Cheers for the Women

Reviewed by: sukting

September 05, 2003

Rating: one

How long
24 episodes

A story of two sisters who fall in love. The elder sister is too faithful to one man, gullible and easy deceived. The younger sister is stubborn and independent. Although both are very different in character, they are close to each other and try to help each other as much as possible.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Jin Da Ying – Cai Shi Na
I HATE her – she is a disgrace to all women. Normally a woman will not be cheated twice but she is an exception. She has been in love with Zheng Shuo for a long time. Both even work in the same company. Yet, she doesn’t know that he is wooing their boss’s daughter, Lan Ji? How stupid can she be!

The most questionable part is she goes to Jiju island – not knowing that the couple is staying right beside her room. Later upon knowing their relationship, she attends their wedding and imagines that she creates a scene. Of course, she only cries and runs away. Zheng Xu happens to see her sobbing there and feels sorry for her while Zhu Ying is shocked. Da Ying even follows the couple when they go on a honeymoon – is she mad?

Feeling miserable, she goes to watch the waves from a cliff. Zheng Xu happens to be there with his employees for a holiday. He sees her and thinks that she is committing suicide. He rushes there, wanting to save her and both fall in the sea instead. The hospital staff think that they are a pair of lovers trying to kill themselves because their families oppose to them being together. Seeing that their arms and legs are broken, they feel sorry for them and place them in the same room.

After her discharge, she wants to stay in the company but Lan Ji is determined to get rid of her. She closes the whole department, causing Da Ying to lose her job. She goes on a strike and gets arrested. Her mother is very angry with her so she rents a room to stay outside the home. She even believes that Zheng Shuo is lonely and still contacts him. Zheng Shuo is ill-treated by Lan Ji and thus wants to keep Da Ying as his mistress. They finally break off when she discovers his true colours.

Later, she works as an insurance agent. It is quite amusing that she approaches her ex-colleagues to buy the policies. Zheng Shuo ends up buying 3 policies because of her insistence and his guilt!

But when Lan Ji prevents her from entering the company, she has troubles making ends meet. So she tries to sneak past the security guards to get into other commercial buildings to get contacts. So you have guessed that she gets arrested again. After her bail, she is duped to try the pyramid strategy in getting customers. She gets detained again in the cell. Penniless and unable to pay rent, she is at a loss. Her friend, Zheng Hui takes her in.

She meets an ex-classmate in the cell who persuades her to be a bargirl. She is hesitant as first and even harbours the thought of stealing a person’s wallet. Luckily she stops herself from doing it. So she takes up the job later, even to Zheng Hui’s protest.

Luckily the ‘big sister’ can see that she is very timid and thus releases her on one condition. She must get customers for her in order to pay her debt. She is touched and later opens an on-line travel agency with Zhu Ying. Zheng Xu is always by her side to bail her out and goes through her ups and downs with her. Both are lucky to be together in the end as he doesn't mind her past.

This character is a moron – please forgive my language as I can’t find another word to replace this description. How can a person be so desperate to such an extent? Since young, she has given both her parents enough worries. Look at the serious blunders she has made.

Even when she has no money, I am sure that her parents will be more than willing to help her and get her back home. She is too stubborn trying to prove that she can be independent. As a result, she commits so many stupid mistakes and lets her future mother-in-law look down on her past. Still, she reconciles with Zheng Xu and she gets the bouquet from Zhu Ying during her wedding, signaling that she will be the next one to get married.

This actress' acting is very exaggerated. All her expressions look so fake. I don’t feel for her at all. She doesn’t deserve to have Zheng Xu in the end. He is too nice and has put up with her nonsense for too long.

2. Jin Zhu Ying – Chae Rim
She has very short hair, is very stubborn and strong-willed, and determined to prove that women are not inferior to men. She wants to give her family a better life so she works very hard. She moves out to get more freedom.

Sad to say, since she joined Zheng Xu’s company, she has been belittled by Jun Yuan. This man always argues with her. But they fall in love later. Once she is so ill and stays in the office with no one to take care of her. Jun Yuan arranges for her to be his flatmate. It is hilarious that she doesn’t know how to cook but he is the reverse! At first, she thinks that he is joking but is later impressed when he cooks curry rice.

She doesn’t know how to tell her parents that her roommate is a male. When they visit her and find out the truth, they are so shocked and oppose to Jun Yuan’s liberal attitude towards relationships. Zhu Ying and Jun Yuan manage to win them over. She supports her sister in her work and is a great help in managing the travel agency website with her, determined to show others that they can be successful in life.

Chae Rim’s acting has never improved. Her way of expressing anger is similar to how she acted in ‘All About Eve’ – too superfical. Many think that she can only act cute - so do I. She has problems acting mature. This may hinder her future if she still stays this way.

3. Cui Lan Ji
She is a possessive woman. Upon knowing Zheng Shuo’s past, she is very jealous of Da Ying. She makes her lose her job and also slaps her in public. Even when she decides to ditch Zheng Shuo, she questions him whether he still wants to be with Da Ying.

