Love Story in Harvard

Reviewed by: sukting

December 18, 2005

Rating: three


How does Rae Won and Tae Hee work together as a couple? How did the cast fare to speak English lines in this serial? This serial will be able to provide the answers.


Xian Yu is on the plane doing his assignments and suddenly a woman asks if he is from Harvard University. He asks if she is also from there or if her boyfriend is. She replies that he gives up Harvard so she gives him up too. She shakes her head - his preparation for Reyes' module isn't enough indeed. His childhood friend, Shu Qi is happy to receive him and he jokes that she becomes a pretty woman. She replies that she has treated him as a man all along.

When Xian Yu stands in the school premises, he becomes ambitious. He stands in front of John Harvard's statue. Many have said that touching his left foot can get into Harvard but it is the reverse for him. He is here to show how outstanding Koreans are. Shu Qi kisses him in the dark but he struggles to get away from her. This scene is seen by Professor Keyes - he tells them to find a hotel to do that instead of a classroom - they are really a bunch of uncultured Asian students. Xian Yu is angry over the race discrimination. (But if I were the old man, I will also find their behaviour unacceptable.)

Shu Qi's family and Xian Yu's family have them engaged so she wants him to stay with her. He rejects as he wants to concentrate on his studies. He even chases her out of the hotel room - it is too dangerous to be with her alone. Xian Yu is having his bath happily when a pretty lady knocks on his door. Both ask who they are. She smiles as she gets into the wrong room. He wonders if she is a hotel staff but sees her dancing downstairs. He gets attracted by her.

She is tired and sits on the ground. Later, she gets into a room with a middle-aged man as he carries her. He is upset - so she can do anything for the sake of money. (No one can blame the poor chap for getting the wrong idea.) Shu Qi wears his boxer briefs and runs around in his hostel. He wants to remove them but his roommates happen to see that. This Shu Qi frames him and it looks like he has to keep a distance from her. When his roommate asks if she is his girlfriend, he answers no but she answers yes. She gets mad with him.

They are together because her uncle, Ying Guo is a law professor here and he is also his aunt's classmate. Ying Guo is his idol and he needs his help for his studies. He sees the woman here - is she also a student? She even gets Ying Guo to take off his shirt in front of him. He is shocked but her expression is calm. She even smiles at him and he escapes quickly. He follows her to see her accepting money from a foreign student who paints a kiss on her cheek. He is sure that she is a hooker now.

He confronts her - how much has she earned to betray herself? She smiles and tells him not to let others know that he is a Korean. She will do anything for money. Xian Yu touches her butt and gives her money - so she is stunned. But she gives him a kiss - she will follow him to the hotel if he gives her $100. When she leaves, his anger vanishes and smiles - how is this connected to him if she wants to degrade herself?

Harvard is not a place for him to stay. The studies nearly drive him mad and on his first class, Reyes is his lecturer. He feels like dying on the spot. His classmate has Zheng Min who can answer all Reyes' questions but he can't answer anything. Reyes is sarcastic - he has time to play with his girlfriend but has no time for studies? He is so ashamed that he covers his eyes.

All his roommates are top students while he is a normal overseas student. He begins to feel inferior. Zheng Min also looks down his fellow 'comrade'. He thinks that Xian Yu has no substance but only knows how to brag and disgrace himself in his first class. He should do more reading instead.

At his worst moment, the woman smiles at him. Xian Yu tries to make friends with Zheng Min but he ignores him. It seems both are enemies from the start. Xian Yu thinks he is great to provide views in class but Reyes considers him trash. He thinks Reyes is all out to kill him and bathes to make himself feel better.
There is a welcome party for new students and Xian Yu sees the woman on the plane, Zhen Ya.

Her glance at Zheng Min is different. The exaggerating part is the bad woman is also present. She looks glamourous after makeup. Zheng Min also gets attracted - he stares at her and she is imprinted in his soul. A man offered Zheng Min a high salary to work in his law firm in future. But his words offend Zheng Min - it seems that Asians only like being doctors or lawyers because they are money-minded. Zheng Min is so pissed off that he tells the man that he will offer him the salary 10 years later.

Xian Yu's eyes never leave her and he sees Zheng Min talking to her. Xian Yu comes to her when she takes off the uncomfortable high heels to have a rest. He is mean - she has many contacts and how much is she paid? She tells him to fix an appointment as she charges. Zhen Ya's father, James faints of a heart attack. The woman gives him CPR. All are shocked by her alertness when they see her cutting his tie with her key. The two guys come to help - Xian Yu is confused - she doesn't seem to be a bad woman after all. She follows the ambulance and he picks her key.

His mind is filled with her now - even when he is bathing. How can the future judge be obsessed with a hooker? He sees a photo of her and the man in the keychain. Is there a story behind this? Shu Ren isn't a hooker but is a houseman at Harvard. She hasn't even been in love before. Shu Ren can't stay in her friend's home anymore as her friend's boyfriend is moving in. She has to treat the library as her home. She sees Xian Yu and smiles - this man is rude but is funny.

Before Xian Yu can talk to her, Zheng Min approaches her first. He is attracted by this adorable and pretty lady. Zheng Min asks how she thinks of him. The two guys are smitten with her. She thinks he is the same as others but he doesn't want to feel that way. She rejects him but still smiles at him. Zheng Min's heart follows her from then on. Xian Yu returns the key to Shu Ren. Xian Yu is the needle in Reyes' eyes so all don't want him to be in their study groups. He feels helpless.

Ying Guo teaches Xian Yu to borrow Reyes' books to read but Zheng Min has borrowed them. This fellow is very selfish. He refuses to let Xian Yu photocopy it or read it as he wants it before the next lesson. You will laugh - Xian Yu snatches the book and runs out of the library! Zheng Min never expects him to be so crafty and runs after him. Xian Yu suddenly decides to give up and returns the book to him. He refuses to read it although Zheng Min offers to lend it to him. Zheng Min smiles. (The two can be so childish.) Zheng Min tries getting materials from a hospital and is surprised to know that Shu Ren is an intern there. He comes to know that she is not James' mistress but only follows him as he has a heart problem.

Xian Yu wants to be with Zheng Min in the same study group. Zheng Min asks what benefits he can get.
(It must be his first time begging others as we can see the reluctance on his face.)He will help if Xian Yu can get in a point in a 10 minute basketball game. Xian Yu knows nothing about the game but has to agree to it. (I have looked down on his poor studies but I never know he has zero sense for sports too.) He finally gets in but time is up so he feels like crying. Shu Qi introduces Xian Yu to Shu Ren. Xian Yu wants to leave but Shu Ren blocks the door. He can't believe that she is a houseman. Does Harvard accept anyone?

Xian Yu learns Shu Ren is Ying Guo's personal doctor. He smiles as he wrongs her. Xian Yu apologises and blames her for not telling the truth. She likes to joke with him. Xian Yu wants her to teach him medical knowledge in his hostel weekly. He will pay her $200 each time. She is shocked - in his room? He laughs - doesn't she say she will get into a hotel for $100? He gets his revenge and smiles wickedly. James hints to Shu Ren that she needs not work so hard if she becomes his mistress but she only smiles at him. She dislikes his attitude but still needs the job as his personal doctor.

The feminine Zhen Ya looks for Zheng Min. Her home lawyer firm wants to hire him but he isn't interested. Not even if the firm sponsors his fees and daily expenses. Zhen Ya doesn't take up law but she graduates from business administration so she manages her father's business. Ying Guo has never liked James' way of doing business - only getting cases from the rich but never asks for a clear conscience. Zhen Ya brings Zheng Min home and asks if he has a girlfriend. He answers no but facing her seduction, he thinks she is too fast but she thinks that it is meaningless to do with others. (She is really like a predator.)

Xian Yu is not concentrating with Shu Ren in front of him. He finds out the middle-aged man is her father. How can she cope with her studies and working part time? She replies that she has to do it as he, a rich man will not understand it. He suggests knocking off early to fix kimchi for her. Xian Yu wonders why she migrates to the U.S. but she doesn't answer him. Seeing her down, he is sensitive to cheer her up. Actually they migrate to the U.S. because Mr Li's business fails and her mother passes away. Zheng Min returns and Xian Yu asks when they know each other.

Zheng Min isn't happy that Shu Ren becomes Xian Yu's tutor - he must make her his woman. When seeing Shu Ren dozing off, Xian Yu feels the pinch and stares at her. He wants her to sleep on his bed and she gives in as she is too tired. Zheng Min comes to check out on them - cooking up to ask Shu Ren a few questions as an excuse. She agrees but Xian Yu blocks him. Xian Yu smiles devilishly - she is hired by him and she can't help him without his approval. He wants to spite back at him for refusing to let him borrow Reyes' materials.

Zheng Min doesn't insist on that - he is checking to see that they are studying. So now he can rest his mind. (The rivalry between the guys start right here.) Shu Ren likes money but treats patients well. Seeing her taking care of an AIDS patient and she isn't afraid of it, Xian Yu is stunned - is she the same person who loves money so much? The horrifying part is she even asks him to help a patient to bathe. Colour leaves his face but he agrees to it. But her smile and angel's heart touches him so he overcomes his fear.

He looks serious when both are on the way back. She thinks that he is angry with her delaying his time so she apologises. Xian Yu says that he is now troubled as he likes her. She smiles and takes that she hasn't heard it. Because of love, Xian Yu picks up his confidence in studies and Reyes starts to admire him. Zheng Min congratulates him but he thinks that Zheng Min doesn't know how patriotic he is.

Xian Yu wants to tell Shu Ren the good news to treat her to a meal. He is angry to know that Zheng Min has asked her out and grabs her hand. Zheng Min tells him coldly to let go as he holds her another hand.
(This is also an amazing sight)Shu Ren lets go of both hands and follows Zheng Min. Xian Yu is upset by this when Zheng Min holds her shoulder. Zheng Min speaks fluent Italian when ordering the dishes and is delighted to know that she has no boyfriend. Zheng Min hates to waste time to know a person.

