Cloud Staircase

Reviewed by: sukting

May 30, 2007

Rating: two-point-five

The main character Jung Soo rescues a dying woman by chance and is mistaken for a talented doctor. But things get messed up as he continues to meet her, as one misunderstanding spawns another. He gradually finds himself addicted to love. To protect his feelings, he keeps lying about his educational background and tries to escape from his past. But when he reaches the pinnacle of his “success,” he realizes everything he has done so far was in vain. His love turns into poison and ruins his life.
Can life be the same when the truth is uncovered?


Jung Soo is in prison and a policeman releases him to save another officer from a heart attack. Several days later, he is released from prison and reunited with his wife and son.

In 1999, he was abandoned in an orphanage but did not give up hope to look for his father. His mother remarried but he could only peep at her quietly from a corner. He had no other choice but to give up going to medical school due to financial difficulties although he was first in level. Do Hyun was second and Jung Won congratulated him.

Jung Soo knew Yun Hee from school. She and Mrs Li treated him well. Yun Hee secretly carried a torch for him. Being upset for being unable to get into college, he burned his certificate and left for a remote island without telling anyone his whereabouts. He has hoped that his father will return to his hometown. On the island, he met Dr Kang who taught him medical techniques, and began to treat patients without a license. Jung Soo was a man who lived a life of innocence and diligence.

7 years later, Jung Won is in charge of public relations of a hospital owned by her family and Do Hyun hopes to marry her soon. Yun Hee joins the hospital that Do Hyun works as a nurse. She gets to know Do Hyun and calls without using a coin to pretend to inform Jung Soo about the good news. She refuses to give up thinking of him despite Mrs Li’s persuasion.

Mrs Yoon doesn’t like Dr Yoon to treat only the rich and their relationship turns sour. Jung Won decides to go to the remote island to persuade the doctors there to join their hospital for better facilities. Do Hyun objects to her going there and wants to bring forth their marriage plans. She agrees to think over. Upon boarding the boat, she knows she is unwell but bears with it.

Dr Kang leaves the island for his friend’s funeral. He believes that doctors do not need a licence (how wrong he is!) but tells Jung Soo to work hard as doctors only need a heart. He can be so lazy to renew his license. Jung Soo helps an injured man and Jung Won tapes the scene down. He is cold to Jung Won when she tries to promote her hospital. He has no say since he isn’t in charge.

Jung Soo has no choice but to remove Jung Won’s appendix with Nurse Liu’s help as a tornado is coming and she can’t leave the island. As she is anaemic, he also donates his blood to her. Do Hyun is dead anxious when he can’t reach her as no one is willing to bring him to the remote island in the storm. Dr Yoon is equally concerned but still continues with his 6 hour operation. Mrs Yoon quarrels with him for being unfeeling. Mi Won returns home from a trip and is equally neutral. She believes Jung Won will be fine.

Jung Won is grateful to him and films how he treats other patients. She finds it a waste of his talents to stay there and intends to publicise the matter. She tells her colleagues to bring the tape back while she recuperates there. Jung Soo falls for Jung Won and steals her kiss at the beach. Appalled, she decides to return with Do Hyun once he comes for her.

Do Hyun finds Jung Soo familiar looking and asks which university he comes from. Jung Soo is about to reveal the truth when Dr Liu lies that he is from a prestigious Japanese university. Jung Soo calls Yun Hee and is surprised to know that Mr Choi has looked for him but is in poor health. He has suffered from acute pneumonia and leaves the Yoon hospital even before seeing his ex-ray because he can’t afford the fees. Yun Hee is too late to meet him when she runs there after getting the news.

Jung Soo returns to Seoul – going through every hospital and also MRT station, hoping to find him there. He stays at Yun Hee’s home and leaves her contact number with every hospital. He nearly visits Jung Won in her room but stops upon hearing Do Hyun’s voice. Jung Won recovers and returns to work but she can’t forget Jung Soo. Her colleagues admire Jung Soo’s professionalism and make it into a movie clip, showing it at the hospital. Jung Soo is alarmed and wants her to take it down.

