Xi. Johnny has to step in to stop the dispute.

Mary and Shi Na get drunk over Johnny. Shi Na is ditched by her fiancé and is jealous to know that 3 men are interested in You Xi. Sheng Mei is angry that Mi Long is overly concerned over You Xi. You Xi demands Mi Long to move out so he stays at the restaurant. He rejects Sheng Mei's offer to stay at her home. He is about to suggest a breakup but she stops him.

You Xi brings Jun He to see Ma. Ma ignores him but still prefers her over Mi Long. Po Lan also dislikes him. Jun He is disappointed to find Mi Long's MMS in You Xi's handphone when she leaves it in his car. She smiles upon seeing it again. Mi Long returns her the salary that she gives him for the past few days as he causes so much trouble.

Johnny creates a challenge for Mary and Mi Long to be the frontline staff for the day. Mary is to serve Shi Na and her friend while Mi Long is to serve You Xi and Jun He. Sheng Mei is deliberately warm to Mi Long to make You Xi jealous. They recommend the special menu that Johnny has prepared. You Xi and Shi Na accept readily while Jun He sticks to the old dish he wants.

Mi Long is unhappy with Jun He's comment that the French cuisine is nothing and talks back at him. Johnny shakes his head – every customer is a king so he can't afford to change their minds. He also sighs when Mary pours water and wine to Shi Na to overflow twice as they quarrel over him – the third and last glass of water is thrown at her face! Mi Long keeps his cool to serve the couple well so he emerges as the winner. (This competition is a very keen and interesting!)

Johnny wants Mi Long to go to the marketplace early to get the ingredients ready for Ma's company dinner the next day. You Xi wants Mi Long to send her materials to the company. Both are locked up in the studio due to a blackout. She is unable to call Jun He for help due to Mi Long's low battery in his handphone. The line cuts so he hurries to You Xi's place. How conceited this man is – he ignores Sheng Mei when he sees her there. She then adds salt to his wound, citing that he has not captured her heart yet. He boils more when recalling Ma's words that they must marry fast since Mi Long is always with You Xi.

Both spend a night learning beside each other for comfort. Mi Long confesses that he is willing to come for her. Luckily both manage to return for Ma's party. Jun He and Sheng Mei are unhappy to see them together. Jun He even gets so mad that he pulls his collar. Po Lan makes fun of Jun He by adding salt to his red wine. Johnny reminds all staff to take note of a person having food allergy.
Mi Long arrives late and doesn't take note to makes a blunder in the food to cause a guest to have a heart attack. Ma asks Jun He how the hospital management goes and You Xi is puzzled. Both men quickly divert the topic. (The producer is nuts in the script writing here – how can the cunning Ma be mentioning it at this time openly? Just as he always calls Jun He at the wrong time when he is dating You Xi! Can't he do it some other appropriate moment?)

Fortunately, he is saved by Jun He. Ma demands Johnny to dismiss Mi Long and also gives him a slap. Sheng Mei holds You Xi responsible for this but Jun He drags her away. Although You Xi pleads with Johnny, Johnny doesn't change his mind. He is reminded of the same mistake he has made. Food can be a cure and also a poison if not handled properly. Mi Long returns home and he can't be a chef anymore.

Mary will replace him to participate in the competition. Mi Long rejects Sheng Mei's offer to sponsor his overseas studies and to get married. Sheng Mei is angry with him saying that in front of his family. You Xi cooks up an excuse to take away the utensils to see Mi Long. Mi Long is upset when Jun He comes and sneaks away. You Xi comes to the hospital to look for Jun He. Jun He proposes to You Xi and sees that she hesitates so he puts on the ring on her finger, wanting her to consider while Mi Long rejects Sheng Mei.

Song Hua fails in the modeling audition – not only because he can't act. He can't command enough courage to take up the taekwondo sport again as he accidentally caused a close friend to be paralyzed. Mei Jing tries to give him consolation. You Xi calls Mi Long after putting the fake ring on her finger. Sheng Mei gets so annoyed that she lies that Mi Long is marrying her.

Mi Long is mad but he doesn't explain this to You Xi to delete her handphone number. Mary recalls the day and tries to speak up for Mi Long. But Johnny still feels that Mi Long should be more careful. Shi Na comes into the kitchen, buying a lovers' t-shirt for him. Both women quarrel and are heart-broken when Johnny claims that he has a girlfriend in New York.

