Family's Honor


Section:Korean Dramas

Genre:Romance, Family

Number of Episodes:54


Language: Korean

Korean Title: 가문의영광

Average Rating:       (out of 2 ratings)

Also Known As: Glory of the Family


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Family's Honor

Reviewed by: sukting April 02, 2010

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Foreword Aristocratic practices and modern values clash in a family. How can this traditional family keep up with the modern times? This drama may be able to provide an answer. Story/Introduction on characters 1. He Dan Ya – Yoon Jung Hee Dan Ya is is the only daughter of the family and is a univeristy lecturer. Her mother passed away when she was nine and she was sent to a relative. She returns after many years as a pretty woman who is perfect...

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01-29-2012 04:01 AM


A modern wuxia (saejuk). A gem in the rough. Very heart warming drama where you can learn alot from. While watching this drama, since it's 54 eps, it makes you feel as if you've moved into the neighbor hood and getting to know your neighbors. Contradicting to its length, watching this drama was a breeze, by the time you've finished you'd hope that the scriptwriter would let you tag along a bit more.

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