Be Strong, Geum Soon

Reviewed by: sukting

October 01, 2007

Rating: four

Alert – this isn't to be mixed with Sam Soon. The character is Jin Shun – on how she works to become a hairdresser after becoming a widow and gets to win Zai Xi, an arrogant surgeon's heart. She has to come to terms with her mother's remarriage and also her existence. To remarry Zai Xi, she has to go through her in-laws' opposition and solve her family problems. Can she get happiness in the end?


Jin Shun is pregnant after a one night stand with Cheng Huan. Cheng Huan is only a university student. When Dian Shun turns up at Lu's family, all think that it is the irresponsible Tai Huan's doing. Zhen Xin is cruel to ask Jin Shun to abort the child but she is determined to give birth. All reluctantly agree to the marriage and you will laugh when Jin Shun falls down the steps during the ceremony.

Unlike the other family members, Shi Huan and Shuo Zhang treat Jin Shun well. Shi Huan even provides Jin Shun pocket money. He works in a bank while Shuo Zhang looks down on Tai Huan for being a university dropout. Shi Huan intends to woo his university classmate, Sheng Lan. He doesn't know that she is a divorcee with a 9 year old son, Yu Zhou and the custody lies with her ex-husband.

Cheng Huan misses Jin Shun so he returns with his classmate on a weekend. He is injured in a car accident as he sits in the front passenger seat. His family is upset and Zhen Xin chides Jin Shun for not shedding tears during the funeral. She also points at her for being the culprit for his death. Jin Shun cries at night as she is too shocked by his demise to react. She insists of staying with the Lus and refuses to abort the baby.

En Zhu's relationship with Ying Yu never improves. She still hates her for marrying Yong within a year of her mother's death. She isn't close to her half-sister, En Zhen too. En Zhen doesn't know the truth and wonders why En Zhu is hostile to her mother. Ying Yu has abandoned Jin Shun when she was young to marry Yong. She has wanted to bring her into the Zhang family but she has to give up the idea when she is pregnant with En Zhen. Still, she misses her but has no courage to look for her.

Yong secretly looks for Jin Shun's whereabouts. Ying Yu has a kidney transplant but it isn't working well since she becomes a volunteer. He is afraid that she might go through dialysis again if it fails. En Zhu uses En Zhen's half-sister identity to threaten Ying Yu so she sponsors her overseas for studies.

3 years later, Jin Shun has a son, Hui Cheng. She is adamant to become a hairdresser and sends out many applications. However, she is repeatedly rejected as she is over-aged at 23 and has no working experience. She sends her application to Mei Ci's salon and works part-time as a salesgirl in promoting healthy drinks.
En Zhu is excited to see Zai Xi again when he is back from his studies but Yong isn't thrilled.

To him, Zai Xi excels in everything but he lacks a caring heart. (Slowly we will discover that Yong is the one who fits the bill.) That is why he picks on him when he makes mistakes. Zai Xi endures all his harsh remarks. On his first day to work, a car cuts into his lane and he knocks on the driver's car window. He immediately retreats into his own car upon seeing that the car is full of hooligans. (It is a funny moment to see how the conceited him becomes so timid.) He returns to his arrogant self at work. He is warm to patients but isn't satisfied with how his juniors dress their wounds to demand them to redo it again.

Jin Shun sneaks into the hospital to promote the drinks. She runs into Zai Xi who drives her out of the hospital as she gives the drink to a patient who is supposed to fast after an operation. Jin Shun is offended as he is arrogant and treats her like a fly so she retorts that he has to be a good human before becoming a good doctor. Later, the patient pities Jin Shun and buys the drinks from her.

To get close to Zai Xi, En Zhu works in Mei Ci's salon. She also takes the initiative to woo him at the hospital. Zai Xi confesses that she is only a younger sister to him. Her identity as Yong's daughter makes him stop like the red light. (This is an interesting quote.) Although Mei Ci coaxes him that he can turn it into green light, he shakes his head. Jin Shun brings a sick Hui Cheng to the hospital. Appalled to see Zai Xi, she pins herself against the wall in an awkward position.

Zai Xi is about to walk to her when En Zhu comes to cling his elbow. He makes it clear to her. No. 1, he will not admit defeat to date someone first. No. 2, he will not try to date someone whom he already knows well. So cousins or close ones are out as they know each other too well. (Soon he will break all his rules.)

Zai Xi initially takes it as a joke when she mentions that she wants a chance to date him 10 times. He can consider giving her up after that. Seeing that she refuses to leave, he holds her hand to want her to move as he needs to handle an operation. She immediately gets on cloud nine to touch his hand. (This is an eye-opening experience to see how a woman woos a man.)

After the operation, Ying Yu asks him about En Zhu's whereabouts. He is dismayed that she still waits for him at the hospital park on a rainy day. He takes off his suit jacket to put on her and she is thrilled again. He is displeased - how can she be so insensible? If she is his junior, he could have bashed her up. Unable to reject her, he then decides to try dating her.

When rushing for a seminar, Zai Xi is knocked down by Jin Shun's motorcycle and injures 1 finger. He can't conduct any operation for a month. He is late and is chided by the professors. He tells his junior to exaggerate his injury to 6 weeks instead of 3 weeks and he has injured his whole hand in anger. After that, he goes for En Zhu's date. He is supposed to go to the toilet but ends up sleeping outside it as he is too tired! En Zhu sends him home and declares this isn't a date. He protests in vain.

When Yong knows that En Zhu is so thick-skinned to tell Zai Xi to date her, he jumps. Jin Shun is detained in the police station for the night as she doesn't have a license. She doesn't dare to tell her family to bail her out. When Zai Xi knows his junior obeys his words, he scolds him for being unprofessional. He quickly goes to get Jin Shun and doesn't want any compensation. He even pays the fine for her. Jin Shun can't believe that he can be so nice to her suddenly. She is so touched that she nearly cries and he changes her impression of her after knowing that he has wronged Jin Shun as the patient has taken the drink willingly.

Ying Yu notices that Yong is harsh on Zai Xi to reprimand him in front of the juniors for making an indirect report. She feels that he is making Zai Xi's life difficult as he is angry that he doesn't like En Zhu. (This is the same as seeking personal revenge in work.) To accommodate Zai Xi, En Zhu can even have lunch with him at the open ground at the hospital. Zai Xi only gobbles the food quickly and gives her a gift that a patient passes to him. En Zhu is overjoyed (This man can be very insincere.)

Just then, Yong wants Zai Xi to give him a report immediately to ruin their date. Zai Xi is puzzled when Yong only puts the report aside when he gets it ready. Jin Shun begs Mei Ci for a chance after she gets rejected. En Zhu tells her to leave but Mei Ci admires her strong will. She believes that she will do well. En Zhu finds Jin Shun's dressing too outdated and they should follow the rules. Zai Xi sees Jin Shun leaving in disappointment and feels remorseful towards her. Thus he also speaks up for her so she gets hired.

Ying Yu faints when being a volunteer and her kidney is failing. So she needs to go through dialysis again. Jin Shun has promised to pay Zai Xi for the fine earlier in installments. He has initially refused but she is insistent. So he gives her his account number. Jin Shun sees him icy to her and asks if he can treat her politely. He can't treat her like a child because she is also an adult. Upon seeing him frowning, she quickly adds that she only says this casually. He doesn't know what to do with her.

En Zhu comes to the hospital to look for Zai Xi and he is displeased to see her sitting on his chair. She complains that he spends too much time on his patients to neglect her. Zai Xi is angry with her for saying this in front of his juniors. En Zhu tells Zai Xi that Ying Yu marries Yong after her mother died within a year. En Zhu swallowed sleeping pills in the year En Zhen was born – that was when she was 10 years old.

She even had psychiatric treatment then so she is indifferent towards her health. Zai Xi has to console her. Zhen Xin can't accept Hui Cheng as he resembles Cheng Huan too much in looks. That is why she can't bring herself to take care of him. Jin Shun is upset to know that. Jin Shun is excited on her first day at work but all look down on her because she doesn't depend on her own ability to get in.

En Zhu arranges Jin Shun to learn from a hairstylist, Xiao Lan. Xiao Lan gets her to clean the shop's glass. She does a good job so Mei Ci tells the other juniors to do the same. The others become more hostile to her. Zhen Xin has a good impression of Jin Er when she brings Hui Cheng back. She is demure looking and plans to sit for the entrance exams to become a teacher – due to Shun Zi's insistence.

Tai Huan is still hostile to Jin Shun as he believes that she is responsible for Cheng Huan's death. Jin Shun's only thought is to bring up Hui Cheng. So there is no way they can drive her out. Tai Huan suddenly feels sorry for her and treats her better from then on.

Zai Xi comes to the salon to fetch Mei Ci. Jin Shun accidentally spills a cup of hot tea on his trousers. He feels painful and jumps, demanding her to get ice for him. (That is sure hilarious!) Jin Shun begs her senior, Hui Mei to give her more work – she deliberately gives her a tough customer to get slapped. The customer is only appeased when Mei Ci washes her hair personally. Hui Mei gets Jin Shun to take the blame.

She causes Jin Shun to get scolded by Xiao Lan and Jin Shun can't bear it any longer. Hui Mei pushes her down and Jin Shun gets a bruise on her back. Zai Xi is supposed to date En Zhu but this incident causes him to get distracted. Moreover, Mei Ci isn't feeling well so En Zhu suggests going to his home to cook for her. Zai Xi gets medicine for Jin Shun from the first aid box. When he is about to pass it to her, he sees her staggering back from the pharmacy so he gives up the thought.

Hui Mei refuses to tell Jin Shun why she treats her badly. Jin Shun gets so angry that she locks her up in the toilet and splashes a pail of water on her. (It shows the strong side of her.) Mei Ci is satisfied with En Zhu's cooking but Zai Xi comments that she can still do better. He doesn't want her to get arrogant. (He is a fuss pot when it comes to food.) Yong secretly peeps at Jin Shun and Dian Shun after knowing where they stay.

Zai Xi thanks En Zhu for cooking for Mei Ci. She feels that Zai Xi and Mei Ci are close but she is an outsider at home. All are worried over her stepmother and En Zhen even asks her if Ying Yu is her real mother. But she can't care for Ying Zhu as much as En Zhen. Zai Xi doesn't understand why she can't after 10 long years with them. Zai Xi asks - why doesn't she try to get close to them? Jin Shun has lots of housework to do after work as Zhen Xin hurts her leg. She suggests the other men to help and gets scolded. However, Shuo Zhang agrees with it and forces Tai Huan to help him out.

Mei Ci suggests Zai Xi marrying En Zhu but he doesn't have the intention. Jin Shun has an argument with Hui Mei again. She pushes Hui Mei to the floor. All finally know she isn't easily bullied. Xiao Lan decides to let Jin Shun try washing the customers' hair and she is delighted. Xiao Lan even cuts a new hairstyle for Jin Shun. Jin Shun changes totally and Zai Xi is attracted by her. But he acts as nothing has happened.

Seeing that she has difficulties finding the correct acupoints to massage the head, he puts up his thumb. She smiles, thinking that he is praising her for working hard…but he is only teaching her to use the thumb instead! (What a funny misunderstanding caused!) She offers to give him a hair cut or a wash but he declines. Things often go negative when they meet. (We can't blame him for thinking this way as he is right.) She then stays aside to do her own practice again but he keeps peeping at her.

Dian Shun panicks when Hui Cheng is lost on the street as she sells kimchi on the street. Upon knowing this, Jin Shun runs out of the salon without telling anyone. Both can't find him so Jin Shun decides to call the police. Yong wants to see Jin Shun so he comes to her home. When he is about to leave, he sees Hui Cheng by the roadside and remembers that he is Jin Shun's son. So he returns him to her.

Zai Xi comes to the salon for En Zhu but his heart is thinking of Jin Shun. He takes a glimpse and finds her not there. He then sees her coming back in a hurry and watches her from behind silently. En Zhu starts to find something amiss. Xiao Lan demands to know why Jin Shun leaves. Jin Shun confesses the truth so Xiao Lan pities her. Jin Shun can't afford to lose this job as she wants to support Hui Cheng. Xiao Lan wants Jin Shun not to tell the others about it.

En Zhu and Zai Xi go shopping. She gets him a suit but he is emotionless. She then signals that she wants a hairclip. Zai Xi gets the hint and buys for her. Both get close to each other in the crowded lift. When getting to the car park, she takes the initiative to kiss him. (She is daring indeed!) Zhen Xin is unhappy with Jin Shun rushing to work after leaving Hui Cheng at home. Jin Shun doesn't understand why Tai Huan doesn't help with the housework at work since he is jobless.

Dian Shun becomes ill because she is remorseful for almost losing Hui Cheng. Yet Zhen Xin has not helped to take care of him for a single day. Shuo Zhang understands Jin Shun's feelings but she should not talk to Zhen Xin in this tone. Jin Shun has thought that Zhen Xin hasn't treated her like a daughter-in-law. She keeps saying that Hui Cheng is her son but isn't he Zhen Xin's grandson? Zhen Xin has nothing to say as this is the truth and Shuo Zhang also sides with Jin Shun.

Zai Xi comes home to have a change of clothes and gets important files. Mei Ci notices that he hardly has time to sleep and grumbles that En Zhu should not have given him the suit as a present. She should allow him more time to rest at home instead of shopping with her. Jin Shun makes food for Yong to show her gratitude for finding Hui Cheng.

She sees the lift closing and Zai Xi presses the button for her to come in. (He is melting slowly!) She greets him but he doesn't – his juniors are initially chatting when walking behind her but also freeze to come into the lift upon seeing his icy face. Jin Shun then comments that there is a stain on his doctor's robe so he looks down. She then smiles that he finally greets her – why must he be so cold all the time?

The others crack up in the lift – especially Zai Xi's juniors. They stop after meeting Zai Xi's eyes. But Zai Xi can't stop grinning over the incident too. (Jin Shun is witty indeed to think of this way!) Yong gives Jin Shun free coupons to go for checkups for Dian Shun and herself. Actually he also wants her to check and see if her kidney is suitable for Ying Yu.

Zai Xi gets a mushy call from En Zhu, calling him her husband and wants his company since it is her off day. He rejects immediately as he has not slept for 30 hours. He drives on the way and horns at Jin Shun when he sees her walking out. It gives her a fright and he doesn't want her to say that he hasn't greeted her to give her a lift. He puts his briefcase to the rear but is surprised that she refuses to take the front seat. Is she treating his car like a cab? She doesn't answer and is fascinated by Mei Ci's skill in cutting his hair.

It makes the snobbish him more gentle looking. He will look even better if his fringe is shorter. He replies that he knows his good looks give him trouble. (How conceited he can be!) Jin Shun replies that he is perfect if he can curb his hot temper. He suggests that she should let her hair down instead of tying it as she looks prettier that way but she feels it will not be herself. Although she gives negative remarks, Zai Xi takes to heart what she says. Do have a good laugh as he immediately looks into the car mirror to observe his hair when she gets down!

Shun Zi suspects that Yong might have evil designs on Jin Shun as the checkup expense is expensive. En Zhu finally blurts out to En Zhen that they are half-sisters. En Zhen doesn't know how to react. Jin Shun is about to take the hair washing test so she gets Tai Huan to be her model. Zai Xi comes to the salon to fetch something for Mei Ci and sees the two. He asks over their relationship but Jin Shun doesn't know how to answer. Tai Huan is mad and grabs her hand to walk out. He isn't happy with the causal way both talk to each other and doesn't know why Jin Shun keeps this under wraps.

