Full House

Reviewed by: sukting

July 18, 2005

Rating: three

How long
20 episodes/vcds

How does Rain fare in his second serial? Does he pair up well with Hae Gyo right after her breakup with Byung Hun? The answer is seen as below. Many thanks to Joesphyne for lending me the vcds.


Ying Zhong is a famous celebrity but also has lots of romantic rumours with his female co-stars. Zhi En is a 3rd-rate internet author. (Hae Gyo looks very ugly with the huge glasses and disheveled hair whenever she is writing). Her friends, Dong Xu and Ji Zhen, run into debts and Ji Zhen is pregnant. They give Zhi En a voucher to tour China for free. Before leaving, they hug her but they have a motive behind it.

Zhi En sits in the VIP cabin on the plane, reading news on Ying Zhong. It is so coincidental that Ying Zhong is also flying to China and sits beside her. (This is impossible in reality as we know how fiercely celebrities guard their privacy.) She pesters him and he ignores her. It is her first flight so she gets nervous to pull his arm but he can't stop her from doing this to him. Zhi En eats the free meals greedily - even including Ying Zhong's share. She really scares him - how can such a woman exist?

Zhi En is so happy to know that she is going to stay in the same hotel with him but he puts on a bitter gourd face. As she eats too much, she vomits on him and he nearly feels like killing her when he can't clear the mess she creates. He has wanted to scold her but she has a sweet look when sleeping and he can't bring himself to do it. Thus he throws the shirt onto the seat. He manages to get a jacket to put over his singlet before leaving. Zhi En tries in vain to give him back.

No one receives Zhi En at the airport - what is going on? Isn't there someone taking charge of her lodging? Ying Zhong replies during an interview that he is single at the moment. Zhi En's poor English can't communicate with the receptionist. Ming Ge happens to be there and receives a call from a Japanese client so he answers in Japanese. She tries to make fun of him - what is he looking at? Is she so pretty? He looks knowledgeable but does he know what she says?

Laugh when Ming Ge helps her to translate that she hasn't booked a room as yet. He even helps her to do that. She nearly kills herself for embarrassing herself but he gives a wide smile - this girl is sure adorable to him. Ming Ge is actually Ying Zhong's good friend and is like an elder brother. Both of them are close to Hui Yuan. (Rain has chosen the wrong spectacles for this serial - it was the same old-fashioned design that my grandparents wore.) Zhi En brings cup noodles to heat and happens to see Ming Ge in the lift when he leaves. He smiles at her, hoping to see her again.

Ying Zhong jogs daily to keep himself in top shape. He masters his courage to call Hui Yuan but hangs up after hearing her voice. Zhi En spends till she has no money left and tries to seek help from Ying Zhong, returning his dirty shirt as an excuse. He slams the door after taking the shirtâ?¦.but still feels that the shirt stinks so he throws it aside again! He is surprised that she is so thick skinned to borrow money from him.

He only lets her in when she asks for Ming Ge's number, pretending to be his ex-girlfriend. Ying Zhong is deceived and decides to make use of her to get rid of his love rival. Zhi En laughs devilishly when counting the notes he gives her. When she returns home, she nearly faints upon knowing that her house is sold and her account is empty. Ying Zhong tries to test Hui Yuan by telling her that Ming Ge is returning to Korea and he misses her. Hui Yuan's expression turns strange.

At this time, Ming Ge calls her and she is overjoyed. Ying Zhong is angry to see her smiles and nearly bursts when hiding aside to see Ming Ge returning to give her a warm hug. Ying Zhong turns to leaves and decides to use Zhi En to spite back at Ming Ge. He asks both out for a meal - as usual he attracts eyes so even the waitress and cashier ask for his autographs. He drags Zhi En to buy clothes for her (The similar flowery dress look classy on Lee Eun Joo in 'fireworks' but Hae Gyo ages in the dress.) She doesn't know what is going on till she sees the expensive prices of the dishes on the menu.

She is startled - she owes him a lot of money but does she need to give him a treat? Ying Zhong nearly explodes - he tries to tell her that she needs courage to get love. Zhi En doesn't understand that Ying Zhong wants to bring Ming Ge and her together. When she is about to explain, she sees the two. She hides her face behind the menu and when Ying Zhong takes it from her, she lowers her head to eat. Ying Zhong kicks her leg, wanting her to acknowledge her ex-lover but she still pretends not to know anything.

It makes matters worse when Ming Ge recognizes her and reveals that they only know each other when in China. Ying Zhong is so mad - he tells the other two to leave so that he can deal with her. She promises to return the money to him but he accuses her of being a cheat. She points out that he wants to make use of her first. Ying Zhong nearly wants to hit her but stops. When he hesitates, she uses her head to bump into his head. He feels the pain and lets her go - how does he get to meet such an unreasonable cheat?

Zhi En is alarmed to know that the house's new owner is Ying Zhong. She begs him to let her have it back and she will return him the money. The house is designed by her father and is part of her. His heart softens but hardens upon recalling how she deceives him. He chases her out and accidentally breaks her family photo frame. Ying Zhong returns from his jog to find her still in the garden the next morning.

He is about to chase her out when discovering that she has a fever. He carries her in to sit on the sofa and even gets medicine for her. Ying Zhong wants to send her to hospital but she refuses, pulling his hair. He cooks porridge for her but she still lies on the sofa because she is afraid that he will ask her to leave. But when he leaves, she eats the food hurriedly. When hearing that he is back, she returns to the sofa but the half-eaten food betrays her. Meanwhile, Hui Yuan declares her love for Ming Ge but he shows no response.

Ying Zhong commands Zhi En to clean the house before leaving. But when he sees her waiting alone on the street for a taxi, his heart softens again. He forces her to get into his car - he wants to know when she can return him the money but since she can't, she can only use her body to work as his maid now. Ming Ge plans to go to New York to inherit his family business and Hui Yuan wants to follow him.

Ying Zhong is tormented - he longs to keep her beside him. Zhi En has to work 52 days to clear her debt. She happens to see Ying Zhong practicing his speech to persuade Hui Yuan to stay by marrying him. Zhi En answers yes to scare him. She even teaches him to prepare flowers and book the whole restaurant to do it. But when the time is up, he can't say the words out. When he wants to do it, she leaves after getting Ming Ge's call. He gets angry and holds her arm - doesn't she know that Ming Ge doesn't like her?

She vows to make him like her. Ying Zhong feels the anguish and closes his eyes. Zhi En misses Ji Zhen and Dong Xu on the way and drinks with Ying Zhong. She has thought that Ying Zhong is practicing the script and asks what movie he is preparing the last time. He gives Hui Yuan's example and she uses his story to come up with an internet story. She finds the ring that Ying Zhong throws after failing to give Hui Yuan to put on her finger. He gets angry with her to throw it into the garden.

To her, since he throws it away, it is hers. Ying Zhong is tormented. His proposal 'story' is spread around Korea now. He is so angry when Zhi En asks who is the model or celebrity that he is interested in. She begs him to bring her to the publication dinner but he refuses so she decides to go on strike. She even kicks him in the leg to release her emotions. Since he doesn't let her go, she steals his invitation card and she is excited upon arrival. She gets to see the top publication agencies and there will be hope for her works.

Ying Zhong is just joking with her - he brings her work to different publishers to help her out. Suddenly, he sees someone familiar looking digging food for herself - isn't that Zhi En? He asks how she comes - she answers by bus. She wants both to pretend not to know each other. Zhi En meets Ming Ge who agrees to help her. she is delighted. Although Ying Zhong makes up his mind not to help her, he still looks around for her. Hui Yuan happens to see Ming Ge talking to Zhi En and gets jealous.

