Joyful Girl's Success Story

Reviewed by: sukting

November 03, 2003

Rating: three-point-five

Also known as: Bright Girl's Success

How long
16 episodes

This story is different from the usual ‘prince charming saving a damsel in distress’ story. It is the reverse. Be prepared to be amused by lots of laughs in the beginning. A maid does not behave like one and always talks back at her master. She even helps him to get back on his feet when he becomes bankrupt. The various tricks for each other can be so hilarious. Marvellous acting from the leads.

Introduction on characters

1. Che Yang Shun – Jang Na Ra
A high school student who still persists in continuing her education despite being a maid. She is very positive towards life and is not afraid of failure. Cute with her smiles and endearing personality, she influences so many people along the way. She talks back at her master, Qi Tai. At first, she can be so fed up with his childish ways to make fun of her. Yet he influences her to love baseball. She is a maid but she voices out her opinions from time to time to annoy him. When Qi Tai becomes bankrupt, she is beside him to help him and help him mature by reminding him the humiliation.

Na Ra is really a promising and natural actress although she is very petite in size. You can feel and also cry with her in many scenes – especially when Qi Tai has to kneel in front of Jun Tai so that he will not get arrested for assaulting him.

2. Yin Luo Xi
She is a snobbish person who only knows how to make use of others. I laugh upon seeing how she pesters Qi Tai, but gets rejected repeatedly. Can’t she get it when he brushes off her hands from him repeatedly? She is angry when Yang Shun gets Qi Tai’s love so she betrays him to be with Jun Tai to seek revenge.

3. Song Bao Bei
Xi Jiu’s younger sister who is also a school bully. She thinks that Yang Shun is rich because Xi Jiu drives her to school in a car and tries to extort money from her. After Yang Shun conceals her bad deeds from Xi Jiu, she becomes Yang Shun’s good friend. She not only helps out in Yang Shun’s grandmother’s funeral but also makes sure that Yang Shun gets to register her art work on time for the competition.

After her high school education, she works in Snowy. After knowing that Ying Can doesn’t help Qi Tai, she is so displeased with him. When he requests a hug from her to lessen his guilt, she tells him to close his eyes and get Ruby to do it! I really have a good laugh. But she later turns to like him when he buys her an office suit to wear to work upon seeing how shabbily she is dressed.

4. Wen Jing Lin
She is Luo Xi’s mother who is the co-owner of Snowy. She is capable and is very impartial. See how she likes Yang Shun’s art work and doesn’t choose her own daughter as the winner! She is so nice to Yang Shun to offer her to stay in her home to continue her education in Snowy cosmetics academy. How sad it is to see her suffering when Luo Xi goes to jail. She is so nice to the young people.

5. Zhen Zhu
Luo Xi’s sidekick and Art classmate. She is talented in drawing but is willing to be made used of by Luo Xi. I wonder how she can agree to carry out Luo Xi’s absurd plan to draw the art piece to get into the competition. She is very interested in Ying Chan and is so desperate to get him. She is very comical for the role. It is hilarious to see her hanging around him like an octopus. Probably she gets along well with Luo Xi because both don’t seem to know how and when to give up after being rejected by the men they love.

6. Ruby
Bao Bei’s sidekick but she turns for the better when she also becomes a good friend of Yang Shun. She provides lots of laughter in the serial too with her foolish acts.

7. Han Qi Tai – Jang Hak
The young owner of Snowy cosmetics company. He feels remorseful for causing his parents’ death when they tried to save him from the sea. Thus he hangs their wedding rings on his necklace and switches on all the lights in the house when he sleeps at night. He is very arrogant and boastful.

Can you believe that Qi Tai is 9 years older than Yang Shun and 5 years older than Luo Xi? Yet he can be so childish. He is defeated by Yang Shun so he always finds all kinds of ways to make fun of her. During the process, he falls for her. He later tries to help her but still doesn’t want her to know it.

After Yang Shun leaves his home and quits being a maid, he doesn’t want any maid anymore. He is so ignorant and still arrogant when he becomes penniless. Who isn’t touched when he tries to buy an expensive hairclip for Yang Shun on her birthday despite the little money he has?

