Love Story: Messages

Reviewed by: sukting

March 17, 2005

Rating: three

How long
2 hours – this is a telemovie

There was a time when Song Seung Hun and Choi Ji Woo were rumoured to be a couple after Seung Hun acted in 'Tale of Autumn'. How do they fare as a couple in this telemovie? Are you interested to find out? I find it more suitable to put it as a serial as it is produced by SBS and it looks more like a drama too. You may find it difficult to get it overseas so I relate the whole story below. It comes with a VCD box with 4 stories in it. This is one of them.


Jun Sheng and a woman are in a coffeehouse. He suggests a breakup because he can't forget his dead ex-girlfriend, Shu Qing. She is very upset – why can't he let it go because she can't give him up? He replies that her looks, smiles and every gesture remind him of her so she can't live for others. He doesn't love her anymore. She weeps and says that he is too much. He is prepared to get a slap from her.

She doesn't bear to slap him – she wishes to be like Shu Qing to leave a nice impression in his heart. He tells her to forget him and pursue her own happiness. She can't suppress her sadness and hugs him to cry. Jun Sheng sees her driving away. He is sure that she can see how sad he is from her car mirror. He bades her goodbye. What a surprise – after she leaves, he smiles unexpectedly and shouts in hooray!

He takes out his sunglasses and puts them on. He has succeeded in portraying a devoted man earlier and becomes a playboy again. Ren Qi waits for him in his car. Jun Sheng is his proud disciple and he is satisfied with his performance. Jun Sheng asks him how he fares. He praises him – this time, he is faster than before and is direct to the point. But Jun Sheng doesn't understand why he must mention the breakup at the basketball court.

Ren Qi is amused – must he teach him that too? The light effects here are good and women will hope to leave a best impression to men here. Jun Sheng is concerned as she looks sad – what happens if she calls him? Ren Qi frowns – has he told her his address? Jun Sheng doesn't even give him her handphone number. Ren Qi is amused - then what must he worry?

Ren Qi takes out his pager and exchanges with Jun Sheng. He will settle it for Jun Sheng and Jun Sheng knows that he hasn't settled a woman yet. So Jun Sheng has to do the same for him. Ren Qi's pager number is 1314 – that is to love the person for a lifetime. Both playboys are in the car. There are so many flowers waiting for the butterflies. This world is so colourful – how can they be trapped by women?

Jun Sheng works as a sales assistant in a shoe shop. His colleague, Hao is angry that he has not swept the floor for a week. Hao also asks him to do it for a day but Jun Sheng always pushes the job to him. Jun Sheng wants him to accept his poor fate. Hao is angry – accept his fate just like how he changes a girlfriend every month. A woman comes in and looks at the shoes. Jun Sheng grins – what a beautiful chick! Hao pulls him away to talk to him – this is Jun Sheng's dream lover – why hasn't he started to woo her?

Jun Sheng is expressionless. He tells Hao that the playboy rule is he can't look for a woman at his workplace. Jun Sheng puts on a professional smile at work. She can't find the shoes she wants and he says that there is another style suitable for her. He can see that she is curious and this makes things easier. He cites that that will be more expensive but she insists of looking at them. He hides his smile and recommends a pair of Italian shoes which only '3 pairs are left'. He is getting more commission now.

The night time is a best time to look for a prey. The playboys and women crowd at the bar. Jun Sheng sits beside a lady in black. She is Hui Ying and he pretends to pin for his lost love. Hui Ying has met this kind of man before and she is bored. Isn't he too much to get close to a woman like this? But she is prepared to see what he wants. He has to come up with a well prepared plan. He wants to give her good memories for a month. Hui Ying gives a cold smile – is he a married man to have fun for a month? He pretends to be sad – he has thought of marriage and nearly marries. He must arouse her curiosity like the way he promotes his shoes. He lies that he is being ditched and wishes to see if she can help him to forget her.

He knows this woman is hungry for success and is easily jealous. Hui Ying sneers – he wants her to be his substitute? He sighs and says that his ex can't let him go after her death. He leaves Hui Ying his pager number. Hui Ying is tempted – does he imply that she loses to a dead Shu Qing as he mentions? The barter shakes his head – it looks like he is fishing for one more woman again.

