Reviewed by: sukting

May 31, 2006

Rating: one-point-five

How long
16 episodes


This serial helped Hyun Bin clinch the ‘Best male newcomer’ award from MBC in 2004. It also helped Kim Min Jung to obtain the 'Best female newcomer' and Lee Na Young the 'Popularity' awards. How does it fare?

Do you wish to see how different he is in here from there as a married man? This story is about being true to yourself in finding love.


Zhong Er recalls how her foster parents are killed. Jiang Guo gets touched on the butt when Mr Jin gets drunk. (This boss is really hopeless – he looks like he is heterosexual.) Mr Jin later touches an air stewardess’s butt. Jiang Guo eats instant noodles and Zhong Er stares at him. Why is he walking around and not working? He exclaims that the man is his boss. He doesn’t wish her to look at him when sitting beside her. He denies and reads a book but still steals a glance at her.

Why make things hard for him? Does she like him? She provokes him first. He leans aside and pretends to sleep. She can’t sleep and cries, knocking her head against the plane window. He quickly stops her – don’t do it as it is scary. She mumbles that he never knows how dirty she is. Zai Guo clings on Shi En’s chest when she is shooting a serial. She laments that she has no figure for the role but will try hard.

The director wants her to put her soul into the role. Zai Guo calls her his angel. Jiang Guo sits with Mrs Jin, resting his head on his lap. (Too bad he isn’t a woman.) He collects the luggage and sees Zhong Er’s handbag. There is a stethoscope in it and a half-knitted scarf. It is also full of bandages, pills and a passport. He rushes out, dumping Mr Jin on the ground.

He gets to customs and sees her sitting in a corner. It is her. What is she doing there – he is shocked when she walks off in the opposite direction. Is she scared of losing – is she ok? She keeps insisting that she isn’t Korean and then asks for the best hotel to stay in Seoul. She just goes without saying thanks and he feels like giving her a punch. Mr Jin wants to throw money and makes his chauffeur, Zhao laugh. Jiang Guo laughs too and the car passes, Jiang Guo sees Zhong Er standing by the roadside.

She recalls her past at the sea. Will Zai Hua be back? Mrs Li has let her out for adoption at 6 and Zai Guo snaps that she must be dead now. (Something must be wrong with this man – siblings normally hope the best to meet up again but he is so negative.) Mr Li still cooks a meal for them. Mr Jin gets back to work – so everyone has seen his drunken state. Is Jiang Guo joking with him – treating him as a plaything again? He tells him to follow but Jiang Guo hopes to respect him. Then someone throws eggs at Mr Jin and Jiang Guo shields him from the attack. The eggs splash over his face. (Poor man – what he done to deserve this?)

The man yells – why leave nutritious eggs to the scums? Jiang Guo tells all to let him leave silently. The man vows to be back and Jiang Guo weeps. Zhong Er cries upon recalling how Brat is killed. She asks why Jiang Guo is here at her hotel. He is alarmed – how can she touch his hand? She answers that no one is looking. She bandages for him and he touches her stethoscope. She tells him not to look.

Is she here to look for her family? She snaps that they are dead. A boy comes to shoot water at him with his toy gun. She recalls how Brat is shot to death and sprays back at the kid. She gets slapped by his mother and Jiang Guo stops her from being hit. He follows her out and she asks for her medicine. She needs it to calm her nerves as a mental patient for killing someone in the past.

He touches her face – it must be a painful slap. She has no energy now. Jiang Guo helps her up. She can hold him then. She might have been hospitalized in the past but can’t be killing someone. He knows that she is unable to save them on time to blame herself. He has tried that before. She nearly goes mad over it. This is so pitiful but he wants to help her. She accepts his help. They can walk together. They end up running. Shi En breaks her heel when running with Zai Guo. You can’t believe that this is happening.

Jiang Guo runs and knocks into a lamppost to fall to the ground but Zhong Er still keeps running! She and Zai Guo stand in the middle of the road but at opposite directions, waiting for the different people. Zai Guo drops a coin and she recalls how she dropped a coin trying in vain to save Brat from the truck. Jiang Guo rushes to her as she picks up the coin. Both pairs walk in different directions but Zai Guo and Zhong Er look at each other by turning back. (This already implies something will happen in future.)

Zhong Er hears the sound made by the coin but he hasn’t. Zai Guo recalls Zai Hua being sent away. Zhong Er stubbornly stands on the wet cement to print her footprint. Is she mad? How can she be like this? Jiang Guo sighs but he joins her. He is obstinate too to help her and she kisses him. (Very romantic to get scolded together as he really tries his best to cheer her up.)

Jiang Guo is saddened that Zhong Er leaves the hotel room when he comes with her present. He notices that her pills are still lying around. He grumbles that he has been nice to her for nothing. Mr Jin wants him to cut his hair and now Jiang Guo’s footprints with Zhong Er are hardened at Seoul Square. Shi En feels gross to act with a fat actor. Zai Guo leaves home to cohabit with her. Zhong Er knits the scarf by the river.

A man tries to get fresh with her and Zhong Er jumps into the river, wanting to join her family. Mr Jin is too playful while his half elder brother is too serious. The man wants Mr Jin to stop his nonsense and hits his head with the ash tray. Mr Jin will not sign the contract to give up his hotel. Jiang Guo dresses his wound – Mr Jin should call him as it is his job to shield him. Mr Jin wants him to drive to cheer him up.

Zhong Er comes out of the water. How is her foster family killed? They were surrounded by gunmen and she had to lie that she did not know them to save her own life although she has a gun. They are terrorists but they have been kind to her. Brat, her foster brother didn’t want her to risk her life and died in front of her with his eyes open. Zai Guo sneaks back to give flowers and fish to his parents. They know that he hides himself so that he can watch them from far.

He has given Mr Li a rice pot as a birthday gift. He likes cooking but the rice is hard when using the old pot. Shi En promises to earn money to be the wall to stop his tears. (For goodness sake, does Zai Guo enjoy being a kept man?!) Jiang Guo looks at the present box and dumps it into the dustbin. He looks out of the window to see Zhong Er at the square. He stammers to Mr Jin that he can’t drive today and he lets him off to deal with the woman now. He gets to the lobby and hopes she is still there. Should he wait for her or get over? (He looks so innocent!)

She walks over without looking and he is alarmed. Why is she here when away? She tells him not to bother. She can’t find the medicine which is not sold in Korea. He throws the empty bottle on the ground. Her present too – he has bought her a pair of shoes. He is about to tell Zhao that he is driving when Zhong Er comes. He sees her changing into the new shoes and smiles when she says they are comfortable.

But she complains that they are too big. He leans down to check for her – they look ok to him. She touches his head. Does he pity her to like her? Initially but now he likes her to pity her. He is a bodyguard so he wishes to protect her. She puts her scarf on him and he feels her warmth. She has wanted to die with it but fails. It is summer now so it is warm. She thanks him for the shoes. He shakes his head – she should dress herself. How does she get to say Korean so well? He fondles her hair. (You will be touched!)

Jiang Guo calls Zhao to drive the car. Zhao grumbles on him being fickle-minded. Suddenly the car bursts into flames and Jiang Guo is shocked. So is Zhong Er when reminded of the past. Jiang Guo runs there but it is too late. Mr Jin suspects the act of the man but Jiang Guo knows it is his half-brother’s doing. Jiang Guo gets hit but refuses to change his statement.

The man is arrested and Jiang Guo is forced to say that he sees him. Zhao is seriously injured when Jiang Guo visits him in hospital. A few months later, Jiang Guo visits Zhong Er at the hospital. He looks at the wedding photo taken with her. He hugs her when she jumps to him. He is just back from an overseas assignment. She asks if she has gained weight but she looks the same to him. She refuses to get discharged although she is fine now. He gets impatient – why walk away when he hasn’t finished talking?

She is really not putting him in the eye as she is from overseas. But he knows that she is happier here helping others. Zai Guo says that he is here with his wife when Shi En is putting on his cast. Zhong Er gets scared upon seeing him almost suffocated by the nuts he eats. She doesn’t want him to die like Brat and saves him. Zhong Er sits on Jiang Guo when he is doing push-ups. She calls him a professional bodyguard.

She can’t remember where she places the pork chop so he looks around. Can it be in the washing machine again? You will laugh upon seeing it in the bathroom on top of the toilet bowl cover. He nearly slips and falls upon seeing that. He mumbles that she has great imagination to use the toilet bowl as a table.(Now it know why he is so funny in ’My name is Kim Sam Soon.’) Foreign people are different from Koreans.

Then he sits there, promising to help her find her family instead of relying on the medicine. She tells him not to look for them. She likes relying medicine better. Jiang Guo goes on a television programme for family searching and touches his hair to smile at the camera. He gets uneasy when others look at him because he is the only man. Zhong Er becomes a school bus driver and her bus knocks into Shi En’s cab. The two women become friends and Shi En regards her as an elder sister as she is the eldest in the family. Zhong Er climbs up the building stairs to meet Zai Guo.

He had a pony tail the last time and now a hairclip on his hair. (This man really behaves like a woman! It still doesn’t make sense to me how two women can like him.) Another man also imitates Zai Guo but she thinks Zai Guo is more adorable. (This thought makes me sick.) They pretend to touch each other’s hands on the window glass. Zai Guo’s parents watch the programme and Mrs Li brings a pair of baby shoes that match the socks. Zhong Er might be her child as the strawberry design is the same.

