Love Story: Insomnia, Manual, and Orange Juice

Reviewed by: sukting

July 18, 2005

Rating: three-point-five

How long
2 hours - a telemovie by SBS


In the dark and quiet night, only an office's lights are still on. The walls are pinned with comic posters and the books are neatly placed on the shelves. This is Qi Sheng's workroom and his 3 assistants are yawning. They are glad to have music from the radio for company. If not, the tense atmosphere can be worse. This is Qi Sheng's 3rd sleepless night and he is like a volcano while they are going to turn crazy.

His eyes are red and his expression is gloomy while listening to the music. Why are these people so free with nothing to do and talk about their first love? This is a waste of time. His eyes fix on the radio. Ying Cai scratches his head and happens to look into his fierce eyes so he quickly looks down as he is scared. Xi Zheng is the only woman among them and her hair is messy after pulling. Upon seeing Qi Sheng's face, she bites her nails and looks at the first assistant, Dong Shui, wanting to give him a hint.

Suddenly an eraser hits Dong Shui's head from the back. Qi Sheng's chilly voice wants him to switch off the radio. He quickly does it and all are scared to be involved in a typhoon. Qi Sheng's mind is blank and can't work well. He hits on the table and walks to Ying Cai. Although the weather is cold, Ying Cai can feel sweat flowing down his face. Qi Sheng is angry - hasn't Dong Shui reminded him to use another marker? Dong Shui pretends to reprimand Ying Cai but he is confused - don't they use it all along?

Qi Sheng can't find his diskettes and Dong Shui feels unbearable. As long as their teacher has insomnia, they will be tortured. Xi Zheng replies that she leaves them at home. Qi Sheng is in a rage but Dong Shui pretends to scold her for him. Qi Sheng walks to the kitchen and all frown to group together. It is their 3rd day and what happens if he doesn't sleep again.

Dong Shui decides to use it and Xi Zheng opens her drawer to get the sleeping pills. But another thing is not there - it is orange juice. Qi Zheng is angry that the fridge is empty and slams the door. He must have it before he sleeps -what can he do now?

This is her first time for an arranged marriage meeting. A bespectacled man sits opposite her and she only eats vegetable salad. He invites her to go to meet his friend for a wine meeting at the discotheque but she rejects because she has not been to it before. His smile fades - she is like a dinosaur who must report home at 9 pm too. Later, Shu Yin scolds her elder sister - hasn't she said that all men like gentle girls?

She fails again in her attempt - it has been numerous times. How can she take the first initiative to tell him her number. If she knows the result, she will eat more before eating the man. She decides to seek advice from the websites instead and vows to get married at the end of the year. She has to hurry for her report and needs orange juice to keep her awake.

Qi Sheng comes to the same store to get orange juice too. When he is about to take the packet, a young woman takes it before him and he frowns. Why are women so impolite these days? He stares at her before taking another packet to pay for it. Shu Yin is attracted by an advertisement on a job and she looks at it. she normally accepts website design assignments so she often looks at them.

Qi Sheng gets Tai Shan's call to take part in his insomnia scientific test. He drives but feels the pressure for not being able to sleep. His creativity is affected and this time's work 'love's Q & A' fixes him into a bottle neck. But the publishing company wants him to draw 8 more pages. Can he write love as a thief? He shakes his head. Love is incurable? It is too mushy till he feels nausea too. He sighs - what is love? Shu Yin suddenly approaches him to borrow 3000 won. Although this is affordable for a bowl of noodles, it is still hard earned money and he doesn't know her - why must he lend her money?

She only has cheques on her and doesn't have loose change. He pays for her and she gives him the change. According to TSG test, those who doubt others are also liars. She calls him uncle and he is offended. She runs to the lab to look for Tai Shan for help. Qi Sheng pulls her hand and Tai Shan is amused to see them quarreling. He is her brother-in-law.

Tai Shan is trying out the effect on a new product - a bed called 'Dream 2000'. It is used in hospital for patients and it has many electrical wires to test the patient's brain waves when he is asleep. It also ensures them to sleep better with better springs. So the test will be for 5 days for 100 people - they have to answer questionnaires before and after the test.

