Iron Daughters-in-Law

Reviewed by: sukting

June 16, 2012

Rating: three-point-five


For over 300 years house, three generations of a family live in the same home. They have their own stories, especially for the women. How do these women survive without their boyfriends or husbands?


1. Cui Mo Nu - Kang Bu-Ja
She is the daughter-in-law of the 11th generation who leads her family with charisma. She is strict, stubborn and also childish. Before she was even 20-years-old, her husband died. Since that time, she takes care of her family and family matters. She is very obstinate and thinks that widows should not remarry.

However, she thinks well for her grand daughters-in-laws to marry them off. However, she is stubborn to tie Shun Zi by her side, refusing to let her to be with Xi Nan. To the extent of allowing their children to get married instead. She only changes her mind when she has stomach cancer. She has the habit of penning her thoughts of a daughter in law of a clan in a diary after her husband’s death so Zheng Guo helps her to publish a book before she dies.

She feels very sorry for handling this burden to Shun Zi when she decides to stay with her. She gets Shun Zi a new pair of spectacles and calmly takes her last photo at the studio. She discovers that she has clinged onto too many things and start to view things in a different light. After her death, Shun Zi continues writing new stories.

2. Che Shun Zi - Kim Bo-Yeon
She is the daughter-in-law of the 12th generation. She comes from a rich family owning a rice shop but it goes bust when Ming Zi steals 100 bags of rice. She also gets married at 20 years old. She lost her husband when she was still young. She thinks this is her fate. Her life is especially stressful as the overbearing Mo Nu never stops to check on her her while having to watch over her own daughters and daughters-in-law. She learns all the cooking skills from Mo Nu, their relationship is like mother and daughter or sometimes Mo Nu is like her child instead when throwing tantrums.

She never forgets Ming Zi. Thus, when she meets her again, she keeps reminding her of the past. When she is busy to manage family matters, her first lover Xi Nan suddenly shows up in front of her. It rekindles the fire in her. She is usually submissive but later finds Mo Nu too much and blurts her true feelings. Upon knowing Mo Nu’s condition, she decides to stay in Man Yue Hall till old age as all the rest have left the family. All are touched by her gesture. Fei decides to move in to stay with Yan Ting after they get married to be filial to her.

3. Wu Ying Xin - Shin Ae-Ra
She is the daughter-in-law of the 13th generation who marries at 20 years old. She is a positive and bright woman. She is well-liked by her in-laws. For the past 10 years of her marriage, she has been childless. Due to this, she has a hard time. To make matters worse, her husband, Hong Jiu has an affair and demands a divorce. She gives in her consent later but curses him to die.

Finally, he dies in a car accident. Ying Xin feels guilty for jinxing him and moves back. She is an orphan since birth and has regarded all as her family so she continues to stay with them. Under a clause that wives can work on the husband’s behalf, she starts working in the customer service centre for the shopping channel. This is where she befriends Xing Yu. They become good partners when he often helps her.

Knowing that Hui Yuan needs to pay off Hong Zhe’s debts, she works part-time at an eatery after work secretly without her family’s knowledge. Xin Yu shakes his head at her stubbornness and kindness upon discovering this. Despite this, he helps her out. He slowly falls for her and they go through many odds to be together due to her health condition, her widow identity, qualifications and orphan background.

Many might not know her that well as she seldom acts now. She is famous actor, Cha In Pyo’s wife. She acts quite well but somehow I feel that she lacks the ability to make others cry with her. And….why always get her to wear high-heel boots? It is very obvious that she seems unsteady when wearing them.

4. Wen Xin Yu - Park Yoon-Jae
He is the younger son who graduates from Harvard University on business management. He is polite and is a gentleman but he can be self-centred at times. His father dotes on him and rumours fly on him to be the successor. He first goes to the beach to enjoy himself but meets a drunk Ying Xin there. He has thought of her to be a lunatic. She even gets so drunk to think that it is Hong Jiu’s car to get in.

He gets so mad with her that he tells her to get a lift on her own when she is sober. Things turn so bad that he has to call the police to get rid of her. Seeing her talking to Hong Jiu makes him think that she is a money digger when she retorts that she will only leave him when she pays her a big sum of money.

He decides to start from scratch without anyone knowing his identity to work as a normal employee at the customer service call centre. He finds Ying Xin irritating nagging to him at times nut is unsuccessful to transfer to another seat. First to grumble him for spending lavishly on a car when he isn’t earning much. Then, she also comments that he should not dress in a suit to work as a normal employee. Thirdly, she also dirties his trousers with ice cream unintentionally. His impression of her sinks rock bottom upon seeing her accepting money from Manager Gao (Actually he owes Hong Jiu’s money to return to her.)

So he tries to run away from her when she tries to get lifts from him to go to the train station on the way. He can also be nasty to close the lift doors on her when she urges him to wait for her. He regards her as a trickster till he learns that she is a widow. It pricks on his guilt upon recalling how he says of her to seduce him and intends to apologise to her.

She gets frightened to think that he is interested in her and lies that her husband treats her and her daughter well. Feeling amused, he decides to play along with her and asks her to introduce her husband to him one day to know more about him. Upon seeing the death certificate on her table, her lie is uncovered and both of them clear the air to become close pals. He starts sending her home after work and falls for her unknowingly. He follows his heart and is determined to win her over. He is successful in the end.

He is Chae Rim’s younger brother in real life. He is not just good looking. He is also marvellous in acting – I enjoy the many scenes with him around. He brings joy to everyone and has a commanding presence.

5. Wen Zhen Yu – Lee Hun
He is the elder son but his father deems him useless. He is in charge of Queen Hotel. He doesn’t mind Xin Yu outshining him, much to Shi Ling’s disgust as the brothers are close. He has hoped to be a father but fails. He tries to revive his failing marriage but it doesn’t work. His heart opens to Hui Yuan and Viviana. He meets Hui Yuan for the first time when she runs away from debtors during her university alumni dinner.

He sends her to the bus station and lends her his handkerchief. He bandages Viviana’s wound when the two come to visit Yan Ting at work. He starts missing them as Viviana gives him a sticker on his hand and he pastes it on his wallet. All along, he hopes to have his own child but Shi Ling keeps having miscarriages. He is delighted when Hui Yuan works as a chambermaid in Queen Hotel. He lends her his second handkerchief when she cries over a mistake made at work.

She worries of getting fired by the boss but he assures her that this will not happen. He is shocked that Shi Ling gets Hui Yuan to clean their home and protests against this. He is bitter over Shi Ling’s change and agrees to divorce her. Yet, Yi Jing finds him stupid to give his fortune away in exchange for freedom. Due to Shi Ling’s pressure to reconcile with him, he decides to give up his status to evade from reality. He is relieved when his family accepts him and he starts a new marriage life with a daughter.

He seems mild-mannered but can also be stubborn at times. When Xin Yu talks back to Hui Yuan, he will protect her and quarrel with him. It is funny as normally the women are the ones creating trouble but this time, the guys set the fire themselves.

6. Jin Yan Ting – Lee Ha Nui
She is Shun Zi’s third child. She graduates to become a chef in Queen’s hotel. She is very picky and cold but is kind. She is angered and becomes worse when her boyfriend Hao Xie marries another woman. She is harsh in Zheng Guo’s training at first but softens upon knowing his plight. She is Xin Yu’s ex-classmate and requests him to treat Ying Xin well. She falls for him and is hurt when he rejects her. She is dismayed that he actually likes her eldest sister-in-law but helps to bring them together.

Fei comes to work in the hotel and she is pissed off with him. They argue over minor issues but she slowly falls for him. There is a barrier between them – their parents are also in love with each other. You will feel giddy when Mo Nu agrees to the young couple getting married but later allow their parents to be together. She later gets to marry Fei when Shun Zi gives up her happiness.

7. Jin Shun Ting - Kim Joon-Hyung
She is Shun Zi’s fourth and youngest child. She unwittingly gets pregnant by her university senior, Shang Yu. Shang Yu and his mother want her to abort the child but she sets her mind to be a single mother to bring her daughter up at age 19. She wants to hide her belly from her classmates but Zheng Guo wants her to be a proud mother.

He uses his late wife’s experience to assist her. He sends her to hospital when she falls as a ball hit her. Slowly, she falls for him and persuades Shun Zi to rent out Hui Yuan’s room after she marries Zhen Yu. Her hard work pays off when Zheng Guo finally accepts her as he gets jealous of men trying to woo her.

8. Han Hui Yuan - Kang Kyeong-Heon
She is Shun Zi’s second daughter-in-law. She comes from a rich family so she looks down on her in-laws to avoid contact with them. But Hong Zhe is a greedy person who invests heavily to burn his fingers and they can’t stay in their lavish apartment anymore. They have to move out.

After Hong Jiu’s death, she is under pressure to produce a son as she only has a daughter. But how can she when Hong Zhe flees to the Philippines after owing the loansharks money when his business fails? Hong Zhe cannot return to the country, or else he will be arrested for violating the Securities Act. But in reality, both sign the divorce papers before they part but she still has to pay off his debts. She doesn’t return home at first to save her pride but can’t hide in the public bath for long as Viviana gets ill.

She returns to the home and all are stunned by the huge debt that they can’t pay. She is at her wits end when her handbag is picked by Shi Ling at the university dinner. She has to spill the beans to her and she agrees to loan her the money. Hui Yuan has to pay back 50% of her salary monthly as a chambermaid at Queen Hotel. Shi Ling doesn’t want her to inform Zheng Yu about it, lying that he doesn’t like pulling strings although she wishes to do so.

Ying Xin is pleased that the usually lazy person has grown sensible now. Upon knowing Shi Ling’s scheme to take photos of ‘adultery’, she decides to resign. Zheng Yu tells her to take the letter back – she is the first person to help him to stand up against his father and he doesn’t want to lose her. He slowly loves her but they keep it a secret as all already oppose to Ying Xin to be with Xin Yu.

She keeps from Ming Zi about her status too and Ming Zi scolds her for lying. Since Shun Zi and Mo Nu also hope that she returns to Hong Zhe, both elope to plant grapes in another town. She is not afraid of hard work but she can be calculative at times. She wants to please Ming Zi.

They only return when his family accepts them. She is afraid that Ming Zi will vent her anger on her if she sides with Ying Xin so she doesn’t want Zhen Yu to support Xin Yu openly. Ming Zi promises to give her golden toads if she gives birth. She gives birth to a baby girl later. Hui Yuan thinks that Ying Xin is going to give birth to a son and prays that her future second child will be a son.

9. Viviana - Park Min-Ha
She is Hui Yuan’s daughter who is very attached to her since birth. She is very cute and is adored by all. She takes the public bus to look for Hui Yuan at work. She bursts into tears upon seeing Zheng Yu. She has grown close to him despite only meeting him once.

Ming Zi even thinks that she is Zhen Yu’s illegitmate child as the two resemble each other. It is only then Hui Yuan discovers that he is her boss when she comes to get her. Hui Yuan gets accepted by the Wens faster due to her. After Yi Jing meets her, he realises why Ming Zi likes her so much. You will laugh when she checks on Ming Zi’s homework and complains that her cooking isn’t as good as Shun Zi. No matter what , she is still Shun Zi’s granddaughter so Ming Zi longs to have her own grandchild.

10. Jin Qin Shi - Lim Ye-Jin
She is Mo Nu’s daughter who is divorced 5 years ago as her husband regards her as a jinx when his singing career doesn’t take off. She doesn’t stop looking for men after her divorce. Lazy and lousy in doing housework, she tries to escape from doing the chores. You will find Shun Zi more like Mo Nu’s daugther instead. Her instint is always correct – she knows that Xin Yu comes to Man Yue Hall due to Ying Xin and not Yan Ting while the others guess wrongly.

She rents a hair salon and is still shameless to use the handbag that Zhi En gives her till Mo Nu demands her to return. She is interested in Xi Nan and throws herself at him. She is mad and makes Shun Zi’s life difficult when she discovers that Xi Nan actually likes her. She requests Shun Zi to only consider marriage after Mo Nu’s death as she knows that she can’t take it.

