All About Eve

Reviewed by: sukting

June 02, 2004

Rating: four-point-five

How long
20 episodes

This serial shoots the main cast to stardom. It is one of the 4 most sought after dramas by the end of 2000 – the others being ‘Tale of Autumn’, ‘Sunflower’, and ‘Fireworks’. This is also Jang Dong Gan’s last television drama. Many know the story well but I share special scenes, with comments and clear explanation from author Yin Cheng Yi’s translation of the Korean drama script. I don’t understand certain scenes and only know the meaning/purpose after reading it. So I add some below. I strongly recommend this drama and the book – all those curious about Korean drama mania and have not started watching should start with this one.

I apologise for the long review – which is as long as my ‘Healing Hands’ synopsis because the story really spans lots of discussions and points to talk about.


Xiang Zhe is in his London home when he listens to Yong Xi’s call, inquiring over his well-being. He is disgusted to get his father’s call and is shocked to know about his mother’s death. He cries at his mother’s funeral, thinking of how his father ditches him and his mother. Sorry to offend Dong Gan’s fans but I really think that he looks extraordinary fat in this scene with his hair falling over his face.

In contrast, So Yeon’s interpretation of Yin Mei’s sorrow and relief is calm and yet makes one feel for her. She is sad and yet relieved to be away from his control. Who doesn't shiver when she puts the blame on Gui Cheng and later gets to come to Seoul with him? Yin Mei burns her father’s things and tell Ren Xiu to leave her alone. She wants to erase the past. Yin Mei stays with You Zhen and Jun Mao – due to Gui Cheng’s stupid arrangement. Is there a better solution instead of asking her to stay with men? Yin Mei sees that Jun Mao is rich and sucks up to him, making You Zhen jealous.

Xiang Zhe meets Yong Xi and Xian Da. He is unhappy when both tell him to forgive his father. He snaps at Yong Xi. He doesn’t want her to be his fiancée because she knows too much about him but doesn’t understand him. He is also impolite to Xian Da – he is always against his father and is thus irritated that they support him. We can’t blame him for being unreasonable because no one sides for him.

You Zhen wants Xian Da to look for a job for Yin Mei, destroying Shan Mei's chances. She is jealous of Shan Mei who is fortunate all along. Knowing that she likes You Zhen, she starts to lure You Zhen and tricks him to go into bed with her. She forges her abortion to make his mother approve of them together. However, she saves her from gangsters so Shan Mei owes her a favour.

Yong Xi goes to London for a interview. She meets Xiang Zhe outside Westminster Church. He gives her a friendly hug and brings her to Shan Mei’s aunt’s shop. They like the food there. At night, she sneaks out from a function to meet him. She wants him to dress formally to fit her. It is sad – to Xiang Zhe, it can only be an ordinary night but to her, she might recall this unforgettable day even after 30 years.

They visit the Thames River. She finds it romantic but to him, everywhere is the same. She suddenly asks her about the beauty that he has mentioned to her. Xiang Zhe is too attractive and is often the centre of attention. He replies that he isn’t interested in her. She is relieved – although he doesn’t belong to her, she is unable to let it go. She jokes that it will be best revenge to see him being tortured by love. He then realizes that he has hurt her seriously and the hole in her heart is still hollow.

He touches her face gently and she holds his hand. He relates that he doesn’t know what is love and doesn’t want to end up like his parents to be trapped by love. Many have said that sons resemble fathers. If he gets a son like him, what can he do? She leans on his back and says that she often feels sad whenever she sees him. A very touching scene by the two artistes.

Shan Mei cries upon seeing the two together. She goes to London to visit her aunt and to improve her English in Oxford University. She has problems asking the staff and Xiang Zhe sees her. He is selfish for not helping her as he knows that she is also a Korean like him! Does he want to test her English ability???

Ren Xiu forces Yin Mei to sing to be a bar hostess. She has no choice but to agree to it because she is afraid that he might harm You Zhen. Zhen Shu finds out about it and has a very bad impression of her. But what can she do because her son likes her? She is very annoyed when Yin Mei wears the dress that she buys for Shan Mei. Yin Mei takes it off and frames her in front of You Zhen. Poor Zhen Shu eats the dead cat. (Please allow me to borrow a Cantonese saying here.)

Shan Mei is distracted to think of You Zhen when she crosses the road. Xiang Zhe is driving his BMW convertible. Xiang Zhe knocks her down and is frightened. She has plasters on her body but assures him that she is fine. She looks at his car and says that it looks alright to her. He is amused – why is she asking over his car at this time??? He inquires whether she needs his company to the doctor the next day.

She looks like a fragile doll with her overalls and curly hair. She declines but he worries – her English is atrocious and what if she is unwell? After seeing her smile, he is relieved and reminds her not to dream again. He wants to send her home but she declines. Anyway, he returns her backpack and says that it is not his fault if she wants to talk about responsibility. Seeing that she is really not angry with him, he finds her special. Xiang Zhe cares more for himself – but – this is a normal reaction when accidents happen.

Xiang Zhe sees letters for Shan Mei. He is still worried after parting the last time and visits her. He waves to her and her classmate envies her for knowing a handsome guy. She calls him ‘senior’ and treats him to coffee. Upon seeing the joint letter from Yin Mei and You Zhen, she crushes it. Xiang Zhe is concerned upon seeing her change. He knows that it is from her life saviour and decides to cheer her up. No one can live on his own and will have to trouble others at times. He wants to bring her to the restaurant but she needs to work. He reminds her to be careful on the road again. She jokes she doesn’t want to be another accident. He smiles – can she be so unlucky again? Both meet at the same restaurant. She says he can treat her like his younger sister. (This ignorant man doesn’t realize that he likes her.)

Shan Mei reads a book and Xiang Zhe finds her working too hard. What happens if he is scared away by her weak English? He tries her aunt’s sushi but they taste so delicious that he finishes all. She is so mad with him as she can see the food still in his mouth! He enjoys seeing her angry – he will get something for her then. He even takes her juice away to lure her away! This scene is sure cute!

Xiang Zhe puts a red cap on her head and comments it looks nice on her. When she replies shyly that she seldom wears caps, he jokes that he wants to test before buying for his girlfriend. He doesn’t understand why he likes to make fun of her. Suddenly she sees a blue cap and places on his head to try for Gui Cheng. He is moved and guilty that he doesn’t give his father anything. He confesses that he is still unattached and she can wear the red cap before he finds one.

He feels warm seeing her smile and suggests getting something for her life saviour. She frowns as this never occurs to her. I feel that Xiang Zhe is insensitive to come up with this suggestion at the wrong time although he might not mean to say it.

Shan Mei sees Xiang Zhe playing on the piano and is attracted to stand outside the door. He is playing a slow piece but when he sees her, he urges her to enter. She jokes that he has eyes behind him. Suddenly, the tune changes to a fast song and he sings to her. She feels that his voice is fantastic. She observes his perfect, sculptured face from the side view. He is a person suitable to stand in front of the crowd to let all admire his works. Notice that Xiang Zhe turns cheerful to suit her moods here?

She starts to appreciate him. Besides attending classes together, he brings her to listen to music, to sit on the boat on river Thames, buy tidbits and ice cream for her. Sometimes, he sings to her and listens to her on her ill feelings. She has wanted to be independent and never expects to meet him here. He takes good care of her and never complains or asks anything in return. Maybe Yin Mei is right to say that she is fortunate.

Soon, she is returning to face them and she can’t bear to leave. She cries and reveals the whole story. He wipes her tears and it pricks his heart upon seeing her swollen eyes. He notices that she wants to maintain a good relationship with everyone which is impossible. She feels that Xiang Zhe has everything so he has no troubles since he is handsome and is fluent in English. He smiles and thinks that she is so innocent.

Shan Mei thinks that his future son will be as good looking as him and is shocked when he decides not to have any child. He touches her curly hair and admires her puzzled look. Why is such a handsome man choosing to remain unattached? Is there something wrong with him? She complains of him not telling her anything. He says that he is truly happy – with her.

This is her last day in London. He brings her to a lavish restaurant and she feels uneasy. He could have brought her a burger as she doesn’t want him to spend too much money. Xiang Zhe smiles at her – how can he bear to treat her only to burgers? She admits that she is lucky to know him. He feels that he is not as good as she thinks as he also learns a lot from her.

He has never seen someone who is so optimistic and thinking for others. She is so unselfish. He jokes that her mother will scold her for drinking so much wine. He is taken aback when she says that her mother is dead and is sufficient for her to have her father. He starts to ponder his actions and wishes her to forgive Yin Mei. It is best if she tells You Zhen how she feels.

He sends her to the airport. Recalling the eating incident, he says a lunch snack will do. She hasn’t gotten anything for Yin Mei so he passes a necklace to her. He chooses it carefully because she is her life saviour .When the person wears it, he will recognise her. He doesn’t get anything for her because knowing him is the best present. Actually, I think the cap should be an unforgettable gift.

She gives him a Peter rabbit display. I laugh at it - how can she give it to a man? It is cute but it is not suitable for him as it is too childish. Shan Mei finds it funny giving it as it represents her and the most important thing is the thought. He keeps it carefully as he treasures it. Shan Mei is upset as he needs 3 more years to complete his studies. She tells him to eat meals regularly, study hard and keep in contact with her.

Xiang Zhe is amused as the way she talks is as if he is going to war. But, he is still very touched. He gives her a hug – he says that it is a formal England greeting and plants a kiss on her face. This warm way is very different from the way he treats Yong Xi. Upon seeing her entering the checkpoint, he feels a sense of loss as he knows that he will miss her. Yin Mei likes the necklace which is planted with small diamonds. Shan Mei is so blur to exclaim how beautiful it is – this indicates that she isn’t he one who buys the present! But she is shattered when the two are together and You Zhen rejects her.

She wears the cap and calls Xiang Zhe but he isn’t in. She breaks into tears. But later, she is calmer by writing him letters to inform her about her well being. Writing to him makes her feel better. If he is around, she will hug him and cry aloud instead.

Xiang Zhe returns home after graduation and sees people from his father’s company with Yong Xi and Xian De. He visits his father in hospital and realizes how old he has become. He sees his step uncle, En Qi and is alarmed to know that he joins MBS. What are they planning to do? Are they eyeing him as a thorn in the flesh? He returns home with Xian Da. He feels bad luring Yong Xi away. Xiang Zhe looks at him naughtily – this isn’t the first time and Xian Da confesses.

They get serious and Xian Da persuades him to join MBS. It is his grandfather’s career and his mother spends a lot of time on it too. If En Qi wants to control it, Xian Da will prefer Xiang Zhe. If he doesn’t handle, how will he answer to his mother? Xiang Zhe is confused and Xian Da feels that he is pitiful. He jokes that he relies Xiang Zhe to get rich. Xiang Zhe decides to join after knowing that En Qi goes to MBS without his father’s instructions. He hates his father but he doesn’t wish to offend him.

It is a tactic of En Qi to get rid of Xiang Zhe. Xiang Zhe knows Wen Rong Holdings is a big cake and his enemies will want MBS to control the whole media. He decides to take over the job. After this, he goes to look for Shan Mei, to see whether she has grown up. She is so delighted to see him that she hangs around his neck! He gets embarrassed and chides her for shouting aloud. When he sees her, he then realizes how much he misses her smiles and only knows how to look at her closely.

He even imitates her twisting her mouth as no one will believe that she is out of love as she is so cheerful. Her letters seem to show the end of the world but she doesn’t seem unhappy. That is because she still has hope since You Zhen is single. He starts to envy the person she loves. She asks whether he has found a job. He makes fun of her by feigning that he has written many applications. She asks if he wants to work at Gui Cheng’s construction site.

Xiang Zhe is so amused upon imaging himself doing something that he doesn’t know at all. She smiles too as she can’t imagine him in a helmet too. He likes her smiles so he is using his eyes to take the picture down. She can go to him if You Zhen makes her sad again. He doesn’t know what is wrong with him to say this so naturally. He strokes her soft hair to enjoy the loving feeling.

Yin Mei tries to place poison in Shan Mei's cosmetics but Zhao Di becomes the victim. Yin Mei later lies that Gui Cheng has an accident so that she can take over her post as the compere for the night. She is surprised that Shan Mei’s dress fits her well. Shan Mei is angry when the men don’t believe her. She is still consoled that Zhen Shu trusts her. Still, both get into MBS and Shan Mei frowns.

The couple decides to get married the next year. Shan Mei is heartbroken and tells Xiang Zhe that she is busy trying to get into MBS. So she will not have time to be with him often. He senses a change but she doesn’t know how to put across her sorrow. He is worried and presses her to tell him. She tries to divert the topic by saying that she has straightened her hair and she should look like an anchor woman now. She then says that Xiang Zhe is jobless for a long time and his figure will become fat.

This scene is sure funny. She starts to feel around his waist and he tries to hide from her, saying that he has no tummy. She tricks him to look at the sky and pokes his stomach, saying that his muscles are stiff. He doesn’t know what to do with her. He jokes that this is their first date and he will treat her to the most expensive instant noodles. Suddenly, he detects that Shan Mei has never been so upset. He is about to reach her but she tells him to stop and uses his eyes to take a photo of her.

This is the Shan Mei that he has not known before. She tells him to remember it always. He watches her and stands close to her. She shouts saying that she wishes You Zhen all the best. Xiang Zhe feels lost. Why doesn’t You Zhen treasure her? He envies him. This is a touching scene. Xiang Zhe becomes the director of the planning unit and states his expectations. He can detect the unfriendly glances from En Qi. He decides not to waste time and familiarize himself with the working procedures.

You Zhen shops for clothes for Yin Mei. Xiang Zhe gives Shan Mei a brooch to wish her success. He looks into her face and wonders whether she knows that she is much prettier than it. Xiang Zhe doesn’t wish to miss any important moment of her life to snap the precious shot with his eyes. He watches her in the selection in secret. (Remember the part he taps on the camera man’s shoulder and looks into the camera?) It is so funny that she walks without looking and almost gets tripped by the wires, which attracts despised looks from Yin Mei. Shan Mei is relieved that it is fine since she wears the brooch.

This is Xiang Zhe’s first day of work and he comes to the studio to see how the anchormen are doing. I am so thankful that Dong Gan finally slims down. Yong Xi and Xian Da are the 7pm news host. He shakes Xian Da’s hand and later winks at Yong Xi after shaking hers. Wonder how he can show his playful self when he is at work? My colleagues find him seductive – as if he is throwing glances at her.

The newcomers follows Xian Da around. Xiang Zhe walks in a different direction to avoid being seen. Shan Mei is bored except with Cheng Shui. She is overjoyed to see Zhao Di in the dubbing unit. Xiang Zhe returns to office and looks at the display. All will not expect to see such a childish object on the planning unit director’s table. He talks to a friend from BBC and Yong Xi comments that his years overseas has trained him for the job. Xiang Zhe actually has no intention to inherit the business but learns out of interest.