But he wants to know her better and feels happy with her. Can she know him better as this will not waste her time too? She only smiles - it is not that she dislikes him but she really has no time. He grabs her hand but has to let go when she walks out of his car. Xian Yu is fuming when Zheng Min isn't back. Zheng Min pats his shoulder - he is back late so he should be impatient. Xian Yu's heart nearly bursts when Zheng Min announces that he hasn't been happy for a long time. (See how they cross swords with each other.)

To make time to be with her, Xian Yu signs up as a volunteer. Her smiles are different now - not distant but consist of admiration and joy. But she wants him not to do it just because of her. Xian Yu laughs - don't ever think that she is so great. Xian Yu knows that Shu Ren is joining a one-year programme to help the Africans. He becomes down and wants a date with her on next Friday. She agrees to it. Xian Yu brags this in front of Zheng Min - lying that his date with Shu Ren means nothing to her.

Zhen Ya invites Zheng Min to her home but he rejects, saying that he likes someone else. She smiles and holds his hand. This doesn't matter to her and he can't reject her. Shu Ren sees than together and Zheng Min runs after her to explain that Zhen Ya takes the initiative to hold his hand. She smiles as she hasn't mistakened. Upon knowing that both are not dating, Zheng Min realizes that Xian Yu is lying. Zheng Min invites Shu Ren to stay as their roommate.

They get into the bathroom and Xian Yu is bathing in the tub. She sees him naked again and smiles but he feels shy. Xian Yu is angry - why is she often seeing free naked scenes? (You must really watch it to find out.) But in reality, he is mad with Zheng Min helping Shu Ren before him. Shu Ren corrects him - she has to make breakfast and cleans the house in order to stay here. Zheng Min helps her to learn Italian. He is very busy with studies but what is this to him as long as he can get close to her?

Xian Yu is energetic to see Shu Ren daily now but he is angry to see her with Zheng Min. Zheng Min is using an Italian love song to express his love for her.(Very romantic as we know how cold he is!) She laughs when listening to the song on the discman. She never expects a cold him to have a romantic side. He is proud of himself. She can know him better soon. Xian Yu nearly vomits blood upon hearing that.

Under the music, she watches his swift movement when playing basketball. Her eyes become soft and Xian Yu feels tormented. Zheng Min sees a jealous Xian Yu so he throws his basketball on his head. (This scene is sure funny.) Shu Ren looks up so Xian Yu hides. Zheng Min deliberately makes Xian Yu angry - does he sleep well? Zheng Min and Shu Ren have lots to discuss so they sleep late. Upon seeing them so close, Xian Yu can only vent his anger on breakfast.

Shu Ren decides to choose the place for their date for an expensive meal. Xian Yu agrees but she must not be late. He comes to the arranged place and it is her father's restaurant. Xian Yu waits in vain for her to come - she rushes to see the AIDS patient to find him dead. She is very upset and Zheng Min wipes off her tears. Xian Yu sees this when back and thinks that she misses their date because of him. She doesn't wish to explain and only says sorry. He accuses her of being a two-timer.

Zhen Ya wants Zheng Min and fixes her first meal for him even though he stresses that he likes someone else. She smiles - it doesn't matter. No one can only love one person. Xian Yu concentrates on his studies and his team wins the debate. Zheng Min learns that Xian Yu is his enemy's son. Xian Yu's father - the judge has sentenced his father to be hanged wrongly. He vows to seek revenge.

Xian Yu learns that the AIDS patient has passed away and he realizes it is the same day that he is supposed to meet Shu Ren. He wants to apologise as he feels very remorseful for wronging her. She is at the rugby ground, thinking of the patient. He was once a rugby player. Xian Yu teaches her how to play the game. She finally smiles at him. The teaching process gives him a chance to get close to her.

He falls on top of her and wants to kiss her but he loses his guts. Why is she staring at him? She finally weeps for the patient and he brushes off her tears. She sits on the bicycle with him. He feels her hands around his waist - is this a lover's hug? He feels blessed and she thanks him for helping her to overcome her grief. He suddenly gets the rugby ball and stands far from her. Then he runs to her and kisses her on the lips as his target - this is the most important game he has won.

Shu Ren has expected him to kiss her but never express him to use this 'rough' but romantic way. Seeing her smile, he knows that she isn't angry and accepts him. He is so happy and carries her. Seeing this when driving back, Zheng Min's hatred rises. The romantic Italian song comes with tonight's memory - Shu Ren feels the sweetness to be in love with Xian Yu. Zheng Min dashes her dream by hitting her head with the basketball. Her sweet smile pricks his heart. So jealousy can kill someone.

With love, things become different. Xian Yu helps Shu Ren to fix breakfast for the rest. But he is lousy in it and she has to fix it. Zheng Min can't bring himself to enjoy their 'love' breakfast. His coldness makes Shu Ren insecure. Xian Yu knows this is unbearable but hopes that she feels better. Zheng Min loses Shu Ren and seeks solace in Zhen Ya. He kisses Zhen Ya madly but leaves first as he refuses to go into her home.

Xian Yu is like a lunatic looking at Shu Ren and tries to impress her with his charm but she tries hard not to laugh as he is only in his boxer briefs although he wears a suit top. Shu Ren asks why Zheng Min is hostile to her lately and he replies that he has not minded spending time with her but this doesn't imply that he should watch how she fools around with others. Shu Ren gets offended and reminds him - she has told him that he is wasting time on her right from the beginning.

Both guys are only friends to her. Are both of them so free to ask her to be their girlfriend? She has no time. Shu Qi wears sexy lingerie to tempt Xian Yu but he refuses to play along with her. Shu Ren sees this but pretends that she has not seen anything. He tries hard to explain to her but Shu Qi deliberately says that he is her future groom and requests Shu Ren to take care of him. He really has nothing to say.

Xian Yu suspects that Zheng Min wins through despicable means - does he really lack confidence? Zheng Min ignores him. Xian Yu asks Zhen Ya for resources and she invites him to join her firm. He agrees to consider. Zheng Min seeks Shu Ren's help and promises to bring her to her favourite restaurant. He is quite cunning to kill 2 birds with one stone. Mr Li sees him and he gets nervous. Mr Li deliberately finds faults on him and she tells him that he is not her type.

But Zheng Min still hopes to be her boyfriend. Mr Li doesn't really like this outstanding guy - he lacks warmth. Shu Qi reminds Xian Yu how to win and he has an idea. But his confidence is shaken upon finding Shu Ren as Zheng Min's witness. He is witty and calls her a yellow bitch to show the racism problem. He also shows the tape of Shu Qi pretending to steal in the minimart. Even though she isn't searched, the staff's attitude is rude to her indeed. Zheng Min frowns. Xian Yu's wits win the case and he only wishes to share his happiness with Shu Ren. She is also impressed with his performance. He looks handsome and she has thought of him to be innocent but it seems that he knows to use his tactics well.

Zheng Min falls into despair over his loss - how can Zhen Ya let go of such a good chance to console him? The feeling of failure is terrible but he has to learn to overcome it. He smiles and she comes at the right time - he spends the night in bed with her. He apologises to Zhen Ya but she says that both of them have the need so he needs not do it.

Shu Ren gives Xian Yu a warm hug over his win and he is taken aback by it - together with the small bottle of champagne she gives him. He smiles - she has to find a rich man like him and both walk to the hostel, holding their hands together. Zheng Min is playing basketball to vent his frustrations. The kind Xian Yu consoles him - he wins not because of strength because he is righteous. Shu Ren also thinks that both have not lost but Zheng Min admits his loss.

Zheng Min wants to compete with Xian Yu to win Shu Ren's heart. Both play a game and Xian Yu wins with Shu Ren's glances. So Zheng Min should give up? Ha¡­¡­Zheng Min chides him for being gullible and childish - how can love be a game? Sigh - although this sounds reasonable but he is really cheating. Xian Yu brags about his win to Zhen Ya and she smiles. She will not reject him anymore. She closes her eyes, longing for the kiss but she runs away as she hasn't brushed her teeth.

She runs into the bathroom and he gets rowdy. It doesn't really matter to him. They have their kiss and suddenly Zheng Min appears. Xian Yu quickly blocks his view and closes the door. They invent a hand signal - ok. Zheng Min also woos Shu Ren aggressively. He will not only get close to her but will drag her to his side. Shu Ren tells him that his efforts are futile. Suddenly, a customer faints and Shu Ren insists of giving aid on the spot or the person will die when the ambulance comes despite Zheng Min's protests.

Why does he stop her? If the person dies, Shu Ren will be sued for killing as she isn't a doctor yet. He survives and Zheng Min is touched seeing her tears. He can't bear to let go of her more now. The person suddenly goes into a coma and Shu Ren is ordered to suspend her classes. She feels tormented. Zheng Min leaves her alone to attend classes but Xian Yu skips classes upon knowing it. How can he leave her alone? Zheng Min is such an insensitive guy. Zheng Min awakens and runs out too. (He is normally cold and selfish but we see a change in him now.)

Xian Yu finds Shu Ren - she cries not because she operates but she regrets hesitating to lose her place in Harvard. She should have acted faster to prevent the tragedy from happening. Xian Yu hugs her in his arms. Both show the ok sign to each other again. Zheng Min worries that she might be sued and reads law books and Xian Xu is grateful to him even though they are rivals. Shu Ren visits the patient to see Zhen Ya, who is approached to sue her. Shu Qi is unhappy with Xian Yu for being distracted.

Xian Yu brings Shu Ren to the beach to cheer her up. The person has wakened and she is delighted. Zheng Min is angry to know what Zhen Ya has done and Zhen Ya confesses that she accepts the case as the last loss tarnishes her father's firm reputation. Zheng Min can't be a good lawyer if he brings his personal feelings into a case. The target is not at Shu Ren but at the whole Harvard. Zheng Min cools down and Shu Ren is still in a foul mood upon knowing that.