Qi Sheng is impatient - he did have insomnia but he doesn't want to be treated as a guinea pig. Tai Shan coaxes him - the beds are only available for VIP patients and he can sleep on it for 5 days. Qi Sheng is tempted now - moreover he is paid for it too. He has no choice but to try it out. This is his 4th day and Qi Sheng looks at himself in the mirror to find his red shot eyes. He looks fierce. He brushes his teeth and Tai Shan's assistant, Ming Xiu attends to him. He is stunned upon seeing Qi Sheng gulping the orange juice like a lunatic. He walks away quietly.

Qi Sheng is like a child adjusting the bed using the remote control. He finds it fun to play with but he gets awake now. Tai Shan's wife calls to ask about Shu Yin - she has no problem as she can even sleep at the roadside. He lies that he hasn't arranged her to sit beside a man. He needs someone who can sleep easily so that his experiment is convincing.

Qi Sheng is about to sleep when he hears sounds coming from a keyboard. It is like a hood of soldiers marching into this brain and he is angry. He can see from the curtain light that it is a woman. Who is so mad to do this at midnight? The sound becomes long and it ends. Why isn't there noise? He is curious to see her still sitting. He then asks how long she is going to work so that he is mentally prepared. But when he pulls over the curtain he is shocked to see Shu Yin asleep with the laptop still on her lap. He is surprised - she doesn't have to lie down and can sleep even sitting down - moreover her laptop is still on???

He has insomnia again and walks out of the lab. He nearly faints and slips. He gets up and throws his briefcase into the car. He decides to give Shu Yin a lift to the computer company that she works for. She sees the comic books at the rear of his car. She gathers that he is a fan of Qi Sheng and he is happy that she likes his work. But she comments that he draws almost the same for every story.

His smile fades from his face. But she likes 'love Q & A'. Shu Yin says it has a love story for every episode. Has he read it? Of course, he not only read it. She gathers that his love life must be very colourful. He is pleased but his happiness dips rock bottom when she says that there is no originality. How can love be the same for every story from the beginning to the end? He protests - love, friendship. Kinship - aren't they the same? She smiles - why is he so serious? Does he like Qi Sheng so much?

He feels hopeless - is this funny? She has no standard - he curses in silent. Shu Yin thanks him for the ride and she suddenly crosses the road in front of his car. He stops in time and holds the steering wheel in cold sweat - why is she so careless? He goes personally to send his assignment to the publishing agency. He and the publisher, Mei Lan have been good friends since school days. He throws the papers in front of her and looks very tired. Mei Lan asks if he gives her 32 pages.

He yawns - he only manages to come up with 34pages. She smiles as he always gives her hope when he appears. He warns her not to mention about him having insomnia. She asks if he really thinks that love is an emergency as stated in his work. She feels strange as he has never been in love before. He is uninterested as he has been drawing for 6 years. She is worried and is direct to point out to him that he has reached a low tide in his career. She mentions this because they are good friends.

People will know what comes next after looking at the first page. Although he isn't happy, she still wants to tell him. He is unhappy - end his story then as he also needs a rest. Why does everyone pick on him? She suggests him to go into a relationship so that he can draw his love into it. What? She thinks his drawing isn't realistic? Do Shu Yin, Mei Lan and the readers know what is realistic? He is still angry.

Shu Yin brings her laptop to work and contacts her customers. She is upset when handsome men are taken. Suddenly a mutant ninja turtle (an ugly man) sits beside her, saying that he has watched her since she comes in. She gets mad - why those who are interested in her belong to this category? He should hide and never come out of the drain. He has a set of ugly teeth to ask her why she is alone. She tells him to look for ugly girls and not to approach pretty ones. She gives him a list of love tips websites to teach him how to love someone to change his method before leaving.