Their fathers have met and she feels shameful for not able to keep him. Xiang Zhe wonders why she hasn’t realize Xian Da’s love for her. He pretends not to know and jokes that he will fire her for being so unconfident. She says that he can do it with the sword in his hand. He smiles back, wondering whether Shan Mei has influenced him to smile often these days. She is about to get direct when Xian Zhe asks how the new anchormen are doing. She is dejected and asks if there is someone he knows. He hides his feelings and denies it. Poor Yong Xi – she has tried to be direct in revealing her feelings but it brings her to nowhere.

Shan Mei reports the news over the radio and is so nervous to swallows her saliva. Yong Xi is displeased while Yin Mei is happy. Xiang Zhe also listens to it and wishes her the best in secret. En Qi’s gang opposes to Xiang Zhe improving the children’s programmes and he is angry. Many freeze upon seeing his stern expression when reprimanding them that they should not have separate gangs. They lower their heads. I like this as it shows that he is ruling the meeting with an iron hand. This is what a head should do.

He decides to go to see a potential producer personally and all follow him. He passes a room and hears Shan Mei’s voice. He peeps from the door and sees her narrating lines. He smiles and is distracted, even signaling the others to stop disturbing her by putting the finger on his lips. This scene can be unconvincing to me – should Xiang Zhe shows favouritism openly and look so childish at this time? Shan Mei is angry with herself for not reciting well and Xiang Zhe smiles when her stomach growls. When she returns, she finds a burger and a drink in the room with a card. The card tells her to eat and work later. The writer even comments that she reports the news well. She wonders who the giver, Y is.

Yin Mei knows that Shan Mei’s training script is done by Xian Da. In jealousy, she tears it. Without it, Shan Mei stammers. She cries over her failure in the 3 minutes test and Xiang Zhe calls her at this time. He can tell that she cries and is concerned. She denies so he asks her out. Xiang Zhe sits in his office and feels sorry as she has worked so hard. En Qi comes in and signals Xiang Zhe to sit on the sofa with him. Xiang Zhe’s smile vanishes and feels he is too thick-skinned because this is his office.

Still, he obliges and accepts his challenge of giving different proposals on how to improve children’s programmes. He is fed up because En Qi thanks him for getting involved in his programme – he has neglected the fact that Xiang Zhe is the one in charge. Xiang Zhe doesn’t wish to produce a segment to cut the costs. He suggests showing plans. En Qi is taken aback because he acts like a businessman now.

Xiang Zhe wears casual clothes and lowers his shades, jokingly asks Shan Mei whether she has cried. Shan Mei is moved but denies. He brings her to the merry go round because she is childish. Upon seeing the smile back on her face, his tighten nerves finally loosen. Will she list him with her loved ones? He is overjoyed when she holds his elbow. He comments it is most fortunate to marry her and Shan Mei may have someone to back her. She jokes she will ask to report the 9 pm news. Xiang Zhe wonders – her smile is so innocent - is he be able to reject her if this happens? She is surprised when he says that he has no girlfriend. She jokes he can consider her as he treats her well. She rushes off to buy more beer for him.

Yong Xi suddenly calls him to ask why he disappears immediately after work. Of course – he has to get prepared to cheer Shan Mei up! Xiang Zhe confesses that he is with a friend from London. She gets jealous and hangs up, wondering whether he is attached. She puts up a brave front, telling Yin Mei that she is his special friend. I find Yong Xi pathetic looking here as she is lost in love.

Xiang Zhe happens to look into Shan Mei’s wallet and find the photo that she takes with Yong Zhen. Shan Mei has crushed it earlier but places it back. He finds a pang of sweetness and bitterness. He wonders what he thinks of her as he has never considered this before. If Yong Xi gets to see him guarding Shan Mei’s purse, what will she think? He is so gentle to her and can’t bear to see her upset. She suddenly kisses him on the cheek after reaching home, commenting that this is the England style.

He is taken aback but overjoyed. He suddenly has the urge to meet You Zhen to find out how wonderful he is to make Shan Mei hard to forget him. He gets You Zhen to meet him in his office. All may find it unforgettable as he stands up to wear his suit jacket and turns just in time to face You Zhen. You Zhen knows he is very capable from his look. Although they have similar heights, he can sense his authority but he is very surprised to find him so young. Xian Da comes in to make the introduction.

Xiang Zhe explains that he has watched a reporter’s programme and mentions it to Xian Da so Xian Da offers to bring You Zhen to see him. (I wonder if this is an excuse.) You Zhen humbly says that it is his department’s credit. Xian De is happy to see both juniors together and reminds Xiang Zhe that the cameramen are as important as the anchormen or reporters. Xiang Zhe agrees with him.

Xiang Zhe finds out that You Zhen comes from his high school too. They can be good friends. Xian De recalls his long friendship with Xiang Zhe – he goes to England without finishing his high school education but yet they keep in touch. Xiang Zhe wants to introduce someone to him but Xian Da teases You Zhen, since he is already tied down. You Zhen affirms that he doesn’t regret being devoted to a person. ( I don’t know whether Xiang Zhe wants to fight a last chance for Shan Mei or wants to make sure that he is attached so that he can start to woo her.)

The three return to take the lift. They meet Yin Mei and Xian Da introduces her to Xiang Zhe. She is attracted by his youth and vigour. Xiang Zhe also recognises her through the necklace. He notices that she is cold to You Zhen and wonders why. So does You Zhen. It is sad that she warns You Zhen not to reveal their romance at work as she wants to concentrate on her career. Poor man – he shouldn’t agree to it.

Yong Xi invites Xiang Zhe out to have a drink. She starts to think of the times they share in England. No matter when she feels upset or happy, he is always not around. He smiles and says that she makes him feel bad. She states that she is willing to be his listener when he is moody. He admits that she is always by his side but she reminds him of the pain that his parents give him whenever he sees her.

She urges him to forget about it but he can’t. She is desperate – why can’t he just pretend to do it? He admits that he is trying. Ignoring her eager eyes, he says that he is doing it in front of another person. She is shocked – is he meaning that he already has someone in mind? She looks so disappointed. After this, Xiang Zhe goes to Shan Mei’s home. He has a rose for her and and it is near dawn. Will she sleep well?

He calls out her name in his heart and hopes she comes out to meet him. He lights a cigarette and intends to call her. But he can’t bear to wake her up so he drops the idea. He leaves it at the gate. Shan Mei finishes her work and notices it. She wonders who is the fool to leave it at the wrong address. No wonder she feels the urge to come out – it is calling her. Is it telepathy that Xiang Zhe explains in the later scene?

Shan Mei is upset that she has no idea for the interview segment. She wants to get suggestions from Xiang Zhe but he says that he is busy. She wonders what a jobless person can be busy about. She never knows that he is actually holding a meeting. She tries to interview a housewife who has donated rice to the poor but in vain. She returns, disappointed and suddenly someone sends a lot of food to the station. She wonders whether Gui Cheng does it but later dismisses it.

Yong Xi is sarcastic to say that she only knows to romance and neglects work. Shan Mei feels wronged because Yong Xi treats her like a fool and Yin Mei despises her. The food warmth fills her heart – is it from Xiang Zhe? She asks him. He tries to act innocent as a jobless man can’t be rich to treat so many to such expensive food. He even asks whether You Zhen is the one. She shakes her head and Xiang Zhe is delighted when she hasn’t asked him and she is sure that he isn’t the one. (I must say that Xiang Zhe is jealous in some way but he looks childish here too - becoming more like her.)

He smiles warmly and is delighted that she thinks of him and not You Zhen as the first person. Looking at his smile, Shan Mei confirms her guess. He is shy and admits that he is worried that she will be so busy to skip her meals (just like the other time when she memorises her script.) Do others envy her? She smiles and recalls the burger incident. She then shakes her head because he shouldn’t know that she is there. He pretends to be ignorant. She tells him not to send food over again. He can do it after she is popular. She wants to prove she doesn’t waste her time on love. He wonders if someone makes her life difficult. She laments that she isn’t in love but the rumours fly. Xiang Zhe is disappointed and thinks he is silly – they are not in love – then what is it then? She is unsuccessful in her interview so he encourages her.

On the way back, he recalls the night he leaves the rose. He asks her if she believes in telepathy. He stands at a similar spot to wait for a person by sending out signals but she doesn’t turn up. She explains that that only happens to those in love. He says that perhaps they are not reaching that relationship. Shan Mei is worried about the clip segment as she knows the planning director is among the panel of judges.

There is a mysterious director who is the chairman’s son. He graduates overseas and becomes the director immediately. He sees that she is displeased and jokes that he must be a playboy. She agrees if the fellow has a brain, he should start from scratch. Many try so hard to gain success but he depends on his family. Xiang Zhe is alarmed that she dislikes him so much. He knows that she doesn’t mean it but he is beginning to feel sorry for himself. Her conclusion is – he has no ability and must have been a scatterbrain!

Xiang Zhe twists his mouth and starts to feel wronged. He explains that Shan Mei hasn’t seen him and makes the deduction. Isn’t this too much? Shan Mei says he can’t hear it anyway. Xiang Zhe smiles bitterly because he is truly upset! She then agrees with him. She shouldn’t say so as he decides her future. She must try her best. He is reluctant to let her go so she can call him if she succeeds in her interview. She suddenly asks him if he has received her signals. He is overjoyed – doesn’t she say that only those in love can sense it? She is touched by the food he sends. Joy fills his heart but the smile vanishes from his lips. What will happen if she finds out that he is the ’scatterbrain director’? She will definitely be angry with him.

There is another memorable scene here. Xiang Zhe wants to use all his ability to prevent En Qi from gaining the programme rights. The popular host, Zheng En Hui is back. He wants Xian Da and Yong Xi to get her to work for MBS. Xiang Zhe discusses with Yong Xi. He regards this plan important so he is very serious looking. Suddenly, his phone rings. Shan Mei tells him in delight that she has succeeded. His stern expression vanishes completely and becomes so gentle. Yong Xi notices it and is stunned – who is she?

Although Shan Mei isn’t with him, he still smiles and tells her to work harder. Although he hangs up, the handphone is still in his hand. He presses his lips and knows that she will be successful. No one can reject her request. Upon recalling her smiles, the gentleness rises from his heart and almost forgets that he is working with Yong Xi. Yong Xi is lost in thought – has her hope all these years go down the drain? Upon seeing her in a trance, Xiang Zhe calls her. It must be this person – Yong Xi decides – she has known him for so long but she never sees this glow on his face.

Yong Xi agrees to help but is the call is from the person that he has mentioned earlier? He shyly admits it. She smiles weakly that he gives her such a surprise. Xiang Zhe is apologetic but the feeling towards Shan Mei is unable to be under wraps anymore. He looks through all the clips and is amused that Shan Mei cries so easily. He leaves a present on her table. Shan Mei finds a handkerchief. A card says that he is Y and her programme is good. He hopes she can make warm programmes as he will support her forever.

Xian Da plays all the clips and Yin Mei’s interview with the lecturer scores the best among the judges. Qing Xi doesn’t feel that way. Xiang Zhe wants to hear the view from her. Qing Xi feels housewives will not be interested to listen to serious topics and Qi Zong agrees. Yong Xi is angry as this senior is always against her. She has vowed not to treat Yin Mei the same way. Xiang Zhe wants to know the viewership rates – sigh –this scene is obvious that he sides with Shan Mei although he does ask for other’s opinions.

Xian Da reports that Yin Mei’s programme has 15% while Shan Mei’s is 18%, which is the highest for the week. Xiang Zhe lowers his head to hide his smile – he knows that Shan Mei’s hard work will be repaid. Yin Mei is angry to know the verdict from Yong Xi. Isn’t she the most outstanding and who is the director who opposes her? Yong Xi agrees reluctantly that Xiang Zhe has no control of it but the viewership rates helps Shan Mei. Yin Mei recalls Xiang Zhe and is determined not to lose although Yong Xi advises her not to take it seriously as the final job is only a co-host of the morning programme.

Yin Mei sees the authority of Xiang Zhe for the first time. She can’t tolerate the failure and decides to be sarcastic to Shan Mei. Yin Mei sees someone sending Shan Mei home – under the moonlight, the BMW resembles a car that a prince owns to send his beloved princess to the castle. Her eyes shine. Xiang Zhe accompanies Shan Mei down the car – this is becoming his usual practice. Shan Mei apologises for not being late to be with him daily now because of work. Xiang Zhe is touched that she is still so caring and reminds her to sleep early to prevent showing an ugly face to the audience.

Shan Mei wonders why he sounds like MBS’s boss. He stammers as he hasn’t told her the truth. She is overjoyed that he finds a job but why doesn’t he tell her earlier? He is trapped and embarrassed. Who asks him to keep it from her for so long and he asks for it! He replies that he works in his father’s ‘ordinary’ company and he will give her a treat with his first month’s pay. I like this scene where he places her hair behind her ear and urges her to go in. Yin Mei appears to ask her when she starts seducing Director Yin to seize her chance. Shan Mei realizes that Xiang Zhe is the boss’s son and feels humiliated by her accusation.

En Qi presents his proposal and Xiang Zhe continues after him. En Qi indicates that Xiang Zhe doesn’t focus on the importance of English and sneers that he is lacking experience. Xiang Zhe reveals that he has invited En Hui who is an experienced host while En Qi’s host is only a popular song group who might not know what children need. I enjoy watching this scene where both men cross swords and Xiang Zhe defeats him, picking up his words that making a programme doesn’t require conscience.

He knows that he has offended En Qi and sits in the conference room after the session, pondering over his next move. He suddenly hears an unfeeling voice calling him Director Yin. Seeing Shan Mei’s angry face in the car, he gets worried. She has never been so stern to him before. She refuses to listen to his explanation. She needs to return early for work and doesn’t have so much time like Xiang Zhe. He starts feeling insecure – is she going to ignore him?

She has informed Xian Da that she is quitting the chance. She doesn’t wish him to help her and Xiang Zhe is troubled. She gets it through her own ability but she doesn’t believe him. Who can believe that she wins Yin Mei? She feels like crying – why is everyone treating her like a fool? He never expects it to be so serious and she apologizes for being rude to him. She recalls calling him as the ‘scatterbrain director’ and blames herself for being so stupid.

He wonders if she reads his thoughts – he knows that she will discover one day but doesn’t wish to tell her. Wherever he goes, many treat him as the boss’s son but in front of her, he is only himself. This is important to him. Shan Mei doesn’t listen because she feels that he makes fun of her. He thinks though he is the director, they know each other through natural circumstances. She recalls how worried she is when he claims being jobless and recalling Yin Mei’s words, she is so angry that she refuses to look at him.

When she is hurt by You Zhen or bullied by Yong Xi or Yin Mei, she reveals to him her feelings but he must be sneering at her. Xiang Zhe wants to console her but she is not prepared to listen to him. He makes her angry but he is afraid to lose her. Yin Mei is mad with herself – she forces Shan Mei to go to London but she gets to know Xiang Zhe. Shan Mei is too lucky! She accuses her of acting by pretending to reject to be the co-host when Xian Da rejects Shan Mei’s request and chides her for being unprofessional.

Shan Mei walks to the roof-top to have a breath of fresh air. Poor Xiang Zhe – he is so dejected when Shan Mei refuses his lift back and prefers to take a cab. I really laugh at the scene – she tries in vain to flag for a cab so he stops his car in front of her and horns at her. But she ignores him completely and gets into the cab! He also comes to the rooftop unhappily and sees her. He decides to reveal his feelings so he walks near her. She sees him so she turns to leave.

