Green Rose

Reviewed by: sukting

September 24, 2005

Rating: three

How long
11 dvds or 22 episodes

What happens when a man is framed for murder? How does he claim his innocence back? Will he manage to win his love back too? Many thanks to Crystal for giving me the chance to listen to the themesongs.


Zheng Xian and Dong Xu get in the SR electron group company together with Xiu Er. They pay for her when she doesn't have the money. Zheng Xian starts dating her for a year after nursing her sprained ankle during a trip. He wonders why she often comes to his home but not the reverse. She finally agrees to invite him to her father's birthday party. Only on this day when he realizes that he is his company boss.

In the meantime, Xian Tai is also meeting his China counterparts in Seoul. (How cold he looks with his shades and coat.) He doesn't realise that someone is snapping pictures of them together. After signing the contract with them, he goes to Bing Wu's party. He looks at Zheng Xian when Xiu Er brings him in.

Bing Wu doesn't like him for being poor and doesn't accept his gift (which is the food that his mother prepares) with his own hands. You Lan puts it aside near other food. Zheng Xian is displeased and leaves - to eat the food on his own. (This is a sad and pathetic scene.) He blames Xiu Er for not telling him the truth earlier and suggests a break up. However, she manages to change his mind and they are still together.

They pass a shop and Xiu Er wonders why a jewel rose is made up of green crystals. Zheng Xian explains that roses don't exist in green and that signifies love from heaven. She describes this as their love and takes a photo of it. She is quite considerate as she knows that he can't afford it.

The person Bing Wu has in mind as his son-in-law is the young and promising promotions director, Xian Tai. He is great in getting deals from China as he speaks fluent Mandarin. Jun Mao is disturbed by his presence. Xian Tai is actually having a lover, You Lan who keeps tabs on Bing Wu's whereabouts as his secretary. You Lan finds him a cold man as he talks little but she falls helplessly in love with him.

One day, Bing Wu wants Cheng Zhu to send him to his villa. He wants Cheng Zhu to kick off his gambling habit. He scolds Jun Mao for not wasting company funds and wants Xian Tai to come over. Jun Mao reveals that Xian Tai sells the technology to China companies and he wants an explanation from him. Xian Tai later wants You Lan to pass the message that Bing Wu wants to see Zheng Xian. When Zheng Xian reaches there, a servant is dead and Bing Wu suffers from head injuries. Zheng Xian is also knocked out and the villa is burned.

Bing Wu is in a coma and Zheng Xian is later sued for attempted murder and murder. Xiu Er believes that he is innocent and gets Prosecutor Liu but fails to help him as the lawyer is bribed by Xian Tai. You Lan suspects that Xian Tai makes use of her but she lies in court to help him, accusing Zheng Xian of being revengeful as Bing Wu ill-treats him and the call is from Bing Wu personally to relay the message.

Zheng Xian isn't agitated when Cheng Zhu accuses him of harbouring false hopes to get a swan although he is a toad to woo Xiu Er. But he gets agitated upon hearing You Lan's words as she frames him. He is locked up in the cell. Xiu Er and Mrs Li have to pray hard for Bing Wu's recovery to know the truth. Xian Tai refuses to tell You Lan what has happened as he trusts no one - even his mistress. Mrs Li commits suicide and it is too late for Xiu Er to know it after getting the engagement ring from her.

Investigator Zhao suspects that Zheng Xian is innocent although others do not think this way. Although the case is close, he rejects the monetary reward. What if they frame an innocent man? But Prosecutor Wu scolds him to waste time to try to find new evidence.

Xiu Er passes the message to Zheng Xian, wanting him to be strong but the man gets so worked up that he has a bad head injury by knocking his head onto the ground. (Go Su is good in this scene in portraying despair.) Although she shows him the rings to pacify him, he hurts her by claiming that he does have the motive to hurt Bing Wu since he wants to bribe him through money to leave Xiu Er. He also knows Xiu Er's identity all along to win her trust. This is just to make her leave him and she refuses to believe him.

Afraid that he might kill himself in the cell, the policemen allow him to return home for his mother's funeral. He weeps upon seeing her clutching his university graduation photo taken with her. He decides to make use of this day to prove his own innocence - his mother gives up her life to give him this chance. So he runs away to demand the truth from You Lan. Xian Tai has wanted to transfer her to work in Shang Hai as a promotion but she suspects this as his act to ditch her although he claims that he wants to prevent her from being hunted down by Zheng Xian.

You Lan claims that Cheng Zhu is the caller to lure Zheng Xian away. Xian Tai is shocked to know it and wants people to guard the hospital. Xiu Er is shocked by the news but breaks down when she can't see Zheng Xian around there. Cheng Zhu claims that he leaves after seeing Jun Mao there and apologises for his words in court. He then goes to see Jun Hao - Jun Hao confesses that Bing Wu is angry with him for causing the company to lose money.

He apologises for what has happened and is surprised to know that You Lan is leaving for the airport to go to Shanghai. Jun Hao gives Zheng Xian a cap to help him to leave. Dong Xu helps to transport him in his brother's truck to the airport. He meets You Lan there but is cornered by the police. (Poor Investigators Zhao and Jin have followed him everywhere through the night till morning.) Zheng Xian then jumps off the bridge to claim his innocence. All watch the news to know what has happened.

Xiu Er is looking at the rings when she learns of the news. She drives to the bridge and is distressed to know that his body isn't found yet. One week later, the investigators are dismayed to know that his body is cremated and what are left are only his clothes. Investigator Zhao suspects that Zheng Xian isn't dead but the others don't think so. Xiu Er faints after learning if from the news and refuses to eat. But Shu Ran manages to make her recover to live on Bing Wu's sake.

She has wanted to die since Zheng Xian is dead. She knows it is hard to forget him but she will try to get on with life. Under Xian Tai's advice, she nominates Zheng Hao to be the acting chairman and Xian Tai to be the acting vice chairman. She is the promotion director and she works hard. Jun Hao is surprised that the selection is done and is annoyed although Xian Tai doesn't sit on the chairman's seat. But he isn't the easy type to be bought over - this man is equally ambitious as he wants to be the chairman too.

In the meantime, Zheng Xian forges his own death by letting a dead man wear his clothes and he manages to get to Shanghai. You Lan is angry to know that she is being dismissed for revealing company secrets and know that it is Xian Tai's act. Yes, it is his plot and he pretends not to be at home to listen to her calls. She becomes soft-hearted and believes that he isn't the one who does it.

Zheng Xian jumps when he knows that she isn't working in the company anymore. He becomes very desperate. Although he is disappointed, he has to work illegally to make ends meet. (I shall leave you to find out how he struggles to leave Korea. He braves the snow and leads the life of a beggar. Poor man - he is so desperate to eat food from the dustbin too.) A man, Fu Chun pretends to be a policeman to cheat his money and this guy actually works as a captain in a restaurant.

