Reviewed by: sukting

May 25, 2006

Rating: three


This is a serial on sibling ties but those involved here are all adopted. But they are closer than real siblings. Do all of them get the love that they wish to get?


Sun Jie adopts 6 children from an orphanage and opens an eatery to support them. A total of 2 girls and 4 boys. His eldest is Hui Zhen who is a fourth year architecture undergraduate. The others in sequence are Jun Xing, Jia Xi, Yun Zhi, Ming Hao and Cheng Xiu.

Someone abandons a baby, Xiao Ying at his door. He has no wish to adopt her due to financial constraints. Unable to part with the baby, Hui Zhen takes the baby to school instead to stop a couple from adopting her. This is such a stupid decision. She thinks that it is best of the baby to stay with them since they are so happy. She has not considered from Sun Jie’s stand.

She gets her childhood friend, Chang Jun to take care of her when she is in class. Laugh when the guys do not know what to do with her when she pees and there are no diapers. Chang Jun gets her a sanitary napkin as diapers aren’t sold in the school supermarket. After that, Hui Zhen works part time in the school library to put the baby at her feet. Xiao Ying walks around and she nearly turns the place upside searching for her. Luckily, Chang Jun finds her at the staircase before she trips.

Chang Jun finds Hui Zhen another part time job at the supermarket. Laugh when they have to put the goods in the supermarket and to guard her at the same time. Xiao Ying causes the oranges to drop all over the place and they have to do the cleaning up. Hui Zhen starts to think that Sun Jie is right. Both are so tired that they nearly lose Xiao Ying on the MTR when they finish work.

Sun Jie is certainly not happy when they are home. He doesn’t want Hui Zhen to stop her studies again and again. But seeing other children are so fond of Xiao Ying, he takes Xiao Ying in. But their joy is cut short when the landlord wants the house back. Hui Zhen knocks into Jing Zhi while delivering books on the campus, thinking that he is a student. She is shocked to find his resume to know that he is the new lecturer and not a student as she has guessed. He gives her a ride upon seeing her shuttle from class to work.

Hui Zhen realizes that Sun Jie has sold his truck to pay her fees. She quits school to get the refund to redeem the truck. Chang Jun and Sun Jie are equally displeased with her decision. Jing Zhi is unhappy that Hui Zhen skips his classes and learns that she quits school due to financial difficulties. While making deliveries, she meets Jing Zhi’s fiancée, Mei Lan who is in charge of the interior décor of Jing Zhi’s cousin, Jing Xi’s bridal gown shop. She is also overjoyed to see Jing Zhi too. Hui Zhen stops a theft from happening so Mei Lan hires her.

Hui Zhen spends time making a construction model, hoping to get into the second phrase of selection in her studies. But her younger brothers let Xiao Ying ruin it. Chang Jun is unable to reinstate it – so do other specialists. Hui Zhen is unhappy that her efforts go down the drain as she already spends a month on it. Chang Jun isn’t happy to see Jing Zhi sending Hui Zhen back in his car but is relieved to know that he is only her lecturer. Jing Zhi wants Mei Lan to design Jing Xi, his cousin’s bridal shop.

Jun Xing is a potential athlete but he gets into trouble when he refuses to join a school gang. He gets badly beaten. His teacher, Shu Ran tries her best to help him and is shocked to know that all his siblings are adopted. Jing Zhi works happily with Hui Zhen, imparting his knowledge and hopes that she will be back to her studies soon. Chang Jun goes for an interview in a bank and is uneasy when his female junior ties his tie for him in front of Hui Zhen. He finally gets to know Jing Zhi. Jing Zhi encourages Chang Jun to go for his dream in drawing animation as it is his interest.

Chang Jun is down when Hui Zhen clears her locker to make way for other students. She promises to continue her studies within a few months’ time. Jing Zhi sees her with the boxes and offers to send her home, much to Chang Jun’s dismay. Hui Zhen is a bit disappointed upon seeing Jing Zhi’s photo with Mei Lan on his table. He knows that it is hard on her to work with Mei Lan who is a perfectionist.

Mei Lan isn’t happy with Hui Zhen’s photos of cheap furniture and demands her to retake the photos. She isn’t satisfied again and ends up going personally to make the choice herself with her. Hui Zhen ends up not being able to turn up punctually for Yun Zhi’s party. Sun Jie consoles him as Hui Zhen needs to work and although people may say that they are not his children, he really treats them as his own.

Jing Zhi and Mei Lan quarrel as he isn’t happy with Mei Lan only focusing on interior design of his project. He is designing the arts esplanade. What are they going to do with the signboard and outer design then? He later looks for Hui Zhen to show all his previous designs. He is impressed with her ideas and relates the past to her. Mei Lan’s family and his family are close and they reside in the U.S. Mei Lan saved him during a snow storm. She hurt her arm in the process and can’t dance ballet anymore. She is quick tempered and he hopes Hui Zhen gives in to her.

He lends Hui Zhen his construction room – he has everything there so she can use it for her second assignment. He requests to look at her first assignment too although she only has the plan with her. She asks why he treats her so well but he doesn’t know why. He asks her what relationship he has with Chang Jun. Both know each other in the orphanage. They cried when Chang Jun was adopted.