Sure enough, a woman comes to hug him. She is actually Johnny's business partner, coming here to persuade him to return to New York because the business there dips. Mary is affected and cries in Shi Na's arms. Shi Na gets so jealous that she starts pulling the woman's hair! Johnny thanks Jun He for his help the other day. Jun He reminds him to be careful next time. Johnny bears with Jun He's insults that he still has good business despite the allergy case because Koreans swoon over his fame to ignore this. (You will never believe that such harsh remarks come from a nice-looking face's mouth!)

Sheng Mei is pleased when seeing You Xi wearing Jun He's ring. Jun He bows to the ex-hospital director when seeing him but the old man snaps that he should not remove his position like this and will wait to see his downfall one day. Jun He replies that he has no ground to tell him that! Johnny comes to the Cai restaurant, looking for Wu Long. The family marvel that he looks like a perfectly carved statue. Mr Cai gets tense when he gets him to taste his sauce noodles.

Johnny's reaction is – the taste is heavenly. He tells Mi Long that the same allergy incident happens to him 2 years ago when he forgets to double-check on the customers as he is handling a reporters' meeting. Alas – the customer nearly dies. He is unable to bring himself to cook again till You Xi asks him to return. You Xi also persuades him to write a letter of recommendation to help Mi Long participate in the contest. Mi Long is touched by his gesture.

The more Johnny thinks of Jun He, the more fishy he feels. Mi Long coaxes him to go to the hospital to check on Jun He. Sure enough, they see him meeting Ma, wanting him to sign on a document to take over the hospital. Both men worry that You Xi will get cheated. They overhear Ma telling Jun He that he wants them to marry earlier so they become disappointed. Hui Zhen accuses him of chasing her father out of the hospital just because of a deal. He replies that he is only returning what they have given him.

Mi Long rushes to You Xi when she is sick. Jun He is angry to see them together when he rushes here too and doesn't want this to happen again. You Xi imagines seeing Mi Long but only gets to see Jun He instead. Jun He refuses to accept the ring when You Xi wants to return to him. He even arranges for both parents to meet together.

You Xi learns that Po Lan is the son of her mother and another man. She doesn't die because of cancer but because of a car accident that kills both of them. Ma then seeks to bring Po Lan up as his own son. She realizes that she has wronged Ma. Po Lan leaves home and You Xi seeks Mi Long's help. He tells her that he has no intention of getting married after finding him.

Both confirm each other's feelings and hug each other. Jun He beats up Mi Long and slaps You Xi. He reprimands Mi Long for not having the conditions to marry her and he is silent. Jun He receives the ring but will still wait for her. Her changing of heart implies that he has not treated her well enough. Mi Long makes Sheng Mei sad by suggesting a breakup. Ma destroys Mi Long's family restaurant to threaten him. (Will an influential businessman do this? Isn't he afraid that they will report him to the police?)

Mei Jing's stomach hurts when trying to fend off the gangsters - the others then discover that she isn't pregnant. She lies just because she loves Song Hua. Song Hua feels cheated and confides in Sheng Mei. Sheng Mei then learns what happens to them. Jun He arranges You Xi to get kidnapped and pretends to be the hero to save her. Mi Long has to bow out. Johnny's business associate comes to look for him again but is chased away by Shi Na. You Xi looks for Johnny sadly to know what happens to Mi Long's restaurant from Sheng Mei. Song Hua and Mei Jing reconcile when she is finally diligent to make deliveries.

She confronts Ma but is touched by his advice. He dotes on her and dislikes Jun He but still accepts him as she likes him. She is so badly affected that she faints at her home lobby. Jun He takes care of her and hugs her when she wakes up. She must not fall sick again as he dislikes it. She looks at the wedding rings with Jun He listlessly. Hui Zhen plays to You Xi about Jun He's revenge conversation tape and the building transfer document. (It is strange that all these people get the secretive information so easily.)

You Xi confronts Jun He before the wedding. He refuses to admit it and declares that he loves her. (It is weird when she pulls his shirt but still straightens it to tell him to go for work later! I don't think she can be so demure to control her temper easily.) She and Mi Long meet at the rice cake shop where they come for their date. He advises her not to marry after knowing what happens.

