Law Firm

Reviewed by: sukting

May 16, 2004

Rating: three-point-five

Year produced

How long
21 episodes

What a weird number of episodes! But it promises high entertainment. A story on how a righteous lawyer trying to set up his law firm with friends. Some may be harbouring different motives or reasons to help him out initially. They are influenced by him to take up worthwhile cases in the end. Sorry for the long synopsis but it is hard to get the vcds overseas.


Ying Xiong works as a DPP for the marines. He is asked to defend a soldier who molested a six year old girl. He can’t bring himself to do the job and quits. Jun Xi chides him for being reckless. Jun Xi later joins Yin’s law firm and helps the business to prosper. Ying Xiong sets up his own law firm but runs into financial difficulties. Even the electricity and telephone lines are cut so his secretary quits.

Ying Xiong goes to Hong Kong to try to get a big deal. Hong Kong fans will regret missing him in action as he shot many scenes here! He sees the soldier on the way when he is nearly knocked down by his convertible. The soldier is acquitted of his crime and he sneers at him. Ying Xiong gets into a fight with him and his gang on the street. But when he receives a phone call, he runs away quickly!

Tong Ling loses a case again after 8 failures. He is very disappointed with himself. Jiang Jun successfully causes an illegal landlord, Zhao Gen Pei to pay damages of 45 billion won from Hua Zhen Company. He demands a 3 billion won profit from his law firm. His boss is angry with him for being so greedy but agrees to think over when he threatens to resign.

We also get to listen to Seung Hun speaking English lines – that is a rare chance to see him so bold! Can you expect him to charge into a conference room, shouting to a chair of directors that they can leave everything to him?? A big company, Morses is considering merging with Hua Zhen Company which runs into financial difficulties. It needs a law firm to do the analysis. Ying Xiong tries to persuade the director to consider him as both come from the same hometown. The man agrees to give him 15 days. Ying Xiong doesn’t know that Jun Xi is another contender for the deal too.

Yin Zhen and Zhen Ya meet up with other friends. They find out that Ying Xiong isn’t doing well now although he is the brightest among them in the master’s programme. Ying Xiong is desperate to look for partners but all reject him. All find him too idealistic and they will not earn much money from the partnership. He accepts Tong Ling reluctantly into his law firm as he knows that he isn’t competent in dealing cases but he is kindhearted. Ying Xiong is desperate to make things work that he withdraws advance cash using his credit card. He even lies to his parents that everything is alright.

Yin Zhen also meets Ying Xiong. She chides him of not working in her father’s company and rejecting her father’s offer to study overseas. She agrees to help Ying Xiong because she likes him all along. Yin asks Jun Xi to find out which place she is working for as she keeps it from him. Ying Xiong sees Zhen Ya quarreling with a lawyer for neglecting an old woman’s appeal and calls her.

Zhen Ya always amuses him. Ying Xiong was the star of their faculty. One day, she was so attracted to him playing basketball. When Ying Xiong warned her that the ball was coming, she didn’t even notice it and it hit her right on the head. So he jokingly asks her this time whether she is still as clumsy as before. She protests and yet she nearly trips again! Zhen Ya then asks him whether she can still continue in her community work if she helps him. Ying Xiong is delighted to get her assistance and agrees to it.

Ying Xiong eyes on Jiang Jun this time because he is a very successful lawyer. Jiang Jun demands to get 3 billion won for his services. Why is he winning 90% of the cases that he gets? He focuses on important facts and 10% failure is rare. Ying Xiong reluctantly agrees to it but it will be from the profit which will be received later. Jiang Jun is dismayed when his law firm accepts his resignation but he is still cool over it.

All meet at Ying Xiong’s law firm and Ying Xiong discusses his strategies with them. They have not decided the name of the firm. Ying Xiong has dinner with Zhen Ya. She asks him why he hasn’t contacted her for a year. What happens if he has a lover who can’t accept his rash ways? He replies that the solution is simple – just get someone who forgives him like her! She blushes.

After knowing that Yin’s company is also eyeing the deal, Ying Xiong rushes to Hong Kong. Jiang Jun suspects Yin Zhen to be a spy and refuses to work with her. Both quarrel – Yin Zhen demands to know whether she is going to quit every time each case has Yin’s law firm as the contender. Jiang Jun decides to quit. Tong Ling and Zhen Ya try in vain to pacify them.

Yin Zhen is angry to see Jun Xi at her doorstep, declaring that he will marry her the next day since both have been steady for long. She warns him not to appear in front of her unnecessary again and rejects his marriage proposal. She knows how scheming and ambitious he is.

Ying Xiong is stunned that Jun Xi comes on Yin’s behalf to Hong Kong. Despite his requests, Jun Xi refuses to give in and is sarcastic to him. Ying Xiong has disliked him for being too unfeeling but respects him. Now his opinion is changed. The Morses director lies that he isn’t in but Ying Xiong is patient to wait for her. Thus the director still gives Ying Xiong to prove himself.

Tong Ling goes to Jiang Jun’s home to try to persuade him to change his mind. He says that the rich normally behave snobbishly but upon seeing that he lives in a big apartment, Tong Ling says he isn’t bad either. He threatens to lift a big rock to smash his car. You will laugh. Jiang Jun springs fast to carry it with his both arms to rest it on the car and heaves a sigh of relief. His car has spent him a bomb. He is annoyed that he has to agree to Tong Ling’s request when he uses force.

Ying Xiong returns and is touched to see all in office. Zhen Ya tells him that all decide on the ‘name’ – law village. Ying Xiong likes it as it represents the poor’s village. Jiang Jun reminds him that they are not doing for free – each of them must get 10 billion if they get the deal. Yin Zhen speaks to the Hua Zhen manager. Zhen Ya and Tong Ling speak to the Hua Zhen company’s worker union. Ying Xiong and Jiang Jun have to get a loan from the bank. Zhen Ya borrows Ying Xiong’s car and is dismayed when the union leaders are still adamant to go on their hunger strike. Tong Ling decides to stay and confront them.

Jiang Jun is shocked when Ying Xiong is going to visit Zhao - whom he causes to pay up 45 billion. He tells Ying Xiong to see him alone – Zhao hates him so much and will not let him go. Ying Xiong still wants to see him as no other person can give so much money in advance. You will laugh again – he reminds Ying Xiong about his share. Even if he doesn’t, he is the accountant and will still settle the accounts. He brings Ying Xiong up to show him the way but Ying Xiong DRAGS him to see Zhao!

Zhao is fuming to see Jiang Jun and wants to sign an agreement. Ying Xiong agrees to every term – to help to regain the losses. But he must help to prevent the banks from pressing the loan return and anyone to overtake the company. If the deal fails, the loser will lose both eyes. Jiang Jun asks if he will still get 3 billion as commission if Zhao gets 45 billion. Zhao agrees and Jiang Jun fixes his thumb-print on the contract. I really laugh when he is still thinking of money at this time.

All must be wondering how this scrooge is willing to brave danger for Ying Xiong. That is because Zhao only wants Jiang Jun’s thumb-print! I try so hard not to laugh when Ying Xiong still thanks him for risking his life when Jiang Jun is in a fury. And sure enough, he hits him hard on the lips for landing him into trouble. Jiang Jun also feels that he is crazy to agree to it. Ying Xiong assures that initially he has no confidence, but with Jiang Jun’s help, things will be different.

Both are partners. How can he be not doing anything for him? He reminds Jiang Jun that the contract is void since there are no lawful witnesses around. There are only Zhao’s henchmen and Ying Xiong is an unwilling witness. Jiang Jun is relieved. Yin Zhen tells Zhen Ya that she likes Ying Xiong and that is the main reason she joins the law firm. Zhen Ya is disillusioned but yet encourages her to stay on to give him the help he needs. Yin Zhen invites Jun Xi out to give a treat to apologise for her past bad behaviour.

‘Law village’ fails in the attempt although they have gone through all the odds. The old woman that Zhen Ya helped before happens to be the union leader’s mother so he gives in to her to show his gratitude. But Jun Xi uses unscrupulous means to win. Ying Xiong hits him in his rage. Since the time both studied for their masters, Jun Xi is against him and Ying Xiong has endured it for long.

Ying Xiong returns to tell the bad news. Tong Ling questions on the possibilities of getting the deal but Jiang Jun sneers at him. This is different from the number of retakes he can do for exams and experience can’t be linked to his age. Both guys get into a fight and decide to leave the law firm. Yin Zhen stops herself from slapping Jiang Jun for Ying Xiong’s sake. Zhen Ya consoles Ying Xiong but to no avail.

Yin requests Jun Xi to get Ying Xiong to join them. He is impressed with him coming in as top in the masters programme. Jun Xi is jealous and claims Jiang Jun to be a more capable lawyer. He approaches Jiang Jun and wants him to quote his price as he doesn’t want to wait for too long. At this time, Zhao calls Jiang Jun. He lies that he is now in a first class cabin on a plane to Argentina. He deliberately pours wine from a bottle and lets Zhao listen to it – putting up a false front that he is really enjoying himself!

After their failure, all are lazy to work. Jiang Jun and Yin Zhen excuse themselves while Tong Ling gambles. Zhen Ya is the only one who accepts the minor cases to keep the law firm going. Ying Xiong admires her perseverance and treats her to dinner. Although both are only having a simple meal, they enjoy each other’s company and decide to have another session the next day.

The next day, Yin Zhen turns up at work and drags Ying Xiong out to have dinner. Ying Xiong accedes reluctantly and misses Zhen Ya’s date. The poor woman bursts into tears eating rice with black sauce. Ying Xiong is dismayed when Yin Zhen declares her love for him and clings to him like an octopus. Ying Xiong tries hard to get away from her and flees upon seeing Jun Xi’s arrival.

Zhen Ya gets 2 new secretaries into the firm. One of them Wu, is at loggerheads with Tong Ling. Both have shared a cab earlier and she thinks that he is a pervert. Another is Hui Lin who is younger and chatty. Zhao confronts Jiang Jun and Ying Xiong for failing in their attempt. Ying Xiong offers to give up one eye with Jiang Jun’s eye – Jiang Jun is touched. Zhao admires Ying Xiong’s guts and decides to change the contract to 15 million won. If they can get the money back for him, the debt will be cleared.

Jiang Jun decides to continue working in ‘law village’. Yin Zhen is angry to see Ying Xiong and Zhen Ya talking intimately. She wants to send Ying Xiong home but he tells her to leave on her own. She is furious and demands him to look at her when he talks as he is too engrossed in his conversation with Zhen Ya! Ying Xiong wants to stay in the office from then on as he is moving out of his apartment to save costs.

Zhen Ya is concerned and says that she still has a spare room. He jokes that he is not going to be her servant although she will pay him a salary. Yin Zhen leaves in fury and Jiang Jun calls at this time. He has accepted a land dispute case and wants a meeting the next day. Ying Xiong says that he can’t make it but Jiang Jun insists. Ying Xiong should know that he has sacrificed a lot for the law firm.

Ying Xiong is troubled as he has already accepted an illegal moneylender case. Jiang Jun walks out of his home, thinking of the 6 billion that he is going to earn. The 5 meet up. Ying Xiong insists that since the poor looks for them, they must help and can’t ignore them. Jiang Jun suggests calling the police to handle it as a criminal case. Why must they put important cases aside?

Tong Ling admits that the victim is his junior and his life is in danger. Jiang Jun reminds them that they are lawyers. Ying Xiong replies that is why using law will be much easier but the law can’t solve all problems because the law doesn’t take into account about conscience. It is a battle of crafty wits and he dislikes it. Jiang Jun finds it difficult to work with him. Tong Ling suggests splitting up the work.

Jiang Jun asks Zhen Ya to help him but she hesitates since she is helping Ying Xiong. Jiang Jun gives a crooked smile – who will believe that he is their partner when it is always 4 against 1 when it comes to voting? He is taken aback when Yin Zhen wants to team up with him since the winning stakes for the moneylender case isn’t high. The incapable Tong Ling says that he will assist them when they need him. Actually he doesn’t know how to help them.