This is the classic moment when he says that he likes her! Shan Mei freezes on the spot. Xiang Zhe smiles bitterly – he is not used to say this as he has not tried before. He stares at her who makes him uneasy. Yin Mei discovers Xiang Zhe coming up so she tails him. She doesn’t expect to hear his ‘confession’ and storms away. Upon seeing Yong Xi, she brings her there. Shan Mei can’t believe her ears – Xiang Zhe is so outstanding and yet he likes her? How can she as she is not that good to make him cherish her?

She ignores his gentle glances and Xiang Zhe looks so pitiful here – can’t she forgive him? His voice sounds so lonely when he pleads with her to look at him. She wonders why he talks to her in such a gentle tone. But to me, his voice has an endless sorrow. He asks whether besides You Zhen, there is no other man who is meaningful to her. Shan Mei finally looks at him – does Xiang Zhe mean it?

Sigh – unfortunately, this romantic scene is ruined by Yin Mei and Yong Xi. Shan Mei nearly faints – Yong Xi dislikes her and now it is worse when she sees Yong Xi’s stern expression. Xiang Zhe is at his wits’ end as he is unable to keep her in front of them. Yong Xi can’t believe that he likes Shan Mei – how can he as she is so inferior to her? Many start to doubt Shan Mei’s ability now.

Cheng Shui is angry and defends for her. Sigh – but this man can be so tactless. He scolds them for spreading rumours and what happens if the seniors know about it? But his timing is bad as the three return just to catch his last words. Yin Mei laughs underneath her exterior – she says that even though Shan Mei hides the fact, they shouldn’t have attacked her. I shiver at this scene – this back-stabbing is hurting.

Shan Mei looks for You Zhen – she wonders why she is unhappy when Xiang Zhe declares his love for her. She feels like crying – why is he behaving like this? You Zhen is happy for her but she knows that her love for him hasn’t died. Xiang Zhe sees Yong Xi introducing Shan Mei as the new co-host. Seeing her on television and when he thinks that they are distant now, he feels a stab in his heart.

I can’t imagine this – Shan Mei is so nervous that she burps! Xiang Zhe senses that she is tense and leans closer to the television. Is she okay? But nothing goes smooth for Shan Mei. Xian Da has to hold the fort on his own when she can’t stop her hiccups. Xiang Zhe feels the desire to give her support at the studio but he knows that she is unwilling to see him now. He places his work aside and stares at the screen. He can only accompany her in this way. Even though she doesn’t know it, he is accompanying her all along.

When Shan Mei returns to the office, she finds a basket of flowers. Many sneer at her for getting attention although she does badly. She charges into Xiang Zhe’s office and dumps it on his table. She later realizes that they are from Gui Cheng and wishes that the ground can swallow her up at this time. her handphone is sure childish with a Tweety bird sticker! Xiang Zhe gives a forced smile and brings her out. He feels lonely as she stands far from him now. Is she scared of rumours and suffering now?

He asks her whether someone says anything after they discover that she knows him. She lies that they do not. He then asks if the words he mentions gives her pressure. He sees that her eyes are red and feels upset. She requests him to give her more time and only asks her later. He wonders how she feels. He waits for her and she waits for You Zhen. Do they share the same thoughts? He finds a pang of bitterness near his heart.

He asks You Zhen out for a drink. He confesses that he has not thought of love all along. You Zhen is curious to know who she is to make this outstanding man so troubled. Will all will be better if he is confident like You Zhen? What happens if both are love enemies? Both decide never to give in. Upon confirming that You Zhen loves Yin Mei, Xiang Zhe is happy. But he can only go for a shower. Maybe the warm water can wake his senses. He can wait but how long will Shan Mei want him to wait?

You Zhen returns drunk to tell Yin Mei that he drinks with Xiang Zhe. Yin Mei is sarcastic – such an outstanding man has poor taste to like Shan Mei. It is unbelievable – what does he see in her? You Zhen jumps. The directors oppose to Yong Xi becoming the 9 pm news anchorwoman but Xiang Zhe fights for the chance. Others think she is too old having 3 years experience and want to choose a younger one. I agree with him – they must change perceptions of females as parrots as they have the knowledge as well.

Yin Mei is the new 7pm anchorwoman with Xian Da. Shan Mei is upset when her working slot is torn from the working schedule list. Yin Mei walks out with it. Shan Mei runs after her upon realizing that she brings it to Xiang Zhe. She tells Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei pushes her away to snatch it away. Xiang Zhe is worried and realises she is isolated by the rest. He doesn’t know that he brings her so much pressure.

Shan Mei hosts the morning programme. Xiang Zhe comes to the studio early. He is helpless – she avoids him but still respects her decision to wait for her. The staff sees the director walking into the control room and leaves a space for him to look at Shan Mei. She is composed now. He wonders if she has taken breakfast as it is so early. Just expected, she hasn’t! He smiles – why does she always cause worry to others? Seeing her on the screen makes him realize how much he misses her. He is consoled by her calm performance. Xian Da accompanies her but he has to come personally to assure that she is really fine.

This is the part that I don’t understand. Yin Mei is tense over her first appearance. Xian Da tells her to relax as it is fine to make mistakes. But let others seeing her nervous will ruin her future chances. Xiang Zhe comes and senses her anxiety. Out of so many things he can do – he chooses to hold her hand to give her assurance!!! This is so misleading as we can see that Yin Mei is on cloud nine when he does this. My colleagues argue over it – why does he do it? Can’t he just give words of encouragement? I guess that he might feel that this gives assurance in a more direct way.

You Zhen tells Shan Mei that he senses that Xiang Zhe loves her very much. Shan Mei is angry when he mentions that Yin Mei envies her. Yin Mei has snatched everything from her and she only has Xiang Zhe left. Is she coming to seize him again? Yin Mei requests a lift from Xiang Zhe as her car is sent for repairs. This woman is so pretentious by looking weak. She wants to alight in front of Shan Mei’s home. He smiles at the mention of her name – giving a smile that should not belong to the director. He misses her and wants to see her. Both alight to see Shan Mei holding You Zhen’s elbow. He is dejected when her smile is for another man. Shan Mei is taken aback to see Yin Mei jealous and running away.

You Zhen runs after her and assures her that he only loves her. Yin Mei wants him to promise that he only loves her. Shan Mei chides Xiang Zhe for coming but he feels that the scolding is worth as long as he can see her. Both have a walk. She has realized that love only belongs to a person and can’t be forced. Xiang Zhe feels bitterness in his mouth. Upon seeing his face, she also realizes how much she misses him.

She asks if he has watched her programme. He nods and wishes to remember her every expression. Seeing him deeply in love with her, she wishes him to be happy but she can’t help it. She hates him for giving her pressure. He sighs – can he like her because of her smiles and her kind personality? He is not a deity – how can he control his feelings? Seeing her frowning makes him feel unbearable. He is unable to let her happy face vanish. He wants her to forget that he is waiting for her. He doesn’t wish her to be burdened and decides to bear it himself. I doubt it - can a man be so magnanimous?

She is touched and looks into his eyes. Does he know that he has very attractive eyes? She thanks him and confesses that although she says that both have ended, she is afraid to lose him. He sighs and has to be contented that she has another man in her heart – he gives a faint smile. He recalls when they line up when young. She looks behind You Zhen, he looks behind her and he has no one behind him!

How can this be? Does Xiang Zhe know that many admire him? She jokes that he has one whole carload of women looking at him. He is relieved to see her smile. Please allow me to continue the line-up list which I find incomplete. Xiang Zhe has forgotten that Yong Xi is behind him while Xian Da is behind her. The first person in front is not You Zhen but Yin Mei so she is the overall winner! Xiang Zhe reveals that he can now go to work with a free mind. He is so tense the past few days as he is so afraid that she will discover him. She suddenly feels cold and Xiang Zhe places his suit jacket over her. She looks at his handsome face from the side view and feels his warmth.

Xiang Zhe drinks with Yong Xi on another day. Yin Mei drives to meet them. Yong Xi is very pitiful here. She is no longer the strong woman but is a simple woman venting her frustrations. Xiang Zhe welcomes her as he just gets a scolding from Yong Xi. She says he deserves it because he is a jerk. She tells Yin Mei to look for a man who loves her. Xiang Zhe touches his nose – he has a headache and tells her to stop – she is disgracing herself in front of Yin Mei. She laments that it is his fault. Yin Mei realises that Xiang Zhe is the man that Yong Xi loves. She feels strange – how can a man Yong Xi loves likes Shan Mei instead??

Yin Mei tells Xiang Zhe that Yong Xi has cried for him for a few occasions but he is unmoved and only gives a faint smile. She hopes that they can be together but Xiang Zhe asks her if her love life is smooth. He is at his wits end because in order to woo Shan Mei, Yin Mei must be with You Zhen. She pretends to smile and hints that Shan Mei is always with You Zhen. Xiang Zhe isn’t affected since he decides to wait for her. Yong Xi is finally sober and apologises to Xiang Zhe that she will not do it again. Xiang Zhe knows how she feels and holds her hand to give her consolation.

The next day, Yin Mei wears the necklace to Xiang Zhe’s home. The last night he didn’t drive to keep Yong Xi company so this is her chance to be close to him. Shan Mei will be their main topic of discussion. Xiang Zhe sits in her car and she jokes that he can give her a treat. She asks if he thinks that she is kinder than her looks. He is uninterested but warms up when they talk about Shan Mei. She shows him the necklace. This is the part where many fans don’t understand – he doesn’t praise women easily but he comments that she is prettier than the necklace! Maybe this is just a matter of courtesy.

You Zhen sees him coming down from her car and is jealous. She doesn’t notice it and thanks him for accompanying her. (This scene raises the goose pimples in me.) She pretends there is sand in her eyes AGAIN and wants him to blow for her. She uses this tactic on Jun Mao before. He does it and You Zhen bursts. You Zhen’s expression freezes – can’t she just look at him and not looking elsewhere for other men?? Xian Da is flattered when Xiang Zhe puts him in charge of MBS anniversary lunch.

Yin Mei and Yong Xi go to choose gowns for the occasion. Yin Mei is uneasy as the clothes are expensive but Yong Xi decides to buy one for her. The owner agrees to give them a discount. Yin Mei is happy trying out different dresses. Yong Xi likes a long sleeved blouse with a green skirt which looks grand but also elegant. (But to me, it might be too conservative). Of course, it is also expensive.

The owner smiles and says Xiang Zhe bought it and it is Yong Xi’s anyway. She then changes her address and says that she should address him as director and not his name now. Yong Xi’s face changes and the owner knows that she has committed a mistake. Yong Xi is down that she wants Yin Mei to leave with her – without buying the dress. Yin Mei HATES Shan Mei for ruining her chance.

Xiang Zhe gives Shan Mei a lift in his car and she wonders where he is bringing her to. She doesn’t like to be ‘kidnapped’ by him straight after work. He asks her whether she is his junior and whether their relationship allows him to make a request. He looks mysterious and she is confused to see his strange smile. She follows behind him to enter the boutique – some feel that Xiang Zhe should open the door for her and not this way! She looks like a maid without dignity. She is curious and looks around.

Xiang Zhe wants the owner to give her the dress.(I still ponder how he knows her size, though.) Xiang Zhe uses a threatening and yet pleading tone to request her not to reject him. The owner also coaxes her that Xiang Zhe has taken time from his tight schedule to choose it specially for her. She tries it in hesitation. The owner is apologetic that she doesn’t know that it is for Shan Mei and Yong Xi knows about it. The owner has known about Yong Xi’s likeness towards him. Xiang Zhe doesn’t mind because she will know sooner or later.

I like the way where Xiang Zhe shows his surprise. Shan Mei appears and Xiang Zhe looks struck to see her. Shan Mei is elegant in formal dressing but he likes her in any dressing. The owner exclaims that she is elegant and Xiang Zhe has good foresight to choose a suitable dress. Shan Mei smiles uncertainly but Xiang Zhe nods his head and smiles warmly. This owner has a sweet tongue to comment that Yong Xi is stunning while Shan Mei is only suitable. Does she imply that Yong Xi is prettier?

Shan Mei’s jaw nearly drops when he invites her to the anniversary lunch. I am amused. He pleads with her – he knows that she is in a fix but he is not giving her pressure or making her embarrassed. She just has to appear in this dress. Why can’t she agree to it? She doesn’t understand why he must buy a dress as the occasion doesn’t mean much to her. He coaxes her like a child saying that he knows that Gui Cheng gets her many clothes but he is introducing her to his father. Shan Mei is so shocked that she opens her mouth.

He assures her that there is nothing to be afraid about and he is just introducing her as a friend known in London. He is so afraid that she is unwilling to go. It is easier to introduce her if she gets into another station and why she wants to join MBS. She corrects him to say that she joins earlier and how can he say that she does it deliberately? He quickly admits his mistake as he dares not mention it again. The cold war they have earlier is enough for him to bear.

She needs to report the news at the slot. The others are angry with her and prevent her from going. Xiang Zhe suggests changing with Yin Mei – doesn’t she praise her earlier? Seeing him so innocent, Shan Mei screams – is he mad? Doesn’t he know her situation? He offers to settle for her with Xian Da. She stops him, it is better if he doesn’t do anything. Once he is involved, she is dead for sure. He realizes he can’t do it but he must see her on that day so she has to come after work. She sighs on how unreasonable he is.

Yin Mei is at the reception and looks jealously at the main table. Besides MBS’s Wen Rong industries, the CEO’s of overseas and local stations are also there. Zhao Di and You Zhen feel uneasy with her glances. Zhao Di envies Xiang Zhe. Director Yin looks like a prince and she jokes that she also wants him. Does she look like a princess today? Yin Mei is startled by her joke. But all will agree that Dong Gan is unusually dashing in the dark suit with a purple shirt and tie.

Xiang Zhe looks at the entrance nervously. Will Shan Mei come as she looks so evasive earlier? He wants to get her once she arrives. She decides to go since Xiang Zhe takes care of her. When she is there, she feels uneasy but is relieved to see Zhao Di. Zhao Di comments that she is pretty. ( I think her prettiest moment is on the day when she wears the gown to host her University programme though.) Yin Mei and Yong Xi recognize it and are very jealous! So Xiang Zhe really gets it for her. I marvel at the next scene – it is as if he is afraid that she will leave.

Xiang Zhe quickly comes to her. Her arrival finally settles his uneasiness. He looks at her in a trance – she is really beautiful in the dress. He holds her arm to meet his father. All are dumbstruck when they see Xiang Zhe bringing her to the main table, ignoring their glances. Why is he doing this openly? The formally dressed Shan Mei standing beside the suave and handsome director look like a pair of lovers.

Shan Mei stops him as she is frightened of the attention she is getting. He tells her to be natural. He is already used to the attention and he wants her to fit in too. She twists her mouth – as long as he doesn’t spout nonsense, all will be fine. She is afraid that he is up to something. It is better that she gives him a warning. She warns him not to mention that she is his fiancée or girlfriend. Xiang Zhe gives her a pampering smile and tells her to relax.