Qi Sheng asks if she is working again because sounds from her laptop disturb him. She apologises and envies him for having insomnia - to work the whole night without sleeping. Is she mad - doesn't she know the pain of insomnia? Qi Sheng sighs and coffee spills on both of them when she knocks into him. She quickly takes out her handkerchief to see if he is scalded. She asks how is the effect. Doesn't he think that she is nice to care for him instead of her stained sweater?

This is taught in the love text that this act can make men touched. She takes it out to read again. He lies on the bed - maybe he needs the love text too. He runs out of ideas because of pressure. He asks her where she gets it and she asks if he has met setbacks. She answers that she keeps it to get in love because she has never been in love. Qi Sheng laughs - what is so good about it - it only gives headaches and disasters to waste time. He has the experience since he has written 200 love stories.

Of course, she doesn't believe him to be in love for 200 times. Ming Xiu wants them to sleep and Shu Yin is attracted to him. He is handsome and single at 29 years old. Shu Yin then mentions that even guys who think that the guy is nice means that he is a good guy. Qi Sheng's eyes shine - is it written in the love text too? His work has ideas now. Tai Shan wakes Qi Sheng up - isn't he hungry to sleep until 12 noon. Qi Sheng opens his eyes sleepily. Tai Shan doesn't know that the bed works so well for him.

Qi Sheng announces that he is going to use a female lead. The age is 25 and has curly shoulder length hair - Shu Yin comes to his mind. Dong Shui is shocked - they have been drawing guys all along - doesn't he say that it is hard to describe women? Qi Sheng mentions about readers' letters telling him that he is sinking low tide so he must change successfully. Xi Zheng asks if there are male leads. Qi Sheng numbers them but there is no lead because this woman is mad to fall in love but hasn't been in love before.

Ying Cai is shocked when Qi Sheng wants him to remove the male lead in the second episode. Just tell that he meets another woman to follow her and disappear. Xi Zheng can't believe this - can this work? Qi Sheng is impatient - this is comics and they are not making a documentary. Dong Shui worries as Qi Sheng is an expert to write the males' inner feelings. What if he discontinue? Can he really do it? Qi Sheng is proud - he can make it and he never expects to benefit from the scientific test.

Ming Xiu is responsible in collating results. Qi Sheng spends his time staring at Shu Yin more than the forms. She is touching her chin now. Ming Xiu is uneasy when she looks at him. When he turns his head, he is shocked to find Qi Sheng's eyes fixed on him. Qi Sheng makes notes carefully on the two. Shu Yin thinks the first impression is very important to make repeated gestures. She has given Ming Xiu sweets twice but he hasn't responded. But she believes that observing him for a short time will work.

Qi Sheng nods and smiles - she is puzzled - why does he behave like a child although he claims to be in love for 200 times? He confesses that he is at low tide now. Tai Shan teaches his wife to cook and all laugh upon knowing that she hasn't learned well. Qi Sheng discovers that Ming Xiu doesn't smoke and his golden watch comes from his mother.

He tells Shu Yin about his feelings. He doesn't like Ming Xiu that much - it is acceptable that he doesn't smoke but how can he not knowing how to drink wine? From his answer that he doesn't know any discotheque nearby already gives him the hint. He might be in love with motherly women. He is already 30 and still calls his mother 'mummy' - just the thought makes Qi Sheng sick. His humour is zero and this is the worst part. She has made records on 20 men but none work out. Of course, she refuses to let him see them because she lists their real names and this concerns her privacy. Ming Xiu cuts his hair at a barber's shop and not the salon. It can be shy but to put it across frankly, he lacks man's courage.

Shu Yin doesn't agree with him as she likes him more when he puts on a straight face. She once knows a guy who loves to smile and is with him for 3 months but later she discovers that he smiles at every woman even in bed. He cuts his hair at a salon so she dislikes it. With her help, Qi Sheng has no problem coming up with the next story. He closes his eyes in satisfaction. This time, he doesn't drink any orange juice at all - not even a drop and he falls asleep easily.

He walks out the next day - so light that he almost flies in the air and dances too. He waits for Shu Yin, waiting to give her a lift but sees her with Ming Xiu. Have they improved when he is sleeping? Shu Yin tells Qi Sheng that she has succeeded and gets him to send her home. But actually both are staying in the opposite direction and she isn't going home. This is the 3 step - to create a common topic to talk about.

