Craving For Sunshine

Reviewed by: sukting

October 11, 2004

Rating: three

How long
16 episodes

Have you ever seen Tae Hyun and Jang Hak acting as brothers? The often sweet Ha Neul becoming rebellious and wild? Jang Hak looking extremely boyish having a look like Lai Ming on a motorcycle? Seeing Tae Hyun as a rich man? This is able to satisfy your curiosity. Just in 1 episode, I am too taken aback by too many surprises. You have to be mentally prepared to see how they change in here.


Ren He is back from overseas after stopping his studies. He is with Xiu Bin on the same plane but both are uninterested in each other. He is unhappy over his father’s remarriage and is cold to his stepsister, Cai Shu. Ming De stays with Mdm Han, inheriting her surname. She is a nightclub singer after leaving home with him. She is also Ren He’s mother. Before her marriage, she was a singer but gave up after her wedding. However, she can’t tolerate her husband’s ways so she leaves home and becomes poor to support herself.

Ming De gets involved in a fight and gets locked up in the cell. He can’t tolerate hooligans who slap her so he fights with them. She has to beg them to let him off. He is frustrated and wants her to remove her make-up. Does she want all on the bus to know that she is working in a nightclub? They return and see Yan Xi studying outside. They guess that her uncle has returned home to ill-treat her uncle again so they invite her to study at their home. She declines but is in tears when they leave.

Yan Xi sees Xiu Bin coming to school in a big car and tries to please her. But Xiu Bin is uninterested to know her. She thinks Yan Xi comes from a rich family as she is good in her studies and invites her home. Upon knowing that she is poor and is an orphan, Mrs Jiang and Cai Shu chase her away. Yan Xi feels miserable over the poor treatment. Ren He despises their act and offers to drive her home. He doesn’t invite her properly but snatches her bag to throw into his car – she has no choice but to follow him!

You should watch how the two meet. He comes out from the shower, baring his top. He then stands behind her, waiting for her to turn – curious to know how she looks (‘Hotelier’ must have borrowed an idea from here.) He is attracted to her but she is shy and disgusted. He offers to drive her home but force her to take the lift by throwing her back into his car rear, leaving her no choice. However, he takes her out for a long spin and takes a long time to know where she stays. He drives too fast and nearly knocks Ming He down.

Ming De nearly comes to blows with him when he is indifferent and also wants to use money to settle the matter. Xiu Bin changes into daring outfits (definitely sexy/hot), thick make-up (bloody red lipsticks) and wigs (can you imagine pink ones?), lighting cigarettes too. (I am dumbfounded upon seeing how she changes.)

Yan Xi discovers that her bag is still in Ren He’s car when she brings Ming He for a bandage. So she asks Cai Shu for his number. She plucks up courage to get his car keys from him in a nightclub but she is dismayed to see condoms in his car! (Another shock in store for me.) She throws his keys back to him. Ren He then passes Cai Shu to give Yan Xi money to forget what has happened earlier.

Cai Shu mistakens that both have gone to bed together and this is the payment. She then humiliates her in class. Yan Xi dumps the money back at her and says that both siblings are dirty to use money to cover up. Xiu Bin decides to give Cai Shu a lesson and deliberately trips her to cause her to fall. She then wants Yan Xi to look out for her while she smokes in the toilet. Poor Yan Xi is made the scapegoat and is suspended in school for a few days.

Ren He learns of what has happened and points to Yan Xi that she is too fierce to punish his sister. She retorts that he is worse to use money to reduce his guilt. Seeing her in tears, he starts to reflect his act. When she is about to go home, Xiu Bin appears and laments how hard it is to find out where she stays. She gets angry with her for implicating her. The way that Xiu Bin treats others lack genuine.

She then tells her sad story. She is not an orphan and still has her father. But her mother was his mistress and dies due to medicine over dosage. They are already like fugitives in the U.S. now. She is in Korea but she is not used to calling another person ‘mum’. Yan Xi sympathizes with her and holds her hand. Both become close friends after that.

Ren He insists on moving out. Mr Jiang scolds him for deserting his studies and achieves nothing in life. He retorts that he knows why Mdm Han leaves him now. Xiu Bin feels bad for getting Yan Xi into trouble and both go out. Yan Xi is shocked to see her trendy look but both enjoy themselves. Mr Zheng introduces Xiu Bin to all the relatives although she is reluctant to meet them. Her step-sisters gossip in the toilet over Xiu Bin’s parentage.

She is mad over it and leaves in a huff. But she suddenly feels unwell and calls Yan Xi. Yan Xi gets Ming He to fetch her. However, she is unwilling to return home and even asks him to go faster to get away from her bodyguard. In the end, he gets caught by the traffic policemen for speeding. She feels remorseful upon seeing the hatred in his eyes.

Xiu Bin is on the dance floor again but feels giddy. Ren He sees that she is drunk and holds on to her at the nightclub. Yan Xi hurries and sees from his back. We can see that it doesn’t pay to be a nice man. Yan Xi sees this and quickly takes her away. She gets Min He to settle Xiu Bin at his home. Later, Xiu Bin is grateful to him for helping her.

