I'm Still Loving You

Reviewed by: sukting

November 03, 2004

Rating: three-point-five

How long
16 episodes

This serial is shot before ‘All about Eve’. Chae Lim acts as a high school student who woos her teacher and becomes his wife in the end. But after marriage, they still face many problems. Those who are unhappy with how Shan Mei bullies/tortures/upsets/angers/hurts Xiang Zhe in ‘All About Eve’ will have their sweet revenge here. It is her turn now to suffer.


Xian Hua is a Pre-U 3 student and is the class monitor. She visits her aunt, Mei Zhi and Mei Zhi gets her to show her student, Heng Jun to her home. She walks to the security area and gets to see a man leaning against his car to read a book. He doesn’t notice her coming and wears a business suit. It gives her a clean and serious feel. Although she hasn’t seen his face clearly, she can detect that he has nice features and has an endearing personality.

Mei Zhi’s other student, Mei Gui is coming later. Mei Zhi tells Xian Hua that Heng Jun has gone for an interview to become her school’s teacher but it is not confirmed whether he is going to teach the secondary or pre-university classes. When he looks at Xian Hua, he recalls the past. He saw her when she was young and even carried her on his back. Xian Hua is shy by his words.

When he knows that she is already in Pre-U 3, he is amazed by how fast she has grown. She is rude to reply that he was only a primary school student then and has ignored the fact that he has grown old too. Mei Gui asks Xian Hua whether he is handsome looking. She thinks he is only okay. Mei Gui warns Xian Hua not to tell others her relationship with Heng Jun to the other students in school. Xian Hua is amused – she doesn’t even know how both are related – how is she going to spread the rumour?

Heng Jun becomes Xian Hua’s Maths teacher. It is time for the students to do their night revision. Some are tired and sleep instead. The students want Heng Jun to sing to drive away their boredom. He obliges but Ying Zhi frowns because she wants to concentrate on her studies. Mei Gui hears the commotion and is shocked to see the students dancing and screaming aloud. How can they bully their new teacher? She commands them to stop as they are really too much.

Xian Hua recalls the incident and realizes that Heng Jun has a nice singing voice. The others are also fascinated and look at him dreamily earlier on. She finds him attractive when he sings and starts to agree with Mei Gui……at least he looks handsome at this time. Xian Zhi learns of the case when Mei Gui tells her and scolds Xian Hua. Xian Zhi teaches in the affiliated secondary school and feels shamed by her act.

The next day, Xian Hua walks to school and finds Heng Jun playing basketball. She suddenly gets attracted to him. Xian Hua asks if he is angry and he wants them to think from his stand as he doesn’t wish to be dismissed. He understands that they are under a lot of pressure, but they should look for other teachers and not to bully new teachers. She replies that he is easy to be pushed around but he says that he can be scary when angry. He removes his wet T-shirt and her heart beats fast upon seeing his strong chest.

After dressing, he gives her a carton of milk and wonders who gives him this everyday. He has chosen Maths to major instead of technical under Mei Zhi’s advice because this is his interest. He gives her his email by writing on the milk carton. He knows that she is indecisive on which faculty to study in the university and wants to help her – just like the way Mei Zhi has assisted him.

De Shun wants Xian Hua to pretend to be sick so that both can skip classes to watch a movie together. Yin Zhi’s mother complains about the dancing incident so Heng Jun is punished to write an apology letter. Heng Jun is unhappy and goes to the library. Mei Gui wants him to write it quickly and she will settle the rest for him. Heng Jun doesn’t like her to do everything for him and frowns. At this time, Xian Hua pretends to be sick and wants De Shun to bring her to see the doctor. Xian Hua notices his displeasure and wonders what is wrong. They enjoy the movie when Mei Qin sms them to tell them about Heng Jun’s punishment. Both feel remorseful and rush back to school.

Heng Jun hands the apology letter to Mrs Bai. Mrs Bai indicates her wish to meet his mother to discuss about their marriage. Heng Jun is furious upon knowing that Mei Gui has lied that his mother is staying with his cousin – who is his elder brother in reality. He doesn’t feel shameful about his mother’s remarriage. To him, she is the woman he respects most. If Mei Gui looks down on them, there is no need for them to continue their relationship. He meets the two girls at the car park and knows the truth.

Heng Jun is very upset over it. He doesn’t feel regretful when writing the apology letter but they have treated him like a fool. He ignores them and leaves. Mei Qin wants to seek revenge against Yin Zhi so she spills coke into her face. She also brings kimchi to him. She is shocked upon seeing different flavours of it in the fridge! Many students have prepared for him. Mei Gui is unhappy to see them together and sneer that he likes younger girls. He denies.

The next day, Mei Gui punishes the girls who break the school rules. Xian Hua attends Heng Jun’s lesson and senses that he is still angry with them because he doesn’t accept their greeting. He only wants to answer Math questions and nothing else. She puts a pot of flowers at his table with an apology letter. Mei Cui steals it to read and is angry.

She chides her for landing Heng Jun into trouble. Xian Hua gets so mad that she breaks the pot. Heng Jun goes after her and is shocked to hear her saying that he has betrayed her trust. So he isn’t qualified to be a teacher. He gives her a slap and regrets it. Xian Hua tells him to punish her if he likes. Even though he looks down on her, he should not have given her letter to another teacher.

From then on, Xian Hua loses interest in everything. She even uses chalk to dirty the side of the blackboard to stain Heng Jun’s trousers. To her surprise, he doesn’t blame her for it. Mei Gui feels that he should be strict. He chides her for stealing the note and disgracing her in front of her juniors. Doesn’t she know the final year is important to all the students? He wants her to apologise to Xian Hua. She does it unwillingly.

Xian Hua then apologises to Heng Jun. Mei Qin wants to please Heng Jun and gets De Shun to teach her to make sushi. Yu Xi is unable to feel angry upon seeing Heng Jun’s smiling face. He jokes that he is scared of girls. Who says that a girls' school is a house of dreams? If teachers offend students, that is the end. Min Zhe is angry – how can Xian Hua be so disrespectful?

He thinks that Heng Jun gets the job because he knows that school director’s daughter. Yin Sang denies and protests that his younger brother gets the job due to his ability. Min Zhe also defends Xian Hua as she has no problems in studies too. Heng Jun apologises to Mei Gui for being too harsh on her. She forgives him. Heng Jun also calls up Xian Hua to apologise to her. She says that she needs no more concern from him.

Min Zhe then asks what she has done to make Heng Jun frightened of her. He doesn’t want to hear it again. She is annoyed as she is the victim. Mrs Bai notices that Mei Gui is troubled. If there is anything wrong, she should give Heng Jun up and accept Mr Bai’s arrangement to meet other suitors then.

Mei Gui charges into Heng Jun’s room without knocking on his door. He isn’t happy about it as he is just on time to button his shirt. Later, he sees Xian Hua and asks her to consider from Mei Gui’s stand. Mei Gui is just protecting him from her stand. She still can’t forget the humiliation and cries. He gives her his handkerchief to wipe her tears.

Upon knowing that she has no interest to go into university because she feels that she is studying for her parents, he mentions about himself. He and Yin Sang have different fathers so he is sore about it. His high school results are bad but Xian Hua’s aunt manages to change his mind. So he can get into university. He brings her to the place but is disturbed that she isn’t moved by the place at all. She is only concerned on what outdoor activities he is involved in and wants him to play a song on the guitar. He sings and plays on the guitar although he has not practiced for a long time.

Xian Hua is so excited that she clings to his elbow and calls him ‘dear’ jokingly when they stroll the place. Unknown to them, Yin Zhi sees them together and snaps photos with her camera. De Shun and Mei Qin wait at Xian Hua’s doorstep for her. Both are shocked to see her back in Heng Jun’s car. Mei Qin feels betrayed while De Shun decides to wait for Xian Hua’s explanation the next day.

Mei Gui waits angrily in Heng Jun’s room when he hasn’t returned. Upon hearing someone opening the door, she thinks that it is him and throws a pillow. She is stunned when she is He Shun! She isn’t happy that Mei Gui is so bad tempered but softens upon knowing how she helps him from being punished by the school. Still, she warns her not to stay in the room as they are not married yet. Mei Gui confronts Heng Jun angrily – does he look down on her by making her wait for him the whole day just to console Xian Hua?

The way she speaks makes him detest her. She replies that he is making her feeling the same as he is insensitive to reject her. The next day, Mrs Bai expresses her disappointment and doubts Heng Jun’s ability to teach. Heng Jun sees the photos and is angry but decides not to explain anything – even when the school committee directors are coming and the matter might be raised to the Education Ministry. Mrs Bai is angry – the night library studying session matter isn’t over and now this – how to keep his job then?

Heng Jun sits alone in the school compound. Mei Gui and Xian Hua walk to him from different directions – I really laugh – how can he be so ignorant? Mei Gui is very angry and gives Xian Hua a slap. Xian Hua blames herself and cries again. Heng Jun wipes her tears but wants to think over quietly. He might be tactless in the first place. Mrs Bai decides to transfer Heng Jun to teach in the secondary school as a punishment. Xian Zhi feels so disgraceful and upon knowing that Xian Hua wants to get married instead of furthering her studies, she gives her a slap.

