Here Comes Ajumma

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July 31, 2010

Rating: two

How long
162 episodes

A divorced woman vows to be a successful cook after she is ditched by her husband. Has she proven her worth to him and also start a new love life in the end?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Luo Wu Lin - Yang Jung Ah
She is a simple housewife who helps out at her mother's eatery. To make ends meet, she doubles up as Jun Zhe's domestic helper. It is coincidental that You Lan also stays in the same block so they often meet. You Lan even makes her kneel to her when she claims that she is being wronged as Zhai Guang's mistress. Being not highly educated, she often embarrasses Zhai Guang. She is tricked to divorce Zhai Guang in order to keep her house.

She has hoped that her second pregnancy will tie Zhai Guang back to her but it is to no avail. She learns about his affair and is angered that he leaves her in the lurch. He doesn't want to save her even though he has money to pay off the debts. You Lan pushes her to cause her miscarriage. Thus, she wants the lawyer to register their marriage again. Zhai Guang and You Lan beg her on their knees to withdraw her application.

She refuses to give in upon recalling her humiliation. Zhai Guang then flares up to say that she knows nothing else except cooking. Wu Lin doesn't forsee that this is how he treats her after cooking for 10 years for this brat. Thus, she signs up for the housewife cooking competition. She only realizes that You Lan is the host upon seeing the poster.

Despite You Lan's efforts to throw her out, she is adamant to stay on to fight for Xiao Ai's custody. You will shake her head at how she nearly screws up every episode. The first time she appears - she snaps that she wants to show how important cooking is to make sure that husbands appreciate their wives. They complain about their cooking but still finish everything when hungry. She looks like a uncouth woman here and she gasps when rewatching this segment at home.

Needless to say, You Can gets a dressing down from Tai Jun when she is discovered on the programme. Although Tai Jun wants Wu Lin to be out, You Can is firm to keep her as she is popular. (I still don't understand why and how she is so.) During the second programme, she runs away to get the ingredients when You Lan throws it away. During the third programme when she has to work with 3 other contestants as a team, she is late as she is looking for Xiao Ai.

She quarrels with Zhai Guang and Zhai Guang is about to slap her when You Can comes. You Can has seen what happens but he demands to know why Wu Lin is still there when the programme is going to start in 10 minutes. He has to drag her away and calm her nerves or she will ruin the programme and also lose her child. She finally settles down when he gives his promise. Can you believe that she actually asks the judges what kind of rice they wish to eat before she cooks? The others are peeved by her action.

The four get into the final and they pit among themselves. You Lan reveals Wu Lin's recipe to a contestant. Both women refuse to change the recipe, claiming that it runs in their families. Jun Zhe, Du Qing and You Can suspect the contestant as she can't answer the questions well during the 'live' show. Unlike her, Wu Lin explains that this is the love for her daughter.

She even reveals that her joining of the contest is to spite back at her ex-husband. You Lan is mad but speechless in front of her. The other contestants overhear You Lan's argument with the contestant when she asks You Lan why she loses even though she has the same recipe. They decide to look into it when the email address is found to be from their department.

Wu Lin is already angered when this happens. Her anger escalates when knowing that You Lan deceives Xiao Ai into believing that she will not see Wu Lin again if she chooses to stay with Wu Lin. She is more than determined not to have the divorce. You Lan poisons the water that Wu Lin uses to cook in the final. To her dismay, Wu Lin wins the title and she will lose her job.

On the very same day, Wu Lin is informed that one of the judges, Huang Pu is poisoned and sent to hospital. She returns the prizes to the television and vows to seek the truth. Being sabotaged by You Lan repeatedly, she wants to report her to the police. She stops when You Lan has taken photos of You Can hugging her. She is afraid of implicating You Can and his family although he doesn't mind it.

Tai Jun also wants her to leave You Can. She refuses to accept the money he wants to give her. She lies to You Can that she has accepted the money but You Can learns about the truth later. She is trapped in the car with You Lan when You Lan is on the run and both accuse each other of ruining their lives. It is strange that both women can have a meal together. She is afraid that You Lan might die in front of her.

After You Lan's death, Jun Zhe approaches Wu Lin to want to hold a ceremony for her to pass the prizes to her to restore the TJ media image. She also needs to say that she has forgiven You Lan. Wu Lin declines as this is her way to atone to You Lan for causing her death indirectly. She starts to feel that You Lan is right - You Lan will not be in a dilemma if she hasn't joined the top chef contest.

She wishes to start everything afresh and tries to persuade Huang Pu to accept her as his student. She finds that learning is never ending and she can't just cook what she likes. You will be annoyed by her way of doing - it is the same approach that Ju Hua uses in 'Pure Nineteen'. She keeps on going to his dumpling eatery till he finally accepts her. Still, she has to go through a test of making 3 different dumplings.

Tai Jun gets to know her romance with You Can. He forbids the printing agency to publish her book so they need not pay her. He also stops the bank from loaning money to her to force her to move out. Wu Lin isn't as proud as in the past. She comes to Tai Jun to demand for her top chef title and prize money. (See how she eats her words fast! That is a very stupid decision that she has made to reject in the past.) He throws her out but she vows to smile again in front of him.

Wu Lin learns a lot of skills from Huang Pu and manages to publish a book under a new agency. Her book becomes the best seller and she is then nominated to join another cooking specialist contest. Tai Jun tries to keep her out of it to prevent her from meeting You Can but she doesn't want him to stand in her way again. Although she is pitting skills against a group of professionals (including Xiao Zhu), she is undaunted.

The first match has her team winning Xiao Zhu's team. Xiao Zhu's efforts to turn uncooked rice into porridge are unable to savage the situation as the menu is changed. Wu Lin is given the authority to choose a person from the losing team to remain in the programme. She chooses Xiao Zhu but Xiao Zhu regards this as her humiliation.

The second round has the five cooking different dishes for different people - basing on their preferences and health. Wu Lin's 'client' has high blood pressure and doesn't seem to be interested in anything. Wu Lin manages to find out that he misses his hometown food, roasted meat. Wu Lin cooks in a way that fats are burned. This challenge also poses no problem to Xiao Zhu as she is a French cuisine expert. Xiao Zhu gets the highest points but is annoyed that Wu Lin comes in second.

Both get into the final round. They are about to start cooking when the host suddenly gets them to cook using each other's ingredients. They cook based on their love for their men. Wu Lin emerges as the winner. After her win, she gets a car and is also the spokesman for many brands. All goes smooth sailing when You Can's family begins to accept her when she discovers that Zhai Guang is dying from cancer. She decides to take care of Zhai Guang for his remaining days.

Wu Lin wishes You Can to meet her later. She needs time to console Xiu Zi who loses her son and Xiao Ai who loses her father. You Can only agrees to wait for her for a year. They embrace each other as they meet again at the very spot where Wu Lin mourns for her lost baby a year later.

2. Jin Zhai Guang - Lee Se Chang
He is a university lecturer but is never a professor after so many years. He marries Wu Lin after breaking up with You Lan. Having little money as he is a spendthrift, he moves in with his in-laws. But the two have an affair when they meet again. He is a scheming man to trick Wu Lin to sign the divorce papers. He also eyes on Xiu Zi's land to pay off his debt. You Lan gets him to transfer to her name as a complex, Silver Residence will be built soon on it.

All will be amused when You Lan knows so much about investments but he knows nothing about it. He is a coward when he is frightened of Qing Huan to beat him up when his affair is uncovered. He is dismayed when he can't register his marriage with You Lan. Why? Wu Lin has returned to the court to reapply their marriage and he has to divorce her again! Wu Lin has a hold on him as he has written a letter to promise to remarry her within a year. He then tries to find ways to steal the agreement back.