Yun Hee now feels inferior as she is only a nurse while he is a doctor. Jung Soo finds it hard to explain to her. Do Hyun finds that Jung Won is secretly in love with Jung Soo as she pauses to watch his clip. She impulsively wants to get engaged or married to him immediately. He only wants to win her heart so he rejects her. However, he decides not to give her any more chance for regrets so they get engaged. He needs to work on this big day so she sends him back to work.

They are just in time to see Jung Soo frantically trying to save his dead father who is just sent to hospital. His world shatters to pieces when he is confirmed dead. He blames the hospital for not treating Mr Choi even though Jung Won feels bad and wants to apologise to him. Do Hyun finds her too uptight over the affair and wonders if she is fighting for the poor as she claims.

The hospital shows the clip again and Jung Won is enraged. It is Dr Yoon’s idea to play it. His golf friends like it and wonder who the dedicated doctor is. Dr Yoon plans to hire Jung Soo to work in his hospital and invites Jung Soo home to thank him for operating on Jung Won. Jung Soo is about to tell the truth when Dr Yoon warns Do Hyun not to let history repeat itself. He mentions about Mr Choi’s case and doesn’t want to get sued for anything like that.

Jung Soo doesn’t see a sense of regret and apology on Dr Yoon’s face. Mr Choi has died in vain because he is poor. So he decides to seek redress – he agrees to be in the surgical team and signs the contract. (Huh? I thought a hospital will at least check a doctor’s certificates- not just trust the person by the word of mouth?) Jung Soo tells Dr Kang and Nurse Liu that he isn’t returning. He doesn’t tell them about his plans. Dr Kang flies into a rage and Nurse Liu feels disappointed too.

The other doctors isolate Jung Soo as they don’t like him to get the job through connections. Some gossip that Dr Yoon only wants him in the PR department because of his good looks. They stop when Do Hyun wakes up from his sleep to hear this. Jung Soo looks through the patients’ charts as he has no other duties. Jung Won is unhappy with the arrangement and complains to Dr Yoon. Dr Yoon knows that Jung Soo can get through this. Do Hyun is alert when Dr Yoon wants Jung Soo to assist him in surgery – is this too fast?

During a meeting, the doctors ask what they should do if the electricity is cut with no equipment to determine a patient’s condition. Jung Soo replies that he will still inject medicine while Do Hyun opposes to it. He will be regarded as a hairdresser if he doesn’t try his best to save a life. Dr Bong, the anaesthetic doctor cheers for him and Do Hyun is mad when the other doctors support him. Is Jung Soo treating the ER as a playground just to try out his skills?

Dr Yoon recalls these words from Dr Kang. He tries to talk to him but Jung Soo is arrogant. It seems that Do Hyun is afraid that he will snatch something from him. Jung Soo recalls seeing Jung Won and Do Hyun in high school when the results are released in the past so he shall not give up now. Do Hyun has tried to treat him better on Jung Won’s behalf but finds it hard to do it now.

Do Hyun has problems persuading a patient to exercise after 30 minutes talk but Jung Soo manages it within 1.5 minutes. He also has a good relationship with a boy patient to fix his robot toy although he isn’t his doctor-in-charge. Dr Yoon observes this and tells Jung Won to include him in the commercial shoot. Do Hyun is also unhappy when Jung Soo suggests alternatives in prescription – is this what a junior should do?

Jung Soo stops Dr Yoon from hitting Dr Bong twice when he dozes off during an operation. Once is enough to him. Later, he is touched to know that Dr Bong has taken care of his wife who has Parkinson disease in the ward. She often wakes up at night so he doesn’t have enough sleep. Jung Won has wanted to tell Do Hyun that she has a change of heart but Do Hyun will not hear of it.

He nearly makes a blunder during an operation, which puzzle his colleagues as he is always careful. Jung Soo learns that Do Hyun often checks on his working companions not to drink or smoke before the operations to make sure that infection is minimised. Do Hyun nearly gives a wrong prescription after that. Yun Hee gets him a cup of coffee and covers him with a blanket as he sleeps while waiting for the coffee. He wakes to see that Yun Hee has marked her birthday on the calendar.