Jiang Jun demands to have half of the 2 billion share of the moneylender case if it is won since he has placed a part in it. All shake their heads upon seeing how calculative he is. Jiang Jun actually doesn’t want any helper so that he can claim the credit to himself. He tells Yin Zhen that their age gap is not wide so she can stop acting to be his elder sister. She gets annoyed with him.

The victim calls Ying Xiong for help when he is kidnapped. Ying Xiong wants to rescue him and Zhen Ya insists on following. He gets impatient when she drives slowly. Ying Xiong goes to the finance company alone and hits the men before trying to leave with the victim. All are armed with golf bats and he can’t escape. Zhen Ya gets worried upon not seeing them and goes up with the policemen. She tells the victim that he can’t be weak. She is angry – must Ying Xiong always do this – using force to solve problems???

This makes her very insecure. His thoughts, actions and attitude – she is clear all along but she is scared hat he will get hurt. When that happens, she is affected. Ying Xiong looks at her tenderly and she suddenly feels shy and adds that he will be demoralized for spending money on medical fees. He laughs and says that they are about the same as she lends money to the victim to tide over the crisis. He then sends her home.

Jiang Jun approaches Jun Xi again to work in Mr Yin’s company. He is willing to give him a salary fit for experienced lawyers. Jiang Jun rejects as he still has unsolved problems with Ying Xiong. He boasts that he is going to get 5 billion won soon. He demands 15 billion won a year for his services. Jun Xi declines to help him. Jiang Jun wonders why good luck has left him. ‘Law village’ is adorable but yet detestable too.

Yin Zhen prepares documents for Jiang Jun. She warns him not to belittle her. She knows her limits but she has pride. Jiang Jun warns her to be careful in typing as a slight mistake will make her lose. He walks out and when Yin Zhen hears footsteps, she thinks it is Ying Xiong. She is surprised to see Jiang Jun again.
Jiang Jun checks the documents. He has thought of her to be pampered and brainless so he has not expected such good work from her. He gives her a packet of sushi and says she can think of him as she eats. But this ‘elder sister’ must not be engrossed to get choked! Yin Zhen is annoyed that he thinks that she is so old!

Yin Zhen calls Ying Xiong and asks over his family’s well-being. Mrs Zheng thinks that she is his girlfriend but he denies. Mr Zheng shouts at her for being nosy. But laugh when he himself asks his only son many questions – is she pretty? Is she her colleague? But he isn’t encouraging him to woo the woman – to him nothing matters than building up his son’s career first!

Zhao visits ‘law village’ to find out how the proceeding goes. Jiang Jun explains that they are still dealing with illegal moneylenders. Zhao becomes interested as he thinks he is the big boss in this trade. Upon knowing that his friend is in trouble, Ying Xiong brings a wooden pole and charges into the moneylender’s office. He receives a call from his friend, saying that he has escaped. Ying Xiong quickly runs away.

When he is cornered, he faces the 5 men bravely. You will be speechless to find out that he actually fights very well. I wonder why he runs so fast in the first place. He even hits the boss hard on the face. The police arrive and arrest all. All frown – Ying Xiong has injured someone and has intruded into private property. Jiang Jun laments that this is ruining ‘law village’s reputation. Ying Xiong might lose his licence. Yin Zhen places bail for him since she is the richest among them.

Zhen Ya feels that he still has a chance of winning since the illegal moneylenders kidnap his friend in the first place. Jiang Jun refuses to help although the winning chances are high if he handles it. He has enough trouble from moneylenders and is still preparing for the land deal case. Zhen Ya offers to defend for Ying Xiong but Yin Zhen says she will do it. She has good connections with the media and can help to reduce the drastic impact to the law firm to a minimal. Zhen Ya feels disappointed but is quiet.

Jiang Jun, Tong Ling and Zhen Ya read the next day’s newspaper. They are impressed on how Yin Zhen makes Ying Xiong to be a pathetic party. Tong Ling has never seen her work so hard while Jiang Jun knows that she must have a motive. Zhen Ya is silent and unhappy. Yin Zhen bails Ying Xiong out. He thanks her for helping but she thanks him for giving her drive to work. She asks him what he wishes to eat. He wants bean curd – Koreans eat this to make sure that they will not return to the prison cell again.

Yin Zhen works very hard on the case. Yin comes to see her. She blames him for not being with her mother before her death. He has spent her last days with a criminal to clear his murder charge. Ying Xiong is in court the next day. He tells the judge that he will still do it if there is a second case. All his partners are dismayed to hear it. Zhen Ya demands to know why he is so stupid. Other criminals will still hide their conscience to tell a lie to protect themselves – why can’t he do the same? She flares up and walks away.

Yin Zhen is unhappy as her tone seems to imply that the others are not concerned about Ying Xiong. Jiang Jun goes after her after saying that Ying Xiong is tactless too. Jun Xi jeers at Ying Xiong for being stupid and doubts his chances to remain as a lawyer. Tong Ling finds him too much. Ying Xiong waits for Zhen Ya to be back in vain so Yin Zhen drives him out to the countryside. She demands to know why Ying Xiong can’t forget his ex-girlfriend who is married. She is willing to do anything for him. He rejects her.

This shows that Jiang Jun is not so unfeeling. Jiang Jun finds Zhen Ya sitting in a park. She comes here when she loses a case to cry to feel better. Jiang Jun doesn’t know the feeling as he has never lost. She is annoyed with him for being so conceited as she is his elder sister. He smiles and doesn’t see why he should show her respect since she is only 2 years older than him. He jokes that she should have a date with him.

Moreover, it is rare to date a handsome man like him. He places his arm over her shoulder, saying that he has tried hard to protect his own eye and now he needs to console an old virgin. She is annoyed but is dragged by his hand to the amusement park. He brings her there to cheer her up. They have fun on the ferris wheel and Jiang Jun is amused to find her eating so much to vent her sadness.

He wants to taste the popcorn but is lazy. He wants her to feed him! Zhen Ya is obliging. He likes the taste – or rather he likes the feeling. He knows Zhen Ya likes Ying Xiong. He asks why as he is bad tempered and not as handsome as him. He reminds her of Ying Xiong’s ex. She is Ying Xiong’s senior who is 1 year older, dates him for 2 years but ditches him for another man. Jiang Jun knows that Ying Xiong is devoted to her. He will not fall for older women and consoles her not to take it too much as it takes time.

Zhen Ya calls Yin Zhen. Yin Zhen knows she also likes Ying Xiong after the outburst. She lies that Ying Xiong is still with her. But in reality, he is already home to have dinner. Mrs Zheng supports him over his decision and he feels the warmth. Yin still wishes Ying Xiong to work for him. Yin Zhen seeks his help to acquit Ying Xiong. He agrees and reveals to Jun Xi that Yin Zhen has omitted mentioning Ying Xiong’s part of attacking the man with a pole. Jun Xi is frustrated that she helps him so much.

Zhen Ya asks Ying Xiong out. He apologises for being too frank. She bursts into tears, fearing the worst for him. He consoles her that he can be her secretary. She agrees and says that she will give him a miserable pay. All come to give him support. Zhen Ya pulls Ying Xiong aside and wants him to promise that he must not do it again. He agrees and pinches her face lightly. Both tell each other not to be so nervous.

Zhen Ya is jealous upon hearing Tong Ling telling the two not to develop their romance in public but in private later. The creditors are arrested for blackmailing and the man is safe. Ying Xiong only needs to pay a fine and all are relieved. Jun Xi congratulates him and indicates that he must give his special thanks to Yin Zhen. Ying Xiong senses something amiss but doesn’t know why. He goes for a celebration with the others and gets a call to meet Yin the next day.

He goes out for a while to have a puff. A teenager asks him for money to buy food and transport. He gives her money and is astonished that she asks him to sleep with her! He grabs her hand and demands to know her age and where she stays. She runs away.

The ‘law village’ suddenly gets non-stop calls for settling debts. One even asks on how to bash their debtors. Jiang Jun is working on the land case and is frustrated by the noise. He pulls the telephone wire because he can’t concentrate. He storms out and curses Zhao. In his disbelief, Zhao appears at this time! He forces him to attend a marriage arrangement with his niece because he wants him to be his son-in-law!

Ying Xiong goes to the police station to close the case. He gets to see the young prostitute, Mei Lan there. She is only 18 and is going to be jailed soon for committing the offence thrice. The policemen feel sorry that she is ruining her future and don’t understand why she doesn’t want a lawyer to stand for her. She is adamant of going to jail. Ying Xiong decides to help her out.

Ying Xiong meets Yin and he asks him to join his law firm. He is shocked to know the reason of his release. He confronts Yin Zhen and feels down. He has a strong self-esteem although he is grateful to her for her help. Ying Xiong finds it difficult to talk to Mei Lan so he requests Zhen Ya to speak to her in the police station. Yin Zhen calls him and is jealous to know that Zhen Ya is with him.

Zhen Ya is unable to get the truth too. Both decide to approach their senior for help since he is the prosecutor. Zhen Ya is exhausted and sleeps in his car on the way home. Yin Zhen waits outside her home to see both back and she is jealous. I find this scene sweet and amusing – Ying Xiong looks at Zhen Ya tenderly and wakes her up in a soft voice – which is so different from how he treats others. He jokes that she snores in her sleep and tells her to wipe off her saliva from her face!

Tong Ling celebrates Wu’s birthday with her. She assures him that he is still the best lawyer to her. Tong Ling has no case and hopes that the shares he buys will shoot up as he has not given his mother the household allowance. Yin Zhen enquires how Jiang Jun is doing. He finds a problem – someone from a big law firm is creating trouble for him by offering a lower fee than him. He hopes it is not Yin’s firm as he will laugh his head off as it is impossible that a big firm can be interested in such a small deal.

Yin Zhen asks Jun Xi out and asks if he still likes her. She wants to marry him now. He senses that there are problems between her and Ying Xiong now. She knows that he wants to give Ying Xiong a big blow because he can’t win him in anything. She wants to help him. He is taken aback by the change in her.

Zhen Ya and Ying Xiong meet their senior. He jokes that they look like a couple as they think and look alike. Are they in politics? One uses the pole to attack others while another wants to shield a teenage prostitute. They laugh it off. They beg him and he gives in to the condition that they must be responsible for Mei Lan. Zhen Ya wants to keep it from others as this might give them trouble. Ying Xiong is overjoyed that she helps Mei Lan and places his hand on her shoulder – much to Zhen Ya’s annoyance.

She asks them why they are so intimate in early morning. They lie that they do not go to work together. Yin Zhen says Zhen Ya is pretentious. She has shared her secret but she goes out with Ying Xiong behind her back. Is she in love with him? They will feel uneasy in future at work as she does not admit defeat easily.

Jun Xi finds it too sudden that Yin Zhen treats him well. He admits that he reduces the fee to give Jiang Jun a taste of failure. He admits this is to force Jiang Jun to join Yin as he admires his wits. Yin Zhen offers to help him out since she dislikes Jiang Jun to be too arrogant. Tong Ling is bored with nothing to do. Jiang Jun declines his help. Zhen Ya tells Ying Xiong in a soft voice that she wants to fetch Mei Lan. He nods his head but Yin Zhen stops her, telling her to help Jiang Jun. Jiang Jun agrees.

Tong Ling is offended – Jiang Jun rejects him and yet he accepts Zhen Ya. It seems that all of them have secrets and he is deemed useless doing nothing. He storms out and Wu runs after him to cheer him up. Her friend, Xi Shu faces sexual harassment in her office and wants Tong Ling to take up the case for her. Zhen Ya wonders why she is so afraid of Yin Zhen before bailing Mei Lan out.