Jun Sheng returns home and looks for Shu Qing. Later, he finds her sitting on a rug. Why can't she wag her tail to welcome him home? Shu Qing licks her leg and he places her food on a dish. In case you wonder who Shu Qing is – it is his cat and he uses her name as a target! The home is in a mess with unwashed dishes. Suddenly, his pager rings. He takes out and listens to the message.

An unfamiliar but gentle voice is heard. She gives him warmth. She is Min Zhen but he can't remember who she is. He then realizes who she is after she shouts for Ren Qi. How can Ren Qi give her up? She apologises for being rude to his dead woman. Jun Sheng smiles upon seeing how naïve she is. She reminds Ren Qi to take his meals as she knows a person staying alone doesn't like to cook. Jun Sheng is stunned – her words really sink into him. She asks what is left in the fridge.

Jun Sheng finds onions and meat. She asks him to chop them with a knife to get rid of the stress. He hangs up his phone and follows her instructions to make fried rice. As if he can still listen to her now. He smiles and this is a genuine smile. Not the kind that he faces his customers and the worry of meeting his monthly target is forgotten. After cooking, he is amazed by the fragrance and has a hearty meal.

Jun Sheng walks into the shop and calls Ren Qi to find out more about Min Zhen. Hao predicts that his customer can't wear the size 24.5 size shoes because her feet are large. He should get a larger size but she still wants him to squeeze her feet into it. He uses all his might and heaves a sigh of relief. But he is stunned when she still asks for a smaller size! He looks at Jun Sheng for help but he is still on the phone. Ren Qi wants him to settle for him and hangs up.

Hao's customer leaves and Jun Sheng is asked for advice. He reminds Hao – Hao should say that there is something wrong with the label and the size is 24. Hao scratches his head – how can he forget? Jun Sheng wipes the shoes and sees a woman looking at a poster. He is attracted to her although she applies no makeup. Min Zhen and her theatre friends are prepared for a act for children. She is only a seagull in the play but she doesn't mind it. She wants to forget her misery. After work, she is in tears.

Hui Ying asks Jun Sheng out to meet at a bar. He has aroused her interest. She plays poker cards with him. Suddenly, his pager rings and her expression changes. Is it from another woman? He can't answer it because it is from Min Zhen. But he still listens to it. Min Zhen asks Ren Qi if he is still drinking. She tells him not to as alcohol hurts the liver. He is touched by her words – has he considered that the liver has never rest and can't he call her to let her listen to his voice?

Jun Sheng doesn't understand himself for feeling sad for her. He looks at his watch – it is already 11 and what is her job? He is back with Hui Ying and chatting with her. He suddenly longs for her to call him again and even comes out of the bathroom with the shampoo on his hair, thinking that she has called him.

Hao is busy with many customers – where has Jun Sheng been? He is now with Ren Qi. Ren Qi has been with Min Zhen for 3 months and uses the same way to ditch her. This is the first time he has seen a woman crying so hard. Jun Sheng is unhappy with his treatment – he is now concerned about her. he asks for her number but he doesn't keep it. Jun Sheng counts the day's earning – Hao improves and he earns more now. His pager rings and he rushes for the phone.

Hao observes as he looks so happy and this is unusual. Is he serious this time? Jun Sheng notices that Min Zhen's voice is hoarse – is she sick? He frowns – is she having a flu? He then learns that she is having a rehearsal. Her theatre group has borrowed space from Da Han shopping centre for a performance. She promises to put in her best. He is on leave the next day but he has arranged to meet Hui Ying. This is their first date and he can't cancel it – what should he do? You will be impressed by his idea.

Hui Ying wears a sexy strap dress for the date. When the strap drops from her shoulder, he puts it back for her and places his hand on her shoulder. (What a hot scene!) Hui Ying doesn't avoid him and hands her car keys to him. He thinks of how to make her impressed and asks her whether she likes plays. Hui Ying frowns upon seeing the noisy children around her. She sulks. Who will plan a date here?

