Hello, God

Reviewed by: lord_jedi

July 27, 2007

Rating: four


Haru is a mentally retarded man who becomes a genius after an operation. Eun Hye is swindler who finds her life turning upside down after she meets Haru. While Dr. Dong Jae is a neurosurgeon who turned Haru into a genius. The three developed an unexpected relationship that turns their life upside down and changes their perspective on how they see life.

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Yoo Gun as Haru
Kim Ok Bin as Seo Eun Hye
Lee Jong Hyuk as Dr. Park Dong Jae


This drama shows to me the good and the bad side of Korean dramas. It was draggy early when the story started but as the drama progressed, it reminded me why Korean drama is such a wonderful drama that makes it popular around the world. First when I started, the drama was a bit slow and the story progressed really slowly. It tortured me to finish the first three episodes since it was rather slow and uninteresting. But I could not blame it since it was important to show to the audience the life of Haru before he had the operation. But to me, the director should use his creativity to make the early episodes less draggy and slow.

The story really starts after Haru has the operation. And this is when the story gets interesting. As the drama progressed, it started to capture the audiences with it's brilliant story. It reminds me why Korean drama is such a great drama that gives me the feeling where other dramas or movies in the world cannot. It gives you the warm and sweet feeling that makes you keep saying "This is why I love Korean dramas". Well, this story did give you this kind of feeling.

This story also does not fail to touch its viewers heart. You will be touched by how pure Haru's love is for Eun Hye. You will also be touch by how Haru can do anything and sacrifice everything for Eun Hye. And the twist later in the drama also will leave you wondering why Korean dramas have to make things worst for every character. But that's one of the things that makes the drama interesting, I have to admit that.

Like other excellent Korean dramas, the script is well written and designed specially to touch your heart. But to me, more can be done for the medical conversation to make it more believable for the audiences. The conversation on the medical part is too short, but apart from that, the script is brilliant. It's particularly heartbreaking when Haru said to the doctor; "My memory is getting weak, how can I make her stay beside me?" And I also love when Haru said to himself; "I really miss you Eun Hye, I really really miss you." after he leaves her and his illness strike him while his doing his work. I also love the conversation between Haru and Dr. Dong Jae when he told him; "When he is stupid, he is too stupid. And when he is clever, he is too clever. He won't be normal and treated as an ordinary person by the society." I also loveed it when he said to himself when Eun Hye closes his eyes from the back and asks him to guess who is it; "Don't look back, I'm afraid if I say her name, I will shed tears."

The drama again charmed your heart with it's moving storytelling. After Haru knows that his brain is degenerating, he asked Eun Hye what is the thing that she likes the most in the world. And she answered; "Money." He asked her what would she do if she had lots of money. She answers she will pay back all the money that she owes to Uncle Park. And she will buy the headmaster a massage chair and a van for Mr. Jang. And Haru asked what will she do for herself? And after thinking for a while, she answers that she wants to eat good foods, buy beautiful clothes, beautiful house, and everything. After that, he left the hospital and starts searching for money. With his brilliant mind, he can find lots of money in a short time. It's very interesting to see him using his intelligence to make lots of money. He paid all Eun Hye’s debts, bought the massage chair, bought a new van, bought a beautiful house, and everything for Eun Hye. It's very sweet of him to do all this, but it's also very sad since he knows that his mind is getting weaker every day and he wants to do everything he can for Eun Hye before he become incapable do to anything for her.

The characters are well developed and all the supporting characters play a hand to make the drama a success. The acting from the two of the leads is really good. They are outstanding in playing their role effectively. I adore the scenes whenever they are together since Haru always does sweet little things for Eun Hye. He once said that he will make Eun Hye fall for him and love him. And in the end, he succeeds in doing so. I really love it when the drama emphasizes how Haru always make Eun Hye laugh and when he smiles, Eun Hye will also feel happy and warm. And without her realizing it, she will also cry and worry for him. This is when she realizes that she loves him because when you love someone, that someone can make you cry and laugh at the same time. I love the way the director and the writer decided to show the way Eun Hye fall for Haru.

Despite it's brilliant script and acting, the drama also has it's flaws. I do not adore the way the director chooses to portray the doctors in the hospitals. Why are they so free and why do they always follow the dean everywhere? Don’t they have anything else to do except following the dean everywhere she goes? Why they are so stiff in their acting and they always look odd with their lab coats. And I also do not like how Dr. Dong Jae always looks free and his desk always clean. He is a researcher for God sake. He is supposed to stay in the lab and do research and tests. He is not supposed to read medical books and all. He supposed to do more things than just read the files and medical books. Sometimes also, the director always makes you feel uncomfortable in his way of shooting a scene. It make you feel uncomfortable, make the actors feel uncomfortable, it makes everybody feel uncomfortable. Why the director chose to shoot the scene from afar and long? You can see how stiff the actors are. Poor guys. This style of shooting is ineffective and unnecessary.

Originality is also a problem. Quiet a few scenes lacks originality but it still captures your heart somehow. This is what Koreans are good at. Despite the lack of originality in their films, they still nail it and succeeded to touch its audiences heart. I particularly love the beach scenes where Eun Hye spends the day with Haru before his final operation. That beach scenes are so beautiful and they are so natural in their acting. They look really happy together. That scenes is one of the best scenes in the drama. That bed scene is also very touching when Eun Hye asks Haru that he can forget other people, but ever don't forget her name.