This strange man can move in to stay with his mistress but still leaves his mother to stay with his ex-in-laws. When the plan backfires, he reports to the authorities to reveal that Wu Lin's sushi shop is built on illegal premises. If she loses her source of income, he will have a higher chance of getting Xiao Ai's custody. He will definitely not give her a cent. He also intends to file annulment of Wu Lin's registration of their marriage.

This shameless man can warn and slap Wu Lin not to bring Xiao Ai out with You Can as this is a bad influence. He has not thought of himself and You Lan making a bad example. You Can witnesses this and punches him to warn him to back off. He has no regrets doing this. Zhai Guang sells the land and entrusts all properties with You Lan's name as he is afraid that Wu Lin will marry you Can.

Zhai Guang's chance to become a professor is ruined when the professor discovers that he cohabits with You Lan. Although Zhai Guang vouches that he is getting a divorce soon, all is lost. He puts all the blame on Wu Lin when he also loses his chance to write for a column in the newspaper.

When both quarrel, he wants everything back but she keeps stalling. He is normally initially angry with her but later believes in whatever she tells him. It is too late for them when they discover that they have been cheated. Everything goes up in smoke. He fails to persuade You Lan to surrender to the police. Even You Lan's first mother takes over the apartment after You Lan's death so he is homeless.

Zhai Guang has to work in a tuition centre and his classes are full. He has difficulty getting a job after the saga and is pleased that he can get to see Xiao Ai more often since his centre is nearby. However, his plans are deterred by Qing Huan who takes Xiao Ai home after school. Qing Huan wants him to get Wu Lin's approval before doing so.

Zhai Guang is later dismissed when te centre learns about his past. At this moment, he learns that Xiu Zi is at Wu Lin's home. He then gets his mother to occupy Qing Huan's room, refusing to leave. He wants Wu Lin to repay this debt to him - not reflecting that he also owes her as well. Xiu Zi also listens to him and he has to teach night classes in order to earn money to buy a house.

He starts to love Wu Lin again as he thinks Xiao Ai needs him when staying together. Now his classes have increased and he is more confident of making a better life although he is jealous of Wu Lin's success. In order to shake You Can off, he lies to him that both of them have reconciled. You Can has always claimed that he will protect Wu Lin but he only brings tears to her. He also buys a new set of knives for Wu Lin.

Zhai Guang tells Wu Lin off for wearing a shorter skirt but she ignores him. He then goes to look for You Can, wanting him to back off. He himself works harder at the tuition centre to earn more money, wanting to win her heart back. He mistakens Jun Zhe's room as You Can's room. While discussing with Xiao Zhu, Jun Zhe thinks that he knows that Can Er is his son and not You Can's son. Thus, he seeks to bribe him. He tells both off for hiding the truth.

Although he himself is despicable, he will not deny his child's existence. He discovers that he has liver cancer and has as struggle when the two agree to pay off his medical expenses in order to keep their dirty secret. He has no one to blame but himself as Wu Lin has warned him to take care of himself after having his gall removed many years back but yet he loves drinking. He later tells You Can the truth to bring him and Wu Lin together. As he is losing time, he pleads with Wu Lin to be with him before his death.

He wants to go on a trip when the two families meet to discuss about their marriage. Wu Lin then accompanies him on the trip and he requests to treat it as their last honeymoon. You Can can't rest his mind and tags along to make sure that they do not sleep in the same room together. Zhai Guang is amused but knows that You Can can be trusted.

He keeps dreaming of You Lan wanting to get him. Wu Lin allows him to have more time with Xiao Ai. He also tells Huang Pu Xiu Zi's preferences and wants him to marry her so that she will not be lonely after his death. Before his death, he gets You Can to promise to treat Xiao Ai and his family well before he closes his eyes.

2. Hong You Lan - Lee Seo Yun
She is a television host and is also Zhai Guang's university ex-classmate. She is the child of a mistress so she wants the lawful position of a wife. She ditches him to be with a rich man but is later ditched by the man as she is left at the altar. She gets to Zhai Guang again even after knowing how useless he is as she is in love with him.

Given her reputation, doesn't want to be labeled as a third party. That is why she wants him to divorce Zhai Guang. She is often at loggerheads with Du Qing. She can tolerate Xiao Ai's existence but not the second child. So she wants Wu Lin to abort it. She refuses and in the midst of the struggle, Wu Lin loses her baby. She stresses that it is an accident and has nothing to do with her although she feels guilty. She is overjoyed to host the housewife cooking programme but is dismayed when Wu Lin also participates.

She places her form into the rejection box instead of the approval box after all the colleagues leave the room. You Can is puzzled to see her there and she is afraid that he might have spotted what she has done. She is pissed off to see Wu Lin at the studio later. She tries to eliminate Wu Lin by saying that she has no contest form but You Can manages to retrieve the form from the store room after searching the whole day. Eager to kick her out, she asks Wu Lin lots of questions on meal health which she doesn't know. That belittles her but You Can gives her resources to upgrade herself.

Jun Zhe and You Can discover her affair. You Lan claims to be a victim in front of Jun Zhe. Jun Zhe believes her but You Can is not convinced. Both warn her to handle the situation carefully or she will ruin her image. You Can has preferred to retain Wu Lin after knowing that You Lan is a third party. Worried that she might be replaced, she can't sleep the whole night.

Upon knowing that feud between the two women, You Can has not wanted to retain You Lan but he has no choice since her photo is on the posters. He has to eliminate Wu Lin, afraid that she will ruin the programme to use it to deal with You Lan. Wu Lin refuses to give in and insists of getting public support as she has done nothing wrong.

Jun Zhe and You Can have no choice but to allow the two to return. She then tries to sabotage Wu Lin on several occasions. First to throw away her ingredients and later to come up with tough questions to grill her. But she gets tongue-tied instead when Wu Lin manages to talk back at her and comes up with other ways of cooking. Seeing You Can often contacting Wu Lin, she suspects her of badmouthing her in front of You Can. Of course, she has not suspected You Can carrying a torch for Wu Lin. You Can is initially kind to her but what changes his attitude towards her after Wu Lin appears?

You Lan passes Wu Lin's recipe to a contestant. She gets uneasy when You Can and the others want to look into the matter. She is a prime suspect so she pays the contestant to silent her. Jun Zhe discovers the truth when the contestant approaches him. You Can, Du Qing and Jun Zhe leave her out of the meetings from then on to frustrate her.

You Lan and Wu Lin has a bet. She will have to quit if Wu Lin wins while Wu Lin will have a divorce if she wins. To her dismay, Jun Zhe records the whole conversation down to make sure that she keeps her promise. And sure indeed, Wu Lin wins but she is glad that her poisoning stalls time. She is hysterical that You Can wants to check out everything.

You Lan invests all her money - including Zhai's Guang's money on Silver Residence development. She deceives him to transfer all the money to her. She even becomes their spokesperson in order to earn triple of the profits. She agrees on it impulsively as the developer has wanted to look for her love rival, Sheng Mei -her junior who snatches her fiance. She is now sick of Zhai Guang after getting his money so his divorce no longer concerns her. She doesn't understand how she can fall for him again.

She is caught committing adultery and begs for Zhai Guang's forgiveness to bail her out. She then realsies that she is tricked by Cheng Tai who has lied that he is now separated from his wife. You Can has also found out from a staff that she has changed Wu Lin's water before the food is cooked to frame her. Wu Lin also manages to get information from Sheng Mei about Cheng Tai disclosing Huang Pu's condition to her.

She is trapped so she gets a PI to try to shoot photos of the two together in order to demand Tai Jun to continue her contract. Tai Jun doesn't call the police and wants the staff to settle the matter quietly. She is very pleased with herself to get her job back to film the next season so she becomes cocky to You Can. You Can is adamant not to let her stay on.