One day, Hui Zhen was nearly late for her university entrance exam and took a ride from him. That was how they meet again. Coincidentally, he lives near her foster father. His foster parents have migrated overseas so he is alone again. Jing Zhi has no answer from her what relationship they are and feels a bit jealous. Chang Jun is more jealous when he rushes to the shop with Sun Jie’s food to see no one but is told that she has left with Jing Zhi. Mei Lan is pleased with Hui Zhen’s idea and praises her.

He returns home and Yun Zhi is rushed to the hospital because of a stomachache. Sun Jie feels bad because the doctor deduces that he has malnutrition. Chang Jun is angry with her for this as Yun Zhi is hospitalized. He accuses her of getting home late because of a man and she also gets fed up with her. Both quarrel and refuse to talk to each other. But Hui Zhen links them again as she gets the things ready for the opening. She exclaims that Jing Xi is pretty when she sees them.

Jing Zhi is an only child so he dotes on this cousin. He envies Hui Zhen for having many siblings although they are not related. Jing Zhi has not wanted to go for the opening as he is very busy but he gives in to Jing Xi in the end. Chang Jun is accepted by an animation company. He is surprised to meet his high school junior, Jing Xi. Jing Xi has idolized him for a long time. They tease each other of their popularity during high school. He is surprised that she still remembers his interest.

Jing Xi invites him to her shop opening. He asks Hui Zhen to go together but she cites that she is busy. Well, he gets to see Jing Zhi and Hui Zhen there again. Feeling angry, he leaves after a while again. Cheng Xiu has a presentation of his drawing to his classmates and other parents. They sneer him of being an orphan and all his siblings are not real. He cries and is badly affected. (This child actor really acts well!) Sun Jie feels bad for letting him know the truth as he is the youngest as the rest has known about it.

Mei Lan isn’t happy with the new assignment – a toy shop design. She believes that Hui Zhen can do the signboard well. Thus Hui Zhen introduces Chang Jun to her. She decides to let Chang Jun try out. Chang Jun draws a few designs. Jing Xi comes to see and praises him – he is pleased that she can see that his design is clear cut to her of the concept – that means it is also obvious to others too.

Cheng Xiu’s teacher is touched to know Sun Jie adopted so many children and the of adding Xiao Ying is still under process. Cheng Xiu asks Jia Xiu whether she is truly his elder sister and why others say that all of them are not his real siblings. He cries hard upon knowing that Jia Xi is too busy to answer him by running to the park for a drawing contest. The pathetic boy runs to Chang Jun’s home but he isn’t in. He cries outside his door too. (Hee Sun should learn from this kid how to cry – he is a born natural!)

Jia Xi only realizes her mistake upon reaching home. She bursts into tears when telling Chang Jun about it.
Chang Jun is horrified and rushes home on the MTR with the designs. Jun Xing informs Hui Zhen about it but she still stays for work. Chang Jun drives the truck to the park. Worrying for him, the other siblings follow. They finally find Cheng Xiu drenched in the rain. The others promise that everything stays the same as they are closer than real siblings. It is touching when all of them hug to cry together.

Hui Zhen finally ensures that the signboard is done for the esplanade and rushes home. She is apologetic and promises that nothing will be more important than her siblings in future. Jing Zhi is touched to learn from Mei Lan that Hui Zhen stays to work despite of something that happens at home. Chang Jun then realizes that he has lost the designs on the train. Despite feeling disappointed, he decides to draw again. Luckily someone picks it on the train and sends to Mei Lan’s company.

Mei Lan is about to scold as he is so careless when she sees Chang Jun’s design. She decides to accept it, making Hui Zhen overjoyed. She has been in low spirits since her friend returns from the U.S for a dance performance. Mei Lan is a better ballet dancer than her but she turns famous instead as Mei Lan has to give up her dream. Jing Zhi is the one who designs the esplanade centre and knows Mei Lan’s feelings.

Jing Zi gives Chang Jun the tickets to go with her to the performance. But Mei Lan and Hui Zhen are busy with work so they can’t go. He passes the tickets to Hui Zhen. Jing Xi has an assignment in the end and learns that Hui Zhen is going but she can’t contact her as she has no handphone. Jing Zhi’s professor is pleased with his design and praises him. Seeing Hui Zhen outside, he leads her in to watch the performance but her concentration is on the construction design instead.

After the performance, he thanks Hui Zhen for the help in the signboard or the opening will not be possible. He gives her a treat so Chang Jun and Mei Lan come along. The two are uneasy when seeing Jing Zhi passing the office keys to Hui Zhen to do her modeling project there. Especially Mei Lan as he will not loan out his keys so easily. Hui Zhen puts it outside the office to dry before returning home.

This scene is cute – Jia Xi teaches Cheng Xiu and Ming Hao to wash their shoes. They wash but they frown upon reminding each other of the homework that they have not completed so Jia Xi softens to continue for them. Chang Jun gets his juniors to order catering from Sun Jie for their camp and he manages to pay off the rent. So he decides to have steamboat in the garden with the children. It rains so they keep everything in the home. Hui Zhen recalls her model when she is in the MTR to send a proposal for Mei Lan.

