First Wives Club

Reviewed by: sukting

February 23, 2013

Rating: one-point-five

Wives usually sacrifice their lives for the good of the family. However, a one sided sacrifice won’t keep the relationship going forever. This drama shows the change to their lives. Will they be happy ever after?

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Kim Hye Sun as Han Fu Xiu She is the second daughter and is a fishmonger. She has 2 daughters, Chun Ying and Rong Ying. She suffers for 10 long years to finance Qi Ji’s medical education. He despises her and complains that she stinks of fish and often wants her to wash herself twice. She believes that her husband’s success is her success.

She is Hua Xin’s best friend although they are in-laws as they know each other from young. At first, she distances herself from Hua Xin after Yuan Xiu’s adultery. After seeing how Qi Ji is with Luo Wei, she starts to understand Hua Xin now.

She is badly affected when Qi Ji has an affair with Luo Wei. Thus, she keeps harassing Yi, telling him off for unable to control his wife. Yi tells her off using the same reason. After knowing that he tries killing himself as he has terminal cancer, she starts to pity him. Both become close to each other for support. After that, she falls for him. She finds this ridiculous – how can she be unfaithful after what Qi Ji has done to her? She keeps suppressing her feelings.

After discovering Qi Ji’s infidelity the second time, she gives up completely on him and chooses to be with Yi. But a pregnant Luo Wei forces them to cancel their wedding although she files her divorce papers on time. Luo Wei later discovers that Yi loves Fu Xiu after she saves him from death so she leaves Korea. She marries Yi and is pregnant with Yi’s child.

Is this acting? Is she the same actress as Chang Jin’s mother in ‘Jewel In the palace’? Her acting is horrible – she has used the wrong way to act as a fishmonger. She also snorts like a pig when she talks at times. How can she win an acting award?!

2. Oh Dae Gyu as Li Qi Ji He is Fu Xiu's husband who aims to become a professor in a big hospital. He gets ditched by his first love, Luo Mei and thus marries Fu Xiu out of impulse. He cheats on Fu Xiu to get involved with Luo Wei. Yi is his patient and is bitter over this. After getting hit by Yi and Fu Xiu knows about this, he breaks up with Luo Wei, deserting her. Yi has a relapse and Fu Xiu commands him to treat Qi Ji but he has no courage to do so. Yet, when he sees them together, he bursts.

This is a great price to pay as the hospital gets to know about his affair and doesn’t renew his contract. He has to resign to work in a small accident hospital. He keeps this from his family but Fu Xiu learns about it when she sends fish to here. Even though she begs the hospital department head to give him another chance, this doesn’t work and Qi Ji has to remain here. He grumbles daily and is an unfeeling doctor who hardly cares for his patients. That also applies to his father-in-law.

He starts to have affairs the second time – this time with Long Xi. He also wants to make use of her to get the professor position back. He keeps having affairs but keeps telling Fu Xiu off for being overly suspicious. After their divorce, he gives the house and savings to her. However, his motive is also discovered and this shameless man moves back home after failing to be the professor.

He tries to make amends to Fu Xiu but he can’t turn back the clock. You will laugh when he tries in vain to stop the divorce papers from being processed. Luckily, Fu Xiu recalls that it is the last day. He moves out with his father from the rented apartment and works as a doctor on an island.

He is panicked when a pregnant comes to him on labour as he has never tried before. Now, he is not afraid when taking out corpses from the sea. He is able to treat all kinds of patients. He welcomes Ji Yi and his family when they visit him at the island. He wins the caring doctor award twice to go on television but now rejects the chance to be a professor.
The title doesn’t matter to him anymore as he now cares for his patients. It seems that he is going to develop a relationship with the nurse who works in his previous hospital and introduces the job to him as she comes from this hometown. He plays the jerk well – all will feel like throwing eggs at him.

3. Park In Hwan as Lee He Xiang He is Qi Ji's father who has a weird temperament. He wants to remarry but is very stingy, making the women pay for the meals. He has hardly called Fu Xiu by her name. Once, he even tries getting a free hearing aid and breaks his granddaughters’ piggy bank for money. He wants Fu Xiu to cook lunch for him daily and also complains about her. He knows that she looks after his late bed-ridden wife well but doesn’t address her by her name.