Ren He misses Yan Xi and asks Cai Shu the name of the school she is attending. He then drives there and gets close to her when she reads the notice board, looking for a part time job. There he goes again. He snatches his bag to force her to get into his convertible. She is uncomfortable when he brings her to an expensive hotel. She hesitates going in and he holds her hand to walk in. She doesn’t know what dishes to order. Ren He makes her feel at ease, saying that he only remembers certain numbers of the dishes. He also tells her to relax as the restaurant is opened by his friend. Both enjoy being together.

Min He is confronted by Chun Bei to be his henchman. Upon recalling how he bullies his mother at work, he beats the man up furiously. But the big boss, Fu Tu is still persistent to force him to work for him. Ming He decides to sell his motorcycle to raise money for Yan Xi.

Ren He and Xiu Bin are forced to attend a function together. Ren He is displeased that Qing Huan lies to everyone that he has an economics degree. They are going to be introduced as life partners. Xiu Bin turns up in daring dressing and a wig as a form of protest to anger her father while Ren He doesn’t even wish to look at her at first. We can see how frustrated he is when he is fixing his tie and takes it off angrily at home initially but still puts it on later. When he knows that his future wife is her, he is amused. Xiu Bin is eager to leave and both hurry to the exit.

They go separate ways later. Cai Shu and Mrs Jiang enquire curiously on how they meet but he refuses to tell them. He gets a slap from Mr Jiang when he says that she is not his natural mother. He charges out from home. Xiu Bin thanks Min He for his help and apologizes for the speeding incident. He forgives her. Ren He asks Yan Xi to keep him company. She comes and he gets half drunk, kissing her. He refuses to let go of her hand and she splashes wine onto his face after slapping him.

Ming He is surprised to see Xiu Bin and she declares her love for him. He is indifferent about it. He drives her home in her car and she gives him a kiss on his cheek. Mrs Zheng pulls off her wig and slaps her. How can she disgrace the family? Does she want others to know that her late mother comes from a lowly status? She forces her to join a cooking class. She meets Cai Shu there and tells her that she is uninterested in Ren He so Ren He also shares the same thought.

Ren He comes to work. He overhears two employees in the lift, saying how incompetent he is. How can they describe arts to a stone? He should go to study architecture instead. They guess whether he has gotten his degree. Ren He joins in the conversation to say that he hasn’t. The two are puzzled as they have not seen this young man before. (All should not miss the bespectacled Tai Hyun here as he looks cute in glasses.) Yuan Huan only wants Ren He to work regularly to learn the ropes.

The Jiangs own a multimedia company. They invest in records and films. Ren He recalls Lin saying he resembles his mother so he gets one employee to seek out where she works. The two stepmothers meet each other to ‘promote’ their stepchildren so that they can be in-laws soon. Yan Xi returns the money that Ming He gives by selling his motorcycle as she doesn’t wish to burden him. He gets offended.

Yan Xi decides to quit her studies since she can’t afford the fees but is confused when the university informs her that someone has paid for her. Xiu Bin knows that Yan Xi will not allow her to pay for her as this hurts her pride and wonders who does it. Xiu Bin suggests Yan Xi coming to her home as she wishes to see Ming He. Yan Shu describes Ming He choosy. Xiu Bin tells her about her coming engagement with Ren He and she frowns. She adds bitterly that they match because they are rubbish.

Lin wants Yan Xi to write his biography and gives her the deposit. Yan Xi finally finds out that Ren He helps her and wants to return him the money. He makes it clear to her that he helps her because he wants to love her. He doesn’t understand why his good intentions aren’t accepted by her. Yin Yu is angry with Chun Bei for wanting to fire her and she uses a broom to run after him – to hit Lin by mistake. So Chun Bei vents his anger on Ming He instead.

Xiu Bin goes to the garage to look for Ming He to find him seriously beaten up. He considers working for Lin. But upon seeing Chun Bei – he gets fed up – how can he make use of Jiang to bring him to the underworld? Lin explains that he once loved Yin Yu so he is ready to help him. Yin Yu is hurt to see him injured and cries upon recalling how hard it is to bring him up and yet brings him so much agony.

Mrs Zheng pushes Xiu Bin to meet Ren He. Mr Zheng feels there is no need to rush through the wedding although Mrs Zheng lies that everything is fine. If Xiu Bin doesn’t like Ren He, he will not force her. Mrs Zheng gives Xiu Bin her birthday present, pretending to be a good stepmother. The next moment, Yan Xi and Ming He celebrate with her. Yin Yu looks at Ren He’s baby photos and is in tears. Lin visits her and apologizes for Chun Bei’s act. He hopes that she can get Ming He to work for him.

Cai Shu has no flair for music but wants to work in Jiang’s company. Ren He comes to the nightclub and sees Yin Yu being harassed by men. Both run away in different directions. He drives away in tears and cries later. Ming He wonders why Yin Yu cries too. Ren He is badly affected and doesn’t go to work for a few days. Jiang knows he has been there and is still unmoved. Ren He demands to know why he lets her to be like this. Lin tells Ming He that he can ask him anything on Jiang as he knows him.