I also love the fact that the drama always surprises you in the end. You may think that Haru’s mother left her, but it's not the case since it will be revealed later in the series. And you may think that Dr. Dong Jae’s mother only wants to know him only after he becomes successful, but it's also not the case since she's been looking after him all these years without him realizing it. I loved it since the drama makes something unforgiving to be something forgiven.

I am puzzled why Haru refused to do the operation after he asked the doctor to save his life. I mean, he said he is willing to do everything. Why does he suddenly refuse to do the operation? Then, his conversation with Eun Hye explains it. He refused to do the operation since he's comparing death to being a fool again, what he's afraid of the most is to forget about her. How she smiles, how she frowns... He's afraid that he cannot recognize her face no matter how deep his love for her. He is afraid that he will forget about her. It's particularly sad when he said this.

And what makes the drama appealing to me is it's ability to make me shed tears. After a series of heartbreaking conversations and scenes, it's finally make me cry with it's final scene. After watching ‘Sorry, I Love You’, I find it's hard to cry watching other dramas no matter how sad the dramas are since there's no way a drama can be as sad or heartbreaking as ‘Sorry, I Love You’. But what surprises me is that the ability of the drama to make me shed tears with it's last scenes. That just gives it extra mark since it's not easy to make me cry. I do not wish to ruin the final scene for you, so watch the drama if you want to find out.

Review of Characters:

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Yoo Gun as Haru

This is the first time I saw him acting. He was very good as Haru. He is really convincing as a mentally retarded man. His smile, his voice, his hair, his dressing, everything is really convincing as a mentally retarded person. When he had the operation, you can see him turning into a teenager, and a finally a man. You may think that he still has that foolish smile after the operation and his behavior is a bit childish. But after he completely matures and becomes a man, he totally changes. No more foolish smile, no more adorable way of speaking or what so over. He looks especially smart with his glasses and he is convincing as a genius. He looked confident and stylish. I loved it when he's speaking in English to his father when he's asleep. It's particularly cute although it's very short. And when his illness strike him, you know when the difference between the mentally retarded Haru and the genius Haru. The way he smiles and the way he speaks change. It's really amazing. But the one thing that he lacks is the intense gaze or should I say the look in his eyes. When he's just staring at Eun Hye, he doesn't have the intense gaze that Moo Hyuk gave to Eun Chae in ‘Sorry, I Love You’. The kind of gaze to show that she's the only girl in his life and she is everything to him. He doesn't have that. But apart from that, I'm convinced that he loves Eun Hye whole heartedly from the beginning of the drama right until the end. He does really look in love with her in the whole drama. After watching his performance in here, I'm looking forward to watch his other dramas in the future.

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Kim Ok Bin as Seo Eun Hye

You got to love her in here. She has matured to be an excellent actress. Like her co-star, she is convincing as Eun Hye. She's good in emotional scenes, she's good in happy scenes, and she looks good with both of her co-stars. She is particularly convincing when she's worried about Haru. She looks really worried and she portrays it excellently with her eyes movement and body. This is an excellent performance from her. I really liked the way she treated Haru as a 6 years old boy and the way she treated him as a man. You can see the difference really clearly as she knows that he is no longer a boy. One of the best scripts in the drama also comes from her when she tells Haru what she really feel for him; “I love you… I love you, Haru. I love you so much. I don’t care how you look. I love you, Haru… Your memory might fade, but your heart will stay the same. Your love for me will always stay with you. So don’t be scared. Let’s be brave. I’ll remember for the both of us. Even if you forget me, I will remember you. So please… don’t die. I don’t care if you’re mentally ill. I just want you to be alive. I love you, Haru.”

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Lee Jong Hyuk as Dr. Park Dong Jae

I hated him in Green Rose. When I saw him as the second guy here, I thought to myself, he's playing an evil character yet again. If he keeps doing things like this, he will play a bad guy for the rest of his life. But I was wrong... I don't hate him in here. But instead, I pitied him most of the times although he looks confident, cold, and arrogant all the way here. I kept saying; "Poor Songsaengnim." all the way from the middle of the drama right until the end of the drama. I love the look in his eyes when he discovers that Mrs. Ko is his mother. He just looks at her... That scene is really good. You can see the other side of him when the drama progressed. After all, he is tired and lonely like other people in the world. I find that his co-stars can really show their true feeling when in front of him. You will find Haru cried his heart out in front of him twice. And Eun Hye also really cry in front of him. He's kinda good in other scenes but like in Green Rose, he needs to work out in his crying scenes. He's not very convincing as a doctor, I cannot blame him in here since the director doesn't give him the chance to show his capabilities as a doctor. But he was rather very good in his speaking as a doctor as he is very confident. I loved it when he said; "My operation won't fail, I will not tolerate that." That confidence is really something. I also liked it when he said; "That's why God took my hand since He did not wish me to stray further." You can see the weak side of him when he is hugging Eun Hye from the back when she's sleep. All you can feel is how sad can he be? And you will like it when he smiles as he looks really happy when he does that.


Should you watch this drama? Of course! Since you can see both the upside and the downside of Korean dramas in here. Again, the Koreans did not fail to make a sweet and heartbreaking love story that touches your heart again and again. Watch this drama if you want to be moved. At first, I want to give a 3 and a half stars but as the story progressed, it deserved a 4 stars from me since it gave me pleasure like other excellent Korean dramas and showed me how beautiful and painful love can be.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

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