Jin Shun doesn't want the rest to know that she has a child or she will get retrenched. She insists to sit at the back again when she is in Tai Huan's car. Jin Shun can't bring herself to sit in front as this is the same seat that kills Cheng Huan. Sitting there will remind her of him. She only wants to bring Hui Cheng up alone for now. Mei Ci doesn't want to feel lonely so she urges Zai Xi to marry En Zhu but he refuses.

Dian Shun and Jin Shun come for the check-up. Dian Shun is relieved that Yong is old so he should not be having designs on Jin Shun. Yong takes Jin Shun's blood test to see if it matches Ying Yu. He also offers to help Shun Zi to get a kitchen helper job. Dian Shun has a stomach upset and she goes into the gents by mistake. Jin Shun smiles when Zai Xi walks in and blushes to walk out but it is only then she realizes her mistake when seeing the urinals.

Zai Xi is annoyed when he tries to stop his junior from walking in and he sees the gents sign. Jin Shun explains that it is an emergency so she has not noticed that. Dian Shun suddenly calls for more toilet paper. Jin Shun is about to pass to her but a man walks in. She then requests Zai Xi to do it for her. Zai Xi's junior nearly laughs till his stomach bursts upon seeing him doing that. But when both doctors walk away, there is a faint smile on Zai Xi's face as he doesn't mind it at all.

En Zhen warns En Zhu not to ill-treat Ying Yu or she will not let her off. This is the day of the exam. Hui Mei throws Jin Shun's handphone into a pail of water to damage it to affect her. Jin Shun keeps her cool and washes Mei Ci's hair. Although Mei Ci frowns three times as Jin Shun accidentally scratches her scalp, she senses her sincerity so Jin Shun passes. Shun Zi gets the job and all are grateful for Yong's help.

En Zhu gets drunk and tells Zai Xi that she has hoped that En Zhen will be badly affected by the truth. She doesn't expect her to be rude to her. Zai Xi feels that En Zhen is still young and is direct to show her feelings. En Zhu is disappointed that he doesn't side her but she still likes him. Ying Yu invites Mei Ci home to talk about the young. Mei Ci envies the couple for being loving.

They never expect En Zhu to blurt the truth of Ying Yu being her stepmother when back. Yong gets so mad that he slaps En Zhu. Mei Ci's impression of the family sinks drastically. She never expects Yong to remarry within a short time and Ying Yu pretends to be a dutiful wife. Zai Xi doesn't think that they will tell unless asked. Mei Ci starts to pity En Zhu for being slapped. How can Yong do that? Yong also knows that he is in the wrong and has made matters worse but En Zhu refuses to forgive him.

Xiao Lan gets Jin Shun to wash Hui Mei's customer's hair. Hui Mei is angry with her for snatching her customer. Jin Shun wants her to pay for her handphone. When she refuses, Jin Shun snatches her handphone as a mortgage to get the money! (I am truly impressed by her!)

Zhen Xin refuses to take care of Hui Cheng when Jin Shun works so Jin Shun troubles Dian Shun. Zhen Xin thinks that she should only work when he is older. Tai Huan dreams of becoming a model. Shuo Zhang refuses to finance him so he steals Shi Huan's credit card to pay for the course. Shuo Zhang can only tell him to do a good job in order not to let him down. Tai Huan repents his mistake and promises to work hard.

He works as a restaurant captain temporary. Shi Huan can't accept Sheng Lan's past and loses his appetite. He faints at home one day and Tai Huan carries him to hospital. Angry with Sheng Lan for hurting him, Tai Huan confronts her with Jin Shun. Sheng Lan visits Shi Huan but he is lukewarm to her. However his love for her is too strong so he seeks to know the reason for her divorce after his discharge.

Sheng Lan's ex-husband wants her to be a homemaker as she is more capable than him. When she refuses, he bashes her. After their divorce, he seizes the custody so now he is remarried and moves to the U.S. She isn't allowed to visit her son although she misses him. Zhen Xin has a good impression of her but Shi Huan decides to keep the truth from his family or they will oppose to them together.

Dian Shun tells Jin Shun and Shun Zi to thank Yong. Yong replies that he knows it is hard for her to raise a child by her own. Jin Shun is puzzled how he knows as she has not mentioned this to him. The loansharks come to Dian Shun's home to demand for money as Shang Dao flees. They will get Jin Er to be a bar hostess if they can't come up with 300 million won.

Zai Xi consoles En Zhu over the matter. She has to treat her family better. Although he hugs her at her request, En Zhu hardly feels the warmth from him. Jin Shun requests a salary advance but En Zhu rejects her since it is against the rule. Mei Ci isn't at work so Jin Shun comes to her home. Zai Xi meets her after his roller blading game and is delighted to meet her. Her eyes open wide upon seeing them staying in a big house. Mei Ci also rejects Jin Shun. Jin Shun admits that the money isn't for her but her family.

She confesses that she is an only child but lies that her mother is busy. Mei Ci invites Jin Shun for dinner. Despite the wide spread of food, Mei Ci has no appetite as she misses her mother's cooking of kimchi udon. Jin Shun shows her how to do it and she is impressed. Although Zai Xi doesn't say anything, he also likes her cooking. Mei Ci then decides to give her a 3 month advance and Jin Shun is delighted.

Jin Shun is troubled on how to raise the other 150 million won. Zai Xi lies that he wants to borrow dvds to find an excuse to accompany Jin Shun to the bus-stop. Zai Xi is willing to lend money to her but she has to tell him who Tai Huan is. He will be unable to sleep if he doesn't know the truth. (You will laugh at how childish he becomes here.) Jin Shun doesn't understand why he needs to know.

You will laugh when he gets so distracted that he kicks on a can and nearly slips on the way out! Jin Shun asks - is this why he wants to lend the money to her? Zai Xi is sincere to help her but he answers yes angrily. Jin Shun thinks that money is nothing to him. Since he hurts her self-esteem, she will not borrow money from him. Zai Xi is troubled when she refuses to divulge Tai Huan's identity.

She wants to borrow the money from Shi Huan but he is back late. She has no choice but to return to Zai Xi. She lies that Tai Huan is her cousin. He is relieved they are not lovers and lends her the money happily. In order to make sure that she doesn't flee with his money (that is only his excuse), he gets her handphone number and keys her nickname, cabbage head. He also expresses his wish to have breakfast with her.

She declines as she needs to work. He pleads and his tone softens – can't she just have coffee and sandwiches with him? (I can't help laughing when he changes so gently to beg her.) But she still leaves, expressionless. Jin Shun passes the money to her relatives to solve the crisis. She feels useless – in the past she never envies the rich. After seeing Zai Xi's home, she hopes to give her family a better home.

Jin Shun is sick upon reaching home. Zhen Xin initially blames her for not taking care of Hui Cheng but becomes concerned when her fever becomes high. She takes care of her the whole night and even cooks for her. She likes Jin Shun and allows her to stay with them. She is harsh to her in the past but Jin Shun has not understood her pain then. When she sees Hui Cheng growing up, she will know her feelings.

En Zhu wants to move out and Yong opposes to it. He also disallows her to marry Zai Xi. Zai Xi is as unreasonable as her – the two will surely get into conflicts when together. Moreover, Zai Xi is very petty, unforgiving and uncaring. This kind of man will make her suffer for life. Ying Zhu manages to change his mind but he is afraid that he doesn't like En Zhu.

Jin Shun recovers and Zai Xi calls her early in the morning. He lies that he wants to make sure that it is the correct telephone number. Thinking that he wants the money back, Jin Shun finally borrows the money from Shi Huan. Jin Shun's checkup proves that her kidney is 70% suitable for Ying Yu and it is unlikely that she will suffer from side effects after the operation. The doctor is puzzled why Yong does such a test. Even siblings can get the closest of 50% - who is Jin Shun? Yong tells him to keep it a secret.

En Zhu is unhappy that Mei Ci gives Jin Shun the loan. How is she going to control the other workers in future? She scolds Jin Shun openly as Mei Ci also knows that she is in the wrong to bend the rules. Dian Shun is grateful to Shi Huan for helping them and is dismayed that the Lu family doesn't know about that.

Jin Shun returns the money to Zai Xi immediately. Zai Xi never expects her to return so quickly and asks why she is so angry. What has he done wrong? The money is also important to him so Jin Shun should not think that he is making fun of her. Jin Shun doesn't understand – why lend to her? Both are merely acquaintances….does he like her?

Zai Xi denies abruptly, blushing and reveals the truth of the accident that makes him apologetic towards her. Jin Shun storms away, yelling that she is going to report this to the police! Zai Xi becomes moody when he has a meal with his juniors – why must she be so angry over it? Because he calls her cabbage head? He gives her this nickname because of her explosive permed hairstyle in the past. His juniors do not dare to provoke him when he throws his chopsticks. (Who doesn't as he looks very scary here?)

Jin Shun gets the medical reports from Yong and meets Ying Yu. Yong gets nervous and tries to hide the truth. Dian Shun is afraid of getting Jin Shun into trouble over the loan incident. But Zhen Xin doesn't blame her. She recovers and takes care of Hui Cheng. Jin Shun buys her a pair of sports shoes to celebrate and she is happy. Tai Huan saves Jin Er from gangsters and both have a good impression of each other.

En Zhu tells Zai Xi to marry her so that she can leave her home with her family's well wishes. (She is direct indeed.) However, Zai Xi declares that he hasn't thought of marriage. She gives him a week to consider over it. If he doesn't marry her, she will still move out to find her own lodging. She apologises to Ying Yu over her harsh act and Ying Yu promises to help her to meet Mei Ci.

Sheng Lan refuses to get married as she is afraid of marriage. She will be a sinner in front of Shi Huan's parents. He insists of asking them out and announces the news to them. Tai Huan and Jin Shun worry as they are rude to her in the past. Jin Er wants to go out to work and refuses to sit for the teaching academy entrance exams to become a teacher although she gets her degree. Shun Zi gets mad with her.

Hui Mei fails her hair dying test again and Jin Shun unintentionally causes her to be ridiculed by her customer. She gives Jin Shun a slap. Shun Zi gives a gift to Yong. Yong gives her a fruit basket that a patient gives him – Ying Yu has kidney disease so she can't eat fruits. Dian Shun pities him.

Zai Xi can't forget Jin Shun. So he deliberately goes to the salon to apologise to her and give her a lift. He pretends to be relieved when she decides not to sue him. She wants to sit at the back again and he is puzzled when she explains that she will get car sick if she sits in front. Zai Xi thinks that sitting at the back is more likely to cause that but she still insists.

She laments that his car is troublesome to have only 2 car doors from the front but he replies that many find it stylish. Jin Shun knows that it must be an expensive import but he explains that there is a service centre in Korea so he doesn't worry if he breaks down. He wants to bring her out for dinner but she wants to be home directly. Although he can't hide his disappointment, he obeys her.

Jin Shun gets so tired that she sleeps at the back. Zai Xi smiles when parking the car at the roadside upon reaching and peeping at her from the front. He looks at her dreamily and only returns to his usual self when she wakes up. En Zhu calls him but Zai Xi doesn't answer as Jin Shun is in his car. When both are about to reach home, Zai Xi greets Tai Huan warmly.

Tai Huan flares up to see them together and drags Jin Shun home. He nearly bursts when knowing that Jin Shun has lied that he is her cousin. Is Zai Xi having evil designs on her? How can she be so liberal to accept his lift? Jin Shun replies Zai Xi owes her a debt to do this. Moreover, his mother is the salon owner and he is rich. He should not be harbouring thoughts for her.

Ying Yu tells Mei Ci about En Zhu's intention. Mei Ci worries about En Zhu's bad temper. If Zai Xi likes her, she has nothing against her. She only feels strange that Zai Xi has not mentioned this to her. En Zhu asks Zai Xi about the result. He replies he doesn't wish to get married now. She gets mad – so he only dates her because she asks him? Then marry her since she wants it. Zai Xi still refuses and she leaves in tears.

Shun Zi finds Yong suspicious when bringing the fruit basket home. Why is Yong asking so many questions about Jin Shun? Shi Huan's parents meet Sheng Lan and comment that Sheng Lan's younger sister marries earlier than her. Sheng Lan feels worried for concealing her past. Zhen Xin likes Sheng Lan when she ties her shoelace for her. She welcomes her to join their family.

Yong learns En Zhu makes the initiative to propose the marriage so he asks Zai Xi. (He shows so much respect to his teacher. Although he is just answering his call, he stands up from his chair although he can't see him!) Zai Xi confesses that he has told En Zhu he has no intention to get married now. Yong is angry that En Zhu gets rejected. He opposes both to date right from the start as they are too similar in character.

En Zhu is sensitive after his re-marriage. Zai Xi reveals to Yong when he is drunk one day that he is a legitimate son so he only seeks to do others down to want perfection. Yong has hoped that En Zhu can marry a magnanimous and gentle person so Zai Xi should not hurt her then. Zai Xi is silent over it.

Shun Zi blames Jin Shun – it must be her letting Hui Cheng to be at her home to make Jin Er distracted from her studies. Dian Shun sees Ying Yu at the hospital and runs away from her. Ying Yu faints at the lobby and Dian Shun tells Shun Zi about it. Zai Xi comes to the salon to look for Jin Shun but doesn't see her there. Disappointed and about to leave, he sees her outside a camera shop.

His face lits up - She is looking at cameras and he pretends that he meets her by chance by leaning towards her from her side. (This is so intentional but she doesn't notice that.) When knowing that she can't afford an expensive digital camera and is waiting for a sale, he offers her his old one. She can collect from him at the hospital the next day. Jin Shun gets excited over it. She wants to reject Zai Xi's invitation for dinner as she wants to practice for her test when his stomach growls. He gets angry to get rejected repeatedly.

Zai Xi stresses that he dislikes eating alone and she has to agree to it. Zai Xi is overjoyed and both chat during the meal. He is offended when she only orders mushroom soup initially and he does the same. What is the point of eating alone later as she watches him? When she agrees to order more…bread, he yells – is she kidding?! He then takes the order for 2 sets of dinner. (This scene is comical indeed.)

Seeing that she is ignorant, he teaches her to use the hand to eat the garlic bread instead of the fork and knife. Zai Xi sounds her out on her background and academic qualifications. She has started working after finishing high school. Jin Shun asks how he studies medicine and he attributes proudly to his good memory. He is never alone at home even though Mei Ci works when younger because there is a maid. Seeing her letting her hair down, he comments that she is pretty – but lies that only her hair is nice.

Jin Shun lies that she is staying with her grandmother now as her parents are dead. Zai Xi starts to feel sorry for her as she relates how lonely and scared she was at home when young. Both get into a lift and Zai Xi suddenly feels shy facing her in a confined place. They see a couple kissing. How diverse their reaction is - Jin Shun watches without blinking while Zai Xi blushes! Zai Xi can't help smiling when seeing Jin Shun's curious face. He offers to give her a lift to the salon but she decides to walk there alone.

En Zhu decides to wait for Zai Xi to return to her. But Zai Xi hurts her pride so even though she has gotten clothes for him, she requests Mei Ci to pass to him. Shuo Zhang wants Tai Huan to move to the attic to make room for Shi Huan and Sheng Lan. This is the family rule that newly weds should stay with the in-laws for a year before moving out. Tai Huan is unhappy over it. Hui Mei gets to know about Hui Cheng when getting her handphone back and deliberately voices his name at work to distract Jin Shun.