Her ex-husband, Feng Zhi woos her again and she is disappointed that he is the secret suitor. As Mo Nu is dying, she returns to him so that she rests her mind. She is also consoled when Feng Zhi cuts an album now. She is also grateful to Shun Zi for staying with the family as she can’t cope alone with this. Shun Zi is like a sister to her.

11. Piao Shi Ling - Jun Ye-Seo
She is Zheng Yu’s wife but she gets cold to him after 3 miscarriages. She is Hui Yuan’s classmate and both major in art. She is still an accomplished artist but Hui Yuan gives up the interest due to her family.
Her heart dies when her in-laws refuse to give her family financial aid. Her last hope is gone when they refuse to let her move out with Zheng Yu.

She sets plans to have a divorce – by introducing Hui Yuan to work in Queen’s Hotel. She creates chances for her to get close to Zheng Yu so that this will allow her to collect evidence on his infidelity. How? By getting her to clean Zheng Yu’s office.

True indeed, he sees how hardworking she is so he often gets her coffee. Shi Ling finally sees the glare in Zheng Yu’s eyes for the first time when she gets Hui Yuan to help in the housework at home and framing her to steal Ming Zi’s diamond ring. She is divorced but she is not happy as her father also dies. Her father has wanted to see Zhen Yu one last time but he doesn’t go.

Overcome by rage, she decides to seek revenge and tears the divorce papers. She fights hard to win him back again but to no avail. Thus, she signs the divorce papers and secretly buys in Queen’s group shares. Yi Jing foils her scheme and she tries to kill herself in a car with Zhen Yu together. Luckily, Zhen Yu talks sense to her and is apologetic over how she has suffered. She decides to pursue her career in Paris.

12. Lin Zhi En - Kim Yoo-Ri
She is the host of the shopping channel. Although she earns more than Hong Jiu, she doesn’t mind being his mistress. However, she is fed up his indecisive nature to tell his family to have a divorce. She tries being nice to his family but to no avail. Ying Xin becomes her nemesis when she discovers that Hong Jiu can’t forget her after the two sign the divorce papers. Thus, the two often have heated arguments.

After his death, she goes to the wake reluctantly and tells Ying Xin that she has nothing to do with Hong Jiu. Ying Xin suddenly finds Hong Jiu pitiful for liking such a woman who dumps his things away upon reaching home. She decides to have a new start but is appalled when knowing that Ying Xin also works at the shopping channel.

She tells her to quit but Ying Xin maintains her rights as Hong Jiu’s wife. She also needs to support her family. Thus, Zhi En spreads rumours about her causing Hong Jiu’s death indirectly. Ying Xin has to come clean to tell her colleagues about the fact that she is a widow. Zhi En also gets Madam Xuan to see Xin Yu and Ying Xin walk together after lunch so that she can tell him to be beware of rumours. But Xin Yu will not hear of it.

Upon knowing that Xin Yu is going to head the shopping channel, she decides to find a chance to get married and be close to his mother by working as a volunteer like her in an orphanage, she deliberately spills hot soup on her feet to get scalded to win her sympathy.

However, Xin Yu isn’t impressed and tries avoiding her as much as possible. After knowing her schemes as an opportunist, he warns her not to jeopardise his chances to be with Ying Xin and he isn’t as foolish as Hong Jiu to fall into her trap. Still, she doesn’t give up and keeps trying till he makes his stand clear. So she tries to make Ying Xin look like a fool whenever she can on television to seek revenge.

When En Xiu comes, she sneers at Ying Xin’s misery and tries to get close to En Xiu but to no avail. She has to resign to her fate when Ying Xin gets married.

13. Xuan Ming Zi - Kim Dong-Joo
Who will believe that she is the mother of two such outstanding sons? Being lowly educated and is an ex-loanshark, she tries hard to forget her past. Especially on the part of stealing money from Shun Zi’s family to cause their downfall. She is impressed by Zhi En and tries to matchmake her with Xin Yu by looking through their eight characters.

Xin Yu acts coldly as he treats Zhi En as a mascot of their company. Yet, she keeps inviting her home, much to his disgust so he often stays out when she is around. Knowing that he likes Ying Xin, she tries to split them. It isn’t easy for her to accept Shun Zi two ex-daughters-in-law. She is enraged when Hui Yuan says that Shun Zi is the best mother-in-law. Yet, when she has problems disciplining the women, she pushes them to Shun Zi to solve her problem for her.

As much as she dislikes Man Yue Hall, she keeps coming here when she is troubled. She also stays her when Yi Jing changes her out. Shun Zi is her ex-employer’s daughter. She has been the accountant in their rice shop but escapes with 100 sacks of rice to finance Yi Jing’s university studies and his business development. Shun Zi keeps calling her a thief and demands her to return to her.

She is very harsh to Ying Xin but learns her merits when staying with her at Man Yue Hall. When all reprimand her for being stupid to get involved in the pyramid scam, Ying Xin is the only one who consoles her. Thus, she gives her the golden toad too even though she isn’t pregnant yet. That arouses Hui Yuan’s jealousy even more when the three visit a doctor but Ming Zi only wants tonics prescribed for Ying Xin since Hui Yuan is going to the gyanae for a checkup.

14. Wen Yi Jing - Kim Yong-Geon
He is the guys’ father who owns Queen’s group with an iron hand. Xin Yu is his favourite. That is why he dotes on him more and gives him the best. Thus, he is disappointed with his choice. He is a scheming man who doesn’t show his displeasure openly. He only threatens Ying Xin after that. Although he isn’t rich when young, he also has university qualifications and expects that as basic requirement. Strangely, he accepts the daughters-in-laws better than Ming Zi after marriage.

Being a shrewd businessman, he often uses money and his status to get what he wants. En Xiu’s happiness is ruined due to him. He becomes more approachable after his sons’ marriage. After chasing Ming Zi out of the family due to the scam, he feels lonely upon seeing his sons with their wives. Xin Yu gets Ming Zi to visit him when he is sick so that they can make up again. He promises to give her freedom to do what she likes now and she can wear what she wants with no restriction.

Upon knowing that Ming Zi steals 100 bags of rice to finance his university education and to develop his career, he decides to give Man Yue Hall to Shun Zi. You will laugh at this – Shun Zi keeps harping that Ming Zi should return 100 bags of rice to her. When she uses this or exchanges with money of the same value, she rejects. But when Yi Jing is the person doing this, she accepts willingly.

15. Zhang Xi Nan - Lee Young-Ha
He is Shun Zi’s first love to open a café right beside Qin Shi’s shop. He works in the rice shop in the past and he has no choice but to become a sailor when Shun Zi’s father threatens to kill himself if he wants to marry her. When Shun Zi becomes a widow, Mo Nu also chases him away as she is frightened that he will take her away. He is so pitiful as he has no control of his life.

He is now a widower with a son, Fei. Fei is back from the U.S. soon after completing his doctorate. He finds Qin Shi irritating to pester him and has to give her a piece of his mind that he isn’t interested in her. Fei doesn’t oppose to have a stepmother but is startled when the four meet. Both men start cold war when they do not give in to each other.

He has waited 40 years and decide not to wait anymore. In the end, he respects Shun Zi’s decision but finds it hard to accept her as his in-law. Thus, he sells the café to become a sailor again. He will only be back at Fei’s wedding.

16. Fang Zheng Guo - Lee Doo-Il
He is Yan Ting’s assistant. He is a single father when his wife dies after giving birth to their 13 month old son. Yan Ting has thought of him to be a pen pecked husband upon seeing him buying diapers and hurrying home after knocking off. He is actually a writer of children’s books but decide to switch jobs to spend more time with his son.

He gives his books to Shun Ting to help her bond with her unborn child and Shun Ting falls for him. He feels inferior as she is still young. So he moves out of Man Yue Hall. But Shun Ting goes through all odds so he is touched to accept her. He even comes to university to meet her after school with the two children, showing that she is attached.

17. sous-chef - Seo Seung-Man
He is also Yan Ting’s middle-aged assistant who is single. He knows that Yan Ting is hard to deal with and teaches Zheng Guo the ways to please her. However, he can’t stand them being too loveydovey in front of him and has to remind them repeatedly. He is interested in Yan Ting but backs off after knowing that he does not stand a chance.

18. Zhang Biao - Lee Seung-Hyo
He is Xi Nan’s son who works in Queen’s Hotel as the manager after his doctorate studies in the US. He stays with his father and both are like friends. He doesn’t disclose his identity to anyone.

He comes to the hotel to taste the food. He picks on Yan Ting’s cooking – and she jumps when he refuses to eat another replacement or let her pay for it. He notices that Xi Nan shines and wonders what makes him so happy. He is open to the idea of him getting married again but he objects when she is Shun Zi. He is dismayed when Yan Ting considers of quiting when this happens but he gets her to stay.

It is love at first sight for him. You will laugh at the scenes when the young couple go exercising and taking the bus together. Once, she gets drunk and her hair is stuck to his tie. Later, he confessess his feelings for her and is amused to sign a love contract with her. He gets her a dating ring. You can see how conservative he is – he objects to her wearing a short skirt as her wedding dress. He wants her to get covered as much as possible.

19. Jin Mei Shu - Kim Soo-Hyun
She is the call team member who conspires with Zhi En to feed her news on Ying Xin and Xin Yu. However, when Ying Xin’s tv host position is threatened, she helps to post on the net to let the public be aware of this. She is still a helpful person after all.

20. Min Hao Xie - Choo Hun-Yub
He is Yan Ting’s former boyfriend. His grades only make to become a normal lawyer so he wants to rise up the ranks to know a rich woman as he also comes from a poor family. He ditches her even after meeting her family. She gets so angry that she beats him up on his wedding day. This is also where Zheng Guo witnesses the incident and becomes scared of her.

Hao Xie is a brat. He still bears thoughts of being with Yan Ting when he has an unhappy marriage. He pesters Yan Ting. Fei has no choice but to kiss her in front of him to force him away. It is only this time that Yan Ting learns that Fei is interested in her all along.

21. Liu Mei Chi -
She is Ying Xin’s friend who grows up with her at the orphanage. Having experienced a failed marriage too, she pastes wallpapers for a living. She teaches Ying Xin how to do it to work with her when she stays with her after her divorce. She encourages her to love Xin Yu too. She also lends her her savings upon knowing that Man Yue Hall is going to be auctioned. Ying Xin has suffered too much so she is happy for Ying Xin when she gets married.

22. Jin Hong Jiu - Yun Da-Hun
He is Shun Zi’s first son who is a producer of the shopping channel. He is involved in extra-marital affairs with Zhi En and grows sick of Ying Xin. He wants the best of both worlds till he gets nervous when Zhi En is wooed by a rich cosmetics company owner. He insists of having a divorce but feels lost after Ying Xin signs the papers. While picking up their wedding photo when drunk, he gets hit by a car and is killed on the spot. Ying Xin feels guilty after listening to his last message for her.

23. Zhao En Xiu – Son Ga Young
She is Xin Yu’s ex-girlfriend who is forced to leave him under his father’s threat 4 years ago. She is back under Yi Jing’s command to break Ying Xin and Xin Yu up. Many things have changed although she works in the television channel as the make-up artist for the sets.

She can’t continue her studies in the US and her father dies in a car accident after cheating money from Queen’s Group. She has to pay off the debts by being a hooker and she tries hard to hide this past. Unfortunately, this catches up with her and the Wens can’t accept her. She is grateful to her love rival, Ying Xin and helps her to win Xin Yu back. She knows that her father will be proud of her and she intends to start life anew in the US.

24. Manager Gao
He is Hong Jiu’s shopping channel department manager. He feels sorry for Ying Xin being a widow. Thus, he returns the money that he owes Hong Jiu quickly to her. He also recommends her to work in the customer service department under the office’s clause. Ever since Ying Xin comes to work in his department, he notices bad blood between her and Zhi En.

He and others love the latern festival snacks made by Man Yue Hall than the factory produced ones. He is puzzled why Zhi En prefers the latter. Still, he decides on an employee vote on which to be mass produced to sell. He is overjoyed when the whole family comes in traditional hanook to promote it and all are sold out before the programme ends.

He also helps to promote the pans she recommends and is overjoyed that Ying Xin gets married to Xin Yu. You can say that he is their matchmaker. If not, they do not get the chance to work together.