Xian Yu meets his future father-in-law nervously and he loses to Mr Li in arm wrestling. Mr Li says that he can never entrust a weakling to take care of his daughter. He tries to drink with him and gets drunk but he wins Mr Li's heart. Zheng Min passes all the materials to Xian Yu and Xian Yu doesn't know why he does this. Shu Ren decides to quit her studies and Xian Yu gets angry. Xian Yu nearly hits Zheng Min after knowing that he becomes the witness. Is it wrong to save a dying person?

Zhen Ya eyes him with disapproval - Harvard students should know that they should look at the result and not the motive. Xian Yu then begs Zheng Min to help - doesn't he love her? He keeps quiet. Xian Yu watches at Shu Ren dreamily when she nurses his wound hit by Zheng Min. he must protect the beautiful her from harm. She decides to stay on to fulfill her dream. Shu Ren knows the guys have fought. Zheng Min can only apologise without telling why.

Xian Yu is back and jokes that she is such an obedient wife. Zheng Min is given the chance to work in subordinate court. Xian Yu thinks that he gets it from Zhen Ya because he betrays Shu Ren. Even Zheng Min doubts his ability too. Zhen Ya points out that he gets it due to his ability. Xian Yu tries hard to find evidence. Mr Li invites the guys for a meal. Upon seeing the three chatting happily, Zheng Min feels neglected. She finally cries in front of Mr Li and Xian Yu wipes her tears. Zheng Min wants Shu Ren to admit her mistake to get off the hook to be realistic.

But Xian Yu refuses and he will use his own way to save her besides telling the truth. Zheng Min reminds her to be cold in order to continue her dream. Professor Keyes tells him to read the books again. The patient learns that Shu Ren has given up her studies. She doesn't regret as she wants to help others and hopes he will work towards his dream too. She packs all her things and is at the hearing.

Zheng Min is nervous for his interview while Xian Yu is in the library searching for evidence. It struck their minds when they recall a case where someone is forgiven. If a witness sees someone in danger and he doesn't endanger lives, he will not need to bear moral responsibility. They run to the court and Zhen Ya jumps upon knowing that Zheng Min misses the interview. Zheng Min is a step later than Xian Yu again and Shu Ren is protected by the law now. (I am not very happy with Zheng Min to be the loser again.)

Zheng Min smiles and all clap for Xian Yu as he relates the case. Xian Yu gives Shu Ren a big hug and the lawyers seek Professor Keyes opinion. She Ren is freed and she will get help for the suit. Xian Yu hugs Professor Keyes tightly. Zhen Ya congratulates them as the person decides to withdraw the case. They are happy over it. Zhen Ya asks why Zheng Min gives up and he asks if she is disappointed. She answers no as she is more attracted by him now and will not give him up.

Xian Yu asks - does Shu Ren love him now? So the accused's heart is stolen by the defendant? She can't answer don't know. Shu Ren's mentor thanks her for making her more humane and reminds her that she is going to South America to do volunteer work soon. Now Xian Yu is popular to be approached to join different study groups but he wants to play over the weekend. Shu Qi wants to invite him for a musical but he tells her frankly that he treats her as a younger sister to drive her to tears.

Shu Ren goes to the beach with Xian Yu and both sleep together for the night. When he wakes up, she leaves him a letter, telling him that she leaves. He is mad with her for not telling him and leaving 2 rings behind. She has no confidence to be his wife. He focuses on his studies. Harvard becomes winter without her. His new habit is to wear the rings on his finger. After 3 years, the two guys graduate with first class honours. Xian Yu returns to Korea to be a popular young lawyer.

Xian Yu's senior and sore loser, Cheng Zhe tells Xian Yu not to work too hard. He lets him off as he is his junior. Xian Yu replies that he wins due to justice. Mr Jin tells Xian Yu not to focus on small cases as many watch him. He arranges him to matchmake but he opposes even though the person can help in his career. Mr Jin warns him not to be rude o Yun Mei because of her influential background. They walk for an hour and he brings her into a small eatery to try out chicken feet. To his surprise, she likes them!

His method is too obvious to show that he doesn't like her. He has thought of ways not to hurt her and doesn't know this arranged date. He isn't prepared for another relationship. She prefers leaving alone to save herself from embarrassment. Zheng Min is back in Korea after migrating to the US for 11 years. He is reading documents on the plane and Zhen Ya holds his hand. He has not slept but is still fine. She notices that he doesn't wear their engagement ring. Does he dislike it?

When they return to get married, James Liu & Co. will be his. Another part of the plane has Shu Ren pasting wallpapers of both of them on the laptop. Xian Yu feels miserable thinking of the past. He sees Shang Hao in debt. The environment case isn't settled and the prosecutor is getting US experts. Xian Yu will help him. He doesn't want marriage as another woman doesn't want that too.

He wants to show her to Shang Hao but she is in his heart. Shang Hao wonders why he gets wounded so severely. He should look for other buses but he will wait for her return. Xian Yu is stunned when Yun Mei joins his firm. She is a top graduate but chooses to work for him. (The reason is too obvious - needs no guess). Mr Jin thinks it is a good chance for them to know each other better. Why doesn't Xian Yu work for Mr Jin? His big organization stands up for the rich and influential but the law should protect the weak.

Zheng Min sees Shu Ren at the airport - is she his present from heaven? He runs after her bus but she has not noticed him. Zhen Ya is angry to see than. Mr Li tells Shu Ren that Xian Yu is a famous lawyer but she refuses to see him. He happens to see Shu Ren on the street but misses her in the MRT. (Why no surprise - the producer has reused the dose in 'Staircase to heaven' again.) Shu Ren will complete her thesis and leave in 2 months time. She is also here to visit Mr Li.

Zheng Min tells his assistant to check how many local hospitals have connections with ORD. If not, check which hospital provides free treatment. Shen Hao meets with Che to read the documents. Zheng Min also asks his friends about Shu Ren's whereabouts.(He has all his Harvard photos at home.) Xian Yu also searches for her in every hospital. She turns in another direction and he misses her AGAIN!!! (Please - why give me another 'hide and seek' game again? I am sick of this.)

She goes secretly to the law building but hides aside upon seeing him with Yun Mei. This shows that he is doing well while she can give him nothing. Zheng Min approaches her and smiles. (I can assure you that he is always cold but t when he smiles and talks to her gently, you can feel his warmth.) She never expects to see him but he believes that they will meet again. She leaves without a word to surprise all and he also panicks over it. She doesn't like to bid goodbyes. Is she back for Xian Yu?

She answers no but he knows she can't forget him. Juts like him. Sheng Hao lacks funds and Zhen Ya is angry to know that Zheng Min looks for Shu Ren and crushes the note. Zheng Min checks into the case. DA chemicals waste produces side effects to the villagers staying nearby. It is safe according to US standards. Zhen Ya asks - is Zheng Min unwilling to return to US because of Shu Ren? She holds his hand which wears the ring - he can look for her but he is hers and he should not forget that. (She turns aggressive but she has the right as his fianc¨¦e.)

Che is also from Harvard but offers free services at his hospital. Xian Yu finally sees her there but he gives her a slap. She doesn't blame him as she has hurt his heart. Both don't know what to say to each other. Why not discuss with him before leaving then? Has she thought that he will be miserable? He has never thought of her and she must be here only because of work and not him. She has him in her heart. He stays outside her apartment and shouts her name with the rings in his hand. She wants to go near but stops.

They keep meeting each other about work and she finds it unbearable with his attitude. He finds her too calm and he is nothing to her. She doesn't dare to call him after leaving as she might give up her dream. He concludes that she never loves him and she cries. (Sorry but I still don't know why she avoids Xian Yu like some kind of disease. There is no barrier between them at all.) Zheng Min meets Mr Jin.

Mr Hong kills himself in prison after Mr Jin declares him guilty. He claims that the procedures are legal so Zheng Min tells him not to apologies. He studies law because of this and learns the power of law. He will let him see it if he has the chance. Sheng Hao meets Zheng Min and Cheng Zhe. Cheng Zhe mentions Sheng Hao's past - he gets to top 10 for training but why leave the public service because of a case?

He has revealed clients' secrets to others and be sued soon. Zheng Min is angry that Zhen Ya picks on Shang Hao's weakeness. She wants to end the case soon as his confidence is shaken. Mr Li supports what Shu Ren is doing. Shang Hao passes away due to fatigue and all are shocked. Zheng Min stares at Zhen Ya as it is her fault. Xian Yu attends the funeral and vows to continue Shang Hao's work. Piao protests but Yun Mei supports him.

Piao informs Xian Yu that the other side has threatened to make Shang Hao lose his license. Xian Yu's opponent is Zheng Min who is a notorious guy whom no one dares to oppose him. (His reputation must be caused by Zhen Ya as I find him quite upright.) He charges into Zheng Min's office - he has wondered who creates this sick joke - so it's Zheng Min. Zheng Min replies that his habit of not finding out fact properly and charging without a sense of direction never changes.

He stretches out his hand. Their affinity is strange. Xian Yu has thought that he has dignity but he has ruined Shang Hao's life and 2 years' effort on the case. Does he think that it is a game? He will get his retribution. He will teach Zheng Min how to be a real lawyer. Jason looks at him when he is in the lift. DA factory causes cancer patients to appear. Cheng Zhe believes that Xian Yu can't persuade the residents but Zhen Ya doesn't underestimate him. Xian Yu reads the files.

Che worries that something will happen to him since he takes over as he is young and inexperienced. Shu Ren knows that he will not give up and runs to his office. She knows that he sets a good example but he says that she is too free and he has forgotten everything they have in Korea. He is still angry with her forsaking him in the past. He looks at her tears and finally runs after her but she is no longer around. This blind man doesn't see her crying at a corner.

Zheng Min sees this and sits beside her. He brings her out for a meal. He stops her in vain from getting drunk. But she keeps showing the ok sign. She sees a baseball and he buys for her. She holds it and teaches him how to play it, recalling how she learns fro mXian Yu. She suddenly trips and he quickly runs to her. (So sweet of him!) But he can't stop her tears. Xian Yu can't concentrate at work.