Qi Sheng sits in his car and holds his fists. If it is so easily solved, what can he draw for his story for a year? The tips she gives him don't even last for an episode. Is his plan going to be ruined by his man? Today is Wednesday and he has to hand in his work tomorrow. He scratches his messy hair and has a headache. He throws the ruined drawings into the dustbin. Ying Cai hints to Dong Shui and both are frightened. That means that soon they are going to be in trouble.

The rubbish is going to swallow them in the room. Dong Shui exchanges glances with Xi Zheng. She nods and gets the orange juice and sleeping pills. Qi Sheng must have lost sleep again. It is better to let him sleep for even an hour, if not they will die. It seems that the experiment doesn't work on him. They bring it to their teacher. He drinks it and later pushes open his bedroom door to sleep on his bed.

Later, he hears Ying Cai saying that there is no 'Wu Qi Sheng' here. Suddenly, it is interrupted by the subsidiary phone and Qi Sheng answers. Ying Cai is stunned - why does Qi Sheng admit to be Wu Qi Sheng? He even says that his junior is joking with him. Ying Cai is puzzled - what is he up to? Suddenly Qi Sheng comes out of t he room and commands him to hang up.

Dong Shui and Xi Zheng look up - what is wrong? Shu Yin tells him happily that Ming Xiu is now at the cinema with her. Her love text works this time and she will photocopy for him or maybe she makes it into a disc. He wants it to be in a disc form. He even lies that he is free at home and she can call him anytime. But in reality, he is busy till he nearly goes mad. He throws the phone aside and feels helpless. But upon recalling her stupidity, he still laughs.

Shu Yin waits for Ming Xiu and wonders if Qi Sheng is jobless since he is at home. Why does she call him? She must be mad and will he mistaken her? It is time to sleep at the lab and Qi Sheng arrives with the orange juice. Suddenly there is a blackout and Tai Shan can't continue his experiment. Shu Yin tells him not to worry as Qi Sheng will send her home. He stares at her - does he owe her?

They come to a corner and she points at a hotel. His heart beats fast - does she mean it? Does she like it? She claims to be strong and doesn't want to be at home early. He laughs but she is pointing at another signboard that says 'computer games company'. Qi Sheng loses badly and is shocked t hat she is no. 32 out of the million players. Of course, he is not her match. That is because he hasn't asked her.

He brings her to an eatery and both drink beer. He likes her to eat the meat with the other vegetables, unlike other choosy women. Does she pretend to be cute? She says she isn't. for those who are, they will turn their eyeballs to the left to hatch a plot by using the left brain. Her smile fades when he asks her what movie she watches with Ming Xiu. She only wants a man to wait for her call and celebrate her birthday to share things together. But it seems that she can't meet nice guys.

After the movie, Ming Xiu brings her to meet his girlfriend. So she can't give him the present she has prepared. Upon seeing the box, Qi Sheng's heart tightens - shall he teach him a lesson? Shu Yin nearly cries - everyone says it is important where women cry. They should not cry at the wrong place. But she cries aloud. She has prepared chocolates for Ming Xiu which has the content to make him happy. Now she can only give to Qi Sheng. He watches her cry to wet the whole tissue paper and holds the box, not knowing how to console her but there is bitterness in him.

Mei Lan reads his comics with interest - does chocolate really have the content? She likes the work. Doesn't she say that he is sinking low tide? She is amused that he is so calculative. Can't he see that she is touched? How does he get so many stories? She likes the feelings of the woman lead. She likes the part to mention that she wishes someone to wait for her call. Qi Sheng is proud - not everyone can be an author.

What does he want to draw later? He will decide later as he wants to give Shu Yin a present for giving him so many ideas. Mei Lan answers she will like a purse with different notes and coins. Shu Yin happens to read the comics and finds it weird - how can there be so many similarities?? She comes across the words - love chocolate. Her face turns black - now she is 100% sure who the comic writer is.

