Couple of Fantasy

Reviewed by: sukting

June 15, 2007

Rating: three-point-five

Will a cold and rich woman change her snobbish personality after losing her memory? Will she still love her husband or be with the new man whom she only knows for a while but loves deeply?


Zhe Xiu and De Jiu go to the female sauna to fix a stuck pipe. You will laugh to know what causes it – a bra! De Jiu refuses to leave when he is underpaid. He takes off his clothes to make the owner pay the balance. Billy is alarmed that Anna is returning to Korea. She is arrogant to order the air stewardess to fly the plane soon since she is disallowed to use the handphone. All panick to keep the house spick and span – their peaceful days are over. She is rude to criticize others on the plane, making all scared of her.

She drives back herself but loses contact with Kong due to poor reception. Her car ends up knocking into De Jiu's car. De Jiu offers to help her fix her car and she pays him. He tells her to wait in his car and she can't stand the stench in it. She later thinks that he is a molester so both fight. She gets all his money and leaves. He vows to seek revenge – but where to get her?

Zhe Xiu suddenly remembers that he has a broken mannequin in his van – is she frightened by it to do that?
Anna scolds Billy for not receiving her at the airport to get into this mess. She wants him to hug her but comments that he has poor taste in the cologne. She wants many things to change – the chef, cleaners and even the furniture. All employers are displeased with her – they have no desire to work anymore. (This is a splendid scene to display Anna's authority.)

Can't she discuss with him before making the decisions? This is what Billy has in mind but he doesn't dare to talk back at her as she is the boss. See how meekly he becomes to take the things to clean their cat, Princess! (This poor man has no dignity.) Zhe Xiu puts up a banner, wanting to catch her. Anna doesn't like Kong to praise Billy's capabilities. She asks if anyone is hit by a spade. The car passes but Zhe Xiu doesn't recognize her because she is in another car.

Anna dislikes the old place and wants to leave soon after getting milk for Princess. Zhe Xiu sees her and comments that her car looks good. He demands her to take off her shades. She drives the car away with his head stuck in the car window. She changes her mind of compensation when he calls her auntie. He demands to go to the police by keeping her cat.

He sells it to get the money back – he tells the cat - don't blame him as it will meet a better owner soon. Anna looks at his namecard and comes to his home. He laughs upon knowing that the cat costs a lot more. She grabs their dog, Hua Shun and runs away. His nephews want for its return so De Jiu gets the cat back. They exchange the pets. Billy isn't bothered over her disappearance and wishes her to return to the U.S. .

But she wants him to go with her. He doesn't know how long he can bear with her. (He has reached the ultimate.) Zhe Xiu hates Anna for causing him to miss the pay for a day and has to go somewhere far to work. He is surprised to ask to fix the pipe in Anna's expensive yacht. Zhe Xiu can't believe his eyes upon seeing the cat. She is sunbathing in her bikini and is so shocked to see him that she slips into his arms.

He ends up falling his head on her chest and she demands him to leave. He refused without being paid.
She throws him down her yacht when he says that she has no friend or lover because of her bad temper.
The hotel staff wants to hold a farewell gathering for Billy before Anna returns. They are speechless when Anna returns suddenly. Billy stops midway of his singing. They are mortified by her appearance.

Anna allows them to continue and overhears a waitress wanting to trick her to drink a cup of orange juice filled with laxatives. Billy grabs the glass and drinks it to protect the waitress from being fired. Anna is mad – is he all out to go against her? All leave with him to make the silent protest. Billy can bear it no more. She has done too much to torture everyone including him – Anna throws the glass at him but accidentally breaks the fish tank to kill his fish. Billy stares at Anna and wants a divorce.

He has money and status but he never has a single day of joy. Seeing her makes his blood run dry and hair stands. He wants to lead a human's life. (Sung Min is excellent in this scene.) She says no – he is her only family after 12 years old. This is why she gives him a chance. They can't part unless she dies. Kong reminds Billy – he has bore for 5 years. Is he willing to give up everything? Kong begs him to stay. (It is to his own benefit or Kong has to work for the tigress alone.

Billy wants to dive to look for his tool bag – Anna has thrown it into the sea and that is his livelihood. De Jiu stops him with Rou Jing's help. Anna is on her yacht again – Billy is in agony because of her?
He spends her money and only uses a ring to propose to her. She throws the handphone into the sea. Sure enough, Billy has a stomach upset and is down when Anna doesn't let him go. Anna gulps a whole bottle of XO and sees the ring. She suddenly regrets and wants to pick it back but it rolls to the edge.

She falls into the sea and is nearly drowned. Billy frowns as he must stay. Anna doesn't want to die to make Billy the only beneficiary. All look for her and Billy nearly faints – is she dead? He imagines the scene – she jumps to make him regret for life. Zhe Xiu nearly drowns too after getting his tools from the sea. He nearly dies 4 times because of Anna and has so many bills to clear.

Suddenly he hears a familiar voice from a ward beside him, criticizing the stink. It is Anna but she can't remember anything. Kong sends Billy to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor wants Zhe Xiu to bring Anna away as the nurse can't bear her temper. Billy misses seeing Anna as he rushes to the toilet. Zhe Xiu smiles as he is having his revenge but later thinks the punishment at the hospital is not enough. So he decides to bring her home to work as a free nanny for his nephews for a month.

She sits at the rear of their truck. Laugh when both men can't recognize Anna as their car is behind Zhe Xiu's truck. Zhe Xiu lies that her name is Sang Shi. Anna freaks out when seeing cockroaches and checking gum everywhere. Billy looks at their wedding photos – he never means to part like that. She has asked him what he will do if she dies first. She is his only. So she will take him if that happens. (Can you imagine she says that on their wedding day?) Billy's smile fades when their photo is taken.

He feels the creeps when recalling that. He tells Princess to go away. Anna nearly slips and Zhe Xiu holds her. She recalls that she has such an encounter with him before. Anna can't get used to the shabby food that Zhe Xiu's family is eating. Zhe Xiu jokes that Anna can sleep with him but allows her to sleep on the sofa. Billy dreams of Anna coming to get him. Anna is still picky on clothes and Zhe Xiu tries hard not to laugh as he gets her auntie clothes.

Kong decides to get an ampulet for Billy since he is so stressed. Rou Jing announces that she is getting married and he kisses Anna, falling on top of her. Billy is happy without Anna around – he recalls her complaints then on his habits. Kong notices that he is happy and even does the things Anna dislikes all along – this is the day of her funeral! (This shows how the men dislike her ruling their lives.)

