Kiss of April

Reviewed by: sukting

June 07, 2006

Rating: three-point-five

How long
24 episodes

This is the usual love rectangle that we only see in dramas. But will the ending be the same as others?


Zai Shuo and Cai Yuan are childhood friends till secondary school. A new transfer student, Zheng You joins them. His father is a biology lecturer who loves studying birds. So he gives two birds to Cai Yuan and often cycles together. (This scene is copied from 'Tale of Autumn' as they also go through the tunnel.) The whole class eats seafood but strangely only the two suffer from skin irritation and have to be kept in the sick bay. Later, Zheng You moves away because of Dr Han's job and also to escape from bullies in his class. He gives Cai Yuan a hairpin and keeps the sketch.

He sends letters to Cai Yuan as promised but under Zai Xi's persuasion, Zai Shuo keeps the letters. ('Sad Love Song' must have borrowed the idea from here.) A few years later, Cai Yuan opens a sculpturing agency and organizes classes. Zai Shuo is now planning unit director of Da Jin company. He keeps a photo of himself and Cai Yuan on his office table. Zhen Ya is his subordinate.

Zheng You comes to Da Jin for an interview and knocks into Zhen Ya. She doesn't think that she is wrong as he isn't hurt. Zheng You lies that she has torn her stockings to tease her. Zai Shuo is shocked to see Zheng You as one of the interviewees. So is Zheng You. Mr Zhang is amused to see Zheng You with a bird and he promises to open new markets with new ideas.

The two talk about the past and Zheng You asks about Cai Yuan. He is about to touch the photo frame and Zai Shuo nervously diverts the topic so that he will stop on time. Zhen Ya asks Cai Yuan on the new design of the company sculpture. Zai Shuo quickly goes down to meet her although he is busy. (He is so sweet to her!) Cai Yuan isn't having dinner with him as Mr Song is waiting for her.

Zheng You and Cai Yuan take the same train but they do not get to see each other. Zheng You plays with the bird and Zai Shuo gets uneasy now as Zheng You is joining the company. Mr Zhang wants Zai Shuo to be his son-in-law. He is at a loss when Mr Zhang mentions that he can help to change his daughter's habit of being late. Zai Shuo reveals that he has a girlfriend. Mr Zhang is persistent – what if he insists?

Zai Shuo will resign then. (This shows how much he loves Cai Yuan to give up everything for her.) Mr Zhang is very satisfied with his answer. Zai Shuo leaves in haste and sees Zhen Ya coming. Zhen Ya lies that she is meeting a friend but she is Mr Zhang's daughter. Mr Zhang wants her to snatch Zai Shuo even though he is her senior's boyfriend. She agrees but Mr Zhang has to give up all his girlfriends.

No one in the company knows about their relationship. Zai Shuo rushes to Mr Song's home and Mr Song wants him to marry Cai Yuan. Seeing the birds in her room, he wonders if she still misses Zheng You. She has forgotten how he looks but he will still wait for her to get ready. Zai Shuo goes to the pub to get Mr Jiang back home. Xin Zi is stunned to know of his identity. He pays for his bill as he refuses to get home but Zai Yong still stays to keep him company.

Zhen Ya shakes hands with Zheng You and is amused that he is so shy. He is timid when with her. His colleagues tell him to bow to Zai Shuo as he is a powerful figure in the company. Zhen Ya and Cai Yuan discuss over the design. Zheng You comes and both recognize each other. Zai Shuo has lunch with them. He has never parted with Cai Yuan to go through high school and university together.

Cai Yuan notices that Zheng You hasn't changed. He accidentally touches her hand to get the pepper when Zai Shuo walks away to answer a phone call. She tells him that she still keeps the birds and he is touched. The two chat happily as Zai Shuo gets worried. He tells Zheng You to return alone as he sends Cai Yuan away. She asks why he doesn't tell her that Zheng You is working in Da Jin too. He replies this is to give her a surprise and she doesn't get angry.

He brings her to a boutique and gets her her favourite dress. He has noticed it for a long time and also puts a pearl necklace on her neck. Zheng You becomes dreamy at work after that. (When he smiles, he does resemble Bae Yong Jun at certain angles.) Zhen Ya jokes that he is shaken because of Zai Shuo's authority. He wipes off the sweat off his forehead and she calls him a silly man. Zai Xi helps Cai Yuan when Cheng Min is away so the three work together.

Zheng You drops the files and Zai Shuo helps him to pick them up. Mrs Han suspects Dr Han meeting Xin Zi but she can't find him at the pub. The women were ex-classmates and love rivals but Mrs Han ends up marrying Dr Han who was their teacher. Xin Zi still preserves her interest in birds and still meets Dr Han secretly to watch birds together. Zheng You drives her home and feels she thinks too much.

Zai Shuo touches the sculpture that Cai Yuan makes for him at home and thinks of the past. Both of them have passed a house and he wishes to buy it after their marriage. Cai Yuan looks indecisive as she still misses Zheng You then. Zheng You also recalls at the same time on how he places the hairclip on her hair too. He then joins Zheng Yan's band to sing together.

Zai Yong works for Mr Jiang at a car garage. Zhen Ya brings Zheng You to look for Cai Yuan to discuss about work and he nearly breaks down upon seeing the birds. Zai Shuo makes a call and is dismayed that Zheng You is there. He calls just because he wants to hear her voice. Zheng You hopes that they will often meet up. He only likes birds so he suggests making an owl sculpture.

Zai Xi is alarmed to know that Zheng You is here so she leaves in haste. Zhen Ya is driving Zheng You back when Mr Zhang still calls her to woo Zai Shuo. She yells in the car and Zheng You teaches her to yell at the jetty. When they return, Zai Shuo is puzzled when she asks if he hears her yelling. Zheng You is still fine with work. Zai Shuo mentions that he finds Cai Yuan's workplace with her.

Its location is good so business is well. He requests Zheng You to be their wedding MC. He is speechless as this is too fast. Mr Zhang decides to call Zhen Ya's brother back from the U.S. if she can't get Zai Shuo. Zheng You tries in vain to stop her from drinking. She yells that Mr Zhang keeps asking her to be a thief. She asks if Zheng You wants to sleep with her. (This woman is daring.) He answers next time.

She wonders if she lacks suitors. Cai Yuan gets her call and Zheng You brings her to her home. He notices that she stays near the company but not with her family. It seems that they are not on good ties. Zai Xi doesn't want to further her studies. She tells Zai Shuo not to feel bad because of her as no one loves Xai Yuan more than him so he should not be frightened to lose her.

Zai Shuo gulps water nervously and goes to her home. Meanwhile, the two do not know what to say to each other in the cab. Zai Shuo is down upon seeing them chatting happily and leaves. He wants to marry before Zai Yong and all agree. Zheng You discovers Cai Yuan's handphone in the cab and keeps it. Zai Shuo makes a call and is shocked to hear his voice.

Zai Yong is attracted by Shun Ying's sexy legs and lies to her that her car is faulty to change a new one. He realizes that she is Xin Zi's junior and she aspires to be a singer. She is ill-treated by her manager to keep singing at a bar. But upon knowing her liver condition, he is upset and decides to ask Mr Jiang for money for her transplant operation. Mr Jiang rejects him as he knows that he is lying to get married.

Zheng You returns it to Cai Yuan and Zai Shuo reveals to Mr Song his plans to marry Cai Yuan. Zhen Ya is not at work the next day and Zheng You goes to her home with porridge as he thinks that her stomach might not feel well. Cheng Min doesn't understand why Cai Yuan prepares ginger soup for Zhen Ya since she is a third party in their friend's relationship. Cai Yuan still finds her a nice person. Zheng You is shy to see Zhen Ya in sexy lingerie and doesn't dare to look at her.

Zhen Ya laughs as he can still look at her through the mirror and he blushes. (He is also a sensitive guy like Zai Shuo.) She tells him to heat the porridge for her and Cai Yuan is shocked to see them. He wants to go after her as he doesn't want to be mistaken. Zhen Ya asks if he likes Cai Yuan. Cai Yuan calls Zai Shuo to have lunch together. But the poor man is dragged by Mr Zhang to have lunch with him.

They talk about his dream. He wishes to manage Da Jin but not through becoming his son-in-law. Mr Zhang doesn't see why he prefers the hard way. Seeing that he eats fast, he tells him that eating and wooing a woman must be slow (this is sure funny!) but he runs fast to meet Cai Yuan. The man doesn't see her sitting in another direction and she has to wave to him.

She wonders why he doesn't want her to go off since he is so busy. He replies that he misses her. She wants to make a bird sculpture and asks for his opinion. She is stunned when he also wants an owl that represents wisdom and bravery – like Zheng You. He suddenly has a nose bleed and she quickly gets him pills. He finds her overreacting but she insists as he works too hard and needs nourishment.

He finds it strange that she is extremely nice to him. She replies that she is nice to him all along – so he doesn't like it? No, he enjoys it. Zheng You explains to Cai Yuan what actually happens. His family wants to meet her the next evening, especially Zheng Lian. Zai Shuo looks at the bottle of pills Cai Yuan gets for him and grins. (His smile is priceless!) He has a shock of his life when Zhen Ya looks at him from her car. She sits in his car and wants to chat with him.

She brews tea for him and he gets wary when she asks him about Mr Zhang's wedding proposal. (His expression is so different from earlier.) He doesn't want Cai Yuan to know about it. She finds it no big deal since he has rejected – it is not easy to do it and she might get touched. Most likely, he hurts Mr Zhang's daughter more. Zai Shuo only smiles coldly. Cheng Min notices that Cai Yuan can't forget Zheng You.

Mr Jiang is concerned that Zai Shuo returns late from work and wants him to take care of himself. He has pinned all hopes on him. Cai Yuan is angry that Cheng Min doesn't close the door and causes the birds to get ill. Mr Zheng gives Zai Shuo a musical ticket to watch with his daughter. He looks at the photo Zai Zhuo has taken with Cai Yuan.

It is so obvious that they are lovers as he hooks his arms over her shoulder intimately. But Mr Zhang comments that Cai Yuan resembles him and is his younger sister!! Zai Shuo is about to protest and wants him to give his daughter a look. Mr Zhang hands Zhen Ya another ticket. So this man pricks her pride? Zhen Ya answers no as he becomes more attractive.

Mr Zhang decides to meet Mr Jiang. Zai Shuo suggests Zheng You to go to the natural reserve to look at birds and get more ideas. Zheng You goes to get Cai Yuan to his home – his family even decorates the home to welcome her and helping him in the wooing. But alas, Zai Shuo comes before him and wants her to cancel the date. Zheng You is disappointed to see them leaving together.

Cai Yuan wonders why there is only a ticket. So he is asking her out because of this? He explains that it is the last day of performance. Zhen Ya looks at the empty seat beside her and sighs. Then she sees the couple sitting opposite her. (These two definitely look like a pair of lovebirds as they lean close to each other.) She sends him a sms, wanting him to look in her direction. Zai Shuo is stunned but she leaves midway.

Cai Yuan asks Zheng You over to treat the birds. He assures her that they are fine and asks why she hasn't returned his letters. She replied that she hasn't received them. They then realize that they don't get each other's letters. He hugs her from the back – he hasn't changed and is waiting for her but she rejects him. Mr Jiang disallows Zai Shuo to marry Cai Yuan.

Zhen Ya comes to see Zai Shuo and he sends her home. She stops him from leaving and demands a kiss. This is very unexpected – he leans close to her but says that his politeness to the Chairman's daughter stops here! Cai Yuan tells Zheng You not to come over as the birds have recovered. Zai Shuo sees that Zheng You is distracted and asks if he is unwell. He denies and asks if he gets his letters. Zai Shuo gets nervous and lies no, getting very troubled.

AM Gao shows the project to him and brags of his ability. Zai Shuo stares at him and isn't happy with his report. He tells him to give Zheng You a chance as he is observant in natural conservation. Mr Jiang thinks that Zai Shuo has special value to reject him repeatedly. So is Zhen Ya going to give up? Zai Shuo is so much capable than her elder brother.

Zhen Ya and Zheng You walk out. Both see Cai Yuan adjusting Zai Shuo's tie and Zai Shuo is giving her a warm smile. He isn't happy when Zhen Ya asks if he likes Cai Yuan in the past. He replies no. Zai Shuo decides to bring Cai Yuan home to meet Mr Jiang. Zai Yong informs him and he deliberately returns to the garage to avoid the pair. He later meets Cai Yuan secretly.

Cai Yuan can never help Zai Shuo in his career but Zai Yong thinks Zai Shuo can handle his future on his own. Zai Shuo will not change his mind even though Mr Jiang opposes to it. Mr Jiang tells him about his meeting with Mr Zhang and he jumps. Zhen Ya never asks what Zheng You wants and just orders food for him. Cai Yuan is down after Mr Jiang's opposition and sings with Zheng You at a karaoke.

He asks if he is her burden as she decides not to see him again. Zai Zhuo kneels in front of Mr Jiang and begs him – he really needs Cai Yuan. Mr Jiang is so angry that he splashes his cup of water at his face. (This is so sad!) Zheng You looks pale at work the next day. Zhen Ya gets Cai Yuan's call that she needs more time for her sculpturing and Cai Yuan asks if Zheng You is working.