Still, things blow up as You Can doesn't give up. Tai Jun only intends to give You Lan payment for the contract and he drives You Lan away when she refuses to give the photos negatives to him. You Lan laughs at Wu Lin's innocence - what is the meaning of her forgiving You Lan? She doesn't need such treatment from a lowly person. She finds that Wu Lin is the one who owes her instead. She doesn't repent from her mistake to want to ruin two marriages.

She later discovers that the silver residence plan is only a scam. The company uses all the money and closes the office. When unsuccessful investors lose money, they run after her. She has to hide like a rat. Zhai Guang is furious to know that she even uses her home to mortgage as well without discussing with him. This shows that she is simply too greedy over the promised returns.

You Lan still struggles for her last chance to approach Tai Jun to ask for the money for her contract damages. She is no match for this old man who gets someone to ransack her home to get the photo negatives. Wu Lin has rejected his money to leave You Can so he throws this sum at You Lan. You Lan becomes shaky when walking out.

She goes into hiding when the police is after her. She doesn't trust men anymore as they fail to protect her. So she intends to sell her apartment to get money. She is unwilling to surrender and drags Wu Lin along with her. After letting Wu Lin go, she decides to forget everything in Korea as her career is doomed.

The airport staff recognizes her as her poisoning case is the headline news. She flees from the airport and drives her car all the way into the sea, hoping that this is only a dream and everything will be the same when she wakes up. Her body is never found as it is believed to wash into the sea.

3. Shen You Can - Lee Pil Mo
He is Tai Jun's younger son. His elder brother and sister-in-law die in a car crash. So Tai Jun pins all his hopes on him as his successor. He is fed up with Tai Jun keeps pressing him to bring Xiao Zhu to see him so that they can get married. How to when they have broken up? He has even thrown her clothes into the storeroom to prevent giving himself ugly memories of her.

Wu Lin wants to meet Zhai Guang's superiors through a dinner but she has no money to get the clothes. She comes across the clothes and wears them out, meeting Xiu Yan on the way. Xiu Yan has thought of her to be Xiao Zhu and insists of inviting her home.

You Can has no choice but to set a contract with Wu Lin to pay her for her work. You Can has imagined that Wu Lin is older than her but is astonished that she is the same age as him. He even grooms her to learn French as Xiu Yan knows French. The problem is she doesn't know much about Western food too. He is amused that she doesn't want a new car but the present one he is driving for Zhai Guang.

The meal proves successful but Xiu Yan suspects Wu Lin of being pregnant. Tai Jun then looks down on her for shaming his family. You Can then blurts that it is all a scam. It takes some time for the two elders to forgive him. He feels sad for Wu Lin when Zhai Guang doesn't seem happy to have a second child although she is pregnant. He cheers her up through a meal.

You Can comes to the television station as the business director. His first idea is to come up with a cooking programme that involves housewives. He is sore when Tai Jun rejects his idea - it seems that he never agrees on anything. He is overjoyed when he accepts it later.

Upon knowing Wu Lin's divorce, he gets a lawyer for her. He is for Wu Lin when she has a miscarriage. He hugs her in his arms, knowing how she feels as he also can't protect his own. He also discovers that he hasn't blamed Xiao Zhu all along. He is blaming himself so he lets go. He brings her to release balloons to send them away. To show her gratitude, she makes sushi for him to bring to the television station. He suddenly asks himself - has he fallen for her?

He finds an excuse to return the lunchboxes to her to ask her out again. But he is relieved when she only treats him as a friend. He encourages her to join the housewife cooking contest but she is uninterested at first. When he knows that she finally sends in the application form from Jun Zhe, he asks Jun Zhe why he hasn't informed him earlier.

Jun Zhe detects that he might have shown interest in Wu Lin. Upon seeing the application form, he cracks up as Wu Lin is so anxious that she doesn't take the photo properly. You Lan deliberately places Wu Lin's application form into the rejection box. Wu Lin asks Jun Zhe when she is rejected. You Can has thought that she will be happy to know the news. When knowing that Wu Lin is not informed that she is getting into the preliminary rounds, he jumps.

How can Du Qing overlook this when the programme is supposed to have 20 contestants instead of 19? She replies that the rejection forms are all destroyed. Knowing that Wu Lin might not stand a chance without the form, You Can doesn't give up hope to search for it in the storeroom. Wu Lin tells him the good news and he pretends not to know anything so that she can give him a treat at the roadside stalls.

Seeing that You Lan is all out to make Wu Lin's life tough, he lends her reference books to read. He even encourages her to open an email account. The password is a combination of their birthdays. You Can is a few months younger than her. Jun Zhe finds it strange of You Can to go all out to help her.

Unlike Wu Lin who gives in to You Lan repeatedly, he maintains his stand. When she wants to tell others about his feelings for Wu Lin, he asks her to produce evidence instead.

He doesn't know why he runs after Wu Lin to neglect his work when she rushes to the hospital after knowing that Xiao Ai is hurt. He also feels insecure to make her face her ex-husband alone. Upon knowing that Zhai Guang is the one, he is shattered. Initially, he has felt that Wu Lin only makes use of him to get back at You Lan so he eliminates her, not wanting to see her again. After knowing that she is wronged. he apologises to her and gets her to return for the competition

He often has meals with her. Seeing how she blames herself upon ruining the programme, he tells her to read the forum to find out how hot she is now. Wu Lin gets drunk and almost falls into his arms. He feels his heart flutters. He is stunned to know that her eatery is closed and asks her. She then demands to know why he wants to help her. He blurts that he likes her but rushes away in haste.

He sighs - how is he going to face her the next day? He is supposed to tell the two women that both will remain on the programme but they have to pay damages in case they screw up the programme. He leaves the job to Jun Zhe instead. When he finally meets the contestants, he deliberately avoids Wu Lin and doesn't shake her hand. Wu Lin is mocked at when her hand freezes in the air.

Realizing the harm he has done, he meets her personally alone later and asks her to forget what he has told her. She dismisses it as a joke but he cites that he is truly in love in her but will try to forget about his feelings so that they can stay as friends instead of behaving awkwardly. You Lan notices that there are only two of them in the room after they walk out and wonders why.

Seeing that she is distracted when Zhai Guang has wanted to take Xiao Ai away from the studio, he offers to keep an eye on them. He even keeps Zhai Guang in the office but he still manages to leave. Seeing that Wu Lin is nearly knocked down by a car, he pulls her close to him. He even wants to go to You Lan's home with her to settle the dispute but she insists of going alone. She knows that he yearns to be her pillar of support but she doesn't want him to be involved in this.

You Can also discovers that he is doing more and more for Wu Lin but he can't help it. When he accidentally dirties her clothes with his coffee, he anxiously cleans it for her. Undoubtedly, he gets another dressing down from Tai Jun when he witnesses this again. Wu Lin stresses that they are poles apart. She feels the gap when with Zhai Guang - what's more with him. You Can decides that it is easier for him to accommodate her instead of her fitting him.

So he requests to date her for 100 times. He can tell her the similarities between them slowly. When Xiao Ai goes missing, he helps her to look for her. Xiao Ai gets to like this uncle. Zhai Guang suspects his affections for Wu Lin and warns him as Wu Lin's husband and Xiao Ai's father. You Can feels like a fool as he can't do anything as she is still married to him.

Wu Lin lies that she has gone home when he calls her. You Can discovers this and requests her to divorce Zhai Guang. He regrets not knowing her earlier. Not because of him but because of herself but she keeps reminding herself that she is still a married woman. She even cites that her agreeing to be his fake fiancée is a mistake all along. He should try harder to forget her.

Since he can remove Xiao Zhu from his heart after a few years, she does not see why he can't do it for her case. You Can is furious to know that You Lan is the one who reveals Wu Lin's recipe. He can't condone someone who is harming his programme. But as You Lan threatens to reveal his affections for her in public, he has to keep quiet and help her secretly for the final. He even asks her why she hasn't asked him to go to the market together to buy the ingredients for the contest!