Billy donates all Anna's clothes away and tells the staff to get coffee for him in future instead of the earl grey tea that Anna likes. Kong calculates Anna's property – Billy is getting a lot of money. Anna even buys an island. Kong throws away Zhe Xiu's clothes found in the yacht. Zhe Xiu gives Anna a time table to do housework chores for him – she can't believe that she does all this and continues sleeping.

Of course, she makes a big mess in everything. Billy tells Anna silently that he doesn't blame her. He wants to sell the yacht to forget her soul and removes his ring. He drops it and tries to pick it back. He ends up almost falling into the sea. Kong saves him – does the same happen to her? Billy sprains his wrist and Kong describes it seems that Anna is the one pulling him. (It makes Billy's face totally drained of colour.)

They see her walking by the side of the road, wanting to buy food. Billy thinks that he sees a ghost and faints. The staff gives Zhe Xiu's namecard. Why does Billy feel so frightened – he doesn't do anything wrong. Kong guesses that she has another man – he places all the evidence – they must check on him. Billy becomes mad and finds it impossible as the shirts are dirty. Can Anna like a low class man?

Kong recalls the day when Anna drives away quickly to avoid Zhe Xiu. He has been in the shop getting milk for Princess. She must have lured him away. Zhe Xiu admits that his blood boils whenever he sees her. The two men assume that Zhe Xiu has taken off everything since his shirt is off. Billy stamps on the shirt in anger. Anna still finds it unbelievable that she loves Zhe Xiu in the past. Laugh when Kong and Zhe Xiu tell the two to face reality. (This is the highlight of the drama.)

Seeing Anna so tired after doing housework, he attaches a plaster on her neck. Billy wants to change the car. Or rather anything she has used. He has never looked at any women within the 5 years – this is so unfair to him. What kind of man does she like? Kong replies that Zhe Xiu is strong and attractive. He is also younger than Billy. Billy wants to see how he is so they go to the company. Kong sees the same soccer shirt and De Jiu to take off his shirt. Kong exclaims that he is young – mistakening him to be Anna's lover.

He replies that Zhe Xiu is out and asks them to wait for him. Billy feels that this is humiliating Anna and wants to leave but Kong wishes to stay. Anna calls Zhe Xiu's office and both are alarmed to hear her voice. Billy trembles but Zhe Xiu receives it. He explains that the call comes from his home. Billy walks out, feeling shaky. Although Zhe Xiu offers a smaller fee, they run into the car.

Is Anna still alive? Anna tries out a sparkling can. Kong asks around and finds out that she has lost her memory. It might be Anna. Billy comes when the place becomes smoky to save her out. He is initially shocked to see her – so is Kong. Billy is about to call for the ambulance when Kong asks him to be calm. Does he really want her to return? (This man is too frightened to have her back.)

Both men leave her there when she pulls their ties. Zhe Xiu is shocked to see his house in this state and scolds Anna. Billy imagines the two in steamy scenes and he becomes worked up. Why she doesn't ask for a divorce then? She is only asking for enjoyment. Anna blushes when Zhe Xiu accidentally drops his towel after a shower. He flees into his room – this is so shameful!

Billy has Princess beside him – he isn't wrong. This is Anna's punishment for betraying him. He imagines her running after him for ditching Princess. Billy drives to Zhe Xiu's home again – should he pretend not to know her? Zhe Xiu tries to make Anna happy when she is washing the clothes by stepping into the basin.
She laughs with him and likes it. Billy is baffled – she is smiling?!

He recalls a reception – she looks bored with the fake smiles around her. He pleads with her - isn't having him changing anything? She doesn't smile too. Billy has tears in his eyes and leaves quietly. He has no reason to feel apologetic since she is so blissful. (This is so sad!) Zhe Xiu plans to desert Anna by the roadside but he has no heart to do it. Billy returns to the U.S. and leaves the work to Kong.

Kong feels curious – what is Anna doing now? Anna learns that Zhe Xiu's brother and sister-in-law died in a car accident. That is why he works so hard to take care of them. Zhe Xiu buys a pair of shoes for Anna to make her happy. He even fixes a bicycle for her. Kong informs Billy that and he jumps. Billy decides to bring Anna home before Zhe Xiu does anything. She falls on top of Zhe Xiu and both fight again. Kong notices that Billy loses a lot of weight when he returns.

Billy wants Zhe Xiu's details. Zhe Xiu is younger than him at 30 years old and is 185cm tall. He is also active in all kinds of matching activities. Kong comments that Zhe Xiu is stupid to harp on loyalty these days – people can forsake their parents, siblings and even wives. Billy snaps at him – is he referring to him? (We must be careful when we open our mouths.) Kong closes his mouth as Billy wants him to give money to Zhe Xiu to bring Anna home.

Anna accidentally damages Zhe Xiu's calculator when she washes his clothes. She can still be so haughty and he jumps. Kong frowns upon seeing Zhe Xiu's messy office and is shocked to see the amount he writes on the board – 150 billion! How greedy he can be. Actually he is only aiming for 150 million through Anna for her meals. Anna suddenly calls at this time to ask him for the number to order sauce noodles.

When Kong realizes his mistake, he snatches the briefcase and leaves. He can't give him so much. So he isn't a gigolo. Billy is rehearsing his lines to try to persuade Anna to return home with him. Kong stops him in time – Zhe Xiu doesn't know Anna's background and only wants to seek revenge because of personal grudges. Kong can vouch that they are not lovers. Can Anna forgive him for pretending not to know her 3 times? Billy blames Kong – it is due to his lack of information to turn out to be like this.

Doesn't Billy trust him? Kong is hurt and Billy consoles him. One more month to think of a way to solve it then. Zhe Xiu is happy to see his home spick and span now. So he has earned his worth now. Hopefully this happens everyday. Anna's blouse is wrinkled so Zhe Xiu teaches her how to iron it. She gets mad when he criticizes her – should she iron his face too? They become closer again.

Kong urges Billy to be firm – now Billy is disheartened. He feels guilty but also scared of Anna. Anna isn't happy to hear Mrs Xia commenting that Rou Jing is more suitable for Zhe Xiu. Zhe Xiu accompanies Rou Jing to the wedding studio and is attracted by her beauty when she tries the gown. The staff even thinks that he is the groom. Anna recalls – so Zhe Xiu prefers someone who is light and has flowers with her all the time? A retarded girl, Jiang Zi always does that to try to attract De Jiu.

Zhe Xiu sends Rou Jing home and drinks. Anna suddenly finds him pitiful and joins him. Doesn't he feel sorry for her for treating her this way – to think of another woman in front of her? Zhe Xiu becomes apologetic too. The next day, Zhe Xiu and Anna go to paint 3 lighthouses. They find a vase and even more later. Anna then says that they don't look valuable. He doesn't listen to her and want more. They turn out to be worthless as Anna notices that they are recently made.