Zai Guo wants Zhong Er to let go of his hand when Shi En wants to see him. Zhong Er drives the bus angrily and Zai Guo wants to get off. She breaks his hairclip but fixes it back. Zai Guo hugs her waist and talks to Shi En at the same time. (I don’t understand how this man can send the women go crazy over him. To think Zhong Er even attempts to have an affair despite having a caring husband and what if they are siblings, oh…..) Jiang Guo hurries to the golf course and is grateful to Mr Jin for treating him well.

Mr Jin slaps Jiang Guo repeatedly. Why does he send his ex-woman to work at the golf club although he comes rarely? He has thought that they will not meet. She doesn’t accept Mr Jin’s money as she loves him. Mr Jin laughs – Jiang Guo knows little about love and he wants to fire him. Now get her to quit. He is nice to Jiang Guo but he has taken advantage of him. Zhong Er gets sad touching his swollen face but not his heart. Mr Li calls Jiang Guo and he is overjoyed.

He mumbles that he has found Zhong Er’s family. He opens the curtains and Zai Guo gives him a shock by wiping the windows outside. Jiang Guo freezes upon seeing the man again. Is he well? He gives him some money but Mr Jin is angry that he always does things that upset him. He wants another bodyguard and fires him. Jiang Guo still opens the car door for him the last time. There must be a beginning and an end to everything. He releases his tie – he doesn’t have to tie and get hit now.

Shi En is unhappy with Zai Guo treating her like a concubine. Jiang Guo drives home to see Zhong Er at the gate and hurries out. Is she unwell? She feels the pain in her head and he feels it. There is no fever but he tells her to eat some medicine. She touches his face. She is still in the past. He suddenly asks - has she a boyfriend now? He seems nothing to her. (Jiang Guo’s alertness comes as he is a bodyguard.)

Why is this man building a house in her heart? He lives in her brain to give her a headache. He sighs and she asks if she is a bad woman. She will continue to have the pain. He picks her bike and throws it. He has lost his job and he can’t take it anymore. (Don’t you find Zhong Er selfish to only think of her own problems and not sensing that her husband is down?)

Shi En sees Zai Guo on the floor with his slippers, wondering what happens. Jiang Guo comes to the hall to have taekwondo with his junior, Ji Ying. He keeps losing and Ji Ying tells him not to give up because he is handsome. He mumbles – but what if the jerk is better than him? What does he lack? (He will explode if he knows how his love rival loves and how hopeless he is.)

Shi En allows Zai Guo to buy a motorcycle but they leave hurriedly when some comment her to be a lousy actress. Zhong Er asks Mr Jin why Jiang Guo can’t work for him anymore. He is not at home because of her. She cooks something for Mr Jin to eat but he wants her to give to Jiang Guo instead. She throws the food over him – she knows Jiang Guo does a good job but Mr Jin has wronged him. She forgets taking her medicine to be with another man to hurt him. So Mr Jin is a bad man too. She touches their footprints at the square and cries – he must be sad now and she must treat him better.

Jiang Guo meets Mrs Li and quickly keeps his mirror. (I crack hard to see how he tries to impress his ‘motehr-in-law’.) She is happy that her ‘son-in-law’ is so presentable. Only he comes as Zhong Er isn’t ready for this. But she knows how to love. Can she wait for her? Mrs Li tells him that her name is actually Zhen Er. Jiang Guo is back and worries when she isn’t at home. Has she escaped? She has thought that the scarf is missing so it is with him all along. He quickly takes it from her as he is afraid that she will disappear with it. He wants to sleep now.

She lies beside him in the other direction, touching his toes. Zai Guo makes a tiara for Shi En, making her feel like a princess. Jiang Guo wakes up and sees a glass of milk. She also gets him clothes to make him smile. She also wipes his face but she refuses to meet Mrs Li. She doesn’t want to cry. The two meet in the café but she doesn’t admit that she is Zhong Er. Mr Li knows that she is there and tells Mrs Li about it. Ying Shun beats Zai Guo for trying to get fresh with her. (Now you know how much I dislike this guy.)

Jiang Guo comes to Ying Shun’s security guard company and she asks when he will divorce. She will follow him everywhere. He can work here if she gets Ji Ying to work here too. She agrees reluctantly. Zai Guo splashes water on Jiang Guo and throws the rag into his face to dry himself. He vows not to let him off and shakes the rope. Zai Guo gets down and isn’t Jiang Guo’s match when he delivers a flying kick. He takes a chance to slap him. How dare him – Jiang Guo is enraged. (This is a must watch scene.)

Zai Guo apologsies as he hits his head. So Ying Shun is a security guard? Jiang Guo is angry being caught unaware to be slapped on the same cheek again! (I guess no one will be as unlucky as him.) Zhong Er works in the hospital and isn’t happy to clean the floor. The doctor’s wife and working partner, Mrs Kong isn’t happy getting her and wants Dr Kong to give her trivial chores. The Hans want Shi En to finance them to open a bakery in vain.

Zai Guo returns home and his parents fix a meal for him. Mrs Li mentions finding Zhong Er but he isn’t happy. She could be wrong after so many mistakes. Zai Hua is dead. Mr Li gives him the taped program to watch at home. He takes the tape but he doesn’t watch it. (As expected, or he will recognize Jiang Guo.) Zhong Er toasts to herself for getting a job but Jiang Guo sleeps. Don’t think that she is good at that.

What happens if she faints upon seeing blood? She has only seen once in the hospital but what happens later? She protests that she is better now. He is insecure upon seeing her like this. As if he is dying. She can understand but she must work. He asks if she has mentioned about staying in an asylum to the Gongs. She can’t keep from them. She is a certified doctor but…..he still feels insecure.

Jiang Guo frowns upon seeing Zai Guo joining the company and refuses to train him. Zai Guo pulls his leg to plead with him. (This man has no morals or dignity.) Zhao meets him when out of the arts academy. It is hard to find a job with this disfigured face. He doesn’t blame Zai Guo but he should know the culprit. Jiang Guo lies that he doesn’t. Zhao vows to kill him but Jiang Guo holds his hand. Is the man more powerful?

Shi En is troubled shooting category 3 movies. How can Zai Guo clean the office at his age – he grumbles. He asks Jiang Guo where to get cheap suits. Both go to the taekwondo ground and Zai Guo keeps losing. He really trains him hard. Zhong Er shows her doctor robe to Zai Guo and he wears it. Both hug together. She likes him for being handsome. He doesn’t mention marriage to Shi En so that she gets a chance to choose others. She slaps him for saying that. (See how irresponsible this man is.)

Jiang Guo doesn’t understand her. Can’t she be independent and happy for her? Is she still seeing the man who builds the house in her head? (He is still cautious.) She lies no. (Zhong Er is really another hopeless person.)He pulls her hand and tells her to work hard to see Mrs Li. What can she do after seeing her – laugh or cry? She has not cared for her. He mumbles that he misses his mother but can’t see her anymore. (Some people just don’t know what they should treasure, isn’t it?)

All check the systems before a performance. Zai Guo jumps when Jiang Guo chides him for being restless. He is only coming to learn – Ying Shun finds Jiang Guo too strict. Jiang Guo is serious - is she representing Zai Guo to talk? Zai Guo isn’t a graduate so how to compete with graduates like them? Only through hard work? How? He must come up with solutions within an hour. Ying Shun laments that Jiang Guo has temper but is still so attractive. (You have to watch this scene for yourself – Hyun Bin is authoritiative!)

Zai Guo laments that they are younger and they don’t address him. Ying Shun calls him by his full name – he has no chance to go by age here. He can leave then. He quickly follows them. Jiang Guo wants him to learn judo, taekwondo, English and Japanese. He must cut his hair too because Zai Guo’s appearance isn’t convincing as a bodyguard.

He sees Zhao drawing and asks if Zai Guo likes artists. He suddenly sees a man and runs after him after a bus in vain. Zai Guo follows and is unsuccessful too. There is a tear in Jiang Guo’s eye. Zai Guo gives him a cigarette to bite although he doesn’t smoke. Zhong Er isn’t happy to see Mrs Li. She remembers that she isn’t her mother. Mrs Li is not here because Zhong Er is a doctor.

She says she isn’t her daughter but she still feels good seeing her. The pastor brings Jiang Guo up. Jiang Guo is an orphan because his parents aren’t around now. He is a lonely adult. They passed away when he was young and the pastor suddenly disappeared after his graduation. This man provides his school fees and he is grateful to him. Are orphans different? Zai Guo doesn’t know because he has Mrs Li.

Zai Guo envies Zhong Er for being a doctor while Jiang Guo mentions that his wife is a doctor. He tells Zai Guo that a bodyguard isn’t glamourous. Is he sure to stay on the job? He wants him to help him to be a good person. He only trusts him and kisses his cheek. Does he still hate him? He pulls Zai Guo up. Zai Guo must follow him closely to make him nervous so as to be better. He kisses him again on the cheek. Jiang Guo forces Zai Guo to sprawl on the ground 100 times – even dragging him on the floor. He must wake up. (I can guarantee that you have not seen Hyun Bin so violent before.)

Zhong Er heals the sick in ER without fear. Zai Guo is uninterested to attend English lessons but still forces himself to go through it. Dr Kong praises Zhong Er for doing well. She recalls running away in the past. She should have cleaned the blood stains. Mrs Li gives her kimchi and Jiang Guo loves it. It is Mother’s cooking but she throws it away. He is mad with her – must she do this? Zhong Er asks if she is so detestable. Jiang Guo gets impatient with her – just do a DNA test and the truth will be out in a week.

