Reviewed by: sukting

May 28, 2006

Rating: three-point-five

This serial is very different from the usual romance dramas. Do you wish to know how bodyguards work? This is also an earlier work by Song Ii Kok.


Qing Zhuo is without a job for months after his NS. He is annoyed when his friend tells him that it is hard for him to get one since he only has high school qualification. He ends up only helping his parents at their small eatery. His younger sister, Qing Mei is working part time at a fastfood outlet to finance her university studies. She befriends a new neighbour, Na Ying who moves in with her grandmother, Mdm Wang. Mdm Wang works as a domestic helper at Cheng Xiu’s home.

Cheng Xiu opens a security agency and hires a few bodyguards. You Zhen is the only female. She is now accompanying a client to his office. When they are walking up the stairs, someone tries to snatch the briefcase from her. She gives hard kicks to chase them away and the client is pleased to have tons of praises for her. Cheng Xiu is also delighted – she is the best bodyguard in his company.

Cheng Xiu’s younger sister, Xin Ai is a popular artiste so You Zhen gets to protect her. Qing Zhuo is here to visit his friend. A fanatic holds Xin Ai hostage and You Zhen is too late to get her gun. Qing Zhuo subdues the man and mumbles on why a woman becomes a bodyguard. You Zhen is offended to hear that. Cheng Xi is impressed and gives Qing Zhuo his namecard. He can join the agency if he wants but Qing Zhuo is uninterested. He fights to protect his friends, You Cheng and Shi Jun from being hurt by gangsters.

But he ends up landing in jail. His policeman friend, Wan Fu learns that the man wants a big sum of money to settle out of court. Wan Fu doesn’t have enough money to lend him so he recommends Qing Zhuo to work in a nightclub. Cheng Xiu’s friend, Tai Cheng isn’t happy that he isn’t getting a promotion as the president’s bodyguard.

You Zhen blames herself for making the mistake but Cheng Xiu likes that. She is more humane this way. His mother died when Xin Ai was young so Mr Han pampers her rotten. He apologises for her attitude. Cheng Xiu gives her a meal but she feels burdened. He finds nothing wrong eating with colleagues. To her, it is a meal between a boss with the employee and she feels burdened. He finds it strange that she never talks about her family. She doesn’t see the need. She reaches home to fall asleep after seeing the photo taken with her mother.

Cheng Xiu wants You Zhen to show a new bodyguard, Yun Zhi the ropes. Yun Zhi follows her to protect Xin Ai. Xin Ai likes a man to be her bodyguard and treats You Zhen like a dog. She deliberately drops a ear ring in the make-up room and demands her to look for it. She is stunned that You Zhen sees through her tactic and has it in her hand to return to her.

You Zhen finds it hard to put up with her and requests another assignment. She is asked to protect a woman who is brutally beaten by her husband. You Zhen feels sorry as even the large shades can’t cover her face as she sobs non-stop. She accompanies her to get her divorce papers but the man refuses and wants to hit her again. You Zhen can’t suppress her anger and beats up the man.

This man happens to be the owner of the nightclub where Qing Zhuo works. Qing Zhuo tries to stop them and gets hit by You Zhen. He gets angry and recalls the namecard. He storms to the agency, demanding an apology from her. You will be impressed to see how You Zhen spars with her colleagues. She is wrong to attack him. Cheng Xiu comes and sees them together. When he is about to ask what has happened, a man who is unhappy with him wants to attack him with his men.

You Zhen tries to protect him (What a shame to get a woman for protection!) but she can’t deal with too many of them. Qing Zhuo comes to help but she leaves to rush for her next assignment. Qing Zhuo is fuming mad after he has settled with the people. Cheng Xiu only thanks him for helping him twice. Qing Zhuo quits his job at the nightclub and works in his home eatery.

Qing Zhuo gets to know Na Ying and offers her potato soup to offer to Mdm Wang. Mdm Wang gets so tired of cleaning up Cheng Xiu’s home that she falls asleep. Xin Ai pretends to feel tired so that Yun Zhi can fastern her seatbelt for her. Laugh when the poor guy gets so uneasy when her face nearly touches his. Xin Ai is angry that Mdm Wang doesn’t collect her clothes from the laundry but Cheng Xiu doesn’t mind it. He even chides Xin Ai for forgetting the numbers to key in to open their house door.

Tai Cheng tenders his resignation and works in Cheng Xiu’s company. Cheng Xiu welcomes him with open arms. Yun Zhi finds him strict when he refuses to have cocktail as a celebration since all are having an assignment the next day. But Cheng Xiu and You Zhen praise him for being a professional. You Zhen accompanies the woman to hand in her divorce papers. She thinks it is best for them to break up as their children will suffer if their mother is unhappy. The woman thinks that You Zhen comes from a happy family but You Zhen gives a bitter smile.

You Zhen finds herself too harsh on Qing Zhuo and comes to his home. Mdm Wang faints at home and Qing Zhuo is frantically in vain trying to get a cab. You Zhen sends them to hospital and the two reconcile. Na Ying is troubled as she has no money so Qing Zhuo lends her. However, he worries about her working as a prostitute to pay him back and tells her that there is no hurry to do that.

Wan Fu is delighted as the convicts choose him as the most approachable cop and he is going to get an award. But the other guys suspect a motive behind this. After having talk with You Zhen, Qing Zhuo decides to take up the job as a bodyguard. Tai Cheng and Qing Zhuo are trapped in a lift. Be tongued to see Tai Cheng in cold sweat and shivering. He recalls his past of being trapped.

Qing Zhuo is amused upon knowing that he is going to be his senior at the agency. Tai Cheng feels awkward meeting him too. But Qing Zhuo’s eyebrow is raised when Tai Cheng wants his to spar with You Zhen. We know he is a male chauvinist but Tai Cheng reminds him of the consequence of facing a female. Qing Zhuo is shocked when he loses straight away. You Zhen reminds him in a joking tone to call her senior but he wants to be natural to call her by name. She reminds him to bathe in cold water.

Na Ying decides to work part time in a boutique till 2 am. The owner admires her talents in clothes matching. Mdm Wang visits Qing Zhuo’s parents and they are proud of his deed. Seeing Na Ying waiting for him to return the money, Qing Zhuo wants her to call him elder brother since she is Qing Mei’s friend. He has thought of her to be a delinquent but finds her hardworking to support Mdm Wang.

Xin Ai and Yun Zhi look at photos intimately. Yun Zhi is not here even for a month. Tai Cheng sees this and reminds him not to get too attached with clients. Yun Zhi tries in vain to explain that their ages are close as Tai Cheng decides to give him another assignment. Mdm Wang tells Mr Jin about Na Ying’s existence but he denies it. He is now a senator and he will never acknowledge her. Mdm Wang gets worked up and threatens him with evidence.

Tai Cheng suggests to Cheng Xiu to change Xin Ai’s bodyguard to Qing Zhuo. Cheng Xiu wonders if this is restricting Qing Zhuo’s breakthrough as he finds him a talent. Tai Cheng considers Qing Zhuo needing timing on curbing his temper so Cheng Xiu gives his approval. Cheng Xiu brings You Zhen to examine the latest security system and hopes to be among the top one day.

Wan Fu wonders why Mr Jin is involved with Mr Han who is involved in a woman’s murder so he tails Long Zhe. Xin Ai recognizes Qing Zhuo as her life saviour and exclaims that he is good looking in the suit. He blushes but he doesn’t want to tell her about his age. He replies that he hasn’t requested to be her bodyguard. She is angry as no one speaks to her in this tone before.

He finds her younger so he wants her to keep quiet as he drives her to a catwalk session. Be prepared to get another surprise – Hyun Bin makes his guest appearance as a model parading in beachwear, baring his chest!!! But alas he is so bony in here with little flesh – definitely with the absence of biceps…..(Hyun Bin has said that this role prepared him for 'Ireland' later.)

After the session, Xin Ai asks Qing Zhuo if her performance is good. His reply – he doesn’t know all these!! She gets frustrated – she is a superstar and don’t he ever forget that she is his client. His answer – so – is this how she treats her previous bodyguards? She must change her attitude. (I must salute to this man – You Zhen bears with it while Yun Zhi suck up to her but he proves that he isn’t a pushover.)

She demands him to open the car door for her but he refuses. He replies – it is up to her then. He gets into the driver’s seat and sure enough, she gets into the car as the crowd runs after her. Qing Zhuo knows that she is seeking revenge as she doesn’t wish to go to the company now to go shopping. He even has to put the dresses back which she rejects. He has a headache when walking out of the boutique, carrying her things. Xin ai knocks into Na Ying and scolds her.