De Jiu is puzzled why Zhe Xiu only wants him to fetch them back the next day. Mrs Xia finds him romantic to spend the night with Anna on a quiet remote island. Rou Jing's fiancé wants to break off with her because he loves another woman. She agrees reluctantly but she is still going to the U.S. She cries when she walks out. She comes to the island and Anna is unhappy to see the two hugging together.

Anna pretends to be strong and wants both to leave. She paints the words – he is a jerk with red paint. Billy
is hungry but pretends to have little appetite over Anna's death. In contrast, Kong eats a lot. Some guess that he has killed Anna for her money. He must be feeling guilty over it to get skinny. He is never important to Anna than Princess. So he must have gotten rid of it. (Billy starts to look scared again!)

Billy becomes nervous and asks Kong – where is Princess? Anna passes by a pet shop to see it. Billy rushes there to buy it. Anna is also there and recognizes him as the man who has been to Zhe Xiu's house. Princess runs out to go to Anna and he has a shock of his life. She comments that it is pretty and his heart beats fast. He recalls how they name it – she is the queen so it must be princess.

She returns it to him. If the cat has been ditched once, it will never return. Billy recalls Anna's laughter and sighs. He touches Princess. Rou Jing's friend, Xiao Zhen becomes the children's art teacher and Rou Jing tries to find out what Anna does for them. They betray Anna to go out with Rou Jing so she is mad with them. She quarrels with Zhe Xiu so Rou Jing is happy. The boys feel bad as they treat her as family now.

Anna wants to be with Zhe Xiu before she regains her memory. She gets drunk and recalls seeing expensive lighting and dancing with a man in a ball. It is true that Billy loves her as she is witty, pretty and elegant. He recalls knowing her from the same ball. He has not harboured hopes but Anna holds his hand. As a result, he shakes it off. Kong thinks love at first sight is a scary thing for him to commit this mistake.

Anna falls asleep on a bench. Zhe Xiu covers her with his tracksuit cover and both rest together. Rou Jing is jealous to see this. Anna vomits on the sofa when she is home. Zhe Xiu decides to send Anna home –their debt is cleared. Zhe Xiu is alarmed that Billy has sold the yacht and Kong clears all Anna's handphone records. No missing person report at the police station. Zhe Xiu jumps – what should he do now if she can't remember forever? The boys preserve the pizza to wait for Anna to eat together.

Zhe Xiu brings Anna to the places that they have met before but she has no recollection. Billy moves out from the big house – he doesn't want anything to do with Anna anymore. He moves to the resort. He will wait for a year to get hold of Anna's fortune. You will laugh at the men's response when they ask the same doctor but they give different answers on Anna's case. He tells Billy that Anna might remember but tells Zhe Xiu that Anna might stay like this forever. Billy imagines Anna wanting to bury him alive. Zhe Xiu imagines that Anna pesters him in his coffin to ask for food. How scary it is for both men.

Anna accidentally damages Zhe Xiu's camera in the washing machine so she buries in the garden.
Billy doesn't think Anna will recover soon but he imagines seeing Anna's ghastly reflection in the mirror. When he sees Princess, he gets irritated again. He wakes up with a fright – there is no turning back now.
Billy frowns when she complains about food in an eatery and Zhe Xiu's family is chased out. Zhe Xiu jumps when the boys agree with her to try sauce noodles instead. He has wanted to treat her to a decent meal as he feels guilty towards her now.

It is their wedding anniversary but a torture for Billy yearly. The first year he gets her flowers, she dislikes them. The second year to buy her a necklace, she comments it is not made of her favourite precious stones. The third year to purchase shoes, she also doesn't like them. So when it comes to the fourth year he goes to a place that she will never go – Saudi Arabia desert for a business trip. Anna is the kind of person who will not get touched or satisfied whatever things he does. (Anna is too hard to please then but not now.)

Anna likes the hair band that Zhe Xiu gets for her. Is this considered a present? But she smiles at her mirror reflection. Jun Shi accidentally spills the facial cream so Zhe Xiu applies some on Anna's face. She smiles and decides to cook instant noodles for them. Zhe Xiu runs out when Rou Jing needs to be hospitalized due to a stomachache. She has met her ex earlier and agrees to leave Korea right after his departure to keep the matter from the villagers. Zhe Xiu calls Xiao Zhen to stay with her the whole night.

Zhe Xiu returns to finish his noodles and Anna is pleased although they turn soggy. Billy plays with Princess and receives Anna's letter from the U.S. This is her anniversary gift for him. She has enclosed photos of the island that she buys and a vcd to tell him that it is his. She relates that she might return to Korea to watch this video with him then. Billy is touched – does she miss him? She isn't happy because her friend was killed by her husband. Are rich women's husbands so heartless?

Billy is in tears and says sorry. Anna even asks – is he the same? She relates that she has left a will not to leave him anything when she dies to donate to the charity. He screams – no as he clings to the television!! (It is a cute sight that you have to watch it yourself.) Zhe Xiu discovers the camera and jumps when Anna lies that it is Hua Shun's fault. When Zhe Xiu wants to put it into the van, she hugs it. Actually Zhe Xiu only wants to send it to the vet and he isn't angry.

Anna tears off the barcode of an expensive coat so he has to buy it. Kong checks the will – sure indeed – Anna's property will fly out of Billy's hands within a year if she is certified dead. They should have brought her home. Both men decide to push the blame to Zhe Xiu. Anna is worried when Zhe Xiu is out at sea on a stormy day. She hugs him when he returns. Kong starts moving all Anna's things back while Billy scratches the cat. Billy is sore that she doesn't want to leave a cent for him. So he has to bring her home.

Zhe Xiu has a fever so Anna takes care of him. She also makes sauce noodles for him – that is the only dish that she knows how to make. Anna quarrels with Rou Jing when she comes to visit Zhe Xiu. Anna is just back after getting him more medicine to run into her. Rou Jing sneers at her for losing her memory. Zhe Xiu is only nice to put her up in his home. Kong recalls his first love, Mrs Xia and they meet happily.

Zhe Xiu is touched to see the medicine and wonders why she avoids Rou Jing. He admits their past to her.
The two are together for a month and Kong thinks they shall not stay long. They must try to make Anna hate Zhe Xiu. All the women go for the warm bath resort that Kong recommends – he doesn't expect them to come to foil Kong's plan as he only wants to date Mrs Xia alone.

Billy runs back to the resort upon knowing that Anna is here – she must not be seen. Anna doesn't recognize the place even as she walks around. All return home after that, making the men relieved. Jiang Zi gets into the house to keep Anna's wedding photo. Anna doesn't get to see the big photo right behind her when she gets Jiang Zi. She apologises to Billy for the intrusion. He is stunned – she has changed to say sorry and thank you?! She will never say that to him in the past.