You Lan is forced to be a singer at a nightclub as she becomes an illegal immigrant now. She cries when she recalls the happy times she shares with Xian Tai when she sings sad songs on stage. Later, a rich man tries to molest her in the car and she jumps off, to create a scene. Zheng Xian stops his trishaw and happens to see her there but she manages to run away from him.

Zheng Xian sees Fu Chun working part-time in a school as a teacher teaching Chinese students Korean and confronts him. Fu Chun feels sorry for him and gets him to work in the restaurant with him. However, he cheats him of his 6 months' pay to woo a woman. Zheng Xian tracks down You Lan with Fu Chun's help and both of them are bind together with a rope so as to prevent her from running away. She still believes that Xian Tian has nothing to do with her dismissal.

Upon knowing that Xian Tai and Xiu Er are coming to Shanghai for a conference, both sneak into the hotel that they stay. The stupid You Lan initially slaps him but ends up in the bed with him after he lies that he is blackmailed to dismiss her as someone has their nude photos. He will send men to fetch her at 5am to bring her back to Korea. In the meantime, Zheng Xian weeps when he sees a sleeping Xiu Er in her room. You Lan is badly beaten but the underworld boss never kills women and lets her off.

She finally sees through Xian Tai's true colours and reveals everything to him. But who will trust them as illegal immigrants and they have no evidence against him? Zheng Xian is anxious that Xiu Er is in danger but he is helpless. You Lan is afraid that Xian Tai will harm her again so Zheng Xian brings her to Fu Chun's home to stay with them. Xian Tai nearly kills Bing Wu when he shows response and opens his eyes but he stops when Xiu Er returns. Xiu Er is unhappy that he shows no improvement. Xian Tai comes up with a new product and Jun Hao is displeased with his capability.

Fu Chun fixes a device to eavesdrop what his woman will say in the restaurant. He is angry when some guys go in one day instead of her. He realizes that they are after Chen Hui Ran's life. Chen Hui Ran is one of the 10 richest men in Shanghai and Fu Chun dreams of saving him so that he can get out of poverty. The others laugh at his stupidity but decide to help him when he is cheated of his money by his woman.

They manage to save Hui Ran but Hui Ran locks them up. Zheng Xian manages to get out with a gun but he isn't there to kill Hui Ran but to give him the gun. Hui Ran gives him a pat on the shoulder. He is a business magnate managing shipping and Da Lu businesses. He makes the three his assistants. What a twisted change of fate - how unbelievable on the kind of luck they have! (You will get to listen to Go Su speaking many Mandarin lines. Don't miss it!)

Zheng Xian helps him to handle a difficult rival and the fellow gives in when he is willing to sacrifice a finger to prove his sincerity. (However, he doesn't seem to show that much guts to me.) Hui Ran is pleased with his performance and he keeps him when he wants to leave. Hui Ran decides to teach him the rope of doing business for 3 years. He hasn't disappointed him - he makes his business prosper. Dong Xu can't bear looking at Zheng Xian's empty table anymore so he resigns but promises to keep in touch with Xiu Er.

Hui Ran gives Zheng Xian a new name, Zhang Zhong Yuan. The Chinese character "Zhang" shows a bow and arrow, showing that he will go far one day. "Zhong" means the burden he is having while "Yuan" is the basic principle of being a man. (This is a unique name that has a deep meaning. ) Zheng Xian looks at the newspaper and discovers that Da Lu is going to compete with SR for a deal. Bing Wu isn't showing much improvement but Xiu Er doesn't give up.

Xian Tai is now SR's CEO. He is curious who his future possible business partner from Da Lu. They are supposed to discuss a contract together. This communications CEO is a mystery. All only know that he is related to Hui Ran, born in Qing Dao and also graduates from Beijing Economics faulty. He is also a master of languages to be able to speak English, Japanese and Korean fluently. Zheng Xian doesn't wish to appear for functions unnecessarily and tells Fu Chun to go on his behalf. So all think that he is him while he is actually the market unit's planning director of Da Lu.

It is Xiu Er's birthday and she has forgotten about it. Xian Tai puts a necklace on her and wishes to open the door to her heart soon. She agrees to marry him once Bing Wu wakes up. She returns home to add more notes on the website that she creates with Zheng Xian. Why isn't she happy and why is she still missing him? Zheng Xian stands at the bridge, thinking of the past.

You Lan also returns with them and is angry when she sees Xiu Er's posters and even her photo beside Xian Tai's bed as she sneaks into his apartment. That means that he has liked her all along and he is only making use of You Lan. You Lan is so angry that she places the photo face down. Xian Tai passes by a shop and gets a ring for Xiu Er. He is puzzled to see the state when returning home but dismisses it. Zheng Xian holds a dinner with other business associates and Xian Tai is shocked to see him. He decides to find out more information on him.

Xiu Er wears the ring that Xian Tai gives her but she still keeps the pair of rings that Mrs Li has given her. Zheng Xian visits his mother at the lake. Zheng Xian deliberately makes Xian Tai wait for him for 2 hours. He agrees to go for SR's computer presentation by delaying his dinner date with the ambassadors.

Zheng Xian wants Fu Chun to come up with his profile. Fu Chun promises to do it well as he is capable of making up love stories. Zheng Xian meets Xiu Er at the conference and she is struck. Her mind is bland as she shakes his hand and her eyes are fixed on him. Xian Tai pulls her arm when she wants to run after Zheng Xian. But she manages to break free but alas the lift door is closed.

Zheng Xian refuses to have dinner with SR staff as he needs to meet the associates. Xian Tai tries looking into Zhong Yuan's particulars but it is too hard to be attained. He only knows that Zhong Yuan speaks Korean well because of his mother. All also think that it is so coincidental that Zhong Yuan resembles Zheng Xian so much. Xian Tai shows Zhong Yuan's particulars to Xiu Er - no wonder he is hidden all along. He meets a waitress when he is 20. They cohabit for 3 years. His father opposes to them together and she dies so he concentrates on his work till now.

Trust Fu Chun to come up with such a story. Shu Ran reads it and thinks that it is dramatic. Zheng Xian learns qigong at home. He has the money and power but he is still a sad man. He reads all Xiu Er's notes on the website on how she misses him. All tell Xiu Er that he isn't Zheng Xian but she knows he is. Dong Xu works in a container truck company and hates anything to do with SR.

You Lan deliberately seduces Prosecutor Liu, trying to find out who tries to bribe him to make Zheng Xian lose the case. Zheng Xian gives her a credit card to buy a new apartment as it is unsafe for her to stay at the hotel. She warns him not to treat her too well or she will get attracted to him. She tells him that Xian Tai loves Xiu Er. She is angry but there is a chance that they may get married as she is dependent on him.

Xian Tai looks for a new house for Xiu Er and Bing Wu to stay with him. He wishes her to marry him. He doesn't mind her marrying him out of gratitude as he is confident of her loving him later. Zheng Xian is in hospital visiting Bing Wu - under Hui Ran's instructions. He gives her incense which will help him. Both men have met before and he admires him. It must be hard on her and she replies bitterly that it has been 3 years. Zheng Xian wants to leave for other meetings but Xiu Er stops him.