She rushes back to Jing Zhi’s office to find it missing but is relieved that Jing Zhi has kept it for her. He leaves a note telling her to be more careful next time. She is disappointed to know that he is returning to the U.S. soon because the boss has given him a new major project. She realizes that she has missed the deadline for Mei Lan’s project and is very upset. Mei Lan is so angry that she fires her.

Chang Jun shows his works to Jing Xi, letting her choose one which is suitable for the toy factory. She congratulates him as he is going to work in her father’s bank so they are a ‘family’. Chang Jun gets uneasy over it. She shows him the picture that he drew on her when both were in high school. Laugh when this man can’t even recognize it! He comments that she was pretty then and she laughs – what about now? Chang Jun doesn’t know how to answer her.

Jing Zhi has dinner with Mei Lan. Mei Lan is annoyed with him letting Hui Zhen know before her about his new U.S. assignment. Why is he treating her so well? He replies that he finds her having a hard life so he wishes to help her out. He doesn’t see why Mei Lan should get so jealous over trivial matters why Mei Lan finds it suspicious that he gets hesitant to leave to give up such a good chance.

Hui Zhen is about to tell Chang Jun what has happened outside his home when she sees Jing Xi sending him home. Chang Jun gets shy and promises to let Jing Xi into his home the next time. Hui Zhen gets jealous upon seeing how Jing Xi tries to adjust his windbreaker, commenting how little he is wearing and he should get in soon to avoid catching a cold.

Jing Zhi gets worried after seeing Hui Zhen’s model still undone as the deadline is on the next day. He calls her and gets to know what happens. He quickly drives to her home and brings her to another building that is under construction. Her words have motivated him to work better and he decides to stay in Korea instead of returning to the U.S. She is overjoyed and he decides to help her out on the project.

Both spend a whole night working on it and Mei Lan is displeased to see them dozing off in the same room. Jing Zhi wakes up to find Hui Zhen running a high fever. Getting anxious, he carries her to hospital, wanting Mei Lan to hand in the model for Hui Zhen. Well, you might have guessed that she throws it over the highway out of rage and later lies to him that she has sent in.

Jing Zhi stays beside Hui Zhen and wipes off the sweat over her forehead in the hospital. He feels bad when she still thinks of her assignment even though she is unwell and assures her that Mei Lan has sent in for her. Chang Jun rushes over upon knowing what has happened. Hui Zhen is surprised when Jing Zhi wants her to go to the construction site after she has finished the drip. Hasn’t Mei Lan dismissed her?

Jing Zhi replies that the exterior design on the spotlights have nothing to do with Mei Lan. He is hiring her as she is an efficient worker. Chang Jun feels uneasy to see how close they are although the two are unaware of the bond that they are starting to build on. Mei Lan frames Hui Zhen by loosening one of the spotlights. Chang Jun finds her suspicious upon seeing her walking out of the control room. Why is she appearing there and why isn’t this place out of bounds?

Jing Zhi is angry with Hui Zhen when one spotlight almost falls on their heads. Hui Zhen is in tears but dismisses Chang Jun’s thoughts. Mei Lan then pretends to be a nice soul to persuade the boss to keep Hui Zhen. Chang Jun sees that and gets sickened by the thought. Shu Ran goes into a photo studio to get her son’s photo. Jia Xi has no money to buy a Korean traditional dress for her dance but she doesn’t dare to let Sun Jie know about it. A woman comes secretly to observe how she lives now.

Jia Xi trains Min Hao to do his homework. It is so sweet of her to write out the characters on coloured cards to make him remember. Xiao Ying walks around as she can’t sleep and she leads her outside, dozing on her own. Hui Zhen feels bad for returning home late.

Jing Xi invites Chang Jun to go for the ballet dancer’s farewell dinner and she takes the trouble to dress up. Even her assistant makes fun of her. Jing Zhi and Mei Lan are also there and the ballet dancer teases Jing Xi for choosing the most handsome man in Seoul. The company sends Hui Zhen to get proposal plans from Mei Lan. Mei Lan says nasty words to her to force her to leave.

Chang Jun can’t see this happening and tells Jing Zhi that Hui Zhen isn’t responsible for it. Has she disappointed him all this time? Jing Zhi ponders over it and starts to suspect Mei Lan. He asks her if she has been to the control room. She quickly asks who says it. Jing Zhi knows that she is the one then as he never asks her that. She feigns to be framed, becomes angry and gets down from the car. I can’t help laughing when Jing Zhi doesn’t attempt to keep her back but drives on!

He rushes to the company and leads her out. Mei Lan is about to drive her car away when she sees this so she follows them. So does Chang Jun who is in a taxi, wanting to send Hui Zhen home. Both are crushed when seeing the two together. Jing Zhi even switches on all the lights in the building to assure Hui Zhen that everything is fine and apologises for his outburst. Both have a spin and he even has the thought to escape from Seoul with her.

But both are tied down by responsibility after a firm hug. She by her family and he by Mei Lan. He returns home to see Mei Lan waiting outside for 4 hours. It is not a surprise to all of us as he believes her again. Jing Zhi calls the university to know that Hui Zhen has failed in her second attempt. He tells her the bad news and she is discouraged. (Stupid man – why doesn’t he ask the reason why she isn’t selected.) Mei Lan tells Hui Zhen not to see Jing Zhi again and she obeys her.