Zhen Ya grills Zheng You till he admits he likes Cai Yuan and she tells him that Cai Yuan is concerned over him. Zai Shuo arranges to visit Cai Yuan's mother's grave with her. He puts his hands over her shoulders. She jokes that it has to do with her to see if she agrees to let her marry him. Zheng You sets his birds free. Upon seeing Zai Shuo driving Cai Yuan away, Mr Song tells Mdm Hong jokingly that Zai Shuo isn't his son-in-law but his son.

Zheng You becomes bored and plays with his guitar at home. Zai Shuo is at the flower shop buying the flowers when Mr Zhang calls him to work. Cai Yuan goes alone and Mr Zhang teaches Zai Shuo how to buy a piece of land. He wants Zhen Ya to sit in Zai Shuo's car to lead the way. (We know what this old man is up to.) Zai Shuo asks – is she helping him or Mr Zhang although she wants him? She answers that she is only helping herself. Zai Shuo observes that the land is suitable for building the laboratory.

Cai Yuan tells Zai Shuo that she has reached the grave when he calls her. She jokes that her mother demands to know if he can provide her happiness. Suddenly there is a gun shot and Cai Yuan hurries there. Some hunters are killing some birds and she tries to stop them. Zai Shuo's heart nearly stops when he hears no answer but only the gun shot. Zheng You also comes to prevent the killing from happening as he is a member of the natural conservation society.

Cai Yuan has hurt her knee and both have a meal. Zai Shuo learns that they are together and decides to pick her up. Zhen Ya reminds him to marry Cai Yuan soon. Zai Shuo hurries Cai Yuan to get into his car when Zheng You gets her some food. She takes Zheng You's things with him into the car and Zheng You is in despair to see her leaving. Zai Shuo tells her not to worry about Zheng You. Zheng You sees Zai Shuo giving a speech at work the next day and leaves midway.

He takes Cai Yuan out and Zai Shuo gets worried. Zheng You believes that it isn't coincidental for them to meet again. He puts the clip back on her hair. Zheng You returns to work and Zai Shuo returns his things back to him. He chooses Zheng You to work under him for a project but he rejects the transfer. Zai Shuo finds him unsuitable to work in an organization as he can't do anything as he pleases. He doesn't want to use his senior position to force him. (He talks in a stern and threatening tone.)

Zheng You replies that he loses everything, including his freedom. Zhen Ya wants to fix the culprit for him and he laughs. Cheng Min buys two new birds after Cai Yuan gives Zheng You's pair away. Zai Shuo replies that he is busy upon getting Zhen Ya's call but he is alert when hearing Cai Yuan's name. He rushes to the pub to help her home. Mr Song notices that both look troubled but he denies having problems.

Mr Zhang likes Zheng You's ideas but Zheng You doesn't want to work under Zai Shuo. But he has no chance to reject it. Zai Shuo reminds him to treat this as his destiny. Cai Yuan decides to visit Mr Jiang again. Zheng You brings Cai Yuan to meet his family. He shows her the sketch of them. The Hans are disappointed to know that she is getting married. Zheng You knows that she doesn't love Zai Shuo at all.

She admits that she is trying hard. He loves her more than anyone else and he is stronger than Zheng You. She returns him the hairclip. These two are drenched in the rain. (I wonder why she must force herself so hard to hurt Zheng You?) Zai Shuo notifies Zhen Ya that he may have to leave the company if this goes on. Zhen Ya is not happy to hear him saying that at midnight. This is no use as Mr Zhang will still ruin him.

Isn't it perfect if they marry? Zai Shuo admits that he isn't perfect and it is not that she isn't attractive. He just can't explain it. Upon getting home, he is stunned to see Cai Yuan standing in the rain. She doesn't wish to talk to him but yet comes here. She is about to leave when he drags her and hugs her in his arms. (You will melt at this scene as he fondles her hair softly.) Shun Ying maligns Zai Yong for hurting her manager and Zai Shuo has to bail him out.

Zheng You runs to Cai Yuan's workplace. He recalls that Zai Xi has looked through his letters and knows where he stays. How does she know it? Cai Yuan also realizes that Zai Shuo might be the culprit to keep the letters. She asks the guys out and wishes Zheng You to be her wedding MC. (I have the urge to bash her face – just like what I want to do to Mr Jiang too.)

Zheng You is worked up – why is she treating him like this? Cai Yuan wants to meet Mr Jiang but he goes to meet the Zhangs. He frankly tells them that (You will feel like killing this haughty man on the spot) and Cai Yuan runs out. Zai Shuo goes after her – why doesn't she tell him what has happened? She should know the ending before coming again. She only wants to see if she can resist giving him up.

So her conclusion that his supposed wife-to-be is stronger than her. She must be someone he knows or else Mr Jiang might not approve it. Zhen Ya wishes to discontinue the proposal. She is the loser and wants to follow her own feelings. She sees Zheng You outside her doorstep – is he here to declare his love for her? He jokes yes but she stresses that they should trust fate. Cai Yuan comes and gets away. Zhen Ya stops Zheng You from running after her in vain.

Zheng You demands Cai Yuan to look into his eyes and answer him – she is only forcing herself. She mumbles that she can't betray Zai Shuo. Zheng You is still working under Zai Shuo so he asks if Zai Shuo is insecure if he is out of his sight. Zheng You will definitely use lowly means as him – like stealing the letters. (I never know that this gentle looking man can be so sarcastic.) Zai Shuo gets worked up - is he going to defy the company? He should not get rashly now.

Human management isn't under Zai Shuo's control but Zheng You still wants to do things his way. He throws in the resignation letter because he dislikes the transfer and gives Zhen Ya the file before leaving. Mr Song is down after meeting Mr Jiang. Zheng You returns Cai Yuan the clip but takes the birds away. He happens to see Mr Song fainting by the roadside and sends him to hospital. Cai Yuan and Zai Shuo are startled to see Zheng You when they come to the hospital.

Mr Song has a minor stroke and doesn't wake up. Zai Shuo wants Zheng You to disappear but this man still asks about his letters. Is Zai Shuo the one trying to break the affinity he has with Cai Yuan? Zai Shuo admits but Zheng You will never forgive him. Cai Yuan jumps after learning from Mdm Hong that her father faints after meeting Mr Jiang. Zhen Ya doesn't see why Zheng You should resign because of Cai Yuan. Does he feel inferior working under Zai Shuo? He should defend and fight back.

Cai Yuan has no appetite and wants Zai Shuo not to see her again before Mr Song wakes up. Zai Shuo is startled when she pushes his hand away – is this because of Zheng You? She doesn't answer but accepts Zheng You's consolation. He is angered that Zai Shuo has another woman but Cai Yuan denies it. Mr Zhang is shocked to know Zheng You's resignation but still wants to keep him despite Zai Shuo's discouragement. He writes Zheng You a letter and even wants him to pass to Zheng You. (You should see Zai Shuo's expression – it seems that he will blow up any minute.)

Mr Zhang describes seeing Zheng You is like seeing Zai Shuo when he first joins them. Zheng You is creative and if he is successful, he can get another capable person to help him out. Zheng You has once hoped that Zai Shuo and Cai Yuan will be a couple but not anymore. Zai Shuo should ask Mr Jiang what has happened. Zhen Ya persuades Zheng You to return and asks if Zai Shuo has passed Mr Zhang's letter to him. Zheng You jumps as he doesn't get it.

He asks Zhen Ya why she is so nice to him. She is waiting for her fate. Zai Shuo confirms what has happened and declares to Mr Jiang that he must marry Cai Yuan to atone for the mistake. He hits the sculpture that Cai Yuan gives him but cries. (This strong man can take it no more.) Zai Shuo is startled when Zheng You greets him as the mass communication unit employee.

Both get into the lift and Zheng You states t hat he will not be deceived a second time. Zai Shuo must guard his own possession and doesn't mind being despicable. (You will feel sorry to see how he has changed.) Zheng You replies that he is always a thief in stealing letters. (What a suitable description!) They will see who will get the prize. Zheng You dresses smartly to work now.

Mr Zhang is pleased to see them together. Their positions are different but his expectations for them are the same. If Zheng You is successful in this project, he will break the rule of promoting him fast. It is such a joke when he forces both to shake their hands together! Zai Shuo asks AM Gao if he is still satisfied with his position – AM Gao is still at his post from the day Zai Shuo gets in.

Zai Shuo hints to promote him and Zhen Ya also gets into the unit to be with Zheng You. AM Gao tells Zheng You not to be proud and he is puzzled. (AM Gao is Zai Shuo's weapon to crush him as he works under him.) Mr Song is recovering but doesn't wish to see Zai Shuo again. He can't agree without Mr Jiang's consent. Zai Shuo has neglected Cai Yuan's feelings so she ignores him.

Zheng You comes and Zai Shuo asks if he is really ignoring their friendship. Zai Shuo is dead to him. AM Gao blames Zheng You for leaving the company and wants the report the next day. Mr Jiang meets Cai Yuan in hospital but still speaks his mind. Upon seeing him talking to Zhen Ya in the lobby, Cai Yuan understands everything. She slaps Zhen Ya and hits everything she sees in the sculpture studio. (I never know that she can be such a terror and she looks ghastly.)

Zai Shuo is shocked to see this state and is more shocked when he gets slapped. She wants to end everything. She has nothing to say to him now. Zai Shuo returns home but Mr Jiang is not at home. He sees Zai Yong drinking instead and joins him. Mr Jiang is angry – so Cai Yuan complains to him? Both quarrel again. Zhen Ya helps Zheng You with the report.

He wants to go to Cai Yuan and Zhen Ya flares up. Why are the two men going only to this woman? (I guess she is also fed up like Cai Yuan to get rejected repeatedly.) She bursts into tears and runs out. Zheng You realizes that Zhen Ya has brought him food. She gets drunks and confesses everything to Zai Shuo. Zai Shuo is angered that she doesn't tell Cai Yuan the whole situation before leaving. Zhen Ya admits that she is a bad woman but isn't him wrong to be indecisive too?

Zhen Ya hopes that they get married to give her a chance. Cai Yuan drags Zheng You for a dance. Zai Shuo imagines them to be in bed when he can't get her. Zai Shuo vents his anger at AM Gao the next day – doesn't he want the report right in the morning? Zheng You has no right to correct him when he tries to explain. (This is the first time I see him losing his temper.)

Zheng You offers to take up the responsibility as the report will be ready in 2 hours time. He wants Zai Shuo not to vent his frustrations on others. He sneers that Zai Shuo will not be kind to those against him. Zai Shuo says that Zheng You has overestimated himself as his opponent – he is only his subordinate. Zheng You has changed because of him. He will not retreat as like in the past.

Mr Song is discharged but Cai Yuan refuses to see Zai Shuo. They are not going to get married. There is no love between them. He is nice to her but she can't love him out of gratitude. (This woman is harsh in her remarks to belittle him.) He is beaten as Zheng You gives them a lift. Zai Shuo recalls how he is slapped and Cai Yuan also hangs up on Zhen Ya, refusing to hear her explanation.

Zhen Ya tells Mr Zhang that she likes someone special who is the opposite of him. Zai Shuo still runs after Cai Yuan – why doesn't she trust him that there is nothing between him and Zhen Ya? She tells him to marry Zhen Ya then. (She can be so heartless to disregard what he has done for her.) Zai Shuo looks for Zhen You to tell him to resign. He kneels before him. Cai Yuan is important to him so they should go their own ways. Zheng You's answer will never change.

Zhen Ya wants to talk to Zheng You immediately. But she never expects Zai Shuo to come instead. Is he foolish - she has ruined his life? Is she going to marry Zai Shuo? He kisses her forcefully. Cai Yuan comes and wants to hear Zhen Ya's explanation. So she is here to witness this and she turns to leave when the two do not know how to explain to her. Both are stuck when she doesn't look where she is going and ends up being hit by Zheng You's car.

Zai Shuo stays outside the ER and later runs to the hospital director for help. His heart dips rock bottom when told her chance of survival is slim. Zheng You wants to be locked up – he is a killer. Although his parents assure him that it is not his fault, he collapses to the floor to beg Mr Song for forgiveness. Zai Shuo staggers home to beg Zai Xi to pray for Cai Yuan's survival – she is the person he loves so much. Zai Xi panicks to see him bursting into tears and promises.

Mr Song brings Cai Yuan's favourite food to the hospital – he tells Zheng You that she is as pretty as her mother and will not be heartless to leave them. Zheng You is heartbroken upon seeing the photo she has taken with Mr Song upon graduation, which also shows the sculpture she has made for her father. Cai Yuan is pushed out of ER and Zai Shuo punches Zheng You. Why must he appear in front of them to curse her to become like this? Zheng You endures it as Zai Shuo questions if he is happy with the result.

He begs Zheng You to leave them. He will find ways to save her and he should not ruin them. Zheng You tears the sketch at home. Zai Shuo gets weary at work. Zheng You wants to apply a week's leave. He is unsuitable to work now. Zai Shuo loses his temper – how can he reject – does he think that Zai Shuo is ok? He finds Zheng You irresponsible to cause this mess 13 years ago and 13 years later. Zheng You puches him – he will leave after she recovers.

Cai Yuan finally opens her eyes. Zhen Ya tells Zheng You not to blame himself. Upon hearing the good news, they rush to the hospital and Zai Shuo also follows. Zhen Ya decides to go in later. Cai Yuan smiles weakly at Zheng You – has she scared him? She is fine but is stunned to know that he is the one who knocks her down. Mr Song tells Zheng You to return to work.