Yang Shun even has to get him a place to stay when he doesn’t know how to take care of himself. However, he is no longer the impulsive and spoilt brat later. He pretends to be cold to Yang Shun to become Jun Tai’s sidekick to find a chance to get back his company. He is now mature and is no longer reckless after the ordeal.

All are touched and also amused by his actions. Jang Hak is very versatile in his acting. I really laugh at scenes on how he tries to act cool. He can be arrogant and unreasonable but also sweet and childish. He does well in sad scenes too, especially the part where Qi Tai cries at his parents’ graves and is upset upon knowing that he has to part with Yang Shun for 3 years.

Many feel that he is the only actor who possesses both qualities. I like the grins that he keeps to himself after helping Yang Shun. He makes all difficult to dislike him despite of the nasty things he does to Yang Shun.

8. Wu Jun Tai
He works for Qi Tai but he treats him like dirt. Moreover he loves Luo Xi but she doesn’t love him. So he treats Qi Tai like his enemy and seizes control Snowy. After he wins, he never stops humiliating Qi Tai and arranges for him to be a warehouse worker. I really laugh upon seeing how Qi Tai curses him behind his back and puts up a timid front when with him. He is very ruthless to Luo Xi. By forcing her to marry him, he always reminds her of being Yang Shun’s grandmother’s killer.

9. Song Xi Jiu
He is Jing Lin’s chauffeur and Bao Bei’s elder brother who is kindhearted. He dotes on his sister and likes Yang Shun for her sweetness. However, knowing her love for Qi Tai, he gives up. He still tries to help them when they are in trouble and is the mediator for them. Qi Tai was once jealous of him but later treats him like a brother by revealing to him all his secrets and feelings.

10. Li Ying Can
He also works for Qi Tai but he isn’t ambitious like Jun Tai. He is a kind man but doesn’t dare to defy Jun Tai because he is timid. I am very amused by many scenes. He dislikes Zhen Zhu but doesn’t know how to reject her. He likes Bao Bei but she rejects him. He finally manages to win her heart by buying her a business suit for her first day at work. How sweet he is!

Under Bao Bei’s persuasion, he agrees to become their spy and becomes the vital person to help Qi Tai get back Snowy. Bao Bei calls him the ‘bat’ – what a phrase but suits him well! He will remind you of Cheng Shui in ‘All About Eve’. Both are equally comical.


Qi Tai chairs the meeting the first time and Luo Xi congratulates him with flowers by charging into the conference room. He frowns and treats her indifferently by thrusting the flowers aside. She is annoyed when he accepts congratulations from others. Even when she books a table in a restaurant to celebrate, he rejects her and goes out with someone else.

Yang Shun is down after knowing that she is going to be a maid in Seoul to repay her parents’ debt. So she decides to have a bath. Qi Tai wants a picture of himself in the air with the parachute. Luo Xi wants to go with him but he says that both will die because they are too heavy together. Unfortunately, he lands up falling into Yang Shun’s bathtub. It is hilarious to see him so clumsy. He takes some time to balance himself and but still trips and falls later. He is angered when she says he is stupid but controls himself.

He has another trip and sees a snake. He freezes. Yang Shun swings it away, to his astonishment! She is puzzled as to why he is timid as it is not poisonous. Qi Tai doesn’t feel like a man in front of her. Qi Tai discovers that his necklace is missing. He has tied his parents’ wedding rings on it. He recalls Luo Xi has tried to touch it but he brushes her hands off him in the office. He returns to the office to look for it in vain. He then remembers that it might be with Yang Shun.

Yang Shun runs after her parents and Qi Tai is knocked into the 3 twice onto the ground. When Yang Shun is on the train to Seoul and he is too late for her, he goes to her grandmother to ask for her photograph. Qi Tai tries to get Snowy branch company to look for Yang Shun. Upon seeing his untidy look because his business suit is completely ruined by dust and his wallet is missing, they don’t believe that he is the director. Fortunately a call to Jun Tai in the head office confirms his identity.

