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Number of Episodes:16

Language: Korean

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Reviewed by: sukting May 31, 2006

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

How long 16 episodes Foreword This serial helped Hyun Bin clinch the ‘Best male newcomer’ award from MBC in 2004. It also helped Kim Min Jung to obtain the 'Best female newcomer' and Lee Na Young the 'Popularity' awards. How does it fare? Do you wish to see how different he is in here from there as a married man? This story is about being true to yourself in finding love. Story Zhong Er recalls how her foster parents are killed....

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Reviewed by: big master May 17, 2006

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Cast: Lee Joong Ah: Lee Na Young Lee jae Bok: Kim Min Joon Kang Gook: Hyun Bin Han Shi Yeon: Kim Min Jung Oh Danny boy..... I didn't realize how good "Ireland" was until I decided to see it myself. I found no reviews regarding it except for those who are selling the series. Some comments I encountered were negative ones and it gave me an unhappy feeling since this is one Korean drama that I truly loved. I will...

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01-13-2008 08:30 AM


Waste of time. Like the actors...dislike the story...ending is stupid!


11-17-2007 12:00 AM


Okay, this was the WORST acting EVER. The only people in this series who could do anything remotely realistic were Hyun Bin and Kim Min-Jun. The script was absolutely stupid and felt like something from the Twin Peaks school of script writing. I only watched it all the way through because I love Hyun Bin. Both the male leads are incredibly sexy and captivating. Kim Min-Jung is very pretty and the girl who plays the doctor is about as ugly and untalented as it's possible to be. I HATED her in Did We Really Love and I hated her even more here. What a STUPID character. I'd have killed her ten times over if I was Kang Gook. The whole premise could have been so much more well-written. The writer of this drama should NEVER try to write again. Just put down your pen and go work as a waitress. You suck. Did this show have any redeeming qualities? Other than the beautiful Hyun Bin there is absolutely NO REASON to watch this show. What a complete and total waste of time. I haven't hated a show this much since Green Rose.


02-25-2007 10:31 PM


I really don't understand how come you really love this series. The first episode is just confusing and left you wondering why did Hyun Bin cried after that guy throw him the egg? It just weird. It just make me discourage to watch the following episode. It just not interesting enough. But I will give this series a try first before I'm making anymore comments...


06-27-2006 12:00 AM


I thought the series was weird, definitely not the typical romantic comedy. But I managed to finish the series anyway.

I watched it mainly for Hyun Bin actually, and you get to see a lot of him. But I still like him in My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

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