Cai Yuan apologises to Zai Shuo as she isn't prepared to see him. He thanks her for waking up. The doctor tells Mr Song that Cai Yuan's kidneys are already weak before the operation. Now she isn't recovering after the accident. The men come and are speechless to know t hat she needs a transplant or she will die like her mother. Zai Yong is caught for wanting to sell his kidney illegally.

Zai Shuo demands to know what is happening. Zai Yong describes Zai Shuo as smart to be first in class yearly to get awards. He is capable but he is still his elder brother. Zai Shuo is more shocked when he wants to borrow money from him – is he in trouble? He lies that he has injured someone but Zai Shuo suspects that he is in love with a woman. Zai Yong bursts that she is dying but Zai Shuo mentions that he is also trying to save the dying Cai Yuan.

Zai Yong is fed up – why come up with this excuse not to help him? (I find this man unreasonable not to believe his beloved brother but only to care for himself.) Mrs Han thinks there is no affinity between Zheng You and Cai Yuan. She forbids him to donate his kidney as he is the only son for 2 generations. Zheng You is prepared to pay with his life even when necessary. Mr Jiang also refuses to give Zai Yong the money and chases him out of the house. Zai Yong wants to stay with Shun Ying but gets rejected.

Mrs Han asks Zhen Ya to dissuade Zheng You. He is sickly since young so Zhen Ya arranges to go to Da Tian for work with him. He has to go for this business trip although he is reluctant. She offers to drive and he asks if they will return on the next day. Zhen You is told that he will know the result of his health condition soon. Zai Shuo is also declared healthy and the doctor comments that Cai Yuan is fortunate to have 2 volunteers to help her out. Zai Shuo jumps upon knowing it.

Zai Shuo walks past Cai Yuan's bedroom and is tormented to see tubes in her arms. He tries to find out who Zai Yong likes from his colleagues – so what he has said is real. The brothers start to feel that they wrong each other. Zai Shuo gives him the money – he doesn't know why he wants but he trusts him. Zai Yong cries and promises to support him to marry Cai Yuan to defy their father.

Shun Ying throws the money back at Zai Yong when he tries to 'buy' her over from her manager. She isn't worth the trouble and he is hurt by her remark. Zheng You demands to know what Zhen Ya is doing. She points out that he can't go between Zai Shuo and Cai Yuan as Zai Shuo is going to donate his kidney. She will help him to forget Cai Yuan right now. But Zheng You is worried - what if Zai Shuo can't save her? He must give it a try. See how direct she is - she drags him back and kisses him forcefully.

She pleads with him to stay but he still walks out. Zai Shuo lies that he is on a business trip and sees Zheng You there too. So he is trying to make amends? Hasn't he told him to leave? Zheng You analyses that he should not have met Cai Yuan. What if both are suitable? Zheng You will give up then. Both men take the tests. The doctor is pleased that they come out to help and both look at him nervously.

He announces that one of them is suitable. Both heave a sigh of relief – the actors did a good job here. The doctor says Zheng You can stay in hospital now. Zai Shuo tears his hair upon knowing that he is rejected – how can this be? He is even willing to die for her but why can't he? (This reminds me of Tsang Kong in ' Blood of Good and Evil' when he as the stepfather also can't donate his blood to save his son, Wan Siu Lun and has to see how Lo Lok Lum do the job.)

Why is it always like this all the time? Zheng You promises to give Cai Yuan up after that. She comes to see Zheng You and demands him to leave. He doesn't want to live in agony all his life and can't watch her die. This is not a life but only a kidney. (How casual he sounds it to be!) He is doing it because of himself and this is his last present for her. They have no destiny but he is too stubborn to hold on it.

Zhen Ya and Zai Shuo wait till the operation is over. The operation is a success. Zai Shuo comes to visit Zai Yong out after he hits a man who cheats him to buy medicine for Shun Ying. Zai Shuo questions Shun Ying about it but she tells him to tell Zai Yong not to love her. Zai Shuo touches Cai Yuan's face and you will be touched when he even brings his work to her room to complete there to sleep beside her and keeping her company. But what comes in return – she tells him to leave!

He is outside her home for a month but they refuse to let him in. Cheng Min tells him that Cai Yuan is recovering. He drives home and recalls how they prevent him from seeing Cai Yuan. This ruthless woman – sigh – she can't sleep upon thinking that the sculpture is still with him. She demands it back and Zai Xi is fed up with her – how can she ignore the years they have spent together? Cheng Min comments that she is becoming so harsh after the operation. (But I feel she already starts before it.)

Zheng You goes fishing but can't forget how he injures Cai Yuan. He rejects her calls and she has to resort to use Cheng Min's phone. Zhen Ya manages to track him down with Kong Zhuo's help. He isn't returning and is waiting for the company to post him out. He can't reject when the company car is here. His vacation ends like this and Zai Shuo looks at the empty space where the sculpture uses to be.

He tells Zai Xi not to blame Cai Yuan who is still a patient. He sobs as he drives, going to Cai Yuan's home to get it back. She can hate or scold him but he wants it back. This is what she has put her heart in it to give it to him as a present. She yells – it doesn't have her heart or soul as it is only a metal now. Don't think by taking it away will return her heart to him. (Gosh – he looks so pathetic while she looks like a shrew here being so unreasonable.)

Zheng You suggests working with the paparazzi to give their company products more exposure to reach out to SEA. All approve it. Mr Zhang comments that Zai Shuo can't be too complacent with his own country's success. He has worried that Zheng You's health will be worsened but it seems that he has done research. Has Zai Shuo reached a bottle neck situation? He must work harder and he looks forward to Zheng You's report. Zai Shuo throws the file in his room and flares up – why hasn't AM Gao report to him what Zheng You will say and how can he trust him?

Zhen Ya apologises to Cai Yuan about hiding her identity. And about Zai Shuo, he has rejected her – as if it is easier than deciding what to eat for lunch! Marrying her can go directly to Da Jin top and he is ambitious so it is hard to reject it. Only Cai Yuan can keep him. Zhen Ya has a new target and will try to make him hers before showing her.

Mr Zhang gets Zheng You to lunch with him. (You smell a fish whenever he does this.) He learns that Zheng You is completing his doctorate and offers to sponsor him to go to the US. Then he can dominate the mass communication world. Zheng You hasn't decided but Mr Zhang says he can tell him in future as he is watching him. Zai Shuo's eyes open wide upon giving the report to Mr Zhang to feel jealous.

Zhen Ya gives Zheng You a lift to his home to have a feel of family life for 1 hour. The Hans are happy to see both doing the housework. She asks if she can come often. Mrs Han mentions how Mr Zhang goes out with younger women old enough to be with daughter and she gets uneasy. She envies Zheng You for having a happy family. She will tell him about her family in future. She tells him to lean close to him and he is taken away when kissed on the lips. But he smiles at it.

Zai Yong is released and gives Shun Ying a ring, making her touched. Zheng You tries to avoid Cai Yuan in vain after having his checkup before her. She assures him that it is only an accident and it is her fault. To him, he has saved her but he is still guilty of hurting her. She returns to the bakery and is angry to see Zai Shuo again. She will collect Mr Song's medicine in future and will not trouble him anymore. Mr Song doesn't know why she is so wicked to ignore Zai Shuo's crying heart.

She retorts – can't he recall how he gets sick? Zhen Ya wants Zheng You to be her companion and they dance together. He asks if they are compatible. She asks – is this a way of showing love? She clings to him. Zai Shuo asks why Cai Yuan is out when she is so weak. Does she want a spin? This woman is impossible to throw hurting remarks – is he so stupid not to understand her? The planning unit director has no dignity. ( I really dislike her for saying that – hasn't she understood everything from Zhen Ya?)

She wants a breakup and can't let him control her. He agrees to wait for her since he has done it in the past but she rejects firmly. If they need each other, they do not have to try so hard. Set her free and she apologises for hurting him. (Poor man to nurse his broken heart like that.)

Cai Yuan calls Zheng You at work and he gets hesitant. Zai Shuo and Zhen Ya stare at him. She wants to meet him but he will only be free after the meeting. Cai Yuan is about to tell him that she loves him when Zhen Ya comes in to sit beside Zheng You to give him a peck on his face. He is her man and Zheng You isn't prepared for that. Cai Yuan stammers and apologises for being unable to complete the sculpture on time. She runs away in tears. (I am so happy that she gets a taste of her own medicine because she is so nasty to Zai Shuo and needs to be taught a lesson.)

Zhen Ya tells her not to call Zheng You again. He has suffered so much because of her. She dislikes Cai Yuan for being indecisive over the two men. (I agree wholeheartedly with this statement.) She hopes to like Cai Yuan in future as like in the past. Don't cause Zheng You to be shaken again in his feelings. Zheng You looks at the injured pigeons. It is suffering to be alive. He applies medicine on them and Zhen Ya takes photos of him with her handphone. He is such a kind man.

He should also heal her. He is concerned – where is she hurt? She touches her heart – it is here after knowing him. He is responsible for it and if he heals her, she is his present. Isn't she prettier and smarter than Cai Yuan? She is also richer and loves him more than her. He smiles uneasily at this.

Mr Zhang likes Zheng You's trend paparazzi proposal and wonders why Zai Shuo rejects it. He wants to carry it out. Zai Shuo sees Zhen Ya adjusting Zheng You's jacket when coming back. He goes to the sculpture studio and Cai Yuan is about to knock off. He is concerned – is she unwell? When will she stop getting angry? She doesn't seem fine to him. She admits she can't act happy.

He comments that she should not have accepted Zheng You's donation. She snaps - what is he talking about? Mr Song is still not completely recovered after the ordeal. She quarrels with him and has an accident. Will his anger be appeased if he is her? She wants her own life. He asks – doesn't their past mean anything to her? She asks if this is considered her duty. Don't force her to give sharp remarks.

The bakery and the studio are not doing well so the women distribute the flyers. Zheng You comes to work – he is a manager now like Zhen Ya. He is stunned and hasn't fit into the picture as yet. Zhen Ya comments this is typical Mr Zhang's style and also says that Zai Shuo is the only example to rise quickly so fast. The two bow to Zai Shuo upon seeing him.

Zhen Ya describes Zai Shuo – when he first came, he became a section leader within a year. He becomes a manager the second year and becomes the planning unit director right within 3 years to be the company's legend. But he comments that this is nothing to Zheng You and suggests having dinner with him to celebrate. He comments that both are compatible in looks.

Zai Shuo tells Zheng You to relax after work with him but he doesn't see the need to meet outside work. Zai Shuo asks – why pretend not to know that Zhen Ya is Mr Zhang's daughter? Zheng You is unprepared for this but asks - so Zai Shuo is afraid? If he becomes the son-in-law, does that mean that he will ruin what Zai Shuo has worked hard all these years? Zai Shuo asks if this is possible but Zheng You answers it is hard to say. (This is the highlight of the whole serial - declaring war on each other.)

He warns Zheng You not to be reckless. Zheng You comments that so this is not a meal to congratulate him but to lecture him. He will not allow Zheng You to snatch his possession away. Zheng You answers that it is him whose possession is snatched. So is he going to raise the letter issue again? Zheng You answers -isn't giving past of the body but still not getting back is the same as being snatched.

Cai Yuan's misery is caused by Zai Shuo. Zai Shuo gathers that Zheng You pretends to love Zhen Ya to deal with him a hard blow. Zheng You finds this story getting interesting. Zai Shuo warns that he might as well kill him than to step on him. Because he will not stand a chance if he makes a comeback. Zheng You then comments that the Chairman's daughter is very attractive to spite him back.

Zheng You is fuming mad when walking out. Is it funny of Zhen Ya to make fun of others? But he feels flattered to become the manager because of her. Zhen Ya gets uneasy when he chides her for making him worthless. He apologises for offending the Chairman's daughter. He doesn't know that Zai Shuo flees and now it is his turn. He storms to leave.

Zheng You peeps at Cai Yuan at work secretly. Zai Yong feels miserable as Shun Ying leaves. He confides in Zai Shuo. Zai Shuo helps him in everything since young. Zai Yong is sentimental all along and he understands. Zai Shuo has thought himself to be different from him but it proves not. He admits Cai Yuan hates him but Zai Yong doesn't wish him to be disheartened.

A drunk Zai Yong tries to talk to Cai Yuan for Zai Shuo. Cai Yuan tells Zai Shuo to take him away. Zai Shuo looks at her – what should he do now? He can change for her but don't treat him coldly. She doesn't know why she gets angry every time she sees him. He hugs her – what must he do to see her smile and make her walk into his world again? (My heart melts at this scene but Zai Yuan has a heart of stone.)

Kong Zhuo also brings a drunk Zheng You home. The Hans are shocked to know of Zhen Ya's identity and are afraid that he will get hurt again. Zheng You is so bothered by his promotion that he cries. He develops a fever the next day and Kong Zhuo sends him to hospital before work. Zhen Ya learns from Mrs Han about it and goes to the hospital too. Zheng You sees Cai Yuan there and she wants him not to overwork because he has only one kidney.