Qi Ji owes Fu Xiu and has to change the house name to Fu Xiu’s. In a fit of anger, he leaves home. He doesn’t know Qi ji’s affair and keeps harping that Fu Xiu can’t match up to Qi Ji’s standard. Qi Ji gets frantic and searches him everywhere. Qi Ji is a scoundrel but is very filial to him. He is down and feels remorseful towards Fu Xiu. Knowing that Long Xi can’t accept him, he insists of staying with Fu Xiu and his granddaughters. He even hopes that his son will reconcile with Fu Xiu.

He moves out reluctantly and Fu Xiu gives him a sum of money to rent an apartment. He believes the wrong person for investment and the woman runs away with the money. He regrets his act as he wishes to repay her. He flies into a rage upon knowing that he has to leave Seoul with Qi Ji and insists on staying alone.

After knowing that Qi Ji gets a loan to pay Fu Xiu back, he changes his mind. He gives in as he believes in following his son. His thinking changes after helping Ji Di to deliver a baby on the island. He is relieved when Fu Xiu now gets along better with Qi Ji after her divorce.

4. Ahn Nae Sang as Han Yuan Xiu He is the eldest brother who works as a car salesman. He is quite close to his father and sister. He gets involved with his first love, Zhi Lan and forsakes Hua Xin. He even brings Zhi Lan home to stay, forcing Hua Xin to leave home. He even beats Hua Xin up. Unlike his other siblings, he is close to their father and visits him often.

He sells a car to Shi Zhou but it often breaks down. In the end, he replaces another car for him. He is stunned to see Hua Xin well-dressed now after working now and sneers at her for only changing her appearance but not her standard. She is forever low in his eyes.
Shi Zhou sees how he belittles Hua Xin and brings her to the car company to get a car for her. That makes Yuan Xiu jump. He starts to like Hua Xin again after seeing how she has transformed. He keeps stressing that she is still his wife since they have not divorced and they are committing adultery. He still thinks that she is in love with him. However, he keeps making himself a clown as Zhi Zhou is not just his client in buying cars from him but also stronger than him to let him chicken out at the gym.

He now finds Zhi Lan redundant and wants to force her to leave. But this woman is adamant to stay and doesn’t leave despite getting badly beaten – history repeats itself again. He throws her things out and is delighted when Hua Xin agrees to move back. He resigns from his job and borrows money from the bank, thinking that she borrows from loansharks to set up the factory. This is her scam to trick him to sign on the divorce papers.

He is airheaded to think that both women love him. Have a good laugh when Shi Zhou sometimes imitate his gestures to irk him. Thus, he is shattered to know that Hua Xin already has a change of heart. He enjoys beating women so please don’t feel sorry for him when Shi Zhou beats him or the two women combine their efforts to box him in the ring.
He now misses Zhi Lan and regrets ill-treating her. Being jobless and having a bad name, he leaves home with Xin Han’s money after kneeling at the MTR station with a signboard to get others to humiliate him for ditching his wife. He has thought that Zhi Lan commits suicide and is too dejected. Zhi Lan comes to look for him and both open a small eatery in Busan. Their shop is popular there as she is a great cook while he knows how to console others.

He brings her home and others accept them. This actor is convincing in his acting. However, you will feel that the two women have no common sense to love this man so much. He is only a bully who is scared of the powerful and vents his anger on women. All will feel like switching off the television when he appears with his annoying voice.

5. Oh Hyun Kyung as Luo Hua Xin She is Fu Xiu’s sister-in-law and good friend. She is ill-treated by her stepmother after her father remarries to leave everything to her and her stepbrother. She is pregnant with Zhe Li out of wedlock so Yang Shun looks down on her. She has not wanted to divorce to seek revenge on Yuan Xiu. But Hua Xin and Fu Xiu do not help her at all. After Yuan Xiu’s adultery to get beaten up by him, she seeks no comfort at her home and decides to rent a room to stay elsewhere.