25. Chauffeur Min
This poor man is often dragged into the picture as Ming Zi keeps on wanting to matchmake him and Ying Xin. Even so, she feels that he is too good for her. He is also a divorcee but owns many cows in the countryside. However, he is also scared of his young master Xin Yu so he quickly gets to see someone else so that Ming Zi can stop harrassing him.

Interesting scenes – including plenty of funny scenes between Ying Xin and Xin Yu.

Xin Yu can’t stand the talkative Ying Xin at work. He wants to change his seat but to no avail. He gets annoyed when she enters her phone number into his phone without asking his permission. Getting angry, he changes her name to cheater. Whenever he sees her, he tries to get away – not even stopping the lift for her. He later softens upon knowing her situation and tries to be nice to her and to apologise to her. However, she doesn’t give him the chance as she either runs away or interrupts him.

Zhi En guesses that Xin Yu might be the new boss of the shopping channel. She decides to woo him. She pretends to stain his shirt accidentally with coffee and gets him a new shirt. Ying Xin warns him to be careful of her. Xin Yu smiles and he has detected how Zhi En is like after seeing how she makes Ying Xin upset after their conversation.

Zhi En turns up for work with clutches after scalding her feet. Xin Yu’s car stops beside her when she belittles Ying Xin. Thinking that Xin Yu is stopping for her, Zhi En is about to open the car door when Xin Yu tells Ying Xin to get in instead! He has overheard Ying Xin going to visit Yan Ting and decides to give her a lift. Zhi En sulks upon seeing him driving away. It is then Xin Yu realises that Yan Ting is Ying Xin’s sister-in-law and also working at Queen Hotel.

Xin Yu wants Ying Xin to give him a dinner treat as he often sends her home. Mei Shu accuses Ying Xin for lying to the rest for having a happy family and wanting to be a supervisor. Ying Xin gets speechless and Xin Yu is famished, coming along wondering why she takes so long to get her lunchbox. Upon hearing the commotion, he pulls her out angrily. Where has the eloquent auntie gone to?

He is half amused when she only treats him to detox soup – that is certainly not enough for him but she has no appetite. She confesses that part of what Mei Shu said is true as she really tells Hong Jiu to die out of rage. She drinks one whole bottle of soju to get drunk. Xin Yu regrets this decision to send her home. To hide from the rest, he accidentally kisses her on the lips. He gets fluttered and thankful that she doesn’t know it.

Madam Xuan invites Zhi En home for dinner. Xin Yu nearly tears his hair – this will make her know his identity after his father and brother are home too. Zhi En pretends to be shocked by their appearance. Xin Yu wants her to keep it a secret in the company but she wants him to treat her better. She also doesn’t mind Madam Xuan’s arrangement, much to his annoyance as he doesn’t even want to send her home to only do it on Madam Xuan’s insistence.

Ying Xin plucks up her courage to apologise to her colleagues that she has lied so the job is the last gift that her husband has given her. Xin Yu is touched by her courage and claps for her. The other colleagues also forgive her except for Mei Shu who looks down on her.

Xin Yu becomes childish and wants home cook food from her, pretending that he is staying alone. She agrees but forgets the next day. He becomes annoyed and ignores her as she forgets their agreement. Later, he recalls she is always washing dishes late at night and often yawning at work. What is going on?

However, this is not for long. He grins when she remembers to bring his favourite cold cucumber dish the next day. He feels her warmth when she coaxes him to eat more since he is staying alone. Xin Yu discovers her professionalism when a customer calls to ask how to cook dumplings and Ying Xin also buys a wok to find out why many customers complain about it to try it herself.

Zhi En comes with a pair of musical tickets, wanting to ask him out. To her dismay, Xin Yu takes the tickets to thank her to turn to Ying Xin to invite her and the dinner treat is on him! However, Ying Xin rejects him as she doesn’t want to be made used of.

Ying Xin lies to her family that she is working overtime. Xin Yu overhears her and asks if she is in love and dating. He tails her to find her working part-time at the eatery. Does she like money so much? Upon talking to Yan Ting, he knows of her parentage and feels sorry for her. He drives back to the eatery to find a difficult customer reprimanding Ying Xin of dirtying her handbag and demanding for payment. He throws the money at the woman – it is enough to buy 5 more imitations that the woman has.

Ying Xin only realises now that she is being tricked. Xin Yu isn’t happy that she works so hard and storms away but turns up the next day again, ordering food. Seeing her so busy, he helps her out to serve the tables. Ying Xin smiles at this and he finally sits down, grinning when Ying Xin adds extra meat to his noodles. A drunk man tries to get fresh with her. He tries to protect her but gets hit on the forehead. Ying Xin dresses his wound and his heart beats fast.

The shop owner returns and asks if this handsome young chap is Ying Xin’s boyfriend. Ying Xin denies quickly – how can he be since he is so young? Xin Yu frowns – he should be the one getting angry instead so why should she react so fast? He is still furious the next day upon seeing her cleaning someone’s table in the office. Hasn’t she done enough cleaning the night before?

He passes her the hot coffee that he has just bought for her. To his fright, she suddenly has a nose bleed. He hurries to her with a handkerchief to stop the bleeding. He murmurs he knows that this will happen as she has overworked as he lifts her head up. Zhi En jumps upon seeing this – what are they doing?!

Xin Yu follows her to the eatery on the third night since she doesn’t obey him to rest to work for the rest of the whole month, worrying for her. She orders him around once more and he obeys her – even plucking the bean sprouts. He is amused when she pays him 8000 won from her wages. His shoulders feel sore after all the hard work. He wonders how she can take it for so many days.

Seeing her asleep, he suddenly can’t control himself to kiss her forehead. He later gets alarmed – what is wrong with him? He doesn’t answer her call during the night and avoids her looks at work. His friend wants to introduce a girl to him and he notifies Ying Xi. To his horror, she encourages him to go ahead although he is unable to send her home anymore as he goes on dates. He gets more irritated when his mother wants him to ask Zhi En out.

Ying Xin is taken aback for the first time when Xin Yu drives his car away with Zhi En without looking at her. Zhi En is only pleased for a while when Xin Yu only drives her home and he will take that they have already had dinner together! There is no way that he will follow his mother’s order. Zhi En nearly bursts when he rejects to have tea at her home to speed off quickly. The shop owner asks Ying Xin why Xin Yu isn’t with her. Ying Xin suddenly feels lonely without him around and gets giddy.

Xin Yu returns home to finish his report and finally has time to look at his watch. It is late now – is the auntie still working? He comes to the eatery and is terrified to see her fainted. He sends her to the hospital and stays beside her the whole night. Seeing how she lies to Mo Nu about not informing them beforehand makes him feel sad for her. He quickly gets his maid to cook porridge for Ying Xin and brings a box of packet tonics for her. He forces her to drink a packet.

She exclaims that the porridge is nice and shakes his head upon knowing that he gets his ‘landlord’ to cook for her. The other colleagues smell the fragrance and all come to share with her. Xin Yu controls himself well as he can explode any minute upon seeing this.

Mei Shu informs Zhi En about Ying Xin and Xin Yu together for the night. She tells Ying Xin off for seducing a young man as an old widow but his parents will never allow it. Ying Xin is provoked and says that she will seduce him if she keeps harping on it. She blushes when Xin Yu overhears her. He offers her a lift home, asking her how she will do it. In order to avoid him, she nearly trips when walking away from a drunkard but falls into his arms instead. She snaps at him and storms off.

The next day, Xin Yu jumps when Ying Xin doesn’t prepare his lunchbox. He complains that she is too petty about him. She has no appetite and passes it to other colleagues. Xin Yu pretends to be suffering from hunger to have a headache now. She then provides him with a cake as he can’t eat aspirin with an empty stomach. Xin Yu grins and eats too fast to nearly get choked.

Ying Xin quickly passes a bottle of water to him and both smile at each other. Needless to say, Zhi En is fuming mad again. Ying Xin’s handbag is torn and Xin Yu tells her that he will not go to the eatery this night. He goes to the department store personally to choose a handbag for her. The shop assistant asks politely if it is for his girlfriend. He replies yes and she is in her thirties. Her reaction is classic – is like, what, huh - but still puts s forced smile.

Xin Yu is unsatisfied with what they display when he suddenly sees Zhi En doing a shop survey. She asks if it is for his mother and he replies no coldly. Just then, the assistant appears with a new bag, citing that it is popular. Xin Yu likes it immediately and there is a smile on his face when he holds it.

He answers that he isn’t sure if she likes it as she can be picky in taste. Zhi En sulks as even a shop assistant gets better treatment from him than her. Xin Yu gives his credit card for immediate payment and brings it to Ying Xin. He lies that he gets it from his insurance friend. If she isn’t accepting it, he will throw it away. She looks at it and smiles – it comes in handy as she is about to get a new one. Ying Xin has thought that she might have made him misunderstood her but he will not hear of it.

Ying Xin goes to work with the handbag. Hui Yuan exclaims that it is an expensive brand but Ying Xin says that it is a replica. Hui Yuan can never doubt it as the branded stores are once like her second home. Xin Yu jumps upon seeing a pan in the bag and she just pushes the bag aside in her work station. Ying Xin has brought it back to work to ask the leader to stop selling it but she cites that this is the job of the purchasing department. Xin Yu observes this quietly.

Zhi En learns that Xin Yu always helps Ying Xin at the eatery and reports to Ming Zi. Xin Yu shakes his head when seeing that Ying Xin forgets to drink the tonic again. He pours it out in a cup to pass to her. She sighs – he should not have treated her so well as an old widow doesn’t deserve this. He doesn’t understand – why can’t he treat her like a princess?

Ming Zi sees them plucking bean sprouts together so she gives her a slap for seducing her outstanding son. Rumours have been flying in the office now and she is furious. Ying Xin has to take an oath over Hong Jiu to stress that there is nothing between them. Knowing that she has wronged her, she intends to give Ying Xin money.

Xin Yu is agitated by Ming Zi’s act but gets more upset when Ying Xin cites that she understands Ming Zi. So he should not come anymore and should look for someone younger than her. Xin Yu is defeated when he means nothing to her. Ming Zi gets frightened when Xin Yu’s anger isn’t appeased even after reaching home. But thanks to her, Xin Yu realises what he wants.

He tells Ying Xin the next day that he loves her. There is a thorn in his brain and she has helped him to remove it. He has not experienced the freedom for a long time. He is not expecting any reply from her now. He just wants to tell her his feelings. He will not call her auntie anymore and he doesn’t to be called as young man too. He will only answer her if she calls his name. Ying Xin is unprepared and is stunned.

Zhi En tells Ying Xin the same thing – she takes the oath but still accepts Xin Yu’s gift. She has seen him at the shop. Ying Xin pushes the bag to Xin Yu – does he think that he is rich enough to get this? Yi Jing sees them and calls him. He winks to him so that his identity will not be blown. Ying Xin is puzzled on why he calls him like talking to a son. He lies that they are distant relatives.

He keeps the bag, including the contents! If she wants it back, she has to give him lunch treats. They go to an eatery so he returns her wallet and handphone to her. She has to give more treats to get the rest of the things back. He has used up a few months allowance and is broke. He might even have to sell the car. She turns pale and asks if they can ask for a refund but he reminds her how rough she is to place the big pan into it. He coaxes her, saying that it fits her well and she should continue using it.

She gets mad to leave without eating. They walk back together and sees Zhi En. Xin Yu warns her not to go to Ming Zi againc or to come between him and Zhi En. (Really funny to see him carrying a handbag over his shoulder – luckily it is big and not small to suit his build.)

Xin Yu comes to the eatery to work for the month. He jokes that he runs out of allowance after buying the bag for her. She tells him to stop feeling sorry for her as a widow as she has in-laws to take care of her. Ying Xin is sick and absent for work the next day. Xin Yu gets worried when she doesn’t pick up his calls to come to her home. Shun Zi recognises him as Ying Xin’s colleague to invite him in.

He learns that Ying Xin has a high fever the night before but is relieved that she is better now. Mo Nu also has a good impression of him to want to introduce Yan Ting to him. Xin Yu coughs upon hearing this. Ying Xin wakes up and is shocked to know that he is in. Xin Yu is relieved to see her fine.