Jiang Jun wants all contracts that his client has and is glad that he still keeps an informal contract. He will win for sure. Ying Xiong apologises to Tong Ling but he still feels sore over it. Mei Lan wonders why Zhen Ya trusts her so much. She replies that she was also lazy at her age and only worked hard when she failed to get into university. Yin Zhen wants Zhen Ya to help Jiang Jun in the conclusion. She accepts it and Ying Xiong wishes to help her. Jiang Jun is so glad that he can take a break after working hard for so many days that he heads for home immediately.

Yin Zhen wants Ying Xiong to look through a case file to see if they can accept it. But the file is at home and she wants of him looking through it with her now. He looks uneasy and suggests her of bringing it the next day. She insists it now and Ying Xiong has no choice but to leave with her. He tells Zhen Ya to take care before leaving. She is unhappy doing it on her own but still finds ways to cheer up.

Ying Xiong denies that he is still angry with Yin. Yin Zhen replies that it is not easy for her to approach Yin. She demands to know why he is hiding from her – why doesn’t he do that to Zhen Ya? He says that he is not worth of her who is rich, pretty and smart. She refuses to give up but he walks away.

Zhen Ya gets everything locked in the safe. Jun Xi calls Yin Zhen – he likes her because she is feminine but it is better if she improves in her temper. Tong Ling decides to accept Xi Shu’s case. Zhen Ya returns home and tries to refrain eating Mei Lan’s food as she is scared of growing fat. But the smell is too tempting that she breaks the rule. Mei Lan teases her of liking Ying Xiong till her face turns red. She tells Zhen Ya to hook him early in the morning daily – if not, he is just a good catch and others will get him.

Tong Ling decides to return to the office to look for details on past cases. The next day, Jiang Jun is abducted to see Zhao’s niece for a matchmaking session. I laugh when the plump and beady eye woman looks at him lovingly! All should see his twisted face! He has no intention to get married. Zhao decides not to get the 15 billion if things work out but Jiang Jun is willing to pay him 20 billion to get away!

Ying Xiong laughs when Zhen Ya mentions that Mei Lan knows love matters more than her. Yin Zhen is jealous to see both smiling so heartedly in the morning. Yin Zhen is angry upon knowing that Hui Lin sends the document to the court instead of Wu. She is angry when Zhen Ya speaks up for her and snaps at her to shut up. Jiang Jun escapes and laments that his blood pressure goes up to faint anytime.

He has another shock in line for him. All are stunned to know that Tong Ling decides to accept the harassment case. They question his ability although he has done a lot of homework. They are appalled that he wants to defend on his own. They stare at him and find it ridiculous! After he leaves, Jiang Jun tells the others that he will replace him. However, Ying Xiong thinks that Tong Ling can do a good job.

Jiang Jun replies that he has not won a single case – how can he rest his mind in peace! Zhen Ya supports Ying Xiong and suggests only assisting Tong Ling to give him a try. Jiang Jun says bluntly that convincing the judge isn’t easy – can Tong Ling do it? Ying Xiong believes that he can do it as he has the ability.

Zhen Ya and Ying Xiong celebrate Mei Lan’s birthday. She asks whether Ying Xiong does it for Zhen Ya too. The two become awkward. He gets a soft toy for Mei Lan. Yin Zhen is filled with jealousy – how can Ying Xiong treat her like this? Jiang Jun returns to office and finds Tong Ling sleeping there. Although Jiang Jun is winning for sure, he makes sure to do his best. Tong Ling praises him for working so hard. The court accepts the temporary contract as evidence. All are excited over the coming earnings. Jiang Jun reminds all of his 50% commission! Ying Xiong agrees that he isn’t a bad man and he has the ability.

Tong Ling mentions that he will share with everyone when he wins. Jiang Jun still wants to take over the case. Yin Zhen and he believe that being passionate enough will not help. If he gives him money after the deal, he will be happy although he doesn’t get to work at all. Zhen Ya and Ying Xiong feel bad over this.

Jiang Jun loses the case and is shocked. He is devastated and sits in the park. Zhen Ya accuses playfully that he has stepped into her territory. He can’t understand how he loses – he is analyzing so that he can appeal. He never knows that losing a case can be so tough. How is he going to face his client as he has boasted that he can win? She assures him that she has lost many times too.

Tong Ling questions if the complete document isn’t sent there. Yin Zhen makes the call and confirms his suspicion. Jiang Jun knows why Zhen Ya comes to this park as he is calm now. She replies that she doesn’t want this to happen often otherwise he will lose like her. He retorts that she should not curse him but still thanks her for consoling him. He is touched that someone cares for him although he is always treating the case as his own and talks about money.

Jiang Jun accepts Yin Zhen’s call and his expression freezes to stare at Zhen Ya. How can she do this to him? Hui Lin is remorseful and resigns. Yin Zhen points her accusing finger at Zhen Ya. A lawyer should not make such a mistake. Jiang Jun angrily asks Zhen Ya what happens since the court doesn’t receive it. He doesn’t wish to appeal rashly as his client will be angry to pay extra for the appeal. She is puzzled and wonders how it happens. She is angry with Yin Zhen’s remarks. She can be careless but she will not make such a mistake. Ying Xiong trusts her and also thinks that it is not her fault.

To Jiang Jun, this doesn’t change the fact that he has lost. Zhen Ya and Jiang Jun walk out angrily. Ying Xiong pacifies Jiang Jun. Jiang Jun points out that he is thoughtful to him but yet makes Zhen Ya tired. Presently, he is uninterested in women but to him, Zhen Ya is A-graded. Ying Xiong says he will meet the client so Jiang Jun says he is a fool. Ying Xiong says that there will not be a more handsome fool like him. Tong Ling sees the molester and tells him about the coming suit.

The person twists his words after knowing that he is a lawyer and comments Xi Shu to be a loose woman. After knowing it, Ying Xiong chides Tong Ling for being too ambitious but wants him to keep from others. He then asks Zhen Ya to inquire how she is. He asks her out and she is sure that she hasn’t misplaced the document. He wonders if someone is framing her and teases that she must have cried although she denies.

Zhen Ya hesitates walking into the office but Jiang Jun urges her. How can she feel the pressure just by standing there? Ying Xiong decides to do the appeal for free. Yin Zhen wants to be in charge of documents, implying that Zhen Ya is careless. Jiang Jun cites that it is important in witness asking techniques.

Tong Ling lists down the offences committed but Jiang Jun interrupts him as they can’t fix the crimes too easily. They ask Xi Shu and are shocked to know that other male colleagues are also involved. Ying Xiong wants to know who are her superiors involved. All are tongue-tied when knowing that the molester is her subordinate. Jiang Jun manages to steady himself and asks about the age gap.

His jaw nearly dropped upon knowing that the gap may be 6 years or more. The team goes for dinner together. He voices that he finds it unbelievable. Anyway, he must thank her because her dressing is too revealing. Yin Zhen says that she knows how to dress well. He says sarcastically that it is little wonder men want to get fresh with her. But she is too old indeed.

Zhen Ya says he is too tactless. He replies that they are a team so he is frank! Ying Xiong says ‘Yin law firm’ will think the same track too so Tong Ling says no wonder Jiang Jun is considered a bad guy. Jiang Jun points out that he is one too. Men are like wolves so women love them. He even imitates a wolf’s howling and send all laughing. But putting jokes aside, this involves a big company and if they win, the compensation amount is high and they will get lots of money.

Jun Xi decides to sue for reputation damages and company losses. Ying Xiong and others interview all and none wish to help Xi Shu. One male even questions how the men be interested in old women. Jiang Jun shakes his head and agrees but Tong Ling signals him to stop. Wu confesses that she doesn’t believe Xi Shu totally because she is isolated by all because of her involvement with men. She is divorced twice too. All do not know what to say. Ying Xiong knows Jun Xi will list this out absolutely.

Ying Xiong comes to look for Yi n Zhen upon seeing that she isn’t around just now. She is not interested to be his friend or partner. She doesn’t wish to work now. Why Zhen Ya makes such a mistake and he takes time to console her? She hates Zhen Ya for causing the trouble. Ying Xiong is grateful to her but if she continues this way, they can’t work together anymore. She is shocked at the way he treats her and slaps him.

Ying Xiong returns to office and sees Zhen Ya still working there. She asks what is wrong and drags him out upon knowing that he hasn’t eaten. He describes her acting like his elder sister and she is down. He even says that she knows how to take care of others and he feels no burden when with her. Mei Lan tells her to be frank to him. Ying Xiong thinks over his past. Is his 2 year relationship ruined by age difference?

Zhen Ya comes early the next day because she doesn’t wish to get dismissed. Ying Xiong declines her offer to drink coffee together but he is forced to. The other 2 sit on Jiang Jun’s car to work. Jiang Jun laments that they may be wasting time again. Their victim should be young, adorable and also pathetic looking with beauty. A pity that he can’t find anyone like this in his workplace. Zhen Ya steps on his leg to punish him.

Zhen Ya apologises for her behaviour. Helping him and staying by his side is better than having no chance to look at him at all. She will not give him pressure so he can’t hate her. Jiang Jun jumps upon knowing Tong Ling’s mistake. They had not gone into details with Yin earlier yet and he went to tell them? Does he want them to get prepared early? He wants to take over and will not let Tong Ling do it. He stands up.

Tong Ling protests that it is a small mistake. Jiang Jun asks whether he wants to commit another bigger mistake? He raises it to Ying Xiong. If they care for themselves, how are they going to split the money? Ying Xiong asks him to consider why it is important to Tong Ling. Jiang Jun asks if he finds him pathetic to offer him a mouthful of rice which is too much for him to swallow. This man can be so harsh with his words! Tong Ling is angry that but Jiang Jun says talking directly and from the back is totally different.

If this goes on, the law firm will close and he gets no benefit. Tong Ling is persistent to do it and leaves. Ying Xiong asks must he do that? They may accept endless cases in future but if they lose someone, he will not return. They will lose more if he leaves. Ying Xiong admires Jiang Jun’s talents and doesn’t wish to lose him or Tong Ling. He assures Jiang Jun that he will help Tong Ling.

Jiang Jun recalls his happy times with Ying Xiong and Tong Ling. He sighs – why it always happens and in the end, his heart will soften? He intends to go after them and stops. Why? He sees Zhao at the entrance and lies that he wants to work now. Zhao presses him to meet his niece. Why doesn’t Jiang Jun call her since he asks for her number? Jiang Jun protests as this is not the case and she gives her number to him.

To Zhao, this is still the same. He tells her niece to walk out of the car and Jiang Jun nervously swallows saliva down his throat. Zhao laments that she waits in vain for his calls till she loses weight. She looks at him and smiles but he is too troubled to do the same as he is forced to take her out.

Ying Xiong tells Tong Ling to stop behaving like a child. He should know how Jiang Jun is like and should forgive him. He then rehearses the questions with him. Tong Ling then decides to try his best. Mei Lan starts working in Law Village, much to Yin Zhen’s dismay. Mei Lan notices that Zhen Ya is too reserved and obliging so she decides to help her to win Ying Xiong by working there.

Their impression of Xi Shu changes upon seeing how she has to work hard to support her child. Her ex-husbands do not give her alimony and she has to depend on her own. Xi Shu maintains her innocence. They decide to try their best to help her and Ying Xiong wants her to dress in this normal way if she is in court.

Yin Zhen continues to sneer at Zhen Ya. Zhen Ya is angry and demands to know whether she really doesn’t touch the document. Yin Zhen feels guilty and evades her questioning. Yin Zhen tries hard to please Mrs Zheng. She likes her and invites her home. Mei Lan also invites Ying Xiong to have lunch with Zhen Ya. She wishes to celebrate her birthday with him but she doesn’t tell him that. Ying Xiong agrees to meet her later. His mind is wondering although he is with the two women.

