I Am Legend

Reviewed by: sukting

July 28, 2012

Rating: two-point-five

How long
Episodes: 16
Xue Ji gets a divorce after being unable to be ill-treated by her high-flying lawyer husband,
Zhi Xu, and his arrogant family. Determined to get her life back on track, she returns to her
rock band roots, becoming the leader of the Comeback Madonna Band. Her bandmates are
‘aunties’ who have their own problems of their own. Together, they search for happiness
and personal fulfillment through music.

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Kim Jung Eun as Quan Xue Ji
She marries into a rich family but isn’t close to them. She gets pregnant out of wedlock and
is accepted unwillingly. Her in-laws do not treat her well when she has a miscarriage. After
that, she is made to go through all sorts of treatment in order to get pregnant but Zhi Xu
has grown sick of her to avoid sleeping with her to have a private apartment near the
office. It is the last straw for her when she is forbidden by her mother-in-law to donate her
bone marrow to save her cancer-stricken younger sister.
She asks for a divorce but this is something that never happens before in this family. She
goes through all kinds of hardship to make her wish come true. Before the divorce is
finalised, she organizes a band. She is annoyed when Zhi Xu tries all ways to stop her from
singing in public and other members blame her. However, they later find success through
online performances.
In the meantime, she also becomes a legal assistant. She pities a group of hawkers and
volunteers to help them to seek damages in re-allocation. To her dismay, the development
company belongs to Zhi Xu’s uncle and Zhi Xu also takes up the case. Thus, this another
battle takes up another half of the drama.
Sheng Hui and Zhi Xu are puzzled why Xue Ji gives up suddenly. Zhi Xu discovers that she
is trying to protect them while recalling the conversation with his uncle and is touched. He
looks around for her and thanks her. Xue Xi doesn’t want to become a band member who
only survive on shows so they decide to disband. After the last performance of a farewell
concert, she works hard to remain as the legal assistant . I only find Jung Eun’s acting
passable. No surprises although she acts as a rocker here.

2. Lee Joon Hyuk as Zhang Tai Xian
He is a strict teacher who does recoding well. He is weird, wooden and stubborn. He is very
persistent towards music and bravely brings up his son. He earns a lot of money in the
past but his high demands of others make him unpopular later and due to his pride, he is
unable to set up his own recording position. He has tried making music to suit the times
but is unable to.
It is not his intention to help the band as he is forced to rope in to help but this develops
his relationship with Xue Ji. Both become lovers due to their love for music. No doubt this
character is boring but Joon Hyuk makes him almost lifeless. Many might not like his
presentation here.

3. Kim Seung Soo as Che Zhi Xu
He is a successful lawyer to deal with criminal cases. He doesn’t love Xue Ji anymore to
have Sheng Hui as his mistress but pretends to still love her in the public. His apartment is
actually the secret meeting place for Sheng Hui. His great acting makes the family court
feel that they can’t meditate between them using advice since she is so adamant. Both
finally have to face each other in court. This makes Zhi Xu mad as he has not wanted a
divorce to disgrace his family.
The ignorant Xue Ji chooses to defend herself on her own. Soon, she realizes that she is no
match for Zhi Xu and Sheng Hui, whom he chooses to defend for him. She has to engage
Zhen Pei to help her. This man is impossible - he doesn’t want Tai Xian to get close to Xue
Ji and warns him. He is touched when Xue Ji gets evidence of his adultery on a disc but
chooses to play a disc that shows how they look forward to their unborn baby in the past.
Although he doesn’t need to provide her alimony and both sides are ordered to pay for
their own expenses, he isn’t happy. He gives her some money, worrying for her future but
she returns it to him, wanting to be independent. Seeing her in financial difficulties, he
tries to help her every now and then. His heart changes all the way. There is once when Xue
Ji is hospitalized upon fainting due to fatigue after a performance.
The hospital informs Tai Xian and he rushes to take care of her. Zhi Xu gives Xue Ji a call to
know about it to arrive too. She is still asleep and he holds her hand tenderly. You will be
amused when both men quarrel because of her on who should stay with her as both
remind each other of Sheng Hui’s presence. But Tai Xian is still honest to tell Xue Ji that Zhi
Xu has visited her. Sheng Hui feels that Zhi Xu is cold towards her and asks him if his
changing of heart is due to Xue Ji but he denies.
He knows that he will not get a chance to win her back. He goes to her last performance
and wishes her well as a farewell gift. He feels sorry for neglecting her in the past and her
performance reminds him how he loves her in the past. How different he is from in Ju
Mong – slim and having a clean-cut image. He also gives a sensitive touch to how witty or
crafty lawyers are. His ac ting is definitely a cut above the rest.