She works in the department store in the morning and washes dishes at night. Shu Zhou learns about this and decides to give her a makeover. She starts to have more confidence in herself and plans to save enough to get Zhe Li to stay with her. Shi Zhou has viewed her as an auntie but later admires her working ability. She is touched when he doesn’t mind her making use of him to get back at Yuan Xiu. She is grateful to him for giving her lots of chances at work. She finds Yuan Xiu irritating to keep harassing her.

This man will not listen no matter what she tells him to keep bothering her even after scolding him insane. She also feels guilty when Zhi Lan even looks into Zhe Li’s needs and prepare food for their picnics. Yuan Xiu is nasty to treat her like a servant but yet disallows her to tag along.

She is hesitant to love Shi Zhou as he is richer and younger than her. Thus, she exposes her ‘fat’ figure to him, hoping that he will change his mind. She resigns from the company, thinking that he is going to marry Hai Zi. She finds another working partner and both set up a sewing factory while designing their own clothes. They deceive Yuan Xiu and she feels good getting his money in seeking revenge. However, she feels remorseful later to return all the money back to Hua Xin.

Shi Zhou’s determination wins her over and both become lovers. But she is scared of marriage and is happy to let things stay as it is. This actress is a horrible crier. It is very unbearable for me whenever she shed tears. Her acting is also not up to mark but yet she gets a meat role. I simply don’t get it.

6. Kang Yi Suk as Han Zhe Li He is Yuan Xiu's and Hua Xin's 10 year old son. He is badly affected by their divorce and he detests Zhi Lan. He gets so stressed that he suffers from hair loss. He is close to Yang Shun but yearns for Hua Xin’s return. He develops the same habit as Yuan Xiu – to pour cold water and dance whenever he is unhappy. Soon, he finds Zhi Lan not really a bad person to prepare his favourite food and to see his doctor to know his needs. He hopes that his parents can reconcile but is calm when realizing that things are not meant to be the way he wants.

7. Son Hyun Joo as Ji Yi If the first wives club is set up, he should also set up the first husband’s club as he is ditched by his wife. He becomes a taxi driver when his construction business fails. He suffers from stomach cancer and just recovers. He has to get his family back when running into financial difficulties to please his vain wife. He has a young son, Ren Biao. Ren Biao has difficulty adapting to Korea’s education system and often fights with his classmates.
He gets suspicious when Luo Wei wants him to send Ren Biao back to the US to studying alone and she is staying in order to be with Qi Ji. He blows up after knowing and she moves out. Knowing that he doesn’t live long, he then decides to give them all his money to settle in the US.

Luo Wei is remorseful and asks for his forgiveness but he doesn’t make them stay. But being impulsive, they sleep together for the night. After this, he decides to kill himself. Luckily, Fu Xiu saves him in time and even goes everywhere to search for him in the different vagrant centres when he leaves the hospital after treatment.

After he gets a job as a construction director with his father’s friend’s help, he is positive towards life again. He starts to fall for Fu Xiu and is concerned about her. He beats Qi Ji up upon discovering his relationship with Long Xi. Upon knowing their divorce, he woos Fu Xiu and gets her daughters’ approval. He is in a fix when Luo Wei returns to be pregnant with their second son.

He has planned to give her a sum of money to leave him. But he doesn’t know how to deal with it when the child is born as Luo Wei has a difficult delivery due to her age. He has softened upon seeing the baby to get things for him. He becomes indecisive to lie to Fu Xiu. Kong has to scold him to wake him up. He later marries Fu Xiu when Luo Wei gives in.
His acting as a person down and out is good but many will dislike this weakling to keep wanting to kill himself initially despite being saved repeatedly by Fu Xiu and Kong. That is certainly letting so many people down. By the way, he won the SBS Daesang award in 2012 that proves his acting capability.

8. Byun Jung Min as Zheng Luo Wei She is Yi’s wife who seduces Qi Ji. Both are first loves who marry different partners to spite at each other. She has never loved Yi and that is why she chooses to go to the US. She is surprised when the usually stubborn Yi signs the divorce papers. He knows that he is dying soon and doesn’t want to implicate her. She suspects him of having an affair and harasses Fu Xiu.