Both go in and she says coldly that her impression is deep indeed. He looks through the cast list and finds Min Zhen's name and photo. Hui Ying is troubled as the child sitting in front of her waves ice cream at Jun Sheng and he enjoys it. Hui Ying can't imagine how he can enjoy a child performance. Suddenly a child wets her dress with his ice cream. But Jun Sheng is oblivious to it as his eyes is fixed on the seagull although he can't see Min Zhen's face. He likes to listen to her voice. (This scene is really funny!)

Although both are not together, he responds like the children and is like exchanging words with her. Hui Ying can't imagine this but she smiles too. Min Zhen goes backstage for a rest. She is too tired. The two are near a river and she asks for another surprise but he tells her to get away from him. She has leaned on his shoulder for too long and he feels that his whole arm is becoming numb. Jun Sheng leaves and this is unexpected as it is still early. Hui Ying is in shock in the car.

Jun Sheng returns to the acting venue but it is closed. He still has the catalogue and decides to flag a cab. He suddenly sees Min Zhen at the bus stop. He tails her carefully and he is stunned by her beauty. She is prettier than the photo. She is not his style as Hao mentions and he walks to and fro. Can he have a chance to talk to her? She doesn't see him and gets on the bus.

Min Zhen calls again – is Ren Qi still upset? Can't he give her another chance? She sings for him. Jun Sheng starts to feel for her – she is already coughing but why is she still singing? And she is doing it for a guy who toys with her feelings. Ren Qi doesn't deserve her to do this. What happens if she knows who he is? Jun Sheng keeps listening to the message.

The playboys club has a meeting so Jun Sheng brings Hui Ying along. They meet Ren Qi with a new girlfriend. They talk about what love is. Jun Sheng mentions that marriage is love's grave. If all die, where is love? Hui Ying tells him to stop. All walk out and Jun Sheng sees Min Zhen with her companions. He signals to Ren Qi but he doesn't see her. Min Zhen notices Ren Qi and is struck.

He has a new target and is not the sad person she has seen earlier. She is hurt for being deceived. Jun Sheng feels the pain in her eyes as she runs away. Min Zhen doesn't leave messages anymore. Jun Sheng sells more shoes but feels his life lacks something. Everyday, he waits for her call in anxiety. Not hearing her voice makes him panicky. He goes to the theatre group to ask for her contact number. He isn't going to give up. He finds a namecard and pretends to be a commercial organizer.

The theatre group organizer tells him that the members have different jobs and are only together when acts are available. He comments that Min Zhen has potential although her voice isn't mature. He knows that Jun Sheng is eyeing for Min Zhen's beauty to shoot a commercial. Hao discusses with Jun Sheng – he wants to get married but his girlfriend is only 22 years old. Jun Sheng is taken aback but Hao replies that she is plain and doesn't know how to apply makeup.

Jun Sheng tells him to teach her – otherwise she looks ugly with no make-up. Hao wants to marry her as he is already 30. Whenever he sees little children, he imagines them to be his children. Jun Sheng finds it serious and asks if he loves her. How can he jump into the furnance? Jun Sheng quotes an example – yesterday, he sleeps with a woman and wants to do it again tonight. From this on, this is not love.

Hao is confused – what does Jun Sheng mean? Jun Sheng thinks cohabiting is good enough. Then breakups can save a lot of trouble. Hao gets impatient. He wants to have children and doesn't want to wash dishes or cooks alone daily. Jun Sheng suggests getting a maid. Hao then asks will he have children with a maid? Jun Sheng shuts up – he can't answer this question.

Jun Sheng leaves the shop and recalls Hao's words. He can understand loneliness but how can he give up his freedom? Should he keep a cow just because he wants milk? He takes out his handphone upon hearing a ring. Hui Ying leaves a message – they have not met for 4 days. Jun Sheng's happy expression vanishes completely – it is not Min Zhen. She reminds him of their one month agreement. Doesn't he wish to give her an unforgettable memory? He gets upset and kicks an empty can away.

He returns home and calls Min Zhen's number. He suddenly hangs up as he can hear his own heartbeat. What is wrong with him? He can't sleep to switch the lights on and off. He then leaves a message in her pager. Now he is giving her a lecture. The content is how to recognize a playboy. First, she has to be sure of the difference of caring men and polite men. Men who are too close will know women well and are very experienced to cheat her. Only those who stammer are genuine.