Jing Xi buys flowers to the bank, intending to congratulate Chang Jun to work on his first day. She is dismayed to know that he rejects the job. She is unhappy as he hasn’t shared his decision with her. Her father has admired his talents in management and is so happy that he gets selected. She knows that Chang Jun is also talented in animation and feels bad that he gives up a good chance like this.

Jing Zhi takes out his past assignments in the U.S. to recall the past. He feels like sharing with Hui Zhen but Mei Lan comes instead. Hui Zhen passes the building and happens to see the slide show from the outer building but she suppresses her urge to enter upon seeing them together. Hui Zhen asks Chang Jun why he rejects the bank job. He replies that it is because of his interest in animation.

Min Hao learns fast through the cards and Jia Xi is pleased. He decides to help Jia Xi to get the traditional dress so the three brothers sell the noodles to raise the money. (This is so cute of them to see them cooking and collecting money.) Sun Jie doesn’t know they open the eatery as he is ill. Jia Xi is knocked down by a bicycle and scalds her hand on the way to send noodles to someone. She bursts into tears and the woman consoles her. Sun Jie is angry to find so much money in the drawer and thinks that Jia Xi steals money.

He gets so angry that he wants to hit her. The brothers defend her by telling the truth. Sun Jie feels bad and hugs her. All the children hug Sun Jie to cry together too. Hui Zhen sees the woman at the doorstep and she hands her a Korean dress for Jia Xi. She reveals that she is Jia Xi’s mother and wants her back. Sun Jie refuses. He can never forget how he found Jia Xi. She nearly died of hunger when abandoned when five.

Sun Jie will not like to hand Jia Xi to a mother who has not wanted her in the first place. She has grown healthy and establishes a firm tie with her siblings. Sun Jie tells her not to take Jia Xi away as she will not want to get separated from her present family. Times may be bad but she is happier here. Sun Jie tells Hui Zhen what happens and gets her to buy a new Korean dress for Jia Xi. He has returned the dress to the woman and will treat as nothing happens.

However Sun Jie gives in upon know Jia Xi’s mother can’t conceive anymore due to brutal violence by her ex-husband. Her present husband doesn’t mind Jia Xi to be his stepchild. In fact, he is the one to find her whereabouts. Sun Jie agrees to consider to let them have back Jia Xi. Yun Zhi overhears it and gets very upset. Laugh when ALL the younger brothers know and they decide to follow her wherever she goes.

Hui Zhen tells Mei Lan that she will never be with Jing Zhi to rest her mind. Mr Liu wants Mei Lan and Jing Zhi to get married soon. He is actually the owner of the toy company that Chang Jun has designed the mascot for. Mei Lan is happy but Jing Zhi isn’t. He has decided to woo Hui Zhen even she avoids him.

Jing Xi buys drawing instruments for Chang Jun. She has straightened her thoughts and respects his decision. Hui Zhen is jealous upon seeing this. Sun Jie consults Hui Zhen and Chang Jun over Jia Xi’s matter. Hui Zhen objects while Chang Jun thinks it is better for Jia Xi to have a complete family. He suggests Sun Jie telling the truth but Hui Zhen doesn’t want Jia Xi to get hurt.

Sun Jie tells Jia Xi about it and he is dismayed that she still remembered on how she was abandoned at 5. She refuses to leave them but agrees to meet her mother. Be baffled when she doesn’t wish to go elsewhere but only the place where she was abandoned! The woman is equally shocked and guilty to plead for her forgiveness. She only refuses to acknowledge her but breaks down when she leaves. Yun Zhi sees this and knows that she truly misses her mother although she assures them that she isn’t leaving them.

Jing Zhi’s face turns totally dark upon knowing that the university hasn’t received Hui Zhen’s model. When Mr Liu wants to have dinner with the two to know about his decision whether to get engaged to Mei Lan, he becomes evasive. (I nearly throw up upon seeing how Mei Lan acting ladylike and chiding her father to raise this issue at the construction site. To think she still addresses him as ‘father’ instead of Chairman too like a girl!) Mr Liu knows that all are busy people so he wants to be direct.

After Mr Liu leaves, Jing Zhi asks what happens to Hui Zhen’s model. Mei Lan becomes nervous and says that she has given in but she doesn’t get a receipt. Jing Zhi tells her to find a better way to lie next time and turns to leave! He doesn’t want to see her for the time being. Mei Lan gets angry – why can’t he understand how she feels upon seeing her boyfriend with another woman for a night? He gets disillusioned in her – she is too narrow-minded and selfish so he needs time to cool off.

He drives to the construction site – wanting Hui Zhen to continue another project for him after this one. Chang Jun also knows what happens. He disapproves of Mei Lan’s doing but pities her. Hui Zhen is just the unlucky scapegoat. Chang Jun transfers his disapproval to Jing Zhi. He should be able to handle the women, without hurting Hui Zhen. What is Jing Zhi intending to do to Mei Lan then?