4. Jang Young Nam as Wu Sheng Hui
She is an attorney working in same law firm as Zhi Xu and is also Tai Xian’s ex-wife. She is
smart and also proud, wanting everything to be perfect. Her speciality is dealing with
divorces involving the rich and she has not lost a single case. Xue Ji’s success makes her
have a taste of failure for the first time and Mdm Hong will never accept her as a single
mother. For the hawker case, she starts manipulating the others when Zhi Xu starts to have
a change of heart to feel more for Xue Ji.
She knows Zhi Xu is reluctant to face his ex-wife by wanting to settle the matter out of
court but she decides to blow it big. She never expects the crime CD to land into Xue Ji’s
hands. It surprises her even more to know that Zhi Xu is the sender. He does this to stop
the situation from getting worse and he also reasons out that he can’t be with her anymore
although he stresses that it has nothing to do with Xue Ji. It is more on the way she does.
When she sees how Xue Ji and Tai Xian gets close while Zhi Xu wants to break up with her,
she wants to bring her son to the US. She fights with Tai Xu over their son’s custody but
changes her mind upon knowing Xue Ji better. Boring acting and she fails to bring out how
an eloquent lawyer should be. Her expressions are too stiff.

5. Jang Shin Young as Jiang Xiu Ren
She trains a group of young rockers and is a tomboyish workaholic. She has a strong sense
of pride and is focused in work, rejecting all chances to love. However, things aren’t as
smooth as she thinks to be and Tai Xian criticizes her young band. She loses heart for a
while and doesn’t contact the rest.
The setting up of the band gives her confidence again. She also starts to love Tai Xian
secretly but it is unrequited love to leave her troubled. However, she becomes a real
woman now. She becomes the manager of a new band after Comeback Madonna Band ends
its journey.

6. Hong Ji Min as Li Hua Zi
She has been close to Xue Ji all along. Now, she is a salesperson for healthy products. She
works hard with her cab driver husband to support a daughter and a son who are still in
school. Although they are poor, they are blissful. She treats the band as a form of releasing
stress. All will laugh when she is an auntie but she is a strong fan supporter of young
bands. She becomes the best saleswoman in the end.

7. Hyun Jyu Ni as Yang Ah Bing
She is another band member who has a son. She dreams of becoming an idol and plays the
guitar well. When she is in high school idol training class, she has the son out of wedlock
with Min Kui who is about the same age of her. Due to her being a young mother, she is
kicked out of school and can’t even understudy as a student in a manager company.
After marriage, she still stays with her parents. She joins Comeback Madonna Band when
the original guitarist, Hai Na leaves the band. However, their semi-professional standard
doesn’t fit her style. She has the most disputes with Hua Zi but later their fates are
interwined together.

8. Go Eun Mi as Jiang Lan Xi
She dreams of getting popular again. She wants to be the main singer and Tai Xian to write
songs for her. Tai Xian doesn’t like her for being ambitious and she often sabotages
Comeback Madonna Band to ruin their chances of performing. Thanks to her telling the
press of Xue Ji’s divorce, they are barred from going on TV once to promote their music.

