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Reviewed by: sukting November 05, 2003

Rating: 2.0 out of 5

Foreword Be prepared for a shock when you watch this serial! Introduction on characters/story Zheng Ren Hua – Jang Dong Gun He works as a reporter and is a master of languages. He stays in his senior’s home. Hie first meeting with Ying Shu is disastrous. He leaves his undergarments out of the bathroom and Ying Shu has to get them for him. Later, he falls deeply in love with her, despite knowing that she is 8 years...

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11-07-2005 12:00 AM


I think it is great that a K drama attempted to explore non conventional love relationships, even though the clichéd love triangles were still there. Unfortunately the producers were insufficiently sensitive in their choice of actors for the roles. The actress chosen for the older lover does look physically too much older than the character of Ren Hua, making the relationship less credible especially in the celluloid world of perfect pairing. The fact that Ren Hua later fell in love with a character who is so passive and receding, makes you question his judgment and disposition. Perhaps that is the message: Love is great but it can also be odd, even weird. Jang Dong Gun is not bad, considering this is one of his earlier efforts. The overblown lip makeup, however, does not do justice to Choi Ji Woo’s natural beauty.

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