Kong also knows the change in her that no one recognizes. Billy asks himself – what has he done to her?
Anna comments that she absorbs dust on the way back to become dirty again when she gets off the truck. Laugh when Mrs Xia mentions that the women are going for rice wine and she runs with them. Billy drinks with Kong – is Zhe Xiu rich? If he owns land, why is he poor then? He is saving money for his nephew's future. Anna finds the different countries familiar when reading books. All marvel at her fluent English.

They let her watch 'Titanic' and she finds the actor, Leonardo familiar. Zhe Xiu and Anna can't concentrate to watch it in a noisy cinema so Zhe Xiu rents a video room. She runs away when her heart suddenly pumps fast when seeing him. She starts criticizing everything on the street and feels better. She suspects that she regains her memory – so he is her man. This makes him feel more guilty.

Billy sees Princess and thinks that Anna returns when he is still drunk. She laments that it is too late even though he brings her back since he ditches her. He promises when he wakes up. He looks at her photo – he will when Zhe Xiu forsakes her. Later, he realizes that the photo is missing and rushes to the town. He can't let Zhe Xiu see it. Anna is puzzled when Jiang Zi gives her flowers. Jiang Zi is about to show her the photo
when Mrs Xia offers to treat her to rice wine. (She is becoming a drunkard after knowing her.)

Billy wants to snatch the photo from Jiang Zi but she runs after Anna. Billy comes to Zhe Xiu's home – it seems that she has not reached since it is so quiet. The boys return and he can't escape now. He waits till night and he is still hiding under the pail as they have a BBQ session. De Jiu is uneasy when Jiang Zi keeps looking at him. Mrs Xia urges Anna to marry Zhe Xiu. Billy tries to reach Jiang Zi's handbag.

Mrs Xia talks about Billy becoming rich after being a widower. Anna is now curious to know how he looks like. Billy manages to keep the photo before Jiang Zi gets it. De Jiu sees that the boys are close to Anna and wonders how they react if she leaves. When Billy hears Zhe Xiu saying that he can't desert Anna, he becomes angry. Billy gets out of the pail when all return home.

Xiao Zhen urges Rou Jing to go on a holiday with Zhe Xiu on her birthday. Zhe Xiu arranges Anna to go for another checkup. She feels that he is wasting money and starts playing well on the hospital piano.
All nurses gather to watch her and Zhe Xiu is attracted too. So she must be better than he thinks. He isn't sending her home as he needs to work. Zhe Xiu starts to feel inferior and wonders if she has taken the right bus home. He buys an expensive handphone for her to cheer her up.

De Jiu thinks that it must be for Rou Jing. Rou Jing wonders if she recalls her birthday when seeing him with the bag. He replies that he is going home and she gets mad when he isn't giving her the bag. Billy is angry that Kong isn't around but wooing Mrs Xia in town. He gets uneasy when Mrs Xia offers to get Anna to work in the resort as she knows English well. She is angry and leaves.

Anna opens the door and sees him with the handphone. He gives it to her and she is delighted. She says that it fails the standard – she is keeping it but going to change into her favourite colour. Rou Jing pretends to get drunk, wanting Zhe Xiu to fetch her home. Anna sees through her ploy but is unable to make Zhe Xiu believe it. Seeing that she is going to lean on Zhe Xiu, Anna takes her from him.

When he goes to get his car, she throws Rou Jing on the ground. So has she wake up? Anna is angry – isn't she getting married soon? Rou Jing still has memories with him and this saddens Anna. Zhe Xiu avoids answering Rou Jing if he loves Anna. Kong massages Billy's legs and Billy is angry that he says that Zhe Xiu is more macho than him. Billy recalls how Anna accepts his wedding proposal as he stays outside her home for 100 days – regardless of rain or shine. (That is a marvelous sight.)

He has wanted to give up as she is an iceberg but she comes to see him. He has missed a day but she passes him to let him put the ring on her finger. He should woo her innocently to make her accept him again. Zhe Xiu sees her clothes neatly folded with the handphone so he thinks she has left. He is relieved when she returns with Hua Shun. Billy decides to meet Anna and imagines her saying that he looks good but he needs to tie properly and only pray his cologne twice. The most important thing is to bring Princess along.

Jiang Zi brings Anna flowers again and Anna isn't happy that Zhe Xiu only buys her the handphone now. Billy wants to act the scene that Anna helps him to find Princess – which she actually does as Hua Shun runs after it. She finds him familiar looking and he sits opposite her. She asks if he wants her to attach a bandage on his head. He gets excited – maybe she remembers him? Zhe Xiu asks her to meet him at his office for lunch so she runs out without helping him, leaving him disappointed.

Zhe Xiu feels bad only letting her eat sauce noodles but she replies that she will not eat tasteless stuff. She suggests coming with the boys the next time. Billy is sore over what happens – he hates Zhe Xiu now. Zhe Xiu is going to Seoul to meet his senior who offers to look for Anna's yacht. Anna isn't the person on the missing list too. Billy is angry that someone else knows that he is after Anna's money and asks who Ying Jiu is – Kong feels the chill.

Anna takes care of the boys who have a fever and Zhe Xiu is touched. Anna dreams of her late grandmother and how she begs her not to die. Yun Shi is holding her hand as he sleeps. Rou Jing brings flowers to Zhe Xiu's office but he isn't there. Anna doesn't know how to cook porridge properly so she asks Rou Jing to help when she comes. She gets Anna to buy something before Zhe Xiu returns.
Anna is unhappy when she returns to see the car – what perfect timing she has!

After Rou Jing leaves, Anna sleeps on the sofa. Billy gets nervous to know that someone is checking on the yacht. Kong bribes Zhe Xiu's senior with money to lie that he can't find it. The welfare organization wants Zhe Xiu to send Anna to them since they are not related. Rou Jing tells Anna that she isn't going to the U.S. because she can't leave him. (Partially because she isn't allowed to.)

Rou Jing even wears the watch that she takes from his room. Anna decides to have a last meal with Zhe Xiu before she leaves secretly. Zhe Xiu is shocked to know what has happened and rushes home to see the handphone on the sofa. He sends mms of her photo to all his driver buddies. They help him to track her down at the bus station. He knows that she hasn't recovered or she will not call herself Sang Shi.

He confesses everything to her. So where is her real family? Billy thinks he should act sad to see them together. Anna is angry - Zhe Xiu must not call her Sang Shi anymore. Zhe Xiu dreams that Anna wants to kill him with a spade. When he wakes up, she is sitting in his room. She nearly wants to demolish the house but will stay till she finds herself. Now is his turn to sleep on the sofa as she takes his bed. He doesn't mind – luckily she stays so this is to redeem himself. Anna also suspects that she should not like Zhe Xiu.