She runs back to class to discover that Yin Zhi is the culprit. Yin Zhi sneers at her to be interested in old men and should become Heng Jun’s wife. Xian Hua is disappointed when her friends don’t support her. Her family waits for her return. Upon hearing the knock, Zhen Xiu rushes to open the door expecting his elder sister but comes to face with an angry He Shun. She is sore over Heng Jun’s demotion but is calmed by Mei Zhi. She feels likes punishing Xian Hua but Heng Jun dissuades her.

Mrs Bai is unhappy that Mei Gui still likes Heng Jun. Mei Gui tells her about her past being isolated by others. If not for Heng Jun, she is unable to graduate. Mrs Bai notices that Heng Jun is cold towards Mei Gui. He must be interested in Xian Hua so she urges Mei Gui to go for matchmaking sessions. All look frantically for Xian Hua. She comes to Heng Jun’s hostel to leave flowers and a toy rabbit at the doorstep before running home. Heng Jun notices a recorded message in the rabbit saying that she is sorry and tells him to look forward. She apologises to her family and they forgive her. I really laugh when Min Zhe pretends to be stern with her but mellows when knowing that she hasn’t eaten and sneaks out with her to have dinner together – only to be discovered by Xian Zhi!

Heng Jun leaves an email and asks why she leaves quietly. He likes the soft toy but is unhappy that she should not worry for him. She should concentrate on her studies. Xian Hua has lowered by 10 class positions and she walks to Heng Jun’s home unknowingly. He treats her to dinner and Mei Gui asks if he likes her. He responds yes as a friend but urges her not to be lonely because of him. Both kiss and Xian Hua feels awful. Heng Jun discovers her but she walks away.

The principal decides to let Heng Jun continue teaching in the graduating class so that they will not be interrupted in their studies but he needs to watch out his behaviour. He will be transferred to the secondary school later. But Heng Jun realizes that students still pester him to know his love life and don’t concentrate during his Maths lessons. He decides to transfer to the secondary section immediately and tells them that they are his first love. He is willing to help him because he has gone through the study stage too. After their exams, he will celebrate with them. He gives them the freedom they desire as he knows how stressful they are. The students regret their act and don’t wish to change another Maths teacher. They don’t dislike him and promises him to change.

Heng Jun insists on leaving and all blame Yin Zhi and Xian Hua. Xian Hua apologises to all but still respect the school’s decision. Heng Jun wonders why Mei Gui isn’t angry. She is at first but she has no right now. He jokes that he has more time to think. She questions if he thinks of her. The girls see Heng Jun with Mei Gui together and Xian Hua is angry.

Mei Gui buys a suit for Heng Jun but wants Mrs Bai to buy her a handbag. Mrs Bai tells Heng Jun to get her one but he finds her a spendthrift as she already has many. Yin Zhi sees them and spreads the news in class again. Yin Sang envies the couple and teases them for kissing. Heng Jun still feels that the gap between them is too wide and is burdened. Yin Sang asks if he feels bad because she buys things for him when Heng Jun offers him a tie. He is also uncomfortable with the snobbish future in-laws too.

Mei Zhi advises Min Zhe to leave Xian Hua alone and jokes that she resembles both when young as they harboured the same thought of getting married too. Mei Qin learns that Heng Jun is getting engaged and Xian Hua feels terrible. He Shun is unhappy that Mei Gui lies to Mrs Bai that Yin Shang is his cousin because Mrs Bai doesn’t like her to remarry. Ying Cai meets De Shun and comments that she is prettier. You will laugh when he calls her Liu De Hua initially by mistake! She is flattered and Mei Qin is also attracted to him. Ying Cai returns to study in the university.

He is also back because of his parents so De Shun teases him of following his grandfather’s footsteps to be a Chinese physician. He recalls seeing Xian Hua down the other day but the girls keep from him what has happened. Mei Qin comments that he is handsome. Heng Jun dislikes Mei Gui’s father running the school like a business organization and is displeased when she suggests getting Heng Jun to manage the school. He retorts that she will not like him to be a person to work with strings attached and she agrees.

Xian Hua is unwell and faints at the school gate. Heng Jun is concerned and gets Mei Gui to send her to hospital as he leaves his car at the garage. Both are shocked to know that her intestines are entangled. He tells Mei Gui to return to school while he waits for Xian Zhi. Xian Hua asks if he is getting engaged to Mei Gui and pleads with him to change his mind. She is about to say more when Xian Zhi arrives so he leaves.

Mei Qin decides not to visit Xian Hua in hospital. Why can’t she be the one to faint in Heng Jun’s arms?? Min Zhe has a drink with Yin Shang. If Heng Jun isn’t Xian Hua’s teacher, he will like him to be his son-in-law. Xian Hua decides she will be a good mother like Xian Zhi if she has a daughter in future. After her discharge, she thanks Mei Gui but she tells her to thank Heng Jun because he was the one carrying her and running to the hospital. Xian Hua feels touched by his gesture.

Xian Hua asks her when she is getting married but Mei Gui tells her to concentrate on her studies instead. She thanks Heng Jun too and wants him to make his marriage plans only after her exams. He agrees to meet her only after exams. Xian Hua decides to study hard as this might be her final exam so she must prove that her first love doesn’t affect her results. She makes a count – Heng Jun is 27 years old while she is 19. There is an 8 year gap but this doesn’t deter her.

Xian Hua is thrilled that Heng Jun is visiting Mei Zhi and waits for him at the gate. He knows that many have given her glutinous rice for good luck in exams so he returns her the soft toy. He records his message to tell her to work hard and don’t worry, be happy. He has not wanted to call her since she is busy and intends to leave it at Mei Zhi’s place for her to get it. Xian Hua is elated to get it.

Xian Hua finishes her exams and rushes to look for Heng Jun after it. Mei Qin and De Shun find it suspicious. She tries different outfits before meeting him. He is leaning against his car to read a book again. She asks him whether she looks like a woman but he still thinks that she looks like a young girl. He opens the car door for her and she feels that it is like a date.

She is happy not to retreat in front of him. He wonders when she has retreated. In the past, she is a student and has no freedom. She suddenly says that she loves him. He spits out the tea as it is too hot. He asks if she thinks he is good. She nods and when he asks if he is handsome, she shakes her head and admits that more teachers are handsome than him. He then asks if she is confident that she will not break his heart. What happens if she can find a better man if she gets into the university? She replies that that will not happen as she has never loved a man so much all her life - this is not the usual puppy love that one experiences. Heng Jun is alarmed and smokes to hide his anxiety.

He also wonders why he tries to delay his marriage plans with Mei Gui. Xian Hua chides him for being too traditional – what is wrong for a student loving the teacher? Upon returning home, she leaves the bear on his car. He presses on it and listens to another message. It asks him to open a red packet tied to it. He opens it and finds a bottle of tranquilliser. Xian Hua’s message says that he needs this to calm his nerves to have a dream with her in it. He holds the bottle and smiles.

Xian Zhi is angry with Xian Hua for lying to her. Xian Hua has not compared the answers in De Shun’s home. Xian Hua then lies that she does it at Mei Qin’s home. Heng Jun suddenly feels lonely after sending Xian Hua home and loathes staying alone in his room. So he returns home. He Shun gets drunk and sobs that she will only have one daughter-in-law in future. She knows Heng Jun will not stay with them after marriage. Yu Xi is equally unhappy over the poor treatment by Mei Gui. But both are unaware that Heng Jun wants to stay with them after his marriage.

The two brothers have a smoke in the garden. Heng Jun tells Yin Shang that someone declares her love for him. He is taken aback but surprised. Now he has mixed feelings. Why does he miss her now? It is impossible between them. Yin Shang asks why it can’t work since love has no boundary on nationality or age. Is she his student? Of course, he denies but Yin Shang still finds him suspicious.

Xian Hua tells her friends that she has declared her love openly. They are stunned… she wants to marry him but has he said that he loves her?? She is still adamant not to study in the university. De Shun disapproves but Mei Qin supports her. Losing to Xian Hua is better than losing to Mei Gui.

Mei Gui smells a rat when Heng Jun decides to bring forward their marriage plans. Both parents meet and she hides the fact that his mother is remarried and she wants him to move out. Heng Jun is angry as he knows Mrs Bai is angry and Mei Gui has not asked for his opinion. He has made it clear but she says that all will feel uncomfortable over the new change. She is shocked when he refuses to give in to her.

Xian Hua comes to look for Heng Jun and happens to know what has happened. She is sorry to see He Shun so upset but Heng Jun assures his mother that he will always love her no matter what others say. He turns around and sees Xian Hua. He gets concerned – why is she looking pale to stand in the old weather? What happens if she falls sick again? Xian Hua promises him that she will be a kind and loveable daughter-in-law. She will never hurt He Shun. Mei Gui is unqualified to be one.

Heng Jun doesn’t know whether to get angry or to laugh at Xian Hua’s words. She says that she will do a good job – why doesn’t he let her try out? She even holds his hand and says that he will regret rejecting her. Heng Jun wants to send her home but is hungry on the way because he is too angry to eat anything just now. She pesters him to go together to the food market.