Shu Ren notices that he has carried her like Xian Yu. Xian Yu has wrinkles when smiling and his palm can cover her face. His cooking is terrible and his kiss let others feel good. Zheng Min feels bitter over it and nearly weeps too. (Fascinating performance from Jung Jin) He puts her on the bed - now thinking about it, he is always later than Xian Yu. He knows her later, likes her and also saves her. She doesn't know that he loves her and also he is at the court as she only sees Xian Yu.

He sees the other baseball writing hers and Xian Yu's names and they love each other. He is truly late to love her. Jason looks at photos of Xian Yu and Shu Ren together. He asks Xian Yu why the case isn't settled yet. Xian Yu comes to observe the factory and Piao takes photos of the dead fish around. Shu Ren takes blood samples of the residents. Piao brags of Xian Yu's success to Wu, not knowing that he is his professor. He wants to spend a year on traveling but Xian Yu ropes him to help out.

Xian Yu finally gets the residents' approval to be their lawyer. Zheng Min calls Shu Ren to check if she is fine. He reminds her of the treat she promises him and will pick her up at 7pm. Zhen Ya overhears that and is jealous to see the warm smile on his face. She also asks Xian Yu out for the case too. Shu Ren is puzzled - why come to an expensive restaurant when he wishes to taste local food? The four meet and Xian Yu is angry to see both intimate with the menus. (This is the biggest highlight of the serial.)

Zhen Ya describes Zheng Min as capable and will slip if she doesn't hold him tightly so she suggests the marriage. Shu Ren and Xian Yu congratulate them but she hopes that Shu Ren will not meet Xian Yu. She has not discovered that her smiles capture his heart. Zheng Min becomes miserable after her departure. Zheng Min tells her not to say any more and Zhen Ya is sure the same thing happens to Xian Yu. So Shu Ren is irresponsible to give both guys misery. (I disagree with all other things she do but can't deny what she says here is correct.) Zhen Ya will not tolerate her getting close to Zheng Min.

Xian Yu asks what is the purpose for asking him here. She should guard her man and not humiliate Shu Ren or he will not let her off. He gets Shu Ren to leave with him. Zheng Min runs after them but gets punched. Zheng Min is so useless to be unable to do his own matters. Zheng Min has nothing to say. Zhen Ya is dismayed to see his bruised lip and her despicable act makes him sick. How sad must he become to make her let go of him? She gets frustrated - is he feeling bad? What about her?

He exchanges himself for the law firm and he can go away anytime. Xian Yu doesn't understand why shu Ren doesn't slap Zhen Ya to sit there to get humiliated. (This reminds me of Qi Zhu leading Tai Ling out in 'Lovers in Paris') She says that he has no right to intrude into her personal life and she deserved to be slapped for hurting them. She will not look for him again. (This stupid woman - he shows concern to her at this time but why she prefers to hurt him again? )Xian Yu is sad when she doesn't love him anymore. He looks at the rings at home. He leaves words on the bus before she leaves and she is moved.

Xian Yu explains the importance for not signing the claims that DA factory gives and the residents agree to get him to help them - to get 50 times claims more! Piao praises him for being so capable. Xian Yu goes to the medical station and drives his car beside the bus. (Why all this copying from 'Staircase to heaven'and 'Lovers in Paris' - no originality!) He stops his car in front of the bus and pulls her down to get into his car. He promises not to let go of her hand.

Zhen Ya is angry over their failure and Zheng Min doesn't wish to report to her where he is going. He is angry with her for locking Xian Yu up in the prison cell and they still lose in the end. He needs time to cool off and forget about this. Xian Yu brings her to a hotel - but sorry - no romantic element as they talk about work. They give each other the ok sign again.

He touches her face - is his slap painful? The pain comes from her heart. He wants her to adjust his tie for him the next day like a wife. He hugs her and feels blissful as a husband too. Xian Yu thanks Zheng Min or the jail experience. He is sarcastic to tell him to try out too. He doesn't disclose how he persuades the residents as the smart Zheng Min should be able to figure out soon.

Xian Yu believes the accused will not know his complicated tactic. He wants Wu to help him and he agrees. Jason is angry that he loses and wants to win. Zheng Min should know Xian Yu well as ex-classmates. If ok, he will agree to any Zheng Min's request. Zheng Min has wanted to ruin a person's reputation. Jason wants the blood samples to be sent to the US instead of being done in Korea.

Zheng Min tries to apologise for the humiliation but Shu Ren is distracted as she wants to rush home to cook for Xian Yu. He knows that she wants to meet Xian Yu and is bitter to say that he is finally faster than him for once. (Poor man - he is always slower than Xian Yu.) Zheng Min tells Shu Ren that his ring is not signifying love but is a hunger lock that can be removed anytime. Shu Ren tells Zheng Min to be cautious in decisions to bear responsibility. Zheng Min is upset - can't they even be friends? Xian Yu wonders why she is late and he is fixing a horrible meal. He thinks of the past when he cooks for her.

Why is she late - he walks out to wait for her. Although it is cold, he is still caring to give his coat to her. He boasts of his skills that he will not cook for others. She tells him not to cook for others as his cooking is terrible. He feels shy but hugs her. He learns that the chemicals from DA factory causes skin problems. Xian Yu gets sleepy and both hug each other to sleep in the end.

Xian Yu sends case to US as it is possible to get case to be settled there. Zheng Min knows there is such a case before. Xian Yu's target is punishment compensation when the accused has ill intentions to break the society's order they can not only ask compensation. They can also punish the associates to get extra money. He wants 90 billion won and the application is approved and the other party is hit. It is too late and can only tell Jason the truth now but the calm Zheng Min will make sure that Jason wins.

Shu Ren accepts donations from Jason to Hamilton medical care - where she works for. She gives all the blood samples to him as he is the monetary donor. Mr Lee approves of the couple together. Mr Jin is unhappy to see Shu Ren when he comes with Yun Mei to Xian Yu's home. Xian Yu's siblings
' marriages are also arranged by him so Xian Yu has no say and he opposes to them together.

Yun Mei is unhappy to know their past and Xian Yu deliberately asks Shu Ren to come on the next day. Zheng Min wants to know which US court Xian Yu goes to counterattack. He starts to suspect DA's background and wants to check their funds. Shu Ren clings Xian Yu's elbow but he shakes her off to hug her shoulder. They take polarid photos as he only agrees if she never leaves him. She wants to show other men who try to woo her. He kisses her and both keep a copy of each.

She gets him a pair of mittens to feel them as her hands. He feels the warmth when wearing them. He feels insecure after what Mr Jin has done to them. He learns that she is leaving but his reaction is calm since he can't change it. It is enough to put her in his heart and he puts her hands inside the mittens with his hands. He will wait for her and can't send her off but will receive her when back. He must be the first person she sees. Xian Yu looks at the rings and slips both into his finger again.

He then takes out one to rush to the airport to give her one. She suddenly faints and Xian Yu learns that their court application is rejected. All are at a loss what to do but he smiles. It is following according to his plan. He applies at where DA company main office not Melbourne but California. Zheng Min will not know that they are ready for attack there and will let down his guard.

Xian Yu smiles but how wrong he is. Zheng Min is a close rival - how can he not know?! Zheng Min has already made arrangement there. Now he concentrates on the local case so they must look for evidence to win. He has thought that it will be nice if she leaves a few days later after his birthday. He has wanted to let her know that his birthday is to meet her. He has a winter birthday for years but it is not so cold now with the mittens. He looks at the photos. He is not lonely with her holding his hands. He misses her.

Che blames himself for letting Shu Ren overwork and Mr Li chides Xian Yu for neglecting her. He runs to the hospital and nearly faints upon seeing her empty bed. She hugs him from the back and lies that she doesn't want to leave to pretend to be ill. Both weep and now she can't go anywhere to break her promise. She knows how worried he is to run all the way here. Xian Yu coaxes Mr Li to give them some privacy.

Che hesitates to tell Xian Yu how Shu Ren is. He works on the laptop in her room. She hugs him from behind and the atmosphere is strange. So a ward is like this but why is he so happy? He feels that she has a fever and she is lovesick then. He woos her first but he can't recall. Don't women do the initiative? Shu Ren needs a thorough checkup as her x-rays are unclear. Zheng Min sees Xian Yu in hospital. Piao tells Xian Yu the bad news of rejection and he rushes back after Zheng Min gives a victory smile.

Zheng Min wants Che to stop intruding on the case otherwise Jason will sue the hospital. He passes the counter and learns that Shu Ren is ill. He rushes there and sees her sleeping on the bed. (His expression is very real - Rae Won should learn from him.) He suppresses his urge to touch her face and hand upon seeing her ring with tears in his eyes. He demands to know from Che Shu Ren's illness but he refuses to tell him. But the past 3 years of travel round the world has weakened her.

How can he not know as her friend? His words prick his heart and Zheng Min is taken aback when he learns that she works for Hamilton group. Xian Yu gets serious and speechless when Piao shows him the records that Shu Ren has done as evidence by Hamilton group. They have made use of her talent. Xian Yu meets Zheng Min - is he doing everything because of money? He tells Xian Yu to wake up as he knows his arrogance. He knows Xian Yu too well since Day 1.

Zheng Min tells his American assistant to check on Hamilton and DA. He learns that Jason is the representative for both and he is a dangerous man. Zheng Min closes his eyes in anger. He doesn't wish to continue the case as Jason has changed Shu Ren's report. He doesn't want to win like this. Zheng Min can't leave as he sinks too deep as noted by Jason. His own life is ruined and he is too ambitious. It is not just himself but Shu Ren is also hurt by it. He will let him see how Xian Yu suffers first.

Zheng Min visits Shu Ren and both men nearly fight in front of her. He wants Xian Yu to stop the case or he will be in danger. Sigh - Xian Yu doesn't appreciate his efforts and even gives him a punch - is this threatening him? He refuses to listen and must win him. Xian Yu sneaks out with Shu Ren to eat and he wishes to see her again on his birthday the next day. Che wants to see her before her discharge.