Zheng You is troubled – isn't she too? Does he like Zhen Ya? Upon seeing his expression, she needs no answer. Zhen Ya is annoyed to see them and gets away. What is she? Zheng You doesn't want to see Cai Yuan as she reminds him how he hurts her. He is unable to overcome his guilt and walks away. Zhen Ya is mad that she is ruining her future. Zai Yong brings Shun Ying home and Mr Jiang rejects them.

They stay at Xin Zi's place. Zhen Ya asks why Zai Shuo fails to win Cai Yuan. He says Zhen Ya should wait like him. Zheng You will never like other women. She should give up. Why is he so sure- that is why he is his friend. Zheng You decides to go on a tour. Zai Shuo tries to date Cai Yuan again but she chides him for neglecting her feelings. (I also feel that he should give up.)

Upon knowing that Zheng You is on a tour, she tags along. (Oh - how I dislike her!) He is forced to stay with her in the same room for the night. (But please don't worry – they don't sleep on the same bed.) Zhen Ya is angry with Zai Shuo for giving them the chance. Both go together to the beach. Zai Shuo has wanted to give Cai Yuan more time. Zheng You and Cai Yuan are at the beach. He is cold to her but gets nervous when she suddenly disappears. She then appears and gives him a long kiss.

She stresses that they are in vole so they should be together. They build sandcastles and later sit near each other on the beach. The two arrive and see this. Zai Shuo holds Zhen Ya back. They should not do anything but to return. He will drive her car this time. Hasn't he told her not to love Zheng You? He can't give Cai Yuan up too. Zai Shuo envies Zai Yong and Shun Ying. He tries to win Mr Song back again and tells Cai Yuan that he still loves her. Zhen Ya slaps Zheng You – she will make him hers soon.

Zai Shuo and the rest have a meeting. He wants a report from them by noon. He asks Zheng You why his report isn't ready. How can he work since he is in the playing mood? Zheng You is fed up – is he intruding into his personal llife? Zai Shuo will not harp on it if he is hardworking. If Zheng You has no ability and can only pretend to be capable, he should try to give up. He asks Zheng You when he thinks of killing someone. (Zai Shuo will explode like a volcano any minute.)

Zhen Ya develops Zheng You's photos. Mr Zhang is surprised to have the warm feel and will use this as a commercial. He knows that they get along well and smiles. (It seems that he is desperate to get anyone to be his son-in-law and is promoting Zhen Ya as a product.) Zhen Ya gts Zheng You clothes for the shot. Cai Yuan wants to marry Zheng You but Mr Song doesn't like her to let Zai Shuo down.

Mr Zhang asks Zai Shuo about the project's progress and asks how Zheng You is. If you think that he will speak ill of him, you are WRONG. He describes him as a complete man who loves only a woman. Mr Zhang finds that he is just like Zai Shuo to reject him. Cai Yuan is annoyed to see Zhen Ya asking her to let Zheng You go. Zai Yong is heartbroken to see Shun Ying being taken away by her husband.

Cai Yuan is happy over the beach trip and invites Zheng You to come to her home for dinner at night. She is going to introduce him formally to Mr Song. He is touched and agrees. Zai Shuo is told of the breakup but refuses to accept it. She doesn't want him to cling to her empty shell. She has tried and failed him. He asks – is it because of Zheng You. She admits loving him, breaking his heart. (Don't these people get tired talking about this repeatedly?!)

The company is on an outing. The guys compete with each other to get to the top of the hill. Zheng You wants Zai Shuo to marry Cai Yuan and he is sincere about it. (I can't forgive this fellow for being such a weakling.) No wonder Zai Shuo gets angry to hit him, causing him to slip down the hill. Zhen Ya rushes to the hospital and sobs upon seeing his head totally bandaged. The guys are at the other side of the ward and are amused. (We are actually tricked too.)

Zheng You only gets a scratch on his neck. He is fine and even thanks Zai Shuo for sending him here. Cai Yuan worries when he is late. Zhen Ya has seen the guys quarreling but Zai Shuo maintains that his act isn't deliberate so she believes him. But she notices that Zheng You is weird. Sure indeed, he doesn't recognize Cai Yuan when she comes. (Oh no – not this overused tactic again!)

Zheng You is happy that his proposal is approved. Zhen Ya deliberately kisses him to spite Cai Yuan upon seeing that he can't recall who Cai Yuan is upon getting her call. Cai Yuan doesn't wish to see Zai Shuo too. Zheng You gives Zhen Ya a bird and describes that she is curious like it. She is overjoyed. (I shake my head – he might ask for it back when he remembers everything.) Cai Yuan comes to Da Jin is a shocked when Zheng You treats her formally – he even asks how she knows him.

Zhen Ya informs her of what has happened – he has selective amnesia to choose to forget who has hurt him. Cai Yuan bursts into tears and Zai Shuo sees her at the entrance. She asks why he does it and mentions about their beach stay. He yells at her to stop but she wants to be frank. She feels better but he doesn't. she snaps that it is his choice but this is not the ending he hopes for. She is too cruel. (Yes, he is very right!)

Zhen Ya tells Zai Shuo about Zheng You's condition so it is beneficial to both of them. Cai Yuan draws the beach picture – thanks to Zai Shuo, her love vanishes. Zai Shuo's heart also diffuses. How can she do this to him? Zai Shuo will help her in difficulties and she is only repaying him. She pleads with him to help Zheng You to recover to prove that he loves her. Isn't waiting his strong trait? (Isn't this woman too much to make such a demand? She should asks herself how to make him recover too!)

Mr Jiang refuses to let Zai Yong marry a dying Shun Ying but Zai Shuo wants them to work harder. The two guys have not been in the same car for a long time. Zai Shuo brings Zheng You for a checkup and confirms Zhen Ya's doubt. The doctor isn't sure when he will retrieve his memory and jokes it will be disastrous if he forgets how his girlfriend looks. Zai Shuo is troubled by it.

He tells Zai Shuo that he has to remember Cai Yuan and recover soon. Zhen Ya is angry by Zai Shuo's act. Zai Shuo has even told Zheng You that both of them have loved the same woman. He wants to be fair to all – to remove his guilt too. Zhen Ya replies this not only concerns him but she also gambles her future. Cheng Min can't believe this is happening and feels this is a sign of both not getting together. Zhen Ya joins Zheng You in the shoot and both look natural.

Zheng You senses that Cai Yuan is important to him upon hearing Zai Shuo's voice on his handphone. Zhuo Shuo notices that this is the first time he hears his happy voice but he replies that he is happy daily. Zai Shuo is nice to him in the past and he believes he will go far. Sure he does. Zhen Ya hopes to be relaxed like Zheng You to forget everything. She writes the word 'king' on his palm that he can do when he is upset. Zai Shuo brings Cai Yuan to see Zheng You and leave the two to talk together.

Seeing that Cai Yuan is depressed, he uses Zhen Ya's method to cheer her up. (What an innocent and silly act!) She storms out and can never forgive Zai Shuo. Is he happy to see this now. (Poor man – how she wrongs him!) Zai Yong now works in Xin Zi's pub. Kong Zhuo is surprised that Zheng You can forget Cai Yuan so easily. Zheng You has nightmares knocking Cai Yuan down and knows why he forgets her now.

Zheng You buys medicine for the sick Zhen Ya. Cai Yuan decides to write letters to Zheng You and makes a sculpture of him. Zhen Ya removes the letter while Mr Zhang praises Zheng You for doing well in the commercial. Zai Shuo thinks so too but Zheng You isn't happy. Zhen Ya tells Zai Shuo what happens and Zai Shuo looks at her – is Cai Yuan wrong to write a letter? Zhen Ya wants things to maintain this way.

Zai Shuo tells her to work hard to get Zheng You's love and not to obstruct others. She cannot stop Cai Yuan's letters from coming. He doesn't want to be despicable but she insists of doing things her way. Still, she passes the letter to Zheng You and sends a company brochure to Cai Yuan. All comment that they look like a pair. Zai Shuo intends to bring Zheng You to the place they spend their secondary school days.

Zheng You stops him as he likes the present himself. Even though Cai Yuan wants him to recall, he gathers that both guys suffers from loving her. Seeing Zai Shuo behaving like this leaves him no confidence. Zheng You tells Mr Zhang that he has no girlfriend at present but he can't recall his past. Mr Zhang doesn't feel right about it. He isn't like Zai Shuo who has a commanding presence. He is too weak and secretive. (How right this man is!)

Cheng Min is sure that Zai Shuo will not return Cai Yuan's call after given the shoulder so many times. Zai Shuo tells Cai Yuan that Zheng You is no longer the same and writing letters will not solve the problem. Cai Yuan becomes nasty – so he is happy that she fails again? He hugs her – what is wrong with her to torture both of them? He is stunned to see Zheng You's sculpture. (Han Sun is excellent in this scene!) Both avoid when the art students barge in.

Zhen Ya urges Zheng You to look more assertive in front of Mr Zhang. Mr Zhang leaves Zai Shuo to handle tha land purchase deal. Zai Shuo will not comment on Zheng You's personality when asked. He recalls Mr Song's birthday and gets Mdm Hong to bake the cake. Cai Yuan is heartbroken to learn from doctors that Zheng You might not recover. Zheng Yu decides not to return her letters but to create new memories. Zhen Ya is happy over it.

Mr Song is touched to see the cake and all wait for Cai Yuan's return. (This daughter is not the filial child all have in mind to forget all about it!) Zheng You sees the sculpture but still can't recall even though she adds a bird on it. This woman is so desperate to unbutton her blouse, wanting to let him see the same wound that both have after the operation. Zhen Ya charges in and sees no need for her to do that.

Zheng You tries to get her in vain and Cai Yuan apologies. He understands that he might do the same if he is her. She is desperate – he really forgets her completely? It might be her retribution for upsetting him but she has no choice in the past as Zai Shuo does too much for her. Suddenly, she stands in the middle of the road and he gets her back. Is she silly to do this – absolutely as he chides her not to do this again.

Mr Han decides to adopt a wait and see attitude – even though the Zhangs are influential, Zhen Ya doesn't grow up in a normal family so he wants to think twice. Zheng You looks at his scar in the mirror when he is going to have his bath. Cai Yuan apologises when back and Zai Shuo decides to leave. She is angry – will Zai Shuo think she will thank him for shaming her? Does he think that he is the son or son-in-law? So what she forgets? (Oh – how wicked she is to him! I might slap her when she is in front of me – or probably canes her or hit her with a pole – she still has the cheek to say this although it is her fault!)

Zai Shuo doesn't mean this but she thinks he always comes up with the same excuse. He does this because he loves her but this becomes her poison. She snaps that he has not worked hard enough. Zai Shuo can't tolerate her harshness to him and leaves. All find her terrible – why humiliate him like this? His heart must be bleeding. (Guess the audience too and he isn't the only one.) Cheng Min also feels that she isn't the person she knows (Lets put it this way – Cai Yuan might be showing her true self.)

Cai Yuan only feels that it is all Zai Shuo's fault. The miserable man later takes out on Shun Ying's ex-husband by beating him severely when he tries to take her away. He remembers what Shun Ying tells him during the first meeting – what is impossible is impossible is making sense to him. But Shun Ying views it differently now. Zai Shuo recalls Cai Yuan's harsh words but returns to work the next day.

He wants AM Gao to take a good look at the land. Cheng Min wants Cai Yuan to cherish Zai Shuo so she answers Zai Shuo's call. Shun Ying faints and Mr Jiang carries her to hospital on his back. Zheng You wishes to date Zhen Ya but she has a date. He is uneasy when told that she is going to introduce him to her father in the restaurant. Cai Yuan apologises to Zai Shuo for being nasty on Mr Song's birthday. He agrees to forget her so he will not see her again. She is stunned as he walks away. (Isn't this what she wants all along? Why does she look so surprised? The poor man can't put up with the unfair treatment anymore.)

Zhen Ya is angry that Mr Zheng doesn't turn up. He finds her too anxious as he isn't prepared and satisfied with Zheng You. Zai Shuo gives in the report – the person is unwilling to sell and he will think of something. He returns to his office and finally shoves the photo into his drawer. (The motion is a sad one as the scene is repeated.) Mr Song is his younger brother's guarantor but his brother flees with the loan. They have to move out within a week. All things in the home and the shop are placed with stickers.
Cai Yuan decides to ask Zhen Ya for help but can't bring herself to tell her. Zai Shuo sees her but ignores her. (It is good to let her feel miserable for once as revenge.) Zheng You learns from Kong Zhuo what happens and is concerned. The Songs owe 4 billion won – should he help Cai Yuan? Zhen Ya can help but she wants her not to see Zheng You even though he recalls the past. She rejects flatly.

Cai Yuan is initially unsure of herself but now she is certain now because Zhen Ya gives so much money to buy her over. No one can stop Zheng You from seeing her. Zhen Ya feels shameful making the request but has hoped that she will agree to it. Zai Shuo is glad to see Zai Yong happy with Shun Ying but she notices that he is pale. Cheng Min tells Cai Yuan to seek help from Zai Shuo but she hesitates.

Zai Shuo sees the couple sleeping in Xin Zi's shop and decides not to disturb them. Zai Shuo looks out of the window at work and is stunned to hear Cai Yuan's voice behind him and turns around. You will be pissed off when she dolls herself to meet him at his office. She knows that she does him wrong in the past but she needs his help. She will repay him with her whole life but please consider on Mr Song's behalf. He should have the ability to help her. (Excuse me – it is 4 billion and not 4 hundred – he is capable but where can he get the money – by growing a money tree?! She thinks too highly of him!)