Min Zhe goes to the food market with Yin Shang too. Xian Hua and Heng Jun sits at a table with the New Year cakes. She wants to feed him with it and he is horrified but she refuses to give up. He has no choice but to open his mouth. The two old men can’t believe what they see…….Yin Shang is terrified – is the woman Heng Jun mentioned the other time Xian Hua?

Min Zhe scolds Xian Hua after dragging her home. He is already displeased with Heng Jun over the photograph incident. Mei Gui wants to meet her too so Mei Qin wants her to dress maturely. Mei Gui is unhappy to get scolded from Yu Xi over what has happened and learns the love declaration matter through her. Although Yu Xi doesn’t know who the student is, she knows that it must be Xian Hua.

Xian Hua is hurt by her words. Heng Jun isn’t married and there is nothing wrong of her to say that she loves him. Why can’t a 20 year old be compared to a 26 year old? She is no longer his student so she has the right to call him by his name now. Xian Hua is angry – did Heng Jun tell Mei Gui about this?

Heng Jun is alerted when she looks for him. Can’t he tell her that he dislikes her or he is only meeting her because of Mei Zhi? He knows that she must have met Mei Gui before seeing him. She suddenly kisses him and he is worried that others will see this. But she is past caring about it. He admits that he doesn’t dislike her but this is an abnormal act. He is only an ordinary man.

She starts blaming him for being born so many years earlier than her. Things will be simpler if he is serving his national service or studying in the university. He then adds that this shows that it is futile between them. He concludes that she should apply to study in the university. She is angry and walks away. He chases after her and she suddenly turns back. Their noses nearly touch and she chides him for not knowing his heart. He doesn’t even know what woman he needs. He is a fool!

Heng Jun is speechless on the spot. He then realizes that Mei Gui is watching them with a sulky look. Does Xian Hua always meet him after seeing her? Heng Jun disapproves of her treating Xian Hua like a child. Mei Gui suddenly feels tired – if he has a new target, she should inform her. Xian Hua does very well in her final exams. Min Zhe decides to apply a scholarship for her.

Mei Gui and Heng Jun walk to the car park. She wants to meet him and their friends on Christmas Day and he agrees. He finds a note on h is car. Xian Hua tells him about her results and wants to meet him on this day too. But Heng Jun meets Mei Gui instead….to find her alone. She has lied about their friends having other dates but she only wants to be with him. He buys her roses and she is happy. Heng Jun suddenly thinks of Xian Hua – she should not be waiting for him till now. She should give up on him.

Xian Hua becomes drunk and goes to his home. She thinks that he is hiding at home and uses the present intended for him to break the glass window. She is remorseful when he is not at home and sits at the doorstep. She cries – it is his fault. How can he do this to her? He returns and is shocked to see her drunk. He wants to hold her but she brushes off his hand. She scolds him for not keeping her promise.

She shouts aloud and disturbs other neighbours. Heng Jun has no choice but to bring him into the room. Seeing the broken glass and the bear falling on the floor, he nearly goes mad. She takes off her shoes, nearly steps on the glass and lies on his bed! Heng Jun is shocked when she shows up 5 fingers – did she drink 5 bottles of wine to get herself so drunk? He is relieved to know that she only drinks 5 glasses.

He looks at his watch – even the last bus has left. How is she going to go home? Xian Hua cries upon the mentioning of home. Her family trusts her but because of him, she lies again. How to explain to them? He is the sky but she is the earth. But they must be together like a pair of love birds. He is half-amused while sweeping the floor – this is how she treats the ‘sky’s home. He has no choice but to let her sleep on his bed. The cold wind blows in through the broken window. He covers his blanket over her and touches her hair. Upon seeing her sleeping face, he gives a reluctant smile.

Xian Hua’s home is turned upside down. All have frantically looked for her friends and have no result of her disappearance. She has lied about going out with them. Now where is she? Should they call the police? Min Zhe suggests to Xian Zhi to look for Heng Jun. She looks for Mei Zhi to go with her. At first, Mei Zhi thinks that she is overreacting but after knowing that Xian Hua behaves weirdly, she goes with her. At first, Heng Jun is sleeping on the floor but it is too cold. So he gets close to Xian Hua unknowingly and pulls part of the blanket from her. This is sure a classic scene.

He Shun comes to bring Heng Jun breakfast and is shocked to see the scene. Upon hearing Mei Zhi’s voice, she quickly uses the blanket to cover the two. Xian Zhi happens to see Xian Hua’s shoes and is frantic. He Shun falls on the two and they remove the blanket after feeling the pain. The two are shocked and before He Shun can explain, Xian Zhi faints.

Min Zhe is so angry with Xian Hua that he gives her a slap. He decides to force her to stay at home in the end. Xian Hua doesn’t see the change in 5 or 10 years time, she will still get married in the end. Does it matter if she marries Heng Jun then? Mei Xi faints after listening to her. Heng Jun explains the whole matter to Mei Zhi. He has thought that it is impossible between them but lately he wonders why it can’t work. Mei Zhi stares at him and is dumbfounded to know that he also likes Xian Hua.

Heng Jun analyses again. Maybe Xian Hua also knows how he feels. Maybe he is like how He Shun has said – he is also a weird person who can’t handle a kid. He knows that this brings misery to others but what can he do? Although Mei Xi is assured by He Shun that nothing happens between the two, she doesn’t know how to handle the crisis. Zhen Xiu consoles her that Xian Hua will wake up one day but Xian Hua says that she has been sober all along. Min Zhe feels so miserable that he drinks a whole bottle of wine.

How has he brought Xian Hua up? How has he treated her? How can she break his heart? He cries – how can she do this to him? Xian Hua loves her father but is determined not to give in. She promises to be filial to her but she wants Heng Jun. Mei Gui refuses to come to Heng Jun’s room so they meet out. She is too furious to know that Xian Hua sleeps in the room. Why doesn’t he reject her? He shouts at her that it is a misunderstanding. She is frightened as Heng Jun has been gentle all along and doesn’t talk so loudly.

He narrates the incident. Although Mrs Bai wants him to resign, he refuses. Nothing has happened and if he leaves, Xian Hua and Xian Zhi’s reputations will be ruined. Even it is unbearable, he will endure it till the truth is shown to light. He is upset with her to gauge the whole incident without understanding – just like her mother. And now, he knows their treatment to his mother’s remarriage. They have looked down on his family from the start and feels that he is a useless man. He can never get along with her so they should part.

He Shun is angry over the outcome – Heng Jun is losing his chance to be a teacher and a good catch. She demands to see Xian Hua – only to discover that she has escaped from the window. Mei Qin’s parents go overseas and she seeks refuge there. De Shun suggests she work for Ying Cai’s Chinese medical hall since she knows so many Chinese characters. They lie to Xian Zhi that they have not seen her. Xian Hua decides work at Ying Cai’s home to prove that she can support herself economically.

Dr Piao laughs at the strength Xian Hua uses to cut the Chinese herbs. He recalls the past of her bullying Ying Cai with the same hands. He learns that she knows the Chinese characters from Mei Xi and suddenly gets interested. He asks if she resembles her in looks. Ying Cai jumps – there goes again – he tries to stop him from wooing other women again.

Ying Cai asks why she doesn’t wish to continue her studies since the results are so good. She explains the reason to him and he is down. He likes her very much. Yin Shang sees that Heng Jun looks guilty and both go for a drink. He feels that Min Zhe’s family may feel anguish but they also have to spare a thought for the young’s feelings. Heng Jun admits to him that when he is with Xian Hua, the world becomes bright and he feels fortunate. Ying Shang tries hard not to smile broadly.

Every one has his own fate. If it is destiny for him to be with her, there is no way to stop them. What is the big deal over the teacher-student relationship? It is most important that both are happy. He thinks that Heng Jun should look for Xian Hua. If he loves her, there is nothing he can’t do. Heng Jun protests that he only says that he feels happy. Yin Shang scolds him for being a blockhead – this is also a way of being in love. It is time for him to pluck up his courage now.

Mei Gui meets Xian Hua again. She smiles at Xian Hua upon seeing her cutting her hair and says it suit her. Mei Gui spends a long time to adjust her thoughts. Although she feels miserable, she discovers that she has deceived herself all along to ignore Heng Jun’s feelings. She tells Xian Hua that Xian Zhi has applied to the university for her. Xian Hua knows that her mother hasn’t given up. Mei Gui hopes that she can bring happiness to Heng Jun. both women reconcile and Xian Hua apologises to her for her misbehaviour.

Xian Hua is upset that Heng Jun doesn’t look for her till now and becomes drunk. She is worried that Heng Jun will never come. Ying Cai consoles her that one will only grow up after falling out of love. She shakes her head – he has never known what love is. Ying Cai grabs her bottle – without love, one can still move on. Why don’t both of them study in the university together? He is about to declare his feelings when De Shun arrives to lose the chance.