He is insolent to come here – is he so confident of himself? Xin Yu admits that he has never been rejected before and Ying Xin is the first person to make him lose confidence. She snaps that he must have seen too many attractive women to want to try someone else. Xin Yu is offended by her remark to hurt his dignity. The proud person in reality is her.

He becomes so troubled that he goes for a drink with Zhen Yu. Zhen Yu can see that he is lost in love and agrees to keep from their parents. He is also curious to know who is the one to make Xin Yu so anxious and uptight about her. Xin Yu confesses that there isn’t any reason for loving someone but this woman keeps asking him to show her. Upon reaching home, Zhi En calls to inform that a burglar gets into her home. She faints and Xin Yu sends her to the hospital to be with her the whole night.

She even gets him to send her to work. Ying Xin sees them together and will not listen to Xin Yu’s explanation. Xin Yu is amused to see her adding many teaspoons of sugar to her coffee, getting distracted. He is happy that she takes it to heart. The service leader gives Ying Xin her brother-in-law’s photo to ask her to consider him. She nearly bursts when Xin Yu encourages her too.

A man asks Ying Xin how to propose to his girlfriend. She looks through the catalogue and recommends a necklace to wish him luck. This is the necklace she likes too. Xin Yu overhears it and quickly refers to the page. He intends to place an order for her.

Xin Yu feels very sorry for Ying Xin upon knowing from Yan Ting that Zhi En is the third party into her marriage. Ying Xin feels troubled and gets drunk after talking to Mei Ci. Xin Yu sees her after sending Yan Ting back. Ying Xin sneers at him for being like her dead husband to like pretty women thrown at them. She gives him a slap but he is in a good mood for this to know that this matters to Ying Xin but he gets annoyed when she forgets everything completely.

She becomes baffled to know that she has slapped him – something that his parents have never done to him. She is later unsettled when Xin Yu mentions that he learns of her true heart but she can’t recall anything. The service leader gives the photo again and Xin Yu tears it – how can she see another man after saying those words to him?

When he returns to his work station, he finds Zhi En there. She has prepared coffee made from fresh roasted coffee beans. He doesn’t give her face – his answer is he now likes instant coffee after drinking it often with someone. Ying Xin returns and tries to ask him to find out what she has said but he only grins to answer back. Needless to say, Zhi En jumps again.

Ying Xin storms to looks for Zhi En after learning that she lies to Qin Shi on how she seduces Xin Yu. Worrying for her, he follows suit to witness how Ying Xin slaps Zhi En to warn her that she will expose her affair if she still spread rumours to her family. When Zhi En gets so mad that she is about to slap back, Xin Yu quickly pulls Ying Xin aside.

After Ying Xin leaves, Zhi En pretends to be the victim but is astonished to hear Xin Yu replying that he isn’t as foolish as Hong Jiu. He knows her intention to fawn on Ming Zi to warn her not to come between him and Ying Xin. He later assures Ying Xin that he will also expose Zhi En if she gets too extreme. Ying Xin nearly flies off the handle upon knowing that Xin Yu knows everything about her.

Now she worries that her family will get to know it. Xin Yu gets impatient – is she going to stay with them till old age. She replies that she no longer trusts men as her husband of 15 years can cheat on her. Moreover, she hasn’t known Xin Yu for long. Xin Yu nearly tears his hair – how can he make her believe in him. He has a drink with Yan Ting and is relieved to know that her family allows Ying Xin to remarry although they are close.

Yi Jing reminds Xin Yu that it is almost time for him to take up his post so he tenders his resignation the next day. Ying Xin is unprepared for this and tries to get his letter back in vain. He jokes that he can’t stay on after her rejection. She tries to dissuade him from resigning and he is pleased – is she reluctant to let him leave? But he is too busy to prepare for his new post at night so he will not be meeting her.

Ying Xin calls him at night and worries that he can’t find a new job. He assures her that he is capable and is now typing his resume. Many companies are headhunting him so she need not worry for him. Zhi En blames Ying Xin for revealing her past to Xin Yu but she denies it. Zhi En then warns Ying Xin for trying to be Cinderella in vain but she doesn’t know what she means.

It is Xin Yu’s second last day of work. He pretends to run into financial difficulties and requests Ying Xin to pay half of his rent. She agrees and he is touched to give her a pot of flowers. It is called jasmine orange that she can smell fragrance from far so she can take that he is still around with her. The team prepares a farewell countryside trip so the two get food from the supermarket.

Xin Yu shops happily with her and stands behind her to feel the breeze from a fan when it is too hot. (This scene is funny indeed.) He even thinks of getting a pair of lovers’ cups but she says no. She shakes her head upon seeing him getting expensive food but he insists on it.

Both eat at the food court and she shakes her head – he should have saved the money to go to the eatery for dinner instead. He gets a call from the team leader that the trip is cancelled as others are too busy. He doesn’t inform Ying Xin as he wants to be with her alone. She jumps when it is too late as both are on the ship but she starts to enjoy herself. Both can’t return on the say itself as there is lightning alert.

So they have to stay on the island. She starts blaming him and he brings her around. She reveals that she comes to the seaside whenever she is down when staying at the orphanage or hurt by Hong Jiu’s infidelity. The seaside is a sad place for her and she doesn’t expect to have happy memories. He promises her that he will help her to erase her sad past.

Both have instant noodles in the resort house. He frowns when she wants to add eggs as he dislikes it. She is about to give in to him when he adds them. She is the only person to make him do it. After their meal, he asks what she wishes to do but nearly sprawls on the ground when she suggests playing college student games or gambling. Not wanting to be with him alone, she walks out herself.

He tells her that she is always on his mind. He is prepared to provide something better for her but decides on the necklace since she likes it. She answers that she isn’t good enough for him but he is set to follow her. He puts it on her and kisses her. She gets fluttered when she gets home. Zhi En learns about the trip the next day and as we expect, Xin Yu gives her a warning again. Ming Zi wonders if Xin Yu’s girlfriend is a customer service officer since they meet daily. Yi Jing snaps that he will not have such low taste. (How correct his mother is!)

Xin Yu discovers that Ying Xin doesn’t wear the necklace to work and asks her. She confesses that she doesn’t consider well the previous night. She apologises to him to reject him. Seeing her so serious the whole day, he notifies her that it isn’t the first time they kiss as they have two other occasions. She has thought of having Xin Yu but she doesn’t trust love now. She hopes he can get another woman suitable for him. She thanks him for taking good care of her, thinking that they will not meet again.

Ying Xin goes to work the next day to look at the plant. She feels lonely now without a companion to talk too, recalling Xin Yu. To her astonishment, he comes with many others and she can’t believe her eyes to learn that he is the new director of the business development division. She has another shock to learn that he is the chairman’s younger son.

Xin Yu stands beside her – doesn’t he tell her that he will return to visit her often? She stares back at him but is still mad with him. She finally knows Zhi En’s motive for seducing Xin Yu and shakes her head. Even though Zhi En is armed with first-hand information, this doesn’t help her much.

Xin Yu asks Ying Xin to meet him in his office. Has she eaten her lunch? He hasn’t eaten as yet after having many meetings. He is used to work with her but now has to adapt working alone. Is she shocked to know his identity? Is she furious to know it now? Her answer to all his questions is yes, director. If she has known it, she will not be so close to him. She has thought that his parents are overseas and is truly worried that he is barely earning enough to pay his rent. How can he take her for a ride?

He answers that that is precisely what he worries about or she will avoid him. He also feels guilty for keeping it from her. No matter if it is customer service officer or the chairman’s son, he is still Wen Xin Yu. But is she overjoyed to see him back and feigning to be angry?

He offers his sincere apology to her but she steps out abruptly. He sighs – good grief, he doesn’t know why he breaks out in cold sweat. Ying Xin gets so disturbed that she pushes the plant to a corner. After work, Xin Yu comes to the eatery again, wishing to help her but she chases him away with a tray. Xin Yu realises that she is truly mad with him.

He asks how he can appease her anger. Does his identity as the chairman’s son or director affect her so much? She wants him to take that the seaside incident has never happened before. She has sent him away from her heart yesterday. After knowing his real status, she is more than determined to let him go. Xin Yu gets frustrated when she walks away even faster although he threatens that this is the end. He sighs – it is truly exhausting to have a timid girlfriend.

Ying Xin learns from Yan Ting that Xin Yu is her high school classmate upon returning home. Xin Yu has also told her not to tell Ying Xin as he intends to disclose this himself. The family is startled to know Xin Yu’s status too – no wonder he is so well-mannered.

All persuade Yan Ting to consider Xin Yu although she maintains that they are only friends. Qin Shi can sense that Ying Xin is disturbed over this. Ming Zi presses Xin Yu to bring his girlfriend home. He sighs – he wants more time as he doesn’t know when she will accept him. Ming Zi wonders who has the guts to reject her son.

Xin Yu is talking to his subordinates at the lift area when he sees Ying Xin coming into the building. He wants to have a talk with her but she closes the lift door quickly, leaving him half-amused. What is this auntie up too? Upon arrival at the office, his secretary reports to him his schedule for the day. He finds it so stressful only listening to her as she doesn’t even catch her breath so he offers to read it himself. To his dismay, he is really busy for the whole day.

Leaving him no choice, he calls up the customer service department, pretending to be a customer wanting to buy a drug that cures heartaches caused by girlfriends. She replies that they only sell health products but soon recognise his voice. Getting fed up, she retorts that she will neither sell hangover soup or drugs to him. He isn’t offended and is just consoled to hear her voice. Xin Yu is tired after a whole day’s work but is disturbed that she doesn’t pick up his call. Thus, he drives over to her place.

Yan Ting thinks that he is asking her for a drink so both go, leaving his car there. She tells him on what her family thinks of him and he finds Mo Nu cute. He can’t stop laughing at this but she tells him that he can visit them anytime without any pressure. After sending Yan Ting home, he looks around but doesn’t see Ying Xin around. Unknown to him, she is hiding at a corner. He leaves for home, feeling lonely.

Ying Xin is troubled by Shun Ting’s early pregnancy. She isn’t in the mood for Xin Yu’s teases when they meet in the lift. He jokes that she gets daring now to talk to him as though he is her follower. Is she lovesick without him to get so restless? Slowly, he notices that she doesn’t look well and doesn’t respond to him and wonders what is wrong.

The team leader urges Ying Xin to go for lunch with them and she is surprised that she has also asked Xin Yu along. Xin Yu mentions that he is happy over the cancellation of the trip so that he can have a happy time with his girlfriend. He jokes – how can he be still single since he is capable and young? The others get curious to want to know more about her while Ying Xin keeps gulping water nervously.

He describes her as bad-tempered to have incredible strength to hit others as her habit. She often nags and has many shortcomings. Yet, he never smiles when he sees her. He adds that she is also provocative. Ying Xin can take it no more and gets him to meet her after lunch. He gets her favourite instant coffee for her and she warns him that she will not take any more jokes from him. He has hoped that his punishment is a kiss if he does this constantly.

Ying Xin meets Zhi En who is sarcastic to point out that Ying Xin must be very now. Since Xin Yu has not introduced her to his family, she is like a kept woman like her in the past. Xin Yu ponders over it and tells her to dress in something proper the next day so that he can bring her to somewhere the next day. Ying Xin is puzzled why he only says his piece without giving her a chance to say anything. Zhi En jumps upon learning that Xin Yu intends to introduce Ying Xin to them.

Xin Yu frowns upon seeing her still in normal office wear the next day – hasn’t he told her the day before? But he later decides that she looks nice in anything. He drives her home and she stops outside the door upon learning that he is going to introduce her formally to his family. There is no way she can do this. Upon reading his expression, she knows that he hasn’t told them that she is an old widow.

Hasn’t he learned from her last humiliation from his mother? She feels that he isn’t showing her enough respect. He storms off and lies to his family that he has things to settle to cancel the date. He refuses to tell Ming Zi about his girlfriend’s background. Zhi En sneers at Ying Xin for being timid. She can never forget that Hong Jiu loves Ying Xin most before he dies. It seems ridiculous now too that Xin Yu is chasing her blindly. Even though she can’t get Xin Yu, she will also not allow Ying Xin to get him too.