Here comes the joke of the century. Xiang Zhe bents down to tell Mr Yin that Shan Mei is his fiancée! The whole table is quiet. En Qi’s smile stays stagnant while Shan Mei turns so pale! Mr Yin is taken aback but looks at her lovingly. Xiang Zhe smiles at Shan Mei playfully – does she mention earlier that he can’t play such a joke? Shan Mei has only half a life left now – it is best that she doesn’t remind this senior. The more she says, the more deliberate he becomes. She stares at him but he is unaffected and still smiles happily.

Mr Yin is very grateful to Shan Mei for changing Xiang Zhe. He prepares a seat for her beside Xiang Zhe. Xiang Zhe introduces her to other directors. Mr Yin regards her as his future daughter-in-law. Shan Mei is shy and Xiang Zhe gives her a reassuring smile. He quickly tells the rest that he only knows that she joins MBS on his return. This is to appease the rumours that she has his support to enter MBS.

Later, Xiang Zhe cuts the cake with another director. When he returns to his seat, he whispers something into Shan Mei’s ear. I laugh when I see Yong Xi and Yin Mei getting so jealous. It is never stated what he tells her but why he is so daring to be so open? To dash any woman’s hopes to be with him? Yong Xi suddenly approaches Shan Mei and Shan Mei quickly greets her. It is obvious that she respects Yong Xi. She comments that Shan Mei looks pretty in the dress but I wonder whether she sounds truthful.

Yin Mei is very angry that her unreachable target is attained by Shan Mei so easily. Zhao Di is happy for Shan Mei – it is like a Cinderella story that she is joining the royals soon. Ever since she steps in, Xiang Zhe is with her to meet other guests. Yin Mei scolds Shan Mei for depending on men for success. She storms out to return to work – all will be surprised to see her in working outfit for the big occasion. I guess she has spent all her money on the car and can’t afford expensive clothes.

Gui Cheng sees Shan Mei in the dress and is curious to meet the guy. She doesn’t know whether the day will come for him to meet Xiang Zhe. He inquires whether she is unhappy with Xiang Zhe but she shakes her head. Today, she meets his father – does that imply……..she then dismisses the thought that she worries too much. She recalls that Xiang Zhe gets her drinks and almost never leaves her side. He seldom entertains the guests and seems to treat her like a jewel. She feels happy over it.

Yin Mei dreams of Ren Xiu coming after her and loses sleep. She has caused him to be locked up in prison. Xiang Zhe notices she looks unwell and tells her to take care. If an anchorwoman is sick, there will be trouble. She looks around and is relieved that there isn’t any big photos of her and Ren Xiu anywhere which appears in her dream. Xiang Zhe asks Shan Mei to see him in his office. Why they meet here? He asks jokingly – if not here – where can they meet? If he goes to her office, will he make matters worse?

She thinks that he is right but is uncomfortable to get stares from her colleagues. I wonder why Xiang Zhe is so daring to do this so openly. She sees the rabbit on his table. He comments that Yin Mei also wears the necklace too. She wonders why because Yin Mei dislikes her so much. He knows that she struggles with the decision to attend the lunch and wants to give her a treat. She refuses immediately. She has enough attention. Xiang Zhe frowns – can’t normal friends have a meal together?

He signals with his fingers on how timid she is. She replies that he has to be in her shoes to realize it. Seeing her to act experienced makes him laugh. He decides to bring her out to a far restaurant. She agrees unwillingly. He jokes that she wants to date him but has to find a reason for it. He leaves a message on her handphone and finds her greeting very outdated. She admits that she is in her true self.

Xiang Zhe suddenly gets Mr Yin’s call for dinner and has to cancel his date. He sends her home unwillingly. She senses his unhappiness and consoles him. He prevents her from walking away and says that he is calling his father to say he has something on. She coaxes him that it is okay for him to get fired but she wants her job. He smiles unwillingly – he will bring her if En Qi is not there. She jokes she will get indigestion listening to their boring topics. I am so amused that Xiang Zhe behaves like a child throwing his tantrums here while Shan Mei is mature. Have they started to influence each other unknowingly?

The share prices dip and Mr Yin seeks Xiang Zhe and En Qi’s opinions. En Qi is delighted when Xiang Zhe says that he will leave it to them. He is amused to see En Qi not knowing his limits – he is just not fighting with him but yet he can be so conceited. Xiang Zhe suggests getting contract hosts to help out. En Qi is mad when he does it again and Mr Yin gives Xiang Zhe the authority to do it. After the meeting, he goes to a restaurant and the waiter quickly serves him, telling him that the new piano is here. Yin Mei is also there to have a drink and sees him playing the piano. She has a devilish plan.

The retrenchment news sends a bomb in the office. Xian Da he rejects initially but has no choice but to give in under Xiang Zhe’s insistence. Xiang Zhe signs contracts with the hosts. Shan Mei wants to talk to him but he is too busy. When he visits their office, she says that he is hurting them to use celebrities. Xiang Zhe’s back freezes and Xian Da stops in vain to prevent her from being rude. I find her too impulsive to confront him. She demands an explanation from Director Yin. She is annoyed when he ignores her.

She waits outside his apartment. He returns late and wonders why she doesn’t call him to tell him that he is here. She poses the same question again and he wonders why she doesn’t understand him from his point of view. He believes that the celebrities work hard to achieve success so how can they produce programmes that no one will watch? Shan Mei is disappointed in him while he feels that she is too childish. She leaves in the rain and her words are just like the rain wetting his heart.

Although many feel that Director Yin is ruthless, the viewership improves and the share prices rise. Xiang Zhe visits the staff and comments on their work. Shan Mei hides behind Xian Da deliberately. Shan Mei sees Yin Mei offering tea to Xiang Zhe like a hypocrite and is displeased. She shoots that the success is due to the money spent. Xiang Zhe’s face turns stern and all are quiet. Xian Da chides her for being impulsive. Yin Mei sneers at her for being so open about her close relationship with Xiang Zhe. Zhao Di thinks that she should not talk back at him. I find Xiang Zhe very unfeeling but Shan Mei uses the wrong approach.

Shan Mei replies that she will do it even though he is the director and suddenly Xiang Zhe drags her from the back. I really laugh non-stop – Zhao Di exclaims that he is so handsome looking when angry and even imitates his action. When the meeting is over, Xiang Zhe looks for her angrily. He must have a talk with her - how can she do this to him? He knows what she is thinking of but how can she not give him ‘face’ in front of others? She replies that she does it intentionally and will not let him off in private too.

She can’t believe that he can be so ruthless. Does he think that they should welcome him after this matter? Qing Xi has put in a lot of hard work and isn’t appreciated. He turns cold and is angry that she doesn’t side with him. She claims that he takes matters into his own hands and is pretentious. He is angry with her remark and rebukes that she isn’t inferior to him so she is also childish and lacks judgment. She is angry and storms out. Xiang Zhe sighs as he doesn’t know what to do with her. This is a very heated argument.

Yin Mei has to go for an appendix operation but she insists of reporting the 7 pm news. This is shocking when she bears with the pain till the end – refusing to give Shan Mei the chance to replace her. But in the end, she collapses and scares everyone. You Zhen sends her to hospital in anxiety and this makes their relationship open to all. Yin Mei throws a pillow at You Zhen and blames him for her ordeal. The rest are so alarmed to see her so fierce. Yin Mei requests Yong Xi to prevent Shan Mei from replacing her.

Xian Da is with Xiang Zhe. He reminds him to be careful of En Qi as his success has offended him again. Xiang Zhe smiles since he wants it this way otherwise it will be meaningless. If Mr Yin is afraid, he shouldn’t ask him home as he is not to be a puppet. He asks Xian Da why he hasn’t revealed his feelings to Yong Xi. He tells Xiang Zhe to be a compassionate boss to visit Yin Mei.

Xian Da is angry when Yong Xi objects to him choosing Shan Mei. If the ex-host is so important, should he also ask the ex-host that Yong Xi replaces too. Yong Xi is speechless. Xian Da asks is it because she likes Xiang Zhe but Xiang Zhe likes Shan Mei? She denies but has to accept his decision. Shan Mei is nervous over her first day. Her heart is getting numb and Xian Da jokes that there isn’t any host who falls due to a heart attack in history. Xiang Zhe watches the news from his office.

He is accompanying her just like before. He smiles upon seeing her on the anchorwoman seat. If not for the cold war, he will have gone to visit her at the studio. But recalling that she might embarrass him on the spot again, he retreats. Yin Mei is very furious to see Shan Mei on television. Shan Mei accompanies You Zhen to see Yin Mei and happens to see Xiang Zhe. Yin Mei pretends to be friendly. She must be a cheerful person like Shan Mei to please Xiang Zhe. Shan Mei bows to Xiang Zhe reluctantly.

Yin Mei really makes me sick – she laments that she is enduring the most suffering. Shan Mei and You Zhen are sick of her seducing men when she is ill. He bows to Zhen Shu who arrives. Zhen Shu is pleased with this young man who is handsome and polite. Yin Mei mentions that Shan Mei’s family is close to You Zhen’s family. Shan Mei wonders why she says this. Yin Mei wants You Zhen to get a drink. All think it is for Zhen Shu. They are alarmed when she offers it to Xiang Zhe. I pity Zhen Shu as she also thinks that it is for her. Xiang Zhe gets shy but still accepts it.

Shan Mei can’t bear to see how she sucks up to Xiang Zhe and leaves. Xiang Zhe hurries after her and offers to send her home. She refuses and he has to drive away alone. Upon seeing him leave, she suddenly feels that they are distant. The next day, Xiang Zhe watches the news and En Qi is there too. En Qi criticises Shan Mei for being unsystematic and isn’t as stable as Yin Mei. Laugh when Xiang Zhe glares at him. Xiang Zhe knows that he does it deliberately as he knows he likes her.

The news is on a child kidnap case and all are shocked when Shan Mei refers them to a load of bastards. Chae Lim fails in this scene. By right, she should feel frightened after making the blunder but she looks neutral and even stares at Xian Da. Xian Da is unprepared. Xiang Zhe is equally shocked that she can’t conceal her feelings. En Qi comments that they have chosen the wrong person and how can this word slips from her mouth? Are they sure that she graduates from university? Xiang Zhe folds his arms to listen to his remarks, which he knows are meant for him. He doesn’t feel good but if he meets this situation, he also has a headache. He sighs and rubs his finger on his forehead.

This Shan Mei makes him….angry and amused. He takes the tape back to the office to watch again. He replays it for a few times and can’t help rubbing his chin to smile at it. En Qi is always against him and now he has found his weakness. It is unavoidable that Shan Mei has to write an apology report. He touches his forehead and wonders where she hides to cry this time. He then rubs his eyes that are painful for watching the scenes repeatedly and smiles reluctantly – this woman really makes him worry so much.

Shan Mei is crying indeed in a dark room. Has Xiang Zhe seen it? No wonder many think she depends on him for success. She is nothing without him. There is a card on her table. She is familiar with Xiang Zhe’s writing now. It says that the news shows her true self and she shouldn’t be discouraged. She smiles shyly but when she recalls that Xiang Zhe knows it, she feels like crying again. My colleagues joke that Xiang Zhe has lots of presents in his office because he can come up with a handkerchief or any card anytime!

She never to be popular instead as viewers support her. They send faxes and calls to her. The management puts her in charge of 7pm news. Xian Da reminds her not to make another mistake. He nearly faints on the spot the last time. She walks out of office happily and Xiang Zhe tails her into the studio. I am amused he does it so discreetly – can a director do this at work? She practices again and decides to make a call.

Suddenly his handphone rings and he quickly walks out to prevent her from discovering him. She hangs up abruptly. Why should she call him since they are ignoring each other? She calls Gui Cheng. Although Xiang Zhe only listens to the sound of hanging up, he smiles because he is the first person she wishes to share her joy with. He is overjoyed and yearns that they stop the quarrel. He has the urge to approach her openly again. Yin Mei is determined to have Xiang Zhe. The next scene shows how scheming she is.

She buys flowers to thank him for caring her. She pretends to fall and he holds her. She leans close and looks at him. Xiang Zhe retreats and she is shocked. She knows that she is pretty and no man should reject her. Xiang Zhe helps her up distantly. She is shocked that he doesn’t send her home – how can he do this to a woman in pain? She walks down the stairs and hopes that he will go after her. But he shows no response.

She is angry with Shan Mei for seizing her chance so she throws her handphone under the studio’s table. She calls her and the crew is shocked to hear the ring. She then hangs up and Shan Mei is blamed. Zhao Di and Cheng Shui are shocked as they watch the news during dinner. Yin Mei gets the post back. Xian Da knows that Shan Mei isn’t that careless as he has seen the suffering that she has been through.

Shan Mei cries after knowing that Yin Mei frames her again. She calls Xiang Zhe's home number but he isn’t here. She sobs, asking him what she should do. No one believes her. She hangs up in despair. Xiang Zhe drives home from the airport. He is sent to Japan for an assignment and doesn’t get to see the news. Is Shan Mei alright? Hopefully she has not created another mistake. He really misses her. My colleagues have something to say again – they find the scene amusing as he is tall but his briefcase is small upon reaching home. Luckily he has a trolley luggage or he might look out of place.

He listens to the 2 telephone messages. One is from En Qi – he should be the one going and wants to know about his trip. Xiang Zhe feels disgusted hearing his voice and skips it. He stands up to release his tie. Suddenly he freezes upon hearing Shan Mei’s sobs. Has something happened to her? He nearly goes mad and ignores his weariness. He grabs his keys and charges out of his apartment. He contacts Xian Da when he finds that Shan Mei has switched off her handphone.

The more Xian Da tells him, the paler his face becomes. He shouldn’t have gone to Japan. This will not happen if he is around. Now, where is she? He presses the horn and rushes to MBS. He runs all the way to the studio to see Yong Xi reporting the 9 pm news. She sees him. The others become very tense – why is Director Yin here? Is he here for a sudden spot check? Too many things happen and all become very nervous. Xiang Zhe looks around and doesn’t see the person he wants to see. She must be very upset. Xiang Zhe is anxious – where has she hidden herself to cry again?

Shan Mei thinks she is a real failure. Now even Xiang Zhe ignores her. She feels hopeless without him. Although she should return on her own, she misses the times he sends her home and starts sobbing again. Xiang Zhe looks into every room and can’t find her. Upon seeing her in the office, his nervous glances cease. Is she all right? He knows that she suffers for him but she never complains to him. He really neglects her and doesn’t understand her feelings. She sees him and recalls their recent quarrels.

She notices that his weary face is filled with sweat. She stops herself from hugging him and apologises. Xiang Zhe is hit by her courteous tone. He nearly swallows her with his glances. She knows that Xiang Zhe is tired and starts blaming herself for being useless to cause him so much trouble. She has not intended to call him but it becomes a habit. She treats him as the senior in London. But she also knows that he is no longer the same person to listen to her woes all the time. The words strike him – he isn’t free?? Bitterness rises and he nearly tears his heart.