Zai Shuo looks silently at her – why does she think this way? Because he loves her in the past. (I feel like yelling at her – who does she think she is?!) Zai Shuo replies unfeelingly – it seems that she is unclear that they have no connections now. Hasn't he told her that they should not meet? She should not look for him now to disregard her pride. (How I cheer for this scene – yes – she should have a taste of her own medicine. ) She apologises for disappointing him and he can be assured that he will not see her again.

Zhen Ya never expects her to look for Zai Shuo. Cai Yuan becomes desperate – does her deal stay? Zhen Ya can see that she is lying. Zai Shuo is in a dilemma. Cheng Min is shocked to hear Zai Shuo's answer. Zhen Ya knows that Zai Shuo is still in his office although it is late – is he going to ignore Cai Yuan? He replies that it is easier for Zhen Ya to help. Zhen Ya has the thought but he isn't that kind. It is like why he chooses Cai Yuan and not her.

She wants to know Zai Shuo's true heart. He says that it will be fine and she knows it will as he will help Cai Yuan. Sure enough, he gives an envelope to AM Gao and informs him that he will make sure this deal will not implicate him. He then passes the money to Cheng Min – keep it a secret from Cai Yuan. Da Jing
is hiring art professionals so both of them can go for the interviews.

The naïve Songs believe Cheng Min's lie and pays off the debt. Zai Shuo teaches Shun Ying's ex-husband a lesson at the pub again. Xin Zi is surprised that he knows taekwondo although he looks so refined with a tie. He invites the couple home but Mr Jiang still refuses to accept them. He tells Mr Jiang how they sleep at the pub and he sees how small the space is.

Cai Yuan refuses to give Da Jing a try. Cheng Min sneers at her – is she afraid to see the couple? Why is she stubborn as they have to think of their livelihood now? Cai Yuan buys the stationary sets and is upset to see Zhen Ya and Zheng You there. The women are overjoyed to get letters for their interviews. Both see Zai Shuo but he ignores them. Zheng You and Zhen Ya are with the panel to interview them and they are shocked. Cai Yuan assures Zheng You that she will not have trouble working with him and he is relieved.

But….lets see what happens. Zheng You is the only one who feels that Cai Yuan's works are conservative while even Zhen Ya and the rest praise Cai Yuan's artwork! Upon having the disagreement, Zai Shuo comes and asks for their opinion. Zai Shuo asks if he thinks he is too much – it seems that he doesn't want to work with Cai Yuan. He should be clear in his demands. Cai Yuan decides to throw most of her artworks away. The women check the deployment list – Cheng Min is in but Cai Yuan isn't!

Does someone miss her out? She asks Zhen Ya – does she really dislike her to get into the company? Zhen Ya feels wronged – she gives the highest marks – if not why ask her to design the artpiece for the lobby? Who is unwilling to see her then – she concludes that it is Zai Shuo! (I groan – she simply doesn't understand how much he loves her!) Cheng Min wants to speak up for him but she hesitates.

Zai Shuo isn't in charge of the deployment and tells Cheng Min that everything has ended and she should not ask him. He tells AM Gao to hire another person besides getting Cheng Min and the other art assistant. He will handle the rest. (See how much he has done for her but the woman doesn't know it!) He asks Zheng You why he only gives 50 marks while the others give 100. Zheng You refuses to change but Zai Shuo admits that he has let Cai Yuan in.

Zheng You should not worry that Cai Yuan will interfere with his work. Zheng You should not deny that Cai Yuan can get a good job elsewhere with her ability. He can't bring her suffering as she tries so hard. Mr Song tells Cai Yuan that he will move to stay with Zai Shuo if she doesn't marry him. Zai Shuo looks at he photo when AM Gao pleads with Zai Shuo to give the latest company deal to his elder brother. Zai Shuo refuses as he wants to give a fair chance to all. So he will pretend not to hear it.

AM Gao threatens to tell the incident. The women get to work and are uneasy to see Zhen Ya. They meet Zai Shuo in the office. He has high expectations of them and assigns Cai Yuan to be in Zheng You's team. Since she is experienced in sculpture making, she is more suitable to create bulky products. Zheng You is about to protest when Zai Shuo asks – is he going to teach them hoe to defy the superior's orders? (Han Sun looks very authoritative here although he is sitting on the sofa with all of them!)

Zheng You isn't happy – why is he interfering in such small matters? How is he going to work in future? Zai Shuo has told him that he will help Cai Yuan regain his memory. When both are together longer, this might help. (How big a sacrifice he is making to help both although he gets miserable!) Zheng You tells Cai Yuan to go to Zhen Ya when she needs help and she is down.

Zai Shuo is concerned if Cai Yuan is uneasy to work with Zheng You. If so, he will transfer her. (See how caring he is but look at her reaction, sigh….) She asks – why doesn't he want to take her out and later put her in? Then to transfer in and later get her out. She feels at ease now to see the person she wishes to see and does he hope that she will leave? No, she will stay as she needs to survive. (The poor man has eaten the dead cat too many times – sigh – why doesn't he explain? Maybe he sees no point doing that.)

Cai Yuan stays late to work but is alarmed that her files are attacked by viruses. Zheng You helps her but his stomach is growling. He hasn't taken his dinner so Cai Yuan goes to get the snacks happily. But she sees him eating with Zhen Ya when back so she leaves. Zheng You has seen for himself how hardworking Cai Yuan is and regrets nearly kicking her out. Zhen Ya will hate him if he treats Cai Yuan too well like in the past. He admits that he is uneasy to work with Cai Yuan.

He also realizes that both might have hurt each other in the past. Has he hurt Zhen Ya too? If so, he will try to maintain her smiles now. Cai Yuan realizes that Zheng You's birthday is approaching. Zai Shuo is about to step out of the building when he gets a call and frowns. AM Gao gets him to meet his elder brother. HE gets drunk and goes to the pub. His family will be disappointed but he will rather die than not to help Cai Yuan. He will weep upon thinking of her.

Zai Yong is surprised to see him sleeping on the sofa opposite him Zai Shuo rushes to work and Mr Zhang is surprised that it is the first time he is late for work. Is he too tired to be in charge of the mass communication unit? He assures that he is fine and the bidding for the deal is today. So he trusts that Zai Shuo will ensure things go smoothly as usual. AM Gao's brother gets the deal and all protest.

Zai Shuo storms out of the venue as he is unwilling to do that. Although AM Gao is grateful to him, he demands him to get out of his car. (This man can stand no more threats anymore.) Zheng You proposes to dominate the Japan market and all are pleased with his presentation. Mr Zhang wonders if Zheng You likes Zhen Ya as much as she loves him. Cai Yuan buys a tie for Zheng You. When both women are back, they realise that the atmosphere is different.

Zheng You becomes the mass communication unit planning director. (I marvel at how fast he gets promoted – even faster than Zai Shuo and that is within a year.)Zhen Ya becomes the senior manager. AM Gao regrets not knowing her identity sooner. Zai Shuo feels threatened when Mr Zhang tells him to assist Zheng You. He promotes him because of his courage and ability. Zai Shuo still congratulates him sincerely and Zhen Ya is pleased to see both sitting together at the same rank. Cai Yuan is stunned over the change but still gives him the birthday present. Zhen Ya isn't happy to observes that his face changed.

The Hans hold a celebration for Zheng You. Mr Han is worried – he has loved Cai Yuan so much in the past and now he is suddenly so close to Zhen Ya. How can he change easily? Will he regret his choice? Mrs Han doubts so. Zhen Ya kisses Zheng You again – he is hers. (Oh goodness – must she always do it? This is terrible to get over possessive.) He only smiles to get her to leave.

Zheng You sees the tie and tries it in front of the mirror. He likes it. Zai Shuo is cleaning the sculpture at home while Cai Yuan brings the sculpture to Zheng You. (It seems that she gives one to the man she loves. But what is the result? ) Let her call his name for today. She has wanted to look for the real him but it is too late. He can stay where he likes. Kong Zhu asks Zheng You what if he remembers the past after marrying Zhen Ya. He snaps that it will not happen.

The two guys dress smartly for work. Zai Shuo expresses his wish that he will leave the mass communication unit entirely to him. Zheng you opens his mouth wide –what? He has wanted to count on him. His jaw nearly drops again when Zai Shuo wants to admire birds with him. Cai Yuan is earlier than Zheng You to work. Zheng You sees congratulation flowers from Zai Shuo.

He thanks her for continuing working. Mr Zhang and Zheng You are shocked to see letters pointing to Zai Shuo being involved in illegal deals. Mr Zhang gathers that Zai Shuo is too capable to make enemies so he wants Zheng You to check it out. Zheng You can't do it – he is sure that Zai Shuo will not do such a thing. Mr Zhang will get the investigation unit to check if it is others. But he can't do this to Zai Shuo.

Zheng You might not know how high expectations he has of him. It must be a misunderstanding to get him to confirm. AM Gao wants Zai Shu to hire his cousin. Zai Shuo looks fiercely at him – he should not agree to it in the first place. What if he disagrees? AM Gao still insists. What is Zai Shuo still says no? AM Gao claims that he helps to get Cai Yuan in. Zai Shuo pulls his collar – he will kill him personally if he dares to harm Cai Yuan. (This is a marvelous scene.)

Zheng You is so troubled to get his second cup of coffee. Cai Yuan reminds him not to hurt his stomach. Zhen Ya sees him disturbed and is annoyed that both have met the previous day. The women are shocked to hear the rumour that Zai Shuo embezzles the company funds and puts his girlfriend in the design unit. Zhen Ya whispers this into Zheng You's ear. ( I don't think someone will be daring as her to do this in a seductive position – to sit on his table to do that!)

Zheng You checks the documents and Zai Shuo asks him out for lunch. He notices that Zheng You eats little and he replies that he has no appetite. AM Gao comes to Zai Shuo again and he answers sarcastically that he can move his whole office in. Am Gao informs him that the company is getting Zheng You to check on him and he will not betray him. Zai Shuo realizes what happens upon recalling the lunch session.

AM Gao thinks it is easy to handle since both are ex-classmates. The guys meet in a pub. Zai Shuo is more relaxed after Zheng You loses his memory. Zheng You forgets to ask him for the money back that he owes him in their school days. They have many quarrels then and Zheng You wonders why he remembers all the nasty incidents. Zai Shuo hopes everything goes smoothly for Zheng You – even by stepping on him. (Poor man – he must be totally dejected to say that.)

Zheng You is good in everything except being indecisive. Zai Shuo has charged too fast in the past and longs for a rest. Both sing at the karaoke and Zai Shuo paces in his office the next day. He retrieves the diskettes and the account books. Zheng You informs Mr Zhang that nothing is wrong. He has given the answer that Mr Zhang wants. Zai Shuo is about to walk in with the things when Zheng You stops him.

Zai Shuo doesn't want to listen to him – this is showing Mr Zhang the respect. Zheng You shakes his head – he says his indecisiveness ruins everything but Zai Shuo's conceitedness is more likely the fatal factor. He tells him to think of Mr Jiang. If he fels guilty, he sould make amends in future since he is so capable. If he confesses, Zheng You is equally guilty of lying. Zheng You asks him why he needs the 4 billion. It is taken out but is put back soon. (This man can't remember that he raises this amount to Zhen Ya. What a stupid question to ask!) Zai Shuo doesn't answer him.

Cai Yuan reads the rumour about her – she is formerly eliminated and then gets in again. She rushes to Zai Shuo – hasn't he heard of it? Is it really his influence? If not, explain to the others. Is he really involved in the money scandal? She has known of him to be upright till he becomes involved in this. If this goes on, she will leave the company to avoid becoming enemies with him. (I moan at this scene – she is like a shrew and not knowing that he is so troubled now over his own matters and still rubbing salt to his wound!)

Cheng Min is more worked up as Cai Yuan doesn't know what Zai Shuo has done. The brothers send Shun Ying to hospital and learn that she needs a liver transplant soon. Mr Jiang wonders why Zai Shuo looks lifeless. He can't let Zai Yong be a widower – he isn't that bothered by Shun Ying's job. He wants a better person for him as he owes him too much. As Zai Yong isn't cut out for studies, he treats Zai Shuo better. Zai Shuo also knows that Zai Yong suffers because of him.

Cai Yuan drops papers at the lobby and Zai Shuo helps her to pick them up. She thanks him coldly. (as if he owes her his life.) She then sees Zheng You wearing her tie when both meet at the lift. Everyone says that it suits him and she thanks him. So it is worth the trouble. He isn't qualified to get it – treat him to a meal to let him confess his mistake. Zai Shuo sees them getting in together and is depressed.

The factory stops production because of the poor quality and the clients reject the goods. They definitely can't meet the next day's deadline. Zai Shuo has a headache over it and demands AM Gao to see him. Zheng You gets in – what is it that he doesn't know? Zai Shuo huts AM Gao down – how can this happen? Mr Zhang also rushes to the factory with Zhen Ya and demands to check on the two guys.

The investigation unit takes everything from Zai Shuo's office and interrogates the two guys. Both deny taking bribes. Zai Shuo maintains that Cai Yuan gets in through proper procedures. Cai Yuan asks how Zheng You is but Zhen Ya snaps that she should ask about Zai Shuo first. (I also get pissed off by her attitude.) Cai Yuan looks at Zai Shuo hostilely when she is asked questions. He looks at his name tab on the table and knows what will happen soon.