Shu Ran is also too shocked to see Zheng Xian. Xiu Er is disappointed when the name Zheng Xian doesn't ring a bell to him. Is there any reason for it? "Zhong Yuan" asks - does Xian Tai say that he resembles someone? How he is like then? His mother dies when he is 12 so he grows up with his aunt and father. They pamper him and his memory of his mother is faint. Fu Chun discourages Zheng Xian from appearing too often to take the risk.

Zheng Xian analyses that the attacker will not give Bing Wu any chance to recover. Xiu Er wants to find the person who publishes news of Zheng Xian's death. She visits Prosecutor Wu who pushes her to see Investigator Zhao. He then lies that he has seen the corpse before it is burned. But she still refuses to believe it. Xian Tai blames his subordinates for missing Zhong Yuan and others when they visit the hospital. But he finds it strange as the two old men are not close to this extent for him to make the special visit. Xian Tai is angry to know what Xiu Er has done and drags her into his car.

He then arranges Zheng Xian to meet them. Fu Chun realizes that it is only Zheng Xian's move to spite him. It is unhealthy to see him in this state but he has no choice. The 4 have a drink. Xian Tai asks why Zheng Xian is overly concerned about Bing Wu. He describes Bing Wu treating him like a son but he has not told him about knowing Hui Ran well. He also mentions about Zheng Xian being a criminal to hurt Bing Wu. Chong Yuan asks coldly if this has anything to do with him.

Fu Chun deliberately says that he reads some news on Xiu Er liking Zheng Xian to spite back at him. (This is sure getting interesting.) Xian Tai then asks Xiu Er to dance with him. She agrees and he deliberately hugs her close to him. Zheng Xian doesn't look back at them and continues drinking. He sends her to the entrance to wait for Xian Tai's car before telling Tao Lian to follow Cheng Zhu and not Xian Tai.

Xiu Er tells Shu Ran to check out for her who is the woman in Zhong Yuan's life and not to alert Xian Tai on this. Shu Ran gets angry with her for still dwelling on the past. She begs for this last chance. Her eyes and heart knows that it is him. Investigator Zhao has lunch with Prosecutor Zheng and learns that Zheng Xian asks him to reopen the case. Zheng Xian meets Dong Xu and keeps this a secret.

Cheng Zhu is instructed to tail Zhong Yuan. You Lan takes out her extra-ordinary large sunglasses to wear in the lift when a man keeps looking at her. Cheng Zhu tails her and Zheng Xian pretends that nothing has happened but not to let Cheng Zhu off later. Dong Xu only agrees to shake You Lan after Zheng Xian is free of the murder charge. He resigns because Xiu Er seems to have a shock seeing him daily and she is like a corpse to come to work daily. Prosecutor Zheng throw the magazine to Investigator Zhao and he is shocked that Zheng Xian is still alive.

Xian Tai jogs and a car speeds fast to knock him down. This is just Zheng Xian's imagination. Zheng Xian is now practicing his qigong in his room. Jun Mao wants Xiu Er to reconsider her marriage with Xian Tai. Xian Tai wants Bing Wu to wake up - it is too easy to end like this. He has a big shock when he opens his eyes but he closes his eyes later. Xiu Er always gets deceived by him. He sometimes smiles to give her hope. Shu Ran wants Xiu Er to give up Zheng Xian - she is torturing Xian Tai by doing this.

Zheng Xian also denies his identity to Jun Mao. Jun Mao feels that Zheng Xian should be innocent. He deliberately asks Xiu Er to join them. Jun Mao's assistant is about to alert Xian Tai when Jun Mao warns him from doing so. After the meal, Zheng Xian and Xiu Er go on a car trip together. Xian Tai is angry when Xiu Er that he still hasn't entered her heart.

As Zhong Yuan, he lies that his girlfriend is beautiful and kind. Xiu Er asks him if he hears of the green rose. His father opposes and causes her death before the flower blooms. She has grown in his heart through watering the seeds to become a flower so she never withers. She weeps upon hearing it. (I know I am mean but I can't help laughing as it is really a lie.)

Xian Tai burns upon seeing scenes of them together on his handphone when Cheng Zhu transfers the images to him. He calls her but she doesn't answer. Shu Ran hopes Xian Tai will hold Xiu Er because she is being obsessed with Zhong Yuan lately. Xiu Er tells Zhong Yuan to stop the car at the bridge and tells him that this is where Zheng Xian jumps. He replies that seeing her like this might be better for his girlfriend to leave before him. He hints that she resembles her. Xian Tai is badly affected to see him sending her home from his car.

You Lan sneaks into Xian Tai's home again (this woman is really sick in the mind.) and lies on t he bed, recalling their happy times. She hurries to sneak into his closet when he is back. She is mad to sniff his clothes before leaving. Xian Tai comes out from his bath and remembers putting his suit jacket one the pillow but why is it at the foot of the bed now? He makes a call and confirms that You Lan should be dead in Shanghai. Still, he returns to her apartment and is relieved that it is as same as before.

The trio gets into Prosecutor Li's home to steal tapes of his conversations with his clients with You Lan seducing him in the bedroom. Dong Xu copies the information of the files successfully on a CD-ROM. They return to watch the tape - they are amazed that Xian Tai and Jun Mao meet him. Who is the culprit then? Dong Xu suspects that it is not Xian Tai but Jun Mao because he is a revengeful man. Xian Tai is shocked to know from Cheng Zhu that You Lan and Zhong Yuan. That confirms that Zheng Xian is Zhong Yuan. How do the supposedly enemies together to deal with him?

He vows to handcuff him again. He tells Xiu Er that even if he works very hard to tide SR over the crisis, he have not felt as miserable as now. He wants her to bury the past. You Lan is remorseful for making the mistake but Zheng Xian doesn't blame her. Xian Tai is angry that Zheng Xian wants to meet Xiu Er more often if workable. She agrees to it. Xian Tai proposes to her but she is not prepared for it.

When she returns to office, she sees plastic green roses given by Zhong Yuan in a box. He remembers the day and they can set up new memories together. He will fill in Zheng Xian's shoes. She rejects him. Investigator Zhao is torn whether he should help Zheng Xian or keep his job. Zheng Xian decides to punish Prosecutor Liu. The guys kidnap him. Xian Tai lies that he is in Tokyo to shake You Lan off. You Lan is stupid to walk into his apartment again.

Fu Chun deduces that both Jun Mao and Xian Tai want Zheng Xian dead. Dong Xu wants to bury Prosecutor Liu alive but Zheng Xian stops him. They force him to retire and donate billions to charity. He cries in his bedroom. Serves him right when Zheng Xian's men force him to stay in the temple to meditate and atone for his sins. Xian Tai gets into the apartment and says that he manages to pacify Bing Wu with his reasoning that day. It is really Bing Wu who wants to meet Zheng Xian.