He is disgusted with the way Yin Zhen tries to do but he says nothing. When he is in his car, he is too distraught till Mei Lan sends him an SMS to ask him how the lunch goes. He immediately rushes to the restaurant but she is no longer there. He then goes to her home and decides to wait for her there. Mei Lan chides him for forgetting her birthday and reveals Zhen Ya’s feelings to him.

Zhen Ya returns to the workplace in a daze. Jiang Jun sees this and jokingly addresses her as ‘Madam’ but she is in no mood to joke. He is appalled when she sobs. He brings her home and cooks spaghetti for her. She asks if Ying Xiong likes her. Jiang Jun replies that he doesn’t know his reaction but if he loves a woman, he will never let her cry. Zhen Ya is loveable to him although she is an old woman. That is because he is still a man. She is annoyed but her spirits are lightened.

He offers to send her home but she declines. Doesn’t he say that she is a Madam earlier? To him, a madam is still a woman. How can he feel assured when she has cried earlier and now she refuses his lift? Moreover, it is her birthday so he should do something for her. On the way back, she gets so tired that she falls asleep in his car. Jiang Jun quietly stops the car and gets out.

When she reaches home, he tells her to let him open the car door for her. She wonders why – he says it is time for her to behave like a woman. She should let him do it to feel that she is important. She smiles and agrees. He then gives her a surprise by taking a bouquet of flowers from the rear. He coaxes her to smile because it is not nice to sulk on her birthday.

Mei Lan and Ying Xiong happen to see the scene. Ying Xiong feels disappointed and leaves. Mei Lan is annoyed and confronts Zhen Ya. Mei Lan tells her that Ying Xiong has seen it and why is she getting home in the ‘xiao bai lian’’s car. She has disliked Jiang Jun for being cocky right from the first day of work. Jiang Jun finds himself thinking of Zhen Ya upon returning home. He shakes his head and concentrate on his work. Ying Xiong has a sleepless night while Zhen Ya cries herself to sleep.

The next day, Ying Xiong returns to work early but Zhen Ya ignores him. He tries giving her a present but she rejects. She says that he has not been ready to accept her all along and she needs time to lick her wound. Zhao comes to see Jiang Jun again. Jiang Jun begs him to save him – he will try to settle his debt soon but Zhao wants him to save him instead. The niece isn’t his real niece – he is his triad boss daughter!

He has found Jiang Jun outstanding and introduces him to his triad boss. But he never expects him to want his daughter to meet him instead. Now the woman is vent on marrying Jiang Jun. His triad boss is very bad tempered and will kill him if her wish isn’t fulfilled. Jiang Jun’s face is totally twisted here – he shouts at Zhao – isn’t this the same as telling him to kill himself instead?

The first hearing turns out to be a disaster as Tong Ling stammers. The whole team is crushed. Yin Zhen wants to be out of the case. Jiang Jun declares it to be the end – will Tong Ling’s apology help to solve the problem? Yi n sees Yin Zhen and wants to see her in court again. The whole team is made a laughing stock. Jiang Jun sits down with Ying Xiong and Zhen Ya. His classmates have called him. One only laughs non-stop while another asks why he works with them. How is he going to face them in future?

Zhen Ya also suggests that they have to cool their mind now. Jiang Jun says that now even the angel lawyer is doubtful. Ying Xiong begs for another chance for Tong Ling. Jiang Jun decides to back out too and he is not going to the court anymore. Ying Xiong also tells Zhen Ya that she can back out if she wants too. She flares up – is she redundant now? He is only nervous about the case and concerned about Xi Shu?

Can’t he see that she is stressed? She storms away but gives him a call later to apologise for giving him a burden. He hesitates at first but declares his likeness for her. She takes that he likes her for behaving like an elder sister. She is down and suggests that they become friends which are long lasting. She tells him to look for Tong Ling to give him consolation instead.

Tong Ling is drunk and you will be as appalled as Tong Ling to see that Ying Xiong manages to sneak with him into the courtroom!! How on earth does he get the keys? He is fearful because they can get caught when doing this. Ying Xiong brings him to master his courage in speaking. Tong Ling has wanted to be as good as Jiang Jun or Ying Xiong. But he stammers and is frightened after losing two cases. How is he going to be a lawyer? Ying Xiong decides to give him more practice.

Jiang Jun waits for Zhen Ya outside her home. He wants to have dinner with her as he hasn’t eaten. She wants to give him a treat but he insists on paying. She is stunned when he brings her to a lavish restaurant. She asks why they don’t have BBQ beef instead of spending so much money on wine and Western food. He chides her for being so unromantic. Despite of the nice scenery and a handsome man in front of her, she can still raise the issue of visiting a normal eatery? No wonder she has no boyfriend.

She smiles and says that she can repeat if she wants to. He then says that he is too hungry to talk back at her. She retorts that it is not the right way to talk back to an elder sister. He suddenly feels that she looks like a little younger sister today. Why is he still staying in the firm? Because of Ying Xiong’s drive for work, Tong Ling’s upright and also Yin Zhen’s feminine image. And because of her too.

How does she fall for the indecisive Ying Xiong? Zhen Ya doesn’t know why but she knows that he wants to be a real lawyer, Ying Xiong pretends to be the accused and shakes his head when Tong Ling isn’t aggressive enough. How can he allow him to talk so much and so long? He might be firm. Tong Ling is better in the next practice and he smiles.

Yin expresses his wish to debate against Yin Zhen in court. Yin Zhen then requests others to give her the chance to do it. Tong Ling works hard and does very well on his second hearing. His colleagues cheer for him. After the practice, they lie on the judge’s table. Tong Ling replies that he has wished to do that when he lost every case to plead with the judge to let him win.

He asks Ying Xiong’s relationship with Zhen Ya. He replies that he is not ready to accept her yet because he wants to be a good lawyer to help out. The next day, both wait for the rest but they don’t turn up. Jiang Jun is having his workout at the gym while Yin Zhen is playing golf. Zhen Ya refuses to get down from bed despite pleadings from Mei Lan.

Tong Ling is disappointed but is glad when Yin Zhen finds a witness for him. Zhen Ya suddenly decides to return to work. After a workout session, Jiang Jun sighs again and decides to give them a last chance. He arrives at the firm the same time as Zhen Ya. He also wonders why he returns and she jokes that it must be because of her beauty. Yin Zhen questions on why they are together. Ying Xiong looks uncomfortable at her remark and is unhappy when the two nearly knock into each other when getting back to their seats. Jun Xi senses that Yin is unwell but he assures him that he is okay.

Yin Zhen brings the witness. Ying Xiong finds it suspicious as this man is willing to help as he has left the company. It doesn’t benefit him at all. Only Tong Ling doesn’t suspect the process. Jun Xi meets Ying Xiong and tells him not to let the witness go on court. Ying Xiong asks whether he feels threatened. He then tells him that Yin Zhen bribes the witness. Jun Xi never knows that she loves him so much.

If found guilty, she is completely ruined – unlike a violent lawyer who can be spared. Jun Xi hugs Yin Zhen. Is Ying Xiong really that good to make her do it to gain his favour? She doesn’t know why she did it. Her mother died and only Ying Xiong was there to encourage her. So she decided to be a lawyer to be with him. But she also hates the job that makes Yin neglect her mother. Jun Xi is devastated that Yin Zhen is only making use of him to spite back at Ying Xiong when he is with other women.

Ying Xiong tells Zhen Ya to look for other witnesses but doesn’t tell her why. He then thanks Yin Zhen but advises her not to do anything for him to hurt herself. She wants to quit as she doesn’t move him despite the things she has done. He replies that he doesn’t wish to lose any member and persuades her to stay on. She informs him that she will withdraw the witness application.

Ying Xiong then seeks help from Jiang Jun. He knows that Jiang Jun is feeling itchy with no case at hand. He agrees. Ying Xiong manages to get help from Xi Shu’s male colleague. All slog to do well for the case. Yin and Jun Xi have a meal together and tells him that he wants to join in to stand in the same court with Yin Zhen. He informs Yin Zhen of it. Yin is a marvelous lawyer and his success doesn’t come easy.

Xi Shu is dismissed and the accused says that she is also sore that she is getting lesser than other male colleagues. She replies that divorcees are looked down and on the fateful night, she was reluctant to go as she had left her child at home. She had to bear with their dirty hands touching her body too when dancing with them to keep her job. But still, she was dismissed.

Tong Ling manages to oppose at certain intervals to prevent Jun Xi from asking insulting questions. Jiang Jun and Zhen Ya marvel at the big change. He gives them a treat and says that he has a good teacher to guide him. Jiang Jun mentions that the case of the child will get sympathy and Tong Ling will definitely win if the jury is there. It is against the rule of sacking her so he will do it for her.

Yin Zhen and Ying Xiong will handle the case where Xi Shu is sued by the accused for framing him. Their opponent will be Yin this time. They divide the job. Jiang Jun wants to run around with Zhen Ya so that he will not sit at the desk all the time. Tong Ling laughs and says that he finally knows that a real lawyer will need this finally. Jiang Jun dreams of success to open a good law firm.

Yin comes to look for Yin Zhen and faints. She sends him to hospital and finds out that he needs an operation urgently in order to survive. Tong Ling thanks all for helping him and suddenly hugs Jiang Jun. Zhen Ya and Ying Xiong are amused when Jiang Jun tells him to stop the disgusting act! Yin Zhen is upset when Yin refuses surgery and calls up Ying Xiong.

He rushes to see her but Jiang Jun is indifferent. Is she still their colleague? He is too busy with the suit to make the visit and moreover, she will not be happy with their presence anyway. Although the other two think likewise, they think that he is right. Yin apologises to Yin Zhen for the past. Ying Xiong lets her cry on his shoulder. Zhen Ya is affected upon seeing them together and returns moodily.

Jiang Jun senses it and urges her to go out with him since he is not in a good mood too. She insists of having beer. Jun Xi is angry that Yin Zhen informs Ying Xiong about Yin’s condition and not him. He vows not to let him off if he ill-treats Yin Zhen again. Zhen Ya becomes drunk and yells that she will forget Ying Xiong as he is not the only man in the world. Jiang Jun is concerned as she walks unsteadily and sure enough she leans on him. He ends up carrying her on his back to her home.

Jiang Jun is annoyed when Mei Lan calls him uncle – is he that old??? He is taken aback when she asks him whether he likes Zhen Ya. She urges him to take initiative if so because she can’t stand the way Ying Xiong treats Zhen Ya. He is appalled that she is speaking like an adult and retorts that since he is an old man to him, then he should be more comfortable alone.

Yin sneaks out of hospital to prepare for the case. Zhen Ya is shocked to know that Jiang Jun carries her back home – how is she going to face him? She is trying to recover from the shock but yet Mei Lan
says that Jiang Jun is so strong and yet he is tired due to her heavy weight! Both go to work and Jiang Jun complains to Tong Ling that his back aches and his legs are wobbly. Zhen Ya is so guilty over it. Tong Ling decides to work hard upon knowing that Yin is the lawyer. Jiang Jun says that Tong Ling MUST work hard in order to recoup his losses from buying shares!

They discuss over the case and all are tired over the day. Ying Xiong wishes to give Zhen Ya a lift but she refuses to get Jiang Jun to send her instead. Jiang Jun observes that although she has wanted to forget Ying Xiong, her expressions are unable to conceal on the next day. She vows that she will forget him. Ying Xiong gives her a call after sending Tong Ling home. Zhen Ya falls asleep so Jiang Jun answers for her.

Ying Xiong is taken aback upon hearing Jiang Jun’s voice. Jiang Jun offers to tell Zhen Ya to call him back but he assures him that it is nothing important. But after hanging up, he frowns. Yin Zhen requests them to give her the case. They agree as they know that Yin wants to pit against her in court.

Wu tries to lend Tong Ling money to help him out but he declines. Ying Xiong sorts out the documents at home for the land case. His mother comes in and asks over Zhen Ya. He replies that he isn’t ready to get married. On court, they are impressed by Tong Ling’s performance. But they are unprepared upon knowing that Xi Shu works in a nightclub now. Jiang Jun finds it absurd. Although she only works as a waitress there, how is this going to change the jury’s impression?