Ying Zhong wants Zhi En to return home with him but she still wants to continue her conversation with Ming Ge. Hui Yuan declares to Ming Ge that she loves him but he apologises for causing the misunderstanding. He has always treated her like a younger sister. Isn't it enough for her to have Ying Zhong? Doesn't she know how much he likes her? She gets furious - does he reject her because of him?

She goes up to Ying Zhong to ask if he likes her. If so, tell her that now. Ming Ge comes to tell her to stop the nonsense. Ying Zhong realizes what has happened and suddenly shouts that he likes her. He then forces Zhi En to accept his kiss. He doesn't want given love. At this moment, cameras start clicking. Ming Ge and Hui Yuan are stunned by his act. The media will not let go of the chance - is Ying Zhong going to get married? Zhi En feels lost. Min Ge scolds Hui Yuan for being implusive and she regrets it too.

President Yang scolds Ying Zhong and he regrets the act too. But he still puts up a forced front - this is positive publicity as he will not have rumours anymore. Zhi En quickly brushes her teeth at home - how can Ying Chong treat her like a prop? Ying Zhong suggests both to get married and will give her the house in return after their divorce in 6 months.

She seals the deal and they start their blissful 'married life'. Manager Yang decides to give Zhi En a makeover before meeting the press. He is attracted when she walks out - is this the ugly duckling that he has been seeing all along? (I don't find her attractive as her make-up is too thick - looks more like a cabaret girl.) When facing the cameras, she is unused to it and nearly trips if not for Ying Zhong helping her.

When being asked what makes her attracts Ying Zhong, Ying Zhong answers she doesn't know how adorable she is. (It is very unromantic when he recalls how she dirties his shirt on the plane.) She has mixed feelings - is this the truth? Why does he marry young? He loves her very much and wants to protect her from harm to stay beside her. Hui Yuan calls Ying Zhong but he hardens his heart to reject her calls.

He exercises at the gym to meet Ming Ge there. Ming Ge thinks that he is too impulsive to marry young. Can't he just endure a little as Hui Yuan often changes her mind? He gets angry - does Ming Ge know Hui Yuan that well? Ming Ge replies - at least better than him and he hopes that he has not chosen wrongly.

You will laugh - Mr Li's patients ask - how the hospital director's figure can give birth to a handsome son like Ying Zhong? He is embarrassed - Ying Zhong has listened to him to complete his medical degree but he refuses to be a doctor like him. He is angry when Ying Zhong even moves out to be a celebrity. Grandmother Li and Mrs Li get Zhi En to see them. Mrs Li is kind but Grandmother Li thinks that she is not educated enough to match Ying Zhong although she is 1 year younger than him. Ying Zhong brings her out angrily and meets his father but he ignores him.

The two older women deceive Mr Li that Zhi En cries because she is an orphan and there is no one to lead her into the hall during the wedding ceremony. He finds her a nice person although he hasn't gotten the chance to talk to her. They manage to coax him to attend the wedding ceremony with them on the actual day. On the way back, Zhi En tries in vain to talk sense to Ying Zhong to improve his relationship with his family. In anger, he drops her on the highway but can't see her when he drives back.

She gets so angry that she stays at Ji Zhen's home. She leaves a note for him, saying that he is a bad guy and will bade him goodbye forever. Zhi En's friends trick her to go to the wedding venue. This is so amusing - Ha Ji Won, Choi Ji Woo and also Kim Seung Woo to attend the 'wedding'. Ming Ge praises Hui Yuan - she is still as pretty as a princess but she chooses to ignore him. Both of them sit with Mrs Li and Grandmother Li. Ming Ge helps to prevent reporters from disturbing them.

Hui Yuan congratulates Ying Zhong - he really looks handsome in the suit. He thanks her but his heart is bleeding when lying that he isn't angry with her. She feels that he isn't the past him and he replies that people will change overtime. His words strike her and she starts to have feelings for him. Zhi En is touched when Mr Li comes to lead her into the hall to be Ying Zhong's bride. He tells her that Ying Zhong isn't a bad guy and she may find it tough but it should be okay to bear with him.

This looks like a romantic wedding but both are not paying attention to each other. They are on a yacht for their honeymoon in Thailand. She tells Ying Zhong to stop acting like a kid. He gets angry and pretends that he wants to molest her to let her know what fear is. She gets nervous and reminds him of their deal. He forces her closer to the yacht's edge and she drops into the sea. He tells her to swim back but when he sees that she can't swim, he dives in to save her. (Does this remind you of the scene in 'Firebird' when two guys try to save the woman they love too?)

He pats on her face nervously after getting her out. Why does he get so nervous over her? She blames him for nearly causing her to drown and he gets mad - how can she say that the kind him is a rascal? She says that life isn't that simple. That sure is - when he makes her carry their luggage into the hotel. He occupies the big bed and wants her to sleep on the sofa outside the room.

She has a better idea and charges in. He pretends to look at her lustfully - she can come to join him then. Since they are married, she doesn't need to feel shy. She walks in again and lies beside him. They start to fight with each other over the bed. Ying Zhong takes off his shirt but she isn't frightened. He decides to teach her a lesson and forces her head to get close to him to kiss her. Zhi En gives up and walks out. Ying Zhong's smile is so cunning when he wins.

The next day, Ying Zhong helps himself to the wide spread of food while Zhi En only eats cup noodles. Both go cycling but she is lousy in it. He loses his temper (I can't believe that she can cycle with her high heels, though. This part is too exaggerating.) She cries when she falls - not because of the wound but because he says that she is stupid. He cheers her up by treating her to ice-cream. She is overjoyed when he buys her a big bed in her room upon reaching home.

Hui Yuan requests Ying Zhong to be her model but he hardens his heart to reject her. Ying Zhong tells Zhi En that he gets her a new 'car'. She can't believe her eyes upon seeing the new convertible. But he dashes all her hopes by pointing at the bicycle at the back. He teaches her cycling again - I shake my head at their inappropriate attire - one is wearing long pants and a long sleeved shirt while another is wearing heels!

Hui Yuan comes personally to ask Ying Zhong for help and she is unhappy to see the 'married' couple so close together. She asks jealously why he doesn't tell her his new address. She only knows it from Manager Cui. He replies coldly that he doesn't need to report to her. She leaves angrily but how will she understand his confused feelings now? At this moment when he is feeling down, Zhi En tells him that a publisher is interested in her works. He is happy for her but can't help feeling sarcastic - the fellow must either be brainless or stupid. Zhi En is unhappy when the publisher is only interested to know Ying Zhong's private life. She lies to him that she is still considering but he knows that she is rejected.

She suddenly finds the ring Ying Zhong throws earlier and wears it. He is furious - is she a beggar? He wants to snatch it back but she bites his finger to take it. He tells her to leave the house and she reminds him of their deal. He is furious and says that they can divorce half a year later but she must leave now. She is homeless again and he cleans the house happily, wearing an apron.

He throws her toothpaste and toothbrush into the dustbin. Hui Yuan threatens him to meet her, putting their 15 year friendship at stake. She smiles - she is so afraid of losing him. Is that so or is she only fooling him again? After the assignment, he answers that he knows Hui Yuan longer and likes her more than his wife. So she is still the most important person to him.