Qi Sheng wonders why Mei Lan likes $50 and $10 coins which can't buy rice at all. But he still gets Shu Yin a wallet. Shu Yin goes to the lab and Qi Sheng isn't there yet. She dumps all his clothes on the floor and now the two men in Tai Shan's office. Tai Shan always think that he is more mature than Qi Sheng. Hasn't he heard that a woman is still a child before giving birth. A man's life isn't started if he hasn't met a woman. He is married so he is stronger than Qi Sheng.

Tai Shan says that his work has never included married couples so Qi Sheng is only giving empty talks. He is about to rebut but hears Shu Yin calling his name. He is shocked when he sees her with the comics. So she knows that he has used her story. She wants to sue him. He brings her out - she will use the reason ' intruding private life, deframing damages'. She decides to go home.

How can Tai Shan know a fraud? Upon recalling his wife's fiery temper, Tai Shan becomes pale - how does Qi Sheng cheat her? From today onwards, Shu Yin is going to place information on the net on how he commits the act. Qi Sheng goes after her and apologises. He has wanted to tell her during these few days but he is too busy with the drawings. She gets a pail and a broom to hit him. Many say that they like to see real stories included in his drawings so he does this.

She admits that she nearly likes him. If not, why will she talk so much? How can he make it open - he might as well add her name into it. He is unable to speak upon knowing that she likes him. How can he be so cruel to hurt her? She runs away. Now, Qi Sheng has problems drawing. Every picture has her crying. Xi Zheng calls for his attention to add colours but he doesn't hear her. But he is unable to concentrate too. When he is about to draw, he sees the chocolate and wants t o drink the orange juice.

But he must hand in his work the next day so he gulps cold tea instead. Why can he still hear her voice? He opens the tap to wash his head. The three stretch their necks into the kitchen - their teacher is weird again today. Ying Cai suggests orange juice but the two shake their heads because they need to meet the deadline. Suddenly, they heard a bag and they jump - it seems that he knocks his head against the wall again.

Shu Yin sees Qi Sheng on the opposite street early morning and tries to avoid him. He wants to apologise but she doesn't want to see him. No wonder he dislikes women because they get angry so easily. He gets nervous - he comes because he misses her. He quickly closes his mouth - what is he talking about? Because he keeps hearing her voice and he can't work so he has to come. Is he mad?

She is glad but doesn't show it. So are they close? He is troubled - does she think that he is here for an interview? Qi Sheng gives her the wallet and she is in tears. Upon seeing her speechless, he wants her to keep it because it is suitable for women. The package is beautiful but he removes it to put coins in it although he feels childish. She grabs it and opens it.

He then tails her into a café. She stares at the wallet and orders orange juice to stay awake. She opens it to find a phonecard. She then sees Qi Sheng's name card with his address and number on it. She takes out the money - it has 10,000, 5000, 1000, 500, 100 won. She is shocked with the 50 won coins - it must be tough for him to search for the coins. She smiles at the things. Qi Sheng uses a cup to hide his face. He feels assured now after seeing her smile. So he walks out carefully to make sure that he isn't being discovered. He looks at the street - he should get at least 89 marks if he doesn't hit 90. But why does his heart beat so fast? As if he has committed a crime. Why?

She uses her handphone to call him but hangs up quickly. She can't make the first move and calls her sister. She can't use the love text now as Qi Sheng also knows it so she asks how she woos Tai Shan in the past. The publisher is about to publish Qi Sheng's single so Mei Lan coaxes him to have a meal with her boss but he isn't in the mood. What is wrong with him today?

Mei Lan searches her bag for the hotel's namecard and Qi Sheng calls back to find out if Shu Yin has called him. He is disappointed when the answer is no. He will give a boss a treat next time. Mei Lan finds him weird - is he in love now? Love lets someone unable to move in front of the telephone. He turns gloomy and asks her to give him all the details so that he can work on it.