Zhen Xin worries that Sheng Lan will not agree to stay with them. Dian Shun tells Shun Zi that she must pretend not to know Ying Yu if she runs into her in the hospital. Ying Yu cries and hugs Jin Shun's photo at home. She blames Yong for marrying her and drinks a whole glass of water in impulse and is sent to hospital for dialysis immediately.

Zai Xi tries on the outfit that En Zhu gets for him and Mei Ci comments that he is her pride. When knowing that it is from En Zhu, he immediately takes it off. It is true that he has never given anything to her at all. (Er – has he forgotten that he has given her a hairclip?!) He finds it essential to bare his true feelings to her. He tells her that he likes someone now and will never marry her. She thinks he is only cooking up an excuse and promises not give him pressure on marriage. But he stresses that he also only knows it recently.

It is about 4 months. He longs to see her everyday. Whenever he eats or before performing surgery, he will wonder what she is thinking or doing. He wants to do a lot of things for her. He can become jealous over small matters. When she knits her eyebrows, he will tremble with fear. (This is also how his juniors feels when he flares up too.) Every time after they part, he will only turn his back when she vanishes completely from sight. Even though she is in a crowd, he can pick her out easily because he only has her in his eyes.

He is totally mesmerized by her and his heart beats for her. (His transformation is too great that many will marvel over the change.) En Zhu has never seen this kind of calm gentleness and glow on his face. He only stops smiling when seeing En Zhu's blood boiling. He gets completely distracted whenever he thinks of Jin Shun. En Zhu goes out to cry. (She is very good in this scene.)

Zai Xi waits impatiently for Jin Shun to meet him at the hospital. Be amused to see him straightening his hair and taking out another canned drink from the fridge for her when it is no longer cold as she is late. He fidgets before she comes but acts indifferent when she arrives. Seeing her panting, he opens the can for her. (En Zhu will be begging for this kind of gesture that she will never get.) She is overjoyed to see the camera although it is an old model and requests him to teach her how to use it.

Upon seeing the bristles on her palms as they are infected by the perming lotion due to doing the hair for too many people, he gets anxious and immediately applies medicine for her. He even gives her the medicine to apply at home. Jin Shun wonders why he is so kind to her. She resists but he keeps pulling her hand towards him – what is wrong to let a doctor examining it? (Seeing how nice he treats Jin Shun makes me pity En Zhu because he will never do so much for her.)

He lies that he had a younger sister, Zai Shun who drowned so she reminds him of her. He doesn't want Jin Shun to mention this to Mei Ci as she will lose sleep over it. Jin Shun believes and wonders if her own mother is like that too. Zai Xi can't help laughing in secret when telling the lie.

Mei Ci notices that En Zhu is moody and asks Zai Xi the reason. Zai Xi doesn't dare to tell her. Ying Yu learns from Yong that Zai Xi rejects En Zhu so she thinks negative of him too. (I do think that their reaction is too strong because Zai Xi hasn't promised En Zhu anything.) Shun Zi gets to know their relationship and is shocked – so they are only after Jin Shun for her kidney? She doesn't dare to tell the others about it. Under Tai Huan's advice, Shi Huan decides to keep Sheng Lan's past from his family.

Zai Xi is angered as his junior gets sleepy when performing surgery. He kicks his foot to wake him up. When all are back in the office, his junior immediately serves him a cold drink and answers his girlfriend's call. Zai Xi smiles but refrains from calling Jin Shun although he scrolls down the phonebook. Hui Mei snatches Jin Shun's handphone and asks why there are only photos of Hui Cheng but not her husband. Is she divorced? Jin Shun walks out to cool down.

Zai Xi sends Mei Ci to work and breaks into a smile when he sees Jin Shun. But when she greets him, he pretends to be cold to look at his watch! When she walks into the salon, his eyes become warm and fix on her again. He stays a while before driving away. En Zhu has thought that he is here for her but is disappointed that he doesn't even look up to the second floor.

Zai Xi and his juniors walk pass the nurse station to see the nurses having bread. Zai Xi recalls how Jin Shun eats the bread with him and gets lost in thought. Upon seeing him like this, all stare at him. He wants to regain his composure but knocks against a trolley shelf to slip on the ground instead! All can't help laughing when he walks away. (This is one of the biggest joke committed ever.)

En Zhu asks Zai Xi – why does he lie that he has a surgery to attend to? Does he intend to avoid her forever? He replies that he finds it best not to meet her for now. When she asks how he meets his beloved,
he replies that she has tried to sell something at the hospital then. She gathers that the woman sells medicine but Zai Xi doesn't correct her. He has thought of Jin Shun to be ridiculous then and still now. She asks if the woman knows that he is in love with her. He replies that she doesn't know.

Whenever they meet, she lashes out at him. He is only secretly in love with the woman and she doesn't know about that. In the present situation, he is contented to see her happy. When seeing Zai Xi smiling dreamily over her, En Zhu gets very fed up. How can he show this kind of expression in front of her? (This guy is oblivious to what is going on around him when thinking of Jin Shun.) Jin Shun fails the perming test and Xiao Lan refuses to teach her anything new if she fails again 3 days later.

Zai Xi comes to the salon to look for Mei Ci to see a upset Jin Shun .He finds all ways to cheer her up to give her confidence again – implying that the first in a race always worries about getting caught up. (This man is so sure and conceited.) Zai Xi takes this chance to ask her out again – he hates eating alone and has given her the camera. She should at least give him a treat. She agrees reluctantly but she has no money.

Zai Xi will make it his treat this time and she can give the treat the next time. Seeing that she has to wash the hair curlers and clean the salon, he helps her. You will be amazed to see him scrubbing the toilet and mopping the floor, thrusting his suit jacket aside. But, he is happy to be with her.

However, Zhen Xin tells Jin Shun to return home as Hui Cheng is ill to ruin his chance. She goes hurriedly without telling him who the sick person is to make him angry. He is hungry after a day's hard work and mumbles that he has never washed toilets all his life. He complains to Mei Ci that she should not let assistants do so much besides washing the customers' hair. Mei Ci wonders how he knows so much.

En Zhu gets drunk and causes a scene at Zai Xi's home. She tells Mei Ci that when she thinks of Zai Xi, Zai Xi is thinking of another woman. Why does he still date her then? He is the first man she likes to dream to be together but now she hopes her dead mother will take her away. Zai Xi and Mei Ci have to send her home. Yong warns Zai Xi not to hurt her again and Mei Ci feels embarrassed.

She demands to know who the woman is to make him a two-timer but he refuses to tell her. Jin Shun and Hui Mei fight over Hui Cheng so Hui Mei complains to Xiao Lan. She is surprised that Xiao Lan already knows about Jin Shun's story. But Jin Shun knows that Hui Mei will not let her off even though she knows that she is a widow. Jin Shun is relieved upon knowing that Hui Cheng is fine after seeing a doctor.

Mei Ci calls Zai Xi but wonders why his line is engaged. He is calling Jin Shun and pretends to be angry, demanding her to give him a dinner treat. (His anger is already appeased but he wants to scare her.) Jin Shun agrees reluctantly. Zai Xi feels En Zhu's handphone in his pocket. She has left it at his home and places his photo as the wallpaper. He sighs and decides to return to her.

Zai Xi is in high spirits when driving to meet Jin Shun. His face brightens up upon seeing her at the salon entrance. But he is angered when Jin Shun wants to get home early to see Hui Cheng without telling him in advance. She has forgotten completely – why waste his time as he has arrived despite of his hectic schedule? He drives away in rage.

Jin Shun returns home and is upset to see Zhen Xin fussing on how to clean the house to welcome Sheng Lan. Jin Shun recalls that she doesn't treat her that well when she marries into the family. She feels apologetic towards Zai Xi so she sends him a sms. She has a tiring and nasty day so she hopes he can forgive her. She will give him a treat next time. Zai Xi is at first fuming when he thrusts his briefcase onto his chair upon returning to the hospital but he smiles upon reading it.

Zai Xi is overjoyed and parks his car near her place, demanding her to give him a treat. He is too furious to eat earlier. She finally brings him at a small eatery. Seeing how clumsy he is to stir his rice with sauce, she does for him. Zai Xi is touched to see that but stares at her when she tastes it with the spoon to see if the taste is even! (Good grief – she makes so many blunders!)

She realizes her mistake and wants to get another spoon for him. But he assures her that it is fine and he eats with it! (A classic moment – imagine if the person is En Zhu – his reaction will be – how dare you let me taste your saliva?!) She laughs and jokes that she hasn't brushed her teeth to make him smile again. Seeing him eating like this makes her see another side of him.

After dinner, both have a chat in the garden. She asks Zai Xi if he likes her and he blushes to deny again. Why ask him a second time? She just wants to make sure as she isn't suitable for him. He is dejected and lies that he likes a pharmaceutical sales representative but she always does things to infuriate him. She seems mysterious and always leads him to show concern to her.

Jin Shun is dull-witted – she replies that most likely she doesn't like him since he doesn't even know her exact age. Seeing that Zai Xi is growing mad again, she quickly adds that he should have no problem attracting a whole truck of women with his good looks and salary. Zai Xi gets pleased again. He urged her to be his sibling but she declines as she isn't used to it. He then requests her to be his love consultant.

She agrees but recalls that Tai Huan is a better person. She nearly blurts that he is her brother-in-law. Zai Xi turns into a good mood again. However, Jin Shun dampens his spirits, reminding him to curb his temper. He snorts that she isn't having a good temper too. She later jumps as she promises Tai Huan to be home early and rejects Zai Xi's lift as she gets a scolding the last time.

Anyway, she is happy to be finally able to give him a treat this time. Zai Xi is equally thrilled and tells her to be careful on her way home. Cheng Huan's parents meet Sheng Lan's parents. Cheng Huan has lied to Sheng Lan and her parents that he has told Shuo Zhang the truth. He later kneels to his parents to ask for their forgiveness in secret.

Zai Xi returns the handphone to En Zhu and maintains that he only treats her like a younger sister. She can't forget him and requests to meet him up for drinks occasionally. He agrees reluctantly. En Zhu asks Zai Xi to introduce the lady to her – she wants to see how she wins his heart. Zai Xi refuses as he has not revealed his feelings to her yet. Her parents are hostile to him when he sends her back. En Zhu refuses to resign or forget Zai Xi.

Zai Xi returns home and sprawls on the bed, recalling how Jin Shun mixes the rice for him and smiles.
Jin Shun tries using the camera on the big day to take a photo of Dian Shun and Hui Cheng but it doesn't work. She calls Zai Xi to ask him how to use it but he is going on his rounds to the wards. Watching the ceremony reminds her of her big day to leave her depressed.

It is the first time of the day to get to sit on his chair and Zai Xi is exhausted. When switching on his handphone to find Jin Shun's missed call, he is excited but hides his smile from his juniors. He calls her back but she is busy perming a customer's hair to pick up his call. He starts to blame himself – why doesn't he carry mobile along and misses it as she hardly calls him first? (He looks boyish here indeed.)

Jin Shun gives Hui Mei a treat, hoping to improve her ties with her. Zai Xi senses that she is slightly drunk when he calls her. He becomes tense as he thinks she is with another man – who is she with? She replies that she is with her senior from the salon and he is relieved. He offers to teach her how to use the camera although she states that she knows as he jokes that he has low intelligence. She then replies that she will call him then. Zai Xi gets mad as he has failed to date her for a few occasions.

Jin Shun rushes off upon knowing that Hui Cheng has a few stitches after falling from a chair. She blames Zhen Xin for not taking care of him. Zhen Xin is offended and refuses to forgive her. Be amused to see Zai Xi pacing up and down his room when he gets home, waiting for her call. The next day, he sends Mei Ci to work and is puzzled why she isn't at work yet. When seeing her running down the street, he stops his car.

He reprimands her on why she never calls him the other night. He has taken time to look at it despite of his busy schedule. She replies that she has not agreed to return his call on the same day and why is he pinpointing at her right in the morning. She rushes to work without talking further to leave him enraged. He goes rollerblading alone and wonders what she is thinking of.

Anyone can see that he is interested in her. Is she toying with him or is she really ignorant? She should be thankful that a highly eligible he likes her. Upon seeing a can blocking his way, he kicks him but to trip and fall again. (He is starting to do foolish acts like her now.) Zhen Xin is angry that Shuo Zhang loses his job and keeps from her. Tai Huan uses his first pay to buy a fishing rod for Shuo Zhang and a pair of shades for himself. Zhen Xin is angry with him for being a spendthrift. Hui Mei is sarcastic to joke about Hui Cheng's injury and becomes scared when Jin Shun warns her against doing this again.

En Zhu can't forget Zai Xi and asks him out. She pretends that nothing has happened and asks about his progress with the woman. He relates that he tries to get close to her without success. He has no idea how she thinks of him. He gets mesmerized again – she doesn't know how pretty she is with her attractive
eyes to touch a man's heart. She has the tendency to stare at others when she talks.

Thus he has given her his heart. She looks better now than her previous shocking hairstyle. (This is an obvious hint but En Zhu doesn't know it.) En Zhu sees his face showing a radiant glow when mentioning his love and gets more upset. Both return to the salon and Jin Shun is practicing perming a lady's hair. Although she knows that En Zhu is calling her, she doesn't reply as she is recording the time. En Zhu scolds her and Zai Xi sulks. He doesn't like to see her doing that to Jin Shun.

En Zhu invites her parents for a meal. Mei Ci and Zai Xi also come to the same restaurant. Both have to bear the humiliation from them. Xiao Lan sees that Jin Shun is late for work and also leaves home right after work, hard to make time for practice. She reminds her that it is hard to balance work and family but Jin Shun can't find a solution.

Jin Shun buys groceries and walks home. Zai Xi waits for her at the roadside and wants to declare his feelings to her. She pulls him aside to hide from Tai Huan and he is delighted to get close to her. Jin Shun is busy and has to rush home. Zai Xi is angry - he is also busy but he makes time for her. She replies that it is not a good time to meet since both are busy. He nearly explodes. Ying Yu gets Dian Shun's address from Zai Xi but has no courage to see her personally.

Zai Xi wants to meet Jin Shun the next day, lying that he has some love problems to confide in her. She suggests the next week but it is too long for him to wait! He initially wants to meet on the same night but recalls that he is on shift. (You MUST take a good look at his eager expression.) She finally gives in to him and he gets so overjoyed that he nearly goes up the opposite direction of the escalator!

Zai Xi returns home but can't sleep although he is very tired. (He is simply too excited over the coming meeting.) Mei Ci brings him to the public sauna as it should help him to sleep. Zai Xi is amused – how is he going to sleep with so many people around? She points at different poses made by different couples.
Which stage is he at – feeding food into each other's mouths, hugging each other or kissing?

You will crack up at his answer – none of the above as they have not even reached stage one. He is only secretly in love with her. Mei Ci urges him to be direct since he is outstanding but he is so afraid of getting rejected. Seeing that he is so infatuated to think of Jin Shun in front of her, she shakes her head. But he can't hide his smiles from her anymore.

Dian Shun brings Hui Cheng to see Jin Shun but loses him when both chat. Both women conduct a search and En Zhu happens to know Jin Shun's secret. She fires her and tells Mei Ci about it. Mei Ci finds En Zhu too heartless to do that. Zai Xi buys a hair clip for Jin Shun, planning to give her the next day. (He starts to smile to himself in a silly manner again.) He gets to know about this when he reaches home. Unable to accept it, he comes to Jin Shun's residence.

He sees her carrying Hui Cheng on her back, with Tai Huan by her side. He also gets to know that Tai Huan isn't her cousin but brother-in-law. Tai Huan carries Hui Cheng and getting the bag from her tenderly. He even comments she looks nicer with her hair being tied up. Zai Xi can't contain his jealousy and speeds off. He is uninterested to listen to Mei Ci talking about Jin Shun and gets to work early.