She doesn't want to but has to give in to Ma as he doesn't want it to become a shame. Johnny doesn't stay for the cooking competition as he needs to attend the wedding. Mi Long gets into the semi-final but runs away midway when this thing weighs on his mind. Still, the judges taste his food to find it good. Sheng Mei is mad with him when she chases after him in vain. You Xi doesn't smile at all. She says 'I don't' at the altar to become a runaway bride with the men's help. Laugh when Johnny gives Mi Long his wallet as he is afraid that they may not have enough money.

The two hide at the countryside. Ma has a heart attack so Jun He finds out You Xi's whereabouts to bring her back. He tells her that he loves her but she doesn't believe him. Hui Zhen tells him that she has told You Xi everything. Ma wants You Xi to stop dating Mi Long but she refuses. Mi Long also rejects Ma's suggestion to sponsor his studies. All clients retract their contracts with You Xi under Ma's instigation. Mi Long wins the cooking contest to study in Paris. You Xi advises him to go.

Ma forces You Xi to move out and Jun He tells Mi Long that he is the cause of her misery. So Mi Long returns from the airport to bring You Xi to his home restaurant to stay there. Jun He sneers at Sheng Mei for letting her lover go so easily. Sheng Mei gets impatient with him for being so full of himself and leaves. (Bravo for her – she has bore with his negative insults long enough.)

Ma wants to bribe Cai but he returns the money to him. He doesn't like the way he looks down on Mi Long. He wants him to reflect why You Xi prefers to squeeze into their small home than to return to Ma's luxurious house. Mi Long can only afford a cheap lovers' ring but You Xi doesn't mind that. Jun He is involved in an accident and Ma informs You Xi that he can't operate with his right hand anymore. You Xi decides to marry Jun He. She gets a child to return Mi Long his ring back. Mi Long cries.

Ma wants Jun He to sell the hospital away but he is reluctant. He still wants to wait. Jun He is discharged but this is only a ploy to tie her down. Johnny calls You Xi to inform her that he is going to New York with Mi Long the next day. When she returns, she finds Jun He holding the glass with his 'injured' hand. She gets suspicious and goes to the hospital. Jun He removes the bandage to get prepared for an operation.

You Xi witnesses that Jun He has no problem using his hand at the hospital. She can't contain her anger and insists on leaving. Ma has a heart attack again. Mi Long decides to follow Johnny to New York. Ma decides to let You Xi go. Jun He changes his mind to send her to the airport. Mi Long comes out of the customs. The couple finally hugs in joy.

Introduction on characters

1. Ma You Xi: Han Ga In
She is pretty, capable and but nasty to her employees so they label her as the witch. She heads a commercial company but doesn't want to depend on her father for success. Chairman Ma is also very strict with her to make her more successful. She becomes a soft woman after Mi Long's training.

Ga In cuts her hair short to reveal her dangling earrings. She often says 'I say'… but her witch is non-threatening. She isn't as scary as Han Ye Seul from 'Fantasy Couple'. Her threats are quite harmless as we hardly see her carrying them out. She is simply not fierce or authoritative enough. She lacks communication with the actors – either with little or no eye contact. Her indifferent attitude in portraying the character kills my interest. Her stylish dressing is simply not enough to salvage the situation.

2. Cai Mi Long: Jae Hee
Mrs Cai is a big fan of the 60s actor, Cui Mi Long to give her elder son this name. He yearns to be a chef but gets into the medical faculty. He gave up his studies for 3 years to quit later. He has good dressing sense and knows love tactics well. So he becomes You Xi's coach in love.

He can be a good home husband. Many will wonder – how does he know women so well since he has no sisters? Is it because he likes cooking to have a sensitive touch? Although funny as her coach, it will be dreadful if he behaves sissy to do all the cleaning up and home decoration like a woman! Does cooking make a man behave like this? Luckily none of these traits can be found on Johnny.

Jae Hee does enough homework for the role with appropriate humour on how scared Mi Long is of You Xi. But his gestures in doing the housework makes my skin creep. I don't behave the same overly-feminine way that he does although I also cook at home.