Doesn’t she know that even though she is out of his sight, his heart never leaves her? Upon seeing her crying, he feels a pain in his heart. Why is it so? He hurries to her side. Without saying anything, he hugs her tightly and only wants to stop her tears. She cries and asks what she should do. She is so afraid that she will not come. He sighs and consoles her that it is okay now. He touches her hair and pats on her back. If only he stands beside her at all times, all will be fine.

Xiang Zhe sends her home and she sleeps in his car. He raises his hand to move the hair away from her eyes. Even though she has swollen eyes now, she still looks pretty to him. She wakes up and he forces himself to retreat his hand. (Maybe he has the urge to kiss her then.) With her around, the journey is always short. She blames him for not waking her up as the sight of her sleeping must be ugly.

He looks deeply at her. He really loves her very much. Is it because she doesn’t wish him to see it? The following line is another classic. She doesn’t wish him to see it because of him. She calls him because of him. She is angry because of him too. He wonders how important he is to her. He really hopes that she belongs to him. He sounds so sad and Shan Mei avoids looking at him.

Why her? Why treat her so well? She gets down the car and he follows too to look at her. She doesn’t wish him to look at her back but he still stands there quietly. He wants to see her walking in and she should sleep well. She shakes her head and insists that he leaves first because she doesn’t wish him to look at her back all the time. He still smiles to look at her. She feels so shameful and selfish. She bullies him every time but Xiang Zhe thinks differently. He can’t bear to leave before her.

He treasures every moment they are together. She suddenly says she feels that way because he is her senior. Xiang Zhe is stunned and his big, dark eyes are fixed on her. She hurries home with a red face, telling him to be careful on his way back. He still looks at her back but the joy fills his heart. He can’t resist the smile forming on his lips on the way home. Although he still sees her leaving, he is willing to wait for her. The years that he has taken has finally wins her.

He knows that she wants to be independent. So he only wishes to be beside her to console her when she is down. He is upset upon seeing her sad. Even though he feels like telling the whole world that he loves her, he can only fixes his memory on tape to let her know about it. He learns editing the next day in the editing room. He does it after work but sometimes, he is so engrossed that he only remembers to smile at her on the screen. It is 7 pm and he looks at the news.

You Zhen comes in and happens to see him. He sees the screen and looks at Xiang Zhe – what is going on? He knows that Xiang Zhe is outstanding. Yin Mei wants to seduce him the other day and Zhen Shu is very angry over it. What happens if he is attracted by her? You Zhen asks about Shan Mei and Xiang Zhe says that she is suspended from her duties. He recalls her swollen eyes and starts blaming himself.

Xiang Zhe asks if he is alright with Yin Mei. You Zhen is in despair – why is he always asking about her? Moreover, his expression doesn’t tell him anything. Xiang Zhe notices his silence and looks at him. He doesn’t know why he can’t bring himself to dislike his love rival. Maybe he resembles Shan Mei so much. He admits that he envies You Zhen but he doesn’t elaborate as he feels that only Shan Mei will understand him. He decides to work with You Zhen on a new programme ‘Eve’s morning’.

The two main hosts will be Xian Da and Yin Mei. The others will be in charge of other segments on sports, entertainment and arts. Shan Mei is only a co-host and she is unhappy that her segment is placed near the ending and will be axed if there isn't sufficient time to air. En Qi tries to stop the programme from airing but Xiang Zhe reminds him that his programme is losing in viewership rates to the rival station so he comes up with this idea. En Qi is mad with Xiang Zhe. I enjoy seeing him fuming each time because he tries to belittle Xiang Zhe whenever he has the chance. Xiang Zhe is sure ruthless to his opponent.

The first day has a 25% viewership success and all celebrate at Xiang Zhe’s apartment. Cheng Shui mentions the handphone incident. Xiang Zhe knows that Shan Mei still takes it to heart. He wants to console her but can only use his eyes to give her consolation since many are around. Xiang Zhe wants to have a smoke and Yin Mei lights it. Upon stepping into his home, she sits beside Xiang Zhe. You Zhen is jealous and although Shan Mei knows Xiang Zhe’s feelings towards her, she feels uneasy. Qi Zong asks Xiang Zhe whether he will attend the baseball session the next day and he agrees. He even offers to give them a treat. Yin Mei deliberately leaves her handphone on the sofa.

Shan Mei walks out. Xiang Zhe goes after her and holds her shoulder. He wants to send her back to the station but she declines as he drinks wine earlier. He laments that she is a mischievous person and it will be tired if someone marries her. She gets offended. Xiang Zhe looks at her deeply and gives her a tape. He hopes that this can help her in her work. This is the first time I have ever seen him looking so shy.

She smiles and knows that he cares for her. He suddenly feels shy and wonders how she feels after watching it. He feels that he becomes silly and smiles to himself. Shan Mei views it at home and sees Xiang Zhe on the screen. He suddenly looks hesitant. He is shy but he is past caring about it. He gives this to her because he wants her to stop crying. It is the most painful thing to him if she cries. Shan Mei looks at his shy expression and is touched. He is really silly but coming to think of it, she cries too easily.

The following scenes show her past scenes of the interview, the scene that she hiccups and also the recent shots. Xiang Zhe is right – it is a detailed tape. This shows that he is with her all along and has done so much for her. Later, the scenes stops with her smiling face. He declares that this is the expression that he likes most and he promises that he will let her do this always. She cries again and gives a warm smile. This scene is more touching that Li He's interpretation in 'Loving You'.

Yin Mei calls Xiang Zhe and disturbs his sleep. (My colleagues daydream if they get to see a charming face on a bright morning) He looks around and discovers the handphone after realizing that his handphone doesn’t ring. He returns it and she wants to go to the stadium with him. Qi Zong drags Xiang Zhe aside. Their agreement doesn’t come with this free gift. He is confused - doesn’t he like Shan Mei? Xiang Zhe doesn’t know what to say and his unwillingness is shown beneath the shades when she hooks his arm.

Cheng Shui is also angry when he and Zhao Di see them sitting together. Yin Mei wants Xiang Zhe to treat her to a meal. He asks her why she doesn’t date You Zhen on a weekend. He should control her and Xiang Zhe doesn’t like her to be so pretentious. She asks about him instead. He thinks of Shan Mei and knows that she will definitely refuse to go with him on a social outing. She asks why he rejects her but he is a man who is tough to understand. Xiang Zhe tells her that it is unsuitable for them to discuss about the topic.

Xiang Zhe drives her home. You Zhen is fuming mad because she changes her house lock and he sits outside for her. She suggests a breakup and he gets drunk. He knows that she is harbouring thoughts for Xiang Zhe because he is rich and she is using all she has to grab him from Shan Mei. Poor man – he starts to think that it is his retribution for forsaking Shan Mei.

Cheng Shui tells Qi Zong about Yin Mei with Xiang Zhe. His voice is so loud that all get to hear about it. Cheng Shui has lunch with Zhao Di. She asks him if he has told all that they hold hands together. He says no but he is shocked to find a BIG crowd upon looking up. Zhao Di’s voice is so loud that all get to know about it. They start to ask each other who Director Yin is and find out that he is the mysterious person who seldom appears before them. Is this Director Yin so mysterious???

Shan Mei is unaffected by the rumours. She gets Xiang Zhe’s SMS and they act as if they are in a spy movie to get away from the crowd. He wants her to give him more energy because the contract hosts give him trouble. He suggests hiding in London from the others. She tells him that using money will create trouble one day – I like this line which is very true in real life. She understands how he feels but she wants to win Yin Mei otherwise she will be staying in failure all along.

He finds that she is mature and strong now but she teases him for being weak. He looks at her closely, saying that she is adorable. She wants him to leave first and he agrees this time, recalling what she says to him earlier. She asks him whether he is free on her birthday. He asks who is also coming, hoping that he is the only one. She says that all will be coming and he is disappointed – she should only celebrate it with someone she loves. Shan Mei says that they will be him and her. He is so amused that she makes fun of him. He sees Gui Cheng back and agrees but she has to agree to something.

She isn’t clear of what is happening and he grabs her hand to walk towards Gui Cheng. This is a very daring act and he greets Gui Cheng. The old man is shocked to see them and Xiang Zhe apologises for sending her back late but he will take note. Xiang Zhe is satisfied with the result while Gui Cheng doesn’t expect this pleasant surprise. Upon seeing the scheming smile on his face when he leaves, Shan Mei shakes her head. She doesn’t know what to do with him.

Gui Cheng knows that he is the man who buys her the clothes. She should tell him earlier that he is the one who knocks her down in London so that he can punish him. How can he hurt his beloved daughter? He is amused to see her tense up. Xiang Zhe spends some time surfing the net to decide what to buy for Shan Mei. He must choose a special present. Upon seeing the ring brochures, he smiles. But to us, luckily he doesn’t choose it. This act might scare her away.

He hears her programme and discovers that she is troubled when a listener fails to raise money for her operation. He decides to be the anonymous donor to make her happy. His secretary gets the present for him and informs him that the operation is to be done at Wen Rong hospital. He reminds her not to let others know about it. If others know about it, he might bring Shan Mei trouble again. They choose a restaurant that provides sea view and also an orchestra band is performing. This is another romantic scene.

He starts to imagine – where will they be next year? Is it the same place? She notices his silence and asks him. He hopes to be with her for the next 20 years – for every birthday. She is touched and jokes that it depends on his performance. He gives her the present and she opens it eagerly. He nods as he wants to see her happy expression too. This is an anklet that he prepares for her. It has two olivine stones with a pearl in the centre. She guesses that these are their lucky stones.

He nods and olivine is his lucky stone and it comes from outer space. If the pearl comes from the sea, the olivine comes from the other side of the universe but both are together now. She knows that this is like them – the gap is almost from the sky to earth. He is confident and is a master of power. She is slow in response and clumsy but both are together. She wants to wear it over her wrist but it is too big. I find Xiang Zhe so scheming here – why doesn’t he tell her that it is an anklet – to make her look like a fool in front of others or to make sure that he can do the following act??

He tells her that it is not a bracelet. He suddenly lowers down. Although Xiang Zhe is tall, she never feels intimidated looking up at him. Shan Mei looks into his eyes and feels very fortunate. He is past caring how others think and suddenly squats near her. She looks around nervously and touches his shoulder. What is he trying to do? He doesn’t care her warnings and fixes it around her ankle and brings the precious stones together. Just like the olivine stones always surrounding the precious pearl.

Shan Mei is touched although even the orchestra musicians smile at her. This must be the first time Xiang Zhe looks up to her. He tells her about a movie that tells him that giving an anklet means that they will meet again in their next lives. He makes this wish on her birthday. On the way sending her home, Xiang Zhe wonders whether he is still the only one loving her. Does she love him now?

She stretches her hand to him and he holds it. When she wants to get down the car, he pulls her back and plants a kiss on her forehead. He moves her close to him and says that he is happy to have her. She gives him endless hopes and hopes to make her happy. She replies that she never feels lucky but knowing him is a wonderful thing. He is glad that she knows his feelings.

The viewership rate for ‘Eve’s morning’ dips and Xian Da warns Xiang Zhe that En Qi might be devising a plan to fix him. Is he afraid? Xiang Zhe jokes whether he will believe if he tells him that he is afraid. Xian Da says that he mustn’t say that he is afraid because if En Qi raises his sword, he will hide behind him! Xian Da knows that he is very confident so he doesn’t worry about it.

He asks what he sees in Shan Mei. He wants to ask him for a long time. Xiang Zhe only smiles and looks around to make sure that no one else is around. He asks worriedly whether they are incompatible. Upon seeing his nervous expression, Xian Da roars in laughter. He has always thought that Yong Xi or Yin Mei is more suitable for him as they are more capable. Xiang Zhe doesn’t require others to tell him who suits him well. He only wants Shan Mei. Yin Mei waits for them to discuss about the viewership over dinner.

She points out the problem and both men agree. Something happens to the news and Xian Da rushes back. Xiang Zhe wants to return with him – he wants to avoid being with her alone but Xian Da can handle alone. Xiang Zhe is quiet and confesses that he is frightened to be with her. You Zhen and Shan Mei are on an assignment together and he wants her to call them. She calls Shan Mei’s room and is shocked to find You Zhen there. You Zhen tells Shan Mei what happens and covers the fact that Yin Mei is seducing Xiang Zhe.

She is angry to know about it. Why doesn’t You Zhen try to keep her? What kind of love is this? Can’t he beat the fellow up and tell him that she is his and tell him to back off? But You Zhen doesn’t know how to put across the message to her. Later, she goes to wash her hair. You Zhen happens to pick the phone and he quickly hangs up. Xiang Zhe’s hands holding the knife and fork freeze in the air. What is he doing in Shan Mei’s room? On the way home, Yin Mei senses that Xiang Zhe is unhappy and says that she breaks up with You Zhen. He detects that danger is approaching. She complains that the close relationship between You Zhen and Shan Mei can’t be cut off easily. If Shan Mei is moved, then it is natural that he is unhappy.

She can’t see any expression on his face. He says that he will not take it to heart because love can’t be compiled. If this happens, he can only wish her the best. He wonders why Yin Mei still doesn’t give up. She says that her target – him is approaching. What Yin Mei says affects Xiang Zhe. He stays in the living room, smoking and pondering her words. He recalls Xian Da’s words on why he loves Shan Mei. Although what he tells Yin Mei is true, he is still a man. When the fear of losing his love is surrounding him, he still feels tortured by it. He can’t sleep for the night.

When he is ready for work, he is surprised to see Shan Mei. Her mind is confused. He recalls Yin Mei’s words and suddenly feels frightened that she might leave him. She finds his expression strange and tells him that she wants to bring them back together. He senses that You Zhen’s name is mentioned too many times and feels uneasy although he knows her feelings for him now.

He doesn’t want her to be upset over You Zhen. She is his girlfriend and not You Zhen’s girlfriend. Shan Mei realizes her mistake – why is she so dumb? He agrees to give them a last chance and she can’t be hesitant anymore. Xiang Zhe requests Xian Da to arrange the two to go on an assignment to London. Xian Da had a headache – it is fine if she is a reporter but not an anchorwoman but he still consents to it. Me too, it is absurd for Xiang Zhe to make such an unreasonable request on Shan Mei's behalf.

Yin Mei is angry and splashes water on Shan Mei. She requests a transfer but he rejects her. She tells him what he is doing will be in vain and why Xiang Zhe ignores her feelings for him. He only answers that he is surprised but he doesn’t look excited. She has no choice but to go. You Zhen is so angry when she refuses to accept him again that he tries to rape her. She hardens her heart and rejects him. She tells him to vanish with the video camera in a church with the veil over her head, which he does later.

Shan Mei talks to Xiang Zhe at the rooftop. He jokes that he is aging so he needs lesser sleep and wonders when she will get him coffee. I am amused that he gets it for her. He hopes that both have reconciled. Upon seeing her suspecting expression, he adds that he means it genuinely. She has controlled herself from talking about You Zhen but he mentions it first. He wonders whether he shows his jealousy so openly. She agrees but reminds her to stop if it is over between them. He will fire those who only talks about love in the office and neglects work. Shan Mei is angry to know that You Zhen is missing and confronts Yin Mei.

