Fascinate My Heart

Reviewed by: sukting

September 10, 2004

Rating: two

How long
16 episodes

Those who are unhappy with the tragic ending of ‘Model’ might be interested to know what the arrangement is in here. Kim Nam Joo and Han Jae Suk act as a couple here. Will they be together in the end?


Jun Wei, Dr Han's adopted son, is intelligent and a houseman. Dr Han’s daughter, Ai Lin, is an art student and is graduating. Both treat each other as siblings.

Jun Wei leaves his cage of two birds in a cab and runs after it. He is dismayed to find one missing. Ai Lin gets into MTR to go to college. Qi Cang’s bag gets hooked on her knitted skirt so it becomes shorter and shorter. She shouts to him but he still laughs at her and doesn’t stop walking away! She has to use her teeth to bite the thread off. Jun Wei quickly gives her his coat to save her from embarrassment.

But this woman isn’t satisfied and wants him to remove his pants to let her wear it to see her senior, Min Xiu! Jun Wei has no choice but to give in to her. Both leave in excitement when he accepts her. Han’s friend, Lan Xi is rejected so Qi Cang cheers her up with an ice-cream. Ai Lin is annoyed to see him and presses his face into the ice cream. Later, she is so tired that she hugs Jun Wei to sleep in the train.

Dr Han goes overseas and leaves his car to Ai Lin. Ai Lin drives Jun Wei to work. Mei Ying wants her to help to woo Jun Wei because she is interested in him but Ai Lin feels jealous. Although she claims to treat him like a brother, she doesn’t like the idea. This is a nude drawing session and she is shocked to know that the model is Qi Cang. She drops the pearl that Jun Wei gives her and it rolls to Qi Cang’s feet.

He takes it and keeps, much to her annoyance. He is in a foul mood and wears his clothes to smoke. The students storm out as they are unable to draw. Jun Wei's neighbour, Ke Ying, is also his secret admirer. She buys a pager that has her birthday as the password, hoping that he will love her one day. You will laugh at the way she records her message. Ke Ying's elder brother, Ke Yu is interested in Lan Xi but fails to win her heart as she likes Qi Cang. Confusing, isn't it?

She declares that this pager belongs to her and Jun Wei. Only males and her close friends are welcome to call her. She even intends to steal his pager to record the same message. I wonder why Jun Wei carries Ai Lin on his back like a baby to coax her. Did "The return of the cuckoo" borrow the idea from here? He reminds himself not to get too close to her and asks if he is her brother. She reluctantly acknowledges the fact and gets off his back. She looks at the bird and wonders why he places a mirror in the cage. He replies that the bird will die if it discovers its companion missing so he came up with the idea.

He then asks her in a playful expression on when he can get to see the necklace around her neck. She lies that she is still looking for it. She demands Han to return it to her but he thinks that she is seducing him. She gives him a slap. Jun Wei gets to know about it and confronts him, but is beaten up. Ai Lin and Ke Ying are shocked. Ai Lin quickly dresses the bruise and is worried that he is angry with her. She is relieved to find the soup he prepared in the kitchen, showing that he has forgiven her.

Qi Cang's friend tells him to focus on song writing instead of baring his body to others. Qi Cang has wanted to do this as a form of protest but now he feels that he is enjoying it. On the next session, he feels weird not seeing Ai Lin around. Ai Lin is angry with him and engages another model. However, this man is too uncomfortable to be naked and she can't draw well. Mei Ying sees the unfinished work and coaxes her to approach Qi Cang. She says that he is nasty but can poses well.

Ke Yu knows of Ai Lin's case and tries to beat Qi Cang. He gets beaten up instead. Ai Lin is about to pay him to draw but changes her mind upon seeing this. Jun Wei nurses Ke Yu's wound and is unhappy to know that Ai Lin has approached Qi Cang as her model. He later overhears her telling Qi Cang that she is only treating him as her brother. He gets so upset that he moves out to stay at the hospital. He tells her that he also wants to concentrate on his exam and will move back when her father returns.

Ai Lin tries to explain to him that she is not going to see Qi Cang anymore after the last assignment. Jun Wei focuses his attention on work. The interns have dinner at an outlet and Jun Wei is upset to see the couple again. Ai Lin brings his clothes to the hospital and requests him to be at her exhibition the next day. If she doesn't see him, she will never forgive him. Ke Ying sees her and asks why she dolls herself up. Ke Ying is there as Jun Wei wants her to get him new clothes. Ai Lin is furious to know about it.