Ying Zhong is not used without Zhi En in the home. He goes into her room and sees that she circles her birthday. So he starts putting all her things back. The newspapers report that they part and Hui Yuan asks what happens. He lies that nothing is wrong but she tries to woo him by wanting to treat him to sushi. Yang tells Zhi En to bring sushi for 10 people to Ying Zhong's workplace. She arrives with the food, realizing that Yang's motive is to disperse the rumours that they are parting.

Both still have to act loving in front of the reporters - they force the sushi into each others' mouths. They even have to kiss each other despite the hatred for each other. Yang tells Zhi En the seriousness of their impact on the press and Zhi En decides to move back. She sees her script with Yang and realizes that Ying Zhong has tried to help her. Yang criticizes that the script has a messy plot and she doesn't know what the writer is writing about. She is baffled to know that Zhi En is the author. Although Ying Zhong doesn't wish to look at this woman he dislikes, he still parks his car in front of her, preparing to fetch her home.

His handphone rings at this time. Hui Yuan wants to have lunch with him. He has an internal struggle and rejects her. Because he has a more important person to look for - Zhi En sits into his car. Her importance in his heart has risen. As her story is really not up to standard, she is hurt but Ying Zhong doesn't know how to console her. When she brushes her teeth, he lies that he picks them up from the toilet bowl to scare her.

Zhi En's breakfast is overly simplified so Ying Zhong complains. How can her birthday be so simple? She has forgotten about it and wonders how he knows. She tells him that she is going to the amusement park with her friends. Ying Zhong is disappointed - what about him? She replies - how can he appear in public? Ying Cai denies angrily that he is going there and even commands her to clean the house before leaving.

Zhi En suddenly gets Ming Ge's call to talk about her work. She gets excited and aborts her initial plan. Ying Zhong wonders why she is so childish to go to the park but he still goes to the shopping centre to get a pen recorder for her. (As usual, he appears in shades but the shop assistant still recognizes him.) Ying Zhong has no assignments but he still returns to his workplace. His colleagues are puzzled why he is back. He goes to the gym, plays with the weights and Rain's fans must be excited to see him in the bathroomâ?¦..

Zhi En approaches Ming Ge's office, overhearing him saying that he will not waste time to publish trash. She becomes uneasy - sure enough when she sits down, he points out to her that her writing is lousy - no plot, confusing ideas and poor expressions. (Unlike Hae Gyo who looks so old and ugly, Sung Soo looks very refined with his spectacles.)

No one will know what she writes. She flares up - she vows to write till death and if there is a next life, she will continue writing. If he says that she writes trash, he is also trash. (This line is very funny.) When she is about to leave, Ming Ge adds that it isn't completely trash. He will sign a contract with her to practice writing weekly. If it is shot into a movie, he can pay her the deposit. She is overjoyed by his answer.

When she meets him at the lift later, she gets too shy to get in with him but he smiles at her to overcome her anxiety. Since she has money, she can give him a treat then. Ying Zhong comes to the amusement park and looks for Zhi En in vain. This scene is very hilarious - he buys an animal mask to hide his face but he still gets recognized by the onlookers there when he is eating a sausage.

This scene is hilarious when many run after him and he has to hide in the toilet. Many think that he has constipation when he refuses to come out. Ying Zhong asks Manager Cui for help. He pulls down the curtain of his van when they try to take a sneak of him. He suffers but Ming Ge and Zhi En are at a romantic restaurant. She is shocked by the expensive prices of the dishes but he offers to give her a treat. He asks how she feels as a married woman. She thinks it is building up her patience. Ming Ge smiles and thinks that she is special.

Ying Zhong waits angrily for her at home to force her to cook dinner for him. Zhi En finds the mask and he tries to deny that he tries looking for her at the amusement park. She smiles - has he waited for a long time - she has not been there at all. Suddenly she wants to go skating and Ying Zhong manages to get the skating ground to be opened despite passing the opening hours. She is amused that he doesn't know how to skate and teaches him how to do it. She tells him that she wants to tell her mother's stories to direct others.

The next day, she discovers her present with a note - I hope that you will help to direct others - happy birthday! She uses the recorder and describes Ying Zhong as a weird man who is still loveable. President Yang thinks that Zhi En is loveable but Ying Zhong replies that this kind of woman can be found anywhere. But President Yang points out that he is eager to return home early to see her and he is speechless. But when he is at home, he picks on her again on her cooking.

Ying Zhong's family isn't happy when they do not visit them after marriage - even when they do, they don't buy presents for them. So Zhi En sings and dances '3 bear' to make Grandmother Li happy. (This is the most terrible singing and dance that I have seen my whole life.)

Ying Zhong nearly laughs his head off but she is so shy over it. Ying Zhong treats her to ice cream to cheer her up again. She thanks him for the recorder and he wants her to repay himâ?¦...by pushing his swing. He yells when she pushes high and hard. He does the same to her. When he finds her leaning on her desk to sleep, he puts a jacket over her tenderly. But when she wakes up, he pretends that he has done nothing.
(Rain looks very cute here by trying to be nasty.)She sleep and thus drops the recorder on the MTR.

She is unhappy when she can't get it back. Ming Ge gives negative remarks on her works again. He wants her to write on something that she is familiar with. He can see that she isn't concentrating and brings her to the store, wanting to buy the same model for her as a belated birthday present. She mentions that luckily she can find the same one - if not, she will not know what Ying Zhong will do.

Ming Ge feels lost - so it is from Ying Zhong? Zhi En suddenly decides not to buy it. She only wants what Ying Zhong gives her and this is not the original one. Ying Zhong is mad to know about it and vows not to give her anything anymore. She knows that she is wrong and she apologises. He agrees to get the same model for her - she will die if she loses it again. But when he is going to buy it, he leaves after getting Hui Yuan's call. Hui Yuan has declared her love for Ming Ge to get rejected so she asks Ying Zhong out.

Ming Ge feels that Hui Yuan doesn't love him - she just wants to possess him. Ying Zhong spends time to be with her and leaves Zhi En to wait for him alone. She returns home after the shop is closed and refuses to listen to him when he is back. Both quarrel and she tries in vain to take out her wedding ring. Dong Xu and Ji Zhen are so thick-skinned - they sneak into their home. Ji Zhen eats the food in the fridge while Dong Xu wears Ying Zhong's clothes! He is angry and calls them beggars.

Ji Zhen is so angry that she beats him up. Zhi En comes to stop them and Ying Zhong is very happy to see her. She feels the pain when looking at his face and demands to know what they have done to a celebrity's face. Ji Zhen asks whether she is shielding her husband and she replies yes. She chases them out and Zhi En cleans his wound. Why doesn't he defend himself? He doesn't want to fight with a woman. But why does he quarrel with Zhi En daily?

He describes her not as a woman but a stupid bird. He gives her a movie ticket and she wonders if he is going to leave her alone again when she sits alone in the cinema. She is excited when he appears when the lights are out - he wants to experience normal lovers' lives. But can he watch the movie with the shades on? Zhi En keeps looking at him when both are out and he wonders why.

Upon getting the news that Hui Yuan is hospitalized, he rushes to the hospital and she is far way behind him. She is upset to see him holding Hui Yuan's hand. Mr Li tells Zhi En not to be mistakened about their relationship. But it is too obvious to her. Ying Zhong is too worried for Hui Yuan and stays beside her and only returns home late at night. Why does he buy this house - he likes the name - grass house. He has thought that he will stay here with his lover till old age.