Qi Tai is unhappy when Jun Tai can’t get Yang Shun at the train station. He drives home unhappily. Yang Shun cleans his house and finds that Qi Tai places all his baseball bats into a fish tank. So she buys some fish. On the way back, she is nearly knocked down by Qi Tai. Qi Tai doesn’t give her the chance to save the fish and keeps asking for the necklace. He waits outside the home for it. Luo Xi and Jing Lin come back in Xi Jiu’s car. She sees him and is overjoyed, thinking that he is waiting for her. He denies.

Yang Shun gives Qi Tai the necklace back and later pours a pail of water on him. She is angry with him for killing the fish. He stares at her and later pours a whole basin of water on her. Both stare at each other. Yang Shun is later dismayed to know that he is her master and apologises to him unwillingly.

She buys the fish again and enjoys looking at them in the tank. She is shocked when Qi Tai stares at her from the other side of the tank. Qi Tai forces her out of the house. Yang Shun has to kneel to him to keep her job. He is angry when she wakes him up before 7am to prepare his onion bread for breakfast. How can he suit her? So he deliberately says that the bread is not suitable for his taste.

Be prepared to laugh at their exchange of words. Yang Shun says that the early bird gets the worms. Qi Tai asks what will happen to the early worms then – should they be early to get eaten? She can’t answer!

She is angry with him for wasting her time as she is late now. She still asks him where the high school is. Qi Tai is really mean – he tells her that it is near the secondary school and drives away to work! Upon seeing how angry she is from his car mirror, he has a great sense of joy. Xi Jiu gives her a lift.

Yang Shun treats her parents to BBQ meat but she rushes back home to cook Qi Tai’s dinner. He is on his way back and decides to play a joke on her. He only stops the car when it nearly hits her, giving her a shock. He accuses her of eating BBQ meat because he smells it. She denies, saying that she knows her duty. Upon hearing that she has not eaten, Qi Tai suddenly softens for a while. But when seeing the dirty dishes at home, he scolds her again. He will dismiss her if she makes him unhappy the third time.

Ying Can wants to look for an ugly woman for the make-over session for Snowy. Zhen Zhu dresses shabbily for the selection but Bao Bei is chosen instead. Do enjoy the scene when Zhen Zhu tries in vain to escape from Ruby’s guard when Bao Bei is going to get the job.

Luo Xi treats Jun Tai like a servant. She not only tells him to fetch her to school but also wants him to pick the train of her long dress! She is really too much. He does it willingly. But not for Ying Can though, he finds himself so pitiful when Zhen Zhu gets into his car.

Qi Tai throws two big bags of clothes at Yang Shun and wants them to be cleaned by night. She washes them during her break time and hangs them up at the rooftop to dry. Later, she gets involved in a fight with Bao Bei. During the fight, Bao Bei loses her handphone so Ying Can can’t get her. He gets a scolding from Qi Tai. Qi Tai is angry when their rival, Mimi Company is setting their promotion stage next to theirs. He suddenly remembers Yang Shun and rushes to her school.

The teachers are surprised to see the school advisor here. They are amazed that Qi Tai doesn’t even know Yang Shun’s name when he asks for her. He finally sees her sweeping the leaves in the garden and drags her with him. He is so amused to see her in an oversized track suit and asks her where she got it. She is annoyed and wants to get out of his car. He stops her and says that he will agree to any request she makes.

She is shocked when he pushes her on stage. Many are amazed to see her dirty look. Qi Tai suddenly remembers to get her the accessories. He rushes to the departmental store to get her a dress and shoes. He passes them to Ying Can backstage. Later, he pushes through the crowd to get to the front to see the make over result. This is a remarkable scene when Yang Shun becomes so pretty and sweet! Qi Tai is so stunned to see her so beautiful that his eyes can’t get away from her and is speechless! Jang Hak’s expression as the dumbfounded Qi Tai struck by her beauty is very real .

Luo Xi is very annoyed to see Qi Tai reacting like this. She is more annoyed when Yang Shun sits in his car home. Yang Shun is furious with Qi Tai for not telling her beforehand about the event. She thought that she was supposed to sing on stage. Qi Tai is so amused that she can be so innocent. Suddenly his stomach growls and he asks her whether she has fixed dinner. She asks him how she is going to do it as she has to help him? So he brings her to the restaurant to order two steaks.