Qing Zhuo has wanted to talk to Na Ying at night but changes his mind upon seeing Na Ying’s troubled expression. Laugh when he dumps Xin Ai into a cab to stay to talk to Na Ying! He doesn’t want Na Ying to be Xin Ai’s fan as she is incorrigible. He is overjoyed to know that Qing Mei only says good things about him for being caring and taking good care of her. He tells her to be careful since she is working late.

Still, he worries and later comes to fetch her after work. But he is so exhausted to sleep on the bus. Mr Jin sends someone to steal a package from Na Ying’s home. Upon hearing her screams, Qing Zhuo immediately runs after the man, Long Zhe. He manages to get the package back but Mdm Wang still refuses to visit a doctor after this, despite the shock.

Qing Zhuo is pleasantly surprised when Na Ying passes him a paper bag. It is a gift for him to show her appreciation for helping out. It is a white shirt and he likes it so much that he wears it to work the next day. Na Ying tells the Hans that Mdm Wang is resigning from her job. Mr Han isn’t happy with Qing Zhuo after Xin Ai complains to him. He reprimands Qing Zhuo for wanting first class service but hires a man with poor attitude. Cheng Xiu wants Xin Ai to be polite but Mr Han wants him to fix Qing Zhuo instead.

Cheng Xiu sighs – why is Qing Zhuo so difficult. Qing Zhuo doesn’t see why he must be nice to a nasty person. Sure enough, Xin Ai uses her handbag to hit him now. Tai Cheng advises Qing Zhuo not to be impulsive. How can he do everything as he wishes? He should protect Xin Qi at all costs and not to leave her on her own when on duty. Is he going to quit? It is not working to work if he doesn’t control himself.

Mr Han is angry that Long Zhe can’t fix an old lady. He threatens to dismiss him. You Zhen sees that Qing Zhuo is unhappy to get stuck with Xin Ai and advises him to ignore her. She is going for an important mission she he envies her. The exchange between Xin ai and Qing Zhuo are hilarious. Xin Ai wants him to open her car door or he can resign. She smiles haughtily as he does it but bangs the door on her.

She later goes for a swim and tells him not to hide his eyes under the shades. She dislikes him to eye her asserts. Qing Zhuo removes his shades and tells her not to overestimate herself as she is nothing to him! She gets mad and swims. Suddenly, she has a muscle cramp so he comes to her rescue. When wanting to give her CPR, she gives him a slap. He is no different from other men she knows.

This really tests Qing Zhuo’s patience to the fullest. He runs after her – she gets frightened. Of course – as he lifts her on his shoulder to throw her into the pool! He doesn’t care what she does but she must not joke with her life. Hyun Bin observes this by the pool side. Wan Fu’s sister accepts bribes from Mr Han so Wan Fu resigns from his cop job. You Cheng and Shi Jun’s online goods are damaged in a flood so they incur losses. Qing Zhuo suggests them to be bodyguards and they get interested.

The guys decide to set up a new security company, Obsession. Qing Mei also works part time for them. Na Ying’s colleague encourages her to sell the clothes at a higher price without their boss knowledge in order to earn money. She happens to see her parents’ photos to know that Mr Jin is her father. She wants to make things stay as it is but she is upset. But when she wants to talk to Qing Zhuo, he isn’t at home.

Qing Zhuo bows to Xin Ai slightly before opening the car for her. She also nods her head timidly as he bangs her car door again. She is now scared of him and he tells her to be her former self as she is giving him pressure! (It should be the reverse instead.) You Zhen and her team prepare revolvers and protect Mr Jin when he is on duty. Mr Hong dreams if Qing Zhuo to be like her one day as they watch the news but Mrs Hong prefers him to protect someone ordinary so as not to risk his life.

Qing Zhuo stands aside as Xin Ai is attending an autograph session with Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin never stops looking at her although his eyes are hidden under the shades although he is also sitting beside her and signing autographs. Cheng Xiu invites You Zhen to have dinner with him but she will not accompany him unless it is work. He passes her a jewel box – it contains a necklace and earrings.

He wishes her to dress like a woman. She sits uncomfortably (but really, she is stunning looking in the sexy black gown!) to have a meal with him. Mdm Wang suddenly suffers from a heart attack so Qing Zhuo asks You Zhen to come over to replace him. You Zhen remarks that Cheng Xiu doesn’t need her protection as his bodyguard so she leaves hastily. Qing Zhuo eyes at You Zhen under his shades with his watchful eyes because he has not seen her in formal dressing before.

Xin Ai isn’t happy to see her and You Zhen gets very uneasy to remove her earrings to stand at the corner. Xin ai’s face only lights up when Hyun Bin whispers something into her ear. But he keeps his cool and rushes to the hospital to learn that Mdm Wang is dead. He pats Na Ying’s shoulder and allows her to clung to his chest to cry out to release her grief.

Long Zhe thinks Qing Mei is Mr Jin’s daughter when seeing her at the wake. Mr Han is pleased and pays him handsomely. Na Ying can’t face the fact that Mdm Wang is dead so she refuses to wear the mourning clothes. Qing Zhuo has a hard time persuading her. You Cheng and Shi Jun come to offer their condolences to stay over the night. Xin Ai asks – is Qing Zhuo that frightened of her to leave so early? She has a date with Hyun Bin and how is You Zhen going to follow her in that dress?

She asks Hyun Bin where they are going. She is startled when Hyun Bin describes her liking the beach and drinking red wine from a Seoul bar. He then forces her into the car and she gets terrified. You Zhen gets into the cab and follows from the back. Qing Zhuo sees that Na Ying is sleepy and lends her his shoulder to lean on. She gets shy and also disappointed when he hurries away upon getting You Zhen’s call.

He gets on You Cheng’s motorcycle and gets the directions from You Zhen. You Zhen has a tracking device on Xin Ai’s handphone and informs him where she is.Xin Zi pleads with Hyun Bin to let her go when he has a special arrangement for her. She cries and promises not to do this again. Both get to the venue – with Qing Zhuo ending up having an injured leg because Hyun Bin tries to make him slip through an accident. (Be tongue-tied when this man forces the motorcycle down the overhead bridge!)

Qing Zhuo and You Zhen arrive with their guns. Hyun Bin has pasted lots of photos taken with Xin Ai in his home. He opens a box that contains a shiny gown and forces Xin Ai to wear it. The two are in formal wear and Hyun Bin wants to kiss her. (Hyun Bin really makes this psychopath role comes alive!) He then turns around to see them and uses a pair of scissors, attempting to cut her throat.

Qing Zhuo gives him a flying kick and gives the women a chance to get out. (Hyun Bin’s fans might not like to see him being kicked in the stomach to suffer though.) You Zhen and Hyun Bin struggle and both fall from the second to the first storey.

Tai Cheng arrives and knocks him out. Qing Zhuo walks close to Xin Ai but she gets hysterical to tell him to back off. Cheng Xiu comes and she cries in his arms to faint in the end. You Zhen sends Qing Zhuo to the funeral parlour and wonders why he rushes here without wanting to get his leg treated first. She follows him and realizes what happens but leaves. Na Ying is shocked to see him hurt and tends to him. You Zhen returns the necklace to Cheng Xiu.

Mr Han slaps Cheng Xiu – how can he among the top since he fails to protect his only sister? Cheng Xiu sees her having nightmares and gets upset when looking at her photo. Tai Cheng apologises for the mistake and Cheng Xiu is still angry. What can be so urgent for Qing Zhuo to leave like this? Luckily they save her or it is hard to explain. Still, it is a disgrace to the company. Tai Cheng stops You Zhen and Qing Zhuo from their duties. Qing Zhuo wants to speak up for You Zhen but she accepts the punishment.

Tai Cheng makes the decisions and Qing Zhuo will not be allowed to return home to undergo his training. Tai Cheng knocks him out hard when they are practicing taekwondo. Na Ying scatters the ashes at sea. Qing Zhuo sends an encouraging call to her and promises to work hard together. Wan Fu comes to look for Qing Zhuo and recognizes Tai Cheng. This man is still cold to everyone and he wonders why he is so serious as if they are in the White House!

Qing Zhuo learns that the two are army mates but they are not close because Tai Cheng is a tough cookie. Qing Zhuo relates the lift incident but Wan Fu doesn’t believe him. He encourages Qing Zhuo to be the best. He then sees Mr Han and frowns upon knowing that he is Qign Zhuo’s boss’s father. Cheng Xiu tells You Zhen that Xin Ai is fine but asks if she h as special feelings towards Qing Zhuo.