He can't stop grinning over her win so Jun Zhe reminds him to have a grip on himself. He has planned to celebrate with her after that but never expects Huang Pu to be hospitalized after that. He stays overnight for him to wake up but also instructs the staff to write him a journal on what happens on the day. He doesn't want to miss any detail.

He is overjoyed when Wu Lin divorces Zhai Guang to hug her. That is the most sensible thing that she has done so far. Knowing that Wu Lin is troubled over Huang Pu's poisoning case, he stays with her in the hospital to seek the truth. You Can laments that he hasn't gotten to taste Wu Lin's food after her win. Since Huang Pu has discharged from hospital, he can finally taste it. He treasures the chance and she is so amused.

He is annoyed with Tai Jun's way of handling things that he quarrels with him. Tai Jun gets madder to learn from Jun Zhe that he loves Wu Lin. He knows that Wu Lin faces a lot of pressure but he only wants her to be beside him. He is fed up with You Lan's doing so he hopes to dismiss her. He is worried when knowing that You Lan is with Wu Lin. More so upon getting You Lan's call to demand an air ticket to leave Korea for Wu Lin's release.

He is relieved that she is safe and sends her home. He doesn't mind losing his director post but is appalled to know that she gives up the top chef title. Still, he supports her decision to visit the dumpling shop with her to ask Huang Pu to give her a chance to be his student. He hopes that she will still be with him even if he has nothing. Actually, she has hoped for that and even wishes that he is a divorcee to reduce her guilt.

Upon knowing all the nasty things that Tai Jun has done to Wu Lin, he has to let her go reluctantly to make all her wishes come true. He bursts into tears when hugging Xiu Yan to release his emotions. He is so badly affected by their breakup that he gets into a car accident. Wu Lin donates her blood to him without his knowledge and he thinks that Xiao Zhu is the one who saves him.

You Can is glad for Wu Lin when her book is a success hit. He buys flowers secretly to send to her, feigning that they are from her fans. He also buys a copy of Wu Lin's book to read at home. He also sets his mind to marry Xiao Zhu since Can Er is present.

You Can returns to work to take over Jun Zhe's production manager post since Jun Zhe is now the planning director. He is angered upon knowing that Tai Jun keeps Wu Lin away from his new programme. He tells Tai Jun off for not making his promise and gives Wu Lin the chance. Wu Lin hides under his table to learn that both men have thought that Xiao Zhu is You Can's life saviour.

You Can has the urge to ask Wu Lin to stay on longer after she leaves abruptly. He simply can't control his heart anymore. You Can is distraught when both go into hiding and is disappointed when Xiao Zhu doesn't look for Huang Pu. You Lin is worried as he looks so badly affected and is frightened that he might get into another accident again. So she consoles him that Xiao Zhu is a strong person. He is relieved when she returns but still avoids her when she tries to kiss him. Wu Lin is still on his mind.

You Can finds Zhai Guang's wallet outside Jun Zhe's office and returns it to Wu Lin. Upon seeing them together again, Xiao Zhu kicks up a big fuss. Can Er is sick and You Can rushes him to the hospital. This is how he discovers that their blood type is different. He is angry that Xiao Zhu keeps it from him.

You Can learns that Wu Lin is his life saviour and misses her even more. It comes as a big blow to him upon knowing from Zhai Guang that Can Er isn't his child as he has grown attached to the baby. He wants to keep it from his family to tell Xiao Zhu and Jun Zhe to stop but they will not listen.

He pours his woes of feeling betrayed to Wu Lin. Wu Lin consoles him as she understands him due to Zhai's Guang's betrayal too. It is only her who can make him smile again and free him from agony. When Jun Zhe runs into trouble, he still stands by him to bail him out. The two become friends again.

He is overjoyed when the elders accept her and he insists that Xiao Ai must come along with them. Although he is grateful to Zhai Guang to be his matchmaker to tell Tai Jun the truth about Can Er, he gets frustrated when Zhai Guang stands between them again due to his illness and Wu Lin is unable to desert him. Knowing that Wu Lin needs full concentration to film her first programme, he only discloses the news that Zhai Guang is dying after the shoot.

You Can finds Tai Jun and Xiu Yan hugging together. He can't accept this but later gives them his well wishes. You Can knows that she needs time to get over her loss. So he waits patiently by studying media making overseas. He doesn't return home immediately but he gets to the beach to meet her there.

4. Min Xiao Zhu - Kim Ji Yun
She is You Can's ex-girlfriend who is an orphan when her parents died in a car crash during her secondary school days. She doesn't come from a rich family so Tai Jun also looks down on her. She uses her ability to get money to study in Paris. How? To sue her relatives in order to get the insurance money at the age of 19. That is why unlike You Can who never guards himself against her, Jun Zhe is wary of her.

She gets pregnant but tells You Can that she aborts it so that it will not hinder her future. You Can finds her cruel and can never forgive her so they fall out with each other. Min Jing invites her back to Korea for an art exhibition. She only gives her name as Julia. Strange as it is, she hardly changes her hairstyle but You Can's folks do not recognize her!!

She has her main motive to get close to You Can's family by getting Min Jing's attention to hire her. But upon knowing that You Can has a new girlfriend, she changes her plans. She calls Paris to get her son back. Min Jing only discovers her identity when receiving her call on her behalf. Xiao Zhu then approaches You Can who tells her off and declares that he has removed her from his heart. He is now in love with Wu Lin and will not accept her again.

However, Xiao Zhu insists that he is still in love with her since he is so angry. Xiao Zhu visits Huang Pu and befriends Wu Lin. They have wanted to hold Min Jing's art exhibition together. Xiao Zhu's attitude towards her changes upon knowing her identity. She reveals her name in front of her with You Can around. Although You Can wants to leave with Wu Lin, Wu Lin wants to stay with Xiao Zhu to discuss about work. Both fo them are supposed to cook food that fits the western and eastern themes of Min Jing's exhibition.

Xiao Zhu calls her an imposter for feigning her identity and should return her position to her then. Xiao Zhu is now a high-class chef and will not want to be associated with a housewife. Wu Lin is hurt even more when seeing her deliberately hugging You Can. Xiao Zhu lies to Huang Pu that Wu Lin feels that she isn't competent for the job and requests Huang Pu to take up the assignment.

However, he turns it down and tells Wu Lin off. She can't be cooking only when she is happy and must think of the customers. Wu Lin decides not to give up. When the scheming Xiao Zhu tells the artists about Wu Lin backing out, Wu Lin suddenly appears and Xiao Zhu has to proceed with the original plan. Xiao Zhu is pleased when artists praise her for using cookies and other Western dishes to match with their piece.

For Wu Lin, she goes to the artists' hometowns to get ideas. She ends up cooking dishes that match their drawings and their hometown sceneries. Her masterpieces end up getting more praises than Xiao Zhu to outshine her during her exhibition. Xiao Zhu is fed up - does Wu Lin do this to You Lan?

Xiao Zhu claims that You Can is the father of her son, Xiao Can. No doubt You Can does not deny the responsibility, he has no intention to marry Xiao Zhu. He insists of being with Wu Lin. So she reveals her identity to Wu Lin. You Can still maintains his position and is agitated upon knowing that she even goes to Wu Lin's home to let her family know about this.

Although Xiao Zhu and Can Er get to stay in Tai Jun's home, You Can doesn't want to return home. In fact, he is willing to give up everything because of Wu Lin. Can Er has a fever and she is annoyed that You Can thinks that she is lying as she has used the previous ploy to trick him so that Wu Lin will know the truth of Can Er's existence. So she kidnaps Xiao Ai to let Wu Lin have a taste of how worried she is then. Wu Lin slaps and warns her not to do it again or she will call the police.