Jing Zhi has not reached a decision but he assures Hui Zhen that he will support her at all times. He knows that she will not learn much from Mei Lan and urges her to work for him. But Hui Zhen still insists that she wants to work for Mei Lan. He wants Hui Zhen to see his previous works in the U.S and will wait for her till she arrives. Mei Lan still wants to salvage the situation but Jing Zhi doesn’t even want to see her when she comes to her office. He finds her very selfish to ruin a person’s hopes. He still turns up for the dinner but Mei Lan cuts him out by telling Mr Liu that they will delay their engagement.

After hesitation, Hui Zhen meets Jing Zhi and is fascinated by all his designs. She has pinned high hopes for the second round but the failure has crushed her confidence. Jing Zhi doesn’t know how to explain to her that Mei Lan is the culprit but promises that he will help her. He will need no other experienced architect but only her. Both confirm their feelings by hugging each other and decide to start dating.
Mei Lan is so angry that she fires Hui Zhen. Chang Jun confesses his feelings to Hui Zhen but assures her that he will not give her pressure as he knows who she loves now.

Sun Jie lets Jia Xi move in with her mother and all her other siblings are reluctant to see her leave. Min Hao even cries when Sun Jie wants Jia Xi not to call them every morning to spare a thought for her mother’s feelings. They will call her when they miss her so that she can start a new life. Min Hao scores full marks for his spelling and wants Yun Zhi to bring him to see Jia Xi to let her know that he has fulfilled his promise. He can’t forget how she teaches him to remember the characters.

Jing Xi comes specially to the university to look for Chang Jun. She is direct, wishing him to tell her his impression of her. She will work hard to win him over and doesn’t wish to hear his answer now. Isn’t she direct? She really wishes that he will not treat her like a girl in the past. Hui Zhen tells Jing Zhi about her wish to be an architect but it seems that this dream is becoming far away.

The three little brothers get hold of Jia Xi’s address and are on their way to see her. But Min Hao suddenly faints in the toilet and gets separated from his other brothers. Shu Ran lies to Sun Jie that she is helping a friend to look for her long lost son (which is her own son.) She has given him up for adoption due to difficulties. Sun Jie is stunned upon seeing the baby photo she shows him. When he is about to reply, the brothers inform him that Min Hao is missing.

Min Hao finally gets to see Jia Xi. Jia Xi sends him home and hugs her siblings and Sun Jie, missing them. Her mother feels a sense of loss seeing this. After she leaves, Min Hao faints. Can you believe that the wrong family leaves Cheng Xiu to take care of Xiao Ying at home? Chang Jun assures Jun Xing that he should be fine, probably like Yun Zhi. Both guys rush home to take care of the others.

Chang Jun knows that things might not work out between him and Hui Zhen but he treats them like his own siblings to stay with them for the night. When Min Hao wakes up, he asks for Jia Xi but all decide to keep it from her. Yun Zhi takes care of Cheng Xiu. (It is so cute to see him cooking for him.) Jing Zhi prepares documents, hoping to enroll Hui Zhen into an university overseas. He happens to learn what has happened and comes to the hospital. Seeing Hui Zhen down, he tries to cheer her up.

Mr Liu is disappointed to know what happens between Jing Zhi and Mei Lan. He still hopes that Jing Zhi will show concern to Mei Lan as an elder brother. Shu Ran manages to stop Jun Xing fighting with the gangsters but fails to settle the dispute with money. (Why this teacher refuses to approach the police for help beats me – probably avoiding giving them a criminal record?) Min Hao wants to have a dog toy so Chang Jun gets Jing Xi to make for him. Although she jokes that he treats her like a substitute, she helps him out in the sewing as he helps to stuff in the cotton for the toy. Hui Zhen gets jealous again.

Min Hao is diagnosed to have a liver problem. Sun Jie has to borrow money. He fails to find Min Hao’s biological mother so he signs on a form, hoping that someone will donate part of the liver to save him. Hui Zhen nearly faints upon knowing that his condition is so serious and tries hard to look for a job. Chang Jun consoles her and Jing Zhi also frowns upon knowing what happens.

Jun Xing accidentally hurts the gangster’s head after knowing that they bully his teacher so the fellow’s father wants to sue him. Jun Xing confesses being a gangster when he was in high school first year to get payment for his track and field training camp. Sun Jie was troubled with Hui Zhen’s fees so he decided not to trouble them. He has not expected the matter to blow up. Sun Jie forgives him and all are disappointed when the donor’s liver isn’t suitable for Min Hao.

Chang Jun and Hui Zhen decide to look for the man to plead with him to remove the charge at his toy company. Mr Liu has trouble finding the right bus to get to the same company and they help him. Hui Zhen offers Mr Liu a seat and he refuses – that is the same as referring him to a corpse in the U.S. But she doesn’t want to get scolded as this is the Korean custom.

Seeing them in trouble, Mr Liu helps them to settle the problem. Hui Zhen is grateful to him and asks him for the reason. He finds her a warm person and doesn’t wish to see a sad look on her face. She reminds him of Mei Lan and she is shocked to know that Mei Lan is his daughter. He picks Chang Jun’s notebook and admires his talents, wanting him to work for him. Mei Lan is angry when Jing Zhi only treats her like a younger sister and only asks her out due to Mr Liu’s request. She gets angrier upon knowing that Hui Zhen meets Mr Liu and Mr Liu also likes Chang Jun.