When he doesn’t answer, she asks Da Ying out to find out more. Da Ying is so angry and scolds her this time as she is stronger – even holding back her hand to prevent being slapped again.

To spite back at Zheng Shuo, she goes out with other men. When he leaves home, she starts to think that he has returned to Da Ying and harass him every now and then.

When she knows that Da Ying is dating Zheng Xu, she is very jealous of her getting a good catch. So she tries all ways to convince Zheng Shuo to return to her. She copies all the sisters' ideas from their tourism website to ruin their business, but gets arrested in the end.

4. Song Zheng Hui
She is Da Ying’s good friend and often teaches her on how to retain a boyfriend by the side. She cares for her and knowing that she is shy to admit that she likes Zheng Xu, she arranges dates for them. She works in a travel agency and thus helps her a lot in gaining customers.

5. Li Zheng Shuo
He is a spineless and greedy man. I despise him. In order to get rich, he marries Lan Ji but both have never registered their marriage. He never has a sense of security because she can forsake him anytime. After marriage, he finds her a spitfire and starts to miss Da Ying.

He starts an affair with her and when it is discovered, he ditches her again and accuses her of seducing him. Da Ying is heart-broken and all her feelings for him end. But upon seeing that he is tortured by Lan Ji, she starts to pity him again. He realizes his mistake and tells Zheng Xu all the ways he has used to woo Da Ying to help him to win her heart.

He truly loves his wife and is treating Da Ying only as his friend after this. But disappointed with his wife's doing, he leaves her and looks for another job.

6. Zheng Xu – Jin Can Yu
He is a successful young boss of a new but well known on-line website company. Zhu Ying comes to work for him with her professor’s help. He is considered her senior. He is so mild-mannered that all his employees start to climb over his head. Sometimes, Jun Yuan is more like the boss instead by ordering him around. He takes care of them well and often brings them out on trips when the business is doing well.

It is through Zheng Shuo’s wedding that he gets to know Da Ying. Zheng Shuo is his classmate but both never know each other well. He is attracted to her upon seeing her in tears and gets worried when he sees her alone while he and the others are on Jiju island on holiday. He also buys insurance policies from her to help her.

His mother opposes upon knowing her past. His parents are divorced so she pins very high hopes on him, wanting the best for him. Yet, she can’t tolerate other women getting close to her son. So she opposes to every single woman he dates. Zheng Xu is already badly hurt by previous forced breakups but this time round, he is determined to protect Da Ying because he really loves her too much.

This is the first time that he goes against his mother's wishes. To his dismay, Da Ying agrees with his mother. He is so upset that he gets drunk and goes to her home to beg her parents to let him marry her. The three are finally touched and both are together.

7. Liu Jun Yuan – Su Zhi Bin
This man is Westernized because he grew up and was educated in the US. Sometimes, he will add a few English phrases in his speeches to annoy Zhu Ying. She will remind him that he is now in Korea and whatever he learnt in the US is not applicable in Korea. But he proves likewise as he is a good assistant to introduce the recent technology from overseas.

He is very knowledgeable and is also practical. He feels that Da Ying is not suitable for Zheng Xu because she cannot help him in his career. This angers Zhu Ying and both have a big quarrel. Yet, he doesn’t see why this should affect them as they are a separate couple and issues should be set aside.

Sometimes, he can be tactless. The scene where he asks Zhu Ying to stay with him gives her the wrong signal that he wants to sleep with her. He is furious that she thinks so lowly of him. Yet, when she moves in, he has the tendency to charge into her room before knocking on the door because he is so used to staying alone!

I really laugh at the part when he is cooking curry rice. He shakes his head upon seeing how Zhu Ying cuts the potatoes. He has to show her how to do it! She is skeptical about tasting it at first but after finding that he is a great cook, she offers to do the other housework.

Favourite character
Zheng Xu, for being so smart in developing his business and being devoted to Da Ying. A close second will be Jun Yuan. He can be sarcastic but he is a caring and nice guy. Sometimes, I agree with what he says because he is frank to point out the truth although it can be hurtful.

Most hated character
Da Ying, for being so stupid and naive. Zhu Ying should become her elder sister instead.

It should be called ‘Jeers for the women’. I feel very belittled when watching this serial. It doesn’t prove how strong women are. It only shows how stupid women can be or how women are dependent on men – either in love or work. The women here commit so many disasters and the men are the ones clearing up their mess for them. How sad this can be! The sisters’ decision to move out saddens their parents.

What is the point of bringing them up when both are unwilling to stay at home? They complain of not having enough freedom but their parents love them so much! I still feel whatever the problem is, they should sort the problems out.

Moreover, the actors act better than the actresses in here. I don’t think the women in this serial deserve any cheers at all. It is a big disappointment to me.

On acting : * * 1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : 1/2 * (Scale of 5)

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