Into the Sun

Reviewed by: sukting

December 05, 2005

Rating: four


It took me a year to watch this serial before I got my free dvd player after getting it through signing up an savings plan. Does he pair up well with Se Bin? How did Sang Woo fare as a marine? What will it take for Hui Lin to forget her past to walk into the sunshine and love again? Many thanks to Gin for buying the dvds for me during her China trip. The 8 dvds contain 3 episodes each.


A year ago, Shuo Min sees an accident and tries to help Yu Jin (cameo appearance by this actor who appears as Dong Gan’s friend in ‘Days of Youth’. He gained weight after all these years.) Ji Zhe dissuades him as they have to rush back to the ship, he calls the ambulance and leaves before it comes. Hui Lin comes and is distressed to know that he is dead. She cries very hard over it.

Shuo Min and the others are on the ship. He is VERY angry with Zai Xian for misleading the whole crew to think that an enemy’s submarine is coming. The flight of birds has blurred his vision. But Shuo Min admits that he is too impatient with him too as he hasn’t checked the facts too. It must be hard on them to overcome seasickness for a month. He is about to give them advice when his handphone rings repeatedly and he has to answer it. How his face changes in the next minute!

Upon knowing that Shou Zhen is in ER, he turns panicky and runs there, charging to every ward calling her name. Hui Lin gets annoyed and asks him if he is uncultured. Even if he is anxious, he should ask the information counter. He runs there and helps the staff to carry Shou Zhen to move from the stretcher to the bed. He wishes her to wake up soon. Shou Zhen opens her eyes and is glad that Captain Jiang is finally here. He worries when she complains that she can’t see. He is relieved when she complains that he doesn’t come with a basket of canned food and fruit! He heaves a sigh of relief.

Doesn’t she know how scared he is to rush here? There is no choice for him but to visit her with empty hands. She now knows how it feels to be operated due to acute appendicitis. She has wanted her friend to knock her down earlier with her car to find out how painful it is but she stops upon seeing her really in pain to send her here. He chides her – how can she scare him? When since has she tolerated the pain – is she sick all along to keep it from him?

Cheng Xia wonders why Jin Er is here instead of Nurse Wu. He thanks her for helping him in the operation. He hints to Hui Lin that Shou Zhen is pretty when he operates on her but he decides to refrain from liking other women since she comes to his mind. Hui Lin doesn’t know how to answer that as Yu Jin’s accident still leaves an impact on her. She looks at the sunflower necklace that he has given her.

Shuo Min grabs Jin Er’s hand, demanding her to check on Shou Zhen who is in pain. He later pulls Hui Lin in to see her when he sees her. She tells him that it is natural since the anesthetic effect has worn off. If the doctor adds more to relieve the pain, the wound will recover slowly. He can’t help worrying. Is she sure that she is safe? He explains that his mother dies of cancer after getting a fever and stomachache so he is concerned. Hui Lin wants him not to worry and Shou Zhen has to endure the pain to pay a price for it.

Shuo Min can’t help feeling angry when Shou Zhen, a medical student, doesn’t even know that as he sits down. Shou Zhen finds to operate and being operated to be totally different. Roses have thorns which is suitable for her demanding brother too. Hui Lin is pretty but cold. He replies – she isn’t only cold – she isn’t kind too. He shakes his head – he becomes so ungentlemanly today because of her – what will Hui Lin think of him now? Sure enough, she thinks of him to be simple, ignorant and boorish. Bao Na tells her to understand that he is overly worried since tragedy happens to his mother in the past.

Hui Lin thinks he will turn the hospital updown if Shou Zhen really suffers from cancer. Bao Na thinks this guy who is concerned about his younger sister should be a nice guy. Moreover, he is handsome and has a great figure. Hui Lin can consider him. But she wonders if Cheng Xia has a motive to ask her always to come back to work on her off days. (She doesn’t have to doubt it – this guy does have ill intentions.)

Zai Xian lies to his fellow marines that he is able to kiss a woman just knowing her in a night. The troop is cleaning the ship with the mop or rags but they listen to him attentively. He describes Shuo Min as the sort of men that women dislike. Shuo Min thinks he is cool but he behaves like a gangster. His conclusion is he makes women vomit! (You will laugh at this remark.) Just then, Shuo Min steps in and stands behind Zai Xian. The guys freeze and continue their work. Zai Xian isn’t aware of it and continues bragging.

If Shuo Min gets married before 50 years old, his hand will……Before he can finish, one marine tells him to look behind him and he has a shock of his life. Shuo Min pinches his neck with his fingers and knocks him hard – so Zai Xian knows woman so well?! (This scene is very funny – you must not miss it!) From then on, all start to call Zai Xian ‘xiao bai lian’ as he knows how to woo women well.

Shuo Min visits Shou Zhen with a fruit basket on his shoulder. Upon seeing Hui Lin, he adjusts his cap at the entrance mirror and greets her. (Do you think that he is going to woo her? A wrong guess – I am tricked!) She is uneasy to see him to turn to walk away but he stops her. He takes out a notebook to ask her questions. Although Shou Zhen’s operation is a simple one, there are side effects. What should he do to note that it will not worsen? The most important thing is for Shou Zhen to ‘break wind’.

Shou Zhen must walk continuously to release air. At this time, Shou Zhen calls him and he runs again. But soon he turns back and Hui Lin is too late to get away from him as he drags her along. Cheng Xia wants to follow suit but Jin Er trips him down. She lies that the two get intimate just in one day and he gets jealous. Shou Zhen must often cough hard in order to clear the passageway. (Throughout the conversation, Shuo Min tells her to cough continuously in a stern tone – just like how he commands his men!)

He wants Hui Lin to stay to take care of Shou Zhen but she wants to look after other patients. If something goes wrong with Shou Zhen, the hospital will explode killing all here. (He can be so unreasonable!) Shou Zhen is his only kin and he locks the door. She can do a blood test or anything. He is furious – Shou Zhen is running a temperature now and no one cares! Hui Lin says the nurses come for frequent checks but he doesn’t take that for an answer. Doesn’t she say that no operation is simple earlier?

Cheng Xia is anxious when he can’t get into the room and Jin Er imagines that they are kissing. The two only know each other for a day and they get close now. Hui Lin tells Shuo Min that Cheng Xia is the most capable doctor around so he should trust him as a doctor. Cheng Xia is angry that Shou Zhen has a fever but Jin Er never realizes it to follow him around.

Cheng Xia wants Jin Er to tell the siblings not to stir up trouble here to follow the hospital rules. He apologises to Hui Lin for disturbing her on her off days. What does she wish him to make up to her – a dinner or a date? To his dismay, she tells him to control his patients or she will resign! Jin Er sure knows how to plan for herself to get close to Cheng Xia. She gives Shuo Min Hui Lin’s number.

She tells him that she is very observant and caring so he should approach her (To me, she is far from it as she is short tempered and impatient. Plus she always sulks.) She is shocked to see Shuo Min again. Why doesn’t he ask Cheng Xia as he is the person in charge? He replies he has already asked her so he should continue! She can’t stand him but Bao Na tells her to feel his sincerity. Hui Lin chides her for lacking foresight – how does she become a beautician since Shuo Min can never match her brother, Yu Jin? She looks at the sunflower necklace and painting in Yu Lin’s home and recalls the happy past with him.

When she returns to work, she sees the siblings together at the hospital yard. Shou Zhen is walking around and Shuo Min is reading a book to her. Both wonder why she hasn’t released air. When she does, it doesn’t give a pungent smell and she can’t start eating at all. But they are happy when she makes it! Hui Lin is amused upon seeing them behaving like children. (This scene makes me laugh non-stop.)

Shuo Min reports daily to his father at sea – Shou Zhen has recovered. He apologises to Ji Zhe for taking over the ship when he is away. Ji Zhe reminds him not to get too involved in personal feelings but he requests for one more day for Shou Zhen’s discharge. Mr Jiang’s ex-colleague, Ma asks why Shuo Min returns the money to him – does he look down on him for being paid less than him?

Shuo Min describes that this is like stealing money from his father. He father passes away when he is 15 in a battle. Later his mother dies of cancer and he has to bring up Shou Zhen single-handedly. They have been dependent on the government’s money for a living in the process of growing up. It is his father’s blood cash. He wants to use it for the operation so he places the envelope back into Ma’s pocket. Ma is glad that he has grown up. (but…. has he?!)

Shou Zhen’s discharge is also another classical scene. Hui Lin is angry and annoyed because Shuo Min is so delighted over her recovery that he hugs her tightly to thank her repeatedly! He is very warm to her. He considers her as Shou Zhen’s life saviour but she says no frantically. Jin Er wants to arrange a comeback appointment for her but she refuses. She breaks free from him and wishes Shou Zhen not to be back again. You will laugh when both skip happily to the entrance but turn back (both look so childish) when Nurse Wu comments that Shou Zhen forgets to remove her patient clothes before leaving! Hui Lin is so terrified that they will look for her again so she hides behind the information counter.

Zai Xian has his day off and meets Shou Zhen at the disco. He lies that he is the president of a computer chip company and his assignments are to be kept top secret. Both are attracted to each other and he doesn’t believe that she and her friends are medical students. How can they be as they are hot chicks?! Shuo Min gets worried – what time it is now and she is not at home after exam? He is now on the ship, braving through storm. He leaves a message – where is she now and he is worried unless she calls him back.

A pregnant woman is going to give birth soon in a small village and they need to send her to the hospital. They call the ship for help but the marines are alarmed that the baby is coming! The village houseman who is with her has not tried delivery before and the doctor is away. Ji Zhe frowns and commands the ship’s houseman to see him. He nearly vomits blood when he tells him that he only has experience in cow and dog delivery. (This is very funny!)

He walks into the cabin and will rather help to manage the ship. When Shuo Min is so bored that he asks him to be in charge because he can see nothing at all because of the rain, Ji Zhe walks back into the cabin as he doesn’t want to be responsible for anything. All marines do not know what to do. They start to prepare towels, boil the water and sterilized the scissors. Er….who will cut the umbilical cord then? One says Shuo Min holds the highest position so he can do it. But he has to control the ship.

Another suggests getting Ji Zhe, the deputy captain or the houseman to do it. But upon seeing the woman pulling Ji Zhe’s hair and he yells in pain, they think he is the best man to do the job! The next scene shows Ji Zhe at the steering wheel where he still feels the pain while now Shuo Min is in the cabin with the pregnant woman yelling in pain and pulling his hair. They suddenly freeze – what if she needs a caesarian operation? Shuo Min asks Hui Lin for help. Can he give her painkillers since she is in pain?

She teaches him to count the time for contractions. Zai Xian sends Shou Zhen to the motel. Poor Shuo Min - they are on shore but she keeps pulling his hair so he has to follow them to hospital in the ambulance. He prays for both to be fine. Hui Lin shakes her head – it is a difficult delivery. Shuo Min begs her to save them. Seeing him so upset, she tells him not to feel that way as people will misunderstand that he is the father. Shuo Min now understands his parents’ feelings when waiting for him.

Once he thinks of it, he really wishes to tell them that it must be hard on them if they are alive. He can’t help thinking this way. What if the baby lives but the mother dies? How will the baby survive? He has to pray for help. He hopes no one will live as tough as him. Hui Lin is touched by his words. Both survive and he gets so happy that he hugs her to thank her.
Both get teary…..but she pushes him aside upon discovering patients looking at them with amusing expressions. (Se Bin has problems crying and I find her face twisted ugily. Why?!) She carries the baby in the baby room to show him. She kisses the baby’s hand and fondles the child. Shuo Min gets fascinated by her soft look. He really respects her and holds her two hands that save human lives.

Even though he brings them here, they will not live without her. So the baby is their product not like other children. Can they name the baby with one of their Chinese name characters in it? Shuo Lin and Hui Shuo sound weird – how about Hui Min? He suddenly kisses her and all clap at it. (He is not behaving like a captain at sea but is like a child in front of her every time.)

Cheng Xia is annoyed while Jin Er is delighted. Hui Lin gets so mad that she kicks him on the knee twice. It is so painful that he kneels on the ground. She keeps telling herself that it is nothing and avoids Cheng Xia. Cheng Xia is prepared with a ring to propose to her. Shuo Min looks into the mirror, feels his lips to smile and kisses the mirror. (Really cute and hilarious.) He feels the bruise in his knee. He is at home but why is Shou Zhen not back yet?

Zai Xian brings her to a hotel – he can’t resist and removes her coat. Hui Lin keeps brushing her teeth. Bao Na asks who kisses her? Cheng Xia has no guts to do it for a few years and will not dare to do it tonight. (But he does something more daring than this later.) So it is the marine. Bao Na has wished to help Shuo Min to take action and likes him after seeing him last time. Hui Lin is frustrated – why doesn’t she have him as she will never accept others? She will never let Yu Jin go till death.

Shuo Min keeps calling Shou Zhen to find out where she is. Zai Xian removes the battery upon seeing the caller – why is the nickname handsome guy and she has such a late call? Her shapely legs seduce him and he starts to loosen her dress. ……she vomits into his face at this time! Shuo Min gets frustrated and hangs up the phone. He opens Shou Zhen’s handbag – it really has a stethoscope and her medical student pass. So she isn’t lying at all. Shuo Min goes to Mrs Jin’s shop for breakfast while Zai Xian sends Shou Zhen home.

She is shocked to find herself naked but no one is in the room. Shuo Min knows that Zai Xian is at the disco again. He coaxes Mdm Chi to let Zai Xian have fun. She knows that he isn’t popular with women. Shuo Min laughs – she must let him go or he will not complete his military service on time. She doesn’t mind Shuo Min breaking Zai Xian’s leg to make him a better man. Shuo Min is sitting down to chat with her but when he stands, he feels the pain again. Mdm Chi is unable to forget her son so she opens her shop beside the marine quarters. She chides Zai Xian to be home late and Shuo Min envies their bond.

So Zai Xian has fun the other night and he brags of sleeping with women – he will never let go of a good chance. Shuo Min chides him as one night stands bring him nowhere. Zai Xian is about to say that the person is a medical student this time when his sentence is cut off as Shuo Min listens to Shou Zhen’s call to walk out of the shop. She explains that she doesn’t know that the handphone isn’t on but puts the earpiece away – his voice must be very loud to scold her.

Shou Zhen smiles upon seeing Zai Xian’s post-its. Zai Xian apologises for making her drunk and washes her clothes after removing them from her. But he vows that he has done nothing. She is so pretty that he is scared that he will do something wrong to leave in haste. She gets dreamy – he is handsome and understands women well. (She is so gullible – luckily he doesn’t do anything to her.) On the other hand, Zai Xian dreams of having a doctor wife to have a good life. He promises that he will not touch women – to give the same painful experience that his father gives Mrs Jin.

Shuo Min’s superior, Wan Hao wants to punish him – even though he has saved a pregnant woman, he risks the lives of his 30 over subordinates. Shuo Min is willing to take up the punishment. He has to do it as both are in danger. He doesn’t know what to do so he calls the doctor he knows. So Wan Hao asks – is he close to the doctor? Shuo Min has to lie that she is his girlfriend. (Ji Zhe’s expression is classically in shock when he turns to look at him.)

Wan Hao praises Shuo Min for having the ability and hopes to attend his wedding. Shuo Min says that he can in 3 months time. Ji Zhe’s jaw nearly drops – can he really make it?! Shuo Min also thinks that he has answered too hastily. (I can’t believe that he is let off so easily!) Cheng Xia wants Hui Lin to join him in the US for further studies. Since his elder brother and sister-in-law manage the hospital, it doesn’t matter if he isn’t around for a few years.

Cheng Xia wants to be dominant in the heart surgery circle. She explains that she is different from him. Just then, Mr Quan calls. He stays single because of her so she will repay him. Bao Na is here to cut the patient’s hair. She asks if Cheng Xia is uneasy because someone kisses Hui Lin. He is confident that he will win. This guy doesn’t care others’ feelings - the sort she dislikes.

Shuo Min staggers at home. Shou Zhen demands him to sit down or she will hit him. She gets worried upon seeing his leg bleeding and the wound having pus. Why doesn’t he apply medicine? Who dares to touch Captain Jiang? She knows that someone kicks him but this mad man wants to keep the scar even though the ‘pride of wound’ turns bad! She looks at him suspiciously. (I also find him silly too.)

Shuo Min gets into a restaurant - the bill for a date is 15000 won. He can keep the remaining wine bottle if it isn’t finished. You will laugh even though he is smartly dressed in his white military uniform – he requests to pay the bill using his credit card to pay in a 6 month installment. Hui Lin runs into the operating theatre with Cheng Xia upon seeing him. Jin Er wants him to check with her the next time. The operation will take 4 hours! So he eats unhappily alone. This meal costs one third of his salary and he could have spent it on a coat for Shou Zhen. Zai Xian comes – he has worked here before becoming a marine.

So Shuo Min fails but he still denies. Zai Xian teaches him to woo girls. He must package himself. He should say that he can bring her on cruise 20 days a month – actually it is 20 days a month on ship for them. This lie will be uncovered upon marriage but Shuo Min can say that he does this to get her. Shuo Min gathers that he must have used this trick to stay overnight which is what a ‘xiao bai lian’ will do.

Zai Xian gives Shou Zhen a call, lying that he has an assignment. She becomes dreamy – he is a CEO so he must be busy but yet gives her a call. Shuo Min knocks on his head – why is he still here and how can he finish the whole meal? Shuo Min has wanted to continue eating but Zai Xian has finished everything! Shou Zhen starts to imagine what she will do with Zai Xian – dancing and kissing…..(Can’t believe she is so gullible since she has seen the worst of life…)

Shuo Min stands at the deck, depressed. Upon seeing Zai Xian telling jokes and pointing at him, he stares at them and they continue wiping the ship. (He must be thinking that Zai Xian reveals that he fails in his courtship.) Jin Er informs Shuo Min that Hui Lin is leaving the hospital at 8pm so he rushes to wait beside her car. She quickly gets a lift from Cheng Xia. Chen Xia asks why she doesn’t tell him to stop looking for her but she knows that it will not work on him. This man doesn’t know manners.

Shuo Min stands to wait in the cold. Cheng Xia and Hui Lin have a meal in the restaurant. She has a phobia upon seeing a marine, sitting opposite – thinking that he is Shuo Min. (She is being a paranoid.) Cheng Xia promises to handle for her and walks to the man to find he is Ji Zhe. Jin Er wonders why Shuo Min is still around. Shuo Min asks why she doesn’t answer his calls. She is the one getting into the ER and Hui Lin has sneaked away. Ji Zhe’s father is a colonel while his elder brother is also a B.G.

