Autumn Shower


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Language: Korean

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Autumn Shower

Reviewed by: sukting April 15, 2006

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

How long 8 DVDs or 16 episodes Foreword We have not seen Kim So Yeon for a long time. How does she fare in this drama with Ryeo Won? It is a battle between the 2 beauties over a man. But one falls into a coma - who will be the ultimate winner in the end? Story Yan Xu goes for an interview but leaves her construction design plans at the aquarium. Yun Zai sees...

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08-08-2007 05:29 AM


phew...this series falls into my "Worst Movie" category. The mood kinda stayed neutral all the way through. No ups and downs or suspense or irony. Just boring. And at the end, everyone goes there own seperate ways.hmmmmm

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