Zhen Ya tells Mr Zhang to forgive Zheng You. Mr Zhang is still angry with him for lying. Zheng You admits to Cai Yuan that he eliminates her because he is afraid that she will be upset because of him. She is stunned. Zai Shuo knows and re hires her because she should be selected. He is sorry to make her suffer. (Oh – this comes too late.) Zheng You also apologises to Zhen Ya. She is upset but nothing matters to her more than him. The company dismisses Zai Shuo and AM Gao.

Cheng Min finally knows how Zai Shuo gets the money and informs Cai Yuan. Cai Yuan runs to his office but can only see the photo that both have taken in the drawer. She only gets to see him leaving in a taxi. Zai Shuo has lost his job because of her. Is she a failure to ditch a man who helps her but running after a man who doesn't put her in his heart? Cheng Min finds her stubborn to regard her pride over others.

Why doesn't she help Zai Shuo who loses his job, love, hope and also future? Before Zheng You comes, they have planned for their future. She doesn't cherish them. (Cheng Min is so right and why Zai Shuo doesn't choose to like her since she understands him so well?!) Cai Yuan hopes Zhen Ya can help. She thinks that Zai Shuo is lucky not to get sued but no other company will hire him.

Cai Yuan pleads with her to create a chance but Mr Zhang is to upset over it. She tries in vain to change Mr Zhang's mind too and can only answer that she is friends with both guys. Zheng You sees this and is silent. Zhen Ya is moved by Cai Yuan's bravery but is Zheng You jealous of her speaking for another man? He hopes that he will be back soon but admits that Cai Yuan is pretty when doing that.

Zhen Ya asks when he will agree to her marriage proposal. He doesn't answer and Cai Yuan reveals everything to him. Why can't he be the past Zheng You for a day? (See how selfish she is until now!) It is a mistake for her to get into the company. He can't surpass Zai Shuo in his love and Cai Yuan knows that it is really a good way of him to reject her. So does he really love Zhen Ya? He replies it should be. She bursts into tears before leaving.

Zhen Ya kisses him on the cheek and hugs his waist. He should not let Mr Zhang look down on him. They see him together to apologise. Laugh at how they lack chemistry. He wishes Mr Zhang to give Zai Shuo a chance while she wants to marry Zheng You. She wishes both families to meet. The women overhear it over lunch and are uneasy. (Zhen Ya is too open to talk about it in public!)

Zai Xi admits to Cai Yuan that she is the culprit stealing the letters. She dislikes her for liking Zheng You – a transfer student and ignoring Zai Shuo who has waited her for so long. What is affinity to Cai Yuan – don't the years spend mean anything to her? Zai Shuo has done nothing wrong and she wants her to feel guilty. Cai Yuan leaves, crying. (This way sure works now.) Zai Xi wonders why Zai Shuo still returns home late although he holds a high post. (He hasn't told his family about it.)

Zai Shuo later sees a note on his table the next day. Zai Xi tells him that Cai Yuan is waiting for him at the coffee shop and she doesn't want to interfere in his life again. But he has no courage to see her although he is there. He goes to the house and looks at it.Zhen Ya is at Zheng You's home. Mr Han wants him to reconsider but Zheng You doesn't see the need since they get along well and they should marry soon.

Zhen Ya has a meal with the Zhangs and hopes to be one of them soon. Zheng You thinks she will feel bored one day and she gets offended – does that imply to their relationship? He is only voicing his view and she feels she is oversensitive. Zai Shuo drinks alone at the bar and calls Cai Yuan as he walks in the rain. But he hangs up and throws his handphone on the floor. Cai Yuan hurries there but he doesn't want her to see his sorry state. She has been waiting for him but he doesn't wish her to pity him.

She is apologetic to make him become like this. But he knows he has no right to call her now and will try to forget her. She hugs him but he pushes her away. Now she misses him. Cheng Min asks if she feels this way since Zheng You and Zhen Ya are getting engaged. Cai Yuan knows that Zai Shuo will not receive her calls but strangely he still calls but hides again.

He returns the sculpture to her and leaves a note to encourage her to go after Zheng You. Zheng You explains the working of the production. Zhen Ya holds his hand at work. Seeing her smiling broadly, he offers to drive. She is proud of him and the Jiangs are shocked that Zai Shuo loses his job. Zhen Ya holds Zheng You's hand when back in the company. She insists and he smiles to her.

Zhen Ya sees Cai Yuan looking at the photo she has taken with Zai Shuo. The wedding planner comes and Zhen Ya invites Cai Yuan to choose the gown for her since she has no sisters. Zai Xi begs Cai Yuan to help Zai Shuo. Zai Shuo can't hide from Mr Jiang the truth anymore but promises to make a comeback. He sobs in front of Zai Yong and Mr Jiang. Cai Yuan isn't offended by Zhen Ya's invitation although Cheng Min thinks it differently.

Mr Jiang allows the couple to move in and buys new furniture. Zai Shuo offers them his room to move to a smaller one. Zheng You wants Cai Yuan to design new products but Zhen Ya opposes to it. Is she still against her – don't they belong to the arts faculty to get into this line too? Cai Yuan is creative and Zhen Ya can't be biased not to trust him – see how it goes the other way round. Zhen Ya will continue to feel insecure till they register their marriage.

Both guys meet and Zai Shuo learns that Cai Yuan has begged Mr Zhang to let him stay. Zheng You is touched and announces his coming engagement. Zai Shuo is fed up – what if he opposes since he is making Cai Yuan cry? Zheng You finds Zai Shuo insincere – he wants them to be together but his heart still clings to her. Zai Shuo finds him equally despicable because he doesn't like Zhen Ya. Zheng You replies that Zai Shuo changes him. If Zhen Ya works hard, it is worth it.

Zai Shuo mumbles that he will regret in future although Zheng You doesn't believe him. Mr Zhang wants his assistant to dig out Zheng You's past. He passes a golf club membership card to Zhen Ya but he doesn't want it. It is too expensive and doesn't fit his position. A golf course destroys a forest is against nature conservation and his belief and he will return the card to him. Zhen Ya is mad – why doesn't he be polite and accept as a father-in-law's gift?

Zheng You arranges to meet Cai Yuan in the conference room – to disperse Zhen Ya's fears that they are meeting outside the company. He asks if she has seen Zai Shuo. He tells her to go to the library to look for him. He doesn't understand why the card upsets Zhen Ya so much. She isn't trying to make him materialistic and he understands. Otherwise, he will not consider going steady with her. He leaves her home but later comes with flowers to please her. Cai Yuan tells Zai Shuo she misses him but he ignores her.

The engagement day comes and Zheng You decides to go to the venue after work. When he is about to get into his car, he hears Cai Yuan groaning in the carpark. She is in pain and faints at the rear of his car. He sends her to hospital and she wakes up telling him to go but he insists of staying till Cheng Min is here. The doctor sees Zheng You – why has he forgotten him as he does the transplant for them.

He complains that Cai Yuan works too hard and needs to go through some tests. Zheng You is surprised – so this is the hospital they both come? He walks out and upon seeing a patient on a stretcher – he remembers everything and shivers. Mr Zhang's assistant tells him about it and Mr Zheng opposes to cancel the whole engagement. Rong Zhuo and Zheng Lian jump when Zai Shuo is late.

Zhen Ya stops Mr Zhang's car and demands to know about it. Is her love one-sided? It is already the past and she knows it. But not to Mr Zhang. She will not listen to him anymore. The Hans are not happy with the cancellation – so what the Zhangs are rich? Zheng You is alone at the music studio but Kong Zhuo wants him to appease Zhen Ya. He goes to the art studio instead. Upon seeing the beach drawing, he remembers the past and buys it.

The women return from hospital but decide to keep it from Zhen Ya to hide any possible unpleasantness. Seeing that it is raining, Cai Yuan goes to fetch Zai Shuo from the library with an umbrella. Zhen Ya tells Zheng You that she wants to stay with him in a place where there is no Cai Yuan. She begs him not to leave her. She holds his hand and brings him to her home villa. He recalls how Cai Yuan leans on hiss shoulder when she does the same. He shows her the rings and gives her one of them. (I nearly yell – what is he trying to do – make amends although he is aware of everything now?!)

Cai Yuan is stunned to know that the engagement is cancelled and Zheng You might end up like Zai Shuo. Mr Zhang flies into a rage when knowing that they are not at work. Cheng Min guesses that Cai Yuan might harbour hope of getting Zheng You but she denies. Mr Zhang asks Cai Yuan to explain her relationship with Zheng You. Mr Zhang demands both to return.

Zheng You doesn't want others to suffer. She is fed up – is Cai Yuan so important? They miss their engagement because of her. He retorts that it is her call that causes him to knock her down. Zhen Ya is shocked but he adds that he has no past and will marry her. She leaves her car keys to him and threatens to severe her ties with Mr Zhang if he keeps intruding into her life. Zheng You gets scolded by Mrs Han for worrying her and she dislikes Zhen Ya now.

Zheng You looks at his sculpture and returns to work. He calls her 'Cai Yuan' and not 'Miss Cai Yuan' this time so he adds that he mumbles too fast. He is relieved that she is fine and she apologises for the delay and mentions about her meeting with Mr Zhang. She offers to resign for Zai Shuo's return but Mr Zhang will not allow it. A rival company approaches Zai Shuo and wants Da Jing's technology in return.

Zai Shuo refuses to be a commercial spy. Although the person reminds him that no other company will take him as he has a bad record to be at the top of the most unwanted list, Zai Shuo refuses to betray his ex-company. Zai Shuo forgets his birthday and is touched when his family celebrates for him. Cai Yuan gives him a cake. Zheng You leaves upon seeing them together.

Zheng You decides to mention the matter to Mr Zhang but he only wants the report but not to see him. The spy reveals to Mr Zhang that he can't buy Zai Shuo over. Mr Zhang likes the answer and decides to rehire Zai Shuo. Zhen Ya demands to know why he is neglecting Zheng You. Zheng You is happy over Zai Shuo's return. Zhen Ya is fed up – isn't he worry over his past? Why must he donate his kidney?

Zheng You replies it is because of the car…and he stops midway. Zhen Ya realizes that he remembers everything. She tells Cai Yuan that Zai Shuo is returning and she goes to the U.S. Zheng You can't find her. Mr Jiang is so happy that Zai Shuo is returning to work and washes his car. He becomes the senior director in the company. He gets to see flowers from Zheng You and Cai Yuan. Both come to congratulate him and Cai Yuan wants Zheng You to be her witness. Is Zai Shuo willing to marry her? (It sounds touching when coming out from a man's mouth but weird when it comes from a woman.)

Zheng You is stunned and Zai Shuo is equally taken aback. It is tradition for the man to take the initiative. A demure woman should learn to wait – how can she ignore her pride? She isn't joking. Zai Shuo asks Zheng You what he thinks of it. He congratulates them but Zai Shuo is at a loss. The three go for a drink. She has a condition – they must marry before Zheng You and Zhen Ya.

Zai Shuo jokes – what about this weekend? She is annoyed as he still thinks that she isn't serious. Zheng You suggests them using the company function room and Zheng Lian to play the wedding music if they want it fast. Both are amused – a rock band to do that is special indeed. Cai Yuan announces the product plans and is shy when Zheng You is distracted to look at her in a trance at work.

Zai Shuo asks for Shun Ying's advice. She thinks they should marry although he finds it very unreal as work and love go too smoothly for him this time. He and Cai Yuan go for art exhibitions and become a couple again. Zheng You walks towards Cai Yuan and becomes hesitant. He later watches the commercial tape on birds with Cai Yuan. Zhen Ya is back from the conference and visiting her elder brother. She wants Mr Zhang to stick to his promise. She goes to Zheng You's office but he isn't there.

Cai Yuan knows that Zhen You will like the idea. Upon seeing that his tie is loose, she tightens for him. Zhen Ya comes in to see this. (The timing is just too right.) She is about to slap Cai Yuan when Zheng You stops her. He drags her out and Zai Shuo sees Cai Yuan in a trance in the conference room but doesn't disturb her. Zheng You finds Zhen Ya too possessive. She is angry – how can they do this when she is away? She refuses to apologise when Zheng You demands her to do that.

So Zheng You only has Cai Yuan in his eyes. Why can't he see that she is hurt as she needs his care more than her. Zheng You apologises to Cai Yuan on Zhen Ya's behalf when they meet at the lobby. She is looking at the sculpture that she has just built. He mentions about the owl and she nods, saying that it is his idea. Suddenly she opens her mouth wide and he avoids her, walking away hurriedly.

Zai Shuo asks what is wrong with them and what happens to their engagement. He changes his mind? Zheng You denies but will not disclose further. Zai Shuo demands to know - is he keeping something from him? Zheng You can take it no more – if so, what does he hope? He regains his memory and wants Cai Yuan back? Zai Shuo is stunned – do the women know about it? Zheng You doubts they know but if he doesn't like Zai Shuo so much, things will be easy.

Zai Shuo tells him – there is no need to worry since Cai Yuan is still at the same place while Zhen Ya is still the same person they know. Zheng You scolds him – how is he going to survive then? He replies sadly that he just goes back to normal. The women are back to talking terms. Zheng You learns that Zhen Ya wants Mr Zhang to transfer him to the US company but he is interested. He doesn't want to depend on ties and wants to follow the right pace. Mr Zhang sighs – what does Zhen Ya sees in him?