Ming He secretly searches through the things at home, hoping to find out something about his father. He gets to see only torn photographs and also a baby’s photograph which has a different birthday stated from his birthday. Ren He is miserable and tries asking Yan Xi out. She ignores his message and still continues to study in the library. But feeling bad, she rushes to the restaurant later to find that he has left.

Ren He waits 3 hours for Yan Xi in vain and comes to her home drunk. He is jealous upon seeing her with Ming He and the two men fight. Yin Yu is shocked to see Ren He. Ren He vents his anger by saying that he treats Yan Xi as dirt from the first day he sees her. Yan Xi warns Ren He not to hurt Xiu Bin as she is her best friend. She also adds that she did look for him the other day but he left and makes him overjoyed.

He then jokes that he will run the next time he sees Ming He since he is no match for him. You will be amused to see how he forgoes his car to get on the bus just to be with her! Yin Yu keeps thinking of Ren He from the day she saw him but only knows that he is Cai Shu’s brother from Yan Xi. Does Yan Xi still feel frightened of Lin? Lin is surprised that she accepts the job. The publishers even praised him for getting a good author as from here, he also understands himself better. Lin invites her to work for him or write for other political contacts but she declines. He gives her an autograph copy. Later, he calls his henchman and is furious with him for refusing him to find Yan Xi a job. He demands Chun Bei to bring his men to bash the fellow – after sending Yan Xi home. Yan Xi obeys although she is frightened.

Cai Shu sees Yan Xi coming out of Lin’s car and guesses that she is his kept woman. She wonders who is another playboy to pay for her fees. Ren he recalls Yan Xi saying that Xiu Bin is her best friend. He takes Xiu Bin out to Cai Shu’s graduation concert. Yan Xi calls Ren He to pay the remaining money. Chun Bei wants to woo Cai Shu. Ren He hears Yan Xi’s message but still asks Xiu Bin to go out for dinner. When Cai Shu knows that Ren He likes Yan Xi, she ill-treats her.

They see Yan Xi by the roadside. Xiu Bin steps out to talk to her but Ren He freezes in the car seat. He is still angry with her after hearing what Cai Shu has said. But later he tells her to get in the car since she wants to pay him back. His tone is totally cold to her when he accepts the envelope with the money in it. Upon knowing that she is looking for a job, he offers to help. Ming He gives Yan Xi a birthday present which he uses his pay to pass to Xiu Bin. Yin Yu asks for Ren He’s number from Yan Xi.

Chun Bei gets Cai Shu flowers and sends her home. Yan Xi sends in resume for jobs and calls Xiu Bin. Xiu Bin meets her after trying the engagement gowns reluctantly. Xiu Bin laments that she doesn’t know why she is living in this world because she has no control of her life. She is delighted to open the package and sees two beautiful hairclips. She clips happily on her hair but later frowns and takes them off. Yan Xi is amused to know that Ming He has such a cute personality.

Xiu Bin chooses business suits and also handbags for Yan Xi after learning that she gets a job. She meets Ming He when sending her back. Both watch a movie together and have roadside food. Ren He is attracted to Yan Xi upon seeing her in office wear. Yan Xi is shocked to see Ren He at work. The other employees are surprised when Ming He doesn’t speak to her in private and seem to be strangers. Jiang sends men to warn Yin Yu not to harass Ren He. When she learns that Ren He is getting married, she sees nothing wrong with him wanting to see his mother.

Yan Xi pretends to be jealous that Ming He doesn’t buy anything for her. Lin warns Chun Bei not to have designs on Cai Shu. Ren He wants to handle his own marriage affairs although he agrees to work for Jiang. Jiang is already displeased with him using personal ties to get Yan Xi a job. He warns Ren He that going against him will get him to nowhere. Cai Shu looks curiously at Ren He’s office but he tells her to leave to avoid answering her whether his girlfriend is Yan Xi. Suddenly, Yin Yu calls Ren He, wanting to see him.

Jiang wants Ren He to marry Xiu Bin but he refuses. Ren He knows that Ming He is his brother from Yin Yu but is still cool about it. Yan Xi works overtime and sees a sobbing Ren He. She feels sorry for him and accepts his kiss. However, she refuses to spend the night with him. Ren He informs Jiang that he knows the truth. Xiu Bin tells Zheng that she isn’t getting married too and has a quarrel with her stepmother. She nearly freezes on the street so Ming He brings her home. Ming He is very shocked to see Mrs Zheng slapping Xiu Bin when he sends her back.

Ming He recalls vaguely that he has an elder brother. He asks Yin Yu whether she will treat his elder brother better if two are together. Jiang comes to visit them and wants Yin Yu to stop seeing Ren He by giving them money. Ming He finally knows his parentage. He returns the money to Jiang and warns him not to harass Yin Yu. He ignores Ren He when he walks out.