Xin Yu is still angry with Ying Xin and ignores her even though she apologises to him. Ying Xin is overjoyed to get the customer’s call that he is successful in his wedding proposal. Both of them have shared memories of this necklace now. Xin Yu overhears her mentioning how happy she is when receiving the necklace till she can’t forget this lifetime. He is overjoyed to know that and playfully yells into her ear, calling her a hypocrite. (You will surely laugh when watching this.)

Ying Xin gets annoyed when Xin Yu follows her on the bus. His car has been sent for maintenance but he denies following her although he gets her to pay his fare. Seeing an empty seat, he coaxes her to sit down after working a long day. She is stubborn and refuses to listen so the seat is taken. She is taken aback when he doesn’t alight at the same bus-stop but he secretly gets off at the next one.

Yan Ting is in low spirits and gets so drunk to hug him to ask him to stay with her. Ying Xin sees this and is taken aback. Worrying that she will get the wrong idea, Xin Yu sends her a sms to explain to her but is disturbed when he doesn’t get her reply. He learns from Yan Ting the next day that Shun Zi is unable to talk, resulting both women to feel down.

He gets Ying Xin to see him in his office the next day. How can she not tell him since they are closer than partners – they spent the night together before. Ying Xin quickly wants to stop him from sprouting nonsense. She is about to walk away when his tone turns serious. She has made spelling mistakes in her report and it looks more like a kindergarten report. Does she do badly in school to give him such a piece – this shows that she needs close supervision. He wants a new report by the end of the day.

She laments that this is too much to ask from her as she gets 100 calls a day and he retorts that she should not rebuke her superior. She then obeys him but Xin Yu grins when she walks out. They are at the bus-stop again. This time, he has the concession card ready. He sits behind her, worrying that her head might hit the edge as she dozes off to exchange seats with a pupil.

He quickly rests her head on his shoulder but she wakes up soon. This time round, he is pleased when she greets him before she gets off the bus. He asks her for the report the next day – can’t she tell work from leisure apart. She quickly gets the report ready for him. Xin Yu is secretly pleased with her idea but still provokes her by asking if she has gotten the idea from someone else.

He then cites that he hasn’t eaten lunch and pulls her with him, explaining that lunch time is also part of work. He meets Zhen Yu at the restaurant, introducing her as his girlfriend. Zhen Yu is taken aback and advises him to break off with her. Their parents will never allow this. Ying Xin walks away in tears and he hugs her in his arms, consoling her but she only wishes to be alone.

Zhen Yu is shaken by Xin Yu’s choice but Xin Yu replies that Zhen Yu should know better than him to get trapped in a loveless marriage. He is confident to be with Ying Xin to face the challenges although he knows his parents’ high expectation of him. Ying Xin is moody and Xin Yu sends her lunch with a note. Other issues come later as she should fill her stomach. He is about to call her when she goes to his office. He exclaims that it is telepathy. Soon, he finds it intimidating when she is stern.

Ying Xin is thankful to him for showering her so much concern and consideration. This gives her more confidence as to think that she is still attractive but she also finds herself too greedy and shameless. So they must put an end to this. Xin Yu objects immediately – he has seen many people. She remains kind and pure. He has the choice to choose but Ying Xin tells him that he still doesn’t understand the true world. She has the intention to quit now. He is disappointed when he can’t find her at the eatery and decides to see her the next day.

He comes to see her desk empty. The team leader advises him not to be too hard on Ying Xin as she wants to resign. Seeing the plant withering, he brings it to the office to water it. Both of them are spiritless without her around. As she doesn’t answer his calls for a few days, he comes to visit her family after telling Yan Ting. All the women are at home on this weekend and observe him curiously. He is about to tell them when Ying Xin persuades him not to do it.

After having dinner with them, Yan Ting brings him to visit their rooms. He feels for Ying Xin upon seeing her not having a decent set of make-up to use only samples. Where has her salary gone to? He gasps in surprise when Yan Ting’s family does think of pairing him up with her. Only Qin Shi notices that there is something between him and Ying Xin. Shun Zi passes her hometown food to him and Ming Zi finds it delicious.

Ying Xin asks her team leader about the job in another company. The team leader is puzzled as Queen’s Group is among the best but she still wants to leave. Just then, Xin Yu comes over and snaps that no other company will want her due to her lack of experience. The team leader goes out, leaving them to talk. Xin Yu confromts her – does she think that he will let her go as she is already avoiding him in the same company? He orders her to make instant coffee for him.

She retorts that he should have asked his secretary to do it for him in his office. He quickly snatches the coffee that she has just made from her hand and drinks it – he only likes the coffee that she makes. She doesn’t know whether to laugh or scold him. (This shows the playful side of him again.)

Ying Xin tells him that her family does think that Yan Ting matches him well, which she also agrees. Xin Yu decides to be frank to Yan Ting to prevent more misunderstanding to ask her out. Thinking that it is a date, she goes in a dress and also asks Ying Xin along. Xin Yu forbids Ying Xin to drink like that, citing that someone can’t hold the liqour well. He rejects Yan Ting on the spot, citing that he has a girlfriend. Yan Ting is unprepared and gets embarrassed.

Both will take that nothing has happened. Yan Ting is curious – she has not heard him mentioning that before all along. He describes his girlfriend as indecisive and also acts as a coward. Xin Yu then talks to Ying Xin aside not to drag this anymore. He is willing to wait but he will not wait till old age. She is still hesitant. Yan Ting is confused – then why Xin Yu comes to her home since they are only friends?

Ying Xin’s suggestion gets a prize. Xin Yu gets her to meet him in his office to pass a set of cosmetics to her. He has noticed that she needs it. Seeing her still down, he teases her – does she feel that it is too cheap and expects a small golden ox ornament? She is about to pass the necklace back to him when Yi Jing comes. Xin Yu introduces Ying Xin to him as an efficient worker and Yi Jing wonders when Xin Yu becomes her spokeswoman.

Shun Zi intends to ask Xin Yu further on him with Yan Ting to come to the office. Xin Yu has wanted to treat her to coffee in his office but he is too busy for a meeting. Ying Xin doesn’t know how to explain to Shun Zi as she also notices that something is wrong. Ying Xin returns the necklace to Xin Yu at the end of the day – she feels guilty facing her in-laws.

Xin Yu is heartbroken – so this is her answer. He thrusts it back into her palm to walk to Queen’s hotel bar to get himself drunk. Yan Ting sends him home and Ming Zi thinks that she is his girlfriend. This is the first time Yan Ting has seen Xin Yu so drunk before – she wonders why his girlfriend upsets him so much and even wishes that they break up. Ying Xin frowns and makes a decision.

Xin Yu is talking to his subordinates when he sees Ying Xin leaving. He can’t run after her as his previous colleagues from customer service come along. He is alarmed to learn that Ying Xin is going for an interview. He catches up with her and tears her resume. She only needs to follow her heart.

She has been rejecting him due to others. First, due to Zhen Yu. Now because of Yan Ting. Who will she think of next? If she thinks too much, she will turn bald. Seeing her still not wearing his necklace makes him down – he urges her to do it. Does she feel that it is too cheap? Even so, she needs to consider the feelings of the person who has given it to her.

Ming Zi insults Yan Ting after knowing her background. Yan Ting blurts that Xin Yu’s girlfriend is someone else. Xin Yu apologises to Yan Ting over this but Yan Ting relates that Ming Zi’s words wake her up so she gathers that his girlfriend is someone outstanding. However, she is startled to know that her qualities are 10 times worse than her based on Ming Zi’s expectations.

Xin Yu wants Ying Xin to be frank to Yan Ting. He has spoken to her and it doesn’t seem to be the end of the world. They can visit their families on alternate weekends to talk about this. Ying Xin rejects him and he gets worked up. Can she treat him as a human not to keep putting this off?

Ying Xin pushes off his hand when he grabs her arm. She loses her balance and trips down the stairs. Seeing her in danger, he shields her and holds her in his arms protecting her. She falls on him as they slip to the bottom of the steps. Seeing him unconscious and he doesn’t respond, she gets terrified and shouts for help, hugging him in her arms. (This scene is classic as it depicts the turn of events later.)

She holds his hand in the ambulance, pleading him to open his hands as she is in the wrong. Upon reaching ER, the doctor tells her that there isn’t any serious injury and his shoulder is slightly dislocated. He can be discharged the next day. Ying Xin worries on why he hasn’t woken up so the doctor tells her that it could be due to the fact that he knocks against his head earlier.

Ying Xin holds Xin Yu’s hand. Xin Yu is so young and promising. Why does he fall for a middle-aged woman like her? He makes her realise that keeping a person who doesn’t love her is nothing as compared to pushing away someone she loves. Xin Yu must have felt worse than her due to her rejections. She suddenly hears his voice – doesn’t he only wants her to stay where she is? He opens his eyes and is overjoyed to hear what she has said. She finally agrees to accept him for her own sake.

He reminds her due to this incident, she has to listen to him from now on. He pretends to suffer from a headache so she has to listen to a patient. She is still shaken by this – who will risk his life like that? He cites that he prefers something to happen to him than to her.

He urges her not to let go of his hand to face all troubles together. Making such a sacrifice is worth winning her over. How can she keep saying that her benefactor is silly? He is hoping for a kiss but she pinches him instead. He doesn’t expect her to take a day off to take care of him but she should at least visit him at night after work.

His arm is placed on a sling when both walk out. She is concerned – is he really okay? He assures her that he is fine and is about to introduce her to his parents when they arrive but she sneaks away. He gives her a wink before she leaves. He wants her to bring him lots of food and even calls her ‘Little Ying Xin’. Even though she is older than him, he doesn’t want to address her as elder sister as it sounds too old.

Yan Ting wants to visit Xin Yu with Ying Xin but Ying Xin finds excuses not to go with her. Xin Yu wants Ying Xin to feed him by lying that he has a fever. He takes this chance to hug her. Yan Ting walks in and is unable to accept the fact that Xin Yu is seeing Ying Xin, She refuses to listen to her explanation and Ying Xin feels sad. Xin Yu consoles her as this is only the start and she must not waver.

Xin Yu is discharged and returns to work. Ying Xin meets him and you will laugh upon seeing how insecure he is to tell her not to waver again. It must be due to her bad history. He is overjoyed to see her wearing his necklace and exclaims that it suits her. He wants to see her handphone and sulks upon seeing his name as partner – he nearly yells – why hasn’t she changed it? He changes it to a heart and is pleased.

She also requests to see his handphone. He becomes hesitant and gives her reluctantly later. Although there is a heart, the nickname is cheater! Seeing her cross, he changes it to 3 heart signs. He visits Yan Ting to apologise to her and also not to give Ying Xin a hard time to help them. Yan Ting replies that she is very confused and can’t agree to it for now.

Xin Yu waits for Ying Xin for 10 minutes in the lift. He has hoped that she can lift his spirits after knowing that Zhen Yu is having a divorce. He intends to announce their relationship to his parents after this. He feels that Shun Zi and Ming Zi should be more agreeable to them since they know each other but Ying Xin notices that both women have bad ties. Xin Yu asks Ying Xin out for their first date the next day and she agrees, forgetting that it is Hong Jiu’s birthday.

After getting scolded by Shun Zi over this, Ying Xin feels remorseful and rejects Xin Yu’s date. Xin Yu then brings her to Hong Jiu’s grave, promising to cherish and take care of her. Shun Zi happens to know about it and is badly shaken that Ying Xin falls for another man within a few months. Xin Yu intends o face the elders with Ying Xin but she is adamant to face them herself.

It isn’t easy for Xin Yu to do this and Xin Yu grins as he wins points again. Before seeing her walking in, he makes the love sign with his hands to give her encouragement. Ying Xin is upset when Shun Zi deliberately picks on her and gives her the cold shoulder. Ming Zi decides not to be too hard on her future second daughter-in-law as long as Xin Yu likes her.