Yang Shun requests him to write an agreement to promise her that he will wake up before 7am to have his breakfast. He is taken aback as he expected her to ask money from him. Wanting to prove that he is not afraid, he signs it. She then wants him to drive to school to prove to him that she has washed his clothes.

Qi Tai is touched and even helps her to collect them. She says that she has managed to please him and can still stay on the job. She sees a meteor and makes a wish, hoping that her whole family will be reunited soon. Qi Tai helps to carry the clothes into the house. Luo Xi is jealous to see them back together.

Luo Xi is angered upon knowing about the agreement – Qi Tai is a heavy sleeper and will only get up at 9am. How can he agree to Yang Shun’s request? She reminds her about her maid status. The next day, Qi Tai is annoyed to be awakened by Yang Shun’s chopping of onions again. He is sleepy and asks can’t she pretend that he already has his breakfast? He nearly goes mad when she reminds him of the agreement. I simply love this scene when he is so reluctant.

Yang Shun sees him holding the toast in a trance and hits a tray hard on the table to wake him up. She goes to feed the fish, telling them that they are going to have breakfast before 7 too. Qi Tai lies on the sofa and holds the cushion sleepily. He is so angry to see that the clock only shows five minutes to 7am. He knows that Yang Shun’s school hours stop at 1pm so he wants her to wait for his call at home at 1pm. He then laughs in his room haughtily, saying that she is no match for him.

Jing Lin is surprised to see Qi Tai early for work. Knowing that Yang Shun is the cause, she is grateful to her. Qi Tai pretends to look unwilling but when Jing Lin’s back is facing him, he breaks into a smile.

Qi Tai returns home reluctantly as Luo Xi pesters him and can’t stop holding his arm. Seeing that Yang Shun runs home, he teases her. Upon entering the house, he sees that her parents break his family photo frame. He chases them out and Yang Shun takes it to the shop to frame it back. Qi Tai vents his anger on Luo Xi. Luo Xi drives Jun Tai’s car recklessly and knocks Yang Shun’s grandmother down.

Qi Tai discovers that the photo is missing and decides to go after Yang Shun because he doesn’t want her to touch his things. He sees the old woman on the ground and carries her to hospital. Jun Tai witnesses the accident and decides to blackmail Luo Xi.

Yang Shun is devastated to know that her grandmother is dead. She chides Luo Xi for being a killer for driving her away. Luo Xi gives her a slap. Na Ra is very impressive here, in tears to make all feel her grief. She looks so pitiful. Luo Xi is about to slap her again when Qi Tai comes in time to stop her. He hugs Yang Shun lightly and sends her to hospital. Yang Shun blames him for not allowing her to go to the train station to fetch her. So she chases him away.

4 days later, Qi Tai finds a spotted fish dead when he feeds them. He feels uneasy and decides to help her in the funeral. He exchanges his red car with Ying Can’s black car. He even gets his dark suit ready. But Xi Jiu is already there to help Yang Shun and they leave the hospital. He is there too late.

Qi Tai buys a new fish to make sure that there are still 9 to make a baseball team. He loses his patience when Yang Shun hasn’t returned to his house. He calls Jing Lin’s home and is shocked to know that Luo Xi has made Yang Shun to do housework once she is back from the funeral. He is so worked up and demands her to come over immediately. The housekeeper feels that he and Luo Xi are two of a kind for being so bad tempered. Actually he is helping her because he knows that she will be overworked and fall sick in no time if she stays there a minute longer.

Yang Shun comes with the art materials and the photo. She feeds the fish and notices something amiss but there are still 9 fish. She assumes that he must be ill-treating them. He pretends to tell her off for being late and wants her to come at once the next time. She asks him what he wants her to do. He tells her to sit down and think about it while he goes out. She is puzzled and wonders what idea he has now.

Qi Tai goes to buy a lot of food for her. He knows that she must have lost her appetite and needs nourishment the past few days. Upon returning home, he finds her sleeping on the sofa. He makes sure that there is no noise made when he puts the things in the kitchen. Luo Xi is concerned upon hearing from Jun Tai that Qi Tai has not gone to work. She is angry to see Yang Shun asleep and wakes her up.