The next day, Heng Jun calls and she worries that Heng Jun will give her the wedding card to his wedding with Mei Gui. Mei Qin scolds her – will he do such a thing early in the morning? Maybe he wants to give her a confirmed answer. The following is a classic scene. He is puzzled why she cries and laughs in the next minute. She confesses she is frightened that he will forget her. Heng Jun has a sleepless night and stares at the bear whenever he is free to listen to her message. He really misses her.

Although he knows that she stays at Mei Qin’s home and knows that she is well, he is still missing her even if he is relieved. She is happy that he doesn’t resign. So he is worthy of her love and she wants him. He explains that he can’t leave school because of her. He answers seriously but she looks at him dreamily. He adds she is not required to look at him in such a touched expression. She is touched that he cares for her.

He hears that most girls will cut their hair when they fall out of love. He chides her for doing it as he adores her with long hair. Is she scared that he will not look for her? She answers no because she only wants to change a hairstyle and wants him to let her breathe normally first. She is too excited and wants some preparation. Even though he is going to tell her that he is marrying Mei Gui, she will not faint.

He smiles – there is no invitation card. She should know what kind of person he is. Will he do something so harsh to her? She shakes her head and nearly cries. He has thought of how to meet her the whole day. When she uses love to knock onto his heart, does she know how it hurts him? He is not unfeeling. He tries to delay all the time because he knows that if he meets her, he can’t control himself.

She mustn’t misunderstand him. It is not that he is afraid that he will have a change of heart. But it is due to the fact that she points out - he is angry that he is her teacher while she is his student. Now she is not alone as he will be beside her forever. Xian Hua is so shy and happy that she is in tears. He sits beside her and holds her hand. He tells her to return home to continue her studies. She is angry but he pacifies her. This is to prove that their love becomes convincing to all.

How long have they known each other? Wanting to get married now is impossible and her parents will not agree to it. They have not even dated properly and they still need time to know each other to love more. She wants him to hook her finger and kiss her to seal the promise. Seeing her so willful and her cute look, Heng Jun sighs and kisses her despite being in public.

Xian Hua insists of getting married. Heng Jun has no choice – he gets He Shun’s approval with Yin Shang and Yu Xi’s help. He goes to raise the marriage proposal to her family. Upon knowing that he is here, Xian Hua comes happily and hooks his arm. Xian Zhi feels ashamed – how did she give birth to her and how is she going to teach the girls in school? She nearly goes mad – it is best that Xian Hua gives birth to a daughter exactly like her to see how she will react. Xian Zhi doesn’t feel like living anymore.

Heng Jun senses her displeasure but tries in vain to shake Xian Hua’s hand off. Min Zhe gets serious – he has never thought of marrying her off so early. She is so young. Min Zhe blames himself for spoiling her but he can’t ignore her feelings. Her accusation hurts him. Min Zhe opposes to the marriage if Xian Hua refuses to further her studies. When Xian Hua’s parents cool off, Xian Zhi wants Min Zhe to agree to it. It is always her to act as the black face – if he ignores her, who can she depend on?

They are discussing in the room with Mei Xi when Xian Hua suddenly charges in. What funny ideas is she having now? She agrees to further her studies if she marries Heng Jun. But she must seek He Shun’s approval first. If she studies, she will not have time to do housework but she wants to be an outstanding daughter-in-law. Yu Xi is stunned.

She wants Min Zhe to pay for her fees because she can’t give any more trouble to her mother-in-law. The sole reason is because Min Zhe wants her to study too. Heng Jun’s face turns white – this Xian Hua never discusses this with him again! Xian Zhi asks what Heng Jun is going to do then. She replies that he is going to save the money. Heng Jun quickly hurries to her side. She is not only giving the elders a headache, he himself is going to faint too. He wants to finance her studies but she doesn’t see the need.

Mei Xi can’t endure this anymore. She is too much – is she going to get the degree just to give to her parents? Xian Hua lowers her head. They consider for her and they have not given their consent. Now she talks about her future in-laws, how can this happen? Heng Jun pushes Xian Hua to apologise to them – no wonder they are so angry.

Mei Xi is upset – she has wasted her years on her. She is so rude for being so undisciplined but they are a family of teachers. How is she going to face others? Min Zhe drags Heng Jun to the garden to have a drink. Heng Jun assures him that he loves Xian Hua. Does he change his mind because Xian Hua is too frank? He knows his daughter well because all of them have the same experience. If he opposes, will he still want her? Does he love her that much?

He doesn’t want to hurt them – he says that she has crossed a hurdle before. Min Zhe recalls how he locks her up in vain. Heng Jun suddenly kneels in front of him. He has never knelt to anyone else beside He Shun. He has many shortcomings and doesn’t know whether he looks as deeply as Xian Hua loves him. But since she tries so hard to be with her, he will try hard to love her and cherish her.

He can foresee that they have to go through a lot of hardship. Xian Hua has high expectations of him so he is under a lot of pressure. But he will try his best. He calls Min Zhe ‘father’ to give her to him. He will not let him disappointed. He will help her to complete her studies. Min Zhe doesn’t know what she sees in him but decides to let them marry.

Mei Xi and He Shun find is awkward for them to prepare for the couple’s marriage. Although He Shun dislikes Mei Gui, but her future daughter-in-law is about her granddaughter’s age. How is she going to hold her head high in front of neighbours? Yu Xi also thinks her future sister-in-law is too young and it makes her feel that she is getting a daughter-in-law.

He Shun finds it ridiculous to let Xian Hua use Min Zhe’s savings to study in the university but yet she sleeps in their home. Heng Jun decides to deal with it alone but He Shun knows he has little savings. He even had to work part time to complete his university studies too. Now he has to slog for his wife again. Xian Hua wants to quit her studies but He Shun tells her to close her mouth. Heng Jun nearly cracks up upon seeing her silent. He Shun knows Mei Xi will blame her for ruining Xian Hua’s future if that happens.

Xian Hua then suggests that she pretends to go to study but in reality, she doesn’t. The whole family – even He Shun can’t help laughing at it. She is still so young and is gullible. He Shun decides to let her continue her studies and Xian Hua promises to get a scholarship. Yu Xi is worried as Yin Mei is also going to the university – how are they going to get the money? She doubts her ability but Xian Hua looks at Heng Jun. Heng Jun should know her well.

He Shun suddenly asks what happens if she has a daughter like herself. She smiles shyly so Heng Jun says it’s best that they don’t have a daughter. The others start to protest that he is siding with her now. Mei Xi can’t understand why Xian Hua wants to marry young. Her parents can’t accept it too. But after serious thought, at least Xian Hua marries someone they know. They just hope that she will not regret in future. Heng Jun’s mother is a widow and treasures her sons. It is not easy to live with her.

Xian Hua quits her job but promises to visit them often. Dr Piao wants her to introduce Mei Xi to him. He Shun comes to visit her and he praises Xian Hua for being capable. He tells her to accept Xian Hua and jokes that he might seem weird to her. That is because his wife died when he was immature so there wasn’t any time for him to be mature. He Shun tells Xian Hua that he is lucky to meet her and not Mei Xi. If not, it will be his doomsday. She tells her not to let Mei Xi here.

Ying Cai urges Xian Hua to reconsider her decision. He comes back for her but she is going to get married even before they start. Isn’t he pitiful? She rejects him and he is very upset. Xian Hua and Heng Jun watch a movie together and she puts potato chips into his mouth. Both feel that this is like a dream. She jokes that Yin Zhi should come to tape them now. Suddenly Heng Jun gets worried – what happens if she is disappointed with him and hates him after marriage? Seeing her so happy makes him frightened.
She smiles – how can he be frightened? She speaks in an old tone and touches his hand – marriage life will have ups and downs. Life is not like romance so he as a young man should not think too much.

Heng Jun nearly cracks up at her assurance. She then gets nervous whether she will get a daughter like her. She will oppose even more than Xian Zhi. He is amused. After reaching home, he gives her the soft toy again. She sees Min Zhe in the garden, smoking with a frown. She plays the message that he records. Heng Jun doesn’t mind having a daughter like Xian Hua – just let her marry early but he wonders if she will get to meet a man like him. Min Zhe finds it too mushy and says that it’s best to let them suffer then.

After Xian Hua was born, she refused to sleep for a whole month. How can giving birth to a daughter be good? He looks into her teary eyes and hugs her. He is reluctant to let her marry young. It is the eve of their wedding. Heng Jun invites Mei Gui as a guest and writes a last letter using his teacher status to Xian Hua.

Do laugh at the contents – ‘ Xian Hua, congratulations to your marriage. I am Teacher Jin. You are my student, love and bride. I remembered after your exams, you mentioned when a couple are in love, they should not bother about the teacher-student identity. It is too traditional. Yes, after tonight, I am no longer a teacher to answer your Maths questions but will be a man with flaws. Although I can’t give you much, be rest assured that I will try my best to be a husband who will not make you lose your smile. Your Heng Jun.’

On their wedding day, Heng Jun is touched to see Min Zhe handing Xian Hua to him. Her parents are happy but feel a little bitter. The whole school turns up and the couple goes to Jiju island for their honeymoon. Another funny scene – he carries her into the room and says that she is heavy. But when he is out of the bathroom – clean shaved with cologne…but Heng Jun discovers that she is drunk! So here goes their first wedding night.