Jung Soo is warm to others during the shoot but returns to his cold self after that. He is just doing his best since he is paid. It is a public holiday but Jung Soo stays in the hospital as he has nowhere to go. A motorist without identification is sent to the ER while the head doctor is on leave. Jung Soo sees that his lips are turning blue so he saves him without waiting. The head, Dr Bae scolds him later but Jung Soo replies that he can’t see him dying. Dr Yoon praises him for the act.

The patient happens to be the grandson of Kongyu Pharmaceutical chairman. Out of gratitude, the old man will allow his staff to have their medical checkups at this hospital the next year. Dr Yoon gives Jung Soo the keys to an apartment. He has given the other apartment keys to Do Hyun in the same block although both men will stay in the different storeys.

Jung Soo tells Jung Won why he is cold to everyone. Mrs Choi leaves home after buying him a pair of tennis shoes. Mr Choi leaves him at the orphanage after promising him a bicycle. He can’t put up with lies and fake smiles from others after that. Jung Won replies weakly that it is too late for them to love as she is engaged. (Well – whose fault is it in the first place?!)

Yun Hee is disappointed that Jung Soo is moving out but helps him to move his things. Do Hyun is upset over the attention that Jung Soo is getting so he becomes drunk. Jung Won sends him home and meets Jung Soo in the lift. How can he tell her to ignore him completely? She nearly involves in an accident and returns the ring to Do Hyun, wanting to call off the engagement. Do Hyun refuses to accept this.

Yun Hee sees the seashell in Jung Soo’s jeans and thinks that it is for her. She is disappointed when he asks for it back. The other doctors tell Do Hyun that they often see Jung Won and Jung Soo together. Do Hyun snaps at them to shut up. Jung Soo gives Jung Won back the seashell to make her smile.

Yun Hee checks Jung Soo and knows that he has no duties so she wants to celebrate her birthday with him. She is disappointed when he lies to be with Jung Won. But her spirits lift slightly when Do Hyun gets her a cake. Jun Won tells Mrs Yoon about her feelings but she opposes to them together. Jung Soo alerts Dr Yoon during an operation to avoid leaving a gauze in a patient’s stomach so he is impressed.

Dr Kang misses Jung Soo and comes to the Lis’ eatery, giving Nurse Liu an excuse that he is going to renew his license. He is shocked to know that Jung Soo is now working in the hospital. More so when he goes there to see Dr Yoon with him. He waits calmly in the doctor’s quarters to reprimand Jung Soo later – what has he raise all these years – a liar? Jung Soo finds it hard to explain to him. Jung Soo lies to Dr Yoon he has a supporter so that he can finish college in Japan.

Do Hyun is disappointed when he can’t find Jung Won at her home. Mrs Yoon finds it strange that both have different activities. Jung Won meets Dr Yoon and Jung Soo outside the karaoke lounge. Dr Yoon asks her to send Jung Soo home. She cries and he hugs her. She doesn’t know how to lie while he can’t lie so they should not hide their feelings anymore. Do Hyun sees this when he returns and beats Jung Soo up.

Do Hyun brings Jung Won to his family resort, wanting to persuade her. Jung Soo sees this and gets yun Hee to tail them. When she refuses to listen, he kisses her forcefully. Jung Won runs away in tears and cries in Jung Soo’s arms. Jung Soo carries her on his back to lead her out. Yun Hee is devastated but still sends them back. Do Hyun is so sad that he misses work for 4 days so Dr Yoon gets Jung Soo to cover him. Yun Hee and Do Hyun still want to give each other a chance to win over their love.

Mr Kim is angry when Dr Yoon doesn’t renew the contract with him but to sign up with Kongyu company because they agree to inject funds into his new centre. What will happen to patients who can’t afford the cost? That doesn’t bother Dr Yoon as he only wants money. Mr Kim tells Do Hyun that he has to reconsider his relationship with Jung Won as Dr Yoon will do anything for money. He reveals that Dr Yoon has framed Dr Kang for a patient’s death 15 years ago so that he can control the hospital.

Dr Kang comes to the eatery again and Mrs Li requests him not to take Jung Soo back as Yun Hee loves him. Yun Hee also tells Dr Kang how Jung Soo reacts over Mr Choi’s death and Dr Kang realises the change in him. Mrs Choi runs into debts and comes to the hospital to work as a cleaner. Jung Soo has mixed feelings over it when he is shocked to see her as he teaches her how to mop the floor.