What a joke – Fu Xiu reprimands her for getting involved with Qi Ji instead and impulsively replies yes. Luo Wei is taken aback to see Fu Xiu cooking for Yi. But she pleads for forgiveness when Qi Ji breaks up with her. She sadly moves to the US after she runs to him to spend a night with him. When she is pregnant with Yi’s child, she returns to lie to Qi Ji that this is his child.

She wants to seek revenge on Qi Ji for destroying her chance to be with Yi. Her presence in the hospital ruins his second chance of promotion. To her dismay, Yi is willing to finance the child but is unwilling to be her husband. She begs Fu Xiu to return Yi to her. But later, she gives Yi and Fu Xiu her congratulations to leave with their second baby son as she doesn’t want to ruin their future because of her now.

9. Kim Hae Sook as An Yang Shun She is Fu Xiu’s mother who tolerates everything for her family but still gets ditched by Xin Han. She has hatred in her heart and is saddened when Fu Xiu suffers her fate and Yuan Xiu is like Xin Han. She has very curly short hair and dresses simply. Thus, we can’t blame Xian Shi for thinking that she is a maid. She is a bitter woman who brings up her three children after she separates from Xin Han. Xin Han is like Qi Ji – complains her of fish smell and ditches her to be with Peng Zi.

She is harsh to Hua Shun, thinking that she doesn’t give much luck and wealth to him since marrying into their home. She is thick-skinned to tell Zhi Lan to buy electrical appliances for the family although she doesn’t like her. After Zhi Lan stays with them, she still views her as a mistress or outsider and forbids her to attend Shan Xiu’s wedding.

She hates Xin Han all along but when he is motionless after the car accident, she turns hysterical to yell at the hospital. She has never thought of Shan Xiu not to be her own after discovering him. She calms to her other two children that they are too young and have forgotten that she is pregnant when Fu Xiu recalls that Xin Han has left the family for a long time so it is unlikely for her to get pregnant.

She feels sore over Fu Xiu’s divorce, thinking that she could have stayed to teach him a good lesson. Seeing that Peng Zi rents out her apartment to raise money for Shan Xiu to buy an apartment, she allows her to move in to stay with them. It is hideous when she starts putting thick make-up to work in Peng Zi’s shop. Customers can’t say no when she pulls them into the shop and also presses them to give her their telephone numbers so that she can contact them when they are not here.

She is bitter when Xin Han only thinks of Peng Zi when staying with her. She lets her stay upon knowing that she rents out her apartment in order to save money for Shan Xiu to get his own apartment. When Zhi Lan seeks to get consolation from her, she offers her none as she feels that a third party should never be pitied. She is only interested in money and nothing else.

To her, Hua Xin is still a part of their family and should be in charge of Shan Xiu’s wedding to answer to relatives. There is nothing wrong with men looking for women but not the other way round. She only worries that no one will do the housework after Yuan Xiu’s women leave. Nevertheless, she treats Peng Zi like a younger sister after they settle their scores.

10. Han Jin Hee as Han Xin Han He is Fu Xiu’s father. He is irresponsible to leave home to stay with Peng Zi in the same neighbourhood. Yet, he keeps throwing his weight around to want his children to obey him. He learns that Xian Shi’s father is against Shan Xiu and her together. While running after Shan Xiu, he gets knocked down by a car and becomes paralysed. Shan Xiu feels remorseful over this. Xin Han becomes so hot-tempered that Peng Zi has to send him back home to stay with his family.

Fu Xiu detests him and never calls him father. He is touched when she gets him to bring her into the hall when she gets married to Yi. Xing Han is very touched and then wishes her well in a letter when she goes on her honeymoon, telling her to treasure her relationship with Yi.

He repents his mistake but is still fussy about food and An Shun’s treatment. He keeps calling Peng Zi frequently to tell her that he misses her. Yuan Xiu orders her around to prepare food for picnics with Zhe Li and Hua Shun but doesn’t ask her along. He is happy when she moves in and gives Zhi Lan advice to win Yuan Xiu’s heart. He also warns Yuan Xiu against repeating his mistake but he will not listen.

When Yuan Xiu blames him for making him walk into his past footsteps due to Hua Xin’s cheating his money, Xin Han gives him all his money to make him repent. He also feels sorry towards Yang Shun and plans to be buried beside her when both of them die. She is still his wife after all.