Xin Yu is overjoyed and called Ying Xin. Ying Xin isn’t that optimistic as their gap is too wide. She is sorry for being older than him for so many years, to be a divorcee and also under-educated. He also apologises for being born too many years later than her and being over-educated. He reassures her again in his office the next day and hugs her. Ming Zi witnesses this and beats her up. What happens to the promise that she has made? Ying Xin replies that she isn’t sure of her feelings then.

Xin Yu commands Ying Xin to get out as her superior. He tries to calm Ming Zi down and sees Ying Xin later with an unsettled heart. Is she okay? He is so afraid that she will give up. She reassures him that she has been through worse patches and has expected this. Manager Gao invites Ying Xin on television to introduce her winning concept.

Wary that Ying Xin might be affected by the earlier saga, Xin Yu intends to turn down for her but she still goes ahead with it. She gets nervous to have some retakes but later becomes natural. Xin Yu watches her, amused and with loving eyes to give her assurance. He finds her photogenic and smiles when others think so too. Zhi En notices this and sulks that she steps into her zone as she feels threatened.

Ming Zi insists that Xin Yu should end his relationship with Ying Xin, She finds Shun Zi insane to stress that Xin Yu makes the initiative. Xin Yu replies that it is true and Ming Zi should try to know Ying Xin as she is really good. Ming Zi asks Ying Xin out to make the request but she declines. Xin Yu notices that she is out not during lunch time and knows what Ming Zi is up to.

He sighs that they should might as well give in to others. She is alarmed – how can they do this now since so many people know about it? He is pleased that she is firm now. They meet Yi Jing on the way back and Yi Jing admires Ying Xin for being professional. Xin Yu also sings praises for her.

Xin Yu brings Ying Xin out to a lavish restaurant to have dinner. She shakes her head – they can just go to a normal eatery. This is one way that he does to soothe her wound. She suddenly worries that he will grow sick of her. He tells her that he is faithful towards love and will stay true to her for 100 years.
Ming Zi intends to matchmake Ying Xin with her divorced chauffeur. Xin Yu follows and jumps, dragging Ying Xin awayin a rage. He hugs her in front of her home to console her. However, Shun Zi sees this and scolds them. Xin Yu feels that Ying Xin is facing lots of pressure at home and intends to get her to move out but Ying Xin maintains that this is her home.

Xin Yu wishes to have a chance to go for the new shopping channel host post. There will be no experience or qualifications involved so anyone can go for it. He even persuades Yi Jing to allow the VIP consumers to make the choice instead of letting the directors choose. Ying Xin’s colleagues encourage her to participate, to Zhi En’s wrath again.

Xin Yu brings Ying Xin to buy clothes and shoes. He is confident that she will get the post so he wants to dress her up. When about to pay for the things, the salesgirl mentions that buying a pair of shoes for his girlfriend depicts that she will run away from him. Upon hearing this, he immediately gets Ying Xin to take out her wallet to pay for them on her own. (He looks absolutely hilarious – as if he is so frightened to get ditched by her.)

Ming Zi still thinks that Ying Xin is after Xin Yu’s wealth so she passes Shun Zi to make Ying Xin leave Xin Yu. Shun Zi wants Ying Xin to invite Xin Yu over. Xin Yu harbours hopes that she will finally accept them but Ying Xin detects from Shun Zi’s tone that she isn’t happy. Sure enough, she passes Xin Yu back the money to ask him to leave.

Xin Yu requests Shun Zi to accept them but she refuses. Mo Nu overhears them and feels betrayed. Xin Yu returns the money to Ming Zi and doesn’t want her to insult others. Mo Nu wants Ying Xin to leave home and Ying Xin becomes ill the next day. Yan Ting announces this to Xin Yu so Xin Yu gets his secretary to find an apartment for Ying Xin. Ming Zi learns from the secretary about this and assumes that they are going to cohabit. So she creates a scene at Man Yue Hall to get chased away by Mo Nu.

Xin Yu even shops for the home appliances for her. He tests lying on a bed and the salesman quickly adds that it is suitable for a couple. He smiles as he really thinks of that later. He returns to office and meets Yi Jing there. Yi Jing hopes to meet Xin Yu’s girlfriend soon. Xin Yu brings Ying Xin to the apartment. He can no longer bear Ying Xin’s treatment towards her. He normally dislikes shopping but he shops for hours unknowingly due to her.

Ying Xin is still unwilling to move out but is touched for what he has done. He smiles – she finally knows that he is reliable. So she can come any time to rest if she is tired. Xin Yu is alarmed to know what his mother has done again and warns her not to offend Ying Xin’s in-laws but she vows to go there daily till he gives up.

Xin Yu sees them in the restaurant and follows. Upon seeing the envelope on the table, he takes a look – so he only owes such little money to her and yet Ming Zi keeps saying that she has given all she has to him? Ming Zi jumps as she fails again. It is time to make offerings to the ancestors but Mo Nu forbids Ying Xin to join in since her heart is no longer with Man Yue hall.

Xin Yu calls Ying Xin and a weary her tells him that she misses him. He immediately hangs up and she is puzzled when she can’t get through again. In reality, he drives over immediately – doesn’t she want to see him? So he comes specially to let her see him. Both chat in the car till they doze off. Needless to say, Mo Nu is furious to see them in this state.

The next day after work, Mo Nu throws away the food that Ying Xin prepares for the ancestors and insists that she leaves Man Yue Hall. Yan Ting informs Xin Yu on time and he wants to bring her to the new apartment but she only wants to leave after getting Mo Nu’s forgiveness. It suddenly rains so Xin Yu kneels with her outside the hall. He tries protecting her with an umbrella but it is blown away by the strong wind. So both are drenched. All try to persuade Mo Nu but she is still unmoved.

Ming Xi learns of what happens from Shun Zi and arrives with Zhen Yu. She pulls Xin Yu away and it is only now that Zhen Yu learns that Hui Yuan is Ying Xin’s in-law to get a big shock too. As the others shield Ying Xin, Mo Nu leaves home. Xin Yu asks Ying Xin if she is fine the next day. She is not sick but worries for Mo Nu. Xin Yu signs all the important documents before taking leave to begin his search.

The others cannot find her but Xin Yu finds her at Hong Jiu’s grave. He requests her to let him marry Ying Xin but she insists that Ying Xin leaves Man Yue Hall to make his wish come true. He wants to send her home but she refuses. So he gets her to go to the new apartment. Mo Nu is slowly moved after finding him to be a considerate and sincere person.

Ying Xin returns home to find Xin Yu getting along well with Mo Nu. Mo Nu even provides him 3 bowls of noodles. He eats all in order to please her to get indigestion later but he doesn’t mind this. He decides to bring Ying Xin home over the weekend and Ming Zi becomes anxious. Ying Xin gets into the final round. Xin Yu steals encouraging glances with her upon seeing Yi Jing giving his approval on her ability. Mo Nu invites Xin Yu home to give her approval.

Xin Yu is so overjoyed that he hugs Ying Xin right in front of the rest. He realises that getting the elders’ approval is essential and thinks that everything will be fine after getting his parents’ approval too. Ying Xin gets nervous but Xin Yu gives her support. Zhi En warns her not to harbour high hopes since she is one of the judges. Shun Zi warns Ming Zi that without their family’s approval, she doesn’t mind Xin Yu moving in with them as their grandson to make her angry.

Zhi En tries to make it difficult for Ying Xin to relate a product to herself in the final round. This does not go according to the script that she prepares. Xin Yu frowns and worries for her. Ying Xin uses the black sauce to describe to win over Yi Jing and the rest to become the shopping channel host. All are won over by her quick reaction. Yi Jing is displeased that Ming Zi only prepares sauce noodles for Xin Yu’s girlfriend. Upon knowing that Ying Xin is the one, he is taken aback but still remains calm.

Xin Yu is happy, thinking that he is accepted them but in reality, he plans to break them up. Mo Nu is reluctant to let Ying Xin leave soon but Xin Yu consoles her. She should not feel that she has lost a granddaughter but to think that she has gained a grandson-in-law.

Yi Jing can’t remove Ying Xin’s position as it is already made public. Ying Xin knows that she will have a hard time with Zhi En as her mentor. The experienced hosts look down on her for having only high school qualifications while she gets along well with the other newcomers. Xin Yu gets Ying Xin to have lunch with Yi Jing and Yi Jing tells her what he thinks. She is disappointed but tells him that she will not give Xin Yu up. Yi Jing warns her of the consequences that she can never dream of.

Xin Yu doesn’t dare to let Xin Yu know about this. Ming Zi tells Xin Yu that Yi Jing will never agree based on her personality. Xin Yu starts to ponder about it and proposes to marry Ying Xin soon. Yi Jing doesn’t disapprove but tells him that he should concentrate on his career first. Xin Yu tells Ying Xin happily about it but she only smiles forcefully.

Yi Jing deliberately gets Xin Yu to attend a meeting in Jiju. He feels reluctant to go there for 3 days as he misses Ying Xin. Yi Jing takes this chance to transfer Ying Xin to Busan. Ying Xin dozes off while looking at past dvds to gain experience to write a report for Zhi En. Xin Yu gets concerned when she doesn’t pick up his calls and she isn’t at home either. He offers to write her report for her or jokes to give Zhi En pressure using his position but Ying Xin still wants to do it on her own.

He calls her at the office and playfully tells her to wipe off her saliva. He will root for her all the way.
Ying Xin is adamant to protect her position and protests using a placard to stand outside the building. Her customer service team members also feel indignant for to post the video on the website – you will be surprised to know that Mei Shu is the one as she feels that this is like looking down on them.

Yi Jing discovers that he has underestimated this when reporters and the public start questioning him. Xin Yu returns a day earlier and discovers what Ying Xin is doing. He brings her to Yi Jing’s attention and Yi Jing attributes it to an error. Xin Yu is puzzled why Ying Xin doesn’t surface the problem to him or Yi Jing. But he links it to Ying Xin’s personal style and praises her for her bravery.

Yi Jing tells Xin Yu that he intends to send him to Thailand’s branch office for 6 months. He refuses as matters are not confirmed between Ying Xin and him yet. He still wishes to see her, talk to her and hold her hand daily. He is appalled when Ying Xin also agrees to it and will not leave with him either. She jokes that she should not have chosen a childish younger man.

Since Xin Yu is the next successor, he needs to use this chance to gather more experience. She asks if he will have a change of heart. He replies no so she believes they will not be affected by this short separation. Ming Zi is overjoyed by Yi Jing’s decision. Zhi En tears off Ying Xin’s report and Ying Xin is peeved as she doesn’t point out what is wrong with it.

Xin Yu comes to Ying Xin’s department. The others are shocked to see him bringing her out during office hours. They date the whole day and he brings her to a church to seal their love. They exchange rings for each other and promise to go through thick and thin. When sending her home, he warns her to wear it all the time and not to lose it even when washing dishes and sleeping.

Ming Zi gets to know that Hui Yuan and Ying Xin are in-laws. She opposes to Zhen Yu to be with Hui Yuan. The chef can’t attend the programme so Ying Xin offers to do the vegetable cutting on the spot to promote the cutter sales. Zhi En is annoyed when she steals the limelight – her skill is almost as good as the cutter as she is trained in Man Yue Hall. The goods are sold out before the programme ends.

Yi Jing doesn’t comment after watching as this is her debut. Xin Yu comes to the studio to praise her. How can she do so well for the first time? He nearly faints upon seeing her cutting so fast. Needless to say, Zhi En sulks again. She scolds Ying Xin for not going for manicure sessions to protect her hands. But Supervisor Gao gets feedback that Ying Xin’s hands reflect reality of how a housewife should look, unlike others’ hands which look unnatural.

Xin Yu still suspects that there is something wrong with Ying Xin’s transfer so he gets the personnel manager to see him. He notices that he is very evasive. The next day, he sees Yi Jing calling Ying Xin into his office to warn her about the consequences and he realises what happens. He is disappointed in Yi Jing being so nasty and decides not to go to Thailand.

He asks Ying Xin why she chooses to suffer alone. She doesn’t want their relationship to get strained due to her but she is somehow relieved that he finds out. He gives her an assuring hug and wishes Yi Jing to accept her. Yi Jing still feels that she isn’t good enough for him. So Xin Yu is prepared to give up everything for her. He gives Yi Jing back the car keys and credit cards before moving into the apartment he prepares for Ying Xin. He never expects that he is the one who needs it now.

