Here Comes Mr Oh.

Reviewed by: sukting

August 24, 2014

Rating: two

How long
129 episodes

This drama tell the story of an unemployed and less educated second son-in-law, Zi Long with a good heart as he attempts to save his in-laws from the greedy of first son-in-law. The drama shows two very different men who married two sisters. Zi Long is a hardworking and kind man with a pure heart who is honestly devoted to his wife Gong Zhu. Yong Xi marries Zhen Zhu because of her family's fortune and is now plotting to steal their estate. Zi Long stands up to his greedy and conniving brother-in-law and saves his in-laws from ruin.

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Lee Jang Woo as Wu Zi Long
He finishes his high school studies and tries different contract jobs. He ends up working as a temporary staff at restaurant Gamjatang. It is owned by AT holdings. He befriends Gong Zhu who also works there. He is retrenched due to a mistake that he does not do – the deputy manager has placed expired food in the freezer that causes a serious food poisoning case later.

He aspires to be his own boss to set up a roadside stall to sell spicy rice cakes. His business brisks but it is ruined by Yong Xi who steals his idea and he is forced to give it up as Yong Xi gets a step sooner to register for legal rights. Unable to let his family to sleep on the streets, he has to let him off reluctantly in exchange of a fried chicken shop. His family decides to start all over again. He is a great cook who is willing to learn and the business becomes better.  

He is astonished to learn that Gong Zhu is AT's CEO's daughter. He has wanted to give up but she starts a hunger strike. They marry in the end and he is to sign a marriage document. He can't register his marriage with Gong Zhu for a year and he has no say to the family fortune. Thirdly, he has to work in AT. Zi Long agrees to all the conditions.      

He starts working in Gong Zhu's creativity department. He is resourceful to think of new food products to expand the business. He is soon promoted to assistant manager. He is introduced to Zhe Xiu and Zhe Xiu gets along well with him. Yong Xi sabotages his presentation with Zhe Xiu but that doesn't deter him. When Yong Xi's evil deeds are being discovered and he escapes, Zi Long has to find ways to save AT from bankruptcy.

It is at this moment that he discovers that he is adopted. He is very upset but yet grateful to his foster parents for bringing him up. He is later reunited with Zhe Xiu. Zhe Xiu then injects funds into AT. He is going to be the father of twins and has a family gathering with his folks in the end. I find his smiles cheesy and unnatural. He acts better in 'Smile Again, Dong Hae' and 'I Do, I Do'.      

2. Oh Yeon Seo as Luo Gong Zhu
She is the untidy and pampered second daughter of Shang Hao. She is upset when her ex-boyfriend is with her only due to her wealth. She decides not to waste her life partying anymore to start working. Shang Hao arranges her to work in the restaurant to wait on the tables. She complains but later enjoys working with the colleagues. She starts to like Zi Long and makes the initiative to woo him.

She feels guilty of not letting Zhen Zhu know Shang Hao's last words after knowing that she marries Yong Xi, believing that Shang Hao wants her to marry Yong Xi instead of Ren Guo. She is determined to guard her happiness with Zi Long.  

They have status differences but she overcomes it by moving into his family. She takes time to get used to it and although Bai Lu wants her to move back, she is mature now to want to stay with her in-laws. She only moves back with Zi Long to be with Bai Lu when she is scared after a home robbery to feel secure only with Zi Long around. She finds out Yong Xi's infidelity to alert Zhen Zhu. 

Even though she is unhappy with Yong Xi, she puts up with him due to Zhen Zhu. She has matured and grown to become sensible to want to save the employees from being fired by Yong Xi. She, Zhen Zhu and Zi Long try hard to save the company when it is on the edge of bankruptcy. Her acting is natural but I feel that she could have given another role different from 'My husband has a family.'

3. Jin Tae Hyun as Chen Yong Xi
He is Ji Zi's son who returns to Korea in shame after creating a great mess in Wall Street. He embezzles the company funds and is fired. Ji Zi finds ways to let him work in AT through Bai Lu. Under Ji Zi's persuasion, he woos Zhen Zhu for a better future. Shang Hao learns about his part and wants to fire him. But he dies before he can do that. So Yong Xi becomes Zhen Zhu's husband to become the acting CEO.

