Endless Love


Section:Korean Dramas


Number of Episodes:16

Language: Korean

Average Rating:       (out of 6 ratings)

Also Known As: Autumn Love Story, Autumn in My Heart


The Korean drama unofficially title "Endless Love" was actually a four different series based on the the season. Each season dealt with a a different aspect of love , different plot lines and a different set of characters. They were called "Autumn Fairy Tale" (2000), "Winter Sonata" 2002, "Summer Scent" 2003 and "Spring Waltz" (2006) . Each show started with young love that continues on into adulthood after being separated with slightly different variations on that theme. Scenery was very important in the show often displaying the season which the series was about. They also followed trends at the time the first shows Autumn and Winter dealt with tragedy where as the spring and summer show became more lighter fare.


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Endless Love

Reviewed by: Anpa1 July 14, 2015

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Autumn In My Heart (Viewed One Time)Two mothers sit huddled together in a hospital corridor, their "daughter" lies gravely ill in the room behind them. Their faces are masks of grief over what now seems inevitable. The husband (and "father") has been told by his wife to stay home, he doesn’t deserve to see his "daughter". Even after his shortsightedness has irreparably destroyed two families, this man can only sit at home and assure himself that...

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Endless Love

Reviewed by: Bridget October 27, 2007

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Also known as "The Fairytale of Autumn" and "Autumn in my Heart" # of Episodes: 20 Theme Song: Reason (Autumn's Tale) - piano Cast: (Although I watched this series in Korean and read the Chinese subtitles, I have no clue how to spell the characters' names in Korean, so I'll use the Chinese translations for the characters) Song Seung Hun as Jin Xi (Cantonese: Jeun Hei) Wong Bin as Tai Xi (Cantonese: Tai Chi) Song Hye Kyo as En Xi...

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Endless Love

Reviewed by: cutepup June 08, 2006

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Cast: Song Seung Hun- Chui Joon Suh Song Hye Kyo- Chui Eun Suh Won Bin- Hang Tae Suk Plot: (*WARNING: SPOILERS*) Joon Suh and Eun Suh thought themselves to be brother and sister, starting from when Eun Suh was born. But later on when they are 14 years old it, is found out that Eun Suh isn't actually Joon Suh's parents' real daughter. An incident occurred leading to Eun Suh and another baby girl to be switched and they...

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Endless Love

Reviewed by: Joie April 05, 2006

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

CAST NOTE: I watched this series in dubbed Mandarin, so I honestly do not have any idea how to spell the Korean names, and it is already second nature for me to spell them using Mandarin Pinyin, so I decided throughout the review, I will refer to them using pinyin. SONG HYE KYO: Choi Eun-suh (Jenny) Mandarin: Cui En Xi SONG SEUNG HUN: Yun Jun-suh (Johnny) Mandarin: Yin Jun Xi WON BIN: Han Tae-sukh (Andrew Han) Mandarin: Han Tai...

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Endless Love

Reviewed by: nadnad December 30, 2003

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Endless Love, or Autumn in My Heart, is the best Asian television series I have ever seen. From the cast to the cinematography, to the direction of the scenes, I can say it is really superb. This Korean TV series was shown here in the Philippines just this September on a daily basis. I was mesmerized by the story and the plot. The promotions on the TV network which showed Endless Love were so exciting...

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Endless Love

Reviewed by: softee October 14, 2003

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Endless Love (A Tale of Autumn) is the first soap opera to elicit an emotional response from this reviewer. Soaps are the usual target for mockery due to the presence of bad acting, lame plots and even lamer dialogue. Endless Love, however, managed to overcome these weaknesses. It stands as one of the best soap operas I've ever seen. It's the story of Joon Suh and Eun Suh, who for...

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Member Ratings


07-23-2009 04:38 AM


a heart breaking series! i cried a lot in this series, one of the best even if it has sad plot still the entirety was very good... worth to watch! one of my favorite!


02-21-2009 06:51 PM


It was amazing. I watched it like... a year and a half ago, and listening to the music and reading about it again.. it's overwhelming! By the way... EVERYBODY!! READ THE REVIEW BY BRIDGET!! I agree with absolutely everything she says!!
Tai Xi was soo much better than Jin Xi!!!
I mean, he's sooo handsome!!!! Arg!! Some people get all the looks!!!


08-10-2007 03:08 AM


I love this drama, this is the best drama I have ever watched and i have seen a lot. The cast was great, the story is great:I love Oh Soo-yeon!!!
The very first drama I watched with subtitles.


06-14-2007 03:04 AM


I only watched this k-drama series a few weeks ago eventhough a few years back when this series was aired almost everybody in our whole country was watching this k-drama. I didn't watch it because I was not "into" k-dramas. After watching FULL HOUSE I was able to appreciate the uniqueness of Korean TV series. I didn't like the plot that much but the acting was superb. The plot was a bit weird... not really sick but not altogether believable. I love WON BIN's character, the best!!!


04-24-2007 06:26 PM


I also agree with trinadizzo and jayleem. It's pretty sick that they fell in love with each other as kids. The brother already hinted that he liked his "sister" in the scene where he was describing his crush to her, and this was before the car accident. Are the viewers just supposed to accept this without explanation? Don't get me wrong, it was a good series. It just couldn't believe their incest love.

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