Qi Tai is reading a book in his room and comes down upon hearing the commotion. Luo Xi is about to enter the kitchen to check if Yang Shun has messed up the kitchen. Qi Tai doesn’t wish her to know that he has bought food for Yang Shun. So he brings Luo Xi out for dinner. He still tells Yang Shun to think over what she should do. Yang Shun doesn’t know what to do so she starts to draw.

Luo Xi sneers at Yang Shun for wanting to participate in Snowy competition. Qi Tai is concerned as he recalls how she brings the art materials to his home earlier. Upon knowing that Luo Xi is taking part too, he says that he has never seen her drawn anything although she is an Art student. He has no appetite and returns after this. Luo Xi gets an art work from Jun Tai and gets Zhen Zhu to draw it.

Qi Tai leans behind Yang Shun to see what she has drawn. She turns over to look at him and both stare at each other. She has a shock and overturns a glass of water. Qi Tai examines it to see if it can be retrieved. Both have a quarrel again when he says that it is not his fault. He even tells her to heat the food he buys.

Qi Tai wonders why his thinking and actions are completely different. He holds Yang Shun’s photographs Ying Can has taken during the promotion session in his hands. Upon hearing her entering his room, he hides them behind him. He tells her to return as he doesn’t wish to eat. Yang Shun is angry as he has wasted a lot of her time that could have spent on the drawing as the deadline is the next day. Qi Tai drops the photos and he is shy but gives them to her.

Later he gives her a hint. Yang Shun’s face is like a piece of paper but she needs something extra. She takes the wrong hint, thinking that he says that her face is plain like a piece of white paper. Only at 3 am, then she realizes what he means. She rushes to wake him to ask for his cosmetics. Qi Tai allows her to stay to draw to save time but she has to agree his one request for helping her. She agrees.

Qi Tai gives her whatever cosmetics he can find at home. Yang Shun nearly completes and realizes that it is 6.30am so she hurries to prepare Qi Tai’s breakfast. She chops the onions and accidentally hurts her finger. Actually, Qi Tai can’t sleep the whole night too. He rushes to the kitchen and is anxious to know the result.

Upon seeing the uncompleted drawing and that she has hurt herself, he is concerned. But he still says that he doesn’t want breakfast now because she has disturbed his sleep. She finishes the drawing and goes to school. However, she is late in submitting the art piece because of a traffic jam.

Ying Can and Qi Tai are at the entrance. Qi Tai gets anxious when he doesn’t see Yang Shun’s name on the participants’ list. He wonders why she spent a night and isn’t here yet. Luo Xi shows her work proudly but Qi Tai deliberately ignores her to look in another direction! Qi Tai gets worried and when Ying Can gets Bao Bei’s call, he gathers that her friend is Yang Shun so he decides to extend the limit to 30 minutes.

Ying Can recognizes Yang Shun as the model when she arrives. Qi Tai finally heaves a sigh of relief but still pretends to be angry, scolding her to be late every time. If he knows the last person is her, he will not extend but will shorten the limit by an hour! After she leaves, Qi Tai smiles and tells Ying Can to get a board to mount Yang Shun’s picture.

Jun Tai deliberately throws Yang Shun’s work on the ground during the selection phase. Qi Tai happens to walk behind him and picks it up. In the end, the last two pieces by Yang Shun and Luo Xi are selected. The board has to choose the best among the two. Jing Lin feels that Yang Shun is natural to use cosmetics to paint and she is better than Luo Xi. The final vote lies with Qi Tai when each work gets 3 votes each.

This moment is exciting. Qi Tai walks to both pieces. He looks disgusted when he is near Luo Xi’s work but he is different when looking at Yang Shun’s art. There is a faint smile near his lips and he looks so gentle. But when he looks up, he is back to his arrogant self again and stands close to Jing Lin! This indicates that Yang Shun is the winner. Jun Tai is dismayed that Luo Xi loses.

Qi Tai asks Jing Lin why she helps Yang Shun – is it because Luo Xi is her daughter? She asks him back whether he helps her too because Luo Xi is his fiancée. Qi Tai is troubled and wonders he should marry her in the end because he doesn’t like her at all.