She refuses as she doesn’t want to be dependent on Jiang Guo. But he likes her to lean on him. He wants to give her strength but it seems that she is not. He apologises but he doesn’t want to hear it. Zai Guo finally wants to stand on his own. The performance day comes and all protect the singer. Ying Shun wants Jiang Guo to go for lunch for Zai Guo to stand in for 1 hour. He answers – is she mad?! Under her insistence, he gets Zai Guo to stand to the other side properly.

Jiang Guo asks her if she is joking. She thinks it is a best place to train a newcomer. Jiang Guo wants her to bring him back but she insists of letting Zai Guo stay. Zai Guo laments that this is no difference for a building security guard and starts fidgeting. Ying Shun starts to think that Jiang Guo is right as Zai Guo is too immature. A man wants to hold the singer as hostage but Zai Guo detects him – he himself ending up as a hostage after warning Jiang Guo to be careful.

Ying Shun manages to save him although his neck is wounded by the fishing line. Jiang Guo comments that he does a wrong step. He should protect the singer and not him. Both praise him for doing well and Ying Shun is pleased with her judgment. Jiang Guo is grateful to him for saving him and smiles. He sends her to Zhong Er’s hospital. (It must be a shocking encounter later.)

Jiang Guo is happy to see Zhong Er – Zai Guo is dumbfounded - no wonder he can’t woo her as Jiang Guo is her husband! Zhong Er treats him for his stitches. Dr Kong finds Zai Guo familiar but he shakes his head. Zhong Er’s hand trembles as Jiang Guo tells her to treat him as he gets injured because of him. Zai Guo says that it is understandable of her to feel that way as the husband is around.

Zhong Er tells Jiang Guo to get out as the clinic is for patients. Jiang Guo is puzzled – why can’t he look? But he still opens the door and tells her not to be nervous as stitching is her forte. (Sigh – this man doesn’t know what is in store for him.) She does it slowly and doesn’t allow Zai Guo to talk. The attacker is a common psycho. Ying Shun is pleased to get more assignments now as a rich man wants him to protect personally. Jiang Guo prefers checking around but she laments that she has to earn money.

Jiang Guo doesn’t want to be a personal bodyguard again (as Mr Jin gives him the creeps.) Zai Guo sees Zhong Er getting troubled. Jiang Guo has left earlier for work so Zai Guo tells her not to worry as he will resign. She feels that she is despicable in the past and also now. Why is Zai Guo not here again – the rest wonder. Is he scared after the incident?

You will laugh – Jiang Guo even questions Ji Ying if he scares Zai Guo again? Ji Ying finds it strange – hasn’t Jiang Guo found Zai Guo a bother to pester him? The singer complains that Jiang Guo is stiff like a robot but he will not change. (But I believe most females will not mind having such a cool and dashing bodyguard by their side, isn’t it?)

Mrs Kong wants Shi En to rest more as her body doesn’t seem to belong to a 22 year old as she works too hard. Jiang Guo comes to visit Zai Guo – is he resting? Jiang Guo wants to make a man stronger and not wanting him to mix with bad company again. Zai Guo feels worse as he isn’t a good man. This is strange – Jiang Guo starts to like a man but he is leaving. Does his body give off a bad odour? If no, then go with him to learn how to live. He wants to meet him in the company the next day. (His speech is really funny!)

Zai Guo wonders if he should go to hurt his heart as he is really unlucky. Jiang Guo doesn’t know what is wrong. Zhong Er sleeps in a room and dreams of Zai Guo coming. He is there indeed and she relies on others so she can understand why Zai Guo cares for her. He leaves his jacket and umbrella for her. He decides not to quit to continue learning from her husband. (He is too ashamed to face him.) Zhong Er cries over it. Shi En thinks that they are like in a movie as she is an actress while Zai Guo is her bodyguard. (but her bodyguard will change to some else later –what a change of events!)

Mrs Li comes again to give Zhong Er a pen. She has seen many in doctor’s pockets so she gets her one. Zhong Er puts in her pocket when watching her walking out. She has started to accept her. Zai Guo learns judo again. Jiang Guo asks Zai Guo to experiment on him. They walk out – this task is risky. Jiang Guo runs again upon seeing the pastor. You will laugh – he locks his arms over his shoulders like a child! He is so serious looking and mature in other scenes but he is so different here. The pastor is amused – he will not leave again. His name is Zai Shi.

Why is Jiang Guo smiling broadly? He is so happy to see him again. Zai Shi tells Jiang Guo not to come often to give him a breather. Jiang Guo holds his hand and says that he wants to support him like a son. Both men smile and Zai Guo too starting to miss his mother. Zhong Er comes to visit Mrs Li at her home and Mr Li sees her. She runs away quickly. Jiang Guo helps the singer out from the crowd but the crowd accidentally pushes Shi En down. She slaps him although he stays back to help her.

Jiang Guo is stunned and upon returning, he tells Zai Guo not to put his legs on the table when he is chatting to Shi En. He should summarize 3 phrases – yes, no and know. Zai Guo pleads with him – can’t he say more? (I start to pity this guy as he has such a talkative nature.) Jiang Guo knows that he can’t do anything well but he wants to make sure that all is fine. Zai Guo protests no wonder Jiang Guo is a graduate because he slackens in his work. Dr Kong scolds Zhong Er for ruining an operation and she resigns.

Jiang Guo teaches Zai Guo how to defeat opponents. You will laugh when Zai Guo wants to learn everything from him from head to toe! Jiang Guo smiles – is he that charming? Zai Guo nods and gives him a kick playfully when he rejects Ying Shun’s help to take over from Jiang Guo. Ying Shun laughs as they seem to share a secret. Mr Jin asks how Jiang Guo is doing now. He feels bored without a toy! Ji Ying considers going for a plastic surgery to attract Ying Shun.

Mr Jin asks Jiang Guo to return but he refuses. Mr Jin has treated him as a friend but he can’t be his friend anymore as he has confidence now although the pay is less. (Yes! I totally agree with this as Mr Jin treats him like dirt!) If he becomes his friend, he has to clean his ass again. He tells him to take care as he looks haggard before leaving. Mr Jin really wants him back and tells him to reconsider. Mr Li hangs the name and address pieces there so that Zhong Er will not lose her way.

Mr Li’s son doesn’t want him to give the house to Mrs Li so he rejects their visit. Zhong Er consoles Shi En to work harder – shooting porn movies must not be forever. Upon seeing Jiang Guo coming to fetch Zhong Er, Shi En slaps him. Her elbow has a bruise because of him. Jiang Guo is annoyed as he has been slapped twice by her but before he can react, Zhong Er slaps her – what is she doing? Jiang Guo opens his eyes wide – this is the first time he sees her hitting someone because of him. She apologises but he feels the tenderness rising in his heart. (How sweet they look.)

Shi En storms away and Zai Guo offers to walk her home. Zhong Er tells Jiang Guo is right to say that she is unsuitable. She misses Mrs Li now and Dr Kong scolds her. He smiles – when has he said wrongly? No – so she must listen to him and not go astray. But she will do something wrong while he is always right. She will listen to him now. Jiang Guo looks at Ying Shun sternly. Ji Ying gets scared to move aside – Jiang Guo asks – what is the name of the hotel? He rejects the job. Ying Shun protests that they can’t survive on a few small cases. It is for 5 years and she must accept it.

Jiang Guo insists that he will never go there but it is one of the terms. (This Mr Jin is out to leave him with no way of backing out.) He storms out and Dr Kong wants Zhong Er back, wanting Zai Guo to be his messenger when he removes his stitches. Zhong Er thinks of Zai Guo at home. Zai Guo keeps asking how Zhong Er is and Jiang Guo replies that she might not want to work as she is unwell. Zai Guo sees Zhong Er’s name reflecting on Jiang Guo’s cellphone and answers it.

She should go to the hospital if she is sick. Jiang Guo returns and listens to her remaining message. His smile freezes upon hearing her saying that Jiang Guo is good and Zai Guo should learn more to be better than him. They can’t meet but she will take note of him. Jiang Guo puts down his cellphone and stares at Zai Guo. He can’t hear anything from him now. (It is obvious that Jiang Guo is badly shaken.) Jiang Guo is distracted at work while Zai Guo hides in the toilet. Shi En is happy to get a big role.

Jiang Guo visits Zai Shi and he cries in front of him and Zhao. He is too tired with life as he eats their sushi. (Poor chap – he can’t take it anymore. He has acted like a senior to all in the company but now when he is in front of seniors, he finally shows his soft nature. It seems that he will turn mad any minute.) Zhao knows his job’s difficulty. Zai Shi encourages him - many will go to him if he is more carefree. He is tired because he gives himself too much stress. Zai Shi wipes his tears. (The two still do not know the real reason for his outburst despite consoling him.)

Zhong Er visits Mrs Li – can Mrs Li hug her? Both cry together. (Both actresses do this well.) Mrs Li claims that Zhong Er looks like her in talking slowly. Jiang Guo charges out although Zai Guo holds his elbow. Has he found out? He gets worried. Shi En finally gets a new breakthrough to land a big role but Zai Guo doesn’t seem happy. Zhong Er holds Jiang Guo’s hand when he is lying on the bed. Mrs Li is so adorable – she might be her relative. Jiang Guo tells her not to be normal or he doesn’t catch her.