You Zhen refuses to answer but evades Qing Zhuo’s eyes when he enters. Cheng Xiu wants him to be serious so that he will not make a mistake the second time. You Zhen doubts Qing Zhuo’s ability and wants him to learn from the basics. You will laugh when his English is so weak that she shakes her head. She teaches him how to open the car door politely.

This lesson is another highlight – she wants him to be polite and bow with dignity. He flares up and gets impatient to slam the door to walk away when he tells her to keep trying. (I also shake my head – not at him but her – she has told him that he has no choice on his clients but she has the chance to say no to protect Xin Ai, isn’t it?!) Qing Zhuo tries hard to cheer Na Ying up.

She screams when her home is being ransacked – Mr Han has sent Long Zhe to look for the evidence again. Qing Zhuo runs to her and hugs her close to him upon seeing her badly shaken to collapse on the floor. He worries for her safety and brings her home. His parents approve (his father willingly but his mother reluctantly) upon seeing him so interested in her.

Cheng Xiu decides to promote You Zhen to be a leader. Although Tai Cheng looks unwilling, he doesn’t voice it. Cheng Xiu wants You Zhen and Qing Zhuo to protect Mr Jin. Xin Ai pretends to be still badly affected by the incident but eats in secret when staying in bed. Mr Han asks Cheng Xiu if he is interested in You Zhen. He smiles but later frowns when Mr Han says that he has no taste to like a transvestite! How can he not do well in anything? Cheng Xiu flares up – how can he please him? Mr Han wants him to dig up the presidential candidate – Mr Zheng’s past.

You Zhen wants to send Qing Zhuo home but he wants to go to Na Ying’s shop instead. Seeing her having difficulty to hand up clothes, he helps her. He jokes that she can’t grow tall anymore while he is of the acceptable international height of 188cm. He wants her not to call him ‘mister’ but ‘elder brother’. Seeing You Zhen, Na Ying gives her a blouse to thank her for helping Mdm Wang. You Zhen smiles when she calls her as ‘elder sister’.

Qing Zhuo gets Na Ying supper – the ice cream. Seeing that it is raining, she shelters him with her umbrella and he is pleased that she is learning fashion designing to upgrade herself. Upon knowing that his birthday is on 2 August, she adds something to his handphone. Mr Jin longs to see his daughter but doesn’t think that Qing Mei resemble either parent so he wants to have a DNA test.

Wan Fu’s security company has few deals so he asks Qing Zhuo for help. He frowns knowing that Qing Zhuo is protecting Mr Han – the director of Seoul Group. He suspects that his funds come from Mr Jin. You will laugh – Long Zhe ambushes Qing Mei just to pull her hair. She is so upset that one patch is gone and complains to her parents. Qing Zhuo jokes that he has always disliked her golden dyed hair along so he runs after her with Mr Hong’s shaver!

This is so hilarious when he assures that she will feel cooling very soon. His parents are amused as he doesn’t behave like a 30 year old. Cheng Xiu gives Tai Cheng the task of checking on Mr Zheng. If he does well, he will try to make him the president’s bodyguard again. Wan Fu and Na Ying think read on Mr Jin’s interview of having a happy family. Both view differently – he has a daughter with his married wife.

Mr Han and Long Zhe are puzzled when the DNA results turn negative as they are very sure that Mr Jin has an illegitimate daughter. Cheng Xiu is puzzled to see Long Zhe - why treat him like this to trust others but not him? Qing Zhuo finds Long Zhe familiar looking as the intruder at Na Ying’s home although he only gets to see his eyes and is about to stop him when he gets a call. Qing Zhuo is annoyed when he is asked to come to Mr Han’s home early. You Zhen tells him that this is the rule. Mrs Hong calls Qing Zhuo and he replies that his birthday is no big deal.

You Zhen overhears it but says nothing. Xin Ai makes things tough for Qing Zhuo - wanting him to carry her handbag, getting her water and also napkins like a servant. He bears with it. Finally she gets him to pick up the chopsticks that she drops and gives him a kick. (This woman is really too much.) Qing Zhuo flares up but to Xin Ai’s dismay, Mr Han praises him for being a real man.

You Zhen apologises as Cheng Xiu doubts Qing Zhuo can be a good bodyguard. She only seems to see the good side of Qing Zhuo. Why does he send her to be Mr Han’s bodyguard? So that both can see more of see other (it is obvious it is for his own interests.) Qing Zhuo is so tired that he dozes off in the office but You Zhen smiles. He grumbles for having to standby 24 hours a day.

Na Ying buys a pendant for Qing Zhuo. You Zhen is angry that Mr Piao comes to her workplace, demanding for his monthly allowance. She hates him for bringing his mistresses home so she will not endure like her mother. Qing Zhuo overhears it but is silent. Is she going to bribe him with the seaweed soup? She has gotten it for him as it is believed that anyone will get a long life after drinking it. He jokes that she should get something better. And she should sit closer to him since they are colleagues to have a better relationship, not a distance away.

He takes a big gulp and nearly scalds his tongue, but he ends up wetting his suit. She cleans for him and mumbles that he should get it dry at the laundry. He is uneasy when she does that. But she is dismayed to know that he has only this suit! She laughs – and of course Cheng Xiu isn’t happy to see this over the security camera – especially when she moves to sit beside Qing Zhuo! (He really looks ugly here!)

Qing Zhuo doesn’t know how to open his photo mail in his handphone and You Zhen opens for him. Na ying is aoubt ot bring him lunch when she sees both of them looking intimate. You Zhen isn’t happy to see Na Ying’s photo too. Qing Zhuo calls back but Na Ying is so angry that she refuses to listen to it. Mr Hong is at Qing Zhuo’s workplace to protest against the building company which wants to pull down their homes for reconstruction. Qing Zhuo lets them in but both parties end up fighting.

Tai Cheng reprimands Qing Zhuo for being incapable and he should only do what is required. Qing Zhuo will not hesitate doing this again but he tolerates from showing his temper. Cheng Xiu wants to dismiss Qing Zhuo (we know that this is just an excuse.). You Zhen thinks he is too much while Tai Cheng feels that he can still be groomed. Cheng Xiu is frustrated – why is You Zhen only seeing the bad side of him?

Qing Mei wants to celebrate Qing Zhuo’s birthday. So does his buddies – for their younger brother, friend and future brother-in-law. Cheng Xiu asks Mr Han if he likes his son to be like Qing Zhuo – the best among the men? All bodyguards knock off early. You Zhen apologises for not siding him earlier – as a friend and not his superior. Long Zhe sees Na Ying with Qing Mei and gets confused.

Wan Fu is surprised that Qing Zhuo can curb his temper and thinks that he can really be the best in men. He replies that he only bears with it because of his father. Mr Hong has knelt to plead with the company to let him keep his job. He goes to the rooftop and is pleasantly surprised to find the pendant. He wears the necklace to appease her the next day.

Na Ying’s teacher wants her to join a newcomer designing contest. If she wins, she will get a monetary award and is able to showcase her works. If the response is good, she can sell the goods to see how the customers respond. Qing Mei comes across Mr Jin’s photos and Na Ying iss displeased. The women quarrel. Wan Fu is shocked to know that Na Ying is Mr Jin’s daughter and Qing Zhuo is going to be his bodyguard. Long Zhe learns the truth of Na Ying’s parentage from Mrs Hong.

Mr Jin tells Qing Zhuo that his chance will come if he works hard. Now You Zhen and Yun Zhi are sent to protect Xin Ai again. Xin Ai is sarcastic that You Zhen isn’t sacked. Wan Fu gets to protect a woman who just strikes lottery. She gives them money for protecting her well. You will be amused that You Cheng asks her for the address of the lottery shop so that he can also try his luck!

You Zhen only addresses Cheng Xiu as GM – why doesn’t she call him by name? She is unwilling. When will she smile in front of him? They have known each other for a long time but yet she only lets Qing Zhuo see her smiles. She doesn’t answer that. He then changes his tone – how can she romance at work? Is he wronging her? She slaps him when he attempts to kiss her.

Qing Zhuo pushes Cheng Xiu aside. He is here too at the pub with Wan Fu to check on a murder case. Wan Fu suspects that Mr Jin and Mr Han are behind it. Cheng Xiu says that he is a scatterbrain and only knows how to use his fists. Qing Zhuo gets so mad that he hits him on the lips. Tai Cheng doesn’t wish this to affect Qing Zhuo and wants to change him. Cheng Xiu vows to make him suffer.