Zhi En is upset to see Ying Zhong cooking porridge for Hui Yuan. Will he cook for her if she is sick? He replies - hasn't he done for her before? Zhi En sends it to Hui Yuan and she asks if Zhi En is unhappy over it to stress their close bond. Zhi En is forced to dress like a village woman to work for her in the garden - laugh when the old woman complains about a headache. Zhi En tries to carry her into the home - but she is so heavy that she either bangs the old woman's head into the gate or leave scratches on her. It is a miracle that she doesn't suffer from concussion.

Ying Zhong wants Ming Ge to prevent hurting Hui Yuan again as she is sick over it. He will not let him go if this happens again. Ming Ge reminds him that he isn't supposed to show concern for another woman. Moreover, Hui Yuan is recovering soon and he should not be unfair to Zhi En. Ming Ge's words knock sense into him and Ying Zhong finds that it is time for him to adjust his feelings. Zhi En tries to cheer him up with ice cream but he is unable to feel better. She reminds him to wear his wedding ring and tries to improve her cooking by learning more dishes through the websites.

Hui Yuan is planning a new image for Ying Zhong and doesn't feel well seeing his ring. When listening to him talking to Zhi En over the handphone, she is puzzled why she is upset. Ying Zhong removes his wedding ring to put on a classy one for a magazine cover and forgets to wear it back before leaving. She doesn't understand why but she wants to keep it. Zhi En's cooking efforts are criticized by Ying Zhong and she is hurt. Zhi En suddenly discovers that his ring is missing and is enraged to know that it is with Hui Yuan. She insists him to call her to ask for it but he doesn't mention it to her.

Why should she bother with a ring? Zhi En turns serious - it is not a normal ring - it is their wedding ring. How can he buy a new one when he can ask it back from Hui Yuan? He reminds her that it is only a contract marriage and scolds her for being a rice bin (nitwit in direct translation). They quarrel and he says that she can leave as she pleases but she weeps - she knows that she is in love with him now.

Ming Ge can sense that she is upset when she sees him with her works. She asks if she looks like a rice bin. Is she so stupid? He smiles because he is always happy with her. Ying Zhong can't bear to part with Zhi En and informs her that he has told Manager Cui to make a new ring. She tells him that she has actually found the ring - she draws one on his finger and also a watch. He also draws a watch on her hand. They reconcile and he feels down when she mentions that they should get along well to the day they part.

She wants to add spectacles to his face but he runs away. Ying Zhong is very careful when washing his hand not to erase the drawings. Zhi En starts to write stories using Ying Zhong as her base. When he is about to go out, she asks when he will be back but he finds her troublesome. Actually he is lying - he is meeting Hui Yuan. Hui Yuan finds the 'watch' on his hand and is unhappy.

Hui Yuan still returns him the ring. He then mentions that Zhi En is nice - except that she will do surprising things. She replies this is why she dislikes her. He will come to her immediately in the past but now he is returning to Zhi En. He promises not to let go of her hand before she lets go of him. (This woman is impossible, wanting attention from two men.) Zhi En is angry with Ying Zhong for returning home late and not giving her a call for not returning for dinner.

She is about to flare up when she sees the wedding ring on his finger. She is mad upon knowing that Hui Yuan keeps it. He admits seeing Hui Yuan. She gets angry and washes the 'watch' from her hand. She even imagines confronting Hui Yuan but turns to horror when the two get married instead and she is chased out of the house. Ying Zhong has the habit of telling Zhi En that he is going out but she snaps that he doesn't have to do it since he mentions that both have separate lives.

He returns home and gets uneasy when she isn't at home. Although he is the one who says that - he keeps looking at his telephone. Finally, he can't stop himself from calling her - she is now staying at his parents' place over the night and is in his room. She finds a bottle of paper cranes that Hui Yuan gives him and also his younger sister, Yang Yuan's photo.

Yang Yuan dies from cancer but she never cries despite having 8 injections a day. Mr Li has lied to her that she will recover after that. Ying Zhong hates his father from then on. He even tries leaving the home when he is 9 and goes on a summer camp to meet Hui Yuan there. Unlike Yang Yuan, Hui Yuan likes to cry and he often uses ice cream to cheer her up. She is angry to hear that.

She is happy when he wants to send her home - she is initially happy but hangs up when he replies that without her, no one will tidy his home. Is he really treating her like a rice bin? She looks at the ring he prepares for Hui Yuan sadly. She returns home the next day to laugh upon seeing him eating the so-called 'dog food' prepared for him the last night. She changes her mind and wants him to report to her whenever he wants to go out. She lists out a time-table and he is dismayed that he will not be seeing her at all!

Ying Zhong is so upset not to see 'stupid bird' daily. He decides not to go by the rules but she refuses to talk to him. He forces her to sweep in front of him and he is delighted - he only finds life normal with her around. Ying Zhong invites her to his movie premiere but she ignores him. What is wrong with her? He still pesters her when she writes - she has no flair and what can she come up with? She nearly flares back but knows that the best punishment is to ignore him so she hides in the toilet.

He seizes the chance to switch off her laptop and she thinks that he hasn't saved the script that she has written. She scolds him for being a cockcoach. He is angry and places the diskette on the table - he has already saved it. She nearly cries and he gets nervous - wanting to treat her to ice cream. She yells that she hates it and will not eat it anymore. He then sings '3 bears' to cheer her up - she really hopes to be his wife. (Unlike Hae Gyo's presentation, Rain's presentation is good and also cute.)

He reminds her not to be late and says that she needs to buy the movie ticket. (I wonder how he suddenly has a chauffeur to drive his car. )Ming Ge invites her to go with him. She reveals her thoughts - what memory a 9 year old has besides ice cream? She hopes that there is no amusement park or bicycle. Does Ying Zhong teach Hui Yuan how to cycle? Ming Ge replies that he teaches her that and she is delighted.

Hui Yuan arrives at the car park to see both stepping out of the car. Suddenly, a car comes from the back and is about to knock Zhi En down. Without thinking, Ming Ge hugs her close to him to protect her. (How sweet of him to shield her from danger!) Hui Yuan gets jealous and Ji Zhen also feels that Ming Ge likes Zhi En when he keeps smiling at her.

Zhi En demands to know why Hui Yuan keeps the ring and Hui Yuan replies that Ying Zhong doesn't seem to get bothered by it. She feels that Zhi En is too greedy and bets with her to see who will win his heart? She gets angry and Hui Yuan chooses a scarf for Ying Zhong. But he expresses his wish to bring Zhi En along. Of course, she refuses. Ying Zhong is centre of attraction but he is disappointed not to see Zhi En.

Hui Yuan sees Ming Ge but deliberately sits a seat away from him. He suddenly feels distant from her. Zhi En loses her confidence and misses the movie. Ying Zhong is angry that she misses it. He tells her to return home and she tries in vain to stop him - there is no rice for him if he doesn't return. He doesn't get her meaning and tells her to eat first and he will return after that. Zhi En is upset to lose the first round to Hui Yuan. He still asks Manager Cui to eat with Zhi En and send her home on his behalf.

Hui Yuan brings Ying Zhong to their previous primary school and kisses him on the cheek. He can see that Zhi En is unhappy and suggests eating ice cream to get scolded again. She demands to have roses. Ying Zhong really jokes with her - before he goes out, he tells her, 'my wife, I love you.' The media is concerned that Ying Zhong is always with Zhi Yuan and President Yang wants him to keep in low profile.

Zhi En is angry that the reporters are interviewing them because of the rumour but gives in to him after making him do the housework for her. She leaves him embarrassed when telling this to the press but insists that he is only a Hui Yuan's friend. After the interview, she laments feeling upset that he is having an affair and threatens to leave home again. He is alarmed and tells her not to as the home is dark and cold without her. She smiles as he cares for her now.