When mentioning Zai Guo, she releases his hand. To him, it isn’t normal to like Zai Guo to have an affair. (Sigh – it doesn’t make sense only to him but also to many of us.) He will become mad if that happens if she is normal. She touches his elbow but he avoids her. (This nice man finally shows his temper.) She will try her best to forget Zai Guo. Has she lied to him – Jiang Guo wonders. Zai Guo asks Jiang Guo what happens but he says nothing. (We can see that he really tries hard to suppress his anger.)

Zhong Er trips and goes to Dr Kong to dress her wound. He knows her past but doesn’t mind her returning to work. Jiang Guo wants her to meet him at his office. They get married a year ago but he can’t have dinner with her so they must have lunch together. She wants to go out and he wants her to stop avoiding Zai Guo or this will not help Zai Guo in his work. Suddenly Ji Ying runs in, telling him that someone is hurt as Zai Guo spars judo with a colleague.

Can you anticipate this – she rushes to the venue with Jiang Guo but….calls Zai Guo’s name even before looking into the face! Jiang Guo’s face nearly turns into stone while Zai Guo doesn’t know what to do. (The two actors really show their reactions well.) The fellow suddenly has fits and Zai Guo refuses to leave. Jiang Guo suppresses his anger when this fellow looks at his wife. Zai Guo accompanies the man to the hospital. The two stand to watch them leave. Zai Guo mumbles that Mrs Jiang deserves respect.

Jiang Guo asks Zhong Er if Zai Guo is so good. She holds Jiang Guo’s hand – he doesn’t want to hear the word sorry. She promises to be responsible to him in future like him to her in the past. She will prepare the wedding anniversary but don’t ridicule her in his office in future. Jiang Guo isn’t happy to see Mr Jin again as he is forced to work for him. He walks to the side. But Mr Jin finds that the cold Jiang Guo also suits him. (I feel so too – a bodyguard should look cool and not cheeky like Zai Guo.)

Jiang Guo helps Shi En to carry the drunk film director into his room. He wonders why they are together but still gives her the room key. He walks away but opens the lift door to return later. She calls him uncle (an address given to those older than them by many years?) and she misses Zhong Er. He carries her on his back and Shi En wakes up in the security guard rest quarters the next day. He sleeps on the sofa and tells her to remove her fake eyelash by providing her a mirror – this scene is so hilarious. He is so nice to provide her toiletries to clean her self.

She vows to be dirty just for once to get a chance to become a big star. Jiang Guo shakes his head – why are Zhong Er’s friends so problematic like this? She must have a bodyguard. Why is Shi En’s life so dirty -- it is urgent for her to seek for a future to sign a contract. Zhong Er and Mrs Li go to the public bath and she vows to be a good doctor. Suddenly Mrs Li faints from a heart attack. Zai Guo sees that Jiang Guo ignores him – why is he still so cold to him? He replies that he should not be sloppy to him.

Zai Guo nearly hits Jiang Guo but Jiang Guo strikes first. Then both start to fight till both lie on the floor and the others have to pull them back. (A must watch scene showing how both really mad with each other.) Zai Guo doesn’t understand why Jiang Guo dwells on it since it is over. That is a silly question – he is having an affair with someone’s else wife and how can the husband not get mad?!

Jiang Guo leaves a bruise on his lip. Zai Guo shows improvement and he lets him go. He will say nothing and Zai Guo shouts that he will not learn from him anymore but on his own. Not that Jiang Guo doesn’t like him but he is not his standard. The person who knows his standard but still likes him wants to roll on the ground till he can’t get up. Jiang Guo refers to himself and feels so shameful. The person is even more shameful. So Jiang Guo says the truth. (That is a very heated argument among the two.)

Zai Guo mumbles that Jiang Guo is gentle-looking but why he has strong fists? He might end up as the underworld. Jiang Guo walks out and doesn’t want to listen to him. Mr Li tells Mrs Li not to give him any more shocks as he has heart trouble too like her. Zhong Er promises to call her mother to make her happy. Zai Guo rushes here and Zhong Er is shocked that he might be her elder brother. Zai Guo runs after her and she hugs him. He smashes his handphone when she leaves.

She runs along the road and Jiang Guo is alarmed to see her reacting like this. He drives beside her, demanding her to stop. What is wrong? She only stops when she reaches the hill. Because of Zai Guo? He gets so mad that he slaps her repeatedly. Not painful? She tells him to continue hitting her, sobbing. He hits her hard on the head this time – why get so upset over a jerk? (Your heart will break upon seeing him hurt by her.) She blurts out that Zai Guo might be her brother as he is Mrs Li’s son. Jiang Guo nearly wants to kill him but Zhong Er stops him.

She lies that she likes him to be her brother. Jiang Guo thinks she is mad. He touches her face – he is too disappointed in her. She suggests parting but he hugs her. Shi En is angry when Zai Guo rejects her calls. Zai Guo recalls how Zhong Er shelters him from rain. Shi En tries hard not to enter the director’s room by asking Jiang Guo to help. He smiles when she keeps calling him uncle. She comments that he is cute when smiling. Why stop it? He freezes when she asks about Zhong Er.

Shi En deliberately stands beside him to wait for the director’s manager to come so that she will not face the lustful man alone. She is so pitiful and he shakes his head. He looks out of the glass door and sees the footprints, reminded of the past. Is Zhong Er outside? No, he is only imagining. Zhong Er decides to have the DNA test while Mrs Li feeds her food. She asks if she can call her mother and not take the test. No, she is anxious to know the result. Jiang Guo is unhappy upon knowing the food he is eating is from Zai Guo.

Ying Shun feels he should forgive him or she will not let him off. He dumps the food into the dustbin - just like what Zhong Er did to Mrs Li in the past too. Zai Guo mumbles – how can Mr Jin ask where Jiang Guo is? Is he his toy or looking down on a bodyguard? He is shocked that Mr Jin is the hotel president when Ying Shun comes. Mr Jin finds him funny (he finds a new target – of course he becomes happy over it.)

Both guys have a talk. Jiang Guo wants Zai Guo to die or quit. He says no to both. Zai Guo knows Jiang Guo is collapsing but his life is like a dog in the past o face failure all the time. Strange things happen to Zai Guo to implicate others so he should leave. Zai Guo can’t avoid forever – because of Zhong Er. Jiang Guo tells him to shut up. (He finally flares up.) Because of Jiang Guo, his woman is in his heart for the first time. Jiang Guo pulls his collar but he turns away.

Shi En buys newspapers showing her photos. Jiang Guo touches Zhong Er’s hand to sleep beside her. He can live better without her. He turns nasty because of her and she touches his hand too. Because of her, she must be responsible for his evilness. He doesn’t care now – she must not cry because he doesn’t want to see tears. Zai Guo puts the tiara on Shi En’s newspaper picture. Shi En brightens up during the press conference. Ying Shun tells Zai Guo to stand at the hotel entrance since he is not good enough. He walks out reluctantly after seeing Shi En. Jiang Guo walks in so he walks out.

Ji Ying thinks no one will like Zai Guo and recalls Shi En as a porn star. Dr Kong and Mrs Kong give up as Zhong Er rejects the DNA test. Shi En nearly gets knocked down again and Jiang Guo helps her in time – offering his arms. She is touched and he smiles at her success. Zai Guo tells Mr Li not to force Zhong Er while Jiang Guo tells him not to use the phone at work. Shi En avoids Zai Guo’s looks and he is hurt. He moves out of her house and her parents are unhappy with her.

Shi En comes into Jiang Guo’s room as she is happy to be with him and envies Zhong Er. His heart makes her secure. He gets her to sleep and Zhong Er brings Jiang Guo food. She sees a woman in his bed and the red high heels by the side. Shi En suddenly calls Jiang Guo ‘uncle’ to get her water. Jiang Guo walks out from the bathroom and is startled to see Zhong Er. Zhong Er is here to take care of him but it seems unnecessary now. (To me, this is fair play before them since Zhong Er has be unjust to him and it is just a good way to test way since both have not done anything to let her down.) She leaves and he runs after her.

Why does he say sorry? Is it really nothing if he sleeps with Shi En? She is jealous but also sorry. He hugs her – he thanks her for the breakfast. She still comments that she lets him down. She decides to part with him and wants to settle the mess herself. Don’t pity her and she has the ability. Jiang Guo hugs her tighter - no, he is the one who can’t live without her as the support. He suddenly loosens his grip and leans on her.

Zhong Er realizes that he has developed a fever. Zai Guo runs to Jiang Guo’s room upon knowing that he is sick. Shi En cries upon seeing Zai Guo keeping all her newspaper reports. Zhong Er leans beside Jiang Guo’s bed and sleeps beside him after taking care of him. Zai Guo decides to walk out upon seeing this. Ying Shun wants him to send Jiang Guo home and he is reluctant. He carries Jiang Guo on his back out and he tells him to put him down. Zai Guo tells Jiang Guo to stop making noise or it will be the best time to get tripped. Zhong Er drives home with the two men.

How does he become ill like this to sleep on Zai Guo’s lap peacefully now? Zai Guo is the cause – Zhong Er says this as she doesn’t wish to blame herself. He should change his name is he is her brother. She is forgetful to discard the past and the pain so she can go through this. Zai Guo puts Jiang Guo on the bed. It seems that he has fainted. She wants Zai Guo to leave and he causes out and curses Jiang Guo to die.

Zhong Er sleeps beside Jiang Guo in bed. He finally wakes up after a few hours - how has she taken him back? He is stunned that Zai Guo is the one – is this a joke? She is amused – now he has the strength to release his fury. He is too angry so he gets sick. She will help him – he must eat medicine like her. He gets sleepy and she touches his face, consoling him like a child to coax him to sleep again. (This couple is cute.)