Xiang Zhe’s career is in jeopardy. If the viewership doesn’t improve, he has to resign within a month. He walks on the street and suddenly gets ideas from the working housewives. He notices that Shan Mei isn’t listening and catches her attention. Strange but why Shan Mei isn’t worried about his situation but worries for You Zhen instead – does she know that he will overcome this hurdle easily?

Zhen Shu is sick and wishes her to help to look for You Zhen. Shan Mei gets his call but he only tells her to take care of his mother. What an irresponsible son! She apologises to Xiang Zhe and he pats on her shoulder. He notices that she is but he is too tired to take care of her. Yin Mei wants to take advantage of this. The producer and Xiang Zhe look at the clips. He invites all for a drink and Yin Mei quickly tails him when the rest wish to finish their work first. It is hard to predict when she can talk to him personally.

She talks about her past and sees similar sadness in him. He thinks perhaps so if he hasn’t met Shan Mei. He is thankful to his lucky stars for throwing Shan Mei onto his car to give her to him. She deduces correctly that he tries his best but longs to escape from reality. He does mention to Shan Mei about returning to London. She feels closer to him upon reaching London. They are both birds trapped in a cage. He doubts so. His expressionless face leaves her doubtful.

His handphone rings and Shan Mei tells him happily that You Zhen is back. Xiang Zhe’s expression changes totally and softens. But Yin Mei is only interested in Xiang Zhe and work. Shan Mei is too cheerful to make her jealous but her vigour influences everyone, especially Xiang Zhe. Yin Mei notices that this man is unaffected by everything. But when he hears Shan Mei’s voice, his expression changes totally from the highly questionable to an understanding and tolerant self. She also sees Gui Cheng’s similar warm smile on his face too. It is strange that Shan Mei mentions another man – his love rival and yet he is like this. This gives her a big challenge to grab him from her.

The following scenes are equally unforgettable. The programme’s viewership rates improve so Xiang Zhe treats all to a holiday resort to thank the rest under Cheng Shui’s suggestion. They want Cheng Shui to sing but he drags Xiang Zhe out instead. He takes over the microphone and cites shyly that it is too early to drink champagne but he will sing to thank all. But he feels uneasy without the piano to sing alone.

Shan Mei sits with Yin Mei's back facing her. He looks at her apologetically, knowing that she has a hard time consoling You Zhen but he is too busy to deal with the crisis. (I feel that Shan Mei fails as his girlfriend because she leaves him to handle it alone and doesn’t give him encouragement or help. Or perhaps he doesn’t wish to worry her at all.) Shan Mei recalls that it has been a long time since she hears him sing. He sings and all are speechless to hear his singing for the first time.

Cheng Shui drops his chips while the rest open their mouths. They are stunned that he sings better than a professional singer. Director Yin doesn't fade on stage even though he works behind the scenes. All wear a sheepish expression. Yin Mei looks at him and wonders if he knows everything. He is capable than normal men in all areas but why does he like Shan Mei? She is jealous at the way that they look at each other.

Xiang Zhe gives Shan Mei a call. He recalls the singing session earlier - there seems to be love in her eyes that he desires for all along. He wants to be with her but she is with Qing Xi now. He knows that she doesn't like him to show his affections that openly. Shan Mei chides him for not saying anything and he jokes that she is not a woman anyway. He says gently that he longs to see her but it is too late.

She is concerned if he is alright after drinking so much. Xiang Zhe feels his temple and confesses he has not drunk for a long time so he is having a headache. She is worried and tells him to rest early. His joy is reduced to zero when Yin Mei insists entering his room to talk although it is late. He shows his displeasure openly but he doesn't notice Shan Mei standing at a corner holding the medicine for him. Chae Lim has failed in acting here. Shan Mei should show jealousy but she only twists her mouth, like a spoilt child.

Xiang Zhe relates that he is always frightened when Yin Mei wants to talk to him. She wants to resign as she can't face him only loving Shan Mei. He suddenly asks if it is his fault for causing her to break up with You Zhen. Yin Mei is unprepared. Xiang Zhe doesn't have the mood to deal with her as the headache is affecting him. He will apologise if he has done or said something that causes the misunderstanding. (To me, the answer is 'yes' as he holds her hand to give her assurance on the first day.)

He cuts her off by citing that love can't be compelled - just like Shan Mei who still wishes You Zhen all the best after being ditched. He doesn't want to lose a good employee and a talent like Yin Mei. Yin Mei feels shamed and leaves. Xiang Zhe doesn't even send her out but Qi Zong and Xian Da happen to see this. Shan Mei is so alarmed that Yin Mei's target is Xiang Zhe that she loses sleep for the night.

The next day, Shan Mei sees Xiang Zhe and Yin Mei in the lift but hesitates going in. Xiang Zhe is puzzled so he pushes the lift door open and drags her to his side. I shake my head upon seeing the mischievous grin on his face - he doesn’t know the trouble in store for him later. He asks her if she sleeps well and she gives a forceful yes. Upon knowing that Yin Mei doesn't sleep well, she charges out. She thinks that both spent the night together. It is now then Xiang Zhe realises that her face is pale. What is wrong with her for avoiding him now when she is fine the other day?

Shan Mei asks him why he doesn't tell her that Yin Mei seduces him. He feels that this isn't important since he feels neutral. She raises her voice as it is important to her because she sees her walking into his room. Xiang Zhe is overjoyed upon seeing this. Her expression is so attractive to him. He can't controlling smiling and confesses that the feeling if great for her to be jealous. She denies but her expression shows all so he offers to explain. She declines and is down - now Yin Mei is trying to snatch him from her. What should she do? He tells her that she only needs to look at him and walk straight. He emphasizes that she shouldn't look elsewhere because he is going to do the same.

Yong Xi realises how bad Yin Mei is and understands why Xiang Zhe loves Shan Mei because she also discovers her good qualities. She asks Xian Da whether she is like Yin Mei when she first started and that is why Qing Xi always tells her to make coffee for her. He tries not to hurt her by saying that she isn't as bad. Both start to develop feelings for each other. She learns about the stadium and room incidents so she becomes wary when Yin Mei asks her about Xiang Zhe's mother.

Zhao Di thinks that Yin Mei is too much to treat Yong Xi as a chewing gum which is useless after chewing. The chewing gum will glue to a person's body if not wrapped properly. Yin Mei is eager to get the 9 pm news seat. Yong Xi starts to teach Shan Mei more and Yin Mei becomes wary. She deletes Yong Xi's file and puts the blame on her. Yong Xi becomes suspicious because she has not told anyone about it and her backup copy is at home. Yin Mei vows to get rid of her. Shan Mei warns Yin Mei to leave Xiang Zhe alone but she is amused to see the fear in here. She finds the game interesting and wants to use him as a bet.

Xiang Zhe sends Shan Mei home and gets jealous when she mentions You Zhen's name many times during the journey. He softens upon seeing her frown. He wants to bring her to his mother's grave on her coming birthday. Shan Mei lies that she has a date with Gui Cheng and is only free in the afternoon. He doesn't tell her the person to give her a surprise. He feels reluctant every time he sends her home. She suddenly calls out to him with a shy and nervous expression.

Xiang Zhe stops his movement with his hand still on the car handle. She exclaims that she likes him and not anyone else so he must believe her. Xiang Zhe is stunned and only digests her words after a few seconds. After so many years, this is the first time that she gives him a confirmed answer. He can't stop grinning in his car on the way home - Shan Mei finally likes him now. Shan Mei allows a drunk You Zhen in and he cries, wanting her to marry him. She rejects as she doesn't wish to make Xiang Zhe upset.

Xiang Zhe gets 2 bouquets for flowers for the women he loves most. Shan Mei calls to tell him that Gui Cheng is sick so he visits the grave alone. He finally understands his mother's feelings when she waits for Mr Yin. He learns a lot from Shan Mei to be forgiving to his parents and forgetting the hurt they caused him. He still misses his mother after many years. He tells her that she will like Shan Mei, just like Mr Yin.

He recalls Shan Mei's uneasy tone and feels worried so he visits her home. He never expects Gui Cheng to look healthy and all help to bring a drunk You Zhen down the car. Shan Mei nearly cries when her lie is exposed. She has not wanted to upset him because he has shown his displeasure the day before. Knowing that she will feel bad that she misses his mother's birthday, he keeps it from her. But he states that it is tiring for him whenever he thinks that he is walking towards him, she retracts.

He doesn't wish her to feel remorseful towards him. He only wants her to love him so he holds her hand. He is a man who will get angry when she is distracted by You Zhen. But if she is indifferent, he might not like it because she is Shan Mei. He can wait for her. He doesn't know why he treats her so well so she should tell him the answer when she knows it. He is still gentle and gives her an encouraging smile. Dong Gan's glances at her really squeezes water in unlimited supply! However, this man is really behaving like a saint.

Yin Mei looks for extra information and Xiang Zhe gives her a treat reluctantly. It is obvious that he is only treating her as an employee. So she keeps on mentioning Shan Mei to get his attention. She feels that she will also like her if she is a man but she is jealous because she is a woman. She gets rejected when she tries to ask him out for a dance. Xiang Zhe frowns upon seeing her revealing dressing when she removes the jacket. Her face nearly touches his face but he is still unmoved. He starts to regret to be with her.

Here comes another classic moment. Upon sending her home, she tries to cling to his chest. Our Director Yin is very alert. He quickly uses his hand to steady her and makes sure that she is one arm length away from him! I salute to those who can control their laughter upon watching this scene because I can't! The atmosphere in the car is sure embarrassing for her as she fails again. She knows Shan Mei is his first woman so she isn't harbouring any hopes but still wants the seat beside him in the office.

Shan Mei learns the truth from Yong Xi and hurries to meet Xiang Zhe but she has to rush to the police station because You Zhen is involved in a fight. Zhen Shu makes an unreasonable request to her to help him to get back to his feet again. You Zhen is becoming a drunkard and a wimp that sure make me fuming. She tells Xiang Zhe by the river that she can't leave You Zhen alone. This strikes the fear in Xiang Zhe - has the nightmare that he has all along coming true?

To him, the London trip is the last but it is not to her as Zhen Shu is like her mother. She doesn't wish him to wait for her. He allows it but this woman can be so foolish to ask what happens she needs to marry him? Xiang Zhe looks as if he can faint anytime on the spot. He shall not wait then but now he wants to make the decision so she can return to him anytime. He even asks her to look for him if there are problems. He is not doing it because he is kindhearted but he takes it that he is doing it for her. My colleagues nearly melt when he shouts to her that he will wait for her infinitely. But can a man be so noble??

You Zhen is surprised when Shan Mei insists of returning home with him although she sees Xiang Zhe in the car park. He is angry to know Zhen Shu's request and tells Shan Mei not to listen to her as she will force her to be his wife. She returns home and touches the anklet, missing him.

Xiang Zhe's producer gets a warning because he turns a show into a striptease showcase. He is unrepentant and Xiang Zhe is mad. En Qi humiliates him later by asking Yin Mei to join his programme as a host. Xiang Zhe is angry that he makes the request in front of him but he is relieved when she insists of being Eve's morning's host. She wants a treat from him again. Both see Shan Mei stopping You Zhen to drink in vain. Yin Mei orders a martini and Xiang Zhe wants the same.

He finds Shan Mei's expression changing - does she think that he has something to do with her? He gets the proposal for Yin Mei to look at. She asks for the password to open his briefcase. Shan Mei gets jealous - what relationship do they have to ask something so personal? She wants to leave but she can't. Xiang Zhe says aloud that it is his favourite's friend's birthday. Shan Mei nearly cries upon knowing that he is still waiting for her. You Zhen knows that Yin Mei is degrading herself and runs out to vomit.

The 2 women face each other. I have never seen Yin Mei so desperate before. She must be desperate at this time. She wants Shan Mei to take You Zhen and the host positions back to exchange for Xiang Zhe. She tries so long and hard but Xiang Zhe is still devoted to Shan Mei. She is nearly getting crazy. Shan Mei calmly tells her to give up but she refuses as she has staked all she has on him. Shan Mei decides to make her stop - she has harmed You Zhen so she will not allow her to ruin Xiang Zhe.

Shan Mei wants to follow but Xiang Zhe stops her. You Zhen doesn't understand why he is doing this. Xiang Zhe is helpless but says that he supports Shan Mei in whatever she does. He is upset to see her frowning and taking You Zhen away. You Zhen finally knows that he can't make Shan Mei sacrifice for him and decides to buck up. Shan Mei uses her lipstick to write encouraging messages on his car. Zhao Di teases her and wonders why she doesn't act out this scene with Xiang Zhe instead. She jokes if she doesn't want him, she can give him as a present. Shan Mei shivers upon recalling Yin Mei's words.

Xiang Zhe sees Shan Mei walking to the recording studio so he pushes open the lift door to follow her. Shan Mei's smile vanishes and he is tormented upon recalling their agreement. Is he waiting for her in vain? She is thinner and there is a frown knitted between her eyebrows. He wants to get rid of it but can only observe her secretly. After listening to her programme, he walks along the corridor and wonders if waiting is a part of love. Zhen Shu is so mad with Yin Mei for ruining You Zhen that she pulls Yin Mei's hair.

Yin Mei loosens Yong Xi's car brake and causes her to have an accident. Yin Mei is delighted when the board decides to let her replace her. Xian Da smells a fish. However, Shan Mei accompanies Yong Xi back and she gets uneasy. Later, she realises that her act is tapped by the car park surveillance machine and finds out that You Zhen takes it away. Yong Xi is touched when Xian Da hints that he can't function if something happens to her when he offers to drive her home. You Zhen decides to give Shan Mei a treat for picking himself up again and causing trouble to her. Yin Mei decides to seduce him to get the tape back.

Next is another wonderful scene. Shan Mei waits for him in the rain. Xiang Zhe sees her and runs to hide from the rain under her umbrella. How cunning - he asks his assistant to return with his umbrella so that he gets the chance to be close to her! Poor man - his happy expression fades when he knows who she is waiting for. She is about to give her umbrella to her when a car splashes water on her. It is touching to see how he shields her with the umbrella and his body. He is so reluctant to release her. He gets to see the couple leaving the station and then rushes to see if Shan Mei is still there. In the meantime, You Zhen rejects her advances. She sure is and Xiang Zhe feels anguish, standing in the rain and closing his eyes.

He is unable to suppress his anger and grabs her away in his car. She is persistent to leave as You Zhen will let her know if he isn't coming. He lets her know that he is with Yin Mei. He wipes her wet hair with a towel (How many traditional Korean men will do this in reality, though). He gets the wrong impression that You Zhen is the most important person in her life and he knows it all along. When he sees the couple and her waiting in the rain, he wonders what he is to her? Why is Shan Mei waiting for someone else?

Later, he knows that he is nothing to her. If liking someone isn't complete, it is same as zero. He is hurt by his own words. Shan Mei tries in vain to explain to him that she waits because she trusts You Zhen and not he likes him. He asks whether You Zhen also believes her. Xiang Zhe will never let her wait for him in the rain. He decides to send her back. If You Zhen is there, he will give up. Shan Mei is unable to tell him that she loves him because she can't walk straight towards him now.