Ying Zhong listens to her and rejects Hui Yuan's invitation, spurring her urge. She demands to see him immediately and he turns up. She jokes that she will give up thinking of Ming Ge to be with him but he is disappointed that she is not taking him seriously.

Ming Ge invites Zhi En to watch the movie although he has seen it after knowing that Zhi En hasn't watched it. He tells her that he is interested in her and he is a very busy person. But he will make time to meet her. She is shocked by his remark. Dong Xu becomes Ying Zhong's personal assistant and tells him about it. Zhi En is prepared to treat Ming Ge to cheap and delicious sauce noodles when Ying Zhong demands her to return home.

He will prepare whatever food she wants to eat and even tricks her that Grandmother is sick. Ming Ge drives her to Ying Zhong's car and is concerned about Grandmother's condition. He lies that it is very serious to lure her into his car hastily and then lies that she is okay later. Ming Ge feels uneasy upon seeing them leave. It is Ming Ge's birthday and he asks Zhi En to have dinner with him. Ying Zhong is unhappy that he asks her out - she dreams of him telling her that her work will be shot into a movie.

Ying Zhong is dismayed that she will be late upon returning and demands her to finish all the housework to keep her at home but she manages to sneak out. Only when she arrives at the restaurant then she knows that it is Ming Ge's birthday. She regrets not getting a present for him. She is his best present to him. It is his birthday and he wishes to give himself a present so he thinks of her. He is happy to be with her.

The simple-minded Zhi En thinks that he finds her comical. Ming Ge smiles broadly - he does this whenever with her. Ying Zhong is down - why is she not home yet as it is nighttime? Ming Ge's parents and elder brothers are overseas so they seldom celebrate with him. Zhi En feels bad not dragging Ying Zhong along to celebrate with Ming Ge. His tone becomes sad - he is upset upon seeing Ying Zhong bringing her away earlier. Zhi En is really slow - she can give him a present as long as it isn't expensive.

He smiles sadly - can a person's heart be bought? Actually he is popular with women - why isn't she attracted to him? He is handsome, capable and attractive - many have said that he is nice. She then asks if he loves himself too much jokingly. He suddenly becomes serious - he isn't joking - can she like him? She smiles sadly - she has wished but she is married. Ming Ge replies - that is why he is considering if he should grab her as Ying Zhong doesn't treasure her.

She is silent but tells him that he can look for her if he is lonely. She will arrive then and will try to like him. Ming Ge knows that she is consoling him. She is so kind and he likes her even more. Ying Zhong pretends to wake up at the time she returns although he has been waiting anxiously. He asks if they only have dinner. He spits out the water he drinks upon knowing that Ming Ge wants Zhi En to like him. And her reply is she will like him too. Ying Zhong is angry when knowing Ming Ge's remarks. (The response is very funny - you will need to watch it to find out.)

Zhi En even says that she is a maid to Ying Zhong but she can be another person's present. Ying Zhong demands her to cook for him and she is happy upon seeing how worried he is to miss his dinner to wait for her. Ying Zhong can't sleep at night - why does Ming Ge like presents so much? Can a maid be a present? Ming Ge comes to look for Ying Zhong at work (his suit here is so terrible with distinctive dark orange lines with a dark brown background.)

Ying Zhong wants him to inform him when looking for Zhi En. She is different from other women Ming Ge knows and hopes that he will not fool around with her. Ming Ge will not care how Ying Zhong thinks but he isn't joking. He will not change his mind - he has thought that Ying Zhong only likes Hui Yuan in the past but not now. He warns Ying Zhong not to let him discover his weakness. Ying Zhong warns Zhi En that Ming Ge is nice to every woman. Even though he is nice to her, it doesn't mean that he likes her as he is a playboy. She answers - does he question about their friendship?

He is delighted upon hearing that - she has something special that makes others happy. Zhi En wonders if he is praising her but he replies that he doesn't want to give his maid away as a present. He invites Ming Ge to home for a meal and Zhi En is panicky as she only knows how to cook a few dishes. Mrs Li isn't at home to teach her and Grandmother Li lies about being a great cook but she doesn't know how to cook at all. She then brings the food kept in the fridge home and comes up with a few more dishes.

Ming Ge meets Ji Zhen on the way with a watermelon and gives her a lift. He gets to know that Zhi En's parents are killed in a car accident when she is 15 and pities her to fend on her own through high school. Ji Zhen then blurts out that the couple is having a contract marriage. She is guilty and leaves hurriedly. It is funny to see how Ying Zhong is 'close' to Zhi En as a couple - keeps calling her 'my darling' and cites that he wants to be a father of two soon since Zhi En is lonely since young. (It sure raises goosepimples in me.)

Ming Ge pretends that nothing has happened but he is bleeding internally when he looks at their wedding photo. Ying Zhong asks - are they compatible? He even pretends that she is pregnant and is overjoyed over it. Ming Ge leaves as he can't bear with it anymore. She demands to know what he is up to. Those not aware will think that he is jealous. He denies it but smiles slyly to himself when lying on the bed. Ming Ge should know to retreat now.

Ming Ge is cold and asks Zhi En to leave the script on his table to leave immediately. He doesn't even look at her and she wonders what happens. Hui Yuan wants Ying Zhong to pass her birthday present to Ming Ge but he wants her to give him on her own. She passes it to him and reveals that she likes him although he doesn't love her. But now she wants to care for herself. Although she says it, she still can't let go. Ying Zhong still meets her after getting her call and forgets his date with Zhi En.

She is angry that he keeps asking her to wait and vows not to wait for him anymore. She runs on the street and gets trapped in the rain. She is helpless and calls Ming Ge. Ming Ge puts down his work and comes to her immediately. Ying Zhong finds Zhi En in the rain in vain and gets worried. Zhi En's sadness bothers Ming Ge and she sleeps at his home. Ming Ge wipes off a tear from her face and cooks for her.

He is very disturbed and what should he do with her? He can't remove the love for her from his heart but still calls Ying Zhong about Zhi En. He will send her back when she wakes up but he has decided to snatch her from him. Ying Zhong quickly comes to get his wife home and she is silent sleeping on her bed. He then discovers that she has a fever. He gets nervous and becomes gentle again to take care of her.

He apologises softly and hopes that she gets well quickly. He sleeps beside her through the night and she is touched but pretends to continue sleeping after seeing that he prepares porridge for her. Hui Yuan wants Ying Zhong to watch a musical with her but he is concerned about Zhi En and rejects her to rush home. Hui Yuan is unhappy but the older Lis take good care of Zhi En upon knowing that she just recovers.

She gets home earlier than him and resists eating the porridge to lie on the bed again. He gets anxious and angry. How can she run and she can't be compared to a chicken which knows where to hide in the coop when it rains? But upon seeing her angry, he starts the '3 bear' dance to cheer her up. She drinks the tonic soup that Grandmother gives and he starts to imagine that Zhi En tries to molest him. He tells Zhi En that he will give her a call when he is late home the next time and swallows the words 'she is nothing to him' that he tells her the last time.

Ming Ge gives ideas to Zhi En on how to write better. You will laugh - he points at a woman - telling her that she is 25, hardworking and also has a younger brother. Zhi En is impressed with his imagination and then laughs upon knowing that she is actually his employee. Both walk on the street and she is surprised that he is so relaxed to have fast food with her. She has thought of him to like classy and expensive food all along. Ming Ge has wanted to do this all along but he hasn't found the suitable person.