Zai Guo’s heart has left Shi En long ago although he never stops loving her. Jiang Guo sees Shi En memorizing the script and she is nervous to act. He smiles when she asks him for cup noodles instead of joining the rest for lunch. He looks at the script and he confesses that he doesn’t know how to act too. (Hyun Bin must be joking!) A man wants to harass Shi En and Jiang Guo stops him. He decides to protect her when she is shooting scenes in the hotel. He will hand over to others when it is not his turn.

Shi En mumbles – is she crazy to actually ask Jiang Guo if he likes doing that for her? Zai Guo throws the DNA report in the dustbin without looking. He refuses to listen to Mrs Li‘s call – he is afraid to know the result. Mr Jin asks how long Jiang Guo has not stepped into his office. He replies for some days and he is relaxed! Mr Jin wants him to be his assistant and help him to manage the hotel later. There is no future as a bodyguard – he will fire his present assistant as Jiang Guo is his no. 1 choice.

Jiang Guo asks if he lives like that all along. He answers yes. He refuses to be like him if he works with him to persist to the end. Mr Jin is always joking but Jiang Guo never jokes at work. He bows out and Mr Jin sighs – why doesn’t Jiang Guo know that he is sincere? (because he doesn’t look like it.) Jiang Guo sees Zai Guo outside and knowing that he is seeing him too – he wants him to be polite to him. Zai Guo sneers that he should get close to Mr Jin since he is so afraid of losing his position.

Jiang Guo gets angry and wants to hit him but Zai Guo isn’t a willing party this time, saying that he has lots of things to do. Zai Shi looks for Jiang Guo. Jiang Guo smiles – he misses him? He tells Jiang Guo that his parents are to be cremated as their graves ground is going to be shelved for government use. Jiang Guo is upset but Zai Shi wants him to let his parents go to heaven.

Mrs Li is upset that Zhong Er isn’t her daughter and ignores her. Zhong Er is hurt and leaves. Jiang Guo sits by the roadside and waves to a boy with his parents in a car. Zai Guo plays chess with Mr Jin to kill time. Zhong Er starts knitting as she works in Dr Kong’s hospital again. She is now pregnant and playing music to her unborn child. Zai Guo sees Shi En but ignores her. She finally goes to bed with the director.

Zai Guo sees someone stealing a car and lets him off after subduing him but this ungrateful man stabs his leg with a knife. Jiang Guo catches the man and asks if he can walk. Zai Guo mumbles that Jiang Guo is handsome and cool after all but still thanks him. Zhong Er comes and sees the wound so she uses her handkerchief to wrap it as there is no medicine in the first aid box. He can’t remember how to sew the hole in his heart. She leaves before Jiang Guo returns with the medicine.

Shi En cries over her poor treatment beside Jiang Guo. She is only a toy to the director. She has no nutrition in her heart. To Jiang Guo, joy is short and little for all. She holds his finger and tells him not to leave or she will never stop crying. (She does look scary with the mascara melting over her face – now I know where and how San Shun’s face is ruined the same way too.) Zhong Er touches the same spot where Zai Guo bandages his wound at the park.

Zhong Er starts knitting again and Jiang Min recalls that Zhong Er is waiting for him outside the hospital and rushes there. Zhong Er calls him but he has left his handphone in Shi En’s hotel room. Shi En wakes up and recalls how Jiang Guo places her on the bed. She is startled. Jiang Guo returns home to touch Zhong Er’s face. She should scold him for betraying her. He promises not to do it again or he can’t face her or their child. Zhong Er will not have time to cry but only to eat.

Zai Guo asks if Shi En has done anything wrong with Jiang Guo. He warns her not to do it – this is his second request after the motorcycle. He wants to protect Zhong Er at all costs. If Shi En likes Jiang Guo, she needs to deal with him as he will reveal their cohabit secret to the press. Shi En confesses that she really likes Jiang Guo but Zai Guo wants her to stop it. (This woman has no limits – just like him!)

Jiang Guo watches a horror movie with Zhong Er. Will this affect their child – he wonders. She thinks it is good to train his courage. Laugh when the suave man gets scared by the scenes and keeps asking if it is over! She tells him not to watch since he is so frightened but he protests – how can he sleep as it is so scary? Zai Guo calls Zhong Er as he can’t get through Jiang Guo’s handphone. Jiang Guo returns to the hotel. Zhong Er sees Shi En coming down the escalator and smiles as she is a big celebrity now.

Mr Jin has tried stabbing himself and Zai Guo sends him to hospital. The guys stay outside his room and guess he does it impulsively. His family is overseas and his half-brother doesn’t visit him. Shi En remembers Zhong Er’s slap although Zhong Er wants her to forget it. She must remember or she will let her down. She asks Shi En if she always sees Jiang Guo. She replies during filming but not now.

Zhong Er asks if she likes Jiang Guo and she confesses yes. Zhong Er reveals that she is pregnant to make herfeel bad about it. Zai Guo doesn’t wish to return to his old life. Jiang Guo wants him to endure the ups and downs in life. He should not cry in the hospital. Zai Guo insists of crying so Jiang Guo throws his handkerchief at him. He takes out Zhong Er’s handkerchief and yells that he likes Zhong Er. Jiang Guo stares at him and Zai Guo stares back – so what will Jiang Guo do to him?

Jiang Guo accepts the wine bottle that Zai Guo throws to him. Zai Guo jokes that he will complain about him to the top. Jiang Guo smiles – no one will believe him. Zai Guo promises to do anything for the couple even though he isn’t a bodyguard. Jiang Guo wants him to write it down to prove it and smiles upon seeing his tears. Both are amused when Mr Jin wants to eat pizzas, showing that he is fine now.

Shi En keeps all the things that Jiang Guo gets for her – including the tiara. Zai Guo decides to knock off early since Jiang Guo is here. He tells a little girl to be careful when eating chocolate balls. He sees Zhong Er and both recall the past of how she saves him. Both imagine hugging each other but part without doing anything. She meets into Jiang Guo’s eyes. He doesn’t want her to look at him like this so that he can let her off easily. She nods and holds his hand.

Shi En picks up Jiang Guo’s handphone in her soon and sees Zhong Er’s photo in it. Shi En wants to check out from her room and leave the director. She opens the door to see Jiang Guo who is here for his handphone. The director charges in to slap Shi En – how dare she defies him? He slams the door in Jiang Guo’s face. He gets upset upon hearing her being beaten inside so he kicks the door open – just in time to see her bruised face. Jiang Guo gets so mad that he hits the man to help her out.

The man uses a glass bottle and hits Jiang Guo’s head. He faints after giving the man a kick in the stomach. Shi En is shocked when Jiang Guo faints and is ignorant that her knee is cut by a broken glass. Zai Guo is in Shi En’s car, sighing that his lap is becoming Jiang Guo’s pillow. Jiang Guo’s blood is dry and Shi En mumbles that luckily Zai Guo comes as she has no one to turn to and this might turn into a scandal.

Zai Guo asks - why is she keeping seducing Jiang Guo. She replies that she doesn’t but he asks why she is still in the hotel since filming has ended. Her eyes betray her and she must leave Jiang Min. She is mad to like Jiang Guo. Jiang Guo wakes up and imagines to see Shi En’s bruised face. Is her wound ok? But his vision becomes clear to see Zhong Er instead. She tells him to rest for a while.

He asks if Shi En is ok as she is badly beaten. Zhong Er frowns and replies that she hasn’t looked at her – is Jiang Guo her bodyguard?(She seems jealous and impatient.) Shi En requests to thank him. Zhong Er lets her in and Shi En claims he is better looking with the bandage. He gets angry – why does she allow the director to hit her to get hurt? She reveals that she has slept with him and has to listen to his command.

Jiang Guo closes his eyes in anguish – is she going to continue like this? He sighs and tells her to get out and refuses to look at her. He then sees the cut on her knee and tells her not to lead this kind of life anymore. Zhong Er is jealous of Shi En liking Jiang Guo. She doesn’t know that Zai Guo and Shi En know each other and are ex-lovers. Zai Guo replies that she should pull her hair as this isn’t good for her baby.

She laughs and says that she might have a divorce. Zai Guo thinks they should not be like them in that kind of relationship as Jiang Guo is only showing normal concern to Shi En. Zai Guo wants them to be blissful although he might cry over it. He wants Zhong Er to smile as his hope. Jiang Guo wonders how Shi En can endure such a filthy life. She should die and he should not get hurt over it. Zhong Er feels jealous but only says that his bandage is loose and she will tie it again when back home.

Zai Guo doesn’t want to see Shi En again for getting uglier although he sends her home. She knows that she will end up like this. Zai Guo stands in the middle of the road, playing with the coin out of boredom. He finds living tiring. He gets knocked down by a car. (This man is so stupid but a good lesson applied!) He loses the coin. Zhong Er hesitates to answer for Jiang Guo upon seeing Zai Guo’s name being reflected.

Jiang Guo tells her that Zai Guo has an accident and drives her to hospital. He assures her that he should be fine. Zhong Er snaps that he isn’t a doctor to know that and they could have missed seeing him the last time. Jiang Guo gets so mad that he stops the car. (This is understandable.) She gets impatient – she will drive then. He then asks – does she need a beating to get a hold over herself? No, it is too unbearable for her. He wipes off her tears – can’t she consider his feelings?