The bank wants Xian Yu to return the loan and Piao is worried. Can it be Zheng Min's doing? But Xian Yu refuses to approach his father for help. Shu Ren overhears it. Xian Yu ponders his next move and refuses to return home as he has fixed his date with Shu Ren. She tells him to return for Mr Jin's help but she quarrels with her. Jason visits Shu Ren to trick her again. Wu finds Mr Lin to help them. He has sponsored Shu Ren during the camp and will help on this case. Xian Yu agrees to be his company's legal consultant.

Che shows Shun Ran the x-ray - she has a malignant tumour. Xian Yu waits for her wearing the mittens and looks at Shang Hao's files. Shu Ren approaches Mr Jin for help to get rejected. Xian Yu and Piao look for an important witness, Qian in vain. Shu Ren faints on the street but struggles to give Xian Yu his birthday present as he has waited her for 5 hours. He is suddenly knocked down by a car.

Shu Ren cries - she can't live without him anymore. She promises to any wish he wants. He opens his eyes - she must have thought that he is dead so she should marry him after the suit. Luckily Xian Yu only hurts his leg because of lack of rooms, they stay in the same ward. He jokes that he only needs a bed and not two. They put two beds together and cohabit in the ward. (No wonder male and female patients are never together in the same ward to avoid this type of nonsense. I am baffled - Shu Ren is a doctor and she breaks the rules setting a bad example.) Zheng Min learns of the accident and recalls Jason's words.

Mr Jin visits Xian Yu and thinks that Shu Ren brings Xian Yu trouble but he insists of marrying Shu Ren. Now Mr Li also opposes to it but he gets two necklaces ready. Each of them will wear one. (No originality again - Cheng Jun also gives Jing Shu a necklace but that can be locked together.) Shu Ren starts her treatment and she is reluctant to leave Xian Yu. She cries in his arms to sleep.

She hides her condition from everyone but Zheng Min manages to find out. He cries and vows to save her at all costs. He tells Jason that he can help him to win but he must save Shu Ren. He even bribes the witness, Qian. Zhen Ya wants to know why. (He must have always insisted on his principles and this is the first time he breaks the law.) Isn't this what she wants? He returns the ring to Zhen Ya. They are only business partners now and Shu Ren is his only one. Indecent lawyers and clients don't work.

From the day he loves, he only loves Shu Ren. This shatters Zhen Ya's heart. Xian Yu walks on a crutch to look for Qian in vain. He is right at his rim telling him that DA puts poisonous chemicals in the water. Xian Yu offers to pay for his daughter's medical fee on a loan. Piao says no as this is against the law and they can't even manage the firm's expenses on their own. But Xian Yu agrees upon seeing the child's skin condition. Xian Yu wants to propose to Shu Ren in court when he wins but she is in tears.

Che lies to Xian Yu that Shu Ren's check up is normal. She must promise him not to get sick again. The next day, she is sick but still wants to go to court. Zheng Min tails her secretly from his Mercedes. She is totally blind as it has a striking red colour. He sees her walking with difficult and is in tears. When she faints, he runs to her and carries her into his car, getting his assistant to send her to hospital. (How my heart goes all out to him!) He is full of rage to see Xian Yu still getting resources on the case.

Even though Xian Yu insists that the hearing starts, he drags him aside to give him a punch. Does he know Shu Ren's state? Xian Yu's reply adds fuel to fire - she is his woman and he knows more than him. She will be here to give him support. Does Xian Yu think that a suit is a show - Zheng Min yells at him. What does he want an ailing Shu Ren to see? He tells him about her illness but he doesn't believe it. (I can feel Zheng Min's anguish and anger from this marvelous scene where Xian Yu is really an idiot.)

Zheng Min finds him impossible and has no right to love her. She has lymph cancer that spreads all over her body. They know too late and can't operate on her. Xian Yu only laughs beside her - what does he know? He will not allow Shu Ren to be taken care by a fool and will save her. Xian Yu and Zhen Ya are stunned by the news. Xian Yu tries calling her in vain and is dragged into the court room. Xian Yu looks at the empty seat and tries to keep his cool.

Zheng Min's stares to him are cold although teary. Xian Yu is shocked when Qian changes his statement to say that he bribes him. All residents complain too and he doesn't retaliate when they hit him. Zheng Min watches before leaving. Shu Ren wakes up to return to her ward to see the roses. Xian Yu asks her to marry him but she refuses. He lies that his case goes on smoothly. She returns the ring and necklace to him as she doesn't wish to be his burden. She wants a breakup. This is not love. She is hiding from him.

Shu Ren maintains that she will not die as she will survive because of Xian Yu. Zhen Ya secretly tells Jason about it. Zhen Ya starts packing. They should be leaving soon but Zheng Min is staying. She shouts - why give up his future because of a woman? Doesn't he know how dangerous Jason is? He knows Jason better than her. She will not let him continue to be like this.

Zheng Min is unmoved even though she fires him. Jason has hired him. He has no connection to her law firm now. She warns him that she will also ruin his life to make him into a useless person. He will then beg for her forgiveness and she will not give up on him. But Zheng Min is adamant to stay and even wishes her a safe trip! She then sits to cry. Xian Yu's staff worries that he will lose his license but he tells them not to worry as they need time to check into the case. He will have to mortgage his apartment for the second hearing's expenses. He will stay in the office temporary. He opens the box that keeps the mittens. To put the ring and the necklace there. She goes for treatment while he removes the cast from his leg.

When Shu Ren learns that a handsome man is waiting for her as she works in the orchard, she runs there excitedly, thinking that he is Xian Yu but it turns out to be Zheng Min. (The weak Xian Yu has chosen to hide from her - how I disapprove of his doing.) He has found a hospital for her and money is not a problem. She evades the topic and mentions that Xian Yu wins the first round. He shakes his head and tells about the bribery case. He feels ashamed by it.

She is firm that someone will do this when desperate but Xian Yu will not do it. Does he know him so well? She sees Xian leaving his apartment on a lorry and hesitates to call him. Still, she goes secretly to his office to watch him, sleeping but she doesn't know that he is only pretending with a tear flowing from his eye when she leaves.

She agrees to leave Xian Yu in exchange for Mr Jin's help but Xian Yu rejects. Shu Ren is angry to learn that Zheng Min frames Xian Yu. He can do anything for her - even selling his soul. He is so sad. Xian Yu discovers that Qian is silenced. And he is framed for murder. He asks Zheng Min how he can be so ruthless. Zheng Min is speechless as he knows nothing about it.

Xian Yu begs for Mr Li's approval for marriage. Shu Ren finally knows that someone tries to harm Xian Yu and is anxious when can't get him. When she grieves to return, they meet each other and hug. They g to Mr Jin but he doesn't give an answer even she kneels down. They give the ok signal again as Xian Yu returns to stay at home. He suddenly calls her when she is on the bus - joking that she is behind her. (Just like Qi Tai doing this to Yang Shun in 'A joyful girl's success.')

He is not beside her but he is in her heart. He sings on her journey back but ends up falling asleep! Zheng Min is badly affected upon knowing the coming marriage - does he want him to kill Xian Yu? He doesn't want that - he only wants Shu Ren to survive or he will not let him off. Shu Ren begs Zheng Min to save Xian Yu. She can only live with him around. Zheng Min is sad and angry - she cares for Xian Yu and wants to make use of his love to love others. How can she be so harsh to him?

What will he get after helping - to go to him? This isn't too much since she loves Xian Yu. She gives him a slap. He feels tormented - isn't he Xian Yu's match? Doesn't he love her more than him? She doesn't wish to hate him. He is totally crushed by her words. Shu Ren asks Zhen Ya to let Zheng Min go. He is already tired without her but she will not let them off.

Zhen Ya demands to know what Zheng Min tells Shu Ren to make her so cocky. He tells her to get out as he needs time to think over. He apologises to make use of her for his ambition. Because of love, he helps Xian Yu to regain his license but Xian Yu is unappreciative. Zheng Min is past caring over it too as he doesn't want to use despicable means. He really doesn't know the witness's murder.

He tells Xian Yu to take care of Shu Ren. Does Xian Yu feel unfortunate? He doesn't know how lucky he is. Xian Yu starts to understand him now. Xian Yu is suspected of murder so he asks for one more day. He wants to get married on the next day. He is stunned by her beauty when she tries the bridal gown. He puts back the necklace on her and kisses her forehead.

On the wedding day, Xian Yu hugs both fathers for their approval. Mr Jin even gives him a house key to a new apartment. Shu Ren is later because of a traffic jam and runs to the venue. (This reminds me of how Lian Xiu does in 'Beautiful Days') Zheng Min turns up to congratulate Xian Yu. He will watch him and will not let him off if he mistreats Shu Ren. Xian Yu tells him not to steal other people's things to create his own happiness. Zheng Min smiles - if it is so simple, he will not be tormented till now,

He hopes Xian Yu will understand as he needs time. Xian Yu wants his wedding present but Zheng Min doesn't prepare it. Xian Yu is glad to get his license back. Zheng Min protests - this is his gift for his wife but no, it is also for Xian Yu as he is frank to say that they are one. Zheng Min sees Shu Ren and is a bit depressed. Qian's daughter sees the killer and screams. He has come with Jason.

Jason sneaks away and Xian Yu chases out but he is too late. Zheng Min drives him - how is this wedding present? He says ok. Jason tells his company to destroy all evidence as he is leaving Korea. Zheng Min can only help Xian Yu till here as he is still DA's lawyer to protect their rights. They reach the airport and Xian Yu manages to subdue Jason to hand him over to the police.

Zheng Min gives him his handkerchief to clear his wound. Does he want Shu Ren to wait? He drives him back and both remember Keynes lesson. All along there is a harmful bug in Zheng Min - love or hatred plus ambition becomes too big and he becomes someone's puppet. When he has the courage, he will reveal everything to him. Zheng Min decides to part there and both shake their hands together.