They shop on the street and he gets her roses. She is delighted - this is the first time she gets roses from a guy. He is astonished - Ying Zhong hasn't given her anything and enjoys torturing her instead. He declares his feelings for her - if she meets him earlier and he has a chance, he will not let her go. If their marriage is only a contract, is it too late for him? He doesn't want her to answer him quickly and wants her to consider before telling him. Ying Zhong is mad upon seeing the flowers.

He demands to know if she has an affair and she gets mad. He doesn't have the right to say that since he can meet Hui Yuan and he hasn't given her anything. To 'own' her for a longer period, he tears the old contract to come up with a new one to make her stay with him for 3 years. She agrees and he hugs the contract with a broad, cunning smile. Although he gets his way, his nightmare starts. He is becoming a maid and she smiles now. Ji Zhen is relieved that Ying Zhong still acts normal even though he knows that Ming Ge knows of the truth from Dong Xu.

This stupid Dong Xu consoles her over the handphone not knowing that Hui Yuan has overheard everything. She pretends to look pitiful and begs Zhi En to help her win Ying Zhong. Zhi En regrets telling her their contract marriage. Ying Zhong goes by the new contract and gets Zhi En flowers. He then tells her that he will meet Hui Yuan first before returning home. She feels like telling him to come back. Hui Yuan tells him that she knows of their 'deal' but he returns home to give the flowers to Zhi En. She is about to tell him that she likes him but it turns out to ask him if she can like Ming Ge. He then tells her to make Ming Ge buy expensive and tasty food for her since he is rich.

But he feels bad when he doesn't get anything for her and allows her to like Ming Ge. She confesses about the deal to Ming Ge and he wants to handle it for her. Zhi En wishes to settle it on her own and he is afraid that her heart is also bounded by the contract. She lies that her heart belongs to herself but weeps as she really likes Ying Zhong now. Ying Zhong is like a deserted woman, waiting for her return. He gets mad when knowing that she decides to proceed further with Ming Ge.

He asks why she is angry with him lately. She uses her writing of works as an excuse to make him work like a maid. He agrees and pretends that he chops his finger to scare her to get bitten by her. He manages to make her cook for him again. She doesn't want to be treated as a rice bin but he describes it as good to cook rice and without rice, humans can't survive. She should be proud of it.

Hui Yuan thinks the 3 years she needs to wait for him is nothing as compare to the number of years he waits for her. Ying Zhong tells her that Zhi En will remain in her position. Zhi En is sad that he still loves Hui Yuan when Hui Yuan tells her that. She becomes too nice to Ying Zhong and he finds it amiss. No matter how he makes things difficult for her, she still obeys him. Has she done something wrong? He jumps upon finding her wedding ring missing but still draws one on her hand. But it is too late now.

She smiles when she finishes her script - she has waited for this day but Ying Zhong doesn't know what she is referring to. She tells him to wait for her at home. He prepares a candlelight dinner to give her a surprise to celebrate her first script for being selected to shoot for a movie. Ming Ge is a step ahead of him to invite Zhi En to dinner. He feels helpless for being unable to do anything for her.

She replies that he has done a lot for her - buying food for her, giving her flowers and to be the first to console her. She is starting to like him now. She is giving him hope to work harder. Zhi En even suggests going somewhere else to enjoy herself to let Ying Zhong wait at home. She is disappointed when she doesn't see the lights on when back. But she is touched to find him sleeping on the sofa. She is also moved to see 'full house' and is reluctant to leave him.

Zhi En takes out the wedding ring and wants a divorce. Ying Zhong is worked up - if this is so, she can't get the house. She asks - will he let Hui Yuan wait 3 years for him? He refuses and thinks that she is protesting because she doesn't want to cook. If not, is that Ming Ge's intention? He even allows her to meet him to save the marriage. Absurd, isn't it? She replies that she likes him to let him return to Hui Yuan so they must part. He is cold to her when she wants to spend their remaining days together happily.

President Yang tells Zhi En that Ying Zhong's movie isn't doing well and his marriage has a negative effect on his popularity. If news of his contract marriage leaks, he will be doomed. President Yang also tells Hui Yuan to keep a distance from Ying Zhong. Zhi En then jokes that Ying Zhong must be better to her so that she will change her mind about their divorce. He is at first angry but later relieved that she changes her mind. He makes a complete change later to be a 'househusband'. This makes her uneasy as he wants to be better to her. He even promises to keep the house clean before she comes back.

Ying Zhong returns the ring secretly to Zhi En. Zhi En tells Ming Ge that she can't leave Ying Zhong. Ming Ge feels defeated because it isn't as easy as it seems to get Zhi En from him. But to win Ying Zhong, he is analyzing new ways because he doesn't like to lose. Ying Zhong's marriage state will be revealed to the media and he doesn't want Zhi En to get hurt. Ming Ge feels that she is protecting him instead. Ying Zhong can't even protect Hui Yuan but he retorts that he will protect both women.

Zhi En wears the ring again and Ying Zhong sends her flowers to their home but she is unhappy because they are for 'Han Rice Bin.' He blushes as this is the 105th rule of their contract. He tries to make up to her for not doing that in the past. She kisses his cheek but Hui Yuan is unhappy to see this and he decides to have the divorce to protect Hui Yuan.

Ying Zhong decides to move out and Zhi En gets drunk when with Ming Ge. Ying Zhong is angry to see Ming Ge sending her home and she shouts she doesn't want to give him to Hui Yuan. To chase her away, he forces her to do a lot of housework but she refuses to leave. But upon knowing that he is out to meet Hui Yuan, she also arranges to meet Ming Ge. Who will expect the four to meet at the same restaurant?

The atmosphere is tense and when Ming Ge wants to remove a grain of rice from Zhi En's lips, Ying Zhong scolds her for being a pig and doesn't know how to eat. Hui Yuan feels that he is too fierce and Ming Ge also warns him to speak carefully. But Ying Zhong cites that he knows her better than Ming Ge. The two quarrel and Ying Zhong is furious to see her leaving with Ming Ge. Hui Yuan begins to feel that she is at the losing end. Ming Ge invites Zhi En to go with him to the Venus film festival.

Zhi En tries to test Ying Zhong. He is scared but still pretends to be unaffected. But he runs to the airport when Hui Yuan tells him to do it - he gets so distracted to address her as Zhi En. But he is too late - Hui Yuan decides to let him go. Actually Zhi En hasn't left and is disappointed to see an empty house. How can he lose his temper and move out? Ming Ge encourages her to look for him. She doesn't want to call him but weeps. He offers to call her for him - he can fight with him for her.

Zhi En weeps and Ming Ge wipes off her tears. Ying Zhong is actually at home and is unhappy to see this. She is happy to see that he hasn't moved out. Ming Ge brings her flowers but Ying Zhong lies that she isn't at home and even grabs them. His expression is sure classically shy when her voice comes from the background. Ying Zhong keeps mentioning about the wedding photo to hurt Ming Ge.

Ming Ge asks why he is still here since he wants to be with Hui Yuan. He wants to bring her out and he pulls her back. It is her cleaning day and he can't eat without her. She softens to stay with him. He is about to kiss her when Mr Li comes to ask about the contract marriage. He gets so disappointed in them and wants both to part. Zhi En pours her woes to Ming Ge but Ying Zhong is jealous, thinking that they are dating. Since they suffer so much, they should part then.