Since You Lan hates him so much, why does she leave tracks then? She is now hiding in his bedroom - actually there is no need to hide there as her shadow is seen so clearly. He stops her from stabbing him with a chisel and she slaps him before leaving. Dong Xu sees Bing Wu's doctor and learns that his condition hasn't improved much. Zheng Xian decides to meet up on Saturday with them.

Investigator Zhao discovers Jun Mao stops his driver and wants him to return by cab in the middle of the way home. Where has he gone? The photo is taken by the bridge's camera at 10pm. Where is he all this while from 7.30 to 10? You Lan asks Zheng Xian why he loves Xiu Er. She tells him to give up. The name is what Mrs Li gives him and Xiu Er remembers. He wants it back although it may be not be a difference to others. Zhong Yuan is only a cover up.

Xian Tai gives a wicked smile upon knowing that his men can't find Zhong Yuan's past photos. Xiu Er, Xian Tai and Zheng Xian have dinner with Jun Mao. The two men bet on horses. Zheng Xian bets on a dark horse which has late development for potential while Xian Tai chooses a strong one. Zheng Xian's horse wins and he is displeased. On the way back, Zheng Xian and Fu Chun are attacked by gangsters. Tao Lian is seriously injured when trying to protect Zheng Xian.

Zheng Xian is also stabbed but he tells Tao Lian not to die as this is his order. Both men are sent to ER. You Lan confronts Xian Tai for the doing and slaps him again. She will appear in front of Xiu Er to disclose his misdeed. He is dismayed. You Lan sneers at him for being jealous for being unable to win Xin Er's heart. Fu Chun and Dong Xu decide to keep the news from the public. Da Lu's shares will hit bottom if they know that the communications CEO is seriously injured.

Both men survive the attack and Zheng Xian nearly dies if not for the stab which barely misses his heart. Xiu Er suspects that something is wrong when the meeting to sign for the contract is cancelled. Xian Tai reminds her not to take company risk of losing 30000 workers at stake. They can sign up with other companies when the deal is off. Zheng Xian is relieved that Tao Lian is recovering soon. Jun Mao finds out what happens and informs Xiu Er about it. She gets anxious about Zhong Yuan's injury.

Xiu Er wonders why happens right after their dinner and rushes to visit him with Xian Tai and Fu Chun. Fu Chun agrees to observe everyone to see who the culprit is. Xiu Er is relieved to see him all right while the two men are calm. So calm that Fu Chun can't tell who is the one as they can talk about getting the police to look into the case. Zhong Yuan decides to let the matter rest. Cheng Zhu owns a 5 storey building and Fu Chun wonders who gives him that to bribe him.

Investigator Zhao is shocked that Jun Mao meets Cheng Zhu. You Lan recalls that Jun Mao is involved in debts and believes he might be the killer. Xiu Er recalls what Zheng Xian says in hospital - the scar is on his heart to beat together with his heart beat. This is nothing as he can recover to escape from death. If he is really Zheng Xian, who knows how much pain he has gone through to seek justice. She realises that he is Zheng Xian and turns back. She sits down and weeps. Zheng Xian hopes that she will recognize him. That is why he says all that to her.

You Lan is in his room, waiting for him to return. His bodyguards pass her Xiu Er's namecard and she wants them to tell her to leave. (She must have felt jealous now as she starts to like Zheng Xian.) But she sits on the bench to wait for him. Zheng Xian visits Tao Lian and both guys hold each other's hands for support. Upon seeing Zheng Xian back, she hugs him to cry. He doesn't respond but tells her but the meeting is still on the next way. She freezes and stops the car by the roadside to cry on the way home.

Xiu Er gets to see Bing Wu opening his eyes. Zheng Xian knows that people are afraid to attack him but this person might harm Bing Wu so they must get him out from there. Jun Mao is in hospital with Xian Tai and Xiu Er. Bing Wu sees all, including Zheng Xian who just steps in. Fu Chun wonders why Zheng Xian doesn't call Bing Wu. He forgets that he is now Zhong Yuan and can't call him the CEO now to reveal his own identity. Bing Wu holds Xian Tai's hand.

Fu Chun and Dong Xu quarrel over how to abduct Bing Wu without hurting Xiu Er. Upon seeing Bing Wu's condition improves, Xian Tai recalls the past. Bing Wu doesn't save his father from dying. Zheng Xian comes to look at the samples at SR. He buys the villa under Dong Xu's name. Xian Tai still wants to marry Xiu Er, reminding her of her promise. Investigator Zhao observes that Jun Mao's photo is out from the camera and confronts him.

You Lan comes to the rooftop of SR - Xian Tai promises to give her the SR shares and also Zheng Xian. She should then ask him to clear Zheng Xian's fingerprints then. Zheng Xian knows the two meet but doesn't take it against her. Prosecutor Wu is angry that they have to reopen the case but he takes up the challenge when he learns that his classmate, Prosecutor Zheng is his opponent. This man defeats him all the time so he wants to fight back on this case.

Xiu Er is taken aback when Zheng Xian wants her to consider asking Dong Xu - the only person she can trust now - to take care of Bing Wu. She is stunned by his suggestion but delighted that he is still alive. why don't call her name?! Zheng Xian doesn't think that the time has come and wants to gain his own identity before hugging her. (This is very stupid because now the whole world knows who he is.) He hopes that she will understand. How can she not understand? His name is already engraved in her heart.

She will endure and wait. Now she will protect him from harm. Shu Ran sees her back with red eyes but she lies that she is upset that her father doesn't recognize her even after waking up. Xian Tai is fed up with You Lan wanting to look for Xiu Er. He tells her the floor where she works but he warns her that he will call security then to chase her away. She gets annoyed and leaves. Fu Chun is mad over what happens - why does she look for Xian Tai? Hasn't she a brain? Why is she an idiot till now?

Zheng Xian gives her an air ticket and also a credit card to leave and forget. She gets worked up - is this a way to get rid of her? He replies that he has forgiven her. She asks why can't they leave together (This shows that she loves him now.). He describes her as a good woman and wants her not to be upset again. Jun Mao finally knows that Zheng Xian is back when he sees You Lan at the lobby. Prosecutor doesn't wish to lose to Prosecutor Zheng. He will burst if he knows that Investigator Zhao has been feeding information to Prosecutor Zheng all this time.

Zheng Xian insists of letting Da Lu have the distribution rights as they have a bigger market in China than to let SR have it. Xiu Er protests weakly. She recalls only she, Xian Tai and Jun Mao know the route that Zheng Xian is taking back on that day. Who is the one? Xiu Er helps Dong Xu to sneak Bing Wu out of hospital to the villa. The house arrangement is still the same as before. Xian Tai and Jun Mao become uneasy. You Lan asks Xian Tai - so her guess is right - it is Xian Tai who tries to kill Bing Wu.