3. Johnny Krueger: Dennis Oh
He grows up in New York and his mother is a Korean. He is perfect – recognised as a talent in cooking at 10 years old. His handsome appearance is like a film star. He came to Korea on a tour at 20 years old under Mr Ma's invitation. You Xi was his guide then and they became friends. But being shy, he doesn't master enough courage to reveal his true feelings to her.

Dennis makes a vast improvement from 'Sweet Spy'. His acting is quite okay although his expressions can be awkward at times. He proves to be a master chef, making so many scenes come alive. His smiles will sweep off many female fans' feet.

4. Yin Jun He: Kim Jung Hoon (Palace)
He is a cardiologist and goes overseas to study. He is a man of few words and is very cold to everyone but is only gentle to You Xi as you can feel his gaze on her. Before they can proceed further, Chairman Man breaks them up by sending him to study abroad. He gets engaged to another woman without knowing that she still loves him. His fiancée breaks off their wedding engagement and he is chased out of the hospital.

He becomes single again and he falls for You Xi all over again. He is very ambitious to gets close to You Xi to seek his revenge but loves her later. He has wanted to give her up because of their difference in social status but is unable to let her go now because she is too beautiful. It was a more down-to-earth role as compared to the others. Jun He refuses to bow to reality and vows to change his fate.

Jung Hoon improves slightly from Goong as an ambitious man to add more cruelty to his role than Prince Lu in Goong. He looks dashing here in different outfits. But I am not convinced that he is a doctor. His innocent looks hinder him from acting wicked better and I feel weird when the actresses address him as senior instead of junior as he is overly youthful looking.

5. Nan Sheng Mei: Jun Hye Bin
She is the manager in the restaurant and is Mi Long's girlfriend, knowing him since young. Their love is smooth-sailing till he works for You Xi. The stupid Mi Long keeps asking what is wrong with her to flare up over You Xi. Come on, this is a natural reaction from a girlfriend. And she isn't as low as him to stalk over the couple as they date!

6. Chairman Ma Zhong Biao: Byun Hee Bong
He is You Xi's father to control her life every now and then, grooming her to be as hard as him as his successor. It seems that he enjoys chasing every single man out of her life. But I don't like the way this actor acts – over exaggerating and is very lecher-looking in many scenes.

7. Ma Po Lan: Kang San
He is You Xi's younger brother – or rather half-brother as they only share the same mother. Both shake a striking resemblance by wearing dark-rimmed glasses. This boy is cute although he sometimes tries too hard to be mature.

8. Mr Cai: Ahn Suk Hwan
He acts as his father in 'Sassy girl Chun Hiang' and also here. Unlike the strict father there, he is the doting and soft father here. Needless to say, his presence is formidable.

9. Jin Mei Jing: Song Ok Sook
She is Song Hua's wife, who has a shot-gun marriage with him after getting pregnant. She wants to groom him to become a top-notch model so she keeps training him….the wrong way. She is unrealistic and playful to find excuses not to help out at the family restaurant. She is too simple-minded and can't keep secrets.

10. Cai Song Hua: Jo Kye Hyung
He is Mi Long's younger brother who helps out at the restaurant. However, his dream is to become a model and he tries hard to get into You Xi's company.

11. Team Leader Li: Sung Dong Il
He is You Xi's subordinate who is single and is also Ma's spy to seek out You Xi's suitors. He likes to eat the sauce noodles prepared by Mr Cai. He becomes so close to them that he even comes on public holidays.

12. Piao Xi Jing: Baek Hyun Suh
She is You Xi's secretary who often makes blunders at work and enjoys giving nicknames to others. Witch You Xi is the title given by her.

13. Han Shi Na : Hwang Ji Hyun
She is You Xi's arch rival. Both often compete to see who gets a boyfriend first. Strangely, she isn't interested in Jun He who is so handsome looking?! Maybe it is due to the fact that he is attached. But I find her a bimbo although she looks classy. Who can be so stupid to trip over someone to pull down her skirt by running so fast? She is too loud – no wonder her fiancé can't tolerate her to break their engagement. She then set eyes on Johnny but her over-daring acts scares him away instead.

14. Nan Sheng Jun
He is Sheng Mei's brother who opens a restaurant. Feeling sorry for him, he tries to lie on his behalf to his parents and even offers to hire him when his shop is opened.