Jun Wei rushes to the exhibition but leaves upon seeing Qi Cang admiring her work there. Ai Lin comes to the hospital and is shattered to know that he isn't working. She gets herself drunk and Qi Cang has to send her home. Ke Yu knows Jun Wei likes Ai Lin and tells him to woo her. Jun Wei starts to question her feelings towards him.

Jun Wei is unhappy to see Ai Lin and Qi Cang together. Ai Lin is taken aback when Jun Wei says that he is tired not because of Qi Cang. He dislikes other men to be intimate with her and cites that his weariness is due to his heart always flying towards her. She then realises his feelings towards her but is confused with her feelings towards the two men. (Stupid woman - I feel like drilling sense into her head.)

The next day, Ke Yu chides Ai Lin for being fickle minded and insensitive. Ai Lin recalls Qi Cang's words - her drawing is better than the real person and realises it. Ke Yu tries to woo Lan Xi without success as she likes Qi Cang, while Ke Ying decides to wait for Jun Wei to love her.

Dr Han notices Jun Wei's unhappiness and goes to meet him. He is disappointed with his decision to move into an apartment near the hospital. He tells Jun Wei that he supports him in wooing Ai Lin and he is overjoyed. But Ai Lin still can't make up her mind and she tells Jun Wei that it is better for them to retain their sibling relationship for the time being. Jun Wei is devastated.

He moves out and this is what happens to him on the first day. A woman comes into his room and sleep on his bed on his night shift! He is surprised and wakes her up. She is Yu Hui Jun, who stays next door. Her roommate is not at home and he forgot to lock his door, so she came in. Ke Yu is uncomfortable upon seeing her and persuades Jun Wei in vain to move back since she is going to stay over for one more night.

Ke Ying's wooer tries to dissuade Ke Ying from considering Jun Wei as a boyfriend. Ke Ying is annoyed. Before leaving, the sad youth gives her her framed photograph. She takes it to Jun Wei's home (she doesn't have the keys so she lies to the security guard that she has lost them) and places it there. While waiting for him after cooking a meal, she is so tired that she falls asleep on his bed!

Jun Wei is amused but also agitated that so many women like to sleep on his bed. He sends her home and passes by Dr Han's home. He shouts for Ai Lin and she has a drink with him. Both promise not to hurt each other anymore. Both promise to spend Christmas together. Qi Cang brings his younger sister, Wen Lin home as his mother's new husband doesn't wish to see her around.

She is slightly autistic and has problems communicating with others. Her doctor is Dr Han and he finds her lost on the street when he goes to work. So he brings her home to let her stay for the night. In the meantime, Qi Cang is unware of it as his mother keeps it from him even till her marriage day as both stay separately! Ai Lin, the SELFISH person, will not share a room with Wen Lin and gives her Jun Wei's room.

She waits for Jun Wei and Qi Cang calls her at midnight. She is disappointed not hearing Jun Wei's voice but still goes out with him to the amusement park. In the meantime, Jun Wei is busy curing the injured sent in by Hui Jun. He realises that it is late so he calls Ai Lin. He is disappointed when she doesn't pick up his call. So he drinks with Hui Jun and gets drunk. Hui Jun helps him home.

Jun Wei and Shang Zhe become doctors now and Shang Zhe describes their departmental head to be an old vampire. They are stunned that Hui Jun is their head! Hui Jun is friendly to both, though. Lan Xi is jealous to know from Ke Yu that Qi Cang is only treating her as a friend. Ai Lin doesn't have the keys to Jun Wei's apartment so she waits outside it. She is jealous to see Hui Jun behind him and she is in tears.

She asks Shang Zhe about her and is relieved to know that she is only their superior. Hui Jun also fires questions at him to know that Jun Wei is interested in Ai Lin. She also frowns. Qi Cang confesses that he is interested in Ai Lin but she declines, saying that he doesn't know her well enough. Lan Xi questions Qi Cang and finds out that he is interested in Ai Lin. She decides to confront her but is still not happy despite her explanation. Dr Han alerts Qi Cang to give his sister early treatment.