He later becomes the CEO with Bai Lu's help. His greedy, scheming ambitious and haughty nature doesn't change and he keeps belittling Zi Long when Zi Long first joins the company.  He keeps wanting to expand investments. He still continues to keep secret funds. He finds Lu an eye sore and often finds fault with her. He even tries to delay their presentation through dirty tricks, Zi Long and Gong Zhu side with her to go against him. He later abuses his authority to fire 100 staff. That causes them to set up a protest outside the office.

He is disappointed to know that Zhen Zhu is barren and intends to adopt an orphan, Lan Er. In order to secure his position and he only wants his own son to inherit the fortune, he gets Marie to leave their son, Xiao Song at the doorstep to pretend that it is a natural gift to let him adopt him legally. 

When the matter is blown up, he is forced to take them back. Zi Long later shows the video of the accident to all directors to force him out of his position. He becomes a fugitive and goes into hiding. He only surrenders himself to the police after Marie's death to pass the funds to Zi Long. After his release, he visits Marie's grave with his family.  Thumbs up to his acting to make this jerk come alive. I don't understand why he doesn't win any award? This is so unfair to him.    

4. Seo Hyun Jin as Luo Zhen Zhu
She is Shang Hao's quiet and submissive elder daughter. She is in love with Ren Guo, her ex-tuition teacher. Her parents oppose to it, Bai Lu's reaction is most extreme when she takes Ji Zi's advice to introduce Yong Xi to go out with her instead. She begs Ren Guo to elope with her but is rejected so she is resigned to her fate to marry Yong Xi. Ji Zi keeps pressing her to get pregnant but she pours all the Chinese herbs away.

She suffers a big blow upon knowing that she is barren and hopes to adopt a child. She is attached to Lan Er after working as a volunteer at the orphanage. She is puzzled why Ji Zi opposes so strongly to the adoption. Upon knowing that Bai Lu lies about Shang Hao's last wish, she vows never to forgive Bai Lu and insists of divorcing Yong Xi. Bai Lu will never allow that so she fails again.

We have heard of the mother's boy but she is definitely the father's girl. Bai Lu keeps calling her when she is not back home. She is being treated like a little girl despite reaching 30 years old. She can't make sound decisions on her own and only listens to others.

She builds a bond with Xiao Song but is shattered later to know that he is Yong Xi's love child. She is angry with Bai Lu for still putting up with it and leaves home. After Yong Xi's arrest, she marries Ren Guo and is pregnant. Her acting is bland. I don't really like it.        

5. Jang Mi Hee as Zhang Bai Lu
She is the sisters' mother who thinks very highly of herself as the upper class. Her world collapses after Shang Hao's death and she becomes reliant on Yong Xi. Thus, she is determined to let Zhen Zhu marry him as she can never approve of her marrying a widower with a daughter.  

She approves of Yong Xi despite of his average upbringing because he can manage the company. She insists that Yong Xi marries into the family and he must complete the traditional rituals at her place first before returning to his home. (Just like how the Chinese do for Qing Ming.)

She doesn't like Zi Long for being lowly educated. She finds his family not 'classy' enough. Moreover, it irks her when he keeps making mistakes. She comes up with the marriage agreement as she hopes that the couple will break up within a year.

Gong Zhu's wedding is a small scale affair as compared to Zhen Zhu's as she doesn't even want others to know. After seeing how Zi Long manages to rescue Zhe Xiu from a skin allergy attack to peaches, she changes her view slightly. The robbery at her place makes her insecure and she wants Zi Long to move in with her. Qin Shun agrees despite Cheng Shi's opposition.

She doesn't blink even after knowing that Song Er is Yong Xi's love child. To her, AT is more important. Her daughters get fed up with her to move out. She only suffers upon knowing that Yong Xi has left Shang Hao to die on the spot. She is later grateful to Zi Long for saving AT. Zi Long intends to go to the US to learn management so she entrusts Ren Guo to take over AT. This actress is also successful in making you dislike her.    