Zhen Ya says that she will try her best to help. Yin Zhen’s tone is nasty in reminding Zhen Ya about the the document loss. Zhen Ya storms out and Ying Xiong rushes out to console her. She knows her weakness of being irrational but whenever Yin Zhen does that to her, she is very worked up. All then decide to ask other witnesses for help. Yin wants to hand over his law firm to Jun Xi. Jun Xi wants him to recover as he has no confidence managing it alone. Yin suddenly dies after seeing Yin Zhen’s splendid performance.

The three men have a drink after attending Yin’s funeral. They wonder if they can be a lawyer like Yin till death. They are very unsure of themselves. Jiang Jun dreams of having a large firm like Yim but now he finds that managing it is not easy job. Ying Xiong himself is frightened too but Jiang Jun assures him that he is good but has to be more normal. The three promise to have a fruitful life like Yin to have no regrets.

Zhen Ya blames herself for upsetting Yin Zhen. She reflects that Yin Zhen is right to say that she is snatching Ying Xiong from her. Mei Lin feels that caring for oneself isn’t wrong. Love doesn’t require the brain to work on it. Zhen Ya calls up Yin Zhen to console her and promises to get along well with her. The rest are appalled to see Yin Zhen back at work right after a few days.

Zhao kidnaps Jiang Jun to see his boss. The dialogue is comical – Zhao begs him to save him but Jiang Jun begs Zhao to save him. Zhao says that saving himself first is more crucial. The boss tells Jiang Jun to stand and turn around. He then smiles and Jiang Jun wonders what he is thinking. Yin Zhen knows her colleagues better and promises to treat them better. She tells Mei Lan to get a document from her home. But she can’t remember whether the envelope should be from the second or third cabinet so she brings both to the office.

Ying Xiong gets them and his face turns dark – totally dark! He confirms with Mei Lan to discover that it is indeed from Yin Zhen’s home. Zhen Ya happens to see it too and both are furious. They look at Yin Zhen sternly. To suppress her anger, Zhen Ya tells Wu to send the documents to court and Mei Lan to follow her to learn from Wu. Zhen Ya confronts Yin Zhen. Ying Xiong tells her not to probe further as the others are returning. Zhen Ya replies that it is even better to let the rest know about it.

Zhen Ya has felt guilty as she thinks that it is her fault all along. She is worked up when Ying Xiong wants her to bear with it since everything is over. Yin Zhen admits that she doesn’t like Ying Xiong paying attention to Zhen Ya so she does it. Both women leave while Ying Xiong angrily brushes the documents across the table. Tong Ling notices that he is not in his normal self when he drives the car.

They arrive at Xi Shu’s home to question why she keeps her nightclub waitress job status from them. This lowers their chance of winning. She replies that she thinks it has no connection to the case and also it is a disgrace so she doesn’t mention it. Ying Xiong is furious and asks if she still keeps other secrets from them. They don’t want this to happen again. But if she is so untrue to them, they will not help her. Both people quarrel and Tong Ling drags him out to find out what is wrong with him.

They go for a drink and Tong Ling is stunned to see him gulping wine fast. Ying Xiong then asks if he is too greedy to keep all together? He wants to work hard with all of them. Tong Ling assures him that all stay because of him – he has no idea what has happened. Zhen Ya asks Yin Zhen why she did it.

She knows Yin Zhen is lonely and sad so she is dependent on Ying Xiong. She replies that she can tolerate when Ying Xiong isn’t with her but can’t stand him with Zhen Ya. Zhen Ya chides her for being selfish to do the same to her father. If she can’t get the men, she hates them. Yin Zhen slaps her and Zhen Ya slaps her back. Both understand that Ying Xiong is not a selfish man and they quietly part.

Zhen Ya asks Jiang Jun out to drink with her. He is disillusioned to know that their date is in a BBQ restaurant but yet he has dressed handsomely. He has just worn a shirt which was washed the day before. Zhen Ya cheekily leads the BBQ smoke to his side to make the smell stay on his shirt. He is amused and tells her to get married. She will eat a lot to turn into a pig when she gets stressed.

Moreover, he is not going to carry her again because his knees went wobbly for 3 days the last time. Ying Xiong’s mother knows that he is in a bad mood. His father thinks that she is the one to ask Ying Xiong questions to make him angry as he never raises his voice. She gets angry and threatens to leave home. Ying Xiong wants his father to treat her mother as he is going to do the same but he ignores his suggestion.

Jiang Jun jokes that her shouting of wanting to forget Ying Xiong the last time caused the people on a whole street to hear her. But can she do it as she loves him for so long? She says bitterly that she is too tired and can’t take it anymore. Jiang Jun says that it’ll be good if women treat him the same way as Zhen Ya. But they only meet him once and he finds them irritating to cling to him.

Zhen Ya tells him that she will try to work with Ying Xiong as a colleague. Jiang Jun tells her that she looks best when she smiles. He brings her elsewhere for a drink. Yi n Zhen calls Ying Xiong to apologize to him. He confesses that he likes Zhen Ya. He keeps it from her because he wants her to work together with him. Now he realises that he is wrong. Although the men she loves have left her, Ying Xiong assures her that her colleagues will be with her forever. Yin Zhen is devastated but wants him to treat Zhen Ya well.

Zhen Ya finds Jiang Jun a nice man but is annoyed that he likes to call her ‘Mrs’. If he treats others that well, more women will flock to him. Jiang Jun wonders why he becomes her spare tire. She replies that is because she is still attractive. Ying Xiong can’t resist his urge to see Zhen Ya and drives to her home. Jiang Jun sends Zhen Ya home. He tells Zhen Ya to sleep early and stop crying. She walks to the doorstep and trips backwards. She ends up falling on him. Ying Xiong sees this from far and drives away sadly.

Jun Xi returns to Yin’s law firm sadly and gets Yin Zhen’s call. He knows he can never be like Yin. Yin Zhen thanks him for tolerating her but he finds her strange. She is usually sharp as her speciality so Jun Xi guesses that she is going through a hard time. Yin Zhen eats a whole bottle of sleeping pills. Ying Xiong stops driving and rests at a corner, regretting his action. Jiang Jun is in the bathroom having a shower. He wonders what is wrong with him for thinking of Zhen Ya all the time.

Tong Ling finds out from Wu about Yin Zhen’s doing and realises why Ying Xiong is down. Tong Ling tells Ying Xiong that they have to forsake something in real life. He is concerned over him for working too hard and promises to stand by him. He is his good brother as no one can be as daring as him to sneak into the court to help him out.

Jun Xi sends Yin Zhen to hospital and hits Ying Xiong. Yin Zhen has been mumbling his name all the way to hospital. Ying Xiong wants Zhen Ya to contact the rest. She agrees but insists of not visiting her. Ying Xiong chides her for being too much and she hangs up on him. Jiang Jun is equally furious too. Because of their love triangle, they put him into a fix. If Ying Xiong is frank about his feelings, this will not happen. Moreover, he has opposed to Yin Zhen joining them all along.

He gets so mad to scold Ying Xiong – why is he putting important tasks aside to toy with 2 women’s feelings? And how can he lure such a wicked woman into ‘law village’? If that is the case, the law firm can close for good. If he continues to make Zhen Ya upset, he will never forgive him. Ying Xiong nearly hits him and Jiang Jun leaves angrily. Tong Ling tells Ying Xiong to forgive him as they know how he is like.

Mei Lan persuades Zhen Ya in vain to visit Yin Zhen or to go to work. Zhao drags Jiang Jun to see his boss’s daughter again. Jiang Jun tells her that he dislikes her not because of her looks. He disapproves of her to depend on others too much especially her father n this issue. Both men are helpless when she cries.

Tong Ling and Ying Xiong visit Xi Shu to apologise when Jiang Jun doesn’t join them. Tong Ling exclaims that Ying Xiong really becomes cool at work. Xi Shu agrees to work with them again. Yin Zhen wakes up and Jun Xi holds her hand. Ying Xiong calls the hospital and is relieved that Yin Zhen is discharged. Jun Xi persuades Yin Zhen to work with him to make Yin happy.

Tong Ling and Ying Xiong work together against Jun Xi in court. They need to find witnesses quickly as Jun Xi has concrete evidence while they have no witness. Zhen Ya sleeps at home while Jiang Jun swims. Tong Ling comes to look for him. Jiang Jun declares that he doesn’t understand Ying Xiong’s reason to keep all of them – what he does do not fit a man. Tong Ling assures him that he will not hurt women. Some men are frank like Jiang Jun while others are cautious like Ying Xiong.

Ying Xiong is suffering and needing help now. Even if they join forces now, they may lose. Tong Ling hurries to meet Zhen Ya. He can tell that Ying Xiong likes her. He can trust and depend on Zhen Ya so he addresses her as elder sister. He doesn’t say this easily to others. Jiang Jun continues swimming and later stops, deciding that this is really the last time.

Jiang Jun rushes to meet Xi Shu’s male colleague, Hong. He will help him if he becomes their witness, reminding him that his winning chances is 90% and above. Zhen Ya meets another female colleague, Li and gets a crèche to look after her children. The 2 guys are troubled when Hong doesn’t turn up in court.
Ying Xiong demands to know if Jun Xi is behind this. Even so, he will not give in but Jun Xi denies.

Jiang Jun demands to know why Hong backs out. He reveals that the men have looked for him the previous night and is intimidated. He is helpless as he wants to be a good father and husband. Jiang Jun never tears his hair. Li is touched by Zhen Ya and both visit Xi Shu together. After that, Ying Xiong looks for Zhen Ya and tells her about the defeat. He has never felt so insecure before. As if Jun Xi is sneering at him and he nearly has no courage to stand.

He is tired but misses her and wants to see her. He apologises for upsetting her and confesses that he likes her. She is unprepared. Is he really from the past – she insists that he must say that he loves her. To her dismay, he shouts aloud! He even asks if she wants one more time! This is so unromantic. He then recalls that he should buy flowers to do it again. She stops him and also wonders why she likes him.

They return to office together and Tong Ling knows that they patch up. So Jiang Jun is the only bad guy who doesn’t return – sigh – this is so unfair to misunderstand him. Jiang Jun tails Hong everywhere. When Hong demands to know why he does this despite being a lawyer, he replies that he has no choice. Jiang Jun even offers to fight his case for free if his superiors try to make his life difficult.

Zhen Ya discusses with Ying Xiong and Tong Ling. It is better for male lawyers to represent their clients for sexual harassment cases. When Hong comes to apologise, Tong Ling is enraged. Does the defendant want to make fun of them again? They are unprepared when Hong reveals that Jiang Jun persuades him. Ying Xiong looks for Jiang Jun – joking that he has done something wrong and yet he has to come for him.

Both have a drink. Jiang Jun doesn’t understand why he still stays with ‘law village’. Ying Xiong will not let him go since he is such a good partner. He reveals happily that he has told Zhen Ya that he loves her and thanks him for taking good care of her. Jiang Jun is disappointed but warns him not to make her cry again.

Yin Zhen informs Jun Xi that she will work with him. Tong Ling wants Wu to come to court to give him encouragement. The proceeding is tough as Hong is at loggerheads with the accused as they don’t promote him. Jiang Jun and Zhen Ya look for women to sign a petition letter. One is worried that she will lose her job if her name is revealed openly. Zhen Ya assures that it will be kept a secret but she is still hesitant. Jiang Jun suddenly praises her for dressing well in orange and having natural double eyelids. The woman agrees to sign on the document then.

When they walk out, Zhen Ya is very impressed with him. He replies that he knows how to create the right atmosphere. There is no harm telling a lie although he is sure that she has an operation on the eyes. He then places his hand on Zhen Ya’s shoulder. She tells him to release his hand but he says that he will not do it since Ying Xiong is not around. He even pinches her face.