Zai Xi gets very moody at work. Jin Shun comes to meet him and he is involved in a meeting with his juniors. He lies that he has forgotten about their date. He is cold to her and tells her to leave. He even reprimands her for coming to the doctors' quarters without permission. (His attitude is changed 180 degrees.) She is puzzled and Zai Xi halts the meeting. He kicks the cupboard when his juniors go out.

Sheng Lan has conflicts with Shi Huan's family because of different styles. She has the phobia of facing knives and is reluctant to do housework. Tai Huan disagrees with her almost daily as he doesn't agree with her using money to buy over everything. Jin Shun has to end up doing all the housework for her.

Zai Xi asks Jin Shun why she keeps it from him. She explains that she has to keep her job and why does it matter to him. He retorts immediately – of course it does – can't she tell that he likes him? She is stunned by his answer. She then recalls his acts and realizes why he treats her so well. Mei Ci misses Jin Shun's cooking and asks her to come to her home. She is about to ask her whey she stays with her in-laws when En Zhu returns with Zai Xi. Jin Shun feels uneasy to sit beside Zai Xi.

After seeing the scrapbook that Jin Shun makes on different recent hairstyles, Mei Ci agrees with Xiao Lan that she should be given a chance on the perming test. If she passes, she can return to work. Jin Shun is thankful but En Zhu isn't happy. Jin Shun watches Zai Xi sending En Zhu home and walks away silently. Zai Xi's heart softens so he comes to fetch her later. Jin Shun apologises and he wants her to address him as 'doctor' instead of 'mister'. He quickly relates that he isn't interested in a widow with a child.

Ying Yu faints upon knowing from Shun Zi Jin Shun isn't staying with them and she refuses to tell her her whereabouts. She is drenched from the rain for a long time and doesn't wake up even after dialysis. Yong is worried that he will lose his wife the second time. En Zhu starts to have feelings towards Ying Yu and calls her mother now. En Zhen is under-aged and can't donate her kidney. So Yong asks Shun Zi to relate his message to Jin Shun. He is willing to pay them to settle Shang Dao's case out of court.

Jin Shun bursts into tears in joy upon knowing that she passes the perming test and she can return to work. All customers like to see her again. Mei Ci asks Zai Xi how things go. He replies sadly that the woman has a boyfriend and Mei Ci thinks the woman is a two-timer. Zai Xi feels that it is his fault as it is one-sided on his part without checking the facts first. Mei Ci is shocked that he can lose for the first time. No wonder he isn't smiling lately. However, he can't deceive himself and he loses sleep to go out exercising at night.

His poor juniors have to put up with his bad temper again. One shivers when Zai Xi knows that he misses the professors' dinner gathering to meet his girlfriend. Zai Xi punishes him to work on 3 nights' shift. When both forget to transfer a patient to another ward, he scolds them again to make one run outside the lift to settle the matter within 30 seconds! Yong sends Jin Shun home and gives her pills as he knows that she is anemic. (To make her stronger before the kidney transplant operation which he hopes to come true.)

Upon knowing that Zai Xi is affected by his love loss, En Zhu rekindles her hope and drags him out to get a present for Mei Ci. She sees the hairclip in his car but Zai Xi wants her to put it back. Zai Xi sees Jin Shun with Tai Huan at the shopping centre to buy clothes for Hui Cheng and Zhen Xin. Zai Xi gets so distracted to knock into a lady. He then chides her for being so close to her brother-in-law. Tai Huan gets offended. En Zhu senses that Zai Xi is still moody when both go for a drink.

When he reaches home, he takes the hairclip from his car compartment and throws it away. Zai Xi meets Jin Shun when she brings something to Mei Ci. He tells her to stop pretending to be a single maiden. Is she going to hook someone else soon? Jin Shun is stunned when he speeds off. Shun Zi has sleepless nights and tells Yong she is willing to donate her kidney to Ying Yu. But Yong ONLY wants Jin Shun's kidney. He even adds that Jin Shun can survive with a kidney. Zai Xi sees both meeting and gets suspicious.

Zai Xi tells Jin Shun to ignore him completely when they meet each other again. Sure enough, she doesn't greet him when bringing Dian Shun to see Yong. Jin Shun can't take Zai Xi's harsh remarks and demands an apology. Is he treating her like this because he likes her? He says no as he is only toying with her. Jin Shun can't take it to break down to cry. Yong warns Zai Xi to be discreet at work upon seeing this.

Zai Xi tells En Zhu that he is very harsh to Jin Shun to want her to have a taste of suffering. He doesn't have to be so mean to her. He can't help but cries for the first time in his life. (This scene breaks many hearts.) En Zhu is crestfallen over the outcome but still hugs him to console him. Zai Xi becomes very drunk and En Zhu has to send him home. Upon seeing him reacting like this, Mei Ci shakes her head – how can her precious son be so useless? She doesn't want to see him behaving like this again.

Tai Huan fails his audition and is down. See how overboard he is to ask Jin Er to give him a treat as he has no money! He kisses her when he gets drunk. She blushes and denies when she visits Shang Dao who is in prison. Shang Dao senses it and smiles. But Tai Huan regrets his act to avoid her.

Shun Zi is hospitalized when she thinks too much and tells Jin Shun about the truth. Jin Shun is upset when Ying Yu doesn't recognize her when coming to the salon. She requests for Yong's address from Zai Xi and refuses to tell the reason, only citing that she wants to see Ying Yu. Zai Xi can't reject her but deliberately throws the paper on the floor to make her pick it up. (He is very mean to her.) Jin Shun is silent upon seeing the big house – so Ying Yu is having a wonderful life now. She returns home with low spirits.

En Zhu asks Zai Xi for a date to return his handphone to him. She has it with her when he is drunk. (En Zhu is righteous not to check the phonebook – otherwise she might know that the woman he loves is Jin Shun although not by the nickname but by the number.) Zai Xi agrees but forgets about it when he vents frustrations to go exercising again. He is touched when En Zhu waits for him the whole night.

Dian Zhun visits Shun Zi with soup but she doesn't dare to tell her about Ying Yu. She knocks into Zai Xi and exclaims him to be handsome looking. She requests Zai Xi to call her granddaughter and Zai Xi is alarmed to know that she is Jin Shun. He quickly leaves but can't bring himself to delete her number. Yong is worried upon knowing that Ying Yu is having slight chest pains – a sign of a weak heart. She will be in danger if she doesn't have the operation soon.

To express his apology (or rather to repay his debt as she has bought things for him in the past), Zai Xi buys En Zhu clothes and shoes. En Zhu knows that his heart isn't with her and gets angry when seeing his dejected look. She must find out who is the woman who captures his heart. Shun Zi regrets accepting Yong's money and returns it as Jin Shun is hurt. Sheng Lan is angry with Tai Huan for wearing Shi Huan's shirt without their permission and reprimands him. Zhen Xin feels she should not have done it in front of her. She starts to blame Shuo Zhang for wanting to stay with daughters-in-laws to give her so much trouble.

Sheng Lan think Jin Shun misses her mother and her death anniversary is approaching. Zhen Xin grumbles about Jin Shun for not doing housework lately. Tai Huan knows the story as Jin Shun confides in him so he blurts the truth. They feel sorry for her and treat her better. Tai Huan tells Yong to leave Jin Shun out of it. Zai Xi has a shock as he stands outside the door to overhear everything. Zai Xi starts to blame himself for treating Jin Shun badly and removes his doctor's robe to charge out immediately.

Jin Shun is so badly affected that she touches Ying Yu's family portrait outside a photo studio and suggests Shun Zi to flee with the money. Zai Xi is worried when she hasn't appeared and is relieved when she walks home. He apologises for his insults but she is lukewarm towards him. He feels remorseful to see her behaving like a corpse. Zai Xi is worried for her and follows her home till Jin Er appears.

Still, his heart isn't settled as he can't sleep for the night. He drives to the salon the next day and he sighs upon seeing her more cheerful secretly. Why intervene into his life to make him worry sick about her when he decides to forget her? En Zhu observes that he has never watched her with such a gentle expression and suspects the person he likes is working right in the salon.

Yong kneels in front of Jin Shun to beg for her kidney when she visits Ying Yu. Zai Xi's impression of him sinks rock bottom upon knowing that he is selfish when he stands outside to eavesdrop. He secretly tails her in his car to make sure she gets home safely on the bus. He tells Yong that he will not allow this to happen.

Ying Yu has not known about it and he can tell her that to stop it. Yong slaps him – he can be desperate to do anything to save her life. So is Zai Xi - he wants to protect his beloved Jin Shun too to prevent harm from befalling on her. (This must be his first time to go against Yong openly.)

Jin Shun decides to donate her kidney but doesn't want to meet the Zhangs again. She is disgusted on recalling why Yong gives her the pills - no wonder he treats her so well. She must be in the pink of health before the operation. She gives Shun Zi 700 million and Shun Zi lies to Shang Dao it is from her brother. So Shang Dao will be released soon. The Lus raise 500 million – 300 million from Shuo Zhang's pension and 200 million from Shi Huan. They do not want her to have the operation. She is touched that they are so nice to her now. Shi Huan is displeased Shi Lan treats him as an outsider to have separate accounts.

Dian Shun sees Ying Yu and Yong at the hospital to guess their relationship correctly. She nearly bursts upon knowing where the money comes from. Dian Shun has nightmares – is something going to happen to her or Jin Shun? Ying Yu's doctor doesn't agree with Yong's suggestion to keep Ying Yu in the dark on who her donor is. Yong is worried that Ying Yu will reject the operation if she knows it.

Mei Ci encourages Zai Xi to console En Zhu since she is worried over Ying Yu. She forces them to go for dinner together. Zai Xi is too preoccupied in thought over Jin Shun that he is restless. En Zhu kisses Zai Xi's face in the car and he demands her to get out. She is still confident that he likes her. He tells her that he will never love her but she wants to wait for him.

Mei Ci notices that he looks better and wants him to thank En Zhu for helping him. Zai Xi can read Mei Ci's mind and tells her to stop it. Yet he still appears at the salon the next day to send Mei Ci to work so Mei Ci suspects that he is just too shy to admit that he likes En Zhu. Although she asks En Zhu what makes Zai Xi so mad the other day, she doesn't disclose it to her.

Zai Xi waits for Jin Shun at a café and finds excuses to date her. She is not in the mood and rejects him. He returns to the hospital and is angry that En Zhu looks for him. He is hostile to her - she should know that she can't step into the doctors' quarters easily. (How different he treats her from Jin Shun now although he does reprimand Jin Shun using the same reason!) She leaves sadly as Mei Ci only asks her to bring him clothes as he is on duty. He realizes that he has misunderstood her and blames Mei Ci for not telling earlier.

Jin Shun is unprepared when Ying Yu finds chances to talk to her. Worrying that Jin Shun can't take it, Zai Xi follows her. En Zhu is baffled to see this and suspects that Zai Xi likes Jin Shun. She recalls this is how Zai Xi also behaves when looking at Jin Shun in his car earlier then. She can't bring herself to tell Ying Yu about it as she feels shamed to lose to someone who is inferior than her.

Dian Shun is surprised that Shang Dao will be released soon and comes to the hospital to ask Shun Zi. She knocks into Zai Xi and Zai Xi shows her the way. She is delighted that he is so kind and good looking. She also envies his mother for bringing him up well. (It is astonishing that she has such a poor memory – has she forgotten that she has asked him to call Jin Shun before?) She is angry to see Yong and Ying Yu together to know their relationship, gathering where the money comes from for the settlement.

Zai Xi tells Jin Shun not to donate her kidney because he knows about it. She is offended as she thinks he only wants to mock at her when seeing her with Ying Yu earlier. He is already lowering his head by pouring wine for her but she leaves in a rage, angry that he follows her. He keeps apologizing and sends a sms to want her to go home right after work and not to loiter around. He gets very troubled when not seeing any message from her and has a sleepless night.

En Zhu doesn't think Ying Yu should feel bad for Jin Shun to be a widowed mother. Ying Yu is struck to know that Jin Shun is 23 years old. Zai Xi treats En Zhu to a meal, thanking her for her help. He has tried to forget Jin Shun but he fails so he hopes that he can overcome hurdles to be with her. En Zhu pretends to wish him well but curses him secretly, waiting to see his doom.

Zai Xi asks Jin Shun out for dinner – Jin Shun rejects him but wishes to borrow the remaining 200 million from him. He asks if it is really enough as he has thought of the amount to be more. She is alarmed that he eavesdrops AGAIN! (He has developed this habit when coming to matters concerning her.) She feels ashamed of herself. Although Zai Xi is willing to lend her later, she refuses but still joins him at an eatery. (Luckily En Zhu hasn't seen how he pours wine for her otherwise ….. En Zhu already nearly bursts to pieces to see how smitten Zai Xi is with Jin Shun.)

Zai Xi admits his parentage to Jin Shun when she reminds him that she is a widowed mother. His own mother also has him out of wedlock to lie to him that his father is dead. He teases Jin Shun for being gullible. Unlike her, he grows suspicious when Mei Ci only has hatred for his father and he has seen none of his father's relatives. So they are equal.

Jin Shun's anger diminishes quickly upon knowing it. Zai Xi keeps asking for her forgiveness as she also knows that he has lied of having a younger sister. He cooks up the reason as he doesn't want her to say that he is overly concerned over her then. Ying Yu gives Shun Zi some money that she has saved up for Jin Shun's marriage. Shun Zi doesn't know what to do with it.

En Zhu tells Mei Ci that Zai Xi's taste is extraordinary. She refers to the woman he likes but she thinks it is his dressing. Mei Ci then tells Zai Xi that she has insomnia, hinting that he should get married soon. He suggests her to go to his hospital's psychiatric department for curing sleeping disorder. Mei Ci also gets fed up – what does En Zhu see in him then – it seems that En Zhu is the one having a weird taste to like him.

After knowing that Yong has fixed the date for the operation, Zai Xi is mad when Yong isn't in his office and he rushes to see Jin Shun. She must meet him or he will charge into the salon – she gets out immediately. He forces her into his car – he still amazes me at this time that he still remembers that she gets carsick easily to throw her into the backseat before driving away to a quiet spot.

Zai Xi blows up - why is she so stubborn to disregard other people's feelings to make decisions on her own? He forbids her to do it. She replies – what position is he in for saying that? He blurts out – why can't he since he likes her? He has tried all ways to forget her but fails miserably. Seeing her in tears, he also has tears in his eyes. He knows that she is actually scared of the operation and holds her in his arms. He later refrains from touching her shoulder when she retracts from him.

Jin Shun asks Zai Xi to treat her to a meal. She adds spring onions and kimchi to his noodles – just the way she likes it. She also offers to buy ice-cream for him. Seeing that he frowns for both, she gets to know that he actually dislikes but doesn't wish to complain to her because he is afraid that she will say that he is picky. But he admits that she looks cute when eating ice-cream.

Determined to stop it, he starts to hint about the scenario of losing a kidney. (Alas – how can he be so discouraging as doctor?) He even wants Jin Shun to read from a book with one eye and later with both eyes to show the difference. Even siblings or relatives might run a big risk. That is why he doesn't approve her to do it. He has wanted to stop his car nearer to the salon when they are back but she runs off quickly.