He returns home and Yang Shun asks him about the result. He lies that she loses and brings her to the stadium because he wants to celebrate her defeat. He tells her to scream or cry if she wishes to. Yang Shun is calm and thanks him for the help he has given her. He helped to carry her grandmother to hospital, lent her the cosmetics and about the fish. She asks him what happens to the missing fish but he avoids the question and runs around the stadium, screaming aloud.

She gives him a high 5 reluctantly. She is angry that he is so happy over her failure. Qi Tai finally tells her the truth. Seeing her so happy, he wonders why she is so delighted to get the money. She tells him that she can repay the debts and quit being a maid. Qi Tai’s smile freezes as he will not get to see her again. This time round, he has no mood to give her a high 5 and walks away.

She is puzzled over his bad temper. She reminds him to keep the bedsheets and he gets so worked up. Why bother since she is leaving? He throws the fish food into the tank and sleeps. Yang Shun discovers that it is raining and rushes to keep the bedsheets. She finds him on the sofa, sleeping with a pained look and wakes him up. He is down but laughs upon knowing her ridiculous dreams. She still likes the idea of rescuing the man although he tells her to ditch him for good. She also realizes why Qi Tai is so upset with her approaching departure as she feels the same too.

Luo Xi is furious to know that Qi Tai helped Yang Shun. Jun Tai even says that Qi Tai looks happy to declare Yang Shun to be the winner. Luo Xi wants Jing Lin to let her be engaged to Qi Tai. Qi Tai is depressed to see Yang Shun in the prize presentation ceremony as he knows that she is leaving soon. Jing Lin announces his engagement after giving Yang Shun the prize. Qi Tai and Yang Shun have a shock.

Qi Tai scolds Luo Xi in front of Zhen Zhu and Jun Tai. They realize that she hasn’t discussed it with him over the engagement. He meets Yang Shun, Xi Jiu and Bao Bei outside the pub. Upon hearing Yang Shun addressing Xi Jiu as brother, he is so jealous and quarrels with her.

She returns with him. He wants her to stay but he has no reason to keep her. The next day, he keeps looking at the clock and paces in his room. Upon hearing the sound of onion chopping, he is delighted and dresses himself neatly. Do laugh when he tries to act cool but is dumbfounded to see Luo Xi in the kitchen instead. He decides to go out and she asks him whether he is looking for Yang Shun.

He doesn’t answer and is heartbroken to know that she has taken a train back home. When he finds that she sent him a baseball to his workplace, he drives to meet her. He lies that he is in her hometown to fix the Snowy signboard. They play baseball happily for the day. Both eat roasted potatoes for dinner.

She looks at the rings on his necklace. He then tells her about the nightmares that he has of his parents. He has been staying alone since he was 9 years old in the big house. She sympathesizes with him and asks him what he wants to do. He wants to form a baseball team while she wants to look for her prince charming. They doze off in the yard. The next day, he has to leave for work reluctantly.

He gives her his name card and after knowing that her home has no telephone, he gives her his handphone. He tells her only to answer it if there is no telephone number formed. She is very obedient not to accept Luo Xi’s calls but Yang Shun happens to see the sms that the couple is getting engaged on the day.

Jing Lin is embarrassed to face the guests when both don’t appear at all on the engagement day. Jun Tai has threatened Luo Xi to go to France to study for 1 year as he knows of her crime. On his way back, Qi Tai suddenly feels afraid of losing Yang Shun and stops at the public phone booth to call her. He gets worried when she doesn’t answer so he drives back. But she leaves home after reading the sms.

One year later, Snowy company’s share prices drop and the business is affected after Qi Tai launches new products. Jun Tai is the culprit to harm him. Qi Tai decides to host the company’s baseball match to rebuild the staff’s confidence in him. He gets to see Yang Shun playing for the branch company. He is delighted and smiles at her when he is asked to throw the ball.

He asks her where she is and what happens to his handphone. He is puzzled when she congratulates her on his engagement and also his belated marriage if there is any. He can’t answer her as he is too shocked by her fury.