Qi Cang's friend is angry when he is lazy to promote himself to be a star. Qi Cang is only interested in composing the music that he likes. Jun Wei mistakens Ai Lin's tears for being unwilling to see him - he tells her that he will respect her decision to get back all the table-tennis balls that she has given him. Ai Lin used to draw smily faces on them to cheer him up. She can suppress her feelings no longer that she tells him to hug her so that he can feel her existence.

Qi Cang sends Wen Lin to the hospital and sees Jun Wei. He is shocked to see his surname on the doctor’s robe – it is ‘Yin’ and not ‘Han’. That means that he has no blood relation with Ai Lin. Hui Jun sees Jun Wei treating a nurse to coffee and gets curious. She follows him secretly to find out that he is teaching her to be more caring towards patients.

She is touched and cheekily kisses him on his lips! Jun Wei is taken aback by her act. Ke Ying visits the departmental store and buys a ring and clothes for Jun Wei. She later asks Jun Wei to pay her the money and to put the ring on her finger. Can you believe that Jun Wei is convinced by her words that it is just a sibling token from an elder brother to a younger sister? He agrees to everything and makes her so happy!

Hui Jun is remorseful when a patient dies. Jun Wei tries his best to cheer her up. She is touched and jokes that she is contented to have a handsome guy to nurse her heart. She invites him to dance with her. He agrees to it unwillingly but starts to have fun on the dance floor. At this time, Ai Lin tries to make up to Qi Cang by supporting him at the lounge. She is unhappy to see Hui Jun dancing with Jun Wei intimately at the dance floor. Upon seeing her, Qi Cang gets angry and leaves. Ai Lin then tries in vain to talk to him.

Mei Ying hasn’t given up on Jun Wei. After graduation, she finds no excuse to visit Jun Wei at the hospital as in the past because the university is nearby. She wonders if she should deliberately break a leg so as to see him there! Ai Lin laughs at her for being so desperate but whenever she thinks of Jun Wei being with Hui Jun intimately, she is unhappy.

It is raining and Jun Wei knows that Ai Lin has no umbrella. So he waits for her outside her workplace with an extra umbrella. They have a nice chat. She even holds Jun Wei’s arm to put across her shoulder to walk closely together! Qi Cang is angry to see this and drags her away, leaving Jun Wei.

Ke Ying feels the anguish upon seeing Jun Wei drenched in the rain. He holds the smiley table tennis ball in his hand. She gets him hot tea and explains that they are too different so he should forget Ai Lin.

Qi Cang demands to know why she is so fickle-minded to like both men. Jun Wei is too upset and decides to forget Ai Lin completely. He brings the bird cage away and tells Ai Lin to keep the ball. He then turns his attention to work.

The next day, Wen Lin follows Jun Wei all the way to the MTR station because she is attracted to the bird that he has. He gets the staff to send her to the police station. Qi Cang carries her home. He desires her to hug him by the neck to call him brother. It doesn’t matter if it can be a long wait for 10 to 20 years. Ai Lin decides to call him on Wen Lin’s behalf.

Qi Cang brings her to the hospital for a checkup. Upon seeing Jun Wei, she tails him again. He brings her to the broadcast room. Wen Lin searches him for the bird and he pacifies her. Qi Cang later rushes there to get her when Jun Wei rushes for an operation. The guys do not get to see each other. Hui Jun tells Jun Wei to assist her in the operation when their teacher suddenly drops the scalpel. It is found that his right hand's nerves are paralyzed and will never recover. Jun Wei looks at his hand.

Ai Lin also decides to be completely faithful to Qi Cang. Qi Cang shares his story with Ai Lin. His parents loved music so he learnt it to please them. But when he got into the music academy, they divorced. So Wen Lin followed their mother, who remarried. Ke Yu is upset that Lan Xi still doesn’t accept him.

Qi Cang plays the piano for Wen Lin but she shows no response. He tries playing music on her favourite ballerina and she responds to it. He is happy over her progress. Hui Jun sees how Jun Wei is devoted to work and starts to fall for him. All are stunned to see her new look instead of her tomboy self. Jun Wei is oblivious to what is happening and even laughs at her, without appreciating the hard work she has put in.

Hui Jun gets herself drunk and reveals her feelings, shocking Jun Wei. She reverts to her old self again. Hui Jun straightens her thoughts and decides to be his buddy again. What can she do but to wait for him to change his mind?

