Autumn Shower

Reviewed by: sukting

April 15, 2006

Rating: one-point-five

How long
8 DVDs or 16 episodes

We have not seen Kim So Yeon for a long time. How does she fare in this drama with Ryeo Won? It is a battle between the 2 beauties over a man. But one falls into a coma - who will be the ultimate winner in the end?


Yan Xu goes for an interview but leaves her construction design plans at the aquarium. Yun Zai sees them and gets impressed. He waits for her to come back and recommends her to work in another company. He tells her to look for Shi Hao but Shi Hao isn't aware of this and tells her to wait for news at home. Yan Xu gets angry and thinks she is being ridiculed.

Gui En works in the laboratory. He is mistaken as a thief and Gui En uses the fire extinguisher on him. The poor man's hair is dirtied and he has trouble opening his eyes. Yun Zai watches his parents' musical concert. Both of them are conductors and the whole family has dinner together. They are overjoyed when he jokes that he is in love.

Yan Xu meets Yun Zai working at a construction site and he realizes what has happened. It is his fault for not telling Shi Hao in advance. He tells her to go again. Yan Xiu accidentally injures her arm and has to put on cast. Yun Zai cares for her and writes on her construction cap – they have met each other twice and hope they will meet again the third time. Yan Xu starts to like him but hesitates upon seeing a photo of him and a girl enclosed in a heart-shaped photo frame.

The laboratory suddenly has a blackout. Yun Zai comes to check on it as he is the designer. She gives him a treat in return. He is captivated by her beauty when she lets down her hair and removes her spectacles. They become a couple. Yan Xu goes to a book shop and is shocked when skimming through a construction design book. She realizes that Yun Zai is a top architect. She goes to the firm and chides him for not telling her that he is the boss. He hires her because he admires her design.

The two women start to like Yun Zai and tell each other about it. However, they do not know that they like the same man. The two stay together and Gui En even washes Yan Xu's hair when her arm is put in a cast.

Gui En is disappointed when Yun Zai hasn't called her for 2 days so she comes to the construction site. He has intended to call her after his completion and invites her to go to Chun Chuan with him for a holiday 2 days later. She isn't happy to see the photo too but is relieved to know the woman is his sister who is 8 years his junior. Yan Xu realises that they are a couple and keeps her feelings to herself.

Xu Wei returns home from the U.S. to work as a doctor and the women go to receive him. They have known each other since high school. Xu Wei hopes that he will be able to win Yan Xu's heart. He is like a close younger brother to Yun Zai and both only know each other's affinity when the four meet up.

Work suddenly crops up and Yun Zai can't contact her because both workaholics have promised not to bring their handphones along to ruin their holiday or to get distracted by work. It is nighttime when he reaches the train station and she is still there. He is so touched when she isn't angry and hugs her. He promises not to let it happen again and both really enjoy their holiday. But this guy likes snorkeling but she doesn't as she doesn't know how to swim.

Slowly, she develops the interest and both eat at the beach. Yun Zai and Yan Xu go for community work and later have to stay at Chun Chuan when a sick baby has to be hospitalized. Gui En happens to find the construction cap and she sees Yun Zai's handwriting. She gathers what happens but Yan Xu dismisses it as she will find a better man soon. When Gui En returns home, Yun Zai appears with a home model. Does she like her home to be like this ten years later? Gui En agrees to the proposal but Yan Xu feels down.

The two get married and go for their honeymoon. However, Yun Zai forgets his amulet which is left at the hotel so he turns back. He insists on having it because it saves his life for a few times. The couple misses the bus so he rents a car. However, he drives too fast and causes Gui En to have head injuries. She is sent home by air. Yan Xu prepares a cake for celebration and puts it into the fridge. She rushes to the hospital after learning the sad news.

She survives but turns into a vegetable. Yun Zai is devastated fact but promises to wait for her. He brings her home to make her happier. This is such a wrong choice as she keeps developing pneumonia. She ends up being in and out of hospital (I think I see her more in the ambulance than at home). His parents see little hope for Gui En's recovery and wants him to give up. He should stay with them but he refuses. Yun Zai nearly loses a deal when he rushes to hospital because of her. Yan Xu is displeased to see him drinking to please the client in order to win the deal back.