Cheng Xia’s father is once an army doctor so both families are close. Lately, Ji Zhe has been on ship and doesn’t get to see them. They talk about Cheng Xia’s glorious past but Hui Lin isn’t impressed. So both are handsome, have well-off families and also good in studies. This is not attractive as men must have flaws. (We never know what this woman wants.)Cheng Xia asks if he knows Shuo Min – of course he knows. He is Ji Zhe’s superior. Hui Lin’s face turns into a horrid expression and asks how he thinks of him.

Ji Zhe is hesitant – he is a man who has the spirit of a soldier. He talks about loyalty and is also brave. Hui Lin thinks that he is wild and is always charging without sense of direction. Ji Zhe agrees – his hand moves faster than his mouth. (This description is very appropriate.) He mentions that it is love at first sight for him, Ji Zhe realises that Hui Lin is the doctor that Shuo Min plans to marry in 3 months time. Bao Na laughs at his courage. Hui Lin says he is ignorant and crazy. Bao Na wonders how to tell him to woo her.

Cheng Xia leads Hui Lin to hide when Shuo Min arrives at the hospital. Jin Er checks the schedule and wonders what is wrong as she should be around so she calls him here. (Sang Woo looks exceptionally dashing with a light blue scarf and black sweater. The colors match well.) Shuo Min misses her very much. Jin Er also looks at Cheng Xia’s photo in her handphone. It is hard but they must make the miracle come true. Yes, he must make it come true in 3 months. He is a marine so he must work hard. Cheng Xia watches him leaving from the window with Hui Lin and puts his hand on her shoulder. She avoids him.

This scene is sure hilarious – Zai Xian pretends to shoot with a gun when he is painting the ship with others. Shuo Min arrives and the clumsy man drops a metal barrel of paint down. Upon seeing Piao in danger, he pushes him aside to get hit. (How touching to see how he risks his life to save his subordinate.) He faints – with the barrel covering his head! All rush down, except Zai Xian with wobbly legs. They remove the barrel and he wakes up, sitting to look sternly at Zai Xian with the yellow paint still on his face. His glares surely kill! Poor Zai Xian kneels down and admits his mistake.

The others are shocked to see that his elbow is covered with blood. Shuo Min chides him of thinking of women when he is working and he should concentrate. This happens when he isn’t careful. He wants all to continue and he will handle it, so as not to blow up the matter. Ji Zhe is surprised but frowns. Upon turning around and running away, there is a grin on his face. We know where he is heading. Hui Lin comes upon getting Jin Er’s call, saying that there is an emergency case, only to see him instead.

He shows his arm (His fans can get prepared to be fascinated by his large biceps as he only wears a singlet.) She believes that there are army doctors but he believes no one is better than her. She is puzzled why he has a scar on his elbow. She tends to him and he looks into her face. She gets annoyed and walks off, suggesting that he should go to the psychiatric department. Why does she avoid him? She doesn’t like him. He is here twice in a panicky manner because of Shou Zhen and the pregnant woman. But it isn’t so earlier so this must be his usual self.

She doesn’t like reckless people but he states that he wants to express his feelings to say what he thinks. Even meat tastes better naturally. (His comparison is very unique indeed.) So she knows his feelings but he chooses the wrong person. She lies she has married before. He doesn’t mind as she is single now. He is the sort to think he may die the next day as his parents are like that. To make sure that he will not regret if he dies, he tries his best to see her. An injured man who is sent in reminds her of Yu Jin and she nearly faints.

Shuo Min holds her but she runs in. The man is supposed to get married but he dies. She thinks of the past and is determined to let him live. Cheng Xia slaps her – why not admit that the person is dead? He helps her out and Shuo Min recalls the accident too – how reckless Yu Jin drives his car then. He tells her to be strong as she has tried her best. Cheng Xia tries to punch him but Shuo Min stops him. Shuo Min would have returned his blows if not for him as a doctor. (See who is uncivilized here?)

Cheng Xia understands her but they have tried their best. Hui Lin wonders if there is really God to take people away. He hints that God might save an unhappy marriage. His heart is pricked as this will remind her of Yu Jin. Her reply is he lives in her heart all along. Cheng Xia is angry when he looks at the sunflower painting in her room. Shou Zhen is sad to know the tragedy.

So Shuo Min must be upset to be reminded of the incident. But she hopes that he will forget it. He hopes that Yu Jin is still alive if he meets Hui Lin. He wants Shou Zhen to learn from her. Since she takes care of the siblings, he should give a gift but Shou Zhen knows he will get rejected. Will Shou Zhen object to him marrying a divorcee? She yells – who seduces him from the army pub?

He protests – how can she doubt his taste – he asks because the divorce rate goes up recently. She smacks his hand in anger – he should discard the lousy card. He closes his eyes in pain and she realizes it – who is the jerk who dares to harm him? This fellow will ruin the whole army. (Luckily she doesn’t know who he is then or she might kill him with her hands.)

The following scene is so hilarious – Zai Xian pretends to be Shuo Min saving Piao and someone puts a barrel over his head. Piao complains that he nearly loses his life because of him. All have thought that Zai Xian will not live beyond Shuo Min’s torture. They gather that he is only restless today and it is better for him to own up tomorrow. Shou Zhen takes a baseball bat – she must wake the culprit up. Shuo Min also feels like giving this ‘xiao bai lian’ a beating if he is not on ship then. But he will be at sea in a few days’ soon. If he can’t control this man, he will cause trouble again.

Zai Xian lies to Shou Zhen that he hurts his arm while fixing a CPU so he can’t meet her. She finds the phone number strange as he calls a public phone. Then Shuo Min walks in – Zai Min hears his voice – why is there a man? He asks if she has a boyfriend and both siblings promise to check on each other’s future spouses. Shuo Min is signing documents when Zai Xian apologises to him. You will laugh - he knows that Zai Xian will not have the guts to do this to him deliberately. Is he thinking of women then? He doesn’t have to deny – has he controlled the woman? What will he do on the next leave? Brag again?

No – Zai Xian declares that women like flowers and Shuo Min thinks it is too common. Give her 100 flowers and her mouth will crack. Shuo Min pats his head – where does he get the money? Can’t he wake up? Ji Zhe overhears them and informs Cheng Xia. Shuo Min must be asking for Hui Lin’s behalf. If not, he will not ask subordinates on the issue. Cheng Xia urges him to tell him to send lilies. (He looks evil.)
Hui Lin keeps sneezing when her friend tries the wedding gown and happens to drop a bouquet of lilies on her. She is over sensitive to flower pollen and runs out of the bridal studio.

Ji Zhe describes that flowers help to raise a woman’s status to show that she is loved by men or they show gratitude by patients. Roses are too obvious so lilies are better. Shuo Min praises him for thinking differently since he is a top graduate. Ji Zhe smiles slyly. Both siblings watch television programmes and grab the remote control. He frowns at her watching Bruce Lee’s movies – is she going to damage furniture or use new medicine/injections when he is hurt? She says no but he distrusts her. They should watch love stories to get married and since no one teaches them, they should learn from serials to respect elders.

Jin Er informs Shuo Min that Hui Lin is in the ER for a long operation so he is overjoyed. Shou Zhen is mad – is he still in love with a divorcee? Hasn’t he discarded the lousy card? She demands that everyone he chooses must gain her approval. Jin Er hasn’t notice if Hui Lin likes flowers. Shuo Min takes the lilies out to decorate her room with a rose love design in the centre despite discomfort in the injured elbow. He also takes out an aircraft carrier model with lilies in it. No matter in pacific or at sea, it is the marine’s land. Cheng Xia observes secretly with an evil look – there is a price for him to pay for being so arrogant.

Shuo Min imagines that she will be impressed and he can read the note of love declaration to her. Cheng Xia leads Hui Lin into the room. She sneezes badly and there comes his chance to hug her close to his chest (sickening, right?) Is Shuo Min out to kill her? He apologises – he only tries to make her happy. This is the same thing that Yu Jin tells her on their first date when he panicks upon seeing this happening to her upon getting her a bouquet of flowers. Shuo Min looks sadly to see how Cheng Xia smashes everything in silence. (This man is surely despicable! He must be having delight in doing this.)

Bao Na shakes her head – other women will be touched but not for Hui Lin. Poor man to be chased out of the hospital. Hui Lin describes that even the number 100 is enough to kill ordinary women. Both realize that this is also what Yu Jin has done in the past too. Hui Lin smiles at the thought when Yu Jin also says the same words, hoping flowers can make her happy. That is why he gives her flower photos instead and she still misses him so much. Ji Zhe is happy for Cheng Xia but he isn’t scared of Shuo Min taking revenge as he has an escape route and he isn’t that sort of man.

Since then, why does he dislike Shuo Min? Ji Zhe smiles – just like today of him asking for the impossible. He gathers that Hui Lin is the wife Cheng Xia has in mind. He dislikes Shuo Min to declare to be her boyfriend. He is too reckless. Not just the pregnant woman but also the accident. He stops mentioning and both have a drink. Shuo Min feels that it is tougher to woo Hui Lin now. Shou Zhen demands to know why he spends so much money. Shuo Min tells her that it is an investment and the payback will return in 3 months. But he still feels the pain upon thinking how Zai Xian benefits from the meal. She wants him to eat instant noodles from now to save money.

His ship model for Hui Lin is ruined but Jin Er says that the morale still stays. Shuo Min is angry with Zai Xian when Zai Xian asks if he is unwell. He only says her and flowers and is too angry to continue his sentence! Zai Xian has come at the wrong time to provoke him. Zai Xian wonders if he has eaten flowers by mistake to have a stomach upset. Shuo Min doesn’t want to see him temporary and demands him to get out of his office. (He is kind enough as he is trying so hard to suppress his anger.)

Zai Xian meekly puts the application form to apply leave. Shuo Min wishes to take the leave himself. You can laugh uncontrollably like me – he puts a big cross on the form to tell Zai Xian to forget about it! Zai Xian then bargains – if not, overnight stay? Time out? Shuo Min gets so mad that he starts to throw files at him and his fist lands on Piao’s eye accidentally when he walks in. Shuo Min feels bad over it. Piao knows that they will be out for 20 days again. It seems that the tactic doesn’t work. Women are complicated animals. He offers to stay so that he can leave but he can’t even get to see her at all.

Bao Na tells Hui Lin to be clear to Shuo Min. The poor man must feel miserable not being able to come to hospital to meet her. He has no chance to apologise at all – how sad! Shuo Min holds the handphone in his hand. Zai Xian suddenly kneels in front of him and begs for overnight stay leave. He must grab the woman or he will remove his clothes. (In the Korean sense, that means to drop out of the team.) Shuo Min’s reply – do it then and get to sleep in bed!

He begs again as he wants the woman to be beside him forever. Shuo Min softens. He signs on the form but will only allow time off. He also hopes that someone will allow a chance for him too. Shuo Min teaches him not to give flowers too easily. If his woman is allergic to flowers, he will be out immediately. Zai Xian and Shou Zhen turn up at the cinema and he chooses a horror movie. He imagines her to get scared but it is the reverse! Mdm Chi is angry with him for stealing her money and her handphone.

She is upset that Shuo Min lets him out and he coaxes her – if not, he will remove his clothes and now it is time for him to start dating properly. Mdm Chi apologsies – her divorce upsets Zai Xian and she pampers him rotten. The meal intended for Zai Xian ends up for him. Mdm Chi notices that he smiles foolishly to himself some time ago but looks restless now. Shuo Min has no time to be in love and he will not be able to make calls easily at sea in the 20 days. She feels that women feel insecure so he should force her to meet.

He comes to the hospital and slips in with a cap. He sees Hui Lin with Cheng Xia and thus wants to squeeze in with Jin Er. But it proves to be too heavy and both are forced to get out. She tells him not to despair to wait for Hui Lin at the nearby café. Zai Xian finds it hard to resist when seeing Shou Zhen sticking out her tongue to taste her food. Upon seeing Shuo Min walking in, he quickly kisses her to hide his face! Shou Zhen is also alarmed to see him and both frown – how to get through with only one exit?

Shuo Min frowns upon seeing the two so intimate – can’t the two distinguish if this is a restaurant or a hotel room. Shou Zhen knows that she isn’t discovered – due to Shuo Min’s temperament, he will come over directly. Both flee through the kitchen. Jin Er is about to ask Hui Lin out when Cheng Xia asks her to help him in the files. What a creep – he praises her for her computer skills and even massages her shoulders for her. This is to kill any chance to let the two be together to make her work for him readily.

Shuo Min waits in vain and drinks with Piao. Piao criticizes women for being heartless. Shuo Min finds Hui Lin pitiful for being unable to accept flowers. Piao still thinks men are more pitiful. Shuo Min longs to love and he is willing to steal love if given the chance. Piao laughs – he can’t steal love but he can steal wine. He gets ginseng wine with a ginseng in a bottle. Shuo Min gets excited – can he preserve flowers like this too so that pollen will not spread? Soon, he tries to produce his own flower bottle.

He fails in many attempts and finally when he gets one ready, he removes his glove to touch it, forgetting that it is too hot to hurt his hand and breaking it. He finally brings one to give to Hui Lin. She doesn’t have to worry about the pollen as he has sealed it in the bottle. She doesn’t want restrictions but she feels that he is selfish. It is easy but not for her. He will not expect her to accept him.

Just then, his troop comes and they are so cute to form a heart shape and kneel in front of her. Bao Na smiles at it. All of them are armed with a flower in a bottle too. Piao tells her that Shuo Min is so upset that she can’t smell flowers. He puts Shuo Min’s flower in her hand and pulls Shuo Min’s hand to show her. His hand is hurt by the broken glass and he also suffers from burns. She touches the bottle and smiles. Just then, the marines release the lighters into the air to make a wonderful sight. (Are marines so free to so all these – I wonder – this arrangement can be too exaggerating but quite cute in a way.)

Cheng Xia is angry to see what happens. Why do they come? Piao rebukes that it is love and also honesty so please accept their captain’s love. (You will laugh when others repeat the latter line.) She sighs – hasn’t Shuo Min said that he does not demand from her and yet he brings his troop to embarrass her? Cheng Xia tries to seize a bottle from a marine but the fellow snatches it back.

Cheng Xia finally breaks Shuo Min’s bottle which Hui Lin is holding and the rose drops to the ground. Hui Lin is displeased with his action. (I can assure you that he looks like a hooligan. Definitely not the kind of refined man you have in mind. ) Cheng Xia even pulls Shuo Min’s collar. Hui Lin has already told him that she doesn’t love him and why is he so persistent? Shuo Min’s subordinates are angry with him – how dare he do this to their captain? Shuo Min tells them to stop as this is his own matter.

Both women are displeased with Cheng Xia and the marines are so irritated with his doing to their captain that they bash him up. (Really serves him right for being so nasty.) Jin Er quickly dresses his wound and Hui Lin is unhappy with his doing too. Bao Na is angrier with him for calling the police and why can’t Hui Lin accept Shuo Min after what the marines have done.

Wan Hao nearly blows up too, marines are gentlemen. How can they use force? They are reckless but they should not do something to hurt their dignity. He gets Ji Zhe to give in the report. (It seems he knows Ji Zhe doesn’t get along well with the others to distract him.) Just then, Wan Hao asks who is their enemy? How can they not hit properly? They should punch the enemy to defeat him but why punch their own captain?!(This is sure unexpected!) He demands them to look at Shuo Min’s bruised face. Shuo Min is about to say that it is his fault when Wan Hao tells him to think of his age to play such a game.

Piao emphasizes that it is not Shuo Min’s instruction and Wan Hao gets angrier – why do it then? They should inform him next time if Shuo Min meets a woman, he will give him a grenade and they should not be involved. If the fellow doesn’t listen, release it to yell that he should die while Shuo Min lives. All laugh upon hearing it when he boasts on how he gets married using this method. Shuo Min is very touched by his subordinates’ act – it is the most unforgettable day since he joins the army.

They want the best for him but don’t expect this to happen. They apologise and Zai Xian boasts that he should join them if not for his shift. The closer they try to get a woman’s heart, the more distant it becomes. If he wants, he should……before he can complete his sentence, all crowds around him! Shuo Min returns home with a mask over his head, lying that he has a new training to need this. Shou Zhen gets suspicious – does it need antiseptic lotion which smells so strong?

She forces him to remove it and is shocked to see the state but he avoids telling her. She calls Wan Hao to know about it and Shuo Min is sitting at his desk. When he turns around, he is shocked that she threatens to leave home. He knows that he is in the wrong and coaxes her. She has never felt so betrayed before. She has to know that he wants to get married in 3 months’ time and he keeps it from her. He explains that he has to observe the surroundings and she concludes that it must be the woman to cause this.

In order to divert her attention, he gets her to answer Zai Xian’s call but she is too angry to talk to him. Zai Xian wonders what is wrong – isn’t he successful the last time and what goes wrong? Mdm Chi doesn’t want to get him a new handphone but he coaxes her that he wants to listen to her voice and she gives in to him. Shou Zhen feels the pain upon seeing Shuo Min’s wounded left hand. Why Hui Lin still doesn’t accept him? Although this is caused by Cheng Xia, Hui Lin is the reason. (Cheng Xia is so barbaric – this is assault and why is he not being questioned by the police?!)

So she knows why he is in the French restaurant. He is surprised – how does she know it? She lies that her friend is there with her boyfriend and he recalls the ‘shameless couple’ who are so thick-skinned to kiss in public. Shou Zhen decides to find ways to woo her and he is overjoyed that she supports him. Hui Lin wonders Shuo Min is okay so Bao Na tells her to call him.

It is the swimming training session. Shuo Min is angry that one marine doesn’t dare to jump into the pool. This is a humiliation if marines can’t swim. They must be responsible for their own actions as no one knows what happens at sea. The poor marine yells that he can do it and jumps. Zai Xian hides at a corner. He curses that since marines should know how to swim. Pilots will also know how to fly. (This man is so detestable – finding excuses as he doesn’t know how to swim! How can this happen to get into the troop?)

He hides in the toilet to use his colleague’s handphone to call Shou Zhen. Shuo Min comes (baring his top!) and pulls him out. How can he chat in the midst of training? Shou Zhen overhears it – what training? When he punishes him to do frog jumps, Bao Na invites him out. He thanks her for looking for him. He is fine but the appearance isn’t presentable so she can tell Hui Lin that.

Bao Na is touched when he can accept if Hui Lin has a previous marriage or even a child. Why? Because she is a beautiful doctor and has good qualifications? Shuo Min observes that Hui Lin treats patients well and the case of saving a victim. He is fascinated by her and knows that Hui Lin must have loved the man very much. Although he doesn’t know why they part, her wound is still there.

