Cain and Abel


Section:Korean Dramas

Genre:Drama, Romance

Number of Episodes:20


Language: Korean

Korean Title: 카인과 아벨

Average Rating:       (out of 1 rating)


After serving military service in South Korea, So Ji Sub is back for his role as Lee Cho In, a gifted doctor, in "Cain and Abel" and does not disappoint. The title has biblical reference to Adam and Eve's first sons, Cain and Abel. Cain is jealous that God accepts the sacrifice of Abel's over his and murders Abel, committing the first fraticide. Shin Hyun Joon plays Lee Seon Woo (Cain) a neurosurgeon who is jealous that his younger brother, Lee Cho In (Abel), has their father's support, along with the love of his ex-girlfriend Kim Seo Yeon (Chae Jung Ahn). The drama revolves around the contention in the prestigious hospital, with one faction led by Seon Woo and his mother to build a Neurology Center while Cho In supports the building of the Emergency Center. While on a visit to China, Cho In meets Oh Young Ji, a North Korean refugee (Han Ji Min) who pretends to be his tour guide but is secretly hired to follow him by his evil step-mother's hooligans. Oh Young Ji is touched by his kindness though and ultimately tries to warn him. To prevent Cho In as an obstacle to the vote for the Neurology Center, he is kidnapped and shot in the desert. He is saved by North Korean militant refugees in China but loses his memory and becomes Oh Gang Ho, the younger brother to Oh Gang Chul, who also happens to be Young Ji's brother. What happens when Cho In finally gets back to South Korea and regains his memories to find that it's his beloved brother who abandoned and tried to kill him?


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01-25-2010 04:52 PM


Filled with emotions, suspense, action, romance, darkness and light. Touching story, smart directing, amazing acting. So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min were special.


04-19-2009 01:11 AM


Intense, though overly dramatized, series.

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