He nearly wants to fly back to his workplace and makes another call from a nearby phone booth. His students are puzzled - why is he asking the same question? The workplace is under low pressure for many days. The assistants listen to the radio to kill boredom. Someone mentions about loving another woman secretly and Qi Sheng looks up. Ying Cai nearly jumps and turns it off since he will not like it.

Qi Sheng asks what he is doing - don't switch on and off suddenly to damage the radio. Ying Cai nods and the other two watch him in sympathy. They are curious over his change. The man mentions his meeting with the woman for the first time and he recalls it. Qi Sheng will give the boss a treat at night. Suddenly Shu Yin walks past him and coincidentally she designs the website for her company. She is young but capable. How does he know her? He stares at her but she smiles at him.

Qi Sheng thinks of 2 possibilities - she is here for work or she comes specially for him. He is overjoyed to wave back at her when she waves to him. The night is cold with snow. The boss and Mei Lan are almost frozen in front of their agency - where is Qi Sheng not here yet? He has totally forgotten about it to have his dinner with Shu Yin. She suggests him to write on her friend who likes a womanizer. Both call the wrong pager number to know each other. They are getting married soon. He doesn't think that it is fun - love should not start with marriage. Who will start will a thriller with the ending? Her smile freezes on her face - what is he thinking of then?

Both go boating and the boss scolds Mei Lan. If not for the good sales, Qi Sheng will not get his single version published. He is also writing on puppy love and she sneers at him - the male lead in the story looks exactly like him - just as silly. His smile freezes and touches his messy hair - is she that smart? He stands near her beside the river. She feels the cold and he takes off his sweater to hug her towards his chest. She is shy to feel his heat. They laugh at others imitating the 'Titanic' leads gestures. But still, they follow them!

The are unwilling to part and when they are about to kiss, a car shines light on them and they separate. She runs into her home and he bangs his head against the wall over the failure. Qi Sheng tries to make up his deficits by watching love movies. His assistants have the dinner ready but their teacher is still in the living room. What should they do? They decide to leave him alone - they are scared to see him angry again. Xi Zheng is curious - what is he doing? Dong Shui replies that he is doing research.

Ying Cai is worried - this is the 5th hour and the ending date is 2 days later. He takes out a tape to learn how to kiss. His past has an unpleasant experience when his ex tells him to practice and thus he is afraid of women from then. Upon seeing how they kiss intimately, he is more troubled. Qi Sheng looks forward to meet her outside her home - he keeps spraying perfume into his mouth.

He is glum when Tai Shan walks out with her and has to act as if he is fine without him joining them. Tai Shan insists of following as he is her guardian. Tai Shan is also looking for Mei Lan - Qi Sheng sighs as his plan is ruined. His date becomes a classmate gathering. Shu Yin is interested but he is nearly mad. The two mentions how he tries to throw unlit bombs to others in the past. They don't know how he graduates t o become a comic drawer. Mei Lan wants the joke to stop as she is dependent on him for survival.
Mei Lan mentions that Tai Shan also ends up carrying a torch for others most of the time. What happens if his wife gets to know about it from Shu Yin? Shu Yin's smile freezes upon knowing that Qi Sheng wrote love letters to Mei Lan in the past. He rebuts, saying that those are only normal practices. Shu Yin gets jealous upon knowing that he uses Mei Lan and himself as a marriage theme. Tai Shan also saw it but says that it is full of rubbish. He doesn't notice that Shu Yin is angry.

Their friend, Zheng Min comes and he is a design expert so he gets along well with Shu Yin. Now, she doesn't discover that Qi Sheng is unhappy. Zheng Min notices that Shu Yin is different from her sister. If she is as pretty as her, she will not marry Tai Shan. Shu Yin is flattered by his remark. Tai Shan stares at them but laughs. Qi Sheng is the only one unhappy. Mei Lan still keeps their old drawing and he asks why she still keeps it. What happens if her husband sees it?