Mr Han wants Cheng Xiu to fix Wan Fu. Cheng Xiu gets Wan Fu to guard the building with his men. Tai Cheng will not check on Mr Zheng further. Cheng Xiu knows Na Ying’s identity. So he asks her out to design clothes for Xin Ai. She looks down on her but still gives her a chance to meet her at 10am the next day. Na Ying is annoyed to know that Qing Zhuo is Mr Jin’s bodyguard. In the meantime, Wan Fu’s men are attacked by the commoners when they try to prevent them from entering the building.

Xin Ai deceives Na Ying to bring her elegant clothes instead of partying clothes. You Zhen doesn’t go to work for 2 days. Cheng Xiu is angry that You Zhen doesn’t pick up his call so he drives to her home. He apologises to her but she should work as a professional. She wants to quit so he promises not to pester her and she wants to know what will happen to Qing Zhuo.

He replies coldly that he still works normally and tells her to drink the abalone porridge that he has gotten for her. When walking out, he curses Qing Zhuo – what is so great about him? You Zhen’s reaction is unbelievable – she dumps the porridge into the dustbin and starts applying lipstick to meet Qing Zhuo! Qing Zhuo asks if she is fine and he is stunned when she asks for a treat. How can she since she earns more? Anyway, he brings her to his home eatery since she wants home cooked food.

His parents stare at her and learn that she is single at 27. They have chased their customers away upon knowing that she is coming. You Zhen is amused and envies them to be a happy family. Na Ying isn’t happy to see You Zhen’s car and them eating together. Qing Mei returns with a bruised eye and Qing Zhuo thinks that the two have fought with each other.

Na Ying is unhappy that Qing Zhuo is Mr Jin’s bodyguard. She doesn’t expect him to understand her feelings as an outsider. She is still not prepared to meet Mr Jin as yet. What approach that Qing Zhuo takes – he hugs her close and apologises to her – like a brother hugging his sister. Wan Fu suspects Cheng Xiu’s motive of hiring them. The attackers are not ordinary citizens but gangsters. The photos taken to lodge police complaints also seem to be taken by professionals.

So father and son are the same. (I begin to feel it too.) Wan Fu then questions a bout Mr Han’s age. Cheng Xiu must tell him to accumulate credits to live longer. You Zhen is surprised to see Xin Ai with Na Ying so they smile at each other. Xin Ai is unhappy that they know each other. The director wants Na Ying to be with Xin Ai in the commercial shoot. He finds her having potential and wants her to call him in future. But Xin Ai sneers at her and tears the namecard – when is she fit to be a fashion model?

Xin Ai wants Na Ying to buy drinks for her. You Zhen suggests buying all kinds as Xin Ai is unpredictable and childish. Qing Zhuo is stick upon knowing that Na Ying is working as Xin Ai’s fashion image consultant. He drags her aside – she must listen to him to resign as she can’t handle the woman. Qing Zhuo then asks You Zhen to take care of their home’s ‘little one’ (this is how he addresses Na Ying) – she is so young and pitiful. You Zhen replies – how can she still be young at 20?

He should not worry as she is alert and can still smile even though she is tired. Her charm is there. What if she refuses to take care of Na Ying? He asks why she is so cool. She dislikes to suppress her feelings now. Cheng Xiu wants to bribe Mr Zheng in letting them to buy over the villagers’ land. Mr Zheng refuses and wants them to help the residents’ instead.

You Zhen is asked to be Cheng Xiu’s companion again to a musical. Tai Cheng reminds her to follow the rules even though she dislikes it. The two meet Mr Jin, his daughter and Qing Zhuo. Mr Jin comments that the two are compatible and Qing ZHuo gives an icy smile when Cheng Xiu looks proudly at him. (The war is beginning to start.) But throughout the session, Qing Zhuo and You Zhen only have eyes for each other.

Qing Zhuo sends Mr Jin to Mr Han’s home. Seeing Na Ying there, he grabs Xin Ai’s things to give the servant to bring into the house so that she can avoid meeting him. She hooks his arm and walks on the street with him – they are dating now. He is unused to this and tells You Zhen’s comments about her. She suddenly unhooks his arm and this scares him. Teasing her, she hooks back and You Zhen isn’t happy to see this when Cheng Xiu drives her here too.

Cheng Xiu wants Qing Zhuo to deliver a flower basket and a teddy bear for Mr Zheng’s daughter’s birthday. He lies that he is busy and this is part of Qing Zhuo’s job. (He is trying to fix him.) You Zhen overhears that Cheng Xiu has secretly placed money in the bear and telling the reporters to meet at the café to capture shots as evidence for bribery to ruin his chance for presidency. You Zhen quickly informs qing Zhuo. Qing Zhuo turns up with the things and the reporters crowd around them.

But they cut up the teddy bear to find nothing. Mr Zheng thanks Qing Zhuo while Qing Zhuo storms back to the office with the things. Cheng Xiu has a snobbish smile on his face but freezes when facing the angry Qing Zhuo. He throws the bear on the floor – it has the money. So does the flower basket. Qing Zhuo starts throwing all the money from the second floor to the first floor. (Macho! He does fit the man title!)

Qing Zhuo resigns and wants Na Ying to choose the things to buy for his parents. But he has forgotten to buy for Qing Mei because he is really in a foul mood. They know of his resignation the next day and worries for his future. Qing Zhuo decides to work at Obsession at the moment. Mr Jin learns that Na Ying is in Mr Han’s hands but he doesn’t get intimidated.

Mr Han scolds Cheng Xiu for mishandling matters – when can he ever please him? He makes Cheng Xiu apologise to Mr Zheng. Mr Zheng accepts their apology as Cheng Xiu even kneels to him but still wants them to go through the selection phrase to be his bodyguards. Mr Zheng looks for Qing Zhuo and asks him to consider being his bodyguard. He gathers that Qing Zhuo resigns because of that. This ignorant fellow has no intention – he doesn’t even know of the coming election and thinks that he is still a senator now.

You Cheng and Shi Jun think of making big one day. You Cheng is contented to be able to protect a senator but do laugh at Shi Jun’s ambition. Who is the top of the five that he wishes to protect? He is Osama! Since he is the most wanted criminal in the world, it will be challenging to protect him. What a wild dream he has! Tai Cheng and You Zhen are disappointed to know that Qing Zhuo has resigned.

You Zhen misses him when she gets cold drinks from the vending machine. She recalls how she tests his instincts by throwing him a drink by surprise. Na Ying gets the blame when Xin Ai leaves coffee stains on a dress that she borrows from a boutique. Xin Ai sneers that she can’t afford even after paying her month’s pay. You Zhen assures her that paying through laundry expenses should be enough.

She envies You Zhen for being cool and will love her if she is a man. She is surprised that Qing Zhuo hasn’t contacted her as she thinks both make a good pair. You Zhen replies that Na Ying and Qing Zhuo look like siblings. She agrees as Qing Zhuo is like a tree for support. Qing Zhuo is asked to protect a boy who is considered having very high IQ. Seeing him being bullied, Qing Zhuo stands up for him. Knowing that he likes basketball, he cheers him up by bringing him to play with other boys. The boy straightens his thoughts and decides to tell his mother that he needs no more tuition.

You Zhen learns Qing Zhuo is helpful because he has tried to save his friend from a running train in vain. She consoles him and both joke happily. Na Ying leaves upon seeing this. Cheng Xiu is shocked to know that Mr Han murders someone because of his own benefit. Wan Fu tells Qing Zhuo to manage his company as he is checking on Mr Han. He is attacked by Long Zhe and Qing Zhuo manages to rescue him. Qing Zhuo recognizes Long Zhe this time.

Obsession gets a chance to compete with Top for Mr Zheng’s deal. Both parties meet at the lift area and the two men stare at each other. Many are amused that Obsession has only received 3 cases so far and has only 3 bodyguards (Qing Mei is now their secretary and will only work outdoors if one of them is on holiday.) Qing Zhuo and Wan Fu give their confidence to Shi Jun and You Cheng to strive to the end.

Suddenly a fire breaks out at the 13th floor and they are on the 14th floor. You Zhen is worried about Qing Zhuo but still follows the rest. The gang carries the injured to the rooftop while Qing Zhuo rescues Mr Zheng. Wan Fu is overjoyed that they get selected. Cheng Xiu is unhappy and Tai Cheng doesn’t understand why Mr Zheng gives his life to semi-professionals. You Zhen believes that he has his reasons and has his standards. Still, Tai Cheng comments Qing Zhuo for being capable.