Jun Wei tells Hui Jun that he likes her wearing spectacles and she smiles bitterly. He receives Ai Lin’s page and listens to her message. She wonders whether his moving away causes them to drift apart but still hopes that he is well.

Hui Jun locks her apartment door and gives them to Jun Wei to take care. He leaves them on her office table later. Qi Cang congratulates Lan Xi for getting a reserve role and celebrates for her at home. She picks up Ke Yu’s call and is disgusted. Later, she is sore when Ai Lin calls Qi Cang. Ai Lin also sulks but brightens up when she talks to Qi Cang to know that he is elated over the coming recording of his album the next day.

Jun Wei and Hui Jun are on normal terms again but when they return home, he recalls his mistake. He has no choice but to let her wear his pyjamas and sleep on his bed. He fidgets on the sofa so she jokes that she believes in Buddhism so she will only hug him even though he might sleep beside her. He is so alarmed that he uses his shirt to cover his face and pretends to sleep. She is only joking but feels bitter over it.

She invites him to watch a movie with her after work. I like the part when they stand side by side to eat instant noodles. Seeing that she hasn’t eaten enough, Jun Wei passes some of his to her. They enjoy the movie. Ai Lin sneaks out to buy food for Qi Cang at the studio. She is appalled to see him kissing Lan Xi there. She returns to work feeling ill, but doesn’t realize the light beam falling. It knocks her out on her head.

Jun Wei gets a page and Hui Jun tells him to ignore it because most likely it’s from the hospital. If it’s serious, they will call her instead. Jun Wei still feels disturbed and walks out, telling her to wait for him to come back. The number is unfamiliar. Later, he discovers that it is from her boss and he throws down the receiver upon knowing what has happened to Ai Lin. He frantically gets in a cab to go to the hospital.

Jun Wei touches her hair and urges her to wake up. He gets Hui Jun’s page and realizes that he has forgotten the date completely. But there is no way he can contact her. Hui Jun stays in the cinema till the movie ends and becomes the last person to leave after being chased away by the road sweeper. She hopes to see him at the usual eatery where they paste their stickers and vows to make him her boyfriend. But he doesn’t turn up.

Ai Lin wakes up to see Jun Wei. He asks her if she feels faint and tells her to bend her fingers to ensure that she is fine. He chides her for neglecting her health. She is not hospitalized because of the injury but because she is anemic due to overwork.

Lan Xi notices that Qi Cang has changed a lot for Ai Lin. She mentions that Wen Lin follows Jun Wei because of the bird and he becomes stern. Jun Wei asks Ai Lin if she is uneasy to see him. If so, he will ask Dr Han to come but she can’t be sick again because he can’t come anymore. What is Qi Cang doing as he should be here at this moment? He is about to step out when she asks him to stay.

He sits beside her and sings for her. Ai Lin mentions that when she fainted, Jun Wei’s sad face appeared. She must have owed him too much. Hui Jun appears with a dark face at work the next day. Jun Wei doesn’t know how to face her. She chides him for not taking care of a diabetic patient properly. Later, he smiles at Ai Lin and Hui Jun finally knows her identity and why he misses their date. He must be too anxious to get distracted.

Ai Lin recalls the past with Qi Cang and urges Dr Han to return to work. Dr Han feels he let her down because Mrs Han is not around to take care of her. Jun Wei covers Ai Lin with a blanket. She is touched and asks Mei Ying what her vision of Jun Wei implies. She tells her that it must be love. Lan Xi and Qi Cang bring Wen Lin for her checkup.

Wen Lin smiles upon seeing Jun Wei. He promises to show her the bird cage on her next appointment and she gives him the ballerina. Ai Lin recalls the birds that Jun Wei tells her and Qi Cang insists sending her home. Jun Wei watches them leave in despair.

The performance is a success when Lan Xi does well. Mei Ying is puzzled why she is still an unknown although she has great potential. Qi Cang is puzzled not seeing Ai Lin so he offers Lan Xi his congratulations instead. Min Xiu is impressed with Qi Cang’s works and decides to work with him.

Jun Wei is busy at work when she visits him but he still notices her presence. He reminds her to eat her medicine. She gives the flowers to him to congratulate her. He thanks her for giving him the chance. She asks him out for dinner but is disturbed when he asks Hui Jun along. He wants to introduce her formally to Ai Lin. Hui Jun jokes that she must give her more points for a treat. Ai Lin then asks Jun Wei if he really likes Hui Jun. He replies that he will try to love her.