Billy believes - the more Anna hates Zhe Xiu, the more understanding she will be towards him. He recalls – Anna blames him for switching on a high volume of the television to scare Princess. Thus she offs it and throws the remote on his head. Then he recalls how she says sorry – she changes so much. Anna tells the children that they cannot be close to her anymore because of Zhe Xiu. Zhe Xiu will not stay in the house when she is here. Mrs Xia urges her to eat. She is too used to call her Miss Luo.

Billy decides to show Anna their wedding photo but Jiang Zi snatches it away from his car again. When he catches up with her, he only finds De Jiu's photo in her bag. That means that she has placed it in her shop.
Seeing them the men talking about someone spying on them on Anna's fortune, he takes the photo from the table. Since Zhe Xiu is doubting, it isn't the time to bring her home. Anna is touched that Zhe Xiu has tried his best to help her. Rou Jing looks at the watch – Zhe Xiu must be only sympathesizing with Anna.

Billy discovers that Kong is Ying Jiu. Anna looks through the namelist to look for her name. She recalls that he has seen the mole on her chest. The boys stare at him and he urges them to trust him. Anna removes Zhe Xiu's handphone battery to stop calls from Rou Jing. He can't find it and goes out without it. She will curb the habit of eating sauce noodles as it is unsuitable for her. She frowns as he goes out – will he look for Rou Jing? Zhe Xiu isn't happy although they earn more money now.

Billy wants to bribe Zhe Xiu using money. Laugh when Anna still orders sauce noodles as she still likes it.
Anna keeps telling herself that the two has nothing to do with her but she still gets angry. Rou Jing asks for reconciliation while Anna runs to the office. Zhe Xiu is amused to see her sweaty and wants her to drive him. Zhe Xiu sees her jealous expression and gathers that she thinks both have not met. He brings her to the place where they exchange the pets. Zhe Xiu tells Anna that he only likes her alone and not Rou Jing.

She is adamant to break off with him. She drives too fast and nearly knocks Billy down. Billy sends the car for repair for her and she notices that he hurts his arm. He is happy when she places plasters for him. She eats good food with him and he plays the music that both listen when they first meet. She finds it familiar. He is about to tell her when she says that she will kill her family for not looking for her. He shivers when looking at the way she cuts her steak. She offers to buy him sauce noodles next time.

Mrs Xia is stunned to see Anna and Zhe Xiu so intimate in bed to fight over a soft toy. It has money in it and she knows all along. Kong gives Billy the town soccer team vest to join his team. Rou Jing recalls Zhe Xiu's rejection but will wait for Anna to leave. Kong compares Anna at the gate to receive Zhe Xiu – she never does this for Billy. She is actually angry that the money is missing.

He finds the envelope under the sofa. De Jiu gets a call from Xiao Zhen – he can't agree more that women are calculative. Anna and Rou Jing meet again – don't provoke her or she will pretend to suffer from amnesia forever to be with Zhe Xiu. Billy wonders when Anna likes sauce noodles. Anna runs to meet Zhe Xiu and sees Billy's ring – it is familiar. He drops it suddenly and it rolls but he picks it up. She remembers this happens on the yacht. She hears a song in his car and recalls opening the door.

She doesn't want to listen and he offs it. Seeing that she leaves her handphone, Billy takes it and follows her. She knocks into someone to break a tank and kills a fish. She finds it familiar when the owner scolds her. Zhe Xiu senses she has a headache and sends her to hospital. The checkup is fine. Billy is in tears upon seeing her handphone's wallpaper to have mostly Zhe Xiu's instead of the rest. Why isn't he the one to hold Anna? No, he is the one to let her go. He looks at her photo – why does everyone look so happy?

She isn't that happy even once with him. His imagination again - Anna asks why he only cries now. He now regrets but it is too late since he ditches her. She will never forgive him. Anna gathers that she isn't happy in the past. Zhe Xiu wonders if someone hates her so much to reject her return. Billy wants Kong to make Zhe Xiu stay away from Anna for a week to frame him so that he can take her to the U.S.

Anna recalls that she leaves the handphone in Billy's car and hopes that he will send it back. Zhe Xiu gets jealous to know that. Anna gets Hua Shun to help her but it doesn't work. She tells all children to look for it. When looking for it, she can't resist the temptation to eat sauce noodles again. She is glad that he joins her. He has followed her all the way and she gives him a treat. He will look for her regardless where she is.

She thinks that he is after her for payment but recalls how he likes her to smile. Kong gives Zhe Xiu a big project. Billy looks at Anna's ring to return to her. But her handphone – he is unwilling. Because Zhe Xiu is no.1 while Jiang Zi is no.2 in the address book. Suddenly it rings and Anna demands him to return it, using Jiang Zi's phone. Billy returns and wants her to give him a treat. She cooks instant noodles for him and he is distracted – she is cooking for him! He offers to cut the onions.

It is amazing that they are cooking together. In the past, she dislikes the smell when he coffers to cook for her. Can he do better than their chef? Tasteless sincerity will not work. Billy is startled to see Jiang Zi and is afraid that she will reveal everything. He scalds his hands as he touches the hot pot. Billy drops the ring accidentally and he gets upset when she says that an overturn pot of noodles will not be the same again.

Anna gives the noodles to Hua Shun. Jiang Zi gives Billy flowers but he dislikes her to ruin his chance.
Kong is heartbroken when knowing that Mrs Xia is his distant relative and they can't be together. Anna is like a stranger to Billy to have friends now and knows how to humour children. On his first birthday after marriage, she banks money into his account. He wants a small token from her instead that represents her heart. She replies that she doesn't do that after 12 years old as others mock at her.

Money satisfies her relatives more. He can't demands too much from her so he accepts money now. He doesn't know how to open her heart – now she keeps smiling. The boys make a cookie for Anna and she is touched. Billy learns that Anna leaves all her money to him. She only sends the vcd to scare him – that is her style. So he can return to the U.S. now. Billy looks at their wedding photo and makes a decision.

Jiang Zi's family thanks Anna for being nice to her. Seeing that Jiang Zi likes the flowers that she gives, she is happy too. Jiang Zi blurts that Anna is married – she recalls her wedding photo. Because of money, Billy initially wants to desert her and look for her back. Now there is no need for her to be back because of money. Is she really testing him? Anna recalls herself saying that there is no need to smile and how the staff leave the hotel room after she stops Billy's function. So all dislike her to leave her alone.