Ren He looks for Yin Yu and both hug to cry. He feels helpless to be under Jiang’s control. Ming He decides to join Lin’s gang. He becomes refined looking and drives a car. Xiu Bin and Yin Yu are worried when they don’t see him. Yin Yu is alarmed to know the truth and Ming He does this to make sure that others will not look down on her. Mrs Zheng warns Xiu Bin to leave Ming He otherwise she will harm him.

The engagement date is approaching. Xiu Bin follows Mdm Wang to choose jewelry. When reaching home, she looks at the hairclips. Mdm Wang meets Yan Xi at Ren He’s office and humiliates her. Ren He is under pressure so he decides to get engaged to Xiu Bin. So he avoids Yan Xi. Yan Xi is hurt and decides to resign. Ren He is unwilling to acknowledge the presence of Ming He and Yin Yu.

Xiu Bin and Ren He have an engagement party but she asks Yan Xi along. Ren He is uneasy to see her. But upon seeing her being harassed by a man, he saves her. He questions her why she must come to torture him. Yet he is angry with himself upon seeing her humiliated. Does she find him useless? He loves her and yet gets engaged. He will help her to look for another job. She is hurt and points out that he doesn’t know how to love others as he loves himself too much. She runs away but he begs her to stay with him. Ming He learns from Yan Xi that Xiu Bin is engaged. He misses the happy times they share together.

Ren He brings Xiu Bin to a hotel room, wanting to vent his frustrations but he stops when she retaliates. She is angry that he is so selfish. He confesses that he is afraid that others will hurt Yan Xi so he drives her away. He is as pathetic as Xiu Bin. He sends her home and sees Ming He. Ming He coldly congratulates her. Ren He gathers that they like each other and decides to let her go. Xiu Bin begs Ming He to be with her but Mdm Song’s men beat him up. Both run to a hotel and she dresses his wound.

Manager Wu admires her talents and passes her proposal to Ren He. He has thought of Yan Xi of only being able to pull strings but he changes his mind. He rejects her resignation. The biography sales go well and Lin wants to shoot it into a drama. Xiu Bin tells Mdm Song that she will not let her rule her life. Ren He declares to Yan Xi that Xiu Bin loves Ming He and he is his brother. He loves Yan Xi all along and she finally cries out her grievances to him.

Ming He asks Yan Xi out for a meal and recalls how he eats with Xiu Bin. They cook over a stove and accidentally knock into each other’s head. He hugs Yan Xi for comfort in a dance. Ren He comes to look for him. Ren He tries to talk sense to Ming He but he will not listen to him. Both try so hard to adjust to each other’s identity. Yin Yu is tormented so Ren He begs him not to hurt her. Ming He points out that his presence causes the change and tells him not to visit them again. Ming He wants Yan Xi to dance with him.

Mdm Song gets her men to beat up Ming He again. Ren He tries to stop and gets hit. Yan Xi hugs him and both reconcile. Ren He comes to Yin Yu for breakfast and later brings Yan Xi to work. You will be amused to see how surprised Yan Xi’s uncle and aunt are to see his big car and how Yan Xi hurries to comb her messy hair. Still, Ren He smiles upon seeing how unsightly she is earlier.

Jiang is furious to see the couple together to work but Ren He vows not to let him control his life. Ren He wishes Yan Xi to explain to him more on Lin’s private life which is not stated in the book. Cai Shu sneers at Yan Xi to be the third party when Ren He is on bad terms with Xiu Bin. Does Yan Xi want money? Yan Xi is disgusted with her. Xiu Bin wants to back out of marriage but Zheng swallows his words. He refuses and forces her to marry Ren He by locking her up. She leaves home with Ren He’s help.

Yin Yu wants Lin to let Ming He go but he wants to make Ming He his successor. Ming He has the wild animal instinct for survival. Ming He doesn’t know how to talk much to Xiu Bin because he grows up alone like her. She suddenly asks how he feels having a sibling. It will be nice to hug and chat till daytime. He ponders over her words. Xiu Bin waits in vain for Ming He the whole day, wondering where he is.

Ren He and Yan Xi are a happy couple after publicizing their relationship. Mdm Wang tries to break them up, with no success. Ren He is angry when he comes to visit her and Yin Yu. Yin Yu sees this and reminds him to be cautious in making decisions. Ming He turns to walk in a different direction back to work when he sees this. Chun Bei gets his men to beat up Ming He seriously till he faints.

Ren He sends him to hospital. We can see how anxious he is to carry him on his back to run along the hospital corridor. I only wonder how he does it as Ming He is bigger than him, though. The gangsters hunt him down so Ren He covers him with his coat and sends him to Xiu Bin’s home. He requests his home doctor not to tell Jiang about it. Xiu Bin finally knows their relationship and is grateful to him to let her take care of Ming He. He hopes one of them can stop Ming He in his illegal activities and hopes she will talk him over.

