Section:Korean Dramas

Genre:Martial Arts, Historical, Period

Number of Episodes:20


Language: Korean

Average Rating:       (out of 4 ratings)


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Reviewed by: sukting December 11, 2008

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

How long 20 episodes Foreword Set during the Joseon Dynasty, it is about a gangster who becomes Robin Hood at night. How does he cope with this double life? He has two confidantes – one rich and one poor. Who will he choose in the end? Story/Introduction on characters 1. Lee Joon Ki as Iljimae / Ryung / Lee Geom Geom's family was killed when he was young but he has no recollection of it as he lost...

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04-15-2013 05:59 AM


Beautiful drama, lousy ending. Jun-Ki delivers, and the pacing, action,and supporting characters are great, but after suffering so much tragedy, couldn't those writers throw us one small crumb of justice? It was so frustrating to suffer all that pain, and get no real JUSTICE! AAAAh! I felt like they copped out at the end because they were afraid to move one way or the other, and in a remarkably cowardly move, just tried to cover all possibilities. Very disappointing end. Thanks for the ride, though, Jun-Ki. You are the best!


01-31-2011 06:37 AM


I just wanted to ask, in regards to the ending. Does Iljimae actually die in the end. Its just it was kind of confusing as the last scene showed him sitting on the wall next to the plum tree. I wanted him to end up with Eun Chae, but apart from the ending I loved every bit of it.


02-03-2010 03:42 PM


Powerful and melodramatic historical drama. Although it contains a few unbelievable and coincidental moments, it keeps its special storytale quality throughout the series. Lee Jun Ki is the highlight...he's so good.


03-17-2009 10:34 AM


I like Lee Jun Ki in here a lot! He's so handsome and so cool as Iljimae! Hope that there will be Iljimae 2 with him as main lead and Han Hyo Joo as his love again. They are cute together, I like their love story to continue!


02-13-2009 01:10 PM


i like lee jun ki

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