Hui Zhen calls Chang Jun and is about to tell him the good news when he has to go on a date with Jing Xi. He wants to treat her to a good meal for making the dog toy but she only settles for fastfood with him in the university compound. She knows that he is still a student and isn’t earning much. Both proceed fast in their relationship and Hui Zhen feels down. Someone donates money for part of Min Hao’s operation. Hui Zhen guesses that it is Jing Zhi and thanks him. He wishes her to work in his company but she evades the issue.

Chang Jun has another date with Jing Xi in the school compound. She likes him for giving to all without asking for anything in return. She jokes that she has told her family about having a boyfriend and wishes to bring him back on Saturday. Chang Jun meets Mr Liu and Mei Lan. Mr Liu wishes to bring him to the U.S. to meet other animators. In the past, he will go without hesitation but not now. Mei Lan wants to help him in exchange for him to make Jing Zhi return to her. But he cities that he is different from her.

Jing Zhi parks his car, wanting to pay Hui Zhen a visit but gets to send Min Hao to hospital instead. He needs a donor urgently and asks to see Jia Xi. Jia Xi has moved away with her mother. She wishes to visit Min Hao but her mother dissuades it for her brothers’ sake. She doesn’t like the boys to feel the anguish of parting and she will allow them to have frequent meetings when older. Shu Ran gives Sun Jie encouragement for trying so hard to save Min Hao.

Sun Jie raises money for the operation and hospitalization expenses but Hui Zhen cities that they can return the money to Jing Zhi later. Jing Zhi frowns upon knowing that Min Hao’s condition worsens. Chang Jun makes a decision after looking that the sketches he makes on the family – he donates his liver to Min Hao. He apologises to Jing Xi for not being able to help her. Hui Zhen and Sun Jie are very grateful to him. Hui Zhen realizes that she loves Chang Jun. Upon discharge, Min Hao drops the dog toy at the car park.

Jing Zhi feels remorseful that he belongs to Min Hao’s blood group but hesitates donating his liver to him. He doesn’t wish her to thank him – lovers should not do that. Chang Jun has done the impossible to make him know how much he loves her. But he does not wish to listen that she has left him. Mei Lan offers to apologise to Hui Zhen. Jing Zhi knows that she intends to tell her to leave him. He tells her that the intention is not required because she has left him. Mei Lan visits Min Hao but he is already not there.

She finds the dog toy and designs it to be Mr Liu’s new company promotion product. Jing Zhi feels tormented upon seeing Hui Zhen working in Mr Liu’s toy factory to sew toys. The family has a picnic near their upcoming new home. Jia Xi comes to their old home at this time and leaves a bottle of paper cranes at the doorstep. All of them are overjoyed. Hui Zhen is dismayed to find the dog toy producing in bulk.

She informs Chang Jun and both buy one to ask Jing Xi. Jing Xi is also angry – how can the person be using the same cloth material that she uses? Jing Xi has used leftover bridal dress material to make the toy but she has no extra left to prove it. The two confront Mr Liu but he doesn’t believe them when Mei Lan maintains her stand. Mei Lan gets frightened and returns home to dispose the materials. Chang Jun is so careless to leave his flash sketchbook on Hui Zhen’s family with Mr Liu again.

Mr Liu is surprised to learn from Jing Zhi that it is really Hui Zhen’s story. Jing Zhi finds Mei Lan leaving hastily and gets suspected. Jing Xi is angry that Chang Jun makes no attempt to protect his product by not suing Mr Liu’s company. He is going to lose money and also dignity. How is he going to endorse other creations then? She knows that he loves Hui Zhen but still hopes to help him to help her.

Jing Zhi looks through many design plans to select one for Mr Liu’s company design. His fingers freeze upon seeing one – which belongs to Hui Zhen. He quickly asks his assistant about it. His assistant has gone jogging near Han Jiang to find the model. Seeing that the concept is suitable and although no name is on it, he submits in. Jing Zhi is happy for Hui Zhen but is furious with Mei Lan.

He offers to give Hui Zhen a ride home when he gets Mei Lan’s call, wanting him to get a lawyer for her. He gets confused – when is she telling the truth? Jing Zhi knows Hui Zhen initially avoids him because of Mei Lan but now for Chang Jun. But why is she not choosing to study overseas? Why is she also not truthful to her feelings? She maintains that it is not her route and unsuitable for her to walk.

Jing Zhi throws the model in front of Mei Lan – is she scared to see it again? He tells her what has happened and her face turns pale. She is too frightened to see Hui Zhen again. Why is she intruding her love and career? Jing Zhi tells Chang Jun that Hui Zhen now loves him but Chang Jun thinks Jing Zhi can provide more for her. Still, he hopes that Hui Zhen will reveal her feelings but she chooses not to because of her family. They are looking for a new house and he hopes Jing Zhi can help her.