11. Lee Mi Young as Piao Peng Zi She is Xin Han’s lover who has no name in his register despite staying with him for 30 years. She opens a fried chicken shop and Xin Han helps him out. That is why Shan Xiu hates eating chicken too due to her. She is very concerned over him and is prepared to loan her shop in order to finance him to get an apartment to get married. She is actually Shan Xiu’s biological mother. After giving birth to him, she leaves him at Yang Shun’s doorstep so that he will not be labeled.

Yang Shun changes her hostility after knowing this. It must be hard on her to be close and yet far to her son. She even reveals the truth to Shan Xiu but he still doesn’t change his opinion of her. Still, he starts to change when seeing how his colleagues order her around during a meal session.
Shan Xiu treats her better after knowing his parentage. She is grateful to Yang Shun for allowing her to marry Xin Han. Both women have a close talk and both are in tears. They promise one another that they will not marry Xin Han in their next life if they have the chance.

12. Lee Joon Hyuk as Han Shan Xiu He is actually Peng Zi’s biological son. Yet, he doesn’t know it and is hostile to her. He is bitter over Qi Ji’s, Yuan Xiu’s and Xin Han’s infidelity towards their wives so he vows never to break his future wife’s heart. He doesn’t wish Fu Xiu to work too hard so he gives up his university studies after a year.

He works in the tourism board. He likes Xian Shi and woos her. However, he is bothered by her status. He has thought of breaking up for a while due to her father’s opposition of having a ‘messy’ family. Xin Han’s accident changes his mind and they get married.

He knows the truth of his parentage on the wedding eve. He takes some time to calm down as the wedding is nearly cancelled. He is firm and tells Peng Zi that everything will remain the same as he only treats An Shun as his mother as she brings him up. To match with Xian Shi, he picks the books again to study. Both rent an apartment and plan to have their own flat through their own ability. His attitude towards Peng Zi changes as he helps to persuade Yang Shun to hold a wedding for her and Xing Han.

13. Yoo Ha Na as Cui Xian Shi She is Shan Xiu's colleague who transfers to work here for a project. She is cheerful and talkative. She finds him a nice guy when he gives her a lift in his car when she is late for work. Both become lovers and he has thought that she is poor like him since she rents a room with Bao Hai. She keeps her real identity as the mayor’s daughter from him.

Upon knowing this, Shan Xiu is pressurized and her father doesn’t accept him. Xian Shi is steadfast in love to be firm in her decision so her parents have to give in. She feels sorry for Peng Zi after knowing that truth and treats her well. She can be very blunt to mention Peng Zi frequently in front of Yang Shun. After she is pregnant, she becomes lazy and finds excuses not to cook. She is pregnant with their second child when celebrating Yang Shun’s birthday with the family and they are overjoyed.
14. Kim Hee Jung as Mao Zhi Lan She is Yuan Xiu’s lover who ditches her family to be with him. She is also his first love in high school. Yang Shun is shameless to request a new television set and washing machine from her when Zhi Lan wants to seek her approval. Soon, she finds Zhi Lan lazy to wake up late and she has to force her to prepare meals for them as she needs to look after Zhe Li.
Zhi Lan is willing to slog with him but she can’t change her habit of being a spendthrift. Whenever she is in a bad mood, she will spend his whole month’s salary on clothes. She has completely forgotten that he isn’t as rich as her ex-husband. She toils for his family but they do not appreciate her. They treat her like a servant. They don’t like her to shoot her mouth. She often replies that she hasn’t live like this before and she doesn’t know how to lie. She becomes a drunkard to forget her worries.

It makes matters worse when Yuan Xiu finds her unattractive now as Yang Shun disallows her to apply makeup at home. His heart also lies with Hua Xin now but she is determined not to give up. Her cooking skills improve and all enjoy her cooking now. But Xian Shi can be too much to get her to cook for her colleagues and treat her like a servant. Thus, she doesn’t wash her dishes after getting her pay.