Ren He is angry with Mdm Song visiting Yan Xi and quarrels with his parents when he is home in the morning. He declares that they may not acknowledge Ming He but he is still his brother. Cai Shu drives Ren He to work as he is too tired and even sleeps in the car. She questions if he is with Yan Xi the whole night. He is frustrated with her and tells her to shut up. But he breaks into a smile when seeing Yan Xi at the lift area and even hugs her shoulder gently.

Yan Xi passes to Ren He the files for work. He tells her to stand closer to him. This is sure a classic scene when she still stands far from him. He urges her to walk closer again while he still sits on his chair. Suddenly he hugs her, sitting down and leaves her appalled. He wants to do it just for a while as he is too tired to feel like sleeping now. This scene reminds me of how Cheng Jun does a similar act to Jia Yan in ‘Medical Centre’ but he looks so cute here. He holds her hand but she lets go when Cai Shu walks in. When she leaves, he holds it again.

Xiu Bin sees Ming He opening his eyes and is in tears. Why does he scare her? She wishes him to treat Ren He better as he has done a lot for him. When Xiu Bin goes shopping, Ming He smiles to lie on her bed feeling her fragrance. Later he discovers that her bodyguards attack him. When she is back, he is missing and she tries to find him with Ren He. Ming He confronts Chun Bei but he pretends not to know anything. Lin is puzzled as other gangs are not responsible and wants him to hide.

Ren He is unhappy when only 2 out of the 5 movies produced earn money. He suggests using his own people to work to cut costs. Xiu Bin comes to his office in tears and Ren He assures her that he will find Ming He. He even sends her home and Yan Xi thinks he is interested in her. Ren He waits for Ming He outside the nightclub but the gangsters prevent him to get close to him to see him getting into a car.

Ming He informs Yan Xi that he is safe and requests her to convey his gratitude to Ren He. Xiu Bin feels that she is ditched by him and suddenly recalls that this might be connected to Zheng. She runs out of home to demand an explanation from her parents in vain to be taken back to her apartment. Ren He wants to move out and cancel the marriage plans. Jiang scolds him but he is firm to start a new life.

Ren He checks that Jiang was a cop and seizes Lin’s company. Lin takes the rap for him to be in jail. Xiu Bin refuses to eat. Ren He buys dinner for Yan Xi. He looks at her – is he mad to like her so much? She has nothing but pride. She hasn’t eaten but lies that she did. She was unhappy that he left just now but happy when he is back. Can’t she say she wants him to stay with her? Mdm Wang bribes Yan Xi’s uncle with money for Yan Xi to part with Ren He.

Ren He finds an excuse to kiss her but her uncle calls her, wanting her to ask a loan from Ren He. She refuses to tell Ren He what happens. He is puzzled – he tells her everything but she doesn’t need him after eating but he still insists of waiting for her to finish her work. He deliberately disturbs her at her table. Lin beats up the culprit who attacks Ming He. Chun Bei is nervous that he will spill the beans so he beats him up more badly. He is dismayed when Ming He lets the fellow off and even sends him to hospital.

Jiang warns Yan Xi not to ruin Ren He’s future. Yan Xi’s uncle spends all the money so she decides to write a movie script. Ming He returns home to see Yan Xi in tears. He asks her what happens in a gentle voice. She misses his old self because he used to give her warmth but he insists that he hasn’t changed. Yan Xi meets the troubled Xiu Bin and both confess loving the wrong men.

Yan Xi returns home to see Ren He outside her door. He is shocked when she wants to resign and asks whether it is because of money. Both quarrel. But on the next day, Ren He gets into the same lift with her. Manager Wu hears the rumours of her getting the job due to him and she has worked in a nightclub before. She still works on the script. Ming He bathes and Yin Yu is frustrated that he is missing for days. She is shocked to see his stomach wound but he assures her that he has recovered.

Ming He wishes to let Chun Bei to handle the nightclub. Lin chides him for being timid just because of one attack. Chun Bei never has the ability to be the big boss. Ming He’s men forbids Chun Bei to meet the injured man and he is nervous upon knowing that he is awake. He quickly discusses with Zheng but he ignores him. Ming He sees everything and demands to know why he does this. Is it because he is worried that he might seize his position? He remembers how they worked in the factory. But he has not told Lin about it. So this is this last chance.

Ren He has a drink with Manager Wu. He tells Ren He that Yan Xi can’t survive long if her relationship with Ren He is discovered. He wants to give her chances but he can’t, fearing that others will criticize him for showing favouritism. Ren He thanks him for being frank to consider from her angle. Yan Xi happens to know that her uncle accepts money from Mdm Wang. She returns it and walks out. Ren He is back and sees this. He runs after her and apologises on Mdm Wang’s behalf.

She is frustrated. His existence has changed their lives after acknowledging Yin Yu and Ming He. But his life is still the same to lead a comfortable life. He suddenly asks – is she that great to reprimand him? She replies that she is nothing so she leaves. Yan Xi is fed up when he keeps on following her from the public bus to home. He smiles and denies following her – he is only going to sleep at Yin Yu’s place. What is the problem of being misunderstood since they are getting married?