Zhi En returns the ring that Ying Zhong buys for Hui Yuan but she begs Zhi En not to leave Ying Zhong. He is still childish and doesn't know how to express his feelings. (I feel that the following act is redundant.) Ying Zhong announces his divorce to protect a woman. Ming Ge comes with flowers to woo Zhi En the next day. She wishes Ying Zhong to be the lead actor for her movie script. Ming Ge invites her to a meal - he hopes to see her daily to chat and eat together. This is so obvious that he is proposing to her.

She doesn't have the mood as she just divorces but he promises to wait for her. She still looks at their wedding ring. Ying Zhong's heart has died and stays in the monastery. Dong Xu lies that Ming Ge ditches Zhi En and she becomes sick to trick him. Ying Zhong looks at his wedding ring and returns. She cries upon seeing him but he is enraged to see her without the ring and the home is in a mess. He wants to stay in here for the rest of his life. She chases him out and panicks when he suddenly goes missing.

He has returned to his room and sleeps on the bed - the decoration hasn't changed. She suddenly cries and scares him. Ying Zhong apologises to Mr Li and he forgives them. He wants to marry her and will not let her go again. He prepares a new wedding ring but is still unhappy that she meets Ming Ge. Ming Ge comes to cook western dishes for Zhi En. This scene can be quite comical.

Ying Zhong is angry and demands her to cook rice for him but there is no rice so he has to resort to eat cup noodles. Ming Ge invites him to shoot the movie but he cites that he doesn't shoot movies easily to disappoint Zhi En. A stupid bird can never come up with a good plot while she replies that a 3rd rate actor can't act well. (After the divorce, his popularity dips rock bottom and he loses almost all commercial and movie contacts.) Ming Ge wants to find another place for Ying Zhong to stay as he doesn't like him to stay with his woman. Ming Ge reveals that Zhi En rejects his marriage proposal but he will wait.

Why must Ying Zhong torture her by coming back? Ming Ge can give her happiness if he leaves her. Ying Zhong decides to move out again since they are going to marry each other. He has no chance to give her his ring and hopes that she will be blissful. Zhi En is upset to tell Ming Ge about Ying Zhong's departure. She doesn't know how long she needs to wait but she will do that. She tells Ming Ge not to wait for her anymore and she should not ask him to wait for her. Ming Ge is depressed - all are waiting for each other - it seems that love can't be compelled. She returns home and Ying Zhong tells her that he can't let her go.

He proposes to her with the new ring. He is so fickle-minded so she wants to reconsider for 3 days but he only gives her a day. He helps her to turn off the laptop but loses her script. Both quarrel again and he keeps on scolding her 'stupid bird'. He arranges to meet her in a romantic restaurant but she tells him Ming Ge is sending her over to make him jealous. He waits for her at the skating ground to give her flowers.

He declares his love for her but the surrounding is too noisy. On another occasion, the sweeper interrupts him from doing that. In the end, he wants to go swimming with her but is sick before they set off. He tells her not to leave him dreamily to meet Ming Ge to stay beside him. She smiles - he is so cute when sick. How nice will it be if he is so obedient all along. He apologises to her for calling her a stupid author and she flashes the wedding ring on her finger. Both kiss and sleep beside each other for the night.

The latest movie 'the maid' written by Zhi En and cast by Ying Zhong is a box office success and he is famous again. He says that he thanks the stupid bird for teaching him a lot of things. The two are finally legally married again. Dong Xu and Ji Zhen own a video shop after their child is born. They recommend Ying Zhong's movies to all customers. Ming Ge and Hui Yuan are at their home for a barbecue and Hui Yuan asks whether the couple is compatible. He nods and she asks him to consider her. The 'fake' photo becomes a new photo. Zhi En finally knows how to cycle and both are happy with each other.

Introduction on characters

1. Li Ying Zhong - Rain
Ying Zhong looks like a cool superstar but he is childish at heart. He does not know whom he truly loves. And being stubborn by nature, he refuses to admit that he treats Zhi En well. And to be so stupid to go ahead with the divorce.. doesn't he know that she likes him? I feel like knocking sense into his head. He is so cruel to hurt Zhi En repeatedly to go to Hui Yuan and yet so demanding to make her do things for him. He is very daring in his dressing - to dress in red pants and flowery tops!

Rain acts fairly well - cute and funny in the hilarious scenes. He is so innocent and playful. But he has to try harder in crying scenes. It can be so unnatural.

2. Liu Ming Ge - Kim Sung Soo
He is the prince charming in here. He is Ying Zhong's entertainment company's representative. He doesn't get along that well with Ying Zhong because of their different characters. He receives his education overseas. Rich, wise, helpful, handsome, gentle, romantic and also eligible - he makes a perfect boyfriend. Who can resist his warm smiles and caring gestures to treat Zhi En to expensive meals when he knows that she can't afford it? This is why Hui Yuan goes all out to get him.

But alas, he chooses to fall for a 'married' woman who lacks the writing talent or wits. But her kindness to cheer him up warms him and we can see that he treats her so differently from Hui Yuan. Being a loyal friend, he tries to keep a distance from her. But after knowing that the couple is only having a contractual marriage, he goes all out to woo her with flowers and dates. He is also willing to wait for her. He is such a gentleman - mature, confident and also sharp-tongued (Ying Zhong is definitely not his match in arguments.) This man reminds you of Xiang Zhe, doesn't it?

In certain angles, he resembles Ren Xian Qi in looks. But he is definitely younger and has more star appeal. Just like il_mare, I really drool and wish that he appears in more scenes because he is such a highly admirable competitor! I can forsee that he can display more potential in future.

3. Shen Dong Xu - Do Han
He relies on Zhi En for a living and I despise that. He behaves like a thief to sneak into Ying Zhong's home to try on his clothes too. I don't understand how he can become Ying Zhong's personal assistant. But still, he is a faithful man to his wife. Thanks to him, the secret is revealed through his big mouth to Hui Yuan to let Zhi En go through all the torture.

4. Mr Li - Jang Yong
He is Ying Zhong's father who is a hospital director. Being busy with work, he neglects his son and both fall out as he is too demanding on his children. But Zhi En is the bridge to connect them to improve ties.

5. Mr Cui
He is Ying Zhong's personal manager and does a good job in publicity. Without him, Ying Zhong will forever be trapped in the amusement park's toilet.

6. Han Zhi En - Song Hae Gyo
She is a 3rd rate writer but she dreams of doing a movie script. She is very unrealistic - she should know her limits as her standard is poor - as criticized by Ying Zhong and President Yang. But she refuses to give up and approaches Ming Ge to be ridiculed the 3rd time. And she really deserves it as he has such harsh remarks for her. However, she strives to improve herself and he has better comments for her later.

Being an orphan, she feels loved by Ying Zhong's elders. So she is reluctant to terminate the marriage contract. The fact that she discovers that she loves Ying Zhong helps to strengthen their relationship. But she has made mistakes - she shouldn't have told Hui Yuan about the truth to blow up the matter and agree to the divorce. Moreover, she should not have given false hopes to Ming Ge to tell him to wait for her. Still, she does everything for Ying Zhong's interest.

Hae Gyo improves slightly but she still has a long way to go. Sorry to disappoint others but I personally don't find her a credible actress. She is already petite but she adores miniskirts and also revealing clothes which are unsuitable for her. The wardrobe for her is a total disaster and she only looks better after the 'divorce'. The laughs she creates remind me of how Sandra Bullock snorts in 'Miss Congeniality'. When compared to Ji Hye, she doesn't fare well as a comedian.