At first, he is gentle to her, wanting to know where Bing Wu is. Later, he becomes nasty and nearly wants to strangle her to death if she doesn't tell him. She wants to kill themselves by driving recklessly. The accident torches her to death but Xian Tai manages to get out of the car, unharmed. Shu Ran begs Xiu Er to let her visit Bing Wu as she can't sleep but she refuses to say a word.

Xian Tai reports the case to the police and the corpse is retrieved. He tells the police that You Lan is the commercial spy who tries to harass Xiu Er. He warns all staff not to say anything about You Lan but the police still manages to find out their past. He looks at Xiu Er's poster in rage - the past again - his father is buried and he gets to see a young Xiu Er at Wu's residence gate. Although Zheng Xian longs to meet Xiu Er, he leaves before she comes to visit her father.

He knows that he will collapse in front of her. Xiu Er is disappointed when Bing Wu remembers the porridge she cooks but not her. Doctor Cui concludes if it is senile detrimetria, there is no chance to recover the memory. Zheng Xian exercises at the gym. Xian Tai sees the hospital doctor and is glad to know that Bing Wu can't recover. But he is dismayed to know that Xiu Er has gotten Dr Cui,the best local neurologist to treat Bin Wu. He then coaxes the doctor to tell him where he is now. (Aren't doctors supposed to keep secrets as professionals? I am baffled over the act!)

Dong Xu alerts Xiu Er not to believe anyone. There is a wicked smile on Xian Tai's face when he returns to office. He stresses that SR isn't their possible working partner since Taiwan also approaches them. Xian Tai tells Xiu Er that he is upset that she keeps so many things from him to show that she doesn't trust him. The guys grieve over You Lan's death and go to her grave. Fu Chun and Dong Xu regret not treating her better while Zheng Xian vows to seek redress for her.

Investigator Zhao questions Xian Tai on You Lan's case. He is impatient with him asking so many questions but he points out that it is questionable of him meeting her at a late hour. He knows that it must be because of love dispute. Xian Tai can't answer that. Xiu Er feels contented if Zheng Xian doesn't look through their website as long as he is looking at her necklace. Bing Wu suddenly talks about the news and the president but Dong Xu doesn't know what this means.

Zheng Xian meets Xian Tai at the restaurant to leave a bruise on his lip to revenge for You Lan. He and Tao Lian see the attackers on the way. This time, they are well prepared and defeat them. He thanks Jun Mao for the big present and he is uncomfortable with the remark. Even though Xian Tai has not hurt him, Zheng Xian must punish him for hurting You Lan. But Jun Mao may not be Bing Wu's attacker as he lets them off the last time. Probably he only wants them to suspect Xian Tai.

Xiu Er promises to tell Xiu Er what happens in the future and she is angry with her keeping it from her. Xian Tai still presses her to marry him. He hints to her that Bing Wu chooses to hold his hand than with others once he is awake. Zheng Xian tells Prosecutor Zheng that he remembers seeing a car upon arrival at 7.30 that day. Prosecutor Zheng knows that it is too far for Cheng Zhu to walk so he must be around.

Strangely, Zheng Xian doesn't sense kerosene in the house then and someone throws something inside. Prosecutor Zheng guesses that there might be 2 people then who don't see each other. The first hit his head and the second throws the kerosene to burn the house. Dr Cui wants Xiu Er to come as Bing Wu only wants to find the 10 year old Xiu Er. Cheng Zhu sees Zheng Xian and Xiu Er coming in different cars.

Dr Cui thinks Bing Wu might have thought the attack happens to others and the holding of Xian Tai's hand can be the opposite from reality. Dong Xu tells about You Lan's death and she consoles Zheng Xian. She feels sad for him and holds his hand but he shows no response. She leaves in tears, knowing that he is feeling very miserable. Xian Tai lies to Shu Ran that Zheng Xian is back to seek revenge. He is hindering Bing Wu's recovery as a criminal and Xiu Er is blinded by her love for him.

Shu Ran then reminds Xiu Er that Bing Wu looks upon Xian Tai as the first person to go for help. Jun Mao knows that Zheng Xian is here and says that he reveals to Bing Wu about Xian Tai's bad deeds. If not for him, he can be the CEO and hopes that Zheng Xian will be together with Xiu Er soon. Zheng Xian meets Xian Tai the next day alone and both seal the deal as Da Lu gets more of the distribution rights. Xian Tai passes all Zheng Xian's fingerprints to Prosecutor Wu, hoping that he will get arrested.

But Prosecutor Wu describes that there is no point arresting him now as there is lack of media publicity. But they will win for sure with the evidence given. Zheng Xian arranges both men to come to the villa to meet Bing Wu. Cheng Zhu is forced to go as Investigator Zhao contacts him too. Jun Mao agrees to Xiu Er's invitation but is uneasy. When Shu Ran asks who she will save first - her lover or father, Xiu Er's answer as her father makes her relieved.

Xian Tai brings Xiu Er on the street. He can see her eyes everywhere now on the posters. He wants to sweep Zheng Xian away from her heart with a broom. Why has he done so much but still can't get her? He wants to kill Zhong Yuan now as he is becoming mad. She then reveals that Bing Wu is in the villa but notices that he isn't surprised. Is he also aware of Zheng Xian's identity since he pretends not to know it? Dong Xu pretends to be a doctor and Cheng Zhu is shocked when Bing Wu asks if he still gambles.

When Jun Mao approaches him, he is shocked when Bing Wu asks him where the thing comes from. But he holds Xian Tai's hand. Investigator Zhao hopes that all will sleep overnight. On that fateful day, Bing Wu reaches at 4. Jun Mao leaves at 5.30 with Cheng Zhu. Xian Tai is here at 7.30 and leaves at 8. Zheng Xian is here at 8.10. The photo shows Jun Mao in his car at 10. You Lan calls Zheng Xian at 8. Who is lying and what actually happens? The two investigators stay in the car.

Dong Xian is with Bing Wu but he is looking into the room from the window. Jun Mao remembers the photo of Xian Tai taken with the China associates. Xian Tai discovers Bing Wu's eyes seem to recognize him but why he holds his hand then. Bing Wu has killed his father in a car accident. He calls Cheng Zhu - they point their accusing fingers at each other. Why does Cheng Zhu say that he leaves early at 5 but Cheng Zhu demands to know why he insists that he is still there at 7? Investigator Zhao smells a rat when they stop chatting over the phone when he comes into Xian Tai's room.

All three men can't sleep. Cheng Zhu pulls the telephone wire and sneaks to Bing Wu's room. Jun Mao is already there but he just sits beside Bing Wu. The investigators and Xiu Er realize that it is only a false alarm. Bing Wu promises Zheng Xian that he will clear his name but he knows that Bing Wu is trying to hide something. Bing Wu knows his attackers but he hides the fact. Why?