Jing Zhi visits Hui Zhen’s family and buys the dog toys for each of them. The three boys have squatted outside a toy shop, wondering why their unique design is shown everywhere. He is an only child and his parents like to invite his friends and cousins to keep him company when he was a kid. His home is empty as his parents have emigrated overseas. He wishes Hui Zhen’s family to stay there but she gets offended. Why is Chang Jun doing this – to make sure that she returns to Jing Zhi? Chang Jun avoids telling her too.

Mei Lan rushes for a meeting and Mr Liu happens to see a remaining piece of Chang Jun’s dog toy in her room. He suppresses his anger but gets Chang Jun to see him. He agrees to give Chang Jun endorsement of his product and he is to come up with other stories. Chang Jun is overjoyed and asks him to pay for Hui Zhen’s house rent in return so that they can continue staying in the house.

Mr Liu learns of Sun Jie and visits him. Mrs Liu has complained that Mr Liu is unfeeling – how can he develop passion in his toy factory? She wants to adopt a daughter. Both have visited Hui Zhen’s orphanage. They nearly adopted Hui Zhen but she had measles then so they could not bring her overseas. They adopted Mei Lan in the end. Sun Jie then adopted Hui Zhen and also Chang Jun who stayed there. Mei Lan is about to visit Hui Zhen to tell the truth but is shaken by this harsh fact.

Mr Liu agrees to settle everything for Sun Jie and Sun Jie is touched over Chang Jun’s gesture. Mei Lan visits the orphanage and meets Shu Ran. Shu Ran is disappointed that the head is unable to remember anything about her child. Mei Lan learns that Hui Zhen’s entry wins and the company is looking for the anonymous model owner. She passes the magazine to Chang Jun to tell Hui Zhen the news as she is unable to face her. Chang Jun and Jing Zhi decide to test Hui Zhen to find out her true feelings. They will ask her out on the same day to see how she will react.
Mr Liu discovers that Mei Lan has known the truth. Mei Lan asks if she has exchanged her destiny with Hui Zhen and given him a lot of trouble. Mr Liu shakes his head – she is a gift to him and his wife. He just wants her to find her kind self back. Mei Lan breaks into tears. Chang Jun tells Hui Zhen the truth and she is taken aback. Anyway, she approaches the magazine agency. They give her a job and sponsor her studies so that she can accommodate her working hours for that.

Shi Ran tells Sun Jie that she is looking for her own child and suspects that Jun Xing is her son. She has gone for numerous DNA tests for different boys but is disappointed that they are not hers. Sun Jie suggests to get Jun Xing to go for a DNA test but she decides not to. She has learned a lot of things from him – that is to treat others as her own children.

Mei Lan visits Hui Zhen to apologise to her. The new tenant who refuses to move out even though Mr Liu pays the damages gives in as she is Mei Lan’s friend. Jing Zhi’s design of Mr Liu’s building has an opening ceremony and he invites Hui Zhen to come for the event. Jing Xi knows of the agreement by the guys and decides to console Chang Jun if he is the loser. Sure indeed, Hui Zhen comes and she leaves quickly. She is dismayed when Chang Jun hasn’t told Hui Zhen anything.

Chang Jun has heard that love doesn’t require apologies but he describes as love doesn’t require gratitude. Jing Xi is fed up with him for not fighting for his chance – Jing Zhi has lots to tell Hui Zhen but Chang Jun has nothing to give her. Sure enough, Chang Jun leads Hui Zhen away from the event. Nothing matters to him than her now. He is returning to the U.S. soon and he wishes Hui Zhen to go with him. Isn’t she here for the purpose? Hui Zhen runs to Chang Jun upon knowing it. She makes her choice to stay.

Sun Jie plans a family gathering. (I find it incomplete as Jia Xi isn’t around.) He is grateful to Mr Liu and Mei Lan for helping them to keep the house. He announces that Shi Ran has decided to become their foster mother. All are overjoyed although she doesn’t stay with them. Chang Jun leaves and Mei Lan sends him off – they are still close friends after all. Hui Zhen has said that he is the best gift to her to give her chances at work and learning how to love. He wishes to say that she and Chang Jun are the reverse. They have taught him how to give love unconditionally to those who are not related to them.

Introduction on characters

1. Jin Hui Zhen – Song Yun Ah
She is a 4th year architecture undergraduate. She is eldest daughter so she shoulders a lot of responsibility. I find her very reckless to have no planning for the future. She should have thought from Sun Jie’s stand. Xiao Ying might have a better chance to get adopted by a better family instead of suffering with them. Yes, they are happy but they are already facing difficulties to make ends meet. Her studies are often on and off as she is still without a degree after so many years of study in architecture. Is this worth the sacrifice?

This woman is an angel or a deity to be so self-sacrificing. I doubt someone will be like her – always so timid and giving in to others. But her caring for her siblings doesn’t make her spare a thought for Chang Jun or Jing Jun. She can be quite selfish too.

2. Li Chang Jun – Park Jung Chul
Chang Jun is a management 4th year undergraduate and Hui Zhen’s neighbour. He has been in love with her secretly and helps her out in taking care of her siblings. Till the extent that she takes him for granted. Luckily she returns his love or his sacrifices will be all in vain.