Yong isn't happy with Zai Xi for hindering his plans and deliberately cites his disappointment in rejecting En Zhu to like Jin Shun. He has thought of Zai Xi to be his able assistant. (This man is so full of himself till now.) Zai Xi declares that he will continue doing that as he has lost all logic concerning Jin Shun. She leads a hard life but has bore with it. Yet, she can't hide her fear over the operation so he must protect her.

Zai Xi calls Jin Shun to find out if she has taken her dinner. Mei Ci urges him to have red wine with her and imagines romantic movie scenes. She is surprised as Zai Xi is normally unwilling to do that in the past. She senses a change in him but he still refuses to divulge anything. He even wants En Zhu to keep his secret from Mei Ci – not knowing that En Zhu already knows who he likes.

He is in high spirits when returning to work the next morning. He even comments that a nurse has cut a new hairstyle and she nearly screams in delight till another nurse has to remind her to have a grip on herself. His two juniors – one wakes the other up upon seeing him stepping in. Zai Xi allows them to rest for 15 more minutes to get their report ready. (Anything is negotiable when he is in a good mood.)

Ying Yu's doctor accedes to Yong's request and tells her that she gets a suitable donor. Zhen Xin tells Dian Shun the truth unknowingly. She confronts Ying Yu to disclose the truth. Ying Yu realizes why Jin Shun often avoids her. She is also disappointed with Yong's act. Dian Shun slaps Yong and Zai Xi witnesses that.

The nurses guess that Jin Shun is Yong's mistress through the incident. Zai Xi slams a patient's report in front of them to scare them – are they too free? Capable people will definitely not make this kind of conclusion. He is furious that they speak ill of Jin Shun. En Zhu increases Jin Shun's first time salary to support Hui Cheng as child maintenance fee. Jin Shun has finally paid back the blouse's damage. Mei Ci is glad that En Zhu is considerate to make the suggestion and longs her to be her daughter-in-law.

Seeing that Jin Shun is down, he tapes on the glass and dances on the street to cheer her up! (He shakes like John Travolta as in 'Saturday night fever' to shock/impress all.) Jin Shun finally breaks into a smile as he hides behind a tree and invites him for a meal since she gets her pay. She hesitates upon seeing the expensive cost on the menu but Zai Xi understands so he only orders a bowl of noodles.

He declares Dian Shun to be his idol. Seeing Dian Shun reacting strongly implies that she will never approve of Jin Shun's decision. Zai Xi gets mad when she keeps saying they aren't related. In fact so mad that he doesn't offer her a lift. Upon returning home, he keeps pondering over her words. (I start to pity him to get rejected repeatedly.) Ying Yu sneaks out of hospital to visit Jin Shun but she ignores her. She doesn't return to the hospital and all are worried if she doesn't get her dialysis on time.

Jin Shun calls Zai Xi and he is elated as the occasion is rare. She asks if Ying Yu has returned and frowns when she hasn't. He asks her if she is fine and her answer is no. She asks if he is free. He gives an immediate yes! He will never let go of such a chance to meet her. Both sit on a bench. Jin Shun asks if she is too harsh to Ying Yu. Zai Xi totally agrees with her act. He is happy that Ying Yu knows to stop the operation from taking place. He is about to place his hand over her shoulder when she stands up, looking back to find his hand frozen in the air. (His expression is weird indeed.)

Both have a meal but Jin Shun has no mood to taste the red wine that he has ordered. Still, her attitude is better this time to knock her glass against his. He forces her to eat more by ordering steak for her. He is eager to know her interests and jokes that she has zero instinct in hairstyle as she looks terrible now.

When both are in the lift, he imagines trying to kiss her – this is his gain for informing her when Ying Yu is back. He can be so impulsive to lock the life door. The lift door opens and he wakes up from his fantasy. When he tries to persuade her to sit in the front of his car, she recalls Cheng Huan sadly and decides to return home alone. He gets worried – has he offended her in anyway but she assures that it is her problem.

He is sure that she doesn't know what he thinks to get cross. When he returns to hospital, En Zhu asks what is wrong between her parents but he pretends not to know anything. En Zhu asks how things are between him and Jin Shun. Zai Xi doesn't know what his heart thinks in the past but he knows now. He can love a person so much but he can't tell her about it now as they are still so awkward now. She gets jealous.

Shi Huan is disappointed that Sheng Lan isn't pregnant. Hui Cheng is nearly knocked down by a car and Ying Yu saves him on time. Zhen Xin guesses her identity and disallows Shuo Zhang to tell Jin Shun about it or she will agree to the operation. Zai Xi bandages Ying Yu's wounds and she wants to divorce Yong.

Zai Xi informs Jin Shun that Ying Yu has returned so that she needs not worry about it. En Zhu sees Jin Shun using the handphone and she guesses that Zai Xi as the caller so she calls him. Sure enough, his line is engaged. He wants to ask Jin Shun out but En Zhu already arranges to have dinner with her. Sheng Lan quarrels with Shi Huan upon knowing that he hasn't told his family about her past. She feels cheated.

En Zhu tests Jin Shun about remarriage or looking for a boyfriend. Jin Shun doesn't have the intention as yet so En Zhu suspects that Zai Xi's love is only one-sided. En Zhu rushes to the hospital after knowing that Ying Yu faints during dialysis. Feeling worried, Jin Shun follows suit. Zai Xi is about to knock off from work and sees Jin Shun on the opposite escalator. His heart pounds fast – what is she up to?

Zai Xi charges up and pulls her arm to stop Jin Shun from visiting Ying Yu at ICU – he is afraid that she will change her mind. He doesn't care about anything else – he only cares for her. He isn't bothered how she thinks of him to be cold or selfish. He only wants to protect and cherish her. But he still gives in to her to allow them to see each other as she will approach Yong. They hide at a corner when En Zhen and En Zhu are present. Jin Shun gets into ICU to take a look.

She runs away when Ying Yu wakes. Zai Xi finds her missing and drives to her home. He gets worried when she removes her battery. When his handphone rings, he asks anxiously where she is. The caller is Mei Ci - wanting him to return home. He drives back to find her taking off her shoes to sit on a bench. He understands how she feels in meeting her natural mother. Zai Xi tops his studies yearly and was second in the university entrance exam to get into medical school. His aunt informs him about it - as a painful present. He realized why Mei Ci gave him an odd look when he announced his decision to be a doctor.

It definitely runs in the genes. Zai Xi tried looking for his natural father who is a doctor, pretending to be ill. His father doesn't know his existence and treated him as his patient. When his father put his hand on his stomach, he felt his warmth but the atmosphere was ruined by his half-sister who charged in. He has not told this to anyone – this is the first and last time he meets him. Jin Shun is initially upset but after hearing his story, she feels like carrying him on her back to give him comfort. Getting touched, he kneels to help her to wear her shoes. (This is very romantic!)

Mei Ci nags at Zai Xi to have a girlfriend but he suggests her to look for a husband instead. Yong forbids Ying Yu to leave the hospital. She may divorce him but she must be alive as she is a mother of 3 daughters. Shuo Zhang gives his approval after Ying Yu's doctor assures that the operation is safe. He treats her to roasted meat – ordering extra for her. Jin Shun has not wanted anyone to die after Cheng Huan's death. Zhen Xin is initially firm to be against it but gives in later too after Shuo Zhang's persuasion.

Dian Shun gives her approval – she wants Ying Yu to live with her guilt forever by getting Jin Shun's kidney. After talking to her, she feels weak. Zai Xi sends her to the lobby and she has a good impression of him. Jin Shun has thought of Ying Yu to be a person who is only able to run away from problems then and now. Jin Shun practices hair cutting and accidentally cuts her finger. Zai Xi runs to her and wraps it with his handkerchief and seizes this chance to hold her hand. He wants to hold it till she stops bleeding.

Her face turns red and Tai Huan calls, wanting to fetch her home. She replies she is with a person she knows at the salon. Zai Xi flies into a rage – what is he to her? He reveals his feelings to her but why is she still treating him like this? He storms away and En Zhu informs him that Mei Ci has a fever. En Zhu is touched to see how he takes care of her – he might not be a good lover or son but he is a good doctor.

She has seen how he works in ER in the past - it seems that he only has himself and the patients then in his eyes. That is why she gets attracted to him. He sends her home and Yong frowns to see them together. Jin Shun chides Ying Yu for being selfish to only think of herself - she has all the people's approval for the operation so she should not back out now. Even if Ying Yu relates how she misses her, she isn't convinced as she has not looked for her. Why still escape when she is persuading her now?

Zai Xi's juniors gossip that Ying Yu hasn't allowed Yong to visit her for days. Zai Xi doesn't want them to interfere – they are not his sons to probe into this matter. Jin Shun wants to greet Zai Xi but he avoids her to make her upset. Ying Yu finally agrees to have the operation. Jin Shun can't master her courage to tell Zai Xi her decision. Zai Xi hears of the schedule from his junior and asks her immediately. Upon knowing that she doesn't listen to him, he hangs up in a rage. She comes to the hospital immediately and wants to meet him but he replies that he is busy.

She waits 1.5h for him and recalls how much he has done for her to be in tears. She apologises when he comes out and he is still mad. What connection do they have – her body is her own and he has no right to care what she wants. (Probably he wants her to have a taste of her own medicine for disappointing him so many times by quoting her words.) He turns around and is about to leave when she says this concerns him. She wants his consent and he asks why. She looks at him but is unable to answer. But he finally gathers that she has considered him to be the most important person to her.

He is unable to continue getting angry with her and walks towards her to give her a kiss, hugging her into his chest for the first time. (Bravo for this man for trying so hard and long!) He knows that he can't change her mind. He brings her to have roasted meat together and feels that his heart is stabbed upon seeing her eating hungrily. He confesses that he exaggerates the situation earlier and her only kidney can still work 80% as a normal person. Jin Shun also knows it after seeing Ying Yu's doctor.

Zai Xi is still concerned over her. He estimates that she will be hospitalized for a week and stay at home for a month. He remembers that she is anemic and feels disgusted that Yong has given her the metal tablets long beforehand. He reminds her to sleep early and must let him know if she feels any discomfort before the operation. (He sounds like her doctor instead of her boyfriend to be so serious at this moment.)

He also finds out from Yong that the best medical team from the hospital is in charge. He is also relieved that Jin Shun has taken the HLA test to be found in good health. Zai Xi apologises to Yong for only considering from his own stand. Zai Xi has wanted to have a meal with her on the day before the operation but she chooses to be with Dian Shun. He jumps – why as he can only see her a month later?

He is so pathetic – he pleads with her as he has made a reservation in the restaurant but has to give in to her. Although disappointed, he sets off fireworks for her despite sighing that he has no pride left after doing this for her. This is the day of the operation and all turn up to give Jin Shun support. Zai Xi hides at a corner to watch secretly and hopes for the best. How he wishes to be the first person she sees when she wakes up! But he can only wait here. She takes the initiative to hold Ying Yu's hand. Jin Shun forgives Ying Yu but isn't ready to acknowledge her as yet.

Jin Shun rests at home for 6 weeks and her colleagues are delighted to see her again. Laugh when Zai Xi looks through his junior's report – according to his analysis, the patient should be dead! So who is the person they have seen when making their rounds?! Zai Xi has told him to check the veins, not the arteries. He returns to the resting quarters, scrolling down his handphone inbox to look at Jin Shun's old sms in disappointment. He smiles when reading one when Jin Shun admits to be cabbage head.

Zai Xi can't stop thinking of her but they can only communicate through sms. He has to put all his concentration in attending seminars. When Jin Shun calls him, he practically runs out of the hospital in excitement. Both date for the first time after her recovery, he is very delighted – she looks healthy to him. He grumbles that she should have called him – mechanisms which can sms can also make calls too. He has wanted to pluck this cabbage and throw away but later believes that patience pays off.

Zai Xi tells Jin Shun that Ying Yu has already discharged and is recovering too. He looks at her in a trance – does she miss him? When she gets shy and avoids his eyes, he knows that she misses him a lot. He comments that she looks nicer now with her hair let down. He sings a love song to her on stage in a restaurant. (This tactic is never outdated to be used repeatedly after Xiang Zhe from 'All about Eve' and Qi Zhu from 'Lovers in Paris' win their girlfriends' hearts.)

He describes only growing a cabbage at home. This cabbage is rebellious and mysterious. But he hopes it will grow well to make into kimchi. (This description is extraordinary indeed!) Have a pleasant surprise to see him getting a bouquet of flowers wrapped with a cabbage. He even makes a heart shape wand with her smiling photo attached. Jin Shun can't stop looking at him from the back of his car.

Zai Xi jokes that nice things are meant to ogle at. He always admires himself whenever he looks into the mirror. Jin Shun gets amused to see him so conceited. When he sends her home, she sees Cheng Huan returning with Sheng Lan so she hides at the back. Zai Xi doesn't notice that as he answers his junior's call. (His tone totally changes fierce when talking to him.)

Shang Dao is released from prison and reunites with his family. Jin Er gets drunk and Tai Huan sends her to rest at a motel. Both families are shocked to see this scene on television. Both get beaten upon returning home as the rest do not believe that there is nothing between them. Sheng Lan's ex-father-in-law, Mr Du is Shu Zhang's friend and keeps asking her money to help her ex-husband.

Knowing that Jin Shun is going to have the hair dyeing test soon, Zai Xi volunteers to be her guinea pig. She offers to dye 2 locks but he allows 3 locks. (How love changes a person! We know he is very image conscious – he has confidence in her now?) This man can take his time to admire her long eyelashes and nose when she is washing his hair! He tries to steal a kiss from her after that. En Zhu jumps upon seeing his hair wet – so Jin Shun gets to be so intimate with him.

She forces him to send her home so he bades Jin Shun to be careful on her own reluctantly. He whispers to her to call him when she reaches home. En Zhu nearly blows to pieces upon seeing his gentle glaze towards Jin Shun. Jin Shun later gets Zai Xi's sms – is she angry because he has to send En Zhu home? Why doesn't she return his call as this worries him? She replies – she is not angry with En Zhu but with his behaviour. He smiles over it.

En Zhu overhears her parents' conversation to know Ying Yu's donor is Jin Shun and their relationship. Both have thought that Mei Ci might know about Jin Shun since Zai Xi knows about it. Angry with Zai Xi for keeping from her, she asks Zai Xi out (he has thought of Jin Shun to be the caller but still meets her reluctantly.) to slap him. She has decided that he will not get Jin Shun since she can't get him.

The pathetic man doesn't know what is going on when she demands him to do his own reflection. He is down but cheers up after seeing Jin Shun. Be amused when he pleads with her to sit closer to him on the bench. He promises that he will not do anything to her. She senses that something is bothering him – he admits that he misses her. He holds her hand as they have a stroll - she feels happy but yet afraid.

En Zhu knows that Zai Xi often visits Jin Shun at night so she deliberately brings Mei Ci there. Mei Ci is angry to see him brewing coffee for Jin Shun (which he has never done at home) but Zai Xi explains that it is for convenience sake. En Zhu presses gets them to join her and Mei Ci for dinner. Seeing Jin Shun reminds Mei Ci how she brings up Zai Xi single-handedly. The women try to get Jin Shun to reveal how long she is with Cheng Huan (Jin Shun keeps evading this issue as she can't bring herself to tell that she has Hui Cheng out of wedlock.)

Seeing that Jin Shun is very pressurized by their bombarding questions, Zai Xi feels the anguish. Worried about Jin Shun, he doesn't send Mei Ci home but comes to see her. Jin Shun already feels guilty and scared the moment Zhen Xin comes into her room when they send sms to each other. Jin Shun feels that she lets Cheng Huan down as he fades in her memory. Dian Shun assures that this is normal.