The eatery owner comments that Jun Wei is more handsome than in the sticker while Hui Jun jokes that she is prettier too. Ai Lin notices the stickers and is unhappy. He sends Ai Lin off but Hui Jun can see that both are in love. She urges him to go after her and sure indeed, he runs to the MTR platform but still misses the train when the doors are shut even though he can see her. He manages to get on the next train but both are in silence when they see each other again.

Qi Cang tries hard to salvage their relationship upon knowing that she knows the kissing incident. Hui Jun prepares coffee for Jun Wei and sits beside him. He is uneasy and shifts to another sofa but she still follows to joke that he should stop seeing her as a sex manic. She discovers that both siblings are the same to pretend to each other. She looks at Ai Lin’s photo and comments that she is pretty and kind. He later places the photo in the drawer. Qi Cang takes Wen Lin to hospital and is mad when Ai Lin doesn’t answer his calls.

He goes to the doctor’s room and discovers that Wen Lin isn’t there again. He goes to Jun Wei’s office and sure enough, he sees her there. Wen Lin looks at the birds happily and although she can’t speak, she can nod in response to Jun Wei’s questions. Both men have a chat in the garden.

Jun Wei recalls the past. When his parents died and he buried them, Ai Lin was the first to console him not to cry. Jun Wei will not hesitate to risk his life for her so he makes Qi Cang promise to take care of her for him. Jun Wei walks nhappily into the hospital. Hui Jun is excited to tell him that a patient has survived. Jun Wei suddenly hugs her. Hui Jun is unprepared for this but she hugs him back too.

Qi Cang comes to Ai Lin’s home and Dr Han is surprised to see him dragging his beloved daughter away. Qi Cang brings her to a church to promise to take care of her but she is unmoved. Lan Xi tries in vain to get a major role in a play. Ai Lin wants to console her only to get rejected. She complains the unfair treatment to Qi Cang but his mind is to leave early to meet Ai Lin. Lan Xi is so desperate that she kisses Ke Yu in front of Qi Cang to make him jealous. Qi Cang only walks away so she cries. Ke Yu is equally unhappy but still carries her home on his back.

Jun Wei decides to bring Hui Jun home to meet Dr Han. On his way, he is quiet so Hui Jun guesses his thoughts but still agrees to put up with the act. Dr Han and Mr Wang spice up special dishes for this special guest. Both of them like Hui Jun so much that they pair up to play table-tennis with the couple. Ai Lin suddenly feels deserted and says softly in secret that she misses Jun Wei upon seeing them walking out.

Hui Jun imagines marrying Jun Wei when both are in the MTR. She promises Jun Wei that his wound will heal once they have children. Lan Xi finally gets a chance to play the lead in the musical. Min Xiu gives her the chance but warns her to take care of herself so as not to fall sick easily. However, she is shattered when Qi Cang gives her a parting gift. He has once wanted to build a dance studio beside his recording studio so that they can work together against their dream. But now he only loves Ai Lin.

The next day, Jun Wei and Hui Jun are at work. She cleans his spectacles for him and tells him that her parents are coming. Seeing him hesitant, she drops the idea of bringing him to see them. However, he decides to meet them. He suddenly hugs her and apologises. She has tried to reach out to him with her warm hands but he can only respond with a weary heart. He proposes to her and promises to fill in the gap which is incomplete. Hui Jun is touched and both walk out holding hands together. Ai Lin is dejected again.

Qi Cang works hard for his new album but is disgusted to know that his stepfather is the producer. He can’t control his temper and damages the whole recording studio. He seizes his diskette of criminal records and excapes. He gets Ai Lin to send Wen Lin to see Jun Wei. Wen Lin walks into Jun Wei’s room and taps his shoulder. She wants him to read a book to him. He gives the bird in the cage to her, hoping to improve her condition but he is unaware that she looks unhappy instead.

Jun Wei is shocked to see Ai Lin instead but still informs her of his marriage plans. She tries to dissuade him because she knows he does it because of her. He wants to jump out of confusion and be a good husband. So by marrying before her, he can deal calmly when he sees her and Qi Cang together. Ai Lin is silent upon seeing that he has made up his mind. She has no courage to tell him about her feelings now.