Zheng Xian abducts Cheng Zhu to force the truth out of him - if not, he will bury him alive. (Just like the method he uses on Prosecutor Liu but Investigator Zhao pretends not to know it by closing his eyes in his car.) Cheng Zhu reveals that it is Xian Tai who wants to kill Bing Wu while he is the one committing arson. He wants to keep from Xian Tai to meet Jun Hao but is discovered. He doesn't see Xian Tai doing it, though - it is just his deduction. Xiu Er asks why Bing Wu keeps from them but he refuses to answer.

Dong Xu tells Xian Tai and Jun Mao to return to Seoul. Xian Tai wonders why Cheng Zhu leaves while Xiu Er stays. Both look at each other and have no answers. The two investigators are disappointed with the outcome but at least Bing Wu recovers. Investigator Jin is amused that Investigator Zhao feels that since law can't lock a person behind the bars, the fists have to do the trick. Zheng Xian shows the tape of Cheng Zhu and reveals You Lan's death. He can't let his mother die in vain too.

Bing Wu only refuses to see Xian Tai anymore and he puts the blame on himself. Why doesn't Zheng Xian try letting Xian Tai off? He still refuses - is he afraid that the company will close down because of this scandal? Bing Wu can't let 35000 go jobless. Zheng Xian recalls how he suffers and shouts at the sea, kneeling at the beach. When will the pain end? Dong Xu prevents Xiu Er from consoling him. She can't do much since Bing Wu has owed him too much.

Zheng Xian comes to Xian Tai's house and plays the cassette tape to him. What greets him are the large Xiu Er's posters at home. Xian Tai laughs - Bing Wu is protecting him now. Cheng Zhu's statement is nothing as compared to Bing Wu's words - who can be trusted? Bing Wu is only covering up his evil deed. Xian Tai has endured the pain for 20 years. What is Zheng Xian's 4 years compared to him? Zheng Xian becomes the person BingWu trusts most suddenly.

Xiu Er is the person who keeps Xian Tai staying. Zheng Xian suddenly appears and steals her heart. Upon seeing her, Xian Tai sheds blood tears and wants Zheng Xian to vanish for good. He is scared that they will get married. Thus he separates them so that Zheng Xian should be contented to be Zhong Yuan. Zheng Xian gets so angry that he strangles his neck but leaves when he calls the police. Fu Chun chides Xian Tai for being cocky. Zheng Xian refuses to accept Xiu Er's call so she leaves an sms, telling him that she will support him for what he does.

Prosecutor Zheng agrees to continue to help Zheng Xian. Investigator Zhao tells Prosecutor Wu not to continue the case but he still insists. Zheng Xian sees Bing Wu again - what really happens that night? Bing Wu weeps and tells him the true story. Jun Mao hands over photos of Xian Tai having meetings with the Mainland associates and selling their technology to them. Bing Wu is angry - how can this happen and why Jun Mao can't depend on his own ability to win Xian Tai except to carry tales?

So Xian Tai reaches there at 5pm. He confirms from Cheng Zhu that Jun Mao has left before going there. Jun Mao sees him on the way and tells his driver to take a cab while he drives back. Bing Wu demands to know what Xian Tai has done. Xian Tai informs him that Jun Mao has used company funds to transfer to his account so he is no better. He then admits that he wants to ruin SR and Bing Wu wants him to resign. Xian Tai storms out of the villa and calls You Lan to contact Zheng Xian. He gets Cheng Zhu to buy petrol using his car. He returns to Bing Wu that he is Mr Han's son.

Bing Wu has stolen his father's technology and causes his death to build SR. That is why he wants to seek revenge and gets into SR. He is glad that Bing Wu or Xiu Er don't recognize although he only changes his surname. The servant sees him trying to strangle Bing Wu so he tries to stop him. But Xian Tai pushes him aside to cause his head to hit into a flower pot. (I thought this is more likely to happen to women, though.) Xian Tai wants to ruin SR - selling off the technology bit by bit to give Bing Wu a painful death. He can beg for forgiveness from his father in death then.

Jun Mao sees him doing that from the window. Xian Tai thinks that he is dead and leaves while Jun Mao returns. Bing Wu wants him to help him as he stays lying on the ground. But he laughs - why does Bing Wu trust Xian Tai so much to say that he is useless? Bing Wu has given him nothing all these years although he has sold his youth to the company. He not only refuses to save him but uses his handkerchief to cover his hands to strangle him a second time. (This is quite an unexpected outcome - normally it is a woman to get strangled but it is strange when I see a man being strangled twice. How awkward it is!)

He is the only witness. Zheng Xian comes at this time and Jun Mao hides aside. Cheng Zhu is back with the kerosene. He complains that Xian Tai doesn't trust him to stay to watch what he does and he leaves after setting the place on fire. Jun Mao hits Zheng Xian faint when he carries Bing Wu on his back. He is sorry for it but has to do this. Cheng Zhu leaves Zheng Xian's fingerprints everywhere to frame him. Xiu Er knows that it is Mrs Li's praying that saves Zheng Xian.

Prosecutor Wu wonders why Prosecutor Zheng is so insistent to handle a losing case. He leaves the tape for Prosecutor Wu. Bing Wu clears Zheng Xian's name in court as he is his saviour but claims that he can't remember who his attackers are. Prosecutor Zheng points out that the police hasn't done a good job to harm an innocent man. Zheng Xian is a free man and he thanks all for helping him. He finally calls Xiu Er by her name and both hug in tears. Jun Mao and Xian Tai watch this over the news.

Prosecutor Wu gives the investigators an arrest warrant to arrest Cheng Zhu. He will expose those involved and makes sure they can't leave Korea. The investigators are delighted over his change. Jun Mao places his name plaque down on his office table. Zheng Xian thanks Hui Ran for his help and will do honour to the name of "Zhang Zhong Yuan". Jun Mao apologises to him and wants him to pass a letter to Bing Wu. Xian Tai kneels at his father's grave. He doesn't know how to continue living after revenge. Bing Wu ruins his life - can he still face him? Jun Mao parks his car at the beach and dies from an overdose of sleeping pills.

Bing Wu tells the whole story. He isn't the only one who wants Mr Han's technology. Xian Tai asks for his help after the traffic accident. He doesn't know what has happened and is mad over Mr Han's refusal to sell the rights so he refuses. He regrets. He doesn't kill him but he still causes his death. Xiu Er and Zheng Xian feel that Xian Tai should know the truth. The real culprit dies of an illness. Xian Tai is the biggest victim so Zheng Xian wants to tell him the truth - to let him know that he has caused an unnecessary tragedy.

Bing Wu decides to give SR and also Mr Han's shares to Xian Tai. Zheng Xian wants Fu Chun to release Cheng Zhu but he is later caught by the investigators. Xiu Er and Zheng Xian sign the deal. (He still signs as Zhang Zhong Yuan.) Bing Wu announces Xiu Er to be the successor and he knows that she is inexperienced so he gets Da Lu to help out. Xian Tai arrives to congratulate him for regaining his memory and reminds him of the crime.