When Zai Xi comes, she hides from Tai Huan in the front seat of his car. Zai Xi is so displeased that he locks his car – he isn't a fugitive on the run. How can she do this when he is just beside her? Her reply – he also hasn't told Mei Ci about them and he is tongue-tied too. He requests - can she just move out? Does she think that he is just dating her for fun and why is she seeing him too? He only gives her a day to think over.

He confesses to Mei Ci that he is in love. Mei Ci can detect that he isn't joking as he looks very serious and there is a glow on his face. She finally realizes why he is often returning home late. He promises to bring her home within the week. However, he keeps mum on her occupation so she gets curious. Mei Ci is thrilled but decides to tell En Zhu since she has the right to know.

En Zhu reveals to Mei Ci about Jin Shun. Mei Ci slaps Jin Shun in fury when hearing Zai Xi's voice over her handphone and En Zhu tells her haughtily that the person she loves is Zai Xi so she should back out. Jin Shun knows that her hope to learn all skills from Xiao Lan within a year before letting En Zhu know her identity is completely dashed.

Oblivious to what has happened, Zai Xi buys a ring, intending to propose to Jin Shun. He even takes a long time to choose it but it turns out to be a bit loose. Hurt and upset, Jin Shun rejects him as it is unsuitable after trying it to return to him. He is so pathetic to try to salvage the situation – he promises not to look for her before any hair test so that her wish to be a hairstylist can come true soon. So will this do?

She informs him sadly Mei Ci knows about them. Zai Xi gets slapped at home but he insists to marry Jin Shun. Mei Ci bursts – Zai Xi has never worried her but why now? Zai Xi even raises the issue of marriage. Judging from Mei Ci's response, he gathers that she also slaps Jin Shun. He gets frantic to call her but she has removed the battery, refusing to take his calls to anger him.

Mei Ci refuses to let Jin Shun take the dyeing test but Jin Shun pleads for a chance to support Hui Cheng. Mei Ci wants Jin Shun to take a vow with Hui Cheng's name not to meet Zai Xi again. She agrees reluctantly as she wants a secured future. She is in tears when she passes the test. Zai Xi gets anxious and furious when he loses contact so he waits for her outside her home. (But we soon see that his anger vanishes to ask her why later.)

She reveals why she is scared of taking the front seat. Zai Xi doesn't think that she is the cause of Cheng Huan's death and tries in vain to reduce her guilt. She mentions about her in-laws and her son's name, Hui Cheng as her main focus. He gets impatient – she can come up with lots of reasons. She lies that he doesn't have such an important place in her heart as the rest. Still, she is touched by the way he proposes to her.

She maintains that she will not listen to his calls anymore and will treat him as a stranger when they meet in future. Seeing that she is so adamant to break up, Zai Xi gets very upset. She hasn't noticed how much she loves him. When he learns of what Mei Ci has done to Jin Shun, Zai Xi painfully discloses that he has put in all his love for a woman for the first time and can't turn back. Mei Ci still finds it unbelievable that he falls for her shop assistant who is of a lowly status. She calls Jin Shun a liar and is a widow with a child.

In his rage, he blurts out that Mei Ci is an unmarried single mother. At least, Jin Shun is legally married. Mei Ci doesn't expect him to dig her past. She is grateful to Zai Xi for not raising the issue and only finds out about it through her sister. She feels letting him down but why he has never ask this all along but to hurt her now because of Jin Shun? She admits that but she has never regretted giving birth to him.

Zai Xi is silent, knowing that he has broken her heart as Mei Ci chooses to remain single to bring him up all her life. Mei Ci now thinks worse of Jin Shun. (The two are excellent in this quarrel scene.) Shuo Zhang learns of Sheng Lan's past from Cheng Huan. Angry with the two for keeping from him, he refuses to forgive them and has a fight with Mr Du. He keeps calling her and Zhen Xin answers for Jin Shun. Jin Shun has to lie to her that he is her colleague.

Zai Xi doesn't give up even though Jin Shun maintains her decision when he waits for her outside her home before work. He still comes after work so she returns with Tai Huan. Zai Xi pulls her hand, wanting to talk to her. Tai Huan hits Zai Xi so she pulls him home. She denies dating Zai Xi and Tai Huan reminds her she is staying at Cheng Huan's home – she is too much to betray them. He ignores her and she should move out if she wants to see Zai Xi. Zai Xi doesn't leave after this and insists of meeting her again.

Zai Xi is grateful that she tells him about Cheng Huan. He has wanted to ask her in the past but also hopes that she tells him herself. He has been in the ER for a long time and sees many accident cases. What are their families supposed to do then? She still refuses to marry him. Jin Shun asks – how much does he know about her? Does he know her child's gender and age? Moreover, Mei Ci will never allow them to get married. He gets tongue-tied as she walks away.

Although Zai Xi's junior is appalled to see his wound near his lips, he doesn't dare to ask him as he offers to type in the prescription for him to allow him to take a nap. Zai Xi searches his mind at work for the answer. Zai Xi drops a bombshell when appearing at the salon the next day. He gives the correct answers and admits he is too nervous the other night to tell the answers. Does he have the right now – can't they try knowing each other more from now?

Mei Ci and En Zhu are appalled to see this so Mei Ci chases him home. She decides to dismiss Jin Shun – so Jin Shun asks if she can be with Zai Xi then. Jin Shun gets another slap and she promises to keep her deal so Mei Ci gives her another chance. Mei Ci has not expected him to repay her but why disgrace her in front of her staff? He has no other way as she refuses to meet him. He can't do without her as he loves her. Mei Ci is utterly disappointed – she also loves her son but there is no way that she will give in to him.

Jin Shun suddenly asks Zai Xi out and he is overjoyed. But she only tells him in a weary voice to let her go to shatter his heart into pieces. Zai Xi tells Jin Shun that he will die without her. But she thinks that Ying Yu can live well after abandoning her. She can survive well as a widow. She only wants to be a good mother and hopes that he will not torture her anymore.

Zai Xi is unhappy with Mei Ci for keep calling Jin Shun a widow with a child. She has a name. He has not thought of marriage in the past because he doesn't want to tell that he is an illegitimate son. But Jin Shun is the first person to make him open up to disclose his background. Mei Ci has thought that Zai Xi is thoughtful but in reality he despises his past. Fed up with her for keep saying that Jin Shun is an orphan, Zai Xi blurts out that Jin Shun is Ying Yu's daughter. She is taken aback by the truth.

Ying Yu worries about Jin Shun's plight since Mei Ci knows the truth. Zai Xi has no choice but to approach Dian Shun for help. Dian Shun and Shun Zi are tongue-tied to know that he loves Jin Shun deeply but is speechless to know that Jin Shun works for Mei Ci. En Zhu feels humiliated. She demands Ying Yu to tell Jin Shun to avoid Zai Xi as she owes her too much She feels worse when Yong tells her to give in to Jin Shun because she saves Ying Yu and also refuses to accept his money.

Hui Mei asks how Jin Shun seduces Zai Xi. Jin Shun hates herself as she also doesn't know why. Tai Huan sees Zai Xi's sms to ask Jin Shun out and goes out to meet him. Tai Huan lies to Zai Xi that he is rejecting him on Jin Shun's behalf. He beats Zai Xi up but only stops when recalling that his late brother, Cheng Huan will not resort using violence. (I am not convinced by this part. Tai Huan is hooligan-like but he is very skinny. How can the muscular Zai Xi lose out?!) Mei Ci is concerned to see Zai Xi hurt but he claims that what hurts him is his heart.

Shun Zi is sore that Jin Shun gets a good catch. Dian Shun has a good impression of Tai Huan when he sends a drunk Shang Dao home after drinking. She knows that Mei Ci will never agree to it as Zai Xi is not just a handsome looking surgeon but is also an only child. Zhen Xin gets to know Shi Lan's past. Shun Zi feels nauseous and Dian Shun suspects that she is pregnant.

Zai Xi asks Jin Shun if she tells Tai Huan to meet him. To stop him from harassing her anymore, she lies yes. En Zhu decides to go to London. Zai Xi deduces correctly that she is the person to break him and Jin Shun up. En Zhu confesses that she is unhappy too with him for keeping Ying Yu's past from her. After knowing that she is leaving, he feels sorry for her. En Zhu knocks into a waiter and is about to get cut by broken glass on the floor. Zai Xi shields her but hurts his right hand. He feels faint but can still remain calm to remove the broken piece. He even tells En Zhu to inform Yong to get the operation theatre ready.

En Zhu is alarmed when knowing that Zai Xi might not become a surgeon again because of the injury. She blames herself although Yong assures her that it might not happen. Upon waking up, Zai Xi discovers that his hand is numb. Yong admits that he might only recover 60%. Disappointed, he even chases Mei Ci out from his room. Mei Ci doesn't want En Zhu to inform Jin Shun about it or both will reconcile again. En Zhu decides to stay till Zai Xi recovers.

A guilty En Zhu informs Jin Shun about Zai Xi. Zai Xi has wanted to tell Jin Shun then that he is willing to wait till she becomes a hairstylist. But she telling of Tai Huan to turn up on her behalf changes his mind. He will not see her anymore as his injury has nothing to do with her. She can't sleep and has a fever. Jin Shun misses Zai Xi and regrets her decision. Dian Shun encourages her to pursue her own happiness.

She goes to see him again, declaring her love for him when he is about to sneak out of hospital. He finally gets moved and hugs her. (Luckily the lift doesn't malfunction as both of them keep pressing the close and open buttons.) She faints right into his arms! He is alarmed to put her on drip and chides her for still going out in her sick condition. If she dares to leave him or make him angry again, he will….of course he stops when Jin Shun feels inferior – she doesn't have a good education and has a son.

Zai Xi shakes his head – he has never looked down on her since the day they meet. She then continues that she has a scar on her body. Zai Xi cracks up – she actually thinks so far ahead than him! (Well, we know what he is implying.) She is disturbed that she can only give him her heart. He smiles – that is the only thing he wants. He can't live without her. What must he do to make her believe him? Before he can say anything, she kisses him. He is mesmerized and kisses her back.

Jin Shun feeds Zai Xi food and he grumbles. He hates hospital food – he pleads with her – can't they sneak out? She is amused that he is fussy than Hui Cheng. (How he behaves like a spoilt child!) She presses him to eat more and he has no choice. Ying Yu visits Zai Xi and is glad to see Jin Shun feeding Zai Xi. The old Lus disallow it when Sheng Lan wishes to bring her son home to stay with them for a year.

Zai Xi holds Jin Shun's hand to shop together. He frowns when she forces him to wear a wig to call him 'Zai Shun'. (That is sure a funny scene.) He shakes his head at her poor taste in clothes. He murmurs that she has chosen a childish handphone accessory but he still gives in to her. Jin Shun asks why he doesn't follow Mei Ci's surname. He replies that he has taken his uncle's surname.

The two take a bus back to the hospital. Jin Shun asks him about his previous dates. He admits being popular with women but he only lets a person down by hurting her heart. Jin Shun gathers that the woman must be En Zhu. Mei Ci is angry that both of them are dating and dismisses Jin Shun when both are back. Although Zai Xi tries to be nice to her, she still doesn't give in.

Zai Xi gets balloons for Hui Cheng when they meet the first time. He loves the feeling when Hui Cheng hugs him – he finds him adorable. Zhen Xin notices it from far and wonders their connection. Jin Shun is glad that Hui Cheng can accept Zai Xi when he asks over his hand but feels apologetic towards Cheng Huan. Zai Xi congratulates Jin Shun for being able to stay with two handsome guys in future. He is equally thrilled that Zai Xi is concerned over him.

Jin Shun knows that he is fussy about food so she prepares sushi for him. She sulks when he complains about the taste. She is mad with his attitude to disregard her efforts. He changes his attitude and asks when she stops calling him 'mister'. He is still sore over the salesgirl calling him 'uncle' when they date the last time. He wants her to call him 'Zai Xi ge' but she prefers calling his name. He is delighted – so she will call him 'Zai Xi'? No, it will be his surname Ju. He can't stop laughing at it.

She watches a movie with him but ends up sleeping in the cinema. Her saliva stains his sleeve and he can't stop teasing her. But tenderness fills his heart upon knowing that this is the first movie that she watches in 3 years. He offers to tell her in-laws on her behalf but she decides to do it herself. She has treated them as her family and she must do this personally.

He puts the ring on her finger – he finally gets her size correct. Tai Huan is mad with Jin Shun but still keeps from Zhen Xin. He demands her to move out. Mei Ci is sad to learn that Zai Xi might not be able to become an ER doctor again but Zai Xi consoles her as everything is unknown before he removes his cast. Yong and Ying Yu bears with her insults when running into her at the supermarket. Mei Ci sneers at both sisters – En Zhu causes Zai Xi's injury while Jin Shun wins his heart. How despicable they can be!

Zai Xi brings Jin Shun home and Mei Ci sneers at her. How can she turn up with Hui Cheng at Zai Xi's functions to face his well-educated friends who come from good families? Does she know the professional terms? Moreover she is a widow with a child. Both kneel in front of her but fail to get her approval. Zai Xi can't bear seeing Jin Shun getting hurt and takes her out. He later kneels in front of Mei Ci – he has never done this before – can't she give in? Mei Ci is still firm in her decision.

Zai Xi then threatens that he will make Jin Shun pregnant before marrying her. Does Mei Ci want to lose her only son? He doesn't need her consent at all. Seeing how Mei Ci behaves now strengthens his thought of marrying Jin Shun. He doesn't want Jin Shun to become an obstinate and loveless woman like Mei Ci.

Jin Shun shakes her head at his impulsiveness. En Zhen learns of Jin Shun and also can't forgive Ying Yu for accepting Jin Shun's kidney. She pities Jin Shun for having to go through so much. Jin Er can't face the fact that Shun Zi is pregnant. Shang Dao and Dian Shun decide to bring the child up regardless of hardship. Ying Yu passes money to Dian Shun to pay the Lus back and she forgives her.

Zai Xi buys balloons for Hui Cheng and both get along well. Zhen Xin sees them with Jin Shun from far. Mei Ci gets to see the photo of them and confronts Zai Xi. She nearly bursts upon knowing that he has decided to accept Jin Shun's son. Zai Xi now knows why children are referred to as angels. Mei Ci nearly bursts to pieces when Zai Xi even adds that she will like Hui Cheng when she sees him.

Zai Xi visits Jin Shun's family and Dian Shun treats him well. Shun Zi is sore that Jin Shun gets a good catch. Shun Zi passes the money to Zhen Xin and Zhen Xin nearly laughs non-stop upon knowing that Shun Zi is pregnant again at 46. Mei Ci shows the photos to the Lus. All jump and Jin Shun admits that she is about to tell them about the matter if not for Sheng Lan's case. Zhen Xin then realizes why she is home late daily – not to look for a job after being fired but to go dating.

When seeing Jin Shun goes to the toilet, Zai Xi coaxes Hui Cheng to call him father but he keeps mum. Zai Xi is helpless and sighs – it is blissful to call someone as father and Hui Cheng will know it is unfortunate without a father. Jin Shun doesn't want Zai Xi to look for her before she breaks the news to the Lus. Zai Xi reminds her that she has the right to pursue her own happiness although she is guilty towards them.

Zai Xi discovers that the photo is missing and Mei Ci admits what she has done. He urges to call Jin Shun but controls himself. The Lus treat her coldly. Dian Shun regrets returning the money to them without consulting Jin Shun to put her into a fix. Sheng Lan finds the Lus selfish to make Jin Shun stay with them. Zai Xi removes the cast and his recovery is slow but he still remains optimistic.