9. Cha Hwa Yun as Mdm Hong
She is Zai Xu’s mother who keeps blaming Xue Ji for being childless for so many years. She
keeps forcing her to go to checkups and social functions with her. Fearing that donating
the bone barrow will affect Xue Ji’s chance of pregnancy, she opposes to it. Xue Ji’s heart
dies when Zhi Xu is also unwilling to help Xue Ji to make her change her mind.
She finds it shameful when others harp on how Xue Ji sings in public and urges Zhi Xu to
end the divorce fast. She appears in court to testify on how ungrateful Xue Ji is to her
despite of her treating her well. She is also involved in the hawker case. Upon knowing she
and his uncle are dealing with illegal activities, Zhi Xu struggles between family and law
justice. He then asks the two to give up the market as they are in deep trouble.

10. Yoon Joo Hee as Quan Zai Ji
She is Xue Ji’s younger sister and is her only pride. Both are orphans so she doesn’t
understand why Xue Ji can bring herself to marry into this snobbish family which look
down on them. Xue Ji saves hard to finance her studies to let her become a doctor. Yet, Zai
Ji avoids her in hospital as she finds it shameful too. There is nothing wrong with Xue Ji so
why must she be an unhappy person to go through all the tests?
Despite being a doctor, she succumbs to cancer and becomes critically ill. Although Mdm
Hong tells Xue Ji that she should wait for s donor, Xue Ji decides not to since hers match
well as her kin. She later recuperates in the US with her boyfriend and is touched to know
what Xue Ji has done for her.

11. Kim Dong Hyun as Jang Nu Li
He is Tai Xian’s and Sheng Hui’s son. He is sensible and will not ask for her attention
unless he falls ill. Hu Li looks forward to Sheng Hui attending his birthday party but she
can’t make it. Nu Li is very upset and calls Tai Xian. Tai Xian comes with Xue Ji to celebrate
with him. This upsets Sheng Hui who arrives later to witness it.
Nu Li has a good impression of Xue Ji and asks if she is his father’s girlfriend. Sheng Hui
gets jealous and warns Xue Ji not to get close to her son or she will fight for his custody.
But she still tries in the end as she realises that she hasn’t been a good mother all these

12. Kim Myung Gook as Yang Guang Re
He is the boss of the bar. He advises them to record their songs properly to film a clip to
put on the internet. Thanks to his advice, they become famous.

13. Kim Joon Hyung as Han Min Kui
He is the band’s manager. He accepts deals for them and also maintains their expenses

14. Jang Hang Sun as Gao Zhen Pei
Tai Xian introduces this lawyer to Xue Xi when other lawyers do not dare to take up her
divorce case. Sheng Hui is very wary of him as he is an experienced lawyer. He fights for
the poor and takes up the case for the hawkers when Xue Ji requests his help. Zhi Xu has
wanted to raise the price for hawkers by approaching the merchants but is rejected. Zhen
Pei notices that the agreement letters and the amount are questionable and he will
definitely fight for them.

15. Im Hyun Sik as President Ren Yan Ho
She wants Xue Ji to be her lawyer against Sheng Hui and Zhi Xu. She is the head of the
hawker organization and wants the best for them.

16. Ha Seung Ri as Zhao Ya Lin
A new member of the band. She is still young and the rest do not wish to affect her future.
Thus, they get her to join another band and Xiu Ren can help her along the way.

Interesting facts
These are the 2010 SBS Drama Awards for the drama:
Top Excellence Award, Actress - Kim Jung Eun
Top Excellence Award, Supporting Actress – Hong Ji Min
Special Planning Drama
Kim Seung Soo was nominated for best supporting actor.

Most favourite character
Zhi Xu, although he is nasty at first, he becomes a better person with conscience along the

Most hated character
Sheng Hui, she gets nasty when things don’t work her way.

Despite having a starlit cast, the whole drama is boring. Can you imagine that the divorce
case takes 8 long episodes? Good grief – that is the most long-winded case that I have
watched. I nearly doze off – it isn’t as exciting as I think it to be. It is not helped by half-
baked acting along the way.
Moreover, the band’s performance is mediocre. Their image is update but their singing – it
puts you through an endurance test. Only watch it when you are free or unless you wish to
see how the leads have a refreshing image from their usual dramas.

Sukting’s ratings :
On acting : *** (Scale of 5)
On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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