She is worried that she has an unpleasant past. She can't recall Princess or the yacht. Zhe Xiu cheers her up as their friends want her to sing for them now. She is happy to have 2 bottles of rice wine – so she passes the event. Billy is sad seeing them back and will not hide now to bring her home. Rou Jing now works for Billy. She brings a document to Billy to sign and she sees his wedding photo. Zhe Xiu kisses Anna before he leaves for his assignment. She buys him food before he leaves.

Rou Jing knows Anna's identity now after listening to the men's conversation but he has left before she meets him. Anna tells Rou Jing to give up but she hints the truth to her. So is Anna still as confident as before? Anna finds the name familiar and Rou Jing believes that they will break off without her intrusion.
Billy gets the air tickets for himself and Anna to leave for the U.S.

Billy wants Kong to watch on Zhe Xiu when he works and he discovers that the ring is missing – it is near the edge of the fridge but Anna doesn't see it Anna has to admit that the medicine that Rou Jing gets for her is useful. Jiang Zi can't recall where the ring is when Billy asks her. Billy is sad when seeing Anna skipping happily with the boys. She shakes her head on how he loses his precious things – the cat and his wife's ring. He wants her to remember that he comes to look for them.

Should Billy get her home – she looks so happy? He has no confidence that she will be the same with him. Rou Jing wonders why he hesitates. Anna finds the ring when she drops a pot of coins. She decides to return to him the next day. She misses Zhe Xiu but refrains from calling him. She dreams of her old self, telling her that she should return home since she has not loved that deeply. This place is too cozy for her. Anna weeps in her sleep and wakes up when Zhe Xiu calls her.

She admits that she is frightened of her past – will she forget the present? He assures her that this will not happen. She tells him that she loves him. Zhe Xiu discovers that Kong is lying and insists of knowing the truth or he will leave. Billy is waiting for the new ring to come – he has no choice. Jiang Zi puts the ring on her finger and likes it. Anna looks at the ring to put it on her finger – she recalls that Billy puts it for her.
She takes it out and recalls removing it on the yacht. She has really seen it. Why?

Billy is shocked that Zhe Xiu drives all the way back to see him. Anna is also on the bus to the resort and recalls Billy's words. When she arrives at the lobby to want to ask a staff to return it, all the staff is shocked – isn't she dead? Rou Jing drags her to the house. Anna picks up Princess and sees the wedding photo. She remembers certain things and releases Princess. Anna still can't recall who Billy is. Zhe Xiu comes and Rou Jing realizes that he doesn't know the truth but is too late to stop him.

To her, it is good to end everything here. Billy admits that he doesn't bring Anna home because of Zhe Xiu. She holds the ring but refuses to wear it although he pleads her to return to him. Zhe Xiu is sad to see them together. Anna yells that she doesn't know who she is and falls into the pool. It is only now that she knows. She clings to Zhe Xiu at the beach, refusing to leave. Zhe Xiu tells her that she no longer belongs here since she recalls everything. She weeps and opens her eyes. She is back in her spacious room.

Billy is concerned when she opens her eyes. She calls his name and he is happy. Zhe Xiu leaves unhappily and Rou Jing is dismayed that she still doesn't stand a chance. Billy tells Anna that all her things are still around but her eyes are cold. Kong is equally scared when she tells both to go out. Billy has told Zhe Xiu to keep from Anna about him deleting her records away. He has regretted what he has done but Zhe Xiu doesn't like him to be sneaky. Billy replies that is because he doesn't know what kind of person Anna is.

Zhe Xiu also has the responsibility to keep it from Anna. Zhe Xiu gives in upon seeing him weeping. Anna will not go after what has happened. Billy says that he will not sue Zhe Xiu as he also only knows the truth now but Anna doesn't believe that it is a misunderstanding. She still can't tell the truth. The maid throws the wet clothes and the handphone away but Anna only watches in silence.

The boys make toys for Anna but are reluctant upon knowing that Anna isn't coming back. Anna is only returning to her position but not back to him. He has done her wrong in the first place. So the forgiving part or the differentiating past will only come later. She starts applying make-up and is elegantly dressed again. She is back to normal again so Kong tells all servants to do their work again. Kong opens his mouth when Anna knows that cleaning the house is a tough task and it must be hard on them. (She has changed.)

A maid trembles when she breaks a cup. Instead of scolding her, she actually asks if she is hurt. All are stunned so Kong suspects that she has not returned 'completely'. Billy buys a bottle of wine – remember that she is angry when he breaks it accidentally during Christmas? She doesn't want him to ask if she remembers – she can describe how he wants a divorce. But she is also in the wrong to kill his fish – that will also happen if he kills Princess. If only she has said sorry, this will not have happened.

She has not forgiven him so doesn't wish to drink with him as yet. She looks at the grape wine but longs for the rice wine. No – she can't change her taste drastically. The boys are happy that they do well in school because of Anna's coaching. Rou Jing is displeased to know that. Mrs Xia can't forgive what Kong has done but Kong is still willing to wait for her. Anna lies on the sofa and wonders why it is so cold. (She has not developed the habit of sleeping on the bed.)

She runs to the dustbin and is alarmed to find everything missing. She and two maids search through the garbage bags and she finds the handphone. She thanks them and they are delighted. She hesitates calling
Zhe Xiu but keeps it. Billy observes it from a corner and doesn't like it. Rou Jing's colleagues complain that the crazy queen is back but Rou Jing isn't scared to face her.

She even congratulates her for returning. So her warning doesn't work since she forgets Zhe Xiu easily.
Rou Jing is wrong to say her confidence comes from Billy's money – it is her money. Rou Jing is stunned – Anna knows why the rest avoid her. She doesn't want any welcome party as she is clear what she is like.
Anna looks at the handphone and Jiang Zi still waits for her. De Jiu learns of what happens and feels sorry for Zhe Xiu who weeps in the car, missing her.

Anna also doesn't want to be a warm person and decides to return to the U.S. the next day. Zhe Xiu is reminded of Anna when seeing the sauce noodles again. Billy gets a chef to cook sauce noodles for Anna. He doesn't want to miss again after the last time. She weeps as it doesn't have the taste. Billy asks if she needs some personal space. He leaves her alone and she recalls the past of Zhe Xiu wanting to eat sauce noodles with her forever. She feels the pain in her heart and looks at the handphone away.

She tells Billy that she can't bring herself to throw it. Billy knows that she changes too much but she has to be herself. She denies – if it is a dream, it will not be painful. Billy thinks all will be fine once they leave but she decides to stay. He insists – the Anna he knows will not open his heart. He tells her not to cry - she has not done that for anyone. Why is she doing that – he only cries over his loss.