All still wait for him to be back and the ceremony continues. They stay in the hotel room but suddenly she faints and he has to send her to hospital. (Sorry for this but I find it illogical. Firstly, Shu Ren lets her hair down and doesn't wear stockings. When she is on Xian Yu's back, her hair is tied and she even wears white stockings which I completely don't understand! Does he have the time to do all that?)

Xian Yu is annoyed that Jason is released. He asks if they enjoy their honeymoon and he will help to save her if he gets him off the hook. All accept him as a nice man. Mr Li is too old to donate his even though he might fit. Shu Ren wakes and regrets doing nothing on their first night. So they decide to return home. Mr Jin sends flower basket to their new home. Only a bone barrow transplant can save her. He regrets not being her brother. Saving her is more important to be her husband. She reveals that she has donated to a person's sister on her behalf as she is ill.

Xian Yu then searches for the person's email to request her to come to save Shu Ren. Jason regrets letting them off and Zheng Min is upset to know that Shu Ren's condition has worsened. She knows that Xian Yu is troubled over something and manages to know that Jason ahs made use of him. She suddenly goes missing and Xian Yu goes everywhere to look for her. Shu Ren wants to force Jason to give up but he refuses. She tapes down their conversation.

The guys play basketball again to save Shu Ren. The loser will give up the suit. Zheng Ya tells Jason everything about the donor. The winner is still Xian Yu. The person agre3es to donate her bone barrow and Xian Yu is delighted. Both dream of the future while Zheng Min decides to postpone the hearing as he doesn't know Xian Yu's next move. Jason wants to silence Shu Ren so Zheng Min warns him not to. The sponsor envies Shu Ren and Xian Yu to choose a tough path for their ideals.

Jason makes the donor change her mind about the donation and Xian Yu doesn't know how to tell Shu Ren upon seeing her happy face. Should he give in to Jason? His staff jumps upon knowing that he is giving up. Zhen Ya decides to leave. Both of them are supporting roles in love. (Maybe she wants to flee after creating so much trouble.) Xian Yu hits Zheng Min and he realizes Jason's motive. Shu Ren sees the donor with Jason so she rejects the operation. She has no face to live on through these means.

So Jason nearly kills her but he saves her back by continuing the case. He kneels to beg the rest for forgiveness. Upon knowing that he gives up, Zheng Min kneels in front of him (this is so sad!) to beg him to give up his ideals to save Shu Ren. He doesn't know how to explain to Zheng Min so he keeps quiet. Zheng Min sobs - he can do anything to save her. Xian Yu tells him that it is the only way to save her.

No one knows his agony. Zheng Min gets fed up and will do what he can't. He walks away with tears. He accused Xian Yu for being stone-heart. Xian Yu walks out dry-eyed but he sobs at the staircase. (I know I am very biased but Jung Jin is more outstanding.) Shu Ren wants to be the witness but Xian Yu is scared that she will get hurt. She insists of doing it. She promises never to leave you with any more cold winters.

Shu Ren visits Zheng Min and asks how he is doing to thank him. She hasn't done anything for him and owes him too much. He feels weird - she sounds that she is going somewhere far away. She apologises for making him walk on the wrong track. Zheng Min replies without hesitation. He loves her because of himself and he will not regret his choice. She doesn't want him to work for others because of her. She will not survive long if he sells his soul to others.

He interrupts her. He must find a way to save her. She might not understand but he wants to use his own way to continue loving her. Shu Ren hugs him close to her chest. He finally breaks down. He loves her so much but she can't give him anything. (Another heartbreaking scene of the serial.) He finally tries to understand her. Xian Yu stares at Jason. Shu Ren can't testify as he is his wife. Jason reminds Zheng Min of his deal to save Shu Ren. He is taken aback when he becomes Xian Yu's witness instead.

Shu Ren is very grateful to Zheng Min. She has owed him too much and can never repay him. The guys have hoped to make her dream come true and they win the case. Jason is caught and the donor agrees to donate her bone barrow. She promises to give birth to children who look like Xian Yu. Zheng Min sees that he is nervous and drags him out to play basketball.

Xian Yu falls flat on the ground after a game. Zheng Min jokes - how can he support Shu Ren? He regrets helping them as he loses his last choice to love Shu Ren. Xian Yu tells him to stop loving other men's wives to find a better woman. Zheng Min laments that Xian Yu causes him to lose his job. But later, he tells him that Wu has recommended him to teach in Harvard. Xian Yu is shocked - isn't Reyes enough? Now Zheng Min is smiling - is Xian Yu jealous of him?

Xian Yu is going to the US to fight for a case. Shu Ren requests Zheng Min to take care of him and he will do well. Zheng Min is confident - he also does well. Xian Yu really wishes to pack her with him. He uses a handphone to snap a photo of her so that he can see her daily.(So sorry to say that I think Tae Hee is trying too hard to pretend to be cute here.) She has triplets and after they are born, they make a happy family.

Novel spoiler to share with all which has a different development from the serial - the similarity stops with Xian Yu winning the case.

Shu Re changes her casual clothes into a gown. James invites her to a musical to be with Zheng Min and Zhen Ya. Zheng Min notices that she is too tired and dozes off. Zheng Min drives her home and is amused that her stomach growls. She hasn't had dinner so Zheng Min gets donuts for her. She tells him that she likes Xian Yu and this disappoints him. Xian Yu is jealous to see both back together. They iron out their differences when they talk about Shu Qi and Zheng Min.

Shu Qi is angry to see them kissing and Xian Yu is apologetic upon seeing that Shu Qi has brewed herbal tea for him. Xian Yu is relieved that Keyes ask him about Korean law. Remember John who often has stomach aches due to assignments? He is helpful to Xian Yu. Zheng Min doesn't like to know that Zhen Ya checks on Shu Ren's background to know that she does well in studies despite taking many part time jobs and also James designs on her. He doesn't listen to her hint that waiting for him can be tired.

Shu Ren sees Mr Jin, Xian Yu's grandfather in her lecturer's room but doesn't know his identity. Xian Yu finishes his report and saves it on a diskette. Because Shu Qi pesters him to go out with him, he doesn't save a copy on his laptop. He drops it from his backpack when walking out. Zheng Min is about to call him but changes his mind to keep the diskette. Shu Qi is still angry with Xian Yu loving Shu Ren and quarrels with him in a Japanese restaurant. Mr Li sees this and shakes his head.

Zheng Min is angry to see Xian Yu and Shu Ren baking together. So when he gets into his room, he throws Xian Yu's diskette int the dustbin. Shu Qi regrets introducing Shu Ren to her uncle¡­and also Xian Yu. She goes to Xian Yu's hostel and sees John in pain. Zheng Min tells Shu Qi to get his car keys (he is still a human after all.) and she discovers the diskette in his dustbin. John's car isn't with him because he lends it to Xian Yu to have his date with Shu Ren.

When John is out of danger, Shu Qi demands to know why Zheng Min does this to Xian Yu. To Zheng Min, whatever he does is rubbish. Shu Ren brings Xian Yu to see Mr Li but he has a bad impression of him because of his argument with Shu Qi. Shu Ren suddenly feels cramps in her hands when preparing breakfast and Zheng Min is concerned to let her lean towards his chest. She thinks that it is due to overwork so she is fine but Zheng Min feels the prick upon seeing her working so hard.

Xian Yu is angry with Zheng Min not telling him that John is hospitalized. Shu Ren faints in hospital and Xian Yu is worried. But she still thinks she is fine and visits John with him. Xian Yu can't find his diskette at home or at the library. He hopes that Reyes can change the deadline when he comes to hand in John's work and Zheng Min is there - sneering at him where his report is.

Reyes's secretary is excited to get John's diskette as his father is a famous senator. Xian Yu doesn't know what to say when Zheng Min is behind him. There is no way that he can delay and he is angry upon knowing that Zheng Min has taken the diskette. He is angry that it is not with him now and nearly fights with him. Mr Jin and Keyes watch with disapproval. Both are old friends.

Xian Yu then confirms with the secretary that someone has handed in his work. Mr Jin is angry with Xian Yu's behaviour and reminds him how he studies in Japan too to have a hard time as him now. Mr Jin is here for his checkup and has only wanted to visit him 2 weeks later but gets to see him now. Mr Jin arranges to have dinner with Shu Qi and Ying Guo. Ying Guo praises Xian Yu for writing a good report as Shu Qi has shown it to him. So she is the one who hands in the report for him.

Xian Yu is angry as it seems that the three plan to pair him with her. He blurs that he likes someone else and Shu Qi charges out in tears. Mr Jin is angry with Xian Yu's choice and nearly has a heart attack. Ying Guo isn't angry with Xian Yu liking Shu Ren but Shu Qi is still mad over it. Zheng Min sees Shu Ren walking on the road and horns at her, causing her to trip again. She feels giddy and he helps her up.

Shu Qi tells Shu Ren to back out as she knows Xian Yu since young and the elders have planned their wedding. Zheng Min reprimands her as her act is incorrect. They quarrel over the diskette issue to compare who is really despicable and Shu Ren nearly faints again. She wants silence and refuses to talk to both guys. Zhen Ya is jealous when Zheng Min mumbles Shu Ren's name when drunk. Shu Ren's colleagues insist that she goes for a checkup and terror waves nearly engulf her upon matching the symptoms.

James only invites Zheng Min, Xian Yu and John to a party this time. It seems that he wants them to work for him in future. Shu Ren is unsure of the test result and treats Xian Yu coldly. She tells him that she is going to Mexico to work as a volunteer soon and he tries hard to keep her back, telling her that marriage between him and Shu Qi is impossible. John brings Shu Qi as his date to the party while Xian Yu arrives with Shu Ren. Seeing the two together, Mr Jin frowns and Shu Qi is unhappy.