He still likes her – it is better than loving in the past and becoming indifferent now. But this is tormenting him which is the torture to get something pricy. The marines fight for victory at sea and the joy is even greater so he wishes to try. Bao Na knows that he will never give up and Hui Lin is angry that they meet. She knows that Hui Lin is worried so she goes to find that he is really a nice guy. Hui Lin still refuses to see him. He has left dirty footprints in her heart and Bao Na analyses that he is different from Cheng Xia.

Shuo Min is disappointed that Hui Lin doesn’t answer his call and he reads books on flowers in the bookshop. She is now having another book and confesses to Yu Jin. She shouldn’t get along with this kind of man to give him any chance. Mr Quan comes with Cheng Xia and fresh milk. Both are unhappy to see the book. Mr Quan tells her to release the knot instead of cutting it.

All marines stop what they are doing to look at Shuo Min because he is totally distracted to speak to freeze in the position upon getting her call. Piao has to call him to remind him where he is! He informs all delightedly that she is asking him out. All are so overjoyed for him and one even strums the strings on his guitar. Piao also gives him a hug on his success. You will laugh before he approaches Hui Lin to adjust his scarf in the mirror – the same restaurant owner tries hard not to laugh at him. (But I must compliment the clothes stylist to find a nice looking bright orange and light orange mix scarf that fits his black clothes.)

She has heard his answer from Bao Na and he declares that she is his destiny. He gives her the book and she trembles in tears upon seeing the sunflower cover with Yu Jin as the author. It is a book that she tries to get hold in vain all along and she thanks him. She lies that she is still married because her husband is in another country. This is temporary but their hearts are together. He is her sun so she will look for him. Shuo Min is so disappointed by her answer but still goes to return her handphone when she leaves on the table. He finds her crying in the car.

Shou Zhen cheers for him for being successful on his first date. She has asked her lecturers and finds that there is no cure but her friend has offered a village prescription that works on other allergies. She is cooking it now. So he can set his marriage date before he goes for training. He hugs her and smiles to hide his disappointment. Still, he takes time to brew the soup for Hui Lin. He has thought that all will work and it is silly of him to declare his feelings for her now. He tells Shou Zhen to pass them to Hui Lin. This is the tactic that he comes up over the night and she senses that she is unhappy.

Jin Er sees Shou Zhen in hospital and learns the truth. Jin Er finds out from her that both meet the last night and informs Cheng Xia to make him jealous. Shuo Min wonders why Zai Xian takes time out or days off so frequently. Still, he envies him having Mdm Chi to visit him in the visiting area before going on ship. Zai Xian is alarmed to know that Shuo Min is going there too. He tells Mdm Chi not to come as she can’t pass her handphone to him when Shuo Min is there.

Sure enough, Shuo Min is curious to know what she brings but she lies that they are undergarments and pushes them to walk out. Shou Zhen is puzzled what Zai Xian asks what he tells his mother to smuggle for him as she overhears the conversation. Shuo Min gathers that it might be playboy magazines. She flies into a rage upon knowing that he is the ‘xiao bai lian’ who injures her brother’s arm and she should have told Mdm Chi. She has gone to the hospital but still think that Shuo Min should go himself and passes the package back to him. Mdm Chi is afraid that Zai Xian will get caught but he runs away with it to call Shou Zhen. (If I have a revolver, I can guarantee that I will blow his head with it because he is too much!)

Shuo Min puts the bottles of medicine in Bao Na’s shop and she also asks the same question. He finds it hard to tell her but is stunned by the truth. So Cheng Xia fails for a few years to woo her as she is unmoved. Bao Na reminds him of his words. He asks why she doesn’t hate him as the victim is her brother. She wants Hui Lin to move on with life. He should give her personally since she is coming. Sure enough, her attitude is cold to him. He suddenly asks her how hard it is. Although the person is dead, he lives in her heart. He knows it – his parents passed away for 13 years and 2 months but they still fill his heart. He knows the way she misses Yu Jin. So he shouldn’t do this as she only loves Yu Jin although he isn’t around.

He understands but he will be on ship for a month. She hopes not to see him again so he will try. But he will not know what happens at sea so he hopes to see her like meeting her the next day. She keeps the medicine in the fridge to drink a cup daily. Zai Xian hides from others to listen to the handphone. He keeps it when Ji Zhe and Shuo Min arrive. He lies that he finds it and he is looking for the owner. They are about to confiscate it when they have to go for training. Hui Lin has meals with Cheng Xia uneasily.

Ji Zhe and Shuo Min finally see Zai Xian chatting using the handphone with their own eyes. Both walk up to him and Shuo Min demands him to hand over. Then an announcement comes to say that a suspicious boat is discovered so Shuo Min rushes there. Ji Zhe wants it in a stern voice and Zai Xian is so frightened that he steps back to fall into the sea in fright. It is then now that the others reveal that he is a non-swimmer. (I shake my head – how can they keep the secret?) So Shuo Min dives in to save him.

Mdm Chi apologises to Shuo Min for sending him back. (Shuo Min is neatly dressed in his dark blue navy uniform but unfortunately it is not for a good cause.) Shuo Min assures her that Zai Xian is fine although he has a fright. She holds his hand – it is her fault to spoil Zai Xian rotten to break the rule. She is too selfish to cause harm to Zai Xian and trouble to Shuo Min. Will Shuo Min be punished? What can he say - Shuo Min’s job is to make sure that all complete national service and wishes her to help that Zai Xian will not get into any more trouble. She promises as his kindness is unforgettable.

Shuo Min comes under fire by the inquiry committee. The colonels are disturbed that he doesn’t stop his subordinate from bringing the handphone on ship. This shows that he lacks the ability to control his subordinates. As for the fight, Wan Hao quickly defends Shuo Min. It is his troop which causes it and not due to him. Still, he apologises for causing the trouble and has to bear the responsibility.

This affects warfare – the delay must inflict severe punishment. Wan Hao pleads to ask them to consider how he saves his subordinate from drowning but the others don’t see the necessity. The guys have problems and this means that he is a commander who lacks warfare instructional ability. They decide that he can’t control a warship and the case will be brought to the punishment hearing committee. Shuo Min is badly affected by the verdict.

Bao Na tells Hui Lin not to bother to take half day leave as it is not Yu Jin’s death anniversary. But she insists as it is his birthday. Shou Zhen asks her for Shuo Min’s whereabouts as she has no news on him. His ship has returned but he doesn’t rush home to meet her as usual and his handphone has no signal. Hui Lin tells her not to worry as he is an army officer and can be involved with matters at the headquarters. But Shou Zhen knows that something is wrong as Wan Hao also avoids her. Has something bad happened? What if he is in danger? Hui Lin recalls his words and looks at the ship.

She is puzzled – why is she worried about him? She sees him walking to the sea and stops her car. She still walks to him and calls his name. He is surprised – why is she here and she asks the same thing. He doesn’t know how to answer. His eyes turn red and he wants to bring her to meet a handsome man. Normally a woman might trip but the reverse happens here. (You will know why later.) She helps him by holding his elbow and he holds her hand. Both walk into the military memorial hall of Sapgyoho Marine Park.

He looks at his father’s photo. It is the first time Mr Jiang meets her but now he is the one only liking her. Still, he must like her. He tells Hui Lin to greet her but asks if he is odd? She doesn’t mind as she knows that Mr Jiang is always in his heart so she bows. He keeps calling her name as he likes it. Hui Lin smiles and visits the ship cabin. Shuo Min is upset when reading Mr Jiang’s daily prayer note. He hopes that Shuo Min will be a future marine admiral to call his name under the bright sun. He also wishes Shou Zhen to be pretty and healthy. Hui Lin knows that he will be proud of Shuo Min. Shuo Min smiles bitterly – will he?

He lies on bed. His subordinates need to answer his command this way at sea sure to rocky waves. He will then use his commander position to tell them that strong waves train strong fishermen. A harsh life can’t lose hope. He starts to sing the military song and Hui Lin is touched. Shou Zhen also sings the same song when ironing his clothes at home. He lies there and covers his eyes with his hand.

His hope to be on ship vanishes yesterday. Hui Lin pities him but just then the lights are off and she is trapped in the ship. She is unable to answer the handphone in her car. Cheng Xia and Bao Na are anxious that she isn’t back. She coaxes Shuo Min to wake up but he doesn’t respond. She realizes that his forehead is covering with sweat and he has a fever. (The blow of his dream getting dashed is too much for him to bear and he doesn’t even realize that he is sick.)

Cheng Xia blames Bao Na for letting Hui Lin to celebrate the death’s birthday. She is unhappy with his remark as Yu Jin’s sister. (See how insensitive this jerk is.) Hui Lin’s unable to forget Yu Jin shows how incompetent he is and he should not vent his anger on her. Hui Lin wets her handkerchief to place on Shuo Min’s forehead and removes the first few buttons of his clothes.

She tells Bao Na the whole story the next day. Shuo Min finds the handkerchief when a recruit wakes him up. Cheng Xia will kick a fuss about it if he knows they are together for the night. Hui Lin dismisses Bao Na’s guesses that she likes Shuo Min but seeing her angry arouses Bao Na’s suspicion. Hui Lin is mad at Cheng Xia – must she report to him wherever she goes? Can’t she stay with Yu Jin for the night and why must he alarm Mr Quan?

She doesn’t want him to restrict her. Cheng Xia replies sadly – he hasn’t slept for the night, looking at the clock. And also looking through newspapers to check if she is involved in any accident. Luckily she is fine. (This man is a dorminating fellow who doesn’t want her to be out of his sight. Normal women are touched but not when the speech comes from this man because he puts in a very bland way.)

Dr Li chides Cheng Xia for neglecting a patient. He knows that it is because of Hui Lin and hopes she will consider his son. Shuo Min meets Hui Lin to tell her that he is healthy to recover fast so she doesn’t have to worry about him. He apologises for causing her to be unable to visit Yu Jin after learning from Bao Na. Hui Lin asks why he can’t be on ship again and he is astonished – he even tells her that? (This shows that the fever must be too high till he can’t remember what he has said.) He tells her the whole story. Upon knowing that the jerk might cause him to be unable to be out on ship again makes him feel that this is the end of the world. How can he survive by letting Mr Jiang down?

She tells him to work hard. Chances come with a dangerous mask. Better things might be coming in store for him. Both smile at each other as he feels better. He tells himself that in front of the mirror and Zai Xian peeps at him secretly. Upon seeing him coming out of his office, he hides aside but tails him. Shuo Min stops walking – how long does Zai Xian intend to follow him? He puts his head on the floor. Shuo Min asks – which unit does he belong? He should report his name when meeting his superior and not do this.

Zai Xian is being sent to the warfare team soon and wants to apologise sincerely. He commits a death crime and Shuo Min nearly smacks him. He spends so much effort to save him and he still says something about death. Shuo Min’s handphone rings – he nearly cracks up – what is Shou Zhen up to to call herself his guardian angel? She is here to pass some things to him. Zai Xian looks at him. Envy him to be able to carry his handphone everywhere? He has to be a senior soldier like him then.

Shuo Min gets a call from Wan Hao and he rushes to see him, telling him to go to the meeting room to meet Shou Zhen. Zai Xian runs there and laments that he should have worn formal uniform. He is shocked to see her but lies that he is working on navy technology. Just then she gets Shuo Min’s call to learn that he is only a recruit. When she lies that he isn’t there yet, Shuo Min gets angry – why is ‘xiao bai lian’ so late but she doesn’t catch the final sentence? She throws the package at Zai Xian angrily.

Ji Zhe drives the car with Piao, Shuo Min and Wan Hao as his passengers. Shuo Min gets nervous when he sees the two on the road. What is this guy doing? When she hits his stomach, Shuo Min smiles – that’s right! He gets out of the car, demanding to know what Zai Xian is doing. Seducing women again? (This shows how insecure Shuo Min feels upon seeing his sister with a playboy.) He touches Shou Zhen’s shoulder anxiously – has he done anything to her? She denies and gets into the car with them. She frowns upon hearing Zai Xian greeting Shuo Min formally. Shuo Min lets him off today.

Wan Hao asks if Shou Zhen is frozen when he doesn’t answer her in detail the last time? He promises to treat her to this meal at the eatery. (How wonderful to sit with 4 marine officers – as if all of them are protecting her.) They suspect that Zai Xian is trying to take advantage of her. If not, why push him? Ji Zhe even hints that it seems that they know each other well.

Shou Zhen lies that Zai Xian is ditched by her friend and asks in vain for her address. Shuo Min laments that it is shameful for him again. Piao mentions that he has handled Zai Xian’s truck of women and Shou Zhen is mad. Wan Hao jokes that Shuo Min’s subordinate has such strong ability and the three have to learn from him. Ji Zhe discloses that Zai Xian and Shuo Min are at loggerheads with each other. He is the one who injures Shuo Min’s arm and this time nearly takes off his uniform.

Shou Zhen is startled and Shuo Min quickly denies it. He replies that this incident makes him even closer to his fiancée to spend the night together. Ji Zhe’s mouth opens wide and Shou Zhen is so angry with the liar that she bangs hard on Mdm Chi’s toy machine. She recognizes her but wonders if someone will be brave enough to marry a shrew. Zai Xian hides aside upon seeing Shuo Min walking by. He has a headache – how can it be so incidental that they are siblings. Suddenly a hand presses his head towards the locker and he becomes timid, thinking that he is Shuo Min. But it turns out to be Piao making fun of him instead!

Cheng Xia wants to drink with Ji Zhe but he can’t leave the ship as Shou Min isn’t around. He stresses that he has no problems with Hui Lin. By right, Shuo Min should feel the tension of losing his post but he seems indifferent about it. Cheng Xia smashes the phone upon knowing what he has said. He wants out to see Shuo Min asking Jin Er about Hui Lin’s schedule. Shuo Min wants to shake his hand. They have a common enemy before becoming rivals and he is Yu Jin.

Cheng Xia smiles haughtily and smacks his hand aside. How can this be equal competition as Shuo Min will lose for sure? Shuo Min can understand a few years without success and suddenly a rival appears to kindle his hatred. Cheng Xia jumps at him for being so arrogant. Shuo Min promises to try his best to win Hui Lin over to see who can remove Yu Jin’s shadow to fill her heart.

All nurses gossip about the love triangle. They already know of Hui Lin’s past but they pity the poor marine who doesn’t know about her allergy problem. Jin Er learns of Cheng Xia’s despicable act – he transfers Hui Lin to a remote hospital last year to separate him and Yu Jin. Thus he is the cause when Yu Jin drives to have a car accident on the way to meet her. Cheng Xia recalls Shuo Min’s words. What has he done these few years? Hui Lin only loves Yu Jin and he only knows how to deframe him.

He gets so angry that he suddenly collapses in pain. Hui Lin diagnoses him to have an old gastric ailment. He worries too much for her but still refuses to tell him what happens the last night. Jun Er runs into his apartment. How can it not be serious since he faints? She insists of taking care of him or sending him back to hospital to take an x-ray since Hui Lin is no internal surgery expert. Because of Jin Er, he feels the pain coming back so she should be quiet. Jin Er finds it better to stay with Dr Li instead of staying alone as no one will take care of him if he is sick.

Hui Lin is touched when Cheng Xia arranges Mr Quan to stay in the hospital for a thorough checkup. Seeing that she is heading for the hospital, Cheng Xia decides to follow her. (He must have been a leech in his previous life.) After his checkup, Cheng Xia sends him home to ask for his approval to marry Hui Lin. Although Mr Quan has doubts that she will forget Yu Jin, he still gives his blessings. Cheng Xia smiles haughtily – Shuo Min wants fair war? What a joke – he doesn’t know Mr Quan’s importance to Hui Lin.

Shuo Min is sent to the combat department to wait for further notice. He walks in to observe the surrounding and sees a ship model – surprised to know that it belongs to Zai Xian. Zai Xian walks into the lecture hall where Dr Li is giving a talk. Dr Li lets them meet. Zai Xian gets slapped twice – once for deceiving her and another for injuring Shuo Min. It is true that he is going to work for the computer associate after his national service. She reprimands him for having her on. He tells her of the drowning case but she kicks his leg. He laments – some kind of brother to produce some kind of sister.

Shuo Min drives Hui Lin to visit Yu Jin. She is unable to see him the last time – but he still keeps her handkerchief with him. Hui Lin gets sad looking at his photo and he is silent. Suddenly he walks to him and greets him – he loves Hui Lin. She maintains that she is not going to change her mind. But Shuo Min is determined to make her love him more than Yu Jin. He has wished to get Yu Jin’s approval more than anyone else to use Yu Jin’s love to love her even more but he doesn’t like to feel like a criminal.

Hui Lin dashes out and Shuo Min follows her. She smiles upon seeing a couple playing with snow to recall her sweet past. She likes it but Shuo Min hates it. When he was 15 and playing in the snow with his friends, someone told him that his mother was dying. He can’t remember how he reached home. She only told him to take care of Shou Zhen. His father’s body only arrived a week earlier and she hugs it to cry. So when others are happy, he is sad instead. Shuo Min’s eyes turn red – normally he will not tell others of it – why tell her? Hui Lin then hits him in the snow to cheer him up when he turns to walk away.

Shuo Min feels better – this reminds him of them before he thinks of his parents in future. It is Yu Jin’s present for him. She is with him on the ship the last time when she is on the way to see Yu Jin. It is also incidental – like he is giving her to him as now. Yu Jin might be owing him in his previous life. Both have a meal at the meal van. It is cold but they enjoy the food. He has wanted to treat her to a French meal but fails again. Cheng Xia sees them together and uses Mr Quan’s medical result to separate them.

Shuo Min maintains that they must visit the French restaurant the next time. She is amused to see him so insistent. Does she know him well – no – he is too simple. Cheng Xia is unhappy that the two has so much to say since morning. Bao Na is angry that Cheng Xia doesn’t like others to visit Yu Jin. How can he be his best friend? She suspects that he makes use of Yu Jin to get close to Hui Lin but he denies.

Hui Lin frowns as Mr Quan’s medical report doesn’t turn out well. Cheng Xia hints he worries too much because of her. Hui Lin doesn’t answer him when Cheng Xia comments Shuo Min is brainless to follow her to Yu Jin’s grave. Shou Zhen is puzzled why Shuo Min still eats instant noodles at home even after a meal. The restaurant has closed for the day and his dream to give Hui Lin a treat dashes. This time, he doesn’t intend to pay by credit card but to spend within 20000 won. He promises her not to waste money.

Zai Xian is at Shou Zhen’s doorstep, wanting to see her. He is sincere to her but she refuses to listen. Mdm Chi wants him to be under Shuo Min to be a man. He yells to protest but she reminds him that he is dead without him. Shuo Min comes to his new workplace, while waiting for his verdict. Ma greets him and comments that he doesn’t need to challenge waves and brave the cold. Shuo Min smiles forcefully - no one knows how much he loves it! But he still doesn’t mind performing duties in a building.