6. Dok Go Young Jae as Luo Sang Hao
He is AT's CEO. He is a doting father to his daughters and only wants them to be happy. Upon knowing that Marie is Yong Xi's pregnant girlfriend, he could have told everyone. Why keep quiet? He is disappointed with Yong Xi's doing and drives alone to meet Ren Guo, wanting him to make Zhen Zhu happy. On his way back, he is involved in a car accident. Yong Xi follows him as he only wants to keep his job.

He later leaves him to die and escapes. Strangely, when he can say a lot on his deathbed, he only tells Bai Lu to give in to Zhen Zhu and misses out the most important information. How stupid can this be! Unknown to Yong Xi, a traffic camera has taken photos of his misdeed. He destroys it but Zi Long manages to fix it back.  

7. Kim Hye Ok as Gao Cheng Shi
She is Zi Long's mother who is upset with her sons being street hawkers. She is always cooking for Bai Lu and thus Bai Lu approaches her to be her helper. In return, Bai Lu gets Yong Xi to get Wan Xiu a job. She also promises to work for her in order to repay the damages money that Wan Xiu has to pay to a cab customer for hurting him unintentionally.   

Zi Long is actually her cousin's son. Her uncle marries her aunt but the daughter is not by him. She adopts Zi Long after her death. She treats Bai Lu well after her mishap although they don't get along well after their children's marriage. The secret she tries keeping is uncovered but Zi Long is happy to have 2 sets of parents. 

8. Kim Young Ok as Qian Qin Shun
She is Wan Xiu's mother who has a fiery temper. She wants to earn more money for the family by selling mats but ends up getting cheated. She dotes on Zai Long, not because he is younger but because Zi Long is adopted. She feels indignant when Zi Long has a proper wedding but not Zai Long.

Thus, she passes her gold ring to Ji Ying. When Bai Lu wants Zi Long to move with her, she is the only one to say yes so that Zai Long can have a bigger room.  She dislikes Bai Lu for making remarks and gives her a piece of her mind. She even chides her for being too much and that is why she can only produce daughters. When Bai Lu mistakens her for stealing her diamond ring, she doesn't eat.

Upon knowing that Bai Lu is unable to swallow her pride, she forces her to apologise to her at Wan Xiu's home. There is no way she can allow this matter to pass. Although I dislike the old woman to be biased to Zi Long, I cheer whenever she scolds Bai Lu.            

9. Han Jin Hee as Wu Wan Xiu
He is jobless after being retrenched. He doesn't want his family to worry so he becomes a cab driver. The assault incident causes his whole family to know about it and Yong Xi gives him a lowly job as a security guard. He resigns after knowing how Zi Long suffers at Yong Xi's mercy. Zi Long has wanted to return the remaining money to Yong Xi after paying off their damages but his family decides to use it to open a fried chicken shop. Zai Long and Wan Xiu manage it on their own after Zi Long works in AT.   

10. Ryu Dam as Wu Zai Long
He is Zi Long's younger brother who is studying for the university entrance exam at the age of 27. When seeing Zi Long on the street, he decides to quit his studies to help him. He gets to know Ji Ying and both sleep together when drunk. She becomes pregnant and moves in to stay with the family. He feels sorry for Zi Long after knowing his parentage but still treats him like his own brother.

11. Lee Hwi Hyang as Li Ji Zi
She is a scheming mother who wants the best for Yong Xi after suffering a lot as a widow to send him to study in US.  She owns a salon but has trouble making ends meet. She is surprised when Yong Xi moves back and she paves his future. She spreads rumours of Zhen Zhu being the mother of Ren Guo's daughter. That makes Bai Lu dislike Ren Guo more to think that he is the culprit and wants to break them up.

Her wish comes true but she is saddened that Yong Xi indeed marries into Bai Lu's family. She forces Zhen Zhu to cook for the ancestors but Zhen Zhu can't do the job well. She scolds her to Bai Lu's displeasure. Bai Lu gets her chauffeur to buy the offerings to bring over – she will not allow her daughter to be ill-treated as AT successor. That makes Ji Zi realise her position to cry when Yong Xi can only return after completing the rites at Bai Lu's place first.  