Bing Wu admits that he is never Mr Han's match as experts can't do what he can do. But Mr Han knows nothing about business management. Bing Wu tells the truth to him but Xian Tai still takes the scalpel, wanting to stab him. Xiu Er shields him, telling him to kill her then. It is just a misunderstanding. She knows Xian Tai is not a bad man as he lets Bing Wu off so many times. He should trust her.

He laughs bitterly - she tells him to trust his own eyes when he sees t he accident happening in front of him? He can't forgive him. Zheng Xian tells him that is enough as he has caused too many deaths. Zheng Xian also loses his mother and understands his pain. Bing Wu promises to make up to him to give half of SR to him. But Xian Tai is not here for this. He abducts him to the rooftop.

He has 3 long years to kill Bing Wu but he can't bring himself to as he thinks of her. Has she loved him m before? He is wrong to love his enemy's daughter. She replies yes. Zheng Xian coaxes him - he has the reason to leave in the past and so is Xian Tai. He drops the scalpel but he jumps to his death. Bing Wu blames himself for it. Forgiveness opens the lock of hatred and he wants both to remember this. Both are at the lake, visiting Mrs Li. Xiu Er brings out the rings and Zheng Xian wears it for her. They hug and give other a kiss. (But hardly intimate to me as it lacks the feel.)

Introduction on characters

1. Li Zheng Xian - Go Su
He has a stable job working in one of SR - a prestigious IT company but his fate changes overnight. He loses his job, innocence, mother and beloved. After getting away, he vows to seek revenge. He loves Xiu Er but he can suppress all his emotions to acknowledge her when he is back in the form of another identity. However, I don't see the effect of him learning meditation, though as revenge is always on his mind.

As an employee, he dons simple clothes and his hair dislevelled. But after becoming a CEO, he spots a new hairstyle and wears formal business suits. He also has an air of authority and confidence that lacks in the old Zheng Xian. He also looks very unfeeling in his tone when talking to others, except to his buddies.

This role is so much better than the brainless Yong Hao in "My Fair Lady". The transformation in him is so great. From a humble person or a man with no ambitions, he becomes strong and wise. But it seems that he has problems acting with his female counterparts. He is good in portraying the role of sons or a loyal friend but he doesn't do well as a lover. He treats all like his sisters all his works to have no chemistry with any.

Someone must give him an award to act as a construction worker, rickshaw puller or pauper. This is a great test to his strength. He works very hard to show Zheng Xian as the underdog suffering so much to stay alive and also fighting for his innocence. His crying scenes at the funeral are and how he has to suppress his urge to touch a sleeping Xiu Er are good too.

2. Shen Xian Tai - Lee Jong Hyuk
He is a promising newcomer who has capabilities but he is too ambitious and vicious. His father's death gives him the thirst for revenge. So he works all the way up to the top. We can't deny that he has the talent for business as he really makes SR prosper and Jun Mao is never his match. But his jealousy has engulfed him to be a wicked man to cause You Lan's sad fate. Actually, I don't think Xian Tai is a weak person to kill himself. It is just an excuse to make sure that Zheng Xian and Xiu Er come together again.

This man acts as a villain and he has a villain face! Poor man - will this restrict his roles in future? He does resembles F4 member, Wu Jian Hao at certain angles. He is quite successful as the villain except his emotional sad scenes can be better.

3. Jin Dong Xu - Jung Sung
He is Zheng Xian's university classmate and both get into SR at the same time. They are as close as brothers. He is very upset over his "death" and when he knows that he is alive, he stays by him to help him.

4. Li Fu Chun - Park Sung Myn
He is Zheng Xian's friend who initially cheats him of his money in Shanghai. But he is a kind man and later becomes his great buddy to help him out as his capable assistant. You will laugh when he adores love stories and knows to extort the truth out from others by using lowhanded means through the fist.

5, Prosecutor Zheng - Choi Song Hoon
He is a righteous man who earns little as he often pities his clients. Upon knowing Zheng Xian's case, he gets his friend, Investigator Zhao to attain as much information as possible to help on the case.

6. Xu Jun Mao - Sum Woo Jae
He is the sales director in the company. He lacks the wits to come up with new technology like Xian Tai but longs to be the CEO. He also frames Zheng Xian with Xian Tai. He pays with his life in the end. I will like to call him a coward to evade from responsibility and chooses to end his own life. Maybe he wants to prevent getting shamed to end up in jail.

7. Investigator Zhao Cheng Hua
Conscience pricks him when he suspects that Zheng Xian is framed but Prosecutor Wu forces him to give up checking the case. He is even forced to lie to Xiu Er. But Prosecutor Zheng wakes him up and he decides to be upright to help Zheng Xian out.

8. Investigator Jin - Jang Hoon
He is Zhao's assistant who only knows how to follow orders. But he is also an upright man.

9. Prosecutor Wu - Byun Hee Bong (as Jin En Qi, Xiang Zhe's step-uncle in "All About Eve")
He is equally detestable here as being stubborn and arrogant. He refuses to look at the new evidence uncovered and thus loses the case. Prosecutor Zheng's words in court makes him a changed man.

10. Zheng Cheng Zhu - Sung Dong II (as Tai Ling's uncle in "Lovers in Paris")
He is Bing Wu's chauffeur who is an impulsive gambler. He is a double-headed snake who gets bribes from both Xian Tai and Jun Mao. But he really knows how to go high tech to record all the images clearly to email to Xian Tai's handphone to report to him what happens between Xiu Er and Zheng Xian.

11. Wu Bing Wu - ?Han Jin Hee
He is Xiu Er's father who owns SR who is conceited and looks down a poor Zheng Xian. But after his accident, he starts to appreciate him and treats him well. But I detest him for trying to hide the truth. Protecting Jun Mao or Xian Tai are not going to help things at all.

12. Prosecutor Liu Guang Yi
He is a lecher. He drools upon seeing how You Lan removes her stockings in front of him, not knowing that he has fallen into her love trap to feed her with all the information. We can never trust this lawyer to do things for us. Serves him right to retire and lose his fortune.

13. Tao Lian - Chu Ja Hyun the same pathetic guy who acts as Mei Lan's chauffeur in "Phoenix")
He is Zheng Xian's bodyguard who talks little but he is a capable man. He fends Zheng Xian's attackers with his own life. Zheng Xian treats him like a brother although they seldom talk. Gestures tell all.

14. Wu Xiu Er - Lee Da Hae
She is the only child of President Wu. So she gives up her dream to study art overseas to study management to control the business in future. She loses her mother at age 10 and feels neglected when her father is often on business trips. Thus she envies Zheng Xian for being close to his mother and treats her as her own mother too. Unlike other rich pampered women, she is very caring and sweet.

After her father's misfortune, she takes over the company on his behalf. However, she is very dependent on Xian Tai. Zhong Yuan's appearance leaves her confused and upset. Her instinct tells her that he is Zheng Xian so she upsets Xian Tai by trying to get close to Zhong Yuan.

