Four Sisters


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Four Sisters

Reviewed by: HiroShima December 10, 2003

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

I just finished viewing Four Sisters and I must say it was quite good. I noticed though that nearly all the casts were from All About Eve (or maybe it was the other way round), and even the guy who played the sports agent (Jun Ha) had hair and smiled the way Jang Dong Gun did in All about Eve. The storyline was great and the cast was brilliant. I really connected with the eldest...

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Four Sisters

Reviewed by: sukting September 02, 2003

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

16 episodes Foreword This serial comes out right after Chae Rim’s appearance in ‘All About Eve’. This is a story about 4 sisters, their lives and also the men they love. This serial doesn’t get high ratings in Korea because many find it boring. Introduction on characters/story 1. Zheng Hui Zhen – Hwang So Chin Hui Zhen is the daughter of Dr Zheng’s mistress. He brings her home when her mother dies....

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06-20-2009 09:58 AM


i really loved dis series like in all about eve. chae rim is really great actress.


01-18-2006 12:00 AM


i saw this movie. i liked it but i never saw the ending. i wished i did because the three parts i saw was good.


02-02-2005 12:00 AM


asslam alykum
i'm east_star from kuwait .
i'm arabic lady and i was very happy when i watching this serial ...i love the story and i told many of my arabic friends about it ,so thankx for real drama that u give us
it's good work ,and i have some comment about this serial but next time i will write it
i love all who acting in this work

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