Beautiful Days


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Beautiful Days

Reviewed by: Lin October 27, 2007

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Main Cast: Lee Byung-hun as Lee Min-chul Choi Ji-woo as Kim Yeon Soo Ryu Si-won as Lee San-jae Lee Jung-hyun as Kim Sae-na Shim Min-ah as Lee Min-ji Synopsis: When orphan Kim Yeon-soo (Choi Ji-woo) leaves her best friend Kim Sae-na (Lee Jung-hyun) to seek a livelihood in Seoul, little did she expect to be embroiled in a love triangle with two brothers. Yeon-soo's superior, Lee Min-chul (Lee Byung-hun) is the confident and astute manager of Victory Records...

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Beautiful Days

Reviewed by: sukting October 02, 2003

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

How long 24 episodes Foreword This is a story on brothers and sisters. There is rivalry and love between the siblings (or sworn siblings too). You will be touched by the story development although it can be long-winded, predictable, unbelievable for being too self-sacrificing at times. Introduction on characters 1. Li Min Zhe - Lee Byun Hun Min Zhe is a rich man's son but bears hatred for his father. He is so bitter towards him that...

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01-13-2009 11:46 AM


Best drama I have watched soo far and I have watched a lot of the most popular from Goong to Kim sam soon, lavers in Paris, etc.
I loved the acting of the whole cast but what impressed me the most was the intensity in the eyes of Lee Byung Hun!!! Amazing


08-02-2008 11:52 PM


I am happy that i have a copy of this drama... it's one of my prozed possession... ilove zero's voice.....


03-04-2007 08:42 AM


The fact that there is less crying only enables the audience to concentrate on the action and storyline. Good choice there! I really felt for Si Won - I think he did a very good job!

Zhen Yin

12-21-2006 12:00 AM


To me, a beautiful day is defined as a day shared between two individuals who are truly and deeply in love with each other. Regardless of any problem or obstacle they may encounter, each day is a beautiful day, as long as they have each other.

“Beautiful Days” depicted the compelling love story between two beautiful people from very different backgrounds, who were brought together by the hand of fate. A beautiful, touching love story that had endured the passage of time and surpassed every hurdle in the way.

It illustrated that the path of love is not a bed of roses. The path is often strewn with ups and downs, as well as difficulties. But, as long as the couple is bonded strongly in their hearts and minds, nothing will be able to draw them apart and their love will find the desired fulfillment.
Lee Byung Hun’s performance in “Beautiful Days” is remarkable. He has delivered an outstanding portrayal of his character, Lee Min Chul. Throughout the whole show, I could not take my eyes off his suave, imposing image. I was also very impressed with how well those stark white shirts fitted his proportional frame.

In my opinion, Lee Byung Hun is a versatile actor, who is able to become the character he is given to portray. In “Beautiful Days”, he had masterfully captured the essence of Min Chul and portrayed the character with finesse. His character as Min Chul had also left a lasting impression in my heart. I believe he would generate the same impact in me for any role he takes on.

Finally, I just want to say, watching “Beautiful Days” has been a beautiful experience for me.


08-02-2006 12:00 AM


Um, this is one of those movies that's a must see korean. i mean if you haven't watch it then we're have you been in the last couple of yrs. it's one of those movies that everyone knos and talks about, just watch the thing, will you, plz?

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