He has another shock when Dr Kang wants to meet him again at the hospital. Dr Yoon sees Dr Kang at the entrance and insists that he isn’t the right man to run a hospital. He is still the best person to do it. Dr Kang is displeased that he is still behaving like a businessman and deliberately tells Dr Yoon that he is Jung Soo’s supporter when he comes out.

Dr Yoon is taken aback – no wonder their styles are so similar. Dr Kang tells Jung Soo about his past and Jung Soo wonders why he doesn’t reveal that he isn’t a doctor to Dr Yoon. Dr Kang replies that he is still sore over what has happened and is at no ground to reprimand him. But the small island will always welcome Jung Soo back regardless what happens. (Circumstances force people to change their principles.)

Jung Soo orders books from Japan and Yun Hee passes the package to him. When Jung Soo is reading, Dr Bong comes in. He recalls how he goes Osaka for honeymoon during the time. He asks Jung Soo what places he has been. Unable to answer, he lies that he only goes to college and home. Yun Hee visits him and notices him studying Japanese. Jung Soo trembles and breaks the cups of tea – he is afraid that she will know his secret. (Can’t he get the books from any bookshop or information from the internet instead?)

Jung Soo then lies that he is weak in Japanese so he needs to brush up. Yun Hee smells a fish when overhearing Jung Soo asking Dr Bong the loopholes of Ginki University giving out licenses by mistake. Mrs Choi sews the button back onto Jung Soo’s doctor’s gown and discovers that he is her son. She also confirms his age with Yun Hee. She is unable to acknowledge him as she owes him too much.

Dr Kang meets Mr Kim and he is taken aback to know that both families will be in-laws soon. He misses the days that all of them studied in Osaka then. Mr Kim has admired his talents till now. He is still sore over the lost deal with Mr Yoon and doesn’t want to talk much about it. Jung Won is flattered when her colleagues comment her to be prettier than before.

Mrs Yoon isn’t happy that Dr Yoon invites Jung Soo for their family gathering. She feels that he has too many secrets to keep. Dr Yoon has planned to pair Mi Won with Jung Soo but is shocked to know that Jung Won is interested in him. Mrs Yoon is dismayed that Dr Yoon agrees with Jung Won’s act. Yun Hee collects the containers from Jung Soo’s apartment. She gets the wrong idea upon seeing this.

This is Do Hyun’s first failure in life for Jung Won’s rejection and he seeks Mrs Yoon’s help. Nurse Liu is disappointed with Jung Soo’s refusal to return. She takes leave to meet Jung Soo at the hospital rooftop – if Jung Soo gets caught, Dr Kang will also be in trouble. Do Hyun overhears this and suspects Jung Soo’s license – does he get it legally as he doesn’t seem to read his senior‘s work from Ginki University?

Jung Soo thanks Dr Kang from helping him as he opens the envelope to see his ‘license’. Why is he helping him? Dr Kang feels that his talents should not be wasted but all other feelings should conquer hatred. Jung Soo promises not to let him down. Yun Hee urges Jung Soo to treat Mrs Choi better.

The child patient needs an urgent operation and since his fireman father isn’t around to sign the papers, Jung Won signs to give the doctor the authority. But he still dies as a result – Dr Yoon worries that they might be sued fro responsibility but Jung Soo manages to calm him down. But upon looking at the ‘family’ photo that he and Jung Won take with the boy, he sobs and Jung Won tries her best to console him.

This is why she loves him for his caring nature. Dr Yoon is pleased with him and gives him a car. He urges him to learn as he can get a chauffeur to help him for the time being. Do Hyun calls up Ginki University for the records from 2002 to 2005 when Jung Soo is supposed to be there. Do Hyun’s classmate recognizes Jung Soo and tells Do Hyun that the three of them are from the same high school.

Do Hyun checks from Yun Hee on the schools that Jung Soo has been too. She only confirms the high school that he has been to. Do Hyun might have missed him because he is often away from classes to make ends meet. Yun Hee attends an all girls’ high school so both hardly meet then.