He is right that Zheng You doesn't love Zhen Ya that much. He gives him the chance but he doesn't make use of it. Zhen Ya informs Zheng You that she has apologized to Cai Yuan. He is in a foul mood –so she wants his praises? He has changed and he is staying because he doesn't like her to plan for his future. Mrs Han tells Zhen Ya her views and Mr Han tells her to wait. Shun Ying knows that she is dying soon as she loses more weight.

Mr Jiang doesn't blame Cai Yuan for what has happened. He accepts her not because she is cute but because his son can't live without her. Mr Jiang has a headache – who can handle the crisis now? His assistant mentions Zai Shuo but Mr Zhang doubts he knows about merging and buying over companies. His assistant says no – Zai Shuo has done research when he is away and he is the best person to know about the company function. Zai Shuo knows that Mr Zhang looks for him to find out about company construction.

Zai Shuo waits for Cai Yuan at the lobby and she playfully pushes him from the back. She doesn't know that someone waits for her in the past. Has he waited for a long time? Now it is her turn to wait forever. He doesn't like her to wait for him. She smiles and hooks his arm when walking out. (That is a warm scene.) Zheng You is depressed to see that. Cai Yuan buys chocolates and tells him that both of them should only read the love future messages when they reach home.

Cheng Min observes that Cai Yuan seems to be a person in love for the first time but she frowns upon reading the note. Mr Han finds Zheng You too cold to Zhen Ya. He also has a daughter and knows that Zheng You is like this because of other matters. Zheng You is stunned – how does he know? He is his son and he is very direct. He knows that he still loves Cai Yuan. But he can't give up because of friendship. The siblings go out and are shocked to find Zhen Ya fainting in the rain after standing there the whole night. Zhen Ya doesn't want her father to interfere in her life again.

Cai Yuan is distracted and doesn't see Zai Shuo. Mr Zhang tells her to marry early so as to rest Zhen Ya's mind. Mr Zhang thanks Zai Shuo for his help. Does he need a chauffeur as he looks so tired? Zai Shuo doesn't see the need and Mr Zhang describes Cai Yuan who looks weak but is strong. Zai Shuo likes to see how she works when he stands aside. Cheng Min asks if he is sick of it.

She jokes that he should find a man for her. Although Zai Shuo is attached, he is handsome to her and she
wishes to look for someone like him too. Zheng You asks if Zhen Ya is better but she ignores him. Then she runs after him to hug her from the back. He takes her hands away and tells her that the couple is getting married. So she should not think too much. She is the prettiest when she smiles and is happy. Zheng You suggests getting concert organizers to use their products.

Zai Shuo notices that Mr Zhang is hostile to Zheng You but he doesn't care. Zheng You worries about Zhen Ya and has to be responsible to her. Zhen Ya meets Zai Shuo and Zai Shuo knows it is not his right to judge her because he is the same. She reveals that Zheng You seems to remember but he hides from her. Zai Shuo knows it is because of Cai Yuan. Zai Shuo isn't afraid that she will not love him but of giving her up her love because of him. (He is still caring at this critical moment.)

He is afraid of changing their lives. Zheng You looks at the birds with Cai Yuan and she knows everything. (See how lousy his acting is – he can't hide from both women.) She has hurt Zai Shuo in the past and hopes to make him happy. What about Zheng You? She doesn't worry as he loves Zhen Ya. She doesn't wish his memory to hurt her (but he already did!) She really loves Zai Shuo now.

Zai Shuo is at work and wants all reports to help to raise the share prices. Cai Yuan is about to meet him for lunch and sees Zheng You in the lift and reminds him not to let Zai Shuo about his retrieved memory (but he already knows too!) Zai shuo asks if the marriage plans go too fast. Zai Yong isn't married and he is busy with the company. But she is eager to settle down early. Why use marriage to forget Zheng You? Don't' make use of him. She is appalled he thinks this way and refuses to listen to her.

Even if she is pitying him, he doesn't mind but once is enough. He nearly collapses in the lift, hurt by his own words. Cai Yuan knows that Zai Shuo can't forget Zheng You and she must take care not to hurt him. But how to make him believe her? Cheng Min asks what message she gets. She discloses that god is giving her a present in the form of a burden. So is Zai Shuo her burden or present? Zai Shuo looks at his note – the luck is flying away. He frowns.

Zheng You is drunk when coming to Zhen Ya. Shun Ying is pregnant and the family is overjoyed. Zheng You doesn't want Zhen Ya to open the door for him the next time when he is drunk. She gets fed up – so the villa incident is also a mistake? She cries over it. Zheng You goes to the university to look for Mr Han. Both look at birds. Mr Zhang can't chase Zheng You away because Zhen Ya likes him but can't accept him either. He is so pathetic. (How wise his father is to read Mr Zhang's mind.)

Zheng You wants to resign but this is escaping. Mr Han wants him to be responsible and blissful. He should talk to Zhen Ya. What troubles Zheng You is – Zai Shuo is too kind, he can't bear to hurt Zhen Ya and he is also reluctant to give Cai Yuan up. Cai Yuan carries heavy things and Zai Shuo helps her. He wishes to send her home but she declines.

She still stands on the street because of him. Her heart hurts as she is going through what he has been through. She understands now and they have lots of time to love again then everything is even. (I'm gald she knows that it is her fault now.) Mr Zhang is alarmed when Zhen Ya is missing and Zheng You finds her at the villa. Why is her father the only one worried – what about him? Why can't she face it?

Zai Shuo looks at the photo and imagines Cai Yuan looking for him at the bus-stop. She comes to the café to see a bouquet of flowers. A note is there – can she forgive the petty and weak him? He is not good enough but will she marry him? She looks out to see Zai Shuo and runs to hug him opposite the street. They get the rings. He is so afraid to get rejected again. They have missed too many chances.

He wants to kiss her but she turns away. He suppresses his disappointment and brings her to the garden as she requests. You will laugh at this – she wants her first kiss to be here in a romantic surrounding and not in the car! Zai Shuo is amused and gives her the kiss. (Very romantic!) Zhen Ya returns home. Both families meet and agree on the marriage. They decide to hold the wedding on the same day for the brothers.

Zai Shuo sends Cai Yuan to work and Cheng Min grumbles when she stops her car. Zheng You sees them again and gets upset. See how cheeky Zai Shuo is – he asks if Cai Yuan has any urgent documents to sign. She nearly cracks up – how can she bypass the managers to pass to him? He suggests getting her to pass to him personally – he urges to see more of her. Cai Yuan doesn't want to get fired but he wishes her to be a housewife after marriage and she jokes that she will reconsider their wedding. Both plan to start a family.

Mr Zhang sends golf clubs to Zai Shuo's office. Mr Zhang urges Zheng You to accept the golf club membership card. He can't transfer him away to upset Zhen Ya. Zhen Ya hasn't returned to work and Zheng You looks at her photo on her table moodily. Cai Yuan asks what happens to her and has hoped to get good news from them. She is too selfish in the past.

Zai Shuo sees them together. Why doesn't he tell him? Zheng You thinks nothing can be changed. Zai Shuo has the chance to make Cai Yuan happy but Zheng You hurts her too much. So he must treat her doubly well on his behalf. Mr Zhang teaches the guys golf but Zheng You is embarrassed when he wants Zai Shuo to be his witness to make sure that Zheng You treats Zhen Ya well. (What a forceful way!)

Zheng You wears the ring but Zhen Ya isn't at home to meet him. Zheng You gets distracted upon getting her call when he is having a meeting with the rest. She returns the ring to him and wants a breakup. Isn't he happy now? He doesn't mean that but she decides to free him. He has actually gotten a necklace for her and puts the ring there. Zai Shuo is shocked to know that and suddenly he feels a sharp pain in his chest but tells Zheng You that he is fine.

Zheng Lian is shocked t osee Zhen Ya crying and dancing at the pub alone when she is with Kong Zhuo. Zheng You informs Mr Han of the breakup. Zhen Ya leaves the company but will still attend the wedding – not because of them but because of her friendship with Zai Shuo. Zai Shuo looks at the calendar – Zheng You is still on leave. Zai Shuo asks Zhen Ya out – her heart flutters when getting his call. That means that she might be interested in him initially. If without Cai Yuan, they might be together.

He asks if she is uninterested to work because of Zheng You. The answer is obvious. She should not follow his example. An anxious heart will ruin everything. He nearly loses Cai Yuan because of this. She can try waiting for Zheng You. Cheng Min recalls she needs to retake her exam to get into the arts faculty when teasing Cai Yuan to making a small blanket. Zai Shuo tries in vain to get Shun Ying to abort her baby.

Zai Shuo's teeth bleed profusely when he brushes his teeth. He goes to his friend for a checkup. (Please lah – can't the producer offer us something else?!) Zheng You sees them and asks the person's identity. Does he owe him money? Zai Shuo smiles bitterly as his friend gives a negative report. Cai Yuan is puzzled when Zai Shuo doesn't answer her call. She grumbles he nearly causes her to be late and is puzzled he isn't at work when she looks for him in the office. Cai Yuan asks Zheng You if he is on a business assignment.

Zheng You recalls the man he sees but denies anything. Zai Shuo goes to the beach. Zhen Ya starts drawing again. Zheng You is also puzzled when Zai Shuo doesn't answer his call too. He goes to his office and sees that Zai Shuo has indicated that he has gone to the hospital for a checkup. Mr Zhang is pleased with Cai Yuan's drawing. Is she staying in Da Jing after marriage? It will be a pity if she becomes Zai Shuo's housewife. She will follow Zai Shuo's decision. She is grateful to Mr Zhang for giving Zai Shuo the chance. But just as she said, it is his loss to lose him as Mr Zhang notices.

Zheng You learns that he has to expect the worst from the doctor and is down. Although Zai Shou's report isn't out yet, he is already negative. He returns to the office and demands to know where Zai Shuo has gone. How can he be late for work? Zai Shuo lies that he is meeting the factory clients. He looks at how Cai yuan works and both smile at each other. She wants to know what he is keeping from her but he says that he has gone to cheer himself up and he has missed lots of things.

She doesn't want him to do this again. She hopes that the couple will reconcile again. Knowing that he is meeting Zheng You, she jokes that he must call her and not drink too much. He must not go to places with bargirls and think of her every 30 minutes. She puts a paper into his suit jacket pocket. This is something to look at which works better than her nagging. Zai Shuo gets reports that Zheng You's products are selling well and congratulates him. Mr Zhang approves of them together so why is he still unhappy?

Zheng You asks why he goes to the hospital. The doctor is his friend's friend. He will not disclose much so he wants to ask him personally. Zai Shuo asks if his sin is so dreadful – he lets Zheng You down and is feeling guilty all his life. The more blissful he becomes, the more he owes him. Moreover, things don't go well for the Zheng You couple too. This makes Zai Shuo hesitant to register his marriage. Should he let Cai Yuan return to Zheng You or stay beside him to cry?

Zai Shuo takes out the paper from his jacket. It is the brothers' combined wedding card that Cai Yuan has designed. He cries and Shun Ying overhears it. Zheng You sees Cai Yuan's promotion poster and comments it to be good. He isn't in a good mood because someone makes him trouble. She thinks it is Zhen Ya and gives her address. Zheng You looks at the ring and Cai Yuan visits Zhen Ya, learning that she is going to France soon to study art.

Zai Shuo suffers from nose bleeding again. He goes for a walk with Cai Yuan and suddenly feels giddy to sit on a bench. Cai Yuan runs to get him vitamin pills. He is touched and uses his handkerchief to wipe her sweat. But her kidney isn't good and she should not be running. The two quarrel – Zai Shuo goes to the church for the first time – what should he do now?

He later calls her, wanting to take a look at her. She sees him outside and playfully goes to him with the blanket. She is shocked to see his swollen eyes - has he cried? She gives the blanket to him as she thinks of him when sewing it. She has wanted to use it after their marriage but is too impatient. He can look at it when he misses her. Zai Shuo wants to postpone the marriage, lying that he is going to Europe to work. She is angry that he is such a workaholic. Zai Shuo si relieved that she doesn't confront Mr Zhang.

Zai Shuo gets the lovers watches from the shop. Zheng You learns that Zai Shuo applies for long leave and finds his CT scan on hiss table. Cai Yuan will not send Zai Shuo off at the airport later but both attend Zai Yong's wedding ceremony together. Zai Shuo passes the lovers' watches to Zai Yong. (I shake my head – what a lame excuse the producer has come up for Zai Shuo. It is not that he can't witness Zai Yong's wedding. He and Cai Yuan can actually hold the wedding together without the honeymoon, isn't it?)

Zheng You hopes that Zhen Ya can help Zai Shuo and she faxes the CT scan to her elder brother in the U.S. Hopefully, his friends can help Zai Shuo if he has the operation on time. She chides Zheng You for keeping it from Cai Yuan. She sees the necklace in his car and it has her English initials. It is for her and Zheng You puts the ring on her finger. Don't remove it again as he will never let it leave her finger. He loves her. She is touched and both kiss in the car.