Mr Han is angry that Wan Fu is let off. Cheng Xiu analyses that Mr Zheng might be hesitant since they also protect Mr Jin. Mr Han teaches him to be despicable but he will not want to kill like him. He knows what has happened and is worried for him. Qing Zhuo’s parents are happy to know what has happened. Qing Zhuo is so greedy to want both miso and beancurd soup. Cheng Xiu drinks because of Qing Zhuo. He envies Qing Zhuo for being upright and honest but he is hard to do that.

Qing Zhuo is puzzled why Na Ying speaks little to him at home and only returns at 11pm although she knocks off at 8pm as told by You Zhen. Mr Zheng likes to get close to the people and Wan Fu’s gang decides to protect him without using forceful tactics. Cheng Xiu buys a dress for Na Ying. Xiu Ai screams – how does she deserve it? Cheng Xiu replies that her assistant can’t dress too shabbily. She is only appeased when Cheng Xiu promises to get her more expensive ones.

Xiu Ai is angry when her blouse is too tight to cause a hole. Na Ying immediately adds a thread to it but Xiu Ai sulks, threatening to fire her. But she is happy when someone comments that her design is unique. Qing Zhuo has told You Zhen to take care of her but You Zhen jokes that she has nothing to do now. Na Ying is offended that all eye her as a kid.

Wan Fu sees Long Zhe sending Mr Han home and takes his photos. Qing Zhuo hates people who wear ties but Mr Zheng changes his mind. He hopes Mr Zheng can win and Mr Jin will lose to him. Wan Fu notices that Long Zhe is a left-handler and jumps upon knowing Na Ying’s job. Do the Hans know her identity to put her in danger?

Qing Zhuo comes to the Hans’ residence to fetch Na Ying home. He doesn’t know why she avoids him. Why has she changed so much after working here? She replies that he can’t control her. Qing Zhuo tells Cheng Xiu hostilely that he is doing well. He nearly bursts when Cheng Xiu wants Na Ying to stay overnight because of Xin Ai’s early schedule the next day. You Zhen has not heard of it so Qing Zhuo drags her away to give her a treat to tell her of Na Ying’s identity so that she can watch her for him. Sure enough, she promises to help while Na Ying and Cheng Xiu are not happy to see them so intimate.

Cheng Xiu wants to meet Qing Zhuo and asks You Zhen to arrange the meeting. He doesn’t wish their relationship to be strained since they are in the same line. You Zhen asks if he has found her replacement but he doesn’t answer her. You Zhen thinks of Qing Zhuo so she comes to him. Qing Zhuo refuses to see Cheng Xiu but still comes. He is shocked to see Na Ying and flares up upon knowing that Cheng Xiu has asked her out for dinner for helping Xin Ai.

Can’t she see that the Hans are evil? Both quarrel and she storms out. At the same time, Cheng Xiu points out to Mr Jin to let him know that Na Ying is his daughter. Later, Qing Zhuo is shocked that Long Zhe kidnaps Na Ying on the opposite street and he can’t stop it. He confronts Cheng Xiu to pull his collar – where is Na Ying? Cheng Xiu says that he is misunderstood.

He wants You Zhen to chase him out but she only stands there. Qing Zhuo nearly wants to hit him when he cites him for having brawns but no brains. You Zhen decides to quit and blames herself. She worries that Mr Jin might harm Na Ying. Tai Cheng doesn’t reply her call as he is now Mr Jin’s bodyguard. Na Ying is brought to t he Han’s family bungalow and she looks around, discovering that the telephone line is cut. (Stupid woman – who says she doesn’t need to be taken care of? She simply trusts people too much.)

Cheng Xiu learns of Na Ying’s whereabouts and suggests sending Xin Ai over as a preventive measure. No one will suspect them of kidnapping since the two are together. Xin Ai asks why she only knows it now but Cheng Xiu doesn’t want to be reckless. Qing Zhuo is shocked to know that You Zhen has resigned. She can’t work there anymore after knowing this. He pats her shoulder as both go to Mr Jin. Getting nothing from him, they decide to look for Xin Ai.

Xin Ai lies to Na Ying that she wants a break. She even lets Na Ying try her earrings and clothes. See how this chameleon changes – she wants to be friends with her and she feels terrible for ill-treating her. Na Ying is not used to this and Xin Ai refuses to lend her her handphone since she is a celebrity. Xin Ai teases Na Ying for going steady with Qing Zhuo but she shakes her head. He should be with You Zhen.

Xin Ai laughs – this woman tries to seduce her brother and now a tough guy, Qing Zhuo. Na Ying defends You Cheng as she is warm and attractive. Xin Ai needs to discover her qualities. Xin Ai curses her when out of the room – this woman is too much! You Cheng is too hungry during protection to munch a chocolate secretly. Mr Zheng gives them a treat – they can eat together for now on.

He asks why Qing Zhuo isn’t around. You Cheng replies that they take turns and it makes no difference since Qing Mei is his sister. Mr Zheng advises them not to eat too fast. This is becoming their habit as they protect others. Shi Jun advises Mr Zheng not to take too salty food. They should also care for their clients’ health – aren’t they funny?

You Zhen and Qing Zhuo look for Yun Zhi. They are surprised that he is on vacation and doesn’t know where Xin Ai is. You Zhen gather that both gals together. Xin Ai’s schedule is full the whole week and something is odd. Qing Zhuo also wonders why she is without her bodyguards. You Zhen has resigned but she can still detect her whereabouts. However, this is against the rule. Qing Zhuo doesn’t care and both are on the way. Cheng Xiu lies to Tai Cheng that Qing Zhuo is out to get Na Ying to jeopardize Mr Jin’s chances of winning the President’s position.

Na Ying comments that Xin Ai is pretty in the blouse that she gives back to her. Cheng Xiu has hoped that Xin Ai can dress elegantly. Xin Ai laughs haughtily – she should wear clothes that suit her status. Cheng Xiu asks Xin Ai to bear with it even though she is bored. Xin Ai finds her arrogant as the future president’s daughter. Cheng Xiu wants to get rid of her or this destroys Mr Jin’s image. Na Ying overhears it but tries to run away in vain. After Qing Zhuo’s commotion, Mr Jin sends his men to the bungalow.

Long Zhe and Cheng Xiu fend them off with the poles. The siblings decide to return to Seoul. Qing Zhuo and You Zhen arrive. Cheng Xiu preserves the right to sue You Zhen for tracking them down illegally. They should leave if they can’t find Na Ying. Qing Zhuo finds it suspicious for them to leave within a day although Cheng Xiu claims to be having a vacation. He lies that he is busy and doesn’t have the time.

Xin Ai asks why they are not leaving. Upon seeing them, she hides in the car so Cheng Xiu drives off. Qing Zhuo jumps – he is certain Na Ying is here. Xin Ai is wearing her blouse and he recognizes it. Both search around and Long Zhe tries to get her away but is stopped by a road block. Long Zhe gets out from the car and runs away while You Zhen stays to take care of her. Qing Zhuo runs after him in a speedboat.

He misses him and Na Ying blames herself for always giving them trouble. You Zhen advises her to be strong. Wan Fu knows that things get sour between Mr Jin and Mr Han so they must hide Na Ying. You Zhen consoles her as she stays with her. Long Zhe reports to Cheng Xiu that he has failed in his mission and he knows that the women are together.

Qing Zhuo asks how You Zhen is – is she is frightened? You Zhen smiles and Qing Zhuo knows her place isn’t safe too as Cheng Xiu will find her soon. You Zhen smiles – is Qing Zhuo using them as bait to lure him out? Qing Zhuo is surprised that she can still be so relaxed under such circumstances. Cheng Xiu pretends to send pizza delivery to go to You Zhen’s place. See how despicable he is to come at a late hour and cooks up an excuse to use her toilet! He knows that Na Ying hides there.

You Zhen stops him as she still wants to have a good impression of him. Cheng Xiu leaves unwillingly. Qing Mei sees Xin Ai so she decides to teach her a lesson for Na Ying. (You must see how she does it!) She fights with her in the toilet, locking her up in a cubicle and messes her hair. She yells that Yun Zhi is a pervert so he doesn’t dare to come inside. You Zhen confesses to Na Ying that she comes from a broken family and both get closer.