Xin Yu is prepared to apologise to Yi Jing for attitude the next day but is unprepared when Yi Jing sends him to work as a deliveryman. If he doesn’t wish to go, he can quit. Yi Jing warns Ying Xin that he can take everything away from Xin Yu till they break up. Xin Yu considers for half a day before accepting the post. Yi Jing is the one getting the shock now.

Xin Yu will treat the experience to learn the same way he learns at the customer service centre. He will prove his worth before returning to the director post. Ying Xin gets worried that he loses everything and moves out upon sending him off on the public bus. She comes to have dinner with him at the apartment after work but he tells her not to worry and to take it as a process. He walks her home and hugs her outside it – he doesn’t mind others to know their relationship now.

Xin Yu gets his new colleagues to accept him and struggles to learn on the spot. Ying Xin feels sad upon seeing him slogging so hard when she comes. So does Ming Zi too to beat her up for this. Xin Yu gets so exhausted that he sleeps on the sofa upon getting home. Upon seeing him getting haggard, Ying Xin intends to leave him but he tells her not to lose her confidence.

Ming Zi complains to Yi Jing over Xin Yu’s treatment. Can’t he transfer him to any other department? Yi Jing is sure that Xin Yu can’t stay more than a week and will give in. Zhen Yu wants to pass a credit card and money to Xin Yu but he refuses. He wants to be independent. This gives Zhen Yu confidence to face their parents too. Ying Xin requests Yi Jing to transfer Xin Yu back while she will work hard to break up with him but Yi Jing will only do it when it is confirmed.

Xin Yu comes specially to have lunch with Ying Xin. Seeing them together, Yi Jing akes that Ying Xin lies to him and wants his assistant to find out where Xin Yu stays. Mo Nu learns that Xin Yu has moved out and brings food to his new apartment. She is in the toilet when Yi Jing comes. Yi Jing scolds Xin Yu for staying in a good home and isn’t self-reliant as he claims. He wants Xin Yu to move out since Xin Yu uses his money to rent the place. Mo Nu decides to bring Xin Yu to stay at Man Yue Hall.

Shun Zi is worried that the Wens will not let them off but Mo Nu doesn’t want the young couple to suffer so she comes to this decision. Mo Nu gets Hui Yuan and Vivianna to share Yin Xin’s room so that Xin Yu can stay there. Ying Xin is worried that Xin Yu will not get used to it. He has thought that he has nowhere to stay but is actually delighted that he can get so close to her now. Ying Xin helps Xin Yu to deliver goods and one customer mistaken them to be married. (Can you believe that she can do that in high-heel boots?!)

Ming Zi is worried that Xin Yu is homeless now and calls Ying Xin and Xin Yu. Both do not answer their phones as they are having breakfast. She calls Man Yue Hall and is stunned that Xin Yu answers. Yi Jing wants him to move out but he refuses. Ming Zi threatens to stay there to get him back but is chased away by Shun Zi’s broom. Shun Zi even says that she is going to treat him like her son.

Upon knowing this, Yi Jing comes and tells Mo Nu that he has high expectations of Xin Yu so he doesn’t expect his betrayal. He also doesn’t understand how Mo Nu can allow this to happen. Mo Nu confesses that Xin Yu is a nice child and tries to persuade Yi Jing. Yi Jing will not change his mind and oppose the two women to be with his sons. Zhen Yu expresses his wish to lead his own life from now on.

Xin Yu is unwilling to return home to celebrate Yi Jing’s birthday with him. Ying Xin turns up with honey in a vat and a birthday day. She also prepares dinner but Yi Jing smashes everything. Xin Yu sees everything and falls out with Yi Jing, pulling her away. She finds Xin Yu too impulsive as she knows that his parents dote on him so she tries hard. Xin Yu is touched – so is Zhen Yu who later elopes with Hui Yuan and Vivianna as he can’t handle the stress Yi Jing gives to make him reconcile with Shi Ling.

Ming Zi plans to get Chauffeur Bian to send goods on Xin Yu’s behalf. Their servant has a better idea – to order from the shopping channel so that Xin Yu can send to their home. Yi Jing chases him out and Ying Xin consoles him. Xin Yu kneels in front of Yi Jing the next day, begging him to accept him and Ying Xin. The breakup with En Xiu four years ago leaves him tormented. Yi Jing should try to give in for the sake of his happiness.

Zhen Yu and Hui Yuan treat Ying Xin and Xin Yu to dinner. Zhen Yu cites that they will get their parents approval and take care of their parents on their behalf. Xin Yu feels that something is wrong. He doesn’t know that Yi Jing plans to buy over Man Yue Hall after learning that Hong Zhe has mortagged the house to the bank without Mo Nu’s knowledge. Yi Jing warns Ying Xin to bear the consequence since she doesn’t break up with Xin Yu.

Xin Yu starts meeting a foreign client at Queen’s Hotel and attempts to get a new contract. He learns from Hui Yuan that Ying Xin has asked her for money. He forks out his savings and gives to her. There should not be any secret between them but she can’t bring herself to tell him. Zhen Yu and Hui Yuan go missing so Qin Shi warns Ying Xin and Xin Yu not to do the same. Ming Zi begs Xin Yu to return home but he will not do so.

He notices that Yan Ting and Ying Xin are acting secretive but he has no idea what they are up too. Both women try their best to stop the bank from auditioning their house by borrowing money from Mei Ci and forking out their own savings. The bank agrees initially but later breaks the promise under Yi Jing’s pressure. Xin Yu learns about this and gets more disappointed in Yi Jing. He has confidence to help them and will not give in to Yi Jing.

Qin Shi is sarcastic to tell Ying Xin that she should not be selfish to think only for herself. Xin Yu stresses that he will make sure that they will not be chased out so Ying Xin should give up the idea of breaking up with him. Xin Yu goes with a proposal to Yi Jing which he intends to work with a British company to get into Europe Market. If he accepts, he has to give up Man Yue Hall and he can return as the business director. If not, he will work with another company.

For the sake of money, Yi jing gives in but Xin Yu has to move back. He obliges since Zhen Yu has left home. The women are grateful to Xin Yu but he is also grateful to them. They make him happy as Ying they are truly Ying Xin’s family members. He kneels to give his deepest gratitude to Mo Nu and Shun Zi. He returns to work but Yi Jing reminds Ying Xin that he hasn’t given his consent yet.

Zhi En causes Ying Xin to slide and fall to make a fool of herself in front of the camera. Xin Yu is concerned if she is hurt while she is more concerned of leaving Yi Jing a bad impression. Xin Yu consoles her so that she can do better next time. When going for dinner, Ying Xin answers En Xiu’s call for Xin Yu. Xin Yu gets so affected that he stops the car abruptly. He recalls how she leaves without a word, leaving him nearly going mad 4 years ago.

Xin Yu hurries from Busan back to meet Ying Xin after work. He is surprised to see En Xiu appearing at the office. En Xiu is sad to know that Ying Xin is seeing Xin Yu and they are getting married soon. She has never thought that he will have another woman. He chides her for leaving in the past and refuses to listen to her explanation. Yi Jing has asked En Xiu to return to break them up. He regrets for what happens 4 years ago and learns that her father has passed away due to a car accident.

Xin Yu relates his past to Ying Xin. She is glad that he is frank to her. Yi Jing arranges En Xiu to work as a beautician in the shopping channel. Xin Yu protests against this and wants to fire her but Yi Jing insists of keeping her. He worries that the two women can’t work with each other but Ying Xin assures him. En Xiu wants to starts afresh with Xin Yu but he rejects her in front of Ying Xin.

En Xiu believes that Xin Yu is with Ying Xin just to forget her and he will return to her soon. Ming Zi also decides to help En Xiu.Ying Xin asks why they break up. Xin Yu doesn’t even know the reason and loses his confidence so he is grateful to Ying Xin for finding it back. Xin Yu denies that it is just a spur of the moment. He really likes Ying Xin as she has a warm heart.

Xin Yu brings Ying Xin to meet his university classmates. All are puzzled why he is now with an older woman with lower qualifications and going to marry her soon. They are also taken aback that he can say that right in front of En Xiu. When he walks off for a while to listen to a call, En Xiu deliberately says that Ying Xin is also a widow. Seeing Ying Xin not there, Xin Yu gathers what happens and walks into the toilet to give her a hug. He regrets over this but she doesn’t mind. Even though all oppose her, she is contented to have him beside her.

Xin Yu gets mad when Ming Zi gives En Xiu the family ring. He doesn’t want En Xiu to appear at his home again as he has forgotten her. He refuses to listen to her. Ying Xin tells him not to be furious with En Xiu as she once gives him happiness. She doesn’t wish him to hate En Xiu too. He is very touched and gives her a hug, liking her even more to En Xiu’s disappointment. Yet, he is so badly affected by the past that he has a sleepless night.

Ming Zi is indignant that Yi Jing hasn’t allowed Zhen Yu to return home so she becomes thick-skinned to stay at Man Yue Hall. Xin Yu is surprised to know that Ming Zi has known Shun Zi for 40 over years although they often quarrel. His parents have never approved of En Xiu in the past as they want him to marry a woman from a prestigious family. But now he is with Ying Xin, so nothing matters to them.

En Xiu brings food for Xin Yu but he doesn’t accept it. He even tells Secretary Yin not to allow strangers into his office. En Xiu can take it no more and reveals what happens 4 years ago. Her father is CFO of Queen’s group but he takes bribes. Yi Jing uses this to threaten En Xiu or her father will go to jail. En Xiu will still do this as she can’t be blissful.

She is a victim but Xin Yu maintains that he has forgotten her. Seeing En Xiu leaving and Xin Yu obviously tormented, Ying Xin is afraid that Xin Yu will waver now. She sees the photos that the two have taken together. En Xiu tells Ying Xin that they have a long past and Ying Xin should back out. Ying Xin knows that Xin Yu hasn’t knocked off and waits for him. Xin Yu is troubled over the incident and cites that he has a headache, not going for their dinner date. She worries that he will leave her now.

Xin Yu asks Yi Jing how he can be so harsh to En Xiu in the past. He replies that they do not match in status. What’s more, her father has a criminal record. How can they be in-laws? Xin Yu is upset that Yi Jing gives him 4 years of agony. His parents want him to break up with Ying Xin but he refuses. Yi Jing accepts Hui Yuan so the two move back home. Shun Zi wants to celebrate with Xin Yu but he leaves his handphone at the office. He comes to the place he dates En Xiu in the past and meets her there.

En Xiu stresses that she has not changed all these years but he walks away to get drunk outside Man Yue Hall later. He tells Ying Xin that he only loves her no matter what happens. He feels bad when knowing that Ying Xin has waited for him for the night and discloses why En Xiu leaves him 4 years ago. Xin Yu discovers that En Xiu had yet to return her father’s debts and worries for her upon seeing her staying in a small, rented room. He consoles En Xiu when they visit her father’s tablet and he consoles her.

Ying Xin feels insecure and Xin Yu realises that En Xiu had not graduated from a US university as claimed. But he still helps her to deceive her colleagues, much to Ying Xin’s displeasure. Xin Yu promises to watch himself. En Xiu is confident that Xin Yu will return to her but Ying Xin stresses that Xin Yu will be hers.

En Xiu faints at home after calling Xin Yu for help due to the debtors’ harassment. Xin Yu sends her to hospital and feels remorseful upon knowing that she has a scar on her wrist, indicating that she has tried killing herself before. Xin Yu wants to marry Ying Xin but Ying Xin thinks that En Xiu has affected them since he is in a hurry and wants more time to consider.

Xin Yu doesn’t want En Xiu to upset Xin Yu again or to gain his sympathy. En Xiu deliberately gets Ying Xin to say words that hurt her to cause Xin Yu’s misunderstanding. Xin Yu then apolosies to her and gets drunk again to call En Xiu by mistake. Upon knowing that he does love Ying Xin now, she slips away from hospital. She is too disappointed that Xin Yu forgets her within 4 years.