James laments no wonder Shu Ren rejects his invitation and kisses her cheek. Mr Jin frowns again while Zheng Min is alert. Zhen Ya can see that Zheng Min is tired and walks towards him. She brings him to the balcony and the cold wind wakes him up. Seeing the two kissing, Zheng Min is shocked to know that Zhen Ya is 2 months pregnant. So he decides impulsively to get engaged.

It is near Christmas so Shu Ren gives Xian Yu chocolates while Xian Yu gives her a ring. After announcing the engagement, Shu Qi gets drunk and looks hatefully at Shu Ren. If not for her, she could have married Xian Yu too. Mr Jin disapproves of the couple together but Shu Ren doesn't give in to him. Zhen Ya's ex-boyfriend, Samson is angry over her decision. He is James assistant and is the one who gives up his studies. Xian Yu overhears them and is more shocked to know Zheng Min's past.

Shu Ren nearly can't breathe after knowing Xian Yu's influential background and Zheng Min tells her about his past. He is lucky to have a good stepfather. She starts feeling sorry for him. Mr Jin quarrels with Xian Yu over Shu Ren and is in hospital this time. Xian Yu regrets making him angry. This time round, Shu Qi rejects the marriage proposal by the elders and insists of completing her studies.

Shu Ren is shattered to know that she contracts ALS - her muscles will harden and soon become a vegetable in 5 years time. She will die after that. She tells Mr Li the sad news. She moves out to stay with
him and now Xian Yu knows why Zheng Min is so hostile to him but he doesn't know what to say to him. Xian Yu is upset to know that Shu Ren's trip to Mexico is brought forward but he supports her decision. Zheng Min comes to the hospital with Zhen Ya for her checkup. He tells himself that he must be faithful to her but his confidence is shaken once he is out from there.

Zhen Ya insists that he stays with the Lius but he is adamant to stay in the hostel. He doesn't want to leave his memories behind. Mr Li blurts out to him about Shu Ren's illness. Zheng Min nearly goes mad as he drives frantically to see Shu Ren. When he sees her, he hugs her tightly - why is she going off since she is so ill? She tells him that she is working in another hospital and also to stay there for treatment as not to be a burden to Mr Li. She wants him to keep it from Xian Yu.

Shu Ren shows the 100 bill that Xian Yu gives her the first time they meet. They get into the motel where they first meet to think of the past. John tells Xian Yu excitedly that he is in love with Shu Qi. Zhen Ya follows Zheng Min's car and is shocked to see him visiting Shu Ren. Zheng Min helps Shu Ren to bring the luggage to the hospital. Zheng Min emails to Shu Ren to tell her how he misses her but she only gives short replies. Samson nearly fights with Zheng Min for causing him to lose his job and love.

He tells him not to trust Zhen Ya too much. Zheng Min is angry over it and leaves. The two guys play basketball and Zheng Min thinks that he knows Shu Ren's illness but Xian Yu blurts out his past. This is like adding salt to his wound and he storms out. Zheng Min gets Zhen Ya's call and is alarmed to know that she drives in the rain after getting drunk. She is angry that he loves Shu Ren and humiliates her, saying that the child isn't his, indicating that he is Samson's. She will find out from Shu Ren what she has done.

Zheng Min tells Xian Yu what has happened and he follows. Both guys can't believe their eyes upon seeing the car in flames and Zhen Ya manages to run out from there. She has a miscarriage and Shu Ren tries hard to save her life. Xian Yu gives her a slap upon seeing her and she has to tell him the truth. He will never part with her. To prove that, he jumps into the river. She finally gives in to him. The blaming on Zhen Ya turns to himself when Zheng Min recalls the child who doesn't get to see the world.

Xian Yu gets flu from the swim and has a slight fever. So he entrusts Mr Li to take care of Shu Ren. He is shocked that Zheng Min comes to see him. Zheng Min gives him a diskette of their seniors' works. He wants him to have a drink with him in exchange. Upon knowing that Xian Yu jumps into the river to test if his love for Shu Ren is as deep as it, Zheng Min laughs. The two guys become friends now.

Zhen Ya also has a talk with Shu Ren. She is very headstrong and is determined to get the man she loves since university days. The person she loves is too similar to her so they have clashes. She has tried hard to get his love in vain. Xian Yu decides to return to his father's law firm later after working in the U.S. Actually the guys are similar to each other but are not as strong as Shu Ren to face up to her illness. This incident has caused them to be more humble and less conceited.

Zheng Min visit Zhen Ya and both decide to be friends forever. Xian Yu is angry with his roommates for making too much noise in the eve of their examination. They give him a pleasant surprise - it is his birthday. Shu Qi has forgiven him and bakes a cake with Shu Ren. John jokes that he is getting married soon. Zheng Min returns to see this and becomes a wet blanket to remind them that there are 10 hours left to the exam. All return to their books frantically.

Xian Yu writes a letter to John. He never expects the timid John to become Reyes no. 2 10 years later. This reminds him that he has asked Ying Guo to do the impossible as his wedding host when he has said that he is afraid to stand in court. Why has New York Times approached him to ask to write on his story with Shu Ren - just like Erich Seagal's Love Story. Of course, he rejects it. Shu Ren leaves this world beautifully on the bed - she is like this even though she is on the wheelchair. It is not like him looking after her but more like she guarding him. She returns to Korea with him and has tried everything she wants.

Is Shu Qi the one to inform New York Times? But Shu Qi knows him too well to do that. But he knows that Shu Ren will not like it. Zheng Min is now staying with Zhen Ya in London. Soon, their child will be born. He has been worried when Zheng Min suddenly goes to Spain after graduation. He misses the autumn season - he meets her and sends her away in this season. He sends his regards to Keynes too.

Introduction on characters

1. Jin Xian Yu - Kim Rae Won
He comes from a family of law. His grandfather is a Chief judge. His father is a senior law consultant in charge of a law firm. His aunt is a law lecturer in Seoul University. His elder brother is a judge while his elder sister is a public prosecutor.

No wonder many find Asians boorish and arrogant because Xian Yu behaves like one - what a disgrace! The way he shouts, the way he talks to others - is simply overbearing. My lecturers will definitely blacklist me if I talk to them in his way. The way he engages Shu Ren with his arrogant attitude as his tutor, I am fed up with him!

This is why Zheng Min doesn't wish to admit that he is also a Korean. If a Chinese behaves the same way, I also don't wish to acknowledge that I support his ways. I also suspect that Xian Yu isn't close to his siblings as they don't attend his wedding too. What a failure he is in handling any relationship! But the love for Shu Ren makes him grow and also be more serious and sensitive to others.

Rae Won's acting is acceptable but I don't understand what the fuss is about to rave about it. He has shown how Xian Yu mature and is no longer the reckless guy in Harvard on his return. Although he does have chemistry with Tae Hee and does well in court scenes in Korea, he has to work a lot harder to improve his English. The scenes in Harvard torture me - I need lots of persuasion to believe he wins cases all the time.

2. Hong Zheng Min - Lee Jung Jin
His father committed suicide when his business failed. His mother remarried and he migrates to Harvard since 11 years old. Hatred is in him and there is nothing more important than getting success. He is arrogant as he has the ability. He becomes selfish to only work with capable people (but he definitely doesn't harm Xian Yu as in the novel in disposing his diskette.) but Shu Ren changes him. He is cold to everyone but warm to her - teaching her Spanish and also getting her a place to stay when her roommate kicks her out. His face brightens up whenever he sees her.

When he works, he is totally different. His cold exterior makes one hard to approach him. He knows Xian Yu's moves well so he works hard to help Jason. And he has tried hard to warn Xian Yu of dangers but this is not appreciated. He has dropped lots of hints to help Xian Yu to nab Jason but Xian Yu still asks for more. Xian Yu should know that he has to protect his clients' interest but he doesn't!

Lovekdrama may doubt why he falls for Shu Ren easily. I think it is her cheerful personality that he lacks. At first, he is attracted by her beauty. But seeing how she saves James and getting upset over the AIDS patient, his love is rooted for her. He does not deserve failure all the time - to lose to Xian Yu his love and career. Why doesn't he patch up with Zhen Ya as in the novel?! This is so unfair. I hate it so much! However, he will be as good as Keyes as a lecturer due to his knowledge. He is undoubtedly Reyes No. 2.

Jung Jin speaks English but doesn't sound like a native speaker. But his splendid acting makes up for the deficit. He slips into the role perfectly. Jung Jin deserves to have more attention than Rae Won. He acts much better than Rae Won - the love scenes that Zheng Min has towards Shu Ren are so touching. And he is more composed as the calm lawyer than Rae Won - to portray the confidence and ability too.

3. Jin Dong Hao - the actor as Min Zhe's father in 'Beautiful Days'.
He is Xian Yu's unreasonable father who matchmakes him with Yun Mei despite his protests. No wonder he moves out. He only thinks of consolidating his own position to make his children marry other law families and thinks little of Shu Ren's profession as well as her hard life. It is too abrupt for him to accept her into the family - the scriptwriter should write more of that in detail. I have always thought that Zheng Min will seek revenge on him but why not?!

4. Mr Li - he is the actor as Rong Qi's father in 'Hotelier'
He is a chef but is a loving father to Shu Ren to support all she does. He makes the two guys' lives difficult to test who loves her more. And like Shu Ren, he likes Xian Yu more.

5. Yin Shang Hao
He is a dedicated lawyer and is Xian Yu's senior. He works hard to atone for his mistake. Zhen Ya's digging up of his past causes his death. It is said to be due to overwork but I suspect that it is suicide.

6. Jason - the actor as Director Zhang in 'Staircase to heaven'
He is DA's director and is the mastermind to own Shu Ren's company to dispose the evidence caused by his chemicals. He is evil to threaten Xian Yu so that he can back out from his law suit. This is amusing - the actor is considered to be You Li's rival in 'Staircase to Heaven' and in here, they are opposites again.

7. Wu Ying Guo
He is Shu Qi's uncle who is a law professor but is also afraid of Reyes. However, he is very helpful in gaining evidence for Xian Yu when he returns.