They return home after the honeymoon and her family is amused when she still address him as ‘teacher’. Mei Xi says she must change – how can she still call him teacher in front of He Shun later? But when he calls him husband and wants to feed him, they find it so mushy that they laugh non-stop. Min Zhe straightens his thoughts – love has no boundary and he admires Heng Jun’s courage. He hopes that Heng Jun will treat her well. He is going to get well along with him too. Xian Zhi also feels shy at Xian Hua’s frankness but she smiles too.

Heng Jun is tired after drinking wine with Min Zhe. He can understand how he feels – Min Zhe has thought that Xian Hua will be with him for at least 6 years. Now a pirate has snatched her away – he is reluctant. Heng Jun promises to try hard. His own father died when he was very young so he has hoped to have a father like Min Zhe. Although he has a brother, it is different. He recalls how Min Zhe praised him for being courageous and handsome. This is the first time that he praises him. So Xian Hua must treat her mother well too and not quarrel with her.

Xian Zhi is surprised to see Xian Hua preparing breakfast early in the morning. She has never done it before and now she is married, she will not return home often. Xian Zhi is touched and wants her to treat her in-laws well too. She must endure and only voice out when unbearable.

He Shun brings Mei Xi to see Dr Piao. They become friends. He Shun is worried that her two daughter-in-laws will quarrel so she tells Xian Hua to give in to Yu Xi. Heng Jun isn’t used to see her so serious. He Shun replies that she will be stricter with them. If he does something wrong, she will make him write an apology report. Xian Hua is touched to see the room that they prepare for them. Yu Xi decides to let her prepare lunchboxes for Yin Mei. Xian Hua decides to save up as they spent a lot on their honeymoon.

Xian Hua decides to be a good aunt to supervise Yin Mei on her studies. But Yu Xi is unhappy when she mentions that she only makes the whole family breakfast out of convenience. He Shun wants Xian Hua to make breakfast daily. This is their first day of school. Heng Jun removes his wedding ring, fearing that his students will laugh at him. Looking at Xian Hua choosing a tie, he feels a married man.

When Xian Hua adjusts his tie, she tightens it, saying that this is the first time she feels that he is hers. He shouts – is she going to kill him? She demands to know why the ring is on the table and he explains it. She should know better. She says he should be serious then – once he smiles, everything is ruined. He feels that her make-up is too thick and her skirt is too short. She gets angry as the cosmetics and the skirt are given by Min Zhe so she doesn’t want to change into the jeans. He refuses to let her go to school in that outfit.

Xian Hua asks the others to be the judge. He Shun also thinks the skirt is too short and tells her to listen to her husband. Yu Xi has no opinion. Heng Jun is happy that he wins. Actually, Yu Xi thinks that her clothes are fine although the skirt may be a little short. She doesn’t want Xian Hua to feel that she is isolated so she discusses with He Shun that she will stand beside her.

Yu Xi suggests to her changing into the skirt once she is out. But she refuses to change her mind and still goes out in the skirt. De Shun and Ying Cai ask her about her honeymoon. She tells them about her being drunk but they don’t believe her. Ying Cai forgets the wrong submission date for the assignment and finishes it early. The two urge him to email his work to them. Ying Cai likes her dressing and Xian Hua starts to think that Heng Jun is unreasonable to tell her not to wear it.

Xian Hua returns home instead of staying in the library after school because she wants to help in the housework. Moreover, she must get the scholarship for this year as Heng Jun earns little. Heng Jun comes to fetch her home and Xian Hua examines his face. He doesn’t show anything – is he still angry? When she sits into his car, the skirt becomes shorter. She is about to use her bag to cover it when Heng Jun says that it is okay as it is beautiful.

He knows it but he doesn’t want his woman to wear it out. Xian Hua feels that he is too selfish. She has been reprimanded by Mei Gui in the past. If he is going to monitor this, she can’t accept it. Is she upset with him just because of this? Heng Jun ponders and actually he wants to apologise to her by coming to fetch her. By seeing her in it, he feels that she doesn’t respect him. Doesn’t she love him?

Actually Xian Hua also thinks that it is too short and wishes to find a place to change it. He explains that he doesn’t want others to see her quarreling – they will say that they will turn out to be like this. She understands and both promise to know each other more. Xian Hua decides to stay longer in the library for the coming mid-year exam. Heng Jun says he will be late. She sulks – what happens if someone abducts her? He jokes that dustbins are also classified so no one will pick the rubbish.

Ying Cai brings Xian Hua out for coffee during their break and mentions about his feelings towards her again. She feels embarrassed by him. Heng Jun brings food to come to fetch her. (This is so touching as he walks around in the library with the Mcdonald’s paper bag to look for her.) She must be happy to see him – he likes seeing her reaction. He can’t find her everywhere and sees Xian Hua holding Ying Cai’s elbow. He frowns and waits for her. When he sees the glow and delight on her face upon seeing him, he heaves a sigh of relief. The two men eye each other warily but still nods to each other.

Xian Hua brings a tie which her father dislikes for being too bright home for Heng Jun and ties for him. He recalls meeting Ying Cai and asks what happens if she has a change of heart. If she meets another man more worthy, she might regret why they meet late. Xian Hua finds it strange of him to mention this. He Shun is sick and Xian Hua notices that many shoes are old. She doesn’t know how to make glutinous rice for He Shun so she lies to Mei Xi that she wants to eat it. Xian Hua even takes Xian Zhi’s shoes home for Yu Xi. Mei Xi makes the rice for her, leaving her translation work aside.

He Shun knows that the cooking is done by Mei Xi and is happy that Xian Hua wants to accompany her to the bath. Yu Xi feels neglected. Heng Jun helps Xian Zhi to fix the notices on the notice board and jokes this is why he is transferred t o the secondary division. Xian Zhi learns from Yu Xi about the skirt affair and is unhappy. Xian Hua is spoilt by parents – why is she making her own life difficult?

She wants Heng Jun to give in to Xian Hua if possible but is glad to know that Xian Hua is a good daughter-in-law. She sees the tie – Min Zhe has wanted to wear it for his friend’s party but Xian Hua takes it away. She adjusts for him and feels that she should accept them now. Mei Xi is unhappy to see He Shun back with Xian Hua after waiting a long time for them. Upon knowing the rice and the shoes incidents, she feels that Xian Hua has taken things from home to give to her in-laws. The two old women have tea with Dr Piao. Dr Piao becomes their mediator. He discovers that he likes Mei Xi.

Xian Hua feels bad for deceiving Mei Xi too and suddenly feels upset. Heng Jun then asks if she regrets marrying him. She jokes that she should have listened to Xian Zhi since many queue for her. Heng Jun becomes serious and asks whether she knows what rule she has broken. She replies that she will not regret if he hugs her. He tells her not to say that anymore and stops to ask if she asks others to hug her easily. She replies yes to scare him and laughs.

Dr Piao advises Ying Cai not to drink anymore because he uses up all his dried fish to make medicine for him to relieve his hangover problem. He knows that Ying Cai loves Xian Hua but reminds him that she is already married. Ying Cai is giving Zhen Xiu English tuition because of her. He blames Dr Piao for encouraging Xian Hua to pursue her happiness so as to ruin his chances. He suggests Ying Cai inviting all friends home for his birthday party and forget her completely.

Dr Piao uses hi grandmother as an example. She was impatient so she left him. Xian Hua is also another so it is better for him to choose a person who does things slowly. Min Zhe meets Xian Hua and jokes that she should not betray him to give away his tie. But he is serious that she should apologise to Mei Xi. Mei Xi is happy that Ying Cai helps Zhen Xiu to improve his English. She understands Dr Piao’s feelings of losing a spouse. Xian Hua comes and Mei Xi forgives her after she hugs her.

Ying Cai invites her to his birthday party but she recalls that she might attend a school function with Heng Jun. this is the first time she appears as his wife. He begs her to come as this will be his last birthday to spend in Korea. He considers returning to the U.S. after this. Heng Jun is so embarrassed to turn up alone as other colleagues bring their spouses along. He is puzzled to find Xian Hua not at home as she declines going because of pressure and she is shy.

He Shun feels unwell and wants Heng Jun to go to Dr Piao to get medicine for her. He calls Xian Hua and she lies that she is outside, helping Yu Xi to get something. He asks if she wants him to fetch her and she declines. He hears De Shun and Mei Qin’s voices. But Heng Jun sees her at Ying Cai’s home. Why is she so unlucky? Heng Jun is angry and Xian Hua runs after him. He blurts out that he knows this will happen when she studies at the university. Now she is at a friend’s party and only cares for others.

She apologises for lying but he is still angry. She lied to him before to watch a movie during her schooldays. Why is he appearing alone like a widower for his colleague’s function? Why is she so inconsiderate? How does she think he will feel when she isn’t home? He blows up finally when discovering that she drinks wine. Xian Hua also gets angry that she drinks bottles of wine at home.