On the way, Xiang Zhe doesn't know why he sends the woman he loves to another man. You Zhen arrives and Shan Mei leaves his car, digging a hole in his heart when her weight decreases. My colleagues comment that it is a marvellous scene - Xiang Zhe closes the door when Yin Mei looks for him while the same happens here. Both are not owing each other anything. Xiang Zhe smiles forcefully and leaves. His tears blurs his vision when driving back. Shan Mei has a sleepless night and is sick the next day.

She is late for the meeting. Xiang Zhe is angry that she hasn't talked to the producer as her segment is going to be shown the next day. He reprimands her for not treating things seriously and they can't be late in producing a programme. He is unfeeling here, showing his frustration. But the man can no longer bear with the long wait and her indecisiveness so he is becoming harsh. I will say that this is quite a normal reaction.

Shan Mei talks to him after the meeting. He only wants to discuss about work and he has to be impartial. (Hey, hasn't he forgotten that he asks Shan Mei to meet him here too to date her?) He wants her to be serious in work. Especially now when many link them together. She stands up and suddenly shivers. Xiang Zhe frowns. This is a deliberate planning - she coughs when he isn't around. This is really bad timing……

Xiang Zhe knocks off. Does she know that her voice gives him consolation on the way home? Suddenly, there is no voice and Xiang Zhe finds nothing wrong with the other stations. He looks at his watch and there are still a few minutes left to end the programme. He suddenly recalls her faint look at work and hurries back. He runs to the studio and sees Shan Mei lying on the sofa, unconscious. He quickly carries her to hospital. Gui Cheng has to work so he offers to take care of her.

He sits beside her and blames himself for not realising that she is sick and yet he still reprimands her. He touches her burning forehead and holds her hand, sleeping beside her for the night. Many fans complain that this scene can be shot longer and be more touching. I agree so too. She doesn't see him when she wakes - I know many fans scream at it again. Why is he so secretive to leave quietly? Doesn't he notice the anklet when she is placed on the bed? When Gui Cheng walks in, he is still exhausted and presses his hand against his face. Dong Gan's fans exclaim that he does it with style and who doesn't get moved?

Shan Mei reads a report on Wen Rong Group future successor, Xiang Zhe. I am appalled. Yin Mei's hospitalization has many to visit her but none for Shan Mei. Why? She feels distant from the businessman mentioned in it. No wonder Yin Mei wants to get him at all costs. She belongs to a different world from Xiang Zhe. Xiang Zhe calls her to inquire if he can visit her but she refuses. He lies that he is at the office car parking lot but he is already at the hospital entrance. He has no choice but to see her when she is discharged. Some don't understand why he gets evasive - what is wrong to suppress his feelings now?

He meets her when she is back and she talks about the report. Director Yin in it is different from the person she knows. Who is the real him? Xiang Zhe is amused - Shan Mei always calls him Director Yin when she is angry with him. She lowers her head and states that she might no longer be in the situation to be angry with him anymore since he has wanted to let her go. If Xiang Zhe can really let go, he will not feel so troubled. But when he is about to talk to her, many light bulbs - the staff come in and ruins his chance.

Xian Da is appalled to see En Qi approaching Shan Mei to be his host after Yin Mei rejects him. Xiang Zhe doesn't wish to hinder her chances but Shan Mei is hurt that he doesn't want her anymore. Xian Da asks if both have parted. Xiang Zhe doesn't answer but Yin Mei is overjoyed. She tells Shan Mei that Xiang Zhe tells her that both have parted. Shan Mei nearly faints and talks to him. She assures him that he needs not feel bad about it because she hurts him too much. How can she ask him to wait for her when she look after another man? Xiang Zhe suddenly feels frightened - has she rekindled her feelings for You Zhen and wants to break up with him? Sigh - why these two can't be frank to each other???

She nods because she thinks that he wants to do it. He is affected but wants her to accept En Qi's offer. She is angry and leaves. Xiang Zhe is so depressed that he wants Xian Da to console him for 5 minutes. He drinks again at home. Yin Mei brings her proposals to Xiang Zhe's home and asks about his parting with Shan Mei., saying that Shan Mei tells her about it. He refuses to answer but he is asking Shan Mei why in his heart. Shan Mei confesses that he need not answer her but has to forgive her curiosity.

Gui Cheng tells Shan Mei about Xiang Zhe staying with her in hospital. She wonders why he doesn't tell her about it. She goes to his home to see the two out and Yin Mei following eagerly behind him. Xiang Zhe brings her out for a meal - probably he is frightened of what she is going to do to him in a room and it is safer for both to be in a public spot. Xiang Zhe drives his car away so she looks for You Zhen to pour out her sorrow. He promises to set things right for her when he realises that Yin Mei is double dating again.

Xian Da wants Shan Mei and Yin Mei to attend a talk show. He wonders why hosts become artistes these days. Cheng Shui is excited as it is a rival programme. Qi Zong is happy and says that he wants to pair up with Xian Da. Qing Xi says that Xian Da will cry at home since he is the top celebrity. Xian Da says that he doesn't even feel like seeing anyone if this happens!

The programme starts and Shan Mei says that she has no lover - even when Xiang Zhe is around. Xiang Zhe sulks upon hearing it and is upset. He still thinks that she is his lover. Yin Mei looks at him and admits that she has a target and likes those who value her. Many are surprised by her frank personality but she fails badly in popularity with colleagues, getting only 10% while Shan Mei gets 90%.

Xiang Zhe misses Shan Mei so he follows her into the make-up room. She thanks her for taking care of her throughout the night. He says he is hungry and wants to have a meal with her. She sees Yin Mei coming in and rejects him. He is upset and turns his head to know the reason! He has no response when she asks him out. He looks like his appetite is zero. He is not hungry but only wishes to accompany Shan Mei for a meal.

You Zhen tells Shan Mei not to give Xiang Zhe up since Yin Mei returns to him. He tells Xiang Zhe the same and he wonders if Shan Mei remembers his promise. Both men feel apologetic towards her. He confirms from You Zhen that she still loves him and can't suppress his feelings. He grabs her out and he announces that he will be in charge from now on. He doesn’t want to listen to her anymore and wants her to listen to him. In future, he will only allow her to love him because he is doing the same.

He knows that she is suffering but he doesn't ask because he is too tired. He promises not to mention about any breakup again. She weeps and he hugs her, feeling contented and brushing her hair off her face. Both smile and reconcile. Of course, Yin Mei is angry that her chances are ruined.

Shan Mei calls Xiang Zhe as it is the day where the car knocks her down. She wears the cap. He recalls that it is the day when heaven sends him an angel. He completes his work and rushes there. He is blocked by construction road works. He recalls the hurdles that he crosses so this is not hindering him. He places his car aside and runs to her home. He smiles as he has 5 minutes left. He has been thinking along the way so he makes a decision. The following scene is so sweet and romantic. He hugs her and wishes to do nothing else. Doing something else will be wasting time. He wants to remember this wonderful moment.

Ren Xiu tries to kill Yin Mei when he gets out of prison. He wants to disclose her past to the press by blackmailing him so she sends him to jail. Now he is back to seek revenge. She is too shocked and You Zhen gets killed after shielding her from being hit by a truck. It is so sad when she finally breaks down after watching the tape and realising that he has erased her wrongdoing and records their past moments instead. It is one of the most heartbreaking scenes that I have watched so far. Many are chilled when Yin Mei still works and doesn't attend his funeral.

Shan Mei handles the funeral with Zhen Shu and she seldom cries. Xiang Zhe is worried and calls the station to manage the affairs. He is amazed that she is strong because she needs to console Zhen Shu. She wants him to return to work and she will look for him when she feels like crying. Sure indeed, he prepares a handkerchief for her to cry to release her feelings. But poor Yin Mei - no one understands her and she even takes the blame of causing Shan Mei to lose the 9 pm news host post because the romance between her and Xiang Zhe becomes open to all.

She is not the culprit. Cheng Shui and Zhao Di are. Zhao Di is so happy that she is being interviewed by a reporter that she reveals it. Cheng Shui thinks that it is his friend to spread the news to another person. Soon, the whole world knows about it and Xiang Zhe meets all the reporters at once to affirm the truth. Shan Mei wonders why Yin Mei shoulders the blame. Ren Xiu is arrested with Yin Mei's help.

Yin Mei comes to visit Shan Mei on a rainy night. The next day, she leaves the clothes and the necklace and tries to drown herself. Xiang Zhe only knows about it when he receives her resignation letter. He has a headache when someone shows him the photos of Yin Mei and Ren Xiu together. He and Xian Da know from the letter that she causes Yong Xi's accident. Upon knowing that You Zhen doesn't blame Yin Mei, she decides to forgive her too.

Shan Mei is moody over Yin Mei's disappearance. Xiang Zhe tells her that he nearly has a car accident on the way because he is too anxious to see her. She turns pale and scolds him but at the same time worried that he might get hurt. This reminds her of You Zhen and she can't stand another blow of losing him. He promises to take good care of himself.

Yong Xi decides to get married and wishes Shan Mei to replace her London journalist job. Xiang Zhe chooses a proposal ring on their wedding day. (Some commented that he should have chosen a pearl ring. It might be cheaper but has more significance since it is her lucky stone.)Before this, he has been practicing hard on how to propose to her by watching tapes and also writing love notes to her. Yong Xi throws her bouquet and Zhao Di can't get it because it goes into Shan Mei's hands. Xiang Zhe is very happy to see this.

During the meal, he gets nervous. When Shan Mei informs him on the new post, he is stunned and asks if she wishes to go. She says yes but is hesitant. He decides not to hold her back and puts the ring back into his pocket. Is he going to wait again? He hopes this is not too long as he is getting impatient. Gui Cheng invites him to stay for a drink. He can stay overnight since it is unsafe for him to drive after drinking. Gui Cheng even says that Shan Mei is naggy and Xiang Zhe will have a hard time after marrying her.

Shan Mei lets Xiang Zhe sleep in her room. He says that he will leave after Gui Cheng sleeps. He signals her to sit beside him. She obeys but feels shy so she turns on the television. I crack up when the screen showing the tape that Xiang Zhe gives her. Xiang Zhe is equally amused. She shows him her childhood photographs. The next page shows Yin Mei and You Zhen. She says that Yin Mei will do a better job than her. Shan Mei has hoped that Xiang Zhe will be selfish for once but he says nothing. Xiang Zhe has initially wanted her to host 'Eve's morning' with Xian Da but of course, the London post is better. He says this but in his heart, he can't bear her to leave her to go to a place so far away.

She is disappointed that he doesn't ask her to stay. Xiang Zhe places the ring on the musical doll's finger. He sees it turning and sighs that he has to wait again. Shan Mei sees Yin Mei on a television programme and rushes to see her at the orphanage. She is shocked that she only remembers events that happen to her before 6 years old - the age her mother abandons her. Yin Mei wonders why she is upset upon seeing you Zhen's photograph. Shan Mei lies to her that Yin Mei is her best friend. She knows that she only remembers happy events and is glad that she is prettier and happier than before. She gives her the necklace back.

She wants to walk home from the traffic light and Xiang Zhe is unprepared for this. She has no courage to say goodbye at her doorstep and promises to be mature when she is in London. She doesn't wish him to look at her back again. Xiang Zhe comes out from his car and decides to do something that he should do. He proposes to her and puts the ring on her finger. She cries as she doesn't wish him to wait for her anymore. Both share an intimate kiss on the street.

Introduction on characters

1. Yin Xiang Zhe – Jang Dong Gan
He is 30 years old and is the planning unit director of MBS. He is also the chairman's son and holds a masters degree in business administration. Does such a person exists? Xiang Zhe is firm, young, considerate, capable, intelligent, rich, devoted, caring and patient. He knows how to console others and create surprises. One more bonus is he is handsome looking - manly and homely at the right time. Although he is a smoker, he never smokes in front of Shan Mei - except the part where Yin Mei lights up his cigarette for him during the celebration at his home.

I doubt any factory can come up with such a perfect product. Although he says that he doesn't know love, how to love and no power to love, he has shown that he is a good lover.See how romantic he is to give her concern at the right moment and to shower her with gifts?

But of course, I disapprove of him giving in to Shan Mei all the time. He is too accommodating. That is why I welcome him to grab Shan Mei hard by the arm whenever he gets angry! Some complain that the necklace is too expensive for Yin Mei and the cap isn't a suitable parting gift for Shan Mei. I don't think so as he might feel that Yin Mei is her life saviour and he gives Shan Mei so many things upon his return. What more can we ask?

Some wonder why he chooses Shan Mei. He doesn't like a person he loves to know too much of his past - Yong Xi is plain unlucky. He doesn't want a person to remind him of sadness - so Yin Mei is out. He only needs someone who can warm his heart. That is why he can only accept Shan Mei. The other two women are capable but he is already intelligent enough. There is no need to find a partner to spar with him in wits.

He changes from a cold person to a friendlier and chatty man after knowing her. He is a genius. Others slog to do their research at home. This Director will watch television programmes, bathe, cycle or jog(that was when he was in London) smoke and drink wine. Otherwise he will visit the pub or play the piano at the restaurant. But we will observe that he does all most of these alone. What he needs to do daily will be thinking of Shan Mei. And yet he comes up with attractive proposals - how does he do it???

I sure miss the silver BMW convertible that Xiang Zhe drives in England. It suits him well.He drives the dark coloured BMW car back in Korea. Probably gone are the days of being wild to suit his mature image?

Dong Gan makes this unrealistic character come alive and it becomes one of my top favourite Korean drama roles. My only complaint is he is fat for earlier scenes and isn't that good in showing sadness especially at Xiang Zhe's mother's funeral. He shines later. With his hair gelled, he has the authoritative look and looks strict. When he doesn't, he looks boyish and is more approachable. When he smiles, that really takes many fans' breathe away. Many wonder why he has slender fingers that don't fit his tall build.

I like the cruel way he treats Yin Mei - she deserves it. But he is too harsh to Yong Xi. Many romantic scenes are very touching and I like listening to his voice - it is so filled with emotions and no wonder so many Xiang Zhe's lines become direct hit classics. Although other dramas try to imitate, they don't produce the same results.

2. Jin You Zhen – Han Jae Suk
He is also 30 years old and is MBS's cameraman. Some may wonder why I write so little on him. That is because he makes so many silly mistakes to believe Yin Mei and neglects Shan Mei but I don't wish to reprimand him because this is a pathetic role. His mother pampers him so when he has setbacks in love, he doesn’t pick himself up easily. Since Shan Mei can forget the pain, why can't he do the same? Some say that he loves Yin Mei too deeply. I am quite touched when he tries to cover her crimes and attempts to change her. To the extent of losing his life for her.

Jae Suk is quite expressive in his acting too but I dislike this role to be soft. Another complain - he seems to bloat up too like Dong Gan or Si Won in 'Beautiful Days'. He obeys whatever Yin Mei tells him to do - to keep their romance under wraps and to postpone their marriage plans. If he is more firm, the tragedy may be avoided. Another minus point, he knows his close ones worries for him but he ignores them to continue his drinking habit. This directly causes the bond between Shan Mei and Xiang Zhe to be weakened as he depends too much on her to be normal again.