Through You Can's accident, Xiao Zhu discovers that his blood group is different from her and Can Er. That implies that Can Er can't be his son. She recalls that she has a one stand with Jun Zhe but refuses to face the truth. She has a blood test to confirm that Can Er is Jun Zhe's son. She gets very hysterical when the tests turn out the same twice and insists that they check again.

Xiao Zhu then keeps everything under wraps to see that all have thought that she donates her blood to You Can. She tells Xiu Yan how Jun Zhe has liked her in the past. She also gets Xiu Yan to side for her when You Can keeps seeing Wu Lin at work.

Seeing that Jun Zhe is going to reveal the truth, she wants You Can to ask Jun Zhe to move out.
You Can has not wanted to as he has treated him like a brother. Seeing that he hasn't acted on it, she tells Xiu Yan about it. When that also fails, she then persuades Jun Zhe to let her marry You Can so that Can Er can be the successor of TJ media.

She is angry to know that Wu Lin's book comes in first while hers comes in third. Both women meet at the book store and she deliberately pushes Wu Lin's book off the table. When Wu Lin demands her to pick it up, she refuses and brushes her aside. That causes Wu Lin to push off Xiao Zhu's books to the floor. Wu Lin then remarks how lousy the author is.

Xiao Zhu is dismayed to know that Wu Lin has joined the programme so she also wants to join to eliminate Wu Lin. She keeps appearing in front of Wu Lin at the dumpling shop. She wants to get Huang Pu to be her wedding witness and keeps reminding her that You Can is getting married soon so that the two will stop seeing each other.

You Can finds her a changed person. Wu Lin gets to know that Can Er isn't Xiao Zhu's son and Xiao Zhu stalls for time, lying that she will tell You Can's family after the final contest. But You Can learns about it before this so she pretends that she wants to jump off the TV station building.

She complains about her poor life and Wu Lin is plain lucky. Wu Lin dissuades her to get her to continue the contest. She loses and still wants to go through the wedding. You Can's family knows and chases her out. Xiu Yan even gives her a slap. She yells that this is due to Tai Jun's doing in the past - is blood relations that important to them? Tai Jun realizes that he causes this mess himself.

She loves You Can's status more and tries to get back to him without success. She wants Jun Zhe to get everything from the Shens. Jun Zhe is detained when a shareholder frames him. She plans to leave for France but discovers that she loves him. Xiao Zhu then wishes You Can well and is touched when he admits that he truly loves her in the past. When Jun Zhe is released, both are married and she is now pregnant with his second child. Both fetch You Can from the airport when he is back.

5. Han Xiu Yan - Yang Geum Suk
Her elder sister is You Can's mother so she brings up her sons after her death. She even forgoes her marriage plans to remain single. She keeps resisting the idea of marriage? Why? She has fallen for her brother-in-law. That pisses You Can off and he stays away from his family. She has been to Paris to learn art but has hardly drawn all these years. Tai Jun doesn't appreciate her efforts when she tries to iron his conflicts with You Can.

She is a narrow-minded person who disallows Tai Jun to remarry. Yet, she also doesn't reveal her feelings to him for 30 years. What does she intend to do? Is staying by his side already a consolation? Xiu Yan is jealous when Tai Jun is with Ming Jing. But she later straightens her thoughts to allow him to woo Ming Jing. Ming Jing invites her to work in her art gallery under Tai Jun's request. She meets Wu He but treats him like dirt, throwing all the flowers he sends her away.

This is also another selfish woman. She reveals her feelings to Tai Jun to get rejected. Then she reminds him of her sister, hoping that he will change his mind but is dismayed to know that her late sister allows him to remarry. Later, she is attracted to Wu He when she discovers that he sketches well. Even though Tai Jun warns her not to go out with such a young man, she ignores him and have enjoyable moments with him.

She moves out upon knowing that Tai Jun is marrying Min Jing. She refuses to return home and her relationship with Wu He proceeds fast as he keeps her company when she is lonely. Yet, she can't hide her concern when Tai Jun faints due to a heart attack after looking at the photos of You Can taken with Wu Lin. Min Jing reminds her of her position so she returns home.

She is worried upon knowing You Can's relationship with Wu Lin. Unlike being supportive for him to be with Xiao Zhu in the past, she opposes like Tai Jun, citing the same reasons. Wu He doesn't like her to be bothered by family issues all the time and both spend a night in bed. She is delighted as he calls her even if he is having matches overseas. But she is disillusioned when finding him with another woman. He goes to the parapet to claim that the woman is only a close friend till she forgives him.

She is also disturbed by You Can's relationship with Wu Lin. She reminds Wu Lin of her status and comes to Jin Hua to want her to restrict You Can since Wu Lin is a divorced mother. Getting fed up with the rich, Jin Hua tells her off - she isn't in a position to interfere as she has not given birth before although she brings up her nephews. So what if You Can is precious to Tai Jun and Xiu Yan?

Wu Lin is also her own flesh and blood so she will not take this lying down. Wu Lin will suffer if she marries into their family. Plus, Xiu Yan is also in love with Tai Jun - that is also acceptable love. Xiu Yan finds out how tough her love is when she is with Wu He. She then decides to help You Can and moves home to stay. She has initially wanted to leave with Wu He.

She later discovers that her love for Tai Jun is too great so she stays. She helps to convince Tai Jun to accept Wu Lin. You Can has trouble accepting her and Tai Jun together so she intends to leave but she stays when You Can persuades her. Her long awaited love finally comes true.

6. Shen Tai Jun - Dokgo Young Jae
He is You Can's father who is very strict and stubborn. He is a wealthy businessman in the mass communication industry. He is critically ill in the past. He has lost his elder son through a car accident so he doesn't forgive his dead daughter-in-law as the driver. It is so bad that he never pays respect to her on their death anniversary. When he recovers, his only wish is to see You Can getting married. He no longer objects to him being with Xiao Zhu but things have changed.

He doesn't know Xiu Yan's love for him and keeps wanting to set up marriage meetings with other men. This puts her off and she threatens to move out. He gets a brooch for her but has no courage to give her when Ming Jing takes out a sketch of him from Xiu Yan's room to tease them. Xiu Yan is jealous upon seeing the brooch. Thinking that it is for Ming Jing, she steals it to keep in her drawer.

She passes the brooch to Min Jing. Min Jing throws it on the floor after seeing a note in it angrily. Xiu Yan finds a note in it, wishing her merry Christmas. The brooch is for her all along. Tai Jun can't rest his mind when Xiu Yan works for Min Jing. He frequently visits her at her workplace. He isn't happy to see Wu He getting close to Xiu Yan to drive her home late that he warns him. Wu He turns a deaf ear, citing that Xiu Yan should be the one making the decision.

Xiu Yan can't take it upon knowing that Tai Jun is marrying Min Jing. She wants to move out but he tries to forbid that. He cites that her elder sister has wanted him to take care of her. This is a selfish act indeed. He even postpones his wedding after Min Jing wrongs Jin Hua of stealing her ring. Xiu Yan moves out and doesn't want him to probe into her affairs anymore. He is too used to having her around that he asks for her if he needs medicine whenever he has a heart attack. That makes Min Jing very unhappy.

He opposes strongly against You Can to be with Wu Lin - a divorced woman with a child. You Can dislikes him for doing that. Tai Jun has opposed to his elder brother's choice. So is his choice with Xiao Zhu but he doesn't want to give in to him anymore as he wants to protect Wu Lin. Tai Jun uses money to deal with Wu Lin and also brutal force on You Lan to get the negatives.

You Can doesn't know why Tai Jun doesn't leave the matter to the police to punish You Lan. He even wants to detain her passport so that she can't fly overseas. Tai Jun brushes the poisoning affair due to the feud between the two women to keep the television station out of limelight. You Can is fed up with him as Wu Lin's personal life is exposed.