He sees Ming He and tags him home. This is sure a hilarious scene when Ren He takes off his jacket and trousers, starting to wear Ming He’s sports wear without asking! There is no mattress for him as Ming He shuts him out from his sleeping corner. Thus he sleeps on the floor with a blanket. Yin Yu is appalled to see him there but is touched that both brothers are in the same room for once.

Jiang wants Lin to make sure that Yan Xi doesn’t interrupt Ren He’s marriage plans. Lin doesn’t see that he is his subordinate anymore and he will not touch women. Jiang is angry and leaves. Chun Bei overhears everything and hatches an evil plan. Xiu Bin escapes to meet Ming He. He forbids her to look for him again. He likes her but what can they do? She refuses to return as everything is meaningless without him. He asks her to wait for him to contact her before sending her home.

Ren He is about to drive when Cai Shu gets into his car, wanting him to send her home. He frowns but still allows it. Suddenly, he sees Yan Xi being sent away by Chun Bei and tails them. Cai Shu wonders why Yan Xi seduces Chun Bei. Ren He is surprised that she is involved with Chun Bei but still ignorant of what he does. She replies she hangs out with him out of boredom – just like how he toys with Yan Xi to kill time. Ren He is offended and commands her to get off his car.

He is still worried and follows them. Yan Xi is wary but still gets trapped. Ren He panicks when he loses them and approaches Ming He. He insists of following Ming He. Upon finding them, Ren He gets so mad that he gives Chun Bei a punch before hugging her. However, Ming He’s reaction is scary. He is silent and walks near Chun Bei to beat him up. Chun Bei gets frightened and insists that Jiang wants him to do it. Ming He removes his coat and gets a metal pole ready. Chun Bei pleads for his forgiveness.

Ren He stops him from hitting him further. He has not taken revenge on Jiang but only on a follower. Does it worth being a gangster? Ming He leaves and ponders his words. He also recalls Yin Yu’s words that she doesn’t need money. Ren He sends Yan Xi home and holds her hand. He apologises for hurting her. He then waits outside in the cold for Ming He’s return. He complains and wants to have an extra pair of keys to their home. Ming He wants to know how Yan Xi is to him.

Ren He replies – can’t he see for himself? Will he go to such a remote place if she isn’t trapped there? He will be responsible for her. Ren He chides Ming He for not having plans like him. If they behave like Jiang, they will suffer. Ming He is annoyed that he acts like a big brother but Ren He reminds him of the reality. Both drink with joy at the wine stall. Ren He decides to move out and will settle the company’s affairs before resigning. Jiang scolds him but does Jiang know how sad he is for being unable to live up to his expectations? Ren He sleeps in the office and although Yan Xi is having a fever, she still works.

Jiang and Zheng invite Ren He for lunch but he declines. He joins Lin and other Jiang’s ex-subordinates. He is going to give them back the shares they deserve for working for Jiang. Ren He tells Lin what Chun Bei has done and flies into a rage. Chun Bei has ruined his reputation. Xiu Bin decides to elope with Ming He and leaves home to see Yin Yu. She calls her mother not because of Ming He but her own mother was also a singer. She is thankful to Ming He for giving her strength to live on.

Ming He decides to quit – will all be happy to see him back in the childish hairstyle? Chun Bei’s men kidnap Lin. Xiu Bin meets Ming He and both are together. When Ming He learns that Lin is missing, he rushes back. Yan Xi is surprised to see Ren He in office late at night. He gets her to read his report. Seeing her smile makes him deduce that he has done a bad job so he wants her to look through. His jaw nearly dropped upon knowing that he takes so much time to write a report but she has finished writing the script.

He snatches the papers from her and declares that he must read and sneer at her. Later, he turns serious and wishes that both still work like this so that he can always look at her after marriage. Ming He confronts Chun Bei. Chun Bei rebukes that he is also giving him a last chance. Ren He tells her not to get angry when he sends her home. If she continues this way, he can’t sleep. Yan Xi scolds him – how can he sleep just after reading 2 pages of her script and can’t sleep after that?

He replies that he is a chap who can’t study but he promises to read it through the night. Yan Xi’s aunt is angry to know that they are still together. Yin Yu forbids him to find out how Lin is as she is dependent on him. However, Ming He feels that he owes him too much and still goes out. Manager Wu praises Yan Xi for doing a good job. Yan Xi avoids sitting with Cai Shu in the canteen and sits alone. Ren He comes to join her, ignoring other people’s glances.

He is concerned – does she get scolded by her aunt? Why is their route so tough? Yan Xi is annoyed when Ren He gives the same comments as Manager Wu on her script. That implies that he hasn’t read it at all. Ren He is worried that they can win votes since Lin is missing. He caalls up Yin Yu and is alarmed to know that Ming He is missing. Ming He gets his men to send Lin to hospital. Ming He bashes up Chun Bei. He ties him up – leaving him only in his singlet and shorts in a garage.