Do Hyun gets more suspicious after determining the fact from his year book to see Jung Soo’s photo – how can he not recognize him since he is on a high profile? (He is too full of himself.) He then visits Dr Kang, wanting to find more about Do Hyun. Dr Kang senses his hostility and tells him off, citing that Jung Soo might lack the experience to work in large hospitals but he has tried his best.

Yun Hee packs Jung Soo’s books to send to him. She sees photos of him taken with Nurse Liu and Dr Kang on the island. But they are dated in 2003 when he is supposed to be in Japan then – can it be a mistake? But she recalls that he is very evasive whenever Japan is mentioned. Jung Won asks for her consent to love Jung Soo. Yun Hee is upset but still approves it.

Dr Yoon brings Jung Soo to inspect the ground for the new building. He isn’t happy that Mrs Yoon also invites Do Hyun for dinner. Jung Won is offended when Mrs Yoon blurts that Jung Soo is double dating and storms out with Jung Soo. She gives him a kiss on the road. Mrs Yoon is displeased and chases her away from home out of impulse. Mrs Choi plans to resign from her job to avoid Jung Soo.

Jung Soo is put in charge of the new centre building project and Do Hyun is angry. Dr Yoon has the intention to put him to lead the new building while Do Hyun will be taking over Dr Yoon’s position in the hospital. Dr Bae mentions that Jung Soo stops the legal crisis to become the idol of new doctors to agitate Do Hyun further. Mrs Kim gets to know about Jung Won’s change of heart when showing her the apartment that she prepares for the couple. She is disgusted when Do Hyun promises to win her heart back.

Jung Soo gets his driving license and compares with his ‘doctor license’ – when can he make it into a real one? He drives to Jung Won’s home to know that she stays in a hotel. He goes to fetch her to give her a surprise. Jung Won tells her parents about Mr Choi’s death and both oppose to them together. Dr Yoon only treats him as an employee – not a future son-in-law. Jung Won still insists to be with him.

Do Hyun gets the Ginki university records. Just as he has expected, Jung Soo’s name isn’t there. Jung Soo has not submitted the fake license to the hospital as he is still afraid of getting Dr Kang into trouble. Yun Hee’s car breaks down and has a drink with Do Hyun. Mrs Lee is upset to see her drunk back home. Jung Soo finally knows that Do Hyun deliberately tests him on the thesis and he has given him a wrong answer.

Nurse Liu informs Jung Soo frantically that Do Hyun has asked about his past. Jung Soo confronts Do Hyun – so he knows that he isn’t from Ginki University. Why hasn’t he told the rest? Do Hyun’s answer – he enjoys to see him struggling although both are from the same alumini. Jung Soo deliberately provokes him – so he is scared that he is taking Jung Won from him. Do Hyun will not give in.

Yun Hee realizes Jung Soo has lied about being a doctor and confronts him with the photos. He admits that he has initially revenge in mind for Mr Choi but never expects Jung Won to come into the picture. Yun Hee gets so sad that she becomes sick. Jung Soo is worried and takes care of her the whole night immediately after work. Jung Won feels insecure to see him so concerned over her.

Mrs Lee is distressed and warns Jung Won to be careful of Jung Soo as he has a motive to get close to her – because of Mr Choi. Jung Won’s heart is shaken – how much does she know him? Dr Yoon is pleased with Jung Soo’s working ability but asks him about Mr Choi. Badly shaken, he can only reply that he is an unsuccessful man as compared to Dr Yoon. Dr Yoon is wary of him now.

Jung Soo wears the surgeon robe again when building plans are finalized. Dr Bae tells him he is more suitable to be in the ER and invites him to be his assistant for an operation. He disliked him in the past but now admires him for valuing lives. An appalled Do Hyun wants to stop it but he gets reprimanded. Dr Bae even warns him that he will be thrown out instead. Do Hyun demands to know why Jung Soo doesn’t value the chance that he has given him to escape. Jung Soo replies that he will only leave when his task ends.

Do Hyun then turns to Yun Hee for help, hoping that both of them will fight to keep their loved ones. Sure enough, she dresses prettily to work. She even tells Mrs Choi of Jung Soo’s lie and she gets worried. Jung Soo is displeased – why must she scare his mother? She threatens to tell everyone about his past if he doesn’t return to her but Jung Soo replies coldly that he doesn’t belong to her in the first place.