Yun Xi sees Xu Wei when getting changing clothes for Yun Zai and gets interested in him. Seeing how daring of her to pull him outside her home and her parents mistaken them for a couple. Gui En isn't happy if she gets to see this but Yun Zai has to think of his staff. Yun Zai discovers from Xu Wei that Yan Xu likes him (but Xu Wei doesn't know it is him, though.) One night, Yan Xu and Yun Zai are caught in a storm. Both sit in the car and they start to kiss each other. Yan Xu is guilty and begs for Gui En's forgiveness. A tear rolls down Gui En's cheek. Yun Zai also feels sorry for his deed.

Yan Xu goes to Australia to further her studies and wishes to join another company when back. But Yun Zai still hires her. Yun Zai is under too much pressure watching the honeymoon tape. Is she suffering? He decides to end her life but Yan Xu manages to change his mind. Yan Xu accepts Xu Wei in order to forget Yun Zai. He gives her a ring. She feels pressurized when he meets her parents and he wishes her to meet his parents. Yun Zai is unhappy over it and the two finally hug to end up in bed.

Yun Xi isn't happy that Xu Wei is with Yan Xu and refuses to give up. Yan Xu rejects Xu Wei and he is heartbroken. He drinks with Yun Zai – do women have a change of heart so soon? (Well he never knows that men can have a change of heart soon too. Poor guy….) Xu Wei decides to fight for his chance after knowing from Yun Xi. But upon seeing the two back together to her home, he hits Yun Zai.

Mrs. Piao is also angry with Yan Xu for rejecting Xu Wei to want to be with Yun Zai. Xu Wei decides to give Yan Xu time to change her mind. He refuses to take back the ring. Unlike the others, Yun Xi wants to help Yan Xu to help herself as she wants Xu Wei. Yun Zai and Yan Xu bring Gui En out. The two wash hands by a stream but get uneasy when Gui En stares at them.

They suddenly find her gripping the wheelchair with her right hand so they rush her to hospital, hoping for a miracle. But the doctor dashes their hopes, saying that her organs are functioning slower and she might leave them anytime. Xu Wei still makes house visits, hoping that she will wake up soon to stop the pair from being together.

Yan Xu and Yun Zai go on a holiday together besides him completing his project. Yun Zai goes out to get flowers for her while Yan Xu shops for food. She is stunned to know from television that Gui En has woken up. She informs Yun Zai the news and he is trapped. She tells him to drop her on the road during their way back. How can they return together?

Xu Wei and the Cui family decide to keep Yun Zai's affair from Gui En. The poor woman is being deceived – she looks at their wedding photo lovingly when wheeled home. The two embrace upon seeing each other again. Mr. Cui warns Yun Zai to control his feelings and be a devoted husband from now. The doctor wants Yun Zai to show more concern to Gui En as she needs time to adapt to life now. Xu Wei finds it neither fine for him to be friends with Yan Xu or to love her again. He bursts into tears.

However, he also warns Yun Zai to treat Gui En well as she can't take any more shocks. Yan Xu decides to resign from her job and Yun Zai tries in vain to keep her back. Yan Xu suddenly feels sick and Xu Wei sends her to the hospital. He is shocked to know that she nearly had a miscarriage. Although she wants him to keep it from Yun Zai, he gets so angry that he beats Yun Zai up.

He also blurts out the truth to him. Gui En is recovering and can now walk on her own. Gui En suspects that Yun Zai has a woman upon seeing Yan Xu's scarf in the car. She is so silly to ask Yan Xu about it and still doesn't realise it upon seeing the same one on her photos. Gui En notices that Yun Zai gets easily distracted. She visits Yan Xu and is dismayed to know that she is pregnant. Of course, she gets no answer from the men to know who her lover is.

Yun Zai confronts Yan Xu but she lies that she has aborted the child. Yan Xu moves away and goes into hiding although she still keeps in touch with Gui En. It is Gui En's birthday and Yan Xu decides to return to celebrate with her. Gui En finds a tape and plays it. She is shocked to hear the love exchange sentences. The two do not know how to face her when she is in tears upon arrival. She leaves home to stay with Xu Wei but Yun Zai manages to get her home.