Zhong Er tells him to drive faster then and runs up the escalator with Jiang Guo behind her. Mrs Li comes and is grateful to them for coming. Zhong Er frowns upon knowing that Zai Guo’s leg bone is fractured and might have to walk with a limp in future. Jiang Guo feels tormented upon seeing her touching Zai Guo’s fingers. She storms out of the room when he wakes up. She replies that it is enough for her to know that he is alive and wants to return home. Why must both guys get injured on the same day?

Jiang Guo doesn’t know why she flares up and asks if it is because of the time he has taken to look for the cap to cover his head bandage. He gets so angry that he removes it. She puts it back on his head as she doesn’t understand too. Zai Guo asks for his coin and is sad to know that it is missing. Zhong Er sits in the bathtub while Jiang Guo looks at their wedding photo.

Shi En becomes popular as she is mobbed by fans on the street. Jiang Guo helps her from the crowd but they are still outside the café where they are in. She is so happy that she can’t close her mouth. She gives Jiang Guo a cap and he likes it. He doesn’t wear his suit as he is on sick leave. She shows him a cut out message sent to the hotel. He looks at it and then looks around – to see a man trying to hide his face with a newspaper. Jiang Guo runs after him.

The fellow hits him with a pole – on the same spot again. He then takes out his own cap and wears it to smile into the mirror. Zai Guo’s leg can’t move and Zhong Er transfers him to her hospital. Why doesn’t she visit him? She doesn’t see the need since Jiang Guo goes daily. She sees his x-ray and frowns. Zai Guo knows the answer from her expression. So he can’t work anymore? What can he do?

Ying Shun is unhappy that Jiang Guo spends his time sending Shi En back to the hotel. Jiang Guo wonders why she checks on him like his wife? Ying Shun replies that she does consider him as her husband but he tells her that Ji Ying has told him that they kiss. Ying Shun gets angry and hits Ji Ying but the poor man gets very puzzled. Jiang Guo can’t stop laughing at the joke. Jiang Guo follows Shi En to her workplace and tells her to be careful. Shi En feels touched by his sweet act.

Zai Guo doesn’t want Zhong Er’s child see him. Why not transfer him elsewhere? She says no, touches his toes and cries. Mrs Li is shocked to see it. Jiang Guo wants Shi En to stay at home if possible and she promises to call him if anything happens. He finds her home familiar – yes – he has been here to visit Zai Guo. Why is her face changed? She lies that her house is old.

He tells her to press the bell so that he can rest his mind. She tells him that he is wrong. She has lied to him. He knows that – he has guessed their past correctly. She doesn’t want him to worry about her anymore. Jiang Guo sighs – what is he going to do when he worries so much? Shi En hates herself for breaking her promise to Zhong Er. Zai Guo only wants to be a patient while Zhong Er continues to be his doctor.

Jiang Guo overhears them and wants Zhong Er to wait for him outside. Jiang Guo knows that Zhong Er and their child will die if he doesn’t allow Zhong Er to treat Zai Guo. So the guys have to bear with it. Jiang Guo will not divorce Zhong Er. He can accept her liking Zai Guo so they need not part. (He simply loves her too much.) Zhong Er discovers that she only loves one man now and he walks away in tears.

He gets drunk and looks for Shi En. What is he in Zhong Er’s eyes? Isn’t he ok? Is there something wrong with Zhong Er to like a jerk? Jiang Guo believes that she should like a doctor or lawyer. Shi En thinks he must be here to look for a woman who loves him. He can’t stand properly so she tells him to sit down. Shi En can’t sleep too. Jiang Guo asks if she wants to end up in bed with him. (What a shocking phrase!)

He shakes his head – he is sorry about it but he is appalled when she replies that she will change her clothes to go out with him! Zhong Er sees the green scarf that she has given Jiang Guo. Jiang Guo has hidden it as he is afraid that she will fly away with it. She puts it on her to wait for Jiang Guo’s return while Zai Guo tries hard in vain to stand up on his own.

Jiang Guo doesn’t wish to return home and Shi En keeps driving. He keeps drinking to pluck up his courage. Why doesn’t he have guts since Zhong Er also commits adultery? He gets drunk and apologises. He has slept with her!! (My goodness – how can this happen?!) She is a very willing party. She knows that she is not his type but she is satisfied because she likes him.

Those in love cohabit so he should not feel bad to her but to Zhong Er. He doesn’t feel that way. She is happy over it and cries. He confesses not being a good guy so don’t cry over him. She tells him not to shiver or her heart will flutter again. Zhong Er still waits at home.(She seems pitiful not knowing what her husband has done.) Mr Jin visits Zai Guo.

Zai Guo wants to give up his life because he is too lonely. If he knows that he becomes a cripple, he will rather slash his wrist. Mr Jin tells him not to follow his mistake. Zai Guo pulls off the thread and starts knitting. Zhong Er puts the green scarf on Mrs Li and she is horrified that Zhong Er loves Zai Guo. What if they are really siblings? How can she do this to both men? Mrs Li is sickened by the thought.

Zhong Er pleads with her to let her take care of Zai Guo but she refuses. Shi En feels sweet as she feels her shoulder patted by Zai Guo. It is said that Mr Jin is a heterosexual. Jiang Guo is stunned by Ying Shun’s remarks and wants her not to mention it again. Her expression has revealed everything. Ying Shun laments that it seems that he is a professional. Mr Jin and the security company will change hands soon.

Ji Ying mentions to Jiang Guo that he has touched Ying Shun’s toes. She gets shy and runs away. (This development is even faster than cooking instant noodles. I don’t see how they like each other and how they become a couple?) Jiang Guo smiles upon hearing it. Jiang Guo clears Mr Jin’s things on his table. He looks at his family photo and later looks at his lover’s photo. She is the one working at the golf course.

Zai guo doesn’t want Mrs Li to come again to visit him. If Zhong Er is abnormal, so is she. She becomes an alcoholic after giving his younger sister away. She becomes Professor Li’s home cleaner but ends up marrying the professor’s father. Zai Guo is the same so she should not blame Zhong Er. Mrs Han wants Zai Guo to save Shi En from a mad fan who is in love with her and holding her hostage with a knife.

Zai Guo can’t move at all and has to call Jiang Guo for help. Jiang Guo hurries to the car park, recalling the past with her. She sees him from the car mirror. Jiang Guo signals her to push the car door open at the count of 3. (Hyun Bin’s fans will be swept off their feet upon seeing how courageous he is.) He comes in from the back of the car to subdue the man. The person is about to pierce him with the knife when Shi En holds it with her hand. Mrs Han shivers and nearly collapses when the police arrives.

Zai Guo smiles at Shi En upon seeing Zhong Er bandaging for her. Jiang Guo gets drinks for the women. Zhong Er knows that Shi En is uneasy to face her. She has the same look at Jiang Guo too so she has no right to scold her. Shi En admits going to bed with Jiang Guo. Shi En saves Jiang Guo so she thanks her. Jiang Guo also visits Zai Guo. Zai Guo scolds him for being stubborn for being unable to keep a woman.

Jiang Guo asks why the two are together in the past. Because timing is right? Jiang Guo relates what he finds in Zai Guo’s handphone phonebook. The first number should be from his family but why is Jiang Guo’s number is as no.1 since Zai Guo dislikes him? Zai Guo can’t explain it – he has no call from friends so he chooses him. Jiang Guo tells him that he should change his handphone or cancel his number. It is up to him as he will leave now since he is so irritating. Zai Guo still respects him for treating Zhong Er well.

The couple walks together. Zhong Er wants a divorce. Both know each other’s answers. He tells Zhong Er that he like Zai Guo. But he will rather live like this but she can’t stand it. No matter right or wrong, rude or reckless, he has bear her long enough. But to him, he is their child’s father and he will wait for her till she wakes up. Zai Guo walks with crutches and sees other in pain, thinking about himself. He keeps falling down and wears the red scarf he knits.

Jiang Guo waits outside Shi En’s house. He tells her to change her handphone for her safety. The new scar on her hand will stay – is she scared? She can go for plastic surgery. Shi En doesn’t understand why Jiang Guo is so persistent. He likes undying love. Is the couple still together because of the kid? Jiang Guo replies that he meets Zhong Er under special circumstances. It is too hard to forget. She looks at her scar. Hoe can it be a plain meeting for her with him too?!

Jiang Guo follows Shi En to the gym. He looks around and then exercises beside her. She laughs at him for being too tense. Someone complains about her ‘false’ breasts to improve her figure. So she is angry now. Jiang Guo laughs upon knowing that it is true. Mrs Li returns the scarf to Zhong Er and Mr Li consoles her. The wound on Shi En’s hand makes him feel bad and she wants to use it to threaten him forever. Both of them should not meet again. They hold each other’s hand for the first time and she promises that he can come to her anytime. Zai Guo and Zhong Er are chatting as he tries to walk.

Jiang Guo comes to fetch Zhong Er home. He thinks Zhong Er only acts like this impulsively. She denies it – she is too serious to treat it real so he is upset when she can’t forget Zai Guo. Because he only has eyes on him? Jiang Guo is so responsible and handsome so Zhong Er should be contented? She doesn’t think that way. She wants to be responsible to everyone so Jiang Guo should see this.

Jiang Guo tries hard to control himself. He wants so much to have his own family. Zhong Er is not going to let it come true so there are tears in his eyes. (Zhong Er is not being responsible but is being irresponsible to everyone – including her unborn child.) He thinks she needs more time to consider. She snaps that that is only his dream and not theirs (If this woman is in front of me, I can guarantee that I will give her a tight slap!) So she will wait till he wakes up. (I am astonished by her answer.)