3. Wu Jing Zhi – Son Ji Chang
Jing Zhi is an architect who makes many good designs and is very strict in construction. He goes to France to further his studies and teaches at the university part time to share his experience with his juniors. Building means romancing to him when the groundwork is done. He is engaged to Mei Lan but finds himself falling for Hui Zhen. It is sad that they do not become a couple in the end.

4. Liu Mei Lan – Kim Ji Young
She is an interior designer and is also Hui Zhen’s half-sister. She is independent, strong-willed but gives Hui Zhen to prove her ability. But upon seeing Jing Zhi’s interest in her, she sets her up to create discord between them. Upon knowing that she is also an orphan and might have changed Hui Zhen’s fate, she is nicer to her and helps them to retain the house. She still treats Jing Zhi as his friend after this.

Ji Young is only reprising her villain role as in ‘Tomato’. Only her short hair cut is a refreshing change.

5. Jin Jun Xing – Park Shi Eun (he acts as Zhen Shu’s secret admirer in ‘Bride at 18’)
He is Hui Zhen’s 17th year old second brother who gets into trouble with gangsters. He is sensible to look after the other children and check their homework when Hui Zhen isn’t at home.

6. Jin Sun Jie – Song Jae Ho
He is the orphans’ father and is magnanimous to adopt all of them to treat them as their own. Luckily he owns an eatery or they will not have enough to eat. I find this unbelievable – I thought most orphanages will look into the financial background before deciding on the adoption? This story is really too good to be true. But nevertheless, he makes sure that they are no lack of motherly love.

7. Min Shu Ran – Yang Geun Suk
She is Jun Xing’s teacher who can be very forgetful to attend meetings but she is very warm towards her students. She is at first very determined to get back her own son but seeing how Sun Jie treats the children, she realizes that love can also be given to strangers so she becomes the children’s godmother.

8. Jing Xi – Park Shi Eun (she act as in Hong Cai Lin in ‘Sassy girl Chun Hyang’)
She is Jing Zhi’s cousin. She comes from a rich family and her father owns a building. Unlike other pampered and reasonable rich girls, she is very sweet and kind. To spend the night sewing the dog toy for Min Hao. But sad to say, just like Hui Zhen, Chang Jun also treats her for granted. I certainly like the way she gives in to Chang Jun to have fastfood in the school compound instead of classy restaurants.

9. Jin Jia Xi
She is the 10th year old third sister in the family. She is very caring towards the younger siblings although she can be impatient at times with them. Although she is reunited with her mother, she never stops visiting them as they have been together for a long time.

10. Jin Yun Zhi
He is the fourth son who loves drawing cartoons. He is the naughtiest and the rest have to watch out for him. He might have inherited the interest from Chang Jun but he isn’t interested in his studies so Jun Xing has to watch on him. He is more mature as the elder brother after Jia Xi leaves them.

11. Jin Min Hao (as Jiang Hao in ‘Lovers in Paris’)
He is the 7th year old fifth son who is obedient and quiet. He will hide his sickness from the rest knowing that the family is poor. Pity the child when he often cries as he misses Jia Xi. He breaks your heart.

12. Jin Cheng Xiu
He is the sixth son who is the only one who doesn’t know that he is adopted. That is why it comes to him as a hard blow when others tell him the truth. But the love others shower on him overcomes this fact. This kid can cry very well too – how can these kids do so naturally? Adults have a lot to learn from them.

13. Jin Xiao Ying
She is the last addition to the family and is only a year old. That is why all dote on her. Although she might be a handful to walk around and create trouble when no one is looking, they forgive her easily.

14. Mr Liu
He is the owner of a toy shop company. His wife finds him cold and suggests adopting a child. His passion then grows in him after getting Mei Lan. But he shakes his head upon seeing how ugly Mei Lan turns after her failed romance and is relieved that she changes for the better after knowing her parentage. He admires Chang Jun’s talents so he gives him a shot. He also knows Jing Zhi’s gift in architecture and gets him to design his building. Knowing Mei Lan’s designing interest, he also allows her to work for him but forbids her to address him as ‘father’ in the workplace to be fair to all.

Favourite character
Chang Jun – Sun Jie says that Hui Zhen has done a lot for the family but I feel that Chang Jun does even more. Celebrating the kids’ birthdays, babysitting them and looking after them when they are ill.

Most hated character
Needless to say, Mei Lan is on top of the list to cause all kinds of harm to Hui Zhen. A close second is Hui Zhen. Her obstinate and low self-esteem nature causes all around her to suffer with her.


The children can get sick easily and Sun Jie often runs into financial difficulties. Sometimes, I feel that he overestimates himself for adopting too many children. They might live off better at the orphanage instead of suffering with him. What I also dislike is Chang Jun and Hui Zhen succumb easily to setbacks.

Luckily Jing Zhi and Jing Xi are present to spur them on to work towards their dream. If not, Hui Zhen will not have the courage to work on her model. Chang Jun will also not fight a chance for himself without Jing Zhi’s encouragement. It is sad that the two pairs don’t end up together.

Although the serial does show the ups and downs in life, it is just displayed blandly. But I must admit that the sibling ties are well depicted – thanks to the child artistes who give a stroke a life with their natural flair. They are so good that you will be won over by them immediately. If not, this is still an average drama.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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