15. Min Cheng
He is Mi Long's friend who opens a matchmaking agency. You Xi is his client who gives him endless trouble so he can't wait to get rid of her. Still, he is a loyal friend to Mi Long to tell him what evil designs her prospective partners have to warn her to be careful.

16. Mrs Cai (Liu Fu Zhu)
She is Mi Long's mother who loves daydreaming too. Although she often complains that she regrets marrying Mr Cai, both are a loving couple.

17. Zheng Mary
She is also an apprentice at the restaurant. She is lively and lovable to help Johnny to avoid Shi Na and is also Mi Long's closest rival in cooking. You will enjoy the scenes between her and Shi Na over Johnny. She is jealous of Mi Long but still congratulates him in the end on his success.

18. Zhang Hui Zhen
She is a revengeful and snobbish woman. She can betray Jun He for money so she has no right to reprimand her as he gives her a taste of her own medicine. Good grief – whose idea is it to pair her up with Jung Hoon – she looks too old!

Most favourite character
Johnny, he is very self-sacrificing in love. He is also willing to share his expertise with the juniors.

Most hated character
Ma, it seems that he is displeased with everyone else except himself. He only wants You Xi to go to matchmaking sessions that he arranges.

I like the songs 'if' and 'destiny'. Fast paced and romantic. The instrumental 'Just like destiny' is also my favourite with the saxophone music as the background. 'Run and Run' music also shows how desperate Mi Long tries to escape from You Xi. The themesong 'Fate of a teaser' is surprisingly similar to a song in 'My Girl' in its rap – is the songwriter the same person?

Interesting facts

Ahn Suk Hwan, Byun Hee Bong and Jo Kye Hyung worked for this drama after 'My Girl'. The last two actors were amused that they still did not have a single scene together!Cincidentally, Kye Hyung acted as a guy striving hard to become a successful model again. Did the scriptwriter run out of ideas?

Song Ok Sook and Kye Hyung acted as siblings in 'My girl' but a couple in here. They needed more time to adapt to the change.

Ga In was happy to portray this 'witch' – which was different from her bimbo or demure roles in the past. She took special classes for the fighting scenes and also turned down some commercial offers. The same happened to Hye Bin who did not act for some time too. Jae Hee had worked with the director for 'Sassy girl Chun Hiang' so he agreed readily to this project without thinking as he loved it after reading the script.

Wu Long's role as a two-timer was so detested by many online viewers that they do not wish to see his face. Jae Hee didn't mind it as long as Hye Bin is popular. However, a cosmetic clinic Isunguchioru commented that Jae Hee looked good. Ga In made a lot of sacrifices in revealing her flesh for the baths, wearing large mickey mouse underwear and kissing her male co-stars. But the biggest winner was Jung Hoon. This drama was sparred against Ji Hyun's 'Mawang'. This drama won it in most episodes so it was like Prince Lu taking his revenge.

Jung Hoon was too nervous when filming Goong that he suffered from insomnia and nearly from depression. Still, he could feel less stress as all were newcomers. But now he faced an experienced crew. It was hard on him to act cool as he loved smiling. He kept laughing when coming to the bed scene (with clothes on) and had 10 over n.g.s. the 2nd episode shot up with his debut appearance while episode 4 shot the highest with this scene. He was the drama's lucky star.

He got to wear the doctor's robe. He studied dentistry for a while but gave up for the acting studies instead. Many joked that he is finally a doctor now. But he confessed that he did not have the chance to touch the surgical knife. This role is a cardiologist so he went to the hospital to learn in detail. He only recalled the agony in studying then. He was quick to add that it wasn't a doctor's drama like 'white tower' as it focused more on cooking and it dealt more on Jun He's change.

The director was worried about his English but he was okay. It was good to be an actor to experience different lives but why always make him the loser in love? He hoped to get the role of a liar next time. Jae Hee only hoped that he did not get to shoot a drama in winter again.

Jung Hoon tried acting using his eyes without the lines and later many were won over by how hurt Jun He is when treating Yu Xi badly. The drama used different suits and hairstyles to project his change. Before seeking revenge, he appears wearing a tie in formal dressing. But when the revenge fire is rekindled, he starts to wear more casually and his hair becomes shorter. He looked forward to it although Jun He is the only bad guy in the drama. He teased Jae Hee to be the lead, Dennis the second while he came last.