She apologises but she will not return to Zhe Xiu's home. Sang Shi and Anna are her but she isn't confident on both roles. Zhe Xiu and Anna meet at the bus station – where she has slept when drunk. They decide to remain as strangers to bid each other goodbye. But she hugs him from the back, wanting to stay with him for a while. She returns to her car and deletes all the images. Especially herself – how can she like such a man! Zhe Xiu decides to move away. Anna believes she will forget everything once she is in the U.S.

She is about to throw the shoe when it becomes loose but stops. It must be because she has not worn them for a long time. The staff stops when they play the traditional gambling cards and drink rice wine as she returns home to ask for a plaster. They are there because it is their break. Anna tells them to cut the habit of drinking and they admit. She is about to leave when she turns back – asking if it has any remainder.

She drinks a cup and licks her lips. It is good to drink it when in low spirits. She is down when there isn't anymore. But her disappointed face turns into delight upon seeing 4 more bottles under the table. (Wow – how can she remain so cold despite seeing something she likes?!) She takes all in her arms after paying them the money. All look at her in disbelief and one burst out laughing. (This is sure one dramatic scene as she is in her fur coat.) She knows she looks ridiculous and decides to stay to finish them.

One expert suggests to drink with kimchi. Anna tells one maid to get bowls instead of drinking in small cups. Billy is startled to see what they are doing. Anna stops when seeing Billy. A maid runs after her as she has forgotten her plaster. She welcomes Anna to join them if she wants to have rice wine again. Anna says that it is her first and last time doing this with the staff. Billy encourages her to treat others warmly to forget the past. She can't do this or she will never forget Zhe Xiu.

She must be colder than before and he will not be able to take it. He still offers to wait for her. Why doesn't he look for her earlier to make her know the warmth? She sits on the sofa and lies on it again as Billy touches his ring. It is his greed to desert the cold her but to want the warm her back. He removes his ring and decides to let her go. He places it beside her. Zhe Xiu sits on the sofa again.

Billy wonders how he will become if he tells Anna aobut asking Zhe Xiu to keep the truth from her. Jiang Zi comes to look for Anna but Anna ignores her. But later, she softens – Jiang Zi will stay if rejected so she will send her home. So Billy will stay while Anna leaves alone. Rou Jing is dismayed.
Jiang Zi is the boys' representative to ask her back. Hua Shun is also waiting for her.

Anna finds it troublesome to bid goodbye to them. Sure enough Hua Shun wags its tail when seeing her. Anna forbids them to get close to her and wants them to stop waiting for her. The boys are reluctant – she asks them to bear with it if they miss her. They cry and beg her to stay. She manages to go with Mrs Xia's help. Jiang Zi also grows attached to her.

Anna leaves Billy to take care of the resort and thanks him for his help. So she is parting with him – why isn't she back to Zhe Xiu? Because she has no confidence? Anna warns Rou Jing not to get close to Zhe Xiu if she gives her another job and even to find another man for her. She admits that she is selfish to think of herself. She hasn't forgotten Zhe Xiu – so is Rou Jing. Rou Jing sees through her – Anna is frightened of ending it. Anna admits it – she will give her a call if she is totally detached from him.

No, she is not giving her any chance because she dislikes her. (Anna is very frank indeed.) Anna apologises for her proud nature but she might return if this place snows, recalling Jiang Zi's words. Zhe Xiu sees money everywhere at home – hidden in books, under the mat and even among the ice in the fridge.
Billy decides not to tell Anna the truth – Kong thinks she might stay if he does. Zhe Xiu misses Anna putting on a bandage on him when his back aches.

It suddenly snows when Anna passes the bridge. She knows Jiang Zi must be happy but she is angry.
Princess slips out of the car when Anna scolds Zhe Xiu's contractor friend for holding up the traffic. She stops all cars to look for Princess as Zhe Xiu's car stops at the end of the queue. He can't suppress his urge and runs to her when she finds it.

He wants her to stay or he will be unable to look for her. He is thick-skinned to keep her although she is worse than Sang Shi to be cold and selfish. Hasn't he said that he loves her? He will bear with her as he loves her. She is happy over the outcome. She shouts for Hua Shun in a crude way and runs with it.
Zhe Xiu is with Princess – it doesn't want to move and is proud like a person. Anna likes the warm weather and asks Jiang Zi if she is happy. She is as it snows daily and De Jiu is forced to be with her.

Mrs Xia becomes a couple with Kong to do housework together. Billy is angry that he betrays him after marriage. He must find a quiet and observant woman to suit him. He stops at the reception – one woman is there complaining about the poor service. She throws his handkerchief back at him when he offers her. He has trouble breathing again. He shakes his head – why is he attracted to this kind of woman again? (My answer – old habits die hard.)

Rou Jing saves money again and wants to attract more suitors. Sure enough, many bank employees want to woo her. The boys dress excitedly in their suits to get prepared for Zhe Xiu's wedding with Anna. The pets sleep together. Anna likes the name 'Sang Shi' but why it? Zhe Xiu asks if it meets her standard – it is formerly to describe how she has no moral values and no memory. So it means lost. No – it isn't up to standard then. She pretends to be angry but enjoys being hugged by him.

Introduction on characters

1. Zhang Zhe Xiu: Oh Ji Ho
He opens a Fu Hong company and is a construction site worker who takes whatever assignment that passes his way. He is extremely thick-skinned and loves money. When doing work, his physique becomes the main attraction for the housewives. When getting no work, he will take out his shirt to try to change his clients' minds. He can be revengeful but has a soft heart.

Ji Ho has done better from his previous dramas although he still overacts in certain scenes. Probably because he has a strong opponent to force the best out of him. I must say that he isn't cut out to be a comedian. However, the awards might come too fast for him as I find a lot of room for improvement.

2. Anna Zhao: Han Ye Seul
Anna is a Korean American – being the only child of real estate mogul. Her parents died when she was young, leaving her a massive inheritance. She is married to Billy but they have no children. She grows up like a queen – that is why she also names her precious cat, Princess. She becomes egoistic and fears nothing. Some call her a witch while others a bitch for her poisonous tongue.

Before Anna loses her memory, she is a perfectionist and likes grape wine. When she has amnesia, she likes rice wine and sauce noodles. Her stuck up attitude hardly changes but you will crack up when others use rice wine to tempt her to join their meetings. When she regains her memory, she keeps reminding herself that she belongs to the upper class but she shows concern to her subordinates – making herself more endearing to them. She also finds out who she really loves to divorce Billy to seek her own happiness.

I wasn't sure if this happens to others. When I first watched, I was thinking – when has Hee Sun acted so lively? I later discover that she wasn't Hee Sun. I must say that Ye Seul is majestic! She is definitely Korea's answer to 'A devil wears Prada'. She commands every single frame she is in. She doesn't turn Anna into a bland role but carries it with such charm and charisma that I am totally won over by her. I watch her with great expectations and even then, I am duly impressed!