He Shun tries in vain to stop her. She has thought that he will understand her and love her more. How can this happen after their marriage? She refuses to return to their room and wants to sleep with He Shun. Heng Jun is furious. When Xian Hua wakes up and finds herself in He Shun’s room, she feels shy and walks into Heng Jun’s room. Heng Jun is too angry to sleep for the night and his expression freezes. He brings her out to talk. She explains that she wants to help Ying Cai – she understands how Mei Gui for not getting the person they love. She can only tell Ying Cai that she is fortunate so that he will be the same.

Although Xian Hua can pester Heng Jun to marry, he can’t because she is married. Heng Jun is still the most important to her so she doesn’t want him to know. Although this excuse is lame, Heng Jun’s heart is softened. He knows she loves her but there are so many guys closer to her age in the university. This makes him feel insecure. She then adds that if he returns late, this will not happen. Heng Jun returns early because of her. She then feels lucky and hugs him, wishing him to help Ying Cai too.

Heng Jun is half-angry now – it is good enough that he saves her – how to help Ying Cai? If she leaves their bedroom again, he will be angry. They have promised each other not to do it. She replies she has her own thoughts and he tries using the tone to scold her again. She then rushes home to prepare breakfast. Yu Xi sees them smiling and knows all give in to Xian Hua because she is young. But there are still home rules so she talks to her. Is she so loose at home?

Xian Hua says she is wrong but she hopes Yu Xi will not implicate her family. Yu Xi scolds her and Yin Shang pulls her aside. He wants his wife to be a demure woman and leaves it to Heng Jun to talk to her. He Shun is also angry with Xian Hua for lying and points out that she shouldn’t scold her husband before her. Xian Hua knows that she is wrong and quickly washes the bowls for Yu Xi. Yu Xi feels that He Shun shows Xian Hua favouritism because she is Mei Xi’s granddaughter.

Yu Xi can’t find her shoes to go to work and gets to see Xian Zhi’s high heel shoes. Xian Hua lies that she buys them for her and Yu Xi forgives her. Yin Shang also scolds Heng Jun for helping Xian Hua. He worries on how He Shun scolds her so he has not gone to work. She is touched. Heng Jun is confused – is he her father or her husband to worry so much. He is puzzled upon knowing from her that He Shun is okay but Yu Xi is fierce because Yu Xi is very nice to him all along.

She decides to skip classes to prepare lunchboxes for Yu Xi to appease her anger. But seeing how she messes up the kitchen to cook dinner makes her frown. Yu Xi wonders - is she outdated as a traditional housewife? Even Yin Mei comments that Xian Hua’s lunchbox is delicious. Xian Hua‘s parents are worried for her – will she commit another mistake again? They decide to ask Yin Shang and Yu Xi out for dinner. Xian Zhi happens to see her shoes. Yu Xi knows and is angry.

Heng Jun happens to read Ying Cai’s email to Xian Hua and realizes that she skips her classes. He feels Ying Cai is right – at her age, she should be having dreams and not being tied up in her in-laws’ home. He is grateful to Xian Hua for sacrificing so much. He really loves her very much. He wants her not to keep anything from him and pats her back.

Xian Zhi is worried and visits Xian Hua. She likes her idea of putting a note on the fridge to know what is already taken from the fridge but is disturbed to know that she gets scolded for not informing them about it beforehand. Xian Hua requests her to help her to cook dinner as no one will appreciate her cooking. But Yu Xi sees her at this time. Xian Zhi flees and Yu Xi sits down to talk to her nicely. She knows Xian Hua works hard but she has to care for their feelings too.

Mei Xi happens to know that Xian Hua gets scolded for arranging the shoes in the shoe rack from Xian Zhi and confronts He Shun. He Shun feels shamed to eat a meal prepared by the in-laws. Heng Jun nearly explodes - why are there weird things happening? The couple quarrels and she runs out, crying by the roadside like a child. Is she really so tired? Heng Jun starts to feel bad.

Xian Hua wants to go on a personal date with Heng Jun. Yu Xi suggests cleaning the fridge contents with Xian Hua. They decide to let the two older women do it to go out. Although Xian Hua feels bad, Heng Jun says it is weird if they suddenly stay. They go to the zoo – Heng Jun tells the monkey to inform Xian Hua not to create trouble for him. Xian Hua wants the monkey to tell him not to make her upset. This is cute!

Heng Jun is shocked to see Dr Piao in the toilet. He has not wanted to meet anyone here as to spill the beans. He suddenly sees Dr Piao with Mei Xi – they are He Shun’s friends – will they tell her about it? He tries to hide but the four still end up seeing each other. They have a meal together. The young couple is shocked when they say that He Shun is coming. He Shun is angry with them for lying and leaves.

Yu Xi is tired after clearing the fridge and Yin Shang feeds her. He Shun is angry upon seeing this – why have her sons become so useless? Yin Shang is amused – in the past, Heng Jun sneered at him when Yu Xi quarreled with He Shun. Now it is his turn. The two brothers have a chat and he tells Heng Jun to bear with it. Yu Xi tries to pacify her and imitates Xian Hua to sweet talk. Yu Xi smiles and really treats her like her natural mother. He Shun has never seen Yu Xi like this – is Xian Hua so capable? Yu Xi is always a serious daughter-in-law but she makes her feel that she has a daughter today.

Xian Hua knows that she is willful and decides to do a better job. If she regrets, she will start all over again. If she remarries, she should be beautiful as always. Heng Jun is angry – how can she say this to him? Seeing him like this makes her happy. She reads a book – if the weather is fine daily, it will turn into a desert. Now it is cloudy so they should wait for a fine day. Heng Jun wonders – who is the teacher now.

Dr Piao asks the two old women out for tea. Heng Jun reminds Xian Hua to treat He Shun well. He is not telling her to play with Ying Cai (or another nickname he gives is Tian Cai which has the same meaning as ‘talent’). If he does a spot check to see them together, she’ll be doomed. He has to attend a Maths seminar nearby so he will be going to fetch her. Xian Hua jokes that it is no wonder he agrees t it willingly – he must be nervous about it. Heng Jun denies – who will be interested in a married woman?

Xian Hua is proud – no one will regard her as a married woman. He warns – he will shave her bald if that happens. Dr Piao has said that Xian Hua is impatient. In Ying Cai’s heart, he is still hoping that she will have a divorce. So it is best that Dr Piao doesn’t marry Mei Xi. If not, the relationship will be in chaos. He brings Xian Hua out for a walk towards the lake.

Ying Cai is slightly drunk. Xian Hua doesn’t notice that Heng Jun’s car is approaching. Ying Cai places his coat on her and suddenly hugs her. Xian Hua gets angry – why is he so stubborn? He suddenly kisses her. Heng Jun pulls him aside – he is so daring to molest his beloved Xian Hua??? He is so angry that he gives him a box on his chin. He doesn’t know how to console Ying Cai later. He is too worked up and leaves a bruise on his face. Ying Cai accuses him for snatching her away when he wasn’t in Korea.

Heng Jun analyses – is it because Xian Hua is married that makes him crave more for her? Heng Jun has gone through the bad patch in life too. He refuses to listen to him and Heng Jun suddenly feels sorry for him. He now understands how Xian Hua feels now. The next day, Xian Hua apologises to Ying Cai for Heng Jun’s reckless act. She assures him that she is really happy and doesn’t regret her choice.

Heng Jun and Xian Hua gives this month’s pay to He Shun. Xian Hua feels that they are too young to manage the money. He Shun urges them to give it a try. Heng Jun passes some money to Yu Xi. Yu Xi jokes that he must be frightened that she might be ill treating Xian Hua. Min Zhe meets Xian Hua to pass her some money and wonders why she wears pants these days. Xian Hua knows that it is right of her parents to ask her to further her studies. With a degree, she can lessen Heng Jun’s burden.

Xian Zhi sees that Xian Hua’s appetite is good and worries that she might be pregnant. Xian Hua buys textbooks but has chosen those which are important. Heng Jun finds that some books are too expensive. She should have made photocopies instead or borrow it. She could have asked her. He has one of them which is in the storeroom. Xian Hua says that he uses Min Zhe’s money to buy them. Heng Jun feels humiliated. Why doesn’t Heng Jun think for her too? She has saved money on clothes – is she still a child?

She gets angry and says that she wants to work hard to earn money so that she will be independent. Why can’t he give some money to Mei Xi too? She is not asking too much. Xian Hua brings tea to Yin Mei. She wakes her up to urge her to work hard and she talks back at her. Yin Mei complains to Yu Xi not to let Xian Hua into her room anymore. Who thinks of her parents all the time? Yin Mei is right – she lets her parents down in the past so she is determined that Yin Mei doesn’t repeat her mistake. Yu Xi is troubled – how can she have such an ill-mannered daughter? She looks at the tea – which aunt will be so concerned about the niece? She is grateful to Xian Hua for caring Yin Mei.

Yin Shang learns that Xian Hua is troubled and finds her. The two undergo so much hardship to get married – how can they quarrel over trivial matters? He gives Xian Hua some money because he takes good care of Yin Mei. He hopes Yin Mei can also get into university. Xian Hua is shocked and wants to reject taking the money but he insists her to give her classmates a treat. Heng Jun is so petty so he complains about him daily. Xian Hua smiles – she also know that Heng Jun is very firm not to trouble others. Yin Shang tells her that Heng Jun has been so thrifty to have only a sweater throughout his university days. Xian Hua can’t imagine the hardship he has been through and starts to appreciate him.