In order to prevent You Can to be with Wu Lin, Tai Jun insists that you Can leaves overseas to study media. He treats him like a child to arrange his air tickets for him. You Can refuses to leave Korea. He moves out of home and Tai Jun nearly has another heart attack. Luckily, Xiao Zhu sends him to hospital on time. Tai Jun is grateful to her - not knowing who she is.

What Xiu Yan says of him is right - he is the most selfish person. He allows Xiao Zhu and Can Er to stay in his home but Can Er can't go out without his permission. He rushes to the airport when Xiu Yan is leaving and is upset when the plane leaves. This man simply wastes too much time thinking out it at the river bank. Luckily, she returns to him.

He is devastated upon knowing that Jun Zhe and Xiao Zhu lie to him so he chases them out. Zhai Guang has informed him about it to throw the money back that he gives Wu Lin to leave You Can. So he gets his secretary to get the DNA report after knowing that You Can has taken Can Er's hair to go for a blood test.

Yet, he can help Jun Zhe when he is in trouble. He also softens his attitude towards Wu Lin. Knowing that his relationship with Xiu Yan is unacceptable, he intends to retire to leave everything to You Can so that he can go overseas to stay with Xiu Yan. This is another weird man who doesn't voice his feelings. He keeps deceiving himself that he doesn't love her. The two are really a perfect pair, wasting their time to wait for each other to make the first move. They have wasted 30 years over this.

7. Gao Jin Hua - Yoo Hye Ri
She is Wu Lin's mother who looks down on Zhai Guang to be dependent on her. She often complains about him and this makes him determined to strive harder. She opens the eatery to bring up her children so Wu Lin never regrets helping her out. Upon knowing that You Lan is the mistress, she creates havoc at her home and supports Wu Lin in all her decisions.

She is angered when her eatery is closed so she becomes Tai Jun's domestic helper. Thinking that Tai Jun and Xiu Yan are husband and wife, she places their clothes together. She is confused over their relationship when told later. Ming Jing mistakens that she steals her ring but You Can clears the air for her. She finally remembers who he is and finds him to be a fine man.

However, she doesn't want him to be her son-in-law. Wu Lin faces so much pressure when her educational qualifications can't match to Zhai Guang's standard. What's more with him? She will do whatever she has to in order to protect her children. She has a sharp tongue. She can't put up with Min Jing's insults to say that she is a maid and looks lowly on her.

She demands an apology from Tai Jun and Min Jing. Isn't Min Jing divorced too and why does Tai Jun still want to marry her? Both have nothing to say and want to throw her out if not for Huang Pu around. He defends for her and leaves with her. She dates Huang Pu for a while. She is very different from other women. She doesn't watch movies or like flowers but prefers walks in parks.

Jin Hua finds that Xiu Zi needs him more than him due to a dying Zhai Guang so she gives him up. She doesn't want Zhai Guang and Xiu Zi to hinder Wu Lin's happiness so she urges her to grab her own happiness. However, the stubborn Wu Lin doesn't hind her advice.

When she sees Xiao Zhu belittling Wu Lin, she stands up for her. She chides Xiao Zhu - doesn't she have parents? She will not allow her to do that. That hurts Xiao Zhu as she is speechless. When meeting Tai Jun and Xiu Yan, she gets offended again when Xiu Yan says that their reputation will be affected. So how long are they going to stay like this?

Should Wu Lin address her as aunt or mother after getting into the family? The two blush and do not know how to answer her so their stand is weakened. A year later, Wu Lin can afford a condo and they intend to move into the new house. Jin Hua suddenly can't bear to leave her old house and they have to move everything back again.

8. Li Jun Zhe - Lee Byung Wook
He is You Can's buddy and also colleague. He has low self-esteem as his father only owns a fish farm. He allows You Can to stay with him and Wu Lin is his domestic helper. That is how You Can gets to know Wu Lin again after his argument with Qing Huan. The two never stop arguing with each other but the guys have to admit that Wu Lin's cooking is fabulous.

He works in TS and is the manager. Tai Jun admires his ability to keep accepting his proposals and rejecting You Can's ideas. He is very pleased with himself and often asks You Can to give Du Qing a chance since she is so pitiful. Thinking that You Can doesn't need the file on housewife cooking anymore, he dumps it into the dustbin, lying that he can't find it.

Tables turn when Tai Jun and the board accepts You Can's housewife cooking programme and rejects his celebrity cooking programme. Colleagues also call him the 'false prince' of losing his power after the 'true prince' returns. He tenders his resignation but Wu Lin and You Can manage to make him change his mind to return to TS. But he volunteers to work front-line this time.

Tai Jun invites him to stay with his family. Seeing how overly concerned You Can is to Wu Lin to pull her aside right outside the television station, he distracts the other staff and reminds him to watch himself not to step over the line. He even talks to Wu Lin to watch her behaviour. You Can can get angry with him at times to make decisions for him. He listens to Tai Jun to continue the next season of the cooking contest although You Can doesn't want to as he is afraid that history will repeat itself.

He is power hungry upon knowing that Tai Jun is sending You Can overseas and he will take over You Can's post. You Can is down but still congratulates him. However, he has no intention to leave Korea. He is green with jealousy to know that Xiao Zhu is back because of You Can. He also loves her but Xiao Zhu insists that her love with You Can will last.

Jun Zhe looks through Can Er's health booklet to realize that Can Er's blood group is the same as his. He then takes a DNA test to confirm his suspicion that he is his son. Sigh - actually he doesn't need to do that. Anyone can tell at a glance that both are related as Can Er is a replica of him!

Xiao Zhu is frightened that Jun Zhe will reveal Can Er's parentage. So she convinces Jun Zhe to conceal the truth. It makes no difference since Can Er will be make the successor. Jun Zhe is bought over and obliges her. Both are thrown out of Tai Jun's house when the truth is uncovered.

That makes him determined to seize You Can's position. He can still remember their past bitterly. The two boys are trapped in the mountains when young. Jun Zhe's father chooses to carry You Can on his back. leaving him to fend on his own. Jun Zhe's father is kicked out of the company as he revealed company secrets to Tai Jun's business rivals. Jun Zhe can never forget this.

Xiao Zhu has pointed out that Jun Zhe only likes her as You Can is his rival. This isn't true. He slowly buys over shares of the company. You Can also retaliates by meeting the small shareholders. Jun Zhe's associate suddenly leaves after absconding with company funds. Jun Zhe is so disheartened that he doesn't explain himself when detained by the police. You Can knows that he is innocent and bails him out.

He is repentant and wants to resign so that he can return to his hometown with Xiao Zhu. You Can still reveals his grievances to Jun Zhe when he is troubled over Tai Jun's relationship with Xiu Yan. He is stunned as Jun Zhe is aware about this all along. Tai Jun keeps him back and requests him to help You Can. Jun Zhe is touched and stays.

9. Li Du Qing - Song Ji Eun
She is the daughter of one of TS directors who is in love with You Can. When knowing that he is back from Paris, she clings to him like an octopus. Tai Jun intends to let You Can marry her but You Can resists the idea. He even prefers to get Wu Lin's help in order to get away from her.

She is the programme planner and she dislikes You Lan. So is You Lan as she is close to Cheng Tai. She feels that she often questions her authority although their work area is different. You Lan is her senior but she doesn't show her the respect she deserves. You Lan often digs fun of her when she shows her affections towards You Can too openly. She is scared to make You Can unhappy and tries her best to please him.

Unlike You Lan who is very hostile to Wu Lin, she finds her as a special candidate who wants to get in to show her adulterous husband what she can do without him. She helps Wu Lin to secure her position although she has plenty of hiccups. Even though she is the last candidate become announced to the next round, she leaves hastily due to an injured Xiao Ai, she still gives her the chance although she is unhappy.