Ma gives Shuo Min a ship model and he is touched. Ma’s elder brother has told him – as long as he doesn’t give up, his dream will not vanish. Hui Lin smiles upon recalling her moments with Shuo Min when seeing the snow. Her face brightens up upon getting Shuo Min’s call. Cheng Xia is angry to see this. Ma is overjoyed to know that Shuo Min is dating (Shuo Min’s smile is also radiant!) Shuo Min only worries one thing – to work with Zai Xian again. He doesn’t know what kind of fate he has with him. He doesn’t have to ask – Zai Xian must be bragging to the recruits now.

Shou Zhen doesn’t accept Zai Xian’s calls and he thinks that it must be Shuo Min’s fault to tell her that he has a truck of women. Shuo Min must be his stumbling stone in his life – sure indeed, he trips by Shuo Min’s leg now. Shuo Min notices that his superior, the commander isn’t here yet. Why is Zai Xian unhappy to see him? Zai Xian trembles and denies. How can this be as he is his life saviour? So Zai Xian must feel good to see him daily then since he is being sent here. Zai Xian looks like he is struck by lightning. Shuo Min asks why he gives this expression. His reply is he is too happy. (This exchange is sure funny!)

Shuo Min wants him to get him coffee then. When Zai Xian gives orders to others, Shuo Min pats his head. Do others know his taste well? He should do it as he assigns him to be his special assistant. Zai Xian decides to give Shou Zhen up. This guy wants to make fun of Shuo Min by brewing the coffee with a rag!! When he walks out, he is shocked to see the commander with Ji Zhe. The commander is surprised that he knows that he is here to get him coffee. Shuo Min signals him to pass it to Ji Zhe.

The haughty Ji Zhe deliberately asks the commander who is taking over Shuo Min’s post. This really hurts Shuo Min when he hears Ji Zhe commenting that Captain Jin is a sharp person to lead them. The commander just has his breakfast so he passes the coffee to Ji Zhe. Ji Zhe doesn’t like to see Zai Xian to want him to get out. So he acts innocent, asking if the coffee doesn’t suit his taste. The commander knows that he is like this after being scolded a few days ago. But he comments that the coffee is nice and Zai Xian has a good laugh which he tries so hard to control earlier. (Serves him right for being nasty.)

Cheng Xia is disturbed to see Hui Lin smiling again after getting Shuo Min’s second call. Jin Er wonders – are they really dating? Shuo Min reports to Hui Lin about his work but looks at his pencil – so this is sharp for him here. (What a contrast!) Zai Xian tells him that he is going to work in the Game computer associate. He knows a lot on computers and is also a games expert.

Shuo Min is not in the mood to listen to his bragging and his woman, wanting him to back off. He then turns back to tell him that he wishes to marry within a year and Mdm Chi has prepared an apartment. (See how much he relies on his mother for a living – I sure despise him.) Shuo Min doesn’t want to know his life timetable. Just working in the same camp with Zai Xian drives him nuts. What more must he know? Zai Xian gets timid - he wants advice as reference.

Shuo Min wants the training schedule but Zai Xian gives the wrong file. Shuo Min gets mad – he daydreams again?! He will get rid of the nonsensical thoughts from his mind. He demands him to do rolling pitching here and others laugh. Zai Xian is hesitant – here? Shuo Min gives him a choice – or he wants outside? He lies reluctantly on the floor and does it – rolling from side to side. Shuo Min shakes his head and both think the same way – what ill fate they have to be together. (But I love the arrangement!)

Shou Zhen is still angry with Zai Xian. Shuo Min thinks of Zai Xian’s life timetable. Zai Xian is the sort who goes to PX when free. When it is time for work, he hides in the toilet to avoid Shuo Min. Of course, the only moment he comes to see him is applying for time out or leave. (I like this line – Shuo Min knows him too well.) But this Zai Xian appears repeatedly before him today. Is the main reason how Zai Xian nearly becomes a water ghost to suffer from brain damage to become like this? I really can’t keep a straight face when Shuo Min says this!

Zai Xian quickly denies. Shuo Min shakes his head – but it doesn’t seem so. He is puzzled. Zai Xian asks about his love life. He can tell that there is development although the telephone conversation. So he is still an expert in this area. He gives advice but Shuo Min doesn’t see the need as it goes smoothly. Zai Xian reminds him not to be conceited. Once conceited, things will go wrong. Shuo Min is angry with him dampening his spirits. Zai Xian reminds him – he has a rival who breaks the flower glass so he must not underestimate him. Shuo Min asks what he should do as he holds Hui Lin’s handkerchief.

What a funny sight – Zai Xian concludes that they have to find something in common. Shuo Min is amazed that these words come from his mouth. He cracks his brain over it with Shou Zhen. She asks – the corporal who gives him bad luck but causes him to get closer to Hui Lin. It is still ill fate to Shuo Min as Zai Xian makes a bluner to injure his elbow and can’t continue to get on a ship. But because of the wound, he looks for Hui Lin to bandage it and this time to spend a night with her.

She corrects him – it is not ill fate but love glue! He admits yes if looking from the surface. So should Zai Xian’s receiver be blame for his plight? Shuo Min disagrees – the driver to receive a call to cause an accident should be the culprit. How to blame the caller? Coming to think of it, he gets scared. Zai Xian is so obsessed by a woman to threaten him to go on leave. The result is using the handphone. He even talks about meeting a life-long partner now. She smiles but gets annoyed when Shuo Min thinks he can’t be trusted. Zai Xian meets women when staying out to say that everyone is good.

She raises her voice – is she good or bad then since Shuo Min thinks she is a bit different from the rest. He is curious – does this concern her? She lies that she will encourage her friend to carry on but he says no – Zai Xian will injure her physcially!

Cheng Xia prepares food and medicine to go with Bao Na and Hui Lin to the orphanage – trying to score points with Hui Lin again. The children pull his trousers and he dislikes it. The children adore Shuo Min more – calling him Uncle Marine as he washes their clothes. Cheng Xia and Hui Lin do checkups on the children while Bao Na cuts their hair. Hui Lin observes the similarity with Yu Jin when Shuo Min plays with the children. She trips and falls on top of him. Both blush. (This act is too intentional.)

Cheng Xia gets so angry that his gastric problem hits him again to be sent to hospital by ambulance. The women are exhausted – why is this so different with one more person? Because Shuo Min is never tired. Both agree that he is like Yu Jin and Hui Lin smiles over it. Cheng Xia is relieved that he is not having cancer and wants Hui Lin to stay 5 minutes with him. She prefers to meet the interns and Shou Zhen is here. She invites her to his birthday as she gives Shuo Min a new life.

She also thanks Hui Lin for taking care of Shuo Min when he is ill the whole night or his condition will worsen. Shuo Min is overjoyed and thanks Shou Zhen for being thoughtful. Zai Xian offers to help out to defend his forte but Shuo Min doesn’t want him to suck up to him. Cheng Xia lies to Hui Lin that Mr Quan is sick to lure her away. She leaves a mmessage in his handphone. Zai Xian comes with Shuo Min’s present and a pair of gloves for Shou Zhen. That appeases her at last. Shuo Min worries when Hui Lin hasn’t reached – has she lost her way?

He calls her and is dismayed that Cheng Xia answers it to inform him that both are on holiday. Shou Zhen and Zai Xian try their best to cheer him up with the birthday cake. Later, he holds her handkerchief and bursts all the balloons in rage. On the way back, Cheng Xia pretends that the car is not working and tries to rape Hui Lin in a hotel room. He leaves scratches on her and will not allow anyone to take her away – even if Yu Jin comes back alive. Hui Lin then says that she can release her buttons – he will get her body but not her heart. He stops – so he can never get her heart and is like a beggar.

He loves her earlier and deeper than Yu Jin. Why? She leaves but forgets the sunflower necklace. Cheng Xia sees it and recalls how Yu Jin tries his tuxedo in front of him to give himself as her birthday present. But he is having flu so he requests medication from Cheng Xia. Cheng Xia gives a strong dose out of jealousy but is alarmed to cause the accident. He quickly removes the prescription from Yu Jin’s pocket when he is being sent in. Shuo Min can’t rest his mind and comes to Bao Na.

Bao Na is puzzled as Hui Lin has told her that he is going to Shuo Min’s party. She calls both but they don’t answer. Shuo Min is upset – he has no right to say anything if she wants to go on the trip as he isn’t her boyfriend. But he worries that something might happen and he feels insecure. Hui Lin is frank and will tell him if she is unable to attend. Bao Na assures him that the police will call them if they meet a mishap.
He walks out to get Bao Na dinner. Hui Lin finally gets into a taxi and puts Shuo Min’s present back into her bag. Bao Na is shocked to see her disheveled state and knows what has happened.

Zai Xian’s personal photos are all alone taken by Mdm Chi. He has vowed only to take with someone he likes. Shou Zhen feels sorry for him. Shuo Min doesn’t notice that his handphone is dropped at the corner of the house so he doesn’t listen to the message that Hui Lin leaves. Shuo Min overhears the conversation and all have never heard his voice so cold before. He demands to know where Cheng Xia stays but he isn’t back yet till the next day. Shuo Min gives him a punch – the next time he touches Hui Lin, he will die. Cheng Xia lies they have slept together so he should give up since they are getting married. (See how this slimy creature can stoop so low to say that! And Hui Lin to let him get away like this!)

Shuo Min finds him a despicable jerk. Cheng Xia thinks that he is stupid as women will submit to men finally. Shuo Min believes that the woman he loves is not an ignorant fool. Cheng Xia should be thankful that Shuo Min is a soldier. If not, he will not leave at this. Cheng Xia wants to hit Shuo Min but he stands aside to let him injure his own hand by falling on the ground. (Instant retribution happens.) Hui Lin is angry – why must Bao Na implicate Shuo Min? What if they fight?

Bao Na thinks it is time to test him – it is better for him to go to Cheng Xia’s home than to create a scene at the hospital. Hui Lin recalls how the guys treat her and Bao Na deduces that all guys are the same. She can’t blame Cheng Xia for doing it as Shuo Min might also so it as he is also a man. Shuo Min runs to the port to exercise. He recalls how hard it is for Hui Lin to accept him. Ma and Ji Zhe ask him how he can forget to attend the combat leader’s daughter’s wedding. Wan Hao shakes his head – he should turn up at happy occasions so as to be out of the waiting list. The army is also society so Shuo Min apologises.

Four guys go for a meal. Wan Hao knows that Shuo Min has a competitor. He can’t let her be snatched away. Ji Zhe exclaims no as soldiers must be upright. (How pretentious he is!) Wan Hao scolds Ji Zhe for being an FM. Ji Zhe’s mouth turns wide upon knowing that Hui Lin celebrates Shuo Min’s birthday from Ma. Wan Hao wants Shuo Min to act fast to bring her on holiday to make her his. This reminds him of the sour experience and he gets agitated. Women are not commodities.

The civilians can say this but not soldiers. They must follow rules. Ma asks what is wrong with him. Wan Hao describes soldiers are still men and he is trying to help. But this guy is defying authority! Ma explains that Shuo Min dislikes to hear that as he has a younger sister. Wan Hao understands but thinks Shou Zhen must be careful or men will not let her go. She is grown up now. Shuo Min gets angrier and leaves. Ji Zhe says sarcastically that he is so much like a soldier today.

Zai Xian and Shou Zhen date but they do not dare to leave any evidence – they can’t come up with a love contract, take a photo together or share lovers’ rings. Zai Xian decides to give him his soldier necklace. After the date, Shuo Min demands her to change her dressing. How can she wear a miniskirt and not feel cold? Moreover, men will harass her.

She promises to take care of herself and revises the defense skills. While practicing, he sees the pendant and is about to ask but gets kicked (We know where.) Zai Xian steals the money from Mdm Chi again for dating expenses. Mdm Chi thinks he can never be mature and doesn’t think that having a pretty daughter-in-law is a good thing. What matters is the personality.

Mrs Jin wonders why Wan Hao is at her shop even when he is drunk and asks for chocolate daily. He is puzzled why she isn’t romantic – does age play a part in this? Bao Na thinks that Hui Lin should not resign because of this incident as she needs the job. She should make him know that he can’t touch her anymore. (I can’t believe that he is let off so easily!) Dr Li is very angry with Cheng Xia for being unable to keep Hui Lin – and how does he injure his hand? Of course, he will not dare to tell him.

The gullible Jin Er sees his face wound but still believes that he will not strike others. Cheng Xia returns the necklace to Hui Lin and offers to transfer to the rural branch so that she can stay. Shuo Min calls Bao Na to find out how Hui Lin is. He wants to call earlier but controls himself. He is surprised that she is back at work. Shuo Min comes to see her with Cheng Xia.

This animal…..Hui Lin wants to walk away from him but he pulls her back. Mr Quan calls Cheng Xia so he passes the handphone to her and also puts his hand on her shoulder. (I am very sure that Shuo Min’s supporters can’t tolerate this.) Shuo Min can’t take this anymore and walks out – his confidence is shaken - is she going to marry him?! He is frank to say his piece – does she love Cheng Xia after the incident?

This case is only minor to him – she doesn’t suffer from danger or broken bones. It is not her intention to happen too. He is angry because the heart should rule the physical body. If she suddenly likes Cheng Xia, he has nothing to say. But if this is because of the humiliation to bet to intimate as she loses her chasity……needless to say, Shuo Min gets slapped as she declares that she hasn’t let Yu Jin down. Cheng Xia sees this secretly from his car and drives away happily. (Oh….I hate this jerk so much!)

Shuo Min runs after her with his coat – so they are not marrying? The person giving her warmth is friendship but he takes it as love – you qing. Does she love him? So what he does upsets her and makes her embarrassed? He gets into her car – she apologises for turning up on his birthday but this doesn’t imply that she dislikes him. So what is he to her – he presses her for an answer. (Good grief – he is getting assertive now – seems that Cheng Xia has driven him nuts.)

Since she says he is a nice person, that proves she likes him now. He clenches his fists and she doesn’t like him to be exaggerated but there he goes – to shout in delight. He feels like owning the world. From the day she thinks he is mad till now…..this is a firm answer. Now he is hungry as he has a small appetite worrying over this daily. So she must give him a treat. (Shuo Min becomes childish and cute again.)

Both are at the French restaurant. Seeing him so hungry, she cuts a piece of steak to place on his plate. Now he feels that men worth living. He has longed to eat here with her but fails repeatedly. He never expects to be successful today. He mustn’t be hesitant – if not, there is no hope to love her. This is his rule in life. She is amused by his theory of opening his road for her. Bao Na teases her that they can get married soon. Shuo Min should be captured quickly. He is so dedicated, innocent and healthy. If Hui Lin doesn’t want him, she will take him.

Shuo Min returns home to see that Shou Zhen has charged his handphone. He finally listens to her final message on apologizing to be unable to meet him on his birthday because of Mr Quan. He smiles – that shows Cheng Xia is lying all along. The marines have a soccer match and Ji Zhe is the referee. Shuo Min’s team wins and they are happy to hug each other. Zai Xian is busily counting down the days to end his army days. But still, he tries hard to please Shuo Min. Shou Zhen confesses to Hui Lin that she doesn’t dare to insert needles and poor Shuo Min becomes her target.

Seeing Hui Lin concerned, she laughs and says that there is finally someone else who worries about Shuo Min but she has not injured him so far. She is delighted that Hui Lin has Shuo Min’s present ready. The guys are in the public bath – fans – get ready to be fascinated by Sang Woo’s figure again. Shuo Min notices that Zai Xian’s pendant is missing. Has he owed someone money to place as deposit? He protests when Shou Zhen calls at this time to tell him about the birthday present.

All marines, including Ji Zhe, look at Shuo Min in amazement. Shou Zhen tells him to get the present from her himself. Shuo Min smiles to himself but Zai Xian tells him not to accept it. He wants another present – her time to watch a movie over the weekend. Later in the camp, Shuo Min opens the box – it contains her sketches on his ship addressed to the future admiral Jiang. There is also a notebook with the phrase ‘A man dreams but they influence the future. He should write his dreams on it to make it come true.’

Shuo Min kisses the book dreamily (so attractive and amusing!) Zai Xian is pleased with his plan – his tactic not only wins the present but a date. Shuo Min should listen to him to get married soon. Now Shuo Min is troubled on how to plan their date. See how funny he is to bribe Zai Xian with a drink now! Shuo Min even puts in the straw for him. Ji Zhe becomes Cheng Xia’s spy again upon seeing Zai Xian writing with pen and paper to peep from the back.

They should meet at the cinema but don’t watch mtvs. There are no horror movies in winter so men will need to scare their women. Shuo Min knows how Zai Xian falls in love but can it work – if there is a 99% chance of success, then 1% of failure belongs to Shou Zhen. Zai Xian agrees and Shuo Min stares at him. Zai Xian quickly adds that this method doesn’t work on some women so men must work to create the atmosphere. Shuo Min decides to give her a treat at the French restaurant since it is her treat the last time.

Ji Zhe quickly tells Cheng Xia the news – is everything really smooth for him as the two are going on a date now? Cheng Xia laughs when he recalls the slap scene – so sure of himself – it can’t be. Ji Zhe is puzzled as all have seen Hui Lin’s present for Shuo Min. Jin Er’s colleagues tell Jin Er to stop climbing the tree(indicating Cheng Xia) since it is not destined to be hers but she decides to chop it if she is too desperate.(You will laugh at this remark.)

Cheng Xia wants Ji Er to arrange his operations to Hui Lin so that she will be too busy to go out with Shuo Min on Saturday, using his hand injury as an excuse. It makes me sick to see him putting his hand on her shoulder to tell her that he only trusts her. Mdm Chi hurts her leg when running after a thief but Wan Hao manages to get her money back. She is grateful to him and gives him chocolates.

Shuo Min drives his car in his dark navy suit while Cheng Xia smiles to himself upon seeing Hui Lin busy. He is dismayed when Shuo Min turns up at the hospital. He tells Cheng Xia that he can use dirty means to deal with him but don’t hurt Hui Lin – the woman they love. Hui Lin is puzzled – hasn’t them arranged to meet at the cinema and why is he here? Shuo Min doesn’t know when her operation will end so he comes to fetch her. (Or rather to prevent Cheng Xia from taking her away to ruin his date.)

Cheng Xia gets annoyed when Hui Lin informs him that Dr Li has agreed to do the remaining work for her and she leaves. Shuo Min changes his mind about bringing her to the cinema but brings her to the ship. Shou Zhen forces Zai Xian to be her victim to insert the needle. Shuo Min shows Hui Lin how to tell the wind direction with his finger – he learns from his father and returns her the handkerchief. He has wanted to keep it but now he knows that he has won her heart. Mr Quan supports Cheng Xia to go to the U.S. hospital to further his studies with Hui Lin.