Those who don't tell her about their addresses and telephone numbers are dangerous. They do this to prevent their ex to cry and fuss at their doors. Don't trust men who say 'love' all the time. Stay away from those who keep on comparing present girlfriends with their ex. When a man meets a woman he loves, he will not think of other women. This is real as he can't see anyone else besides her. Jun Sheng is initially hesitant but it gets smooth later as he imagines her to be in front of him. he hopes that she will not be deceived by Ren Qi anymore.

He gives her a third lecture – how to choose a nice guy? The conclusion is good men don't exist. The difference is whether he has guts. Men can't focus attention on a woman. Even if he has a woman, that is because he finds it troublesome and lacks confidence. If she thinks handsome and eloquent men are nice, she is wrong as he must be a liar. Min Zhen is curious – who is this man? Her life hasn't changed. The photo she takes with Ren Qi is still with her. She finds herself longing to listen to Jun Sheng's voice too.

She works in an eatery and her colleague is worried. Min Zhen should just ignore him. The next message comes – the hairstyle and shoes are important to women. Even though she can be simply dressed, a modern hairstyle with suitable shoes will make her elegant. In contrast, if she wears expensive clothes but doesn't bother about her hair, she will not attract attention.

So Min Zhen turns up at an audition in a simple white blouse and jeans. She is buried in a sea of candidates who are elegantly dressed. She walks onto the stage and the judges don't seem to look at her because they exchange words with each other. She tries her best but it seems that they are uninterested. One of them even listens to a phone call but she still continues acting.

Hao sees the book that Jun Sheng is reading. It is on 50 ways to woo the opposite sex to tell whether love is genuine or fickle. What is wrong with him? Is it because he lacks experience? There is a line – a man refers a woman to a flower to damage the stem. A woman refers herself to a flower to remind herself that she will wither soon. Jun Sheng has developed a new habit – he reads nice books to Min Zhen at night daily.

The next line comes – women must stay away from money and men. He decides not to tell her that. The pager rings again. He listens to it – although he is happy to hear her voice, he is angry that she still calls Ren Qi. She knows that she will not be selected. She still asks him whether he feels better if she sleeps with him! She is angry with him for a few days but she thinks he feels empty to be with another woman. She wishes him to accept her again. Can she look for him at his workplace?

Jun Sheng holds out his patience to listen to the whole message and throws down the phone. This stupid woman decides to submit to the bad guy! Hasn't he tried talking sense into her? He walks angrily in the shop and kicks the shoes aside. Hao knows that something is wrong as normally Jun Sheng is indifferent and doesn't have such a fiery temper. Does the woman want to break up with him? So his first rejection upsets him? He has ditched others first in the past so this is his retribution.

Jun Sheng takes off his uniform and shows his anger. He walks out of the shop. He has used all ways and now he has one last way. He goes to Ren Qi's workplace – the restaurant.and he can't even wait for the lift. Jun Sheng charges up the stairs and drags him out. He forces him to call Min Zhen. Ren Qi refuses as that is the end. Ren Qi asks if Min Zhen is such a bother to call him day and night so he looks like a mad man now. Jun Sheng redials again upon seeing Ren Qi hanging up.

He wants Ren Qi to see Min Zhen to tell her the truth. Ren Qi asks why his reaction is so tough. Jun Sheng admits that he is losing control and he will do something extreme. Ren Qi reminds him of the playboy rule – he isn't supposed to meet his ex as this is also courtesy. Jun Sheng tells him that Min Zhen knows he works here. Ren Qi is shocked – how does she know?

Jun Sheng is amused – how can he ask him since she is his woman? Now his scared expression amuses him. a playboy can be so weak too. Ren Qi jumps – will she make a scene here? He is promoted as the general manager here for not more than a month. So he forces him to meet her at the jazz bar the next day at 9 pm. Jun Sheng will be there too. Jun Sheng hears Hui Ying's message – she also arranges him to meet at the same time – what should he do?

