Section:Korean Dramas


Number of Episodes:24


Language: Korean

Korean Title: 추노

Average Rating:       (out of 4 ratings)

Also Known As: Pursuing Servants / Slave Hunter


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Reviewed by: jotaro November 14, 2010

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Chuno/Slave Hunter This series is a martial arts historical drama that was a treat to watch for its unrelenting pace and extraordinary realistic fighting scenes. The story of the Slave Hunter is layered with plot and subplots. The series will feature constant flashbacks and key plot twists. Coupled with this very layered story, are excellent martial arts battles in virtually every episode. Our lead protagonist Lee Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk) seems to use a combination of sword...

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10-16-2011 04:16 PM


this drama was the drama of this times.....the actors plays very well and transmited the fellings of character who played......BRAVO!!!!well done!!!!

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