Mei Lan jokes that she will sell it if he becomes very famous. Shu Yin dislikes seeing both sitting so close to each other. Zheng Min suggests setting a website with Shu Yin and he is interested. Shu Yin and Qi Sheng are unhappy with each other but Tai Shan still talks heartily to his wife over the phone. Qi Sheng brings a drunk Mei Lan out of the pub and she refuses a lift from him. Shu Yin is jealous over it and sits in Tai Shan's car back home. Zheng Min is proud - his lucky star is coming to meet a woman. Qi Sheng is mad over it and loses his temper.

Shu Yin is bored and asks her sister to look out for nice movies. They can't go to the pub because he drives. Going for a picnic in the cold is crazy. Qi Sheng is petty to give normal treats and also allows her to buy the movie tickets. Qi Sheng tells Mei Lan that he will ask Ying Cai to send his work to her. Mei Lan knows that he is on a date. He also finds their dates boring too. Why must men be the ones spending the money? His imagination gets restricted now.

He uses love to leave many outstanding works through fantasy and if he knows that love is so boring, he is unable to draw now. Can he wait till the end of the month to have more ideas for his special version? Both are in the cinema but are thinking of other matters. Qi Sheng wonders what he should do after reaching the next stage. Shu Yin looks at the screen - the leads look so blissful with so many changes and twists but why is her love life so boring. She even falls sleep and he smiles.

Qi Sheng's students are caught frantically because their workplace is messy but their teacher is bringing his girlfriend back home. Dong Shui keeps the rubbish and tells Xi Zheng to wash the dirty dishes. Shu Yin brings them a cake and they enjoy it. It looks that Qi Sheng's insomnia is cured. They don't have a good life when he doesn't sleep. It's like stepping on a grenade. Now he even has afternoon naps. But sleeping too much isn't good as the deadline is approaching. Probably they have to stop a few stories.

Because of love, he changes into a more patient person and is kinder to them. Qi Sheng lectures them, he mentions about his past comic - the snail's Christmas. He has mentioned before - before saying the word love, they must be ready to sacrifice everything to be blissful. Before that, it is only considered as normal romance. Shu Yin is angry - what does he mean? Qi Sheng points at Shu Yin - she proposes to him first because she has the love text. All then realize that she is the lead in their comics.

Qi Sheng starts to brag about how she makes the first move to look for him at the agency. She is angry when he even wants her to get them coffee - implying that she will follow whatever is in the text. She is angry with their sneering when Qi Sheng says that it is because of her, he misses his meeting with the boss. She then corrects him - the agency contacts her and she doesn't go there to meet him. Qi Sheng feels embarrassed by her words and sees that she is angry to leave.

How can she put him in a fix in front of his students? She should have basic courtesy. She replies that they have no future and he can look for someone else who can save his 'face'. Their differences are too great and she wants a breakup. She even tells him to socialize instead of cooping at home to draw the comics. He can't sleep again while the others are asleep. He looks for the sleeping pills that he just takes from the hospital. He gets a big bottle from Dong Shui's drawer.

Dong Shui is about to ask when he sees him pouring the pills into the orange juice. How does he know their secret? He thinks those are what he has taken and drinks it. Yong Shui lies that he only adds once a month to the juice. But Qi Sheng still can't sleep. Shu Yin is now at the arcade but she isn't happy after winning. She suddenly dislikes seeing couples together and tries to separate a pair by walking between them.

Mei Lan looks through the comics madly - what is Qi Sheng drawing? How can he let the female die suddenly in the continuation? He wants to end it but Mei Lan exclaims that he is an expert - how can the leads die in his comics? Qi Sheng is not a deity but a human being. Since Shu Yin has left, his imagination is also killed. He just passes the papers to her and leaves so she sighs.

Qi Sheng uses his coat to wrap himself to walk to his workplace. It is a chilly public holiday so all have left. He wants to be left alone. But he hears their voices before walking in and hides in a corner. Ying Cai and Dong Shui walk out - why doesn't Qi Sheng call? He must have lost his sleep to give the work to Mei Lan. Qi Sheng is excited upon hearing from Ying Cai that someone calls him - is that Shu Yin? But he is dejected to know that the person is the boss.