3. Cui Cheng Shui – Cui Jun Yong
He is the sports host in MBS. He is Zhao Di's boyfriend and creates a lot of laughter with his endless jokes and funny behaviour. Without him, this serial may lose the comical element. Who can forget how Xian Da and Qi Zong steal his ideas to woo the women they love? It is hilarious when they chide him for being childish but they copy every single detail. This actor is a born comedian.

4. Pei Ren Xiu – Cui Jun Long
He is Yin Mei's ex-boyfriend and is a hooligan. He is very nasty and wants to blackmail her with her past. We can't blame her for sending him to jail to protect herself. He is bitter over it but his assassination results in You Zhen's death instead. This actor is quite good in his acting too but he has too few scenes.

5. Jin Xian Da – Piao Zhe
I don't know his age but this faithful man has loved Yong Xi long enough. Xian Da is an experienced newsreader and host. He is reluctant when she leaves the 7pm slot to move to the 9pm slot. He is always beside her through her ups and downs. He is generous to share his experience with the juniors so that is why he is put in charge to train them. All like him despite being strict with them. Piao Zhe is good in acting but is a bit plump. I thought newsreaders should be conscious over their looks? Or this is to make sure that he really looks much older than Dong Gan because he can be much younger when slimmer??

6. Zhen Gui Cheng
He is a construction headman and is always not at home. Thus Shan Mei is with Zhen Shu most of the time or she is alone at home. This is why Xiang Zhe also ensures that Shan Mei walks into the house safely and locks the door before he leaves. He is a loving father but is also naïve. Zhen Shu will blame him her whole life by introducing Yin Mei to You Zhen. He believes her too easily and it is lucky that Xiang Zhe isn't a cheat to deceive Shan Mei. If not, I believe she might end up with the wrong person too.

7. Jin En Qi
He is Xiang Zhe's uncle who fights with him over the management in MBS. Xiang Zhe despises him for depending on his stepmother for the success. So he tries to belittle him as frequently as possible. I really like him to eat the humble pie each time. The only time he gets his revenge is when Shan Mei commits the blunder. He still lacks knowledge in making good programmes and can lose out to a young, promising man.

8. Mr Yin
He is Xiang Zhe's father and is the chairman of MBS. He feels remorseful for neglecting him. Thus he gives him the major power in MBS to make up to him. Maybe he dislikes En Qi in secret too?

9. Shen Qi Zhong
He is the main host of sports programmes. He is short and plump but he is also a caring senior. He is very firm with Cheng Shui as he knows that he makes mistakes easily. Many find it funny the way he woos Qing Xi - he engraves words under his desk to show her!

10. Jun Mao – An Zheng Xun
He is You Zhen's roommate and helps to develop You Zhen's interest in photo taking. He is interested in Yin Mei. No one knows where he is after the women's graduation. The producer has forgotten about him.

11. Zhen Shan Mei –Chae Lim
She is 25 years old but she can be childish and blur at times. She knows that she is careless and blur by nature so she does a lot of research at home. Although she is without her mother, this doesn’t affect her as her father and Zhen Shu treat her well. She is cheerful and melts all hearts with her endearing smiles. Is she lucky? I think so because Xiang Zhe does help her in her work in some way.

It is quite hilarious to see her committing the stupid mistakes at work. Whenever she is angry, she addresses Xiang Zhe as 'Director Yin'. But strangely, she never calls him by his name but still addresses him as 'senior' even when they are lovers. Do Koreans stress so much on seniority? Doesn't Xiang Zhe want her to call him intimately? I don't have the answer.

I like her warm character but I dislike her to spend so much time to help You Zhen. To the extent of asking Xiang Zhe to arrange the London trip. No wonder it gives Xiang Zhe the wrong idea. Worse when she even considers marrying him to help him out! Isn't this too much? At first, she puts up with Yin Mei's tortures but later becomes strong and mature after being with Xiang Zhe.

I don't find her a good girlfriend.It doesn't matter if she gives her only one gift since hs is already so loaded. ideas. Xiang Zhe has given her support but she gives little concern in return. Or maybe because Xiang Zhe doesn’t wish to worry her- I am not sure. She doesn't even offer help or suggestions when his position is threatened after knowing it. When he is moody, she doesn't talk to him. Why?

Chae Lim is inconsistent in acting. She can't handle mature roles well and she struggles towards the end. She cries well in many scenes. Looking and behaving cute is not a problem in the beginning but being jealous or angry isn't her forte. She still needs to brush up her acting skills. I doubt she can turn in this better performance if her opponents aren't So Yeon or Dong Gan. I am disappointed by her real voice - it is a bit low and hoarse. Surprisingly, I like the dubbed voice better as the dubbing artiste's voice is very sweet.

12. Xu Yin Mei – Kim So Yeon
She is also 25 years old. Unlike Yin Mei who is fortunate, her mother abandons her when she is six while her father ill-treats her. So it turns her into a revengeful and ambitious person who is very independent. Many shiver on the methods she uses to harm others and how she disposes of each person when he/she has outlived their usefulness. By using her beauty and her wits, she is eager to climb up the ladder.

She woos You Zhen to spite Shan Mei. Then she ditches him for a rich Xiang Zhe although she loves You Zhen more. Some have said that she has fallen for Xiang Zhe. This may be true. The seductive scenes are the highlights of the serial too. No wonder this role is so well remembered.

I must say that this is also one of my top unforgettable roles. Chae Lim must learn from her. So Yeon is such a talented actress. She looks so scheming and evil in many scenes and yet she also projects a soft/gentle image to deceive others. She is better than Chae Lim in sad scenes and maintains a good performance throughout the serial. She is more attractive in long hair - actually she should maintain this image till the end to show her beauty and tells us why other men find it hard to resist her.

13. Liu Yong Xi – Jin Zhen En
She is 28 years old and is the 9pm host. She is strong, independent, willful and can also be nasty. She likes Yin Mei more because she sucks up to her, is smarter and both are similar in character. She dislikes Shan Mei who is careless and often creates mistakes. She grows up with Xiang Zhe and falls for him for a long time. However, it is sad that he doesn't accept her for so many years and she is mad at him for choosing Shan Mei. Not just because she is inferior to her but also she dislikes her.

Later, she realises that Yin Mei is only making use of her and she appreciates Shan Mei's qualities. She starts to reflect her actions to be a better person. She also learns to accept Xian Da and both finally have a happy ending.

She is excellent in the role! I pity her when she gets drunk after being rejected. In fact, I think she has more chemistry with Dong Gan than Chae Lim. She can be another good choice for the role as Shan Mei.

14. Zhao Zhao Di – Jin Hao Zhen
She is from the dubbing unit and has a loud voice. That is why she never manages to keep any secret. a perfect partner for Cheng Shui as both can be so careless and wacky. She is a loyal friend of Shan Mei and tries to help her every now and then.

15, Li Qing Xi – she is as Dr Zhang Xian Yu's sister in law in 'Sunflower'
She is a caring senior to Shan Mei to show her all the ropes. She dislikes Yong Xi to be snobbish so she often asks her to brew coffee for her to show her seniority. She chooses to be with Qi Zong in the end although they may be a mismatch in looks.

16. Li Su Zhen – Piao En Shu
She has failed to bring up her son properly. He is upright in character but is too soft to succumbs to setbacks.
After You Zhen becomes a drunkard, she pulls Yin Mei's hair to curse and swear on his behalf. Actually he should be doing the job. I find it her asking too much of Shan Mei to help You Zhen. Yes, she brings her up like her daughter but is this the right way to ask her to pay for her debt?

When You Zhen becomes a better person, she still wants to pair them up! Doesn't she know that Shan Mei likes Xiang Zhe now? I nearly curse at the stupid Shan Mei who nearly agrees to it! This woman can be so selfish. I have never liked this actress's acting so there is nothing much that I want to say here.

Most favourite character
Xiang Zhe, he is so gentle, patient and obliging. I believe most females will love this role. However, we can see that he is only kind to Shan Mei and he is still keeping a distance to anybody else.

Most hated character
Yin Mei, she is too wicked to harm others for success. At first, it is also framing. Later, she actually plots to kill Yong Xi. It seems that she is interested to make bigger offences since she is always lucky not to get caught. She is responsible for causing so much damage and yet let off the hook by losing her memory. I still think the punishment is not hard enough.

Best couple
I know you will say Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei but I will choose Xiang Zhe and Yong Xi as my top choice. The two compliment each other well. The former comes in second while You Zhen and Yin Mei come in third. Cheng Shui and Zhao Di are the fourth as they create most laughs too.

Who acts best?
At first, it is hard to choose between Dong Gan and So Yeon. My final choice is So Yeon as she maintains high standards throughout. Dong Gan nearly overshadows her in the end although he doesn't do so well in the beginning episodes.

There were many songs that worth listening. The fast theme song is 'True Love' by F.I.N.K.L. The subtheme by Mina 'You can't say' is also a hit. Another two songs from Wu Hui Lan 'Only loving you a little' and 'Biao Bai' are okay. However, the most attractive song is 'I'll give you all'. It is sung by Jo Kyu Man. Dong Gan also sings it in the serial where Xiang Zhe's subordinates are shocked to hear him sing. However, his version is not on any album and it is such a pity as I think he sings with more feelings. My friend keeps a copy of his singing 'live' in a radio show from a website, which is now closed. Lai Ming also sings a translation of it - the title is 'love is more important than me'.

Interesting facts

Dong Gan, Jae Suk and Ji Zhe put on 7 kg on the mature roles that they take on. But must they really do this? Many fans complain. To me, maturity is not equal to fat. There should be other ways to portray a mature image. I am very shocked when I see a slim and a much nicer Ji Zhe in other dramas. In ‘Medical Centre’, he is also a senior and he plays it well convincingly without difficulty!

Dong Gan had not wanted to star in anymore serials after his disaster in ‘Ghost’. However, Jae Suk persuaded him to join him as both had not starred together for a long time after ‘Model’. Dong Gan finally agreed as they are as close as brothers. Both have not expected this serial to create a storm. The serial became the most watched drama in 2000.It also won over "Tale of Autumn' in a newspaper voting poll

I have watched 72 documentary - this special tells on how the serial was shot 72 days non-stop. Dong Gan went under a lot of pressure after reading the script. He himself found it unbelievable - how can such a perfect person exists? Moreover, the filming crew had very high hopes on him. The ratings for the first few episodes were low and the producer decided to change the script to let Director Yin return to Korea earlier.

Poor Chae Lim - she was already slow in trying to look more like an anchorwoman. Now the change forced her to practise midst filming. She joked that they should tell her 3 years in advance to get the role ready otherwise her poor performance would ruin the professional image. The Samsung handphones that all used in the serial became collectables and sales went well.

The serial scored a good rating of 45.2 % when it was shown in Japan. Although Dong Gan was busy with his filming schedule, he made a trip to MBC to join in the celebration with all his ex-colleagues. All fans are disappointed when Chae Lim didn't get married to him in real life. They were too attached to the serial.

Many thought that Dong Gan was the successor of the Samsung group. He denied as his father was only a director of a construction company. Jae Suk is the richest among man - his father was ex-KIA car company director. But he is humble and never mentions about his background. So many are eager to work with him. he declared that he was too engrossed in You Zhen's role but definitely he would not like the materialistic Yin Mei in real life.

So Yeon was only 20 years old at that time - even 1 year younger than Chae Lim. She was inexperienced and found it touch to project a wicked image. One day, there was a line which she n.g. for 2 whole days. The director was so angry that he stopped filming for 15 minutes and told the whole cast to walk out. Poor her wept but didn't dare to make a sound. She felt bad because she was the only one n.g. for so many times. So even at midnight, she still memorized the script at home. Poor woman - she couldn't sleep and eat well when the producer decided to project Yin Mei from bad to worse. Her efforts paid off, isn't it?

The last scene of the two kissing on the street raised eyebrows from the public when it was shot. Many drivers swear at them for blocking the road. Some even called them an adulterous pair to do it so openly on the street. The public could not see the artistes' faces as they blocked each other. It took 2 long hours to shoot it because MBC used cameras to capture the scene directly facing them and also from another top building. Dong Gan is tall for her and both had to adjust their positions every now and then. Thus there was hardly any romantic element in it and both only wanted to end the shooting fast.

So Yeon went to Taiwan to promote the serial. At first, she received hate emails that she would be attacked by eggs. Other mothers said that they would not let their sons marry Yin Mei type. But all treated her well. She was overjoyed that it was well-received in Taiwan. So good that it was repeated thrice in a year!

Many wonder why Dong Gan and So Yeon didn't manage to get the best actor and best actress award in MBC's television awards for their splendid performances. Till now, I still don't know who are the winners for that year - can anyone let me know?


Many serials copied touching scenes from here but they can never produce the same effect. One obvious example is 'Loving You'. Thus, a classic will forever be a classic.

Almost all the artistes maintain a high standard of acting throughout so I have no complaints. My only regret is that they are not given enough exposure. More can be developed - especially between Xian Da and Yong Xi. It seems abrupt that they get married so suddenly.

Many may ask how many years has Xiang Zhe been waiting for Shan Mei. The novel says that it is 5 long years! Xiang Zhe is having a lot of patience - just like his mother. Many have forgotten another poor soul who waits longer than him. That is Xian Da so it is fair for him to get married first!

I feel the beginning scenes are long winded although the rivalry between the two women can be attractive. The unbelievable part is how can Yin Mei be at the upper hand all the time? I find it difficult to stomach. The pace only becomes faster and more attractive or convincing when Director Yin joins MBS. I do feel that the setting is quite realistic. We do have some Yin Meis and a portion of Shan Mei in our workplace.

Is MBS that lacking of people? I don't understand how Yin Mei can appear at 7pm and also 9pm slots if she gets to replace Yong Xi? This is ridiculous! Shan Mei makes a blunder before so it is understandable that they don't choose her. Can't Qing Xi be considered? What happens to others? Are all of them being assigned to be dubbing artistes?? I thought they join with the two women? However, it shows that Koreans respect their seniors. But it's weird that they refer them as 'elders' - they make them sound so old.

Probably Koreans are traditional so Yong Xi and Shan Mei turn down the London host post. This may not go down with professional women who consider work as their top priority. Must they give up their good chances just to get married? One colleague asks me why can't the men do the same to make the sacrifice? I also find that not much is written on how the station covers the news but more on the love rectangle. This is such a pity as I still believe that major competition still comes from the work.

Many long for a sequel but Dong Gan doesn't seem to be interested to act in a television drama again. Many faithful fans of the four main artistes are still waiting eagerly and hoping hard although the chance is small.

Despite all these flaws, this serial prompts me to buy the 20 VCDs version at S$38 because it comes with the OST. The dialogues are well written and the artistes manage to give a find performance. It is worth keeping as it is truly an attractive drama that spurs me to watch frequently. It is truly considered a classic.

Sukting’s ratings :

On songs : ****1/2(Scale of 5)

On acting : **** (Scale of 5) (I wish to give 1/2 * more but have to cut down because Chae Lim doesn't match to the expectations of others.)

On story : ****(Scale of 5) (I wish to give 1/2* more but have to cut down because of the slow pace at first. It was so bad that I nearly stopped watching to miss the whole thing!)

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