Zai Guo discharges, leaving the scarf behind. Zhong Er runs to Mrs Li and begs her to continue to let her treat him to find that he hasn’t returned. He struggles to cross the road but fails. Zhong Er looks at the scarf at home and Jiang Guo returns home. She puts the scarf on him – the scarf is his – Zai Guo has knitted for him. Doesn’t he do a good job so he should have no problem finding another job? Jiang Guo hugs her – can she help him without conditions? She wipes his tears and promises. He replies just standing beside him will do. She takes the scarf off him but holds it tightly in her hands.

Zhong Er suddenly faints in the ER. Jiang Guo meets his university professor. His professor is proud to have an outstanding student like him. He wants him to be his assistant and later replaces him. Jiang Guo laughs – he might not be able to handle the students to teach them. He tells Jiang Guo not to worry as being a bodyguard is wasting his talent. Jiang Guo only smiles at the remark.

Shi En gets scolded for not acting well. Zhong Er wakes up and Mrs Kong wants her to rest more for the baby. Jiang Guo gives Shi En a lift home. Zhong Er is about to cross the traffic light when a motorist nearly knocks her down. He is Zai Guo rushing to work at the garage. Shi En sees him and is surprised.

Zhong Er walks in despair to step on the footprints again. She gives others pain and should be alone. (I am glad that she finally realizes this.) Jiang Guo smiles at Shi En a lift - she must act well this time and he is bringing her to someone who can teach her how to act. He confesses treating her as a friend. Shi En has told him not to contact her if he doesn’t want to go to bed with her. He asks – is she in love with him to pester him? No, it is just her treating him well.

He only loves Zhong Er. What is wrong of him to be Shi En’s friend? Shi En can’t be friends with him. Jiang Guo thinks maybe she is right as he doesn’t know why he cares for her too. To her, this thought is filthy enough. She tells him that Zai Guo now works at a car garage. Is it because of his leg injury? Jiang Guo no longer smiles and turns serious. Zai Guo is really down in luck. Zhong Er visits a sick Mrs Li.

Jiang Guo peeps at how Shi En practices her script. Mr Li suddenly dies of a heart attack. Jiang Guo helps to console Mrs Li while Zhong Er goes in to massage his heart. Why can’t he breathe? Mr Li has treated her like a daughter so she bursts into tears to call him father, resting her head on his chest. Jiang Guo tells Zai Guo the bad news. Zai Guo is mad that Jiang Guo is still seeing Shi En and punches him. He limps to see Mrs Li who cries in his arms.

Shi En cries as she doesn’t want to pose for sexy posters anymore. Why isn’t she given assignments that require her to speak lines? Zai Guo buys Zhong Er a meal and she brushes the dust from his trousers. She can’t heal his leg and this is the only thing she can do. Zai Shi feels like a sinner. He can draw others well but can’t see how he is like in the mirror. Jiang Guo is curious why he isn’t a pastor anymore.

Zai Shi replies that he has done something wrong to love someone. Jiang Guo gathers that he must have lost in love. He replies that he adopts Jiang Guo because of that. Jiang Guo is shocked – what – he falls for his mother? Nan Shi drops a bombshell to tell him that he likes his father!!! Jiang Guo is so stunned that he runs till he vomits on the way!! (That is too much for us to bear too.)

Zhong Er doesn’t want to be Zai Guo’s sister. He replies that he can only be a hospital cleaner to be as dirty as the sea water. So Zhong Er need not come to him anymore. He then meets Shi En. She thinks that his buying of the motorcycle causes the injury but Zai Guo only buys it after that. He wants her to promise not to meet Jiang Guo but she refuses. He cries at Mr Li’s altar as he is having a hard time. Mrs Li pretends to sleep but sheds tears too.

Jiang Guo sits alone at home and Zhong Er comes to him. Zhong Er never asks him where Zai Guo is found. It is good enough he is back. Jiang Guo hopes that she will not hate him when Zai Guo is back. She denies since she has liked him in the past. Jiang Guo asks what love is. She doesn’t know but is clear who she loves now. Will this change in future – she doesn’t know.

Her love is unfortunate although she wants Jiang Guo to be lucky. That is dangerous love and he finally understands her. He doesn’t want this kind of love – he wants security and warmth but she doesn’t want that. Jiang Guo suggests a divorce (This is shocking to me as he loves her so much!) Although they may not be a good married couple, they can try to be good parents. It must be hard on her to wait for him. She feels bad to be unable to be his love. Both touch each other’s faces.

(From here onwards, I have difficulty understanding what is going on – talking about the leads’ parts as children?!) A little girl (presuming little Zhong Er) steps on the footprints. Zhong Er imagines seeing her sitting on the bed. Mrs Kong has wanted to make Zhong Er her foster sister but seeing her so impulsive, she gives up. Zhong Er removes the scarf threads to turn it back into a ball of wool to knit socks for her unborn baby. She is not sure of the child’s sex but calls it little Jiang Guo because it is a present from him to her.

Jiang Guo imagines teaching his future son, Xiao Guo taekwondo. Shi En also imagines herself when young to wear the tiara. Jiang Guo is still Mr Jin’s bodyguard to protect him from the press. Mr Jin is afraid – why is he so timid? The results will be out soon but Jiang Guo gathers he has enough to support himself. Jiang Guo has kept Mr Jin’s lover’s photo with him but Mr Jin wants him to burn it. However, Jiang Guo puts it into Mr Jin’s pocket when he walks out.

Zai Guo picks up studies now, hoping to be a doctor like Zhong Er as he works in a clinic. Zhong Er is now staying with Mrs Li. She isn’t alone as Jiang Guo will help. Mrs Li asks what if Jiang Guo remarries. Mrs Li will be helping her then since she longs to be her mother. Zai Guo avoids her by moving out. Ying Shun is angry – how can Jiang Guo consider to be a teacher when the company isn’t doing that well?

Jiang Guo replies that is why he wants to escape. Ji Ying is angry that his fiancée gets so close to Jiang Guo to hook his arm and warns him to be careful. Jiang Guo replies that Ying Shun is a bomb while Ji Ying is too doubtful of others. They can stay together after seeking treatment. But Ying Shun likes this attention. Jiang Guo gives baby clothes to Zhong Er. He has hoped that he can’t pull through it but he makes it.

He asks – so Zhong Er has no more feelings for the person who builds the house in her heart? She replies that she will not think of him but she has put Jiang Guo in her mind so that he should not give her headaches. Jiang Guo respects Zhong Er and she gives him a scarf. This is to keep him warm during winter. Jiang Guo has a drink with Shi En and she wipes his lips. He tells her to stop laughing like a fool.

He has seen the ups and downs she has been through. She works hard and will make it big one day for being a professional. He finally confesses that he likes her and she sobs into his arms. He pats on her back as she cries. (This is still too hasty for me to accept.) His deduction is they must not to scared of what happens in future but has to face it bravely.

(These confusing flashbacks – I don’t understand!) Zhong Er sees a small Zai Guo at Mrs Li’s door with the baby shoes and touches his hand. It becomes a hug for both as they become adults. A little Shi En trips while Jiang Guo helps her up and she hooks his finger. Just like how she does to him in the hotel room when she becomes an adult. Shi En returns home to see a little Jiang Guo in mourning clothes after his parents’ death and consoles him. A tidily dressed Zai Guo in a suit carries a little Zhong Er by the road and both smile at each other. (Sorry but this is the end and I am not sure what the producer is trying to say!)

Introduction on characters

1. Jiang Guo – Hyun Bin
He is an orphan and becomes a bodyguard after his university studies. Despite growing up without parents, he is still cheerful and is optimistic about life. He doesn’t know why Zhong Er can’t let go of the past as he also lives on his own after his guardian disappears mysteriously. Still, he tries his best to treat her well.

He looks cold on the outside and is very strict with his juniors, imparting his martial arts skills and experience to them. You will be won over by his swift action in handling critical situations as a bodyguard.

He is extremely harsh to Zai Guo because he has high expectations of him. Despite his youthful outlook, he has an old heart to talk about mature stuff all the time. We will never get to see his smile at work but when he smiles, his dimple is so endearing.

He is actually a volcano to keep his warmth under wraps. Look at how affectionate he is towards his wife, Zhong Er, you will keep asking yourself why she hurts him so much to have an affair! We can’t blame him for being so nasty to Zai Guo as Zai Guo is really a jerk. How can he stomach this to meet his love rival daily? But he can be so forgiving to him. He gets attracted to Shi En unknowingly before the divorce to show her concern. She manages to warm his heart with her outgoing personality.

Hyun Bin does his part well as a heartbroken husband affected by his wife’s affair. You will pity him when he cries his heart out over her affair. His powerful punches as a bodyguard are well delivered too. In fact, he likes it so much that he wishes to take up a bodyguard role again! He deserves to win the best newcomer award but unfortunately, his two female co-stars do not complement him well.

2. Li Zai Guo – Kim Min Joon
He is a good-for-nothing. Zai Guo has no aim in life and only knows how to sweet talk to women. He has very long and untidy hair. He also keeps a goatee. But he is such a child at heart despite his mature outlook. He can cry or scold anyone anytime he wishes.

He blames his mother for giving away his younger sister. Although his step-father is nice to him, he chooses to move out and cohabit with Shi En. I will call him a man with no backbone when Shi En supports him although he is a part-time cleaner. To think that he even has the cheek to ask her to get him a motorcycle. Hugh! He is the society’s parasite to waste tax-payers’ money. The way he ties his hair in a ponytail and clips his hair can give you sore eyes. Does this man want to be a woman so much? You will not understand how Zhong Er gets attracted to him!