It seems only Shan Xiu pities her. Whenever she asks for support from the other family members, all say that she asks for it. This is her retribution indeed. When she gets beaten or when Yuan Xiu tries to make her lose her way in the forest so that she can never follow him home. She only gives up upon overhearing how Yuan Xiu tells Hua Xin on how much he loves her. She takes her bags to look for her ex-husband. Her previous family don’t accept her and throw her out. She has to work at an eatery to support herself. Later, Yuan Xiu looks for her and both become a couple again.

15. Jang Da Yoon as Jin Zhen Zhu She is Zhi Lan's daughter who is bitter over her parents’ separation. She also has a younger brother, Zhen Feng but she keeps it from him. Despite her pleading with Zhi Lan to return home with her as she finds out Yuan Xiu’s address, Zhi Lan tells her to forget her. Her heart dies and she plays truant, upsetting her parents when they find her with the gangsters.

Like what Zhi Lan says, she should treat her like a stranger and not to let her rule her life. Thus, she returns to her studies but she can’t take it lying low upon seeing how Zhi Lan gets badly beaten so she speaks up for her against Yuan Xiu. She can never accept Zhi Lan again and even celebrates her stepmother’s birthday with her.

16. Kim Ha Kyoon as Jin Shi Zhong He is Zhi Lan's ex-husband who is much older than her. Whenever he gets drunk and is in a bad mood, he beats her up. He finds it impossible to forget her adultery. When Zhi Lan asks for a divorce, he rejects her so that she will forever be a third party in Yuan Xiu’s marriage and can’t remarry legally.

This is his way of seeking revenge. Later, seeing her pathetic state after badly beaten after Yuan Xiu asks him out to meet him to hope that he will take Zhi Lan back, Shi Zhong tells her that he has divorced her and is now going to marry another woman who can take care of his children. He leaves no alimony for her as he knows that Yuan Xiu is a greedy man.

17. Lee Sang Woo as Ju Shi Zhou Hua Shun later works in this clothes store. He is the senior director of the department who just returns from overseas. His main concern is to improve the business. Their first encounter is an unpleasant one when she splashes dirty water on him after cleaning the floor. He disagrees with her arrangement of clothes matching but later sees her ability when customers start to visit their branch. He has betted with his father not to close it if he can keep it going in months.

He arranges Hua Xin to go for a presentation in front of their factory owners. However, they lose confidence after seeing how she dresses like an aunite. She is distraught on how people only view appearances. Shi Zhou also doesn’t like his employees to be poorly dressed so he gets Hai Zi to doll Hua Xin up. He can’t help being drawn to her after that and keeps thinking of her.

He finances her to go for English classes and deducts from his salary to give her the first month’s pay when it is still not ready. He even finds out where she lives to pass her a laptop. When seeing her carrying heavy boxes, he stops to help too.

She gives him a treat at an eatery in return and stirs his kimchi rice for him. She finds him suppressing himself for too long and encourages him to take bigger bites. Soon, he goes out with her to eat fried pig skin too. When knowing her past when seeing how Yuan Xiu belittling her, he feels sorry for her. He brings Zhe Li and her out to cheer them up.

He notices his own feelings for her and celebrates her birthday with her. He even uses his strength to get even with Yuan Xiu for bothering Hua Xin. He keeps stressing that Yuan Xiu is too much older than him. He even takes pains to arrange Hua Xin’s mother’s ashes to be placed beside his late mother. When Hua Xin leaves him, he feels the whole world has collapsed. He nearly dies in a car accident. He backs out from the wedding with Hai Zi and escapes to stay with his uncle to become a fisherman.

He is nearly drowned at sea in a storm. When seeing Hua Xin on his return, he still ignores her. Upon knowing that Hua Xin hasn’t reconciled with Yuan Xiu, he tries to win her back but she insists to be with Yuan Xiu. Getting rejected again, he intends to go overseas but later decides to stay as he misses her. Hua Xin then blames him for not knowing her feelings and he hugs her. He becomes the president of the clothes company chain to be her business partner.

18. Yoon Joo Hee as Bang Hai Zi She is the fashion department director who is very confident of her designs. Since young, both families have thought to be in-laws in future. She can even wait in his room when he gets home late but is disturbed to know that Shi Zhou prefers to go drinking with Hua Xin as he feels very comfortable with her.