Shuo Min is still waiting for a chance to be back on his ship so he can only bring her on the public ship and to show her his own ship the next time. He feels honoured by her presence. She is happy to see the seagulls but gets seasick and doesn’t feel better. He carries her on his back down the ship to get her water.(So sweet!) It is not hard for him to bring Shou Zhen up. He worries most on how she accepts their mother’s death. He tells her that both parents move to stay in heaven.

Mr Jiang keeps moving from base to base so it makes no difference to her. It is a place where all have to go sooner or later. But Shou Zhen is so afraid that he will move away like then that she goes to his school daily. So all his friends like her but he is very upset over it. He delivers milk bottles and newspapers with her. She also follows him to sell melons on the street. Both hurt their hands in the snow. Hui Lin feels sad by their story. Mr Quan’s colleague, Mr Yin finds Cheng Xia very scheming to curry favour – is this the way to get married? Why shouldn’t he be with Hui Lin?

Shuo Min learns that Hui Lin obeys Mr Quan just like how he obeys Shou Zhen. Mr Yin says that Hui Lin and Shuo Min resemble each other and she laughs. The siblings don’t look alike as Shou Zhen resembles their mother while Shuo Min takes over his father. Zai Xian refuses to take his soldier pendant back. Bao Na refuses to cut Cheng Xia’s hair because he is a jerk. He is only here to see Hui Lin. She reveals that she is now with Shuo Min. She will not even worry if she stays overnight with Shuo Min but not with Cheng Xia. (She is sure sarcastic.) She tells Cheng Xia to give up.

Ji Zhe insists that Shuo Min is too impatient to cause the car accident. Shuo Min gets angry - it is his fault – why always mention this? Ji Zhe rebukes – does he have confidence that it doesn’t concern him? Shuo Min is supposedly to meet Hui Lin at the cinema but he is unable to turn up because of an urgent assignment. Hui Lin waits in vain for him and returns home in disappointment.

Hui Lin has a nightmare seeing Yu Jin dead on a stretcher and the person changes to Shuo Min. She sees an accident at the cinema entrance to react this way when he doesn’t turn up. Will he be fine? Zai Xian boasts to the recruits again but one comments that he has heard that some marines can’t swim. Shuo Min contacts Hui Lin and she is relieved that he is fine on a sudden mission. Getting on the ship is his dream all along.

Wan Hao asks Shuo Min how he feels to be on ship again. Shuo Min’s happy face tells the answer. Wan Hao tells him that although it is only once, Shuo Min should make use of the chance to get out from the dark. Zai Xian wants Shou Zhen to feed him. Piao teases them and helps himself to the food. Hui Lin is at the hospital rooftop to test the wind direction and smiles to herself. Shuo Min uses his colleague’s handphone (he doesn’t bring his along) to sms to her – he loves being a marine but also loves Hui Lin.

Bao Na burns all the sunflower paintings to make sure that Hui Lin accepts Shuo Min although she feels letting Yu Jin down. Hui Lin is at first angry but later keeps the necklace in the box. Cheng Xia is angry to see everything not in her office and she listens to Shuo Min’s call. Shuo Min apologises for missing their date as he needs to train the recruits. The only bad thing about his job is he can’t see her and can’t use the handphone easily anytime he wants. He should be back soon to watch the movie with her.

He gets worried when Hui Lin suddenly gets news that Mr Quan is hospitalized. She cries upon seeing his wounded hands. Shuo Min quickly contacts Shou Zhen to help Hui Lin. He is at sea and can’t do much for her. Zai Xian wants her to take care of Mdm Chi who has sprained her back at the same time. She is torn but visits Mdm Chi instead. Mdm Chi is happy that both are dating but still tells her to give up as her son is irresponsible. Cheng Xia is trying to impress Hui Lin by massaging Mr Quan’s legs again.

Shuo Min immediately comes after his assignment but she rushes to see Cheng Xia and Mr Quan. Shuo Min is disturbed that Mr Quan treats Cheng Xia as his life saviour. Shuo Min has never regretted being a soldier till now but Shou Zhen consoles him – he protects the country so that she can be safe. Piao is in Shuo Min’s car now – Shuo Min doesn’t want to go or doesn’t wish to visit Mr Quan? Shuo Min decides that his job may cause his death anytime so he must visit him with fruit. Both visit Mdm Chi’s store.

Piao sees Shou Zhen with Mdm Chi and Zai Xian so he tries to keep from Shuo Min in vain……as he hears her voice. Upon seeing how Zai Xian hugs his beloved sister’ waist, he nearly blacks out and opens the door wide. Jin Er’s call doesn’t attract his attention and he slams the phone. Both kneel in front of him – when has this started? How can she go to Zai Xian’s home easily? He forbids them to date.

No 1 – Zai Xian has many women. No. 2 – Shou Zhen is innocent and Zai Xian can’t even step on her shadow (another funny remark!) When Shou Zhen mentions about them going to a hotel, he flies into a rage although nothing happens. So they know each other for a long time and keep him in the dark for such a long period. Zai Xian still wants to date Shou Zhen but Shuo Min chases him away by throwing things at him. He disallows Shou Zhen to go out. Mdm Chi packs kimchi for Wan Hao and hopes he can help to persuade Shuo Min to forgive Zai Xian.

Wan Hao smiles as there is development between Mdm Chi and him. Shuo Min comes to visit Mr Quan and he decides to observe both men. Ji Zhe hides aside to watch this. Cheng Xia forbids coffee but Shuo Min allows – to be stopped by Hui Lin as it is bad for Mr Quan’s health. Mr Quan wants to go for sauna and needs Cheng Xia as a doctor to come along. He wants to examine their bodies – his daughter is precious so he wants to see how good they are.

The following is the most hilarious scene that I have ever come across on how to please the future father-in laws. Shuo Min is at an upper hand with his stronger frame. He does push ups without difficulty while Cheng Xia does supports on the bench. The next scene shows how they scrub Mr Quan’s hands or the back dutifully. Mr Quan treats both to beer – actions are for appearances and wine is for feelings. Cheng Xia leaves as he needs to return to the hospital.

Mr Quan coaxes Shuo Min to drink and he knows that he has a hard life without his parents. He begs for a sip but he refuses to give him. Hui Lin is angry that Mr Quan drinks half a cup in the end. Mr Quan blames Shuo Min for not stopping him and he fails in wooing Hui Lin. Shou Zhen is trapped at home and all are at Hui Lin’s home. Both men make Mr Quan happy and Shuo Min drinks on his behalf this time. He pretends to be drunk to make him happy.

Shou Zhen is angry that she is under house arrest when he dates. He tells her that there is no need for him to look at Zai Xian. He has been on ship with him for 10 months and how can he not know him? He has a sweet tongue and can’t go far for cheating her. Why doesn’t she date her classmates? Mr Quan discovers Shuo Min helping out at the farm since dawn. Mr Quan’s colleague has a good impression of him. Shuo Min feels blissful – what he can’t do with Mr Jiang can be done with Mr Quan.

Mr Quan is happy too – can he be his son but not his son-in-law. He wants his son-in-law to have a stable job and Shuo Min will understand if he becomes a father. Shuo Min is upset and Hui Lin consoles him. Does he look like he is giving up? He will only if she tells him to. He can’t resist himself from giving her a hug and she hugs him back. Mr Quan feels bad but maintains his stand.

A soldier can’t be with Hui Lin at all times. What if she is in labour when he isn’t around or there is a war and he dies? This is worse than losing Yu Jin. His colleague protests – even doctors have the risk of getting aids through needles and many still die in hospital. Cheng Xia gets the proposal ring ready. Zai Xian wants to know why Shuo Min rejects him. Shuo Min discloses love needs responsibility but he lacks that.

Zai Xian promises to change and Shuo Min questions if he only acts in front of him. Let him see determination – through 200 push ups and 100 frog jumps. Not willing? Not started and grumbling – that is him. He starts and you will laugh – Ji Zhe and Ma come together. Ji Zhe points out his wrong posture while Ma tells him to give up. How can Shuo Min give his sister to him? He is already so tired after 37 push ups.

Zai Xian wonders why they stand there to watch and not on ship now. Ji Zhe answers – must they be on ship daily? Their ship is under repair and upon hearing that he is changing, they come to watch ‘live’ (Do we have curious superiors like this?!) Ji Zhe is so harsh to say that it will be nil if he rests for too long. Wan Hao tells Shuo Min not to inject personal feelings to punish his subordinate but Shuo Min stresses that Zai Xian does it willingly. Zai Xian still fails after taking off his uniform – he should look for other women. Shuo Min smiles slying – that’s game over.

Shou Zhen refuses – that is her love and Shuo Min asks - can’t love be doing everything for each other? Shuo Min should not force Zai Xian to do so much – he is so despicable. Shuo Min says that he will do till he throws up. She doesn’t understand why he uses such a meaningless way. Can he make a handphone shine? He can’t but Zai Xian can. Why use his standard to see his change?

Shuo Min replies that the world will not allow him to do the things he wants. She wants to stop him from dating Hui Lin too. She draws them and throws darts into the broken heart drawn between them. Shuo Min protests this when she will even protest to Mr Quan that she will make Hui Lin’s life difficult. Both quarrel. Cheng Xia wants to force Hui Lin to marry him through Mr Li’s power to go overseas with him too for further studies. Hui Lin is angry that it is only his idea but Cheng Xia is very sickening to use Mr Quan as a shield every time. She will not feel fortunate with him.

Zai Xian is out with other girls but he misses Shou Zhen. Wan Hao sees Shou Zhen at Mrs Jin’s shop and wonders why Shuo Min lets Zai Xian out. Shuo Min meets Hui Lin – both are hungry before meeting but not now. This must be love sickness. Shuo Min sees Zai Xian sending a woman to a hotel and calls Shou Zhen. She doesn’t believe him. He wonders why she isn’t at home – Bao Na knows she will not after listening to his words. He knows that it is the first time he is in love and he is not sure what is going on.

Bao Na says that Shou Zhen might leave home – her elder sister is an example to return home pregnant. Now Shuo Min is being threatened and this may happen. Hui Lin laughs – he looks like Mr Quan now. He says that it is different as Zai Xian is with other women. Hui Lin points out that Shou Zhen trusts him but he can’t help worrying. He returns home to stop Shou Zhen from going out but she scolds him for always thinking of the worst. She will not leave home – he should leave.

Zai Xian admits that he misses her after the incident and will try to win Shuo Min’s approval. Shuo Min is surprised – he will do again? Is the army an amusement park? He isn’t mature the last time and he is now – a month or a year ago? Zai Xian says that he grows up overnight but Shuo Min changes his style now. This is Zai Xian’s only chance now. The four guys play chess.

They learn that the combat admiral will bring his girlfriend to the family meet. Piao jokes that someone is happy since those attached can go there now. The others are lonely seagulls. He suggests to Shuo Min to propose to Hui Lin and Shuo Min exclaims that it is a good idea. Ji Zhe is stunned while all tease Wan Hao that he gets chocolates but he laments that he doesn’t know what to say in front of her. Why she shows no response at all? Piao and Shuo Min laugh at him.

Shuo Min suggests to him to bring a grenade. Wan Hao will do it when young but loses courage now. Piao wants Shuo Min to introduce nurses to him. Shuo Min offers to help Ji Zhe too but he declines as his mother is having an operation in another hospital. Ji Zhe tells Cheng Xia about it again. He looks at the ring – there must be a way. Seeing her so happy over Shuo Min’s call nearly makes him mad. Zai Xian runs up and down the stairs. He thinks of the past and persists till the end.

Shuo Min walks away and returns to office. But he is dumbfounded when the marine doing the counting shows the number 1000 on the counter. Zai Xian faints and Shuo Min gets anxious to pat his face. Shou Zhen goes on a hunger strike so Shuo Min pretends to look around for her in the drawer after cooking. Why does he want to choose a ring with her and not with Hui Lin? Shuo Min replies that her performance will decide if he will change his mind later. Cheng Xia tells Jin Er off for allowing Bao Na to apply make up for her but she reminds him that it is her off day.

Shuo Min allows Hui Lin to hook on his elbow before leaving. He sees Ji Zhe with Cheng Xia to know their relationship now. They are now at the family meet and so the couples form. Jin Er dances with Piao while Wan Hao dances with Mrs Jin. Zai Xian is with Shou Zhen and Shuo Min isn’t that happy to see this.

Ji Zhe never knows man-woman relationship. Hui Lin has disliked Captain Jiang at first sight but now….why does she like someone who loves to create trouble? He talks about the pregnant woman story and also the accident. When he mentions about Yu Jin wearing a tuxedo, Cheng Xia realizes that he can make use of this. Shuo Min drags Hui Lin out – what is his dream – no. 1 to be an admiral. The 2nd is to die with her on the same day at old age.

Shuo Min gives her his mother’s ring and she allows him to slip onto her finger. Bao Na is disappointed upon seeing him kissing her. She keeps gulping down cold water – is she interested in him to be so nervous? It can’t be because of Yu Jin. Zai Xian suspects that too and Cheng Xia is happy that the sparks get spectacular before diminishing. Cheng Xian and Ji Zhe arrive at the accident ground.

He maintains that it is not Ji Zhe’s fault as Shuo Min must have caused Yu Jin to swerve to the side. Shuo Min frames up the photos that they have taken at the party and smiles. Hui Lin tries the different bridal gowns which Bao Na brings home. She has a bad phenomenon when the flower garland headband breaks. Shou Zhen brings Zai Xian to Bao Na for a haircut and she jokes that she will only do it on Shuo Min’s sake as it is her off day. The two ask if she likes Shuo Min but she denies.

They try a set and ask for Bao Na’s help to support their relationship. She asks them to clean her house as exchange. They trip to kiss each other accidentally. Shuo Min works out at the farm again. Cheng Xia calls Mr Quan to make sure that Hui Lin will go overseas. Mr Quan’s helper describes Hui Lin as a valuable woman to help Shuo Min. He supports Shuo Min as he talks aloud to show his sincerity but Cheng Xia speaks softly and devilishly to look scheming.

Cheng Xia reminds Hui Lin of Yu Jin. (This fellow is sure irritating.) Hui Lin comes to join the men for lunch. Shuo Min is a stubborn man who will charge without looking once starting. This gives her a big headache. Shuo Min requests to help out at the farm even though Mr Quan tries to dissuade him. He doesn’t feel nice to imagine him working alone in the cold weather. He offers to draw their portraits. (Sang Woo displays his talents!! Please don’t miss him doing the sketches – unlike Ji Woo doing fake ones in ‘Staircase to heaven’ and ‘Beautiful days’).

Cheng Xia takes out Yu Jin’s medical file. Shuo Min sees Zai Xian’s shoes at the doorstep so he signals Hui Lin and Bao Na not to make any noise. Shou Zhen has many weapons on the bed to ward off intruders. When asked to remove his trousers to insert the needle, Zai Xian is shocked to see the three and shoots the gas gun at them. Shuo Min nearly kills him as they cough. Zai Min claims that it is Shuo Min’s fault for keeping quiet. Wan Hao shows the chocolates that he buys from Mrs Jin and proposes to her.

Shou Zhen needs 2 years to graduate and later some more years to be a houseman too. Has she gone mad to love Zai Xian who can’t support her? Shuo Min only promises dating but not marriage. He is still angry when in the supermarket with Hui Lin to buy the food. Why do the women support the lovers? They are like burning fire but Hui Lin finds him obstinate. He asks – since she is so liberal, why reject him repeatedly in the past? They should move faster too.

They see a couple with children and he longs to have a life like this and has no other wish. She holds his hand while Cheng Xia still looks at the ring he prepares for Hui Lin. When Shou Zhen wants to let Zai Xian try the soup, Shuo Min snatches it. So when Hui Lin wants to let Shuo Min taste the soup, Bao Na snatches it .Zai Xian complains that he should try to seek revenge but Shuo Min splashes the soup onto his face! (A way to seek revenge). Jin Er’s friend warns Jin Er not to get too close to Cheng Xia to prevent her reputation from being ruined. Cheng Xia suddenly remembers that she is the one who handles Yu Jin’s file.

She has asked him about the new prescription he has added and he panicks. Bao Na knows that Hui Lin can’t forget Yu Jin completely. Shuo Min reports to Mr Jiang that he is getting married and will love only one woman all his life. Ji Zhe recalls Cheng Xia’s words on not to dig the past to tell Shuo Min. Cheng Xia pesters Hui Lin to reopen Yu Jin’s case. But she declares that she is marrying Shuo Min soon. Although he warns her that Mr Quan wants her to study overseas, she replies that she is getting married, not Mr Quan.

Cheng Xia tells Shuo Min about Yu Jin. Shuo Min is taken aback but is sure that he doesn’t cause the accident as Yu Jin drives recklessly. If he doesn’t stop him, he will cause more accidents. He hits on the car mirror because Yu Jin is in a daze to wake him up and not to terrify him. Cheng Xia laughs haughtily – can Hui Lin accept the fact that he is involved in it? Shuo Min is so badly affected that he misses their date.

He hides at a corner when she waits at Bao Na’s salon for him to choose the ring. He still trains the recruits as usual and fixing the damaged pipes. Ji Zhe is impressed when he still tells all to fight till the end and not escape alone to be real marines. Cheng Xia lies that he gives Jin Er a treat for her hard work and urges her to ask her friend out by taking out his handphone. (This fellow is so detestable!)

The ex-nurse is now in Japan to work and get married there. He smiles – that is good for him! Shou Zhen is afraid that Shuo Min will get angry if they mention marriage but Wan Hao says he has heard it. They look at the photos taken on the family meet. Wan Hao is happy that Zai Xian accepts him and Shou Zhen also feels that he treats her like a daughter. If she marries him, she will have parents so they must convince Shuo Min to let them marry.

Shuo Min vents his frustrations by playing baseball. Ji Zhe is taken aback when Cheng Xia tells him not to tell Hui Lin that he has not seen Yu Jin dozing. Zai Xian sleeps with Shou Zhen and tells his mother about it. Shuo Min is back and he hides outside the window. Shou Zhen pretends to have a nightmare to lure him away from the window. He offers to stay till she leaves and locks the window, locking him out. Wan Hao proposes to Mdm Chi and she agrees. Mr Quan looks at Shuo Min’s sketches and he likes them. (Please trust me, Sang Woo really does them well.)

Shuo Min looks stern and Shou Zhen is guilty – has he found out her secret? But he lies that he is still bothered for not being able to go out to sea. Shou Zhen asks Hui Lin what is going on and Hui Lin realizes that he isn’t on duty to miss their date. It might be something with work then to lose his appetite too. Cheng Xia tells Hui Lin not to regret her choice.