Jin Shun expresses her wish to marry Zai Xi. En Zhu admits to Mei Ci that she is the one telling Jin Shun about Zai Xi's injury. She gets angry with her. Zai Xi misses Jin Shun so he goes to visit Hui Cheng at the kindergarten. Zhen Xin disallows them to be together and tends to separate Jin Shun from Hui Cheng. She and Shuo Zhang decide that she can remarry but Hui Cheng must stay with them.

Tai Huan tries to speak up for Jin Shun but fails. Zai Xi tries to find out how things go from him and Tai Huan replies that he has no position since he can't even change Mei Ci's mind. Zai Xi apologises to Mei Ci for hurting her but maintains that he can't forget Jin Shun. (Poor man – he kneels in front of her again!) Mei Ci thinks his love is short-lived. Zai Xi asks if her love vanishes after giving birth to him. If she tells him that she regrets giving birth to him, he will break up with Jin Shun. Mei Ci is tongue-tied.

En Zhu knows that it is hard to make Zai Xi love someone. He will only give up when his lover betrays him. She doesn't want Mei Ci and Zai Xi to fall out because of Jin Shun. The Lus know that Zai Xi is eligible and is willing to meet him. Zai Xi is delighted when he gets Jin Shun's call when undergoing physiotherapy. He immediately rushes home to get dressed formally. (He tries out so many shirts –luckily the mirror doesn't crack.) Zai Xi finally gets to see Jin Shun and apologises to her over his rashness. He can't meet the cabbage head so he can only visit the small cabbage head.

Zai Xi and Jin Shun can't accept the Lus wanting to keep Hui Cheng. This is the same as telling Jin Shun not to remarry. He is willing to become a good father and will wait for 5 years before having his own child. Hui Cheng can change to his surname. Hui Cheng sees Zai Xi and hugs him to call him father. Zhen Xin is angry with Hui Cheng's act. They chase Zai Xi away. Tai Huan shakes his head over what happens and Zai Xi also knows that he is in the wrong.

He is fatherless when young so he is willing to be Hui Cheng's father. He is also unhappy that they can be so nasty to Jin Shun. The Lus want to keep Hui Cheng as he is Cheng Huan's only son. This will give Jin Shun no worries to have her own children with Zai Xi. Sheng Lan find them heartless to separate Jin Shun and Hui Cheng. She will not give up her own son, Yu Zhou if not for losing the custody. Shuo Zhang returns Jin Shun the money and wants her to move out. It is best that she stays with them forever.

All are scared by his heartless words. Dian Shun reminds Jin Shun that she is the mother so the Lus have no right to separate her from Hui Cheng. Ying Yu is grateful to Zai Xi for what he has done for Jin Shun. He has done what she and Yong did not dare to do in the past. She helps Jin Shun to find an apartment and the old Lus are sad that she is moving out soon. Both get more upset as Shi Huan and Sheng Lan are moving out too. Shuo Zhang cries when looking at Cheng Huan's photo at night and Jin Shun feels bad.

Tai Huan knows that they still regard Hui Cheng as Cheng Huan's replacement so he also urges her to leave as soon as possible. Sheng Lan reprimands Shi Huan for keeping quiet. Mei Ci allows Jin Shun to marry Zai Xi but she can't bring Hui Cheng over. Jin Shun is in tears and confronts Ying Yu for deserting her in the past. This will not let Zhen Xin or Mei Ci to mention this in front of her to give Hui Cheng up. She sobs in front of Zai Xi openly when meeting him and Zai Xi is silent.

He knows that she has gone through a lot and she can only release her emotions in front of him. Ying Yu feels very remorseful. Zai Xi asks Shi Huan for his help. Shi Huan is touched as he lacks the courage that Zai Xi has. Zai Xi doesn't allow Mei Ci to compress his arm for him although she offers to help after seeing him having trouble pouring warm water into a tub. He doesn't want her to have nightmares if she gets to see the scars on his arm.

Seeing that En Zhu is prepared to leave for London, Yong finally discloses that he has early stage stomach cancer. She decides to stay and tells Ying Yu about it. Zai Xi is mad with Mei Ci for looking down on Jin Shun – does she know what she is going through now? He consoles her by carrying her on his back. Jin Shun is exhausted over what has happened but feels safe now.

Zai Xi encourages her – light comes after darkness and things will do well for them. Tai Huan is going to be in a sanitary pad CF. All are happy for him. Jin Shun gets a job at a salon that Xiao Lan recommends her to go. Dian Shun wants Jin Shun to give Zai Xi up since so many oppose to their marriage. Zai Xi meets Jin Ri You – his natural father in Yong's office.

He is too stunned for words. Dian Shun requests him to leave Jin Shun as Jin Shun is tormented now. She thanks him for loving the imperfect Jin Shun. But Jin Shun doesn't know what to tell him or her in-laws. The poor man suffers two hard blows in a day. Zai Xi sees her sitting alone in the park but she isn't in a mood to meet him. He goes to her home but she is so oblivious not to notice him. Zai Xi gets very upset. Seeing that he upsets her so much, he makes a decision.

Yu Zhou is very distant towards Sheng Lan. Ri You closes his hospital after his wife's death to treat poor patients on a small island. He has learned that he has a son and wishes to see him. Zai Xi wants Jin Shun to compress his injured arm for him as she has promised. He even wants her to feed him – the food includes the spring onions and spices that he dislikes. Jin Shun feels odd over his change in behaviour.

He asks her what she likes about him. She has no answer. Zai Xi likes her to be pretty and small. She thinks that she is a grown-up but she is still a child at heart. (This description suits him better.) So when he carries her on his back, she will weep secretly. She has thought her in-laws are with her forever but now she is like a fool. Her crisis is to lose the best man she can find.

Jin Shun's eyes turn large at the remark when he suggests a break-up. He urges her to bring up Hui Cheng alone. He leaves her because he doesn't want to see her cry again after today. He hugs Jin Shun and she hugs him back. Jin Shun tells her in-laws that she has broken up with Zai Xi to stay with them forever. Tai Huan chides her stupid for giving in to his parents. The young lovers cry throughout the night sadly over the breakup. ( This is very tragic as both really cry their hearts out.)

Mei Ci doesn't know why Zai Xi's eyes are red. Zai Xi has cried the whole night over the breakup. Mei Ci has wanted to tell him about Ri You but Zai Xi already knows it. Ri You's children are all married and having their own families so that he can work on the island alone. He refuses to see him again. Ri You understands and informs Mei Ci that he is returning to the island soon and yearns to see her again. Shi Huan is amused that Yu Zhou is as cold as Sheng Lan so he begins to like him more now.

The old Lus straighten their thoughts – Hui Cheng is forever Cheng Huan's son regardless his surname and where he is. Jin Shun is warm to En Zhen and both sisters get along well. Zai Xi finally sees Ri You before he leaves. Ri You never expects Yong's best student is his son. He gives him a surgical knife and knows that his hand will recover soon. He wants him to visit him so that they will enjoy the warm spring to let Zai Xi scrub his back. Zai Xi finally acknowledges him and both men hug together.

Zai Xi tells Mei Ci that he has seen Ri You and hopes she can find her own happiness. He will be visiting Ri You often. He also thanks her for giving birth to him and to raise him up. Mei Ci is touched and is ready to meet Hui Cheng. But Zai Xi replies that it is too late as he has broken up with Jin Shun. Just then, he gets Shuo Zhang's call. Shun Zi is upset that she gains too much weight and loses her appetite.

Yu Zhou worries Sheng Lan when he goes out without telling her. He replies that she does the same to him when he was young and she becomes speechless. Shuo Zhang learns from Zai Xi that he can be a good father because he is an illegitimate son who doesn't enjoy fatherly love when young. So he wants to reduce his pain to put in all his heart in educating Hui Cheng. Shuo Zhang finally gives his approval.

Shuo Zhang brings Zai Xi home to tell Jin Shun the good news. She thanks them in tears. Zhen Xin praises Shuo Zhang for doing the right act. The young couple never expects an anti-climax in their love. Zai Xi has regretted parting with Jin Shun and describes the Lus as the kindest people he has seen. He tells Jin Shun about Mei Ci's decision too. All are happy except Shun Zi – she is still sore that Jin Shun gets such a good catch. Dian Shun scolds her again for being nasty.

Sheng Lan tells Yu Zhou that she regrets not taking him away. He asks why she hasn't visited him once – she is speechless again. (See how history repeats itself – Ying Yu's story replays again.) Zai Xi tells Mei Ci happily that he is with Jin Shun again. Mei Ci tells him to bring Hui Cheng to see her. When she was pregnant with Zai Xi in the past, her parents were mad with her. But she did not regret giving birth to him. Maybe he gets the same punishment from Hui Cheng to know her feelings then.

Jin Shun finally calls Ying Yu mother the first time, making her elated. En Zhu has mixed feelings upon knowing that the two are getting married. Tai Huan forces Jin Shun to take the front seat. She has to put down her guilt to make Cheng Huan happy. Jin Shun will never forget Cheng Huan as he is Hui Cheng's father and she gets to know the Lus through him.

Tai Huan signs the contract with the acting agency and passes his pay to Zhen Xin. Jin Shun intends to tell Hui Cheng about his parentage when he reaches 20 years old. (history will repeat itself – the same thing also happens to Zai Xi.) Hui Cheng has to know that his own father is a kind, gentle and handsome man. She hopes the Lus will acknowledge her as a daughter. They worry that Zai Xi will not agree.

Yu Zhou wets his bed and wants to wash the bedsheet. Sheng Lan helps him. Suddenly thunder strikes and You Zhou clings closes to Sheng Lan. Sheng Lan is glad that the gap between them is reduced. Zai Xi comes early to visit the Lus, wanting to call them as his in-laws and telling Hui Cheng the truth when he is 20. When knowing that he hasn't discussed this with Jin Shun, Zhen Xin teases him for having affinity with her. Tai Huan also makes fun of him – since he is his younger brother-in-law now, he has call him 'er ge'.

Jin Shun passes the hair cutting test. En Zhu wishes Zai Xi the best. Yong also asks for Jin Shun's forgiveness. He has no right to be her stepfather. She has forgiven him long ago as he loves Ying Yu too much. Zhen Xin avoids Shun Zi upon seeing her so materialistic. Shun Zi then wants Dian Shun to ask Zai Xi to introduce his juniors to Jin Er. Dian Shun is angry with her as Jin Er is dating Tai Huan now.

Yu Zhou addresses the old Lus as his grandparents. Sheng Lan thanks them for accepting Yu Zhou as their grandson. She knows that they are so kind so Hui Cheng will also get the best treatment after getting into the Ju family. Yu Zhou calls Shi Huan as his 'new father' – Shi Huan has treated him like his own son. Zai Xi brings Hui Cheng and Jin Shun home to visit Mei Ci formally.

Mei Ci has 3 conditions – they must stay with him, they can't be too intimate in front of her and she must at least bear 2 children for Zai Xi. She wants her to return to her salon but Jin Shun wants to stay till she gets the professional certification. Jin Shun wants Zai Xi not to die before her and he agrees as the three of them must stay happily together. They come to the hill so Zai Xi yells to Cheng Huan that he will take care of Hui Cheng. Shuo Zhang tells Jin Shun that Yu Zhou takes after Sheng Lan's intelligence.

Jin Shun also wishes to meet him too. Shuo Zhang apologises for saying hurting words to her in the past as he can't bear her to leave. Now she must lead a blissful life after marriage. Zai Xi's condition improves after physiotherapy. Yong is going to have his operation and his other student, Wu Zhi Yun meets En Zhu. It is love at first fight for him.

Zai Xi and Jin Shun are getting married soon. They come up with a sum of money for the Luos in making new clothes. Shang Dao declines as he wants Zai Xi to treat Jin Shun well but the greedy Shun Zi wants the money. Shuo Zhang brings Hui Cheng to the aquarium to look at fishes. He finally acknowledges Jin Shun as his daughter and Zai Xi as his son-in-law. In order not to create confusion for Hui Cheng, he only wants them to bring him home after 1 year to let him adapt to his new environment.

The old Lus give a pair of scissors to Jin Shun as her wedding present. She can use it on her first customer after becoming a designer. Zhen Xin praises her for being such a good daughter-in-law. They are lucky to have her so she regrets not treating her better then to say harsh words to her after Cheng Huan's death. Jin Shun has forgotten about it. She remembers the day she returned from the police station and Shuo Zhang scolding her for not telling like a strict father. She can never forget the first time Zhen Xin hugs her to feel her warm. The help they tender to protect her when Ying Yu wants her kidney also leaves her touched.

She hopes to be their daughter in the next life-time. Today is the wedding day. Dian Shun thanks Mei Ci for accepting Jin Shun. Mei Ci frowns upon seeing Zai Xi smiling non-stop. Jin Shun doesn't expect En Zhu's arrival and hopes to call her 'elder sister'. She agrees and invites her to have a meal at their home one day. Ri You arrives to witness the ceremony and is happy that Zai Xi finds his own happiness.

Shuo Zhang leads Jin Shun into the venue. Jin Shun recalls how she and Zai Xi turn from enemies to a couple. The ceremony takes place smoothly and both go for their honeymoon. Zhen Xin gets restless after they leave. Shuo Zhang brings her for rock climbing to lift her spirits. Sheng Lan knows that they are lonely. She decides to move back home – much to Shi Huan's delight.

In the hotel room, Zai Xi calls Jin Shun 'wife' affectionately. Jin Shun feels uneasy. Zai Xi adds that they don't have siblings so their past is too lonely. So they must have 3 children. After saying this, he turns off the lights…..(up to all to imagine what happens later…) Both return from the honeymoon and Jin Shun feels that Mei Ci's lifestyle is irregular to suffer from insomnia. So she wants her to have the habit of sleeping and waking up early. Jin Shun wakes Zai Xi early to do housework with her.

Mei Ci isn't happy to see her controlling Zai Xi and treating him as a child. Zai Xi doesn't mind and defends Jin Shun to anger her again. Zai Xi finishes his physiotherapy session and waits for Jin Shun to knock off from work to fetch her. Jin Shun feels that she is very fortunate. A year later, Shun Zi gives birth to a son, Jin Cai. Dian Shun shakes her head upon seeing how lazy she is to sleep continously.

Jin Er brings the old Lus to see how Tai Huan shoots a CF. The producer wants to rope Zhen Xin in. Zai Xi recovers completely and becomes a surgeon again. He continues to operate on patients. Jin Shun takes the professional test and Xiao Lan is one of the judges. Jin Shun gets nervous but passes. Yong recovers and recuperates in the countryside. He does voluntary work with Ying Yu in an orphanage.

Ying Yu asks Yong about Zhi Yun. Zhi Yun isn't discouraged although he gets rejected repeatedly. He requests for 10 dates. He will give up if he fails. En Zhu is stunned – she says the same to Zai Xi in the past. Mei Ci wants to rehire Jin Shun but she wants to open her own salon. If she works under Mei Ci, she will be too protected. Zai Xi praises Jin Shun for being strong – no wonder she is his wife. Mei Ci has to give in to them. Zai Xi wants to bring Jin Shun to stay with the Lus for 2 days.

He is afraid that she will get lonely so he gets her a ticket to visit Ri You. Sheng Lan is pregnant now. Shuo Zhang carries Hui Cheng and he needs time to get used to them as he hasn't seen them for a long time. All go to the studio to shoot a family photo. Jin Shun is warm to all her clients and thus many want her to do their hair for her. She becomes famous now.