The audience is puzzled as to why their GM doesn’t throw the ball and Ying Can has to remind him. He is too happy to see her. They try to look for each other after the match but he has to go upon knowing that someone buys the company’s shares at a low price. Jun Tai deceives Qi Tai and Jing Lin into giving their assert documents to him. Yang Shun is taken aback to know that Qi Tai isn’t engaged and hasn’t got any more maids. She realizes why he is so angry with her at the baseball stadium.

She is upset to know that someone has bought her house in her hometown. And that person is Qi Tai! He sees that she still keeps his handphone although she denies. He deliberately keeps the handphone and she is silent. He tells her to cook for him. Upon seeing her cooking instant noodles, he fights for it. He tells Yang Shun that he will prepare the house deed for her the next day.

He then puts the handphone back into her hands after changing the battery. He tells her that the number is still available. No one else should be using it and he will tell her where to meet the next day. Luo Xi calls him when she reaches the airport and is shocked to hear Yang Shun’s voice. She is so mad at them.

I really laugh when Qi Tai calls Yang Shun on the way. He says she should pick his call on the first ring and not the second ring. He teases her saying that he is behind her and she looks behind, seeing no one. He then replies that he bets that she will do it. When he reaches home, he calls her again. He is happy but feels bad seeing Luo Xi. He confesses that he is dating Yang Shun. Luo Xi wants to get the ‘Queen’ cosmetic procedure. Qi Tai gives to her because he feels remorseful. She gives it to Jun Tai. Qi Tai later visits a crystal gift shop. He buys a small box to place his mother’s ring.

Yang Shun is late for 30 minutes and Qi Tai waits for her impatiently. He tells her not to date others when they are together and not to receive other people’s calls. She rebukes that she doesn’t even know his phone number. How can she not take any calls? She is right so he is speechless. He brings her to the supermarket and she is mad at him for wasting her time. She refuses to cook for him but is shocked that he cooks for her!

He quickly places the ring on a plate and covers it up. She is confused. Is it because no one cooks for him? What happens to the man who always wants people to wait on him? He says shyly that she has improved in her baseball skills. He likes the game as all have to return to the base. He hints that he wants someone to stay with him but she doesn’t understand him. He is about to get the ring when people start to place stickers in his and Jing Lin’s home, declaring them as bankrupts. He finally knows that Jun Tai has betrayed them. Luo Xi discovers the ring and knows about Qi Tai’s intention. She is jealous.

Jun Tai burns the ‘Queen’ cosmetic procedure and Qi Tai is heartbroken. It is Yang Shun’s birthday but Qi Tai still buys an expensive hairclip for her. She is alarmed and returns it for the cash to buy a similar design but at a much cheaper price at a small market stall. She gives him a handphone that contains her birthday to remind him of the date that he becomes a beggar. To wake him up from his senses, she throws away his credit cards, house keys and also his car keys.

Qi Tai pretends to submit to Jun Tai but I shall leave viewers to find out the rest of the story on how he does it. I find the process a bit draggy so I will not relate here. Qi Tai is smart now – he uses the credit card that Jun Tai gives him to buy baseball stuffs to play with Yang Shun. He withdraws cash with it to buy the camera to try to take photographs of ‘Queen’ equipment – hoping to come out with a new formula.

In order not to keep others guessing, I will reveal the ending here. The couple goes on a date after Yang Shun discovers his plan. Qi Tai is so boastful to say that he has brought many girlfriends to the tower to admire the night scenery. To his dismay, it is closed when both reached there.

Yang Shun gives Qi Tai his house keys and he is touched that she has wanted him to return to the home. After the situation is stabilized, Qi Tai proposes to Yang Shun in front of the others, only to get rejected! The poor man is so embarrassed and disappointed. When Yang Shun wants to return the necklace to him, he wants her to hang it round his neck and takes his chance to hug and kiss her.

Yang Shun doesn’t go for baseball games with Qi Tai as usual. He is puzzled when she asks him to time her in her speed for jogging and doing sit ups. She tells Qi Tai about her dream of volunteering her services to the army. He laughs at first but is dismayed that it is not a joke when he sees the enlistment form that she has prepared. He then realises why she rejects his proposal – she must be single in order to get enlisted. He gets angrier when he has to wait 3 years for her!