Jun Sheng looks anxiously at the clock. It is approaching 9 but she has a difficult customer. None of the shoes can satisfy her. She keeps saying that the shoes are too large and insists on wearing a smaller size. He suddenly says that the size is just right. Jun Sheng's reaction shocks Hao. Jun Sheng cites that the most pitiful organ is the feet because they are often stamped on the gound. Why must she illtreat them? She insists of wearing size 23.5 although her size is 24 so 24.5 should suit her better.

The woman charges out angrily. Hao tells him to be patient as they are knocking off soon. Is he fuming because he hasn't eaten dinner? Jun Sheng calls up Ren Qi to discover that he is still at work. He throws down the phone and runs to the bar. He sees her there waiting till 11 and falls asleep. She is too tired and he brings her coffee to sit in front of her.

She wakes up and looks at him cautiously. He is a handsome man and he says that he has been watching her for a long time. Can she spare him a few minutes? She realizes that it is late for work and she walks away. She refuses to let him pay for her and warns him not to move. Why is she so fierce out of a sudden and doesn't give him a chance? She remembers the strange messages – because someone tells her not to believe handsome, eloquent guys as they can be cheats.

Jun Sheng is stunned on the spot, not knowing whether to cry or laugh over it. Min Zhen suddenly turns back and asks whether she has seen him before as he looks familiar to her. He denies and she returns to work. The two aunties don't blame her for being late and questions her how things go. Does Ren Qi apologise to her and wants to start all over with her again? They are angry that he doesn't appear at all. They want to confront him and demands for his number.

She cries as she calls him first. Although she feels shameful for making the first move, she wishes him to think of her. Perhaps he is only cheating on her. Isn't she silly? Jun Sheng stops at the door. He has followed her all the way back. Seeing her so upset, he doesn't dare to walk in. Why is she so useless? He doesn't know that a lie can hurt someone so seriously.

Hao practices on his marriage proposal speech. Jun Sheng frowns when he mentions that his home is small but he has a small car. How many times must he tell Hao that a woman needs imagination. The speech must be touching to let her remember forever. If given the choice, he will prepare red wine. Hao replies that she doesn't drink at all – Jun Sheng laments that her life must be boring.

Hao says that Jun Sheng doesn't know women. To him, a woman is not a plaything to be around to drink or fool around. He wants a life partner who can go through thick and thin with him. Women are around to live with men. Jun Sheng is silent – to live together? Ren Qi ignores Jun Sheng and keeps throwing glances with women on the way out. He will feel lost at times and feel sorry for fooling with different women.

Min Zhen's case isn't the first time to him. But he will be tired if he is Jun Sheng. This is perhaps his retribution for being a playboy. He gives Jun Sheng a drink and wants him to shut up. They shouldn't waste time on this trival matter. Jun Sheng doesn't bear to upset Min Zhen. What happens since Min Zhen loves Ren Qi? It is not easy to find someone who loves him. Ren Qi realises that Jun Sheng loves Min Zhen and offers to help him. Jun Sheng suppresses the anger to punch him and walks away.

Ren Qi calls him – is this first time to love someone? He wants Jun Sheng to be careful not to end up like him. Jun Sheng turns around and says that Shan Xi – the woman he mentions all along to other women is indeed the person he loves but is dead in reality. He admits this sad past now – she exists and he loves her. He only likes her and no one can replace her. Jun Sheng never expects this. Min Zhen listens to the message and is shocked to know that Shan Xi died in a car accident when she rushed to meet Ren Qi.

So she can imagine how he should be – to kill himself, to be sad for a while and forget about her, to lead a sad life forever or to be a playboy to change girlfriends monthly so that he will not love again? The answer is no. 4. This man has another man whose rule is never to tell other women his handphone number because he will answer it when it rings. So he only tells them his pager number. This man is Jun Sheng and he reveals his number to her. Min Zhen is shocked – so the messages aren't mistakes and are indeed for her.

She loses her cool when coming to acting. So she is tricked by a playboy. She should feel shameful but she feels sad instead. Hao looks at Jun Sheng who calls himself on his handphone using the company phone. He wants to make sure that it is fine so that Min Zhen can call him anytime. Min Zhen wants to meet Ren Qi again and walks to the restaurant. Although it is also a restaurant, it sells buffet and is more expensive than her workplace. She hides at a corner to look at him. Strangely, she feels nothing for him now.