Jun Wei wonders what she wants to tell him. She lies that Ying Shu is back and requests him to help her to matchmake her with Dr Han. He agrees to it. She then asks if he has thrown away the table tennis ball that she gives him. He lies yes. Qi Cang gives the diskette to Ai Lin for safe-keeping. Ai Lin doesn’t know what it is but she still keeps it.

Later at night, Qi Cang’s stepfather is angry with Qi Cang’s act so he wants to abduct Ai Lin. Ke Yu works for him and tries hard to delay him to alert Jun Wei. (Till now, I still think that this is a stupid act – why doesn’t he call the police to handle it?) At first, he doesn’t feel like going but later he hops on an ambulance to rush to the scene. The mechanic tries in vain to stop him.

Ai Lin is puzzled when Qi Cang’s stepfather’s man demands the diskette for her. She tries to escape in vain and out of desperation, Ke Yu jumps onto the front of the car, trying to stall for time. Jun Wei comes but his ambulance crashes into the car. The others flee and Jun Wei drops the table tennis ball from the hand, falling unconscious. Before he faints, he recalls how Ai Lin consoled him when his parents were dead. She had assured him that she would stay by his side so he mustn’t cry.

Hui Jun sobs upon seeing Jun Wei being sent to hospital. She steadies herself to carry out the operation. Ai Lin and Ke Yu nearly collapse upon seeing him being wheeled into ER. Dr Han nearly breaks into tears but is sure that he can pull through. Ai Lin refuses to return home, insisting on keeping him company.

The veins in Jun Wei's right hand are completely destroyed. It is unlikely that he can carry heavy things in future. He will not be able to handle any operations in future. Ai Lin faints upon knowing the news and blames herself for his ordeal. Ke Yu beats up Qi Cang for causing this.

Hui Jun is disappointed that he gives up easily. Shang Zhe urges Ai Lin to do the talking to persuade Jun Wei to go through the therapy session. Ai Lin sees him throwing things in anger and touches his right hand. She insists that he must eat his medicine. He drives her away – why doesn’t she date with Qi Cang? He is tired and doesn’t wish to face her.

Hui Jun discusses with Ai Lin. Jun Wei must be afraid to let Ai Lin see him so weak. So she hopes she will not come again since his life is ruined. Ai Lin’s presence is not helping him at all. Ai Lin explains that she is not doing out of guilt but she loves him. Hui Jun replies that it is too late and she has no right now. Anyway, Ai Lin is glad to reveal this to her and not Jun Wei. If this is the truth, she will not come again and leave Jun Wei in her care. She returns the diskette to Qi Cang. She doesn’t blame him but she can’t face him again.

Dr Han tries to talk to Jun Wei in vain. Jun Wei decides to give up being a doctor. Dr Han is angry with him for being weak. Jun Wei doesn’t wish to give himself false hopes. Hui Jun is frustrated and replies that she wants to see if he is prepared to get discharged or kill himself. Jun Wei goes to the therapy room at night to try the equipment there but his hand can’t move.

Hui Jun is disturbed that therapy doesn’t work on him. She touches his face when he is asleep and recalls happy moments with him. By resting her head on his chest, she wakes him up and he touches her hair. There are certain things he can’t accomplish although he tries his best. Jun Wei decides to part with her and Hui Jun respects his decision. He is afraid that he can’t hold her hand for long because he lacks strength.

Ai Lin suggests a breakup with Qi Cang and he accepts it painfully. Jun Wei is ready to be discharged and Hui Jun helps to pack his things. He decides to surrender his white robe for good but Hui Jun dissuades him. She even pastes their sticker on it as a lucky amulet to protect him when he goes traveling. Ke Yu is excited that Lan Xi is famous now. Jun Wei wonders why he still loves her. Ke Ying sees them back but her heart is burdened upon recalling that Jun Wei needs a long time to recover.

Jun Wei returns home to recuperate and apologises to Dr Han for worrying him. Ai Lin recalls how Jun Wei sheltered her from the rain. He avoids seeing Ai Lin but later plays table-tennis with her. They hug each other for the last time before he goes traveling. He wishes her to be with Qi Cang again.

Sigh - I can guarantee that your blood will boil to more than 100 degrees because these two are so untruthful to each other. They don’t tell how each other feel and they think each is going to get married!!! Stupid idiots!