Both decide to start everything afresh. Yan Xu resigns from her job and wants to return to her hometown. Yun Zai happens to see the scan photo of the fetus and runs after her. Yan Xu's mother is disappointed that she lied to her about having an abortion but has to leave it at that. But she understands her and gives her support but doesn't want Yun Zai to see him again.

Gui En is devastated that they still see each other. She requests Yan Xu not to see Yun Zai again as both are going to England soon for her job attachment. Yan Xu agrees but suddenly has a stomachache. Gui En is shocked as Yan Xu has a miscarriage. Yun Zai is also sad upon knowing it. After seeing this, Gui En realizes how they love each other. She suggests a divorce but Yan Xu still leaves home after that.

3 years later, Gun En returns and Yan Xu helps in her mother's bakery. Xu Wei comes often to see her but still fails to win her heart. The women meet and forgive each other. Neither one ends up with Yun Zai again. Yun Zai meets Yan Xu at a book shop and conveys each other's greetings. After that, Yun Zai hides from an autumn shower and recalls his relationship with the two women.

Introduction on characters

1. Cui Yun Zai – Oh Ji Ho
He is a successful architect but his love life is in a big mess. When his wife, Gui En gets into a coma, he is at first firm that she will recover. But his confidence is shaken after some time. Being under too much stress, he nearly kiss her but ends up loving Yan Xu. They even get to bed together. I don't really like this man – he is indecisive in determining who he should be with. Thus he deserves being beaten by Xu Wei repeatedly. Ji Ho's acting is only passable. His crying scenes aren't impressive at all.

2. Jin Xu Wei – Lee Chen Hee
He is the women's doctor friend. You can also call him a stubborn mule. He likes Yan Xu so much to forgive all her doings but he should give up when it is impossible to get her love. But he is a loyal friend to avoid hurting Gui En. Sorry but this actor looks like a young gangster than a doctor. Plus he looks to childish too. I can't bear his twisted face when he acts.

3. Li Gui En – Kim So Yeon
She is a biology lecturer armed with a doctorate. Pretty, knowledgeable and also gentle, she wins over Yun Zai's heart almost immediately. But alas, her coma results in his infidelity and she is devastated over his change. He pleads for a chance and she gives it to him but later they still end up in divorce. So Yeon's acting never surpasses her achievement in 'All About Eve'. It is also a waste of her talents to act as a vegetable in most episodes. This is very disappointing as I have expected So Yeon to have a meatier role.

4. Piao Yan Xu – Jung Ryeo Won
She is an uprising architect and is Gui En's friend. She likes Yun Zai but is guilty when she is in love with Gui En's husband. But love overcomes all and both really let Gui En down. She can't face the two and try to hide, wanting to bring up the child on her own. But she loses it. She has a chance to be with Yun Zai but gives it up to have a new life. I don't think Ryeo Won is suitable for the role.

She is too young for this complex character. Yan Xu is at first cheery – she fits the part. When it comes to sad scenes, it poses too much pressure on her and she has problems doing it. She has more exposure than So Yeon but her acting is really wooden and there is no breakthrough.

5. Cui Yun Xi
She is Yun Zai's younger sister. Young, pretty and willful, she likes Xu Wei and vows to get him. That is why she is so helpful to Yan Xu when Gui En is in a coma. But when Gui En wakes up, she realizes her mistake and wants to help her brother and sister-in-law instead.

Most Favourite Character
None, because all annoy me in their doing.

Most Hated Character
Almost all, they can't make up their mind what they do.

The same thing happens to me when I watch this serial like how I watched '1000 Years Romance' – almost sleeping all the way. No wonder it also ends up having 3% viewership ratings daily when shown in Korea.

Are you disappointed with the ending? I sure am. But to think of it, Yun Zai deserves to be ditched by both women. It has an unattractive plot and most artistes are too inexperienced to do a good job.

Only watch if you are the actresses' ardent fans. They are pretty looking and they do dress nicely in this drama. Other than that, there is nothing more it can offer.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ** (Scale of 5)

On story : * (Scale of 5)

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