Ren He is worried when Lin doesn’t appear for the director’s meeting. He has not wanted Zheng to gain the major control of the company. The meeting is about to start when Lin arrives. The two old men know that it must be his doing. Zheng walks out angrily. Ren He stops him and warns him that he will reveal all his evil deeds if he dares to harm Ming He. Ren He is sorry for implicating Lin but he assures him that this is the cause of his own doing. He thanks Ren He for seeking revenge for him instead.

Yin Yu is dumbfounded when Ren He arrives at the doorstep with his suitcase. Ren He is annoyed that Ming He doesn’t greet him. When the phone rings, he listens to the call but Ming He snatches the receiver from him. Ren He playfully sneaks to his side, wanting to listen to his conversation with Xiu Bin. Not wishing to lose out to him, he also takes out his handphone to call Yan Xi! Yin Yu is amused to see both brothers talking to their girlfriends and smiling at he same time.

Yan Xi’s aunt forces Yan Xi’s uncle to work with Ming He in the Middle East. There is little chance for him to meet women and continue his terrible vices there. He agrees reluctantly. Chun Bei is arrested for illegal activities and this is shown on television. Cai Shu is so shocked that she faints. (This actress also can’t act as the expression is so unreal.)

Xiu Bin gets a scarf and gloves for Ming He. He tells her about his decision to work. He doesn’t dare to tell her to wait for him but she promises to do it. Ren He waits for Yan Xi in the cold outside her cold and grumbles about her coming out late. He will not go away like Ming He because he wants to take care of her and Yin Yu. He wants to hug her as he feels cold. She shyly avoids him.

Remember Xiu Bin saying about sleeping with a sibling? The brothers are doing it now. Ren He wants to know what he wants to do with Xiu Bin. He jokes that Xiu Bin is ugly while his Yan Xi is prettier. He then hugs Ming He to feel his warmth. Ming He initially feels annoyed but allows it when he enjoys the feeling. Yin Yu is glad that they get along well.

Yan Xi gives Xiu Bin the autographed book which she has completed. The movie is out soon and Ren He gives Ming He’s latest photograph to her. Ren He is now working happily in the Western restaurant that he has always brought Yan Xi to as a pianist and manager. They send Xiu Bin off at the airport as she wants to return to America. However, she changes her ticket to go to the Middle East to visit Ming He.

Introduction on characters

1. Jiang Ren He - Cha Tae Hyun
He is Jiang’s elder son. He is displeased with his father over his remarriage so he becomes very rebellious. He is never close to Cai Shu – you will laugh when he doesn’t even know which school she attends! He leads a wild life but starts to settle down when Jiang forces him to work. He is initially a weak man but love makes him strong to go against his father to be with his love and family.

Some find it difficult to match Tae Hyun’s serious baby face with his comical act in ‘My Sassy Girl’. They try so hard not to laugh. I have the same problem initially as well. Trying to be a troubled man isn’t his forte but he tries hard. You will still laugh at the few comical scenes that he has created. It is still interesting to see him driving a convertible and dressing in a business suit.

2. Han Ming He – Jang Hak
He is Jiang’s younger son but unlike Ren He who has a comfortable life, he has to struggle with his mother to make ends meet. He is kind, filial and considerate but can be reckless and unforgiving. He is unable to accept the fact that Ren He is his brother and never appreciate his efforts to help him. But after learning that he has given up lots of things to be with him, both become close.

Jang Hak acts and looks raw. As a villain, he is not bad enough. As a good guy, his external features don’t look gentle too. When he doesn’t gel his hair, he looks childish. But he sure looks dashing on his motorcycle. Who will expect his imperfect outlook makes him shine in ‘A joyful girl’s success’ instead?

3. Li Yan Xi – Kim Hyun Joo
Yan Xi is often being looked down because she is an orphan. However, she is determined not to receive help from others and works independently. She is very stubborn but succumbs to others easily. It is worse when she makes her own decisions without telling Ren He. If not for his insistence, both can’t end up together. Hyun Joo must have accumulated her crying experiences from here for other future works. We often see her with teary eyes. This can be boring as I have seen her acting in the same way in other dramas.

4. Zheng Xiu Bin – Kim Ha Neul
She is also rich but is a mistress’ daughter. Thus, she is never accepted by her family. Having low self-esteem, she tends to be wild – to smoke and wear daring outfits or wigs to have a life of indulgence. However, love changes her to be a better person.

The breakthrough is great at first when we get to see Ha Neul in thick make-up, revealing clothes and wild wigs. But it stops after 10 episodes and she is back as the long-suffering person who cries easily. No surprises at all. Maybe the producer doesn’t wish to ruin her sweet image totally.

5. Jiang Cai Shu
She is Ming He and Ren He’s half-sister. Pampered since young, she is haughty and looks down on the poor and is always looking around for a good catch. I am always delighted when she sucks up to Xiu Bin in vain and gets bullied by her during their high school days instead. Having no flair for music, she studies music, plays the piano and sings (but I can assure you that her singing is unbearable). She is flattered when Chun Bei woos her. This actress’s acting is only satisfactory.