She protects her from Long Zhe to tell her to hide in her car but gets badly beaten. Long Zhe is about to grab You Zhen when Na Ying runs away to shout for help. She lures Qing Zhuo here and Qing Zhuo is shocked to see what has happened to You Zhen. He quickly carries her to the hospital. Qing Zhuo paces up and down in the hospital and Na Ying blames herself. Qing Mei tries to be funny and hurts her neck on her way home. She is hospitalized and is shocked that You Zhen is with her in the same room.

Qing Zhuo is relieved that You Zhen only hurts her face and not other parts. Wan Fu advises him not to be reckless and not confront Cheng Xiu over it. It is more important to find a place to hide Na Ying. The Hongs wish You Zhen to get married as they hope that she will join their family and produce grandchildren. Why risk her life to be in this bodyguard line? You Zhen can’t stop smiling as Qing Mei protests that her folks are not here to visit her.

Shi Jun knows that Wan Fu is keeping something from them. The women behave strangely so Wan Fu can only promise to tell them when the time is ripe. Qing Zhuo stays with the women for the night. He leans beside You Zhen’s bed for the night and You Zhen is touched. Na Ying can’t sleep as she has implicated too many people. She wants to take care of You Zhen while he can care for Qing Mei. (She is jealous.)

Cheng Xiu is furious that You Zhen is hurt so he hits Long Zhe’s face. No once can hurt You Zhen. He will take care of it to find out where she is. Mr Jin and Mr Zheng meet to cross swords with each other. Long Zhe goes to You Zhen’s hospital. Cheng Xiu is there before him and looks at her peaceful face as she sleeps. He has no courage to talk to her.

Mr Jin isn’t happy that Na Ying is with Qing Zhuo. He wants Tai Cheng to work for him and Tai Cheng considers it. Cheng Xiu tells Tai Cheng about Na Ying’s identity. Na Ying sees Long Zhe and follows him to Cheng Xiu. Qing Zhuo notices that You Zhen has a fever. Both jump upon knowing what happens to Na Ying. Na Ying wants to see Mr Jin but Cheng Xiu wants her to be patient or Qing Zhuo will be harmed. Cheng Xiu wants Xin Ai to stay with Na Ying in the same room. Mr Jin wants to see Na Ying.

Tai Cheng promises to try his best. Qing Zhuo confronts Mr Jin and demands him to hand Na Ying over. Tai Cheng claims that there is no such thing. Nothing can escape Wan Fu’s eyes when he is down. Qing Zhuo cools down and realizes that Cheng Xiu has made used of Tai Cheng. Xin Ai wants Na Ying to be her image consultant again as her present employee has poor taste.

You Zhen senses that Na Ying goes to Cheng Xiu willingly upon recalling her conservation with her in the morning. Maybe Mr Jin will let her off due to their blood ties. Qing Zhuo is worried when You Zhen wants to be discharged as she is still limping. Still, he makes fun of her by showing her the bill. He has settled it on her behalf as he is apologetic. She is touched when he blames himself for causing her to lose her job. She claims that he has found one for her – to work in Obsession. All guys are overjoyed but the two are jealous when Wan Fu and You Zhen take over their duties to protect Mr Zheng for the day.

How can Wan Fu let You Zhen get an important duty on the first day? Because of her sexy figure? Wan Fu protests weakly (actually he also realises that he is unfair) – they should be thankful to have her joining them as she demands a high pay with Cheng Xiu. Qing Zhuo introduces Mr Zheng to You Zhen. Mr Zheng finds it good for Obsession to have additional help but why is Qing Zhuo looking gloomy? Mr Zheng will not look good if he has a helper looking like that.

Mr Jin decides to send Na Ying to the U.S. Tai Cheng is the serious type who will never lunch with his clients. Na Ying tries to get away in vain upon knowing that she will be sent away. Long Zhe has followed Mr Han for 5 years. The murder has caused him to go into hiding so Cheng Xiu decides that he should go with Na Ying. The two men shake their hands before departure.

You Zhen and Qing Zhuo become sleepy after a boring day. Qing Zhuo checks his handphone and finds an unfamiliar telephone number calling him several times. His heart beats fast – is that Na Ying? You Zhen knows that it isn’t Cheng Xiu’s home number but it can be from somewhere nearby. Wan Fu tails Long Zhe and is puzzled that he is going to the airport.

Qing Zhuo checks the number with the phone booth near Cheng Xiu’s home and realizes that Na Ying does call from there. The housekeeper lies that Xin Ai is out with Na Ying and both frown. Tai Cheng drives the car away with Na Ying but both don’t see it. You Zhen sees Xin Ai’s beautician coming over and realises that Xin Ai is at home. Qing Zhuo is so worried that he climbs over the fence and gets into the Hans residence. He pulls Cheng Xiu’s collar, demanding to know where Na Ying is.

Cheng Xiu refuses to tell but Xin Ai spills the beans. Wan Fu tries to corner Long Zhe at the airport while Tai Cheng sends Na Ying into the customs. Qing Zhuo sees her and gets in to drag her out. Tai Cheng stops them and Na Ying tears her passport to prove to him that she isn’t leaving. Both men start fighting together and You Zhen leads Na Ying away.

Cheng Xiu wonders why he can’t get Tai Cheng. He is so angry that he tells Xin Ai to get lost. She is shocked as her brother never treats her nastily. Wan Fu finally subdues Long Zhe and ties him up in his car. Na Ying says sorry again and both do not know why she makes this silly decision to leave although she doesn’t want to. Shi Jun and You Cheng are bored of playing games with their handphones. You Cheng accepts Wan Fu’s call from the company telephone.

Wan Fu is angry that both do not answer his calls and tells them to protect Mr Zheng now. Where is he – he is in Hell. The guys are puzzled to see Long Zhe’s state when they pass the photos to Wan Fu. Wan Fu doesn’t understand why Long Zhe chooses to work for a heartless man. He will let him smile in jail then. Na Ying falls asleep at the car rear and Qing Zhuo quickly covers her with his jacket.

You Zhen notices his sensitive side. Tai Cheng is now tailing t hem. Cheng Xiu lies to Mr Jin that Na Ying has left. Qing Zhuo wonders where You Zhen takes them for a spin. As she goes faster, he wonders what is wrong with her. Suddenly Tai Cheng forces them to turn back but You Zhen manages to force him to the other side of the road. Where should they go now? Qing Zhuo grumbles that he should ask her instead! He is terrified that she goes so fast without warning him and he nearly hits his head in the car as he is too tall.

He loses patience with Na Ying for not eating. People will think that they have kidnapped her. Na Ying doesn’t want him to force her to do things she dislikes. Can he understand her feelings of being abandoned by Mr Jin? He knows but she has to face t. You Zhen is shocked to get Cheng Xiu’s sms – show up to let him know where they are. She quickly throws away their handphones as he has gotten into their network.

Qing Zhuo decides to turn back to Seoul. Cheng Xiu will think that they will go somewhere distant but will never expect them to turn back. Na Ying suggests staying in a 5* hotel. But who is going to pay? Na Ying answers she will as she has lots of US$ given by Mr Jin. The two sense that her tone is bitter and are silent. You Cheng’s dream of protecting the president will come true if Mr Zheng is successful. Shi Jun says that Mr Zheng is special. Qing Zhuo has no talent to be a top bodyguard because of his temper. But he and You Zhen will be good. Tai Cheng now suspects that Na Ying isn’t abducted by Qing Zhuo.

Cheng Xiu tells him not to guess too much and he will handle Mr Jin for him. Tai Cheng starts to feel that something is fishy. You Zhen was only 7 when her father beat her mother to death. Still, he is the one to scatter her ashes and sobs at her grave. She is alone till now so she is stronger. Na Ying wishes to be like her and hopes to repay her one day. Wan Fu wants to bring everything to Mr Zheng – what if he is attacked again. Mr Zheng doesn’t wish to use the evidence to attack his opponent.

But still he will help Wan Fu if the truth is twisted. Mr Zheng and Mr Jin meet at a hotel function. You Zhen has taught Na Ying a lesson and Qing Zhuo notices that both are happier. Mr Jin sees Na Ying at the hotel and demands to know from Cheng Xiu what has happened. The three are about to go out when they see Tai Cheng. Qing Zhuo quickly leads them into the lift.

Tai Cheng pretends not to see them as they hide in the lift. He tells Cheng Xiu to see if they are still in the hotel room while he will guard the lobby. Sure enough, they see him when they get down. He asks if Qing Zhuo is here to kidnap Na Ying because of Mr Jin. Qing Zhuo answers no so Tai Cheng teaches them to flag a cab since You Zhen’s car is tapped.