Xin Yu sends her back to hospital and she deliberately kisses him in front of Ying Xin. Xin Yu wants Ying Xin to trust him. He only sympathesizes with En Xiu and doesn’t love her now. So Ying Xin must not mention breaking up with him easily. Ming Zi brings En Xiu home after her discharge and regards her as her daughter-in-law. Xin Yu maintains that he will not marry her and brings Ying Xin home to let them marry next month. His parents oppose and they decide to marry on their own.

Xin Yu wants En Xiu to move out but she rejects. He then says that he doesn’t mind getting married in private. Ying Xin has to remove a tumour from her womb as it might get cancerous. However, she also needs to remove part of her womb and it is hard for her to conceive. Xin Yu announces that he is getting married soon to reporters. Even though she isn’t Wen’s family’s daughter-in-law, she is going to be his wife. Ying Xin is not happy over this but doesn’t know how to tell him.

Ying Xin sees Xin Yu consoling a crying child and knows that he loves children. She intends to break up with him. En Xiu deliberately shows Ying Xin her photos with Xin Yu. Xin Yu helps En Xiu when she sprains her ankle so Ying Xin suggests that they break up. Xin Yu is mad but ignores this. He sends En Xiu to Queen’s Hotel and wants to force her to stay there. Hui Yuan sees this and notifies Ying Xin. Ying Xin forces herself to break up with him and insists that she doesn’t trust him anymore.

Xin Yu asks Ying Xin out but En Xiu arrives on her behalf. Xin Yu leaves in a huff, not knowing why Ying Xin does this. She says that she is tired of his parents’ pressure and isn’t comfortable with En Xiu around to end this. Ying Xin applies 3 days leave to have the operation. Xin Yu only learns that she is on leave upon not seeing her at the tv studio. He calls Yan Ting to learn that she tells her family that she is on an overseas assignment. All do not know where she goes and he is worried.

Shun Zi happens to know Ying Xin’s secret and agrees not to tell Xin Yu. Xin Yu prefers to stay single if he can’t marry Ying Xin. Ying Xin is discharged and tells Xin Yu that she is unsuitable for him to return the ring to him. Xin Yu throws the ring on the floor and she picks it up in tears. Xin Yu sees gangsters harassing En Xiu again and is shocked to know that she works as a hooker for a few months in Busan to clear her father’s debts. He feels remorseful for causing this.

En Xiu can’t face Xin Yu and decides to move out. Xin Yu apologises to her for not knowing how she suffers. He is lost on how to return this debt to her. Her debtor gets Xin Yu’s money and relates that En Xiu is a decent woman. Thus, Xin Yu decides to marry her since Ying Xin breaks up with him. It doesn’t matter who he marries now. Zhen Yu feels that he is giving himself up and tries to persuade En Xiu but En Xiu clings on to Xin Yu as she believes that they will return to the beginning after marriage.

Ying Xin cries upon knowing the news but still congratulates him. She sleeps at her desk when working overtime and Xin Yu puts his coat on her. She goes to his office to return it. She is dismayed to know that the two are in the wedding studio, choosing their costumes. They are going to stay in the US and might not return. She feels sad after knowing this. Xin Yu isn’t focused when choosing the rings.

Ming Zi scolds him for still wearing the ring he buys with Ying Xin. En Xiu is still insistent although his heart is no longer with her. The Wens chase En Xiu out upon knowing her past when debtors come to their home. En Xiu goes to stay in Man Yue Hall with Ying Xin’s help since Xin Yu is in Jiju handling a deal. His family blame him for not checking the facts but Xin Yu replies that he already knows about it.

En Xiu becomes like this due to Yi Jing and he is only making up to her. Since he can marry anyone since he can’t marry Ying Xin, he might as well marry En Xiu who has sacrificed for him. Zhen Yu uses his experience to try to talk to him but he will not listen. Ming Zi wants to chase En Xiu out of the company but Xin Yu stops her.

En Xiu learns of Ying Xin’s condition and informs Xin Yu. Xin Yu tells her that he doesn’t need children but her but she still refuses to return to him. He begs Yi Jing to accept them again but he says nothing. He also doesn’t mind adoption so he goes to Ying Xin’s orphanage to get the nun to persuade her. She finally accepts him again when the nun narrates how she treats all orphans as her children.

Xin Yu tells all women the good news and passes his parents the wedding invitations. Yi Jing wants him to leave his home and company if he is so persistent. Xin Yu is prepared for this. Seeing that Ying Xin manages to sell a cooking pot, he affirms her ability. Since Xin Yu has announced to the public about his marriage, he has to agree and tells Ming Zi about it.

Hui Yuan is unhappy when Yi Jing gives Ying Xin a big sum of money to prepare for their wedding since Ming Zi is not helping her. Ming Zi goes on a hunger strike but looks for food at night. Xin Yu comes to her and seeks her forgiveness but he can’t live without Ying Xin. Xin Yu comes to Man Yue Hall to give the engagement gifts. He also gets rings for Shun Zi and Mo Nu to thank them for taking care of Ying Xin. Zhen Yu shouts that he is so unfair as he only gives flowers to everyone.

Ying Xin and Xin Yu have a traditional wedding in Man Yue Hall. Hui Yuan is jealous to see how the others are unwilling to marry her off, unlike her wedding. Ming Zi comments that Ying Xin looks even older in her hannok. The two go for their honeymoon at Jiju island. He sprains his back while carrying her into the room. Hui Yuan wants Ying Xin to address her as the elder sister-in-law as their roles have exchanged. Xin Yu worries that the two women will have conflicts as they are feeling awkward now.

Xin Yu wishes Ming Zi can treat Ying Xin better as he sees her telling the maid to go on leave to make her do all the housework. All praise Ying Xin’s cooking and Hui Yuan sulks again. Soon, she discovers that she is pregnant – no wonder she is so sensitive. Xin Yu is worried that Ying Xin will get upset and promises to give her a golden pig since Hui Yuan gets a golden toad from Ming Zi. He only wants to be with her all his life.

Xin Yu is unhappy that Hui Yuan gets Ying Xin to cook for her during midnight as she craves for Man Yue Hall food and complains to Zhen Yu. Ming Zi learns that Ying Xin is difficult to conceive and chases her back to Man Yue Hall. Hui Yuan feels remorseful as Xin Yu apologises to Yi Jing. Yi Jing knows that they will still marry despite this and forgives them. Xin Yu decides to stay with Ying Xin in Man Yue Hall. He knows that he lets his parents down but it should be fine since they are filial to them.

Ying Xin is touched when Yi Jing introduces a doctor to her and confirms her work results. Xin Yu then wants Xin Yu to move back home to keep Ming Zi company. Ming Zi discloses why she steals the 100 sacks of rice. The whole family think that she is too much and she is touched when Ying Xin supports her. Ming Zi moves into Man Yue Hall and is mad when Xin Yu only comes to visit Ying Xin.

Ying Xin consoles her and helps to massage her feet. She slowly starts to accept her. The two move home and Xin Yu wants Hui Yuan to be more sensitive to Ying Xin when she gets Ying Xin to sew a costume for Viviana. It becomes so bad that Zhen Yu plans to move out.

Seeing that the two brothers quarrel over their wives, Ming Zi gets Shun Zi to discipline them for her. Shun Zi shakes her head and gets them to read Mo Nu’s book – although it isn’t their fault. She wants them to control their husbands. She talks to the brothers to make them promise this will not happen again. The men feel bad implicating her and make the promise.

Ying Xin is finally pregnant. She is still successful at work. Hui Yuan is happy with her baby daughter. It is Mo Nu’s first death anniversary and all return home for the ceremony. They watch quietly outside the hall as they are outsiders now. All raise their wish lanterns in the air and make their own wishes. Once a day to be Man Yue Hall’s daughters-in-law, their title will remain as the iron daughters-in-law.

Most favourite character
Xin Yu, he may be spoilt but he is also sensible. He isn’t selfish and also respectful to elders. That is why he wins the support of Man Yue Hall ladies. A close second will be Fei. Normally, many will be afraid of authority but he doesn’t. He is actually right. Although he loves Yan Ting only for a month. He has to make sure that she will not suffer for the next 40 years like Shun Zi.

Most hated character
Mo Nu, she is a stick in the mud. Shun Zi is angry with Ying Xin having a boyfriend within a short time but she is not that cruel to chase her out. Mo Nu wants Ying Xin to move out at once and others have to speak up for her. And….who is as sick in the mind as her to keep her daughter-in-law’s love letters?!

She keeps them in the garden and digs them up to read when free. They are from Xi Nan to tell Shun Zi his well-being and his feelings. Good grief – even after reading daily, she is unmoved and still wants to break them up!! She only sheds tears when she is about to die to allow them to be together.

See how harsh she is – calling him a thief and throwing salt at him even when he kneels to her. To spite him, she even allows their children to get married. She is a cruel person to me to want Shun Zi to serve her till her death. Whenever she is unhappy, she will cry and say ‘take me away, Hong Jiu’s grandfather’ to let the others give in to her. Well, this finally comes true and she is reluctant to leave this world to regret saying this too often with her big mouth.

Interesting facts

Here is the list of 2011 MBC Drama Awards won:

Serial Drama Top Excellence Award, Actress (Shin Ae Ra)
Serial Drama New Actor Award (Park Yoon Jae)
Serial Drama New Actress Award (Lee Ha Nui)
Lifetime Achievement Award (Kang Boo Ja)

The highest rating was 20 points. I actually felt that Kim Bo-Yeon acted better than Kang Boo Ja and should have won something. I am not too impressed by Kang’s performance as I find her over the top with too frequent wailing and screaming.


The two brothers can really hide their identities well from the women they love. But of course, it is too coincidental that they fall in love with the daughters-in-laws from the same family. They are handsome heroes and you will love them for their sincerity. This drama is fun to watch. It talks about all taboos over marriage and love in Korean society.

People can be fickle-minded indeed. Shi Ling and Hong Jiu want the divorces so badly. Yet, they regret once their wish is granted to realize that their spouses are really good. Yet, there is no turning back as they have made the wrong decision.

Also, it is surprising that Ying Xin has a change of heart soon even though she gets Xin Yu. I mean, all along she is staying in Man Yue Hall and Hong Jiu’s photo is right inside her room. Doesn’t this remind her of him? I can understand Shun Zi’s agony when she takes his photo away. There is no point keeping it there since she isn’t thinking of him anymore.

I still don’t understand why Shun Zi and Xi Nan can’t get married. This is no longer taboo in the Chinese society. There was a funny 1980s TVB drama by Tsang Kong. I forgot who acted as the son but he was frustrated with his son wooing his female classmate (Ng Sin Mei) so he went to woo his classmate’s mother (Ou Yeung Pui Shan) instead!

Even brothers can marry sisters from the same family. Old movies also love cousins to marry one another. Why? Why? Why? Is it wrong for the old to pursue their happiness just because they are old? I pity Xi Nan and Shun Zi who can’t be together in the end. It is definitely unfair to them.

Age, status, educational background and family background matter a lot to these people. Ying Xin is at least 7 years older than than Xin Yu. But when she marries into the Wens, she is now the younger daughter-in-law despite her age and the address for her to Hui Yuan must change. It must be very confusing for the poor Viviana. So should they continue to call Shun Zi mother since they are no longer part of Man Yue Hall? They still do that to respect her but it is natural that Ming Zi gets jealous.

The rich must marry the rich is a common story but the rich here actually are the poor when young. They know about the hardship but prefer to forget the past. The meaning of in-laws here gives another question. Can Ying Xin’s and Hui Yuan’s ex-in-laws be considered their maternal family? No doubt Ming Zi is strict but all must praise her to have an open mind to accept this. The soft and kind mother-in-law to prepare their dowry for her must have gone extinct in Korea.

Many female fans claim that ShinWoo is so handsome that he trembles their heart. And yes indeed, he is very charming and yet he also makes Xin Yu very childish. So is the child actress who delivers her part well. I also like the part where Zhi En competes with Ying Xin at work. Too bad the focus is later shifted to En Xiu. I find her not as forceful as Zhi En and the plot is watered.

I strongly recommend everyone to watch all episodes. As the story develops, there is more fun you can get. The storyline is unique in a way. The modern to blend with tradition – you will like their own house – it is heartwarming with their family photo there right in the living room.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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