Filled with jealousy, she tells Jung Won about the truth. Jung Won is shocked by it. Jung Soo is about to tell her the truth when she stops him. Do Hyun is worried that Jung Won might get hurt but is surprised that she still goes to work. Jung Won tells Yun Hee to stop spreading rumours about Jung Soo.

Yun Hee is angry that she can still delude herself and acts as nothing has happened. Jung Soo is angry when Yun Hee deliberately asks him how Mrs Choi will think of him. She still wants him to return to her but he refuses. If he has liked her, he could have done it 20 years ago. Jung Won starts to avoid Jung Soo and he gets puzzled. He becomes alarmed upon knowing that Yun Hee has told her the truth.

Jung Soo is involved in another operation and Do Hyun gets mad. Not again?! Still, he answers his telephone call. Upon knowing the hospital plan is ready, he tells the architect to send to the hospital email. He senses something amiss as the plan title is different. The permit will be out the next day. Do Hyun is taken aback to see that it is not the planned knife centre but it will be a hospital for the homeless and poor. He jumps – is Jung Soo crazy to deceive Dr Yoon?

Jung Soo realizes that he can’t hide from him anymore. Jung Soo sends out two envelopes – one to the press and another to Do Hyun. Do Hyun’s eyes open wide upon opening it – Jung Soo has obtained evidence of failed operations and Dr Yoon has settled with damages out of court. Just then, Mr Kim asks Do Hyun out for a drink. He is still frowning over the loss to Kongyu company. Do Hyun admires him for considering from the patients’ stand on cutting medical costs.

Jung Won asks the management and discovers that Jung Soo has not given his license as yet. Nurse Liu comes to Seoul for training – Dr Kang claims to spend a lot of money on her. Sigh – he could have spent on Jung Soo’s education instead. Jung Won reconfirms the truth from Nurse Liu Jung Soo isn’t a doctor. She learns that he has a sad past – he was weak upon arriving the island. Unwilling to stay idle, he helps Dr Bae. Within 5 years, he learns what doctors need for 10 years to cover every single thing in order to help others.

Jung Won requests Do Hyun to kick Jung Soo out of the hospital. He can use any excuse like him grabbing his fiancée away from him or other means except to expose his license lie. Do Hyun is hurt – Jung Won has killed him twice to make such an unreasonable request. Is Jung Soo worth her doing so much? Jung Won wonders if she makes the right choice.

Jung Soo meets Do Hyun and confesses that this is his way to set things right. He can’t expose Dr Yoon’s schemes because he has no qualifications. He has grown to like Do Hyun and presumes that he will work the same way as him. He hopes that he will expose Dr Yoon with the papers. Jung Soo asks a doctor to pass the thumb drive of the new hospital plan to Jung Won. Jung Soo lies that he doesn’t love Jung Won to make use of her all the time. She is hurt and slaps him but still keeps from Dr Yoon.

Jung Soo goes missing for a few days but she isn’t concerned. Jung Soo buys a ring but is hesitant to pass it to her. Jung Won knows his whereabouts but to reprimand him for not apologizing to Dr Yoon. She believes that Dr Yoon isn’t as cold as he seems. Jung Soo has not hated the hospital staff but he only wishes to do more for the poor. Yun Hee is disappointed that Jung Won doesn’t understand Jung Soo.

Jung Soo visits Mrs Li – Yun Hee doesn’t love him. She only clings to him because he is the first person to talk to her in the orphanage. They are too alike and can only be siblings. So he urges Yun Hee to treat her better. Dr Yoon tells Jung Soo to be in charge of the new hospital. He agrees and he will leave the next day. The newspapers publish the news that Dr Yoon will be opening a hospital for the poor.

All read the news with interest. The patients talk about it even though it isn’t ready as yet. The nurses look upon Jung Soo as Robin Hood. Dr Kang also frowns – so this is Jung Soo’s plan. Nurse Liu is happy but also doubtful – can Jung Soo return to them as promised? Dr Bae scolds her – if not for her lie, things will not end up like this. He has told Jung Soo to save Jung Won then but not to lie.