There is still not enough evidence as Hong is not a victim involved in sexual harassment. The other lawyers decide not to press Xi Shu’s friend. Jiang Jun shows the group signatures. The guys are impressed and Tong Ling asks how he did it. He replies that he has qualities that he doesn’t have. He is tall, handsome and also having a good built. Ying Xiong says his best reason is not to lie.

Yin Zhen calls Ying Xiong after looking through the case with Jun Xi. At this moment, Jiang Jun chides Tong Ling for not buying his own car to take free lifts from him. Ying Xiong decides to send Zhen Ya home. Yin Zhen hangs up after hearing this and drives to Zhen Ya’s home. Ying Xiong feels reluctant when they reach her home so quickly. He suddenly turns shy and thanks her for making so many trips under the hot sun. He then kisses her and both hug each other. Yin Zhen is upset upon seeing this.

Tong Ling finds the car radio too loud so he lowers the volume. He can see that Jiang Jun is moody and assures him that he likes the cool way that he works. He then says that he knows that Jiang Jun likes Zhen Ya. Jiang Jun tries to hide his feelings by asking him to raise the volume as he likes metal music.

Ying Xiong reaches home and his mother demands to meet Yin Zhen. He tells her frankly that he doesn’t like her and he has another lawyer girlfriend. She gets angry – since both women are lawyers, why doesn’t he give her a chance? His father hears the commotion and supports his choice. Mei Lan encourages Zhen Ya to marry Ying Xiong soon. She suddenly receives a call from the hooligan and is terrified.

Xi Shu’s friend testifies for them. The group have a drink. Jiang Jun confesses defeat after running around for so many days. He is concerned on what the witness will do since she resigns. Ying Xiong and Zhen Ya inform them that she is going to work at the crèche with Xi Shu. Tong Ling wants them to inform them earlier so that they will not worry about it. Jiang Jun is unhappy for being kept in the dark too. Tong Ling goes alone to the court to hear the verdict.

He later calls his mother in tears that he has money to give her at last. He has finally won a case for the first time. Ying Xiong comes to fetch him to join the others. Tong Ling hugs him to show his gratitude although Ying Xiong says humbly that he has not helped him much. All celebrate at the karaoke. Tong Ling and Ying Xiong dedicate love songs to their girlfriends. Only Jiang Jun is still moody.

Ying Xiong calls Zhen Ya to inform her about the verdict. He has wished her to celebrate their success. They work so hard and won the case but she isn’t there. Yin Zhen doesn’t pick up the phone but hears his message. Zhen Ya agrees with him reluctantly that Yin Zhen should know about it. Mei Lan is abducted by the hooligan in the toilet. They tie her up in the forest and leave her there after beating her up badly. The guys have a chat in the office.

The three don’t know why they choose to become lawyers. Tong Ling deduces that he likes hearing the word ‘thank you’ from his clients – that is how he feels when Xi Shu does it. Jiang Jun agrees while Ying Xiong says that Tong Ling does worth the credit to listen to the two words. Jiang Jun pleads with Ying Xiong not to accept this kind of cases anymore. It is so tiring running around and his legs ache till he can’t sleep at night. He will rather sit comfortably in the office to collect evidence. They laugh at him.

Zhen Ya is worried when Mei Lan is not at home. She calls Ying Xiong while the three are sleeping in the office. They manage to find Mei Lan’s handbag at the karaoke. They deduce that she has been kidnapped.
Zhen Ya starts blaming herself for not keeping Mei Lan company even though she knows that she feels insecure. To Jiang Jun’s jealousy, Ying Xiong holds her hand to tell her that he will file the police report with her. Jiang Jun regrets for not following as Zhen Ya’s whole face turns pale. Tong Ling stops him. It is not like him to be so overly concerned over other people’s affairs.

Jiang Jun knows that he is silly. Tong Ling never expects him to be so serious over Zhen Ya. Ying Xiong returns after sending Zhen Ya back. He pats Jiang Jun’s head but is surprised to see him annoyed. Jiang Jun drives home, feeling tormented. Zhen Ya waits anxiously at home and sees a present from Mei Lan. It is a hand woven cushion. She makes it for her Chinese calendar birthday. She also writes a card, thanking her to be like her mother. Zhen Ya bursts into tears.

Ying Xiong’s mother chides him for returning home. He jokingly says that he will move out then but she disallows it, saying that he can do that after marriage. Ying Xing assures her that he will stay after marriage. She is happy and wishes to meet Zhen Ya over the weekend. But she still states that she likes Yin Zhen better because she can bring him success.

Mei Lan manages to escape and Ying Xiong and Zhen Ya is shocked to see her seriously bruised. She blames them for not putting her in a girl’s home to avoid all this trouble. Jiang Jun starts to agree with Tong Ling that he is right. Yin Zhen still looks at Ying Xiong’s photograph although she desires to forget him completely. She brings food for Jun Xi and decides to marry him he hugs her in joy.

Seeing that Ying Xiong is angry, Tong Ling hopes that he will not be as stupid to try to capture the men on his own. Jiang Jun decides to accept a case on rape murder. This is not the culprit’s first attempt. Tong Ling wonders what is wrong with him. He has just agreed with them the last night to do something great. He retorts that he wants to earn money. As lawyers, they should defend for anyone. He doesn’t wish to be a naïve person and be a normal lawyer.

If Ying Xiong doesn’t take up the case, he is not going to stay. Ying Xiong runs after him. Jiang Jun says that he is always not satisfied. Moreover, they can’t keep him to catch gangsters. What happens if he doesn’t wish to give up Zhen Ya? It is better for him not to see them together. Tong Ling advises Ying Xiong to let him go as he might be back since he admires him.

Zhen Ya stays at home with Mei Lan. Jiang Jun is concerned when she hasn’t eaten. She loses so much weight in a day. She is puzzled as he always says that she has eaten too much. He feels that it is just right for her. She smiles saying that he only knows how to joke with this elder sister. He suddenly requests her not to mention ‘elder sister’ often. Is she really dumb since her eyes only have Ying Xiong? It is so hard to stay with them as this doesn’t belong to his style.

She is puzzled - doesn’t he say that he stays because of all of them. Yet now he is so adamant to say goodbye. He wants her not to cry often and also to help others to neglect her health. She holds his arm but he suddenly hugs her. He wants to do it only for a while – she must be well. How can her bear to leave her who likes to cry so much?

She is unprepared for the shock and walks home. Ying Xiong asks whether Jiang Jun comes to look for her. She lies that he hasn’t. He confesses that he comes specially to see her. Both hide the facts. Zhen Ya starts recalling her happy moments with Jiang Jun. She gets a call from Ying Xiong. This can be quite touching – he tells her that it is nice to hear her voice and he loves her. She is touched – don’t they meet just now. You will laugh at Ying Xiong’s reply – even after meeting, he still wants to see her again. On the other hand, poor Jiang Jun reaches home drunk.

Yin Zhen notices that a company of good reputation of 30 years is going to fold up soon. Isn’t there a remedy? Jun Xi is taking up the case and replies that it is natural for companies to close regardless of its reputation since they lack funds. Yin Zhen is appalled to see him so unfeeling and is only concerned with their coming wedding. Mei Lan is touched to see Zhen Ya sleeping beside her. She decides to leave to avoid giving her trouble. Zhen Ya is firm to let her stay and vouches that the tragedy will not happen again.

Jiang Jun doesn’t return to work and loses when playing a game on his handphone. Ying Xiong informs him that he is taking up the case to make him stay. Jiang Jun is surprised – Ying Xiong will beat up the culprit in the past. Tong Ling tries to dissuade Ying Xiong but he will not listen. He still feels bad when Yin Zhen leaves them. If the person is Tong Ling, he will do the same. Zhen Ya is shocked to know that other girls are being locked up and she decides to go to the place.

Tong Ling reminds Ying Xiong of his first case – he quits his deputy public prosecutor job because a rapist too. Ying Xiong still puts up with it. Jiang Jun gets Ying Xiong to meet the client. The culprit’s parents are willing to pay more money and wants Ying Xiong to win since he has experience. Jiang Jun will ask for a high fee. He knows that Ying Xiong is not at ease but still goes ahead with his plan.

Zhen Ya knows that the chance of winning is slim. She decides to look the men. Ying Xiong is anxious upon knowing that she is on her own. He rushes there and wants to take over. She wants the culprits to pay for it. She must do on her own since she is also a lawyer. He softens his tone and decides to help her.

Tong ling drags Jiang Jun out – has he told Zhen Ya what he wants Ying Xiong to do? Jiang Jun tells him that he will continue to work with them. Tong Ling reminds him that he has done something silly to lose both Zhen Ya and Ying Xiong. Yin Zhen isn’t excited over marriage and Jun Xi is unhappy. Tong Ling wants Ying Xiong to let go but he is determined to do it. He feels apologetic to all. From the Morses company case, ha has done everything wrong. They lose the case and he loses the confidence too.

But they still stay with him so he feels t hat he owes them too much. He wants to repay them and can’t let them leave. Tong Ling actually opposes to whoever takes up the case. Zhen Ya leaves a message on Jiang Jun’s home phone. If he leaves, who is going to keep her company for drinks? She wants him not to be childish. Yin Zhen calls Ying Xiong to find out how he is. Tong Ling and Ying Xiong ask their client questions. Tong Ling is angry that the fellow is unrepentant and nearly wants to hit him.

He is appalled when Ying Xiong is still cool to ask him questions. What matters to him is whether Jiang Jun will appear in court. Zhen Ya is very angry – how can law village accept both cases like this? She protects the victim while Ying Xiong protects the culprit? She demands to know the reason. Although Ying Xiong lies that he is handsomely paid for the job and someone requests him to do it, Tong Ling blurts out Jiang Jun’s demands.

Zhen Ya confronts Jiang Jun. He asks why she thinks he likes to do it. If she doesn’t cry on his shoulder and smile at him, He will not be so childish. He tells her to inform Ying Xiong not to force himself as he is going overseas for further studies. He knows that Ying Xiong will treat her well so he has no more worries. The DPP wants the culprit to be jailed for 10 years but Ying Xiong wants him to be a free man. He explains that he comes from a divorced family. Jiang Jun attends the sessions with the rest. The culprit admits receiving psychiatric treatment and is regretful over his action.

The others tell Ying Xiong that they can’t let him go on like this. The victim’s father pulls Ying Xiong aside. Are all lawyers bad? His daughter is still in a coma. The culprit was already released for his first offence. If not for this, his daughter will not be harmed. Jiang Jun starts to ponder his act while Ying Xiong feels so bad that he gets drunk. Mrs Zheng is worried upon seeing this.

Tong Ling wants Zhen Ya to pretend not to know anything. It is a problem between men. If she doesn’t interfere, both men will feel better. Jiang Jun asks Jiang Jun to give up. He wants to stay but he can’t as he feels troubled. Ying Xiong explains that he isn’t mature enough but he is still full of confidence as before. Jiang Jun tells him his decision. He thanks Ying Xiong for teaching him to be a good lawyer. He wishes him all the best reluctantly and will visit him then. Does he know how much he likes him?

Mei Lan wants Zhen Ya to let the case go but she insists of taking them on. She wants her to be in court. She doesn’t care who they are but she only knows that they have hurt Mei Lan. Mei Lan agrees. Ying Xiong informs Zhen Ya of Jiang Jun’s visit. He jokes that so many people are so concerned about her – is she so good? He can’t see it. He suddenly hugs her and promises to treat her well.