Cheng Xiu jumps when he sees no one in the hotel room. Wan Fu shows the dead’s photos at the police meeting. Mr Han has killed his 2 mistresses for trying to reveal Mr Jin’s past. Long Zhe is adopted by him from the orphanage and is loyal to him. All are shocked to know that Mr Jin is involved. No place is safe now – the trio wonders how Cheng Xiu knows their whereabouts. You Zhen doesn’t have the guts to get her car back. The policemen praise Wan Fu for doing a good job.

Qing Zhuo brings the women home. Mr Jin chides Cheng Xiu for being incompetent. Mr Han denies knowing the offence although he is shown the photos. The Hongs are shocked to see the trio’s hunger state when they reach home. Qing Zhuo whispers into You Zhen’s ear what happens to Wan Fu. Mrs Hong is overjoyed to see both close. He has not told Na Ying about it but she has to face it later. He wonders why Mr Jin wants to be a president so much to harm his daughter.

You Zhen laughs upon seeing the bodyguard poster in his room – is he inspired by it? Qing Zhuo is annoyed as she is the first person to say that he is cute. He should be called handsome. Qing Mei knows that Na Ying is upset over Mr Jin. Qing Zhuo checks things out with Wan Fu and gets the women to stay at home. Mr Zheng, You Cheng and Shi Jun eat in the car. Mr Zheng asks his team to think of special ideas as his campaign is getting boring.

Shi Jun suggests him taking poster photos with the commoners. Wan Fu thinks the two must be busy to be professionals to be Mr Zheng’s aide. He hopes that Long Zhe will reveal the truth. Mr Han slaps Cheng Xiu for being useless. He should get rid of Wan Fu long ago. Mr Jin blames Mr Han for being too greedy to implicate him. Cheng Xiu often loses to his late elder brother. He is proud of him but he drowns when trying to save him. He tries very hard to be the son Mr Han wants but can’t do well.

Tai Cheng can’t help them anymore as he removes the collar pin. The bodyguards and clients must communicate well. So Cheng Xiu has no right to set up the company. Tai Cheng admits letting Qing Zhuo off. The women have a long talk. Na Ying envies Qing Zhuo for having a small but happy family which is nice to her. She will never forget t hem wherever she goes. They imagine the person they hate most to hit the sandbag – he is Qing Zhuo! Na Ying tells You Zhen to treasure the person she likes and not give up.

Qing Zhuo asks if You Zhen is worried for Cheng Xiu as he likes her. She asks if he is jealous. He laughs – is she mad? So she gathers that he has not loved anyone. He avoids answering and jokes that she looks weird to ask him that. The new posters are out and Mr Zheng is pleased. Taking care of citizens like family is his concept. Cheng Xiu nearly kills Long Zhe by putting the pillow over his head in the hospital. Wan Fu and Qing Zhuo run to his rescue.

Qing Zhuo catches him and Qan Fu manages to get the doctor. Qing Zhuo is so exhausted after it to sit on a chair to sleep at Obsession. You Zhen looks at him and touches his face. He wakes up and knocks his leg against the table. He is relieved that Long Zhen survives and is mature now to reveal everything. The guys see the two together and gather they are going to kiss so they make themselves scarce.

Qing Zhuo jumps when they even think that both have slept together for the night! Wan Fu visits Long Zhe and gets him to testify to help the victims. Na Ying has forgiven Mr Jin and Qing Zhuo is glad. Mr Han denies all charges and refuses to comment on Cheng Xiu’s act. But upon seeing him handcuffed, he has a heart attack and all the things at Tops are taken away. Tai Cheng feels lost.

Xin Ai runs away from reporters. Mr Jin undergoes questioning and Mr Han is in hospital. Cheng Xiu sees him getting lonely and isn’t an arrogant man anymore. The Hongs feel sorry over Na Ying’s plight as she sits alone to watch the news of Mr Jin’s arrest. Obsession’s first target is reached so Shi Jun asks for a raise. Wan Fu and Qing Zhuo are angry with You Cheng for dozing in the car when with Mr Zheng.

Tai Cheng knows that Qing Zhuo has done well but he will still be a bodyguard forever. Qing Zhuo finds him inflexible but Tai Cheng thinks that he is disciplined. Qing Zhuo reminds that he might be too stiff till he breaks so he should relax at times. Na Ying will continue learning fashion designing in France so the Hongs decide to get a loan to help her out.

Xin Qi cries as she tries in vain to get Cheng Xiu out of jail. He wants her to endure till he is out. You Zhen brings Na Ying to see Mr Jin. Mr Jin admits liking her mother and offers to sponsor her studies but she will not accept it. She hopes to smile at him when she is back but she cries in You Zhen’s arms after the meeting. Qing Zhuo has joked to be her bodyguard but he really becomes her bodyguard.

She has not told Qing Zhuo about her plans. He will not be You Zhen’s bodyguard since she is one but she cites that Na Ying has no necessity to have 2 bodyguards. They are surprised to see Xin Ai in the eatery. She snaps at them – are they happy that the Hans are bankrupts now? Do they hope that she is starved to death? Qing Zhuo tells her to eat or leave it. She tells Na Ying not to follow them to a French restaurant since she doesn’t know how to appreciate good food. (Xin Ai is still haughty as ever.)

Qing Zhuo tells her to wake up from her dream. Na Ying meets the rest and Qing Mei accidentally kisses Shi Jun when drunk. Qing Zhuo listens to Na Ying’s message and is shocked that she is on the plane to France now. You Zhen asks why he is angry. Yes, he thinks of her now and You Zhen isn’t happy. A year later, Mr Zheng has a meal with important guests. Qing Zhuo and You Zhen survey the place before he comes in. A woman walks into the hotel with a man.

The man removes a gun from the sink. Qing Zhuo observes the man but he doesn’t see him passing the gun to the woman. He is about to walk to him when he only writes on his notepad and later uses his handphone. The woman draws out the gun to shoot at Mr Zheng but Qing Zhuo gets shot instead in the chest. The others subdue the woman. This is only a practice (sigh – all of us get tricked!!!) The head praises Qing Zhuo for being talented.

Qing Zhuo grumbles – how can Mr Zheng take part in this? He should let You Zhen get shot instead! Now Tai Cheng can’t say that he is unsuitable to be a bodyguard. He has thought that dying without getting married first even though he is shot, wearing the protection vest. You Zhen decides to shop for groceries. Qing Mei marries Shi Jun and is now pregnant. Tai Cheng joins Obsession as their trainer so the guys grumble when they are thrown on the floor.

Xin Ai goes fro model auditions and is annoyed when not getting selected. Her temper never changes and then she hides again upon seeing Cheng Xiu working as a supermarket assistant. Na Ying is now a top designer and is returning to hold a catwalk session. You Zhen sees Cheng Xiu and he never knows that she still calls him GM. He feels better after losing everything after his father’s death to be independent. Na Ying is congratulated on her success.

Qing Zhuo has changed much to fit into the President bodyguard role. Na Ying has not communicated with them as she works hard. You Zhen lies that she hasn’t started anything with Qing Zhuo. It pains Xin Ai to see Cheng Xiu working so hard and she promises to accept more deals. Na Ying is short of models and she hires Xin Ai. Yun Zhi is a cab driver and drives her to the venue.

It is weird that Xin Ai calls Na Ying teacher and thanks her for the chance. She flees when Qing Zhuo and You Zhen congratulates Na Ying with flowers. They complain of seeing less of her but she jokes that they can be her models. Qing Zhuo knows that Xin Ai hides at the corner and pulls her out. Why is he still so fierce to her?

He still speaks to her in the stern tone because he is older. She can call her elder brother and he is so happy that he hits her hard on the shoulder!

Isn’t this good? Xin Ai begins to like it too. Qing Zhuo is the top scorer but he wants to resign as he dislikes being locked up. Mr Zheng tries in vain to keep him. He knows that Qing Zhuo is the only one who treats him the same before and after his presidency.

Obsession moves into a bigger place. All jump upon knowing Qing Zhuo’s resignation to return to Obsession. Shi Jun doesn’t want to see him at work and at home to be tortured. Tai Cheng suddenly appears to say that they have broken rules again – to sneak around and gossip. Qing Zhuo isn’t the best bodyguard as yet.