Shuo Min asks Ji Zhe – the last time he asks him if the accident happens due to his character. He also asks Shuo Min if he has the confidence to say no. Does he feel like asking the same again? He asks. Shuo Min asks back – Ji Zhe also knows the driver can’t hear the horn and drives recklessly. Ji Zhe isn’t sure. The last time Ji Zhe has said that this hinders their emergency training to ignore it but he still cares. Why?

He isn’t impulsive and they are supposed to protect civilians. Training is important but lives are also important. Ji Zhe replies that the man is still dead as the ending. But Shuo Min asks – does Ji Zhe think that Yu Jin will die too? Ji Zhe doesn’t feel that way as the ambulance comes. They have waited for it to come before they leave. Zai Xian hears them when he is about to hand Shuo Min’s handphone to him (Hui Lin calls him – he is so cute to leave her as ‘my sun’ in the address book!)

Cheng Xia says that he kills Yu Jin. No matter who asks, he is also confident to say that he wants to save and not to kill. Zai Xian stops Wan Hao from coming in and Wan Hao says that he is brave to get into trouble but still makes the call to Mdm Chi to be responsible. Shuo Min sits down and is trouble. Zai Xian urges him to share his worry since Shuo Min is having a headache now. He wants to listen one more time to make the correct judgment. Ji Zhe ponders over his doing too.

Zai Xian finds it serious. He believes Shuo Min but what Ji Zhe says is the same as Cheng Xia. If Cheng Xia tells Hui Lin the same thing before him, it will be a disaster. So he should tell Hui Lin now. Shuo Min wants to do that and comes to Hui Lin. She knows that he is still troubled. They meet a garden and a swamp on the way. She doesn’t want him to be in the swamp while she walks in the garden. They must go through this together. He urges her to give him more time to tell her but Cheng Xia goes ahead of him to claim that he knows a witness who sees the accident.

Shuo Min tells Bao Na about it when he visits Yu Jin’s grave. Bao Na is puzzled – Yu Jin is a photographer and is sensitive to light. He will wake up when lights are on. How can he not see Ji Zhe’s car lights then? She recalls that he has a cold then and hasn’t taken any medicine to continue his work. A swim with her might worsen it. Shuo Min also doubts drunken driving as there is no smell of liquor. Moreover, he will not drink to meet Hui Lin. Yu Jin has only paid a fine for illegal parking and not reckless driving for 10 years.

Shuo Min is sure that nothing is wrong with the wheels and Cheng Xia will tell Hui Lin the story. Hui Lin protests weakly that Cheng Xia is lying as he tries to rape her before. Bao Na decides to use sibling relationship to stop Cheng Xia from telling. Both women lie to each other that nothing has happened. Shou Zhen is angry to learn it. Shuo Min wears formal uniform to get ready to train with the US army.

Zai Xian is amazed that Shuo Min hasn’t told Hui Lin. Wan Hao expects Shuo Min to perform as he is outstanding on the last emergency training and he speaks fluent English too. Shuo Min is happy and sends sms to tell Hui Lin that his dream comes true. Zai Xian gets the training documents ready. Shuo Min must be happy with his training. Zai Min refuses to stay on after his NS. Shuo Min laughs – luckily he knows that he will bring trouble to the army. He wants Shuo Min to tell the truth before leaving but he has to prepare for the next day’s training. Even if she knows, she should understand.

Before he goes, can he sign on Zai Xian’s leave approval form? (This guy goes again!) Shuo Min looks at it – does he still have the right? It is his year end leave to look for a job to get married. He tells him to forget it. Shou Zhen wants to tell Hui Lin but Zai Xian stops her. Shuo Min should tell her himself. Cheng Xia wants to know the ex-nurse’s number when she calls to chat with Jin Er. The woman tells Jin Er not to tell Cheng Xia that she makes the call. Jin Er doesn’t know the number to call back.

Cheng Xia wants to call his witness, Ji Zhe but he is out at sea with Shuo Min. Hui Lin leaves and looks at Shuo Min’s photo on the handphone. Bao Na chooses to believe Shuo Min as he hasn’t met Yu Jin before. Cheng Xia suspects that she loves Shuo Min but she replies that Hui Lin can’t love a despicable Cheng Xia. Shou Zhen and Zai Xian invite Bao Na and Hui Lin home.

Shuo Min likes a show – others can find their parents alive. Shou Zhen thanks Shuo Min for not ditching her or she has to look for him. She pretends to make a search - her elder brother is innocent, innocent anad barbaric. Shuo Min is annoyed but plays with her. Shuo Min still cares for her although he hasn’t enough to eat and supports her studies. He never does anything shameful because of her. If someone frames him, she will not let him off. Hui Lin smiles. Shuo Min gets off the ship to call her. He will tell her everything.

Ji Zhe also gets Cheng Xia’s call to meet at the accident site. He looks at Shuo Min’s back – must he do this? He doesn’t wish to see Hui Lin. Cheng Xia forces Hui Lin to go there. Shou Zhen helps Shuo Min to get into a new suit to meet her. Ji Zhe tells Shuo Min about it and he rushes there. Zai Xian is looking for a job. Ji Zhe meets Cheng Xia and Hui Lin but Shuo Min is late due to a traffic jam. This Cheng Xia is atrocious – Ji Zhe can’t talk much because he interrupts him! Hui Lin leaves, shaken with Cheng Xia. (How can this man get his way again and why doesn’t Ji Zhe tell Hui Lin the truth?)

Zai Xian gets a job but he is unhappy with Shou Zhen working part time as a model and a shop assistant to earn more money. Shuo Min sees them on the way when driving and is alarmed to learn from Ji Zhe the bad news. Hui Lin takes out the sunflower necklace and also Yu Jin’s tape to watch and cry again. Shuo Min shows him the scar on his arm. She has asked him the last time how he hurts his arm when he is injured by Zai Xian. This is caused by breaking the glass window to get Yu Jin out from there.

The car overturns and it is about to explode. Does she trust him? He should tell her earlier. She apologises as she feels the agony. This is not on trust but he is implicated into Yu Jin’s death. She will not believe what Cheng Xia says but she needs more time. (We can see that she is lying.) Hui Lin removes ring. Zai Xian and Shou Zhen want to register their marriage but they get a traditional Korean dress for Mdm Chi.

Shuo Min and Hui Lin recall the call that Hui Lin makes to Yu Jin and Shuo Min receiving it. Even so, she is still confused. Bao Na is frustrated – she is in love with Shuo Min but gives Hui Lin the chance. If she can’t trust Shuo Min, she should give up then. For a lover, she should believe that her lover kills for a reason. How can the feeling be different more than her as a sibling?

Hui Lin is scared of herself. Yu Jin dies on the way to see her. If Shuo Min is connected, it is also her fault. Bao Na consoles her. Wan Hao and Mrs Jin go to the temple and churches for blessings. Zai Xian and Shou Zhen are dismayed that Hui Lin knows it from Cheng Xia. Bao Na tells them that Yu Jin will not go to a doctor even if he is sick but Zai Xian concludes that he will before seeing Shou Zhen to stop germs from spreading to her. Zai Xian then asks for Yu Jin’s medical card.

Shuo Min asks Mr Quan for advice as he has no parents to consult. He is innocent but is afraid that Hui Lin will get hurt again. She has agreed to accept him but now he hurts her again. He hopes that Mr Quan can console her. Mr Quan brings wine and he is drunk just a sip as he eats little. Cheng Xia puts the travel documents on Hui Lin’s table. Bao Na sulks – so this is his chance again. She puts the file into his hands – no way. Cheng Xia still puts it back – she should leave to forget the problem.

Bao Na warns him not to be despicable and don’t use Yu Jin as an excuse. He should call the police if he is so confident. She wants to know why Yu Jin comes to the hospital on that fateful day. Cheng Xia quickly adds that he isn’t at the rural hospital. (I still wonder – why no autopsy on Yu Jin’s death?!) She asks about the flu medicine. He gets worked up – is there any chance to prove that he eats the medicine to doze off?

It is snowing and Hui Lin cries upon recalling how the two men spend time with her. Shuo Min gets a call from Hui Lin and is delighted to whistle his way there. He is shattered when she returns the ring to him. Cheng Xia paces and gets worried – will Bao Na check into the case? He takes out the tablets (He should have disposed all evidence.) Shou Zhen is disappointed to see only Yu Jin’s dental records in the safe with no medical cards. No evidence to prove then.

Cheng Xia thanks Ji Zhe but asks for another favour. He should not tell Hui Lin that Yu Jin swerves the car. What is the point? Captain Jiang has said it but Cheng Xia describes that Shuo Min’s words have no significance but his is different. Ji Zhe will only tell what he sees and will not lie. Cheng Xia reminds – if they want to ask, Ji Zhe is in trouble as the driver. Since he wants to cover for him, why say out to sham him? Cheng Xia laughs – he has no choice but this affects Ji Zhe’s promotion. Doesn’t he want to be an admiral too? Ji Zhe realizes that he has placed his trust in the wrong person. (This jerk is hideous now.)

Hui Lin wants a breakup – why? Because she thinks that he is behind it? Shuo Min holds her hand. Is he a criminal? She knows that he isn’t the type but she loves Yu Jin too much. Shuo Min also realizes how much he loves her. She has thought that she can forget Yu Jin but she can’t. Shuo Min allows her to love Yu Jin but promises to make her love him even more as he will work hard but she has no confidence.

If she doesn’t love him, he has nothing to say. But he will give her more time. He is heartbroken by this setback. Bao Na and Shou Zhen are shocked to see the ring back with him. Shou Zhen takes it – Hui Lin doesn’t deserve it then but Bao Na grabs it to return to Hui Lin. Can she forget Shuo Min to start a new life? She will focus on work. Wan Hao recommends Shuo Min to be a cadet school’s special trainer because he does well during the US training. He will get new duties soon.

His dream is coming true and hopes that she changes her mind before he goes to training school. Wan Hao’s colleagues warn him not to get close to Mdm Chi. Zai Xian deson’t know if he should congratulate Shuo Min on his new post. Shuo Min is surprised that Hui Lin is going overseas from Jin Er while Ji Zhe is shocked to know about the breakup from Zai Xian. He wants to know from Ji Zhe if Shuo Min is at fault. Since he hasn’t seen Yu Jin, That means that Yu Jin isn’t in a clear mind when driving.

So does he think he drives recklessly? No one knows except the two of them but Zai Xian trusts both. All call Zai Xian FM as he does everything by rules and even superiors say that he is too strict. Zai Xian believes that it happens in this case too and he should be clear of Shuo Min’s stand and reasoning. This pricks Ji Zhe’s conscience and he thinks again.

How long have they known each other to get married? Mrs Jin tells Shuo Min that time is not a factor. Shuo Min is startled to learn from Mrs Jin that both have slept in bed. Shuo Min sits in the dark till Shou Zhen’s return. Has Mrs Jin said wrongly? Look at him and answer. He doesn’t disapprove of them dating but why do they do such a thing? Is Zai Xian the one? Because he doesn’t agree so he does this to make him agree? He can never forgive him as he can’t control his needs to decide his future. (I also think that Zai Xian makes the wrong move, doesn’t he?)

She tries to lie that she makes the initiative but he knows her too well. He has never taught her that. He doesn’t want her to hear rumours that they are like this because of lack of parental guidance. He has been so careful to work so hard not to let her wallow in self pity to give her the best to give any chance to belittle her. She knows and is apologetic but he takes such good care till she feels the pressure. (This is such a magnificent scene to show the closeness between the two.)

She has to do everything right to prevent him from being scolded. It is easy to eat the parents’ money but not on her brother’s wealth. Has he given her something bad? She doesn’t want him to feel burdened after his marriage so she wants to marry to lead her own life. When has he found her a burden and will desert her after marriage? If because sleeping with Zai Xian is nothing, don’t do anything wrong to pay with her life. (We can really sense an elder brother’s disappointment – moreover to face this in his down moment.)

She points up that it is hard for him to accept a breakup and so is she. She loves Zai Xian and loves Mrs Jin’s cooking. The last time he is out for training, she sleeps with Mrs Jin and is afraid to be alone now. They always think they will die the next day so she wants to keep this love. He gives a firm no – he brings her up not to marry this kind of man. He drinks – why love and sister are not listening to him now?

He stands outside the hospital drunk while Ji Zhe is also troubled to drink too. Shou Zhen contacts Piao and he conveys message to Zai Xian. Zai Xian is prepared to get beaten to death. Wan Hao scolds Ji Zhe and Shuo Min – are they mad to be late? They smell of liquor and what is the problem? How can Shuo Min be a trainer in this state? Ji Zhe is stunned as he hasn’t known of the transfer. Wan Hao punishes both men to run 100 rounds in the gym. Seeing that Ji Zhe is tired, Shuo Min inspires him to continue.

Ji Zhe asks if they have parted. Is the meeting the reason for it? Shuo Min knows that he has wanted to meet him there to review the case so he should not feel bad. It is his fault not to give Hui Lin the confirmation. Ji Zhe still feels sorry and Zai Xian hides aside to listen to them. Shuo Min pulls his collar and nearly punches his face but lands his fist on the door. He punches the sandbag and later him.

What kind of feeling to do this to his sister? Zai Xian really loves her and wants to get married through this way? Love means protection but he is too despicable. Zai Xian kneels to ask for his forgiveness – he is wrong and works hard to get his approval to date but he does this to get married. Why has he no will till the end – Shuo Min can’t give his sister to someone of this low standard. If she wants to marry him, he will disown her. Zai Xian hugs his leg tightly – he doesn’t want her to hold any gun for life.

Shou Zhen has so many weapons when Shuo Min isn’t around. This makes him sad that she starts at such a young age. Although he has a job now, Shuo Min still gives a flat no to tell him to wait till death. Shuo Min packs his things to go to the new unit. Piao tells him that love is like holding hands to kiss quickly. After kissing, this happens and the young do this lately. Shuo Min still can’t accept it.

Piao reminds him – can’t he remember that he sees nothing when wooing Hui Lin? They are younger but daring. Zai Xian has matured to tell Shou Zhen to return home when she runs out of home not to give Shuo Min any trouble. He still says no as this concerns their future. Shou Zhen isn’t at home lately to work to work odd jobs to save up for her future. Seeing her working at the supermarket makes him sad.

He returns home to see the weapons on her bed and comes to Mdm Chi with Shou Zhen. Wan Hao is also there. Mrs Jin apologises and he claims to dislike Zai Xian’s sweetalking but Shou Zhen protests that he doesn’t do it now. Shou Zhen is excited – why not they get married on the same day? Shuo Min stares at her – don’t interrupt. Shou Zhen wants to stay with Shuo Min after marriage. He is already upset over his breakup. If he stays alone, he will only drink daily.

Shuo Min frowns – if she thinks of him, she should not betray him. She lowers her head. He leaves to the elders to do it as he isn’t familiar with weddings. He will follow what they say but he allows her to stay with Mdm Chi when he is away or she will be frightened at night. (He is such a nice brother.)

Ji Zhe comes to the hospital and Cheng Xia is uneasy. He apologises for being selfish. He is the driver so he is afraid that this will be a disadvantage to say that. Captain Jiang’s act is right. If not for him, Yu Jin will not have a body due to the explosion. How this snake changes – Cheng Xia doesn’t know what he says but he wants her not to forget that Ji Zhe is a soldier who can only listen to orders. Ji Zhe is Shuo Min’s subordinate. She stares at him – so?! Why does Cheng Xia insists that Shuo Min kills Yu Jin? (Because Cheng Xia is too eager to clear his guilt to make Shuo Min take the rap for him.)

Jin Er tries to eavesdrop in vain – who kills who? She isn’t of not going overseas and Yu Jin will not return alive. Shuo Min looks at Hui Lin when she drives away in tears. He also gets into a car and receives Ji Zhe’s sms – he has told the truth and hopes that both will have a happy ending. He will not be reckless so as to let her think. If she changes her mind, she will contact him.

The other commanders are angry that Wan Hao is getting married. This tarnishes the army’s image. He gives the resignation letter. The admiral asks if it is a must. Wan Hao has been in the navy for 25 years and this is enough. He has a broken marriage for neglecting his ex-wife and he wants to spend his remaining life as a woman’s husband. The admiral asks if Mrs Jin forces him to remove the uniform. He says no and he asks if he thinks being in the army is a game.

He tells all commanders to come into his office. (This is absurd as so many have a hand in this marriage?!) Do they know a poem on not to kick the charcoal? Have they been nice to others? What is wrong with a provision shop aunt? Even an uncle is ok! Why say so much on personal life? Is there a rule that Wan Hao can’t love her? Wan Hao’s superior stammers – although not the case….the admiral asks – so?!

What is the commotion about? Is any of them trying to replace him to live with her? Korean navy must have an international feel to look for freedom. They are not gentlemen but calculative businessmen. He wants to transfer ALL of them out and gives Wan Hao back his resignation letter. (This scene is outstanding! All should see how the old man shows his authority to lecture these sticks in the mud.)

Zai Xian is happy to be out of camp. Shou Zhen receives him with flowers. Shuo Min trains the recruits hard and hasn’t called Hui Lin but he shouts her name at the beach as he misses her. He comes to her office and sees Yu Jin’s book. She is delighted when seeing her back but frowns when seeing him with it. He pleads with her to look at him – she still lacks confidence to look at him.

He will do as she wishes to take his heart back. He has thought that he can clear Yu Jin from her heart but if he makes her more miserable, he leaves. The two couples marry but he feels terrible after the wedding upon passing the hospital and recalling the past. Bao Na senses it and is annoyed when Hui Lin doesn’t ask about him. She is so heartless to remember the dead.

Shuo Min might work long term in the school base. He looks so lonely and pathetic earlier at the wedding venue but Hui Lin refuses to meet him before visiting Mr Quan. Hui Lin is alarmed when Mr Quan’s condition worsens and refuses to go overseas. Shuo Min wonders why Zai Xian and Shou Zhen don’t go on a honeymoon. Zai Xian is busy in the company to learn new things. They feel bad to make Shuo Min sleep in the living room so they redecorate his room for him.

She wonders why Hui Lin doesn’t attend her wedding. Shuo Min says that it is not her fault as he initiates the breakup. She urges him to woo her again. He tells her not to disturb him as he is taking the morning flight to the training school the next day and he lies on the bed. Shou Zhen is angry – what has Hui Lin done to make him give up? She asks Cheng Xia why he hates Shuo Min so much to frame him for something he has not done. Cheng Xia denies. She says if he is so despicable to get a woman like this.