Da Hae is pretty and elegant as a rich woman. Her presence is attractive and noticeable with her beauty. But her acting is only passable. She is okay in crying scenes. But still, her interpretation pales in comparison to Sang Woo in "Staircase to heaven" while he really brings out the agony over Cheng Jun's loss of Jing Shu.

15. Che You Lan - Kim Suh Hyung (As Sheng Ying in "Lovers in Paris")
This woman is 30 years old but she is too gullible. She must be sick to sneak into Xian Tai's apartment after so much harm he does to her. So stupid of her to reveal her own tracks to get Zheng Xian into trouble in blowing his cover. She must have owed Xian Tai lots of debts in her previous life. After losing her job, she can actually believe him and gets tricked into bed with him again??? No wonder Fu Chun and Dong Xu don't really like her. They either keep a distance from her or scold her.

The process of her falling for Zheng Xian is too fast for me to accept. She is so steadfast in her love for Xian Tai. Just that Zheng Xian plans for her escape using a credit card or air ticket to show that he has forgiven her is enough for her to fall for him in such a short time?

With her long wig, she resembles ex- singer/actress, Kwong Mei Wan but her later image of shorter hair fits her better. But she has the same fate as Sheng Ying for not being insistent and persistent enough. Her pairing up with Jong Hyuk is fine but she looks like an elder sister with Go Su.

16. Hong Shu Lan - Suh Jin Ah
She is Bing Wu's adopted daughter and also Xiu Er's elder sister. She is an orphan but they treat her like their own family. Thus she is very close to Xiu Er. I don't understand why she is so angry with Xiu Er for not revealing to her where Bing Wu is staying. She has her own reasons and she should trust her. How can she keep asking her questions to hunt her down like a dog? She can be as stupid as You Lan to believe whatever Xian Tai tells her. Luckily, she doesn't get to harm Bing Wu at all.

Favourite character
Surprise, surprise. He is Tao Lian - he may not talk much and has little screen time but he is definitely the most loyal friend that you wish to have.

Most hated character
Xian Tai for being so shameless to keep reminding Xiu Er to marry him repeatedly. A close second is Bing Wu for being nasty to Zheng Xian.

I like the theme music. It is very nice to listen to, showing how tragic Zheng Xian's fate is. "Green rose" by Just is also touching.

Interesting facts

The day before the press conference for this serial, Go Su was shooting the fire scene for 11 hours, from morning till night! He quickly drove to the venue but he was still late for half an hour. He kept coughing and later his loud voice suddenly soft and suddenly he lost his voice. His throat became sore but he insisted of staying till the end. His manager rushed him to hospital.

What happened? He inhaled too much toxic particles which affected his throat. He had to be put on drip. But he returned to the studio after an hour. His professionalism won praise from all. He had emphasized that he had been given kind and honest roles from the start of his career. That was why they didn't leave a deep impression. So there wasn't much to look for in this serial in his acting. But many could see the multifacets of Zheng Xian. He becomes to normal working employee to a fugitive, from a pauper to a CEO. How can there not be a change at all? He was just being modest.

The green rose refers to eternal love in heaven. But it also exists in human's perfect hope and expectations. It isn't a real flower. This fits Go Su's low profile and some of his fans have said that they can't resist his charm. Because of him, they can even try to get a flower which doesn't exist on earth.

Upon knowing that he was shooting "The Green Rose", a girl suffering from leukemia asked her mother to give one green rose to Go Su. But he was still in China shooting this drama then and she didn't have the chance to pass it to him. Upon knowing the news, Go So sobbed and prayed hard for her recovery. So sorry that I didn't have news about her but I hope she is better now.

This serial is using revenge as the base but it also emphasizes on love. The sudden separation, the trap set to gain the love yearned, the difficult circumstances to make the leads hang on is love! This serial tells us the great love can make one overcome the tragic fate, to make a woman know how a man uses his life to protect a woman. To make Zheng Xian's life difficult, SBS threw money to invest to shoot scenes in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. How can all miss the beautiful scenes in all these places?

The scene where Zheng Xian ate in the restaurant and rn away without paying to get caught was a classic. Why? the police authorities did not notice the cameras nearby clicking and they arrested Go Soo! The crowd was oblivious to it and thought they were still shooting.

Poor Go Soo - he did not know how to explain in Mandarin. Luckily, his interpreter came on time to explain to the authorities or he would be taken to the police station.

After the failures of "SOME" and "When a man falls in love" Go Su's popularity dipped drastically. But he didn't give up and this time, he gave a new image. At his lowest point, he bravely took up this challenge to challenge his acting skills. Poor chap to endure the cold to jump into the cold sea and also the long walks/hours of shooting. Go Su also spent time to memorize his Chinese lines so that is why we can hear his clear dictation (although not entirely accurate) throughout the serial.

Da Hae got her newcomer award in 2004 and thus her pairing with Go Soo gave all a refreshing feel. She is only 21 but do you notice that she was always given mature roles? Thus the average rating for this serial was 18.6%, which was considered quite okay.

Go Soo attained the performance award for special project and also got one of the top 10 stars awards in SBS 2005 drama awards. Da Hae got the performance award for drama special. Thumbs up for their hard work!


This isn't exactly a thriller I have in mind. You may call it the Korean version of "The Fugitive" and Hong Kong's version of "A Better Tomorrow'. Especially at the scene where Go Su jumps down from the bridge, it reminds me of how Harrison Ford runs away from Tommy Lee Jones there. And how can a person look so much alike to appear again under another identity and all are convinced?!

The attempted murder styles of Bing Wu and You Lan getting strangled or Prosecutor Liu and Cheng Zhu nearly buried in the pit. I don't really approve of Zheng Xian's style in forcing the truth out from them. But from his point of view, law isn't working any more so he becomes extreme. What disturbs me is Investigator Zhao can close one eye to what he does to Cheng Zhu!! Isn't he a law enforcer and he can leave civilians to be in danger?? I have nothing more to say.

The last few episodes are very slow. A thriller shouldn't be like this. It only gets interesting when Bing Wu uncovers the truth. I have thought that Xian Tai and Jun Hao will face up to their evil deeds but the producer arranges them to die!!! Why no surprise ending? Isn't it better for Xian Tai to accept Zheng Xian's help to bury the hatchet than to die? The act to act his life is too deliberate with no surprise. The ending of the two kissing also gives a lukewarm response too.

They stress on using the eyes to detect the truth รข??sometimes, what we see don't imply what actually happens. This happens here. Because of one accident, Xian Tai makes a false move to cause misery to others and himself. Sad to say, the green rose legend of love isn't as touching as expected. (Maybe Zhong Yuan sends too many green roses to her - one is enough, not a full whole box.)I still think "Staircase to heaven" is more successful. But it is still worth your time to see Go Su's transformation of a more mature role in here. He has proved that he doesn't get his newcomer award in vain in the past as he can really act.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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