Yin Zhen backs out of marriage as she isn’t ready. Zhen Ya decides to accept Mei Lan’s case. Jiang Jun agrees to ask the boss’s daughter out for 3 times. Zhao is thankful for it – his boss wants her to o overseas but she refuses because of Jiang Jun. Jiang Jun wants him to catch Mei Lan’s attacker to give him away as a present. The four are at a restaurant. Zhen Ya is shocked to know that Yin Zhen is marrying Jun Xi but wonders whether they are invited to her reception. Zhao is angry to learn from Jiang Jun that the fellow tries to sell girls. People from the underworld should talk about loyalty and yet the fellow stoops so low. He gives him a sound beating.

Will Mei Lan hesitate to charge them? Ying Xiong is hesitant that Zhen Ya hasn’t asked her because she might be unwilling to be in court as she has been through a big ordeal. At this time, Zhao informs him that the fellow surrenders himself to the police. Doesn’t Jiang Jun look adorable to look at now? Ying Xiong is stunned by the news. Jiang Jun packs his things. Yong Ling and Ying Xiong drag him out for a drink. Tong Ling teases him that he is rich enough to go overseas to improve himself while he has no means to do it.

Mei Lan is surprised that ‘the white faced uncle’ helps her. Zhen Ya exclaims that he dotes on her but Mei Lan says that he does it for Zhen Ya. The guys wish Jiang Jun all the best reluctantly and Ying Xiong jokingly agrees to give him a space in the office if he is jobless on his return. The three go to visit the culprit. They know that Ying Xiong has bottled up his feelings for a long time. Seeing that the fellow is as arrogant as before, Tong Ling takes out his jacket to cover the glass portion of the door. I really laugh at this scene, even Jiang Jun can’t tolerate him and the two men take turns to beat him!

Zhen Ya calls Jiang Jun to convey her wishes when he reaches home. Ying Xiong calls both and finds their lines engaged. However, he doesn’t get jealous over it. Zhen Ya asks questions in court and Mei Lan’s attacker humiliates her. She is hurt and decides not to appear in court again. Ying Xiong suggests other ways to help her. He feels Mei Lan is still young and they should not hurt her.

Zhen Ya gets furious and storms out. He hurries to hold her – can’t he express his stand for once? Both decide to ask Mei Lan and both get into his car together. Zhen Ya starts to wonder if she has done wrongly. Mei Lan is already so upset and lonely. Maybe she is only considering from the lawyer’s view and not from Mei Lan’s stand. Ying Xiong admits that he thought the same way initially. But now he starts to think that she is right as Mei Lan should not avoid the problem to face her future.

Yin Zhen calls Ying Xiong at this time to find out how others are. Ying Xiong is concerned if Zhen Ya is affected but she says she is fine. Mei Lan is angry – do the two want her to appear in court because of money? Zhen Ya is angry – isn’t money the root of Mei Lan’s problem? Doesn’t she want to seek revenge to make the men pay for it? She is hoping that the damages that they pay will be enough for her to open a cross-stitch shop to support herself.

How can she say this to her? She walks out and Ying Xiong does the talking. He knows Zhen Ya is more upset than her and hopes that the two can tide over this crisis. Since Mei Lan can endure the past, she shouldn’t be afraid of this then. Mei Lan then looks for Zhen Ya in the garden. She jokes that Zhen Ya must be disappointed that Ying Xiong doesn’t come instead. She hugs Zhen Ya and thanks her.

Zhen Ya asks Mei Lan questions in court. She was formally a coffeehouse waitress and was tricked to be a whore since 17 years old. Zhen Ya produces her bruised photographs as evidence. Mei Lan admits that she leaves home as she has nowhere to stay after her mother’s remarriage. Now she knows that she is wrong and regrets her actions. After the trial, Zhen Ya hugs her to let her cry to release steam.

Yin Zhen questions Jun Xi why he doesn’t help the misfortune. He realises that she is behaving like Ying Xiong and detects that she still loves him. He decides not to marry her and she leaves the firm as she finds herself unsuitable to stay too. She requests him to uphold the reputation before she leaves. Tong Ling and Ying Xiong are relieved that Mei Lan is so brave. Both wonder where Jiang Jun is. Well, he is now at a park enjoying his canned drink and listening to music in his car.

Both guys decide to eat steamboat together and Ying Xiong happens to see Yin Zhen’s car outside law village. He wonders why she is here. Mrs Zheng hopes that she will like Zhen Ya. Mr Zheng wonders what is so good about Yin Zhen for being capable and smart – to him, it is not good for a woman to be so smart but she disagrees. She is still adamant that she will like Yin Zhen more. She suddenly treats Ying Xiong even warmer than before and he wonders what is wrong with her.

Mei Lan wishes to listen to the verdict with Zhen Ya and Ying Xiong as she is not afraid anymore. Moreover, she isn’t the one to commit the crime. The 3 are overjoyed that she gets 3000 million won of damages. Mei Lan gives them a treat at the restaurant. She gives Zhen Ya a cross-stitch handphone cover with a pendant. She is going to open a shop with the money and they will get the profit as her shareholders.

Both decline but Mei Lan is disturbed that Zhen Ya only agrees to accept the cover as a gesture for the consultant fees. She jokes that she will get Mei Lan to sew the tablecloth and cushion covers when she gets married. She looks at the two suspiciously – have they decided to get hitched? Both deny but Ying Xiong doesn’t mind it since someone proposes to him!

Mei Lan also sews another accessory for Tong Ling and he likes it. He doesn’t get offended when she jokingly tells him that she chooses her shareholders for her shop tactfully. Wu tells all that Yin Zhen has cancelled her wedding. Ying Xiong wants to look for Jun Xi. Zhen Ya tries to stop him although he assures her that he is treating Yin Zhen like a colleague and friend. She is upset – will he understand if she looks fro Jiang Jun? Ying Xiong is still insistent. However, he gets no answer from Jun Xi. Jun Xi even wants him to care more for Yin Zhen and he will not lose to him every time.

The authorities seal all the things in Jiang Jun’s home. He is unprepared for the shock. Jiang Jun’s father’s company goes bust and Tong Ling loses all his money as he buys all his shares. However, he wants Ying Xiong to console Jiang Jun first because his losses are greater. He gets out but avoids talking to Zhen Ya upon seeing her in a foul mood. Jiang Jun tells his mother to take care of his mother as he will handle the case on his own. He doesn’t answer Ying Xiong’s calls.

Zhen Ya gets to know from Tong Ling that because of special rights, a small company can spend a lot on research. If other companies discover the product earlier, they will be crushed. All are concerned when they get no news from the two guys so she goes to Jiang Jun’s home.

Ying Xiong waits under Jiang Jun’s apartment. Zhen Ya comes to join him. She doesn’t understand him – maybe she likes the way he behaves for being busy over other people’s affairs like a fool. He replies that he doesn’t do it for anyone. He recalls saying that he could rely on her in the past. She teases him that he even said that he treated her like an elder sister. He deduces that he depends too much on her like a child because she is very accommodating. She will forgive anything he has done.

Ying Xiong believes her so much and no one will do things without requests like her. She suddenly says that she is not going to do the same this time. Zhen Ya suddenly shouts out Jiang Jun’s name to ask Jiang Jun to come out to see them. Ying Xiong only shouts that he will charge since he was formerly an ex-Marine. Both can be so childish! But Jiang Jun is too troubled.

Later, the two pile newspapers to sit and wait for him. I really laugh at it. Ying Xiong piles an extra layer to LIE on it because he is tired! Zhen Ya is appalled – why does he do it as he is a lawyer? He replies lazily – why can’t he do it since no one will watch as it is so late. Jiang Jun is agitated and gets them to enter his home. They are shocked to find stickers on all his things. They offer to help but he rejects them. He vows to deal with them personally.

Both return unhappily. They know that Jiang Jun is afraid but is only putting up a forced front. He has never faced the money problem so he must be very troubled. Ying Xiong wants Zhen Ya to show Jiang Jun more concern. She is a woman so she is better at words than him. She now knows why many like him. Yin Zhen is right to say that he will not let anyone upset. So in the end, only Zhen Ya gets angry.

She persuades him to visit Zhen Ya as she feels that she must be feeling terrible now. Mei Lan thinks she is crazy. But Zhen Ya knows Ying Xiong likes freedom and can’t be tied down. Yin Zhen meets Ying Xiong and he advises her to return to law village. He tells Zhen Ya about it fearfully over his handphone, expecting her to get worked up over it. Her tone turns stern – does he know that he is wrong and nearly makes her mad? But she has the same intention too and blames him for it. But she warns him that don’t ever think that she likes to listen to him for thanking her.

Ying Xiong smiles warmly and informs her that Yin Zhen has told him to treat her well in the hospital. So when Zhen Ya doesn’t visit her, she gets upset and angry. Zhen Ya feels remorseful and blames Ying Xiong for not telling her. How is she going to face her when she is back? He knows that it is his fault as he was too frightened at that time when Yin Zhen committed suicide and he forgets all about it. But this time, he jokes that Zhen Ya is sure petty.

Jiang Jun calls Ying Xiong and Tong Ling to help him out. They look through the records and discover that out of the 3 researchers in his father’s company, 2 resign to set up their own company. They must have stolen the technology. He wants them to be charged because they have started to sell similar goods but are cheaper. How can he let them rich for nothing? Once Jiang Jun thinks of his father who falls sick because of this, he is very worked up.

Ying Xiong decides to go with him to meet the only researcher who still stays in his company. Why doesn’t he resign? Is he connected to the case too? Dr Zhang admits that it is his fault. Dr Min has claimed that his son is sick while Dr Jiang resigns quickly after the research ends. Dr Zhang even invites the two to his research laboratory and they get to see the new product samples.

The two can gain access because the introduction is also open on the company’s website. Jiang Jun is angry with him – how can he let them in after they have resigned? His father has staked his whole fortune on it and loses. He believes that they could have kept the duplicate copies but Ying Xiong disagrees. He storms out as he can’t remain calm. Ying Xiong runs after him.

Ying Xiong wants him to cool down to endure to get more evidence. He is shocked that Jiang Jun behaves in this way which he has not seen before. Both know that the case isn’t that simple at all. Jiang Jun is depressed and takes a bus home. He doesn’t know the fare and where to place the coins. He later misses the stop because he forgets to press the bell. He collects the luggage to move to Tong Ling’s room.

Jiang Jun feels bad for troubling him. He assures him that he will help him to return to normal. Otherwise how can he regain his losses from buying his father’s shares? But is he willing to stay with him? Jiang Jun knows that he will be driven out of his home because nothing there belongs to him anymore. Tong Ling feels weird to drink wine at his home with Jiang Jun because he doesn’t fit into the background.

Jiang Jun assures him that he feels fine with it since he is experiencing life now. He can’t remember when the last time he takes the bus. Tong Ling is concerned that he can’t drive now. He has seen poor people asking for help but never expects this to happen to him. He should have helped others more then. Tong Ling says the ordeal is for him to become a top scorch lawyer. Jiang Jun feels that he is implying that he is a bad guy but Tong Ling thinks that both are only viewing incidents differently.

Jiang Jun starts to think that he is fortunate because all his colleagues are with him. Tong Ling hugs him as he wants to feel the same way. Although Jiang Jun complains that it is gross, we can see that he doesn’t mind it. Ying Xiong and Zhen Ya promise each other that they will help Jiang Jun to win. She jokes that she has learned how to brag like him. He is amused that she hasn’t learned his good qualities.

Zhen Ya asks when Yin Zhen is returning and she longs to see her the next day. Ying Xiong is concerned whether she is really all right. She starts to think that he is right to keep Jiang Jun so Jiang Jun must be grateful to him now. Yin Zhen also needs them too. Ying Xiong jokes that Zhen Ya really knows his best. She says that she doesn’t accept flattery easily now.

Yin Zhen receives Ying Xiong’s call but she wants to rest for a few more days. Tong Ling complains that Jiang Jun makes lots of noises when he sleeps. The rest find it unbelievable because he looks so refined. Jiang Jun refuses to admit and retorts that Tong Ling grinds his teeth and snores when sleeping too. Tong Ling looks as if he hasn’t eaten meat for hundreds of years as he asks for shares for 3 people.