3. Billy Piao: Kim Sung Min
Billy is the CEO of Anna's enterprise. He has extraordinary acumen for the business. His main area of expertise is resorts and hotels. Although he comes from an ordinary family, he earns his MBA of law and estate management due to his astonishing talent easily from Harvard. He is gifted and has the trust of his subordinates. He is emotional and small-minded. Anna often wants his devotion all the time so she is too much for him to handle. She can give him a heart attack anytime.

Sung Min is terrific as a timid husband. He effectively conveys the determination of Billy to forsake his wife and to take her back later. He is wonderful in many scenes and I have never seen him in a comical role before but he pulls off well! He can look cool and look terrified as Anna appears in Billy's nightmares in the next minute – he deserves to win an award for being able to balance comedy with drama.

4. Wu Rou Jing: Park Han Byul
Many dislike her to look and behave weak. She appears pure and innocent but she is tough in wanting to get what she desires. Anna sees through her schemes so she never calls her by her name to give her the nickname – the flower holder. She knows Zhe Xiu likes her but she turns her back on him upon knowing that he has to take care of 3 nephews. But when her engagement to a perfect man breaks off, she finds her self getting attracted to him and regrets her indifference to him earlier on.

Han Byul's acting is still as mediocre as in 'My Fair Lady' although she resembles Jeon Ji Hyun in looks. She is atrociously deadpan without any expression! When will she really improve? Her case is similar to Kim Hee Sun. Hee Sun resembles Ye Seul but hardly excels in acting too.

5. Kong Ying Jiu: Kim Kwang Kyo
He is Billy's sidekick who pities his situation. So he tries as best as he can to help him. You will feel sorry as he runs errands for Anna – either to buy milk for Princess or to get Anna her sunblock lotion. His troubles are not gone when Anna is missing. He has to lie and do lots of things for Billy's sake. But praise his bravery for marrying Mrs Xia although they are distant relatives.

He is the highlight who creates so many jokes – to constantly reminding Billy of the consequences if Anna returns and inject a lot of humour at appropriate moments.

6. Xia De Jiu: Kim Jung Wook
He is Zhe Xiu's buddy who helps him out in his construction company. He knows Jiang Zi and Xiao Zhen like him but he is interested in neither of them.

7. Mrs Xia : Lee Mi Young
She is De Jiu's mother who helps to look after the three boys when both guys are at work. She is glad that Kong still likes her all these years.

8. Jiang Zi: Jung Soo Young
She is a bit dull-witted but all treat her like their own little sister. Anna initially ignores her but later grows to like her too. She is also the other woman besides Anna to give Billy heart attacks.

9. Shen Xiao Zhen: Lee Sang Yi
She is the boys' teacher and Rou Jing's close friend. She is quite helpful to all.

10. The boys - Zhang Jun Shi, Zhong Shi, Yun Shi (Zhe Xiu's nephews):
They are playful but are also obedient. Although they call Anna 'aunt', they adore her like their mother. These boys are hardly cute-looking but they are quite natural in acting.

Most favourite character
Anna – she has so many faces – cold, arrogant, elegant but yet kind and caring. It is hard to hate her. Billy is a close second – he has tried so hard to win Anna's heart again but fails miserably again – just like how hard to win her over when she is in her egoistic self. Doesn't he deserve success?

Most hated character
Rou Jing, she has let Zhe Xiu down in the first place and she should know that it is impossible for him to return to her but she schemes to get him back.

Interesting facts

The n.g. scenes – there was no ng. for the hitting scene in the rain. All noticed that Jji Ho wore an extra pair of swimming trunks for the sauna scene. Ji Ho could not open the car door when it came to the scene where Zhe Xiu fetches a drunk Rou Jing. The scene where Zhe Xiu tells Anna the truth when drinking beer was
hard on him as he drank a few cups.

Ye Seul rested for 2 years to visit her relatives in the U.S. Sung Min is a kind gentleman while Ji Ho leads women to act with him. (I still think it is the other way round.) She describes both to be attractive like brothers. Sung Min finds her hardworking and cheerful. But she behaves like a man – which is different from her beauty. The dance scene was comical as an expert taught them.

Sung Min slipped when he was supposed to run to Soo Young for the wedding photo. It was a hard hit as everyone could see it as he ran too fast. Soo Young quickly ran to him to help him up. All laughed that Jiang Zi got back to normal for once.

Sung Min gasped in fright as he had not danced waltz before. All laughed non-stop when he replied that he only watched 'spring waltz'. Although he discarded his cheeky nature to look engrossed this day, he vowed to learn it within a day. But he could not help worrying. He looked like Rain more in his dancing.
Ye Seul learned it faster than him. She had learned dancing before – she had danced with Shinhwa's member, Andy before. She had wanted to learn waltz but had no chance till now.

The scriptwriters also wrote' My sassy girl, Chun Hiang' and 'My Girl'. To make sure that she had a high pitch cool voice and hostile glares, Ye Seul spent 3 months on voice training. Many who used to hate her like her now, which was totally unexpected. Sung Min gave the most surprises – he used to appear in sitcoms and had never acted as a henpecked husband. Many were shocked but laughed at his comical expressions. The rating was 15.8%.

Ye Seul and Ji Ho individually won the best popularity awards. Ye Seul also won the top excellence female award, which she truly deserved. They also won the best couple award. This serial also won the best drama award in 2006 MBC drama awards. (Many 'Goong' fans were not happy with this outcome, though.)


This drama is a translation of a Goldie Hawn's movie called "Overboard". Ye Seul gives a tour de force performance. If she gets snubbed, it will be an abomination to drama history. She doesn't fail to entice me – ever so powerful. She is a marvel to watch – surely a diva. Who can forget her quote – 'not up to standard'? And she can keep a straight face when saying it!

I am puzzled on how Ji Ho clinched the best couple award with her. I personally feel that she and Sung Min should become the fantasy couple instead. They are so matching – even though their scenes are not as many as the Zhe Xiu/Anna pair. To quote a few examples – I enjoy the parts where Billy tries making Anna happy but gets totally drained of energy when she completely snubs him out on every attempt. Both have so much chemistry together. Their wedding scene is also another enchanting moment.

Their best will be when they have a waltz dance together and how he proposes to her. The former is so romantic while the latter is exciting – because Anna's response is totally unexpected. As for the storyline, it is too obvious to us that what will happen next and this can be boring at times. But thanks to Ye Seul and Sung Min, they incorporated many hilarious scenes to make it enjoyable to watch. Although I can't agree it to be the best mbc drama of 2006 as it has won, it still has its credits due to them.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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