7. Xu Ji Zhen - Lee Young Eun
She is Zhi En's friend and is also responsible in causing her to lose her house. This shameless woman can find anything from Ying Zhong's fridge to dirty his house while Dong Xu tries his clothes. When her act is revealed, she uses her nails to scratch his face! Thanks to her big mouth, she lets Ming Ge know the truth but many will not blame her for it because without his prompt action, Ying Zhong will not know the importance of Zhi En and we will miss the fun seeing the guys fighting for her love.

8. Jiang Hui Yuan - Han Eun Jung
She is an image consultant and looks into Ying Zhong's needs. But she also tends to Ming Ge when he approaches her for help. Why? Because she truly loves him and has tried hard to win his affections for a long time. It is not that she doesn't know that Ying Zhong carries a torch for her but she loves Ming Ge more. But when he is married, she realizes that he actually has an important place in her heart.

Is she the third party in Ying Zhong's marriage? Yes in a way. She is selfish - she wants Ming Ge's love and also Ying Zhong's attention. She is very greedy but later after seeing how Ying Zhong is being tortured by the loss of Zhi En from his life, she bravely admits her mistake and wishes them well. I

The same clothes look terrible on Hae Gyo but fitting on Eun Jung. But sometimes, they can be too revealing to show her figure and flesh. This makes me wonder - is a Korean image consultant so daring in dressing? She is so much suitable in looking as the guys' 'girlfriend' with her taller height. (The 2 male co-stars are above 1.8 m tall.) She acts fairly well and in fact, I think she has better chemistry with the guys than Hae Gyo! She does not have as many scenes, but that does not restrict her acting at all.

9. Mrs Li - Sun Woo Eun Sook
She is such a wonderful mother but unfortunately, Ying Zhong prefers not to stay with her. She treats Zhi En well and teaches her how to cook. She is also a dutiful daughter-in-law.

10. Grandmother Li - Kim Ji Young
No one will believe that she has so many demands on her daughter-in-law and granddaughter-in-law, but she has not done housework all her life because she comes from a rich family. She thinks lowly of Zhi En and call her '3 bears' after she sings the song to cheer her up but she does the reverse to make her happy. What a change - will an elder do that?

11. President Yang Jiang Ai - Im Hye Jin

She is in charge of Ying Zhong's career and does the best to protect his interests. She gives advice to the couple and they obey her as a boss and elder.

Favourite character
Ming Ge - he is so sweet to Zhi En. A close second is Ying Zhong. He may seem to be nasty but actually his threats can be harmless.

Most hated character
Zhi En for letting Ying Zhong go. She keeps saying that Ying Zhong is fickle-minded but she is also the same. Moreover, she thinks so highly of herself in her writing.

The theme song 'fate' has 2 versions - by a male singer and another female singer. Strangely, it isn't by Rain. I like both versions. The ending theme is 'the love that comes late'. The other theme songs 'the present you', 'I will be grateful to you', '3 bears', 'By603', 'forever', 'I think I' and 'the so-said friend' are not that nice to listen to.

Interesting facts

This serial is an adaptation from a comic. Rain hoped that this serial would help in his singer career - it sure did. The first episode had 21% and the final was 40.2% - giving an average of 30%. In total, it was the fourth most watched serial after 'Da Chang Jin' (47.8%), 'Lovers In Paris'(41.5%), 'stairway to Heaven' (38.4%). All are happy with the ending.

Many like her adorable and cute expressions. Many even said that she dated Rain off screen as Rain described his dream girl to resemble her and didn't mind her being older than him. Hae Gyo denied it and she hinted that she liked mature men. She found it too tough to match Rain and Sung Soo in height - both are 1.84m while she is 1.61 m tall. Her neck was tired looking up to them to read her lines.

Hae Gyo bought hats, bags and also socks for the filming crew for giving them so much trouble. Because of her breakup with Byung Hun, she didn't turn up for the first 4 days of filming and affected the filming progress. Some could still joke that she should have more breakups so that they could collect more gifts! The crew found that she slimmed down but she was still professional in her acting and she could be open with kissing scenes with Rain. The serial turned out to be a killer for women ranging from ages 20-40. Many liked Hae Gyo's dressing and figure (which totally left me baffled as I found both terrible.)

She was so comical in the vomiting scene in the plane that Rain had to fight hard to refrain from laughing. The house was a hot spot for tourists. To her, it was a torture, she saw dragonflies in the morning but fireflies and mosquitoes at night. The frogs disturbed her sleep, though. Many were surprised that she could accept contract marriages - only when relationships failed. But Rain opposed strongly to it - marriage should mean staying with his love for the rest of his life so he would not make hasty decisions.

Many had criticized that Rain should not have acted after 'shando comes to school' - how can a singer balance his career with singing? He proved them wrong. Rain had wanted to use his original name - Jung Ji Hoon - after filming 'Full House'. But his nickname was too popular and many still could not remember after so long. His first dream was to be an actor but he ended up singing and dancing. The only similarities between him and Ying Zhong were both are entertainers and are loving.

Rain's clothes in the serial looked grand - he was already interested in fashion designing during school days. He goes to Japan 8 times yearly to shop for clothes. No wonder many sponsors look for him - just like how they also look for Hae Gyo as their spokesman.

The producer praised him for being a natural actor. Before meeting Hae Gyo, he had thought of her to be very threatening, But it turned out that she was friendly and only rehearsed alone for best effects. Many wanted a sequel to it to see how they did in their 'married' life - like having a baby. KBS director also wanted it to be done but Rain didn't think of it.

In the 2004 KBS television awards, Hae Gyo won Best Actress (but I beg to disagree) while Rain won the outstanding actor award. The most popular male, female and couple awards also went to them. They were also the artistes whom fans longed to be with during the mooncake festival.


I must say that this serial has the most terrible wardrobe for the cast. The 3 actresses wear very large T-shirts with spaghetti straps underneath. Hae Gyo should have chosen to wear tight-fitting miniskirts and not loose ones. They make her look short and fat. Surprisingly, the two young actors don't look too bad with white belts which should look mismatched with their dark suits. They are quite daring to wear red or pink shirts but they suit them.

It has little funny element in it - I don't know why it appeals to so many people as it doesn't to me. I watched this serial after 'Bride at 18'. I must confess that Dong Gun and Ji Hye have more potential to be comedians although the storyline there is also very exaggerated.

They also look more like a pair although they can be equally childish. But the best comical pair award should go to Park Shin Yang and Kim Jung Eun in 'Lovers In Paris'. I watched 'Lovers in Paris' after these 2 serials. They are defintely unbeatable!

Although this is Rain's second drama, we can sense he is very natural in front of the camera, oozing his acting ability to attract the audience. In fact, I find him acting better than Hae Gyo. The praises for Hae Gyo are overrated. Even Eun Jung and Sung Soo fare better than her - Hae Gyo is just reprising the same comedic way as acting in 'Song Pong clinic'. If not for the 3 other natural artistes, I would not have carried on watching. So it is still a letdown to me.

Zhi En's useless friends are irritating and destructive. Ying Zhong's parents are convincing but the grandmother isn't. The story isn't well-balanced and can be quite slow at times when it jumps into the supporting casts' plots which I am totally uninterested in.

The ending is unnecessary - must they part even though they love each other? Why must they go through so much trouble and risks? Doesn't Ying Zhong know that he is ruining his own career to announce the divorce? And to protect the woman from being harmed to announce it - I simply don't understand this!! The producer really wears out my patience with the last 4 discs from the 20 discs. I don't find myself missing it since I am no fan of anyone in here.

Sukting's ratings :

On song : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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