Both are in a cold war. Qi Tai tells Xi Jiu that he must be the first Korean to get rejected in his marriage proposal because of enlistment. He is furious because he is Yang Shun’s boyfriend but yet she hasn’t discussed the matter with him. Xi Jiu consoles him, saying that Yang Shun should also live for herself since she has helped him so much. Moreover, she is only 20 years old so she should pursue her dreams. Qi Tai only wants to keep her by his side so that he can see her daily. As for Bao Bei, she feels that Yang Shun is too much. Yang Shun only informs Qi Tai about her decision. This is not giving him any respect at all.

He tries to dissuade her in vain by bringing her back to the house and propose to her. In the end, he lets her go in tears. Poor man – the day before, he has already cried on the bus journey home. It is quite hilarious when Yang Shun’s superior wants her to shout Qi Tai’s name aloud when she does the flying fox. Can such a thing happen in the army???

Qi Tai gets back his company when Jun Tai is jailed. The new brand that Jun Tai promotes gets mouldy easily and he cheated the company funds. Qi Tai is successful in promoting another brand ‘Pure Snowy’ after Jun Tai sells the ‘Queen’ brand name away to other companies. He thinks that Qi Tai can never make a comeback but Qi Tai proves him wrong.

You will never believe this – Ying Can has the idea of adding cherries into the cosmetics when he is badly beaten up by Jun Tai when his cover is blown. Bao Bei comes up with the name. Luo Xi surrenders to the police under Qi Tai’s advice after apologising to Yang Shun.

Qi Tai waits impatiently for Yang Shun at the park. He is angry that she is late again. He is surprised to see her in her army uniform. He decides to find a house near her camp to stay close to her. He nearly faints when she tells him that she is being posted to Africa for a mission but jokes that he will follow suit. He gives Yang Shun the ring while she does the same too. Both hug each other.

Favourite character
Qi Tai – he is a complex character. He is kind and helpful but his pride doesn’t allow him to admit it. Although he often bullies Yang Shun, most threats are actually quite harmless as he only wants to make fun of her. He provides so many laughs here. A close second is Yang Shun, she is able to withstand any setback.

Most hated character
Luo Xi for belittling Yang Shun and refusing to admit her mistake. To think that she even has the cheek to ill-treat her although she herself is in the wrong! Probably she is too remorseful to face her but she is so desperate when Yang Shun is still determined to use her own hands to pay her debts although Luo Xi tries to bribe her to get lost.


There are 2 songs but I like the subtheme ‘Love Song’ better. It originated from Chage & Asaka.

Interesting facts

It received 41% viewership when showed in Korea. Many liked the chemistry between the two leads as they really created a lot of laughs.

Jang Hak won the best improvement award in the actors’ category for SBS awards while Na Ra won the special star award in this serial.


This serial loses steam in the middle when Qi Tai is broke. The beginning part is more hilarious. It starts to pick up again after Qi Tai reveals his identity. It has a striking similarity to ‘Bad Friends’ where Ahn Jae Wook returns to work in his father’s medicine company. So for me, the lure is no longer there. However, the presence of Jang Hak and Na Ra lures you to watch it.

The way they pick on each other to quarrel and fight is very natural. But somehow, I still prefer to see a rich Qi Tai because his arrogance is there. I am not used to seeing a humble Qi Tai. Thus I am glad when the 'fire' is back!

It is also an eye-opening experience to see how so many actresses are willing make themselves look ugly, uncultured and outspoken. Normally many will want to see viewers to see them demure but this is not the case in here. I am very impressed by their acting.

I also wish to compliment on the actor portraying Ying Can. He is also a born comedian who makes you feel sorry for him when beaten up by Jun Tai and Qi Tai. It is not easy to be the ‘bat’ – villain in the day and the ‘good’ at night. But he manages very well.

This serial gives a different approach although the ending is predictable. It is refreshing as I have been sick of watching weak women depending on men in so many Korean dramas. This change is good. I really enjoy it.

Sukting's Ratings :

On acting : * * * 1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : * * * 1/2 (Scale of 5)


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