6. Han Yin Yu
She is the men’s mother. After her divorce, she brings Ming He away and he inherits her surname. She is a singer at a nightclub and blames Jiang for her ordeal as she was popular before their marriage. She feels bad for not being able to provide Ming He a good life and wonders whether he should stay with Jiang instead. She longs to meet Ren He and you will be happy for her when both acknowledge each other.

7. Jiang Qing Huan – Piao Gen Xing (as Li He’s father in ‘Loving You’)
Like many Korean fathers, he only thinks the best for his company and treats Ren He’s coming marriage as part of a business deal. He is cruel to ignore the fact that Ren He misses his natural family and even forbids him to see them. He controls his life to even arrange a job in his company for him. It leaves me puzzled – I thought most Koreans prefer sons – how can he ignore Ming He totally?

8. Mr Zheng
He is Xiu Bin’s father. He looks kind and approachable but he isn’t. He uses despicable means to achieve his aim. He is also treating Xiu Bin like a pawn in his business.

9. Mdm Song/Mrs Zheng
She is Xiu Bin’s stepmother. On the surface, she appears to treat her well but in secret, she loves to tear her hair and torture her. She will not hesitate to send her men to beat Ming He when the need arises.

10. Lin Fu Tu
He is an underworld boss and owns the nightclub. He was in love with Yin Yu but was dejected when she married Jiang. However, he is enraged when Jiang ditched her and thus arranges her to work for him. Treating Ming He like his son, he wants to pass his business to him. He is not exactly a bad man as he recognizes talents – with Yan Xi, he is quite soft. He knows that she is unsuitable to work for him and has wanted to arrange her to work in Jiang’s company. Thus he is pleased to see her there when he goes there to discuss the filming of his television serial.

11. Jin Chun Bei
He is Lin’s sidekick and is always harbouring over his business. Thus he tries to get rid of Ming He when he can. He is smitten with Cai Shu. Despite Lin’s warnings, he still wants to woo her. I will present the most plastic acting award to this guy – he is so stage-like from the beginning to the end.

12. Mdm Wang/Mrs Jiang
She is Ren He’s stepmother and Cai Shu’s natural mother. She is a snob like Cai Shu. I find her so pretentious when she talks with Mrs Zheng. Both are really two of a kind. Two bad they don’t belong to the opposite sex to get married together. They will make a marvelous pair.

13. Manager Wu
He is an impartial man who recognizes talents and assists Yan Xi whenever she needs guidance or support.

14. Yan Xi’s aunt
Yan Xi has inherited her stubborn and strong personality. But I must admire her to have the backbone and also strong resistance to reject Mdm Wang’s money.

15. Yan Xi’s uncle
He is a good for nothing to depend on his wife and niece. He gambles away whatever sum of money they have at home. This is practically unforgiven and he even loses the money to pay for the house rent. Poor
Yan Xi has to work so hard on the script to get the money. He has the cheek to accept Mdm Wang’s money! Serves him right to work in the Middle East…..

Favourite character/Most hated character
None, because no one is outstanding in personality. Cute-wise – Ren He fits the bill.

The theme songs are fast-paced. But you will be surprised by another song which is played throughout the serial. It is ‘I’ll give you all’ by Jo Kyu Man. Isn’t this for ‘All About Eve’? MBC must have loved it so much to replay it again in ‘All About Eve’. But I don’t think anyone will mind to have more of it as it is such a wonderful song.


Hyun Joo and Ha Neul must have accumulated their crying experience from here to act in ‘Glass Slippers’ and ‘Piano’. They have so many teary scenes that I can’t take it. However, both are convincing as high school students in the uniform. As like other typical Korean dramas, the starting is attractive but the pace slows down when the leads are troubled by the love problems. Nothing outstanding here offered.

It will be better if Jang Hak switches his role with Tae Hyun. Tae Hyun looks younger and it is awkward to see him as the elder brother. The cute ways that he presents shows how childish he can be while Jang Hak behaves more like a mature elder brother. Luckily, his husky and mature voice saves the day. Thus he ends up being the most alluring element among the four.

He doesn’t match with Ha Neul in looks too – thankfully, they get Hyun Joo to be his lover. The four do look like couples and complement each other well. Jang Hak and Ha Neul are a better combination in looking as a mature couple while Tae Hyun and Hyun Joo look like a younger couple. Isn’t this weird? However, I must confess that the Tae Hyun and Hyun Joo pair wins more of my votes because they are really cute with their chemistry.

Jang Hak and Ha Neul look more restrained and there isn’t much chemistry between them. The main attraction is how Ren He woos Yan Xi. You will crack up upon how he shows his affections for her openly. This is a direct opposite on how Ming He treats Xiu Bin which can be too boring and repetitive.

Do watch it if you wish to see how the leads look when younger. Or you want to see a no-nonsense Tae Hyun and raw Jang Hak? However, we can’t be too fussy over their acting as they only started out then. But you will marvel that they don’t change much in looks. I am curious – do they undergo plastic surgery to achieve this effect?

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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