Ji Zi is delighted to have a grandson but is cruel not to want to see him at first. She later softens upon taking care of him. She encourages Yong Xi to accept Zi Long as his brother-in-law or Gong Zhu will be married to someone of influential background. If that happens and Gong Zhu gets pregnant, he will have no say. I guess this is her way of fighting back against her since Bai Lu doesn't like her to appear at AT often too.  

She comes up with the adoption idea and also to leave Xiao Song at Bai Lu's doorstep. When her family fails to leave the airport, she even confronts the policemen on why Yong Xi is to be arrested since he only gets a little money from AT. She keeps on blaming Zi Long for it but only improves after Marie's death. She takes care of Xiao Song and sells food when Yong Xi is in jail.

I find this role utterly evil to the core. Can a mother and grandmother be a money digger to this extent? Leaving the grandson in the cold outside Bai Lu's home while she stays in the warm car to wait for Zi Long to bring it inside is too much for me to accept it.         

12. Jo Mi Ryung as Li Ji Ying
She is Ji Zi's younger sister who is 10 years older than Zai Long. She works as a beautician and Bai Lu gives her a shop after Yong Xi's marriage. She feels sorry for Ji Zi when Yong Xi moves out. It is the same as losing her son to her in-law. Unlike her, she is kind although she can be petty. She is quite reluctant to address Gong Zhu as elder sister-in-law as she is older than him. She later gives birth to a daughter.

13. Jung Chan as Jiang Ren Guo
He opens a café after his wife's death. He concentrates on looking after his daughter but never expects to fall in love with Gong Zhu. When facing lots of opposition, he gives up and works for Zhe Xiu. He is now the CEO of Korea branch company. He brings Zhe Xiu to eat at the restaurant and he has a good impression of him of being dedicated to customers.

I tear my hair when seeing Yong Xi sucking up to him and keeps using Zhen Zhu as his bait in order to get Global holdings to inject funds into AT. He is hesitant to hurt Zhen Zhu after getting Yong Xi's criminal evidence as she lies to him that she is happily married. He later works with Zi Long to expose him.    

14. Yoo Ho Rin as Kim Marie
She is Yong Xi's girlfriend who is pregnant with his baby when they are in US. She returns to Korea to look for him after her parents' death. Yong Xi ditches her but Ren Guo offers her a home as her parents also allow him to stay at their place when he studies overseas too. She is Zi Long's first love so Gong Zhu gets jealous.

Upon knowing that Zhen Zhu is marrying Yong Xi, she goes to the wedding venue to want to expose him but she gives birth on the same day. She deliberately makes friends with Zhen Zhu so that she can work in AT as Bai Lu's secretary. Instead of hating him, she later helps him in his career as she loves him too much.

She is reluctant to part with Xiao Song but is forced to do so when Zhen Zhu wants to adopt Lan Er. She shieds herself to protect Yong Xi from being hit by a car to get injured to die instead. (another accident? Come on….) She apologies to Zhen Zhu for causing the hurt and makes Ji Zi promise to take care of Xiao Song before she dies. Her role is a sad one to love the wrong man and yet doesn't know how to seek revenge on him.                

15. Park Hyun Sook as Homeless Director Lu
She is the leader of Zi Long's team who recognises the members' abilities. Bai Lu puts Gong Zhu under her team to groom her. She is hurt in a car accident but supports Zi Long all the way for producing a seaweed dumpling product to get discharged earlier. Later, she gets retrenched and is involved in the strike. She doesn't bear a grudge against AT and signs up for the move to get more funds.  

16. Park Seon-hee as Gamjatang manager
He is the manager of the restaurant who is the only one to know Gong Zhu's identity when she comes. As Zi Long doesn't want him to get dismissed, he chooses to resign over the food poisoning incident. He is overjoyed when Bai Lu sends him over to the restaurant. He puts on the website when the restaurant organises free food to be delivered to poor families and Zi Long saves a child from a fire.

Zi Long is later posted to HQ and he is also on the retrenchment list when Yong Xi wants to wind up the restaurant. He joins Lu in the protest to keep his job.         