Unlike the guys, Ga In isn't that good in cooking and is still attending classes. It was the first time she cut her hair short. She thinks that Yu Xi is a witch but can still attract men. She did not get special help on how to act out so she had to rely on her own.

Jung Hoon was interested in the cooking scenes and also the animation parts. He often stayed with the computer effects crew to observe how they included them in scenes where Jun He had conflicts with Wu Long. Jae Hee learned French cuisine at a hotel for 2 months. He also loves shopping and cooking in true life and now has more female friends known through acting. His studying days only made up of men.

He hates women keeping long hair and likes them to dress up. This drama helps him in his dress sense. But he will definitely not teach them how to woo a man. It is still better for couples to resolve their own problems. And yes, he treats his ex-girlfriends like princesses when dating. But this stops when he works – he will not call or meet them. So his love relationships do not last long.

The final episode of the drama was only 13%. Ga In was unhappy that viewers attributed it due to her acting. She criticized the director and the producer. The producer was changed midway so the story became uninteresting and predictable. Thus the viewership dipped. Her managing company claimed that her classy dressing and tone (the way she said 'I say') combined with Jae Hee's humour caught the viewers' attention. But because of the two factors she listed, it became a brainless game instead.

They claimed that Ga In had put in all her best in her acting. But the viewers thought that it was still her fault and she was only trying to evade responsibility. SBS revealed that she had taken $800k to shoot it and was taken aback by her remarks. The director was successful in shooting 'Sassy girl Chun Hiang' and 'My Girl'. This was the first time he encountered this issue in his 20 years experience. He took up the responsibility but thought that she was unfair to the other cast members and those involved in the filming.

Jae Hee did not blame anyone but thanked everyone for their support. Although the story was comical and lighthearted, it failed to win the viewers' hearts. They chose it to be no.4 out of the worst 10 dramas in 2007. It was also among the worst 5 dramas for a 2007 online poll. Still, it was said to be the drama that taught many Korean women how to cook well to win their men's hearts.

Dennis took a lot of time to learn Korean and all had a surprise when he spoke Korean throughout the drama. He added phonics on top of every word to memorize them. He preferred the cooking scenes as he often cooks at home. Still, he often practiced at home so he often injured himself during filming in the kitchen. His father is an Irish American and his mother is Korean. He went to many countries because of his soldier father but was familiar with kimchi making.

Jung Hoon came to Singapore for TCS star awards and promotion for this drama on 15.12.07. All will know that I am an international fan star chaser. There is no way for me to miss the chance of meeting Prince Lu from Goong. I went to the airport. He was as photogenic in person as in the drama, appearing in a woolen cap and casual dressing. He won all fans' hearts as he bowed politely before leaving.


Dennis Oh and Jung Hoon are here to beg for your attention. One credit is the cuisine looks very authentic. I didn't like Mi Long looking so hopeless and taking orders from a rude witch over every beck and call. Mi Long's character is every mother's nightmare of a son behaving like that for a woman like Ma You Xi. She treats him like dirt and he takes too much in his stride. Doesn't he feel sorry for himself?

Although it is not as bad as a brainless game as many viewers claim, it is a low-rated intelligence game indeed. (You Xi in mandarin can also be a phrase for game in another intonation.) I can't accept that a woman who has fallen in love before can be so retarded in love. And to get a man as her coach – can't she get her own female image consultant? How can she be trusting men more?

The starting is fine but it becomes foolish with the same old storyline with those diehard people refusing to believe that love has ended coming to the last few episodes. Their mindsets also change within an episode – can it be so easy? It is definitely not as enjoyable as watching 'My girl'.

Looking at how Ma and Jun He approve of You Xi to be with Mi Long within minutes make me share my head. I also get sick of Sheng Mei and Mi Long who keep asking what is wrong with each other. Viewers are demanding these days - there is no way they can stomach such a sloppy arrangement.

Comedies can be done in a funny way but this drama fails in many aspects – the supporting cast is more impressive than the main. The script writer has to bear with most of the responsibility to make this drama a big flop. Ga In should work much harder in comical scenes. She looks out of place in here. Still, we must applaud to the actors who work hard to make this drama work. The witch doesn't work well but the wizards make it a success.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On songs : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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