Reviewed by: sukting

December 04, 2006

Rating: two-point-five

How long
17 episodes

This is Jang Dong Gun's first comeback after a 3 years break from television appearance due to his studies at college. How does he fare as a ice hockey player? This is considered the Korean version of the Japanese drama 'Pride' by Takuya Kimura.

Xie, Cheng Yu and Tai Hao are good high school friends. They have vowed to get into Yan Xin University – the famous college in producing the best ice hockey players. Later, Xie betrays his promise and gets into the less prestigious Qing Yun University instead. What is the reason behind it?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Yin Can – Jang Dong Gun
He is rebellious and pampered from young, and only knows how to waste time. His results are not good enough to get into Yan Xin university and gets into Qing Yun university instead. He always gets into trouble and is nearly fired by the ice hockey team. After knowing how much Xie suffers for him, he finally pulls up his socks to work hard. His brother's death makes him more mature and he can be firm to love his girlfriend despite his parents' opposition. With his determination, he is successful in the sport and love.

Dong Gun looks very youthful in here and he does the rebellious role well. You will dislike this role for causing so much trouble, not just to his team but also to his brother.

2. Yin Xie – Jin Ming Xiu
He is Can's elder brother who cares for him. Because of him, he gives up his chance and gets into Qing Yun university instead. This breaks the promise that he makes with his friends. Still, his ability enables him to become the team captain. Tai Hao is very hostile to him but he bears with it. He gets to know Rui Ling during a commercial shoot. He is a shy person by nature but he plucks his courage to woo her! He wins her heart but is killed accidentally by Cheng Yu in a match.

3. Jiang Tai Hao – Li Zhong Yuan
He is Xie's friend and dislikes his way of overprotecting Can. He is thus harsh to him in the competitions, as he also becomes the vice captain. He doesn't get along with his teammates. After Xie's death, he realizes how much he has missed and seeks to improve their ties.

He initially thinks that his father drives his mother away to Australia after their divorce. He is later touched to know that she is the one who made the choice and he even gives her money to set up a café. He is initially in love with Feng Xian. But after knowing that his adopted sister falls for him and she comes all the way to Korea, he is touched and marries her instead.

4. Piao Cheng Yu – Liu Tai Xiong
Unlike his two other friends, he comes from a poor family and he has to work hard to earn a scholarship to get into Yan Xin university. His talents are also recognized to be the captain. He is always the mediator between his two friends. There is a very scary scene – his teammate is late to bring his hockey stick for him and his coach gets so angry that he hits him hard on his legs, leaving wounds on them! I wonder if all coaches are so violent in their punishments.

He also likes Rui Ling but keeps his feelings in his heart. He feels guilty for causing Xie's death and many do not forgive him although it is an accident. Only his teammates still give him the support and try very hard to reduce his guilt.

He feels so pressured that he nearly jumps down from the hotel room window during the Australian training. His teammates then know how hard it has been for him. Knowing that Rui Ling loves both brothers, he gives up and concentrates on the sport instead.

5. Mr. Yin
He is the guys' parents and Xie is his pride. He pins all his hopes on this outstanding son and tends to neglect Can. But he also sees the potential in him and helps him to overcome the problems that he faces. But like his wife, he isn't prepared to accept Rui Ling, as seeing her reminds him of Xie's death too.

6. Li Feng Xian
She is the university café's owner's eldest daughter. Although she doesn't know how to play the game, she likes to observe the matches and they grow to become close to her. She is the one who helps Cheng Yu to clear the rivalry between the guys but ends up falling for him instead. Both start a short romance but knowing that he has to shoulder a lot of responsibility, she gives him up.

7. Liu Rui Ling – Li Sheng Yan
She is a beautician and is amused when Xie finds all kinds of excuses not to apply makeup for a trailer when the others obey her. He has thought that it is inappropriate for a guy to do that and only agrees reluctantly to do it, under the coaxing of the rest. He starts to feel something for her and tries to get her involved in the sport. When she finally comes to watch his match, he is delighted. It is sad that their romance does not last long with his sudden death.

She panics when knowing that Cheng Yu and Can love her. She avoids the two as she can't forget Xie. She later straightens out her thoughts to accept Can. Both start a firm relationship after that.

8. Mrs. Yin
She is the guys' mother and is close to them. Xie's death deals her a hard blow so she initially opposes to Can to continue the sport. She later gives in to him but doesn't allow him to be with Rui Ling as her presence reminds her of Can. This can be quite unfair as she isn't the cause of his death.

Most Favourite Character
Xie, he does so much for his teammates and family.

Most Hated Character
Tai Hao, he is very unreasonable and is very self-centred, always thinking that he is right all the time. Xie's death gives him some space for reflection.


If you don't know the game, you will be thrown into a field of confusion and unknown. That is what happens to me and probably that is why I find it uninteresting. I have to treat it as if I am watching a soccer match. Furthermore, the acting is less than desirable. This drama is only sought after by Dong Gun's fans. You may wish to see how he acts in his earlier days.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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