17. Gil Yong-woo as Wang Zhe Xiu
He is the owner of Global Holdings. In the past, he is Ji Zi's neighbour. Ji Zi's eyes sparkle upon knowing that he is rich now and tries to get his attention, hoping to marry him one day but he rejects her. He is still missing his first love but is shattered to know that she is dead. He has to break up with her due to family opposition and moves to US. He only learns that she is pregnant then.

Upon knowing that Zi Long is Zhe Xiu's son, Ji Zi keeps the truth from him and lies to him that he is dead. His fatherly instinct doesn't feel that way. He finds that Zi Long has the same allergy as him. It doesn't dawn upon him that he is his son. He is grateful when Zi Long treats him to homemade dishes and even lets him test Cheng Shi's cooking. Yong Xi steals the credit when he takes over from Zi Long to take care of a drunk Zhe Xiu.

Thus, Zhe Xiu's good impression dips further after his failure to do a proper presentation after Yong Xi deletes the file from his laptop. He later reunites with Zi Long and is grateful to Wu family for bringing him up. So he gives them a bungalow to stay.

18. Lee Re as Zheng Xiao Xing
She is Ren Guo's daughter who gets along well with Zhen Zhu. She follows her father to the US but doesn't return to Korea when he gets a new job.  

Interesting facts
The drama extended to 9 more episodes and the ratings were high at over 20%.  Jang Woo and Yeon Seo denied being a couple although they were often seen together. Jang Woo was 40 minutes early for the first meeting with the cast. Many praised him for showing respect to seniors and all liked him.

Awards won:
- 2013 Apan Star Awards – Popular Star Award: Oh Yeon Seo
- 2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Excellence Actress: Seo Hyun Jin
- 2012 MBC Drama Awards: Rookie Actor Award: Lee Jang Woo
- 2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actress Awards (Soap Opera): Seo Hyun Jin
- 2012 MBC Drama Awards: Rookie Actress Award: Oh Yeon Seo

Most favourite character
I would like to choose Zi Long but this guy is too good to be true. Gong Zhu is my favourite for being steadfast in love and being very determined.                                                                                                                         
Most hated character
I dislike Bai Lu more than Yong Xi and Ji Zi. The latter two can be selfish but they do want the best for Xiao Song to put him in the best care. Bai Lu – she is cold-blooded. When on earth she thinks for her daughters as claimed to be? She only loves AT. She wants her son-in-laws to stay with her as she needs them. It's like she enjoys snatching other people's sons as she has none of her own.  

This drama has a stupid plot as it is recycled almost shamelessly. It runs the same pattern as 'Smile again, Dong Hae'. Ok – the Tv station can do it as it wishes but how can they be so lazy to get the same actor, Jang Woo to act in here? The role is just being switched from the rich guy to the poor guy. Zhen Zhu as a well educated professor can be so dumb – who can believe this?

It runs in the same pattern – Yong Zi cheats on Zhen Zhu and Marie, He also deceives Bai Lu and Ji Zi. Zi Long lies to Cheng Shi about finding a job outside. So our conclusion that the women here are easily deceived. Only two manage to deceive their men. Gong Zhu manages to lie that she is poor to rent a room to stay and Ji Ying doesn't reveal her age to Zai Long at first.    

The three old women are so-called high school friends but yet they don't know each other's children at all. Please don't tell me that the children are always out all the time. Can this be possible too? Worse when the children only know one another so much later through the mouths of outsiders. I don't buy this idea easily.

Zi Long's endurance level is super high. He keeps mum when Yong Xi chides him. He also doesn't explain himself when Zhe Xiu wrongs him. And Zhe Xiu – as a man you should let go easily. Why keep harping on Zi Long not sending him back to the hotel like a woman? He is super petty.   

No doubt life is full of deception and plots but this one is too much. How can Ji Zi and Yong Xi never get caught? Or even when Yong Xi gets caught by Zhen Zhu for lying, he still lies between his teeth. The scriptwriters are plain lazy to think of something new. The accident scenes are too fake – a painful way for the two characters to die and for us to suffer. Give us a break – we deserve better plots after watching better dramas.

Sukting's ratings:
On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)
On story : ** (Scale of 5)

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