He withdraws into the corner. Although the weather is cold, he doesn't want to return to his home. He wanders on the street. Without Shu Yin, he is alone again. So it is unbearable to be alone on a holiday. He recalls a saying - men will live like gods if there is no woman. Qi Sheng recalls the past with her and weeps. Now he realizes how much he loves her.

Shu Yin is drinking orange juice in the café. Although her love ends, she hasn't finished her assignment with the agency. She is there on night shift lately. She also recalls the past and smiles - it starts with the love text but it doesn't work on them. She takes it out to leave it and the orange juice on the table before leaving. She returns to the agency but she doesn't notice that Mei Lan is looking at her.

Mei Lan has asked her about Qi Sheng but she doesn't answer her. The boss jumps upon reading the comics but the deadline is up so he has no choice but to publish it. Mei Lan then leaves a message to Qi Sheng telling him about Shu Yin. This day, the office only has Shu Yin. She has to continue her work so she goes out to get orange juice. Qi Sheng runs into the building but is hesitant to open the door.

He comes here immediately after hearing it but what can he tell her? What happens if she gets angry again?

Qi Sheng practices his speech - he is unable to sleep after her departure. His insomnia is cured after meeting her but it returns lately and doesn't even work after taking pills. Maybe he is waiting for her. He is so scared of losing her when he sleeps. He is disappointed to find it locked. He doesn't expect to finish his orange juice too so he goes to the store.

The two meet each other there. Shu Yin knows that he can't sleep again while she needs it to stay awake. They are completely different. No wonder their relationship fails. He says that she is the weido as it isn't coffee. He recalls that she says that he needs practice so he needs her to……he suddenly kisses her on the lips. Both kiss intimately but Shu Yin's big bottle of orange juice drops on his feet. He shouts and looses his hand that touches her face. Now, she clings onto his neck and kisses him.

They only part after some time and she kicks the bottle shyly to pay for it. So when they walk out with the same office juice that serve different purposes, both are about to walk in different directions when Qi Sheng is dragged by her into the agency. What happens to his comic then? Mei Lan screams - what is this - the woman lead who is dead last week is alive again. How unbelievable! What can he do when his lead is back? He rebukes - doesn't Mei Lan know that his comic also acts like a science fiction story???

Introduction on characters

1. Zhang Qi Sheng - Quan Wu Zhong
This man is only concerned with work and knows nothing else. This is so contradictory - he draws love stories but he is a green horn in love. The incidents can be so hilarious that I can't suppress myself from laughing at times. He is proud and arrogant but yet commits silly mistakes like a child.

2. Cui Shu Yin - Kim Hyun Joo
She is Qi Sheng's girlfriend. Sometimes she is petty but she can be forgiving like a child to tolerate his bad temper and mannerisms.

3. Ying Cai
Qi Sheng's student who often gets hit or scolded by Qi Sheng for no reason.

4. Xi Zheng
The only female student who is a lousy cook but works hard for Qi Sheng's recognition.

5. Dong Shui
Qi Sheng's first student who knows his moods well. Although not as good as Xi Zheng in preparing orange juice in advance for Qi Sheng to knock him out.

6. Jiang Tai Shan - Cui Cheng Shui in 'All About Eve'
He is Shu Yin's brother-in-law who is in charge of a sleeping observation test. He can be comical at times when he is frightened of his strict wife at home.

7. Yin Ming Xiu
He is Tai Shan's assistant who already has a girlfriend but becomes Qi Zheng's motivation for drawing.

8. An Mei Lan
Qi Sheng's works' publisher and classmate. Knowing that he has reached the peak, she tries to help him to find ways to improve himself.

Favourite character
Shu Yin - she is wacky - she can sleep anywhere during anytime!

Most hated character
Qi Sheng - boring, selfish, stubborn and also inflexible to changes. But at least he becomes better finally.

This is a comedy and despite a cast of unknowns, I quite enjoy it. It is really funny with a theme which is so different from the usual sadistic Korean serials. They complement each other well and you will not be disappointed by their jokes and witty dialogues. You must catch it if you can!

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2(Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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