Cheng Xia laughs – Shuo Min has no confidence to involve his sister to do the talking. Shou Zhen tells him their hard life and he is speechless. Has he tried giving up something for others? He is only a flower in the nursery. How dare he hurt her brother? If he tries again, he will die in her hands. She demands him to look into her eyes and he gets scared. Shou Zhen is very forceful here. Jin Er is curious on why Cheng Xia keeps saying that Shuo Min kills Yu Jin. Something is wrong somehow.

Cheng Xia wonders – what is he pitting with? Because he loves Hui Lin? His obstinate nature? Dignity? No, he truly loves her and can’t bear her to smile at other men. He looks at her photo. No matter who he is he must not lose. (He is too stubborn to admit that he is wrong.) Shuo Min looks at the kissing photo and pretends to sleep when Shou Zhen walks in. He really doesn’t want to see Hui Lin as he will have to remain in school for some time? Hasn’t he said that they have part – Shuo Min is frustrated. Shou Zhen says that a marine should regard honour and reputation but he can’t control a woman.

His reputation is ruined but can only say it is due to breakups. He should not be a marine and practice boxing. How can a navy be so weak – this is an insult. Shuo Min becomes stern – does she really want to talk about navy? (His professional genes are back.) Their breakup has nothing to do with honour. Shou Zhen wants him to have the spark to fight with Cheng Xia. How can they lose to such a man? Zai Xian suggests that he should join a romance tuition class or learn from him. Shuo Min doesn’t drive to see Hui Lin as they suggest. This is for Hui Lin’s good and he weeps by the river.

Cheng Xia still wants to make Hui Lin go overseas with him, bringing along Mr Quan as an excuse. She hesitates. Shuo Min teaches t he recruits and gets tired to read the book penned with her signature and encouraging words. Jin Er tells Shou Zhen that the two are getting close but too bad Captain Jiang isn’t free to help out. Mr Quan faints and Hui Lin nearly collapses. She apologises to worry him too much.

Ji Zhe offers to send Shuo Min to the airport as he feels apologetic towards him. He is shocked to know that they still part. Still over the misunderstanding? No, there is a barrier between them and Jie Zhe feels bad. Mr Quan thanks Cheng Xia for saving him and since Hui Lin can agree to anything, he wants her to marry. Shuo Min takes out the sketch book and misses Hui Lin. Shou Zhen feels sad for him and wishes to sleep with him in the same room. Shuo Min has insomnia and is shocked that they come over.

He nearly jumps – Zai Xian to sleep with him on the same bed? They make him feel lonelier. No, navy talks about loyalty and Zai Xian has been with him for 10 months. Shuo Min protests – that is on the same ship but not the same bed! Zai Xian laughs – now he knows that he is sticky. Shuo Min finally sleeps well and covers a blanket on the two when he wakes up to have a jog.

Bao Na informs him of Mr Quan’s hospitalization and wants to return the ring to him. Mr Quan thinks of Shuo Min. he will smuggle coffee for him. Mr Yin smuggles wine for him and gets him a radio recorder. Shuo Min suppresses his thought when he sees Hui Lin. He promises to get coffee for Mr Quan the next time. Mr Quan dislikes people with no opinion. Why does Shuo Min give up?

Not because of Mr Quan or Yu Jin. Mr Quan feels that a reckless person will not last long and talking about love should not give up. It is not easy for Shuo Min. He still loves Hui Lin but she is too hard on herself. Since he reminds her of Yu Jin, he listens to her. She is his first woman and he feels most fortunate to be with her. Bao Na watches the couple meeting like strangers from far.

Shuo Min thanks Bao Na for her help. Hui Lin looks secretly at her returning the ring. Mr Quan records a messages to say something to Shuo Min. Mr Quan later only tells Hui Lin the word ‘marry’ and dies. During the wake, she apologises not to be with him to be other patients when he dies and she is in tears. Shuo Min comes. Although it is not the right time to say it, Cheng Xia informs him that he is marrying Hui Lin according to Mr Quan’s last wish. (I am baffled on how this man twists the truth.)

They burn his things at his grave. Mr Yin brings wine to him for recovery but it turns to part instead. He puts the radio down and weeps. Cheng Xia kneels long at the grave. Mr Quan has wanted Shuo Min to marry Hui Lin. Why does he place the knife into Cheng Xia’s chest? He really wants to be a good son to him. Has Mr Quan said wrongly because he is giddy? Is it him? He will treat it that way. (He is despicable, right?) Mr Yin plays the tape and hears the speech.

Shuo Min drives unhappily to the grave to pay his respects too. He will not blame him for saying harsh words to him as he cares for him. Too bad, he can’t do anything for him anymore as a son. He sobs and is about to drive away when Mr Yin gives him the tape. He plays it in the car – Mr Quan says sorry and he has forgotten to make Hui Lin smile. This is the father-in-law’s command. The tape stops here. Shuo Min wonders what the tape is for and what is his final wish?

Cheng Xia is apologetic to Mr Quan but hopes he trusts him to give Hui Lin happiness. He books the wedding venue. Hui Lin has insomnia because of this to get miserable. Shuo Min knows that she has not slept for a few nights so he tells Bao Na to let her sleep. It has the same feeling of being deserted in the cold. Bao Na is stunned that he knows Hui Lin so well as she mentions the same earlier. He still keeps the tape with him. Mr Li doesn’t want Cheng Xia to marry so soon.

How will Hui Lin think – to get married right after 49 days later?! Moreover, they are going overseas on the marriage day. Shou Zhen wants to matchmake Shuo Min with others. Wan Hao wonders why MdmChi isn’t at home lately. Shuo Min is happy to get his wish to be at sea again. Hui Lin looks at Shuo Min’s photo in her handphone and misses him.

Zai Xian gets his first month’s pay and wants to give Shuo Min a treat (how this guy dyes his hair golden suddenly!) When Shuo Min arrives, he is shocked to meet a woman and realizes their intention. He gets so nervous and keeps gulping water to leave in haste. Shou Zhen is furious with Zai Xian for finding a rude woman. Zai Xian claims that the match is a modern and clever woman. Both quarrel over it.

Even with other women, Shuo Min will react the same way as Hui Lin is getting married. How long can he wait for her – both will not know. Zai Xian tells Shou Min about Shou Zhen’s threat to kill Cheng Xia. Shuo Min brings the tape to Hui Lin but decides not to give her. Zai Xian suggests to bring to office to make the sound clearer. Shuo Min wants him to keep it from Shou Zhen or she will tell Hui Lin to affect her. He wants to borrow the robot from him. He arrives to see Cheng Xia so he returns to his car to drive away in tears. (So we know how Sang Woo develops his crying skills in ‘Staircase in heaven’.)

Zai Xian’s colleague complains that making the tape normal takes too much work as the tape is too old but he promises to try his best. Ji Zhe welcomes Shuo Min back on ship. He jokes that it is like a movie scene when he is down from the helicopter. Shuo Min laughs – he never knows that Ji Zhe can really joke. (I am also surprised as he is so serious all along.) But no, Ji Zhe is sincere about it. The ex-nurse returns because of her ill mother. She exclaims after hearing from Jin Er – how can Hui Lin marry her lover’s killer?

Jin Er forces the truth out of her but she wants time. Hui Lin doesn’t even know that she is getting married. Bao Na comes to the hospital to look for records but fails and the ex-nurse overhears her after visiting her mother. Zai Xian wants Shuo Min to tell Hui Lin the truth when he is back. Shou Zhen wants him not to pester Hui Lin to look for other women. Zai Xian knows that Shuo Min is in no mood to see others.

The ex-nurse reveals the truth of seeing Cheng Xia keeping the prescription and medicine and barium is added. Jin Er suspects that Cheng Xia will not throw the medicine away as he keeps ex-patients’ records. Cheng Xia smiles – he can finally get Hui Lin to wear the ring. Hui Lin touches Mr Quan’s photo and places the wedding card near it.

Shou Zhen meets Hui Lin – can’t she be with Shuo Min? She hates her to make him suffer and she forces him to go through matchmaking. But Shuo Min even tells the woman that he has loved a married woman to upset himself. How can Hui Lin accept someone else so soon? Why accept her mother’s ring? She is so indecisive so she can’t accept her. (Hui Lin deserves to be scolded.) Jin Er sneaks into Cheng Xia’s room to look for evidence and is nearly discovered. She wonders how to open the locked drawer.

One captain is getting married and the other captains ask when Shuo Min is getting married as they know that he loves a doctor. He can only answer when the time comes. Ji Zhe sighs with him. Shuo Min looks at the ring and slips into his end finger. Hui Lin looks at the ring that Cheng Xia prepares for her and puts aside. She looks at Mr Quan’s photo – is he happy? She returns to work.

Bao Na finds love scary. Parents love children too much to lead to problems and men love women too much to get sick. Bao Na pleads with her not to marry impulsively. Shou Zhen still wants to force Shuo Min to go through match making. Wan Hao tells her to stop. Someone will not forget their old flame till death. Mdm Chi gets angry – is he one of them?! He shuts his mouth.

Jin Er sees Cheng Xia’s car keys tied with other keys. Hui Lin is reluctant to wear the wedding ring but he says that she should not worry as he will get a new one even though she might lose it. (His words really make me sick.) Ji Zhe and Shuo Min walk out happily from the ship and Wan Hao praises them for doing well. Shuo Min’s letters from the recruits are taken home by Wan Hao. Ji Zhe scans through his lot and he turns stern upon seeing the wedding card. It is a big blow to Shuo Min.

Shuo Min sits near the sea. Zai Xian promises to fix the tape back to the best condition. Shuo Min mumbles – he misses Hui Lin – can’t he call her? (You never expect him to look so soft in his uniform.) He hesitates and decides – yes, he should call as he might die the next day. He tells her that he is back from his assignment. He knows that it is not the time but he still thanks her and congratulates her. They insist that each other hangs up first. (A very sad scene.) Jin Er finally gets the medicine after stealing the keys.

Zai Xian is angry that Shou Zhen doesn’t listen to him but both promise not to quarrel in front of Shuo Min. If Zai Xian knows it, he will not choose this route. He recalls his life on ship and Shuo Min doesn’t like the sweettalking him. Seeing them so close makes Shuo Min’s heart itchy and can’t take it. He should consider if they should stay together. Shou Zhen coaxes him to get married soon.

Zai Xian says that Shuo Min should consider seriously. The couple step on each other’s toes. Shuo Min asks – so they have regretted for marrying hastily? Cheng Xia wants Hui Lin to go to a bridal shop but Jin Er forces him to have a meal with her, reminding him that the ex-nurse is coming. He gets alarmed and goes. Jin Er wants to stop the wedding for taking place. She shows him the medicine.

Cheng Xia blames himself – why he still keeps it and why is he so stupid? (I think so too.) But he claims that there is no name on it and even so, he will not admit it. The ex-nurse wants Jin Er to worry about being killed. Jin Er can’t believe that someone she likes is such a person. The ex-nurse laughs – how can he be good? Jin Er hates Hui Lin initially but pities her now. Hui Lin keeps Yu Jin’s things in a box – you can never believe this – Bao Na unpacks it as she sees her dumping the wedding cards in it.

Now Cheng Xia is frightened and wants to get married sooner. Bao Na is suspicious even though he wants to start studies earlier as an excuse. He is strange – he wants at first to get married before the 49day anniversary and Hui Lin agrees reluctantly. But it is too much to leave Korea in 30 days before it! Cheng Xia is speechless(serves him right and I have the pleasure of seeing him hysterical. He is really too much to make Hui Lin an unfilial daughter. ) as Hui Lin rejects outright as he fixes the departure on the wedding day. Cheng Xia dismisses Jin Er and she is annoyed.

Zai Xian fixes the first part of the tape and Shuo Min finally hears the complete version. Mr Quan passes Hui Lin to him to make her smile forever. This is a command from the father-in-law. Shuo Min brings wine to Mr Quan. Although the tape isn’t complete, he thanks him for it.

Hui Lin also comes to Mr Quan’s grave to apologise to cause him pain. Shuo Min walks away, wondering what to do with the tape. He meets Hui Lin who asks if she is too stupid to listen to Mr Quan to marry Cheng Xia. His reply is no as he also brings up Shou Zhen up the same way. Shou Zhen is only 9 and Shuo Min hasn’t enough to fend for himself then. He always wants to desert her and even leaves her at the market place once. When he suddenly remembers Mrs Jiang’s words, he brings her back.

Shuo Min is upset upon seeing the wedding card. She feels the same like him now. Cheng Xia holds the air ticket – Hui Lin, please leave with him soon. The ex-nurse finds Jin Er stupid to meet Cheng Xia but she gives her the prescription that she keeps secretly from Cheng Xia. She has no courage to give to Hui Lin as she fears of losing her job. But Hui Lin treats her well so she leaves it to Jin Er to decide.

Shuo Min sends Hui Lin back to the salon. He doesn’t want her to say sorry to him but he thanks her for accompanying him a portion of her life. He waves her goodbye – she must be blissful in tears.How can Shuo Min not be brave as before to woo Hui Lin? He should escape with Hui Lin on her wedding day. He smiles weakly at Jin Er’s words. He decides not to let Hui Lin suffer because of his urge. It is misfortune for Hui Lin to marry Cheng Xia. If she knows his true nature, she will be admitted into an aslym or die. Jin Er gives the prescription to Shuo Min and he is speechless when she says that only he can prevent it.

Cheng Xia gets a necklace for Hui Lin and she is indifferent. Hui Lin tries the wedding gown at the salon. Cheng Xia complains that it is revealing her shoulders, not modern enough and there is dirt on it. (Sure arrogant of him.) Bao Na can’t take it anymore as he wants to go to a bridal studio to look for professionals. She doesn’t want to listen to his nagging anymore. To appease her anger, Hui Lin quickly says that the veil can cover it. Bao Na comments that it doesn’t matter since the bride doesn’t look well anyway.

Shuo Min demands to see Cheng Xia the next day or he will approach Hui Lin. He looks at Hui Lin’s photos and lies to Shou Zhen that he has dinner but she can see that he is pale. He asks if Barium causes drowsiness. She is surprised that he knows the name of the sedative. Zai Xian forces the colleague to decode the tape soon. Wan Hao worries why Mdm Chi is often not at home and always lies that she returns from the market, empty-handed.

Cheng Xia wonders why Shuo Min’s tone is so pressurizing on him – he sure is as this is the same way he talks to the recruits. He calls Ji Zhe but Ji Zhe can’t be bothered with him – he isn’t a spy and why msut he report to him what Captain Jiang is doing? Shuo Min is training the recruits then. Cheng Xia finds Ji Zhe’s tone strange. Ji Zhe has thought of him to be nice so he helps him out. But he turns out to be so dirty and he doesn’t like this kind of person so Cheng Xia should not ask him anymore. (Bravo for this guy who truly fits the FM name now!) Cheng Xia wonders why this chap gets so arrogant as when is he clean himself?

Hui Lin asks the reason for Jin Er’s dismissal. What happens to her livelihood? He tells Hui Lin that she sneaks into his room to steal something and even forbids him to marry her. She is really mad being a disgrace to the hospital. (My temperature shoots more than 100 degrees boiling temperature whenever I see him.) Jin Er comes to wish to have a meal with Hui Lin and Cheng Xia. (I can testify that it is the most uneasy meal that he has all his life.) He offers to give her compensation or write a recommendation for her.

She laughs bitterly – since he wants to help in this, why isn’t she qualified to continue working here? But she will still get it from him then. Even Hui Lin looks at him suspiciously too. Jin Er asks how much Hui Lin knows about Cheng Xia. She warns her not to eat any medicine even though she might catch a cold. She tells him to surrender himself to the police but since he refuses, she will attend their wedding.

Shuo Min nearly hits this scoundrel to death by the river (it shows his anger obviously) but Cheng Xia warns him that Hui Lin will be upset by the truth. Cheng Xia later kneels in front of Hui Lin and cries – don’t desert him as he truly loves her. He is insecure.Hui Lin allows him to hug her. (This guy is 100% shameless.) Jin Er lies to Shuo Min that Cheng Xia threatens her so she wants to tell Hui Lin about it but he doesn’t want her to do it to make matters worse.

Cheng Xia forces Hui Lin to sit in his room for one day so that she can get married the next day. Zai Xian’s colleague finishes decoding the tape. Shuo Min runs to his company to get it. Shou Zhen is angry that Zai Xian overspends on treats. Ji Zhe overhears the call on the last words but Shuo Min dismisses it as unimportant. Bao Na is angry that Cheng Xia sends Hui Lin back late. She has no time to pack for their wedding. If he is so desperate, he should lock her at the hotel hall overnight.

Can you imagine that Chegn Xia has considered doing that? Bao Na tells Hui Lin to reconsider and wants to go to the venue on their own. Zai Xian complains to Shuo Min that he gives in too much to Shou Zhen Shuo Min stares at him – how dare he court his own death by complaining about his sister?! Zai Xian sees Shuo Min hesitating – he must give it to Hui Lin the next day – don’t tell him that he is only treating it as Mr Quan’s late present to him? Shuo Min smiles and cites that this is a secret between them.

Shuo Min jokes that he will teach Shou Zhen a lesson for hitting her husband. He tells her that Zai Xian helps him out so he has to give his colleagues treats. He will repay the credit card debts for them. Shuo Min is able to play the complete tape now. Hui Lin burns the kissing photo she takes with Shuo Min but quickly stops upon receiving his call. He is here like a fool again. He is about to tell the truth when she wants him to look for another woman sicne she is unworthy of his love. She doesn’t love Cheng Xia but she will try.
Shuo Min is very upset – so has she loved him? He wishes her happiness and weeps in the café, keeping the prescription with him after she hides at a corner. Hui Lin returns home to continue burning the photo.

Cheng Xia gets ready the next day but Hui Lin sits moodily in front of the mirror. Ji Zhe informs Shuo Min that the assignment is brought forward and he needs to return to the team. Shuo Min keeps the tape with him and puts the prescription into his drawer. Jin Er is angry that the two are still getting married and tells the truth to Bao Na and Hui Lin. I am definite that you will curse and swear upon seeing Cheng Xia laughing at the hotel venue, seeing their names imprinted on the scroll.

The gals are appalled by the bad news. Jin Er regrets telling Shuo Min as he keeps from Hui Lin. Hui Lin holds the post-it on the barium prescription in her hand. Ji Zhe sees that Shuo Min is depressed and holds the wedding card, feeling sorry for him. Both guys rush to be on ship. All ask where the bride is and Cheng Xia is puzzled that Hui Lin hasn’t arrived.