Heng Jun looks at the books Xian Hua has bought – is her too harsh to her? He regrets his act – is his pride so important? Upon seeing her back with red eyes on her small face, he feels the anguish. She doesn’t sleep but studies her books to ignore him. He admits his mistake and tells her to read an email. He walks out and she opens the mailbox – laugh at the contents again – ‘you must have thought that it is Ying Cai. Xian Hua, I am your husband, Heng Jun. have you forgotten that a married couple is not supposed to be quarrelling for long? If not for me, you should be popular now. I feel t he pain whenever I think of this. You must work hard to find a good job. I will also work hard to earn more money. I am sorry for what I have done.’

She closes the computer and looks down the balcony. Heng Jun is surrounded by the smoke coming from his cigarette. She still pretends to study and not looking at the computer when he returns. He has to lie on the bed on his own in despair. She lifts his hand off her shoulder and tries hard not to laugh.

Yu Xi prepares sushi early morning to apologise for Yin Mei. The young couple’s quarrel reminds her on her past when she first married. The husband will only care for his home. Yu Xi’s father passed away and her mother’s home is far away. She never stays there overnight because He Shun will not be able to cope with the kimchi business and Yin Mei is going to sit for her important exam. Xian Hua starts to feel sorry for Yu Xi and knows why her parents oppose to her marrying young.

Thus Yu Xi decides to let Yin Mei marry late. But Xian Hua decides that she herself will change and never regrets marrying early. Yin Mei also knows that she is in the wrong and wakes up early. Heng Jun wants Xian Hua to adjust his tie – just like how she does every morning. She tells him to be independent and decides to change. Heng Jun sighs – is she still angry with him? She also refuses his lift. Now she realizes that love can’t solve every problem so they must be independent.

He worries – what happens if someone takes her away? He is amused when she still remembers his words that even rubbish is being classified. She is still hardworking to study even after the exam. It is fine with him even if she can’t get the scholarship. Having a husband can help to handle everything. Her target now is to be a person with ideals with a future and not to be upset over the husband or family. He breathes abnormally – her change is too drastic and he can’t adapt to it.

Xian Hua feels marrying young has an advantage. Her peers start dating after exams while she thinks it is a waste of time. She can spend more time on studies now…...but she suspects getting pregnant so she buys a pregnancy kit home. The result is positive. Heng Jun sees it and thinks it is a diabetic test kit. Xian Hua laughs – Heng Jun is finally ignorant of certain things. He reads carefully and is overjoyed. The baby must be cute and pretty. Seeing her so happy, he gets confused.

She always gets into trouble and he nearly can’t take it. With a baby, he is happy but if they have a daughter, they must marry her off early. He suggests giving the baby the name ‘lian hua’ (lotus flower’) if she is a girl. Xian Hua is angry – he is the father and yet he thinks of such an awful name?

Heng Jun brings Xian Hua for a checkup and she gets frightened. Heng Jun is also not used to it. All eyes are fixed on them. She addresses him as ‘teacher’ and the other patients have shocking expressions. All give them despised looks. Poor Heng Jun stays outside alone to go through this horrible process of being ridiculed. Xian Hua sobs – the doctor even asks her whether her parents know about it and she should decide on it instead of dragging it any further. She feels so humiliated.

Heng Jun feels the same, recalling the stares that the other women give him. But he can’t stand up to declare their status. That will make him look like a fool. But why doesn’t Xian Hua tell the doctor that she is married? The doctor treats Xian Hua as a loose woman and Xian Hua is not in the mood to explain. Now she thinks that the pregnancy comes too early. Heng Jun says that is impossible to change her mind.

Xian Hua returns to Mei Xi and feels energetic after eating her food. Later at night, she sits in front of the computer to do her homework. Heng Jun is shocked – this is not good for the baby. He will help her to type it. He shakes his head – she neglects the small details. He buys a cake to celebrate with her and gets a pregnancy diary ready. When he is teaching, he can’t stop smiling. He thanks Xian Hua for adding a family member between them. He feels very fortunate and happy. Xian Hua is still unsure of her feelings.

Heng Jun tells his family about the good news. Xian Hua is shy and hides in the room. All laugh at her but Yu Xi frowns. She is unwilling to be the babysitter. If Xian Hua still wants to continue her studies after that, Xian Zhi is also working and she is afraid of going through the process of being a babysitter again. Yu Xi wants Yin Shang to tell this to Heng Jun but he doesn’t treat this seriously.

When Xian Hua’s family learns about it, Xian Zhi frowns. How can a child give birth to another child? Why doesn’t she listen to her? Min Zhe is happy to be a grandfather. Although she is too young for it….but Zhen Xiu is also looking forward to be an uncle. Mei Xi then realizes why Xian Hua asks her what happens during her childhood. Xian Zhi is determined that Xian Hua goes for an abortion as this ruins her future. Xian Hua begs Xian Zhi to quit her job and take care of her baby.

Xian Zhi refuses and scolds her. Mei Xi wishes to help but she is too old. Xian Hua feels wronged – when is the pregnant woman who gets scolded by her mother? Xian Zhi talks about the past – although Xian Hua loves Mei Xi, Zhen Xiu is too attached to her and has to sneak out to teach daily. Xian Hua’s conclusion is – since Mei Xi helps Xian Zhi, it is natural that Xian Zhi helps her. Xian Zhi gets angry – she doesn’t want to be a grandmother at such a young age.

Min Zhe has wanted to celebrate with Heng Jun but they are not in the mood now. Heng Jun knows Xian Zhi’s intention but she is too much to ask Xian Hua to go for an abortion. No one will be like them – getting pregnant and yet scolded by all the elders. Min Zhe explains that it is tough to study and take care of children. Mei Xi loves Xian Hua but when she cries at night for Xian Zhi, she hits her buttocks. This is the first time Min Zhe sees her hitting her. Every mother thinks the children are more important than the grandchildren. Mei Xi discusses with Dr Piao and he proposes to her. He suggests that both of them can take care of the kid. He Shun doesn’t understand Xian Zhi’s intention too – she can go through the hard times to bring her two sons up – so what is the problem of bringing up Xian Hua’s kid?

Ying Cai congratulates Xian Hua with flowers. He has straightened his thoughts and admires her courage. Yin Shang is alarmed to see Xian Hua with the vacuum cleaner and wants her to rest. Yu Xi returns home and gets blamed. She stresses her decision clearly and Xian Hua can hear her from upstairs. Xian Zhi doesn’t want to help her and Min Zhe finds her too much to tell Xian Zhi to quit. But her baby is innocent. In the past, she will give up her studies. She doesn’t want to burden others so she cries herself to sleep.

Heng Jun returns home and gets scolded by Yu Xi as Xian Hua doesn’t help her with the housework. Yu Xi thinks that all pampers her too much. Heng Jun finds her asleep with tears on her lovely face. Heng Jun feels pained as he also goes through the agony with her. He thinks giving up her studies will be the best way. But he is only the one who encourages her to continue her studies. He gives her a kiss before helping Yu Xi to chop the onions. He says that it is easy but is in tears after chopping. Yu Xi recalls the past – she felt sleepy easily when she was in the beginning pregnant stage too. Is she too harsh on her?

Xian Zhi wants Xian Hua to go for an abortion with her. But how can she do this without discussing with Heng Jun? Xian Zhi admits aborting another child after having Zhen Xiu because she can’t let Mei Xi take care of 3 children. Although Mei Xi is willing to help Xian Hua, how can she do it since she is so old? Dr Piao asks Xian Zhi out – he analyses that she inherits her genes from Xian Zhi. He informs her that he is marrying Mei Xi. Xian Zhi gets confused and wants to think over.

Xian Hua goes for the checkup and discovers that she has twins. She doesn’t know what to say. The babies might know that Xian Zhi opposes to Xian Hua having them so they come in twos. This gives her no choice. It seems that they are more impatient than her. Heng Jun rushes home after school. Xian Hua goes for the checkup alone and he is very concerned about the result. When she mentions that she always does something to make him faint, he becomes tense……what else can make him faint? Seeing her smiling non-stop makes him nervous. If she doesn’t talk, he will definitely faint. She answers that both of them have to face this together as they cause it.

Min Zhe is overjoyed by the news. He is also proud – how can he give birth to such a powerful daughter. Xian Zhi is shocked that she has given birth to a bomb factory – Xian Hua is capable of creating bombs. Min Zhe jokes – maybe he needs to resign too. Yin Shang is angry with Yu Xi for not helping Xian Hua. Heng Jun hugs Xian Hua – he recalls how she gets scolded by Mei Gui and scolds him for being stupid. She is so sure and confident of her feelings to make it clear to him. Does he love her from then onwards?