She is peeved when Shi Zhou gives Hua Xin chances to present her ideas. More so when Shi Zhou wants her to send Hua Xin for a make-over. Shi Zhou is then attracted by Hua Xin although he tries hard not to show it. From then on, Hua Xin accompanies him to observe sales from other shops. This is something that Hai Zi doesn’t have a chance to do with him.
Thus, she lashes out at Hua Xin for trying to seduce Shi Zhou. Hua Xin isn’t afraid and fights back. She later tells Hua Xin to give up on him since they are from two different worlds. Their families have met and she is going to marry Shi Zhou soon. However, Shi Zhou runs away on their wedding day. No matter how hard she tries to please him at the fishing village, he still misses Hua Xin. She then resigns to give up and stays with her aunt in Japan.

19. Yoo Seung Bong as Chairman Ju He is Shi Zhou's father who remarries after divorcing Shi Zhou’s mother when he is 10. He pins very high hopes on him, his name means the world’s universe. Shi Zhou isn’t close to him as his mother kills herself soon after the divorce. When Shi Zhou visits his mother’s tablet, he is reminded of Hua Xin and goes to her to pour his woes when he is drunk. He finds that he can’t keep his secret from her and tells her not to follow his mother’s footsteps no matter how hard life is.

He dislikes Hua Shun because of her age and her past. Shi Zhou becomes defiant and wants to give up his position to be with her. Shi Zhou’s close shave with death in a car accident hasn’t changed him and he pursues him to the fishing village. Shi Zhou still refuses to return home and he learns how Hua Xin prays for Shi Zhou’s safety when he is missing at sea. So he has to give in now.

20. Lee Il Hwa as Zhao Rong Xi She is a doctor working in the same hospital as Qi Ji's and is his junior. (Somehow, I find this doctor’s face unnatural to seem that she has undergone plastic surgery.) She loves him all along and her uncle is actually one of the directors. She hopes to help him in getting his job back so she turns to him for help.

In return, Qi Ji treats her as his mistress and often sneaks out during breaks to be with her. She has the conscience to feel remorseful towards Fu Xiu – unlike Qi Ji who doesn’t feel guilty at all to lie between his teeth. When knowing that Qi Ji deceives her and still asks her about his chance of promotion, she throws him out and he has to sleep in his car for several days. She later finds a new boyfriend.

21. On Jo as Pan Mei Shun She is also helping out in the department store. At first, business is poor. Ever since Hua Xin comes and decorates the models near the showcase, it starts attracting customers. When seeing Shi Zhou always picking Hua Xin up, she comments that he is dashing but can be better if he is less cool. She tells Hai Zi that Shi Zhou is most likely to be in love with Hua Xin since they are always together. She seems to be jealous that an auntie can get the job to work with her.

22. Tomo as Jiang Cheng Zhu He is also Shan Xiu’s colleague. He is always quarreling with Bao Hai. Yet they end up as an item. He is actually the boss’s son in learning the ropes from the lowest level. They decide to get married.

23. Yoo Hee Jung as Hong Bao Hai She is Xian Shi's roommate and colleague. She always feels that Shan Xiu isn’t good enough for Xian Shi. Thus, she tells the mayor about Shan Xiu’s background. She feels guilty doing that upon seeing Xian Shi in low spirits over the breakup and requests the mayor to keep this under wraps as she still wants to be her friend. She is glad that she is happily married.

24. Son Jong Bum as Mr Kong He is Yi’s friend. Despite of Yi becoming poor, he still stays by him. He insists that he seeks treatment. When he is forced to go to Dubai for business by his boss, he still worries for Yi and notifies Fu Xiu to take care of Yi. When he is back, he is consoled that Yi finally gets back to his feet. Seeing that both have feelings for each other, he becomes their matchmaker.

When seeing Luo Wei back pregnant, he tries to settle for Yi without him knowing by getting her a sum of money. When seeing how persistent she is to want to look for Fu Xiu to find out Yi’s whereabouts, he tries to keep her away but fails. He tells Yi to go ahead to pursue his love despite her presence. But Yi gets attached to the newborn son to be in a dilemma. He then becomes impatient to get him to make up his mind or he will lose Fu Xiu. Yi really has this good friend to thank for being so helpful to him.