8. Piao
He is Xian Yu's assistant who can be naggy and money-minded. But he is very observant to remind Xian Yu about knotty issues - like paying the rent, be careful of suspicious characters, etc.

9. Keyes
He is a law professor at Harvard. He strikes terror in Harvard law students' hearts by giving them tough questions to answer and is very strict with them. Xian Yu accuses him to be a racist but I don't think so. Xian Yu is just incapable. Look at how well he treats Zheng Min - he creates lots of opportunities for him to prove his worth. But seeing that Xian Yu has done his homework, his impression of him changes and helps him in Shu Ren's case.

10. Li Shu Ran - Kim Tae Hee
She works part time to make ends meet and also to support herself to complete her medical studies. She is kind, sweet and but also firm in her principles. But I dislike her for two reasons - no. 1 - to leave Xian Yu overseas without telling him. He has the right to know as her boyfriend, isn't it? Just running away like that breaks his heart and he can never accept another romance. No. 2 - why be so nasty to him after her return? Xian Yu is right to be bitter with her as she cut her contact with him during the 3 years. This woman is not just cruel but very self-centred!

Even though she is very ill, she doesn't want Xian Yu to give in to the hateful Jason. I don't think Tae Hee makes much improvement here as she only looks gentle with her big eyes. She is also not as convincing as a medical student too. Her crying scenes are only passable and I feel neutral. Maybe her sickness in the midst of filming affects her performance. But she definitely speaks better English than the actors. But as compared to 'Staircase to Heaven', her performance pales here.

11. Liu Zhen Na - Kim Min
Her father opens a law firm and she scouts talents for him. She is knowledgeable - although she doesn't study law, she knows law well. Her heart is captured by Zheng Min but he is never there for her. She knows that he never loves her but refuses to accept it. In order to win him back from Shu Ren, she divulges information to Jason and then flees before Zheng Min discovers the truth. How smart and cunning she is!

Actually they can be a marvelous pair as she is his capable helper and knows his personality well. It is a pity that they break up. Min speaks English comfortably as she grows up in the U.S. I find her improving in her acting as a woman seeking revenge to be nasty to Shu Ren when she doesn't get the love she yearns. But her part is quite limited and some of her facial expressions can be stiff.

12. Huang Yun Mei - Kang Nam Kil
She comes from an influential law family and is picked by Mr Jin to be his future-in-law. She is interested in Xian Yu and works for him. She is quite gentle and kind-hearted but when Shu Ren appears, she is jealous too. Her presence is actually redundant. There are few scenes showing her displeasure towards Shu Ren and she is still inexperienced so Xian Yu has to guide her in work. This actress is very stiff in acting and this doesn't help with her plain looks too.

13. Han Shu Qi - Jung Sol Hee
She knows Xian Yu from young and has been in love with him for a long time. She longs to switch to study medicine so she befriends Shu Ren to learn more from her. It is unfortunate that Xian Yu only treats her as a younger sister and she cries over it. The producer has forgotten her existence completely but she has more coverage in the novel - which is more reasonable.

I am very puzzled - judging from her insistence to love him, she should have followed him back to Korea. Why don't I see her at the later part of the serial? I thought both families have decided to become in-laws? Maybe the producer decides that she can't help Xian Yu in his career like Yun Mei so she is eliminated?!

14. Lin Cheng Zhe
He is Xian Yu's senior and is a sore loser because he loses to Xian Yu in a lot of cases. That is why when Zheng Min comes, he is so delighted to help him. Not only to help him in his research but also to list out all his weaknesses to him.

15. Che Zheng Zhe
He is Shu Ren's senior and is also a hospital director of a voluntarily hospital which provides free medical services. He isn't the very capable kind but cares for Shu Ren like an elder brother.

Favourite character
He is undoubtedly Zheng Min. We see a romantic and soft side of him when he is anxious for Shu Ren over her law suit, her health and also try to make her dream come true. Am I touched when he kneels to beg Xian Yu to give in to Jason - Xian Yu should be the one to kneel to Jason to beg for his help! And to go all the way out to get Jason to save her by agreeing to help him. He really loves her so much - why doesn't she reciprocate his love?

Most hated character
Jason, for nearly causing Zheng Min and Xian Yu to create mistakes one after another for Shu Ren's sake.

The English theme song 'So In Love' is from Jin Jing Yun. The other songs include Piao Yong Min's 'beside you' and also Liu Tai Huan's 'My Life'. Only passable in my opinion.

Interesting facts

Rae Won and Tae Hee went to Taiwan to promote this serial. Rae Won complained on how to learn the English lines. He pinned them up everywhere even in the dressing room. Although he got himself a tutor, the progress was slow and he was so scared upon given the English script. Tae Hee agreed with him. But she missed the days in the U.S. They stayed in the same hotel and they developed a close friendship. Rae Won was very nice and took care of the others well. Upon hearing it, Rae Won could not stop smiling.

This was the fist serial that both had worked together. She had thought of him to be immature and also not a serious chap from serials. But later she discovered that he is very warm and also serious. She is his fan all along and was excited to work with him. When mentioning on kissing scenes, she only thought of making the scenes nice and had no time to think so much.

The stay in the U.S. made her realize how much she missed her study days. So she rejected all assignments to return to Seoul University to complete her fashion designing degree. Many had thought that a Seoul U student to act as a Harvard student was a selling point but the way she spoke the English lines fell beyond their expectations. But she accepted that as she needed to work harder. The English lines made up 30% of the script. She found difficulty saying the professional lines.

Moreover, Shu Ren is supposed to an immigrant from young but Tae Hee hated English lessons right from high school to make this her weakest subject. Even though she got into Seoul U, the result was still unsatisfactory. Thus she had to take up hourly lessons before filming started. She hoped that the audience would set their attention on her acting but it seemed that this wasn't the case.

The filming was completed in end of 2004. This caused more popularity for the two. At first, the director had wanted Shu Ren to die. But if the disease was common, the dramatic effect was reduced. Thus they consulted doctors to make sure that she suffered from an illness so that Xian Yu would marry her earlier to 'buy tears' from the audience. Initially, they had wanted to make her suffer from a strange illness - like AIDS or SARS. But later, the audience liked Shu Ren and they begged not to let her die. (The same thing always happens - like to Lian Xiu in 'Beautiful Days')

In the end, they made her survive to make her recover from lymphoia. Some requested an extension to 20 episodes. After a meeting, they decided not to as they could not extend the filming schedule and they could not add in detail how Shu Ren recovered. The wedding scene took 9 hours but it wasn't as romantic as it was. Both of them suffered from flu and Tae Hee only rested 3 hours per day.

Even the 1.8m Rae Won could not take it too. Tae Hee also attended KBS and SBS television awards to get many awards. She was grateful as this serial made the audience accept her as a nice girl and many had forgotten her evil role, You Li in 'Staircase to heaven'. This serial was the most watched serial for 3 weeks in 2004. Many praised Rae Won fro crying well but he said modestly that he liked it very much to get immersed into the role.

Before setting off, he changed a hairstyle to make do with the change after Xian Yu's graduation. But they changed his hairstyle again after a few episodes. He did the change upon noticing the dip in viewership so he also changed the clothing too. Many described crying with him when watching it as one viewer described on how he parted with his ex-girlfriend. Many found it at par with 'Sorry, I love you.' They chose him as 'the actor as enchanting eyes' but he told all that he is an introvert. He was only 24 but did not have many experiences in love.

They could not film in Harvard so they chose another university in L.A. They decided not to film too many scenes overseas because of the cost. Rae Won and Jung Jin were stuck in the 'legal narrations'. The two guys were already weak in English and had a headache in this because they don't usually hear them too. They did not know the meaning and had to memorize by hard. Rae Won joked - the words didn't know him like he didn't know them too.

Even Kim Min also found it too tough for beginners. The director told them that they need not have to worry as even Americans might not know it too. The cast was so happy upon returning to Korea to escape from the ordeal. The director was pleased that his serial had more kissing and longer scenes than others. They had stayed in the U.S. for a month. Tae Hee wasn't in top form as she was often sick and always got the English script in the last minute.

Rae Won did lots of workout even though he had a tight filming schedule. Many wondered if he has overdone it. The slapping scene was so hard on Tae Hee's face that she was so shocked to have her tears flowing down her face instantly. The next scene having him shutting a door brought the whole wall down. The crew could not control their laughter when he looked at his muscles - had he really over-exercise?

The clothes created a whirlwind but some said Harvard students only wear T-shirts or baseball caps to school and do not have classy dressing. Whatever Tae Hee brought to the U.S. were rejected and fortunately she got a sponsor in the end. So she brought pride to her country as it was a famous brand.

In SBS 2004 drama awards, Rae Won and Tae Hee won the best popularity awards.They also got the 10 star award. But it was heard that the ratings was about 17% when shown as all complained aboutthe similarity of it to 'The Paper Chase'.


This is Korean's version of 'Legally Blonde' and 'Paper Chase'. I preferred the serial's version although I don't really like the producer to separate Zhen Ya and Zheng Min. Making Shu Ren die will be a terrible mistake. Can't Korean producers come up with better development? But filming the latter part in Korea is a smart move. No one is convinced that the actors can survive with their poor English till the end - what's more to communicate in so many scenes.

This is the first time I watch the court scenes with Chinese subtitles to understand what the actors speak in English! The actors should go for extra English classes to brush up before taking up the roles. If Asian Harvard students speak as poorly as them, they will put all of us to shame. The cast in 'All in' and 'Phoenix' speak the language well - why don't they make an effort too?!

The serial is definitely overrated. The deliberate terminal illness plot AGAIN becomes a major spoiler which I can never enjoy. I am not convinced by the nice shots of the overseas location as the storyline fail to charm me. The main attraction is Jung Jin's performance. It is hard not to notice him and actually his character is more charming than Jae Won's role. Tae Hee and Jae Won are quite compatible too which at least gives this drama some luring power.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On songs : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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