Introduction on characters

1. Luo Jin Shun (24): Han Hye Jin
Her father died and her mother left her when she was young. Raised by her grandmother, the mature and thoughtful Jin Shun pretends that everything is fine even when she is lonely and sad just because she doesn't want to worry her grandmother. She works after her high school education.

Her dream is to become a hairdresser and then create a total beauty line like Vidal Sassoon. However, she had to postpone her dream when she became pregnant and married college student Cheng Huan. His parents were reluctant to have her as their daughter-in-law. When Cheng Huan passes away in an accident before Jin Shun gives birth, she decides to raise him by herself, just as her grandmother raised her.

You will shake your head upon seeing how slow Jin Shun is. Zai Xi drops so many hints but she just doesn't know that he likes her! When she knows about it, she tries to reject him but to no avail because he is very persistent. She starts to find herself melting and they finally get married.

She looks like Taiwanese actress, Lin Feng Jiao. She shows Jin Shun's determination well – her insistence to stay with her in-laws despite them wanting to chase her away. She overacts initially in the comical scenes but is excellent in emotional scenes later. You will be won over by her earnest smiles and acting.

2. Dian Shun: Yoon Yeo Jung
She is Jin Shun's grandmother. Jin Shun must have inherited her strong character to be able to face setbacks bravely. She even sets up a kimchi stall by the roadside to support her family when it runs into financial difficulties despite her age.

3. Shun Zi (Jin Shun's aunt): Yang Hee Kyung
She is Jin Shun's aunt who pins high hopes on her only daughter to be a teacher. She is furious when she goes against her wishes. Unlike her other family members who are too trusting to others, she often questions others' intention. It later proves that her instinct is right. But this woman is very greedy and is often jealous over others' fortune. That is why Zhen Xin doesn't really like her.

4. Luo Jin Er ( 24): Choi Ja Hye
Jin Shun's cousin is quiet and does what she's supposed to do. She went to college to become a teacher like her mother has always wanted, but she doesn't want to be a teacher at all. She secretly takes acting classes, and meanwhile pretends to be a perfect daughter at home. She likes Tai Huan. Later, both her family and his find out about their relationship, and her mother watches her every move closely. But her strong will like Jin Shun also pays off.

5. Lu Shuo Zhang (63): Park In Hwan
He is a strict father to the 3 sons. He seems unfeeling but is very doting towards them. But knowing that Tai Huan is very rebellious, he is extremely stern with him. He often sides Jin Shun for being a widow and tries to be the mediator between her and Zhen Xin when they quarrel.

6. Sun Zhen Xin (56): Kim Ja Ok
She is Jin Shun's mother-in-law. She looks fierce but is hostile to Jin Shun initially but later their ties improved. It ends up that she has trouble with Sheng Lan instead when knowing her past. But she is able to forgive and forget. She even manages to persuade Shuo Zhang to let Jin Shun go.

7. Lu Shi Huan (37): Kim Yoo Suk
He is the eldest son and is very sensible. However, his love for Sheng Lan is very deep so he can't master enough courage to tell his family about her divorced past.

8. Lu Tai Huan (26): Lee Min Ki
Tai Huan dreams of becoming a famous model one day. He never forgets to workout in the fitness club, and buys himself nice clothes even though he doesn't have money for food. Without meaning to cause trouble in the family, he just always does. He's not sure if it's out of pity or love, but he cares for Jin Shun and stands by her and quietly helps her out. He is nasty to harp on other people's mistakes but fails to see his own shortcomings. He avoids Jin Er after kissing her when drunk. How irresponsible he is!

At first, he can't accept Jin Shun seeing another man. However, he becomes sensible after becoming a model and learns to be open to Jin Shun's remarriage. He even helps Jin Shun to get the others' approval, teasing Zai Xi to call him as elder brother although Zai Xi is older than him.

9. Lu Cheng Huan (Jin Shun's husband-to-be): Kim Nam Kil
He is the youngest son and no one expects him to be the first in the family to become a father. He is normally very timid and quiet. Initially, he isn't brave enough to own up but later admits his mistake. He is very sweet to Jin Shun. But fate separates them.

10. Xia Sheng Lan (32): Kim Suh Young
She is a divorcee so she becomes calculative and a bit selfish when she gets married again. Being career-minded, she can't find time to manage the housework.

11. Zhang Yong (56): Jang Yong
He is Zai Xi's teacher and also Ying Yu's second husband. He owns a hospital and is a doting father to both his daughters. However, his act to save ONLY Ying Yu is selfish. How can he say that Jin Shun can still survive well with one kidney after the operation?! He even urges Shun Zi to make a decision quickly because Shang Dao can't live well in a cold cell. What kind of doctor is this?!

The way he treats her family well is not out of genuine concern but because of an ulterior motive. I definitely agree with Zai Xi – he only faces him reluctantly at work because he doesn't deserve his respect anymore. He surely pisses me off! When Ying Yu suggests telling their daughters the truth, he still wants to keep from them – especially En Zhen who might not accept her past of abandoning her half-sister.

12. Ying Yu (Jin Shun's real mom): Yang Mi Kyung
She is Jin Shun's natural mother but abandons her when she is 6 months old because Dian Shun picks on her. She has Jin Shun out of wedlock. Jin Shun's father dies when he falls to his death at a construction site. He has given up his university studies to marry her so Dian Shun hates her for ruining his future. She leaves home and only remarries Yong after a few years.

Ying Yu regrets her act. Although she longs to see Jin Shun again, she dares not do it because she doesn't want Jin Shun to think that she does this because of her failing kidney. Their ties improve after they acknowledge each other. I look down on her as she only knows how to escape from reality.

13.Zhang En Zhu (28): Lee Se Eun
She is Yong's elder daughter and is initially hostile to Ying Yu. Later, their relationship improves as she treats her well. En Zhu is totally mesmerized by Zai Xi and takes the initiative to woo him. She is attractive but too bad this doesn't work on him.

14. Ju Zai Xi (30): Kang Ji Hwan
Zai Xi is a good-looking and skilled surgeon. He's the nicest man to his patients, but to others he comes across as very arrogant and bad-tempered. Every time he runs into Jin Shun, a problem crops up. The more he gets to know her, the more he likes her. He's slowly falling for her although she's far from the type of woman he's been looking for. By right, his excellent qualities should have no problem to attract any woman but Jin Shun is such a tough nut to crack that he has to go extra miles. Who can believe that such an eligible bachelor gets rejected repeatedly?

Women go for the appearance makeover while he goes through a character transformation process. Or rather a dissolving process. He melts completely – becoming so childish, gentle and giving in to her. He loses his self-respect totally. Whenever he is in a bad mood, his poor juniors suffer. Ji Hwan is enchanting in this role! The way he throws his smiles can be so childish while his pitiful scenes make you feel sorry for him. We will laugh and cry with him all the way. A top-notch performance from him!

15. Wu Mei Ci (54): Yoon Mi Ra
She is Zai Xi's mother and owns the beauty salon. She dotes on Zai Xi and sometimes, she still treats him like a boy. She is nice to her employees and feels sorry for Jin Shun as Zai Xi is also an illegitimate son. She has En Zhu in mind as her daughter-in-law. When knowing that his choice is Jin Shun, she tries to break them up.

16. Lu Hui Cheng
He is Jin Shun's son and is very obedient. All love him. Initially he is under Dian Shun's care because Zhen Xin doesn't want to have another burden. But his grandparents grow to like him after Shuo Zhang's retirement and they babysit him later.

17. Zhang En Zhen
She is Yong's younger daughter and Jin Shun's half-sister. She is filial, wanting to donate her kidney to Ying Yu when she is older. She is conscious to let her school know that her father is old. This perception is so different from En Zhu – En Shu doesn't want others to know that she has a younger mother. The sisters' ties improve when Ying Yu's condition worsens to rely on each other.

18. Yin Xiao Lan
She is a good hairstylist and a teacher. Although she sets high demands on her students, she is also reasonable. She pities Jin Shun's plight and keeps her married status from the rest.

19. An Hui Mei
She is Jin Shun's worst enemy. She uses her senior status to bully Jin Shun. She even tries blackmailing Jin Shun with her married status secret. Blame her for letting En Zhu know about it and causes Jin Shun to lose her job temporary.

20. Luo Shang Dao
He is Jin Shun's uncle but treats her as his own to bring her up with his daughter. However he can be gullible and irresponsible. He can desert his family when debtors are after him. He is relieved to have a clear conscience when caught but this creates problems for his family to reduce the debt for him.

Most favourite character
Zai Xi, Who doesn't like him? He is undoubtedly nasty, arrogant and unreasonable initially but this is to cover the scars that he suffers when young. But see how love creates magic for him! He does what he will never do in the past after knowing Jin Shun – to brew coffee for her, to sing/dance for her and even to wash toilets with her!! How amazing as the most comical quotes come from such a serious person too!

Most hated character
Yong – he wears the doctor's robe but he doesn't have a doctor's heart. He isn't a good father to En Zhu to neglect her problems when she is young to shower all his attention on Ying Yu.

Most well-dressed
Zai Xi – he even has a wider wardrobe than En Zhu. MBC is so biased. He has very daring taste in dressing but we have to admit that even a red shirt looks good on him.

Zai Xi's funny/moving quotes

1) Why are you angry again? Is it because I call you cabbage head? Who ask you to have such a white and smooth complexion?

2) What is your hobby? What - eat and sleep? No, this is only an animal instinct. I like to grow cabbages.

3) En Zhu, I long to see her everyday. Whenever I eat or before performing surgery, I will wonder what she is thinking or doing. I want to do a lot of things for her and I can become jealous over small matters. When she knits her eyebrows, I will tremble with fear. Every time we part, I will only turn my back when she vanishes completely from sight. Even though she is in a crowd, I can pick her out easily because I only have her in my eyes. I am totally mesmerized by her and my heart beats for her.

4) Dr Zhang, I know you want to protect your wife. Jin Shun is the woman I love. So I will also do anything to protect her too.

5) Other people grow lots of cabbages but I only grow a cabbage. This cabbage is rebellious and mysterious. But I hope it will grow well to bring home to make into kimchi.

6) Jin Shun…. Jin Shun. Initially I thought it will be awkward to call your name but it comes naturally now. Why do you always call me 'mister'? You must call me 'dear' or 'husband' after our marriage.

7) Even when I went to Busan to meet the quake (my father), I have never been so nervous before. I have read though all books on famous quotes but have decided to do it my own way. Jin Shun, let's get married.

8) Jin Shun, you need to move out from the Lus home soon. Who makes my beloved Jin Shun so tired? I will only say polished lines to you. My back only belongs to you. Why have I not mentioned about Hui Cheng? Because both of you are together.

After he said so much, Jin Shun's answer is...

I know that I am in the wrong. No matter how the boss slaps me or what others say, I will never leave you again. I will only listen to you and look at you.

I have always regretted why I was born into this world. I was sneered when young for being an orphan. I became a widow within a few days after marrying Cheng Huan. I have thought that my only use in life is just to donate my kidney to my mother. I only understand well after meeting you. I come to this world to wait for you. If there is a next life, I must be born in a good family to receive a good education. I will not look at other men before meeting you or become any one's else's mother. I will only wait for you.

Interesting facts

MBC held an audition to choose the cast. Hye Jin wasn't the first choice. She didn't give up and fought for her chance. MBC gave her the chance but her acting fee was 1/40 of the top drama earners. But she did not mind the low pay as she wanted to be part of a big production and was happy when it was well received. She only got to sleep 3 hours a day and kept awake through drinking coffee.

Hye Jin is as thrifty as Jin Shun. If she was not pressed for time, she would take public transport. She was only afraid of being recognized so she often chose to sit at corners. She developed this good habit as her father was once a bankrupt but she did not give up helping to support the family. Now her parents manage a restaurant and she often helps out. Her wish is to get them a big house for their retirement.

This drama took 9 months to complete. All could not bear to end it although they experienced the 4 seasons to shoot in the rain and snow. Many were overjoyed when the viewership rating was more than 40%. Hye Jin was contented if it reached 20% but did not expect it to go up to 30% or 40%. She felt herself lucky.

After wearing Jin Shun's clothes for too long, her dressing sense became slow as she had no time to buy new clothes. Not to say to read magazines or watch television. She only took a few t-shirts from the designers. Later, she found herself to be a miser so she wished to make herself look prettier. So she got better clothes an hour before the shoot.

This drama was her treasure and it made her famous. But she hoped to jump out from the role when the drama completed its run. Both of them are similar but not the same person. If the same thing happens to her, she will also face the problem bravely to bring up the child on her own. She is also a homely person and doesn't mind becoming a housewife after marriage.

Korea held an online competition on choosing the perfect wife – Hye Jin's Jin Shun 34% won over Suh Ah's San Shun. When asked how she hoped her dream lover would be, she shyly admitted Zai Xi in the drama was her choice. Perfectionist to do well in work but also shows affections to his love wins her heart.

MBC only chose Ji Hwan as the lead 3 days before filming. He was uneasy as he only acted as supporting roles in the past. He did not do much homework and the whole filming period made him nervous throughout. His first impression of both actresses was they are pretty with large eyes. He had the habit of writing notes to actresses to know them better. He joked that he would never think of that if he knew that Hye Jin was already attached then.

Se Eun seems arrogant in the role but she is very bubbly. They are like siblings while Hye Jin is his senior and his learning role. Jin Shun is strong and cheerful but she is shy and different off screen. When asked about his dream girl, he replied that he hoped his future girlfriend would be cheerful, lively, approachable and can communicate well with him. As he is 184cm tall, he also hopes that she can't be too short.

Ji Hwan also went to Taiwan to promote the drama. He never expected 1000 fans to occupy the press interview venue as he thought the most 50 would attend. In the end, the organizers had to allow 100 fans to come in. The tv station even gave him a pair of authentic wine cups and a pink tie as a present. Ji Hwan liked the tie so much that he removed his silvery white tie to try it on the spot, to the joy of everyone.

To make sure that he was at top from during the promotion period, the staff also prepared Chinese tonic soup for him. Many thought the strong herbal smell might cause him to only take a sip of it to stop soon but he didn't even waste a drop! As long as it was beneficial to health, he would finish it willingly. In return, he treated the reporters to coffee in a café and all were delighted by his kind gesture. Japanese fans also mobbed him when he went to Japan to promote this drama.

Hye Jin won the best actress award while Ji Hwan won the top excellence award. He and Lee Min Ki also won the new actor award. The drama also won the best family award in MBC television awards in 2005. Many feel that it doesn't lose out to 'Jewel in the palace' although it is longer.


This couple is so pathetic. Other couples date openly (some even in the office as they are also colleagues.) In his case, Zai Xi has to come to the salon secretly to meet Jin Shun. Unlike other lovers, Jin Shun addresses him as 'mister' while he calls her 'cabbage head' affectionately. You can't help pitying this man – he has to go through so much before she finally says 'yes' to him.

The whole cast provides excellent ending and an attractive storyline. It still amazes me on how the Koreans treat widows and female divorcees. How can they still be so conservative in the 21st century? It also covers on family values on how to get along with in-laws, especially on how mothers treat children. Some may be irresponsible while others fight fiercely to protect them. It also teaches us to be frank about the truth from the start – hiding facts will only make matters worse. Some parents are not as forgiving as in the dramas.

On the whole, it is an interesting interpretation of domestic households. Spotlight is given evenly to every member. Each of them has his/her own story to tell and anyone can relate to them. They can be annoyed with family members but become forgiving later. It also shows that determination is a crucial factor in pursuing true love. I strongly encourage all to watch it.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : **** (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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