25. No Joo Hyun as Mayor Cui Ding Shi He is Xian Shi's father who wants a ‘clean’ family as in-laws. He is baffled by Shan Xiu’s family history and forbids them to be together. He tells Shan Xiu this and breaks his heart. Mayor Cui then wants Xian Shi to move back home. However, Shan Xiu changes his mind after Xin Han’s accident and begs him for his approval. He later gives consent.

26. Hong Soon Chang as Bai Yuan Man He is the small hospital director. He tells Qi Ji that they handle mostly accident cases and they have to close one eye in order to earn more money. True indeed, Shi Zhou and Xin Han are once patients here. You will laugh when Qi Ji uses Hai Zi’s flowers for thanking him to save Shi Zhou to pass to Fu Xiu to woo her.

He knows that Qi Ji was once a big hospital and thus wants him to be their walking model. He places a banner with his photo outside the hospital. Qi Ji is unprepared for this and lies to his family that there is someone else resembling him whenever they pass it.
However, soon they discover the truth. He still keeps Qi Ji in his hospital, despite knowing what has happened. He becomes furious upon knowing that Qi Ji intends to jobhop and thus ruins his chances to tell his friend that he is a terrible woman chaser. Qi Ji then has to seek a nurse’s help for a job on an island.

27. Go Mi Young – Yang Mei Li She transfers from another department and is very stuck up. The rest have worked with her some time ago. That is why Bao Hai dislikes her. She always tries to get close to Cheng Zhu, knowing his status. Cheng Zhu is wary of her and hasn’t responded to her.

28. Baek Seung Hyun – Pei Cheng Xiu He is the manager of the tour agency. He is Shan Xiu’s close friend to teach him ways of handling marriage issues. He is very amused to see the couples quarrelling with each other. Cheng Zhu hides his identity well and he doesn’t know that he is the boss’s son. It is funny when the rest knows and he is the only one who is kept in the dark.

Interesting facts
This drama was extended from first 50 episodes to 80, then to 100, and finally to 104 episodes. I still don’t understand how Korean viewers could like it so much!
Ratings were between 13 to 25%. Below are the awards won for 2008 SBS drama awards : 2008 SBS Drama Awards: Male Lead Award - Serial Drama (Ahn Nae Sang) Female Lead Award - Serial Drama (Kim Hye Sun and Oh Hyun Kyung) Female Supporting Award - Serial Drama (Kim Hee Jung) Achievement Award (Moon Young Nam) Male Supporting Award - Serial Drama (Son Hyun Joo) New star awards :Lee Jun Hyuk and Lee Sang Woo 10 stars awards : Ahn Nae Sang and Oh Hyun Kyung

Most favourite character
Shi Zhou, he is very patient and caring. He seems selfish and cold but he is actually a warm person. My colleagues watch this drama mainly due to him as he is the only handsome face in the drama besides Shan Xiu.

Most hated character
Almost all made it to the hated list but Yang Shun is the top – she irks me with her attitude. When she sees Hua Xin with Shi Zhou, she yells to want to get neighbours to look at them – this is too much! Yuan Xiu is a close second for being a pest.

This drama offers the worst criers and acting that I have ever come across. It is a torture for me when watching every episode. I can’t visualize how these women can put up with the men’s nonsense. Are they still following the tradition that they must ‘serve’ their husband till the end?! There is no first wives club at all – some still crawl back to the men although two divorce.

I really can’t tolerate the 3 bs - bawling, beating and babbling. It irritates me and makes no sense how they can win so many awards! The men take the wives for granted and not treating them like humans. The arrangement of Fu Xiu’s father, brother and husband committing adultery is too coincidental. And the way that the men handle their divorces – the men are given too much power although law claims to be fair. It’s like nothing works unless the men sign on the papers first!

I don’t recommend others to watch this drama as the story is too draggy. It is too sappy with the men and Yang Shun to keep claiming that adultery is fine. Unless you have lots of endurance and patience, you might not be able to take it.

Sukting’s ratings :
On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)
On story : *1/2 (Scale of 5)

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