Why the person she urges to meet gives her a strange feeling now? She doesn't understand this. She has worried that she will cry but she doesn't. She has no one to leave messages now. Jun Sheng can no longer suppress his anxiety and runs to her workplace but is disappointed that she isn't around. On his way home, his handphone suddenly rings and Min Zhen calls him.

He is taken aback – she starts to doubt that he isn't the one to leave the messages. He has waited for so long but when she calls him, she can't believe it. He admits it and gets of f the cab. He is too happy and she asks why he does it. Does he think that she is pitiful? Or he does it to other women ditched by Ren Qi? It is better not to leave her messages because she is in a whirlwind now. She has thought that the messages are conveyed wrongly to her. But she is happy to listen to them.

She shares her thoughts with him – if he isn't Ren Qi's friend, she will meet him but she still thanks him. Although knowing the truth upsets her, she will recover. The line is cut off when she finishes using the coins. She will not call him anymore. This is probably the best decision. Jun Sheng goes to the factory and leaves Hao alone at the shop. He then asks Hui Ying out. He never expects her to tie her hair into a ponytail and is in a business suit. This is so different from how she looks at night.

He has wanted to meet her at the basketball court but he never expects her to be such a working professional. He has to part with her. She smiles – he is so punctual as the one month agreement is up exactly. He should pretend t o be upset but apologises that she can't replace his dead girlfriend. Hui Ying already predicts this and asks him about the woman's name. He answers frankly that that is his cat's name and he smiles – that is better than Mimi. Besides Shu Qing, there should be another.

Jun Sheng is shocked – how does she know it? doesn't he know that how wives know that their husbands cheat on them? It depends on their instinct. She is very smart to know that things don't look well for him. Does he tell her about Shu Qing and doesn't wish to be a substitute? Jun Sheng is embarrassed as he dosn't start this way. So he is ditched to let her wait for a whole night.

He decides to tell everything. He hasn't even started with Min Zhen. From today onwards, he isn't Ren Qi's disciple and a playboy. Hui Ying looks at him and envies him. She longs to be in love too and shares a sentence with him – she only wants to get involved completely because she wants to die in blind love. Jun Sheng is attracted by it. Maybe they can only be friends and she copies it for her.
Jun Sheng leaves messages again to read interesting quotes to Min Zhen. Min Zhen's life gets back to normal. She works hard now. He is still like an invisible friend to keep in contact with her. Min Zhen is grateful to him. Although she is back alone, she doesn't feel lonely. She likes people to give her concern. Although they have not met, they are close to each other. She wants to call him but she has erased the messages and she hasn't copied down his number.

Jun Sheng packs the shoes into a plastic bag and praises his customer for having expensive taste. Ren Qi comes into the shop and shakes his head. Why does he choose such a dirty job? Probably Jun Sheng looks at women's legs for too long and becomes numb. This is so humiliating to be a man and yet helps the women to wear the shoes. He reveals to Jun Sheng that he just starts to go out with Hui Ying.

Jun Sheng smiles – this is unexpected. She is a nice person and hopes he will cherish her. But he warns him – Hui Ying is very clever and he must not have designs on her. Ren Qi thinks that no good woman exists but she can be trained. Can Jun Sheng do it because he needs at least 30 years? What does he mean? Ren Qi has arranged to meet with Min Zhen but he isn't going. Does Jun Sheng want a relationship that last for a month or 30 years? Jun Sheng should graduate now. Both of them are close buddies and smile together.

Jun Sheng walks into the bar. Min Zhen hasn't arrived and this bar has a telephone at every table. When she appears, he uses the menu to hide his face. He feels the place he sits isn't good as he can't see her clearly. He wants to pluck up courage to talk to her but he doesn't dare to do it. Min Zhen finds him familiar looking and has thought that he wants to sit in front of her when he walks to her with his drink but he sits at another table. She doesn't wish to wait for Ren Qi anymore although he is a few minutes late.