After Ying Shun (he asked for it for trying to get fresh with her) and Jiang Guo teach him a lesson, he reflects on his life and decides not to loiter about anymore. But his childish acts make all his juniors shake their head. That is why even though he wants to call the shots, they don’t give him any face. He worships Jiang Guo like a god and sticks to him. But they fall out due to Zhong Er’s infidelity. I can’t imagine that it is no big deal to Zai Guo. When he cohabits with Shi En, he also thinks of Zhong Er. Is this really love?! No wonder the two make such a fine adulterous pair!

He can’t blame anyone for causing his limp because he is the one who plays on the road. This is such a childish act that I can’t believe my eyes. Does he have bugs in the brain that cause him to do this? Doesn’t he know that this stupid act upsets others who are concerned over him? I don’t see how and why Zai Guo can attract two women because he is so rash and unattractive. Because he is dangerous and wild?

Over the top acting by this actor. His terrible image and inconsistent change in the character development also play a big part. Many say that he is good in Damo but he is terrible in here. So bad that I almost forward all scenes with him in it. I really can’t take it.

3. Bai Ji Ying – Jung Seung Woo
He is Jiang Guo’s junior who is also a judo expert. He falls for Ying Shun who is also their junior and joins the company because of her. His efforts pay off when she finally accepts him and they get engaged.

4. Dr Kong – Im Hye Jin
He owns a small hospital and hires Zhong Er as his staff. He is very strict and has high demands on her as he knows that she will go far.

5. Mr Li – Song Seung Hwan
He is Zai Guo’s stepfather but treats him very well. Zai Guo knows that but doesn’t know how to express himself. Laugh when he gives Mr Li a cooking pot as his birthday present. He is very observant and knows Zhong Er is hesitant to acknowledge Mrs Li. How sweet he is to make a signboard outside his home so that she will not get lost to find them. He still treats her as his own daughter even though she isn’t.

6. Mr Jin
He is Jiang Guo’s nasty boss who likes to bully him whenever he has the chance. He has the tendency to treat his staff as his plaything but he truly wants Jiang Guo to be his successor. He treats him well and laugh when he is interested in Zai Guo as his new toy. It is said that he is interested in men and women but there is no development to show that. It is never said why he tries to commit suicide too.

7. Mr Han - Kim In Tae
He is Shi En’s father who is a good for nothing too. He runs into debts so Shi En has to be a child actress to support the family. But he can be so open to accept Zai Guo into the family.

8. Min Zai Shi – Kim Cheng Won
He is Jiang Guo’s parents’ friend and is a pastor. He adopts Jiang Guo after his parents die in a car accident. He finds it shameful to face him when he grows up and runs away from him. He can’t get away from him when Jiang Guo finds him and has to reveal the truth to him. I am curious why it only stops abruptly here – why this happens and how he develops affections for him? It is not stated at all.

9. Li Zhong Er – Lee Na Young
Her childhood is filled with setbacks when she is adopted overseas. Later, her foster parents are discovered to be terrorists and get killed. She begins to hate her parents for ditching her although she returns to Korea to look for them. Jiang Guo knows she is badly affected by the past and tries to give her as much love as possible.

They get married but Zhong Er isn’t an easy horse to tame. She keeps having flashbacks of the past and they intrude into their lives. See how harsh she treats Mrs Li, I really pity the woman. And I welcome Mrs Li for neglecting her after knowing that they are not related.

After her recovery, she becomes a doctor and gets to meet an equally wild Zai Guo and they are attracted to each other. Their love kindles into flames but their moods sink upon knowing that they might be siblings. They turn out not to but they also can’t suppress their love for each other. That results in her divorce although Jiang Guo is willing to put up with it initially. He later can’t endure it anymore as her moods change whenever she sees Zai Guo. She often ignores his feelings to show affection towards Zai Guo.

But I find it puzzling that she also feels jealous when Shi En tells her that she likes Jiang Guo. She still has feelings for him. Although she says that she knows who she loves, I think she loves both and she doesn’t know who she really wants to get in the end. So it is still better for her to stay alone. I find this role a very selfish one. It is Jiang Guo’s misfortune to love her. Firstly to worry about her health and later her infidelity. she only thinks about herself to throw her tantrums. She has not kept her promise to treat Jiang Guo better. I pity her unborn child who will be caught in a complicated situation after birth.

It is also said that Na Young is a credible actress but I also don’t find it that way in here. She looks boring and restless although she has big eyes. I only have the feeling that she is forced to act. Most of the time, you will get annoyed by her role for creating distress to the actors. I only find her having a striking resemblance to the Japanese actress, Kou Shibasaki, in ‘Good Luck’.

10. Han Shi En – Kim Min Jung
She is a child actress when young and even when she reaches 22, she can only act as a category 3 actress to support her family. She cohabits with Jiang Guo and later ditches him because she wants popularity. To get her chances, she doesn’t mind going to bed with an old and fat director. She doesn’t regret leading this kind of life as she has expected this. But falling in love with the 28 year old ‘uncle’/Zhong Er’s husband is beyond her expectation. She has not wanted to betray Zhong Er but ends up doing it as she keeps getting close to him. Zai Guo is right to say that she seduces Jiang Guo although she protests weakly.

No wonder she clicks with Zai Guo too. Both like to show their feelings openly. To cry and laugh whenever they want. Even to the extent of looking ugly – remember how her mascara ruins her face? Unlike Zhong Er, she is very sure that she has no more feelings for Zai Guo and only loves Jiang Guo. She is an ambitious person – wanting to get away from a poor life to climb to the top.

My friend likes Min Jung’s acting, saying she is very natural. I only agree with her on the initial part when Shi En is down and out. Her acting becomes exaggerated after that. She isn’t the good actress I have in mind too.

11. Gao Ying Shun
She is Jiang Guo’s and Ji Ying’s junior. She is no pushover in setting up the company and getting assignments. She is interested in Jiang Guo all along and has been waiting for his divorce so that she can get him. However, Ji Ying manages to win her over with his sincerity.

12. Mrs Li – Lee Hui Hyang (as You Li’s mother in ‘Staircase to Heaven’)
She is Zai Guo’s mother who pines for her long lost daughter. She has to give her away to make ends meet and feels bad about it all along. Zhong Er is right to say that she favours boys. But seeing how much effort she puts in to win her over will touch you. However, she can be so harsh to Zhong Er. When it is found that she isn’t her daughter but Zhong Er has grown attached to her, she ignores her! How practical she can be! Luckily, she realizes her mistake and treats her well again after that.

13. Mrs Han – Lee Dae Yoon
She is Shi En’s mother who also likes Zai Guo as her son-in-law. She is also an impulsive spender and Shi En often has trouble curbing her spending habit.

14. Mrs Kong
She is Dr Kong’s wife and is also Dr Kong’s helper at the hospital as a doctor too. She can be quite harsh to Zhong Er, wanting her to do odd chores or looking after their baby. But she can be nice to her, wanting to make her as her sister.

Favourite character
Jiang Guo, he is so nice to anyone. Any man will not forgive Zai Guo for his deed but he can be so noble to treat him well after that. Is he a saint?

Most hated character
Zai Guo, as trouble spells wherever he goes and many have to take care of him like a baby. Equally bad is Zhong Er, who is very self-centred and fickle-minded. She only wants things to be done HER way. Both are nightmares in everyone’s lives. How can they be forgiven so easily by the others?


After watching, I finally know why it is a flop. There is no chemistry among the leads. It is not helped by the confusing dialogues which seem logical but aren’t. Some parts don’t allow any link and I end up scratching my head, asking myself what is going on! Please, I just wish to watch an easy-to-understand drama, not to go through a psychology lesson. Either the producer or I have low IQ to comprehend. I am very surprised that another fellow reviewer had so much praise for it because to me, it doesn’t really deserve the compliments.

Shi En and Zai Guo have no love foundation to cohabit. Jiang Guo loves Zhong Er more than she loves him. Zhong Er challenges the impossible to like an irresponsible brat after her marriage. Although Jiang Guo wants to be a doting father and husband, he is denied of the chance. She chooses to give her child an incomplete family. Shi En is also selfish not to keep a distance from Jiang Guo. At least Zai Guo tries in the end but Jiang Guo should not give in to Shi En, sigh……

After his divorce, he finally finds his true love and gets attracted to Shi En. I get very pissed off. They should have gotten themselves out of this predicament long ago. All of them are unfaithful to their partners! Is it true love? I definitely doubt so! It is only infatuation or only temporary obsession, if you ask me.

I am sorry that the story may sound confusing because it is confusing. Working people and busy students will not have all the time to digest the crazy lines in detail. A simple love story will do.

There is no necessity to make it so complicated. The characters are so inconsistent like roller coasters. Most of the time, they are spouting nonsense. You will not know what they want and what they will do. Plus all that half-baked acting, I almost feel like giving up mid-way if not for Hyun Bin.

Hyun Bin really shines here and he manages to hold his own to save this terrible drama. Many have worried that he might be overshadowed by the seniors but he ends up being the only saving grace with his earnest acting. No wonder he got the Best Actor award within a year as he improved so fast. Please watch this drama for his sake as you will not be disappointed by his acting. The others are big letdowns which aren’t worth mentioning.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5) (Mostly because of Hyun Bin’s efforts)

On story : * (Scale of 5) (I had to resort to surfing the websites to know the skeleton of the story)

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