3 years later, Ke Yu becomes a successful chef and sends food to Lan Xi. Lan Xi invites him to eat with her and tells him that she likes him now. Hui Jun is pregnant now and Wen Lin recovers, giving Jun Wei a cage with 2 birds in it. He touches Hui Jun’s stomach and tells the baby not to listen to Hui Jun’s nonsense all the time. Looking at the birds, he wonders why he is so stupid to use a mirror in the past instead of getting a new bird.

Ke Ying is studying medicine so that she can help to fulfil Jun Wei’s dream. She comes to visit Jun Wei to pass food to him. She chides Hui Jun for not lunching with her husband as the food is only for them. Qi Cang sets up his own music company and is going to have a new assignment with Min Xiu. Ai Lin is also popular in designing. They meet each other again but both are no longer close to each other. Jun Wei trains himself to be a psychiatrist during this period and learns to write with his left hand. The story just ends here!

Introduction on characters

1. Han Ai Lin - Kim Nam Joo
She is an Arts student and is pampered from young by Dr Han and Jun Wei. She is very innocent and doesn't know how to choose the right man for herself. Thus she chooses to avoid both of them initially and takes turns to meet them, not knowing what to do.

I wish to slap her face - make up your mind! Doesn't she know that she has hurt them? The 2 poor souls have to guess what she thinks and wait endlessly for her. This serial is the worst as both men still wait for her in the end. I have watched 3 works from Nam Joo and I hate all characters that she played. It is always the wilful, irresponsible and insensitive roles. However, she looks amazingly young and pretty here.

2. Yin Jun Wei - Piao Zheng Yang
He is a doctor who is shy and doesn't know how to express his feelings. All will melt to see how well he treats Ai Lin but this woman is so unappreciative and hurts him to be with Qi Cang. Sometimes, I tear my hair when he chooses to hide upon seeing the couple together. But when he plucks up his courage, you will feel sorry to see him getting rejected.

This actor resembles Hong Kong compere/DJ Cheng Dan Sui in looks. From what I heard, he has received professional acting training from the Russia Acting Academy after completing his acting degree in Korea. No wonder he can move hearts easily for acting well.

3. He Qi Cang - Han Jae Suk
He is a part-time model and song writer. He is left to fend for himself from young and is very defensive. However, Ai Lin manages to warm his heart and both are together. But I am puzzled why he keeps returning to his ex-lover, Lan Xi. Two mistakes cause him to break up with Ai Lin – one is to kiss Lan Xi while the second is to cause Jun Wei to be injured indirectly. Time is just not right for this man.

This is the first time I see Jae Suk in shoulder-length hair - looking like an Ekin double. I take time to get used to the image. His acting isn't as good as in 'All About Eve'. He looks so bored and lifeless. Even the ending scene of him wearing glasses and gelling his hair doesn’t help.

4. Wang Ke Ying - Jeon Ji Hyun
She is a high school student but she is sure of what she wants and who she likes. That is why she isn't afraid to admit that she likes Jun Wei and woos him openly. She is very sure of her feelings and you will laugh non-stop at the part where she gets him to buy a ring for her. She is so cute! She can be aggressive but I like her frankness - that is the spirit! Plus she looks so sweet here - Jun Wei must be blind not to choose her. Can I take that she is together with Jun Wei in the end since she brings food for him?

Ji Hyun shows you why she is so well-liked. She is indeed a talented actress. This character is like the sassy girl she plays in the movie – daring and outspoken. You will like her in here.

5. Shang Zhe - Cui Yong Jun (Pei Ren Xiu in 'All About Eve')
He is as a comical role here again. He sees Jun Wei as a two-timer when Ke Ying and Ai Lin take turns to see him in the hospital. Upon seeing Jun Wei down because he is disturbed over Ai Lin, this man can coax him to woo the nurses instead! The lift scene is hilarious - he points to the two nurses standing in front and tells Jun Wei to make a choice. But after turning to see how ordinary they are, he quickly changes his stand and tells him to re-choose between Hui Jun or Ai Lin!

Equally comical as in other serials. His rubbery expression will send you sprawling to the floor again.

6. Wang Ke Yu - Zhao Shang Ji
He is Ke Ying's elder brother but doesn’t put his heart to take over his father's business. He treats Ai Lin like his younger sister and is in love with Lan Xi, but too bad he is rejected.

This actor is very thin and-ordinary looking. His acting is passable.