She asks why he never turns up on Christmas Day. He says that he is an ordinary person so he feels that he shouldn’t look for her. He is also surprised with himself for making the first step. Maybe because of him not turning up, she becomes more daring. Now he doesn’t regard her as his student. She is his wife, close friend and also his double identity. She asks him to hug her and grumbles that she always makes the first move. Heng Jun replies that he has wanted to do that but she always says it first. She is always too fast. Or maybe he is too slow.

Xian Hua is pregnant for 3 months. He Shun wants Yu Xi to change the curtains. Xian Hua clears her unhappiness and offers to help her. He Shun rejects and sprains her back. Xian Hua gets medicine for her. Yu Xi initially finds her troublesome but now discovers her good points. She can’t imagine how their home will be without her. Xian Hua feels her stomach is uncomfortable – she must have walked too fast. But later, she recovers after a rest at Mei Xi’s place. Xian Zhi suggests her staying here and He Shun agrees,

Heng Jun stays over as he is worried over her health. Xian Hua feels bad that Yu Xi gets blamed again. Heng Jun learns that Xian Zhi is going to resign and asks Xian Hua whether she should quit her studies as he doesn’t wish to affect her because of them. The next day, Xian Hua pats on Heng Jun’s shoulder before he goes to work and this makes Min Zhe jealous. He jokes that Heng Jun should return home so Xian Zhi does the same. Xian Hua sees a diary on the table and reads it.

Xian Zhi writes on how she and Min Zhe feel before giving birth to her. She advises Xian Zhi not to resign as she will quit her studies. She can’t be so selfish and must give up for her children. This makes Xian Zhi ponder – she should let Mei Xi pursue her happiness too. Maybe Xian Hua is like her. She says Xian Hua is selfish but ignores her own act. Xian Hua promises to be a good mother like her.

Min Zhe invites Dr Piao home. He and Xian Zhi agree to the marriage. Xian Zhi never dreams of marrying her daughter and mother. Now she feels like a daughter who has never left her mother because the old couple goes on their honeymoon. She jokes to Min Zhe that they should ask Zhen Xiu to get married soon because they have too many spare rooms so that he can have as many children as Xian Hua. Ying Cai and De Shun go with Dr Piao to the beach. Although Xian Hua can’t join them, she feels that since love finds her, it lets her mature and gives her love. Heng Jun hugs her and both enjoy looking at flowers.

Introduction on characters

1. Feng Xian Hua – Chae Lim
After reading the story, are you impressed by her courage to pursue happiness? She may be young but she knows who she will love for a lifetime. And to compete with her teacher to go for him!! Her sincerity and guts move him to marry her.

Chae Lim’s fans may like her more in here than in ‘All About Eve’ as she is cuter and younger. However, you may find that her expressions in all serials are almost the same. Her ways of committing blunders remind me of how Shan Mei does them too. I wonder when she will really grow up???

2. Wen Mei Qin – Yang Mei Lan
Xian Hua’s close friend who initially likes Xian Xiu. She is the first student to challenge Mei Gui for Heng Jun’s love. She is initially angry with Xian Hua’s betrayal but gives her support to run away from home when her parents oppose to her to be with Heng Jun as she admires her courage. She also disappears from the screen after the marriage ceremony. How can this be since they are close friends?

3. Bai Mei Gui – Kim Chi Ying
The students show so much disrespect by calling her as ‘dance hostess Bai’. This is because she teaches the students ballet and is also a teacher there. She is the school director’s daughter and is a strict discipline mistress. She is too dominant and gives Heng Jun a lot of pressure. She initially makes life hell for Xian Hua but gives them their blessings after straightening her thoughts. A pity that she didn’t appear at all later.

4. Li De Shun – Li Hui En (You Zhen’s nosy friend in ‘Winter Sonata’)
She is Xian Hua’s close friend and always settles quarrels or disputes for her. They are so close that they attend the university together.

5. Jin Heng Jun – Gan Yu Cheng
I wonder how he can become a teacher. He can be so gullible and boyish. After knowing her, he can record his messages in the teddy bear to give to her. How funny! The way they watch a movie together and also the mischievous grin he throws to her on their wedding day. He acts like a husband and also father to her at times. He is initially evasive towards Xian Hua but slowly stands with her to oppose all odds to get married. It is hilarious that she still addresses him as ‘teacher’ after marriage and he doesn’t correct her.

He may not have striking looks, but his dimpled smile strikes a chord in me. He looks so approachable and endearing. He makes so many scenes come alive with his presence. His chemistry with Chae Lim doesn’t pale to Dong Gan at all. I wonder why he isn’t as famous as him. Life can be so unfair

6. Feng Min Zhe – as Xiang Zhe’s capable assistant in ‘All About Eve’
Xian Hua’s father who cares a lot for his family. A normal father will oppose to his daughter marrying so young, especially to her teacher. This poor father cries when Xian Hua disappoints him. But he learns to love this son-in-law. I am very amused, though because this father-in-law is so young!

7. Song Yin Zhi
She is Feng Xian’s classmate who often finds fault with her and Heng Jun. Thanks to her nosy personality, she often snaps photos of them together and spreads news/rumours whenever she sees any of them.

8. Feng Zhen Xiu
He is Xian Hua’s brother who is younger by a year who acts more like her elder brother instead.

9. Mrs Bai
She is the school director. She doesn’t like Heng Jun that much but gives in to Mei Gui to give him a job. But she can never accept He Shun’s remarriage and thus their marriage proposal is ruled out.

10. Li Yin Mei

She is Heng Jun’s niece who is a year younger than Xian Hua. She has wanted to address her as sister but has to call her aunt. Xian Hua wakes her up daily, help her in her schoolwork and also makes lunchboxes for her. Upon knowing that Xian Hua regrets making her own parents upset, she works hard for her exam.

11. Piao Ying Cai - Chae Tae Hyun
He is Xian Hua’s primary school classmate who returns to Korea for studies and to love Xian Hua. But alas, he is too late when she marries Heng Jun. He stubbornly believes that she will not marry him if he stays in Korea. It is hilarious that he hopes that she will divorce Heng Jun and be with him! But after seeing how happy the couple is together, he changes his mind.

This is the second time that I see Tae Hyun as a non comical role. He does it better in here than ‘Craving for sunshine’ as he has youthful looks as a youngster. Of course, he looks more matching with Chae Lim than Yu Cheng in looks, but somehow the chemistry isn’t that great as they have fewer scenes together.

12. Feng Mei Zhi
She is Xian Hua’s aunt who is teaching in another high school. She is single but treats her niece and nephew like her own children. She is very approachable so Heng Jun and Mei Gui look for her for advice when they encounter problems.

13. Huang He Shun
She is Heng Jun’s mother who feels shameful over her remarriage. However, she treats both her sons well. She tends to treat Xian Hua better than Yu Xi because she is much younger but later she learns to love Yu Xi more too.

14. Shi Yu Xi
She is Heng Jun’s sister-in-law. She treats him like an eldest son and he respects her. She is touched and overjoyed when he gives her a part of his first pay to support the family. Although she has little education, she is a filial daughter-in-law.

15. Li Yin Sang
He is Heng Jun’s elder brother. Although they have different fathers, they are very close. To Heng Jun, he is like his father. He is also Min Zhe’s good friend and often washes his hands off when the women quarrel at home. He teaches Heng Jun to be like him as things are not within their control.

16. Yin Mei Xi
She is Xian Hua’s open-minded grandmother. She dotes on Xian Hua and is upset when she deceives her to make glutinous rice for He Shun. However, she finds herself falling for Dr Piao and they get married.

17. Dr Piao
He is Ying Cai’s grandfather who is a widower but he believes in looking for true love again. He is jovial and also cheerful, always there to solve problems for all of them – especially for the two old women.

18. Min Xian Zhi
She is Xian Hua’s mother and is ashamed that Xian Hua marries her teacher. But she learns to accept this son-in-law too. But I feel weird, though – the way she adjusts his tie is like what a lover should do. She is really young to be his mother-in-law! However, she can be quite cruel to ask Xian Hua to abort her baby. She even aborts Xian Hua’s other sibling as she decides not to give Mei Xi any more excess trouble.

Favourite character
Heng Jun, he might be having flaws but he still tries hard to be a good husband. Please believe me - he looks hilarious in the funny scenes. I never knew that he could be so comical.

Most hated character
Yin Zhi – she tries to create havoc for all when she has the chance.

It is a fast paced song – I believe all should be familiar with the famous music. The Chinese version has the late Teresa Teng Li Jun singing it - ‘sweet – tian mi mi’.

Interesting scenes
Lots! And they are really wacky. You will have to watch the whole serial to find out.


Xian Hua goes through so much to get her man, Heng Jun. There is an age gap of 7 years between them, but both look compatible and ARE compatible. It’s funny on how they adjust to each other’s personality. But it tells a very important fact. It is not easy to juggle studies with bringing up children. Xian Hua has to quit her studies – so is it right to marry early? Many may wish to consider about that.

I am astonished that Gan Yu Cheng can pair up with Chae Lim so well. They look and behave cute as a married couple. You will not know who influenced who to become mature or childish. Together with a supporting cast, they make the story come alive. It tells of how to be a good daughter-in-law or mother, which is not easy. You will like the story because it is done in a simple but lively way.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : **** (Scale of 5)

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