Hui Lin removes her hair curls and drives away. Cheng Xia demands to know from Bao Na where Hui Lin is and she slaps him. He is a beast – it has ended. Jin Er has told them everything. He is shocked. Hui Lin comes to the accident site and later Mr Quan’s grave. Zai Xian tells Shou Zhen the truth. They are angry with Shuo Min for bringing it on assignment. But Shou Zhen dislikes seeing a woman who ditches Shuo Min. Zai Xian wants to tell Hui Lin but she forbids him to.

Dr Li demands to know the cause – Cheng Xia has shamed him in front of all the guests. Jin Er sighs – it is better to say as no one can hide secrets forever. Zai Xian arrives to ask if the wedding has ended but is startled that there is no weding. Cheng Xia still clutches the scroll to cry – why still can’t do it in the end? Ji Zhe reports to Shuo Min that the weather is bad with yellow sand.

Shuo Min tells him that it is hard to say at sea. There might be mist but it will vanish later – just like life. The waves train strong fishermen. But now he hopes that the waves are calm to give him the strength to stand. Zai Xian tries getting Shuo Min in vain to tell him the good news. Nor can Shou Zhen as the ship is out of signal too. They must be having combat training now. Why this happens at this crucial time? She hates Shuo Min who knows the truth but doesn’t discuss with her.

Zai Xian is also angry. Shuo Min’s thinking is too complicated to burn his own heart but pretends to be indifferent. It seems that his love is great but Shou Zhen doesn’t like him to be like this. Shuo Min should tell everything. Cheng Xia goes to the salon to see Hui Lin’s car. Bao Na consoles Hui Lin – it is still alright to know the truth before marriage or Hui Lin will kill Cheng Xia. Bao Na is trying very hard not to do that now. Hui Lin throws the wedding card into the dustbin and packs her suitcase. She decides to go elsewhere to think it over and not to upset Bao Na otherwise she will not survive.

Cheng Xia begs for her forgiveness but still blames Yu Jin. (This jerk is still unrepentant at this point! I feel like blowing his head with a gun.) He claims that Yu Jin should take the medicine at night but he eats at the wrong time. He also claims that he has not said that intentionally. I practically grin when Bao Na slaps him again – doesn’t he say that Yu Jin hasn’t visited him at the hospital and also claims he will never eat medicine. Hui Lin suddenly asks – why give barium if it is unintentional?

He panics. Hui Lin replies calmly – there is no defence as the flu medicine is already bad enough. Barium is a sedative so he can’t be let off the hook. Why risk his own career to commit such a grave offence? This doesn’t matter to him. He can’t tolerate the thought when Yu Jin decides to pack himself as a present on her birthday to have a historical night. He feels jealous and suddenly wants him to sleep to miss the date but not to kill him. But it still happens so he hides the drug and deletes the records.

Do they know that he leads each other insecurely? (I don’t think so as he always wastes his time to think of ways to break Shuo Min and Hui Lin up.) The two feel sick when he still doesn’t think that he is unjust to Yu Jin. So he promises Yu Jin to make Hui Lin happy to atone for his sins. They think he is mad. He has not let Hui Lin but Yu Jin down. He begs Hui Lin not to leave him but she can never forgive him. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t forgive him but don’t leave him. (This scoundrel is sure hopeless.)

Wan Hao wants to bring the two together since Shuo Min loves Hui Lin so much. Shou Zhen also gives her approval. They finally discover that Mdm Chi is attending English classes secretly. Wan Hao doesn’t mind but she minds. The other commanders’ wives speak English well or are graduates. She lets him down so a certificate is important to her as she has no qualifications. Wan Hao hugs her and apologises for wronging her. She is shy – why do this when the children are outside? Wan Hao protests – what is wrong with him hugging his own wife? The young couple laughs.

Shuo Min and his team try to save passengers from a burning ship. Hui Lin decides to go to the airport and Cheng Xia can’t stop on time. He returns to hospital to thrust his doctor’s robe aside and also cut his doctor pass. He places Hui Lin’s photo in his pocket. He weeps in front of Yu Jin’s grave to apologise to him. He will seek forgiveness even after death. He then goes to Mr Quan’s grave. (But sorry to disappoint all fans – he isn’t going to take his own life.Why the gals don’t sue him – I wonder too.)

Bao Na wants Hui Lin to talk to Shuo Min herself about leaving. He has taken pains to keep the harsh truth from her so it is a matter of courtesy to inform him now. Hui Lin feels she owes him too much so she refuses.(I hate her for being so evasive.) But Shuo Min doesn’t answer the phone. Why? Ji Zhe carries Shuo Min down from the helicopter on his back with anxiety. He is unconscious and is sent to the military hospital. Bao Na leaves a message on his handphone.

She is about to put her phone back into her bag but later puts into Hui Lin’s bag just in case he will call her. Hui Lin is sorry about worrying Bao Na for placing her at her sister’s place in New Zealand. Zai Xian leaves message on Shuo Min’s condition on Hui Lin’s handphone but she has left it at home. (I find him stupid – why doesn’t he call Bao Na?) Bao Na sees the news on television when Hui Lin gets into the customs. A ship explodes and the military submarine comes to the rescue.

All the 68 passengers are saved but the poisonous gas endanger the rescue. Team 5 Captain Jiang has comsumed too much poisonous gas to get seriously injured. Bao Na quickly gets Hui Lin to the hospital. Shuo Min’s condition worsens when the nurses try the CPR. Wan Hao also worries to watch over him as his breathing rate runs low. Shou Zhen sobs as they add to 300 joules to save him. (This must be the first and only time we ever get to see Sang Woo as a patient. Perhaps a time for him to rest as he does too much running in ‘Staircase to Heaven’.)

His pulse rate still dips to 92 when Hui Lin arrives. She feels his face. He can’t leave her alone and must make her blissful. She begs him to open his eyes to look at her. Zai Xian plays the tape and Hui Lin finally hears it. Shuo Min’s hand starts moving and touches her hand to open his eyes. She asks if he can recognize him. He smiles and tells her not to cry but to smile with tears in his eyes. (Dramatic as all will think that he will die but he recovers so soon. But sad to say, Se Bin’s crying doesn’t work at all. ) He feels her hair.

Zai Xian invents a website to inform all about the wedding. Love is sure fascinating. All clap at the wedding and smile. Piao and Ji Zhe rush there on time. The admiral gives a speech. He sounds so serious but produces such a funny effect. Hope is in everyone’s heart so he hopes that there is no emergency for sudden assignments to interrupt the wedding march.

The couple faces each other. The admiral comments that they should look at each other lovingly and fondle on their hair to adjust it. Then he tells them to stop. The most difficult thing in life is to watch each other like this. Both must love each other like this forever. (I love this earnest speech.) All marines cheer for them. Ji Zhe gets all ready. Suddenly two of them stop the couple from moving with their swords.

Does Shuo Min look Hui Lin? He replies yes till the sea dries up to love her forever. For her, she will never leave him or let him leave her. The marines place their swords in the air. The admiral welcomes Hui Lin into the big navy family. Shuo Min wonders where Shou Zhen and Zai Xian are. There is suddenly an emergency command for the couple to get into no. 275 submarine. They look at each other, confused. They smile upon seeing the ship with balloons.

Ma and Ji Zhe greet them. Ma replies that it is Lieutenant Song’s request from Wan Hao to prepare for it. Ji Zhe gets shy to look at Ma and Ma claims that he should say it. Ji Zhe owes Captian Jiang too much so he tries to repay him. Jin Er, Zai Xian and Bao Na are dressed in navy uniform to welcome them too but Piao playfully wants Shuo Min to carry Hui Lin on broad. They are out at sea and the couple uses their fingers to test the wind direction. He hugs her close to him. They finally see the sun now.

Introduction on characters

1. Jiang Shuo Min – Kwon Sang Woo
Shuo Min is a young marine, following his father’s footsteps. He is impressive as a ship captain – probably even talented to climb up so fast. He works towards his dream to be an admiral. He is fiercely resistant to Zai Xian as he is a good for nothing. Shuo Min is mature, strict, stern and demanding when he is with his subordinates – looking like a cold ivory tower although he treats them well. That is why they stand up for him when Cheng Xia tries to cause him harm. Unlike his easygoing nature outside work, he is very serious and dedicated when on duty.

But he changes when with Shou Zhen – sometimes like a father, sometimes like a younger brother to listen to her lectures or to joke with her. Being orphaned at 15 and 6 years older, he brings her up, overcoming lots of hardship. With Hui Lin, he is gentle, cute, caring, innocent and…….simple-minded to act recklessly. Because of his job nature, he treasures everyday. It is so hard to resist his charm.

I feel so sorry for him. Why is Hui Lin so heartless to break his heart repeatedly? He is injured physically (by producing the glass bottle) and also emotionally (when knowing that she can’t forget her ‘husband’ in another ‘country’ or marrying another man whom she doesn’t love). The unconditional love that he gives is touching. He delivers the direct or mushy lines in an irresistible way – I can’t help being attracted by him!

Sang Woo is excellent in the role! I like him in here than in ‘Staircase to Heaven.’ He is not an elder brother in real life but he acts like one. The overly concerned way he shows towards his sister is genuine –especially when he demands attention for her when she is hospitalized. His clean-cut handsome looks, the suave way in marine uniform (regardless informal or formal wear) and physique fits the role perfectly. This may be due to the face that he has completed his national service. He is naturally fair but his strong build and commanding presence doesn’t make you feel that the character is weak in any way.

Many marvel at how Yong Jun matches his clothes with different scarves in ‘Winter Sonata’. But I feel that Sang Woo does an even better job. The different scarves he dons matches well with the black outfits he wears to make him look like a charming prince. However, he really lacks chemistry with Se Bin. This is not his fault as Se Bun performs under expectations.

2. Li Cheng Xia – Jung Sung Hwan (as Yin Shi in ‘Romance’)
He is Hui Lin’s senior and is the hospital director’s younger son. He is in love with her all along – so deeply in love with her that he causes Yu Jin’s death. He is controlling and detestable to come between Hui Lin and Shuo Min after succeeding to separate her and Yu Jin. I build up my vocabulary bank because of him – he is egocentric (always belittling Shuo Min), cynical and vindictive. I detest the way he tries belitting Shuo Min and blackmailing Ji Zhe. He is really a creep.

It doesn’t help that he resembles Won Bin in looks. I like Won Bin but this actor having a similar face gets on my nerves. This actor is……a wall – worse than a brick. He has not improved since ‘Romance’. I can give him an award for the most unbearable and irritating acting. I have to suppress my urge of tearing him piece by piece. Thanks to him, he becomes the top of the most hated role list.

3. Jin Zai Xian – Jung Tao Woo
This fellow only knows how to brag on how to woo women. He is very irresponsible, cunning and childish. Shuo Min has to control him with an iron hand. I wonder if he takes over his mother to cheat on other women. How can a non-swimmer survive in the navy?! Also breaking rules to have a handphone on ship when prohibited. He only knows how to steal money from his mother to date Shou Zhen. I look down on this fellow – no – I despise him! No elder sibling will be able to entrust their younger sisters into his hands so we can understand Shuo Min’s opposition and worry. But luckily, he changes for the better later.

I can’t help laughing when he tries to impress Shuo Min upon knowing that he is Shou Zhen’s brother and also Shuo Min’s reaction to Shou Zhen’s choice of liking him. He deserves such treatment for causing so much trouble. I always feel like using a grenade to blow him up to pieces whenever I see him on television.

4. Song Ji Zhe – Jung So Young (as the detestable Cui Zhen You in ‘My True Love’ )
He is Shuo Min’s subordinate and is also the deputy captain of the ship. He is the 2nd Lieutenant as he is the top graduate. (Still, Shuo Min must be a genius to be his superior at such a young age.) He never approves of Shuo Min’s reckless ways so he helps Cheng Xia to ruin his chances. He is also a selfish man to refuse to give Yu Jin a helping hand in the car accident.

He is nicknamed FM – not as a broadcaster but because he is a fair man. Although he is fair to admit shuo Min’s abilities, he is unfair to help the wrong guy, though. That is why he tries to look for remedies to correct his mistake upon knowing that he is being made use of by Cheng Xia. This supporting actor gives a spectacular performance although his screen time isn’t as much as the rest.

5. Piao
He has a lower rank as Ji Zhe but is much older than the rest. Shuo Min often goes to him for advice although he is his superior.

6. Ma
He is Mr Jiang’s colleague and has watched the siblings grow up. He holds the same rank as Piao but Shuo Min still respects him as an elder.

7. Li Wan Hao
He is the combat commander who is very daring and frank to declare his love for Mdm Chi. The juniors like him and he gives lots of chances to Shuo Min or Ji Zhe to shine as he can see their potential.

8. The marines
They are a noisy and funny lot. They are really cute to help Shuo Min to woo Hui Lin. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see them again after they complete their national service.

9. Mr Quan - Park In Hwan
He is Hui Lin’s loving father but he is deceived by Cheng Xia to entrust his only daughter into his hands. Luckily, he knows his mistake and leaves the tape but all might swear at him for not saying a complete sentence of who to marry on his death bed to spare Hui Lin and Shuo Min from going through the torture.

10. Mr Min
He works with Mr Quan at the farm. He dislikes Cheng Xia for being sneaky but supports Shuo Min for being upright. That is why he always tries to speak up for him in front of Mr Quan.

11. Jiang Shou Zhen – Kim Jung Hwa
She enjoys calling her brother Captain Jiang, stressing his army rank. She is a medical student but she can be gullible and childish. Luckily she has not met a lecher or she might be raped. I don’t understand what she sees in Zai Xian – he is immature and cunning guy who comes up with lots of nonsense but luckily he is devoted to her.

12. Quan Hui Lin – Myung Se Bin
Hui Lin is a doctor working in Cheng Xia’s home hospital. She is stubborn to reject new chances to love again. She is stony in most scenes. That is why I derive the most joy from seeing her suffering through pollen allergy to sneeze non-stop. She deserves it! It is understandable that she smiles little because of Yu Jin’s death but I can’t bear the way she twitches her face to look annoyed. She looks more like a frustrated and impatient doctor to me. I can’t agree that she is caring as Shuo Min claims.

Se Bin is terrible! Sorry but I don’t see what Shuo Min sees in her Hui Lin – is she really worth his trouble and heartache?! Does she enjoy seeing him suffer? Seeing how nasty she is to reject the medicine or hide from him can make my heart explode with fury.

13. Yin Bao Na – Lee Yoo Jin (Na Luo from ‘Beautiful Days’)
She is a hairdresser who also works as a volunteer to cut the patients’ hair at the hospital. She is Yu Jin’s younger sister but dislikes Hui Lin to cling on her brother after his death.

14. Zhao Jin Er – Oh Soo Eun ( Yun Er in ‘Lovers in Paris’)
She is a nurse in the hospital. She is very helpful to Shuo Min because she wants Cheng Xia for herself. If you can’t like Yun Er in ‘Lovers in Paris’, you will definitely feel unable to like her in here too as her expressions are equally limited although she acts as a likeable person in here.

15. Mrs Jin – Choi Ran
This is a typical example of a mother who causes more harm than good in pampering her son too much. She believes in what he says.

Favourite character
Shuo Min –definitely unbeatable! You will know why if you watch it. He is such a likeable. As a captain, he is understanding to his subordinates. As a brother, he does everything for Shou Zhen. As a lover, he does sacrifices for Hui Lin’s well-being. What more can we ask?

Most hated character
Cheng Xia wins hands down. You will know why if you have watched this serial like me. Irritating, selfish, arrogant, vicious…..whatever you name a villain has, he has all these ‘virtues’.

The main theme is ‘the time passes by’. The two subthemes are ‘deep in the sun’ (a fast pace song. Mmaybe to indicate that Hui Lin is Shuo Min’s sun) and ‘my girl’. Listenable but not fantastic.

Interesting scenes

Shuo Min appearing in his military uniform and cap in most scenes – either on the ship or outside it (even in the hospital when he visits his sister.) I can promise you that you will never get to see a more handsome looking Sang Woo in top form in other serials – baring his strong biceps occasionally.

Shou Zhen’s hospitalization – that is one of the most hilarious highlight of the drama. All should not miss it. It shows how terrified Hui Lin is to see Shuo Min when he pesters her.

Shuo Min sending the pregnant woman to the hospital. The woman is so strong that she has also pulled Ji Zhe’s hair before that.

Shuo Min with Shou Zhen. Both are so close as siblings. Although I am also close to my younger brothers in real life, we can’t be compared to the two to this extent.

Shuo Min with Zai Xian. Who can see how scared Zai Xian is to face this future brother-in-law who is also his superior. The barrel of paint, drowning and the timid way he asks him to sign on his leave form incidents are sure classical. This poor chap really works very hard to score points with him. This is expected as Shuo Min defends him so often and yet nearly loses his job.

Shuo Min and Cheng Xia trying to win Mr Quan’s approval to marry Hui Lin. Very tense rivalry.

The exchanges and brotherly bonding between the marines. The guys have so much chemistry – they are colleagues but also close buddies. To think that they can help Shuo Min to woo Hui Lin although he is so strict with them! They even help him to bash Cheng Xia up! I am simply baffled with their doing! My only complain is they don’t turn up for Shuo Min’s wedding!! Why?!


The romantic element is lacking as Hui Lin is grumpy and annoying. She is really unworthy of his love to cling on the past and refusing to move on with her life. Shuo Min has given more than he gets in return. He has to nurse a broken heart through work and only through struggling between life and death, Hui Lin then discovers who she really loves, sigh……

I must confess that this is the only serial that makes my blood boil so much. Why? The harm that Zai Xian and Cheng Xia do to others is simply beyond redemption. I mean – it is not just the way they hurt Shuo Min but also get away with their tandrums and scheming deeds.

The main attraction comes from the marine guys. Some can be serious (and also cunning for Ji Zhe’s case) but others are likeable, natural and comical. Even the senior ones can make you laugh non-stop. They create the exciting subplots to make me overlook all the demerits. This is the first time in Korean dramas that I come across a supporting cast overshadowing the main leads (Please pardon me – I feel that Sung Hwan and Se Bun really gives lower than average performance here.)

I find Sang Woo having the chemistry – not with actresses but with actors! With Sung Hwan – it is a race. With the marines, it’s brotherly bond and also superior/subordinate relationships. With Tae Woo, you will be fascinated by the conflicts that they face – I must declare that they have the most chemistry together!

This is considered as Sang Woo’s masterpiece and a must-watched serial for all Sang Woo’s fans. I enjoyed it very much – in fact much more than ‘Staircase to heaven’. Moreover, the audience must be oblivious to ignore the many scenes of him baring his top to show off his tough image of a marine but to fuss over the one-and-only scene in ‘Staircase to heaven’. He triggers all my moods with him. It is very entertaining for being different from the usual love tragedies. I really like the way they present it. Do buy this drama if you have the chance – I am sure that you will not regret it!

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : **** (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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