Lee San, Wind of the Palace (Yi San)


Section:Korean Dramas


Number of Episodes:76


Language: Korean

Official Site: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/isan


Yi San is an award-winning Korean drama based on the life of King Jeongjo (1752–1800), often considered as one of the most important kings of the Joseon dinasty that ruled in Korea for more than five centuries, between 1392 and 1897. The drama stresses Jengjo's sympathy for the common people. The drama begins with the childhood years of Yi San, future King Jengjo. Together with his friends he succeeds to free his father, crown prince Sado, from the rice chest where he was locked by his father King Yeongjo fearing the coup. Then the show moves to the adulthood of Jengjo and his love to Sung Song Yeon, one of his childhood friends; follows the main character from being a crown prince to becoming a king; and shows the world of palace intrigues. Lee Seo Jin playing the role of Yi San / King Jengjo won for this role the "Top Excellence Acting Award", while Sung Song Yeon's performer Han Ji-min won the "Best Actress" award.


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