Dr Yoon realises that he is tricked and Kongyu company is going to sue him for failing to fulfill the terms stated in the contract. If he wants to overwrite the permit, he needs an extra 6 months. He nearly faints upon knowing that Jung Soo has no license. That means that the hospital can’t sue him or the public will get to know it. He sends out his men to catch him. The reporters field Dr Yoon with questions. Do Hyun feels disgusted when the reporters know Dr Yoon is a money-minded person and never do much for charity.

Do Hyun slips away and shows Jung Won the evidence. The papers are enough to ruin Dr Yoon but Jung Soo chooses to help him to be in the positive light instead. This is to prevent hurting Jung Won. Jung Won then realizes that he has loved her all along. Jung Soo burns the fake license and his doctor’s robe. This is ending soon. Upon knowing Dr Yoon is after Jung Soo, she helps him to escape and although he doesn’t wish to implicate her, she still insists of staying with him.

Do Hyun knows that he has no chance to win Jung Won’s heart so he removes their photo from his car. Jung Won has a fever so Jung Soo takes care of her. She ends up taking care of him later when the reverse happens. Jung Soo is caught and put in jail. Jung Won suffers from anorexia and Mrs Yoon gets Do Hyun to visit her. Her parents get to know that she is pregnant but she refuses to abort the baby.

Dr Bae is puzzled that Jung Soo doesn’t behave like an inexperienced intern in the operating theatre. He is even better than his other students. He can’t contain his surprise upon knowing from Do Hyun that Dr Kang is his teacher. Dr Kang was a legend then – he had the most patients. But due to the mercy killing incident, he has to step down and make way for Dr Yoon. Do Hyun also knows it from Mr Kim.

Mrs Choi gets her own house back and Jung Won requests to stay with her after leaving her family. After Jung Soo’s release, he is delighted to see his son, Min Seo. They get married under the presence of Nurse Liu, Do Hyun, Yun Hee and Mrs Choi. Dr Yoon suffers from cancer and gets Dr Kang to operate on him. This is a good time for him to seek revenge when both men joke. Dr Kang is in Seoul to give a lecture to university students when he knows about it.

Dr Yoon forgives Jung Won when she brings Min Seo to visit him. Jung Won is happy to know that Jung Soo has seen her on Do Hyun’s graduation. She has been jealous of Yun Hee to know him first and has thought that they have no affinity with each other. Do Hyun and Yun Hee start dating. Jung Soo stays on the island to treat the patients while Jung Won helps Dr Yoon to manage the hospital. He is a real doctor now after getting his license. The small family only reunites on weekends but they cherish the time together.

Introduction on characters

1. Choi Jung Soo – Shin Dong Wook
Caring and passionate, Jung Soo is also smart, warm-hearted and willing to help others anytime. He spent his difficult childhood in an orphanage after his mother remarried. He gives up going to college because he cannot afford to pay for it and leaves for a remote island. On the island, he meets Dr Bae and gets a job at a local clinic. Meeting Jung Won changes his entire life. He is blinded by greed and revenge.

See how arrogant he is to others when working in the hospital. But he remains caring and endearing to all his patients. He still has conscience and sets things right. Dong Wook is good in portraying a lonely and caring man. His resembles Jin Tai Yu from ‘Tears in her eyes’ in looks. Even the lanky frame is so similar. However, his acting is only satisfactory as he isn’t that impressive in crying scenes.

2. Yoon Jung Won – Han Ji Hye
Jung Won is in charge of public relations of a hospital owned by her family. Free-spirited and outgoing, she is confident that she can have anything she wants. Her last wish is to find the man of her dreams and make him completely hers. She understands that she has to marry Do Hyun according to her family’s wish, but she has never regarded him more than a big brother. One day she meets Jung Soo when she visits his hospital to promote her family’s hospital. She falls hopelessly in love with him and she becomes firm.

Although Ji Hye shows effort to shed off her past rowdy and talkative image in other dramas, she comes across as bored and listless. Does she lack sleep during the shoot?