Her unhappiness multiplies when You Lan keeps asking around about You Can and Wu Lin. You Lan overhears You Can's conversation with Jun Zhe. She learns that You Can has known Wu Lin long enough with Jun Zhe as she works as Jun Zhe's domestic helper. What is the rumour of her being You Can's 'acting fiancee'? You Can gets fed up when she grills him with these questions.

You Can makes her work very hard to find the culprit behind the poisoning case. She has to check all the food and also the empty barrel that Wu Lin uses. She sends all to the lab and her efficiency causes the results to be out within a day. Although she learns about You Lan's case, she is still concerned about her.

She goes to Australia for a long tour, coming back without wearing glasses to look more beautiful than ever. But alas, it is too late when she learns that You Can is going to marry Xiao Zhu. She then puts all her energy into work.

10. Jin Xiao Ai - Sa Rang Yi
She is Wu Lin's 7 year old daughter. She can be as simple-minded at times like her mother - to blurt the truth of Zhai Guang's affair through a slip of the tongue. She is easily bought over when Zai Guang and You Lan buys her presents. But upon seeing the two sleeping together, she fights for her mother. She is drawn closer to her mother and avoids Zhai Guang after her unpleasant stay with them.

She cheers for Wu Lin whenever she is on television. She also misses Zhai Guang when he doesn't stay with them anymore. Wu Lin chides Zhai Guang for giving Xiao Ai false hopes that they will reconcile. Even though Wu Lin is heartbroken that Xiao Ai is bullied for being mocked at for being fatherless, she is determined to make her feel as normal as possible.

11. Luo Qing Huan - Lee Jung Ho
He is Wu Lin's younger brother who is supposed to study law but he prefers to do national service. All he has in his mind is to get money to cut an album. He often lets his fists rule his head so his first encounter with You Can is through a fight. If he can become a lawyer, all of us can become judges. He is very fickle-minded to know what he actually wants. He sees how his mother gets bullied when young and wants to be a lawyer but studying is tough so he delays the plan.

He is sore in meeting You Can every time as this reminds him of the past. But seeing You Can treating Wu Lin well, he treats him like a buddy and both drink wine together. He even gets him to share his room with him for the night when he is drunk.

Upon knowing Zhai Guang's sickness, he feels sorry for him and treats him better. He discovers that he has no brain for studies and works in the dumpling shop. Slowly, he finds his interest there and sets up an online business for it.

12. Shen Xiu Zi - Yang Hee Kyung
She is Zhai Guang's mother who loves gambling. She even steals Jin Hua's money to pay off her debt. She helps out in the eatery later when she feels remorseful. Although she doesn't like Jin Hua to often quarrel with her, she treats Wu Lin well as her daughter-in-law. That is why she objects to Zhai Guang's affair too. She is very thick-skinned to stay with her in-laws although Zhai Guang stays with You Lan.

Jin Hua can't tolerate her presence after knowing that affair and she has to leave to put up with You Lan. She grumbles that You Lan knows nothing about cooking rice cakes on New Years' Day. You Lan is initially patient with her but her temper also changes when they don't see eye to eye. She shakes her head and expects her to be a traditional housewife. Just like how Wu Lin serves her - she also expects to be served. She sides for Wu Lin and brings Xiao Ai to the television station to give Wu Lin support.

This ignorant woman doesn't know that she needs invitation tickets to the programme. You Can recognizes Xiao Ai and gives them the permission to walk in. She doesn't expect one moment of folly to land Wu Lin and Zhai Guang in fighting for her custody. She keeps hoping that they will patch up and keeps asking You Lan to return her share of the land. She is fed up upon knowing that Wu Lin is seeing You Can.

This is so funny - her son can cohabit with You Lan but Wu Lin can't meet another man? This woman is impossible to always return to Jin Hua's home to stay whenever she has a quarrel with You Lan. There is an instance that she goes so hungry after leaving home to get free food from Huang Pu. She starts to like him as he resembles her late husband. It is sad that she loses everything due to You Lan. She believes this is due to Zhai Guang's retribution.

She starts washing dishes and make deliveries for a eatery. She also works part time at a sauna to get free lodging. But here again, she is framed of stealing a handbag. Both mother and son are shameless to stay with Wu Lin again after they lose everything. Interested in Huang Pu, she helps out in his dumpling shop to replace Jin Hua at times but often ends up dozing.

Knowing that Wu Lin runs into financial difficulties due to Tai Jun, You Can is aware that Wu Lin will not accept his money. So he passes the sum to Huang Pu who then gives to Xiu Zi who can't find Jin Hua. Upon knowing that Wu Lin intends to rent out the room to chase them out, the despicable Xiu Zi lies that the money is from Zhai Guang in order to stay on.

She thinks very highly of herself that Huang Pu is interested in her and is embarrassed when she learns that he likes Jin Hua instead. Although down, she helps to bring them together. However, Huang Pu later chooses her over Jin Hua. She is overjoyed but is shattered to know that Zhai Guang is dying. Being a selfish person, she insists that Wu Lin must stay by him.

Although she is aware where Zhai Guang goes for the trip, she keeps it from You Can, hoping that Wu Lin will keep Zhai Guang company. Jin Hua is angry with her for ruining the parents' meeting and she begs her for her forgiveness. Both mothers end up hugging and crying.

She knows that Zhai Guang is dying but tells Wu Lin to concentrate on her programme as she believes that Zhai Guang wants her to do well. After Zhai Guang's death, she marries Huang Pu but still visits Jin Hua weekly. She encourages Wu Lin to seek her own happiness.

14. Wu Xiu Ting
She is a summons officer who writes summons to motorists or drivers for breaking traffic rules. This hardly makes her ends meet as she is forced to pay off the debt for her ex-boyfriend. She also owes rent so she moonlights to get monetary rewards to spy on others breaking the law. Qing Huan learns of her move and they become partners to split the money as commoners can claim more. The producer has forgotten about her and she only appeared for 5 episodes. It must be due to her lousy acting.

15. Cui Min Jing
She is Xiu Yan's love rival. She is an artist who has held many art exhibitions. Tai Jun compares Xiu Yan with her and wants her to upgrade herself. She sneers at Xiu Yan and Tai Jun agrees with her that Xiu Yan can be naggy at times. That really makes her burst when she drops by frequently to get clothes for Tai Jun. She starts dating Tai Jun and they nearly get married.

She is divorced twice and Xiu Yan considers her a loose women. However, she treats each relationship seriously. That is why Xiu Yan's ex-fiance tells her to accept Min Jing as her new sister-in-law as Tai Jun needs a person who is open with her feelings. She has a teenage daughter but her ex-husband has the custody. She is upset when her daughter returns whatever she gives her and refuses to see her.

Tai Jun then proposes to her out of impulse upon feeling sorry for her. Jealous that Tai Jun actually likes Xiu Yan but is too shy to voice it out, she gets intimate with him to give her the wrong idea so that she can give up on him. After announcing her relationship with Tai Jun, she expects Xiu Yan to move out as they will feel awkward with each other.

She also reminds Xiu Yan that she is taking care of Tai Jun when he is sick so she doesn't want her to intrude. Although she is wary of Xiao Zhu, she gets involved in making Tai Jun accepting her due to Can Er. That is because she also yearns to marry Tai Jun soon.

16. Huang Pu Shi - Park In Hwan
He is a culinary expert and Xiao Zhu is his student. He is once a 5 star hotel chief chef but his insistence in using natural ingredients causes him to fall out with his bosses as that cost them too much money. He now owns a small dumpling eatery but he has no head for managing accounts so he suffers a loss. Even though he isn't in the limelight now, most people still regard him as their idol and are excited to know that he is going to be the chief host of the cooking programme.