7. Hong Lan Xi - Jin Yin Shi
She has known Qi Cang for a long time and loves him. She tries very hard to be a dancer and works hard to achieve success. As ordinary as Shang Ji. I don’t think she acts well. Her tears are too fake in crying scenes.

8. Dr Han - the actor as Ming Zhe's father in 'Beautiful Days'
He opens a clinic and is a successful doctor. He is a doting father to Ai Lin and Jun Wei. He knows that Jun Wei is troubled by their 'sibling' identity. He likes this child very much so he gives him his approval to accept him as his future son-in-law.

He is the same as the loving father in ‘Four Sisters’. You will be touched by how well he treats Jun Wei although he isn’t his child.

9. Xu Ying Shu
She is a beauty salon assistant and is interested in Dr Han. So much that she gives up her job to work in his clinic as his nurse. She is like a mother to Jun Wei and Ai Lin so they wish her to be their mother. This actress is sure artificial in her acting.

10. Mr Wang - Lin Xian Zhi (as Zhi Xiu in 'All in' )
He is a wonderful chef and is a restaurant owner. He is secretly in love with Ying Shu. He cooks Chinese dishes well and speaks 3 languages. He is puzzled why his son doesn't inherit his genes.

11. He Wen Lin
She is slightly autistic and has problems taking care of herself. It is not easy to play this role but she acts well. Her weak smiles, blank expressions or warm gestures will melt your heart. You will be happy for her when she recovers finally.

12. Yu Hui Jun
It is unbelievable that she is so young to be Jun Wei's superior! She is serious at work (this can be very scary) but also knows how to create jokes at the right time (she is cute then). We can see how childish or approachable when she is with Jun Wei. Actually I don’t think the unreasonable and fickle-minded Ai Lin deserves Jun Wei. Hui Jun is more worthy of him. We can see how hard she tries to remain composed when she needs to operate on Jun Wei. She is definitely good although she is an unknown. She resembles Hong Kong actress Pang Chi Ching in looks.

13. Huang Mei Ying
Ai Lin’s classmate who is also Jun Wei’s secret admirer. They are close friends and later become colleagues. She likes Jun Wei since her university days and tries hard to woo him without success. But all must thank her to make Ai Lin realize that she loves him.

14. Zheng Min Xiu
Ai Lin and Mei Ying’s boss. He is harsh to make them work non-stop but he also appreciates talents. Knowing that Lan Xi has potential, he gives her chances. He also sees that Qi Cang produces great music works too so he also finds opportunities to work with him.

Favourite character
Jun Wei. He is caring towards patients, loyal to friends and thoughtful to others.

Most hated character
Ai Lin, for causing all the trouble and heartache in here.

Surprise, surprise... the songs are from Lai Ming! All the songs are found in his Korean song album. I find his singing quite well although I took some time to accept it at first.


I will begin to hate watching Korean dramas if they keep using the same dosage for the plots. This serial certainly tested my patience to the furthest limit with repetitive scenes or dialogues. The characters just talk and evade important issues! Can't the Koreans be straightforward to say what they want to do and who they like, and stop wasting our time! Why create so much misery for all of us?? I am so thankful to the VCR inventor because all I need to do is to forward the unnecessary scenes instead of wasting my whole precious one hour on it.

You may wonder – is Jun Wei so fantastic to have 4 beauties fussing over him? He is ordinary-looking – or rather nerdy-looking with glasses! But if you watch this serial, you will know why. He is very obliging, selfless, cheerful, understanding and also charming in a way. I hate Ai Lin – I have not hated a role so much – she will definitely remain as top of my list. She says that she only treats Jun Wei like a brother but she clings to him so intimately – is that how a younger sister should behave? She isn’t innocent – she is taking advantage of him because he is simply too nice to her.

How giddy I become in relating the scenes! They just go round in circles. Some may feel that Ai Lin is pathetic when Jun Wei doesn’t show her love. She asked for it. The poor man has been hurt by her when she declares that she loves Qi Cang. Since she doesn’t tell him in the face, how is he going to guess how she feels now? We don’t blame him for trying hard to like Hui Jun. Qi Cang is another poor soul – he is determined not to to follow his mother’s footsteps but still ends up being an unhappy man.

My conclusion – don’t watch it unless you are curious to know how Piao Xin Yang looks. You will be impatient with the way SBS handles the scenes. It isn’t worth your time and money because it has such an incomplete ending.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *1/2 (Scale of 5)

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