He frowns when Tong Ling says that they might not be able to do that in the near future. Zhen Ya pays the bill after Jiang Jun’s credit card is being rejected. They know that his account is frozen and feels sorry for him. Later Zhen Ya comes to see him, saying that this elder sister wants to see him drunk. He will not let others see this but she drags him to the small eatery.

He complains her to be unromantic but she cites that Ying Xiong likes her this way. Jiang Jun knows why she ends up being a pair with Ying Xiong. She agrees to carry him when he is drunk. He then drinks fiercely and makes her shocked. He then walks unsteadily after the drink and cites that he really doesn’t wish her to see him in this way. She still says that it is better than seeing him sober.

It is not easy for him to pick himself up. He wants her to be his wine soulmate. She promises to accompany him but he must do the same when he has a girlfriend. That is the time that he looks for her just like what she is doing now. It is so nice to have him. He protests that he is not carrying her anymore but she claims that his back is comfortable. Ying Xiong looks into his account book.

Ying Xiong wants Jiang Jun to have lunch but he isn’t hungry. He gives him his ATM card and jokes that he will charge him interest for using it. Jiang Jun treats it as an investment then. The two women meet up and Zhen Ya says that she isn’t uneasy to see her again. Yin Zhen apologise for her doing and Zhen Ya jokes that they must not lose out to the guys.

Yin Zhen tells her that she is going overseas at the end of the month. She wants to work with them but she still needs to think over. Jiang Jun and Tong Ling oppose to her coming back as they cite the reason is obvious. Jun Xi comes to visit Yin Zhen but leaves after seeing her with Ying Xiong. Ying Xiong stutters and she is amused. How can a lawyer who holds a broom be so softhearted?

She realises that she knows too late of using the despicable way to keep him by making use of this weakness. She says that she needs time to love Jun Xi now. He then lies that all wish her to come back and they must be upset over her decision to take a break.

Jiang Jun and Tong Ling finds it suspicious. If Dr Min is in need of money to treat his sick son, why is he placing so much money in the new company? The three guys decide to ask him. He is not there and they decide to wait. Zhen Ya wonders whether she should tell Ying Xiong about Yin Zhen’s leaving but Mei Lan dissuades her. Mei Lan has set up her own shop and business starts coming in.

Dr Min contacts his secretary so he knows that he can’t return to his office. He wants her to call him again after they leave. She complains that she has not seen such lawyers before. True indeed, Tong Ling even tells her to order Ramen for them and he wants a big portion for himself! The other two are amused. Ying Xiong tells Zhen Ya that he is waiting for a person.

He tells her to be careful when she returns home. He worries more since she is not a child. Since she is so pretty, what can he do when someone woos her? Before Zhen Ya can tell him about Yin Zhen, the two guys hurries him to eat their noodles. They refuse to leave since they are not obstructing the company from doing their business. Yin Zhen packs the luggage and listens to Jun Xi’s telephone message. He just wishes to find that she is fine.

The 3 guys are still there after working hours. The phone rings but the secretary goes out for a while. They eye on the phone suspiciously. The man thinks that the 3 have left and returns. He is shocked to see them still around. Jiang Jun nearly hits him when he denies his act. Tong Ling has to drag him out. He alerts Jiang Jun. He knows that it is hard for him to keep his cool but he still has to do it. Tong Ling knows that the company will look for a big law firm to deal with them so they have to be prepared.

If he is so impulsive, they will lose all their chances for nothing. Ying Xiong tells the man in a stern tone that he has to pay a high price if he finds him guilty. Zhen Ya sees them returning with a dejected look. She knows that it is not easy to deal with. All are anxious as they do not wish to see Jiang Jun suffer. Suddenly, she feels that Ying Xiong looks distant and cold while talking the case.

She is scared that he will treat her this way if she does things wrongly. He assures her that there is no right or wrong. It is just from a different point of view. Mei Lan asks Zhen Ya whether she feels insecure with Ying Xiong. Mei Lan quotes Ying Xiong’s saying ‘ all matters concern me’ – Zhen Ya has to be very open minded to accept what he is doing.

Jiang Jun meets him again and is angered when he still denies everything. He is so angry that he gives him a hit on the mouth. He breaks 2 teeth and demands a compensation of 1 billion won. Ying Xiong is stunned – this shows that they don’t wish to mediate at all. Jiang Jun refuses to give in too. What is the point of this company only giving them a small sum of the profits for something that his father has painfully invented?

Ying Xiong tries in vain to talk him out and knows that it must be Jun Xi’s idea. He finds this unreasonable. All come up with the money to bail him. Ying Xiong rents out the law firm while the rest come up with their savings. Tong Ling jokes that he has wished that no one helps Jiang Jun since he is so nasty but the reverse happens. This shows how much they like them. Jiang Jun is touched so he sheds tears. They look through the product and know that it can endure temperature changes so not many factories can make it.

They ask a factory who manufactures the chip sample and knows that the man has taken it to give to the only other company. The man finally confesses it while Jiang Jun agrees to take care of his family. Jun Xi is stunned but agrees to pay for the damages. He finally knows why Yin Zhen likes Ying Xiong and the law firm – it is the way they deal with the cases. Jiang Jun’ father’s company functions normally and Tong Ling is happy that he gains from the share prices. He also announces his decision to get married to Wu.

Yin Zhen is leaving and Zhen Ya finally tells Ying Xiong about it. Jun Xi hears Yin Zhen’s message and realises that she loves him now. He rushes to the airport to get her back. Ying Xiong has wanted to go to the airport but he later turns back. He knows that he likes Zhen Ya and should not hurt her anymore. The two pairs of lovers hug in different places. Ying Xiong decides to go with his team to Taiwan to combine forces with another firm. I know the ending is boring and seems incomplete but the serial stops here!

Introduction on characters

1. Zheng Ying Xiong – Song Seung Hun
The name in Chinese means ‘hero’. He is very upright but he can also be very reckless. To get the deals (or his way), he will accede to any ridiculous requests made without thinking. Or to take matter into his own hands and let the fist rule his head. But he is a bright man in dealing cases. He is considered idealistic to only want to handle cases which he thinks they deserve. That is why many are reluctant to work with him.

His hair style here is exactly the same as in ‘Popcorn’. Both characters are similar but Ying Xiong has more fury and passion at work. I still find Seung Hun not that good in showing fury. Maybe he is not used to it. But he is quite impressive in sentimental scenes.

2. Cui Jiang Jun – Su Zhi Bin
The name in Chinese means ‘general’ and he likes to call the shots. He is so arrogant and unfeeling and money-minded. He is a successful criminal lawyer and also an accountant. Nothing matters him more than money. In every episode, he reminds people to pay up his money. He can be vain to wear bright or shiny coloured shirts to stand from a crowd. This can be quite unnecessary since he is taller than the others!

He is cool at all times but I can’t control myself from laughing in the funny scenes. I have related all his amusing dialogues above. He can be such a nice guy to cheer Zhen Ya up and humorous to make fun of Yin Zhen. He may seem fearless to everyone and harsh but he is softened easily to give in to them. He always tells himself that this is the last time that he will forgive them but he keeps returning! I really crack up upon seeing how frightened he is of Zhao.

Su is a fine actor. He may not be very handsome looking but he has charisma and the talent for acting. Moreover, his character is quite complicated with many faces. You will not know whether to like or hate this man. I find that he does very well in here and also for other serials. No wonder he is also well received for his roles in ‘Glass shoes’ or ‘Cheers for the woman’ too.

3. Zheng Tong Ling – Bian Yu Min (as Li Zheng Shuo in ‘Cheers for the women’)
The name in Chinese means ‘leader’ but he doesn’t behave like one. This man is much older than the other two. He only gets his lawyer degree after 7 tries. He loses all the cases so far because he is too nervous. When he sees a strong opponent, he stutters – much to the dismay of his clients. His partner is so angry that he refuses to work with him anymore. He is a compassionate person and thus Ying Xiong doesn’t mind to have him in his team. This actor creates humour and he is better than in ‘Cheers for the women’.

4. Li Jun Xi – Li Zhong Yuan (as Jiang Dong Yu in ‘Trap of Youth’)
To him, doing a good job is more important than anything else. As long as the client is not declared guilty by the judge, he is innocent. He is ambitious and eager to climb up the status ladder. He is interested in Yin Zhen and one reason of him joining her father’s law firm is because of her. I dislike him with the hair style which is longer than Ekin’s length in ‘Instinct’. He looks so unsightly and untidy. Do lawyers look like this? I am so glad that he trims his hair shorter after the 4th episode.

5. Yin Zhen – Xu Zhen
She is very pampered and hot tempered. She gets everything that she wants since young. Icy, despicable and selfish, she puts on a straight face and accepts no nonsense. When she sets eye on Ying Xiong, she will not stop. Knowing that Zhen Ya likes him, she is filled with hatred and tries to ruin Ying Xiong instead.

6. Piao Zhen Ya – Jin Zhi He (the elder sister, Jin Tai Xi in ‘Glass Slippers’)
She is sweet and also idealistic like Ying Xiong. She works for a welfare organization getting miserable pay that provides free consultation services for the poor. She does volunteering work and easily contented. So she requests that her new job doesn’t interfere with what she is doing presently. She is warm and causes a change in Ying Xiong to be less reckless and also influences Jiang Jun to be more compassionate.

7. Mr Yin
He is Yin Zhen’s father but he doesn’t know what to do with this rebellious daughter. Since her graduation, she refuses to help him out. He trusts Jun Xi and is pleased with his working performance. He even regrets not hiring him earlier. He is enraged when Yin Zhen decides to help Ying Xiong instead. But he admires his talents in getting the Morses deal and tries to rope him to help without success.

8. Mr Zheng
He is Ying Xiong’s father who is very strict and traditional. Yet, he will still shower concern and care for him. He can be very bossy to dominate the telephone conversations with his son, refusing to let his wife to talk to him! He also enjoys shouting or scolding his wife to give her shocks all the time.

9. Mrs Zheng
She is a traditional woman who listens to her husband and also dotes on Ying Xiong. She also provides amusing dialogues. Whenever Mr Zheng asks Ying Xiong to memorize what he often says to him to become righteous, she will add that he sets high demands on his son just because he can’t do it!

10. Zhao Gen Pei
He is a moneylender but he can be quite wacky too. He treats them better as he admires Ying Xiong’s guts and Jiang Jun’s greed. He often turns up at ‘law village’, demanding to know how things are going. Or rather he is there to disturb them because he likes to make fun of Jiang Jun.

11. Mei Lan
Ying Xiong and Zhen Ya save her from gangsters. Both treat her like their little sister. She wants them to be together and thus dislikes Jiang Jun to come between them. I really laugh when she likes to call him ‘the white face uncle’ and he gets so annoyed!

12. Secretary Wu
She is a great helper to all the lawyers and likes Tong Ling.

Most favourite character
Zhen Ya, she is very obliging and helpful. Actually, I should dislike Jiang Jun. But he is frank and not afraid of failure to state what he wants or likes. I like him instead so he is number 2 favourite on the list.

Most hated character
Yin Zhen, she is very selfish. A second will be Jun Xi. He is unscrupulous to gain success.


What weird names the guys have in Chinese! But it is quite refreshing and hilarious although the names might not necessary suit them. The actors are sure good but I find Su the best among them. It comes as a surprise as Seung Hun is supposedly to be the lead. However, he is in the limelight because his character is so special. He can be cunning and money minded but he does good preparation for any case he takes. It is touching when all start to become like Ying Xiong in the end – righteous and also warm.

I like the dialogues – they are comical, entertaining and touching. We don’t have to say romantic words to get mushy or touched. The exchange of words between Ying Xiong and Zhen Ya can be very normal but also realistic. You will love it when you watch it. Seung Hun and Zhi He really make a wonderful pair.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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