He has allergy towards flu medicine. Only 3 people know about it - his doctor Cheng Tai, himself and the pharmacist he always goes to. The last person isn't aware of his past so he is ruled out. You Lan gets to know about it and mixes it with Wu Lin's water. The others are alright after taking but he faints after that. His immunization becomes weak and that makes him ever adamant to seek out the truth.

After knowing it, he starts to miss Jin Hua. She has seen his butt accidentally when a nurse gives him an injection in the hospital. He blushes as he is still a bachelor. Strangely, his heart beats for her when he is discharged and eating alone at his dumpling shop. He starts to imagine how it will be like if a woman cooks for him. He starts to fall for Jin Hua.

He has seen how Wu Lin perseveres during the top chef programme. Wu Lin is also compassionate to a beggar to give him his dumplings. Thus he accepts her to be his student. He has all along not accepting students but ends up accepting her and Xiao Zhu. He is pleased when both disciples get into the chef contest final. Jin Hua disallows him to root for both and he must not take sides.

Huang Pu is initially very firm all along but becomes a mouse in front of her. When Wu Lin is too busy to come over to his shop, Jin Hua replaces her and both go to the market together. He gets very excited and invites her to the exhibition to have some time to be with her. As time goes by, he finds the demure Xiu Zi more suitable for him and he marries her.

17. Yin Wu He
His father is a renowned artist but he is a famous golf player. He becomes Tai Jun's trainer later. He meets Xiu Yan at her workplace - the art gallery and woos her although he is a few years younger than her. Seeing that she sprains her ankle, he uses the first aid box and also massages her foot to treat her injury. When she is involved in a car accident and knocks Jin Hua down, he thinks that she is injured and hugs her.

He helps her to move out and decorates her home. He also misses his chance to be a successful golf player. Xiu Yan feels sorry to see his drunk and cooks for him. He is glad when she doesn't pick up Tai Jun's call to be with him. He is even happier when she takes care of him when he is sick. However, he is down when he finds that Xiu Yan only draws sketches of Tai Jun and no one else. Slowly, she begins to accept him and both become a pair.

He lies on a woman's lap in his apartment, telling her about Xiu Yan. Xiu Yan storms away but he manages to make her stay with him. he is actually wooing her under Min Jing's command. She has promised that she will look for his biological mother in return. Wu He has wanted to stop as he finds Xiu Yan steadfast in love while he isn't. He is in love with her but is afraid of hurting her later.

He wants to test who Tai Jun really loves. He lies to him that Xiu Yan is hurt in his hotel room and he invites Min Jing over. He pretends to get fresh with her. Tai Jun hurries there and witnesses this. He punches him - not because he lays his hands on his fiancée but he is angered that he betrays Xiu Yan. He has not hurt Xiu Yan these 20 over years but he does this.

Wu He then asks 3 billion won from him in order to leave Xiu Yan. He gives 9 billion won and he returns the money to Min Jing. Min Jing then transfers the amount to Xiu Yan. Wu He confesses that his feelings for Xiu Yan is real and requests her to leave with him for U.S. so that he can advance his career. Xiu Yan chooses to stay with Tai Jun as she finally knows who she loves.

This pair is a total mismatch. They look more like mother and son than a couple. This actor acts as a jerk to trick Yun Zhen into marriage in 'Pure Nineteen'. Now he is getting another jerk role again. I really pity him.

18. Jin Cheng Tai
He is the man who leaves You Lan at the altar on their wedding day. He claims to be forced by his family to marry her junior, Sheng Mei. He is now a hospital director and deceives You Lan that he is now separated from her to sleep with her for the night. Both are caught for adultery and locked in the cell for a day. He also invests in Silver Residence. Huang Pu is his patient so he is the one who reveals his allergy to You Lan to give her the chance to poison him.

He tries to hide the truth from You Can and Wu Lin but Wu Lin can see that Sheng Mei is uneasy. She persuades Sheng Mei to tell the truth by citing her own example. Sheng Mei also doesn't wish her marriage to fail and decides to help her. She even asks if Wu Lin wants to set up a first wives club with her! Sheng Mei is later the host for the professional chef contest to replace You Lan who dies.

Most favourite character
None. I would like to choose You Can but he isn't persistent enough in love.

Most hated character
Almost all. But top of my list isn't Zhai Guang or You Lan but Qing Huan. Seriously, this man can't act and gets on my nerves. He doesn't behave like a person who studies law but is more likely as the person having a brush with law. Very irritable with his wooden expressions.

Interesting facts

It was shown at 9am in Korea. Many housewives followed it faithfully and some even imitated Wu Lin to leave their homes when they felt that their husbands did not value them as a homemaker. They also learned many recipes from it.

It was so well received that KBS shot a sequel. For me, I feel that it is simply over rated. I don't think it deserves that much attention.

Ji Yun and Se Chang are husband and wife in real life although the characters they play are making use of each other. They have a child so that is why many found Se Chang's scenes of a father very realistic. Life is like a dream indeed.


I watched it after 'Temptation of wife'. The first few episodes put me off - another infidelity drama again? Plus it runs in the same pattern as 'Golden Era of daughter-in-laws' - drag for the sake of dragging. The script might be badly written by an auntie. It is thrown into such an old fashion that I could have mistaken it as a 70s Qiong Yao drama instead of a 21st century work. Korean sitcoms are hardly my cup of tea as the storyline is shallow.

The custody case hardly inspires me - not only Xiao Ai is confused. I also grow sick of turning in circles too. The poisoning affair also takes 10 episodes. Your mind will spin as Wu Lin keeps on hesitating if she should or should not report it to the police. Zhai Guang's cancer scenes also take another solid 20 episodes.

Moreover, the villains repent over their mistakes within 5 episodes - this is too fast. Can you believe that Xiao Zhu finds out that she loves Jun Zhe all along within 3 episodes? Zhai Guang to become a good person so soon - sorry but I can't accept this too easily. The story writer simply doesn't know how to end a story. So everything happens too abruptly.

Unlike En Cai who can transform herself into a beauty, Wu Lin stays the same as she is a normal housewife. Her attitude puts me off. She is stubborn and refuses to listen to others but yet she expects them to accept her. She is uncouth and it is questionable how she can be popular. Even though the producer eliminates the evil You Lan to replace with a vicious Xiao Zhu, we can hardly empathesize with Wu Lin as she is so tall in build and is hardly a weak person in appearance.

This drama is not just about infidelity but also selfishness. I am weary of Wu Lin who often screws up the filming of the programmes. Come on, this is not the amazing race. Firstly, Xiu Zi causes her to be late when she wants her to bail her out as she is accused of stealing a dress. Then she leaves her fish at the department store and Qing Huan even wants to smuggle ingredients in for her.

Wu Lin is destined to be sabotaged every time. For goodness sake, can't she wise up and be more alert? How can You Lan be so successful in all her attempts each time? Is there fairness in this world if she is allowed special privileges all the time? Life is so unfair indeed as You Can gives Wu Lin so much help and love. Even Huang Pu can notice that You Can treats Wu Lin differently as he is always with her. We can't blame You Lan for suspecting him to give Wu Lin special treatment too.

I find all the cast's acting below the mark. It is as if all artistes photocopied their expressions in showing anger, shock and also desperation through headaches. Did they graduate from the same acting class? Some are even expressionless. The veteran cast is wooden and it is unbearable to look at their acting. The worst is offered by Dokgo Young Jae which offers the most stony acting.

The oldish love rectangle is a terrible essence of the story. All are deceived by the lively song to think that it is a comedy. It is actually a tragedy. I have wanted to pass it as the cooking scenes aren't too bad but the overly dramatic development is too much for me to bear. Thus, I dissuade others from watching it.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ** (Scale of 5)

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