Capital Scandal

Reviewed by: laughingbee12

July 12, 2008

Rating: four-point-five

This drama is set in the 1930's, where the drama revolves the lives of 4 people who get intertwined together under certain circumstances. The protagonist is Na Yoo Kyung (Han Ji-Min), a very conservative young woman who works as a teacher by day and lobbyist by night. She stands strongly for what she believes in and isn't scared to correct other people. Her love interest is Sun Woo Wan (Kang JI Hwan) a womanizer, who is from a rich and powerful background. He has absolutely no morals and values whatsoever, but as he gets to know Yoo Kyung he starts to question himself. He gets drunk and makes a bet with his friends that he can make Yoo Kyung beautiful and change her from being an absolute fashion disaster to a beautiful young woman. He starts to pursue her due to his bet, but he finds himself falling for her as she shows her purity and innocence to him. Yoo Kyung finds herself attracted to Lee Soo Hyun (Ryu Jin), a police officer working under a Japanese Security Branch. Also, Cha Song Joo(Han Go Eun) is a famous gisaeng who ran a high class brothel, who is part of a secret agency called Ae Mool Dan, in which they kill people for their injustices to society. Na Yoo Kyung joins this agency, since she believes in whats right. Yoo Kyung and Wan become closer and enjoy each others company until she finds out about the bet. Song Joo and Soo Hyun knew each other from when they were younger and have a sweet love story.


*When Yoo Kyung headbutts Wan in the streets and everyone sees, humiliating him.
*When Yoo Kyung enters a party in a beautiful dress, shocking everyone, making Wan jealous of all the men around her.
*When Wan is playing soccer with the kids, and Yoo Kyung hugs him.
*When Yoo Kyung finds out about the bet, she becomes very upset.
*When Wan is constantly worried about Yoo-Kyung being involved in Ae Mool Dan and insists he go to Japan for her to retrieve weapons. (soooo sweet)
*When Wan tries to sleep with Yoo Kyung but Yoo Kyung rejects him and says she'll never sleep with him.

Initially, I didn't watch this drama cause it was in the 1930's and I didn't like old fashioned dramas, but this one was great! It was very fun, and I managed to watch 16 episodes in 4 days. That's how addictive it was. If you're like me and think olden day dramas are boring, its okay, but DEFINITELY watch this! A great, sweet and tragic story of love, justice and war.


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