3. Kim Do Hyun – Kim Jeong Hyeon
Smart and coming from a high-profile family, Do Hyun is a surgeon. His family owns a pharmaceutical company and wants him to marry Jung Won, whom he has always loved. Unlike other pampered men, he is very caring to patients and is strict even on minor details to make sure that nothing goes wrong. He is initially bitter that Jung Won betrays him but is a gentleman to give Jung Soo chances. Jeong Hyeon’s acting is better than Dong Wook to steal the limelight from him.

4. Lee Yun Hee – Im Jeong Eun
Ever since Yun Hee met Jung Soo at the orphanage, she has regarded him her best friend, father, brother and lover. She loses contact with him after he disappears, but continues to wait for him. When he finally returns, he is not the man she used to know. There is only one woman in his heart – Jung Won. Blinded by jealousy, she uses his past to threaten him, wanting him to go to her. But seeing how much he is in love with Jung Won, she realises her mistake and explains matters to Jung Won.

I shake my head at this actress. Half the time, she looks like a housewife with dishevelled hair. It doesn’t help when she turns to wear miniskirts to expose her fleshy legs. Moreover, her character is so unlike able – women can be direct to bare their feelings to get their men but she makes it too desperate.

5. Dr Kang – Choi Jong Won
He is a talented doctor but fate plays a joke on him to lose his important position in the hospital. This doesn’t put him down and he continues to treat the sick. He imparts all his skills to Jung Soo and treats him like a son, not a student to worry about his fate all the time.

6. Dr Yoon – Kim Yong Geon
Dr Yoon is a famous surgeon and also the hospital director. He is a very calculative and is only concerned of making more money from the rich. He totally neglects his family and that is why Mrs Yoon drifts away from him. He has been successful in life and never expects Jung Soo to cause his downfall.

7. Mrs Yoon – Yang Geum Seok
She is a well-accomplished painter and is very protective towards her daughters. She has gone against her parents’ wishes to marry Dr Yoon. We can’t blame her for being hostile to Jung Soo and tries so hard to bring Do Hyun to be with Jung Won again. Who doesn’t want the best for their children?

8. Mrs Lee – Lee Mi Young
She is Yun Hee’s mother and is remorseful to leave Yun Hee at the orphanage for 5 years. That is why she tries to make up to her for the lost time. She owns an eatery to bring up her children. Unlike Mrs Yoon to be sarcastic to Jung Soo, her approach is the opposite – to beg him to accept Yun Hee. This shows how much she loves her although her way of showing is entirely different.

9. Dr Bae - Yeon Gyu Jin
He is the head of ER. He is extremely strict with his juniors but shares his experiences with them. He dislikes Jung Soo to get in through Jung Won’s recommendation. However, he learns to appreciate his way of treating patients so he gives him chances to learn from him.

10. Nurse Liu
She is Dr Kang’s capable helper at the island clinic. Without her, Dr Kang could not manage the patients. Neither can Jung Soo complete Jung Won’s operation too. She is like their kin to show concern to them.

Favourite character
None, because the characters are too one-dimensional.

Most hated character
Dr Yoon – he is too meticulous to everyone. Has he held the scalpel for too long to lose all feelings?

Interesting facts

The story is based on a Japanese novel. The producer initally had doubts producing it as it might affect the viewers' trust towards doctors but decided to go ahead with the shooting later.

Ji Hye was worried when the serial ended with a miserable 4% in the viewership for the ending. Was she forgotten?


It shows how the life of a man gets complicates when love blossoms. It is not sweet addiction as he is playing with fire. In order to protect it, he begins to lie to himself and ignore the past. The moment he rises to the top, he loses everything. The love that he thought would give him everything turns into poison. He lost his world but this is his story of getting it back.

The story is absurd – can a hospital hire a doctor without checking his testimonials? This is putting lives of the patients at risk! No matter how talented the person may be, I am not convinced – Do Hyun is right – without practical experience, this is endangering lives.

The plot comes across as too slow-moving and boring towards the end. The scriptwriter doesn’t know how to develop the story after Jung Soo’s release. He should have let Dr Yoon meet Jung Soo to settle their disputes. He doesn’t talk much on how Do Hyun starts his new romance. It turns out to be another unoriginal sappy drama which leaves me unsatisfied.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

Overall : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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