Mdm Hong goes for an outing with Mr Song. Zai Shuo sends the couple to the airport as they go for their Jiju honeymoon. Zheng You shows the reports to Cai Yuan and she is stunned. Both can't find him at the airport and she recalls that Zai Shuo loves cycling when Cheng Min reminds her. Sure enough, she sees the blanket and later Zai Shuo at the beach. She scolds him and wants him to accept the treatment.

He should not get the answer from the church but from her. His whole family knows about it and Mr Jiang blames himself for causing this. Zai Shuo doesn't want his family to get weaker than him. Cai Yuan wants to register their marriage to become his burden to spur him to survive. Mr Song doesn't approve of it. She is miserable – don't they want her to treat him better? Why does everyone change now?

Zai Shuo feels the pain again. Shun Ying makes him medicine and spurs him to survive like her. Zhen Ya learns that her brother can help out. Zheng You sighs upon seeing Zai Shuo's empty table but is overjoyed by the news. The four have a trip together. Zai Shuo is amused that Zheng You can think of beach camping as he is not a romantic. Cai Yuan gets a priest to officiate their wedding but Zai Shuo goes away.

Zheng You also disapproves of it. Anyone can care for him but this is not the way. Cai Yuan decides to accompany Zai Shuo to the US for treatment. Mr Zhang will keep Zai Shuo's post till he is back. Mr Zhang is like the other father he has and both hug together. Zai Shuo returns to his office and looks at his resignation letter. He looks at his name tab – mass communication senior director.

Zheng You promises to visit him when free but Zai Shuo doesn't wish to trouble him as he will return in 2 weeks. Zheng You jokes that he wants to finish his leave and he will definitely not frown because of him. He will not worry because Zai Shuo only worries for others. Zai Shuo helps Cai Yuan to pull her luggage but later he is knocked down by a car while trying to save a girl.

Zai Shuo is dead for 2 years. Zheng You persuades Cai Yuan in vain to return to Da Jing as she only wants to draw now. She has adopted 2 children and they stay near the beach. She tells Zheng You not to worry for her as Zai Shuo will not be happy. Zhen Ya is pregnant now and passes her the photo that she has taken with Zai Shuo. Cai Yuan cries – now he is with her again. There is still hope in spring after all. (As expected, I grumble at the ending again…..)

Introduction on characters

1. Han Zheng You – Lee Jung Jin
He comes from a home of educationists. He is very interested in birds and that inspires him to care for conversation. But being an underdog makes him feel very inferior. He is creative and provides interesting ideas. Thus he climbs up the ladder fast – to be at the same position with Zai Shuo within 2 years as the mass communications director. He is mild mannered initially but when he knows that Zai Shuo cheats his chance in getting Cai Yuan, he becomes more assertive.

I don't really like his attitude – he should fight for a chance to woo Cai Yuan again when he regains his memory. But he chooses to feign that he knows nothing to evade from responsibility. Worse when he even wants to make use of Zhen Ya to forget her and even thinks of resigning when Zhen Ya gives him hell. How I hate his attitude! Moreover, he only thinks of how guilty he is towards Cai Yuan's accident and doesn't forgive himself even though she doesn't blame him.

He should try to be like Zai Shuo in making amends. Even when he loses his memory, his personality remains the same. It baffles me how he eliminates Cai Yuan. He might say it is for her own good but I gather he wants to avoid her. But he is also upright like Zai Shuo. He will not accept favours easily too. That is why he dislikes Zhen Ya paving his job route for him and prefers to strive hard on his own.

Jung Jin doesn't act that well in the beginning. He is completely overshadowed by Han Sun because the character is too weak. But you will like his warm smiles – it brings hope. He looks great in both casual and working wear. The stylist has done a great job.

2. Jiang Zai Shuo – Jo Han Sun
He is the second son of the 3 siblings. Being the brightest, his father pins the most hopes on him. He doesn't disappoint them – to become the planning director of Da Jing at a young age. He feels guilty all along for Zai Xi's act of stealing the letters for 13 long years. Knowing that Cai Yuan has not accepted him, he works hard to win her over. But alas – Zheng You's appearance dashes all his hopes. It is bad enough that they are love rivals. Things become worse when they become colleagues. Zheng You's promotion is like flying a helicopter to get to the top and thus he feels threatened.

He knows what he wants and needs. Although it is a big attraction to get power after marrying Zhen Ya and he is definitely ambitious by nature, he turns Mr Zhang's proposal down and prefers to work hard on his own. He is very upright to stay devoted to his love. Who doesn't get touched by his anxiety upon knowing that Cai Yuan is in danger? He gets so worried that he sleeps in her ward but what does he get in turn from her – not gratitude but abusive remarks. My heart goes all out to this character…..

Even though he gets retrenched, he still proves his worth by studying in the library. He also refuses to betray his ex-boss. That is why he gets rightfully promoted upon his return.

Poor him – Cai Yuan wrongs him so many times and he suffers so much. With added pressure from his family's expectation, no wonder he becomes ill. Zai Shuo is capable at work and does have a commanding presence. But when it comes to love, he becomes too persistent and I feel so sorry to see him trying so hard on Cai Yuan. He really loves her too much to give up on her. I doubt an ordinary man can put up with the humiliation and he is so exceptional – especially when she misunderstands all his good intentions.

Now I know why Han Sun is so popular after this drama – because he really shines in here! I am totally captivated by his role. He is only 23 then but he oozes an air of maturity. The way that he totally overpowers Zheng You makes him attractive. The way he warns AM Gao is also authoritative. Who can resist his pleading tone and pitiful eyes when he shows his soft side? He does the crying scenes very well. My only complaint is his hairstyle is too boring and looks a bit untidy. More can be done.

3. Jiang Zai Yong – Goo Joon Yup
He is Zai Shuo's elder brother. Not having a head for studies, he becomes a car mechanic in his father's garage. Being simple-minded, he gets cheated by Shun Ying's ex-husband many times on the money issues. Luckily Zai Shuo's punches chase the man away for good. I really sigh – this younger brother provides the money and also needs him to settle by force. What is he good at? Nothing…..

4. Dr Han – Lee Jung Kil (he is as Ming Zhe's father in 'Beautiful Days')
He is Zheng You's biology lecturer father who can read Zheng You's mind. Knowing that he is indecisive, he gives constructive advice and hopes that he can have a mind of his own.

5. Mr Zhang – Han In Soo
He is the chairman of Da Jing but is always involved with younger women. (Strangely, I don't find many scenes on it.) He admires talents and that is why Zai Shuo is his right-hand man. After discovering Zheng You's talent, he becomes his right-hand man. You will dislike him of thinking of using Zhen Ya to marry Zai Shuo to tie him down. He doesn't believe in outsiders completely but can't other methods work? I really dislike him to try repeatedly although Zai Shuo has rejected him. But he genuinely dotes on Zhen Ya. Although he doesn't like Zheng You that much, he still accepts him.

6. Mr Song – Shin Choong Sik
He is a baker who brings up Cai Yuan single-handedly. He knows that Zai Shuo is genuine to Cai Yuan. That is why he can never accept Zheng You to be his son-in-law.

7. Mr Jiang – Kim In Moon
He is Zai Shuo's father. Oh how I dislike him for belittling Cai Yuan and pushing Zai Shuo to marry Zhen Ya for a better life! He knows who Zai Shuo likes but he forces him to do this against his will. But later he becomes a better man to accept Shun Ying into their family.

8. Lu Kong Zhuo – Jang Tae Sung
He is Zheng You's close buddy who stays at his home because he is also Zheng Lian's band member. He cares for him and is with him whenever he is in a bad mood.

9. Song Cai Yuan – Soo Ae
She is Zai Shuo's girlfriend but still harbours the hope of seeing Zheng You again. She stresses too much on affinity. She graduates from the art faculty and is an expert in making sculptures. Her indecisiveness hurts the two men instead. I really hate her for treating Zai Shuo so badly. I wonder if Zai Shuo gets ill because he has eaten too many dead cats. (Please allow me to use the Cantonese phrase.) I am appalled by her attitude. It is like…….seeing a demon underneath the angelic exterior!

What the guys see in her simply confuses me. Yes, she is pretty but she certainly doesn't deserve the love from the two fine men.

See how she jumps into conclusions – I can't believe that all the hurtful remarks come from this woman's mouth! It is like seeing an unreasonable shrew pointing fingers at Zai Shuo, stabbing him many times through his body. Argh – how can Zai Shuo bear with her for wronging him so many times?! I thought they should know each other well after so many years. She certainly thinks too lowly of him.

The way she throws herself at Zheng You too also pisses me off. And the way she asks for Zai Shuo's help over the money – as if he is the one who owes her. See how conceited she is after getting in makes my blood boil. He is her superior and she behaves like this. Even though she is nice to Zai Shuo after discovering her mistake, I can't shake off her violent image on my mind – isn't this dreadful?

Soo Ae doesn't really act well in here. And she resembles Myung Se Bin in looks. i'm so afraid that i will end up disliking her too. Her role is simply too hateful. Her expressions are restricted although the way she expresses Cai Yuan's frustrations is quite adequately depicted.

10. Zhang Zhen Ya – So Yi Hyun
She is Mr Zhang's daughter but Mr Zhang is using her as a bait to attract a good son-in-law to help him in his business. Poor woman – a normal man will jump at the chance to marry her but she is rejected TWICE! Probably this leaves her with no confidence left and she runs after Zheng You…with a whip? I have not seen any other woman who keeps pressing a guy to marry her. Is she so desperate?

Forcing him up the wall and also expressing hostility to Cai Yuan makes matters worse. When she can't get Zheng You, she sinks into despair to worry everyone – just like a willful princess. She is lucky to have a supportive father who puts up with her wild ways. I find Zheng You loving her too fast – just because she leaves him for a while or because she makes him guilty?

Yi Hyun's acting is better than Sooo Ae's but I am annoyed by her haughty expressions. They are repetitive as I have seen them in 'Yellow handkerchief' before. She needs to change her style although her crying scenes have improved. She also resembles Ji Woo at first glance so she is quite sweet looking.

11. Shen Shun Ying – Lee Yoon Sung
She is a karaoke hostess but has an unhappy marriage as her ex-husband only knows how to make use of her to earn money. Plus her failing liver, she has not wanted to marry Zai Yong but his sincerity touches her to be with him. She often gives Zai Shuo encouragement when he goes to her for advice.

12. Jiang Zai Xi – Kim Ji Yoon
She is Zai Shuo's younger sister who is also talented in art. Although she can be proud like Zai Shuo, she lacks his talents. But all will be touched by the way she protects Zai Shuo from harm. Many may disapprove her of hiding Zheng You's letters but will rejoice when she reveals the truth. Zai Shuo has suffered for too long.

13. Wu Xin Zi – Lee Hue Sook
She is Mrs Han's classmate and also Mr Han's ex-student. She opens a pub and is Shun Ying's senior. She approves of the couple together and allows them to work for her. She also offers them to stay there when they are not accepted by Mr Jiang. All come to her pub for a drink when they are down or bored.

14. Mdm Hong – Kwon Kui Ok
She is Mr Song's assistant at the bakery. She is also Kong Zhuo's mother. She later starts a romance with Mr Song and treats Cai Yuan like her daughter.

15. Mrs Han – Park Soon Chun
No one will blame her for doting on Zheng You as he is her only son. But she doesn't communicate with him that well as with the father because both view things differently.

16. Zheng Cheng Min – Jung Tae Sung
She is Cai Yuan's close classmate and friend. She is like Mr Song's second daughter as she stays with them. I find her knowing Zai Shuo better than Cai Yuan. Too bad they don't make a couple.

Favourite character
Zai Shuo wins hands down. He cares for his family, is filial to Mr Song (see how he remembers his birthday while his own daughter doesn't) and loves Cai Yuan deeply. He is such a nice guy.

Most hated character
Mr Jiang, for opposing Zai Shuo to get who he loves. The second will be Cai Yuan – it is not just her being nasty to Zai Shuo but also how desperate she is to get Zheng You. The last will be Zai Yong for giving Zai Shuo so much trouble.


The beginning is attractive but I hate the ending. It is still a soap drama with the predictable story line. I have expected something different since it has a refreshing beginning. But the story goes downhill for the last few episodes. From the point Zheng You loses his memory onwards, things go awry. Actually I look forward more to how the guys fight for Cai Yuan's love.

What a pity to stop at that when Zheng You keeps blaming himself over it. I am impatient with Zhen Ya's frequent whining for Zheng You and also Zai Shuo suddenly becoming weak because of his illness. The producer initially lets Zai Shuo live so he creates a temporary happy moment for us to go for an operation. Then he finally decides to squeeze tears from the audience - he chooses to finish him off in an accident.

Although I don't think Cai Yuan deserves to have a happy ending with Zai Shuo, Zai Shuo doesn't deserve to die. My friend thinks that it serves her right to pine for him for the rest of her life and she can accept this tragic ending. She may be right in a way. This is such a deliberate act. Story-writers, please think of something new. I am tired of seeing the same old wine presented in a new package.

What kind of ending is this – summer and spring are both happy seasons but yet they choose to create a death. I simply don't understand it. The Koreans seem to love tragedies and can accept them from appearing out of nowhere. But can't the producer be more realistic?

What makes it watchable is the actors' acting. They are really impressive, leaving the actresses in the cold as their second fiddle. If you can accept the crappy ending, you may watch it to focus on the acting instead.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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