All suddenly hear an old fashioned ringtone and wonders who the owner is. They nearly sprawl on the floor when Tai Cheng answers it! He has taken Qing Zhuo’s advice to relax. Mrs Hong scolds Qing Zhuo for giving up. He only wants to do what he wants. It is so bored at the Istana – can’t they understand him? Qing Mei is going to deliver but upon seeing a robber on t he street, he tells them to send her to hospital without her as he runs after the robber. The same process happens again…..

Introduction on characters

1. Hong Qing Zhuo – Cha Seung Won
He is 30 years old and finally gets down to serious work as a bodyguard. He has a fiery temper and
doesn’t show his caring nature easily although he is close to his buddies. But You Zhen manages to curb his temper (to tolerate the horrendous Xin Ai) while Na Ying brings out his sensitivity (to shower her concern). Still, he is so ignorant that both fall for him! He is also oblivious to his feelings for You Zhen.

He doesn’t know how to express himself but it is obvious that he really loves You Zhen. If not, they will not joke with each other at ease. Seung Won is often labeled as a third rated actor and only known as Lee Young Ae’s ex-boyfriend. That is why I watched this drama out of curiosity. Actually his acting is quite acceptable although he lacks the stunning looks of a lead actor. I heard he is married now and no wonder he oozes maturity in here.

2. Han Cheng Xiu – Sung Ii Kook
He is the GM of Top security guard company. Young, capable and nice looking (he has a slight resemblance with Lau Tak Wah), he should have no lack of women admiring him. But he chooses to like the ice queen, You Zhen. He fails to win her heart. He senses danger when Qing Zhuo joins them. So he creates more chances for her to get close to his family and also frames Qing Zhuo. But all his plans backfires when Mr Han wants him to cover up Mr Jin’s past.

Ii Kok is another actor whom I wish to see all along. This serial satisfies my curiosity but I must admit that I am disappointed. Acting wise is much to be desired. He is overshadowed by Seung Won and his role comes as weak as his role only listens to Mr Han’s instructions and seems not to have a mind of his own.

3. Fang Wan Fu – Lee Won Jong
He is Qing Zhuo’s close buddy and is an ex-cop. They grow up in the same village and he treats him like a younger brother. He sets up Obsession with You Cheng and Shi Jun. They become bodyguards but he never forgets his previous job – to check on cases. This man resembles Hong Kong actor Shing Kwai On in looks but he is gentle looking when he shows dimples in his smiles.

4. Jiang Yun Zhi – Lee Joo Suk
This fellow is a fresh man but he is fond of asking others if they graduate from the prestigious Seoul University. Probably because he is from there. He can be cute but not haughty as he only follows orders. But seeing him following Xin Ai like a meek servant doesn’t make him a man.

5. Wu You Cheng – Yoon Yong Hyun
He is down to earth and doesn’t mind washing dishes at Qing Zhuo’s eatery. But he has simple aspirations just to be a normal bodyguard so others do not apply pressure on him.

6. Li Shi Jun – Kim Young Joon
He is also helping out at Qing Zhuo’s eatery as a cashier initially. The guys tease him for being Qing Zhuo’s brother-in-law although he shows little interest in Qing Mei. But he still marries her in the end and he is more ambitious than You Cheng as he wants to be one of the best. But his aspiration to protect Osama is really out of the blue – how shocking it is!

7. Cui Tai Cheng – Jang Se Jin
He is the leader of the team. Having worked as the president’s bodyguard in the past, he is very strict with his subordinates. Despite being insensitive and unfriendly, he sees potential in Qing Zhuo. That is why he bears with all his mistakes to give him chances. See how much Qing Zhuo changes him, he has a funny ringtone when Qing Zhuo wants him to relax.

This man is cold – very stiff in bending rules. Actually the producer can make use of his weakness to be afraid of the dark to come up with an assignment segment. A pity to let the chance go like this.

8. Mr Han Tai Yong – Baek Il Sup
He is the siblings’ father. Being highhanded and haughty, he is very strict with Cheng Xiu but spoils Xin Ai rotten because their mother died early. He is probably biased against Cheng Xiu for causing his eldest son’s death. He is vicious to kill anyone against him – including his mistresses. What a joke when his son’s company is supposed to protect others!

9. Jin Wen Xi
He is Na Ying’s father but like other irresponsible fathers, he wants to get rid of her as he has his own family and another daughter. Otherwise, his chance of being the president will be ruined. Strangely, he still saves her some money for her overseas expenses. Blood is still thicker than water.

10. Li Na Ying – Im Eun Kyung
She is young but supports herself hard to work her dream towards being a fashion designer. She grows up with her grandmother. Her death makes her live with Qing Zhuo’s family and all treat her like their own member. She is secretly in love with Qing Zhuo but gives up upon seeing him getting along better with You Zhen. This actress is too weak and thin to my liking. Her acting is only passable.

11. Piao You Zhen – Han Go Eun
She is the only female bodyguard in the company and is 27 years old. Her father is a womanizer and her mother passes away. Icy, serious and also quiet, she isn’t prepared to get married or fall in love. Qing Zhuo finds it hard to talk to her at first. But after going through thick and thin, she starts to show her warm nature to treat Na Ying well like a sister (although with few smiles.) This shows how much Qing Zhuo has changed her when she learns how to joke. Her acting is only acceptable too with little expressions. But it must be hard on her to learn taekwondo to master this role at ease. I really admire her professionalism.

12. Han Xin Ai – Lee Se Eun (she is as the vicious medical lady, Ah Lie in ‘Jewel in the Palace’)
She is Cheng Xiu’s younger sister but her behaviour is atrocious. Thinking that she comes from a rich family and is a famous star, she throws her weight around. Seeing how she treats all her bodyguards and Na Ying (probably the exception of Yun Zhi because he is handsome looking.) raises eyebrows. It really serves her right being thrown into the pool by Qing Zhuo or kidnapped by Hyun Bin. Unfortunately, she hasn’t learned her lesson and her haughty behaviour returns even after her family goes bankrupt.

But her love for her brother is genuine. She really wishes to reduce the workload so that he needs not work so hard. She has mixed feelings towards Qing Zhuo. She is scared of him but looks on to him as an elder brother. Many will be happy when both finally make up in the end. This actress is great in portraying her arrogant nature to treat all like dirt.

13. Hong Qing Mei – Maya
She is Qing Zhuo’s younger sister and is as rowdy as him. Being a tomboy, she cuts her hair short but dyes her hair golden. Still, she is close to Na Ying as both share a bedroom. She works in Obsession but prefers to accept deals by phone calls in the office.

14. Wu Xing Guo
He is Mr Han’s man who is always helping him in his misdeeds. He is loyal to him as he is adopted from young. It is not mentioned how he loses his right hand but his left handed weakness makes Wan Fu recognize him as the killer immediately. Upon knowing how Mr Han wants him dead, he surrenders all information to the police.

15. Mr and Mrs Hong
They are very supportive parents to allow Qing Zhuo to do whatever he wants. They build a closely knitted family although they seem to be scolding their children daily.

Favourite character
Qing Zhuo – he is not only responsible in protecting his charges but also loyal to friends, caring to the juniors and also helpful to others.

Most hated character
Xin Ai – she is very horrible to her servants and bodyguards. Cheng Xiu is a close second as failure in love turns him ugly. Although he is still nice to You Zhen after her betrayal, he is very nasty to Qing Zhuo.


This drama gives a break for me from the usual love sappy dramas. I was so frightened that I might boycott Korean dramas if they keep offering me the same lousy stories. This serial shows how the bodyguards work around the clock although they dress smartly. They have to be professional on alert at all times although they can be tired or bored. They can’t leave their clients at all unless the time is up. They must also put up with unreasonable demands from the clients and have irregular meals.

The dialogues are quite wacky at times to make you laugh. The different cases are very entertaining – from protecting a model, a child, a senator to a president. Certain development is unexpected. It will keep luring you to watch on. The addition of You Zhen as a female bodyguard is refreshing too.

The story is well developed throughout except the ending. It ends abruptly as I don’t see why Qing Zhuo should resign as he seems to like the challenge of being a President’s bodyguard very much. How Qing Zhuo can finally get along with Xin Ai remains a mystery to me. They are poles apart and quarrel every time they meet. How can they reconcile in just a meeting?! The part where Na Ying returns but there is no answer to show who Qing Zhuo chooses seems very incomplete. But we can gather that he likes You Zhen more as he is always digging fun at her and the anxiety he shows when she is hospitalized.

However, I enjoy the story more than the acting. They are either too exaggerating or too stony to bring out the excitement. But all must catch a glimpse of Hyun Bin as a psychopath – he really does his part well although he is only an extra.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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