She dials Ren Qi's pager number and calls him the last time – it is 10 minutes past and she will wait for 5 more minutes. She decides not to wait for him anymore after that. Jun Sheng can listen to her very clearly and the pager rings. He calls her to explain that he is the one who leaves the messages and only needs 10 minutes from her. She stares at him – so he is the one. His eyes are fixed on her and she remembers him. They have met once and she has called him too. He is waiting for her call and the energy is charged daily.

Her face darkened as she has not jotted it down. Will she call him if she has the number? She replies that she will get angry. He lowers his head like a child who has done wrongly. He will accept his sorrowful fate of being slapped. But can't he go over to her to let her do it? It is so strange to be so near and yet both are using two telephones. He is already sick of talking to the phone. He looks so pitiful.

The two hang up and he waits for her reply – to start or to end. She looks at him – she should flare up at this man for following her and doesn't care her feelings to leave messages for her. But she recalls how he is behind her during the sad period. He gives her a lot of support. She can't be angry with him. When she looks out of the window, Jun Sheng finds his heart sinking.

Till there is a faint smile near her lips. When she turns over to look at him, there is a smile in her eyes and she lowers her head shyly. Jun Sheng grins now and is shy too. He will cherish this chance that doesn't come easily. Just like what he tells Ren Qi that she can't meet another woman like Min Zhen anymore. He has given up his monthly choice to choose a route that lasts for 20 years.

Introduction on characters

1. Li Jun Sheng – Song Seung Hun
He is a sales assistant and an eloquent man. He enjoys fooling around with women but Min Zhen touches his heart to make him a changed man. You will find the changing stages interesting and amusing. Seung Hun does fairly well as the casanova who mellows down to be a devoted lover. He also relates the boredom that unattached men display well.

2. Piao Ren Qi – Che Cheng Yuan
He works as a general manager in a Western restaurant and has never taken relationships seriously after his girlfriend's death. He shows no remorse for toying with Min Zhen's feelings. And I really laugh when he seems so cool at first but gets frantic upon knowing that Min Zhen might come to his workplace. He is actually pitiful to try to forget the past like this. Che plays the role well – in fact I think he is even better than Seung Hun in scenes where he teaches him how to handle women.

3. Jin Min Zhen – Choi Ji Woo
She is a waitress and also a stage actress. However, she is too devoted to love to leave Ren Qi many messages although he breaks up with her. Luckily, she finds a better choice later in life. Ji Woo is suitable for the role although the crying scenes can be repetitive.

4. Hui Ying – Li Na Ying
She is a professional office lady in the day but a wild cat at night. She is hot, sexy and smart to know Jun Sheng's thoughts having the looks and the brains. I like this character – she isn't happy with Jun Sheng's arrangement to go for the children's play but she starts to enjoy it after feeling his joy. She even helps him out when knowing that he is unsuccessful in wooing Min Zhen. The actress almost steals the limelight from Ji Woo as she acts very well.

5. Hao
He is Jun Sheng's forgetful colleague. He might be older than him but he lacks experience in wooing women so he goes to him for advice. I don't find this actor good and is pissed off by his shoulder length hair. Not everyone can be Takuya or Ekin Cheng. Sigh – why don't some actors realize their shortcoming?

Most favourite character
Jun Sheng – he may be fickle and sweet tongued but he is really caring to Min Zhen

Most hated character
Min Zhen - she should have given up on Ren Qi completely after seeing him with another woman. But why does she keep returning to him by calling him often? But I guess the audience will not blame her for it. if not, how will Jun Sheng become a better man?


My first reaction – why isn't this a longer serial as Ji Woo and Seung Hun really look good together? There are very few scenes of them together too. And even if there are, they are not looking at each other! Isn't this a waste? But luckily the last scene compensates for the loss or their fans will punch their chests.

Ji Woo and Seung Hun are not very good in here – it is like she is reprising her sad roles in other dramas while he is like a mirror image of the rebellious Ying Xiong in 'Law Firm'. However, they do show so improvement and have a lot of chemistry when together. The supporting cast gives a spectacular performance and nearly upstage the two. Actually there is room for development for the plot but it is hard for the two to work again. So their fans must watch it when they see it.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***(Scale of 5)
On story : ***1/2(Scale of 5)

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